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NBA: Live Games & Scores app received 75 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about nba: live games & scores?

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Great app with very clean layoutOverall I really like this app because it is very easy to use. And if you have notifications on it will basically tell you everything big that has happened. So if you miss a big game I guarantee it will be in the notifications or coming. My favorite thing about the app is that is so easy to use. From the great layout to the customization options it is a very easy app. All in all this is a great app for catching up on any games that you missed and very easy to use..Version: 2007.4

Any one else having a problem connecting?I eat ,breathe and sleep NBA! Since the launch of the new app I have not been able to login at all… very worried with the new season just around the corner and not be able to access league pass. Is anyone else having this issue? Full reception and still getting network messages Fixed!....Version: 2007.2

GreatWhen I go onto the arrival style featured story it makes me return to the home screen.Version: 2003.1

MrDoes not work for me for live games .. All i get is black screen Works for nba tv but with no schedule and it jumps in time Tried on two ipads Very disappointed.Version: 1.6

AMAZING app, but just one small request...Perfect app for streaming the NBA live and on-demand. Great for keeping up-to-date with the latest news and players best moments. The only thing is that sometimes I want to know why a player is out and when he comes back, so having a ‘injury status’ tab for injured players in the ‘More’ section would be helpful and much more convenient rather than having to surf the web to find out. Other than that suggestion, the app is smooth, and definitely worth your download if you’re into the NBA..Version: 2001.1

Brilliant app but......App is very good but i only have one thing i wish ghey could do is when you download a game for offline. They should allow you to watch it while it’s downloading apart from that can’t fault it..Version: 1910.1

GOOD APPOne of the best apps ive used, gives me news feeds, lets me see box scores on my favourite players stats and lets me see my actual favourite players stats and just wanna of the best apps for basketball.Version: 1903.1

Awesome!This is an overall outstanding app! Love it!.Version: 1.6

ACCESS TO ALL GAMESWhat’s the point of me paying 300 dollars for league pass and I don’t have access to all games??? There shouldn’t be any reason I shouldn’t be able to watch a game. A blackout restriction is stupid. What if I’m not home? I’m punished for not being Around a tv. And nba TV games don’t allow you to watch those either. That’s so freaking stupid and if this doesn’t change I promise I will not purchase leaguepass ever again..Version: 2007.4

Box ScoreI’m only writing this in case no one has already said I can’t scroll down the box score to see the players stats hopefully it’s fixed by the time the actual season starts.Version: 1908.1

GoodSame as last year. Simple and easy to use.Version: 1.0

Awesome appThis app would be an infinite out of five this is awesome warriors are going to win 2019 finals.Version: 1905.1

How to mess up a great appNBA are so obsessed with adding “value” that it now blocks enjoyment of the app. Constant in-game trivia quizzes, often repeated (Where do you think GSW will end up this year?) I’ve answered that one about 5 times DURING GAMEPLAY. Why not during the breaks?... or not at all. Pop-ups during the game directing me to some highlight from another game obscuring my view of the actual game I’m watching! C’mon guys! The amount of times I have inadvertently hit view on these pop-ups taking me away from the game I’m watching... .I’ve lost count... and I have all the notifications toggles off in settings, and I still get the above. It just makes me want to switch to my laptop to stop the madness..Version: 1903.1

Video Quality was better in Old AppThe main thing I used this app for was to watch the video recaps and highlights of games. Now I'd rather watch elsewhere cuz the video quality is so bad. Even on good connection the best option is 720p and the sound is like you're in a tin can. I was thinking about getting League Pass again this year, but probably won't be worth it in this app. Hope you guys work on this..Version: 2007.4

Fix the bugsThis is such a mean app, if only it worked properly. It's always crashing and restarting which is really annoying especially when your in the middle of watching a game! FIX THE BUGS!.Version: 1.6

Apple TV appHow can you get it so right on the app for mobile devices but the Apple TV app is just poo. It stinks! I know Apple would probably have a lot to do with it but come on just fix it please. Xx.Version: 1903.1

