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Etsy: Home, Style & Gifts App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Etsy: Home, Style & Gifts app received 97 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Etsy: Home, Style & Gifts? Can you share your negative thoughts about etsy: home, style & gifts?

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Etsy: Home, Style & Gifts for Negative User Reviews

Can’t change the currency!!!I love the app, I do, but it shows the prices in USD only!! Even if I go to advanced settings and change my country and currency nothing changes in the app!! Fix it please!!.Version: 5.44

Piece of crapYou algorithm or whatever suspended me (ie. user is muted) because you thought I was spamming the seller!!!! I was actually having conversations with them (2 sellers) because they were custom building me a few items. We needed to have detailed conversations! Now my account is muted. I’ve paid for the items but there’s now way for me to get back in touch with them. Piece of crap app..Version: 6.17.1

Etsy company is a big scammerSold an item and have shipped it right away. The buyer paid incl the shipping. My total payout was suppose to be 174$ but they suspended my account. Now the money is just in my account even though the buyer received the item and rated my 5star. They dont release my money. Its either they return my item or release my money. Cuz i have a proof that the buyer received the item so theres no way theyre holding my money. Ive tried all the ways to contact customer service, its hell really. Cant really find someone to help you Just complete get away from this app 100%.Version: 6.27.2

Horrible Customer ServiceWhile the app itself is easy to use and wonderful for buyers and sellers the customer service to fix account problems is atrocious. First, there’s no # to call and talk to a real person. The # that you can google and call just is a recorded message telling you to check their help page. Someone gained access to my Etsy account and changed the email address associated with it and so I can no longer access my account. Not only that but this seems like they were able to get access to my other info as well. There is no “help” page to fix this. Once I was able to “chat” with someone they said that they would look into it and have someone email me back. No response. So now 3 weeks later I sent a form email back on their contact page asking for help and all I’ve received is a form email telling me to check their “help” page. I love the products sold by the sellers on Etsy but the app itself is crap if they don’t care about their users..Version: 5.58

BadIts an extremely unworkable app. To many, glitchy error to count!.Version: 6.16

Fix the bugs!!I use etsy regularly for both buying and selling and I’ve noticed a bug that makes the app unusable at times versus the browser site. On some shops, once you’re on their shop page, you can see they have items in various categories, but they don’t show up under “all items” and they don’t show up under the category. Like a category can say there’s 22 items, then you tap on it and it says there are no items. It seems sporadic… it’s not every shop and it’s not every item. But the website does not have this issue and it would be nice for this to be fixed in the app!! I’m sure your sellers would appreciate it too. I’d be happy to revise my rating once it is no longer an issue :).Version: 6.20

Glitchy App and Etsy support not helpfulThe current app has a MAJOR glitch. Wont let me checkout. When I try to add to cart it puts it in the cart and then says “choose options” and when I try to choose it does not allow. Then I removed and tried again and it says that it’s already in my cart when it’s not. It won’t allow me to “buy now” either. I contacted support on multiple occasions to voice frustration but their responses are not helpful and do not change anything. I’ve deleted the app, re-downloaded and made sure it’s the most recent update. Seemingly there is nothing I can do on my end. Etsy, I would be so frustrated with you if I were a seller, like aren’t the sellers relying on you to provide a selling platform so they can provide for their families?!! Theyre literally paying for advertising on your platform and you are in the way of allowing these transactions to go through. This needs to be remedied ASAP..Version: 6.16

App won’t update or reinstall as of v5.82.1The Etsy app has always worked well until version 5.82.1. Version 5.82 worked fine. Now after deleting v5.82 to try and install v5.82.1 from scratch it won’t install and I have no Etsy app now..Version: 5.82.1

I try talk with human because bug promo code !!!No human for my problem promocode !!!!! Is a bug !! I am verry angry.Version: 6.2

ETSY WILL ROB YOU!Do not purchase anything on this app. You will be scammed and they will do nothing to help or offer a refund. This need to be taken off the App Store..Version: 5.68

What happened to supporting small business?Utterly disgusted at Etsy's greedy grab by increasing their percentage so dramatically on sales (I'm not even a seller, only ever used it to buy items). Not to mention the dishonest and downright awful people who complain items haven't arrived.... when they're stuck in the postal system somewhere which is out of the seller's control.... and Etsy insists they get a full refund. Even when the item will eventually arrive (& the buyer wouldn't pay for tracked mail). This has happened to three friends who have Etsy stores and I find it despicable. Etsy used to be about supporting the handmade, artisan and unusual items. Nowadays there's so much mass produced in China products I don't see the point. Small sellers - start your own websites, so many of us will support you. Don't use a platform that doesn't even support you and your business..Version: 5.1

Abysmal customer serviceSite/app is broken, shop manager doesn’t work just forwards you to “page not found” can’t even begin doing anything and have been waiting 3 days for a response…. GARBAGE.Version: 6.17.1

Logs out involuntarilyEvery time I open the app, (4 times today because I bought something and was communicating with the selling) I was logged out and had to fully sign back in. Frustrating because this hasn’t been an issue for the last few years in using the app..Version: 5.85

Sign in does not workCan’t sign in to the app because it says my email address is invalid. I have no issues signing in with that same address on desktop Chrome though..Version: 6.2

Shoddy customer service, urine sold on Etsy! 🤮Urine and used pregnancy tests are sold on Etsy, can be extremely triggering for some people. Pregnancy is never ever a joke especially in this day and age. I’ve reported sellers, you’ve ignored them, I’ve contacted customer service who have done nothing, your blatantly ignoring me now, despite trying multiple different methods of trying to get these listings taken down. They violate your terms and conditions, they aren’t handmade/vintage/handcrafted. I was looking for an item to gift a friend on her new pregnancy and thats what popped up! I’ll look on alternative handmade selling platforms from now on especially as your customer service weren’t in the slightest bit helpful..Version: 6.9

Personalise the experience.I love shopping at Etsy but would love it more if the user could customise their shopping experience to better suit them in the app. I’d like to be able to set my country as default for my shopping experience where my searches will automatically only show my country first - then if I choose I can change the filter to include stores worldwide. The same for the home page where ‘similar to viewed items’ and ‘recommended items’, etc. are shown. I’ll often click on something that’s been recommended on the home page only to be told the seller doesn’t ship to my country. It would be good to be able to set my country as the default for recommendations, etc. also rather than have things shown to me that I’m unable to purchase. Otherwise, it’s a great platform to find mostly amazing, beautiful and unique handmade items..Version: 5.80

