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Marvel Unlimited app received 132 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about marvel unlimited?

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My review of marvel unlimitedFull of great story’s staring a huge cat i’d charecters. from captain marvel, to darts vader. these stories are indeed great. i found my self reading issue after issue off Darth Vader:the chosen one. if you can get pass the $11 a month this is a great platform for all your comic reading needs. sencearly volskaya.Version: 4.3.0

AMAZINGOther than the nostalgia of physically holding the paper, this is an amazing way to explore and get further into comics. Highly recommended!.Version: 7.47.0

Fancy a readIf you are planning on reading comics religiously then the price of the subscription is fair and reasonable Don’t get this app if you aren’t an avid fan.Version: 7.46.0

Awesome paid service , worth the priceNever read a comic in my life , and this has quickly become my favourite app , subscription price is fair enough , to have access to 1000s of greatly written and drawn comics , of famous characters and able to sit there and read and learn all about them , I found getting into comic books hard and overwhelming having no clue where to start , but this app made it very easy , by giving a great filter system , in the search menu , loved I could search any character and and find a whole profile dedicated to the character that highlights all comics they appear in , the character profiles also have a publish by date , so it makes it very easy to jump in from a the very first comic ever to write about the character , or to find out where a characters series has been rebooted , as some readers might find a starting a comic run that been going since the 80s like the amazing Spider-Man can be daunting to newbies and connecting all the Crossover etc , also love the events section, awesome app , great features , highly recommended.Version: 7.8

Nearly Perfect...I love Marvel Unlimited, and have been using the app since 2015. Unfortunately though there are still a few little things that I would love them to change: Better sorting, that also remembers your preference. I usually sort by oldest publication date\unread. It’s mildly frustrating that there’s no option to set this as default sorting. Also, I’d love to see more collected editions appear. It’s just personal preference, but it’s how I prefer to read in general..Version: 4.3.0

Decent, Great Content, App could be betterOverall, the app does it’s job - I can read over 30000 comics for a low cost which is nice, I definitely get my money’s worth for the amount I read a month. The insider content is a pleasant extra. I was forced off of the Marvel Comics app as it closed on June 2, 2023, and to keep my purchases I had to get Unlimited. Unlimited is overall way cheaper and just as effective of an app, but there are 3 things that the Marvel Comics app did better: 1) Organizing your library was substantially easier on the Marvel Comics App. I could find anything I want with ease, mark unread comics for later to read and easily go from one issue to the next without much hassle. On Unlimited, there is a bunch of extra unnecessary clicking that is required. You desperately need to improve this on Unlimited 2) App stability of the Marvel Comics app was better overall in my opinion. I spend more time restarting the Unlimited app to fix minor glitches and issues than I did on the Marvel Comics app. You need to work on that. 3) This is what bothers me the most about the forced change. I CANNOT READ the newest releases anymore! This is so important to me as now I am 3 months behind the current content, and the nearest actual legitimate comics store to me is over 1000 km away! That really sucks, please get more up to date on the app with the latest releases! These three issues aside, I read comics every day and I will continue to do so on Unlimited. The price is right and I have access to so much content, so no complaints there..Version: 7.45.0

AWESOME!Almost every Marvel comic ever? For 88 dollars a year? SIGN ME UUUUUUP.Version: 7.52.0

Subscription problemsI recently re subscribed to the app and have a receipt for it, but when I go to read a comic it tells me I gotta subscribe again!!! I’ve been reading Marvel comics for over 30 years but this has really turned me off having anything to do with it.Version: 5.3.0

Can’t subscribeSo I would love to subscribe but having created an account it locked me out. The second attempt ensured that this attempt was linked to the locked out account and despite confirmation that I would be billed each month the app refuses to recognise me as an unlimited customer. Obviously I cancelled the subscription. Not sure what will happen if I try again !.Version: 4.2.1

Fantastic way to read comicsI love how easy it is to read comics on an iPad! Marvel have created fantastic jumping on point for new readers too which is great when there is an overwhelming choice! Loads of spotlights for characters too if you want to find out the best comics from each character. Also say to download and read offline on train or out and about..Version: 7.51.0

Great improvementsI’ve been a user of this app for a few years now. I’m really enjoying some of the new features, specifically being able to add a series to my library (or to follow it). Thank you for that. I’ve also noticed that the general stability has improved a lot too, great job. Something I’d like to be able to see is being able to perform bulk actions on comics. For instance, being able to easily select a bunch of comics and mark them as read/add to library, etc. Ideally this would also be possible for series, but I understand if marking a whole series as “read” might prove challenging or inefficient, if marking a series as “read” would involve marking each of its comics as read? Some series are huge… One thing I’d like to see back is the good old directory of characters and series. I feel like finding stuff in the new app is harder than it used to be, even if we now get all kinds of related results that we didn’t get before. Keep up the good work!.Version: 7.1.0

It’s a good dealIt’s pretty hard to complain when you’ve got thousands of comics for the price of a singe one if you were to buy them monthly.Version: 7.38.0

Love ComicsI’ve never really been into reading but after getting into some comics, i just wanna read now. would recommend if you are a marvel fan. so much to discover..Version: 7.24

ReviewAccess to the Marvel library of comic books is the best thing on the internet! Truly a positive experience! I appreciate all the work the artists, writers & editors put in over the years to creating the comic books. But now credit has to be given to the web creators and others who have put together the Marvel app delivering the comics to my smartphone where ever and whenever I want access. Thank you..Version: 4.2.1

A Phantastic CollectionWithout wishing to sound unappreciative of the Herculean task it must have been to curate this impeccable collection, if there is to be any room for improvement, I hope it will come in the use of the under-utilised unique features one would expect in an online offering, such as search and navigation capabilities. For example to locate a particular issue such as, say, Uncanny Xmen # 294, instead throws up a list of every Xmen title ever published. Or jump directly to the next book in a crossover series like “Xcutioner’s Song” for example, at the end of each issue where it lists the next book in the series, X-Factor #84, could be an imbedded clickable link allowing you to jump straight to the title rather than embark on a superhuman quest to find it! Or even if titles were searchable by date published would be immensely helpful. Other than that, I’m loving the sensory smorgasbord that’s so beautifully presented in all its glory that I almost feel boorish to raise the issues above, although it’s my fervent hope that improvements like these will be introduced. With sincere gratitude and best wishes and forever Make Mine Marvel! Nick.Version: 7.24

