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GOAT – Sneakers & Apparel App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

GOAT – Sneakers & Apparel app received 128 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using GOAT – Sneakers & Apparel? Can you share your negative thoughts about goat – sneakers & apparel?

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GOAT – Sneakers & Apparel for Negative User Reviews

Okay at firstEverything was working completely fine for a few years, then they updated everything to look fancy. Due to those changes the prices on sneakers simply don’t appear anymore and its very annoying and inconvenient..Version: 2.52.3

I would give them 0 if i couldVery shoddy QC processes, even worse on returns. Buy elsewhere, boxes always arrive squashed due to crappy packaging. Astronomical postage costs and don't even get me started on returns. Any company that makes you pay for return shipping for something that is completely their fault is negligent at best. StockX a far better option overall. Buyer beware, you are going to have a very bad time with GOAT..Version: 2.50.2

Seller cancelledI ordered a pair of air forces 1s priced at $152 the seller confirmed my purchase and my order got updated to shipping to goat for verification and, the price of the shoe went up to $202 while I was waiting for my odor to ship, my order stayed in the shopping to goat for vocation stage for almost 3 weeks and then the seller cancelled my order and goat emailed me saying they the seller canceled my order and that they tried to get the shoe from another seller however the item and size were currently unavailable so they issued me a refund, yet I checked to see if they still had the shoe in my size and they are currently still available on Goat in the size I need but at a higher price so now if I want the shoe I have pay the new price even though I my previous order was confirmed, I’m inclined to believe the seller cancelled my order so that they may be able to sell the shoes at the new raised price point, sketchy, unprofessional and unacceptable business coming from a company as reputable as Goat. Very disappointed in the manner in which this transaction was handled by Goat..Version: 2.56.3

Extremely poor customer service and experienceSince April 13th 2021 I’ve sold multiple shoes on this app. I’ve accumulated funds from selling on the app and on the 29th I wanted the option to transfer the funds from selling on the GOAT app to my PayPal account. Upon doing so they sent an email message confirming the funds have been cleared and have been transferred to my PayPal and to give the payment 3 business days to clear. 3 days pass and still no funds transferred into my PayPal account. I contacted PayPal and they confirm that no payments have been transferred from GOAT into my PayPal account and said I need to contact GOAT to fix the issue. I then contact GOAT via email because there’s no way to actually speak to anyone through the phone and play email tag about this situation. Now they send multiple emails asking me to provide screen shots of my GOAT credit account and I also provided screen shots of my PayPal activity statement showing that I never received funds from the 29th through may 3rd. They say that the payment cleared on their end but still no PayPal confirmation on payment of funds. Now all communication or updates have now stopped with no solution to this issue. I had to open a BBB case against GOAT to get any kind of response. Be extremely cautious buying or selling on this app. It’s not a matter of if but when this will happen to you..Version: 2.44.1

ScamI bought $980 pair of shoes for my daughter and when they arrived they where to tight so I returned them she only put them on to see if they fit she didn’t walk in them just like you would in any store When I returned them they said that they where worn so I said yes she tried it on to see if they fit then they said yes because you tried them on to see if they fit that means they are warn so we can’t refund you What a joke how are people meant to see if they fit without trying them on Had no reply from them just the TC Will never use this company again Mark.Version: 2.43.4

Import tax!!They do not specify that you have to pay for import tax whilst you are buying the shoes, I wanted to buy revenge x storms and had to pay £33 shipping on top of the price of the shoes, after that once they had been shipped I got a notification that I have to pay an additional £55 as import tax!! So unfair keeping in mind that I am a 15 year old tryna buy a pair of shoes that I’ve always wanted and then get told I have to pay well over the amount I was told prior to buying them. 👿😭.Version: 2.31.3

Good app but pay too much.I got this app cause I needed some more shoes which it has a great selection of, but when I bought some Jordan retro 3 “tattoo” I paid £175 expecting a £20 or so increase for delivery which I didn’t mind but it was £40 but the worst part was I had to pay a further £77 for import duty and as a part time worker this took nearly all my money from my last pay check. Would buy again if import duty was paid for..Version: 2.17.0

Shady ?I installed it because I'm a sneaker head and they kept appearing on my Instagram ads so I figured why not give it a shot. Firstly this is an American based app so what I thought was a decent deal turned out to be in US. Not even including shipping. I couldn't even see the shoes without it taking me almost straight to check out, I'm just supposed to assume someone will send me a pair of legit shoes for all this money I'm spending ? Come on guys, your app barely has any reviews..Version: 1.11.4

ScamPayed 460 for shoes after tax and shipping and fees and it’s on the way. Then I had to pay an extra 200 for import fees. Outrageous. Be careful cuz they don’t tell you about the extra fees that you have to pay online to the shipper or at your door, I’m in Canada btw….Version: 2.51.0

Scammers!!!!! Thieves!!!I have been fighting with goat to give me my refund for over 6 months!!!! Goat sent a pair of Yeezy blue tints that were supposed to be dead stock but the soles were yellowed very badly so of course I sent them back because for one that’s not what I paid for and for two I paid $500. After two months of sending email after email and never getting any answers as to when I would receive my Goat credit I finally contacted my credit card company and filed a dispute. Three days later I have my goat credit. Convenient right?! But now they send me an email stating that my account will be disabled due to filling a dispute. So they gave me the goat credit just to not let me use it. It has now been over 6 months and I’m still fighting with them. I hope this company burns in hell and chokes to death on a hard 🍆on their way there. I’ve never been scammed like this from an actual company before. And I wondered how they were getting away with stuff like this? My suggestion is to just stay away from this place do you don’t get your hard earned money stolen from you and if they already have then contact your bank, credit card company, and the Better Business Bureau..Version: 2.35.2

Horrible Customer ServiceGOAT at this point is a major consignment company with many obvious competitors, so at this point the customer service should be held to a higher standard. It’s absolutely horrible. I’ve had situations where I would have a buyer, but couldn’t sell the sneaker (hitting sell would crash the app) because of an error with the app which wasn’t fixed until the app was updated hours later. You guys send out LATE email response messages hours later encouraging customers to do the regular old trouble shooting (restart your phone, Erase and re-download the app etc.) when the issues are within your app. The response time has been really bad. If not hours days later. The latest issue is sellers doing everything that is asked (shipping out on time etc.) and when it’s time to transfer their payments the app is not sending out verification codes. You don’t offer email verification and you can’t change or update the number without contacting GOAT via email and ironically enough, you guys are horrible at responding to emails in a timely matter. Definitely considering deleting the app once and for all. Issues are too common as of late and it’s a headache reaching out and receiving help or simply getting a response when there’s issues..Version: 2.20.0

Extra charges not made clearI ordered shoes from the US to the UK, paid £140, when they arrived they came through FedEx, and a week later I get a letter saying I owe FedEx £40, bare in mind I paid Goat for “delivery charges” in the initial order £30. What was my £30 used for? The seller shipped them in a box to Goat, so I assume Goat posted my shoes to me from their HQ. Why is it then upon me to face extra charges that were stated NOWHERE when buying the shoes, it should be made as clear as daylight that I’ll have to pay extra to FedEx after delivery. Needless to say I got in touch with customer service which was a farce but they were rude about it, shutting every ticket after one copy and pasted reply. Deleted the app as soon as the whole farce was over, I ended up having to pay the £40 to FedEx. Avoid unless you want to feel scammed..Version: 2.23.2

Too slow and too many feesMy overall experience was not terrible, however here’s what prompted me to write a bad review. Goat took over 1 week to authenticate My items after it arrived to their NJ location via UPS. Once items are authenticated, the “GOAT Credits” become available to you. That was the second part that was surprising and disappointing. So basically after you sell something on Goat for CASH, they keep the cash and issue you “GOAT Credits”. It’s basically store credit. You can use those credits to purchase other items off of Goat, or you can have the balance direct deposited into your account. Here is the part that really disappointed me. On top of GOAT charging over 9% to sell the items, they scam you out of an additional 2.9% in order to do an ACH transfer. So you basically have to surrender another three percent, to wait another 2-3 days, just to get your money. Many other apps charge that fee to immediately deposit funds, and issue ach transfers for free (it’s like the bank taking 3% from you depositing a check into your account... SCAMMMM). So overall, prepare to pay 12-18% of your overall proceeds to GOAT, leaving your profit margins on the floor, or 6 feet below depending on the item you sell..Version: 2.33.3

