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Outstanding Investment and Banking PlatformI moved my money over to Ally because I liked the ability to easily create additional checking and savings custodian accounts for my kids all manageable from one place. Each with their own debit cards and free checks! + Found a really neat savings feature called buckets to help save for specific goals. Noticed they offered an integrated investment platform and so I opened one just to test the waters. This ended up being one of my favorite features. My money is transferable from any Ally checking or savings accounts IMMEDIATELY (as in only seconds to process) great if a last minute opportunity develops. The platform has been 100% responsive and reliable executing trades of both stocks and options. They allow you to sell short or buy long, and offer a good research platform. There are API integration features to enable other custom platforms and rich detailed market data. Best of all great 24/7 customer support that is both responsive and provided by real humans. Have an issue and they have your back, it exceeded my expectations by far when compared to other banks and trading platforms. Oh yeah as another big plus 9 times out of 10 they have the highest interest rates available out there on the savings accounts! While none of us are planing to get rich on interest it’s nice to have my cash value savings keep up with inflation, and get that nice compound interest as it sits safely. A+ 5 star from me.Version: 6.16.0

Update Required pop ups affect app usabilityThe Ally app is in the top 25% of financial related apps I’ve used. Over the years, it has gotten consistently better, particularly since they moved ATM finder back into the app (instead of requiring a separate download). I do have a few complaints, though. I work for a communications company that has an app in the App Store. Sometimes, due to non backwards-compatible API changes, we need to force users to update to the latest version of the app in the App Store. But, we generally do this sparingly, with great regard for the annoyance it causes users. And when possible, we support the past few versions of our app instead of only the latest release. Ally has released 5 updates in the past few weeks (good!) but forces only the absolute latest version on users (bad!) if you open a version that was released only a day ago, you can’t use the app until you go to the App Store and update. On top of that, it seems like Ally Bank is using the Staged 7-day releases feature of App Store Connect, which doesn’t auto-update the app for the majority of users until a week after the update goes live in the App Store. The end result is a massive pain as the daily use case/experience. It would be great if the “update required” feature could be used more sparingly (maybe support the last 2-3 versions instead of just the latest?) but if that’s not an option, consider turning off the Staged Rollout feature..Version: 6.13.1

Please make an Okay option after update screenI have an iPhone 6, iOS 12. My phone won't upgrade to 13, and I don't plan on changing phones anytime soon. I recently switched to Ally Bank and downloaded the app, which says it requires iOS 13, but that there was an older version available that I could download. I downloaded it, set it up with my credentials, blah blah and closed it out. The next time I opened it, it says to update. No 'Okay' or 'Cancel' button. No 'X'. Uninstalled and reinstalled and same thing. Which ultimately means I can't access the app. I understand that there are features and fixes in the iOS 13 version that aren't in older versions, but I'm sure Ally has a lot of customers who haven't upgraded their software for whatever reason, and personally, it would be extremely helpful if there was an option to close the dialog box so that the app is accessible for older devices. Thank you for coming to my TedTalk lol.Version: 21.07.1

Great but could be betterI truly enjoy banking with Ally Bank. I’ve been a customer for almost 10 years. The mobile app has come a long way. I’m definitely enjoying the new feature but there’s always room for improvement. Most banking apps include a budgeting feature. I think it’s time for Ally to implement a budgeting feature in their app. I’ve been using 3rd party apps to keep my budget in check, but it would be much more convenient to do this right inside the Ally app. The buckets feature is okay but could be improved. I like the idea of “cash envelope system” and the buckets feature is a sort of digital version of this. I do think we should be allowed to create as many buckets as we like. I also which we could create buckets in our checking accounts. You should also be able to allocated fixed amounts rather than just percentages. If these things are fixed, you’ll get that 5th star from me. Keep up the great work Ally bank!.Version: 6.16.3

Love them to bank and invest!I’ve been saving online with Ally for a couple years now - using them for a savings account was a no brainer. But I DID use the ole brain to decide who to go with for my first foray into the stock market. I read up on best apps for beginners, pros and cons of several different platforms, etc, and decided to go with Ally - ultimately the fact that I already banked with them gave an extra ‘pro’ to them on the list, in addition to charging NO commission and NO trading fees, which seemed basically unheard of on most other apps I looked into. I’ve had my investment account open for most of this month and it’s been a really easy, unscary process (as Unscary as the stock market can be, anyway.) I used them to buy a handful of specific stocks I decided on after tracking those stocks for a year and researching them, and I plan to use this account to grow my money towards retirement, investing a modest amount each year (not to actively trade, and not to quickly grow funds that I then want to immediately use). So my experience based on that goal has been really great!.Version: 6.15.1

