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I didn’t think I needed this appBut honestly it has made 75 hard so much easier ! I completed it one time without the app. Did not have an issue but this app definitely helps me keep track or what I’ve completed in my day and what I hadn’t. When your body and mind are exhausted and tired, sometimes your days begin to blur. I would have to backtrack through my photos to check if I took my daily progress photo all the time. Now, I knock out whatever task I need to and just check it off my list. Highly recommend!.Version: 1.15

This is a great challenge/experienceThis program is great! I’m only on day 7 but, I can already see how everyday you complete is another day that you’ve won. That by itself is a huge motivator to keep completing each day! I’m finding myself pushing myself harder in these tasks as well. One of my exercises I do daily is taking a walk around our subdivision and every day I try to go further in 45 minutes. I also enjoy reading just 10-20 pages a day. I read while I’m eating my breakfast so then I get a chance to think about what I’ve read and it’s only a few pages so it’s much easier to absorb the info and apply it to my life. I don’t know what the next 68 days hold but I’m really enjoying this process! *Update* I am now on day 49. So far the changes happening in my life are amazing! The changes no longer feel like changes, they feel like how I should have been living my life all along. I don’t know what the next 26 days will bring but the first 7 weeks have been the most beneficial of my life!.Version: 1.15

TransformativeDestroy that little voice that keeps you from achieving all you can forever. 75HARD will transform your mind, and will show you what the ‘Best of you’ looks like..Version: 1.15

Great app! Great program!75 hard is amazing and this app just makes it easier to keep track of everything...almost missed my progress picture yesterday but the app reminded me right before bed, I live that feature. It would be awesome if with the next update you could add photos from previous days (I was at day 31 when you came out with the app). Also would be awesome to have a slideshow, like 1 second pre day to scroll through all the days then at the end have a split screen of day 1 and day 75. But I live the app, love the program. Thanks Andy and team!.Version: 1.1

Love the App and the Program75 Hard is a great program, simple but effective. I love that I am only restricted by my own limitations. The diet is up to what works for me. The two workouts, can be anything as long as one is outside, so whatever works for me and my schedule and level of fitness. The water is easy and simple to track, you either drank a gallon or you did not! I love the way that the app keeps track of everything I need to do and even gives me the ability to setup reminders. Now, stop reading and get after it! The best day to start is today!.Version: 1.50

Awesome app tracker for 75 hardAwesome app to track your progress for 75 day hard challenge. Knew about the challenge back when it was first created. Glad that there’s an app before I started this challenge in 2021, 2 days in. Only recommendation for the app is, for us to add in more pictures for our progress pics and to input in more notes. Maybe have a section for our small notes so when we click on the photo that will appear and another section too see more if we added more notes into it. Also would be cool to have a time lapse vid in the end with our progress pics. Other than that can’t wait to see my results after 75 days. Also for those that’s complaining about the price, I say it’s really not bad cause it keeps us accountable for this journey and it’s not like it’s $10-20. Good luck everybody that’s doing this challenge! Rather have this app then be checking things off on paper..Version: 1.15

App is great way to stay on track.I’ve really been needing something to get me over the hump. I have finally found it….I’ve changed my life in so many ways over the years. From very overweight down to skinny and to so skinny-fat but I have never been able to take it to the next level. I feel like there was just one thing up top that needed to be sharpened or hardened and feel this is really it. The physical benefits have been a solid plus but the reason for me to start this lifestyle is simply for the mental fortitude to keep making the hard decisions..Version: 1.48

Internet drop outDay 37 and when I go into the calendar portion where you can see previous progress photos it only shows me up to day 28 and then the rest of my photos say “uh oh looks like you’ve got know internet” except I’ve got 5G, full bars and strong internet connection. Is there a reason why the app needs access to internet? It seems everything we do in the app is internal..Version: 1.51

Love itSimple to use and allows reminders for your daily tasks. Thumbs up.Version: 1.15

Love this appFantastic motivator for keeping me on track.Version: 1.51

ReviewI love the app- checking off each task as I finish it has definitely encouraged me to perform the tasks- it’s like a mini high five to myself for completing a goal, whether reading or finishing a work out! Feeling confident and supported has definitely made the hard days, easier to stay motivated! I love the option of daily reminders for specific challenges (taking a daily photo reminder was necessary) The app has been such a great help keeping me on track and allowing me to progress!! My issues with the app: 1- more space to write in the journal 2- option to look at daily photo before the day is over (sometimes I want to retake my photo because I can’t remember what photo I took at 7 that morning) 3- “first workout” “second workout” I wish there was an “outdoor workout” check 4- it should clarify “10 pages non fiction” I’ve seen people confused online about “what constitutes non fiction” and although there are suggested books for the program, there isn’t much information. People also argue about “does this count as an outside exercise?” so maybe people just like to make excuses for themselves and to make the program easier by their own standards, who knows. In the beginning, before routines and habits were habitual, it was difficult for me to keep track of everything going on and I found some problems with the app not being “as helpful” as I had wanted. But it’s definitely worth it! I’m on day 66 today and feeling fantastic!!!.Version: 1.15

Exactly what you need to succeedThis is the perfect app to go along with the program, it gives you reminders (without coddling you) for all the steps, a place to add your pictures and a place to add notes. If you forget to track something there is a prompt to check in versus just an automatic fail. And if you started the program without the app, you can start on whatever day you were on when you got the app. I think the app works great and I haven’t had any technical issues as I have seen on some of the other reviews, but my suggestion would be reach out and don’t leave a bad review. That’s just dumb. Some of the other reviews were feisty about not having enough reminders....umm this is a mental toughness challenge, how coddled do you need to be?! And lastly, I find it comical that people are complaining about paying $5 as they are writing a review in the Apple store, meaning they are on an iPhone 🤔🙄🤣 If you haven’t gathered my thoughts...the app does exactly what it should and what says it will, you have to put in the work. 👊.Version: 1.14

