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NBA: Live Games & Scores App User Positive Comments 2023

NBA: Live Games & Scores app received 36 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about nba: live games & scores?

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NBA: Live Games & Scores for Positive User Reviews

Poor serviceUpgraded my subscription from one team to premium league pass. payment went through but took way too long to update. Customer chat couldn’t respond properly and was very negative. Tried the support online but by the time they replied I’ve missed a whole game and they really didn’t care that I was very upset. Love NBA but that was a let down.Version: 110929

AMAZING app, but just one small request...Perfect app for streaming the NBA live and on-demand. Great for keeping up-to-date with the latest news and players best moments. The only thing is that sometimes I want to know why a player is out and when he comes back, so having a ‘injury status’ tab for injured players in the ‘More’ section would be helpful and much more convenient rather than having to surf the web to find out. Other than that suggestion, the app is smooth, and definitely worth your download if you’re into the NBA..Version: 2001.1

CookiesWhenever I disagree to all vendors when asked about cookies, which pops up every few times I use the app no matter how many times I give my input, the advanced stats for players stop loading and I can’t see anything there but a loading circle that never stops loading. Weird issue that needs fixing.Version: 2007.5

Subscription Price Too HighThe app itself is great but you can’t watch full games without the overpriced subscription..Version: 120525

Great, easy to useLove the nba, this is all things nba, match made in heaven..Version: 1904.1

League pass/support problemsLP sub active but says i need to upgrade sub to watch live. Customer support seems like they are finding creative ways to disconnect the chat when they cant fix anything Missed 2 days of games so far, this experience is not what i signed up for.Version: 120544

Great content and user experienceI love the app! Connects me to scores, stories and highlights. The regular writers are outstanding. There are very few bugs. Very entertaining and easy to use. My only sore point is the Australian version is sponsored by a gambling company, which doesn’t seem to fit with the culture and corporate responsibilities of the NBA. Having said that, this app shows how much the nba cares about its fans..Version: 111124

ProblemWhen I want to read the box scores I can not scroll down I think it is a glitch in the app.Version: 1908.1

It would be great if..Love the app - i do have a feature request that would be a great to have: I always have the “hide scores” options on and go in the app at night and watch the last 5 minutes of most games, looking for close ones. It would be great if in the “hide scores” layout there was some sort of visual indication of a close game (ie games that ended within 5 points difference are highlighted in red, or even an asterisk would do it). This would let us avoid having to go through a bunch of blowout games (ad + skipping forward to the actual 4th quarter takes a while..) before getting to the interesting ones (all while adding the actual scores and winners). Would be a real nice to have...Version: 111027

It’s goodI really like the new layout. I think it looks more polished/modern and runs smoother. I haven’t personally had any of the problems/errors so far that others have mentioned. Everything’s working as it should for me and I enjoy it. The only thing I’m not a big a fan of is the new lead tracker graphic for the games. I like that you can now scroll on it to find the specific plays but I wish that you could also just click on the graphic itself and it show a bigger graphic more similar to the old version. This version doesn’t have the grid lines with the numbers to really show how much a team is leading by. It also doesn’t say what the biggest lead was or how many lead changes and ties there were. In my opinion, it just doesn’t convey the match up between the teams as well as the old app’s “match up” tab did which is a bit disappointing since I really enjoyed viewing that tab every game. I would like to see that aspect get some improvements but overall this seems like a good app.Version: 2007.1

Horrible update - no longer an issueUpdated the app. Looking at player game stats is extremely buggy. What’s worse is when watching a game a banner will pop up on full screen showing the team names and wasting screen space. Not sure how they pushed this update through. Do the have a QA team? *** Updated app again and both are fixed. App works very well. While looking at stats it still seems like it refreshes at times. No longer the banner at the top while watching full screen on a phone. These issues were fixed quickly. Thanks.Version: 120550

Great new look but sometimes confusingI love the new look of the app, it’s modern and sleek, very big step forward! All the nba info, stats and videos you will ever need at your finger tip. I only have one frustration: I cannot figure out how to download games to watch offline, it was very easy with the old version. Not sure if the functionality is still there, I wasn’t able to find it! If it’s there it’s well hidden!!.Version: 1910.1