New update error can’t reportTried to report an issue with the update but there’s no way to report it in the help settings/contact menu. Used to be that when you tapped the heart it would favourite the item/shop and then tap again to unfavourite. Now you tap and it gives you the option to add it to a collection and favourite it - like Pinterest. But there’s no option to UNfavourite new or previously favourited items, just comes up with the add to collection option every time. No undo. Then you try the menu button below the item and there’s no option to unfavourite/delete/remove it there either. You can delete entire the collections that you can now create but the original favourited items done prior to the update are all still there that I don’t want anymore, as well as any new individual items may change my mind on. I’ve tried googling, I’ve tried searching the issue under the help section in the app and I’ve tried to find a method through contact us. No results..Version: 5.45

I do not recommend this app for young viewers!My daughter downloaded this app to do some online shopping . she went onto the stickers category, and saw a woman’s private part, I gasped with disbelief, and who ever has the audacity to put the app on an online shopping app is a terrible person,it’s not good because as I have mentioned there is lots of young viewers on this app. This is so disgusting and inappropriate I do not recommend this app. please do not come at me this was just a very disgusting moment in my life..Version: 6.11.2

Annoying appThe sellers and items on Etsy are great. The problem is the platform and this is a problem that occurs both on the app and the website. When ordering items there is now a date when you can leave a review. This date takes in to account the processing and estimated shipping time. This is fine to stop people leaving bad reviews if their package is just delayed in the mail. However, if you receive your items quickly you are stopped from leaving a review until the processing and shipping time has elapsed. There is no option to check that you have received your goods and therefore want to leave a review. For someone who uses Etsy only when wanting to purchase things, as opposed to just browsing, having to wait past the date of arrival to a date that is half/full week away to go on and leave a review is frustrating. There needs to be a way of selecting that you have received the items quicker than expected so that you can go on and leave a review. Especially, if what you have received is fantastic. The quicker you can leave a review the quicker other people know how good/bad a seller/item is. I have mentioned this to Etsy support which in itself is tedious as you can’t do it through the app and they didn’t understand what I was suggesting..Version: 5.17

They take no responsibility for scammers on their siteRecently been scammed on Etsy and the seller disappeared from the site and never received the item. When I contacted Etsy they basically replied that there was nothing they could do!!! Use with care..Version: 5.59

Quite a lot of deceptive and confusing adsI just wanted to try to buy the app by buying something cheap. The shop asked for some personalisation of the product and I provided the information. A few days later I get a message from the shop on Etsy that further customisation is required (not sure what that could be) and that the money I paid was just a deposit for the “real” work to commence. I cancelled the order and requested a refund. I’m still waiting for my money. Customers beware and don’t trust the star and review system provided by Etsy. I’m not sure that Etsy even gets involved with customer disputes directly. So, I will very hard before I buy anything on Etsy. Sure there are honest and decent vendors there, but there are scammers too..Version: 5.95

Sellers ignore messages unless you buy!!!Man, I LOVE Etsy. And I mean LOVE! I really like to support artists, worldwide. I find unique and handmade items that fit my wants and personality. You can’t do that anywhere else. Unfortunately, I am finding sellers don't check their inbox unless you have purchased from them. The kicker, they have coupons automatically sent to you if you have favorited an item or put it into your cart. I was trying to order an unique wedding band for my fiancé but accidentally put two of them in my cart and instead of removing one, I deleted both. Which, in turn made that size ‘unavailable’ when I tried to go back and add it again. I messaged the seller to let him know what I did. I was in a time crunch bc I needed the ring shipped before the ceremony. Here we are weeks later and he still hasn’t opened my message! But hey, thanks for the stupid coupon I won’t use!! Yes, I went with a different seller and unfortunately can’t leave a negative review for the non responsive one. Last week, I messaged a seller that makes beautiful custom leather journals. I had a question about the personalization. My message sat in her inbox and was never opened. This is VERY frustrating and I won’t support sellers that are too busy to read messages from potential buyers. Hate to break it to you, but we ALL are busy!.Version: 5.80

Sad to learn they don’t back up buyers wellIn September I purchased a t shirt quilt with guaranteed Christmas delivery. These are a lot of work so expensive, $370 for this size. I sent in my husband’s shirt collection to surprise him. After 7 months of asking what was going on, being told the day before Christmas Eve that it wasn’t coming, purchasing another last minute gift, requested they just send my irreplaceable shirts back. No luck, she offers to finish it and refund, says health problems came up, all kinds of excuses. Come March I finally start a case. Not only was it difficult to get the case going the support was minimal at best. She said she already sent it and they asked for proof. It did finally show up on her second attempt to mail it correctly. I requested a fulfillment of that refund but only expect a partial one, I have proof she said that. Etsy doesn’t care nor do they care it took 7 months or that Christmas guarantee wasn’t honored. I’ll think twice about ever purchasing more than a $50 item I’m prepared to throw away the money on from Etsy..Version: 5.98

Currency and location need improvingThe website and app always default to American and USD! Every time I use the desktop version I have to change my location to Australia and currency to AUD. It never saves my settings so matter how many times I “update” them. I have no choice but to use American settings in the app - it allows me to update my settings via the website, but again doesn’t save them to the app’s setting so it’s pointless. Very annoying..Version: 5.54

I love Etsy but .....I shop Etsy all the time so I am a buyer and a seller! There are some things I love and some things not so much ... I miss the old Etsy .... ever hear if something isn’t broken do not try and fix it? I miss treasuries and other features about Etsy that are no longer! Etsy has become more commercialized such as on tv commercials, I’ve seen it advertised online as a “work from home job” I was a lil shocked to say the least.... but when you buy on Etsy be sure that you know which SHOP you’re in! Etsy is the MALL .... WE ARE THE SHOPS IN THE MALL! 🛍The artists and artist suppliers are the back bone of the industry! However Etsy is the easiest for me since I’ve been on for so long! With more than one shop.... too much change in such a short amount of time can really throw some of us off! I miss the different comfort of an “Etsy family” rather than HUGE E-COMMERCE, still Etsy is my go to for a lot of things! I love supporting small business and the artists and after all Etsy gives us the PLATFORM to put our shops we work hard in every day to make all of your shopping full of endless fun! You can find lots and lots of OOAK here! Thanks to the sellers and their shops ... thanks Etsy for giving us a place to sell our goods but it would be good to be able to get someone on the phone again!.Version: 5.59

Bad sellers and Etsy won’t help youI got an empty package and the seller said it wasn’t their fault and Etsy won’t help either because the seller messaged back from me asking them..Version: 6.15