Fees are ridiculousBe very careful if you are reselling, the fees are insane, nearly 20% of your profits including hidden 3% fee to cash out.Version: 2.47.2

0 customer serviceThey don’t even deserve one star. I’ve ordered a John geiger shoes from GOAT it was for $640. I’ve ordered size 11 and I received a size 10 in a size 11 box when I checked the shoes I immediately emailed them got a respond telling me they’ll check and let me know after 5 days and since then I’ve never received any email from them I’ve tried to email them 10 times and they just ignore my emails, don’t waste your money and time..Version: 2.37.0

Where is it basedWhat’s the currency.Version: 2.7.2

My first purchase from GoatI purchased shoes that cost me £400 with shipping and broader fees just to find out they had defects that made them look fake and all Goat offered me was $25 in credit I cannot believe this company. They don’t take responsibility for their terrible authentication service and blame the customer for not noticing the defects. I have never felt more unappreciated and being talked down to as a customer. They clearly don’t care and will tell you anything to make a sale. Please reconsider buying from them because if they make a mistake they won’t offer a refund of a replacement..Version: 2.45.1

DONT DO IT!!!!I ordered my shoes the 28th of February so they could be here before I went on a family trip for spring break. So they could be here around March 11th or 14th. The shoes were 291 & some change they were jordan 12s, so goat confirmed my order so instantly I go to tracking & it say it’s unavailable so I say okay I just ordered them I probably can’t see it right now. Days go by still can’t track my order I go to customer service they tell me the same thing over & over my order is being packed the seller so it’s been a week and in thing how does it take that long…? So I say ok, a couple more days pass I contact goat by email they respond tell me sorry & they will improve so I tell them if I can’t get my shoes give me my money back FULL REFUND! They tell me to wait 3 more days because remind you it’s supposed to be here by this week of March 1-13 or the day after so I say okay after that refund me my money not 13 goat credits. The next day comes I go to my email & see they canceled my order AFTER WAITING 2 WEEKS to say something when they knew I wasn’t getting the shoes then it says it will be 3-5 business days before I get a refund..??!!! So now I’m waiting again wondering will I even get my money back? Moral of story do not shop at goat they let anyone sell shoes it’s a scam & they don’t care DO NOT DO IT, ITS A WASTE OF TIME & MONEY !!!!!.Version: 2.50.4

Don’t downloadHorrible customer support,never replied back to me answering any of my questions.Hidden import fees which they don’t tell you about prior to your purchase so get ready to pay 50% of your item if shipping to Canada..Version: 2.51.1

PoorThis store is the worst, I bought some tennis shoes and they were big, I admit it was my mistake because I bought a men's size and not a women's size, but in less than an hour after making the purchase I realized what happened, but they since At the beginning they had already obtained my money and obviously they did everything to keep it, because I tried to cancel the order and they told me no because the order was processed, although it was also delayed in arriving, supposedly after returning it they would return my money to me , which is not entirely true, because they only gave me the credit for the amount of the purchase and they refuse to return it to the payment method, that is, I have the obligation to buy from them, even though there is nothing to want to buy I only have the option to buy in your store or lose more than $ 350! this will be the last time you shop with these scam people! Before making the purchase I recommend you visit other pages that have better prices and you do not want to touch your money.Version: 2.45.5

Return and Refund Deficiency 🚮The biggest fault that GOAT has is the return policy. A seller has 72 hours to opt out of a deal where as a buyer only has 3 hours to cancel a bid. I understand the fluctuation in pricing but if you’ve already agreed to sell somebody a shoe at a certain price unless that shoe sells out a seller should not be able to back out of any deal. I ordered a pair of Vapormax Fly Knit Lasers and 4 days after my bid was accepted I received an email saying that the seller backed out. So I have yet to try and purchase them again. At the same time I also had a $345 bid on the Travis Scott Catcus Jack Retro 4’s that was accepted. Again with no notice at all was I told that the seller backed out of the deal yesterday. I am now reading everyone else’s reviews to find out they’re not being refunded money, they’re being sold fake shoes, there’s damage done to brand new shoes and the overall customer service is absolutely horrible. I am terribly afraid that I’m going to be sold a fake shoe, will have no way of being refunded my money and I will have no one to speak to about it. Whether everything works out or not after this purchase I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM GOAT AGAIN and the app will be deleted from my phone..Version: 2.4.1

Fake “a bathing ape roadsta Dc comics Superman”I bought these faking apes from Goat! Never again! I’m not gone lie I was so upset I didn’t even take any pictures I just threw them away because based off the other reviews I knew it was going to be nearly impossible to get a refund! They looked good they looked new at first but that’s just how they decieved me! I walk to the store and I walk back and it looked like I ran track in them since middle school and I went to basketball practice in them up until that day but they were completely clean mind you! In other words they fell apart like they were put together with playdoh and plastic! They turn into sandals with me only wearing them once literally to the store and back! They played me! I got played I ain’t lying I took the biggest L! So all of you that’s getting recommended to Goat please turn back while you can! You will never see your money again! They sell replicas and rip people off apparently for 100s and 1000s of $ smfh beware I’m only informing yah because nobody should have to be scammed out of $1000 from an app that’s supposed to be trusted according to their FAQ I will never do business with Goat ever again!!!!!!!! They’re scammers.Version: 2.54.4

Worst service everI had listed my pair of yeezys on this app because I heard a lot of good things about it. So I list them and everything thing was going smoothly. Someone offered to buy them off of me and I accepted. I go and drop off the shoes at the goat drop off location instead of shipping them. The next day I get an email saying there was in issue with my shoe. They told me that the shoe was used and they had sent me pictures of the shoes. The shoes are literally deadstock. I’ve never worn the shoes while I had them. I only took them out the box to take pictures of them. So the buyer refused to buy them because they were “used” so I basically lost a sale. I had them consigned listing for a day and took it off and ordered them to ship it back to me. They charged me $10 just so they can ship it back to me. I ordered the shoes OVER A WEEK AGO and haven’t gotten a single email on an estimation on when I will be receiving my shoes. I contacted customer support about the issue and they said they would reply at the latest in the next 42 hours from when they replied to the email. I haven’t gotten ANYTHING at all. Worst service ever and I won’t EVER list another pair of shoes on this app.Version: 2.17.0

Bad app to use as a buyerIt is extremely annoying that customer service takes so long to get back to you on an active order, especially when I’m spending $2500. I received an email saying what I bought were replicas, I had every intention of buying what I knew were in the pictures, asked customer service if the seller sent the sneakers in the pictures, with no reply for 48 hours and they automatically cancel my order and refund me my payment without me being able to have knowledge on what’s going on or my own input because I knew what I was buying. The variation of the sneakers I wanted arnt even listed on this app and they’re being deemed as replicas most likely. As a buyer I am highly upset on how this transpired and I would not recommend doing business with this app. I will post updates if this is resolved. Now I have to wait 5 days for a refund when I was waiting for a response for customer service to proceed with the order… I finally get a reply 3 days later, and customer service is saying they “do not provide details that outline why the sneakers are relicas”. I ordered Zen yeezy promo samples, which arnt even listed on the stupid app. These promo samples are being deemed fake most likely because this company does not have the knowledge of the sneaker… or the seller didn’t ship the pair in the pictures. I find something VERY suspicious going on here when I’m trying to order a rare unknown sneaker. DO NOT USE THIS PLATFORM AS A BUYER OR A SELLER!!.Version: 2.50.3

Can’t listEvery time I try to list my shoes with defects I take pics how I’m Supposed to and they get taken right down I’ve been trying to list 3 pairs of shoes for a month now I’ve contacted customer support probably 20 times as of now and nobody will help. I keep getting the same Lady Donna that won’t do anything to help . She tells me in the lighting there’s shadows I take them outside and post it still get taken down today she says you need to take them outside the box I take them outside the box and guess what 5 minutes later my listing was taken down yet again I’ve been trying to post these shoes everyday for a month now and im highly irritated because I shouldn’t have to contact you guys this many times to post 3 shoes because I want to post them with. Yellowing defect it makes no sense . Then when I post them as a regular listing there’s no issue how is this even possible so that’s what I did I posted as a regular listing and if they buy them im just sending them in since I can’t get any help im starting to hate this app after this.Version: 2.53.3

