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Great!Definitely the best one out there, the 4-point saddle doesn't quite work as intended (I think the ABCD measurements are a bit off, either that or I'm way dumber than I thought) other than that hiccup it's awesome!.Version: 3.0

Recent update makes it even betterI have had this app for a while now, and when I recently opened it I noticed they added a ton more features!! Basically it now tells you exactly what to do. I am very impressed with this app.Version: 4.1

Top NotchI am a licensed electrician and a well above average pipe bender. This app is great for my helpers and I. Helps novices a lot and saves me a lot of time with complicated and or rare applications in the field. I will have this on every one of my companies phones in the future. Great app..Version: 3.0.1

Bend appSaves time and material. If you have some new guys on the force, buy it for them it will pay for itself in one day. You won't have guys staring at pipe and you won't end up with a pile of bones at the end of the day..Version: 2.9

Thank you for putting the simple back cause it was good alreadyWell, thanks for returning back to it old glory. Just add new stuff if we as a whole like we will use it. But I was just getting use to using the more and more and then you changed it on us. Let us who use your app on a daily basis be your beta tester so that we can give feedback and help in the developing the we all can benefit from. You have an amazing app thanks.Version: 4.1

The best!!!This is the best bender app out there. Period..Version: 5.0

Conduit benderVery useful for me. Everything clear and easy to navigate. I do not bend conduits often, but when I do the app. comes handy. Use it for about five years and there is nothing better in the app. store yet. Love it..Version: 5.3

2 Thumbs Up!I’ve used this app for many years and more times than I can count. Maker is constantly making improvements & updates. Many of my working buddies have shown me other bending apps but none of them have done anything this one doesn’t already do..Version: 5.3

NiceThe best apps of the electical tubing.Version: 3.0

IBEW Lu 26 ElectricianA great app even better!! Worth the wait for update. My Bender is a great app also, I use this and My Bender app almost every day. I have just about every bending app in the ITunes Store, these two are by far the best out of the bunch. Worth every penny!.Version: 4.0

Great App!!I use it a lot at work to calculate rolled offsets and 4 point saddles. I can do the math myself but this makes it very convenient. I bend on centers and the app generally gives you information for arrow bends but it is not hard to adjust for it. A good app obviously designed with input from professionals. Has lots of features I've never even touched but would love to have the excuse to. Very popular on the job site. Every electrician with a smart phone has it. It is a perfect example of the amazing wealth of information apps make available for virtually no cost. I recommend it without reservation..Version: 3.0.1

Great appI'm a journeyman in the IBEW Local #11. I'm currently working at LAX and use this app daily. Saves a lot of time and mistakes. I am having trouble with the segment bends, everything seems fine but my developed length comes out much different. It very well could be an error on my part tho. This app should be standard on the field..Version: 2.9

Use it almost dailyI almost never review apps but I am in school to be an electrician and I am using this app almost daily, and it was great. With the newest update it is even more amazing, I definitely recommend this app to anyone who has to bend conduit..Version: 4.0

Great pipe bending app !!!Very user friendly!!!.Version: 5.0

Great AppThis is the best app if your a electrician and bend a lot of conduit. I love this app and I don't use it all the time but when I do need it. It is freaking awesome and saves a lot of time..Version: 5.0

FantasticDownloaded this app because I needed to do a four point saddle. I’m a journeyman but was never taught how to bend pipe properly. First try with the app I big dicked a 4 point saddle with an offset ending with a box offset. Turned out great..Version: 5.3

Great appIf you know the principals of bending pipe and just need an app to do your calculations this is the app for you when it comes to offsets and 90s we all know how to bend I really use this app for the saddles and it’s on point every time and shows you which way your Bender should be facing. This will help apprentices out a lot and I definitely feel like it was worth the 5$ you will get compliments from the boss no doubt. My only negative feedback would Would be nice to get more of a detailed description and you should be able to choose your Bender every time. I’m not sure how it tells weather your using 1/2 or 3/4..Version: 5.3

Bend EMT like a proEasy to use, precise measurements and calculations for all types of bends.Version: 3.0.1

Bigkevc1980Hands down best pipe bending app in the app world ! I have had 3 other apps similar, but none of them even compare to this app ! Only have 10 inches to bend a off-set in ! This is the app for you and that's only one example !!!!.Version: 3.0.1

Smart toolExcellent use of smart technology. Should be required by every electrician as part of their toolbox. Pinpoint accuracy on every bend made. Thank you..Version: 5.0

Awesome appThe app is really good and does the job very quickly!.Version: 3.0.1

AwesomeMust buy. Price high? No way. Just like buying another tool for the job..Version: 2.8

Doug H. Toronto canadaThis app was a tremendous help to me I had to bend a 12' offset on a 1 1/4 rigid pipe using 45 degree bends ,the degree indicator onthe old chigago bender was missising and the floor of the parking garage I was in was sloped every way possible but the level feature on this app helped me set the zero begining referance and the 45 angle . It also helped in marking my 2 bend points . I highly recomend this app for anyone who needs to bend pipe..Version: 2.7