Apple TV - new app look 👍 - scrubbing 👎Love the new app layout but there are some key functionality issues with the Apple TV app. As of the latest version there is no scrubbing option to rapidly skip through halftime or the intro. The only forward/rewind option are tapping on the edge of the 1st generation Siri remote for 10 seconds at a time. I don’t know if this is different with the new remote as I don’t have one. There are also consistent error messages when streaming NBA TV content. Often saying stream not found..Version: 120544

Great ExperienceI don’t know why this app has so many negative reviews. I’ve been a league pass subscriber for a couple years now, and this apps new look has made it so much more user friendly (especially on the TV). Games load in smoothly, the new layout makes it easy to transition between them, and I love the fact I can choose which broadcast I want to watch. My only complaint is that while watching a game, I can’t see stats/ change games without leaving the full screen tab. This is an option that was available with the last rendition of the app, but not with this one..Version: 120544

Very coolJust download it.Version: 120401

Great app for out of market gamesGreat subscription service I often enjoy watching games on this more then on the tv with the interactive scoreboard. Only thing missing is being able to download completed games to be able to watch off of a internet connection.Version: 2002.1

GreatWhen I go onto the arrival style featured story it makes me return to the home screen.Version: 2003.1

Really Great App! Few little updates I’d put in the app.Great App! just a couple little things I’d add is a dark mode feature so if people prefer the dark mode more than the original than they can change it in settings. Also the Quarter by Quarter score in the summary I’d give that a fresh new look and last I’d have how much They won by so for eg. you click on “games” down the bottom of the app and it’s got all the scores there and it’s got the score right there just add below the scores how much they won by. But all round it’s a really great app 👍.Version: 2007.5

Good App! But there is room for improvement!Love the league app for the most part! Sometimes buggy when using the casting function but otherwise okay. Enjoying the new visual overlays (coach, player, mascot mode etc.) When will they become a permanent feature?.Version: 1904.2

NBA overlay is so annoyingI love the NBA, and I shell out for LP anyways (even though black out rules keep me from watching my Wizards on LP) because I enjoy watching. But my god, the overlay showing recent plays, substitutions and timeouts on the NBA LP stream takes up a third of my screen on my iPhone. The NBA already streams a great product, why add an unmovable overlay to it. The new app is decent, don’t have a strong opinion yet— Except the overlay!! Please allow an option to close it, or better yet get rid of it all together. I feel bad about giving 3 stars, it’s probably closer to 5, but this overlay is driving me insane. Apologies Adam Silver..Version: 2007.7

Pretty GoodIt’s a good app and I can watch my team play. But you have to watch live so you can’t watch the game from the beginning. And I would like to watch the full 90 minutes of warmup. Last thing sometimes I can’t scroll down in the box score..Version: 1910.1

One very annoying problem...I really love the recent update you gave to this app... however there are a couple of really buggy issues that need to be fixed... 1. When I try to open the app it keeps telling me this content is not available in your country or region... so I turn my VPN on to see if it changes anything and nothing changes I try for like 10 minutes straight and I’m still getting the same thing, this issue really needs to be fixed in the next update... however when I tried logging in later in the day it worked... so I’m not sure what was going on, but I think it was some bug.... anyways that was mainly it and also I was trying to purchase a league pass for Aus and I couldn’t seem to find where to buy it online... same issue ‘this content is not available in your country or region.... I hope this issue gets fixed, but overall I am very happy with the new app update!.Version: 2007.3

Really nice updateNew interface is really nice! Was a massive pain to try and find news stories, and now they’re attached with the recent results on the main page. Really nice, next stop could be to put the biggest game or the person’s favourite team as that first game that home screen wheel of games. New UI is much better, colour scheme is nice. Don’t know how it runs on slower phones but really happy with this. Good revamp..Version: 1903.1

Latest update is good but frustratingAfter using this new update for the best part of 7 weeks now, I still have issues when it comes to casting to either Google chrome cast or directly to my Samsung smart Tv. Constantly lags and I have to keep pausing/playing the stream. Doesn’t seem to happen nearly as often when the cameras are panning over the crowd or showing the halftime performance..Version: 120550

