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Sky is the limitBluesky is so much more than a social media app. It’s the future of social networking, as the underlying information protocol can be used by any social media company in the future to give users control of their own data and privacy. It’s time to take power back from multibillion dollar corporations and give it to the people where it belongs..Version: 1.22

Getting better!User for a few weeks now. Since then they’ve added a few new features and updates seem to be steady flowing. App has nice look. Very reminiscent of early twitter. Much better than threads as it is. You can actually search posts with keywords. Just need something like the trending page and we’re solid here. Changing to 5 stars if that day comes.Version: 1.46

Early days but greatIt’s an early beta but the community is great and the potential for something great is there..Version: 1.25

For an early access app, it’s quite clean and quick!I'm not going to sugarcoat and say that it doesn't have bugs, because it does. But then again, it is very early access. I love certain implementations - the way link previews (cards) work, and the way notifications can be expanded and collapsed to view all usernames involved in an action, etc - it's the little things. But I guess the beauty of it lies at the back end - with all the decentralization. It does have the potential to dethrone the already well-established Mastodon as the go-to decentralized microblogging platform, but that's way far into the future. Looking forward to future updates!.Version: 1.2

Needs HASHTAGS, DMs, notifications…I love the app but it needs working hashtags. They make it easier to find people to follow and keep up with certain topics, etc. it also needs DMs & the ability to turn on notifications for posts from a profile, because there are people that I follow to keep up with important urgent information. I am trying to get settled in here and hopefully so will more of the people that provide important information I need to keep up with before Twitter gets even worse than it already is. Currently I still have to rely on Twitter for the post notifications because I can’t get them on here & the people who I have them set for either don’t post here much because they can’t cross-post to bluesky along with other platforms, haven’t even tried to sign up yet as far as I can tell, or they’re not impressed because the app still doesn’t have certain functions that make it easy to reach the audience they cater to. Btw, why does the app only allow ONE notification at a time for replies, likes, and such? As soon as another one comes in the previous one disappears. That’s a HUGE inconvenience..Version: 1.55

Great social platformI downloaded this app in the hopes of being able to replace Twitter, and I have been pleasantly surprised. It is still in its early stages but the community is amazing and honestly compared to Twitter this place is like a well-tended serene garden. There’s no unwanted bots, no trolls, and people are free to be themselves. All around, Twitter feels like anarchy compared to here..Version: 1.25

Real reviewForget the low reviews, those are all trolls. Bluesky is the best social app to debut in years. It has a familiar UX to Twitter and feels good to use. It’s still in beta so it doesn’t have a full suite of features yet like DMs or video posts but it manages to not make you miss those things. Elon could never….Version: 1.25

Great appAmazing App and It has the potential to overshadow twitter in the long run..Version: 1.26

Great community, needs some accessibility for users with low visionI am enjoying using BkueSky, it’s a little slow because of needing an invite but we are getting there with our community. One big thing which would be great for our community is accessibility for people with low vision. Please consider upgrading the software to be accessible for large text & screen readers etc..Version: 1.47

Great Start BlueSkyFor those who miss old Twitter, this is as close as you can get to it. Not only that, but new features, such as custom feeds. A feature that was really needed by Twitter. I will say, I miss the Trending tab and Bookmarks, but I’m sure these features are to come. Also, my profile picture seems to default black photo even when I set an actual photo. Again, I am sure these things will get fixed. Overall, a great beta! Can’t wait to see what comes..Version: 1.56

I‘m in Heaven 💙I hope Bluesky will go public someday. It’s the absolut Twitter Clon and I love it. It’s still in Beta and I got the invite from a friend. A view Newstations are also already there. But it’s in Beta and not public yet. People on here forget about it. Don’t give 1 star review for a Beta version if you have no idea how Betas work. I like to it and it has great potential. I’m also on Threads but it belongs to Facebook/Instagram 😑 I hope Bluesky will become the new Twitter!.Version: 1.54

The best twitter replacementTwitter not being safe for artists anymore really got me to leave. When i discovered Bluesky, i felt so much better. It was like finding an old game that was shut down for so long! This place is well moderated and it feels like a fresh start with no huge creator drama. To be honest, twitter lost me the day they renamed themselves "X", making it unrecognizable. Bluesky has the old twitter vibes and its perfect. THANK YOU SO MUCH BLUESKY 💚.Version: 1.50

Open to the Public - It's been too long!Left Twitter cos of the toxic platform it became after you know who took it over. BlueSky is like a breath of fresh air ... "kind of" similar to the old Twitter. It's taking a bit of getting used to tho!.Version: 1.67

