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Good i wish you didnt have to payGood but i realky dont want to pay.Version: 1.3.1

App reviewThis app is really useful.Version: 2.4.1

So useful when talking to your boss.Had a job interview and thankfully this app helped me get the job..Version: 2.1.0

TypeAIThis is the perfect app for the unschooled person trying to look smarter. You have a few diff ways to be able to express your texts in diff ways and it will put a heap of meaning into your texts emails and more to help in any situation you need. Great app guys. Thanks for helping me seem smarter. Lol.Version: 2.3.0

Good to knowHaven’t used it yet but people are saying it can record anything you type. This is partially true but it only records what you type on that keyboard. If your enter sensitive info just switch keyboards and then when you right texts switch back. Easy solve..Version: 1.4.0

I love itI love this app i think i have a spellling right but i didnt so i checked and i asked the grammer and it did it for me thank you so much (:💖.Version: 1.4.0

Best app 5 starThis is the best app because you can translate so many languages and ask ai to write for you from your keyboard.Version: 2.0.0

Wow这个应用程序是日常生活中必备的,比如与外国朋友交谈或用不同的语言与朋友交谈,这样别人就听不懂你在说什么。This app is a must have for everyday life and situations like talking to a foreign friend or talking in a different language to your friends so people dont understand what you are sayingThis app is a must have for everyday life and situations like talking to a foreign friend or talking in a different language to your friends so people dont understand what you are saying.Version: 2.2.3

Game changerIm now able to take over the world.Version: 2.4.1

I am impressedI recommend this app if you are like me constantly sending emails and text messages..Version: 2.4.0

😄Really good app definitely recommend..Version: 1.6.0

WowÀ essayer.Version: 2.3.0

Tres bienJ’aime beaucoup.Version: 2.4.1

Good app 🤫Love the grammar checker I’m horrible at it lol 😂 but the other features are as well great 👍 keep up the good work making the app awesome for everyone l..Version: 1.2.0

GoodGood.Version: 1.2.0

NiceI’m interested.Version: 2.4.1

A mistake right away. I wrote "gave" instead of "have". It wasn't corrected.Done.Version: 1.6.0

I love itI love this app. I message people in different languages, it makes them confused. I love this app. If you are reading this you should Download this app now!. It’s Amazing.Version: 2.3.0

Princess10 of 10 App.Version: 2.5.1

Love this! Makes life so much easierThis app is incredible. It make slife so much easier especially if you siffer with abby brain or brain fog like i do..Version: 2.3.0

GoodThe only thing is that it makes you pay for some features.Version: 2.4.0

Very useful keyboard appI use to use this amazing app, to rewrite, check and correct my grammar. Absolutely, this is amazing, I highly recommend everyone to download it and use it, I am pretty sure that you never regret it..Version: 1.5.0

What an amazing app.This app is so amazing. I ll use it and likely to propel me further. Well done all..Version: 2.3.0

Needs iPad keyboard supportAs much as I love this on my iPhone. It would be great that this would work for iPads / iPad. Please update to bring this feature..Version: 1.6.0

MsSo excited to use this app its amazing with many extras to compliment, my poor writing style and grammar. Thank you..Version: 2.3.0

Would recommendThis is a really good app to check your grammar and stuff like like paragraph about ww2 etc etc so would recommend.Version: 2.4.1

Awesome appLove it love it.Version: 2.3.0

Quite niceVery helpful when needed to fix the grammar.Version: 1.3.1

Common sense prevails.Why would you not want to do things the right way..Version: 1.5.0

Awesome appI like thus keyboard very helpful. I wish have money to buy full version of this.Version: 2.2.3

Mark uAbsolute love it.Version: 2.1.0

Persian languageThat's awesome! Sadly, it doesn't have support for Persian language, which is a bummer because it means we're missing out on Persian customers.Version: 2.4.1

Très pratiqueJ'ai à l'occasion à envoyer des textos en anglais et la traduction est bonne et elle se fait rapidement.Version: 2.4.0

Type AII admittedly only use the app to improve my illiterate text style but so far it’s excellent.Version: 2.0.0

Great app, great company image but just one thingGreat app… one thing that I need to continue my fluid workflow is a swipe keyboard. This is the one thing that would take this app to the next level, other than maybe a more cost effective $ubscription. Hope thing app continues to grow and develop into something like that in the future. Until then, swipe on!.Version: 1.5.0

ExcellentExcellent, loving this app so much it’s very helpful.Version: 2.2.3

Good so farHavent found too many uses for it. Plus tge keyboard overides the usual autocorrect so it slows things down a lot sometimes.Version: 1.6.0

The bestHelp me for everything.Version: 2.4.1

They were great to make up for the lack of serviceI was running late for my doctors appointment and the driver decided not to wait for me even though im in a wheel chair with one leg They had another driver on the job in less than 5 minutes to make sure i made my appointment I was quite impressed by the sense of ergancy and customer service that i was given. Great job NRT ill be sure to recommend your service to all my friends and family!!!.Version: 2.4.1

