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Forest - Your Focus Motivation app received 236 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about forest - your focus motivation?

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Most adorable and fun way to beat procrastinationI use the Pomodoro technique (25 min focus, 5 min break, repeat) because I know myself and I will be paralyzed with procrastination anxiety if I remind myself “I need to study for 7 hrs today. That is 420 minutes.” Cutting the studying up into manageable chunks of time worked for me after I overcame the hardest part: starting. I needed the Forest app to incentivize me. The Forest app keeps track of the number of minutes I stayed focused for that day (reminds me that I am accomplishing more than I give myself credit for and 420 minutes of focusing is conquerable) along with keeping me accountable for my lovely garden filled with various whimsical trees. I cannot bear to see a dead tree caused by my utter lack of focus (exiting out of the app) in my lovely garden. Who would have known the guilt brought upon by killing a tree would be powerful enough to beat my years of procrastination? 5/5 great productivity app!.Version: 4.6.2

Actually WorksFor some reason this app works. It works really well.. whether it be to help me study or sleep or whatever I use it for it works. The small messages and cute trees make this app 100% worth a few coins..Version: 4.8.7

Helpful appThe app is truly helpful in getting me putting the phone away and focusing on my work. My friends have this app and we are having a bit of a competition between us saying who can plant the most trees each day. Glad I found this app just before my final exams. Now I can stay focused without the distraction of my phone. One thing I’d like to mention though, I don’t quite get the rationale behind increasing the price of new trees after each purchase. Seems a bit annoying..Version: 4.8.5

Amazing for concentrationI have some trouble when I try disconnecting from my phone and this app really helps me with that!👍.Version: 4.32.1

Excellent for some motivationVery good Pomodoro technique to aid study. Provides motivation to not go on your phone. Removed a star as it seems the tree grows more prestigious upon a longer study session (e.g 60 mins, rather than 25 mins) but the whole point of the Pomodoro technique is to have short sessions with small breaks, then a large break after a few sessions (e.g. 4). I feel it would be better to have the best trees rewarded for following the Pomodoro technique closely. I also feel that the different styles of tree are out-of-reach unless you spend money on the coins, which is a bit unfair seeing as the app is not free. A suggestion for improvement could be to reward a new tree style after a set number of minutes focused (e.g. a new style for every 500 minutes), and have the coins separately for the real-life trees. Despite these notes for improvement - the app is helping me study - would recommend..Version: 4.10.6

The perfect app for a studentKeeps you off your phone while you study, have got so much done after getting this And you can plant a real tree.Version: 4.8.7

Love this appIt's so uselful and so cute, I love that you can unlock new trees not by paying, but just by staying off your phone. I don't usually pay for apps but this one was definitely worth it!.Version: 4.32.1

Great App for StudyI get really distracted when I study, even to the point where I stare out the window for hours instead of getting my assignments sorted out. I first got this app when I was studying my A-levels and now I’m in my second year of uni and it’s still helping me with bad habits. I have my phone with me incase I get work emails, a flatmate messages me or just for the time so Forest is good to prevent me from going down that instagram feed spiral when I do get distracted. Also when you do loads of work you plant trees which are super cute! Also I use this app whenever I feel I need to have a break from my phone - Quite helpful if you want to get off your phone before you go to bed and force yourself to get off technology before sleeping. Honestly such a great app :).Version: 4.10.6

Excellent!I haven’t had the app for long but the idea of growing a tree while you’re working gives you not only the goal to finish your work and stay focused but you also achieve growing a tree to add to your forest. The simple things in life please me and the thought of putting all the effort in to grow a tree I only to kill it by exiting the app actually does motivate me to finish my work and not check my messages all the time. I think this app would be good for kids as it is teaching them that if they stay focused and do their homework they will get a reward of a cute little tree at the end of it. I also love how by staying focused you can actually plant real trees through their charity..Version: 4.20.2

It helps a lotIt really helps a lot when i’ve got a lot of work to get done and i keep checking my phone. it keeps me focused on my tasks.Version: 4.14.4

