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Worth the money if you’re into actual racing.Very good game! Kart dynamics are very similar to the real thing. Definitely worth the money! However, as of now this game takes way too much time to be competitive. My suggestion is to have a limited number of races a day (maybe 3 or so) that count towards championships. Unlimited races in general, but only 3-5 that count. This suggestion is for the people who are decent at the game, but also have jobs and responsibilities. This would allow there to be more reward in playing, therefore helping to maintain interest of players..Version: 1.2

Don’t be out off...By how it seems to be for pro racers only. I’m personally an alright gamer. Pretty rubbish racer. After looking at the title it seems like it’s a game for elite racers but I can tell you now that there are dieffernt leagues and different players. It’s all about how you can improve. I’ll admit it’s slightly annoying the tag no assists no excuses when you can but better tyres and karts, but it’s something everyone can build up to for free in your own time, and to be fair it’s better to learn on lesser tyres. Wether you’re new to racing or a proC this is a spectacular game that will keep you playing for ages. Thanks devs!.Version: 1.3.4

Love itI love love love this game it is so fun to play. The graphics are so good. I’ve always wanted a go kart and this really makes me want one even more. To the developers thank you for creating this game I really think you should make a dirt kart version of this game that would be absolutely fantastic. Kind regards.Version: 1.3.4

WowThis game is really fun and I think that you would enjoy it too! However you might read some reviews that other people made about how it’s unrealistic or how it’s not good but they’re just not good at the game this game is mostly about skill and thinking ahead don’t listen to other reviews because this game is great!.Version: 1.3.11

Not flawless, but highly enjoyableEver since Real Racing went off the boil with their freemium model, I’ve been looking for a replacement. This may well be it. That said, here’s a few criticisms: - It can be difficult to spot corners as the visuals aren’t quite as clear as they should be. You simply have to learn to fly blind through some corners. - On older hardware (I’ve got an old iPad mini) you will get drops in the frame rates. Serious drops. Enough to send you careering off the track and losing a race. You probably will spend a lot of time doing solo races. I know I do. - There’s a lot of screens sliding in and out with all sorts of stats, messages, explainers, avatars giving career advice... most of them I tend to ignore. I find myself clicking through a lot of stuff I’m not that bothered about before I get to a race. Once you finish a race, there’s no ‘try again’ button, you have to work your way through that jungle of panels again. TLDR: Too many panels. That said. On the whole it’s still a massive thumbs up. The races are great, there’s a real sense of progress and achievement. For a version 1, this is hugely impressive and for the price, it’s a real steal..Version: 1.0

First impressionI’m an ex kart racer and like my racing sims. For a phone game it’s not to bad. It’s very hard to replicate karts in games but it is what it is. Only use the tilt steer and turn the sensitivity up to max. I’m stopping playing for now because I’m not into racing on circuits unless I’ve practiced on them. I don’t want to jump into a 3 lap race, come 2nd or 3rd just because you’re trying to look at a map to figure out what you’re about to hit in the next turn. The other option is they need an immediate restart race button so you can muck around and just click race restart and not have to go through all the bs. Fix it guys, you’ll have a good game..Version: 0.90.3

Best racing sim in the App Store - Superb!Who would have thought you could get a racing game on an iPhone or iPad that is so brilliant and so realistic the physics of the karts really is spot on. Surely the best racing game available in the App Store. Takes a long time to master but it’s worth it - I’m still setting new PB’s 12 months in..Version: 1.3.8

Great game but one problemI obviously rated the game 5 stars because it’s an incredible game, the physics and controls are superb. My only issue with this game is being penalized for quitting a race early. It’s a phone game, I’m on the move constantly and if I’m not quitting out of a race with other LIVE players then why penalize me for future race gains? If my child starts crying I have to shut the phone off and deal with it, but next time I log in I only get 60 SK instead of 100 SK for any future races.. That’s almost half of my winnings! Doesn’t seem very fair at all when the game wants you to CONSTANTLY race to get anywhere in the game. Great game but seems to be a broken system..Version: 1.3.8

Really great game5 stars definitely well deserved. After the game crashed on my first account I decided I couldn’t wait and restarted another (losing some aces that I’d purchased with cash, but I knew the risk). The game can be frustrating because it’s so difficult, but that’s a real positive. Nothing is working against you except yourself, if you crash and don’t finish the race, there are penalties. Again a big plus. A couple of things I’d like to see (I’ve been playing this only for a week) is when you upgrade parts, I should be able to reuse the old ones, tyres for example work at different temperatures, so I’d like to be able to switch between old tyres at different tracks rather than binning the old if I’ve opted for a harder set (exhausts fuel tanks also). You can pay real money for more, but it really isn’t necessary. You win aces daily, and especially in finals. Use these for soft tyres and nothing else and you don’t need to part with your hard earned real world money. Still playing six months on (though my iPhone 6 Plus is getting laggy now which is frustrating.) Nice job..Version: 1.3.8

Game of the Century!This game is epic. Please do not compare it to mario kart. It is a realistic game with absolutely no assists and you will have to get used to the handling.. however this is THE BEST game I have ever played and would recommend it to any competitive person! I downloaded it during lockdown and it has kept me busy the entire time! The team are excellent and always improving the game to make it better for the players.. they even have a bug page on Facebook that you can report problems to and they help you instantly! 100% RECOMMENDED!!!!.Version: 1.3

Great game!Really enjoy playing SKR, graphics are great, driving different karts trying to set fast lap times gets your adrenaline pumping! Good fun. Download you won’t be dissapointed! One thing i would say to improve their should be a quick replay feature on races which allows you to restart staright away with same settings instead of going through all the menus every time but apart from that. Great game!.Version: 1.2.2

AwesomeGreat game you need to buy it graphics could be a tiny bit better bot other than that is a great game that I love.Version: 1.3.7

Awesome!Great game, no longer play any other racing game on mobile. It is not P2W but it does require practice to be great. In app purchases are needed to put down the fastest laps but there are plenty of available events to make up the difference if spending $ isn’t your thing. Great community and resources available but don’t expect to just pay your way to the top. -NigelFoxhunt/Satchmo.Version: 1.3.8