75hardLike more motivation send through the app like pictures video to keep you going 🤙🏽💯.Version: 1.15

Clean AppClean & easy to use. Everything you need is right there to stay on track and visually see your progress.Version: 1.15

Love the accountability 👌🏽I like the way it is set up so it covers everything & I get to set a reminder so I don’t miss a single thing and have no excuse to miss it either..Version: 1.15

BrilliantExactly what I need to keep me on track in 75Hard!.Version: 1.15

Fantastic appKeeps you accountable and inspired.Version: 1.15

Overpriced but handy to have during the challengeApp is good but should be free as surely if you really wanted to help more people you’d give it away as you’ve made your money back.Version: 1.15

Simple and straight to the pointI love this app because I don’t need to do too much. The easy navigation is the best for me. I’ve never been good with putting plans down in order without getting bored about it or running out of ideas to make it interesting. For just $6.99 once off, I’m an organised Secretary for my health in the whole duration of my challenge..Version: 1.56

So helpful and empoweringEverything about this app is easy to use and makes winning at #75HARD every single day so much more doable and achievable. Love seeing my completed page at the end of every day!.Version: 1.15

Love the appI just furnished 75Hard 2 weeks ago and now started phase one, the app helps me remember things and keeps me on track. I love the part when Andy’s pic come up and asks WHAT HAPPENED?.Version: 1.3

Love it!!!In the initial Podcast that Andy created for this, he emphasizes how this is on an honor system and there’s no accountability and I think that’s important to remember to get the most out of the program and learn what it’s meant to teach. A lot of people seek accountability partners and that’s certainly an idea but the app is perfect in helping you check off what you did and have that affirmation that you did it (a checklist) but still keep the focus on doing it yourself. In life, after setbacks I struggle with not trusting myself anymore and then seeking affirmation in others of things that really, I already know. I also have noticed that a significant portion of my time in business is wasted by people doing this same thing. In society we don’t even know how to communicate or answer each other anymore due to this. Do the program, use the app. Make it your own..Version: 1.15

75hardLove the app, it easy to use and keeps me on track.Version: 1.15

Aaron ZarbThis program completely changed my life and the app was a huge help with keeping myself accountable. Very highly recommend it!.Version: 1.15

Doing 75 You need this App to track, Great RemindersIf you are doing 75 you -100% need this App. Love it , it’s super simple for the purposes of it - I just wish I had more space it allows more characters for the notes to write daily.Version: 1.15

Great for 75 HardGreat for 75 Hard.Version: 1.15

LukeAll time !! This is my second run ! I completed 75 hard successfully and need to go again !!!!.Version: 1.15

What has 75 Hard done for meI have enjoyed my time with 75 hard and plan to restart ASAP. I started with no idea of how this worked. I started out literally doing nothing. I don’t drink so that was easy. I tried to cut back on eating junk and I have drank sooo much water lol. I have lost 10 pounds in about 47 days. I have walked sooo much too and found a real desire to do so! I have become mobile....and I’m thankful for that. I have scoliosis and had surgery (two steel rods) when I was 12; I am 48 now. Anyway, my back has hurt for over a week and I felt the 75 program slip...yesterday it got worse and I haven’t been able to do anything all weekend. 75 Hard has given me an idea of what I need to be doing and a brand new mindset. I am thankful for being introduced to this program and look forward to getting back to it soon..Version: 1.15

Skeptic but impressedI am a newbie to the 75 hard world, and most fitness apps I’ve downloaded have never delivered on what they promise, obviously 75hard is different but this app is exactly as promised and is an excellent way to track yourself, clicking and crossing out every goal for the day is extremely satisfying and having the calendar pop up everyday when you are done is great, I only share it with family but it’s an awesome way to see and show progress, worth the 5$ investment when you are really investing in your self! Thanks guys!.Version: 1.15

What are you waiting for?So I originially bought a notebook to track everything, just because I know that making a list and checking it off is both empowering and beneficial to getting things done. This app is an easier version. Simply check the thing you’ve done off and it’s done plus it storing the photos is a plus too. Makes it feel less awkward opening you photo app in front of other people. I’m only a week in but this thing makes it easier to accomplish and was well thought with timers available to track what you’ve accomplished. The program is free, you don’t need the app but it helps..Version: 1.51

So far so goodThe app is simple, easy, & effective. Worth $6.99? That remains to be seen. Though I appreciate the reminders and the cache of progress pics. Once I finish 75 HARD & move onto Phase 1 I may edit my review..Version: 1.15

Love itHaving gone through 75Hard when it first came out and a second time after the app came, I must say I love the ability of everything in one place. Now on to phase 2 starting tomorrow!.Version: 1.15

Truely life changingDon't wait, don't plan, just do it! You'll never look back.Version: 1.15

Thank you so much ❤️This app litteraly change my life! I decide to do the #75hard for the summer 🔥🔥🔥 and habe the best summer of my life 🧠💪 Thank you so much Andy 💙.Version: 1.15

Get it!I highly recommend getting this app if you are serious about completing the 75 Hard challenge! It enables you to track your progress and having the reminders and also being able to tick off each task is so helpful. It is a great tool to help you successfully complete the challenge ☺️.Version: 1.51

ReviewBrilliant app easy to us , great oil to stay on track of fitness.Version: 1.15

AccountabilityThis application really enables me to hold myself accountable and I am able to see the physical changes happening to my body. I am also able to reflect on my day which is awesome. Have told so many people about my journey and they are jumping on board and I’m so excited for them!.Version: 1.15

