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Wendy’s App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Wendy’s app received 84 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Wendy’s? Can you share your negative thoughts about wendy’s?

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Wendy’s for Negative User Reviews

Scanned QR code @ restaurantCashier scanned QR code didn’t see points on my app. The Wendy’s rewards in USA has the form for missing points. When will the Wendy’s rewards in Canada have the form for missing points?.Version: 10.0.4

Garbage appCan’t place a mobile order. Location search isn’t working (and my location settings are enabled) Can’t even manually type in a city. Trash app. Guess I’m going to McDonalds...Version: 10.0.5

Adding a payment methodShouldn’t be this hard. Took the 4th credit card to be accepted. And yes the info was input correctly EACH time!!!!.Version: 10.0.5

App does not work on iPhone 7 with “Sign on with Apple ID”Tried downloading and installing the Wendy’s app. Used “sign in with Apple ID” to create an account. I’m a veteran and forced to use this. Every time I’m prompted to enter a birthday, I get an error 400 processing my new account creation. It refuses to skip or accept my birthday. Forcing us into these apps to avoid coupons, is becoming an Americans with disabilities act issue. The apps are difficult to navigate for older people, and there’s simply no way around them. It’s made worse when difficulties such as these appear. Wendy’s is not alone in this bad policy. Supermarkets and stores forcing people to use their apps, should be compelled to provide alternatives. Not everybody can navigate a smart phone. It’s even worse when your son is a software engineer, and there’s gateway issues logging in. For iPhone 7 users such as myself, this app is broken. Please check and remedy this issue. Better yet, provide alternate means for discounts, so I don’t have to call my son for assistance..Version: 9.4.7

App has been unusable for over a month nowI used to use this app a lot but now it always just freezes randomly. Deleting and reinstalling doesn’t work..Version: 10.0.4

Has same major flaw as the McDonalds AppThe app offers no Apple Pay nor any 2FA support. This app is prone to the same account hacking that the McDonalds app used to have before they added those features..Version: 8.1.9

Bring back mobile and BOGO offersWe are retired and while at first it was difficult to get used to mobile ordering, we embraced it because of the good mobile offers and pandemic, necessitating drive-thru drive service. Then they messed up the app so badly that a mobile offer couldn't be added to a mobile order and they were unwilling to help at the restaurant. They almost lost us as costumers with that debacle, but we left without purchasing a couple of times and eventually an update fixed it. Again we continued to frequent Wendy's at least once a week for their 2/$5 Single and spicy chicken sandwich deal, or any one of the good app offers they always had. Now the good offers are completely gone in favor of a vastly inferior REWARDS program, and so are we. There are many other fast food options out there that want out business and offer discounts that we will use. The selection of coupons at this time is an absolute joke. Bring back offers that people want or you won't have a business before long. The so is useless if you don't offer deals that people want..Version: 7.1.3

Can’t use coupon offers and no customer service follow-upThere’s offers that the app won’t let you use on your order and the customer service won’t get back to you..Version: 10.0.5

Wait what?So no mobile ordering, no menu, no payment, no anything. This might actually take the cake for the most useless app on the App Store. I feel sorry for Wendy’s. They actually pay money to keep this app up on this store. Get a new engineering team..Version: 6.1.4

UselessI have used this app about ten times now and have only actually succeeded once. It works to find stores, look at menus, etc, but DO NOT upload a gift card! I have had two gift cards now that I have uploaded and the second it is uploaded to your app, the card becomes invalid. You can no longer use the physical card, nor can you mobile pay or place a mobile order. The app also does not tell you that your payment (with said gift card) failed, so while you wait for your mobile order, thinking everything went through just fine, it isn’t even being made, bc the restaurant received an order with failed payment. Luckily the employees tend to be very helpful and apologetic, but this app really needs to be fixed. Also, if you add a reward to a mobile order that fails, you do not get the reward back to try again with different payment or to try to use in store instead of on a mobile order. This app is so frustrating..Version: 8.1.9

No offersThis app had offers a couple times and it was great. Now every time I load it there are no offers..Version: 10.0.5

My order persists in the app after I claim it.1. A week or two went by after I last used the app for Wendy’s. I went to create an order but it believed I still needed to pick up the last order. I canceled and it said I couldn’t because I already paid. But it correctly cleared the order so I could make a new order. This routine happened again. The old order just doesn’t disappear on its own. I don’t know if the restaurant should flag my order as claimed or if the app should eventually clear the order. This is a nuisance as it is now. 2. This app sent a pop-up asking if I wanted to leave feedback. I wanted to, but I had to cancel the pop-up because it was obscuring my pickup information while I was approaching the pickup window. Later, I looked in the app to leave feedback. The ‘Contact Us’ section did not allow for app feedback, just feedback to the restaurant. 3. The app should allow a customer to specify changes to utensils and condiments. For example, it should assume 1 spoon and 1 hot sauce for my chili but I could lower it to 0 spoons and 0 hot sauces. At home I now have a huge pile of Wendy’s spoons and a drawer of hot sauces..Version: 9.5.1

