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Passport Parking App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Passport Parking app received 58 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Passport Parking? Can you share your negative thoughts about passport parking?

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Passport Parking for Negative User Reviews

Does not workI downloaded this app because it was advertised as an easy way to pay on the parking meter. I quickly discovered this app is unbelievably broken and unusable… 1) it kept asking for my zone number, which I input directly from the meter 3x to ensure no mistakes, but was told the zone number doesn’t exist. I finally put in the spot number instead, which it accepted and took me to the next screen despite asking for the zone number. 2) it told me to use my finger on a slider to increase or decrease the amount of time I wanted to pay for. There was literally no slider anywhere on the screen… just blank white space. 3) it told me the time my meter would expire in MST time zone, despite me being in PST, and also literally setting my State already in the app, along with allowing the app to track my location while using it, so it should at the very least know what time zone I’m in. At the end, I’d spent 5-10 min trying to brute force my way through this fantastically crappy app with no luck, so used Apple Pay on the meter instead. A true embarrassment of an app..Version: 8.7.6

Was happy. Not anymoreI have been using this app for a long time and it was great. Until they just completed the update. I went to use the app and all my info disappeared and I keep getting a network error. Not having any change, I am going to end of with a $12 parking ticket. I am so not impressed!.Version: 8.0.23

InutileDe Floride .Ne fonctionne qu’avec une carte de crédit tirée d’une banque américaine .....Version: 7.0.3

Terribly glitchyWon’t accept my card. But Hangtag and PayByPhone app will. So your app is wrong..Version: 8.7.4

Very Misleading APPWhat this APP does for you is not much! You will find in the fine print of the Terms & Conditions a statement that says it does not reserve you a parking spot. No where else does it say that. It doesn’t find you parking! You have to know where the parking zones are. So what you get is a way to pay and a notice if your time is running out. Both can be easily done without this APP. Your phone has an alarm that you can set to notify you your time is running out. And there is a parking kiosk that you can pay at without having to put money in a meter! The developer should make it clear that you are not guaranteed a parking spot until you get there and find it yourself!! There should be a FAQ for this as well. I’m sure I was not the first person who wanted an answer to this question. They should make it clear that if you need a refund, you can’t get it through the APP!!!!! This APP is a waste of time and effort!!.Version: 7.0.3

My first and last time using this appA brutal digital experience. A few suggestions for the devs: (1) When a session is about to expire, give me the number of my last parking space and ask if I would like to extend my time in the current space instead of asking me to start over and remember the space number. (2) If I want to pay for someone’s parking after I have have paid for my own spot, don’t give me an alert that says “Invalid Number” when it’s not an invalid number, just tell me I can’t open a new session once I’ve started my first session, or let people open more than one session since you provide the option to do so. (3) Allow the users device to use geo location instead of force them to walk down the block searching for a sign that may or may not contain the arbitrary zone number assigned to the area the parking spot is located, you’ll likely have way fewer customer complaints and more completed sessions..Version: 7.0.3

No support whatsoeverWarning: be very careful when setting up your account. You ignore that little “flag” setting at your peril. I wrongly set up a US account. After I deactivated that it would not accept a Canadian amount for me. My requests for assistance were ignored. The company has nothing but a mailing list “funnel” that sends out automated replies (with fake sender names to make these “replies” look human). I guess I’ll never be able to use this app..Version: 8.1.3

😩Ça ne fonctionne pas du tout à mtl je ne peux pas payer une place ???.Version: 8.1.3

Hate with a passionI hate this app with a passion and can’t wait for a competitor with better quality control and UX design team to replace it. It gets broke when there are upgrades. It errors out with meaningless errors. And whomever is responsible for end user use cases and process flows seems can’t seem to understand is that if this app fails while you’re on your way to work … what are you supposed to do? Wait for the next train that comes after you call their useless support team to trouble shoot? Stand in a public place constantly re-entering payment information? Or take a $25 hit from a parking ticket because they can’t get it together and just don’t care?? (And, because by the time you’ve finished fighting the app you’re either already on the train or don’t have time to go back to complete the manual pay process.) How many days can you tolerate that before you abandon the train stop you’re at in favor of any other option? When this app fails, Passport Parking should reimburse for the parking ticket. Period..Version: 8.7.1