My kids love it!My kids (6 and 7 y.o) saw me creating my own forest and became very curious about the app. I let them to play around a bit and they got very excited about the whole idea. So I downloaded it onto iPads and the results are amazing. I've added tags like "outdoor play" "reading" "sports" "chores". "Morning routine" etc If the kids start getting distracted I warn them that will have to "cancel" (kill) the growing tree. That keeps them very motivated. Less time In front of TV and more time for outdoor play, reading, piano. Also we added each other to friends and can see our trees growing, do one task together. Very happy to find a way to motivate girls and make them focus on a task!.Version: 4.8

Helped me so much!!!100% recommend this app if you’re looking for a little motivation to stay off your phone. Has helped me to be so much more productive!.Version: 4.7.4

LOVE LOVE THIS - ( can we have fireplace sound added to next update 🤩)As the title suggest, I am a HUGE fan of this app and have been using it since my A-level years. ( I’m now half way through Uni♥️) and it has really helped me reduce my addition to my phone or feeling the need to constantly check it. It is also so useful for the Pomodoro technique! A little suggestion for possible future updates 🙈 can you add fireplace cracklings sound to the store please? I personally find it so calming to study to and nice to match with other study musics. Perhaps there’s others who would also like this type of background sound? It will be such a lovely lovely addition and surprise really if Forest team sees this ♥️♥️.Version: 4.28.0

Such a useful appMy first app we go! This has to be one of my favorite apps. I take some pretty advanced classes and it’s important that I get the focus time I need. This app does an amazing job at encouraging me to not only stay off of social media apps, but to actually want to use this app to rack up coins and study time. You get coins for using the timer, and once you finish, you can spend them in the virtual store. It’s so satisfying to be able to earn new study sounds and/or trees to plant. Ah- forgot about that. While you focus, a virtual tree is planted and grows until you finish. It’s then added to your personal virtual garden- and I make a daily goal to make it as pretty as possible! Also you can use the coins you earn to have a real life tree planted somewhere In the world! Imagine getting work done AND saving the environment? Killing two birds with one productive app!.Version: 4.21.0

Almost perfectWould highly recommend this app to anyone looking to study more, focus better, increase your discipline etc. Very effective at what it does, well created and consistently updated. The only reason that I can’t give 5 stars is because of the imperfect landscape mode on the iPad app. I primarily use my iPad in landscape (laptop) mode and the main screen of the app is always in portrait, just an annoying bugbear which despite numerous updates over the 2+ years I’ve been using this app, still hasn’t been fixed (surely it’s not that difficult?) - as soon as it is, I will edit my review and give 5 stars, without a doubt! Thank you Forest team, you’ve made a great app, fix landscape and imho it’ll be a perfect app..Version: 4.29.2

Life changer!I love Forest! I’m a huge procrastinator and often have issues focusing on work, staying present-minded, or sleeping due to the major distraction that is my phone. Forest has been crucial to breaking my phone addiction and I consider myself better off since I’ve been using it daily. I started using it to plant a 2-hour tree at bedtime to avoid looking at my phone, but I now use it constantly throughout my day to keep things on track. I love the ability to see all the nice “trees” I’ve planted, the coin earning system to unlock additional varieties of trees, and the option to plant a real-life tree as part of reforestation efforts. It took me a while but I was finally able to plant a real tree last month with all the coins I had saved! Thank you so much for making such a positive, life-improving app! To the Developer: I would love it if you added a widget to forest so that I can view my sapling’s progress even when my phone is locked 😊.Version: 4.1.2

Bonne application!J’aime bien pour étudier efficacement!.Version: 4.32.1

I want to unlock the coral treeGreat study app tho love it.Version: 4.32.1

A way to see your progressPomodoro method, if your looking at this app you’ve probably considered the pomodoro method 25 mins of solid work and break... Well for some it’s easier said then done, as Uni student I pretty much get everything set up to study and have all the intent but honestly procrastination bug bites and first I check my phone for emails justifying that it’s fine then 5 mins later in checking Snapchat and binging Netflix... I think the app is a great solution to helping you stay focused by removing one more distraction and at the end of it you feel good you might not have done the best bit of study but maybe you started and that’s all the counts plus you have your forest something to show your efforts..Version: 4.16.0