Lots of potentialLooking forward to seeing what they’ll do next, seems like they have a pretty good team!.Version: 1.6

Fast app with incredible communityThe app is great, if still early. I’ve found a few missing features but few bugs. It’s amazing to me how fast the small team behind it pushes out updates. It’s an impressive display of decentralized technology. Gives me hope. I love the community so much. Kind and welcoming. The right mix of weird and funny. Really has quirky early internet vibes. At this stage, compared to twitter, feels more like connecting with people than promoting products..Version: 1.25

Four stars until we get an iPad versionLove Bluesky. Dislike the iPhone version on iPad. I look at my iPad in the landscape format and as I scroll down my feeds, it will randomly extend the view to wide screen so I can hardly see one full post without scrolling down. It will revert to normal if I close and open it. Frustrating!.Version: 1.54

Replacement for Twitter!It’s a young app, but they’re releasing regularly and you can see the improvements taking place. I hope this grows in popularity because I’m tired of seeing unexpected bad things on X with its lack of moderation and wild algorithms..Version: 1.67

More than fine!Don’t listen to the low star reviews. Any issues that have been raised are those to be expected from a budding and early site/app. A waitlist is to be expected while the structure of the place is being set up, there is a GitHub page to openly show what is being worked on at the moment, and self content labeling was just implemented. The team is listening and learning from the failures of Twitter, and I’m all in. To those of you complaining about the waitlist, don’t expect anyone to reward your childish outbursts with an invitation. We’d rather go on without you..Version: 1.45

The future of social networkingThis app is absolutely amazing. They're constantly making lots of little but frequent updates which means it's constantly improving, it has a great positive community, is nice to use and is constantly growing. Best of all it's decentralized which means no one corporation can own or control it. But what's really promising is the opportunity to control content moderation yourself. AND you don't need to pay money to verify yourself if you own a domain name. The future is bright and it's a clear BlueSky.Version: 1.21

A spiritual successor to TwitterI have been invited by a friend to Bluesky some months ago, and have to say the app works properly. There are some stuff that should be fixed, like the addition of hashtgs to properly search for specific topics, a DM section to talk with those who you follow, but overall it’s all good. I do wish Bluesky goes public soon as this is an app I am using more often but many of who I follow on Twitter haven’t moved here yet. Keep up the great work and also love the app logo, feels unique and represents the app’s ideal to be a place to express your ideas..Version: 1.61

Fun fun funIt’s like how Twitter used to be, but better..Version: 1.25

Few bugs here and there! Will be a great app with some time!A few bugs (?) exist currently: the most glaring one is not getting push notifications for likes or reposts even though app permissions are enabled. Not sure if this just isn’t implemented or an actual bug. Feature request: 1) Currently, when I launch the app, it does not seem to re-poll the feed I’m on for new posts. Ideally, it would re-poll but leave me where I left off on the feed and allow me to jump to the top with the button that already exists. (Again not sure if this is current intended behavior or not implemented). Still new to Bluesky. 2) Support for direct messages would be cool!.Version: 1.38

A very young app and already better than Twitter!Have been playing with it for a few days and it is remarkable what these guys have managed to achieve so far. It is clearly going to be a better space than Twitter and within few short years take over. Go go go!.Version: 1.5

IPad support please.I really like this service and the app. An iPad version would be nice since most of my activities are done there. I wouldn’t miss when the app switches to landscape lol..Version: 1.68

A strong startThis app's growth and updates have been incredible. I really love how we can see behind the curtain through direct dev communication and I'm looking forward to seeing the federation launch! Haven't had this good a time with strangers on the internet since Yahoo! Chat shut down. Allons y!.Version: 1.25

CoolIt’s basically twitter all over again.Version: 1.50

Temper your expectationsAt the time of writing this is an early version of the app and it’s fair to expect bugs, missing features, etc. What is here though is quite polished and updates are frequent with bug fixes and feature additions. The underlying protocol powering the client and server is what’s really exciting ATP has the potential to really transform social networking and I’m excited to see where it takes us!.Version: 1.5

AmazingThe app is a little buggy, but it still gets 5 stars for the work the devs have been putting in and the community they’re curating. It really feels like early social media. People are talking about their actual interests. People are having fun. There aren’t 200 people yelling slurs at you every time you post. It’s the most wholesome and welcoming online experience I’ve had in a long time. It’s idyllic and the fact that everyone is happily overlooking any faults with the tech should tell you how badly we needed a space where people are normal..Version: 1.25