GarbageWaste of time and money. could have ordered the shoes and got them much cheaper and faster anywhere else..Version: 1.11.4

You can’t be the G.O.A.T. if you allow this to happen.I ordered a pair of Jordan 4 infrared that were listed as “New” and “In the box”. When I ordered them, I received a notification stating that they were being sent to be verified before being sent to me. When I received them, there was a card in the box that appeared to indicate that they had been inspected. When I pulled the shoes out the box to try them on, I noticed that the shoes had been worn. The shoes had been cleaned up really well, but is was obvious that the shoes had been worn several times. I found it extremely disappointing that the person reviewing the shoes didn’t catch the obvious flaws in the shoes before they were sent to me. To make matters worse, instead of giving me a full refund, I was only giving GOAT credit. When i asked the customer care agent what would be done to prevent the same thing again, they never responded to my question. This means that I am potentially going to have to deal with the same issue with the next pair of shoes I am forced to get from them because it is obvious that the inspectors they employ either don’t take their responsibility seriously, or simply don’t know what they are doing. If and when they get me a pair of shoes that haven’t been previously worn, I won’t spend anymore money with this company. (Can’t call you the GOAT when you do business like this.).Version: 2.38.1

Waste of timeThis whole scam is a waste of time when you can agree a price and then not have an order fulfilled. Ruined my birthday, as my wife had organised a pair of sneakers I really wanted through the app and it ‘couldn’t be fulfilled.’ Saw the shoes go back up with an extra $100 on the price tag. Don’t waste your time..Version: 2.39.1

Trash app trash customer serviceAccidnelty placed an order on random shoes due to having my details already in the app when I clicked next to check shipping. Within 10 min messages customer service and they said “sorry you got the wrong size you can canceled your order within 3 hours, but it has already been confirmed so when you get them you can return them for in store credit” Trash terms of service trash interface.Version: 2.46.2

Sold FakesDo not trust this app, they sold me fakes and I contacted them and they kept saying they were real and wouldn’t even offer me a refund. I showed them pictures and they kept saying they were real AND not used. The last thing I got from them were definitely used. I bought 5 pairs f shoes in the last month and I let them know I was very good customer for them and the best they could say to me was that it was real and not used and that all sales were final. I want my money back, I have spent a lot on shoes within the last month and a full refund is the only way I will continue to be a customer. I also asked to speak to someone who was important and had more power than the people that respond to the emails and they wouldn’t connect me with someone. Literally last week I was saying how much I preferred Goat over StockX and this definitely makes me want to shop at StockX more and on top o that they have clothes that they sell and the best part is they have refunded me my money the full amount when I had a problem. As of now until my problem is resolved I highly recommend to NOT buy from Goat, instead go to StockX. I would love to change my review to help the picture of Goat but as of now do not shop here..Version: 2.16.2

CANADIANS BEWARE!!!If you are in CANADA I strongly suggest NOT BUYING on goat. The shipping is too much. I ordered 3 PAIRS of shoes and got charged a total of $292 just for SHIPPING. I contacted goat asking if they could change the shipping provider to usps instead of dhl and they didn’t do anything. Save your money and buy on kijiji or letgo..Version: 2.30.0

BruhFr don’t buy i bought 313$ shoes and the customs were 122$ a waste fam don’t do it.Version: 2.31.3

Confirmed $80USD, charged $110USDWhen you use Apple Pay to confirm a purchase it displays your address, but it doesn’t change the shipping - I used Apple Pay and confirmed $70 for shoes and $10 for shipping, but then I got charged $110 because of international shipping. This is very misleading and if I didn’t have my bank app sending notifications of when I spend money I wouldn’t have known it was $110USD till it was too late to cancel. DO NOT recommend if you live outside of the USA unless you’re willing to spend on shipping.Version: 2.8.3

Hidden FeesIf you’re in Canada you have to pay import fees of upwards of $60 on top of $40 shipping.Version: 2.53.1

Don’t buy if you’re in Canada!I bought a pair of shoes, it’s worth was of 256 CA, plus delivery 40= 296 CA, when it came to my home the Delivery people charged me plus 101.28 dollars, in that moment you can take it or return it and this app gives your money back as Goat points so I decided to take, which means I paid for a $256 pair of shoes, almost two times the main price just for delivery(397.28 CA). Conclusions, if you are from Canada, buy knowing that you’ll pay almost two times the real wroth of the shoes..Version: 2.52.3

DisappointingOrdered a pair of used off white shoes at a great price. After 2 days my shoe was not shipped, so I contacted support to ask if they can contact the buyer to ship my order. The support team went ahead and cancelled my order, still waiting for a refund. This is disappointing, so terrible!.Version: 2.37.2

Don’t botherThis app used to be fairly decent and in fact I’ve previously bought from goat using their app but after updating iOS I was forced to update the app to the newest version… what a waste. Can’t even figure out how to search for a specific item anymore. After ten minutes I gave up, deleted the app and went to StockX instead. Someone needs to hire some UX/UI folks cuz this app is useless.Version: 2.46.2

BEWARE If you like being treated as a valued customer…this app is NOT for you!!!I’ve been a seller and an occasional buyer on GOAT for about a year. They consistently have some of the worst customer service. There’s no phone support, so you’re always depending on them replying to your email inquiry. They take forever to respond (pre and post Covid). When I finally do get a response, the reps have no problem solving skills or ability to resolve any issues brought to their attention. Sometimes I wonder whether or not they even read what is written as their responses have nothing to do with the email I sent. I have tried really hard to stay with them because I’ve been able to sell sneakers with them quite easily … but the minute I need to make contact for help it’s a disaster. I finally had to pull all my sneakers I was selling and am looking for another option. You would think that paying such expensive fees, sellers and buyer would be provided with quality service, this is not the case with them. They do not value their sellers or buyer. Would love recommendations of other apps?!?.Version: 2.30.0

Not for Canadians!This is in the USA. Anything shipped to Canada has a high shipping cost and you get hit with customs handling charges..Version: 2.52.2

Never use this if you’re in Canada. Has hidden shipping feesScrew DHL from the bottom of my heart I never got the shoe and still charged me for extra shipping and it was hidden.Version: 2.51.5

IF YOURE FROM UK DO NOT BUY IM BEGGING YOUThis is disgusting , I’ve ordered jordan 4s for 220£ with additional shipping of 30£ , which at first I was weary but I bought it, shortly after 2 days I’ve received an email that my shoes have shipped then I also recieve ban email from dhl that I CANT RECIEVE MY SHOES UNLESS I PAY 76£!!! after paying 30£ to GOAT for shipping , which by the way they hide in the FAQ and other listings in the app , if from the UK it’s a complete scam , also you can’t get a refund the most they’ll do is offer petty store credit 2/4 of what you initially paid , this app is horrible if you’re from the UK I’m urging you now to use stock x and not bother. If I could give this app 0 stars and watch their scummy warehouses burn to the ground I’d pay 200£ to view its massacre.Version: 2.39.0

Buyer beware/don’t be an impulsive shopper hereAny purchase made via goat please do your due diligence & research the product make sure it’s what you’ll want & like for sure. I would recommend you Google that product for more reasons than one. This is definitely not a business you want to impulse shop with. There’s a very limited time frame for returns. On top of that if you return an item you are only able to receive a site credit. Which I strongly dislike that method. I impulse shopped & bought two pairs of sneakers bought which I didn’t like in person. One I missed the window of time to initiate the return so I am now stop with shoes I don’t want & the other which I was able to return but received site credit which shipping cost was deducted from so you don’t get the full amount of what was paid. It took me over a good two months looking though the site constantly before I was able to decide on what to use the credit on that would even be within that credit amount which was pretty much nothing there was always a remaining balance to pay. I say all this to say don’t be an impulsive buyers at GOAT..Version: 2.51.1

Shipping‼️People ordering in Canada, DHL will charge you $75 more for shipping than what it says in the payment review‼️🤬.Version: 2.27.4

Order never receivedThis app is useless. Ordered my product a month ago and never received it. I sent them an email and they give me useless reasons like, “it must be stuck on customs”. They don’t specify a date on when I receive it . Please never order here!.Version: 2.29.3

