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Magnifying Glass w/ Light Pro App User Positive Comments 2024

Magnifying Glass w/ Light Pro app received 77 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about magnifying glass w/ light pro?

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Magnifying Glass w/ Light Pro for Positive User Reviews

Works greatWorks awesome! Use it every day. Get the paid version, the text clarity feature works fantastic compared to the free version..Version: 3.4

Worthwhile app for so many reasons!This app is well worth it! I use it to read all kinds of small type-- and that is almost any type on packages. The fact that it is lighted is also very helpful. I especially like that I can take a photograph of tiny type in instructions, for example, and save it for the next time I use the item..Version: 3.4

Mag lightLove this app use it all the time almost daily At that age hard to see the small print I upgraded to the 1.99 pro version I got tired of seeing the commercials this mag light is much clearer than the magnifying glass it comes on the iPhone.Version: 3.4

Most useful app everI use this in restaurants and for checking coins with my grandson. I also use it when checking my crochet patterns since print seems to be getting smaller these days..Version: 3.5

GlaucomaSome colors are hard to see in their natural state, for me black text with white background is harder to see, and can sometimes hurt my eyes. With this I can turn on the light, reverse colors or contrast, black and white to white to black, and make it easier to see even difficult labels. For one reason it has a ability to sharpened text edges. I give it a 10 out of 10! There are always ways to improve ourselves and eventually I am sure there is something new to add to this device so far it is perfect..Version: 3.4

Works better than expected!Five stars!.Version: 3.5

Use it all the time!I do love this app. I’ve been using it for a couple years. I could do without the shake removal of the icons. That’s annoying because I don’t mean to do it and it seems very sensitive. I love the inverted light feature. I just wish it did video. If there is a video app that zooms and does the inverted light thing. Please someone tell me! I would give a 4.5. If I could give half stars. Just because of the issues mentioned. But if you want a great menu reader. This is it. I use it to see the refill dates on my medication. I used to be able to see them. But age is catching up with me!.Version: 3.5

LifesaverI'm just beginning to have macular degeneration and since my iPhone is with me everywhere, I can use this app instead of the dreaded flashlight or magnifying glass! Love it!.Version: 3.4

Handheld electronic magnifier replacement!I'm visually impaired and had to use those super expensive handheld magnifiers... Not anymore! Now I just wish I had some sort of stand for my iPhone. Lol.Version: 3.4

Love it but a suggestion.Use it all the time. Has saved me so many times. Would you consider making an option in the settings to flip the controls. I find most the time I’m using it one handed so I can use the other hand to hold what I’m imaging. Since I’m right handed I have to reach across the phone to press the shutter button. And that slight stretch always makes the phone shake. If I could move the shutter to the right side I’d be ecstatic!.Version: 3.5

This works really well!Easy and intuitive to use. The image quality is great and I'm able to read very small print easily. Nicely done!.Version: 3.2

GreatWorks like it should.Version: 3.4

Use it quite a lotI try things if I think they'll be useful and toss them if they have problems. This app always sticks around. It's super simple and serves its purpose very well. Very handy. I'm grateful to the programmers who know how to do a simple app right. It's not a common thing..Version: 3.4

GreatGreat little app. I have used it many many times ranging from reading medicine directions to cooking directions. Always handy on my phone whereas my reading glasses are not always handy..Version: 3.5

Great app.Works as advertised and more as it comes into play every time need..Version: 3.5

GreatGreat.Version: 2.6

Better than othersIt makes the picture steady, which makes it much more usable..Version: 3.4

Very UsefulI am impressed with how close and clear this app makes things look in the screen. Good job..Version: 3.4

More Useful Than I ImaginedI was just looking for a mag-light. I found this and tried out the free version. I liked it so well, I wanted the freeze-frame, too, and didn't mind paying the modest $2 for it. I can use this for curiosities, medical/health purposes, and in the classroom. Love it!.Version: 3.4

