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WorkOutDoors app received 10 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using WorkOutDoors? Can you share your negative thoughts about workoutdoors?

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WorkOutDoors for Negative User Reviews

Something’s gone wrongThis Apple Watch app used to work flawlessly but in recent weeks (possibly after an update?) it has become very unreliable. On long hikes or cycle rides it will pause without any intervention or crash out completely. This is incredibly frustrating as I am loosing part or all of the data it has been collecting. I’ve done the usual things to try and rectify the problem but I have the feeling there is some link to my airpods and the app that is causing it to fail consistently. My iPhone is kept pretty close to the watch during exercise so it’s not a connection issue. However, each time the watch has paused I think I have been putting my airpods in or taking them out … though I can’t definitely confirm this..Version: 4.9

Always on displayTengo el Apple Watch 6 y este reloj ya trae la característica del always on display, pero la app de WorkOutDoors no permanece encendida cuando estoy corriendo. La pantalla se apaga y solo muestra la hora, solo cuando levanto el brazo es cuando puedo ver la información en pantalla. Funciona el always on display con el Iwatch 6?.Version: 4.7

Average pace completely out of wackThis app is amazing and tops the competition in almost every way. But, probably the most important thing is average pace tracking. And for some reason mine is being horrendous. I’ve smoothed it out completely and I’ve heard these “smart” watches (I recently went from Garmin to an Apple Watch 6) are a bit more responsive with their tracking then the performance watches and that’s why the pace changes more rapidly. But this can’t be the only problem. After playing with it a bit I realize the average pace is completely inaccurate and practically useless to look at, smoothing it all the way only made it slightly less worse. I hope this is just something on my end that can be fixed cause this kinda makes the whole thing pointless if it can do one of the most essential things..Version: 4.3

Doesn’t work well with AODIf you use always on display then the watch will always put a clock screen saver overtop your workout screens..Version: 4.7

Almost there… frustratingly buggyWas really hoping this app would be the game changer for recording my run workouts on my Apple Watch 7, especially since I assumed a paid app would be more refined than some of the free alternatives (Strava, Apple Workout, etc) but after using it exclusively for several months I’m beginning to lose patience. On the plus side I like how customizable it is, and the maps are kinda cute (but of limited utility on a small watch screen). My biggest complaint is the app randomly ends my workout during a session with no warning. And the double button pause function is erratic, and often accompanied by a voice Pinot saying my working is over (even when the time continues to show the workout is still active). This leads to some real frustration when I’m trying to focus on my training instead of constantly worrying whether this app will randomly decide to end my workouts. Hopefully this will get fixed in a future release. But for the time being, save your money and look elsewhere!.Version: 4.9

Black & white map holding it backI very rarely review anything, however, I felt compelled to write this review as this app should easily be a 4 or 5 star rating, but it has one major issue. Before I get to that, I’ll start by saying that I use the app several time per week. It’s a fantastic app for walking, hiking, running and more with vector maps on your Apple Watch. The one major issue is that when using the app on your watch, it often converts the map to a “black and white” version, which makes it impossible to see paths, or any GPS tracks you’ve uploaded. I still use it a lot when I’m working out in areas I am familiar with, however, the utility of the app falls off drastically when I can’t see the paths, trails, tracks etc in the black and white map while I’m in areas that I don’t know, especially when hiking in the forest. I’ve researched this and come across sporadic reports that the issue is known and has to do with an issue in WatchOS. Regardless of whether it’s the app or the OS, the black and white issue is holding me back from a 5 star rating and keeping it at 3 stars, as of June 2020 the issue still remains. I can sometimes get the black and white map issue to resolve and go back to the “normal” map by power cycling the watch (Series 5, most recent WatchOS), but this doesn’t always resolve it, the issue doesn’t show up consistently but randomly, and fairly often. Consistently power cycling at each use is obviously cumbersome. If you’re thinking about buying this app I’d encourage you to do so, with the caveat that if you’re relying on it to not get lost in unknown areas, you may want to use a different option or print an old fashioned paper back-up map to take with you. The vector maps on the watch, and the workout analysis on the phone part of the app are still amazing, hope it helps..Version: 4.1

Cannot Get Swim to count in yardsI was very impressed with the variety of ways one can set up a watch face but there is one glaring issue. I can’t get this app to record a swim in yards. It’s stuck on meters. I’ve tried different suggestions such as shut down the app and watch and then retry sending the settings to the watch. Just won’t work which makes the swim part useless. As bad as the Apple swim app might be, it can record the swim in meters or yards quite easily. This needs to get fixed. Another issue with the swim workout on the watch is how it allows the Watch to go into sleep mode. The Apple Watch swim app keeps the data visible with just the mild wrist up to refresh the data. I was very excited setting this app up that took over 2 hours for all of my sports but now I’m quite disappointed in that it seems to act like something engineered in the 1980s..Version: 4.7

GPS Issues. Major Battery Drain.Was recommended this app as it’s the closest you can get to a Garmin on your Apple Watch. I’ve now been using it the best part of 2 months and my experience is outlined below. Took me a while to get used to the workings of the app, not entirely user friendly upon first experience but eventually normalised myself with the system after a couple of weeks. Great that you could customise the workout display - much more than Apple Workout - for your desired workout including mapping display, which brings me to the first issue….. The GPS and mapping display only works if your iPhone is nearby. On a run using my Apple Watch 5 GPS, I noticed that around 3k from my home the mapping display, although showing my tracking breadcrumb, was blank. If I was relying on this it would be easy to get lost. The other major gripe is the battery situation. It definitely drains the batter more compared to Apple Workout App, which is a major shame. I would prefer to use WorkOutDoors over Apple Workout but with major failings on the GPS and battery drain, I’m not sure whether the switch over is worth it..Version: 5.3

Dissatisfied After UpdateFor some reason, the history stopped showing a map of my workout on my IPhone starting in late May 2022. It still shows it on the Apple Watch but I don’t like the color maps he started using. The colors camouflage the workout route and make it hard to see. Before the update, I always had a hard time stopping a workout. Now it’s even harder. I press and press and press and nothing happens. It often adds 15 to 30 seconds to my workout time. And the workout choices are so small and close together, I can’t see them well with my aging eyes and I occasionally press the wrong workout (e.g., run when I meant to press cycle). And then I don’t realize it until I’m well into the workout. On the plus side, I love the voice alerts at the mile markers. I’m now looking for another workout app that will do that..Version: 4.4

App takes over watch.The app took over my watch. Even when closing and removing it it would reappear on the main face. Had to delete it to remove it. Used it for just 45 minutes. Avoid..Version: 2.2

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