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Flight Tracker Pr Air Radar 24 Negative Reviews

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Flight Tracker Pr Air Radar 24 App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Flight Tracker Pr Air Radar 24 app received 53 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Flight Tracker Pr Air Radar 24? Can you share your negative thoughts about flight tracker pr air radar 24?

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Flight Tracker Pr Air Radar 24 for Negative User Reviews

DisappointedI liked my old flight tracker pro. In fact, I loved it. This one has little info. It is not user friendly,. One flight I was tracking, the plane was backwards and the plane was going in the wrong direction. I put this app on my I phone as well. I had my iPad and I phone tracking the same flight and they had the plane in two entirely different locations Why did you fix what was not broken? The original flight track pro was much better. It was user friendly and provided great info and notified you when the flight arrived at its destination..Version: 6.8

The open championCrashes all the time!!! Rubbish & waste of money DONT!!!! Buy this app.Version: 3.3

Not great for EuropeIt is rather underwhelming this app. Bought the pro version but this was money not well spent. It might work better in the US as in Europe it seems rather pitiful. The gate and delay updates are not timely..Version: 5.15

RubbishIf you buy this app remember that I advised you not to. It doesn't work, there is no support so give your money to charity instead..Version: 4.2

APP just loading, but never finishMy app updated on March 14. The app just keep loading but never finished. Please check what is the problem on the new update version. Thanks..Version: 6.7

Why?Used the lite version once, then prompted to upgrade so I can track another flight, what, I can only track one flight!. Frustrated, updated, why I don't know at $3+ and now getting the same error messages. Why, very, very annoyed!.Version: 5.5

RubbishTotal rip-off, complicated, obsolete, you name it. Waste of money and time..Version: 5.10

Don’t Waste Your TimeJust about any app is better than this one..Version: 9.7.2

Used to work fineThe app worked fine for about 20 minutes before it started messing up the arrival and departure times. It's giving inaccurate flight arrival times and the map is showing the plane either being at the departing destination or the arriving destination, even if the plane is still on route. Please fix as it would've been very useful..Version: 3.4

New Update isn't workingLatest update messed up half the flights I had already entered for tracking. The departure times are several hours too early. Oddly, the arrival times seem unaffected. The update has a bug that needs immediate attention. Update: I deleted all my flights and reentered them. This appears to fix the issue. It was a huge pain to redo everything. Please, in the future, make sure updates don't corrupt data already entered..Version: 6.9

Missing Basic FunctionalityPurchased this app in the airport to provide pickup information to a friend. The only PRIVATE sharing mechanism is email. I despise FB and Twitter. Why does the developer expect me to share my travel info with “Always Be Evil” companies that view me as a product? I fully expected iPhone integration or Whatsapp etc. It boggles my mind that this feature was overlooked. If you guys built cars you’d deliver without a steering wheel. Forgetting about text integration on a phone app shows a serious misapprehension of what customers want..Version: 8.5

AppWhat a con buy the app the there no flight track on map u have to pay more money for that there's free apps far better. I have been conned . NOT HAPPY.Version: 6.9.8

Recent changes have made app very poorWould have been 5 a few weeks ago.. use app a lot as partner flies with airline so really useful to track flights.. now information changes randomly and ability to track flight comes and goes.. will have to find another app..😬😬😬.Version: 6.9

Very poorThis is one of the worst apps I have ever tried to use. I have not been able to understand the logic on how to setup a flight and almost every time I have tried I have failed. I am going to throw it away and try someone else's app. Sorry, it just stinks..Version: 6.9.3

Mi flights proThis app is absolute garbage. If you purchase you're sure to be disappointed. Total waste of money. Only rated one star because you can't rate zero..Version: 5.1

SosoThis app cannot be trusted when selecting calender entry , times and dates are all incorrect.Version: 6.3

Not ready for prime timeVery buggy, counterintuitive interface. The user interface may be counterintuitive because it's very buggy. June 25, 2017 Seriously, do I really have to use someone else's app (i.e, FlightView) to find out what gate my plane takes off from? Are you guys to doing anything to improve this app? Especially since you're charging money for it?.Version: 6.9.3

Free appSaid that I had three flights I could track. Tried to set up three flights in the Flightbook, first two were fine. Last one: "You have insufficient flights. Please purchase the full app.".Version: 5.6

