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Helped me build credit!I started out with a 300 line of credit. I have had the card for about 18 months. I haven’t asked for an increase yet because it just never came to mind. However, I logged in to make a payment recently and they said I was approved for another one of their credit cards that had much better rates and benefits like cash back, etc with a $500 starting line with options to increase in time. I think I will see about also asking for the line increase on my current card. Overall, having this card helped my credit score go up gradually with every payment made. I usually pay off my balance every month. If for some reason I can, I try to pay at least 70% right before my monthly balance gets reported to the bureau’s. That’s how my credit goes up. I’d recommend to anyone wanting to build credit..Version: 22.10.0

No Auto Pay!!!The updated app is fine WHEN IT’S WORKING! It’s always down ....sometimes for days which is annoying severely especially when you’re trying to make payments. The other thing is they don’t allow you to schedule payments to be deducted at a future date. Every cc I have allows auto payments and future payments except Credit One. I’ve been late on my payment once because when I tried to make s payment the app wasn’t working for almost a week!. By the time the app was back up and running I had forgotten and my payment was pas due! If they would offer auto payments I would have been fine. I would close both of these cards if it wouldn’t negatively affect my scores. When I applied for these cards years ago I had only 2 other cards totaling $2k limit I now have over $100k in limits. I really don’t need the headaches that come with these 2 C1 cards. Low limits, high interest, NO AUTO PAY!!!!(get with the times!!), no future dated scheduled payments, terrible customer service. There’s just more headaches than benefits..Version: 2.4

Great app!I enjoy having an app on my phone to be able to pay my card through. It sure beats writing a check and paying for stamps just to send a payment. And, with criminals now using some sticky substance, to catch your mail, when you drop it in the corner mailbox. As for some reviews, that I've read about them complaining about the time it takes to show that it has posted to their account. I say, maybe, do as I do, and pay online and have a log book to log your monthly payments into each month. My only gripe is that I've been on time 100% since I've opened this account, but I've never received a drop in my interest rate. I have received a credit limit increase, but still to this day, I've not received an APR reduction. Other than that, I'm a very happy customer. But, if I was Credit One, I would lower interest rates for clients that have such a stellar on time percentage! Which with me, that's 100%. Keep up the great app Credit one, it's quite handy!.Version: 1.18

Credit One AppFairly easy to use- quick and easy. I however find one fault- making a payment utilizing your express payment truly makes no difference in when my credit becomes available. Why would I pay nearly $10 for such a service? The funds are deducted from my account the very next business day- why would I need to wait an additional 10 days for that amount to be available to me when I have a very good payment history? It has made me utilize my other cards more frequently. I understand interest is how you make revenue along with fees - I tend to pay my cc off prior to getting a statement and then possibly get an interest charge of 6 or 7 dollars - I pay it right away so as someone who values your discounts etc I would prefer to have that access when you receive your $. Also speaking with a customer service rep is nearly impossible and not highly recommended . The app is the way to go!.Version: 2.25

Can not add to payment amountJust know that if you make a payment using mobile app that you can not go in to make an additional payment on your account until after 72 hours.... like I made a payment last month and processed the payment, then realized that I had some extra cash and wanted to make another payment and I got an error message saying can not process another payment for 72 hours!😳 so make sure you pay the amount you intend the first time. Also My payments are due on the 12Th of each month, but I often pay ahead of the due date because it lessens the interest. So I went in the app to make a payment on a Saturday the 9th ( three days before) at 5:20 pm and the post date for my payment stated the 10th, so I’m a little curious why wouldn’t my payment post the same day I clicked to pay. ( it’s not like it was after 8:00 p.m. Otherwise the app is okay but I’ve seen better!.Version: 2.13

Credit line increaseThey were to give me a $5000 credit line increase on the two visa and MasterCard that I possess from the bank so until they got that done they waved all the fees on the account now they started charging me fees again which is costing me $20 a month to have the cards they were supposed to upgrade the cards in supposed to give a credit line increase as they have done either and now we’re back to charging me for having their cars I wish the credit one would wake up and do what they say they were supposed to do it’s been five months they waive the fees for five months they were supposed to do the credit line increase to $5000 for each card and waive all the fees so I have a new fee card this was never done Every time I login to see my offers they have nothing for me I am in the ED don’t even have the credit score is not even correct so I wish somebody that owns the company can call me and rectify all these problems like they said they were going to do and it has never happened my phone number they have on file and can give me a call!.Version: 2.30.1