SO GOODOther than the obvious spelling mistakes like capital letters when I don't need it, the check grammar feature is so good as it can rephrase it as well. Keep it up, guys ;).Version: 2.4.0

Wrote this looong review with this app in 5 seconds!I recently downloaded TypeAI, and I must say it is one of the best keyboard apps I have ever used. The artificial intelligence incorporated in this app is just amazing. The keyboard predicts what I am going to type next, and it saves me a lot of time. The suggestions offered by the keyboard are spot on, and it feels like this app knows exactly what I am thinking. Typing has never been this effortless and quick. The keyboard has a sleek design, and the keys are well-spaced, making it easy to type even for those with large fingers. Another feature that I love about TypeAI is the multilingual support. I can switch between different languages without any hassle, and the keyboard still offers suggestions in the language I am typing in. The app also has a built-in spell checker, which helps me avoid embarrassing typos. I also appreciate the fact that the app is customizable, and I can change the keyboard theme to match my mood or style. The app is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it a must-have for anyone who wants a hassle-free typing experience. Overall, TypeAI is an excellent keyboard app that has exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to type faster and with greater accuracy. It deserves a 5-star rating!.Version: 1.0.0

E-mailI feel this is a great tool , to have as a backup. Having ADHD and dyslexia . This is the tool I have been looking for.Version: 2.2.1

Great appGreat keyboard app and helpful with a lot of things. Love it..Version: 1.6.0

Great appEasy to use and apply to txt and emails.Version: 2.1.0

AiAmazing app.Version: 2.4.1

GoodHhs.Version: 2.4.0

I like itUse frequently.Version: 2.4.1

Very good app.Its very helpful.Version: 1.6.0

Love itI have a deep appreciation for this AI technology. Its exceptional performance prompted me to purchase lifetime subscriptions for both Android and Apple platforms. Moreover, the newly added keyboard feature has elevated the quality of my messages to a whole new level. This is the only AI I will be utilizing from now on..Version: 1.1.0

Makes life so much easierEmail, social media captions and even text messages. Sound 100 % better and coherent.Version: 2.4.1

Very goodGreat for texting.Version: 2.2.0

AmazingCouldn’t believe the results it asks you to pay but if you click the. cross you don’t have to pay!.Version: 1.6.0

It was good((: except you only get i certain amount of texts which isn’t that good xI wouldn’t say it was that bad but yes👆🏻.Version: 1.4.0

MrI am loving this software each and every second. It has enhanced my productivity and professionalism..Version: 1.5.0

Just betterIf i type something wrong it helps me..Version: 2.0.0

GreatI think it is amazing but I hate how you only can use it once a day.Version: 1.6.0

Great AppIn my opinion, I believe that incorporating additional tone changers would greatly enhance the functionality of this remarkable application..Version: 2.1.0

Very useful 👍For the free version though you could do a few more tries of the app but others than that great. 😄😄.Version: 1.5.0

I love itNot being English this app helps me a lot in writing emails and text messages.Version: 2.2.1

Really good ideaWorks well, wish there wasn’t an option to buy more features for £50 tho.Version: 2.2.3

Director , U&Me HomeasAwesome. I like the app. Very frindly.Version: 2.4.1

Love itLove using it but its a bit expensive.Version: 2.4.1

CalmingIt provides a significant improvement and has a soothing effect on my demeanor. Typically, I tend to be more assertive in my approach..Version: 1.6.0

Amazing appOne of the best apps i use. Reasonably priced and incredible tools. Highly recommend.Version: 2.1.0

Missing swipeThis keyboard could quite easily become the best keyboard ever, however it’s missing the ability to swipe to type, I haven’t typed normally for years, and would gladly but a lifetime sub if I could swipe on this, as in every other aspect it’s the perfect keyboard.Version: 2.2.0

NickJust started to use this so we will see how it works.Version: 2.4.0

GoodReally good.Version: 2.4.1

Bet of the bestExpensive.Version: 2.2.0

AmazingOk ngl - this is super useful! Incredible app. Thanks for making it!.Version: 1.3.0

100%Best tool ever.Version: 2.4.1

Works great!And so easy to use..Version: 1.6.0

Works wellHappy with it!.Version: 2.4.1

The best app everTen out of ten.Version: 2.4.1

Deals with it!Lazy texter? Or text too fast and the message needs editing? Or if you’re just bad at English? This makes up for all your text problems. Easy to use..Version: 2.2.3

Very well done, excellent AI appIt's so easy to use. Having it available for use in any app is genius. It's my new writing buddy..Version: 2.4.1

HIGOOd.Version: 2.4.1

Outstanding 👍Made my life so easy.Version: 1.4.0

Super 👌🏼Life would be easiyer with AI. But some how strange. It means we should be careful..Version: 2.4.0