Bad company model, terrible customer serviceOrdered a set of shoes for Christmas gift for 99 dollar was excited to get them for practically retail price. After at the verification portion of the order they notified me one of three possibilities took place 1 the SKU was wrong 2 wrong size or 3 no box. They didn’t give me any other chance to say I want them because honestly wouldn’t have cared if there was no box and they were real. And if they were the wrong size they should have contacted the seller informed him the mistake and have them resend the proper size. The fact that I get no compensation for having to go back on the site now reorder the shoes that were once 99 for 154 only 7 days later is super annoying. I think this company need to consider allowing the buy and seller to talk back in forth in case of stuff like this happens. And to add to this I contacted customer service which is a nightmare because it’s just playing email tag back in forth where they give you half answers to you questions and they could even tell me what was exactly wrong with what was sent to them..Version: 2.56.3

AppOverall app experience is quite horrible, I had to leave the app about 3 times because the page gets stuck on an image and there’s no back button. I’ve never purchased anything yet, the prices seem quite decent compared to kickgame or private sellers. I will definitely buy in the future but the app needs to be sorted first it’s quite frustrating really.Version: 2.47.2

Terrible Customer ServiceI gave GOAT 2 stars instead of 1 because I understand that the coronavirus is causing a lot of stress to businesses. I can also understand that there may be minor delays during this time. But my most recent GOAT order had a delay of over a month and then the order was cancelled. The worst part of this was the terrible customer service. I would email them and they would take weeks to respond. When the staff would finally respond, I would never get messages that were specific to my order, but very generic and unhelpful ones instead. Plus, my account had already been charged during this whole process, so I had paid for the shoes but was given no information on where they were. Since my order was cancelled by GOAT, I will now be getting a refund, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that takes a while to process. Long story short, I understand that businesses are going through difficult times right now, but this horrible ordeal with GOAT’s customer service is the reason that my recent order will be my first and last with GOAT..Version: 2.29.3

ScammedI got completely ripped off by this company. I was charged $90 on my credit card more then I was suppose to. I reached out to the company and they told me it was because the currency was in American. However when I checked out I made 100% sure I was checking out in Canadian dollars. In addition they use a shipping company (DHL) that charges ridiculous customs and fees. I was charged another $90 for custom fees. The company gave me no notice how expensive these fees were and they are aware this is what happens. Terrible customer service, they did not help me in any way..Version: 2.47.1

THIEFSI WOULD GIVE 0 STARS IF I COULD. I ordered on April 24th, we are now June 18th and I haven’t receive anything. I asked several times for help, but they keep answering the same thing: be patient. I think I’ve been patient enough ( 55 days!!). I keep on telling them via emails (only way to contact them) that I didn’t received anything and that I want a full refund, all they could answer me (after 2 weeks of my refund supposedly being issued) is that they will give me 70$US which is half of what I paid (130$US). I am not the one in the wrong, yet I still haven’t got an answer and will start legal procedures because in a legal point of view that’s called STEALING..Version: 2.31.3

Waste of time AND moneyI purchased some shoes from GOAT. They sent me shoes with a yellow sole, when the sole should’ve been white. Evidently whoever shipped out the order didn’t care or didn’t inspect what they were shipping. This was my first order with this company and I paid it through AfterPay. I have contacted GOAT so many times about trying to send them back and I got no response. It literally took 20 days to get an authorization to send the shoes back. Then I was authorized to get the credit once they receive the shoes back. I did not want to Credit I wanted to be refunded because I paid in installments. But today are fine, but I have to use GOATS credit because they don’t do refunds. I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever order from this company again. They have bad business practices and ever Denteley they do not do quality-control. I will gladly spend my 100+ dollars somewhere else. Before ordering please read the fine print before you order because they are very sneaky and tricky. Our use after pay all the time and have never ever ever had a problem until I ordered from this company. Please be very cautious. Try eBay or somewhere like that. I hate GOAT!!.Version: 2.20.1

BUYER BEWARE! Only offer credit even if not your fault for returnI was a loyal customer to GOAT up until recently. I was ordering a gift for my boyfriend on GOAT and I placed it about a month before his birthday. The shoes were still stuck at GOAT 3 days before his birthday. I reached out multiple times and multiple people “looked into it” and I was running out of time. They informed me they lost my package and I told them it was unacceptable. I was running out of time, so I purchased another pair of sneakers thinking they were going to refund me for the ones they lost so it would even out in the end. They “miraculously” found the shipment and it arrived with the second pair that I bought. The one I paid for expedited shipping on came in bad condition. I told them I needed a refund for one of the pairs of sneakers and sent them back. They only gave me credit. $600+ in CREDIT! When I explained the situation they admitted they were in the wrong but weren’t going to honor it by refunding to my card as I would be an “exception” to the rule of no original payment refunds after purchasing and said they were sorry but better luck next time. So I am basically financing through affirm for no reason, I am financing CREDIT for goat. So ridiculous. Will not be buying from them ever again..Version: 2.46.2

Hidden fees, poor cancelationTried to cancel the shoes but process was not easy. Received the shoes and had to pay another 75 dollars. Deleted app, never going to use again. Canadian shopper.Version: 2.50.3

Scamming SellersI sold a pair of shoes 2 months ago and I haven’t received the funds. They claimed they successfully sent it but when my bank asked them to do a trace & recall the payment because I haven’t received it. They refused & wouldn’t give any explanation as to why..Version: 2.52.0

Nice UI but when you start using it, it’s pretty badly madeIt has trouble accepting addresses, gives strange error messages and is picky with phone numbers. Support is slow to respond, and you get a lot of notifications which are great but then you go to the app and nothing: you have to check your email for the information..Version: 2.14.2

DhlIf you live in Canada don’t use this app.Dhl charge you over 100$. I hate that I have to pay so much for some stupid pair of sneakers. Don’t bother ordering if you’re in Canada. Also they are very overpriced.Version: 2.51.4

WORST SNEAKER CITE EVERI have had 4 orders on goat 3 of which were fine apart from the hundreds of dollars of fees they charge my last order I got put into goat storage it stayed there for a couple months then just magically disappeared one day it was never hacked, shipped or sold I have been sending emails for the past week or two and still no resolution I have been scammed out of $330 from the worlds most “trustworthy” sneaker store. I wish there was a 0 star option on this review..Version: 2.50.2

Worst Customer ServiceThey literally canceled my order when I specifically asked for tracking information. I had stated that I DO NOT want to cancel and just what to know when my shoes will get here and they canceled it???? It was already verified and on its way to me. I’m so frustrated and annoyed..Version: 2.52.2

OkayShoes are decent in the app and seem to be okay priced if you live in the US, saw a pair I really liked for $50 and ended up paying $115 with some hidden fees, this app would be amazing if you lived in the US but if you live in Canada it’s not great, the process they do is cost of shoe+tax+shipping+exchange rate+hidden fee=price of shoe, instead of getting a killer deal I paid average price if not more, the shoe told me it was $80 CAD final cost but turned out to be $115 CAD final cost, we will see how the shoes turn out..Version: 2.3.0

RegretCould of just bought shoes local at a hype beast store… Paid premium dollar for the shoes. Plus $40 shipping. Then I get a bill from UPS and it’s for $168.. almost paid more in shipping than I did for the shoes.. deleting app and never buying anything off goat again.Version: 2.52.0

4 weeks still no item. ExpensiveIt's been 4 weeks & I still don't have my order. Tracking shows out for delivery for the last 4 days & still nothing. No response from Goat Customer support Prices are expensive. Better service & cheaper prices on Stockx. I've ordered 4 pairs of kicks from Stockx which were cheaper than Goat & all arrived with no issues I won't be using Goat again.Version: 1.15

AlrightI must’ve clicked on a different state cause I live in nz and I paid for way more than it said and because I use my dads bank card it used his money😐😂😂😂😂.Version: 2.8.3