DifficultEtsy has become very difficult over the past couple years I’ve used it. I recently bought a charger on here and when it showed up the item didn’t work at all. Contacting the shop first I asked for the issue to be solved. I checked to make sure it wasn’t my phone and when done I asked the shop for a new charger (they state this is not an issue even if I was the one to break it) I contacted Etsy and opened a case. Eventually after some time the seller stopped replying and ignored me. This raised a red flag. I escalated the case with Etsy as to have them over look it and the replies take forever, they also aren’t fixing the issue. First, they ask for photos which I can not supply because how do you take a photo of your phone not charging? Thy also don’t realize even if it was my fault for breaking it, the seller states in their about, that they will replace it, no questions, no returns, and quickly. I’m deeply disappointed and awaiting for my last order to arrive so I am able to delete the app. ****Update: recently Etsy closed my case and refused to fix the issue, The shop also decided to change their warranty facts so I can not in anyway get my item replaced. I’m saddened how poor of a system Etsy runs and how disappointing some of the people on there are..Version: 4.77

Terrible customer service and can’t resolve problems for customersAs above.Version: 5.53

Signing InVery sad. My app no longer functions as it did. I can't sign on iPad Pro as lfrecent Update. Wish I'd just lived with the glitches snd hadn't 'deleted' and 're-downloaded' app to solve issues ! Etsy on a browser is SO MUCH WORK ! ( technically ! ) ugh :/ Maybe it's all too much to bother 🙄😕🙁.Version: 6.17.1

What happened?Why is it after the latest iOS update you have to sign in every time? This only happens on my phone. Super annoying and I can’t find anywhere to change a setting to keep it from happening..Version: 5.85

Stop The StealA lot of the so-called “handmade” stuff is just cheap, rebadged Chinese products you can get on eBay for much less. Etsy also has a reputation for being insufferably woke and likes to censor opinions they don’t like. Sad!.Version: 5.65

Constantly suspending accountsThis has happened to me in several of my friends, we will make a profile and they will randomly suspend you when they’re bored of you! i’ve also noticed that they will continue taking money out of your bank for unknown fees after you have been suspended , it’s an absolute joke!! if you are a new independent business please just make your own website and do not waste your time on here they do target smaller businesses from what i’ve seen. i’ve only been on the app for a month and have had no problems with postage and have always shipped out next day !! clearly they just didn’t want me on the app..Version: 5.93.1

Don’t orderI spent $90 with tax and shipping on a pair of shoes, never came in or got my money back so i tried to get etsy customer service to help me, they just closed the case and said they couldn’t help. absolutely angry.Version: 5.47

Ship to CANADASimply unusable. Every time I do a new search it switches back to shipping to the US. I’ve updated my default address and every setting I can find but it always switches back. If I don’t remember every single time to “update” to Canada then I go to check out and discover items can’t be shipped or have outrageous shipping costs when I thought I qualified for free shipping. Garbage experience..Version: 5.87.1

I got scammed and there is nothing anybody can doI downloaded Etsy super excited to see what I could find and how to improve my cosplays and all. I take partial blame for not doing more research before I committed. I found a listing on Etsy from “Cosplay Dream Shop” that promoted cheap commissions and I though I’d give it a whirl. Set up a payment system and I sent my payment through PayPal (what the seller told me to do) and what turned to months of messages of “when will it arrive?” to “I need my money back because you violated our agreement.” Commissioner stopped replying on the Etsy chat and I found her on Facebook and started messaging her there and she said she’d get my cosplay to me. I contacted Etsy to see what could be done and they said to call PayPal since that’s where the transaction happed so I called PayPal and they told me to call my bank because there was utterly nothing they could do. I call my bank and they inform me they also can’t do anything because the transaction was over 150 days or something and the only thing I can do is continue to message the seller on Etsy. It has been an utter nightmare and I’m angry and upset that no one can do anything. So in other words, Etsy is a platform for easy scams and trickery to occur. What makes me even more mad is that her shop still exists on Etsy! Thanks Etsy, for nothing..Version: 4.84

Shipping is way more at checkoutThe shipping price listed on the product page will show 5-6 dollars and then when you get to checkout, the shipping beside each product end up being $7-8, plus a $10 shipping charge on the whole order. I wish Etsy would tidy this up so there weren’t all those added costs suddenly. It would also be nice if they’d bundle the shipping if you’re buying more than one item from a single vendor. Other than that, I love the selection of shopping on Etsy..Version: 6.2

Can't see shippingWhen I scroll down to see shipping costs, you can't see it on the app. This is annoying as I really need to know this as I live in New Zealand and costs can be very high..Version: 5.10.1

Way too much dropshipped stuffALWAYS do a reverse google search before you buy anything on Etsy. Half of the time I find the item on Aliexpress for a fraction of the cost and it turns out the Etsy shop is just a Dropshipping front masquerading as “small artisan homemade”. Etsy’s reliability has completely gone down the drain and I only use it as a last resort or when I buy from a shop that’s been vetted by other people I know. The cross stitch market here is also FULL of stolen designs. I do extensive research before buying anything because I want to make sure I’m buying from the actual artist instead of a seller who stole someone else’s design. If you’re a seller, make sure you put soft copyrights on anything you sell because Etsy will not support you when you find out someone’s stolen your creation. Also, make sure you’re regularly changing your password. My friend got hacked and her account stolen, it took 2 months and a Better Business Bureau complaint to finally get Etsy to respond to her. Etsy needs to increase their seller percentage for better “customer experience” great maybe you can actually take down the stolen designs and answer stolen account emails in less than 2 months..Version: 5.96

Fraud sellers and worst customer serviceI had really bad experience from seller as well as etsy company, wasted my money and time..Version: 5.69

Scammed and Extremely angryI made a purchase 4 months ago. I did not receive the purchase or even get an email that it had been shipped. The shop owner has never responded to me and their store has been closed. I figured maybe it was just taking a while to ship. And now I can’t even open a case with Etsy since it’s passed the 90 day limit. Would appreciate it if I could still open a case when I have proof. I lost $300 and I can’t do anything about it. Never using this app to make purchases again..Version: 5.65

Etsy app adding tax on top of already taxed sales amountI am having major issues buying digital downloads as every time an item is put in the basket the total amount ADDS on tax on an already TAXED sales amount. If you go through to a payment portal and then cancel it rectifies when you go back to Etsy but as a seller also, customers are no longer buying as they are put off with the fact Etsy looks like it is charging tax on top of tax I am trying to get help from Etsy but it appears whoever is looking into this simply doesn’t understand what I’m saying even though I have provided umpteen screen shots if it happening on both my shop and others shops. Other sellers are experiencing lower sales also. Etsy please sort this out..Version: 5.68