It’s all in the mind…I never realized how fitness truly is a conscious mind game! Takes will, courage and commitment to only one person! Yourself. I’m doing it and proud of myself! Try it for you..Version: 1.15

Good app even better programThe app has been a very useful and convenient tool for tracking my progress. This is my first time doing 75 HARD so I want to make sure I document and keep everything organized to track my progress. This app does meet all of my needs for organization and provides for great reminders throughout the day to keep me focused. The only issue I have experienced is; I will check off all my tasks once I finish them, receive the screenshot that shows I completed the day and if I want to post it and once I receive that completed day screenshot I’ll close the app. When I open the app the next day I’ll receive the “you didn’t check off all the tasks for yesterday” pop up. It’s not a big deal but it does get frustrating because I know I’m completing the work and doing the tasks 100%. This issue occurs whenever I close out the app. Meaning, I double click my home button (I have the iPhone 7) and I swipe up on the app to close it out. When I open the app again that message saying I didn’t complete the previous day will appear. I hope my review was clear enough to understand and constructive enough to be useful for the continued advancement of the app!.Version: 1.1

Simple but effectiveLove a good to do list! Helps accountability and focus knowing clearly what you’ve gotta get done each day!.Version: 1.15

It’s the little thingsI am not one to drink alcohol or eat treat (well chocolate if I am upset which isn’t often). Doing this program showed be where in have gone wrong. In the name of ‘being social’ I will have a drink, or meeting for coffee just share a ...... everyone would say ‘but you don’t have a problem with discipline’. I saw I did. The discipline to say no to even one, and put my goals first.Version: 1.15

The ONLY notifications I will allow is 75HardI absolutely love this app! I love the program and the only notifications that I allow on my phone to come in to me are from 75 hard. The main reason for that is because sometimes I’ll forget about some stupid thing and I’ll get a notification at 11 PM at night if I go you didn’t upload your picture or you didn’t mark that you had done something earlier that you had actually done so it really does help to keep it at top of mind for completing 75 hard..Version: 1.15

Accountability buddyLove 75hard and love the app. It’s simple yet effective - easy to track and like having an accountability buddy in my pocket..Version: 1.51

#doitLove a list! 🙌🙌.Version: 1.15

Life CHANGINGI began this program after listening to MFCEO Podcasts back in June of 2020. I am currently on Phase 2 of the LiveHard program. 75Hard took me many attempts to complete but when I finally finished I can honestly say I developed new habits that will be with me for the rest of my life. These have been beneficial and boosted my business , relationships and mentality. I’m getting on the path I desire with the learned disciplines from Andy himself. Like he says , don’t follow someone who hasn’t built something ... ONLY when you complete 75Hard will you realize how much your truly capable of!.Version: 1.15

Worth testing, ladies be cautiousThe daily selfie, if taken within the app has the potential to be stolen, so do be cautious with that. Don't upload anything that you wouldn't share with the public just in case. Everything else of the app is pretty cool. The cost is really just a way to thank the developer for the inspiration to challenge yourself. The accountability is pretty nice, and the calendar is also good. Much rather use a digital one vs making my own 👌 thanks for the motivation to better myself. They are all things i know i should do, just never really had a tracker to reliably mark down my progress..Version: 1.15

Very helpful with my challengeThis app is simple but designed for one thing. To help get through the 75 hard challenge. It has been a great help in moving me through each day..Version: 1.15

Finally!!More than an app, finally a process that actually works. Use podcast and app together and you increase your likelihood of success..Version: 1.15

Easy to use, high accountabilityThis app makes doing 75 hard much easier to track and monitor my progress. For the first 9 days I just remembered where I was at in the day. But then I started questioning myself whether it was day 9 or 10. Also, I knew if I slipped on something it would be easy to just slide… no one would know. But with the app there is no hiding. If I don’t plug it in, I have to start over. I guess you could lie, but then there’s the integrity thing. And an integrity problem would defeat the purpose of doing the program..Version: 1.51

The official appGreat way to make sure you've gotten all the tasks done daily plus you support the creator of the program, Andy Frisella.Version: 1.56

Dope👌.Version: 1.15

Nice one🔥Nice app.Version: 1.15

Good appNice app! Works well worth it.Version: 1.15

Great app outside of the missed a day glitchI love this app!!! It really helps me to stay on track and not forget to do something. When I first downloaded the app, I set my bedtime as 9:30 (goal) but reality is some days you stay up to get it done. When I went to log my second workout, it gave me the “oops, you messed up” page. I clicked through to say that I had actually completed it, but it continued to pop up. There was one day that it didn’t pop up. Then I finished my day by 4pm- it automatically pushed me to the next day, but by the end of the night it counted that as a missed next day even though that day had not begun. Hopefully it’s just a glitch that you can get corrected. Honestly, I still love it even though I have to click through the angry face every time I log in. Just some feedback so hopefully you all can correct that on future updates..Version: 1.2

Custom TasksWould be nice to be able to customise what tasks you’ve chosen for the 75 days. I have made a few slight adjustments but can’t make the change on the app.Version: 1.11