This APP IS AMAZINGIf you LOVE THE NBA LIKE I DO, THEN YOU WILL LOVE THIS! This everything you need for NBA information and you could look at box scores and player stats and a bunch of other important stuff that you might want to know. Personally I love this app and you will love it to if your a true NBA FAN!!!.Version: 2007.5

RileyMaster on YouTube this app is goodJiii.Version: 2006.1

One very annoying problem...I really love the recent update you gave to this app... however there are a couple of really buggy issues that need to be fixed... 1. When I try to open the app it keeps telling me this content is not available in your country or region... so I turn my VPN on to see if it changes anything and nothing changes I try for like 10 minutes straight and I’m still getting the same thing, this issue really needs to be fixed in the next update... however when I tried logging in later in the day it worked... so I’m not sure what was going on, but I think it was some bug.... anyways that was mainly it and also I was trying to purchase a league pass for Aus and I couldn’t seem to find where to buy it online... same issue ‘this content is not available in your country or region.... I hope this issue gets fixed, but overall I am very happy with the new app update!.Version: 2007.3

Great app. More platforms next??Love using the app. Would love to see it come to platforms like Apple Watch. Hopefully very soon..Version: 1910.1

Great app for out of market gamesGreat subscription service I often enjoy watching games on this more then on the tv with the interactive scoreboard. Only thing missing is being able to download completed games to be able to watch off of a internet connection.Version: 2002.1

Box score updateThanks for listening to my feedback regarding the box score layout when screen is flipped horizontally. I wonder if I was the only one but awesome work and box score looks even better now. Top stuff!.Version: 2007.5

🐺Awesome app, great for highlights and live games.....go timberwolves!.Version: 1903.1

Logos missingSorry for not specifying earlier but some of the logos aren’t showing up in the games tab, and is consistent throughout the season schedule shown..Version: 1912.1

CookiesWhenever I disagree to all vendors when asked about cookies, which pops up every few times I use the app no matter how many times I give my input, the advanced stats for players stop loading and I can’t see anything there but a loading circle that never stops loading. Weird issue that needs fixing.Version: 2007.5

CarPlay in UKRecent update has installed a CarPlay version of the app to my CarPlay for the first time in the UK. However it says “unable to connect”. Is this something that will be available going forward, or has it been done in error? Thanks.Version: 2007.2

Really good appThe app itself is really good. But at the moment I can't use it because of an unfounded configuration file?.Version: 4.5

Could give new interface adjustments better supportAs a subscriber since the early neulion days I have seen this app grow from a disaster to a mostly robust app by 2017 that was the best way to watch NBA basketball. Nevertheless, there just seem to be new interface developments that come along that lack user testing and make the experience worse, from incurable trivia surveys to new camera angles that can’t be opted out of and features that are often unwanted (though the new alternate commentaries are a great idea). One example is the new iPad product which allows you to swipe on the screen to choose a streaming option once you select a game, replacing the more standard pop up menu of previous iterations. With no guidance in the app update and using a non-standard interface design, it took a response from the developer to find out that the functionality was still accessible - this might be my fault but as a long time user with some technical background I think that others may also be flummoxed - a simple step through of key changes with a new update would be welcome (if one exists I didn’t see it). I have to say that the newfound responsiveness of the app developers is very welcome. More or less if you like the NBA league pass is the way to go, depending on blackouts and your ability to afford it..Version: 2007.4

GoodI like it alot.Version: 2001.1

In app purchasesGreat app for keeping up with the NBA on the go, but where are the in app purchases. It would have been 5 star for me if I could find this..Version: 4.8

Crashing fixedNew update has solved crashing issue..Version: 2007.4

ProblemWhen I want to read the box scores I can not scroll down I think it is a glitch in the app.Version: 1908.1

Section neededWould be absolutely great if their was a section on the app completely dedicated to news but other than that great app..Version: 1910.1

DimeLooking forward to watching live ball again🙏🏼. Hope the NBA will do the right thing by fans when it comes to league pass subscriptions. Stay safe everybody..Version: 2003.1