TERRIBLE APPTo start things off, I love eat at Wendy’s at least once a month, and have for most of my life. The experience I’ve had(electronically) may ruin Wendy’s for me. This app has to be by far the sorriest excuse for a “convenience”. Absolutely terrible. The app freezes and never works properly. The fact that I can’t save my debit card and have to resubmit it every time is beyond annoying. The location services never work. On average I have to close and reopen the app 3-4 times, EVERY TIME I USE IT! Horrendous, avoid it like the plague. Save the time, and space on your phone, and just go to Wendy’s to order if you really want to. I personally, think I’m done supporting this company.Version: 10.0.5

Terrible APP, Horrible Customer ServiceSo after waiting in the drive through line for over 45 minutes I was finally able to place my order. Then when I attempted to pay, using the mobile app, it took 10 minutes just for the attendant at the window to know how to take payment from a customer using the mobile app. The transaction failed. Apparently I needed to add funds to my Wendy account. I selected $25 dollars and then was promoted to enter my CVV number. When I did it generated an unknown error. I closed the app and restarted my phone but still had the same error. I checked my checking account balance and there was plenty to cover the charge. I called my bank and the agent said everything was good on the banks end. At this point it was clearly an issue with the Wendy’s APP. I tried the live chat option inside the app. Even though I was 1st in line to chat with a support agent I waited nearly 20 minutes but no agent ever responded to my request. I called the toll free support phone number, was told I was 5th in line but after 25 minutes I gave up. I tried their Instagram chat, it’s been 30 minutes and no response. Your APP and customer support are total crap!!.Version: 8.1.9

Freezes constantlyThis app has been broken for about 6 months now, randomly freezing and basically not working 75% or the time..Version: 10.0.5

Horrible AppThe app does not work at all. I am surprised with a company of your size. I guess I will stick with your competitors who offer coupons and deals.Version: 9.4.7

App has a lot of Glitches, BewareI appreciate Wendy’s effort to bring a mobile app to the consumers. It has been an upgrade to their service. However, ever since the start, the app has been filled with glitches. At the beginning they were mostly minor issues. For the last 12 months, I’ve noticed major issues that drastically altered the purchasing process. 12 months ago, it was issues with pick up options. 6 month ago it was issues with the redemption of offer and reward. A few months ago, they had issues with service speed. It seemed like the store does not get the order ahead, and only starting making the food after the guest has physically arrived today, even when they are not busy. As of today, there is a network issue and the app can’t send the order in. I had to go to the fast food place next door. Just wanted future guests of Wendy’s know to check the app and plan ahead before it’s too late in case they have an ongoing glitch..Version: 9.2.6

App never worksTried to use this app several times and it never works at Wendy’s locations near me.Version: 10.0.5

Steals moneyI used to order through the app with no issues but the past 2 times I ordered the order got cancelled and it charged me!!!! The first time I ordered but it glitched out when I clicked check out so I ordered again and it did the same thing. I didn’t think much of it but then I checked my bank statement and I got charged TWICE without receiving food. I contacted customer service multiple times in multiple ways with NO response. I ordered again today thinking it was just a glitch and it wouldn’t happen again, I was wrong. I ordered but then I realized I ordered at the wrong location so I simply edited my order and changed the location. This time I got my food and had no issues with that but then when I checked my bank statement I realized I got charged TWICE! Mind you these 2 times were about a month apart. You’d think they’d fix the problem but apparently they didn’t. Is this even legal?? Seriously they have the worst customer service ever..Version: 9.0.5

Unhappy with the app/don’t use itMy husband and I tried to use a coupon on the app. It was for buy a classic chicken sandwich regular or spicy, get one for a dollar. We ordered our sandwiches and the worker scanned the coupon. The computer system didn’t apply the coupon to our order. So the worker went and got another coworker and they wanted to see the coupon again. But, the coupon had disappeared from the app. So I couldn’t show them again. So they went and got the manger. Told her what was going on and once again the manger wanted to see the coupon. I told her that it was scanned and no longer showing on the app. My husband even tried to login to his app to see if he had the same coupon we were trying to us. But, his app wouldn’t let him login or create an account. Even though my app was scanned I probably won’t receive points for my order either. In the end I wouldn’t try to use the Wendy’s app and probably won’t go back for a long while..Version: 10.0.4

Mobile ordering slow customer serviceI ordered on the app weeks ago and was charged almost 50 dollars for it all. Never received my drinks and didn’t get a refund for it so I had to call customer service. I sent an email and waited 4 days still haven’t heard anything back from them at that point. I grew really impatient and so I tried calling them on the phone and waited about a half hour on the phone to get in contact with someone. The guy apologized and gave me a refund for the entire order but still I will not be using the app again. When I went to the location near me they said they can not scan the free rewards and have to punch them in as a coupon. I had 500 points In rewards I’m not even able to use because I selected breakfast items and every time I try to place an order to get it they don’t have the breakfast. Breakfast should be served until 12. It’s ridiculous and the app is useless. I will be uninstalling. This app is such a inconvenience to use and not worth it. Especially when the food is mediocre. I will not be returning to Wendy’s and purchasing from them again. Every time I go I am always unsatisfied with their service..Version: 9.3.2