Very useful for completing 75 hardI’m on day 75 today, I used this app throughout the entire 75 days and I’m glad to have had it as a tool. Pros: -Everything 75hard related was kept in one place and it was easy to just open the app and check off tasks throughout the day. The reminders were helpful. -I liked that on the few days where I completed the tasks but forgot to check them off, Andy’s face pops up and makes you a bit nervous asking “what happened?” And tells you to be honest about completing tasks and continuing. -Seeing the calendar days turn red on each completed day was motivating. -swiping through photos was simple and has been fun to see progress. Given that I’m just about to complete day 75 today I wonder what will happen on the app once I’ve finished. Will I be able to see my photos in a grid? Will the app compile stats like what time of day I checked things off? Some kind of summary at the end would be appreciated. Cons: - the picture was easy to take but I do wish you could take multiple pictures per day within the app. To get different angles, etc… -there were a couple of days throughout the 75 where the iPhone app completely crashed and I couldn’t get it back up. Luckily I had the app installed on another device and was able to check off tasks. -at first I used the NOTES option on each day documenting which workouts I did/muscle groups, which book I was reading, how I felt, but I realized that the notes automatically appear on that days’ photo and if it was a longer note it completely covered the photo and I couldn’t move it off, so I just stopped writing notes. I wish it could have been organized a little different, like ‘tap on a completed day to see the photo, swipe left to see the next days’ photo, swipe up to read the notes’ or something like that. Do you need this app the successfully complete 75 hard? No. But overall I would recommend this app for anyone about to take on the challenge to help you stay focused and organized. The challenge itself is hard enough..Version: 1.15

SUPERVINCE MONTRÉALWe are a group of people doing the 75 hard. Andy is a great inspiration! It’s going to be exceptional ! YESS!.Version: 1.15

Hard75 or bustSo far I’m Loving the app and love that it reminds you to do your tasks just in case you lose your focus and or get busy as we all know life does that! Looking forward to continue using the app and getting it done! I want to move on the the other phases of the program👍💪🏃🏻‍♂️.Version: 1.51

Love itThe app helps you stay on track plus it feels really good to tic off the tasks. I probably would have dialed 75 hard if I didn’t have to app to help keep me accountable..Version: 1.15

ExcellentEasy way to track and helpful with notifications.Version: 1.15

Great app and awesome support!Update: the app support team resolved the issue, and sent an email which I feel restores my trust. The quality of app and its people are of the same caliber as the 1st Phorm app, and my ability to stay on track is of their highest importance. Even with the issues, I didn’t lose my place, and I am able to keep on as I should! Original: I’m glad I paid for this app to keep track of 75 Hard, but the last few days it keeps erroring out and not saving the things I track… it’s been two days since I’ve been able to access anything, and I’ve just reported it to app support. I hope to be able to edit this review, but if I can’t get through a week without errors at every turn it might be a 1 star for me..Version: 1.51

ChallengingHard, but if you were looking for easy you would still be on the couch.. let’s goooooo! Just send it!.Version: 1.15

Worth it!The app has definitely helped me throughout the 75 Hard program. I’m 50 days in and there were days that I’ve been so exhausted that and couldn’t remember what I’ve done or haven’t done. Most days I’m good with keeping track on my own, but it’s saved me more than once. It’s a small investment for something you don’t need til you do. A suggestion for improvement/update might be a way to track water intake. I have to bounce back and forth from my Fitbit app to the 75H app once I’ve completed. It’s a pain but not a deal breaker..Version: 1.15

Perfect for Tracking ProgressI Used to have to carry a journal/notebook around to track my 75HARD progress, now I just update it in the App on the go. 100% Worth the $..Version: 1.15

This is the best app on my phoneI am never one to write a review on an app let alone PAY FOR ONE - but this app has truly blown me out of the water. I have wanted to try the 75 day hard for a while and finally decided on Jan 1 to give it all i’ve got. It is day 30 and I can already see huge improvements in my life. I can confidently say that this would NOT HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE without this app. The daily photo keeps me accountable like no other app i’ve tried. I love the way it cheers you on while gets very upsetting when you do mess up. I love this app and I need anyone who wants to improve their life to try it..Version: 1.51

Accountability revolutionizes your lifeGreat app that helps you keep on track on the life changing #75hard program.Version: 1.15

Awesome and easy to useEasy to use and good way to stay accountable.Version: 1.15

Honestly get onto the programme you won’t regret it!Honestly best decision of 2021 my life and creating better and lasting habits I’ve read more books and exercised and created more discipline within 6 months than I have the past 5 years. I’m forever grateful and humbled by this programme. Bring on Phase 2🔥.Version: 1.15

2nd times the charmI failed 75hard the first time, half way through, because I forgot to read! Poor reason to fail but If I had the app on the first attempt I’m sure I would have finished the challenge then. This is my second attempt at the challenge and I am 5 days off finishing and I think the app has definitely played its part. Definitely recommend!.Version: 1.15

Does what it says on the tinNo excuses.Version: 1.15

Life Changing!I’m glad I’ve made the change..Version: 1.15

Fine. But maybe not $5 fine?The app works great! It is very easy to use. The only thing I’m wary of is the price of the app. There isn’t really enough to the app to warrant charging $5 in my personal opinion. (I am glad that there are no ads though!) If you don’t want to spend the $5 just yet, I would suggest using the already installed Reminders app on your iPhone. The only real difference between this app and Reminders is that it will restart you on day 1 if you don’t finish all the tasks before your day end and it has you take a progress picture with one of the tasks. I will still be using the app since I have purchased. I really see no issues with it and it is slightly more convenient, just maybe not $5 convenient. But! I would pay $2-3 for convenience and no ads!.Version: 1.11

Helpful but I have a couple suggestionsVery helpful app. Two improvements I would find extremely valuable include: 1) ability to add more than one photo a day, 2) ability to add longer notes.Version: 1.51

Best accountability appI love that I can ensure I’ve completed my day! And put reminders on each item so you do not fail!!!.Version: 1.15