Love this gameBeen playing for just over a week and I love it. A rare game that is based on skill level rather than how much you can afford to spend. It’s hard at the start but with a bit of practice you can compete with the rest without buying upgrades. I don’t even mind that you have limited time to play even for a game you have to pay for to download. It’s actually a good feature making it fare on everyone rather than just who has more time to play. Personal preference I would like to be able to change the camera view while racing but I have gotten used to it now and it’s the same for everyone so no deal breaker. Thanks street kart. Would give 10 stars if I could..Version: 1.0

Great game , minor improvementsGreat concept , great game , good realism overall a very good game but there as a few bugs which consist of calling a Marshall under a bridge which put u on top off the tunnel onto the top road and then says u are going the wrong direction any way u drive so this ruins the whole race , just though I would explain that in-depthly to try get a fix.Version: 1.3.4

Best karting gameI’m a real kart racer and have been trying to find a realistic go karting game for mobile this is the best so far ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 1.3.12

My Opinion On The Game.Well... at first I thought wow this is gonna be quite challenging with the way the controls were and how fast the ai was but then once I practiced abit more and focused on how the kart handled I started to figure it all out. I personally think that there should be more controller options, but don’t delete the ones that are their just add more. But adding arrow controls would be nice. And add Mfi support!!! More and more people are buying controllers now days for these type of games! Cheers.Version: 0.90.3

Great game!I love playing this game. I can see lots of work has gone into said game. However I do have an idea for improvements. The main thing is tires. I hate it when I have a nice set of drys on and then I have to do a wet race. Or when I have some good condition wets and then there’s only dry races. So on and so on. I suggest either a tire storage area or the ability to sell tires..Version: 1.0

Can be pricey but absolutely fantasticGame is fantastic! If you plan on putting times down that are towards the top on leader boards it can get costly, you have to re-buy things already owned, and can’t shelf used tires. Few things that I think need work but other then that the gameplay is absolutely fantastic, and demands the perfect line to put down great times I love it.Version: 1.0

5 StarsReally enjoying the game after 4 days of fairly solid playing, however I would like to see more tyre choices for TKM class or even a store where you can purchase super softs etc aswell as the performance fuels rather than waiting for the random offers.Version: 1.3.3

Best karting gameReally solid game physics and graphics are very good, however I don’t see the need for an energy system it’s not a free game therefore I shouldn’t be restricted in the amount I wish to play. If anything this system deters me from playing it soo often..Version: 1.3.4

Great Game, with great peopleI’ve been playing this game now since October 2019. Can honestly say I’ve never been a massive mobile gamer but I can’t get enough of this game. Yes it takes some time to get the hang of set ups of the karts and the track lay outs but once you do you will be hooked. The online group on Facebook is full of people looking to help and the access to the developers directly to give feedback is what makes the SK great.Version: 1.3.8

Change controller settingsWill there be a way to change the controller setting to accelerate and brake with the triggers. As this will help me a lot..Version: 1.1

Please add arrows or better steering optionsGood game but could make it better by adding arrows to steer.Version: 1.3.12

Great game but can’t transfer accountsThis is a great game and my review about the game will be very similar to other reviews out there; No pay to win elements etc etc. However I gave it a 4 star because there’s simply no features on transferring accounts from one device to another. I’ve tried to connect my FB on both devices and hoping it would transfer, but obviously it didn’t. I hope you read this and maybe add more features to transfer accounts via other social medias like Twitter, Instagram etc. I love this game and great respect for making a non-pay-to-win game..Version: 1.3.4

Best racing game on the planetI have more fun playing this then any other racing game, the competitiveness is very addicting.puts real racing or any other mobile game to shame I even prefer this game over console racing games like forza, something about setting a fast lap time in this game over others that makes it way more satisfying. Don’t get me started about the dev team.. they are the beez neez lemon squeeze. Super great squad.Version: 1.3.5

ControllerJust want to know if you can use my Bluetooth controller.Version: 0.90.2

Street kart racingThis game is definitely worth the $4.99 these guys are charging. It’s so realistic and I can’t stop playing. Only gave it 4 stars cause i paid for the game and I have an energy bar and I’ve only been able to do a multiplayer race once. I keep trying but it takes a long time to get linked up with live players. I understand that this game was just released so maybe as more players buy the game that process will speed up..Version: 1.0

Challenging for onceIn the first hour of playing, I didn’t like the game and got mad I spent money on it. I’m also stubborn about following through, so I kept racing and a few days later, I learned that the game wasn’t bad at all, I just sucked at driving and other games just cushion you too much. Once I got a few upgraded parts and learned how to drive slightly decent, I was winning a few races but more importantly it was super fun. This game really gets down to racing lines and tuning setup on the karts. A lot of the races are the type where one mistake can drop you to the back permanently—much like real life kart racing. But the game also doesn’t over-celebrate winning every race like other games, they reward improvement. Stick it out a few days and get a new kart and some experience and this game suddenly becomes very addictive and fun. The format is great, with non-live multiplayer on most races and then live multiplayer on several others. Glad I decided to stick it out after the first few days, this game is surprisingly good!.Version: 1.3.9

Hands down, best kart racing game! A must try :)If you’re hesitating in the small app download fee, don’t!!! This is by far the best and realistic kart racing simulator I’ve tried. Ever. I personally raced go karts for 10+ years, and the realism is fantastic. There’s something there for any skill level and approach to gameplay too. The app is very well supported by a great community of fellow enthusiasts and developers who listen to their users! Individual and multiplayer modes are available and serve for a great experience. Community and developer organised events is a personal favourite aspect of the game for me. I have been a frequent user of this app for around 4 months and make use of it as much as I have since day 1. Do yourself a favour...give it a go, it won’t disappoint :-).Version: 1.3.6