No goodI used this app before today to get free delivery and waited then 30 mins later it said it was canceled. Nice when kids are all waiting to eat lunch. No explaination…only that it was canceled. Called the store and they said it was canceled and blamed it on DoorDash yet I didn’t get it from doordash’s app I got it from Wendy’s app. Then today when trying to order my prior order and it never saved on app so I put my order in the cart randomly getting these little pop up errors (“Error We're sorry, an error was detected.” when just going into food to edit or add, just viewing items in cart, etc. So I decided to favorite each meal plus the whole order just to ensure I didn’t lose my order. Then I go to add one more thing, then it cleared my entire order (6 different meals). I went under favorites to see if they were there and nothing is there. Ugh this thing is a pain. Not sure how it got such good reviews. Two more things to find menu then location and it was just spinning where it had their little food image on the screen with the bar going across repeatedly. Also, tried to scan the item I bought and system just hung again with the little food image and bar. It wasn’t my WiFi that was the problem either..Version: 8.1.9

App crashes every timeNever used successfully. I’ve removed and re-installed several times. Other food apps work with no issues; only Wendy’s has a problem. I think it’s actually a virus..Version: 10.0.5

Horrible app. Don’t botherOh boy, where do I even begin with their mobile app? Let's just say, it's about as useful as a screen door on a submarine. First off, their mobile app is a major control freak - it took me a solid 2-3 minutes just to set up my account. And after all that hard work, I finally managed to place a breakfast order at 10:21, just 4 minutes before the supposed 10:25 breakfast cut-off time. Despite 10:30 being the advertised cut off everywhere. But surprise surprise, the app froze up as I was about to pay and when it finally decided to wake up, it had the nerve to switch me over to the lunch menu and cancel my whole order at 10:22. Seriously, what kind of company does something like that? It's a real shame that a supposed customer service company would subject their customers to such nonsense. If you're looking for a good laugh, give their app a try. But if you actually want to order food without losing your mind, you're better off using the McDonalds app..Version: 10.0.9

UselessWhen you try to order it only shows breakfast items, and then says that they’re not serving breakfast now. During breakfast time it doesn’t show breakfast items. Dumb..Version: 10.0.5

Location closest to me ALWAYS says dining room, AND drive-thru are closed using app.As I went to the drive-thru just now to order two items, I was telling my wife how annoying this app is because the people at the speaker want you to tell them your INITIALS instead of your NAME like McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, Chik-Fil-A…..and pretty much EVERY other mobile fast food app!! I told her that, on another occasion, they gave me someone else’s food because that other person’s initials were “E.G.” (mine are “C.C.”). On that day, I had to go to the back of the drive-thru line and wait ANOTHER half hour to get my food! So today, when I got to the food pickup window, they tried handing me a drink, saying “here’s your coffee”. I said, “all I have is a chili and a fry” He says, “what’s the initials?” I say, “C.C.” He says, “OHHHHH, I could have sworn you said ‘D.T.’!” How many more times are they going to have to screw up people’s orders before you guys FIX THIS!!??!! I get that you’re trying to be cute (yes, hello drive-thru speaker, I already placed an order, “C.C. Mobile”) and I get trying to differentiate yourself from your competitors, but ONLY when it makes sense! This does NOT. Stop this!!! It is unbelievably STUPID! Dave Thomas pioneered the drive-thru! You are RUINING his legacy by botching something that’s such a simple fix! Make the app place my order with my NAME, NOT my initials!!!!! It makes NO SENSE!.Version: 10.0.7

Going Downhill Fast!This app is progressively plagued with issues. It continues to become less user friendly each time it’s redesigned. Recently, it stopped clearing out the current order after it was placed and the app closed, preventing a new order from being placed the next time the app was opened. Also more recently, selecting an available offer would make it disappear from availability without adding it to the cart. Yesterday, I was unable to process any orders at all. The app froze loading my total each time. Today, after updating the app, I was logged out and the app gives an error message “forbidden” when I try logging in, of trying to sign up fresh. Live Chat with customer service doesn’t exist anymore and there’s no email option. I don’t want to spend who knows how long it will take trying to reach someone over the phone, only to be told they can’t do anything anyway. I’ve now deleted this useless app. Fortunately, I have both a Carl’s Jr. and a Jack in the Box within a block of this Wendy’s, so I’ll take my business there a few times a week. Oh, also the Burger King I have closer to home. All those apps are working just fine!.Version: 9.3.3

Cannot use this appI can’t find a store in the map view and not letting me to order.Version: 10.0.5

Worst app everThere is no way to add your gift card to the Apple wallet and also, when you try to load funds onto your account balance, all I get is a service error.Version: 10.0.5

Worst Fast Food AppI have apps for all the fast food restaurants in my area and this is the absolute worst. The first time I used this app I placed my order and paid and when I arrived to the restaurant to pick up my order they told me they don’t accept mobile orders. How?? Get yourself together Wendy’s. Obviously if a location is not taking mobile orders I should not have been able to place a mobile order for that location. Fortunately the staff were kind and understanding and I was able to get my meal without having to pay twice. Since then, I’ve been able to use this app successfully only one time. Every other time there have been errors that occur and prevent me from checking out. Today there was an offer for a free frosty with mobile order but again, the stupid app will not let me place a mobile order. I just used one of my other apps that actually work and went to a different place to eat. I love Wendy’s but whoever they have got to develop this app needs to be replaced ASAP. I can’t be the only one they’re losing business from. The only positive thing I can say is that when the app actually works it is simple to use, but I could say that for literally any other restaurant. Step it up devs..Version: 6.0.0