Day 1Day 1 and I’ve completed everything. When i got to the “take progress picture” the app said i didn’t have internet connection but i did. Turned my phone on and off, closed out of the app etc. Finally deleted the app, and when I went to go back to log in the message popped up saying I didn’t have Internet connection now I can’t get into my profile. EDIT: i never used the review for a place for support service. Like i stated in my initial review, it was my first day so I didn’t realize there was an outage with the app. But I will add one star but only four out of five stars because I don’t appreciate the way that the Company responded to my review..Version: 1.15

Awesome trackerBrilliant app that I use every day to track my progress against my goals. For some reason it needed to be reset and I lost my progress which is annoying, but it’s incredibly motivational to know that I am progressing towards a goal..Version: 1.15

Need some extra accountability?75 Hard encompasses everything that I already knew I wanted to make priorities in my life. I had gone through seasons where I was super disciplined and then hard times would come and I’d let myself stray away from caring for myself both mentally and physically. After a really hard year (2022) I decided it was time to stop thinking about it and just do it. 75 Hard has been the extra push I’ve needed to continue to show up for myself even when it’s the last thing I’ve wanted to do. The mental strength I’ve gained in just 18 days, that’s right I’m not even 3 week in yet, is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I have zero doubt I’ll be finishing and I’ll definitely be doing it again in the future!.Version: 1.51

Amazing!A great app that allows you to clearly keep track of how strong the IBV is throughout your day!.Version: 1.15

Very good appVery good app. I’m just not good at the nutrition part. Lol.Version: 1.15

F****** AMAZING!So far so good, I’m talking about 75 Hard. I’m on day 15, but we’re just getting started. I can see myself becoming more disciplined in all areas of my life already! I have 3 Shopify businesses (TheRotatingCharger.com is one of them) that were doing well but I wasn’t putting my foot down as I did the work that I NEEDED to do. Now I’m putting my foot down and holding myself accountable to push my businesses further, it all on me! These are a just a few qualities that 75 Hard develops within you and can be applied to anyone no matter what stage of life you’re at! I would also recommend you to listen to Andy’s podcast, Real AF, it’s really does help enhance what you’re getting out of 75 Hard and even helps you to stay on track when you have “them” moments. This price of the app is an absolute STEAL compared to the life long qualities it gives you! And no, I haven’t been paid to write this, I’m writing this purely out of my own experience with the app I’ve had for 2 weeks, I’ll be updating this as soon as I’ve finished my first 75 days! ✌️.Version: 1.11

75 HardIt’s not called 75 Hard for nothing! While it took me the 1st 4 weeks to getting used to waking up by 5am to get my first workout in, I’m doing better but this challenge is definitely a mental thing for me! I’ve had days where I still have days where I struggle with m final workout and consuming my gallon of water! Although it’s taught me self discipline and actually sticking to a schedule. Fighting stage 2 Bladder Cancer in 2016 was hard and 5yrs later I struggled with pretty much my weight, my finances and all around just myself getting back to my old self. I’m on the right track now with 40days to go I’m super proud of what I’ve accomplished so far! Thank you Andy Frisella 🙏🏻.Version: 1.15

A must haveThis app is the best. When I started my challenge I thought yep don’t need it and sure enough I failed after 5 days because I forgot to take a photo. So I bought the app and it kept me on track the whole time. I love it it’s definitely a must have..Version: 1.15

Invaluable!I would not be able to complete 75HARD without this app! I’m on day 15 and loving it!.Version: 1.15

Future improvementsI love this app and what it’s about. I love taking notes and the daily pictures and the accountability factor. I’m still new to this so I’m not even a full week in yet. My one issue is I failed on day 4 and I typed start over to start at day 1. But now I can not see any of my previous notes or pictures and I don’t like that. I write a lot of things down in the notes and for them to just disappear because I start over is not okay. What’s the point of the notes feature if they are going to just get deleted? Maybe in the next upgrade in the previous slide the old notes and photos can be there? Or create another slide next to previous labeled failed attempts with all the old details and notes. If there is a way to view the old notes and photos please let me know! I will still be using this app because I still love it! Just wanted to put a few possible fixes out there! Thanks!.Version: 1.15

Great appBeen using this app since day 1. Never let me down and it’s so handy to keep tabs on smashing your day!.Version: 1.15

Game changerReally appreciate the app. Help me to stay on track everyday.Version: 1.15

Simplicity is keyIt makes it so easy to follow and achieve the daily tasks, this is another way i keep myself accountable.Version: 1.15

7 Days In - Going Strong - Zero CompromiseLove the accountability this app provides. Super simplistic concept but with seamless integration into camera and reminders app makes it easy to stay on track. I was late crossing off my tasks after a busy day and I even liked the added touch of Andy standing there asking if you “really” competed the job. I could hear him saying it, nice touch ha. My one observation is how valuable a tool this would also be for the power list. My recommendation would be to add the ability to unlock the power list after a certain milestone in 75 hard is hit or add it as an in app purchase. I am still doing my best at using a power list in addition to my 75 hard tasks. I understand the importance of the simplicity of this app and the discipline it promotes, however, I believe the power list could be added in the same vein. I would limit the number of items on the list to 5 and allow for each item to be customized with reminders, adding photos, and other relevant 3rd party app integration..Version: 1.11

Great program! Perfect app!I first heard of this challenge after my second pregnancy and some pretty significant health issues that occurred after I had the baby. I had a in home nurse and was hooked up to a machine for “wound care” I was down on myself and needed a change! After doing 75 hard the first time my mind saw things differently. I am in control of my happiness and only I can make my goals a reality! This program has taught me how to find the gaps in my day and put that time to better use! I am starting 75 hard again since it has been a few months since I finished but I plan to do this and follow up with the next phase also! I’m so glad this app is around too! It is so easy to use and I love the reminders!.Version: 1.11