Hope this worksI just became aware that Flight Tracker 5 will no longer be available. Had to look for a new tracker that is user friendly. I saw this tracker and it looked good. I am giving it a try for the first time. So far so good. Except, that I can not personalize each flight. I track many flights because of my car service business. The previous app allowed me to edit each flight with the clients name. I can not do that with this app. Having the clients name for each flight makes it easier to find that client and check the status. If I'm missing something on this, hope someone will let me know how I can edit each flight tracked with my clients name..Version: 6.5

UnreliableSister is flying lots so purchased the pro version for £2.99 so I could follow her flights. Waste of money. Sometimes shows the plane further behind than what it was the last time I looked. Constantly have to delete the flight and resave or close the app and start again. Would not recommend!.Version: 5.7

Bought the premium app twice (maybe!)The upgrade path on this app is poor, possibly leaving you to by the 'pro' version more than once by accident. I'll check with my iTunes account and find out..... So far, the app's just about doing what it claims but I'm having trouble tracking a flight that is over two 'legs'. The app won't acknowledge the second leg of the journey so I can't track it as yet. This may change. No idea if the tracking is accurate but the landing and takeoff times were all good so far. Settings and options are limited. There needs to be much more flexibility in both the data that you can enter (separate legs for example) or the ability to put in stop-over airports..Version: 4.2

Rubbish.....Don't waste your money....What a load of rubbish! Very slow to update flight detail, much slower than their own free version! Brought in a rush as I wanted to track my daughters flight, I should of researched apps last night!! Ended tracking flight on another app - Planes Live Free, much better! Feel totally robbed, I may as well of gone to the kitchen and put my £2.99 in the bin!!.Version: 5.15

Has Potential to replace FTPThis app has a lot of information contained in it, which is great, but there is still a ways to go to match up to what FlightTrack Pro was. Couple suggestions: Be able to search flights for info, but not have to add them On the flight book page, show the times Option to change flight times to your local time zone With all that said, I do like the app has tail numbers, and an actual flight map. I have yet to see any push notifications for the flight I'm currently tracking though. So this has potential, just needs a couple more touches..Version: 6.8

Nearly missed my flightThe app showed the wrong departure time, show departure from Stansted in CET instead of GMT, was very lucky, will not rely on the app again in the future.Version: 6.9.3

A little better than uselessThis program lacks accurateness, attractiveness, and is uneasy to find the flights using the correct airline and flight number. Too, the map of the flights look like little kids' drawings. Satellite imagery could help a little. Bottom line, don't waste your money on this app..Version: 6.9

Easy to set upIt would be nice to merge data from free app to pro!.Version: 5.3

This app is unreliable and awfulThe flights don't come up and to navigate the site you are taken around in circles never to achieve the flight information you seek! Don't use it!.Version: 6.9.9

Fees fees and more feesI purchased the prior version of The flight tracker several years ago and enjoyed it very much. I was surprised when it was no longer supported but a replacement product became available. Of course, the replacement product carried a new fee. Shameful that the current owners of the app decided to go to the well once again for yet another fee..Version: 6.9.3

Not as good as old Flight ProThe menu isn't as intuitive when trying to find a flight or save one. Doesn't give the option for seating chart. I miss the old Flight Pro..Version: 7.2

A waste of moneyI put in a flight for March 3, it gives me the scheduled flight for March 4. No way to get current flight status from a flight on the same day. I know this flight is in route but I can get no information about it. But it does tell me when this flight will take off the next day. Not very helpful. A real disappointment and waste of money of you are looking for a real time flight tracker..Version: 6.6

Not goodSave your money. This app requires you to type in an individual flight and track it, rather than just browsing what's in the air..Version: 5.17

DOESN'T WORK!!!Watching flight my son is on then suddenly "Loading flight book please wait!" Well I've been waiting now for 4 hours and still waiting. I know it's a long haul flight but ... This is ridiculous. Sort it out or refund my money. Kthi.Version: 6.7

It’s challengingIn order to add your flights, you have to manually add each individual one, and make sure you select the proper date. There isn’t a way to auto import your travel plans which is horrid. You can’t add a complete trip, because it shows your stay at your destination as a lay over. I prefer apps that have an automated process, like “ the flight tracker” and “Flight track pro” both integrate with TripIt, making it a very useful tool. I subscribed to premium Gold with all the updates, bells and whistles. Just added my first trip, what a pain. Took me 30 mins, to get it to work with in a trip, then to find out you can’t differentiate between a stay and a lay over. The other 2 apps I mentioned it did it by itself, as soon as I opened the apps!.Version: 8.5