HmmI’m sure I’ll get the standard robot answers but I’ll ask anyways. For the love of CHRIST why does this game kick me out on some online races? Why am I stuck using a server that I can’t change? It’s a cool game/ fun just really disappointing that every 3rd 4th race it crashes. And now it’s to the point I can’t even get the game to load, blank screen. $5 for four days of headaches..Version: 1.3.4

Great game but customer support is hard to reachI have recently spent over $80 on the game and received a new phone. When that happened my phone was reset and I had no way to recover my account on this app. Customer service can’t be reached but I’m hoping they see this and can provide assistance to my account..Version: 1.3.4

Best game goingI must say I’ve been mobile gaming for many years and I have finally play a true racing game were skill is needed Street Kart is it. Nothing but enjoy since the first day I installed the app on my iPhone I now have it on Not 1 but 3 devices a 7plus a Mini 4 and a brand new Mini 5 I couldn’t be more happier. Hurry guys and download this app and lets go live racing which by the way is the best live multiplayer game I ever played!!! Yes this is a gem of a game download it now and enjoy and I’ll see you on the track Footballcoach27 and SlickRick In It Too Win It Racing.Version: 1.0

Great gameI think it one of the best kart game out they. I think we can customise our race suit, helmet, and kart stickers to make it more personal experience in the game But great game though.Version: 0.93

Best racing game on device ever!Over two years into this game and there is still no game that has such a realistic on track feel. A great supportive dev team. And a great community. Got to give credit where it’s due!.Version: 1.3.8

Best racing sim on IOSReal karts, real worldwide karting tracks, excellent graphics and an ever growing real player base make Street Kart hands down the best karting sim outside of PC! The economy is hard to get to grips with at first but don’t despair, stick with it and you’ll have it mastered in no time. There’s also a dedicated Facebook group where you’ll get direct access to the games developers and a huge community who are always willing to help. Trust me, it’s the best fiver you’ll spend on your phone!.Version: 1.3.10

Le meilleur simulateur de karting sur mobile!!Je recommande fortement ce jeux pour tout les passionnés de courses et d’adrénalines! Il vaut le 6.99$ et même plus! une communauté interactive sur facebook qui sera vous divertir, vous aidez et même vous améliorer! 5 étoiles méritées ! ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️.Version: 1.1

Everything I wanted this game to be except forThe good:This game is really good! The carts feel great, the visuals are awesome, being able to customize your cart and gear is a big plus! Getting sponsored is sweet too(but why for only a certain amount of hours?) The in between:not so sure about the whole energy/fitness aspect of the game, but the price is worth actually buying aces (+you can do other things with them too). The pop up guidance/manger personal is too boring to read, I wish it wasn’t actual jpeg pics of them. The downside: there is parts of the track that you can clip through and don’t hit anything it will most likely cause you to restart, and when you do hit something (other than racers) the collision physics are way off. Haven’t been able to race multiplayer witch is a huge bummer. I’ll play this game until I get bored racing against bots or just lose interest in the ranking/story aspect of it. On the DL, it’s not worth $5 (not yet at least).Version: 1.0

Best Karting GameThanks. Tracks are super realistic. Great for learning. BBR Karting..Version: 1.0

Lost progress !!!!Help lost all progress !!!!! Smashed my screen and when I went to login on my new phone I was left with nothing at all! I don’t want and doubt I would start all over again :(.Version: 1.0

GreatI have been playing this game for a few days and it’s been great it is the opposite of pay to win you can play this without paying more money I have been unlocking lots of karts keep going and developing the game:).Version: 1.3.11

So goodI’m not even a big fan of racing games but there is something special about this. I worried that this would be a game just for precision racing geeks but it is quite simply, a lot of fun for anyone. The karts handle exactly as you’d a expect a real one too and the sense of speed you get is incredible. Overall, the best racing game I’ve played on iOS.Version: 1.0

Great gameFantastic game play and very realistic.. better control options would make this game that little bit better.. tilting the devise makes it a bit trickey and other options are almost unusable... other than that definitely worth it..Version: 0.93

Amazing game - be prepared to practice though!Hey, Downloaded this wanting a new racing game, despite finding the reviews about putting the hours in a bit daunting ha. But it’s well worth sticking with, joining the FB group to learn from others and practice practice practice. Also love that there is PS4 controller support too as I do struggle with the tilt controls a bit. Thoroughly enjoyed my first week and I’m sure there will be many more to come! Cheers..Version: 1.2.2

Great kart racing simIf you have raced karts you will recognize the authentic feel of this game and the complexity of kart setup reproduced here. If you haven’t raced karts in real life this is a great way to get the flavour of it and of the intense wheel to wheel thrill of it as well. As in real life, riding low so close to the track gives an enormous sense of speed and the grip is incredible. As you progress in the game your choices of karts and parts and setup options increase significantly and allow you to dial in the perfect setup for you. The community that has already grown up around this game is incredibly helpful. If you feel lost or just need a couple of tips to get started go to the Facebook page and Messenger conversations listed there to get a lot of friendly advice and encouragement. There are also YouTube videos that will guide you around different tracks. (Start with Pete “Jazzman” Williams’ channel.) There are no driver assists so it can be a challenge learning the handling while also learning new tracks but persistence pays off in a big way and makes gaining skill really satisfying. The karts handle better as more adjustments are unlocked and apparel missions unlock better boots and gloves that really help the drivability of the karts. You can race against computer AI or multiplayer against real live racers which is even better. Connecting the game to Facebook allows you to find your Facebook friends in the game and invite them to race, and you can compete with them as Target Rivals in the championship points race to unlock super soft tires and premium performance fuel. If you love the challenge of learning tracks and learning kart setup, of beating your personal bests and taking on amazing drivers that include real karting champions you will love this game..Version: 1.0

Loading issueI just got the game and it won’t load. I hear the music after putting my name in but screen goes black. How long is the loading time period?.Version: 1.2.2