The value is real!!!Marvel a unlimited is a fantastic service which offers tons of content for the cost. It's super easy the jump into any series from the last couple decades and if you haven't read a lot of marvel before then there are loads of great comics available to you. The app itself is getting better and better, although reading double page spreads is still pretty awkward on the iPad unless you use landscape view where the page is very small..Version: 2.2

Good but needs an improved UX and QCDoes the job, but some small tweaks would make it great. There are few things that need improving: some book descriptions are copied and pasted but have words missing as if a word count was reached; issue searching needs to be quicker - find it tricky to have to filter/sort by series after doing a general search. Would be great if series and story arcs appeared within the search results. Another useful addition would be to quickly view your library by series, rather than just seeing a million books and having a scroll bar as long as my leg. Still enjoying it though..Version: 5.7.5

Bien comme appBeaucoup de choses à lire mais difficile de se retrouver..Version: 7.64.0

Seamless and easy to useI thought I would hate reading comics on my phone but one day in and I’ve already read about 10 of them. The UI is great and easy to use. There are a few minor issues with loading taking a while but that could easily be my phone. So much choice though. Loving it!.Version: 5.7.3

Amazing!!!I love this app soo much There is so many free comics and even more when you sign in i just wish you can read them without wifi but other than that it is absolutely amazing anither win for marvel!.Version: 4.6.0

ImpressedI’m very impressed with this app. They seem to be listening to user input to make the app better and better!.Version: 3.5.0

5 StarNice.Version: 7.40.0

Best place for Marvel and Star Wars comicsThis app is the best thing since sliced bread…almost. I love this app and although you have to wait a little longer for new release comics, I don’t put that on the creators of this app. I only have two issues that really are more convenience than anything. 1. I wish the reading lists that have different series would follow the order of the list and not just keep you in the series that begins the list. For example I am reading the A.X.E Judgement Day Prelude and the first series in the list is the 2018 Avengers issue 1-6. Instead of then hitting continue reading to take me to the next series on the list (Eternals) it takes me to the next Avengers issue in that series. It would just make reading lists a lot more convenient. 2. This kinda goes with it but now I just have Issue #7 of the Avengers sitting in my continue reading when I don’t plan on reading it. There’s no way to clear out my continue reading section (that I know of currently) and it would be so awesome if I could just remove that to save the clutter of my Home Screen area. All in all this app is still amazing and I would be more than glad to rate 5 stars if it wasn’t for those two “issues”. If you don’t mind those two things then this app is definitely for you and even if you are like me then this app is still for you. Amazing app that makes comics more accessible and fun to read. Just needs a tad bit of a touch up when it comes to organization and reading lists!.Version: 7.28

A one stop shop !All your favourite comics in one easy to access app… so much better then having boxes and boxes of comics filling up space in my apartment.Version: 7.6

Unlimited joy!I’ve been using this app since December and really enjoying it, using it daily! I was really struggling last month though as it wasn’t remembering that I had read issues so I was struggling to keep track. This has been fixed in the most recent update so really chuffed! Trying to think of ways that it could be improved. The way I read is I download all the comics I want to read from a certain month (I’m catching up from a few years ago) and then sort them by publication date earliest first. It’s the easiest way I can read the comics I want to read in the right order… maybe this could be easier..? Maybe you could select comics you want to read and then they are compiled in a playlist that you can work through chronologically? Also, it’s possible to filter comics by month and year but it’s not easy to download those comics, you have to click each one individually so that could be improved… Would be great to see stats too like number of issues read, icons to show you’ve completed a series etc Love it though! Five stars!.Version: 7.14.1

Great appGreat place to read comics love this app. Takes collecting to a different level..Version: 7.47.0

Awesome app, poor customer assistance.I absolutely cannot begin to describe how awesome this app is, I genuinly enjoyed using it however I will say, I do feel like the UI is a little all over the place, and somehow I’ve managed to accidentally deactivate my account and there is no way of contacting anyone to try and resolve the situation, even though it literally provides a link to “assist” when really all it does is just palm you off to the Disney webpage and doesn’t really provide any assistance with any problems with this specific app. That’s my only problem but other than that, really good app!!.Version: 7.28

Good selectionDd.Version: 7.59.0

Marvel is goodGood comics, easy to read. Latest big update fixed almost all my issues with this app. No better way to read these classics..Version: 7.3.0

It’s fantastic.I have always been a comic book fan. However I live in a rural place, and there were never any places to buy comic books of any kind growing up. Having this app and being able to read all the stories I wanted to is perfect. Curated lists of things like universe spanning events make this app easy to use. A library of over 25k comics would be daunting if it weren’t so organized. If you find an art style or writer you like you can find all their past works in Marvel. The cell by cell reading is great on a phone and even on unconventional frames it scrolls through the dialogue and action in the order it was meant to be. For the most part. Occasionally there will be a place where if you don’t zoom out you may have missed a text box. It is still being updated and curated weekly with newer and old issues. If I had bought these comics new or even secondhand I would have spent a few thousand dollars on all I’ve read, for a fraction of the cost. Well worth it in my opinion..Version: 4.6.0

Locks up frequentlyThe sheer number of comics available to read makes marvel unlimited well worth the price for the subscription. I'm an annual subscriber and I'm always impressed on what it has to offer. Unfortunately, the app is quite buggy. Many times when I click to open a book to read I get a black screen that says loading data and nothing happens. Sometimes i get the message in the middle of reading a book when changing pages. The only way I've found to fix it is to close out the app and reopen it again. This can be very frustrating when I'm reading a lot of issues in a row. Also, the download process is show. I try to download a book in the hope that I won't get any loading pages errors but then the download can take hours, if the book even downloads at all. I really enjoy the app when it works. I hope these bug fixes can be taken care of soon..Version: 5.7.0