Finally we have #hashtags !!!It is pain struggle, finally blue sky is starting to look like a real social media app for people who actually discuss news and politics. Without hashtags, it was impossible to be able to actually follow a chain of ideas and comments.Version: 1.70

Loving it so farPretty much like old twitter. My only complaint is that I wish there was a photo album i could long term post photos in. Its one of the few things i felt twitter was missing in its glory days. I even so, its fluid and im having no problems with it. The user face is quite simple. Will still give it 5 stars.Version: 1.48

Can’t view adult content on mobile…As an nsfw artist, not being able to view nsfw on mobile is disappointing. I can view it on desktop. It is a bug so I’m sure it’ll get fixed. However, the moderation options are a great sign. I’m am a huge advocate for them. It allows people to express themselves while also keeping vulnerable parties, like children and traumatized people, safe. Too many companies go straight to “everyone must be squeaky clean and child safe” and it destroys creativity and genuine connection. Being able to post what I want to create and know that it won’t land in the laps of people isn’t meant for is freeing and bodes well for bluesky..Version: 1.45

🧵Threads has a sharper user base and more sleek design..Version: 1.66

Good app… butThis app gives a lot more of a positive vibe than twitter does tbh and that’s awesome in all. With the number of users skyrocketing lately I can see great things for this app in the future. It just needs a couple of things to make it better. 1. DMS. I cannot emphasize how important this is in a social media app. Pretty much every other app has a dm system. 2. A way to switch between multiple profiles. Not all social medias have this but it’s still a very convenient feature nonetheless. I know this app is still in beta and I do strongly believe that they will add these features in the future but they should have been there to begin with..Version: 1.68

Great promise but nearly unreadable on iPad ProLove this app so far, and it shows great promise. However, it’s nearly impossible to use on an iPad Pro screen - it’s just tiny in the middle with huge margins. Images are especially difficult to view. If this downside is corrected, it will be an absolute gamechanger!.Version: 1.63

It’s like Twitter, but betterBUT push notifications never work, even when I have them enabled..Version: 1.41

Continues to get better with an involved dev teamSo much progress has been made since bluesky surged in popularity with Elon’s mistakes. We have user lists, better block functionalities, email verification, better comment systems, and now, a new logo and a public interface! This 5 star review does not mean the app is complete. It’s a review of a BETA software that never claimed to be the final product at any point. Their low rating is undeserved and does not reflect the hard work of the dev team and the fantastic community.Version: 1.60

Extremely well done for a start up. It’s the new Twitter.I love that it has the look and feel of Twitter, now X. I would recommend this over X due to its well done safety features. No bots are allowed to roam here, and it is gaining a lot of traction. This app will replace most social media platforms as it develops. Keep up the good work devs!.Version: 1.50

The best twitter alternativeIt’s like when twitter was good!.Version: 1.25

A perfect fine alternative to Twitter (if you like Twitter)Though it's funny because the people in the reviews are outting themselves. The funny part about the furry nsfw is that you actively have to join communities for that and turn off the nsfw filter to see anything mature. Theres no algorithm yet and even if you're seeing that stuff on your algorithm on other sites it means you interact with things similar to it. 😏 I can see bluesky becoming more promising overtime when new features are added and more communities join in. Artist seem to enjoy the app so that's what matters to me the most to me..Version: 1.68

Let’s Goooo! Waiting for iPad support.Everything seems to run smooth, works well. Since I social media mostly on larger screens, will be nice when they spend a week and get the iPad screen supported..Version: 1.54

The Best Successor to TwitterWhile it may take a while to get in, it definitely has one thing... A very welcoming community! I also love the general design of the app itself (I'm just not that big of a fan of the current icon, being a general picture of clouds) It feels like a proper Twitter successor where people can be safer than what Elon Musk has brought, and it's worth it for the wait to get in. One thing to remember is that it won't be closed off forever. I like to think the reason it's currently closed off is because they don't want to bring any bad people (fascists) in..Version: 1.33

Really hope this takes offBeen using Bluesky for a couple of days. Completely sold. It’s a strange and wonderful feeling to use a social network where you feel in control. Development is pretty rapid right now with new features being added all the time but I think the potential to replace any other social media I use is there..Version: 1.19

Keeps getting better and betterBeen so impressed with Bluesky as we watch it evolve in real time. The team is really responsive and involved in the community, and the app improves with every update. The philosophy behind the underlying technology is also compelling.Version: 1.58

No public accessPlease give me invitation 😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😭😢😢😢😭😭😢.Version: 1.24