Love the ApAwesome reminder of what I need to do each day!! Also love ticking off each item after I’ve completed them 🤗.Version: 1.15

Just do the program.This app was perfect for me, might be cool to have one work out labeled with “Outside” ? Idk, didn’t affect me, I finished it. It was great. A review doesn’t do justice to the results I have received in my life. I have completely restructured my daily life. I have always been driven and motivated, won a state championship, built a custom home by 25, and my career is awesome.... but I lost myself somewhere along the way. Get up, work, eat sleep.. with no direction.. Just do the program. App was just a bonus. The app keeping the Progress pictures is pretty cool too..Version: 1.15

Does what it’s supposed to doLove the program and the app makes it super helpful to keep track of all the elements.Version: 1.15

Love itChallenge is so simple yet so hard!!.Version: 1.15

Accountability partnerThis app has been the perfect companion. Reminding me of all the things I need to do each day, holding me accountable when I could've sworn I'd completed a task and in the end providing a record of what I've accomplished..Version: 1.15

Must have appMust have companion if you are going to do 75 hard.Version: 1.15

Simple but gets the job doneAwesome so far.Version: 1.15

Made it easier75hard is not easy however having the app to track kept me accountable and was a huge part of why I completed the challenge. I am not sure I would have stayed the course or on track without it. Well worth it..Version: 1.15

Paris SimpkinsThe 75 Hard app is so helpful! I don’t think I’d make it through the challenge without it. It keeps me on track & helps me with organising my days. If it could improve anything it could change one of the workouts to “outdoor workout” or something like that & a water intake tracker? I’ve been tracking my water in my notes on my phone. I’m on Day 13 of my 2nd attempt. I failed my 1st round on Day 37 because I did two indoor workouts & I didn’t realise until the next day! So I started back at Day 1 again & I am loving the improvements in both my mental & physical health..Version: 1.15

Straight forward and easy, good appVery simple to use, straight forward and easy. i like the reminders to workout and complete my other tasks..Version: 1.15

Real dealI’m 47 years old on my 5th left hip replacement in a little over a decade. Yeah this is pretty well the thing I’ve been looking for in my life and needing to implement for a very long time. I just honestly have had nowhere to start, correction, didn’t know where to start rather. My mindset was wrong. My approach to life has been wrong. However my drive and ambition I’ve always remained intact and my passion for the things that I believe in as always remained strong. This program, Andy Frisella specifically, has shown me how to redirect my passion into action that affects real change and fostering a mindset that will change my and my family’s life forever..Version: 1.15

Very handy applicationDo it the right way..Version: 1.15

This is brain-diarrheaWhy do I give this five stars? Because this guy is a next level douche bag. Why is he a next level douche bag? Because he’s an entrepreneur, which is basically a present-day term for con-artist. He tells people he owns this or that business, but doesn’t back it up, which is a red flag. He has no qualification (let alone certification) worth mentioning to be profligating to others about changing their lives. Just because one can, does not mean one should. If you’re still of the mindset that a one-size-fits-all program will work for you, then by all means purchase this app. It’s $8 AUD. You get what you pay for. If you want to interact with the type of business who will spam you after you unsubscribe from their communication buy all of his products. Read the reviews on his book. I bought it because I’m an idiot who wasn’t aware of a better use for $8 at the time. I still can’t think of what $8 could buy other than a pack of pens...or candy..Version: 1.11

Excellent checklist for everyday!Excellent wish list for every day. I wish there was extra space for journalling and making notes of the book you’re reading. And a tracker for water of some sort so that we don’t have to wait until the entire gallon is done to mark it off.Version: 1.15

Game ChangerAn incredible protocol to win the war against yourself and change your life. Get it done!.Version: 1.15

Great App - highly recommendHave listened to AF for a few years now and decided I must do this. I like a log to track progress and this app is great👌🏻 It’s day 7 and I’m all in 💯 The ability to upload progress photo into app with overlayed notes is really cool. I’m going to complete it and reach my goals. Would highly recommend. Thanks Andy 👍🏻.Version: 1.51

THE BEST PROGRAM OUT THERE!Disregard what haters say about the 75 Hard Program. People call it extreme? What’s extreme about eating healthy, working out twice a day, ready educational books, drinking water and tracking your progress? This isn’t some fad it is a way of life that force you to prioritize what you need to do and will make you a better person all around. I only have had one issue (and it’s not with the program itself) it was with the app. After finishing phase 2 I set the reminder to start phase 3, well it never reminded me and not remembering the day I actually started I went back to deleted pictures and realized I passed my start date. That was my fault, but it would be nice if this issue would be fixed..Version: 1.15

Must HaveThis app defo makes 75 hard less hard..Version: 1.15

AwesomeSuch a good app to keep track of progress and reflect on during some of your more challenging days..Version: 1.15

Great appBeen working well Maybe a lil cheaper but whatever right.Version: 1.15

Best app to help with the programThis app is awesome. Setting reminders and checking things off every day is the best way to get through the program.Version: 1.15

The best toolThe app for me was critical to helping me stay on track with 75HARD! So a worthwhile investment!.Version: 1.15

Day 72 out of 75My sister first did the 75 hard in the beginning of 2020. She lost 13 kg, her weight loss was not the main thing that changed. It was how she viewed herself. She became more confident and subsequently so many other areas of her life have improved. She mentioned - we should do this with our patients (as I am a NeuroStructural Chiropractor on the Gold Coast in Australia). I was hesitant, I then listened to Andy’s 75 Hard podcast, and I was all for it. I had hoped that we would be able to have about 15 patients join this mental toughness challenge. I thought that would be awesome. Turns out we got 53+ people intrigued to start. We will finish the challenge with about half of the starting number. It will be my sisters 2nd completion and a group of us will be beginning round 3 in September 2020. The stories coming out from each participant is amazing. Especially when couples are doing this together 🙌. And this challenge was very hard however it has improved my resolve, my drive and my fitness in lots of ways that I am super grateful and appreciative of Andy and everyone who supports him. I look forward to reading the book. And I am also working my way through the previous MFCEO podcasts as well. Thanks for all that you do Andy especially in this 2020 and beyond. Dr Mark Revolution Chiropractic.Version: 1.15