Really buggy!For a lack of a better word, it keeps "crashing". EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I go onto a seller's store, it will show all of their products and then a moment later will clear everything and say "there are no items found". This happens both on the page for all of their products, and in their lists for more specific items. I've waited over a month or two for this problem to be fixed, and it keeps happening! I've tried deleting and reinstalling the app, and nothing changes! I'm really surprised Etsy has allowed this to go on for so long(!), because they've undoubtedly lost lots of money from people (like myself!), who would rather go elsewhere when they can't access what they want!.Version: 6.13.3

Horrible app I have ever been too!!!This is the worst company in the history of worst companies. If I could give it zero stars I would. The seller I bought a pair of fake AirPods Pro from this seller he refuses to send my child out a replacement and was talking about reporting him for harassment for no reason and gave my daughter a pair of fake airpods and was being very rude I never been to company where every seller on this app are very mean. And then they was talking about my eBay account that I have no clue how he knew about them. He is the worst seller and he needs to be fired I will have him arrested for stealing my money and not giving it back he was sitting here being so mean and thought my child was bullying him he was only trying to replace his airpods he lost that he couldn’t find and he sat they’re aiming at him instead of solving his issue ladies and gentlemen save your money cause Etsy will rob you for all your money and you will never get your replacement either I already closed my account and calling Etsy to report him and have him fired. Thanks Etsy but I will never shop here again they putting my children at risk..Version: 5.73

Purposely violate my rightsI do not understand why you need all the personal information regarding to where I live to allow me to have a sellers account and a bank statement isn’t enough, all you have to do for sellers is to pay them and not stalk them. And Amanda has been purposely making things hard by not explaining anything clear enough and deliberately want me to submit personal information repeatedly, since we paid you every month for our listings you really should treat us with respect instead of violating our rights being draconian in the name of “verification” ! Pathetic !.Version: 6.24

Got ripped off and no Etsy supportI bought an item and it was defective and told to return it for fixing. Person never sent item and still charged me. It took so long that it passed the 100 days and I didn’t get a refund or even able to review seller. Terrible service.Version: 5.68

I have no idea how much anything costsI have recently moved overseas and have changed my preferences from Danish money to australian money upwards of 7 times on the website, yet the app remains unchanged. It is also impossible to edit the preferred currency on the app, or even the payment method as far as I can tell. Absolutely makes the app useless, as I will not buy something to ship to Australia when it is telling me the price for shipment to Denmark. Very disappointed and frustrated. I like the layout of the app and would love to use it but it is so frustrating..Version: 4.89.1

Etsy sellingLove the app, perfect for purchasing from other stores but when it comes to selling your own products, absolutely rubbish! Constantly having my products removed for so say going against there policy when infact nothing I’m selling goes against it! I own a company called Luna bleu uk, I am a uk womens fashion brand, selling clothes of course and this apparently goes against there policy? This really does confuse me, it’s the first time iv tried out Etsy selling and it will for sure be the last, I made 1 sale and because of having 2 items taken off I now have to wait 90 days for my balance to clear to my account! What a joke! I have a business to run and holding money that long because of a mistake they have made with my items is absolutely insane and so disappointing, will not be selling on there again!!.Version: 6.7

The worst app everThis app seriously ruined my life. Etsy doesn’t give a crap about sellers as long as they are making money by pulling in enough buyers. Every time a case is opened against you they ALWAYS choose the side of the buyer and take money from your account without permission. All 3 cases I had against me were not my fault. The first one was a customer being unhappy with a product 3 months after receiving it when my return policy clearly states send me a message within 1 week and mail back within 2 weeks. I refused to accept the item after 3 months and they opened a case and I didn’t give them a refund and Etsy took the money straight out of my account. The second time was a customer demanding a refund saying they never received their item when their tracking number clearly stated that it had been delivered weeks ago, and Etsy once again took money from me without my permission. They also don’t take into account that items cannot be shipped on Sunday so customers get mad when their item is shipped a day late. Now they have a new policy where if you don’t offer free shipping your items will not pop up at the top of the list for customers, so you are basically forced into free shipping and lose customers by increasing your prices for no reason. Etsy is a waste of time and money and I’m upset I ever wasted putting energy into it..Version: 5.37

Check outsI love how your able to get the things you need on this app. But the concerning parts are when you have done an order from previous to order more it froze and automatically shows the receipt of the purchase. It’s great but the biggest problem here it automatically put a different address on here and doesn’t show you the purchase and review once it’s delivered. It’s very serious to get this fix as I have now lost the item I was hoping to receive and now I won’t be able to receive it anymore. I have wasted money on an item that something so simple has now made it difficult between the business and their loyal customer. Please me aware and make sure and double check your details as this app is now automatically changing the details that you have put down. Hope it helps in the future. Very disappointed..Version: 5.97.1

Order missingNever received my second order it wouldn’t let me in.Version: 6.4.1

I have closed my account due to awful IT supportI have been contacting Etsy for over a month regarding an issue where the shopping basket would not open on the app or website. IT support were absolutely useless. The online chat could not help so said they will ask their senior staff and I would get an E-mail, received an email asking if problem had been resolved, it was not so replied saying so, then received the same email over and over even with me replying no it has not been resolved. Then finally one technician tried to sort it and moved items from basket to saved items but it did not resolve the issue of not being able to access the basket to pay for items. So I replied saying this and got and email back saying they can deal with my request to unsubscribe to their email??? For this reason I closed my account because if I cannot buy the items then it’s a bit pointless. It’s a real shame as the sellers were really creative, and I loved buying items on there. Seriously poor IT support..Version: 5.88

An app so broken it broke the website!I hated this app, it’s slow, it’s buggy, it crashes, it’s worthless. That was fine, I deleted it and continued to use the browser version of the site, which I prefer anyway because it allows me to have multiple tabs open to compare items, it’s a major advantage of online shopping and I’ll never understand why retailers are so determined to undermine that advantage by forcing users to go through their terrible apps. Only now when you try to do certain things, like go to shops to see what else a vendor is selling, it brings up a broken ad for this terrible, broken app, and there’s no way to close or circumvent that ad. There’s a button that SAYS ‘continue to mobile site’ but it doesn’t work, nothing happens, I can see the stuff I want to look at scrolling past in the background at the top and bottom of the screen but there’s no way to make the ‘download the app’ screen go away. Clicking on the ‘download the app’ option doesn’t make it go away either, it just brings me here, so I can review this pointless, defective app that’s so spectacularly broken it makes it impossible to use Etsy at all on mobile. I tried through safari and chrome, I even downloaded this pointless, broken app again, but I’m not interested. Guess I’m not shopping on Etsy anymore? I just wish it had broken before I’d placed that last order so I could still check on it..Version: 5.93