App issueI have had to call into the bank three times in two days. This bank has done some kind of update to there app and it tells me two out of three times that I’m not enrolled into there Face ID or passcode. They told me it’s a error or glitch with the biometrics of the app but I have to delete the app and reinstall it. I have no idea if this will help. I’m going to find some other bank now to do business with. It would also seem the customer service people really don’t know either what’s going on and no one like even a manager has got back to me. Ally bank was good years ago I don’t know what there trying to accomplish but it’s going the opposite direction. This problem with the biometric the lady told me has affected some 7,000 accounts. I hope they fix this because it will lead to customer’s leaving. Not cool..Version: 21.09.0

Works Reliably WellThe bank, its app, and the employees are all spectacular; Ally is my favored financial institution in a time when most others might better be termed as adversaries! While it seems clear that many of the negative reviews are fake and from competitors, I will say that I had a negative experience with the robot investment account. It was neither transparent, straightforward, accessible nor easily managed, but a real pain. And the interface still tries to show me the account two years later resulting in a constant error upon login. Still, many things would have to happen before I switched from their banking side. Thanks for being there for me all those years ago when the national branched banks weren’t!.Version: 22.07.2

Nearly PerfectAlly Bank is absolutely a 5 star bank (products, rates, customer service, etc). The app is very nearly 5 stars (so I rounded up). It has all of the features one would want in a bank app and has proven to be reliable. I had previously given the app a lower rating because the debit card controls were in a different app, but Ally took that feedback and moved those into this app. What a wonderful upgrade! About the only thing I would change in the app now is the Snapshot page. It is so annoying to me that I have to see an ad on this screen every time I open the app. It seems that the Explore section is sufficient advertising in the app (I am already a customer after all). If the Snapshot screen got a little polish and had the ads removed this app would be perfect. Keep up the good work!.Version: 22.02.0

Great Bank But New Features Hurt App UXExcellent bank overall but the last few updates have hurt the user experience on the mobile app. The new analyze feature is nice but gets in the way most of the time when checking my balances and transactions. I used to be able to tap on an account then get my transaction information immediately. Now I tap on an account, then get to wait a second or two for the analyze element to load. And to add to the annoyance, what I wanted to see is pushed off the screen. Allow the user to disable the new feature to speed up navigation of the app or put the analyze feature in its own section. Don’t force the user to have to move through it every time. I realize that you want to advertise your services to your users but this is the digital equivalent of putting the milk in the back of the store and it is annoying..Version: 6.15.1

Good but disappointed no use with VPNOverall I’m satisfied with Ally and the app. I still wish it was easier to see pending transactions and I randomly (at least to me) have transactions declined while at the store but I get a text now that I can tell them to accept the charge whereas in the past I would have to step out of line and call them. However, what I am most upset about is the fact that I can’t use the app with the VPN on, on my phone. I couldn’t login to the app for days and didn’t know why until I came to the app looking for an update and saw someone had commented on the VPN issue. When I contacted Ally about it I was told they value security (ironic) and such as don’t allow certain internet protocols and if I could still login online I would be fine. Well, apparently I can’t login online either unless I turn of my VPN for that too. This is highly inconvenient, especially when I don’t have this issue with my other banking apps..Version: 6.21.0

Great Job, one request.The app works as expected and as it should. There's no menu at the top of the window, which is fine, because at the bottom you have Icons for links to the only 4 options available. My problem is, even though I wear contacts, that give me perfect vision, the menu icons, and especially the text under those icons is so faint with the light gray font color, that I can't read it. I've changed the screen brightness, nope... I've increased the phone text size, nope... The handicap setting on my iPhone didn't help either. Once you've made a selection, the icon darkens making it readable. So, I'm only half blind! Would you consider darkening that light font color, and then change color to show which page you're on? Thanks, it works fabulous otherwise..Version: 6.16.3

Best Bank thus farI’ve been with Ally for several years now. I have a checking and savings account with them. Even when I couldn’t find a bank to finance my car loan, Ally was the only one to trust me with a car loan. I paid off that car with no issues from Ally. I would recommend Ally to everyone that I know. I realized recently how great they are. I had not used my account for over a year, probably a year and a half. So, when I called them the other day, to my surprise, my account was still open and ready to use! Amazing!!! And their live customer support is the best! I’m seeing negative comments here, but why would you use a bank for stock investments? Maybe if you are having issues with Ally’s investment program, try using companies that focus just on that, and come back to Ally once they have mastered that option. It seems that their stock investment program may need some updating, but don’t write them off just because you’ve had issues. Ally is still a great bank option..Version: 6.7.1

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