Total rubbishApp stated plane had landed but actually plane was unable to land and had returned to its original point of departure.Version: 6.3

Flight radar proThis app is not a scratch on the old flight radar 24. On flight radar pro aircraft lack the detailed information of the aircraft, some of the aircraft track info is out of whack with the aircraft..Version: 5.2

Sr.Terrible app waste of $$$ ever time you add flights to track they never show up in flight book on left side But if you close app clear it from running on iPad then restart they show up but in wrong order Waste of time.Version: 4.7

Flight trackingUse this for tracking family on their flights. Usually does what it says..Version: 6.8

Refund pleaseI would like a refund please. This app does not have a push notification as advertised..Version: 9.6.4

Hard to readThe blue and red letters on black background is nearly impossible to read. Please can you use colours with better contrast. Thanks..Version: 5.7

Flight Number?I used to have Flight Tracker by Mobiata and I loved it! It showed the flight number which this app does NOT do! On the map page, flight number, ground speed and altitude were displayed and updated constantly. That would also be a nice feature to include with your app. It also overplayed cloud cover in the map which this one does not do. Mobiata is integrating their software with a more comprehensive air travel app that will be hopefully available shortly..Version: 6.9

FreezesWould be great if only it wouldn't freeze every time when searching through airports or retrieving flight information that were already completed. No customer support either. Please fix!.Version: 3.4

Poor informationI bought the pro version. The app said the flight had landed but when I got here it hadn't. I then checked the radar app and it said that it still had 10min and when I went back to this app it now said it had 45min. Very inconsistent information :(.Version: 6.6

Stay Away!No good at all! Time consuming = useless!!!.Version: 6.9.1

Nothing!Does not allow you to add, flightbook, nothing just will not respond to anything you try to tap into! Bring back the version before the "upgrade"!.Version: 6.7

It's okI got the paid version, Not user friendly display, or sophisticated look, flights in trips, are not listed according to the calendar date, does not show count down time remaining between flights. I miss FlightTrack where everything about your flight was displayed in one pain..Version: 6.9.3

Better trackers are availableI tested this app in real time against another one, which I won’t name just to prove this isn’t an ad for the competition. A friend was on a flight from London to Raleigh NC, USA. He timed every detail. The other app’s map and info was accurate but THIS one showed his plane as having taken off when it had not. So on this app’s map it was 10 minutes into the flight at a time when the plane was still on the ground and in the takeoff queue at Heathrow. Plus the track in the map bore no relationship to the route actually taken. I rest my case..Version: 8.4.3

Didn't workLive tracking didn't work for me disappointed..Version: 5.1

Devoid of useful functionalityThis app looks like it could have promise, but it is a very immature app and not worth the money. There are a lot of basics missing from this app, and it is basically a sales pitch to purchase other apps that are likely to be devoid of useful functionality as well. Not recommend!.Version: 6.3

RacistThe application will be closed automatically, when you do search for a flight to some destination (e.g. Iran)..Version: 5.10

Useless!Downloaded to track a flight. Latency and unreliable data meant missing takeoff by 11 minutes. Don't waste your money. I want a full refund. Emailed support, awaiting a reply and refund. DON'T waste your time and money..Version: 5.17

Feel as if I've been duped!Just paid £3.99 for the pro version of thistle app and can not seem to find any difference at all. Maybe it's me! All I wanted s a view of where the airplane is in relation to the flight to show my grandchildren where there mum and dad are. If this is available please can a technical person let me know how I get this or if not show me how you refund the app cos.Version: 6.9

Not brilliantCould be good but some major issues on the iPad version. Search engine sometimes doesn't return results and seems to remain in search mode - have to uninstall/reinstall when this happens ( and it happens quite frequently). Some flights depart but don't show on the app as having departed which then says that flight is inactive/ delayed or error due to data latency... So not reliable. Would be great if flight level was included in flight status info as well as distance/time. This could be a very good app but needs some TLC to make it function as it should and to increase its reliability....Version: 5.2

WeakDoesn’t show speed or altitude of aircraft.Version: 8.5

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