Not a fanCan’t use the app on wifi. Only works on 5G. Also they support Trump so that’s enough to never eat at wendy’s.Version: 10.0.5

Doesn’t workYou can only view the offers if you are signed up but everytime you try to sign up you get a request error 404 message stating it can’t sign you up 🤔.Version: 9.4.11

No Customer ServiceThe app works fine…until there is an issue at the restaurant. Last week (Friday, April 7th) I placed an order through the app and went to the restaurant to pick up my food. Was told by the employees they ran out of burgers and bacon. I’m not sure why they didn’t stop people from mobile ordering or if they can control the mobile orders at the restaurant. Since they didn’t have any food I tried to cancel the order through the app. The button was non responsive. Asked the cashier for a refund. Was told the restaurant and mobile app are two different entities under the same company. This isn’t uncommon so that didn’t bother me. Was told to contact the customer service help line in the app. Tried to contact customer care and it was too late in the evening. Tried the next day, and it’s closed on the weekend. So Monday rolls around and I tried to call and chat. When I called I waited for over an hour in the queue with no one answering. Decided to try the chat and for an additional 2 hours I waited as “next in chat”. I never spoke with a customer service rep and Wendy’s took my money..Version: 10.0.7

Beware of Mobile OrderWow, I order via mobile for so many restaurants but will never do so again with this app. Placed a mobile Order for inside pickup. When I arrived, parked in the designated spot and d I was there. The app told me to go to the counter and pick up the order. Unfortunately the restaurant had a sign on the door that they were drive thru only. I called the restaurant and they told me to get in the very long double drive thru line. I did not have time to do that which is why I ordered for mobile pickup. Since I had paid already, I asked the order be cancelled and I tried to call customer service. After waiting on hold for almost 20 minutes I emailed them and have yet to hear back. I completely understand staffing issues, but the app should be as smart as all of the others out there and not allow me to place the order for pick up inside. Wendy’s, I expect better from you. Do not recommend this app!.Version: 9.1.2

Poorly configured app.This app is pretty complicated just to make an order. There is no flow. For example you’re asked about either location or pickup/delivery at the same time. Why? Shouldn’t you specify location first then method of receiving the order? The menu takes way too long to load. Why? You’d think you’d have your standard combo meals first and foremost then if you want something different go to a different menu. The way the app is setup is kind of like entering the restaurant from the back side, browsing what’s in the kitchen, then rounding the outside of the counter to make your order. The final straw is the allure of redeeming points for something. It’s impossible to make an order just using points. I don’t see where this is written out or warned about but you can sure use those points and they will disappear. If you can’t use the points the usefulness of the app goes in the toilet. I might as well s just sit in the drive through for 20-30 minutes and make a regular order. Yes, I’ve sat in the drive through for close to 30 minutes before..Version: 9.4.3

The app needs tons of improvementsThis app is a paperweight pretty much. What happens if you get double charged? I tell you what happens, you sit on 30 minutes or longer for a csr. After you wait long enough, you decide to give a call directly back. Now all of a sudden the corporate has closed 30 minutes early. This is not the first time either trying to call. The corporate office for this app and Wendy’s is comical. Now, let us move onto the real issues. There is no cancellation option on the app. So, as soon as you place your order the card that was used is charged. It doesn’t matter if an accident occurred either. Next, there is no option for the store to cancel the order. Basically, you have to jump threw all these hoops to get your money back. At least with the Sonic app, it doesn’t charge you if you never check in ( at least as far as I have seen). I hope you get the pretty logical errors fixed soon. Because using this app has become a burden for the consequences I receive afterwards..Version: 10.1.0

No actual rewardThe app says free 10 piece nuggets if you sign up but I did not receive this..Version: 10.0.5

A poor experienceTwice now I’ve had money charged to my card when I haven’t received said items charged to my card. The first time the app showed a location near me was open and they completed the order and my card was charged when I actually arrived at the restaurant (as this was an order ahead Mobile order) the restaurant was closed even though the app showed they should’ve been opened for another hour. I tried reaching out to Wendy’s via text (their method of chat) and to this date never heard back from anyone. Fast forward to tonight - ordered again. Get to the restaurant and they literally have nothing but the 6 Pc chicken nuggets on my order. Yet they charge my card over $14 for a 6 Pc nugget?! And tell me oh yeah we’ll refund it to your card. No refund is showing up and that quickly changed to - oh you should be able to do it via the app when I went back to the restaurant which there is no option for this. Jokes on you though because I will be promptly disputing this charge with my bank this time around. Not a good experience and likely will think twice before giving you future business..Version: 10.0.4

Need Apple Pay integrationNeed Apple Pay integration.Version: 10.0.5

Slow and difficultCheck out McDonald’s app and copy it..Version: 10.0.5

App now unexpectedly quitsThe app unexpectedly quits! Yep, after the last update, the app starts up, then flashes the Wendy’s ads (it’s good at doing that tho) then quits back to the main iPhone home screen. I’ve got tons of free available memory and space and no other apps running at the time. The only workaround I’ve found was to shut down and reboot the phone, then wait,…a while…, and try again to navigate back to the spot I was just in. Hyper annoying when the app unexpectedly quits and you’re suddenly cold caught on the spot having to shut down and reboot your phone while drivers behind you start laying on their horn while you’re struggling with the app at the Drive-Thru Speaker is Definitely cringe tier! When you guys put out your next update please fix this. Having the app give up on you when you need it the most makes it cringe worthy and lame..Version: 8.1.4