Horrible customer service.This is a great app in theory but their customer service is terrible!!!! The app is set up so you don’t bother them, and trying to get in touch with an actual person is next to impossible. I followed up on an order that had not updated after 11 days. In order to reach customer service you must send an email with your order number. Fine…. I emailed GOAT saying my purchase was taking longer than their website discloses and they have yet to receive the shoes to authenticate…the autobot informed me that they found some issue with the shoes but they were locating another pair for me and the new seller has another 10 days to ship the shoes to Goat. Huh???? But I thought you didn’t receive the first pair…. And why wasn’t any of this shared with me… A “hey this is why your order is taking longer than usual” email would have been nice. I informed the autobot that I am no longer interested in the shoes but the autobot says I’m locked in for life and cancellations don’t exist in the world of GOAT. How can this be? I don’t get a choice? No transparency??? Would you like us to locate another pair for you? Do yourself a favor. Don’t, I repeat DONT use this service!!!! Stay away!!!!!! Horrible, horrible, horrible, nonexistent customer service. Most importantly this company is dishonest…...Version: 2.48.0

Don’t downloadWorst customer service ever- Do not recommend.Version: 2.29.3

Horrible shippingI live in Canada, and in their website is said it’s 40$ for shipping, a lil too much, if u ask me. But whatever. The they decide to ship it by DHL, forcing you too pay extra 78$, making it a total of 118$ just for shipping, bruuuh💀.Version: 2.30.0

DamWanted to buy shoes for 190 USD, after shipping +30 USD, after ups fees and brokerage. It came out to 430 CAD. Scammed but I like the shoes so wtv… (just use stockX).Version: 2.56.3

New more like restored /goat credit?🙄Ordered the Air max 90 viotech original color way , was just 2 weeks ago called footlockers all around they all claimed they didn’t have them (even though footlocker owns this app)so I decided to go online couldn’t find them on the footlocker or Nike app so downloaded other shoe apps GOAT ,stadium goods and stock x looked at vids on all just to make sure they where legit an they past the test. so I decided to order a pair of the viotechs from Goat Ordered new shoes and express shipment they came pretty fast no complaints there. But when I opened the box my heart sank , one shoe was completely damaged on the front clearly visible and the other was leaning off center! I ordered brand new shoes and appeared they sent restored, so not even 15 min after getting them I’m returning them filing complaints etc. they take days to accept my return , no explanation as to how these passed a quality test and they won’t send you your money back you can only get goat credit (why would I continue to buy from you guys with a screw so badly) not only that 30 dollars was deducted from my credit for “shipping” because of there lazy screwup. Hopefully I can get sum in store somewhere because the other apps seem to be just as shady. Be safe people 💯.Version: 2.21.1

Horrible AppBought shoes that were listed for $350 and ended up having to pay over $700 for them when everything was said and done. Such a scam. Wish I never used this stupid app..Version: 2.29.3

I should have stuck with StockXPoor customer service!!!! GOAT is money hungry and could care less about its customers. I have ordered from GOAT 4 times but have had an issue with half of my orders. One order I received Seemed to have been worn although I order and paid for a shoe described as new/ unworn. The bottom of the shoe was dirty and scuff marks on the sides. They wanted me to send the shoe back and only give me a particular GOAT credit smh. My most recent order is what did it for me. I placed a bid and won and after a week of waiting for my shoes to arrive, I was informed that I would be receiving a refund due to the shoes not passing inspection. Some people would be fine with a refund but I wasn’t. I mean I had already been waiting over a week. And GOAT has this particular shoe in its own stock so why couldn’t they just replace it with one of theirs??? That’s what good customer service would do. Not give me back my money after 2 weeks? I could have bought the shoe else where in that time. Now I will not have the shoes for my photo shoot and GOAT could care less about how inconveniencing this was. I asked two different reps why couldn’t it be replaced. I never got a straight answer. I’m sure they keep the shoe from the seller. Or saw that my low bid won and decided to keep the shoe to sell it higher. I’m sure that’s what happened.Version: 2.33.3

DO NOT USE GOATOf all the times I’ve tried to buy shoes from GOAT, I’ve only had ONE successful transaction. And that’s only cause GOAT already had them in their storage. So one time, after buying shoes and not hearing anything for a week, the seller canceled the order and put the shoes back up for a huge markup. So after wasting all that time I had to go over to StockX and I got them without a hitch. Another time, a seller sent the wrong size of used shoes to GOAT when the shoes that were pictured were the correct size! I waited weeks until customer service notified me of this. Right now, I’ve been waiting a week for these shoes to ship after the seller had confirmed them, but now it’s showing that they’re unconfirmed. I already know I’m getting flaked yet again. It’s absolutely appalling that simply buying a pair of shoes has to be this difficult and irritating. Customer service has been little help, taking forever to update me on these situations on what’s going on. If you’re reading this, STAY AWAY FROM GOAT. The marketplace is full to the brim with flakers of every kind. Every purchase from StockX on the other hand went fine and the shoes got to me FAST. So I wholeheartedly recommend using StockX over GOAT. They may not have as great of a variety as GOAT, but you can rest easy knowing that you will surely get your shoes without any problem..Version: 2.19.0

100% not greatIf you don’t believe me go to they’re Facebook comments on any post. No returns of funds just refund in goatbucks. Not shipping included.Version: 2.31.3

Terrible ideaIt was all good until the very recent update which the offers and listing prices were taken out. This is where the sellers rely onto and you want to take it out ? Non-US sellers now have to rely on other platforms and convert the pricing into USD. A lot of people were already complaining about the import fees, dont let another user complain of another. UK sellers should be connected to UK buyers and if no sellers are available then connect to the other seller from a different region but state whether they have to pay import fees or not. Just to make it clear, bring back the offers and ask prices. This will give sellers their peace of mind to sell at a certain price.Version: 2.45.3

Good App, Bad ServiceApp layout is really good, purchasing a pair is really good. Only problem is after you purchase, there is no communication, they leave you in the dark. No updates such as arriving to them, been shipped already, nothing. Looking at delivery time 2-3 weeks from purchase if you live in the UK. Feel as if this app would do so much better if they focused a lot more on the UK...Version: 1.12.0

Stole my moneyThey hid the 168$ i have to pay at my door for a pair of shoes that i paid 300$ for. dont get this app they made me pay for shipping both ways so i lost 80$.Version: 2.51.3

Rip offI bought a pair of glow yeezy a and a pair of cloud yeezys. Both pairs did not fit. I paid for the “fast ship” I paid 290 for the cloud yeezys. When I returned them for the correct size they only gave me goat credit for 200 dollars. So I asked them where the other 90 went. Apparently that fast shipping you paid for to get them quicker is non refundable PLUS you have to pay for it again in order to exchange the shoe for the correct size. Complete rip off will never do buisness with GOAT ever again. So they took 200 from me just for shipping and I don’t even have a pair of shoes in my hand and I have 800 in GOAT credit from the shoes I have to pay another 200 in order to get the shoes on time. So 400 dollars JUST IN SHIPPING! Be careful spending the money on “instant ship” because if you get the shoe and it doesn’t fit and you want to exchange... you don’t get the money back. So when you exchange them you have to buy that “instant ship” all over again. But they don’t tell you that. I want all my money back. Oh and not to mention! Even when I paid for the instant ship it still took forever. Don’t reccommend buying from goat. Read the reviews for yourself. First and last time ever buying from GOAT the JOKE.Version: 2.21.3

Great shoes, awful duty feesWould recommend finding another source to buy sneakers. Ordered a pair of jordan’s and the import cost was $172. Not Goats fault but they could use another company instead of DHL.Version: 2.29.3

Consitent Poor ServiceBasically bought 2 pairs of shoes from Goat. 1st pair were fake OFF white unc which I had to pay import duties. Than has to pay the return shipping even it’s there fault. Customer service takes for ever to reply. Took at least 2 months to get approved to send back. Second pair I received were damaged and had scuffs marks everywhere. Again same thing had to ask to get them sent back. Being in Australia shipping shoes is $60 dollars a pair. Do they care? No compensation not even a refund. No you just get credit, which I used up thinking I would be done with this terrible excuse of an app. Than I use my credit only to have to spend more money again to send them back and still have credit. They have a lame policy, where basically as a consumer you are not looked after. Fakes and damages are coming through there app and yet they do not take responsibility for this. I’d love to give them a 0 for rating if it were possible. Stick to stockx at least if they mess up, you can get your money back..Version: 2.10.2