ReviewAwesome!.Version: 7.45.0

Return to four starsUPDATE 10/28 back up to four stars after latest update fixed most of the major bugs, especially the annoying sorting issues. Would still like to see some of the earlier functionality restored, such as the ability to browse with A-to-Z listings of characters and series, as well as the ability to search by publication month. The unlimited downloads, however, easily outweigh any of these minor inconveniences. UPDATE: Even more problems with the new app. How much functionality had been lost? Doesn’t remember where I left off in a comic I’m reading. Sorting still completely broken. Can’t search by month, which is essential for catching up on years of comics. I hope the cancel auto-renew function still works! Horrible update. One star added for unlimited downloads otherwise would have been one. Doesn’t really help, though, if none of the downloaded comics are the right ones when I click on them. Somehow they’re all jumbled so when I click on a downloaded issue to read, one of my other downloads opens instead. Sorting is completely botched as well. I always sort oldest publication to newest in my downloads, but each time I go back to select another issue it’s resorted itself. Like others, seriously considering canceling auto-renew until a MAJOR update fixes things. Does anyone there QC these updates before they’re released into the wild?.Version: 7.4

Now the easiest at to read the classics!It took a long time but after many updates, this app has really started to shine. I can now search through issues by publication date and save them to my library in a way where I can then read the classic issues from the 60’s to present day just like they released back then! I’m now really loving using the app and can wholeheartedly recommend it after all these years..Version: 7.8

I love itEverything I’ve ever wanted.Version: 7.41.0

Fantastic 4So great to be able to read these books again..Version: 7.57.0

Most used app on my phone.I can’t put this app down. I read comics every day now. Thanks to marvel unlimited I’ve been able to read so many issues I’ve lost count, where before this I would have never been able to afford to buy how many comics I have read. Don’t get me wrong I have a collection of my favorites like the venom and carnage series or the iron wars saga, but I can’t get enough of reading them on my computer or phone. Here are a few issues with the offline downloads where sometimes if you have downloaded so many books and you have very bad service that is in and out it will sometimes delete the offline saves. Even after you turn your phone on airplane mode. But it’s ok as long as you have WiFi or decent. Word to the wise; try the one month free trial. Cancel it in your subscriptions the next day so it doesn’t auto charge next month. And if you really like it go online on a computer and get the year subscription through their desktop site. Save you about 40$-50$.Version: 3.9.0

New MarvelUnlimited appLoving everything about the new design! Couple of glitches though, every once in a while it’ll kick me out of my account. Easy fix by just restoring the purchase or re-signing in. Also love that we get to see the next weeks releases early on Sundays! Don’t know if that’s a glitch or not but please keep it in. I also love the new infinity comics especially “it’s Jeff “.Version: 7.41.0

Love the serviceThe Marvel Unlimited service is absolutely fantastic. One small annual fee to get access to over 30,000 Marvel comics!!! New comics are added everyone Monday and in addition to the massive back catalogue of comics, I can read the latest comics only 6 months after they were on sale. The app still needs a lot of work as its nowhere near as good as using the Comixology app. Why do we still have a limit of 12 offline books??? This artificial limit is a pain when I’m commuting..Version: 5.6.6

Yes finally update 7.8Nice one guys, now I like the product again I just needed to sort my spidy comics and finally I can do it thanks! Keep up the good work.Version: 7.8

Just a poorly written reviewThere’s so many books to read on here that it’s definitely worth the price tag. My only problem is that sometimes the app crashes or needs me to sign in again. But that’s not really an issue if you remember your password..Version: 7.39.0

FunctionalityA great comprehensive resource for the world(s) of Marvel Comics. The 20,000 comics on offer seem to cover a great variety. Both modern and older comics seem to be available on a great array of characters, teams, etc. The only issues I have trouble with are with the apps sometimes limited functionality. In terms of sorting through individual books and other minor inconveniences. One of the bigger problems is the lack of storage space in the app. You can only download 12 individual issues at a time. It’s just a little to few. Perhaps the storage space on the device could be used as well similar to how Netflix, ITunes and other similar app do. That being said it’s really a fantastic resource. And for $10 USD it’s not a huge investment to at least try it out. The apps search feature on the other hand is perfect. Your able to easily switch between characters, creators and comic events as well as then further sorting and filtering the results. Honestly it would take very little to make the app 5 stars, for me at least. Updates to the functionality of the app as well as guides available for certain characters/teams/events instead of the shorter spotlights would make the app perfect. It can be hard to find guides for these but using a third party isn’t difficult. This is just my opinion, but I hope this helps you make the decision. You can also use this subscription on other platforms such as PC through the Marvel website. However the app is much more user friendly and I’d recommend it as the best way to access the subscription. The app makes it easy and accessible to be a modern marvel fan, for a lot less. It’s a great intro to comics.Version: 3.6.0

Just amazingAwesome app. All the comics one could ever want all in one place. Lots to enjoy..Version: 7.64.0

DisappointingWhen I first started reading comics on this app it was great but now I’m unable to read anything.Version: 3.8.4

Assume sauce with a kick!!!I love comics, and MARVEL is one of my favorite sources for comics!!! I've been using the Unlimited app for a few years now and I really really REALLY can't express how much I've enjoyed it! My only critique is that there isn't a really great guide within the app for navigating MARVEL EVENTS. I wanted to (and am currently still doing) read through all major EVENTS (including all tie-ins), in chronological order, starting in late 1980's, up to the present. I've had to Google and search and use a third party source to find a really in depth, and detailed reading list of what I wanted to read. After taking a few unplanned breaks here and there, I've finally made barely into the 2010's!!! And I have every intention to continue! I just wish I could use the app to navigate MARVEL EVENTS (in detailed chronological order) instead of having to look it up through another source. Other than that... absolutely wonderful stories with amazing artwork that just gets better and better as I read through the years!!! Oh! And if you get the app (which you should!), you should join up with Marvel Insider! Accumulate points that lead to rewards just for reading awesome comics, which is a reward in itself! You basically get rewards for being rewarded!!! (That last bit there was good!!! Hey Marvel, you Jane any openings in your marketing/promotional department?).Version: 7.24

Great appGreat app trying to download comics is great and easy just sometimes they dont download and say there paused and wont resume.Version: 7.49.0

Marvel universe timeline category ?? Help with the xmen series.Anyways. I have a hard time deferring which series to start with. Or how someone the series you do begin with will tie into another. So just having a category where the the series would follow the timeline. It’ll make it a little less confusing lol.Version: 7.54.0

Uploadinggggggg!!It was all great until the recent update. Now the comics take forever to load, please find a fix for the issue.Version: 3.8.4