AmazingLove it.Version: 2.4.0

BabaNdiaye.Version: 2.4.1

GreatI am using the free version, which is limited, but the app is great!!! I love changing the intonation of my sentences!🥰 thank you.Version: 2.1.0

I love this appIt helps you correct yourself and helps you to talk the situation out.Version: 2.2.1

So goooooooood i think you deserve a trophy make it freeAhmad.Version: 2.0.0

SuperExcelente aplicación.Version: 2.5.0

MmmGreat.Version: 2.4.1

Great jobSimply wonderful.Version: 1.4.0

Helps to have the AI Predications, fun to play around with the functions but I don’t depend on it.But it’s a nice assistant when you need it..Version: 2.4.0

This is a great appThis is literally fantastic it translates things perfectly just as I have always wanted, and I never thought it possible to get a perfect translator but here it is.Version: 2.2.3

This app honestly is prob the bestJust download it already!.Version: 2.4.1

AI keyboardHas so far exceeded expectations if this can make my life that much easier writing emails getting my crazy 7 million thoughts out quickly bringing in peer reviewed research and proper data to pretty much tell it whatever I wanted to do just get comfortable using it. This is the future..Version: 2.5.1

So easy to useFinding this new app a great help. Love the options it provides. Highly recomend it..Version: 2.3.0

Amazing app!This app has helped me with school, studies and pretty much everything! The features are great and I love this app! The ai helped me achieve new goals such as learning Turkish and so much more! Thank you for this amazing app and the apps convinced me the app was great and it is! I use this every day now! Thank you so much!.Version: 2.0.0

Pretty cool add on to have when textingI actually like this app.Version: 2.4.1

This is a very useful app!This app so so useful! I like this app because it checks grammar and paraphrase my sentences! Recommend to download this app!.Version: 1.6.0

Very NiceThis is very helpful thank you.Version: 2.1.0

Muslim religionAllah.Version: 2.4.1

Bien!Très agréable application corrige les fautes ça aide !.Version: 2.3.0

Not badOnly had this app for three days so far so good..Version: 2.1.0

It’s so nice and effectiveHonestly there is nothing wrong with the app at all and it has all that I’m looking for but I wish it was for free.Version: 1.5.0

Indonesian translateI used to try the free 3-day trial before deciding to pay. I really love it and I've subscribed to the lifetime pro subscription. I wish you would add Indonesian translation to the keyboard, please..Version: 1.4.0

Its a very nice appITs a good app but like how it makes you unlock pro mode just to do kt more but overall its a good app.Version: 2.3.0

Best app everYeah, I love this one , It will be really easy to modify my sentences and check all the grammatical errors too.Version: 1.6.0

IIt good.Version: 2.4.1

Brilliant appThis app is a must-have, especially if you are a foreigner in an English-speaking country..Version: 2.2.1

Why have I had to wait so long today technologyAnd says why so long.Version: 2.2.1

Paul McFarlaneJust started using AI, quite enjoying it so far..Version: 2.2.1

Great assistanceThis AI is a breeze. However, all you should not fully rely on what it spits out. Always edit to represent your intended message, information, etc….Version: 2.4.1

Really cool addition to iPhoneI’m a huge fan of what AI does and how it continue to integrate into everything. The keyboard has helped a whole bunch of things in my day to day life but my only issue is that it doesn’t auto correct unless you ask it to. Because of this, I have to still use the default keyboard for general purposes which is a shame. Hopefully a new update will add this feature soon.Version: 1.6.0

Best appI love it it’s so easy to use.Version: 2.4.1

Love itSo good however I had to pay 50£ for a MONTHLY subscription.Version: 2.4.1

Ai incroyableOk.Version: 2.5.1

AmazingBest program.Version: 2.1.0

Taking one star awayThe reason: if you perchase the subscription ans have it running. It doesnd recegnoze it. I have to restart my cellphone. Also cant i have multiple langagues loaded? For the price i pay. Would also love having the option ofa CASUAL text! That would be dope.Version: 2.4.1

BestEasy to write professional emails or friendly texts..Version: 2.0.0

WowJust amazing keep making more and I will chat all day.Version: 2.1.0

Buyer of Lifetime accessIts great Ai helps me a lot, definitely room for improvement like more options or settings i can put into the computer but overall its great for £40.Version: 2.1.0

It's very good appIt's very good app.Version: 2.5.0

Beat app eveeFAST and easy to use.Version: 1.4.0

Best app to add to ur keyboard. ConvenientBest app to add to ur keyboard. Convenient.Version: 2.0.0

Amazing set to useThe app has help me in some many ways.Version: 2.3.0

Trop bienTrop top.Version: 2.4.1

NiceJe suis impressionner ca va tellement bien.Version: 2.4.1

So goodLove this app so mucj.Version: 2.4.0

AMAzingI hate when people text massive paragraphs and think that im gonna read all that like no. I cba but with this thingy you cant get mad lol.Version: 1.3.0

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