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Slader Homework Answers App Complaints & User Negative Comments

Slader Homework Answers app received 33 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about slader homework answers?

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Worst Ads EverI love love LOVE this app, don’t get me wrong, but it annoys me to no end. Ya girl can’t do math worth a crap so this little bit of a boost really helps my grades not completely go down the toilet, BUT THE ADS ARE THE MOST ANNOYING ADS IVE EVER HAD ON AN APP. I get you have to have ads to stay alive, but at least leave a little box to be able to click out of the ad once it’s over. The ad will shut off whatever music I’m playing, get through the ad, and then just sit there so I have to completely close the app and reopen it just to get to see the problem. Like I know they do it so you’ll “upgrade” to ad-free BUT SORRY IM BROKE AND STUPID.Version: 5.29

The Supposed “Shadow Realm”Whenever I try to use the app, it directs me to a screen claiming that I’m entering the “shadow realm,” as the page I’ve just attempted to access is not working. The app promises to fix the bugs, but every time I try and use it, I’m sent to the “shadow realm.” This can become incredibly annoying as, apparently, every page is down and requires fixing. The reason I’ve given it 2 stars as opposed to 1 is that when it works, it is usually very helpful. However, due the sheer amount of times that it has directed me to “escape the shadow realm” I cannot recommend this app..Version: 5.34

Paid for semester plan and never got itHello I pad for the semester plan and I never got it, I emailed but no response. The ads are still showing up and I can’t get access to one sheaters I wasted my money. Other than that u need to add higher advanced books for uni students and solution txtbooks other than that good for high school students.Version: 6.13

Why is it asking me for money after i paid.I paid the monthly subscription now it is asking for money again instead of letting me view answers..Version: 6.10

Useless for college studentsOn the website version, you’re limited to 5 problems per month from college textbooks, which is frustrating hurdle to deal with. Even worse is that Slader’s solutions aren’t guaranteed to be accurate, so you might waste one of your monthly problems. Given how frequently this has happened to me, a $6 per month subscription is a big ask. The app’s even worse for college students since you get NO monthly problems. Also, if you are going to use this for college and subscribe, do it on the website. The app’s more expensive..Version: 6.10

Can’t find my textbooksThis app is great, don't get me wrong, but I simply couldn’t find any of my textbooks in here. Otherwise, for the textbooks that ARE there, they seem to have really good explanations. Pls add more textbooks please.Version: 6.8

Don’t mess with meSlader used to be such a handy dandy app that is useful to people all around the globe. Suddenly, they decided to limit the amount of answers you can look up to about three times. This is just complete madness. They believe this will convince people to buy the premium version but little do they know it will actually hurt their little business they got going on. This is why I live by the rule “don’t be greedy” because since slader decided to be greedy and ask for money, they are going to pay for this absurdity. I really do not appreciate whatsoever the fact that slader is trying to limit the number of times I look up answers. Do not mess with me “slader”..Version: 6.15

Ads are a ProblemI don’t mind watching an ad every once in a while in exchange for homework help. My problem is that I can’t watch them because the ads almost always freeze and the only way to fix this is to close and reopen the app every three minutes. This process takes longer than actually watching the ad because I have to go and find the problem I was on all over again. I know this has been a problem that has persisted throughout updates and I hope Slader can fix this..Version: 5.39

None of my textbooksReally sorry to give this such a low rating but absolutely none of my textbooks are i the app making it unusable. The main book I want added is Pearson Mathematics Makes Sense 7..Version: 5.36


So-soThis app can be really helpful when I'm confused about how to solve a problem but other times it doesn't help at all. It really depends on how good the person who posts the answer to a problem is at explaining it. The ads are annoying and pop up after every two or three answers I look at, but I get that the app developers need to make money. My main problem is how much battery this app uses. Within two minutes of the app being open, my battery goes down 5%. I'm not even kidding I timed it. And after I'm done reviewing a single problem (about 7 minutes of the app being open) I've gone from a 75% to 52%....Version: 5.33

AdsI get that ads are the way they make money, but in the middle of trying to check an answer the text disappears and an ad takes its place. Not to mention, it’s not like a video (which I’m totally down to watch), it’s just an ad that takes the place of the text and stays there the whole time until I change the problem. So, not only do I get interrupted, I also have to completely close out of the app, go back in, screenshot it, close the app, open photos, then look at the picture (of the work) from my photos, so that the ad doesn’t replace the text..Version: 5.11

MehAt first it helped me a lot. I’m not someone who believes I get stuff right so I use it to check my answers. I was just using the online version since it’s a little faster for me. At one point though everything stops. There’s no more answers. It’s just “Write in your answer!” So I downloaded the app to see if it was something weird with the online version. Nope. It’s the exact same. Everything was missing from it. I don’t use the app or online anymore. Kinda disappointed..Version: 6.10

Maybe im doing something wrong?Over the past couple years (6th grade to 10th) it seems ive been told about slader multiple times. everyone says its a really useful tool to get homework answers for teachers who grade homework by correctness. This sounds great, but my app is either broken or my school uses some anti-cheat magic because ive tried at least 15 of my textbooks in the last 4 and a half years and none of them have worked. and i think the app might be broken because at this point i just started clicking on random books when using the "search" function and none of them work. am i doing something wrong?.Version: 6.13


If I purchase a service, I expect that service to be provided.I purchased the $1.99 (per month, billed once) Semester plan. I repeatedly have to login (in a single use) even after clicking the “remember me” box every time. I still have to watch advertisements after every couple of questions I pass through. Also, I have not been able to use “GET ONE-CHEATER”, it just repeatedly asks me to login and then even after doing so, nothing happens. So both the services that you are supposed to provide to me are useless because they do not work. Still have adds and can’t use one-cheater, but yet the money has left my account and my settings say I have a subscription with this app....Version: 6.13