Works ok, needs report functionThough it’s not needed that often, if there is the need to report an item it’s not easily doable. There’s no report function in the app so I have to open a seperate browser, find the item again, and go through the login process etc if I want to report something. There needs to be better functionality for reporting; a lot of people may not realise they need to do this to report & items that shouldn’t be on Etsy might remain there.Version: 5.9

Worst service everLucky to get one star, your chat service is your biggest let down along with the tracking if you get any.Version: 5.83.1

Problems checking outApart from the constant messing about with moving buttons, specifically the updates one, the app used to be so easy to use. Recently, however, I haven’t been able to check out either from the item page or the basket. I can’t find any solution to the problem. If I try to use the website instead, it just opens the app. It’s the same on all my devices. It sometimes works ok on the PC but I’m not often on that. It’s infuriating and I’ve missed out on some sales because I just can’t check out..Version: 6.17.1

All I want is a tracking number 🤷‍♂️It seems that Etsy is forcing sellers and buyers to use their ridiculous internal tracking, when I ask for a tracking number, every seller I have asked says that they cannot provide one, to make matters worse the Etsys internal tracking system is absolutely rubbish, no features that even the most basic tracking app has!! C’mon Etsy, just look at literally any other app that sells stuff, tracking numbers are always freely provided, why are you being deliberately difficult 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️.Version: 6.17.1

Time wasterI had a time waster trying to order a jumper and I can’t even report them waited over a month just for it to only see her store has been shut down I can’t even tell or call you guys horrible.Version: 6.4

Filtering search results not workingRecently I have been unable to filter search results by lowest price first. Tapping on the filter to sort by relevancy/price high to low/low to high etc simply does nothing. This is the only way I like to search and compare - by price. Please fix this bug! It is very frustrating. It works fine through safari so is definitely a bug in the app. Also, I agree with another reviewer, that it is very frustrating, having to save items in basket for later when only wanting to buy one item at a time. I always hope I remember to put the saved to later item back into the basket before I am distracted by work/children and forget. This is a design flaw in my opinion and I would love to see this tweaked. Up until recently, when searching on the app worked properly, this app received a high rating from me. I have deleted my app and reinstalled to make sure I have the latest version; also restarted iPhone. This makes me believe it is a glitch on the app, which is stopping me use it altogether as it seems to have stopped working! ☹️.Version: 5.1

REPORT THIS TERRIBLE APPI AM SO MAD. I ordered those hot chocolate bombs and then Guess what! The seller is unavailable to contact anymore and I’m not receiving my order. I’m in the process of making a case to get my money back. This is absolute crap and fake and it’s full of scammers..Version: 5.65

Never received my orderI used to love Etsy and order items from here on a regular basis, but they’ve really gone down hill. I ordered a necklace from a shop and it never arrived. I messaged the shop owner and she never responded to my message. This was a week after my order was supposed to ship. Because she didn’t reply, I called Etsy support and was told they couldn’t do anything and I’d have to wait another week before I could file a claim. The following week I filed a claim because I still hadn’t received my order or heard from the shop owner. I called again to see if I could get a refund and was told there was nothing they could do right now and that I’d have to wait ANOTHER WEEK before I could be issued a refund from Etsy. The shop owner is MIA and Etsy keeps making me wait a full week before I can do anything. I placed my order almost 2 weeks ago. By the time I get a refund, it will have been almost 3+ weeks since I placed my order. I will be making my own necklaces from now on because it takes way too long to get a refund/any help from Etsy themselves. Won’t be ordering again..Version: 5.19.2

App is useless after updateThe last major update to Etsy completely changed the way the cart functions, and it basically just doesn’t function at all now. (Also worth noting there is a glitch that hides all the items on a shop if I click on the shop from anywhere other than home/explore) Despite appearing as a tab at the bottom like all the other pages (explore, home), it opens a pop up that you have to close to go back to any of the other pages. You can no longer switch between your cart and another tab as you just completely close out of your cart every time you want to view another tab. This has massively reduced Etsy’s usefulness to me, as I like to view shops in my cart and then go back to explore, back to my cart, etc to compare. I can no longer do this and it has ruined my shopping experience. I used to have fun browsing on Etsy and that is no longer possible, so my purchases have declined rapidly. They made it substantially harder to SEE the cart. I have dyslexia and it’s a visual nightmare, the distinctions between items and shops are much smaller, the font is now all the same size and has no distinguishable traits, so my eyes sort of roam the page without reading anything. They stopped utilizing all the space they had and instead are cramming a bunch of tiny words all together and making it very hard to decipher without actually focusing my energy on it. Never had this problem with another app in my life. Additionally, you cannot view the shipping for separate stores as separate totals in your cart. If you have 2+ shops, it combines the shipping and shows at the bottom. As a Canadian, where shipping is often astronomical, I can no longer have more than one shop in my cart at a time, because I MUST be able to monitor the shipping costs per each shop as I add items (if coming from the states, a 1” square and 0.1 lbs item can easily add $15 to the shipping cost). Without the ability to view separate shipping totals, I cannot shop at more than one store at a time. Without the ability to shop at more than one store at a time, I cannot compare prices. Without being able to compare prices, I cannot shop comfortably. In a single update, Etsy made their app unusable. I never would’ve updated the app but I was forced to in order to view “updated shipping policies” (spoiler - that was a lie - nothing changed, they just wanted me to update). Congrats on making this app useless! I used to love giving you my money and now I hate every second of my experience on it. Please fix it..Version: 6.13.3

Not enough securityI found out through my emailed orders that someone had hacked my account. The Etsy app was woefully inadequate to react to this situation. I was able to change my password and message the seller - but that was it. There is no functionality to log out of all devices, delete payment information, set up two factor authentication, no cancel button for an order in the event of being hacked, no standard questions available from the help menu and I had to switch to safari to send a help email. The products have always been lovely, but the app needs serious improvement before I would recommend it to anyone..Version: 5.56

HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE !!!First of all, I got Etsy because I thought it would be easy to use and I wanted to sell my slime!! It turns out I was wrong. So Etsy charges $.20 PER LISTING!! It is hard to use. One day I came back on Etsy to find out that my account had been BANNED!!! So I checked my email and they told me that my account would be unbanned by June something. I recently have tried to sell by making a different account but it won’t let me make a new one. I have emailed them again and they told me that I had “violated” the community guidelines because I had apparently sold something that I had not made. WHAT?!! So you tell me I can get my account back in June and then in June you tell me I cannot get it back ever or make new accounts? I sell slime!! MY slime! There is literally an OPTION asking if it is your product or someone else’s! I see people everyday on Etsy selling something that’s not theres. But I have NEVER sold something that I have not made. I have emailed them multiple times telling them to be more specific but they won’t tell me what I sold that I apparently have not made. They won’t respond to my emails anymore. And on top of that, I CANNOT BUY!! I’m very disgusted and disappointed. Do not recommend..Version: 5.51.1