MaglightExcellent.Version: 3.4

One of my favorite appsIncredible magnification; and with the light feature, it makes for the perfect tool. I'm using it constantly, both at home and when shopping..Version: 3.4

Great for client photosI am an esthetician and love this app for taking pre and post client photos for my records. I can zoom in and highlight problem areas easily allowing me to review treatment results..Version: 3.5

Good utilityThis app does exactly what I expect of it. I use it to magnify something nearly every day..Version: 3.4

So useful!I love this app, it has helped enormously over the few years I've had it. It's one of those things that you might not use every day, but you'll be very appreciative the day you need it! Thanks to the creators, well done! 😄.Version: 3.4

Great AppVery handy for reading small text if I don't have my glasses on me..Version: 3.4

Magnifying glass with light proGood app.Version: 3.0

Life saver for those tiny serial numbersGreat app for reading those tiny serial numbers etc. Use it most days really cool.Version: 3.4

GreatI us this app a lot and it is really helpful..Version: 3.4

Mag lightVery help full.Version: 2.8

Powerful toolBeing able to freeze and store as a photo has already paid for itself..Version: 3.4

Good stuffI have used this app many times and found it to be very useful..Version: 3.4

So GREAT, I've "gifted" it to friends!Not only is this great for reading small type in dark places, but it's also perfect for taking photos where you need better detail that you can get from the built-in iPhone camera. Excellent!.Version: 3.4

ExcellentFive stars, nothing else to say..Version: 3.4

Insanely handyI use this app any time I’m doing delicate work on electronics, and I use it constantly. Unlocking extra features is also fully worth it..Version: 3.5

Great Camera Zoom ToolThis app gave me more control of my iPhone5 camera & light then expected :~)) Zoom is excellent with a scroll type bar and another bar for light intensity control. There is also an option to adjust tone or reverse negativity of the image. Another great option is the ability to take a picture when you have the image the way you wanted to look....Version: 3.4

Extraordinarily useful toolSingle purpose and super focus. All the controls you might need are right where you need them. I've been able to see dim pencil marks for alignment on wood while seeing it through a 1/4" pilot hole drilled in a plank. It felt like aligning spaceships for docking, it was so precise and easy. I've also used it for soldering, attaching the iPhone to a camera mount and even airplaying video to Apple TV for large screen viewing! Luxurious!.Version: 3.4

Mag & lightBest design and easy function.Version: 1.1

Rock'nFirst try, read bizarrely fine print on wire. Lock focus, lighting and zoom work as posted. Solid 5 stars!!.Version: 3.4

Very helpful appI’ve used this app at work numerous time with perfect results. I work in a chemical lab on graveyard shift and my supervisor is never there because he works days but if I have an issue and need his help, all I do is use this app and take nice closeup pics of what I’m talking about and he knows exactly what I’m asking without even being there. I would never be able to do that with the regular camera on my phone. Well done. But would it be possible to allow us to choose which side of the screen to have the camera button on. I’m right handed and have something in my left hand to take a pic of and it’s very difficult to hold the phone and take a picture..Version: 3.5

Solid AppIt's my go-to app in any situation where I can't read type. I've tried others, but I keep coming back to this one..Version: 3.4

Almost perfectBeautiful App. Can't believe I didn't upgrade 2 years ago ... I knew within a split second that my money was well spent. Star withheld due to a major gripe ... The hit box to freeze the frame needs to be way bigger. I don't know what it's like on other devices but on my 6+, if the hit box went to the edge of the screen then I'd be able to use the app much more naturally, as it is I find myself having to shuffle it in my hand in order to reach the tiny hit box ... annoyingly I always remember this after setting up the shot. I'd love to give you that extra star. X.Version: 3.4

Great Magnifying AppOn my iPhone absolutely outstanding. Hardware restrictions cause some features to be disabled on my iPad, but still an extremely useful app there as well..Version: 3.4