Very bad customer service .I placed an order with GOAT over 2 months, I was sent a parcel that didn’t have the shoes i had ordered inside. I contacted goat support and they’ve been of no help at all. I’ve constantly been giving delay after delay. No updates given from them. I was told over 2 weeks ago i’d receive an update within 5 days regarding my order, but nothing has been heard. They also haven’t responded to the numerous emails i’ve sent over this 2 week period so i’m starting to believe i’ve been ignored. I’ve tried to be patient with GOAT but at this point it’s gone to far. 2 months later i still don’t have my shoes or been reimbursed! I would highly recommend to stay away from this company for your own sake..Version: 2.32.2

Canadian buyers bewareWill never make another purchase from this site again. Shipping and duty will kill Canadian customers. Took a week to receive a email response from customer support. Ordered a pair of shoes for $434. Total cost for duty and shipping turned out to be $251.62 not the $40 included in the purchase price. Their solution was I could re list the shoes on their website or pay the excessive shipping and duty charges. They don’t care. Buyer beware..Version: 2.53.0

TrashBeen dealing with their customer service for over a month and when I finally got tired of dealing with them they threaten to suspend my account because they said I need to be professional, they didn’t answer anything they actually re directed our conversation like a 14 year old girl instead of dealing with my complaints I’ve boughten many pairs of shoes from them and now I’m treated like flaming trash good job at having THE WORST customer service possible! If you’re canadian or anywhere not in US don’t even bother they don’t care they use the worst shipping possible they hide fees I bought 190$ shoes and paid 78$ in fees and taxes that’s not the going rate on our taxes but keep lying to customers as you go forth. Complete garbage stay away.Version: 2.31.3

Stay away from GOAT at all costs. Scammers.Sold a brand new, never even unlaced pair of Concord 11s. They didn’t pass their authentication “due to signs of wear”. They sent me pictures of them. They unlaced my shoes for the pics, but they still showed no signs of wear at all. From the date they ruled them no good, it took over one whole month for them to ship the shoes back to me. They take 1 week or more to respond to any inquiries, and they don’t care about the customer at all. They don’t listen to you. They just keep repeating the same thing over and over to you. Scammed me on my brand new shoes I sold, and they charged me to ship them back to me. The buyer most likely didn’t want to go through with the order anymore since the price went down after they purchased my ask, so GOAT screwed me over as the seller. Such a shady company, headache to work with, nonexistent customer service. I didn’t think any company could have worse CS than StockX, but GOAT far surpasses StockX in how bad they treat customers. Never selling or buying again on this ridiculous platform. AVOID AT ALL COSTS..Version: 2.43.4

Never Buying From This Company Again😤Although some people may have had luck from purchasing shoes from this site, I did not. I ordered the Nike Air Max Plus in Metallic Gold for $185 after shipping, which I couldn’t find anywhere in stores where I live so that’s why I bought from this resell site which I normally never do. 2 days later I got a tracking update saying “a shipping label was created for your item on July 26th” , it’s now August 21st and I still haven’t received my shoes or gotten any other tracking updates besides that one. I also contacted them 3 times with no response, so finally I got in touch with USPS to figure out if it was something on their part. They confirmed that the shipping label was created but that the package was never even handed over, and told me to contact them again and see about getting my money back; but of course no response again. So basically they scammed me and took my money and I ended up having to contact my bank and do an investigation on the transaction to try to get my money back which I’m still waiting for. This may not stop you from purchasing from them but I would just be careful..Version: 2.4.1

UK BEWAREBought a pair of air max for 190 shipping added another 30 which I didn’t mind too much. Was supposed to be box fresh brand new but got a ripped up box with 2 very visible marks on the shoes which doesn’t look very brand new to me. These even went through the goat verification team and they still passed lol. And on top on that UPS charged me another 80 pound for import taxes, fair to say I’ll never recommend this company to anyone. GO ELSEWHERE!.Version: 2.45.1

Waste of time and moneyI sold a brand new pair of air max 95 iD on the site but while they were checked and graded somebody deemed them worn with a damaged box and a strange odour. All of which are ridiculous claims as like I said they are literally brand new unworn never even been tried on. Now having to pay £13 to get them back so I can actually sell them on myself which is what i should of done in the first place watch out people 👍🏽.Version: 2.50.4

Total scamOrdered these expensive shoes in December. Received them in March. The first time they were shipped, they were deemed “not deliverable” ??? so they were sent back to GOAT. Surely I’m not their first Canadian customer! At this point I asked for my money back but they do not offer refunds. I had to pay another $39 for shipping. Then, I got a message from the shipping company that I had to pay $90 duty to get the shoes to Canada. Come on!!!! These shoes are for my 16 year old daughter! I gave a one star rating, but I would have gone lower if I could. This app will be deleted, as I will never order from GOAT again..Version: 2.50.4

Don’t buy unleImagine buying shoes thinking shipping is $40 until DHL comes and your paying another $65 GOAT has no support line or anything to call so your basically f**liked if you need help in anyway don’t buy shoes here if you live in Canada cause you’ll be paying over $100 in fees and it doesn’t even tell you about the hidden fees upon ordering😂.Version: 2.39.1

Beware Not for UK customers. Lots of Fees and Taxes to pay.App works well. Lots of choice and access to resellers etc. However after you make your choice and receive your delivery you will also be hit with a big fat bill from DHL for customs duty (8%) + VAT(20%) + £11(discounted from £40) charged by DHL for customs clearance. They have a small sentence letting you know all duties and import taxes are not their responsibility but this is hidden in the small print. Very good app but this could turn a good deal into a rip off..Version: 2.31.2

BADDDDDDPeople in Canada don’t use this Dhl charges you 168 to get your order and also when I asked for a refund they took 78dollRs from me worst app ever.Version: 2.51.0

GOATTrainers from here are always authentic, however if you’re shopping outside the USA. You’ll have to pay duties on the package and this will make the prices significantly larger than other competitors. (You also won’t know exactly what you're paying on duties until you should receive it). Which in my eyes is very unfair, I ended up paying £50 on duty fees after buying trainers for £170 (costing £230) so in the end I got them for the price a shop retails these trainers at! Wasn’t too happy..Version: 2.31.3

Expensive shippingShipping is expensive . $40 + tax ..Version: 2.41.0

Creased Nike DunksI ordered the Nike Dunk Highs (barely rose), everything went great until I received the shoes, massive crease on the left shoe on the front!!! I don’t know how that passes through their authentication because I ordered them Deadstock not worn in a box, but received a completely different product!! Maybe it is worn or maybe is a defective pair of shoe and they still gave a green light when they were authenticating the shoes. On top of what they only gave me 15$ in credit that I can use on their app. Complete rubbish, fuming at the moment!!!!.Version: 2.55.2

CustomsWorst app to order, being in Canada. They charged me import customs of $100 plus. You should have mentioned it on time of checkout. N in exchange of returns they give back goat credits. Its like a trap, worst experience using this app. Will never use again, and would never recommend someone..Version: 2.52.2

Higher Better UI and UX TeamsI have been with Goat for more than 7 years. The experience of using the app to do simple things such as search for products, gets messier and tacky. Try setting an offer and it is even worse. The Goat app requires an overhaul and an entirely new approach to functional flow and UX. Many times just like before i started writing this review, I just gave up on a purchase because such bad design does not deserve my buyer fees. Its easy to understand the business objectives here, but it has never translated into a good experience for the end user.Version: 2.54.1

Most unreliable sneaker app.I’ve tried to order several different pairs of sneakers on this app and they seem to get cancelled by the seller within the matter of a day or two. Even after i’ve paid for the “instant” shipping. The seller shouldn’t post a price out on the app and when someone matches the price and is willing to pay the price that the seller requested give them the option to cancel it whenever with out any consequences. Now having me the buyer wait again for a 3-5 buisness day refund. i also used my $10 off coupon that i got from the scam of a black friday drops / raffles that they were doing and i won’t be getting that coupon back neither. it’s not like $10 meant anything because it doesn’t even cover the processing or shipping fee. speaking of the “black friday drops” this app had going. every time i tried to enter one of those drops the app always seemed to crash which seems like another problem this company won’t seem to fix. i gave this app multiple chances to redeem itself and after countless failed orders by a horribly ran company i will most certainly be sticking to stock x. as this app is completely unreliable so if you do manage to confirm an order for a pair of sneakers on this app don’t be too excited as you’re odds of the order actually going through is probably slim. a solid 1 star and thank you for you’re time..Version: 2.50.2