Full review...I ve been part of the beta testing group for the game for 3 years and it is a great game. Really competitive, certainly hard to get the hang of at the beginning, you ll need to practice a lot, but unbelievably rewarding. The depth in the game is unmatched from setting tyre pressures (which are critical to good performance), adjusting to the weather and adjusting set up. The game is a real racing game, I m biased, but it just feels great from tier 2 and above. Cadets is a bit slow but necessary to get the hang of the controls. The community is this best bit, with devs who care and a group of people ready to race and have good banter with and you get more rivals by joining the Facebook group and logging in via the game which is a must if like me you want to beat your friends. Downs? Takes a lot of time to get up to x30 but if you re enjoying the racing who cares? Definitely worth the install..Version: 1.0

Worth your time and energy!!!This is my first review on any game...ever! This game deserves my time to write one. First, I want to say that overall, this is the best racing app I have ever found. Second, it does my heart good that on some tracks I can stay within the top 100 or 150 in the “X30” level which is just under the pro level. I am 60 years old. It is not an easy game to reach high ranks. It takes time, practice, and experimentation of which karts, tires, gas tanks, and parts to use to reach high ranks. The best part of this game are the people who are involved in this community. This is Definitely worth your time and energy!!!.Version: 1.3.4

Great Game!If you are looking for a game that gets you as close to real racing as you can get without being in the kart this is it. Gameplay is amazing. Graphics, amazing. Community, amazing. And to top it off the developers are hands on, available for questions, always ready to help. It’s a real challenge and really worth it..Version: 1.3.3

I can’t get tilt to workFor some reason tilt doesn’t work it just goes in a straight line when I put it on tilt, but if tilt worked it would be a lot more fun. If you no plz help me.Version: 1.3.4

Best True Racing ExperienceBy far the smoothest, most realistic racing game I’ve ever played. Don’t get me wrong it can make you mad, but for all the right reasons! If that’s by missing a PB by a tenth of a second, or just missing out on a top spot, it will have you gripped! My favourite part is the growing community of players which help you learn the ropes with tips and experience. If you truly want to get better there is help out there! Be sure, this is no mario kart! This is real racing at its finest!.Version: 1.3.3

Street KartStreet kart is a amazing game which has great graphics. Especially the multiplayer version.Version: 1.2.2

Top Notch from top to bottomYou will not find a better overall, pure racing game than this. This is not your typical arcade style game where you are instantly fastest and win all the time. This is about at realistic as you can get in the mobile world. You will be tested with your racing skill as well as your ability to adapt to the finances of the game. Let me be clear, no in app purchases are required or needed to be successful in this game. They help but you don’t need them. The key to this game is patience. You master that and realize it’s going to take some time to work your way through the tracks, karts and ranks to get to the top, you’ll do fine. The dev team is just a simple FB message away with any problems plus a whole host of players who’ve been around since day 1 to help with literally any problem you have. $4.99 is a very small price to pay for a very good game. 5 stars all day for me..Version: 1.3.6

Just simply WOWReally the best racing around... Just wish I could keep up!.Version: 1.3.8

Good but a few problemsSo the game is really good but there needs to be a few tweaks. When you go on the grass you just can’t turn even if u aren’t moving. You should be able to turn when u are moving on the grass not with fully traction but enough so it’s realistic. You should also add a mode for new drivers that helps them I slide a lot in the tkm cart even though in the cadet I didn’t as much. Also I keep getting pop ups to watch an ad and get 5 energy things I paid for the game so I think we should get this ad. Otherwise really good game..Version: 1.3.8

Amazing gameIf you want real stuff, that is the place..Version: 1.3

Best game everI don’t normally write reviews on any game I play but this one definitely deserves it!!! The realism is amazing and the game play is fantastic, better than any other game I’ve played including real racing which I thought couldn’t be topped until I played this , the community in this game is also amazing , the developing team are fantastic and always with anything in regards to the game , absolutely fantastic!!!!.Version: 1.3.8

Level where I’m required to vs my rivalWon’t allow me to vs rival just freezes and won’t continue..Version: 0.90.3

So addictive!!!!Quite simply, this is the best racing sim game on iOS, you will not regret downloading this, my advice would be this- this game requires patience , practice and skill if you want to compete with the top runners in the game, no assist are allowed in this game so it’s all down to feel and driving ability, having said that, if your just a casual racing game fan you will have hours of fun playing this game, first find you feet in cadet level and gradually build your way up to TKM level and onto the current top level of X30, a higher level is still to be released which will no doubt take this game to the next level. One of the biggest bonuses of the game are the community, this allows everyone to have there say on the game, whether it’s to arrange online multiplayer races or to ask for some racing tips, this makes the game so much more exciting, never have I ever played a game where you can race against the actual guys who developed the game and contact them directly for advice or any issues you might have. So what are you waiting for..... if you want the best racing game on iOS then start downloading now 👌⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 1.3.8

Thrilling.Street Kart captures the essence of racing and climbing through the ranks. The controls are excellent, the karts are a blast to wheel around the tracks and the competition is second to none. Notice to new players: Right now there is no ability to sync your game between devices. I started playing the game on my iPhone and am not able to sync it to my iPad. Do know that the devs are working on that feature and it will be added. Buy this game, you will not be disappointed!.Version: 1.0

No other game like itThe developers are basically at your will any problems that seem to rise they have it sorted within a few hours.. the whole community are willing to help everyone out there’s always someone listening the best driving game available on iOS without a doubt.. leave the other racing games for the kids this is big boy stuff seriously 6stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 1.3.8

Addicted to SK!I was fortunate to be selected to beta test this racing game. I was hooked immediately and have played DAILY for almost three years. There are no assists in this game, but you won’t want them once you learn how to drive the karts. There are several variables that affect your kart’s performance, but none are as important as your ability to drive and race. The competition will have you chomping on your tongue and lips. Lastly, this game is not one of those that try to hook you only to force you into a situation where you have to spend cash to advance. You can excel in this game without spending a dime. Try Street’ll love it!.Version: 1.0

AwesomeSuch a great game best go- Kart game on the App Store! Love it.Version: 1.1

Glitch took my “money “Just got into the Tkm championships was asked to choose a kart, chose the latter, then went to preview another kart then it blacked out and I closed the app. Opened it back up and my 2k was gone and it was asking me to choose another kart. Please help. Not about to spend any more actually to get through this glitch. Was really starting to enjoy the game too..Version: 1.3