Great app, just needs a few tweaksAs a someone from the Uk who has just discovered the thrill of NBA I have to say this app is great. It’s fantastic for information on players, teams etc. As I like to watch the games when I can the hide scores feature is also fantastic as well. The app has a lot of choice on how you want to watch the games that would suit anybody. My main grievance is a lack of picking up a match where I left off, or that feature being downright broken. It either doesn’t do it, or if it does do it, it’s at a seemingly random time. Making notes of where I got up to remedies it but I’d love to see the app handle this better In future..Version: 110513

Please please FIX CAVS audio feedIn the background high pitch ringing sound makes it not watchable with sound. Therefore can’t listen to the commentators. I really hope this is fixed as I don’t enjoy watching games on mute. The sound it makes it sounds like when a wire isn’t fully plugged in and or is loose and making a high pitch ringing noise. Nothing can do as is coming from the Cavs audio feed..Version: 2007.4

NBA is the BestJust want to know more and more.Version: 120215

Missing a key feature for non US viewersUpdate: it looks like you did it guys, thank yiu for listening to us. However something weird is happening that I can’t figure out, I have my all possessions recap now on my ios device but not on my apple tv where I watch games mostly. The funny thing, if I roll back to last seasons games, I do have the recap, but not on the ongoing games (preseason). Is this a bug or what ? Anyways I’m giving it 4 stars for now until a we have a fix for this. Thanks for the efforts. Following up on my request: with the major overhaul it is crucial that you bring the all possession recap to everyone, it is unfair after claiming unifying the experience for both US and non US league pass subscribers that a must have feature is missing, this is only your will guys and if you want you can do it, if I have the right to watch a full game I think I have the right to watch any kind of game recap. Please do it. Original review: I’m not complaining about the app as long as It allows me to watch my games, however a key feature is missing for non US viewers or it is region locked: the all possessions recap !!! Please unlock this type of condensed game for everybody then I will change my rating, this is the playoffs now, how can a normal person with normal duties watch two or three 2-hours long games !.Version: 120540

Good I guessThis app is interesting and it keeps me updated with games and stats and extra features which is really cool but I feel like they could make it more fun and you could do stuff like watch games without needing to get a feature and needing to sign in which they want your password to your gmail,I am going to need to check on that with my mom. I love the NBA and I would love to be part of the fam and the stuff that I am able to do is most of the stuff on the app and it is really interesting. I am a new fan of the NBA so I think I heard in some of these reviews that there was a classic version that was a little better so maybe you could add some of the things to this version that there was in the last version.Version: 111027

Great, awesome, spectacular, app.Such a good app. I love watching the games every day. There is one thing, I’d make a setting that makes the scores not as obvious. Like if you were able to make a setting that puts the score automatically off if you didn’t watch it in the next 6-8 hours. But it is a great app. I love it..Version: 1910.1

Awesome appThis app would be an infinite out of five this is awesome warriors are going to win 2019 finals.Version: 1905.1

MAKE A WIDGET!!!Great app but make a widget.Version: 2007.2

Superb!I’m loving NBA app superb! I hope there’s a free live streaming during Finals😅..Version: 120525

Cannot see newsIt’s so annoying, you can’t see the main news about games unless you speed through, very bad service. P.S. Still a fan though.Version: 120548

I have a suggestionThe app is great in almost every way. My suggestion is that when you click on a player to look at their player profile and stats, there should be the averages of the players last 10 games. This let’s us see if the if they player is performing better or worse recently in comparison to the rest of the year. Or maybe use graphs showing how the players stats have changed over the year. Thanks.Version: 2002.1

ConvolutedFirst, get rid of the 3 second animation of the Larry O’Brien trophy every time you open the app. I just want some scores and I have to wait this darn thing out. Second, I like the home page but they only put on a select few games so you have to delve into the scores section to find more. I’d be nice if they were all there. The whole thing feels convoluted. It’s like those web graphs they’d make you do in school. Everything is just sprawling around everywhere and you have to chase it. I still give four stars because the app works and it has a lot of stuff, I just wish that trophy would go and it felt more fluid in ease..Version: 2007.7

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