TrashTrash app.Version: 5.89

CADIf I’m purchasing something and it’s listed in CAD then tell me if it’s coming from somewhere overseas so i know i’m paying twice as much in the end..Version: 6.20.1

WhispersinthibaryI ordered from this back back in April 2021 and after a few weeks I didn’t get my parcel and messaged them. They apologise and offered to send another one out which I agreed to, however that one never showed up. I contacted the shop for a refund but they never responded as they were taking a break from the shop, so I contacted Etsy themselves TWICE to which they both said to me that they had messaged the seller and gave me their iCloud so I could message them, which I did. Still no response so I kept messaging the seller on Etsy almost everyday. I contacted Etsy again and they said that because it is last the tile team for a refund, which was in September, I couldn’t get one. Now I messaged the seller and Etsy way before September and told them so, and that no one mentioned this to me the other times I contacted them. They told me there was nothing else they could do. The seller came back a couple days ago and I messaged them where they told me the same thing. It is utterly ridiculous, I messaged them both way before September so it isn’t my fault that I can’t get a refund. I will never buy from this shop again..Version: 5.93

Misleading marketingI don’t know why people ruin a good thing especially for those whose are honest and have faith in their product. I loved Etsy! I had used it for a long time but not so anymore!! I’m finding this happens a lot more now than ever. I don’t use it as a first go to like before and I am to the point of not even opening a site if the search comes up with Etsy on the address. I think it’s nothing but a marketing scam! Not all, but many, more than likely when you’re looking for an item and the results come up it isn’t the price for what you searched but a price for something else. Example: a simple cape with your favorite sesame character, personalized, comes up $2 and I when you click on it again it shows a picture of cape with $2 BUT the drop down defines it and it’s really $12. The little mask is $2. They used to call this false advertising but my question is if you have a good product at a reasonable why do you feel the need to scam people, tryingthe price is altered who knows what the product is or looks like? Don’t ruin a good thing like you did for me!! Have some faith in your product and price your asking for it!!!.Version: 5.33.1

Poor review giving meansMy order arrived ASAP yet being predicted to arrive 28 days later (due to being from abroad) I couldn’t leave a review for 20days. Most people won’t remember or bother if found in this situation unlike eBay where it tracks packages and knows when packages have arrived so feedback can be given. I have read that sellers can purchase fake reviews so wouldn’t be surprised if this is why such an issue exists as nothing more than a money making scam from sellers to make them think they need to purchase more fake reviews. It’s well known by smart people if you don’t get good reviews from real people you aren’t going to satisfy or attract the customers with a fake..Version: 5.81

Use cautionI have had a buyers and sellers account for years and love some of the products available. However, the support side of Etsy has been awful. My account was recently hacked and someone was selling items I had nothing to do with. I tried contacting their support team 6 times and have not heard back. I have not been able to access either of my accounts. I am still getting emails from people who say they were charged from my account for something they didn’t buy (and something I don’t sell). I am now getting notifications that my card is being charged for items I did not buy from half way around the world. I have had to cancel my bank card. Meanwhile I still have yet to hear back from the support team. I used to love this app but now I am so frustrated with the lack of action to get all of these issues fixed. It has been about a month trying to get a hold of someone. If you value privacy and security I would recommend you avoid this app..Version: 5.94

Scam!!!Do not be fooled in buying in this app. I bought a plant here in january then up to now i did not receive it nor hear anything from the dealer. This app is a scam dont buy from here..Version: 6.25

No AccountabilityI really loved Etsy because of all the creative variety of hand-crafted products. However, the past few orders I have placed have been massively overdue. I bought a Christmas gift for a friend in early December; it had an ETA if 2-3 weeks yet it JUST arrived mid February. There needs to be some sort of system of accountability that penalizes business owners if they take longer than the projected dates posted on their page - some sort of incentive for them to make sure they meet their own deadlines. Perhaps refunding a percentage of the cost of the item back to the buyer after a certain amount of time? If you claim that your products ship within two to three weeks, and it takes two MONTHS on more than one separate occasion, it is a huge deterrent to me from wanting to buy anything else from here again. I understand life happens, and some things are out of their control; I’m completely okay if it’s a few days (or even a week) past when they said I would get it, as long as they keep me updated. But that rarely happens. Most of the time I just get no response until I finally open a claim, which I really don’t like doing. Please develop a better system of accountability to make it less frustrating for your consumers! Thank you!.Version: 4.85

Please fix items disappearingGuys, I absolutely love purchasing from your store but am having huge issues with items disappearing from shops mid scroll. Sometimes it happens when trying to open a store folder or when you scroll through all items on the store’s front page. They just up and disappear. I updated to the latest version of the app 4 days ago and it’s still occurring. I have noticed this same issue raised on a number of threads with no results. I’m sure it’s disheartening for both the store owner and other buyers to have this keep occurring. Please fix!!.Version: 6.13.3

App doesn’t keep me logged inEver since the update last week, the app signs me out every time that I close it. It’s been extremely frustrating to communicate with sellers for purchases I’m looking to make when I need to login in every time I open the app. Nothing I do seems to fix it! I’ve tried redownloading it but the issue persists..Version: 5.85

Payment problemETSY had blocked my payment method with PayPal and with my credit card so I had to add Apple Pay to pay somehow they had considered me a fraudster and deactivated my account when I had just opened up a new PayPal account this caused me about 48 hours of a massive problem and headache trying to figure out however I was going to pay for items and it canceled over five transactions I made after putting them through with the bank then it canceled them I don't even know if this payment will come on through but I had to use Apple Pay to pay because of all the problems with ETS why it is not a user-form and it can just sl problems on your account because it feels that you are not legitimate person and you can say this is good for security it's not good for the person who is not the fraudster and who is legitimate and the problems that it causes.Version: 6.6.1

PayPalPainful banking with old school pay pal if you’re paying from a new country you live in and have a card linked to another place. Had to cancel numerous products. Awful setup. Hard to navigate. Try not to use Etsy if a client uses PayPal unfortunately..Version: 6.17.1

Suspended my account with no reason givenThe first time I ordered something from Etsy, the order was cancelled by Etsy a day later. I was not given a reason by Etsy. I thought downloading the app and buying the product via the app would fix the issue, but after downloading this app, Etsy immediately suspended my account. Edit - I finally was able to order an item. A day later, and there is no evidence I ever placed an order. It is not showing up in my purchases. Etsy is the worst app I have ever used..Version: 6.0