This game is uniquely brilliantThis game is worth every penny and some. The game play is exceptional, in a matter of a week or so I was driving so differently to how I was at the outset. You really learn how to race playing this game. It is incredibly addictive. What is unique about this game is the connection you have with other players and also the developers. The player community is exactly that. If you have a question on how to play, what kart to buy then the playing community are ready to help you. I have done this many times and very grateful. The developers involve you on how the game should be changed/enhanced and your opinions are valued and taken into consideration. Even if you have a question for the developers I have found they come back to you. I have never played a game where you feel so involved. If you are thinking of buying this game, just do it. Even if you really aren’t sure because you have to pay for the app (like I was), bite the bullet and do it. You will not regret buying this game..Version: 1.3.4

Must race if you revel in karts.Excellent game, great to be facing off against real people..Version: 1.3.4

Awesome gameAwesome game. Great developers that are looking to constantly improve the game and the experience for everyone..Version: 1.2.2

Love itI freaking love this game. It’s realistic and intense racing. I stopped real racing 3 as soon as I found this game..Version: 0.90.7

Good Physics Needs work on the upgrade sideI am a kart racer in real life and as physics go it’s probably the best on the App Store. However I encountered a serious flaw in the upgrade system for your exhaust. I bought 4 exhausts to max out my acceleration for tight tracks. I decided to try out a power setup as well so I bought a 5th exhaust upgrade this time for power. I soon discovered it re-locked my other 4 exhausts so I have to spend the money ALL OVER AGAIN IM BROKE ALREADY FROM SERVICE PLEASE FIX.Version: 1.3.4

ThankThis game was worth the $8.Version: 1.3.1

Love this game BUT.How do i unlock garage in game?? Please someone?.Version: 0.90.7

PlzPlease make better quality. Aka more realistic please:) love your game!.Version: 1.3.6

Brilliant, truly brilliantI absolutely adore this game, especially the factor of no assists, and it’s always a game I’ll play if I have any free time or if I’m bored. Most games in this style just get deleted within a few days or a week, but Street Kart exceeded my expectations by quite a lot. The game has many great features, however I do have just a few complaints, firstly, the graphics quality is not the best, however I do understand this as you don’t want long loading times and large game size etc. etc. Another of my complaints is the fuel having to be changed along with tyres. This is probably most expected for a free game as they usually force you to wait to race, however I wouldn’t really expect this for a game that costs money. While I get this element is realistic and part of the simulator style, it would be nice to have an option to play in races without having to change tyres and fuel, such as an unranked section?.Version: 1.3.4

Best Game EverOutstanding simulation. Challenging, immersive, deep. Made by incredibly skilled engineers who engage with the players. Get it now!.Version: 1.3

Very addictive and easily worth £4.99At first, I was really debating whether or not to buy this Sim thinking it probably wouldn't be any good and like all the other Racing Sims on the app store......boi how very very wrong was I. I'm happy I decided to go ahead and buy it as it's like playing a Racing Sim on a console. The controls are perfect the graphics are great especially for a phone and the gameplay is perfect, what more could you ask for in a phone Racing Sim, I'll tell you......absolutely nothing as the Devs have put a lot of time and thought into this Sim to perfect it because it really does show so can only get even better over time. The Devs are very very helpful and responsive as well as all the other players in the Street Kart Facebook group so this Sim has more than enough support. This is definitely a keeper and my one and only favourite Sim Racer that I'm gonna be playing a lot from now on so if you've also seen but debating whether to buy it then don't hesitate, go ahead and make the purchase now you won't regret it I can guarantee you that. To the Devs thanks for such an awesome, addictive Racing Sim and keep up the great work and support that comes with it 👍🏻 Mike 😁.Version: 1.3.2

Make sure to download this gameBeen playing the game for 4months now, love the challenge of getting the correct kart setup to make a big difference to lap times. The street kart community on the Facebook pages are open to helping out and the devs are quick to help and fix any bugs in the game. Highly recommend.Version: 1.2.2

Amazing!I have tried lots of racing games on my phone but this one takes the cake! Forget CSR 2 if you want a fun realistic racing experience this is the game you are looking for. It might seem a little difficult at first but once you get it down it’s a lot of fun. There is also a great support community. The game has a Facebook page that has everyone from beginners to top players in the world. Even the creators of the game are on there asking for ideas and changes that we would like to see as a community. If you love racing this is the game for you..Version: 1.3.8

WowI was pondering for a while about purchasing this game, in the end I thought it’s not much more than I pint of beer so why not.... Wow, what a game, the racing is brilliant, don’t get me wrong it’s not easy and takes time, a lot of practice and track learning but once you hook up a half decent lap it’s all worth while. It takes a time to work everything out, again patience is the key. One of the best features of the game is the f/b community, you do feel like your in a exclusive group, ask any question and you’ll get more than one helpful answer, Ross and the development team can’t do enough for you, any problem they will sort out, quite unbelievable how they manage it. I’ve been playing a few months now, progressing nicely without having to pay any extra. Get the game, you won’t regret it.Version: 1.3.8

Love‘ itIv only had about 10 races but so far I’m love’n it, seems to be pretty much a complete game. It’s awesome💯👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻.Version: 0.90.7

Best racing game on IOSI’ve played a ton of racing games but by far this is the most fun. It’s simulation style which I like and is the first game that has held my attention for more than a couple days. Some people complain about spending money but that’s optional, you can easily progress without spending anything beyond the initial price. I’m just not patient . Love love love this game..Version: 1.2

Awesome cartingLove this game carts are great fun it’s like your driving a real one. Wow.!.Version: 1.3.8

Awesome gameHas taken a while to really get the hang of this game and I have by no means mastered it yet but now punching out more and more PB’s each week only wish is that once you buy an item you don’t have to buy it again - spare parts like fuel tanks when they need to be changed for endurance events you have to pay for them all again Overall awesome game and I would highly recommend this game to anyone that loves a challenge and a lot of fun.Version: 1.3