Great app. Needs improvementIts kinda weird how much content is on here, the UI looks good, but yet it feels like a beta app. Flipping pages is a pain, i have to reorient my phone just to go to next page. It is very frustrating when you “mark as read” a whole run, but it doesnt save. Why have a function in the app that does not work? Also, i shouldnt have to select each comic; make it like browsing your photos in your phone, add a select button and allow us to click multiple issues to mark all at once. Hopefully the Dec updates will fix some stuff, but the reading experience is not fun. The content is fine, although yall need to get some kinda license deal with Conan, especially since its now 616, I already cant read Savage Avengers and then they write him into King in Black spin off. C’mon. If u have bad licensing with characters, dont put them in 616 content. I know thats not a problem relevant to the software of the app and more of a writer studio problem, but still a problem you will experience if you want to read everything in main continuity on this app. I just wish that software developers actually used the apps they make. Like regular-people-use. Have one of your guys spend a day reading comics in the app. You will see all the problems that make this app less enjoyable. That being said, still one of my favorite apps. thank u, keep up the good work..Version: 7.6

Love itWith the price of buying individual comics this app is great. If your not a collector and only want to read, this app is perfect. Very happpy..Version: 7.25

Big fanI love superman. STRONGEST AVENGER.Version: 7.59.0

Almost thereIt says it’s 9 dollars (plus tax ik) but then it says it’s 13 dollars. It’s misleading and threw me off a little about the whole app. Comics have good/great quality (I’m on iPad). Other than that it’s good..Version: 7.56.0

Marvel Comic Collection you can carry everywhere.One of those Apps that your tablet needs by default. Like a word processor, Netflix’s and iMusic. If you have ever collected comics at all. This app save me hundreds/thousands of dollars a year on comics books. I would have to read my comics carefully to keep them mint. Most runs I would only read once then bag and board them. Then sort them in my long boxes. After time they take up half a closet and become a heavy pain to drag around rest of your life. 🤕Donate your comics to a children’s hospital🏩 ⭐️⭐️⭐️Haveing this App has let me do good and liberated half a closet space from 18 long heavy boxes. Pulled the comics with value, favorite story arcs & runs didn’t have the trade. Kept most issues from 85’ ‘86’. Year I started reading and collecting comics. Mother friend would visit me “my mother” when I spent few weeks in the hospital. She would come with all the super heroes. I remember really liking Gi Joe, Groo and Spider Man. About 85% was left over. I thought the best place they could do lots of good. Hopefully open some young minds deep into the world of Marvel superhero’s and friends. The Children’s Hospital is where they found a new home. I was pleased to see they already had a strong collection. There are plenty of older kids and teens that are just in bed with time to read. Nothing helps you heal when you’re reading comics books⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 4.4.0

I enjoy it but have one suggestion.I’m a bad reader and would think that having a text to speech option for the comics would really help me enjoy them more than needing to get my mum or support worker to help me read it otherwise it’s a very good way for me to enjoy comics.Version: 7.54.0

Amazing with one fatal flawAbsolutely amazing app and the large abundance of comics is amazing but there is just one really annoying flaw. If you download a comic you can’t load up the page to view the downloaded comics without internet basically rendering the app useless without internet..Version: 7.40.0

It is goodThe only issue I have with this app is that I am cursed with choice. I love having the majority of the marvel universe at my fingertips.Version: 7.12

Adding a search barI love this app but I think it would be great if a search bar were added in the library so that I can search for particular comics or series easily instead of scrolling through hundreds and hundreds..Version: 2.7.2

Nailed itSince the last update I’ve fallen in love with marvel unlimited again, pretty much every change technically has been made. The app is so much messier to use it no longer feels out of date. Plus all of the new category’s and suggestions are making. The “readings guide” section is amazing for accessibility a lot of he time even as an avid comic reader you just don’t know where to start with a new character like Silk for example but with her reading guide I can follows her story in such an accessible manner. Love this app man..Version: 7.2.0

Possible digital convertGenerally I absolutely loathe digital reading, print only for me generally. Was told about Marvel Unlimited and thought I’d give the free trial a try. I must say I’m impressed. I’ve only had a brief scan through it but the back catalogue availability is amazing. Images look great, reads well, think I’ll be pushing on beyond the free trial - I’ve got thousands of comics to read!.Version: 7.6

App is almost perfectHere is the thing that will push it over the top. When you read it in the single panel mode you can’t zoom in to read the words or see the art up close. This issue might not be a big deal if I was reading it on an iPad but I only have an iPhone 7+ (I know it’s a dinosaur but im poor). What I end up having to do it read the full page mode and just zoom in but if I tap the screen accidentally it auto zooms me out. I won’t name the other big comics company but in their app you can zoom in the single panel mode to better read the words or appreciate the line work better. Luckily y’all have more content that I want to read from the past but also the brand new Star Wars comics so I discontinued my subscription with them and kept yalls. Anyway thanks for making the app at all whether y’all change anything or not..Version: 7.24

Absolutely incredible experienceIt’s a very easy to use app with a very large collection of comics for every type of reader, and the price is quite good for such a wide variety of comics..Version: 7.27

SO. MANY. COMICS!...I may never get any work done again..Version: 5.5.1

X men comics are awesomeLove it and won’t delete it.Version: 7.23

They have turned this service around!!Since updating the app with necessary changes that fans were begging for, I can now fully recommend the app and subscription service. You can now add a series to your library much like ComiXology and DC Universe Unlimited and reading lists are comprehensive and make reading long crossovers easy. I’ll definitely be renewing for a year when my sub is up..Version: 7.1.0

MarvelousMarvel Unlimited is a wonderful way to read your favorite Marvel comics! It is simple and very user-friendly. The home page has a continue reading section along with your saved reading lists and what’s new this week making everything as easy as apple pie. The reading lists give you a way to read every title in a crossover or every issue from a specific writer or team’s run. MU has almost every Marvel comic you can think of and are adding more every week. And being only three months behind on current comics let’s you stay up to date on your favorite characters. Which is much better than the 6 months that some of their competitors have. Honestly if you’re an avid comic reader I suggest getting the app on your tablet device with an annual subscription to use it to its fullest. I honestly love it. Until next time, Excelsior!.Version: 5.7.5