The IPad OS app doesn’t refreshI will have to put it on the iPhone iOS, but as it is right now on iPad, the app doesn’t refresh. So, I can’t look back on what comments I posted, it doesn’t update the number of followers, and I can’t know if the comment replies are updating or it is taking a long time? For days, it shows the same numbers and same replies I made from a while ago..Version: 1.43

WonderfulThis is such a lovely social platform, allowing you to follow and interact with people you choose to. It’s like the early days of other social platforms and a safe space. There’s some functionality missing, like hide reposts from other accounts, a bit more curation to the feed ultimately. However, it doesn’t detract from the overall experience..Version: 1.50

Hey Jack its me ur brotherCan I has invite.Version: 1.4

Community Driven, 5 Star vibes!Still in beta and already more user friendly than any Social Media app I’ve used. The Bluesky Team is accessible, responsive and dedicated to building a better platform with user controls that put individuals in the driver’s seat..Version: 1.24

You’re new information homeIt’s Twitter but without thin-skinned Putin-loving pathologically lying man-babies and Russian and CCP propagandists..Version: 1.15

The decentralized future of social mediaIt’s early day but it is already clear that this is the future. There have been lots of attempts to create a decentralized social media protocol before but this is the first one that is really easy to use. It is a decentralized app that is as easy to use as a centralized app. The ability to add user-created algorithms is huge. Account portability while not implemented yet will also be incredibly easy so if you don’t like the restrictions placed on you by your current provider you can easily move to another provider or self-host your own server while bringing your data and social graph with you. That is a game changer, and why it will succeed where mastodon failed. Finally users will be in charge of their own data..Version: 1.30

Great appLooking forward to seeing what new features come out coz this place has been great so far!.Version: 1.24

Twiddling toward federationIdentity is handled quite well and when the ability to run personal servers comes about… should truly be interesting. Something exciting about the birth of an extensible protocol as we enter a new age of accessibility with respect to the tools that manipulate the digital fabrics..Version: 1.17

Bluesky is better than (x)twitterThank you previous ceo of twitter creating a bluesky social media app. At least this is peaceful than (x) formerly twitter ^^ plus twitter is toxic.Version: 1.67

Replies and Notifications:I’m pleased with this Twitter Alternative given it’s Twitter like features but recently, I can’t see my replies including notifications, I only see newer notifications.Version: 1.66

A chill place to connect and post - better than what Twitter has becomeYou can have customized feeds so you’re not just hearing stuff you have no interest in - it’s like Twitter lists but feeds. Your algorithm is exactly that - what YOU want to see. You can turn off or on certain topics that you don’t want to hear about eg hate or sexual content. I like the invite code aspect - it holds the influx to a steady pace so the engineers and developers can handle the load. When Twitter went crazy due to imposed rate limits, a whole lot of people started posting on Bluesky, which slowed due to the load. There are only a handful of developers and mods and they worked overtime on the holiday weekend to stabilize and normalize the experience. They released two updates in the same day to accomplish this! Kudos to the developers. People waiting for codes just need to be patient. It’s like the old days when your friend would invite you to the party. No, it’s not celebrities - the load that comes with celebrity users is too high right now. The vast majority of people on there are average people who got invited by their friends..Version: 1.37

A future for social platformsThe team at Bluesky appear to be doing great things for the future of social platforms. I’ve been fortunate to be part of the Bluesky private beta and it’s been a good experience so far. Feels good to help test a production version of a new social platform protocol. And one that isn’t bound to a MegaCorp. Let’s see how things evolve. I’m excited for it!.Version: 1.3

Missing……please add a bookmark feature like the other place….Version: 1.53

Super!Bien mieux que la vidange qui remplace le défunt Twitter (X) Encore jeune comme RS mais j’apprécie déjà..Version: 1.49

It’s 🔥The good kind.Version: 1.24

Why the wait?They’re putting people on waitlist for ever, the enthusiasm is slowly dying out. Now I see some people trying to sell the invite codes. Is that their endgame? 🤷‍♂️ Come on, guys! If you let some people in on the BETA version, why discriminate against others? Is there any serious technical reason why you’re keeping some people in the dark? Apple didn’t have to know me before signing me up for their Beta updates. They don’t have to, it’s a waste of time! If it takes more than another month for me to get the invite, then forget this..Version: 1.26

Future Twitter ReplacementI’ve been using BlueSky for around 6 weeks and it’s remarkable how fast it’s being built and improving as features get added. Community is very active and fun. It is closed beta at time of writing so lots more yet to be added but so far this has the most potential to take over from Twitter as the goto text-based microblogging social media, however, with a built in open source ethos to help prevent the same self-destructive fate occurring again..Version: 1.19

