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Strange Horticulture app received 8 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about strange horticulture?

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Strange Horticulture for Positive User Reviews

GeniusWhat a really clever way to tell a story so unique and beautiful. I’m enjoying this game very much even though the graphics are quite simple. Lots to do and plenty to solve. Fabulous..Version: 1.0.11

Viewing Device BugThe viewing device is entirely pixelated and scrambled while in use, which i thought was part of the game until I realized I couldn’t read anything no matter what I tried. this must be fixed, as it is integral to the game..Version: 1.0.11

用平板玩居然不能用笔体验感大大下降 ,开发者能不能再更新一下这个功能.Version: 1.0.11

Loving the game, but having a glitchSo far, I’m loving the game! I do have a small issue, I have a plant stuck to the clear right of the plant section. I can’t move it or do anything with it and it’s needed for the next part..Version: 1.0.11

有bug观察镜有问题,无法继续游戏.Version: 1.0.10

I want to love this game!But my darn strange device isn’t working! When I add the Red Abony to it the window/lens turns black and is no longer transparent and able to be seen through! What gives?! This is kind of important to progress yeah? I’m at a standstill.Version: 1.0.11

Something completely unique and newI'm loving this game. It's not like anything else I've played on my phone. It's a wonderful, detective like game. Use your skills of observation and logic to progress and discover the expanding story. It's also great for short gameplay bursts - spend a minute or two discovering the next plant species, or get entirely engrossed for longer play sessions. Highly recommended.Version: 1.0.11

Absolutely love this!I have this game on Steam and I adore it. So far, the mobile port is great!.Version: 1.0.10

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