Best subscription ever!I’ve written a review for this app Notre but I’ve gotten nothing but praise and even more to say. Marvel unlimited is truly incredible and makes me excited every time I open it. This subscription has grown and developed so much ever since it started and it’s truly something to “Marvel” at! For those unaware originally there was a 6 month gap between current volumes being updated now it’s only 3?! Amazing and the implementation of infinity comics is ingenious! The fact that we get brand new volumes weekly is such a treat for a marvel fanboy like myself although I’m not quite used to the vertical format yet but it’s certainly not bad either. The only thing I’d still change is re-implementing numbers by the reading lists to assure comics aren’t read out of order and maybe a more extensive database about characters, groups, and events would make this app even more perfect! Otherwise I’ve got no other critique and can’t stress enough how great it is if the developers see this just know you’ve created something wonderful that I genuinely cherish. Excelsior!.Version: 7.5

Great appThe app is great, it makes reading comics super easy. The only issue is that you have to wait so long for the latest comics!.Version: 7.27

The Netflix of Marvel Comics!This app is pretty great. It’s got a lot of comics to read with the monthly subscription. The comics are about 3 months behind, but tons of stuff to read. Great value for people that want to figure out what they like without buying a bunch of individual comics..Version: 7.43.0

Exactly what I’m looking for.I’ve been a comic book fan for as long as I can remember but I’ve always struggled to keep up to date with all the latest series and even sometimes struggle to catch up on older runs I haven’t read yet, especially in my adult years, but thanks to this brilliant service I’m finding it very easy to catch up and read what I want to read whenever I can + I’m glad I invested in a tablet so I can enjoy these ebooks in the palm of my hands, feeling almost similar to the real thing. I also love the convenience of having the ability to store so many books in one place which are all easily accessible, this is perfect for every kind of occasion especially when travelling. Definitely worth the money in my opinion and I look forward to catching up on all of my favourite Marvel characters..Version: 7.7

It would be 5 stars if…Requests: implement a next issue in series and next issue in event/chronology perhaps if we could build our own “playlists” with the ability to sort playlist by release dates it could take the strain off you guys for organizing. And we could get a “next issue in playlist” The ability to Remove comics from “continue reading” I feel haunted by the comics that aren’t grabbing me Also a full screen swipe to delete downloads. That’s too many inputs to Remove downloads.Version: 7.50.0

Amazing! But still don’t beat paper comicsI have to say this is probably my favorite app I absolutely love it such a great price with all of marvel at your fingertips! it lets you come up with a pull list,notifies you when new stuff comes out and keeps track of what you’re reading and where you are. way more economical than having a room full of comics however it’s still not the same. you don’t get the smell of the pages and the ink,the tactile feelings between your fingertips. you don’t get to look back in time at all the advertisements and remember when it was cool to like this thing or that thing. there’s no taking care of these comics and they’re very hard to loan to a friend or trade. but if you can bear to pull yourself away from the physical world and go all digital this is the best thing. even though it does take all the fun out of collecting. Ha ha.Version: 7.26

Another triumph for MarvelAmazing app! Easy to use and makes reading a breeze even on smaller smart phones. With the zoom ins and breakdowns of each original printed page. A++++.Version: 4.3.0

Access to marvelMarvel unlimited has changed my comic reading ways completely allowing me to affordably have access to comics and series I would've never got around to otherwise. It is the spotify of comics. Thank you Marvel..Version: 2.3

A bit buggyA bit buggy when using the ‘auto-focus’ or whatever it is on the pages. But other than that, ginormous range of great comics..Version: 7.45.0

Finally!!!I’ve been subscribed to marvel unlimited for a long time now and it went completely downhill because it was too hard to read comics in order but bringing back the filter by year option is exactly what was needed to bring this app back up to the 5 stars I know you deserve.Version: 7.8

Love the app, but…Can you please add a creation list like the app DC Infinite has. I would love to be able to create different comic lists for all the marvellous Super-hero’s you have and especially when you have Star Wars on here as-well. Instead of having to add a conglomeration of comics to my library and having to scroll through and find the series or issues of comics I want to read next..Version: 7.27

Marvel unlimitedMarvel unlimited is great though I had some troubles with logging in yesterday it is still great and I recommend to anyone new or experienced with comics.Version: 4.3.1

Loving it so farDefinitely a better way to read comics and lockdown friendly. Or if you just don’t want to leave the house.Version: 7.8

EXELSIOR!This truly is a great app. When u read a comic it’s just like having your own comic collection online to use anywhere so undo the have to risk losing ur actual comics..Version: 5.5.1

Marvellous!Brilliant. Just wish it was fully up to date with the latest comics. Then it would be an easy 5/5..Version: 4.2.1

Great but needs workI give it 4 out of 5 because for the asking price of a subscription I feel like I’m really getting my moneys worth. That being said I’m currently experiencing some issues accessing the titles for offline reading AND even titles I have in my library that aren’t loading. I love this app and the service it provides for a really great price but some work on the bugs would be greatly appreciated.Version: 3.8.0

Makes reading all the events a dream!Before getting this app, I was planning on buying all the individual TPBs of all the best Marvel events from the Dark Phoenix Saga to Civil War. Buying all of those would have been hundreds if not thousands of dollars. With this app and a subscription of $10 a month, I can read as much as I want. I can read all the events plus all the individual issues from my favorite series and discover new ones. Reading on my iPad is a dream. All the pages are crisp and vibrant. Reading older comics never looked so good, not even when originally published. The app runs well and I’ve had no issues with it. You can search by series, keyword, creator, etc, and create reading libraries to keep track of what you are reading. I’m grateful that this app exists for Marvel and wish DC and Image would do something similar. Either way, this is a great app that allows me to read whatever I want for a small monthly fee. It doesn’t get better than that..Version: 7.35.0

Can’t ask for much moreThis really is the best way to stay up to date with the marvel universe. I’ve been a marvel and comic book collector and fan a long time and this is something I highly recommend whether you’re an MCU fan getting into the comics, completely new or a marvel veteran, there is something here for everything since it literally has every marvel comic ever worth talking about. Can’t recommend it enough..Version: 5.7.0

Great appI never got into comics as a kid but always loved the marvel cartoon from the that time period into the 90s-00s. I debated on whether to go thru and pay for a sub, but after the free trial I was definitely invested in reading the original stories presented in the comics. Now about a month or two into my subscription I still use the app almost daily. I will say it’s not a 5 star rating because I’d like to see a feature where if you’re reading a particular comic that it could be found in the continue reading section. It’s cool per issue, but it would definitely be more accessible to have all the comics your reading in one place - as opposed to just being able to save them in the library. One final thing -and this idt a deal breaker but when reading an issue panel by panel it would be nice if the screen would slide to the next panel, this is present when sliding to the previous panel but not forward..Version: 7.9