Just a few tweaks neededFirst of all, this game is great but a few tweaks are definitely needed. The grass physics are HORRIBLE, as soon as one wheel touches the grass, all kart control is GONE. You can’t steer at all and the only thing you can do it call a marshal. Also the AI is quite easy but the real world competition is great. Other than that I would definitely buy this game again and would recommend it to you as well. But just please improve the grass physics..Version: 1.3.4

Service with a smileThe best team on the planet. Hands down exceptionally quick response to any question asked.Version: 1.3.3

Best Racing Game on MobileThis game is amazing. I bought it and was instantly hooked for hours. Easily the most realistic mobile racing game ever. I would recommend it to any fans of Karting or just racing in general. Definitely worth the money. My only question is with the weight system it says I am 76 kg which it says is 6 kg above optimal but I am not sure how to fix that. Thank you!.Version: 1.2

Excellent Racing SimHave played a lot of racing sims from iOS such as Real Racing 3 etc and this is by far the best racing game out there. Real life physics, fast and furious action keeps me coming back day after day. Takes a while to master and I’m still learning but once you get the hang of it it is a really engaging game. Add to that the best online community as well and this is an excellent game. I would highly recommend to any racing fans..Version: 1.3.8

Lots of time betwwn racesReal fun but lots of in between complexity.Version: 1.3.4

An apologyDear developers, thanks for your response and I agree with everything you say, I was just a little impatient as I seemed to be playing a lot and not progressing very much due to the lack of funds. I did try to delete my original review within hours of posting it, but obviously it got through, so I apologise for that and hopefully it’s gone now. As for the game I can’t really fault it, you just have to be a little bit patient, it takes a little while to build up your finances, but when it does get going it makes it all worth the effort. I can highly recommend downloading it, it’s worth every penny..Version: 1.0

I’ve played this game daily for over 1 yearHonestly, this is hands-down the best racing experience on mobile. It’s kept me coming back every day, and the online competition is steep. It’s not a game you will learn overnight, and it takes many laps to become successful. I think they’ve done such an amazing job at bringing a real-world feel to the game, physics are realistic... I know as I’ve ran karts irl. Real karts, real brands... and intense racing that just puts you on the edge of your seat. Highly recommend, and if you have any questions or need help with things like setup & driving. The game has an amazing Facebook community with many top players that are willing to help..Version: 1.3.6

Brilliant game experience.If you are looking for a driving game that gives you a challenge, has a fantastic community that helps you meet that challenge then Street Kart is for you. This game gives you a real buzz, you have to work at it. But believe me it’s worth it..Version: 1.3.8

Realistic Physics Requiring Serious Driving SkillFor hard-core racers willing to learn the tracks, this is the real thing. Extremely challenging and realistic physics models combined with real-time weather. However, there are no silly 'assists' here; you need to be able to drive. If you are used to instant winning and/or falling back on steering or brake assists, you might want to look elsewhere; this one is for real..Version: 1.0

It’s not a game, it’s a sim.This is so true to life it’s uncanny. No aids, no traction control. Just steering and throttle input. It’s hard to be fast, but when it finally comes together and you lay down a quick time it’s an actual accomplishment. This isn’t a pay to win game either. If you play smart, you can use in game currency and be quick. I finish in the top 10% on a regular basis and haven’t spent a dime. This is one of the finest, purest racing sims I’ve had the pleasure to race. Also the SK community is amazing they WANT to help everyone get faster! The devs are down in the trenches and very active in the FB group too..Version: 1.3.10

The last racing game you will ever buy.Always been a fan of racing games, from RR3 to F1 played them all but they just get samey over time. Not this game. SK gives you such a different experience. I’ve only been playing 5 months or so and this is the only racing game I have left on my phone. Gone are all the driver controls and aids, this is racing by the seat of your pants inches from the floor. There are plenty of karts, each with their on little peculiarities, basic set up changes and away you go. Tracks change daily with plenty of chances to earn aces and dollars you need to progress in the game. Remember the no driver aids, this is you controlling the kart and does take a bit of getting used to but don’t let that deter you. It gets more and more addictive the more you play. If you want help with set up, racing lines etc there is a great Facebook page and community that will point you in the right direction. Try it out it will be the last racing game you buy and the most addictive !!.Version: 1.3.8

Mobile racing perfectedThis game is the pinnacle of mobile racing, maybe even mobile gaming altogether. The racing has an extreme learning curve which creates amazing gameplay, the devs are friendly and supportive through their facebook groups, it has an economy simulation built it which makes upgrading and purchasing new karts actually mean something. Graphics look pleasant and the physics system works great, looking forward to seeing the new karts and tracks coming in the future and ill see you all out on the track.Version: 1.3.1

Best racing game.Game is really great. Will only get better as the community grows. Controls have improved tremendously at first I thought the game was unplayable but now it is my new favorite racing game. I play this more than I do F1. I recommend this game if you are in it for the competition. You will spend a little bit of money but not a fortune. If you want a high quality game you can’t expect it to free it takes a lot of money to make actual good games and a lot of money to keep the servers going and writing updates. Hope to see you on the track..Version: 1.3.7

From an IRL Kart RacerI just want to say, this game is amazing. It’s everything I wanted it to be when I bought it. I like how the physics are very realistic, (the graphics are eh but that doesn’t matter to me) and I like how it doesn’t babysit you the whole game. You get to drive and feel the kart without any assists. Now it feels like every racing game has some sort of braking assist or steering assist, but this? Nope. I like how the weather on the track is real-time too. One thing you could add (although I don’t know if they have these in Europe) is the Briggs and Stratton 206 engine class since it’s all about momentum. The reason I gave it 4 stars though, is because of the energy system. I don’t mind the fact that you have to race to get rid of excess weight, but I wish I could race as long as I want without having to buy energy drinks with my precious aces. MY PRECIOUS ACES!! That is the only problem I have. I don’t mind the ads, since they are optional and I want to support the developers more. Plus, it’s extra aces! Keep making updates guys!.Version: 1.1