BEST APP FOR MAGNIFYING GLASSI keep this app handy on my iPhone screens. I use it instead of a magnifying glass all the time! It is especially handy in the supermarket or in department stores for reading contents and those other impossibly small print on boxes or small print on "the unit" itself. I work in IT and with electronics, so I use it often because it will automatically turn on the LED for additional light or I can manually turn on the LED in low light situations. It focuses fast & has loads of features! I highly recommend it!.Version: 3.4

Unlimited usesThis app is better than using a mirror when inspecting anything you cannot see directly, and you can have a photo to study later! One of my most useful APPS..Version: 3.4

Solid replacement for portable video magnifierI am legally blind and have used lots of specialized magnification equipment in my lifetime. Using this inexpensive app with my iPhone 6+ I am able to get results on par with, and even better than some dedicated video magnifiers costing hundreds. Accessibility features of iOS coupled with this app makes an unbeatable combo. I think I have downloaded about all of the magnifiers on the App Store, and this one is by far the best. Kudos to the developers. Thanks for this quite useful tool..Version: 3.4

Great toolI use it all the time, for fine print and for reading labels in stores without having to bend down and squint..Version: 3.4

Went for pro versionTried a few free apps including this one. Most were just like the camera but this one like one of the mirror ones does add extra handy features - I was actually using it which prompted me to write review- I never stay with free versions if cost is low as I hate adverts - although I avoid all other in-app purchases.Version: 3.4

Occular excellenceGreat for small serial numbers and detail DiY in the dark.Version: 3.4

AwesomeThe paid App is cheap now I can read the menu in dark restaurants. Magnifies and uses the light.Version: 3.0

Great helpMy eyes are not as good as they used to be. I find this app great for seeing the small details I now miss. Great for coins, small print or anything that I now have to use a magnifying glass to see..Version: 3.4

ImpressiveA very fine app. Does everything and more you might expect of it. Works perfectly for me when used on the tiny print on my driver's license (not sure why another reviewer had a problem with that). The app would be perfectly useful on text less than 1/2 the size of the smallest text on my license. Great learning tool for use with my child. My only wish would be for more effective steady-cam function (not sure how feasible that is but it would make a very effective app even better)..Version: 3.4

Agronomy useUse in the field for plant inspections, disease, insects etc. works great and have no faults with it at all. Cheers and thanks for a very useful app..Version: 3.4

Fantastic appDefinitely worth getting the Pro version! This app comes in so handy in a restaurant where my husband always forgets to bring his reading glasses. The light really helps in the low light setting in a lot of restaurants as well. Love this app and would highly recommend it..Version: 3.0

Really good app.I'm not sure that the screen resolution on my iPhone 4s , even on the highest settings, is as good as the camera. And it takes a second or two to focus but it is alongside my browser on each screen - easy to get at for both reading and torch jobs..Version: 3.4

Very convenient. More than just a flashlightThis app does what you need in a flashlight app and more. You can zoom, control the brightness of the led etc and freeze the image and the focus. Better than an actual flashlight..Version: 3.0

Not bad for the priceNot bad for the price. But, if like me, you have quite shaky hands it can be a bit tricky to use..Version: 2.9

Changed My Life in a Good WayAs a legally blind person I was looking for an app to help me with reading restaurant menus, computer screens and other print that was very difficult if not impossible for me to read. This app exceeded my expectations. It is wonderful and quite the go to app when I need to do something close up like reading restaurant menus or the bill at the restaurant. love the app.Version: 3.4

Everything you want in a lighting toolPerforms amazingly well. Disappointment is a regular occurrence in the overwhelming majority of apps ... ... not here. This is really a well-thought-out tool..Version: 3.4

Works really well.Works really well..Version: 3.5

AwesomeI'm glad I came across this here app it helps me see the stuff I really am trying to see and very clear as well love it wish I had it a lot sooner then I did thanks I don't write much reviews but I couldn't on this trust me the things u need to see this is what u want.Version: 3.4