Great, easy to useLove the nba, this is all things nba, match made in heaven..Version: 1904.1

Great App for contentLoving the new app, great content and simple UI. Excited to use it when the new season starts..Version: 2007.1

Volume levelling and picture-in-picturePlease implement these features. We pay a premium for league pass and cannot get these features..Version: 2006.1

Not bad....It is strange that the news hasn't updated for nearly two weeks? Good to get the highlights every day though!.Version: 1.0

Great, awesome, spectacular, app.Such a good app. I love watching the games every day. There is one thing, I’d make a setting that makes the scores not as obvious. Like if you were able to make a setting that puts the score automatically off if you didn’t watch it in the next 6-8 hours. But it is a great app. I love it..Version: 1910.1

Unable to watch gamesI’ve recently purchased the 1 year subscription, but in the app it still prompts that I’ve not paid for subscription.Version: 1908.1

Notifications on wrong teamLovely app no problems but I noticed if you choose notifications just for your team, you still get them for teams you don’t follow.Version: 2006.1

Cant see scoresGreat app, really useful, except ever since i got the latest update a i cant see the scores of any matches.Version: 6.1028

Great app for basically anything nba relatedGreat app. Really happy with installing it. Everything is easy to find and easy to use. Also great to see when games are to live-stream. Keep up the great work! 10/10.Version: 1904.2

Great update butCan you please make it so we can have more than just 5 favorite teams.Version: 6.1102

NBA app reviewThe app is so useful and really good. It shows everything.Version: 1903.1

Good App! But there is room for improvement!Love the league app for the most part! Sometimes buggy when using the casting function but otherwise okay. Enjoying the new visual overlays (coach, player, mascot mode etc.) When will they become a permanent feature?.Version: 1904.2

It’s great but you have to watch out for spoilers!!!!The app is great to watch the games but they have a lot of spoilers even when you turn off the scores. For example they have headlines of the games when you open it so you may have the scores turned off but they receive you with “Steph hits 62 on Warriors win” 🤦🏻‍♂️ Also when you access the game highlight they have a line with the score even when you hide the scores also..Version: 2007.4

Great new look but sometimes confusingI love the new look of the app, it’s modern and sleek, very big step forward! All the nba info, stats and videos you will ever need at your finger tip. I only have one frustration: I cannot figure out how to download games to watch offline, it was very easy with the old version. Not sure if the functionality is still there, I wasn’t able to find it! If it’s there it’s well hidden!!.Version: 1910.1

I have a suggestionThe app is great in almost every way. My suggestion is that when you click on a player to look at their player profile and stats, there should be the averages of the players last 10 games. This let’s us see if the if they player is performing better or worse recently in comparison to the rest of the year. Or maybe use graphs showing how the players stats have changed over the year. Thanks.Version: 2002.1

Really Great App! Few little updates I’d put in the app.Great App! just a couple little things I’d add is a dark mode feature so if people prefer the dark mode more than the original than they can change it in settings. Also the Quarter by Quarter score in the summary I’d give that a fresh new look and last I’d have how much They won by so for eg. you click on “games” down the bottom of the app and it’s got all the scores there and it’s got the score right there just add below the scores how much they won by. But all round it’s a really great app 👍.Version: 2007.5

Much fasterI haven’t used it that much so far but I like this one a lot better than the old one already. With the old one my friends and I would always have a running joke about how it was possibly the worst made app of all time (not because the actual app itself was bad) but just because it had probably the slowest and most aggravating loading screens of all time😂😂. Like if I wasn’t on Wi-Fi and I clicked on the app to open it it would take a good 30 seconds sometimes to just open, this does not happen with the new one which is great..Version: 2007.2

Love the updateFinally 😍.Version: 2007.1

Great appWhen’s the draft lottery?.Version: 2004.1

Keep crashingKeep on crashing after the video finnish. Fix it please..Version: 4.3

Looks and feel of app is nice, missing some featuresI really enjoy the new look and feel of the app. Also some cool features that were added on like Player Transactions is really nice to see. But then there are some features like Player Search that’s missing. I don’t like to have to scroll through a list to find the player. And if you could add cool stuff that I see on other sport apps like betting odds that would be cool too Thank you!!.Version: 2007.4