Never again will GOAT get my businessThis site robbed me. I paid $204 for a pair of Yeezy foam runners. For whatever reason, the shoes were requested to be returned to the sender, which I find very fishy. I contacted GOAT, and they informed me that my shoes would go into my GOAT storage; once they made it back to the warehouse, I could ship them back to myself. I contacted GOAT several times through the app, letting them know I could not see my shoes in my GOAT storage. After over ten days later, I was contacted by someone from tech support saying there was a hold on my consignment account and that in 24-48 hours, I should be able to see my shoes. The next day I received an email saying I should see them and an email saying my shoes were SOLD. I never listed my shoes to be sold or authorized GOAT to sell the shoes I purchased. They sold the shoes for $153. I contacted GOAT again, and they told me that they are a consignment site, so my shoes were automatically for sale after they were returned to the warehouse, which was completely different than what I was told when I was told they could be shipped back to me after being returned. This site is shady and will never get my business again. These shoes were for a sixteen-year-old who used his hard-earned money to pay for them. GOAT is wrong on so many levels. Never again..Version: 2.56.0

Horrible Customer ServiceI recently sold a pair of shoes on Goat. The shoes were new, but for some reason had a white marking on the sole making it appear that I had worn them outdoors and lied about their condition. When they reviewed it, they identified the problem, labeled them to the buyer of the shoes as “used”, and said they’d send me pictures of the issue. I never received pictures and yet I was pestered to lower the price of my shoes to convince the buyer to follow through with the purchase. I asked why they wouldn’t tell me what the issue was and still didn’t get pictures. Again, they didn’t give me any reason as to why they said they were used. Finally, after asking for a third time, I got fed up and selected the option to not lower the price. Of course, the buyer being misinformed by Goat, decided not to buy the shoes. At this point I had the option to consign them, or have them returned. I chose to return them and they charged me $16 for shipping. This is absolutely ridiculous seeing as I wasn’t given any good option after they had already screwed me, on top of the fact that the original shipping was free on my end. Not only did they waste my time, but my money as well. I do not recommend selling through Goat because if there’s any problem that arises, I guarantee they will handle it horribly..Version: 2.6.2

Data Breach + RobberyI was ROBBED over $500 on GOAT, and GOAT blacklisted me. I take myself a credible seller & buyer with a 106 pt seller rating. Being just an average sneaker head, Goat had been my go-to platform for shoe trading. I didn’t always cash out immediately after sales in case I found something I want to buy with points. But that turned to a massive regret about two weeks ago, when I found in my account an over $500 worth delivered order, not placed by me. I quickly let Goat know what happened and asked for help through submitting a request—the only way of contact they offer. After a day or two, a representative replied and said she escalated the ticket and I should receive an update within 48 business hours at the latest. I NEVER received any update after that. I tried to reply to the email thread (as they suggested), and submitted another two requests to their “24/7,” “always here to help” customer support. Both in vain. I didn’t even receive a petting on the back like I did the first time. I will continual to try reach them out, while making myself aware the fact that the platform I trusted doesn’t give a shoot. My advice: if you don’t want to risk your money and your precious shoes, stay away from Goat..Version: 2.43.2

A good place to by shoesI bought supreme vans and they came with no problems shockingly fast, the app does glitch out when I’m looking at shoes a lot so I hope that they do something about it.Version: 2.42.0

Not world wide 😢Dose not send to NZ.Version: 2.8.3

CrashingThe app keeps crashing sometimes and i have to keep refreshing it often.Version: 2.44.1

BruhBruh. Package was promised in 7-10 days. At the time I ordered the shoes there was no closures or delays due to Coronavirus. Their FAQ at the time of the order said they were open for business. I even triple checked after I ordered my shoes if they were open, and was told by Nia they were indeed open. The day after nia told me they were open, I received an email from GOAT saying my package was delayed. Annelyn, then told me that they were trying to find someone near me who could get me my shoes. It has now been 9 business days, and they just found a new seller, and it hasn’t even been sent to GOAT. Felt misled, and was very upset I paid this much in taxes and shipping just to have trash service. Never ordering from GOAT again. UPDATE: it’s now been 13 business days since my order. I have emailed 5 different people and all have given me the same generic response about delays. The hilarious thing is my friend, who is a seller on GOAT, shipped shows on the 30th of March, and they got to the buyer by the 8th of April. So obviously they are lying about delays. I tried to be courteous in the beginning, but I’m absolutely floored with my experience and the customer service at GOAT. STAY AWAY FROM GOAT IF YOU WISH TO BUY SHOES..Version: 2.29.1

Dont order from goat. You’ll regret itI got shoes about a week ago. They are $201 with tax, shipping was $34. The shoes were supposed to come today. They never came. The tracking number is unavailable! PLUS the day before they are supposed to be delivered i get an email from UPS saying my fees are due and that i have to pay $115 for duty fees which are literally more than half the shoe price. Buy from stockx or footlocker or sum but dont ever buy from goat especially if ur canadian..Version: 2.50.4

Hidden feesShoes were fine. The problem was with the hidden fees. The price seemed brilliant at the time but then when I checked out I saw an additional £30 for shipping. However that wasn’t the problem because it was still cheaper than StockX at this point. When I got the email saying my shoes had been dispatched I was happy. About 30 minutes after I got that email however, I got another one saying I owed DHL £96 in import fees. When ordering the shoes I was not informed of this at all and I felt scammed. If you are from the UK then simply shop at other places as all the hidden fees from this company are just not worth it.Version: 2.27.4

Import feesBeware before purchasing your shoes from GOAT, I ended up paying the import fees from UPS as equivalent to the shoes price that is $130. This most important thing(import duties) won’t be mentioned on their app while placing an order. Won’t suggest buying from GOAT, hidden cost*** could cost you more $$$..Version: 2.50.4

Shipping and customs fees are RIDICULOUSI love the way tge app is set up but for people outside the US (im in canada) the shippibg and customs fees almost cost the same amount as the shoe 🙄. Almost 100$ in customs fees and $40 for shipping which is crazy considering customs is not covered..Version: 2.29.3

Shady salesI would advise would be buyers to avoid this service. They sold me a refurbished pair of dunks, when I outlined the defects they said it was within their norms. When I tried to continue the conversation they would just send me to a new CSR and I would just repeat the whole process again but get nowhere. Be warned, do not buy from GOAT..Version: 2.51.0

Worst app I’ve ever used (NEVER BUY FROM HERE)Ordered a pair of shoes through goat, first of all the shoe sized changed from uk to us, I tried to cancel my order immediately and it would not let me saying it’s been confirmed already, I then emailed them and they were extremely unhelpful saying nothing could be done, it also didn’t say where the shoes are coming from and I was then billed £80 import tax that I was never told I would have to pay, NEVER buy from this company they add extensive costs and you will waste your money.Version: 2.42.1

Wouldn’t RecommendUsed this app to buy a pair of Yeezys, took £600+ from me then got told I was getting refund. Once month later still never got my money back or pair of Yeezys, been in touch with them numerous times and getting the same message back from them saying they’ve given me a refund..Version: 1.15

Awful- bewareBf and I have been using goat for a while. Over the last year everything had gone downhill. Ranging from issues of shoes not coming on time and sellers cancelling after over a week on multiple occasions. Being aware of the no return policy on used shoes we have always been very wary of purchasing used shoes. Photos are studied heavily and they need to be good photos. Purchased a pair of used Yeezy Turtledoves the other week for a steeper price because they looked almost new, possibly worn once or twice. There was very little wear in these photos. The shoes were clean, the outsole had paint still on them. Suede panel was black. Shoes came in and they are NOTHING like the images. They were dirty, been clearly used since the photos were posted (with no note in the post), the suede was a light green. Been a constant back and forth between bf and customer service just to hear about the no-return policy and being able to sell the shoes on goat. Even if he sold them, we’d be out $500 at least because of how much they’re worth in this condition and the cut goat will get from it. Will no longer be purchasing from this company. Don’t believe all the positive reviews because when something happens they will not help..Version: 2.27.2

