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Purple Place - Classic Games Negative Reviews

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Purple Place - Classic Games App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Purple Place - Classic Games app received 27 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Purple Place - Classic Games? Can you share your negative thoughts about purple place - classic games?

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Purple Place - Classic Games for Negative User Reviews

Would be better if they had the sounds.There’s no sound!.Version: 3.0.1

They changed it!!I remember playing this on my mom's old computer but now it does not have different locations and It just isn't the same. But this definitely brings back memories. This and a Spongebob game was my childhood 🤩🤩.Version: 2.1

Not the sameNot at all the same. okay fine its pretty similar but the art style is too new, the games are just a step or two off, and it just isnt what i played 15 odd years ago. i know im being harsh but it breaks my heart a little. if you just want a game thats sort of purble place then buy this but for my two silly dollars i was hoping for a slightly more faithful replication and should have stared at the pics longer. however. im sure the developer isnt the guy who owns purble place technically and they probbos had to change it. i jsut cant. its not the same.Version: 3.0.1

DisappointingThis feels like the uncanny valley of the original game, it’s dull and repetitive. To think I spent £2 on this when the original was free, just milking money off of other peoples memories..Version: 3.0.1

:(No is the same 😞.Version: 3.0.1

It’s not the sameIt is not the same as you think, it doesn’t have the little dolls and that stuff that you used to play when you were little. It’s not the same.Version: 2.1

HiI’m sad. i miss purple place sm 🙁.Version: 2.0

Not worth the moneyThis game is not worth the $8 I spent. It is also not the same as the original.Version: 3.0.1

Disgusting perverted ads!!!DO. NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!! My child was playing this game and inappropriate ads came up! You can’t tell me that these sickos aren’t targeting our kids!!! EVIL EVIL EVIL.Version: 2.1

It popped off and now they chargeWould’ve been a lot better if they didn’t take advantage of the nostalgia factor. Clearly they read everyone’s 5 star reviews talking about the nostalgia it brought and realised they could make money off of it. Pretty pitiful. I downloaded this when it was free and was flabbergasted it was $2 when I told my friend to download it. Inflation even be hittin the games now…….Version: 3.0.1

🤗This game was my childhood i love it but i lowk regret buying it cuz i got bored so quick 😭😭.Version: 3.0.1

хуйнябоже что это за пиздец,раньше было лучше фу.Version: 2.2

Purble PlaceI don’t know if I am satisfied with the fact that they tried to recreate the original game: Purble Place. But it’s sure nostalgic to me, I miss it lots..Version: 2.2

I kept making the cakes right and it told me they were wrongI was playing this game for nostalgia and making the cakes correctly but it told me I wasn’t.Version: 2.1

BadAs soon as I entered the game it told me to press ‘continue’ after reading a short paragraph but wouldn’t press so I never actually got to play.Version: 2.2

HATE THE GAME!I just got this game and when I try to press the continue button it won’t let me do anything so I HATE THIS GAME!😡😡😡.Version: 2.2

This isn’t purble place!!Don’t buy this it’s not purble place it may seem like it but it’s not!! 1/10 NOT recommended!!.Version: 1.0

Not workingI can’t go onto the game and it is stuck on the first screen where you press continue no matter how many times I press it.Version: 2.2

Not $1.99Its actually $14.99 😭.Version: 3.0.1

FAKE ONE!!!!!!!NOT THE ONE ON WINDOWS 7!!!!!!.Version: 3.0.1

No just no !!!Boring.Version: 3.0.1

Fix your appIt won’t even open it’s the weirdest thing idk why but it won’t even open it just automatically shuts itself off.Version: 2.0

It’s very differentWhen I was little like around 4-5 I used to love to play the game and I loved it because of how it was made but now its very much different and I want it to be normal and restored to its old self please..Version: 2.2

DOESNT WORKOkay so I used to play a game similar to this on my laptop a log time ago. I downloaded this game and it just keeps taking me out of the game... very sad. But it may be because my phone is very old..Version: 2.1

RidiculousI am colorblind and I swear I was doing every cake right yet here I was putting the wrong color in. Talk about being anti disability. Very disappointed. :(.Version: 2.1

??I got the game because it was $2 and I used to play it as a kid so I figured I’d just get it for some nostalgia. I was charged the $2 which is all good, and then it also took $10 out as well?? What is going on?.Version: 3.0.1

CrashI would like to play it for memories but the game crashes when I launch it.Version: 2.0

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