Crazy realistic - awesome!!Just what I’ve been waiting for. Can’t really complain about anything so far and have had the game since it’s official release. Definitely recommend. Take it easy to start with and Learn the kart and racing lines then go for it. ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽.Version: 1.0

Good Game for the most part..This game is absolutely no bs racing. As someone who loves racing games it’s great. Following a racing line, using proper throttle and brake, it all matters here. There is absolutely no arcade element at all. Unfortunately this game falls prey to many F2P monetization strategies (making you constantly use your earnings to pay for new tires and fuel, and constantly shoving ads in your face to get these for free.) they say it’s for “simulation purposes” and yes managing your weight and energy applies to real life, but do you see this kind of thing happening in Asetto Corsa? Or Iracing? Or any actual sims? So I’m afraid it appears to come off as a thinly veiled attempt to make more money off of a $5 game. But the driving is so good, it’s still worth it..Version: 1.2.2

AwesomeFun game, rarely play mobile game as im usualy just playing on PC, but this gives me something to do on my phone :) nice graphics, and most importantly just a super awesome feel. Please dont make this game easier. The feeling of constantly being on the verge of spinning out when going at crazy speeds is amazing, and the skill progression is very satisfying. Keep up the great work guys!.Version: 1.0

Great GameGreat game overall, really, and the devs go out of their way to give probably the best support you will get in an app, which goes a long way in this review above all else. 4 stars because there’s still features I am not quite fond of (that aren’t IAP related) and there still room for improvement, but I’m one of those people that rarely gives 5 stars anyways. One of the best games I have played on iOS for sure, definitely hits a spot other racing games for iOS can’t..Version: 1.2.2

Finally!! A real mobile racing game!!!If you’re into proper racing games trust me you're going to love SK!! I've been playing it for months as part of the beta testing team and it's the only racing game on mobile that I ever got totally hooked on. Yes it's difficult but that's the point! Real life racing is difficult and takes a chunk of skill and SK is the same. Physics is spot on, loads of unlocks and gameplay depth, karts are fun to drive and fast - pure racing IMO! If you like pay to win and baby hand holding driver assists you get in most mobile racers then prob download something else. But if you're like me and bored of that stuff and wondering where the $*@% the proper mobile racers are then it's your time baby! Man up and see how good you actually are - come join us and race meee!!!.Version: 1.0

The pause buttonIn my opinion, this is the most fun and addictive racing game on iOS. The karting is really fun and the graphics are good for iPhone. Only problem is, during offline races, there is no pause button. It is honestly pretty annoying to not have a pause button because if I have to do, like a chore, I’ll have to fully restart a race. If this gets added, this game will basically be perfect..Version: 1.0

Amazing game, even better customer careNot only is this game one of the most realistic phone racing games I’ve ever played, the creators actually make you feel like they care. They go way out of their way to address any issues you may have with game performance, and always are trying to ensure a level playing field for all racers. Highly recommend, worth the $5(and anything else you may spend in the game)..Version: 1.1

EARLY GAMEPLAY REVIEW!!!So far Street Kart Racing or SK from now on is hands down going to be the premiere racing game on iOS. I’m coming from pc currently in a few iracing series and this right here is exactly the itch I’ve been looking to scratch with my cell phone SO FAR!! gameplay is good physics are decent to me I don’t do much kart racing in sim or real life but they do feel good. The steering took a bit to get used to but once you have it locked in it feels really good and is enjoyable to dig out proper lines In corners. Overall if you like racing or should I say COMPETITIVE racing it’s definitely worth it!.Version: 1.0

Won’t load, says I need to update to a newer version but it’s up to dateWon’t load. Needs an updated version but it’s not available.Version: 0.90

This game deserve a special 6 star ! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️This game is amazing. Realism is perfect, challenge is there, many kart and track to play on with an amazing community ! Facebook group if you have any question and always someone to answer or someone ready to get you in an amazing and crazy race ! 11/10 would recommend buying !.Version: 1.0

Great gameI started playing Street Kart only a few weeks ago, previously I played Gear Club and Grid Autosport. Without doubt, this is the best, it is more difficult, more challenging, but more addictive. Despite what several moaning reviewers have posted previously, once you have bought the game, at what is a very low price for such a good game, you can play thereafter for free. If you wish you can pay real money to speed up the process. Unlike most race car games, there is no rewind button, you hit a barrier, you get delayed, you get on the grass, you get delayed. You have to play accurately to get results. Previous posters here seem to want a game to give instant gratification, if so, this is not the game for you. It needs practice, practice and more practice. Great game, thanks, it’s helped me a lot through the latest lockdown. GrandpaKool.Version: 1.3.8

Super entertainingI just got the game and it is great!! The game also runs very smoothly.Version: 1.3.8

Do not buy!This game is so trash when ever I try and get into the game it tells me to put in my name (which is fine) but then when I press ‘kart number’ the screen goes half way up and then it loads for another 30 minutes then puts me back on the same page and then doesn’t work again and again and again so basically payed £5 for a game I can’t even play.Version: 1.0

The only racing game you need.Don’t write reviews on games, I usually play them for two weeks and delete however not SK. The game for me offers realistic gameplay racing with all the usual karting considerations, like tyres, fuel, radiators, seat setup and more. The game doesn’t cost the earth to race and enjoy, although be prepared to put a few quid in here and there but it is all optional. A great community where the developers are in Facebook groups and the two issues I had with the game were both resolved efficiently. The game will link to Xbox and PS4 controllers you give other control options, I use a controller but know many use device tilt. Lots of focus currently on live events with multiplayer which is adding another great element to the game. There are some very quick guys out there but all are willing help people progress and learn the game. Keep up the great work guys. JonJ.Version: 1.3.3

Bon jeuWoW !!.Version: 1.2.2

Awesome game(Add Me: Jojax)I love the game! I just wish it didn't tell me my ping was too high all the time so I can race others :( tried everything from going next to my router, trying mobile data, different locations etc. Still 5* because the game play itself is THAT great! Also, the lap times still are uploaded to the leaderboard, so at least it's still competitive :). Just more satisfying against real players, but I'm sure this bug will be sorted out in due time~ (the devs seem amazing in the fb group ☺️).Version: 1.0