Definite scam appI was in a Richmond VA parking lot yesterday and on every poll had a sign for this app so I figured if here it must be part of the lot. It was a pay yourself at kiosk lot. I downloaded the app and setup account. It didn’t give me a lot of options and I was told to pick a zone which only gave me a single option for a zone and I was told to give the parking spot number. I finalized and at that time i was told the zone I was in was for Nebraska. So I am in VA parking in a zone in NE. I then clocked a button with a head shearing a headset assuming g that would take me to customer service and to my surprise it took me to the page showing me what I paid. I clicked through the menu and with the exception of the faq everything took me to the total paid page. In FAQ section they have listed in response to someone’s question about cancelling and they respond with letting the time run out. This is lovely. They give no option to fix or stop this. How are they allowed to have an app like this that steals money. I’m disputing today with my CC.Version: 7.0.3

Stole my $ and blamed it on meI paid for a parking session using this app. After my session was going I checked the app and realized my session didn’t appear to be active. I tried to re-pay for the parking spot but received a pop up about a lockout period for that particular spot. So I had to rush out of the building I was in and move my car. Later, I received an invoice for the spot so I contacted passport support for a refund. They told me it was my fault and that I shouldn’t have tried to pay for the spot twice. How was I supposed to know this when your app is telling me different? Then, the number they gave me to call for a refund was not a working number... Thanks to this app for ruining my morning the other day, blaming it on me, stealing my money, and wasting my time having me call out of service numbers. Get you act together passport!.Version: 7.0.3

Not user-friendlyIs in Salem Massachusetts. This is the fourth visit and I’ve never had an easy time using this app. First of all the app never fully loads. When I try to go to the website on the Internet all I get are websites that have app installed and no further information. Finally I have to log into my Dentist Wi-Fi and with your Health I’m able to do this. I dig where it is while I’m doing all this I’ll get a ticket because I’m not paid for. I think this is a lousy out My dentist is in Salem Massachusetts. I’ve been here four times and I’ve never had an easy time with this app. First of all it never fully loads and I tried various ways of going online but all I get is a website that saysmy Dentist Wi-Fi with your Health medical to do this. There has to be an easier way.Version: 8.7.6

Doesn’t work properly most daysApp doesn’t work all the time - super inconvenient if you’re relying upon it to pay for parking remotely, I’ve had 3 tickets since using this app..Version: 9.2.0

Poor App, Poorer Support (TL;DR included)This poorly worded app tells ask you “Spaces:” which I took as purchasing multiple spaces, to which I selected 1. Come to find out it correlates to the number, which makes sense. Simple misunderstanding, I go to cancel/request a refund... but you can’t. Go to the FAQ, it will tell you to use the “Contact Us” option to submit a ticket. I make one explaining the situation. I wait 5+ hours stating they can’t do anything, contrary to their own Support documentation and tell me to reach out to the operator. Nice, you want me to ask for a refund 5 hours after purchasing a parking spot? Pretty smart stuff there. TL;DR, the added fees to use the app, poor support, poor documentation, and poor UI are enough reasons for me to wait in line for a kiosk for 5 minutes..Version: 8.0.23

Wont let me payI have to erase and redo my cc every time as it doesn’t recognize it as saved card-so annoying.Version: 8.7.1

New users can not payIf your quote times out while confirming payment and you are a new user, that payment method is locked out. The system requires you to setup a new payment method when trying to pay again and will not accept the credit card you just put in because it is already saved. However, as a new user, you can not select an existing payment method and must setup a new payment. There is no other option. The quote timeout is pretty short and I locked out all my credit cards trying to pay. I am stuck with the setup new payment method as the only option while all my credit cards are already saved..Version: 8.7.0

Cannot use saved payment info, no PayPal or Apple PayThe app won’t use saved credit cards for payment. When I try to reserve a spot, the only option for paying is to set up a new payment method, and it will not allow you to input your card details if your payment method is already saved. It seems the only way to pay is to delete your credit card from your account, and then manually input the credit card number every time you want to reserve a spot. I was in a rush recently and didn’t have time to manually input my credit card info, and I ended up getting a parking ticket because of this bug. Also, I would much prefer if the app had the option to use PayPal and/or Apple Pay rather than having to give out my credit card information directly..Version: 8.7.1

Still got parking ticketI paid for my parking via this app and still received a parking ticket during my paid time. I entered all info correctly and paid he parking appropriately. It was a regular space with no restrictions. Now I have an outstanding parking ticket that neither this app nor the city care to rectify even though I have proof of valid payment at the time of the citation. So now I have to go through the lengthy process of contesting it with the city. The app is no help in this regard and does not give you an option to report such matters. In the fine print it also tells you it is not responsible for any tickets you receive even if the app is functioning properly and says you paid LOL. Maybe don’t release this app unless you’ve actually worked the system out with parking enforcement beforehand?.Version: 7.0.3