Really good, but needs upgraded user interface for certain devices.Bluesky Social is really good, and I feel like I should be using it more. The userface is similar to X (formerly Twitter)'s interface, making it easier for users transitioning from X (formerly Twitter) to Bluesky easy, while still keeping it recognisable that you can tell the two apps apart. The only problem with the app I have is that Bluesky was built for users on phones, and thus not having a version for tablets, including the iPad models. Me, along with other users of this app, would like to see an update that give Bluesky UI more easier to navigate for tablet. Thanky you Bluesky employee for reading this review..Version: 1.68

🦋Beautiful butterfly.Version: 1.60

It’s a great app! But somethings need some topping upThe app is an excellent way to socialise and connect! Essentially a less chaotic twitter, honestly I would prefer this over twitter any day and I understand it’s still a work in progress, so here are some of the things I think need a little fixing. -be able to set account to private or be able to lock it -able to add hashtags -A little bit improved user interface -add a font capacity ( this could help stop the people complaining because of the font rendering the app useless, by having a max font size) Overall I think it’s a great app! I use it on my girlfriends phone and I think its great! Just fix the little problems because they can become small to bigger problems over time. So I’m currently waiting for my invite code to join in. -5 stars-.Version: 1.56

Need to update Moderation on the AppPretty confusing that in order to choose moderation for one’s profile have to do it on the website but can’t do so on the app-and when you do it on the website, it doesn’t factor over to the app so some content that one would allow to see on the app is censored on the app.Version: 1.45

Like twitter if it were run by liberationists.BlueSky right now is in beta. The only way in is for someone to invite you. If you act a fool and harass people you will be swiftly banned, and the person inviting you will receive scrutiny. This is all new right now, but the result is a space that’s actually free of right-wing troublemakers, fascist trolls etc. it’s… nice?.Version: 1.25

It’s getting BETA all the timeI’ve never seen a more responsive and conscious team on any project of any type. CEO Jay is working to build the app, build a team, and connect with people on the app and even in real life! The entire team is dedicated and their commitment really shows. This app isn’t near finished at this time. If you’re expecting an app with features like Facebook or Twitter - you’re better off waiting until the app is officially released. If you want to complain about challenges on the app or bother people for invites - you especially need to wait until the official release. This is an amazing team doing amazing work to usher in the next era of social media. An era that goes beyond extracting profit from human interactions and instead focuses on letting users control their own data. Excited to see this grow!.Version: 1.25

UIJust got accepted into Bluesky a couple days ago. It's not bad, I realize it's still in beta mode but one thing that makes the user experience frustrating is that you can barely tell which replies are threaded in response to somebody else or to the original post. It makes my brain trip every time I go to the replies which is honestly the biggest deterrent for me with this app. Besides that, not bad for a developing app..Version: 1.48

Lovely vibe.Chill and easy to navigate.Version: 1.25

Small creator friendlyI’ve only had this app for a little bit and I’m already reaching more people on here than I am on Instagram or Twitter. Just imagine my reach when my account grows and gets more settled. I also like the invite codes feature because it limits the amount of bigots and trash that can breed.Version: 1.62

Like a life raftFor something in active development, Blue Sky more than meets my needs as an artist right now, especially given Twitter’s status as a sinking ship. I look forward to Blue Sky gaining more features as it matures! Support for iPad/tablet resolutions and installation as a Progressive Web App would be a huge plus for me!.Version: 1.54

IPadI just joined and cannot submit a full review yet. I hope an iPad version will be made available. Not liking the small screen. Otherwise it seems like it will be a good alternative to other social media platforms that have become hostile, filled with bots and trolls. I will submit another review once I have more experience using this service..Version: 1.67

AppSeems like a good new service, but how do I join? I really want to join.Version: 1.8

Is this really a beta?So full stop I’m not a tech person. Got invited to beta test bluesky off the waitlist. While there are occasional times the feed loading gets wonky- and I’ve experienced this a handful of times in the past week- it’s also very intuitive, and it evolves while you are using it. It has been hands down the coolest social site I have ever been a part of. Remember watching Star Trek? Or your first MySpace experience? When you were like-technology really can’t be that ‘human’. Scrolling through Bluesky is that kind of experience- where you feel connected to humanity. And yes- the users are pretty legit amazing. Being a beta tester I went in there without any connection or community- and was quickly embraced by so many. If you’re lucky enough to get an invite, don’t sit on it..Version: 1.25

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