Use coupon in storeI don’t like that I have to use my cc to pay for an in app coupon. Coupons should be avail any way. And add debit.Version: 10.0.5

You had me in the first half…I think if you wanna use this app stick to using it for instore/ drive thru pick ups only. The point system is pretty decent and they offer ok coupons at times. I personally haven’t experienced the bug and crashing problems others have but my issue with this app came when I started using it for delivery. I started using it for delivery cause it was significantly cheaper than going directly thru DoorDash or Uber eats cause of the points and coupons and cheaper overall prices but the third time I used it for delivery they did me dirty. I order breakfast(I was so ready to try to French toast sticks😪)and waited for over an hour. Had two separate drivers just for the order to be canceled and for me to have no way to figure out why or how to get a refund thru the app. The live chat never works it always says I’m first in line but an agent never enters the chat. I’ve even waited a full 30 minutes just to see if it was really just for show, and it is. If you call you will be on hold for 30 days and 30 nights. I even emailed TWICE and have yet to get a response. In sum, Wendy’s y’all need to put y’all’s pride to the side and ask McDonald’s for help. Y’all need it bad..Version: 10.0.5

Completely non-intuitiveThis took me more than 10 minutes to order due to your app’s inability to deal with credit card s properly. Call McDonald’s. They have a great app. Ask them how to make one..Version: 10.0.5

Horrible App! Bad Customer Service!I ordered through their app and when I got to the restaurant, I was unable to check in. I kept getting an error message. I went to the front to ask them to prepare my order and to report the issue. The worker rudely stated that she couldn’t help me and called for the next customer while I was standing there. I was then told that I had to place the order with them directly and pay again. When I mentioned that I would need a refund for the mobile app order, they stated that I had to contact Wendy’s customer service for the refund and that they had nothing to do with the mobile app order. I decided to leave the restaurant and get nothing because I found them to be rude and unhelpful. When I contacted Wendy’s customer service, they told me that the manager at the store would have had to refund me and that they cannot give refunds to customers. They sent a message to the manager at the location and stated that they will contact me when they can. What does that mean? Who refunds customers when the mobile app decides to mess up. The store or Wendy’s customer service? Regardless I’m going to contact my credit card company to reverse the charge. I’ve never had this issue with any other food ordering app and I promptly deleted Wendy’s app and won’t be using it again..Version: 8.1.4

Funding isn’t workingNo matter what I do I can’t find the digital wallet and I’m getting no response from Wendy’s about the issue.Version: 10.0.5

Glitchy and crashes when you click wrong buttonWastes 20 minutes of my time every time I try to order on my break. Last time I went in and the app wouldn’t work and even showed them, they still wouldn’t even honour the coupon. Won’t load location, then won’t load order, then won’t process, then crashes and makes you do the order all over. I gave up on fast food and their apps..Version: 10.0.5

Inconvenient appIt asks for you to type your credit info at checkout. Why can’t it use Apple Pay like with other fast food apps?.Version: 10.0.5

Worst app ever in 2023This app feel like using app from 20years ago. Everything doesnt work..Version: 10.0.5

Slowest app ever and freezes all the time!Despite the fact that the app is the slowest app ever to respond and use, whenever I choose "Carryout" in delivery options, it 100% freezes and makes it unable to proceed further to order. Worst even, after I finally managed to add all items to bag by using the "Curbside" option temporarily, I tried switching it to carryout again on the checkout page, and everything just froze. Closing and reopening the app, the default option has changed to Carryout, not changeable anymore, and now I cannot get into ANY of the screens at all, they would all lag till forever, this made the app completely unusable after this. Couldn't process my order, couldn't use my rewards and offer anymore, couldn't even get a single screen to load. Wendy's food is good but I will never use the app anymore if these crazy bugs are not fixed (I'm sure I'm not the only one who will give up on trying to give them money due to this app). Horrible horrible experience!.Version: 9.4.7

Ordering through the app and applying deals isn’t easyThe app isn’t showing any stores around and after restarting the app. I just created an account and have not been able to use the offers that I installed it for. There are also apparently no Wendy’s in my area that are available for mobile ordering, so I can’t use the mobile deals either way… Reporting feedback in the app is also NOT user friendly. When I try it insists that I have to choose a time of visit and a store, but NO stores come up. So I can’t submit the form to give feedback. I just have to wait for whenever the app pops up to ask for feedback, which I haven’t seen since I first opened the app and handnt even used it yet… why would they even ask for feedback at that point. 🙄 It’s been giving me “Sorry, there was an error detected.” Which gives no confirmation that the error was reported or option to fix it. Then when I try to chat, it says I’m #1 in line, forever… As a last resort, I logged out and deleted the app and tried again. It then wouldn’t even let me log in, giving the same “Sorry, there was an error detected” message. I give up. All other apps of all sorts, including Wendy’s competitors work fine..Version: 9.2.6