Please make zones smallerThere are 2 problems I would love it you could fix, one, in Cambridge MA the zones are huge. On street cleaning days I have to park in metered parking. With quarters I could move my car from one block to the next for 2 hours at a time. The passport zone stretches so many blocks and doesn’t let me park twice in that zone. Very frustrating. Two, the other day the app wouldn’t let me pay for parking saying “zone unavailable” when I was parking first time in a spot in that zone with no signs saying I couldn’t. I like the convenience of using an app instead of quarters, but I would love if you could make parking zones a bit smaller. Thank you!.Version: 8.7.1

Customer services is a fraudThe App works fine but mind you, if you make a mistake or have any issue, dont expect their customer service to be of any help! They first “hide” the “contact us” button pretty well so it is not easy to find it. Once you find it, under FAQ, it seems a robot answers your request. If you try again because you cannot resolve it, they take forever if ever to respond! They know the amounts you claim will not be worth a day of complaining and trying to get answers so I guess they use this strategy of not resolving reported issues as just another good and strong revenue stream! This should not be lermitted by law, it is sheer theft and fraud and the cities using this service should know about it!.Version: 8.3.0

It’s ok but I got a ticket when I used the appI assumed he made a mistake but then I got another one in the mail and they wouldn’t do anything about it.Version: 8.7.1

Latest update steals wallet balancesThe latest update of this app doesn’t use Facebook SSO so I had to start a new account meaning my old wallet balance is stuck in my old account which is inaccessible. So I guess you just were going to steal all those balances from your FB signon users? What’s the plan? As of now my money, though just a couple dollars is inaccessible to me and you didn’t migrate my payment or car info either so their is no way to manage my active credit card accounts with you either. I should file a complaint with the CFPB and the FTC. If you’re going to take users money you have to be way more responsible with updates and account continuity. Also, don’t lose features when you update!.Version: 8.0.30

Never worksPay with the app and still get tickets. The parking enforcement says they aren’t able to see payment so I have to waste my time and get someone to call me and have to send in my receipts to get it reversed. Not worth it. Pay at the meter..Version: 8.7.1

Thanks for stealing even more of my moneyI can’t believe a .15 cent fee is charged for paying for parking. I give $30 a week to park and then in order to be able to do it from my phone I have to pay more?? Get with the times. Ridiculous.Version: 7.0.3

Convenient yet inconvenientMake no mistake, the parking authorities are the true "users" of this app. It is not designed with the parking customer in mind. The app is convenient in that it allows you to pay for a longer period than a meter will allow. However, the app is prone to failure - declaring that a particular zone is unavailable despite obvious free spaces - and provides no helpful information or recourse in such cases. One such case is parking earlier than payment is required. I parked at 7:55am and had to sit in my car for 5 minutes, waiting for the app to allow me to pay. (Payment is only required 8am - 6pm). It did not, of course, inform me why the zone was unavailable or allow me to go ahead and pay..Version: 8.0.35

Where’s the auto-renew?So this thing takes our money, then charges a ‘convenience fee’ EACH time you ‘start a new session’(which means if you renew your time) Ridiculous!.Version: 8.7.1

Not very goodShould take lessons from Timmins hortons app. Takes far too much time and trouble to complete..Version: 6.1.3

UselessCan’t get this to work for Canada cell phone. Useless..Version: 8.1.3

Unexplained ChargesMy last bank statement showed two charges from Passport for $74 and $86 dollars respectively. I have exchanged email with Passport over nearly two weeks and with two different customer service (I use that term guardedly) representatives. Neither can tell me anything about the charges other than that they are “probably” parking tickets, but that they cannot “locate the source of the charges in their system.” So, they’ve collected $160 dollars, cannot explain why or for whom they did so, and they have now simply said it isn’t their problem. I’ve had no tickets placed on the car I use Passport in conjunction with, I received no notice from any town that they ticketed the car, so the money has apparently vanished into the Passport bank account. Anyone thinking of using this app ought to ask him or herself what stops Passport from randomly and without any cause adding charges to accounts given this approach. And, if charges ever did result from a ticket, how a user would know they have been paid, when Passport cannot trace money they have collected, but about which they have no further information..Version: 7.0.3