Brilliant - and so is the cameraI have had this app since I purchased my first iPhone about 11 years ago and I love it. It has helped in many sticky situations, e.g. checking under my hood in the dark. I've also used it to take great photos in the darkness as well as during the day. I have never had any problems with it..Version: 3.4

Very Thoughtfully DesignedThis is one of those apps that is so well designed that you know immediately what to do. Takes full advantage of the camera and screen features on my iPhone 6 under iOS 9.1..Version: 3.4

Wonderful AppThis is a very helpful app that helps small hard to see things come into focus from untangling a necklace to reading fine print..Version: 3.5

Love this app!!!This app is awesome for taking macro up close photos. The ability to lock the focus so it's not autofocusing every 2 seconds is really helpful. Another thing I like is you can freeze the frame before you take the picture so you can see if you get the fine details you want. The light is adjustable so you can set the light to be bright or dim depending on your photo. I like this app so much that I would have paid ten dollars for it!.Version: 3.4

I love this appI’m older and can’t see close up very well. This app allows me to magnify using a bright light to a much greater magnification than a magnifying glass. Love it..Version: 3.5

Precisely what these old eyes need!I buy something from China, a micro-sized drone, say, and the instructions look like fly-specs. I can't read them. Thanks to this wonderful app, I can enlarge those instructions so that they are readily legible. Except of course that they were produced by some combination of Google Translate and a dart board. So I still can't read them. 😩.Version: 3.4

Great app!Exactly as described, works great!.Version: 3.4

Mr. John A. From Long Island, NY.I have really grown to love this app, especially after learning all of it's capabilities, and how it helps me with my disabilities like Stabilizing and enlarging an image, along with the bright light, so I could read it clearer. Thank you very much..Version: 3.4

Also great for close-up photosExcellent app, very useful for seeing fine details, taking close-up photos or even looking behind appliances all the way down to the floor with zoom and stabilization..Version: 3.4

Really handy!I've used this to read menus, medicine bottles, glue tubes and other tiny type. I've used it to inspect insects, plants, machine parts and pieces of art. It's on the first screen on my 185 app phone. Great, essential, app for all ages..Version: 3.4

I would be lost without itI have used this app for ever it feels like, it is so handy for many different things..Version: 3.5

Great for small projectsI often tinker with small items and like to show off my work to friends. A camera phone is convenient, but most don't have a decent macro feature for close-ups. On my old phone I held a magnifying glass against the lens to get the photos I wanted. This app allows me to get great close up shots with adjustable light and zoom using just my iPhone 6+!.Version: 3.4

Very usefullUse it all the time for a variety of things . One of my best apps. from looking for dog fleas to electronics and jewellery,.Version: 3.4

Daily heavy useAs a professional sharpener and technician, this is my go to app when I need to ultra close-up pictures. I bought a digital camera so I could use macro and immediately went back to mag light. I've been using it for several years and most of my close up work is done with it. Love it love it. Easy to use. Really good clarity for a phone I have never had a problem with it crashing. Very well done..Version: 3.4

Maglight ProStays on home screen. Use for reading serial numbers on components, occasionally finding my way through our home at night. Highly recommended.Version: 3.4

Perfect!This is my new favorite app! Very cool and very useful! I can now be without my reading glasses and get by! Good for reading fine print, rX bottles, serial numbers, menus etc.. Not so practical for extensive reading such as books or magazines. Use like you would a magnifying glass and you'll appreciate it. As a bonus, use the zoom feature and point it across the street (or wherever) and you have portable binoculars! (Monocular to be more accurate) very cool!! Anyhow, this should be standard issue on every phone! Even the free version is handy but I bought the pro for enhanced features AND to support the developers of such a well crafted app. 😀.Version: 3.4

A Favorite!This app has become one of my most used & favorites on my iPhone 6+! I use it at work in the ER to assist in removing foreign bodies from wounds & at home for all kinds of things like making out the "fine print" when making purchases and reading that tiny print they use for labels on OTC medication bottles. This is a "Must Have" App and $2 well spent!!!.Version: 3.4

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