Great gameThis is a great game. I actively race go karts every Friday night at our local speed way where I live. And I just want to say that this game is very realistic and I enjoy it. I only have one issue and that is that I think the promotions are really hard to get. I’ve been playing this game for two years and I can never get enough point to get promoted to x30.Version: 1.3.10

Great gameIt’s definitely worth the money that you Pat for the game. It’s really close to how a real go kart works. It’s very addictive and I recommend you get it..Version: 1.2.2

Worth it!Very little to complain about. A blast to race online and there’s always something to work towards. Has microtransactions but they definitely aren’t a necessity. Only thing I wish could be better is the screen when turning. If it were the way real racing 3 and other top racers do it. Where the screen stays horizontal even when tilting your phone then this game would be even better..Version: 1.0

4 stars butBeen looking for a good racing sim. Didn’t find the purchase too big. Graphics and game flow are fine though I haven’t played too long. Flaw is and one of the biggest for me is there is no way to toggle real time meaning can’t have day races. I live in the US and play in evening well by then it is dark over seas and so are the tracks. If you give us the option to change it or brighten up the tracks it would be even better. Pay to play or get more money to upgrade is a big turn off for me esp since I have already purchased the game. Watching adds to get more spades also not good. I understand why it is needed in seeing your other replies. Physics are good on how kart reacts to track surfaces. Overall great game but could use a few tweaks..Version: 1.1

A great game that changed my mind on mobile racing gamesI’ve always been hesitant for on mobile racers because I was used to a controller or a wheel. How they’ve built this game flows so smoothly on a phone and the controls give you a real feel. Everything about the game is awesome and have enjoyed every minute of it. If you’re into racing games or karting this is a must have. Update: this should be in beta still. Everything about my previous review as it pertains to gameplay remains. The problems are with multiplayer, the inability to add friends, the inability to race with real friends outside of suggested rivals, and the bugs that rear their head in the middle of gameplay..Version: 1.0

Great gameOne of the best racing games on the app market takes abit of getting the hang of the controllers and mastering the circuits, you do need patients with the game otherwise you will think it’s rubbish whenever I have had any problems there is a Facebook group chat with the members of sk and they are always there to help out with anything great work developers top marks from me.Version: 1.0

MasterpieceSomeone in the Facebook community helped orient me to the game and I’m changing my review based on what I learned. I was under the impression that once your stamina ran out, you had to use aces to buy an energy drink before it would go back up again. Well it refills all the way within an hour or so and you can use aces if you want to keep grinding. So, I misunderstood the concept behind that and I apologize for my anger in the last review I did. I felt as if I got ripped off after paying $5. At the same time, there really wasn’t too much of a detailed explanation of the system for laymen like me. I think there should be work on that. There are also some glitches here and there. Overall, I think this is a masterpiece of a game and I appreciate the simple but in depth feel of it. Everyone that worked on this game did a great job and they built a healthy and competitive community. I’ll definitely keep playing and I’ll most likely wind up buying aces to contribute to the people behind this game..Version: 1.3

WOWThis is the best game I have ever played it is awesome 10 out of 10.Version: 1.2.2

Perfect Simulation GameThis is the best racing game that I have come across and I have played almost all of them. Kart Simulation is very similar to real life with turning and braking simultaneously, or getting on throttle early will punish you. Gives you the choice to customize your kart according to your racing style, oversteer or understeer, do you prefer more acceleration or more top speed. There many things to learn but the community is the best for this game and everybody helps you out whether it racing lines or setup advice. It does take hard work ,practice and developing your skill to get to the top but it rewards you in many ways. For people on a budget it is possible to get on the top. The game offers a tier and rival system as well to make sure you are racing people who are equal to your skill. It is a competitive game that feels like you are racing in a Karting League and feels like it is in irl..Version: 1.3.12

Very well put together.Fantastic game, simulating many of the off track aspects of karting as well as driving itself. Graphics are ever improving, and multiplayer is getting better and better as more players sign up. IAP’s certainly not required at TKM level but are maybe needed to help stay competitive once you get to X30/Pro1 which is very much a challenge in itself. Very much recommend staying in TKM if you are a casual player like myself and don’t want to commit hours upon hours to playing. Sounds aren’t perfect, but the noticeable change in physics and feel with change of setup outweigh’s this and there is a difference in sounds between all levels which is nice. Playing with a PS4/Xbox/Wireless takes the game to another level and is my personal favourite method of control, however tilt steering is also effective and very accurate, especially when you turn the sensitivity up. Track mix is good, with real world tracks such as PFi and Adria to go along with fictional tracks that provide just as much fun. Overall, the best iOS karting game by a country mile, and probably the best racing game available to iOS too. Well done Fat Cigar..Version: 1.2

Awesomeness🏎🇳🇿🔥Not just a game it’s who we are it’s what we do the racing community linking with Facebook we race apart together.Version: 1.3.9

Best karting game out there!This game blew my expectations away, it’s by far the best karting game on the store. I’m waiting for the next update that will have better notch support on the iPhone X. Other than that I can’t fault the game, it’s awesome.Version: 0.90

Truly amazingI don’t know if Street kart remembers me @blakejacob_son . I said I would rate 5 stars cause of my love for the game. So here you go!.Version: 1.0

Amazing gameAt first it takes a while to get used to the game and controls but once you do and start progressing through the different series’s, this game gets super addictive and competitive. Would highly recommend this game as it’s one of the most realistic racing game that I’ve come across..Version: 1.0

StuckForgot to edit my review :) good game so far just having issues with the kart full lock turning with the steering wheel on screen turning. It’s on max sensitivity but doesn’t quite turn as much as the tilting option..Version: 0.90

PS4Can you play on pc or PS4?.Version: 1.3.8

Best mobile racingEasily the best mobile racing game out there.Version: 1.2.2

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