Warning: no Apple Pay or Apple wallet support because...reasons?In this day and age, if an app cannot use my Apple wallet or Apple Pay or charge me through iTunes, I argue that the app is extremely dated. After all, I can go to almost any store or restaurant and pay using Apple Pay, all my apps that don’t charge through iTunes charge through Apple Pay, in short, you can use the Apple Pay platform most places. Thus, when an app doesn’t access my wallet or use Apple Pay, it appears dated and stuck in the past. Much of the convenience of the app (install and quickly pay) is negated by this over sight. This is one such app. Considering I ran out the door without my credit card and needed to catch a train, it was far less than convenient and, in my opinion, an app whose purpose (convenience to the consumer in order to increase compliance) is negated..Version: 7.0.3

Works but at a priceEvery town charge their own “convenience fee” 35cents on top of what it cost for parking and every transaction you get hit. Even to add time ! I think we pay enough asit is. Also the timer starts as soon as you open the app. So you havent paid yet and the clock is already ticking . My forst time took me 5 minutes to figure it out then realized i needed to add time as i wasted most of it figuring it out well guess what i paid both tomes the 35 cents.Version: 7.0.3

Didn't workSecond time using this and it didn't work. We definitely had the correct meter number (and the correct app). Stood there for 3 minutes in the freezing weather waiting and waiting for the meter to update but never did. Had to dig out coins for the meter. Can't see myself trusting this app in the future. This time, I'm only out $1.15 but what if it was more. No thanks..Version: 8.3.0

Horrible UpdateThe new update is total garbage. Dont download unless you absolutely need to. Just pay at the machine/meter. Interface so brutal for nothing. Also it makes no sense that you cant pay in advance.Version: 8.1.3

IMPORTANT!!I got this app two months ago. Used it for a two dollar parking and then never used it again. Two weeks later I found two separate charges of 27.7$/each on my Bank of America account(this is the one that I linked to the app) under the Passport Parking app name. I disputed each of them and got my money back. Afterwards I changed the primary account to a Citi Bank card. Today I went over the statement and I found yet another two charges of the same amount + a third one of 67$ finalized on 4th of June. I mention that I never used the app again since the initial issues. Now, I suggest developers to look into this as soon as possible and EVERYONE that already uses it to check their bank statements from the time they first got the app. The charges that show up on the bank statements aren’t listed in the app under the “Parker History”.Version: 7.0.3

Broken app icon badge and account login!!!Ever since the last update, this app icon has been stuck with an angry red badge “1”. I’ve searched through every section of the app to find whatever notification is apparently pending, but there’s nothing in there. I even tried removing the app from my phone entirely and then reinstalling. Same issue. But now it’s even worse because I lost my parking history. I guess the account login feature is also broken because it seems as if it created a new account even though I used my same email address. I like the new UI as it looks much cleaner. But none of that matters if the underlying app is broken. Will be waiting until the next update fixes this!.Version: 8.0.23

Rip offEvery time I add time I lose 10 minutes every time.Version: 8.7.1

Charge increase as I hit the payment button and other issues.The rate was shown, as usual, every time I use the app for the same meters and the same time zone. I hit the complete payment option and the amount jumped by 50% percent. I reached out to support multiple times, sent screen shots and confirmation as per their request. The last response I received was a query on how often this has happened. Since then, there has been no follow up. The latest update has been terrible in general. Aside from the random price jump, there is an up-charge for using an all day zone: if you park for 3 hours and come back 6 hours later to park in the same zone, there’s no reset, no lag time, if you have to pay extra to park in that zone again. I recommend carrying change and avoid using this app. ———————-UPDATE——————— There has been a request for me to update my review since I wrote the above and to email them for support. Went through that process again, with no actual support. Just a runaround and told to call 311 because they can’t help me at this time..Version: 8.1.0

Option to cancel/end session earlyThere was a recent update in which they removed the option to end a parking session early. The faq now claims that “there is no reason to end a session,” but there is. What if I need to park but don’t know how long I will need, and I won’t have access to my phone to “extend” the parking period. This option was really important to me, and it’s just a scummy move, since I now have to pay more for each session since I have to give an estimate of how long I will be there, which is always slightly more than I need so that I don’t get ticketed. The app itself isn’t that great, it’s often slow and sometimes freezes, but it was bearable. Without the option to end sessions early I’m debating whether I will continue using this app at all..Version: 7.0.3

App does not work in MontrealApp was updated for Montreal and it did not work for parking defined by letters and numbers ex: rd271.Version: 7.0.3