Not displaying taxes before checkout is so misleading!I love Etsy, but the way prices are displayed at checkout is REALLY misleading for Australian buyers. It says taxes are included where applicable and then they wait until the very end to add on GST. I have no issue paying GST, but you need to include it in the pricing BEFORE checkout and not once you reach the payment method. The ACCC is pretty clear about what is legally required to be displayed: “When a business displays or quotes prices, it must clearly state the minimum total price that you have to pay. The ‘total price’ must include fees, duties and taxes that apply to all sales (such as GST or any compulsory processing fees).”.Version: 5.60.1

Tee shirts gone wrongI ordered 7 tee’s for my grandson 4th birthday. Ordered them on line and they where done wrong. Ordered them in May for birthday in June that we were going on a birthday vacation to stay at a beach for 5 days. I put in 1 order for all tee’s bill was $75. When ordering for the 1st time at this company, I had no idea that they broke up the between several shops. When the tee’s started to come in they were WRONG. I sent emails and text trying to get them fixed. They wanted me to tell them what shop the tee’s were done at. They wanted me to show them how tee’s were done wrong. I sent pics to them showing what I wanted tee’s to say and what they did wrong. I did this a few times to different people. I got NO help at all from Etsy at all. I am s senior on a fixed income and too old for this. I placed order in MAY, 2021 and to this day September 2021, I have gotten NO help from this store at all. Not a phone call, text message and no apology either. I did a lot of work trying to find out what store, who did what and sending several pics to different shops with people coming back to me saying they did it right and I was wrong even with the pics I sent showing they were wrong. I saw a lot of nice things that I would be buying if this store had an ounce of compassion for its customers and would try to make it right for their errors. An unsatisfied customer!!!!!!!.Version: 5.84

Too much nudityI have been enjoying using this Etsy app to purchase supplies for my art business from small businesses that have supplies available, and I prefer to support small creators. However, recently I have been getting a lot of pictures of frontal nudity and risqué lingerie and other sexual items that I have never searched for or looked at or clicked on. My viewed, searched, and liked items are very tailored to art and craft supplies especially wool, alpaca fiber, handmade watercolour paint, artwork, and booksmithing supplies as well as some pet products. I don’t appreciate having to sift through a sea of penises to find new art supply shops. You are suppressing artists and art suppliers in favor of flooding my feed with inappropriate content that is not at all related to anything that I have searched for or looked at. I have already cleared my recently viewed in order to try and stop this but it only worked for two days. I don’t even want to go on the Etsy front page anymore and am considering leaving Etsy altogether and contacting my shops to purchase outside of your company. This has been happening to other people too. There is no way to tailor my recommended items other than viewing and liking the items that I am actually looking for and yet the peni persist. I am not looking for those. I wouldn’t go to Etsy for that anyway..Version: 5.73

In Stock doesn’t mean in stock!The majority of items listed on Etsy aren’t actually ready to ship even when it says in stock. It means they might have the materials to make it but there is a long ‘processing’ time. Set your expectations low for delivery time and don’t buy anything that needs to be delivered for a holiday or gift.. Likely you will disappointed.. this isn’t just for personalized items. Sellers like to have hundreds of listings but can’t and won’t try to have them in stock and just assume you understand they still have to make another version of the item pictured. Also Etsy is rampant with copyright infringement and stealing of intellectual property. The absolute opposite of supporting a creative! I joined an Etsy Sellers group and it’s basically thousands of Etsy sellers FB group which i found was mostly making fun of people that had expectations of receiving an ‘in stock’ item that doesn’t arrive for a month or so. And telling people to ‘mind their own business’ regarding copyright infringement because ‘90% of products on Etsy are copied from the original artist’.. I went from dedicated Etsy buyer, proactively encouraging friends to shop small business, dipping my toes into selling some of my own handmade items, legitimately in stock items, trying to educate myself with other Etsy buyers, to vowing to never shop Etsy again..Version: 5.68

Why is changing your address so difficult?Great app in general, but I’m still trying to work out how my last parcel got sent to my old flat, when I moved out 9 months ago, was using a completely new Etsy account that I only made two months ago, and was using the app that I only downloaded 1 month ago, yet it automatically sent it to my old address and didn’t seem to give me any way to check or change the delivery address before ordering. I don’t even understand how my old address was attached to my new account? This is not the first time it’s happened as well, as a previous order once ended up at my parents house. It’s worth noting however that I’ve placed plenty of orders on my new account that have arrived at the correct delivery address, which if anything makes it even more bizarre that Etsy randomly decided to use my old address after months of using my new one. Please make it easier to check the delivery address before ordering, because I have never had this problem with any other site..Version: 5.73

Can’t get help!If I could give zero stars I would! I am having issues with the email on my account as I entered it incorrectly when I first opened my Etsy account and have forgotten my Etsy password as I created the account many years ago so I can’t make changes to the email. Seems there is NOTHING I can do to fix this without having access to said email. Even worse when I try to log onto my email it appears Microsoft has deleted the email (probably because the email started with ask.) and now when trying to find help to change my email to my personal email there is no way to contact the team! I recently made a purchase and I tried to contact the seller but had to confirm my email address but can’t confirm it because I can’t log onto my email and I supplied the wrong one in the first place! I’d just like someone to help me rectify this!.Version: 6.14.1

Throw item# 2235312332 Didn’t get this item. Please send soon. Thanks!Didn’t receive throw item # 2235312332 . Please send Immediately Thanks!.Version: 5.67

Frustrating at times!Got the Etsy app as I was looking for something specific - found a seller who delivered on time only to find he’s no longer a seller. Also....and this is REALLY ANNOYING I’ve specified that I’m in the UK so filter my searches to sellers who deliver to the UK - the app decides to show me lots of marvelous things that i’d love to buy, except I can’t because these sellers are US only. Great if you get a lucky UK find, frustrating as hell when you think you’ve found your perfect item only to find out that they don’t deliver to your area. Sort it out app developers, other apps are beating you hands down with these basic filters..Version: 5.26

Overwhelmed by adsI love Etsy and I’ve used this app for years. I was SO happy when they finally updated the options for search filtering because that was a long long time coming, but recently my searches are dominated by ads paid for by the stores owner. I’m used to Etsy ads and they’ve even helped me find new favorites. However, most of my search results are now ads, and they’re ads that are no longer even pertinent to what I’m looking for. If I’ve searched for sunflower necklaces, adjusted the filters to what I want, I don’t want to see sunflower wedding invitations suggested, or sunflower art prints being suggested. Seriously?! At least suggest the same thing I’m looking for, even if it’s a $200 item and my search criteria is the $0-$50 range. That at least I understand. Mixing completely different categories is obnoxious and makes it hard for me to see what I’m looking for. The second problem with the ads lately is the quantity. I’m used to seeing 2 ads every so often, but I’m seeing 4-6 ads clumped together now and coming up so often I don’t know if it’s still on my search at all. This is ridiculous, I want this fixed ASAP please..Version: 5.14