Incredible‘Nuff said! Super app bringing my love for Marvel in my pocket..Version: 7.49.0

It’s really goodThe price is reasonable for the great content (quality and quantity). The user interface is to be worked on, though it’s not so bad. We’re also missing some comics from MAX and such, and sadly there’s no alternative to see those mature comics..Version: 7.63.0

ReviewIt’s really good , it’s cheap and has all the comics you would need to read a series. If you press on the series too it will give you a full reading order so you won’t miss anything that happened. It’s also really easy to navigate you can just get the free 1 week trial and see for your self. How ever there’s some things I would like to be added in Marvel Unlimited such as a audio comic book and when there’s a fight scene I would like the screen to shake or something like that to really make me feel involved with it. I do think incorporating those ideas would further my experience..Version: 7.5

Almost perfectI’ve had this app since day one and they’ve had a 2 steps forward one step back approach in their updates. Ex. you used to be able to see all the new comics that came out for the whole month and they’ve taken it away, but you can download more comics for offline. They only used to upload comics once a week, but now I’ve seen multiple downloads a week. Etc etc. I would like them to bring back the whole monthly new comics feature; it keeps you from getting too far behind and looking all around for what u missed, also sometimes the comics take too long to come on screen. It seems like a buffering issue, but it’s gotten way better that it used to be. While there seems to be missing comics: Savage Avengers, etc, there are a lot of comics that I would have never purchased, but have read and thoroughly enjoyed: Eternal, Power pack, etc. Other than that please keep getting better!!! Excelsior!!!.Version: 7.65.0

Events Need to be sorted in reading orderGreat update. But important functionality was lost from the old version. I only wish that 1. There was an events section in the search area like there was in the old version. And 2. comics sorted by reading order- if I’m reading through an event I want it to be sorted in the order I should be reading it in - like it was in the old version. If this is fixed/ added then the app would be 5/5..Version: 7.2.0

Great, but could be betterI have been using this app for almost 2 months now and i have read a great deal of comics and the way you can read cell by cell is so good for reading on a tiny screen, i have used other comic readers in the past dc and they didn’t have this option when i used it but it makes reading them so easy. Although i love reading the comics there are a few things that could really step it up. - automatically deleting downloaded comic books after you’ve read them - being able to have it automatically download comics in advance so that i don’t get the weird lag we’re it’s still downloading the next page and i end up 3-4 cells in - updating when it registers that you’ve read the comic because i have a few time hit on “continue reading” on a series to be taking back 20 or so issues and be on the last cell - general comic tracking such as issues read, most popular series your reading etc -I’m pretty sure the reading guides are curated by people but I’ve been reading the ultimate universe and i have to use an external site to tell me what to read next so i don’t to too far ahead in one series or miss out on the ultimates and ultimate specials.Version: 7.9

Great way to get comics cheaplyI prefer reading on my IPad but it is very practice to be able to read some on my iPhone..Version: 7.61.0

MarvellousI don’t have much room for lots of comics but since I discovered this app I now have thousands at my finger tip on my iPad, where as this app been. I subscribe to the year’s subscription as on Apple Books there is many but most have to pay so this app price is a no brainier and it can be used on the iPhone and does a scrolling affect to read it but better on iPad. Be nice to see more characters like TMNT. Overall brilliant app and so glad I have it and will continue to..Version: 7.52.0

It’s cool!I love reading comics on this app. I prefer it over buying physical ones so I can save money hehe..Version: 7.55

Love the comics; why can’t we ‘subscribe’?!!I have been a fan of Marvel for decades and a big lover of the Unlimited program. But why can’t we subscribe to our favourite titles? It’s so hard to keep track of what I am reading because the “What’s New” isn’t sorted based on things we last read. Please, please add in that feature to see new books based on what titles I follow (or artists / writers). Thank you! (Then you’ll get a 5 star review!).Version: 5.0.0

MisleadingRepeatedly advertises $9.99/month but after clicking Join Now it indicates that it will actually be $12.99/month. Clearly the cheaper one is the U.S. price and the other one not. Such a rookie error it raises questions about what other simple programming errors are inherent within the app. I’d better pass..Version: 5.1.5

N¡CEN¡CE!.Version: 7.45.0

UpdateThe new layout and functions since the update are fine, but they removed the ability to search by publication date, which is how I found the issues I wanted to read. Now I have to get on my computer and go to different sites to find the issues that I want to read. Please restore that search function. Also, the issues I put into my library are grouped by series, which is a bit irritating, but I can work around that…..this is what I initially thought, but after using it for a couple of days, I found that grouping everything by series, which could be sorted chronologically, it was easy to put the next issue into my library while removing the one I had just read. Also sorting the series in my library by publication date only sorted those issues I had saved to the library, making it simpler to read the comics in the order they were written..Version: 7.1.0

Love itGreat way to easily catch up on all the marvel comics . It’s great that you can pick and choose what ever you feel like reading at the time ..Version: 7.4

Just wow!Incredible selection and the website has greatly improved. Not perfect but I still give a 5 out of 5 star..Version: 7.51.0

Keeps getting betterI’ve been using this app for 4 years and I’ll keep using it for the foreseeable future.Version: 7.57.0

Great way to read comicsThis app has come a long way I’m 6 years and the subscription is great value. Well worth the cost if you have any interest in comics..Version: 4.3.1

Unable to accessAs of right now, I cannot access the app. Every time I try to login, I get a network error. I’ve tried to reinstall the app. I’ve tried to cancel and renew my subscription. Nothing works. I’ve tried to go through customer support, and they responded to me once and said they cannot locate my account. I responded with my details to verify, but it’s been almost a week and I’ve still heard nothing. At this point, I’ve been about 2 weeks into a subscription that I’ve paid for, and have not been able to use the app at all. Basically, I cannot judge whether this app is good or not because I cannot get pass the login screen. I don’t know if this is an issue with the app, my account, or what. What I do know is that I’ve been charged for something that I cannot access. I’ll gladly update this review if the issue gets solved. However, if I get to the point where I have to renew my account, I won’t be doing so as I will already be out an entire month of wasted money..Version: 5.6.6