Slader has saved me but it’s killing my phone!I love love love this app it has absolutely saved me for my classes this quarter. I don’t mind the ads or anything. But more recently I’ve noticed that the app loads incredibly slowly and lags/freezes. It kills my battery super quickly and my phone gets extremely hot. Overall it seems poorly optimized and it’s hard to use bc it keeps slowing down my phone or crashing it entirely... I love it though so I hope this problem gets fixed soon! It’s almost unusable for me as it is now..Version: 5.15

SO MANY ADSI would always use the website and figured it'd be easier to get the app. It turns out theres WAY TOO MANY ADS. For every 4 question theres an ad. The ads stop my music. They have this dumb we have to pay the bills thing before the ads. I agree but there shouldn't be that many. Other than that the answers are mostly right. I just use this to check my work. It seems like they dont care though because theres many reviews that also hate the ads and they haven’t changed anything. Use desktop with an ad blocker..Version: 6.1

Bug Fix?Horizontal mode on the iPad doesn’t work. Also, app doesn’t let me open other apps for multitasking. Please fix..Version: 5.26

Everything is brokenIt keeps saying it is broken, every single page i try.Version: 6.6

FrenchCan you guys pleaseee add more high school French workbooks thanks.Version: 6.9

BondageIf I didn’t depend on this app to get through my calculus class, I would never use it. It drains battery like nothing else and completely overwhelms my phone with lag (iPhone 8). Sadly the website is so congested with ads that I can’t take screenshots of answers as easily (to escape to the peace of Photos), so I have to subsist on this awful app. It probably has something to do with Apple’s last update, but no other apps have had any issues as bad as this for me. The app also sends you to re-education camps about the wonderful benefits of mind-sharpening word search apps every 2-3 answers. It’s not worth the free answers unless the class is ungodly difficult and you have nowhere else to turn to. Caring in class is easier and won’t drive you insane when it’s 11:30 you have to finish an assignment by 11:59 but Slader won’t let you get from section 3.9 to 3.10 without doing the icky shuffle..Version: 6.13

Please add jump math 7.1It doesn’t have my math book on it.Version: 6.14

UGI gave it three stars because at times it can be helpful but since people have to submit their own answers sometimes these answers are wrong. And there is no way to tell people these answers are wrong! I’ve tried commenting but none of the commenting stuff works. It’s really frustrating and I’m disliking the app more and more. I feel like you should have like approved answers and if people want to comment their own special was or an easier way then they can. Right now I’m trying to finish my homework and most of the answers this one guy has submitted has been wrong!!! I know it’s wrong because the back of my book tells me the answer. I’m just frustrated.Version: 5.01

Horrible and inconvenientVery slow and some answers are dodgy, the app takes very long to load some answers, and you need to individually click on different answers sometimes. Why can’t they just be displayed on one page. Overall very slow app and laggy. Would not recommend.Version: 5.02

Add Nelson math 8 !!!!Please!.Version: 5.42

It’s just not for meI think this app has great potential, but none of my textbook is in this app and I know it’s not your fault but absolutely none of my textbooks or my previous years text book are in this app, I feel like this app wasn’t made for my country but anyways keep up with the great work! 😊.Version: 5.40

Could be ImprovedThe Slader website is helping me through difficult math lessons in high school, and I have a Sociology course for the second semester. I looked up the questions and there are no answers, so I tried to make an account to add in the answers I had found, each time, it would say “this form is insecure. Are you sure you want to submit it?” I clicked yes multiple times and it froze my phone at one specific spot in loading. Eventually I gave up and got the app. I logged in and registered an account and everything was fine, but I haven’t yet found the feature that lets you write in answers for other people and that was my main goal in the first place..Version: 5.36

KEEPS TAKING MY MONEYHonestly slader did help me but I’m pretty sure this is a scam at this point. I’m not even in school anymore and I’ve contacted them multiple times to cancel my subscription. I know I cancelled my subscription at the beginning of the year and we even worked together on it but I just recently got charged 24 dollars again. Warning: do not purchase anything from slader because apparently they’ll keep taking your money no matter how many times you cancel or contact them. Now I have to get this figured out so slader doesn’t somehow hack my bank account. Honestly such a risky app and the people are literally no help at all..Version: 6.15

Great when it works.The questions never open and always crash when I click a question to look over. Works fine on pc but iPad app is unusable for now. Please fix..Version: 6.13

Absolute GarbageThis app is terrible. It is annoyingly slow and you cannot do ANYTHING unless you sign up for an account, only to get spammed with pointless emails. There are WAY too many ads... you can’t even look at the problems because a video ad pops up every five seconds. The app constantly crashes without warning, then makes a smart remark about how “you were the one who broke it...” Half of the problems don’t even register so you can’t see how to work them. All in all this app is garbage, you are better off just working the problems out or searching them up on Google..Version: 5.12

Crashing?When I used this app on my old phone (iPhone 7) I had no issues with the app and I was also paying for the subscription while using it then. Since I upgraded my phone to the iPhone 11 I’ve been using the app without the subscription and after 5 minutes of using the app it will crash and go to my home screen. I don’t know if this is because I canceled my subscription or because the app hasn’t been updated for the newer iPhone but either way it’s pretty inconvenient.Version: 6.6

ADD MORE TEXTBOOKS (CANADA)Add more textbooks i was really looking forward to using this app because i’ve seen it has helped many people on tiktok but when i tried to search for my textbook it had nothing about it so i was really disappointed so please add more text books (MATH MAKES SENSE 9 AND 10) THANK YOU.Version: 6.9

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  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Slader Homework Answers customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Slader Homework Answers.

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