New Look NBAThe new look app is visually excellent and works great.Version: 1903.1

In app purchasesGreat app for keeping up with the NBA on the go, but where are the in app purchases. It would have been 5 star for me if I could find this..Version: 4.8

AmazingI love this app so much and will recommend it to NBA lovers.Version: 1910.1

UnbelieveableThis app is great for all the live Scores and Updates. I can't watch any of the games so it means I can get all the scores.Version: 4.5

Lagging screensSince recently I found when I check the standings based on league conference the results are mixed up and I cannot scroll down to view the western conference results as it takes me back to eastern conference. The new look is amazing.Version: 1903.1

Good app but does not chrome cast wellI love the NBA app the only issue I have is when you chrome cast it to your TV there is some sort of foreign text across the score section of the coverage.Version: 1903.1

MAKE A WIDGET!!!Great app but make a widget.Version: 2007.2

Great, but why?It's a great app as far as content and layout goes. However, why can it only work in a single landscape orientation? I want to use it stood up using a folding cover, but he app won't rotate in that orientation. Portrait mode support would be great, too..Version: 2007.5

OKC OKC OKC OKC!!!!!!Its the best way to check the results of the best in the world. Never glitches. Best sport app ever.Version: 1.6

Please please FIX CAVS audio feedIn the background high pitch ringing sound makes it not watchable with sound. Therefore can’t listen to the commentators. I really hope this is fixed as I don’t enjoy watching games on mute. The sound it makes it sounds like when a wire isn’t fully plugged in and or is loose and making a high pitch ringing noise. Nothing can do as is coming from the Cavs audio feed..Version: 2007.4

Player statsI would like to be able to access player stats/ season averages when I click on their player page..Version: 1910.1

ProblemI have an account with the league pass, but for some reason it says I haven’t got the league pass even though I do..Version: 1905.1

Good updateThe latest update looks awesome, app works great, I’d like the auto play turned off though. I’d like to click on a game and view box scores without the live feed starting (like it used to be before the update). I’m trying to watch these games at work and the volume of the feed auto playing is gonna get me busted 😂.Version: 1904.1

UPDATE IS AMAZINGThis update is just beautiful, the design of the interface, it's just so smooth and it feels faster too!!! I LOVE IT.Version: 6.1022

Pretty GoodIt’s a good app and I can watch my team play. But you have to watch live so you can’t watch the game from the beginning. And I would like to watch the full 90 minutes of warmup. Last thing sometimes I can’t scroll down in the box score..Version: 1910.1

Best NBA app ever madeNBA will not be possible if this app wasn’t available..Version: 1903.1

Miss the articlesNow only videos and the games are available 😭.Version: 1903.1

It’s goodI really like the new layout. I think it looks more polished/modern and runs smoother. I haven’t personally had any of the problems/errors so far that others have mentioned. Everything’s working as it should for me and I enjoy it. The only thing I’m not a big a fan of is the new lead tracker graphic for the games. I like that you can now scroll on it to find the specific plays but I wish that you could also just click on the graphic itself and it show a bigger graphic more similar to the old version. This version doesn’t have the grid lines with the numbers to really show how much a team is leading by. It also doesn’t say what the biggest lead was or how many lead changes and ties there were. In my opinion, it just doesn’t convey the match up between the teams as well as the old app’s “match up” tab did which is a bit disappointing since I really enjoyed viewing that tab every game. I would like to see that aspect get some improvements but overall this seems like a good app.Version: 2007.1

Great appI love the nba and yeah that’s all.Version: 2006.1

Really nice updateNew interface is really nice! Was a massive pain to try and find news stories, and now they’re attached with the recent results on the main page. Really nice, next stop could be to put the biggest game or the person’s favourite team as that first game that home screen wheel of games. New UI is much better, colour scheme is nice. Don’t know how it runs on slower phones but really happy with this. Good revamp..Version: 1903.1

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