No front of shoe adjustment?This app is no longer a quick reference tool to just find bend spacing. It can now give you exact locations for center of bend marks on any bender. Unreal. The only thing missing (which would earn it a fifth star) is the front of shoe adjustment for these benders too. Especially on the table benders. But I guess you have to leave something for journeymen to teach apprentices..Version: 4.0

Excellent app!This app is a big time saver and definitely is very useful. I highly recommend it! Just started using the built in level / protractor. This program just keeps getting better. Well worth the cost..Version: 2.9

Great App. Keep the additions coming.Just finished bending EMT today at work. My sadle bends came out beautiful. All you need is your iPhone, Sharpie, tape measure, bender, and any other misc tools. My co-workers were suprised at how fast I was bending and placing the EMT up. They all want to get rid of their Black Berry's just to use this App. Nice work. This makes my work much faster and with no scrap today. Even our Contractors we use from time to time to sub work out were impressed with this App. This App would be great if it had calculations for Hickey benders..Version: 0

Tradesmen110099Time saver!.Version: 2.9

The pipe bending genie!I almost never write a review but this app is great! And, most importantly it is very accurate. If are an electrician or in a field where bending pipe is required, this is app is a must have! I have tried others that cost as much as this one but none came close in accuracy. If you take pride in your work and want to take out the hassle of using a pencil and a piece of paper and multiplying an subtracting do yourself a favor and get his app it's worth every penny..Version: 3.0.1

Great appBeing a new installer conduit seemed pretty intimidating specially for the complexity of our projects but this app makes it easy to achieve the desired results my beds looks better than those of seasoned professionals ( even my boss and customer have praised my work).Version: 5.0

Really good conduit app Ibew 440I like this app a lot I be used it a lot for parallel offsets on rigid conduit different sizes. I even used it on some parallel offsets with cable tray it came out really good. I like the feature where you can edit your deducts for 90• . It would be nice if it had a spot for gains though..Version: 3.0.1

FantasticI would like to set something strength. 4 point saddles are two offsets back to back, that alone should not cost this fantastic tool a star, I am giving 4/5 stars because I think we need bigger pipe size calculations and tables ( deductions) and other measurements. Looking forward to rate this app next time. Keep up the good job and release more updates soon. Truth is I don't use this app very often at all, but web I needed to make a perfect 3 pointer this saved me. Cheers.Version: 2.8

The go-to for any pipe calcs!I've had this app in my pocket for the last 5 years! It has always been the best bet for any difficult pipe situations. The rolled offsets and kick 90's are the greatest part of this app. Thanks so much for keeping it up to date and constantly improving it. The watch would be a sweet tool to utilize this instead of having a phone out. Only recommendation for improvements might be 3-point saddles to avoid an off centre saddle, maybe a step by step is needed to show rookies how to bend them. I've always used the "star-notch-90 arrow" technique, you may want to look into adding that. Thanks a ton!.Version: 4.2.2

Great appGreat app guys I've been an Electritian for 6 years ( I know a lot of you have been doing it way longer) i counsider my self a great pipe bender. But this app can help out even the best. It's easy to remember the formulas and proses of bending offsets and saddles but shrinkage is a whole other story. It covers every thing offsets, saddles, consecutive bends segment bends compound bends its great. Not many people know about center of bend on anything other than 45 it shows you that also. It even has a level and flashlight once again great app well worth the few dollars. Even for the experienced pipe bender great refresher..Version: 3.0.1

Another idea for an updateThanks for putting the level in the app Francisco. Can you make it operate a little faster? Also was thinking of maybe pipe spacing for parallel conduits when entering the top of a panel when comming in from a kicked location with different sized conduits to keep spacing all the same. Spacing at the panel changes with the degree of kick as well as the size of conduit being used. See what you can do. Thanks again.Version: 2.7

New update!!As an electrician, I use this app almost daily. Was a 3.5 star rating before because the old version didn't do rolled offsets and it wouldn't keep your numbers set if you closed out of the app. Now it does both and officially gets 5 stars! Excellent app! Recommend to every electrician!.Version: 0

Best app I have.I have not written a review for an app until this one. This is the best app I have paid for hands down. This helps me get my offsets perfect. I really needed this because I am doing industrial electrical work and it has worked like a brand new Ferrari. -Tramayn, Baton Rouge,LA.Version: 0

Awesome!Twenty years of bending conduit, I can do it but this app makes you faster & more efficient ! Love this app!! Especially great for Rigid which is not forgiving. When it has to be right this app won't let you down!👍great job guys & thanks for listening and adding 4 point saddles! A big thanks from Tulsa, Oklahoma!👍👋.Version: 2.9

BEST APP FOR PIPE BENDINGVery useful, I have had many others in the trade download this app. If you want to make perfect bends every time, this is the app that teaches you how! GET IT!!.Version: 5.3

TroyFantastic program! Absolutely intuitive! Thank you for time well spent resulting in a program that is very useful and functional in the field. It focuses on the most important aspects of any electricians job, whether they are in controls or simple circuits. Thank you.Version: 2.9