Tough app to use but does have nice food dealsI think this app is too complicated for the average person to use. I tried to buy a digital frosty key tag today. First I couldn’t find the offer. Then I finally found it with two options, physical card or digital. Sounds great! However when I checked out with the digital option, I still had to go to a store to pick up the physical card. At least that’s what my store told me when I called to get them to release the digital order. They had never heard of digital key tags. Come on, Wendy’s, don’t roll stuff out without training your staff! You need to let the digital key tag frosty offer work in addition to other deals too. Throw us a bone here! The jr frosty isn’t the deal, it should be lagniappe. Anyway, to anyone reading this, you have to get and use this app so Wendy’s will continue to invest in it. The app idea is good, the food hits the spot, and the deals in app bring me when I’m considering the options. They just need to simplify it. Maybe try some more focus groups and watch people try to use it..Version: 7.1.10

Time wasterI used the app once successfully a few weeks ago. Tried for a half hour yesterday to get an order to go through. Started it when in left an appointment. Couldn’t get to payment. Pulled over 4 times to keep trying. App logged me out and I had to start all over adding the food, customizing the order, adding the promo. Then it would get to the end and just stay on spinning updating for Apple Pay and pickup option. I tried every combination, andcould not pay! Was just going to go to Panera, but really wanted the chicken sandwich. So after sitting in the parking lot trying to do my order abs use the promotion, I went inside to order. Didn’t get the combo, as I couldn’t use the coupon. But did get my free frosty. Which leads me to the next part… How do you use the free frosty Tag with the app? The employees in the store are clueless!.Version: 9.4.1

Options?Not enough options. What if i want extra dressing??.Version: 10.0.5

Doesn’t workWill not let you make mobile orders. Useless..Version: 9.4.11

What Is Going ON????The app is better than McDonald’s app when it comes to customizations and things of that nature but my app won’t even work all the way through right now. For a month or so, I had trouble signing in by clicking “continue with google” or whatever it says. It would tell me it wasn’t an option so I would just order in the store. I finally deleted and re-downloaded the app and it finally let me sign in with my email. Great!…? No. Every single time I confirm my pick up option (carry out) it freezes. I honestly just downloaded the app again a few mins ago and have been struggling to get beyond this point since then. I exit, come back in thinking it would/should/MIGHT work and nothing. It would be different if the people at the Wendy’s closest to me were somewhat friendly, then maybe I wouldn’t mind ordering inside but coming across someone with a HORRIBLE attitude when I did nothing to deserve it will make me lose my appetite and now it’s food wasted and I’m angry 😑. What’s going on Wendy’s ???????.Version: 9.4.1

Asks for location, then charges you for orders at different storesSo I went to give this app a second chance today, and it asked me to allow it to always view my location. I never do this because I like to have at least some privacy these days, but I allowed it just this once, figuring if the app knows where I am then it’s less likely to get confused, right? Wrong. Shortly after submitting my order, I go to turn on my car to go pick it up and it won’t start, so I need to cancel my order that I can no longer pick up. Well, I open the app again to find that it believes I’m currently IN THE PARKING LOT of a store on the OTHER SIDE OF THE STATE. It then marks my order as completed and picked up, and charges my card. To make things even worse, there’s no “report a problem with this order” button like a functional app should have, so I have to wait forever in a customer service queue to get refunded for this order I never got, while figuring out what else to do for lunch, while trying to figure out what’s wrong with my car. Tl;dr this app STILL doesn’t work after all these months, which can make for a really bad day. Just stick with McDonald’s..Version: 8.0.1

Doesn’t accept mailer couponsReally limiting that it doesn’t accept mailer coupon codes or QR like other take out apps (McDonald’s and Harvey’s). So many times I’ve wanted to use the app but just ended up ordering instore because of this silly limitation. I get they maybe don’t want to show the coupons but they should let me use them if I have the physical version anyways..Version: 10.0.5

Couldn’t even place an orderNever have I ever had so much trouble with a fast food app. I tried to order a meal on 3 different occasions on 3 different days and all three never made it through. Every time I would go to purchase the food I would enter my card info and hit purchase but then I would get a service error. I thought to myself the servers must down so I scratched the order and waited a few more days to try again. Same thing happened. Now I was irked. No way did I think that the Wendy’s app would be down again. So once again I waited a couple more days and here I am now. I tried one last time and what do you know it happened again. The issue is not my card or my bank as I have used the card every day and it has worked. It is also not my service/connection because everything else works fine. Overall this has been a horrible app experience for me. I would NOT recommend this app to anyone who would like to order food. You would save a lot more time and brain cells by just driving to the store to place an order. Whatever is wrong with this app needs to be fixed. Many stores are probably losing out on sales due to this problem..Version: 10.0.5

Can’t communicate, failure to perform.Go to this location: Saturday night, 8:58. Going to Mother’s, in her 80s. Needs dinner. Want to order this order: 2 large chocolate frosted, apple pecan salad. Go through drive thru, no one answers. I think, ok. Must be closed BUT still people waited on in drive thru. I’ll go in. Black female with multi colored braids tells guy in front of me that they have no salads. I’m next in line. I’m told that the frosty machine is out. I think well they’re close to being closed, they must close at nine. However, I get back out to my car. I sign up for the app to make it easier for next time and I’ll find out they’re not even closed until 1 AM. Just want you to know an effective leadership is causing a lot of these stores to close. Failure to prepare. We’re not even wanting to satisfy the customer. I could not even understand the woman who waited on me. I’ll ask her. Did you say something and that’s when I understood the frosty machine is out… bad business practices all the way around!.Version: 10.1.0