Should’ve Done It EarlierIt is awesome. Not perfect but what is..Version: 7.1.0

Super dopeLove marvel and comics are hard to come by Perfect in this app.Version: 7.29.0

A five star experience, the best in the biz.There is something magical about this app that is hard to quantify, but every day I open it and lose myself in the world of marvel. The fact that this app focuses so much on the creatives that make these comics just makes it feel even better. You can look at nearly any comic and see who wrote it, who inked it, pencilled it, edited it, lettered it, and then tap that persons name and see their entire marvel career unfold. It is amazing the kind of things you can discover just by looking at what makes the comics you love into the comics you love, that perfect harmony of creative teams working for a common vision that is greater than its parts. The app remains fresh, marvel continues to improve the release schedule, the back catalog, and they are letting a ton of new writers and artists cut their teeth on the unlimited comics. It also doesn’t hurt that we are in a golden age of comics where every single editorial office is pushing out multiple must read comics a month. The only feature request I have is some minor customization stuff. Let us change the logo of the app and make a reading now or recommended widget for lock screens in iOS 17..Version: 7.52.0

Why all the hate?It’s a very smooth experience with incredible comics!! I haven’t had any issues with it so far, and have loved to read some classics..Version: 7.43.0

Great so far, room for improvementThe subscription service is a miracle of the modern age, and the app itself works a lot better (bug wise) than other (maybe outdated) reviews would suggest. I haven’t used the app and service for more than a week, but I have enjoyed it thoroughly so far (logging in, downloading/reading comics, etc.). I would, however, suggest an interface that is more like the Marvel Comics app, as Unlimited’s interface (beyond some of its reading lists) does not provide enough options for exploring, learning, and seeing editor-picked series/lists (like in the Comics app). And speaking of series, the “read next in series” button at the end of a comic is great functionality, but I wish that I could search, select, and save series as a whole in the main interface. That being said, the app still gives you the power to search for comics along a variety of criteria, which is important and helpful, albeit if you already know what you are looking for. This leads me to wonder: why are there two apps, one for “subscription” and one for purchasing, when the experience could be consolidated? Are these two different developers, are there historical reasons, or something else? And what stops these apps from being consolidated? All in all, this app experience is solid for me, even if (in my opinion) the interface is lacking in functionality..Version: 4.2.0

Only one flawI love Marvel Unlimited, I really do. There is such an incredibly large amount of content to read, Marvel and Star Wars! And I love the new infinity comics too. I just wish there wasn’t the three month delay on issue updates. It’s not really a huge deal, but as someone without any comic book shops near me, it’s really difficult to get my hands on any physical copies, and (god this is stupid) I just feel left out that y’know others are months ahead of me! Obviously this isn’t a problem with already finished comic series, but with Marvel events like Devil’s Reign, for example, there’s only one issue on MU at the moment where there are five issues already published. i feel left out :( I don’t know I’m sorry this is not really a huge thing it’s just kinda annoying..Version: 7.14.1

New update is a mixed bag *Edited*Edit: They’ve been listening and have slowly added a lot of the features that the fans have wanted. It’s also proven to be a lot more stable. There are still some bugs, but overall I’m impressed with how they’ve been listening and updating. Just…please don’t go backwards on a major update again. While the new update does some things I like, such as unlimited offline downloads, it does way more wrong. Your downloads page is buggy if you filter on anything other than “Most recent”, the viewer doesn’t seem to work well in horizontal mode on tablets, and they actually took a lot of functionality away from searching for the comics, such as search by publication date. For those of us who like to follow a character or team from the beginning, and see how they cross over to other titles along the way, this update really killed our experience. Here’s hoping a patch is made quickly, but I wouldn’t hold my breath..Version: 7.14

I feel like I'm writing in...Dear Marvel, I love the Marvel Unlimited app, it is probably one of the most used apps on my iPad and allows me to follow along with the amazing podcast "Rachel and Miles X-Plain the X-Men" (I am merely a listener, but they deserve a shout-out). I love that I have access to almost all of the comics in the Marvel Universe and that there are always new things to discover in the app through the storefront's curated suggestions. I could possibly live 4 lifetimes and not read all of the comics that I wanted. There are a couple of things that I would like to see. With some of the events, especially the ones spanning different comics, I would love to see the ability to "subscribe" to them and just get the next issue automatically downloaded to my device when I am done with the previous. I would love to see that functionality throughout, although I will say that you have done a bang-up job on the last update, it can even remember the page I'm on! Keep up the great work! It is the most satisfying $9.99 I spend every month! Stuart.Version: 7.1.0

Great appGreat selection of comics, new comics come onto the app a few months after initial release but I think it’s less than 6months, so that good. This app has saved me loads of money, I pay the monthly subscription free and I can read whatever story arcs I like, if I were to buy them it’d costs loads more.Version: 7.28

RatingAusome for reading cheap price for so much it can take up a lot of space though.Version: 7.28

Good but have one suggestionThis app has exposed me to a lot of great comics and the subscription is definitely worth the price. However, sometimes I’ll find myself not wanting to continue a series or i just read it because of one arc but the series will still appear in my continue reading even after some time. It’d be useful to add a function were you can unlist things. Its not a big problem as i can still find the titles i want to read easily but would make things easier.Version: 5.7.5

Holy cows Spiderman!!!I never took the time to read some of the reviews of this up until now and I am just shocked at how many people seem to have issues with it. I just passed my one year mark with marvel unlimited and while there were some really minor bugs in the past year, overall I have never had a single issue with this app. I have been very happy with this purchase and the amount of comics that I have been able to read in the past year using this app on the iPad has been amazing. I’ll admit that I’m not a big fan of it on the phone but I prefer to do all my reading on my iPad anyways so no big deal for me. My experience is that this app has been extremely stable overall and I have been very impressed with it. A good update they did a few weeks ago I believe .6 update for allowing coming since you’ve already read to be shown as read is a great improvement. Keep up the good work.Version: 4.2.1

FantasticOnly problems I’ve ever run into, is it can be a tad slow, and buggy at times. Overall it’s great, highly recommend, easily worth the price..Version: 7.1.0

SensationalIt’s amazing only thing I’d want is to see how many comics I’ve read like a comic counter or something other than that 5/5.Version: 7.46.0