Too many glitchesThis app is unbelievably glitchy. I hate it..Version: 6.19.1

Always LOVED this app...Until the changes that make it select half of your basket when you want to simply pay for one item. You then have to save items for later to remove them and then when you go to saved items it is taking up to a minute to simply move or delete one item from here. I have just spent 24 minutes removing 27 items from my saved list. To pay for 3 items I have just had to love 11 items to save for later. Why have these changes been implemented for so long and not sorted?? Why is it so slow to move items from saved list?? I have used this app for over 3 years now and I’m honestly fed up with this time it takes to do something that should be easy and swift. Please PLEASE change this system. Put it back to how it was before it grouped half your items for checkout. I can’t be the only person that this annoys. I love Etsy. I have a store on it but I’m nearly done with it..Version: 4.84

Nice items, long shipping timesI like the array of different types of items available on this app and I love to see people be creative and do well for themselves, but I hate waiting a month of more for my purchases. So much so that I try my absolute hardest to never use this app and only resort to it when I can’t find what I want anywhere else in the entire www. Sometimes I just look for the nifty ideas and go make the item myself for a fraction of the cost and time. Let’s be real sellers make buyers wait ridiculously long periods of time to receive the goods. There’s usually a quote of something like 7-10 business days just to process your item, then you pay for shipping to take another two weeks after that, but for some reason whatever I order doesn’t even get shipped out of their P.O. until the last day of the delivery date- when it’s supposed to arrive at my home- and I’m supposed to be okay with this, even happy about it, because it’s hand made. It’s bad enough I’m paying three times the cost of everything because I’m trying to be a nice consumer and support small business, but to make me pay shipping and wait no less than a month for everything literally checks off all the boxes of reasons I wouldn’t shop somewhere..Version: 5.97.1

Search options need refining.First of all I love Etsy. It’s almost impossible to find out how to give feedback to the actual website - which is seriously wrong. I’ve tried to search to no avail. Your search options NEED fixing. I want to have the option to filter out certain countries or select more than one category! The reason is to make it easier to find stores and items you actually want. Allow us to look at multiple categories. The issue with needing to filter regions is because I simply cannot look at American orders. The shipping is over 30$ and majority of items I search for are from there so I miss items from other other countries who have a different shipping rate that I can afford. The US shops FLOOD the search results and it is incredibly frustrating as I miss finding unique pieces. Please alter this so I can find the items I need from select countries. The current search option only allows you to pick one country at a time. Such a waste of time. Please fix this..Version: 5.45

Reviews are not a conversationI’ve had this app for a LONG time. In fact, it’s one of the first apps I ever downloaded! I love how you can find just what you’re looking for! However, in recent months I have noticed that prices on many items I’ve been interested in have gone up significantly. My biggest complaint about this app though: on several occasions, I have left honest—not brutal or bashing, but simply honest reviews about a few of my transactions. When you leave a review about a purchase experience on this app, the seller can continue to publicly comment on your feedback. To me, this is totally bizarre and not what I’m looking for in a shopping experience. It creates a confrontational environment. And no one wants to read all that! If I’m leaving feedback because something needed to be improved, I’m not looking for an argument or justification. It’s just that—feedback (to hopefully help improve that person’s business in the future)! I wish they would change this feature, and maybe consider making “less than 4 star reviews/comments” private so it doesn’t become an unfriendly environment..Version: 5.69

Persistent review notifications driving me madI had to turn off notifications for this app due to its continual demands for me to compete reviews even when they have all be completed. I deserve the right to choose when I want to leave a review or not and being harassed by apps to leave reviews is very annoying at the best of times, never mind when you go into the app and it tells me I must leave a review only to find there are no reviews to be left! Obviously a bug so please get it sorted. I tried telling your help team but they just told me to wait 100 days for it to clear. 😒🙄.Version: 6.23

Terrible refund processI never received an item I ordered. Etsy reviewed with the seller, all evidence showed it hadn’t been delivered. Etsy promised a refund and said they’ve processed it and closed the case. Refund never received by me. I’ve checked repeatedly. It’s been 6 weeks. No way to get Etsy to communicate with me regarding this... I’ll never use Etsy again..Version: 6.20.1

Refreshing a pageI have been shopping on Etsy for quite a while now and there is one seller in particular which I like buying things from her work is amazing and beautiful and she post items as she finishes them. With that being said her items are also very popular so once her items are posted you instantly have to try and purchase it or it’s gone, but it is hard to do that when her shop has multiple items up for sale, and you can’t see any of them. Within seconds those few items she listed are sold. With not being able to see what was sold. Unfortunately every single time I get on there and she post three or four items at once and you go to refresh the page to see the items that were posted there’s nowhere to refresh there’s no refresh button you cannot slide the screen down to refresh I don’t understand this issue, please fix it!!! I’ve reached out to Etsy a few times and have been told I have to many windows open. That is not the case, I have cleared my browser history and only opened the Etsy website and still the same issue, so very frustrating!!!.Version: 5.29.2

Its really good but-It keeps showing me alot of nsfw stuff and its really bothering me and idk how to get rid of it and i really dont like it.Version: 6.6.1

No Regard for Sellers, Poor user support.I have been selling on Etsy or 3 years and have relied on the platform as a main source of income for my small business. I have had Etsy refuse to give me my income for months, put me on “final warning” and remove my listings due to false copyright violations. This would be easier to deal with if Etsy would allow me to appeal these copyright violations to a human who would see the claims are false. Instead when I have tried to appeal Etsy has threatened to have my shop closed down permanently ! I am very disappointed in the platforms attention to the welfare of their users. Due to this final warning for my shops closure, I’m not sure if it’s even worth continuing to use the Application..Version: 6.5

Horrible serviceI literally can’t submit any messages because I was supposed to get an email to confirm my account several hours later still haven’t gotten an email. Purchased a product serval times and still haven’t gotten it. Horrible service never using etsy again..Version: 5.59

Mostly great, except settings issueThe app is mostly great, easy to use and navigate. However, I have to reset my currency each time I use it as well as specific filters I apply to my searches (ie: shop location, ships to, etc.) and I also noticed that some options re:colours of products are not always visible on mobile vs. desktop. This makes the app less appealing to me because it feels like a bit of a hassle to use. Please fix!.Version: 5.7

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