NOThe shoes were 140$ so i get to checkout and all of a sudden shipping is now $45. So i decide to pay the shipping. It takes 2 1/2 weeks to get ready to be picked up by DHL express. I’m waiting for the shoe then i get a call from DHL saying i owe $80 in “fees” and if I don’t pay they won’t send them to me. I pay the $80 more so then i’ve payed $125 in fees for only $140 shoes. To top it of my shoes were supposed to be here yesterday and i needed to sign for them. So i stayed home all day waiting AND THEY NEVER SHOWED UP. Now it say “delivery day unavailable”. Absolutely horrible shipping prices, hidden fees, takes forever, not accurate times, and terrible customer service..Version: 2.30.0

Hidden Fees to make the saleI put in an order for a $289 shoe with 14 dollar shipping. They changed the quoted shipping price from 14 to 41 dollars after i put in the order, and I just got hit with a 126 dollar customs fee. An order i expected to be $303 turned to over $450. I totally understand that customs and shipping are a part of the process, but my problem is two things. Firstly, GOAT completely lacks transparency in reporting these values to the customer, I dont even understand how my shipping price changed from 14 to 41. For customs, theres apparently an option to ask for a different delivery service to bring the price down, they dont inform you of this option. Basically, it seems like they want to make the price *look* as cheap as possible to make the sale. And to make it all worse, when I tried communicating this to customer service, they showed no understanding or willingness to help or understand or anything. AWFUL service, I do not recommend, especially to Canadian sneakerheads..Version: 2.24.0

TAKE FOREVER..It has been OVER A MONTH since I submitted an application to sell a simple pair of NMDs for $70 and yet IS IT STILL BEING PROCESSED???? Very slow, do not recommend, haven’t bought from them before but it’s probably no faster than selling? You’ll probably have to pay now and get your shoes two years later when you’ve grown out of em or they’re old 😒😒😒.Version: 2.18.3

Wasted my timeI’ve brought from them two times before the incident I just had and the delivery and show condition were alright. However 2 days ago I was looking through the shoes and noticed one at a really low price, I don’t know it the price was a mistake or was just put low purposely. But I brought the shoe immediately and get a receipt, order number (obviously). But two days later I hear nothing else and the seller is supposed to confirm within a couple of hours so I leave it for 48 hours before I contact GOAT about it and they tell me there’s F all they can do and that the seller has cancelled MY order. Fuming. Not only will I never find a good price like that again they wasted 2 days of me waiting when I could have known about the cancellation when they actually cancelled. Ridiculous app will most likely not be using them again if they’re going to waste my time and money again. They should stop sellers from being able to cancel orders..Version: 2.51.3

Change app logo backThe black logo is an actual eyesore, change it back and I’ll rate 5 stars.Version: 2.22.0

Too much extra feeSaw a pair of $100 shoe available for 170, ok. I can afford that. Extra $42 handling fee, fine. Another $66 customs fee, so I spent $300 for a $100 pair of shoe. Yay.Version: 2.31.3

Worst app and serviceWill never use it again.Version: 2.31.1

TerribleThis app is one of the worst shoe apps out because it’s American based and you have to pay extra after the delivery too.Version: 2.30.0

TerribleWhen you download the app all of your settings are defaulted to American settings which is ok until you buy a shoe and pay £30 shipping then a surprise fee of £100 for import tax because you shoe is coming from abroad. And returns are awful because when you item is in storage you can’t sell it I have been trying to sell one pair of shoes for 3 months and they have terrible customer service.Version: 2.39.1

Fake shoes and crazy fees.They sent me fake Jordan’s on the 1st of September. I messaged them on the 4th about this. It’s the 29th and all I’ve received is generic emails. The only reason they sent me another generic email is because I opened about 20 ticket requests out of anger at the same time. They don’t care at all I’m telling you. PLUS I live in the uk and the fees were crazy so don’t even bother honestly. Worst company ever. I hope they go bankrupt..Version: 2.35.2

MoneyGOAT needs to tell you what currency you are using. I live in Australia and bought new shoes that were $420 since when i made the account i said i was Australian i assume that the currency is in AUD so i just spent $700+ on some shoes that i did not know were that price! Please state what country the currency is!.Version: 2.16.3

Bad customer serviceI ordered a pair of sneakers on the 6th. On the 7th my purchased had reached the second stage which is when the seller confirms and sends the merchandise for verification of authenticity. I purchased another pair of sneakers on the 8th which I have received. It is now the 11th and for the sneakers that I purchased on the 6th I am back at square one which only says purchased. Yesterday I decided to purchase another pair of sneakers for which I was told that the order was canceled due to insufficient funds however the money was removed from my account and I received no confirmation of my order that I placed. I’ve been emailing support and trying to get a refund for both of my purchases however it is extremely hard to get into contact with their support team. I’m trying to get my refunds before the price of the sneaker goes up. It wouldn’t make any sense for me to purchase any more sneakers until this matter is solved. Be careful ordering with them. Their customer service is extremely slow and their website is misleading. The shipping dates are not accurate as well as their response time..Version: 2.17.0

No Goats for saleSearched for Boer and Nubian and both turned up zero results. All I see is running shoes. :(.Version: 1.11.4

DO NOT USE if from the UK!!!!Will be strictly going back to ordering off StockX and Depop, as I tried to order a pair of yeezys to the where I live in the UK and was made aware that on top of my offer price I would have to pay £33 for shipping from GOAT app, which I accepted. However, what they didn’t say was that when the item would be shipped to the UK courier (dhl) I would be charged an extra £100 for my item to be delivered to me from the courier. On top of this the customer service were not helpful and only told me to return/send back the item, knowing fully well they offer cash back refunds only store credit refunds, so I was essentially trapped. Bottom line if your from the UK, do not order from here, just stick to StockX or depop..Version: 2.32.2

CanadaI’ve never but a review before but if your Canadian just go with StockX unless your saving >$200 bought used shoes for 320 and got charged 175 import fees same BRAND new pair on StockX would cost only $10 more with import (only $60) and everything included. Please don’t make the mistake..Version: 2.52.3

Import fees for CANADA (2022)If you live in Canada DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE or app, they have fees at the border that YOU have to pay for. I bought a pair of CDG converse and they charged me 155CAD Import fee, and goat doesn’t give cash back refund so no use canceling the order. I’m just trying to prevent others from falling into the same trap as me..Version: 2.50.4

DissapointedBought a pair of zebra yeezy’s for my brother for his birthday. Opened the box and noticed spaghetti sauce color spots on both shoes and one shoe had scraped off letters in the soal. These shoes were definitely not new. Also, when it arrived In Canada, I got destroyed by a 217$ charge for duties. Only star given was for fast shipping. Will definitely never buy from them ever. I was able to take off the sauce from the shoes with some cleaning products but when you pay 800$ you should never get this product quality..Version: 2.31.3

Good Luck, you will be ripped off.One more than 1 occasion my offered bid was accepted. My money was taken while GOAT did their “authentication”(basically a window for them to see if the market goes up and they are able to sell to someone else for more money), then after holding my $ for 5 or 6 days, send an email saying it’s can’t be completed and the seller will get a “warning” (oh no, a warning. We must be in 3rd grade), then my funds are released a day or so later. So, I lose out of that purchase, I can’t shop another place because they have my money, I don’t get a shoe that I paid for, the price of that shoe is now a lot more to buy everywhere, GOAT makes more money on the next sale(because they are paid a commission % of sales price) so why do they care. The only purchases through GOAT that have went through were items I overpaid for because I wanted that specific one and nobody else had it or I wasn’t informed of other ways of getting them. I know better now. This is a sellers app and they, along with their partner GOAT, will rip you off. So just know, if you found a good deal, and thought you found a steal, it WILL be cancelled and refunded after holding your money for 6 days, THIS SITE IS OBVIOUSLY OWNED/CONTROLLED by the SELLERS. Us buyers are like cattle waiting to be slaughtered..Version: 2.27.4

Not worth itIf you are ordering from the UK or Europe do not buy off this app, you are first charged with £35 in shipping fees which is excessive but similar to StockX in overall price. However, when your order is dispatched you are given more fees to pay, I was charged an extra £74 to get it into my country. Overall I paid £111 pounds over RESELL because of the hidden fees that come with purchasing from the app outside of US. My advice, use stockx - no hidden fees. Also the customer service was absolutely useless in helping me..Version: 2.30.0

No New Zealand CurrencyWould give a zero stars. Currently looking for JR 4s, for a reasonable price and accessible. Goat was a good option but there is no New Zealand currency. Disappointed.Version: 2.31.1

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