Express payment not accurate!I’ve made payments to my account regularly, often paying off the balance each month, before incurring financing fees. Tonight I tried to schedule an express payment for the last statement balance and the system asked for the last 4 digits of my SSN. Now, mind you this hasn’t changed in the 57 years I’ve been alive. And by the way, Credit One reports to my credit bureau correctly every month (with the SSN on file!). So how the heck can you tell me the last 4 digits of my SSN provided aren’t correct?? That just seems like a way to charge me interest when it shouldn’t be the case! I’m upset. I went ahead and scheduled a regular payment, which of course the system says will take up to 7 days to update my balance (WHY? The payment will be deducted from my bank account within 2 days!). Please help me understand what’s wrong with your automated system?.Version: 22.05.0

Kurk. TexasTo whom this may concern: If you are considering putting in a credit application with Credit One Bank rest assured you will not regret it. Maybe you want to spread out your credit, or want to ‘REBUILD’ credit. This is the right place to be. I hit a few pot holes 🕳 in the road (not bumps / potholes) When I opened my account I scored mid to low 500’s on the credit score scale. EVERY month I watched my score go up 🆙 & ⬆️. As my score climbed my amount of monthly credit did as well. Please note 📝 I did everything I could to pay my balance on time & in full. NO!! I did not always pay my full balance every single month but a payment was made every month. Even then I tried to pay more than the monthly minimum. Ohh 😮. Yes I now have a credit score above 700 !!!!! This truly has been a blessing for me. I trusted Credit One Bank & I don’t regret it. I believe you can trust them too. Only you can decide if this is for you. I wish you good fortune in your journey. Respectfully, From Texas, Kurk Disclaimer : I have ‘Not’ been compensated in anyway for my participation in giving my experience with Credit One Bank. Kurk..Version: 3.4

Robyn Terry PNBesides the interest rate being too high, and I have never missed a payment on any of my accounts in over two years, this is not my favorite card. Not because the interest rate really, it’s puzzling to me why a standard payment online takes one week to show up on my account. I do not understand why, unless using the express payment makes them some extra money. Which it does because I have used it twice and the charge is over 5$ but less then 10$. The card was available when I needed it so I give it some credit. And I did get money returned to me immediately when a hotel double billed me. So that’s why I give them 4 stars and not 5. I have been ill for 10 days and I just made my first late payment on any of my credit cards in over two years! I was charged 25$. I will call and try and see if they will reimburse me the $25 since I was seriously ill and unable to do anything. I am disabled and am alerted on my phone so I won’t be late. When ill, I thought I had made my payment. I was on Med and very confused. So, unfortunately it was partly my fault. If you need a card and your credit rating is not the best but at least over 450, you might get this card. Thanks.Version: 2.1.0

GREAT option for credit-challenged peopleI've read reviews about poor customer service, lack of contact, etc...I've had nothing but a great experience! I've been a Credit One customer for a couple of years now and LOVE them. They gave me my first unsecured card with a $500 limit when no one else would--everyone else wanted a secured account equal to my credit line. Since then I've increased the limit on that card to $1,000 and gotten a second "platinum" card with them. I use them both and try to pay them both off each month, building my credit a little at a time--I didn't get bad credit overnight and there's no magic way to make bad credit go away overnight. I monitor my account through the phone app, make payments there...and when I need to talk to a live rep I've never had an issue. Yes, they're overseas--but polite and always willing to work with me if I need something, including waiving fees when there's a good reason. I HIGHLY recommend Credit One...and being responsible to rebuild your credit. Use your card a little, pay it off each month, build up your score a little each month. If you can't make a payment on time or something goes wrong, communication is key..Version: 2.34