This is the worst food ordering app known to manFor starters, good luck trying to have a smooth time putting items in the cart because it will take about 30 mins with all the glitches you experience each time you press something. But if you can get through that be my guest, because even if you get an order confirmation it doesn’t mean that the store has your order. I have made orders to my local Wendy’s twice through this app after my 10 hr shifts. This would be 2 times this company has taken my money, and also 2 times that the restaurant workers refused to make my order (even with proof of purchase in their faces) because they don’t have the order on their monitors. If that’s company policy then okay but taking my money, refusing to serve me, and then having to wait a day to get on the phone with customer support is complete ludicrous. Not to mention even after contacting customer support I still have to wait days for my money to come back on my card even though you guys snatched it out my account within seconds. I never rate apps but this app is the worst app I’ve ever came across in my life. If I could leave a negative review I would..Version: 10.0.9

No longer works, fix it.App no longer shows a balance at the cart, and will not checkout with any type of payment. Tried removing/reinstalling app, new account, nothing works. Offers therefore don't work, and they won't honour in restaurant. Been like this for a couple weeks. Taking my business elsewhere until the developers fix it..Version: 9.2.6

Stupid Password RequirementsI downloaded this app and as I was signing up to receive emails & etc. it asked me to to create a password. The password requires 6-20 characters with one Capitalized, one lowercase, one number (the options of special keys). I have tried to complete my profile and kept having issues with the password requirements. I had all requirements and I kept getting error notifications of my password not meeting the requirements. I had all even including with several special keys and still wouldn’t accept it. I went from 8 characters password to a 25 character password and it wouldn’t accept it. I gave up and deleted this stupid app. And why do my passwords has to reach your requirements if it’s mild or spicy (it gives you a stupid rating of your password) It’s my password. It doesn’t has to make sense for you. It has to make sense for me. Y’all need to fire the person who created this dumb app to function and work like that. Who in the h is going to tell me if my password is mild or spicy. It shouldn’t have to reach your approval as long as it has the amount of characters you prefer..Version: 10.0.1

Does not accept orderJust generates an error and won’t let me place a mobile order. Going to McDonalds.Version: 9.4.7

Payment problemsUnable to use Apple Pay or save credit card.Version: 10.0.5

Your app needs workEvery time I’ve tried to use it, it doesn’t work. I have to go into the restaurant and ask about it.Version: 10.0.5

Bad requestPlease fire your software developer.Version: 10.0.5

Wendy’s difficult appComplicated app & Hard to add rewards and offers.Version: 10.0.5

Very bad appPretty bad experience with your app. This news a lot of improvement. The payment gateway sucks. It doesn’t allow MasterCard and even if you add visa it takes forever to process every time this is the same issue with your app. I don’t know if your intention is that you don’t use the app eventually and go and book it directly from the store second my Feedback is it doesn’t the offers come in the in the in the rewards it’s something weird.Version: 10.0.5

What is this app even for?As someone who both works at a wendys and has looked through the mobile app, i have no idea what is even for. First of all the app is rather slow, which is no big deal in its own right, but on top of all of its other issues its a mess. I have customers all the time trying to redeem the points that theyve earned just for it to fail and for the costumer to just lose their deal. On top of that i dont understand the mobile orders if it provides no real benefit. Customers have to place their order, and then go through the drive through with the giant line and wait as if they had placed an order at the speaker, but the problem is if you get two or three of these at a time, it clogs up and these poor people have to wait even longer just to get the crap they paid for. Adding up with the fact that most of the time the orders are already made, the food would probably be sitting there for at least 20 minutes before it can be picked up. Overall 0/10, would not recommend. You will have a better time placing your order here until wendys decides to fix their friggen system..Version: 9.4.13

Good when works but needs supportI been using this app for about a year and for the most part it works. My issues are no actual customer support for issues. I made an order and the app had no issues taking my payment but the restaurant had to close early that day. I never received my usual confirmation for picking up my order since I didn’t. I contacted customer support multiple times and never got a single response back after 2 days. Only after taking a survey did the restaurant manager reply to my survey and sent one email telling me to contact customer support for a refund. I replied saying I did and no one would respond and neither did that manager to my email. I had to initiate a charge back with my credit card company to get my refund. I was also making a lunch order in advance and after the customization the app decided to completely clear my order because it turned 10:22 AM and breakfast orders can’t be made anymore and the menu turns to lunch and why is breakfast cut for mobile ordering at 10:22 AM when the restaurant will take it until 10:30 AM? What’s up with the digital frosty key tag? I bought the physical one and it says I can use it with ANY purchase but the digital one it can NOT be used with any other offers that’s a scam. I definitely will not be visiting Wendy’s as much this year!.Version: 9.2.6