Essential app for ElectriciansThis app is amazing and keeps improving. I was recommended it by my co workers..Version: 5.0

Great appVery handy app to have when your bending pipe, easy to use!.Version: 5.0

I-bendAside from on-line banking, this is the best app I have. I find it very useful and intuitively laid out. This app won't make anyone a Master bender overnight, but, if you already know how to calculate and bend pipe, this is an invaluable tool. Note - the only reason I'm giving this four and not five stars is, given the functionality of this thing, the creators might have something else up their sleeve. Thank you and Happy Bending!.Version: 3.0.1

Useful lApp for plumbersSwitching to metric was easy in the settings although finding the settings took me a few minutes as its on the bottom of the bends menu. Once I did that I found this really useful and a cheaper way to see what happens when pipe is bent to various angles without actually bending the pipe. Recommended..Version: 3.0.1

Best pipe bending app bar noneBeen using this app for 6 years, I think. Can't even remember how long. It always works. I've trained apprentices how to bend 2" PVC coated GRC with this app and saved $1000's in bone yard pipe. Cut, thread, bend, install. Love the new radius calculations. Don't even think about it, just buy it..Version: 4.1

PpjrGot me out of a jam ! This app worked great for me once I figured out how to use. Thank goodness I found this app..Version: 5.3

Most helpfulGreat app. It makes those difficult bends much easier..Version: 5.2

Great appThis is by far the best bending app I have ever used. Great product!.Version: 5.2

Easy and fast to use.Great app I use it all the time and it is very quick and accurate and well worth the money..Version: 5.3

Must haveI think best app ever made..Version: 2.10

Great appWorks great!.Version: 2.9

Awesome toolJust another tool in the bag. Super easy to use, and understand. Excellent interface if you cant figure out how tobise this app, you should of been a plumber! Worth every penny..Version: 2.8

Great appAs a journeyman I think this app is great for guys(especially apprentices).. The calculations are right on and make my job go a lot quicker....Version: 3.0.1

Best so farThis is probably one of the easiest most versatile bending apps I’ve purchased. Sometimes no matter how long you’ve been bending it’s fun to try something different!.Version: 5.3

Really cool!I've only had this a couple of weeks and have used it several times. The latest update with flashlight, improved level response, and B 2 B 90's is good too. Keep the updates coming..Version: 3.0

Excellent ToolAwesome tool for setting up consecutive bends and rolls. Simply input measurements and the app will tell you exactly where to mark and how to bend..Version: 5.3

Must have app!!!I never review apps but I felt like this one deserved to be reviewed. I am an electrician and I bend a decent amount of conduit every week and having this app makes my life so much easier. Every time I say to myself this app couldn't get any better a new update comes out and makes this app even more useful. Anyone who bends conduit should have this app. Doesn't matter if you just started or have been bending conduit for years. This app will save you a ton of time and free up some room in your brain to remember other things. If you haven't downloaded this app yet do it now. You won't be disappointed..Version: 4.1

Love this app!Works like a charm, can't wait for the four point saddle..Version: 2.8

YayIve had this app and rarely use it, recently our shop has bought a 4in hydraulic bender and trying to figure out multipliers for a 6,7, or 8 degree offset involves trigonometry which my calculator is not always hand and somewhat time consuming and not always accurate. This app takes out all the time and guesswork..Version: 2.9

Great appI think it's still important to know how to bend pipe without this app but its a great tool in the field. It helps me make my contractor more money which in turn helps me make more money. Thanks from Local 697. Only thing I'd like to see is parallel offsets for different size pipes to keep the spacing between them the same..Version: 3.0.1

Great tool on the jobI'm a second year apprentice, and this app has been a huge help in learning how to bend conduit. I keep a couple reference booklets in my toolbox, but it's so much easier to have something like this on my phone. This is my go-to tool for when I'm laying out a complex bend or using an unfamiliar bend angle.Version: 4.1

Great appBeen bending pipes for over 20 years , I learned the hard way , wish I had this , it's great for beginners to experts , I use it usually for the segment bends ( great tool ) and the digital level PRICELESS , a must have app on your smart phone.Version: 5.0

Just bender on overAs long as you know how to use and hold a bender this app is great. If it had a quick reference on how to make certain bends with pics that would make it perfect. I use this app every day at work and throw down some accurate bends..Version: 3.0.1

Great App!The app is great and what would make it better is if it were tagged for searches. A coworker had the app and I wanted it. So searched "conduit bending" and wasted money on a competitor app as there was only one listed. I'm only partially peeved at iBend I guess I should have asked the name of the app. I got it now and this is the one I use. Local 100.Version: 0

Great app!Makes life a lot easier.Version: 3.0.1

Well Worth itI'm a commercial electrician (9 years), I do a lot of bending (Rigid & EMT) and my work is always complimented. I'd say this app is my secret weapon. If you do commercial or industrial work, buy it. It speeds up the process, reduces the "bone yard" of attempts, and with the selection it might even give you an idea. It's got everything and it's so easy to use! If you do electric rooms in commercial, BUY IT! It'll work to your advantage..Version: 4.2.2

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