I’m second guessingMy decision to get this card after reading far more negative reviews about ..payments …the app ..customer service…being straight lied to by reps and still being charged….than I am good reviews…. With that being said I all ready have an issue bc when talking to a rep about why I haven’t received the card after all most 15 days ..only thing they could say was their having a shipping issues (ok maybe) but then the rep told me that I all ready have a 81$ balance on the card that will be due Jan 18th …So i laughed and ask ..wait I haven’t even got the card and I’ve got a balance all ready …of course he said I’m sorry about the inconvenience many times but could not tell me when I would receive the card …So I asked. …so I’ll probably get the card when it’s time to pay the bill huh? Do you know he said YES!!! Like in January!!!.. I got approved for this card in early November…. I appreciate the card whenever I receive it ..but I think I should have read these reviews before I signed up to get the card And by reading some credit reviews I hope this card won’t lower my credit score like I’ve read it has done to other customers. I will only use this card for gas and no!!more!! bc I don’t want to end up giving Credit One another bad review! I will give you 4 stars for now only bc the rep couldn’t tell me when I would receive the card but knew very exactly that i have a balance and the exact date it’s due …Will see how it goes ..Version: 22.12.0

Thank you CreditOne!I am posting this review for two reasons - First to say a big THANK YOU to the folks at CreditOne for their awesome service and liberal credit policies. In as little as 3 months I was awarded a large credit line increase simply for paying my bills on time and being responsible with the credit they graciously allowed me! I was ecstatic to learn of this increase at such a time as this when there is so much uncertainty in the world and I actually needed the credit as I had recently almost maxed out my available credit to provide for any quarantine. Secondly, I have noticed plenty of negative reviews about this company, yet the ONLY negative that I have experienced was not being able to pay my bill more than four times within 30 days. However, this is understandable, as they are in the business to allow some interest to accrue on the account. It’s simply good business sense. Kudos to you CreditOne for helping me to build my credit future!.Version: 2.27

CREDIT ONEThe payment are reasonable the only reason I gave 4 stars is because the yearly fee are high didn’t expect that and once you activate the card you have to pay it no matter what, so once you activate the card you sign the agreement and when I order you the card they said pick the one you want they didn’t say that they were going charge me for the pink one, maybe it was a miss understanding, or I did not read it correctly but whatever the reason, I should of paid more attention, but over with all it’s a little EMERENGCY CARD, for whatever may come up, I did buy a pair of shoes for my daughter and it seem like I’ve been paying the price double so be careful what you get Your self into read read read all the rules for this card, The app is easy to use it’s easy to understand easy to pay you bill and you can split the bill in half if your payment are 25. The. You can pay 15. And then the other 10 later on in the month but everything has to be on time because they do report to major credit bureau and cc company’s..... it help build my credit scores so thanks for that. Sincerely,. Miss Maria,B.Version: 2.23

Credit one appWe folks , it’s simple,painless,easy, and just downright tickles me silly over the fact that a child could do this simple process. I love that it’s so easy to navigate . I’m not much of a computer person and worry that I could make a mistake and it hurt my personal information or finances. But the process is simple and very understandable that if you double check before you submit your final payment options you will be fine ( it tells you to review your payment options before submitting it) . So for those that worry or just don’t trust internet payment options I say give it a shot I’m sure you will love its simplicity and gives you an ease of mind with a reference number as well as a memo or note that says payment made date and the amount . So there you have it folks but don’t just take my word for it scroll around read the others reviews and come on in and enjoy the simple life of easy payments with worry free . Now that’s life folks simple easy and just downright understandable. No tricks enjoy!.Version: 2.20

Amazing! 10 stars!I was really worried because I read some really bad reviews for this credit card and this was the only one that would except me because of my credit. I am so happy I decided to get it, I’ve had the card for a month and I make my payments right when my balance shows up online and my credit score has already went up 110 points! My husband explained to me the reason there are so many bad reviews is because people don’t read the fine line, and only make a minimum payment each month which gets charged interest. He said to ALWAYS pay the full balance and try to pay it right when it shows up on the app. This is a great card to help build your credit, especially if you don’t have established credit like me. As long as you’re responsible, don’t buy more than you can pay and pay your payments on time, this is a great card!.Version: 2.22

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