Fantastic ToolGreat application to improve your mental toughness and capacity to move forward without compromise.Version: 1.15

Helps me stay on trackSo far the app has been great for allowing me to quickly jot down what I’ve accomplished for the day and gives a good snapshot of what is left to complete. The only thing I would add is some kind of water tracker so people could check in throughout the day to keep track of their water consumption..Version: 1.15

Accountability is keyHaving the list each day to remind me of what I said I would do was super helpful. Days can get busy and things slip under the radar but this app keeps you accountable. Each time I checked something off the list felt like a win..Version: 1.15

Life changedI did not pass the challenge (I didn’t give up, I just messed up....fell asleep with 8 ounces of water left to drink on day 43) but today would have been day 75. I have lost 26 LBS and I quit smoking because of this program. I used to hate exercise but now I love it. I used to eat like a fool, now my food is fuel. I used to smoke cigarettes like an idiot but now I don’t. I used to complain more but now I complain less. I used to not have quality energy for my kids but that has changed and now I am a more healthy and energetic dad. I view problems in a different way now. I am more aware of myself, my flaws and I now have more desire to continually improve. I NEEDED this. Take this ride..Version: 1.14

EssentialThe app is essential if doing the program.Version: 1.15

GreatHelpful and clear. Kept me on track!.Version: 1.15

Extremely helpfulHelps a lot when going through 75 hard, makes it easy to view physical changes from the photos in the app..Version: 1.15

Not great for phase 1 & 3The app is definitely a must, for the 75 days. But when you move on to phase 1, a checkbox is “8 critical tasks” which makes it hard to keep track. They should just have 3 separate boxes that you can assign your tasks too. Otherwise it is a great purchase!.Version: 1.15

Absolute Necessity!I would not do any of the live hard challenges without this app. It helps you stay accountable and not forget to do one of your tasks. I love the way you can take and store progress photos. I also love the way Andy stands there with his arms crossed when you don’t finish out your day from the night before (I had issues with my WiFi camping a couple of times and it wouldn't let me mark my tasks as done). But I love that it’s an honor system and it let me proceed because I knew I’d done it all, my cell service was just too bad to work. Great app, no notes!.Version: 1.15

Talk about Accountability!This app is a must have for anyone beginning the 75 Hard program! You can set reminders throughout each day to keep you on track, and check off each box as you complete each task. Today my wife and I began the program together. We needed something to break us out of the same ol’ routine. Something that would challenge us physically and mentally to help us grow together. I found out about this program through a friend at the gym. I danced around the idea of beginning this change, and finally decided to take the plunge! Here’s to 75 days of becoming the hardest kid on the block!.Version: 1.15

Almost perfectNo fuss, no muss tracker that definitely helps to keep you accountable during the 75hard program. The two things I wish to see in a future update: 1) the ability to see all the progress photos in a slideshow/ability to compare current day picture with day one. 2) it’s great you can start the app at your current day if you’re not starting from day one, but it doesn’t allow you to go to the already completed days to add your photos you’ve already taken. I downloaded the app and I’m on day 10. It let me start my journey with the app on day 10, but I can’t go back to day 1 and add my beginning photo. Also, I’m not sure if I’m missing the way to do this in the app somehow, but this is my second attempt at 75hard. Is there a way to put in my first attempt into the “previous” tab?.Version: 1.0

Keeping your self accountable!I love this app! The accountability it keeps you under is exactly what you need for 75Hard. Just writing it down and getting a calendar isn’t in my opinion helping you make your daily goals. Having this app checks everything off for you and not knowing if you missed a goal this is what the app is for! I will say do NOT start 75Hard until you have gotten his BOOK!!! I repeat read the BOOK first. It tells you key points in 75Hard that you will miss just doing it without reading it first. He doesn’t specify every little thing in app or just reading about it before you do decide to start. The book goes into detail about each and every goal for the day that you need to be successful in 75Hard..Version: 1.15

Helped me finishThis app made the challenge for me ! Couldn’t have done it without the daily checkin . Highly recommend.Version: 1.15

Absolutely needThis app helps me stay on track, it is an absolute must if you are on the 75hard program..Version: 1.15

Simplicity is the key to brilliance.75Hard is incredible. It truly is a mental toughness challenge, plain and simple. I love 75Hard the most compared to other challenges or “self help” related paths... because it takes so much heat from the public. Keep giving me the fuel baby. Every person that is trying to negatively attack the challenge, I’m sure you do the same thing in other aspects of your life. Place blame and excuses with others, as to why you shouldn’t or couldn’t do something. Either do it, or don’t. The same with ANYTHING else in your life. The end. Keep doing your work Andy. Thanks real life friends that shared this challenge with me. 🖤.Version: 1.15

Keeps you on trackGreat to keep you on track & ensure complete each task daily! Only 4* as does crash occasionally.Version: 1.15

Great app!I love this app it motivates me to keep going and gives me a helpful list and reminds me to do everything on it 5 stars.Version: 1.15