Insanely cool app!Yes this is a dream come true. I’ve now had this app for over three years and consider it this best value of any app or subscription I own. They’ve updated and tweaked this thing to where it’s perfect! Want the new stuff? It’s all here running 3 months from when it first came out. I had 24 new comics in my queue from just last week. I read 20 of them. That’s over 80 dollars full retail. I pay by the year, averages out to like 2 dollars per week. That’s without touching my vast, insane library of arcs and comics stored in my queue that I struggle to break into due to all the cool new stuff dropped every week that I just gotta read. This app lets you be frivolous and read goofy cool stuff you wouldn’t normally chance bc of the cost of buying a real comic. Because of this, the comics I read have greatly expanded, bc let’s face it, since it’s all included for the same price, let it rip! I still have real comics I’ve collected, but the Marvel app is like the addiction that once you start, your down for lifetime bc there is NO way your giving this up once you have a taste! The depth and availability of old school up to present is freaky and overwhelming. I’ve read 100s of awesome reads and haven’t even dented the availability of what I want to read. They just put to many cool new ones every week that ya just can’t resist. Anyway, this is a no brainer, go for it, but don’t say I didn’t warn you about staying up to late comic binging!.Version: 7.1.0

GoodI love it.Version: 7.43.0

Home Screen widgetLove the recent updates! A home screen widget would be awesome. Thanks for the hard work..Version: 7.44.0

Good stuffIt what I need no more quick images on YouTube,about the comic I want badly read !.Version: 7.50.0

New to comics! I’m in love!I’m new to the marvel comic world and like a lot of people extensively watched the MCU films and wanted to explore more. Looking at the eye watering cost of these amazing comics I knew there would be no way I could read what I wanted but MU gives me access to everything and I’m able to put it in my reading list. It’s a huge universe I get to explore, I’m 37 and feel like a kid at Christmas! Highly, highly recommended to anyone wanting to just read who hasn’t got the wallet to collect..Version: 5.4.1

Full of content but not without it flawsThis subscription service hosts a wealth of content and they read beautifully on an iPad but the app has been glitchy in the past, crashing often when trying to read older comics that I had to find in the search pages. Everything off the home page reads fine but delving deeper would often crash the app. That said, updating my iPad from a Gen 1 to the latest model has circumvented this. The apps latest version has not yet crashed at all. I’d like to see Marvel make it easier to read events though, giving me a read next issue option for the relevant reading order for the event, rather than branching into the next issue in the individual title. You can also add books to your library, saving them as faves but I’d like to see more folder options to save for the this..Version: 5.7.5

Legitimately FunOne of the best ways to read comic books (other than physically of course).Version: 7.42.0

Amazing appGood comic's and suggestions.Version: 7.45.0

Sweet app but A few minor adjustments could helpLove the app but the only issue I have is that the option to download a whole series at a time with one click (as to avoid having to download each issue in a series one by one) is kind of annoying . The option to download a series all at once used to be there and now it’s gone again can you please fix this ? Also just could make it easier for the reader to better organize the library and maybe work on making options available to customize the library and allow the reader to organize the library to there liking for those OCD peeps out there like myself. Kind of like YouTube playlists type deal you can label yourself if you get my drift? Just some things that would calm my OCD a bit as well as make the library easier to navigate. Other than that I have no complaints though but as I said these minor changes would make the app a million times better for myself at least , can’t speak for others though….Version: 7.50.0

AwesomeMarvel Unlimited is absolutely Amazing, Fantastic, Uncanny like the the X-Men. I collected and read a lot great Marvel Comics in my youth. Wolverine and the X-Men were favorite long before the movies. I loved many many other characters too. But as I got older I went to college, got married and had a job and mortgage. I got away from reading comics. But I still had my collection and still went to the movies. About a year ago I started going through my collection and re- organizing it. As I went to the local comic book store for supplies. I bought a couple of comics and I got back into it. But I also realized a lot has change. A lot stories and events took place that I knew nothing about. I couldn’t go out and buy 20 years worth of back issues to catch up. But then I saw this App. I subscribed to it and WOW WOW WOW. It’s like winning the comic book lottery so many stories at my fingertips. This is a great way for me to catch up on all favorite comics and reread some old favorites of mine. I can’t ever get bored because there will always be a story to read. Thank You Marvel..Version: 5.5.2

Best way to read comics with kidsI have a son and I don’t get much time to read my paper copies so I read a lot on this app and it works great..Version: 7.40.0

Best use of my money I can think ofLove it, love the app. There are still some ways it could be improved, and the recent updates actually made it a little harder to navigate I feel. I would love it if thee were some method of that I could view comics and series chronologically so that I can try and find series I was reading concurrently and catch up on them. But even with that, it’s still the best value for money I’ve spent..Version: 7.6

Love the content; update spawned problemsI have been using this app for months now and have had very few problems with it. I had some comics downloaded, my reading lists were just as I liked them, and all was right with the world when it came to this app. Then this morning I noticed that it had auto updated. I opened the app exited to see what new features had been added. The new loading screen was beautiful. But it showed that I had to re-sign in. Ok, I guess. I did it and it was like completely starting over with the app. It shows that I don’t have any reading lists or any comics downloaded or anything read. Ok, not a huge deal. I know what I’ve been reading. Then I tried to read a comic in the app. It was so buggy. I couldn’t get the full page to show and scrolling through the panels to read was a nightmare. Please fix this. I really love being able to read all my comics on this app and don’t want to not be able to do that very well anymore..Version: 7.1.0

NiceGood app.Version: 7.46.0

Who needs videogames or NetflixWow, that’s pretty impressive. It was even for the free stuff, which was incredible, however I just subscribed. It’s blowing my mind. And this said from someone who generally scorned entertainment for years and sees it like a waste of time (hey, I am almost 50, and learned to value my time) . But THIS, I just owed it to myself. I remember as a child, a couple times a YEAR i would get a Marvel comic book and I would be awed. And now for a few bucks a month I have THIS. And, it motivates me to do the stuff I DO NOT like, since reading superb comics is for me a REWARD at the end of a day’s work. Highly recommended, throw away these dumb videogames, they are utterly boring, and get THIS. Right now I am devouring an Eternals series and feasting on the various Thor series by Jason Aaron. WOW. YES!.Version: 5.5.0

Usually fantasticWhen it’s working it’s fantastic, super easy to use and read and the images are fantastic quality. Sometimes however it will just stop loading the comic I’m reading.Version: 5.7.5

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