WorthlessI have no idea if the app is good or not because apparently there isn’t a password that’s good enough for me to use to order fast food. I tried so many crazy passwords and each time fulfilled all of the listed requirements, double and triple checked to make sure I had everything required and each time was told what I chose wouldn’t work. So that’s why this app is “worthless” to me because I literally cannot use it. I’ve tried contacting them, no response, I tried deleting the app and downloading it again, and nothing has worked so far. Several of the closest Wendy’s to me are only taking mobile orders because of staffing issues so this app being completely useless has kept me from eating at Wendy’s for months. It’s frustrating and the only reason I’m writing this review is in hopes that maybe, just maybe someone with the company will read it and contact me or resolve the issue, but seeing as how I’ve e-mailed them several times with no response I highly doubt it..Version: 9.2.5

I just want to give y’all moneyThe app consistently times out when trying to process my payment… uninstalls do nothing, different payment methods, yall make it hard for customers to give you money.Version: 10.0.5

App is always frozenDoes not work 80% of the time..Version: 10.0.4

UnreliableI liked the app until they went with the rewards program. I did delivery some. The last order was wrong and items were missing. There was no place on the app to report problems. I did send an email, but didn't receive a response. I had built up substantial rewards and decided to take advantage to purchase a salad. However, the reward points show it was to be used for a salad, but then it couldn't be applied at checkout. So the points were lost in limbo. Today I was in the mood for one of their burgers I really like. I did a pick up at the drive up. It took me 10 to 15 minutes to get there. At the order station I was told it was ready and to pull forward. There were a few cars ahead of me. Once at the pick up window I still had to wait as if I had just placed the order. Definitely no advantage to having used the app and ordering ahead. Has definitely soured me from using the app or even going there anymore..Version: 9.3.4

Can’t change the menu?This app worked well up until a few days ago, I can’t seem to change it from the breakfast menu. It’s only shown breakfast all day for a few days now..Version: 10.0.5

Salad ordering problemsI’ve ordered a variety of salads via this app from different Wendy’s nearby. The order I end up with never is correct even thought the extras such as almonds, roasted pecans, crispy onions are all listed on my receipt. Part of the problem, for example, is when I order the pomegranate dressing, it doesn’t delete the Champaign dressing and I end up with both and only use the one. The app lets you choose how many packages of almonds or pecans but when I’ve ordered 2, I’ve never gotten more than one. This also happens when I order 2 sour creams for a baked potato, I usually always get one. Perhaps a checklist of the order needs to be printed out for employees to follow? Re-educate? There’s nothing more important than getting the order right, especially when the restaurant has extra time because the customer used the app to order ahead. I feel I’ve been let down many times..Version: 10.1.0

Not impressedSays my last name is illegal. Then gives a illegal bag error message when adding a drink. Gave the app permission to allow my location but it finds nothing. Not a good app..Version: 6.3.2

Works sometimesDoesn’t like my credit card anymore. Even tried retyping it in..Version: 10.0.5

Can’t even sign upTried to sign up by email, showed ‘lang is not a valid value’. Where this ‘lang’ thing came from??? I didn’t put any ‘lang’!!!.Version: 10.0.5

Wendy's always disappointsIn the past 3 years I have yet to have a "good" experience at any Wendy's. It makes me sad because I usually enjoy their food. They got rid of their artisan egg sandwich for breakfast. They got rid of breakfast as an option at most restaurants. They got rid of my favorite salad. Not much reason to go. I decided to try the app for the free spicy nuggets. I ordered for pickup through drive thru, and chose the one-time card payment (that doesn't save your card info). My app said PAID. When I got there, they said I needed to add money to the digital balance. While this was an option when paying, I didn't choose it. The app clearly said paid, although I got no email or any confirmation saying I paid or ordered. They were absolutely positive that I had not paid, when I indeed had. So they gave up and said they'll pay for me. Whatever. When I get back and check my bank account, there is the charge for my meal. So I was being hopeful that I actually got a free meal when, nope, they disappointed again. I'll probably be back in a year or so only to disappoint myself again. Long story short, don't bother with the mobile ordering..Version: 6.1.4

Worst app everVery difficult to use , always payment failed and error.Version: 10.0.5

Duped?Great $2 off on a salad ordered through mobile order! Suddenly salads no longer in the menu despite app saying make sure i add a salad to redeem deal. The fug? Also claimed a chilli reward. Took the points but didn’t go that at vendor. Buggie!.Version: 10.0.5

Needs workNot the most intuitive app I’ve seen. But what really annoys me is having to place my order and arrive at the restaurant eight minutes before breakfast ends. This is fast food. I don’t mind if it takes them a little while to prepare it because I know that they’re new to breakfast, but I should be able to place my order and arrive at Wendy’s before the cut off and still get it. I wasn’t able to get there eight minutes early last time although I could’ve gotten there five minutes early. Ended up going to Chick-fil-A. Arrive there at 10:26 and placed my order at that same time and got my order by 10:28 with no problems. Wendy’s food is good, but the service and app needs improvement. Update: I tried again the next day at an earlier time so I could make sure to use one of the discount codes since it was the last day it was valid. However instead of taking two dollars off my breakfast combo like it explicitly said it would, it would only take off $1.39 no matter what I tried. I did not edit the order or do anything to change the basic elements of the combo. This feels kind of like a scam..Version: 6.4.9

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