Keep you on trackThere were times where my days mushed together and would forget weather I had completed certain tasks. This app helped me keep track of everything. The 1hour notification saved me a lot. There were times where I was so focused on work that I would forget about my water intake and at 11pm the notification would come in and I would start downing all the water 🤦🏻‍♀️ working shift work would have made it difficult to track but this app was a huge help. Talking about 75Hard and showing the app to my peers also convinced some to give it a go and improve themselves. Thanks Andy for creating this amazing programme! Phase 1 is next..Version: 1.15

75 days to change your life.If you don’t want to change your life, then this isn’t for you. Continue living your mundane life. Like the great modern day philosopher Drake said - everybody dies but NOT everybody LIVES!.Version: 1.15

Helpful reminder to complete tasks.The checklist provides a nice prompt for completing all your tasks for the day and the calendar is a good display of how far into the challenge you are. Additionally, you can leave notes under each daily checklist and for the value I’m getting by completing this challenge (which I found out about for free) it’s well worth giving back and purchasing the app..Version: 1.15

Excellent app, exactly what I needed!Love this app. 75 Hard is a great program with many aspects, it is fantastic to have an app to compliment it and help keep track of your tasks!.Version: 1.15

This is about you on a deeper levelThis isn’t a program focusing on your physical fitness, it’s a fitness program focussed on YOU. Big difference..Version: 1.15

One of the best decisions I’ve ever made...I’ll keep it short and sweet. If you have a weak mental state, can’t find the strength to follow through on the decisions you’ve made? Procrastination stopping you from getting in shape, starting that business, or developing that relationship? Just means you’re mentally weak and need to step it up. Don’t think too much about it, simply take the 75 Hard challenge and commit to following through. It just may be one of the best decisions you ever make. It certainly has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made - hands down..Version: 1.15

Love the app, with alterations..I love the app, for people who love organization and a place for everything, this app does it. Don’t complain about $5.00, no one is forcing you to. The ONE thing I don’t like, is the fact that everyone must drink a whole gallon of water a day. Maybe it is me being a little b* but I literally get sick from the amount of water I am supposed to drink. I drank a lot of water before the app, but I cannot drink a whole gallon. I’m a tiny woman, weigh about 120lbs and now that I have to drink more water I practically LIVE in the bathroom. I can’t get a good night sleep because I wake up 4 or 5 times to pee. It does more harm than good to me, and I just wish there was a way to regulate your water intake based on your body type. Otherwise, the app is great..Version: 1.50

Super HelpfulI started 75 Hard with zero preparation, just jumped in. Without this app, I am confident I would have already failed. It’s easy to use and also the reminders are a lifesaver. It’s nice there is a note section and when you review the day, you see your photo along with your notes. I’m on day 19 but and has been very enlightening so far, and I’m excited to see the difference on day 75. Highly recommend and absolutely worth the $4.99 price tag. Actually, I have paid more for apps that do less. Great product. Thank you!.Version: 1.15

Easy to useLove this app, super easy abs keeps me accountable.Version: 1.15

Accountability right where you need it.The system is great. I love the simplicity of it. It’s a great tool if you are trying to learn or keep yourself accountable. No fluffy non sense. Best of all if you are someone just turning your life around and are needing to learn accountability and to push yourself mentally this is definitely a good place to start. Very easy $5 investment into yourself. If you are just stumbling across Andy, he puts out awesome content. Not only should you step up and change your life (because your the only one who can do that) but I would also recommend listening to his Podcast. Personally we are part of the 1stPhorm family and everything Andy and his teams put out is gold in my opinion. Raw and life changing if applied. Thanks Andy and teams! For all the hard work y’all do..Version: 1.11

Going hard son!The app defo helps to track daily activity..Version: 1.15

AwesomeHelps keep me on track each day…Love it!!.Version: 1.15

Finally a tracker for night shift workersI love this app for the simple fact that you can change “day ends” time. I don’t usually start work till 1400 and very rarely see my bed before 0300, so having the ability to change what time my days ends is a game changer. All other trackers I’ve used don’t have this so thank you so much!!!.Version: 1.51

Great content, good-ish appAndy there is still work to do to make this app perfect. You need to do it, love 75 hard but the app has flaws..Version: 1.15

Day 3 and loving itIn pain, but this app is def helping to keep me accountable and give me the best chance of attaining the level of discipline I’m striving to..Version: 1.15

IT issuesIt support quick to resolve connectivity issues.Version: 1.56

Great appEasy, intuitive, controllable, like it a lot. I’d love to see a connection to community in it too so you can share with others on the same day as you etc..Version: 1.15

It’s missing some things….Widget support to be able to check off your list on the fly, Maybe a water reminder and the ability to customize your water intake, and the ability to make your own custom 75 hard work list and complete it. I think lastly there should be more motivational notifications not just the one you get if you fail to log a day! There should be way more like it or last give us the ability to customize our own self help notifications that will push us! All in all it’s a good app for what it is but it has potential to be a great app if it can get updated soon!.Version: 1.56

F’in game changer75 hard has and always will be a fixture in my life. Andy has created THE BEST solution to winning in your life! A lot of people have asked if they could do this with the thoughts of it being one of those “fitness challenges” and I quickly tell them that, with this program, you will be challenged beyond your comfort zone. The app itself makes you LITERALLY type in start over if you don’t complete your tasks. It’s accountability at its finest! If you haven’t already done so, buy the book, inform yourself on the 75 hard program and DO IT!.Version: 1.15

Not for pussiesFor people giving this 1 star, you just don’t have what it takes.Version: 1.50

Great appSimple and effective, a great companion for the 75 Hard program..Version: 1.15

The best program ever createdThis program is better ( can’t compare) than any challenge out there. Even if you start this to get fit, you get more than that by actually following this program to the T. It’s simple..Version: 1.50

AccountableI could not make it through with out the app. It is keeping me accountable 👍.Version: 1.15

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