Got a parking ticket even tho I paid with appDid get a parking ticket even tho I paid $7 to park.Version: 8.0.34

AnnoyingHalf the time the payment doesn’t process and would it really be so difficult to include a GPS feature to select the zone you’re in??.Version: 8.7.1

I’m in Michigan. It parked me in Rhode Island.The part where it asked me for my zone, then my parking space was confusing and not clear enough at all. I’m in UX—this app does a bad job with clarity and keeping the user informed via feedback to their actions. I had no idea I was paying for a spot in Rhode Island until it was done. When I went to the icon with the headset in the upper right corner, I assumed, rightly so, that it would take me to Help or Contact. It merely let me know I’d paid. What? That makes no sense. I checked the sidebar, the same icon was there. I clicked it. It took me to a page with 2 options: an FAQ, and sending a bug report. The FAQ said to contact support for wrong parking spaces. There was no indication where this support was. I scoured the app—no phone number, no email, no chat support, nothing. No way to talk to a human. I ended up sending a bug report, which is ridiculous. I’m now paying for a spot in Providence, Rhode Island, which, by the way, auto-set the duration for me, so I didn’t even get a screen asking me how long I’d like to park. Just: would you like to park? Yes? Okay the time has been set and you’ve already paid now. Thanks..Version: 7.0.3

PATHETIC SCAMSince I’m in college, I got the bundle to save money for parking. For some reason, they still charge extra for using their app. In reality, you pay waaay more for parking if you use this joke of an app. I tried to pay for parking through this today, and it suddenly wouldn’t work! Kept telling me it’s my “network connectivity” when I had full bars for wifi and strong LTE. Tried to delete and install again, also tried online. Both ways were unaccessible!!!! So I had to run a couple miles back to where I parked, and because of this stupid app, I got fined!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I’m out $20! Customer service is pathetic and nonexistent. This company is a scam. Don’t pay through them if ya’ll care about saving your hard earned money!.Version: 7.0.3

Generally good but with an annoying time bugThe app works for me, mostly does what it says it will do, and is certainly easier than carrying around a lot of quarters. It does come with one annoying bug that the company is refusing to acknowledge: no matter how quickly you enter the information, you will never get the full amount of time on the timer. I understand their rationale for knocking off a few seconds (you pay from the time you start deciding how long to stay), although I don’t like it, but frequently, including twice in the last two days, I have been given a full minute less time than I paid for. Either that, or the timer has been incorrect. One way or another, there is a bug that I have been unable to convince the company exists..Version: 8.0.32

Not the bestNot like the other parking app, this app only allows you pay hourly. If I can I’ll avoid using it in the future. Nowadays even the meter beside the street can let you pay minutely. Why an app can’t? Beside this app charges more..Version: 9.2.0

App to scam $This app is designed to scam customers for the first time use, at least. Why would it default to a 8 hours Max to scam $25? Why can't it leave it as 0 hour and force users to select the hours? What is the purpose of having the "Max 8 hours" button twice as big compare to "Stay" button? And why "Stay"? Can it be like "Select Hours"? If it is not intended to scam and what is the purpose? I parked 1 hour and had to pay 8 hours. Even I called the service right at the parking spot and no refund and no justice served. The guy said that how the app worked. You booked you're death. I thought max is 8 hours so you start your time and end your time and pay the duration when your done, just like you regularly park anywhere. I'm an app developer guy and got trapped, think about old folks with no tech skills. Change your app with my free consultation. May others forgive your sin???!!! It is not the $25, it is the feeling of being scammed..Version: 7.0.3

Not greatNot sure what a good review will do because you have to use the parking app to pay for the parking. However unlike other parking apps it doesn’t give you a location and the park till time thing is hard to use it’s not easy just to put in when you want to finish parking. There are definitely better parking apps out there.Version: 8.7.1

Dated and badly in need to updatingThe app is showing its age. While once upon a time it was acceptable not to build-in location awareness, CarPlay functionality, or even calendar based reminders for folks who have commuter schedules the lack of these things are more painfully evident everytime it costs me money with a missed parking fee, slows me down fumbling with my phone when my CarPlay vehicle should have the app, or I have to dig out the snow from physical signage to determine zone that GPS would know... No doubt the sales team that got municipalities to adopt this app does not worry too much that a competitor with a better app will displace them but maybe the developers should just make the improvements out of pride or a desire to leave for greener pastures on a high note....Version: 7.0.3

Space number?You can’t find the parking space number unless you email yourself a receipt after your session ends. So if you can’t remember where you parked - which happens to me sometimes because I park at meters A LOT - you’re screwed! Also, if you accidentally don’t extend and it runs out, you won’t know your space number to start a new session. How stupid is that?! I also think the scrolling $ charge is harder to use. It would be easier to just tap 15 minute intervals. Also, a “snooze” option would be nice when you get the notification that you’re running out. Sometimes I’m in a meeting and don’t want to stop to extend. Just give me a couple minutes!.Version: 8.0.23

Hamilton OntarioI think Hamilton can shut the app down so the can still ticket you.Version: 9.2.0

Still not fixed!It’s been months and months of bad reviews telling you that the app just freezes on opening and requires being deleted and reinstalled to work every single time! You’ve done nothing to fix it! It’s less work to pay at the machine! It’s really inexcusable that it’s still doing this. I had an iPhone 6S and just got a brand new iPhone X and it’s the same thing on both. My brother is an app developer working for a large national company and he would lose his job if he ever put out such a shabby product without a fix for many months. Update: THEY STILL HAVEN’T GOTTEN OFF THEIR LAZY BUTTS TO FIX THE APP. CONTACT YOUR CITY AND ASK THEM TO FIND SOMEONE ELSE TO HANDLE THEIR METERS. OTHER COMPANIES DO A BETTER JOB. Update: No change at all despite knowing of the issues for over a year. I still have to delete and reinstall the app every time I use it unless I’ve used it very recently..Version: 7.0.3

Great revenue generator for the CityAllows Bylaw to monitor your parking down to the second and ticket you as soon as they can. 1 minute over = 25$ parking ticket (and I bet it took an minute to write the ticket).Version: 9.2.0

Bit annoyedApp works great very easy to use but annoyed that it charges an additional fee each time you use it. Don’t think I’ll use it again.Version: 9.2.0

BuggyDoes not accept credit cards and adds a convenience fee at the end they don’t tell you about. Other parking apps are better..Version: 8.7.6

Convenience fee? seriously?The convenience fee should be covered by government or business for whom you provide the service, not customers! it is parking lot owner who benefit from modern payment system. they save money on support and on maintenance of those old coin driven meters. the fact the you charging customers a fee, tells me that you are just a middle-men schmuck, who was able to make a let-us-add-another-payment-option-to-your-parking-lot-for-free deal. it is much easier to get in bed with whoever when your plan is to tax their customers, is not it? but guess what? i am not doing this and your app is going straight to the garbage bin..Version: 8.0.35

You still can be cited!I use the app for the Pasadena, ca area. It seems like it’s a faster way, until you are cited for not having a receipt displayed on the dash. I contacted Passport Parking twice and they said I had to contact the issuing agency that cited me and there was nothing else they can do. Shouldn’t Passport and the city have a way of communicating with each other to take care of the problem immediately. If I call Passport they look it up and tell the city to dismiss it for us. Their moto is stress free parking. I don’t think so, when you know you can be cited. I had to file a protest with the city to review. After two weeks the $55 cited was dismissed. I will not take the chance again using Passport Parking and waste my time fight another cite. Just walk to the parking box get a receipt and be guaranteed no cite!.Version: 8.1.3

Has personally costs me over 50$ in fines by not working this week alone.I have a brand new iPhone 8 and this app has not been able to load once within the last month. I have tried all possibly fixes on my end (restarting my phone, making sure the app is up to date) and it still just won’t load.I will always use change if necessary from the constant spotty issues it has. When forced to park in an app only parking spot I basically have to park knowing I’ll accrue a fine. I’ve waited around to mention it to a meter maid and they seem to just say “yea lots of people are having problems with it.” But if you’re not there to tell them your problem you’ll just receive a ticket. If I’m being forced to use this stupid app please at least fix it to make sure it’s doing it’s only job because currently it doesn’t..Version: 7.0.3

Rip offHow does this app get a 4.6 rating? Most of the recent reviews are terrible. Parking apps are the biggest scam of the cellphone age. Used to be I would welcome having an app to manage a mundane process such as paying for parking, but now, every time you park somewhere, instead of dropping a few quarters into the meter, you have to download an app, put in all your personal info including license plate and credit card then get charged a .$50 “convenience” fee to cover a $2 parking charge. And lest you think you’ll take your chances on just letting it ride, it seems they spend most of the profit on large threatening signs with warnings about your car being towed and impounded. These companies are parasites..Version: 7.0.3

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