Trees and focusGood motivation, nice concept..Version: 4.32.1

Really keeps me off of my phoneA few years ago I downloaded this app on my tablet and loved it. So as soon as I got a device capable of installing the app again, I did! There is just something so rewarding about growing a tree while doing something I actually need to do. I have been known to turn it on in serious study mode or when out with friends so I can really be in the moment. Since the last time I used this, they have added some new capabilities. You can tag trees to say what you were doing while growing your tree. You can use the app with your friends to really make your group focus or actually spend time with each other. And, one of my favorites, you can use the virtual coins you earn from growing trees to plant a tree in real life. If I have one criticism, it is that they set point values for new trees and real trees entirely too high. It is very hard to raise enough coins to unlock even one new tree type let alone get the funds to plant a tree in real life!.Version: 4.3

ALMOST Perfect!The app has be absolutely excellent, much like every review of it that you’d read here. The concept is great and very effective, I’ve started using it to stay focused on my workouts and not just my studying, and even during my university lecture times to make sure I dont have the option of getting distracted on my phone. The ONLY reason i cant give it 5 stars (which I’m not even sure if its the developer’s fault) is that the Apple Watch integration is really lacking. I’d love to be able to set a session from the watch, or write quick notes as well, maybe even a voice memo feature on the watch. Additionally the biggest issue is that the complication hardly seems to ever work. Some days it works seamlessly where once I start a session on my phone the watch picks it up and has the timer shown on the Forest complication, other days it literally never does it no matter what I do. It would be great if this could be looked into! :).Version: 4.5

Forest- life for me, life for treesI always found it difficult to avoid procrastinating especially when my phone is at the corner of my eye. I know I should keep my phone in another room or somewhere else when I’m studying but personally that isn’t realistic. So, this app forest really did help me through my worst days when I really needed to revise for my exams. I just thought this app was so motivational because what is better than having your own tiny garden on your phone? And killing trees for going on social media etc. is just inhumane, especially when you can stop it. I recommend everyone to try forest, you not only ‘have’ to revise but it also tracks your screen time..Version: 4.8.6

Great appI love this that it helps me stay focused and I can get enough of it you get trees and depending on how long your focus for depends how many coins you get because every 20 minutes you get seven points but anything like 25 minutes or how are you hat you can plant a tree anything lower than 25 minutes is a bush and any cool events you get cool trees the best part is is that you can’t buy anything but you can’t pay for coins you can’t cheat so the only way to get coins is you have to play the app for a while and it’s not technically a gameTechnically it’s not a game but such a cool thing to have if you’re having trouble staying focused like me I would totally recommend this app but anyone who is looking for a game to play don’t take this up but if your having a little bit of trouble I suggest taking a try at it it will be deafly worth the while of two box rather than going for the cheaper version the free one which was Flor at no offense but the only way you can login is my Facebook but this one is much more accurate and definitely the more original version I would’ve definitely done this if this was definitely free but it still worth two dollars you pay at the very beginning I would totally go for this app if you are really need some help focusing..Version: 4.8.5

Just love!I love this app! I am a student who can’t live without this app due to my cellphone being a huge distraction from studying. I love how I am also helping plant trees whilst reading notes!.Version: 4.26.0

Great aid for very little spendForest is a fun way to encourage yourself to focus. I’ve paid much more for products which have been only a fraction of the help this has. If I didn’t have to hit several buttons to get from the focus screen to my forest. I rounded my star rating up a little. Could there be an aquarium mode.......Version: 4.10.6

Very usefulThe only comment I have is that the next tree type increases in price as you buy a type, which I think is unnecessary. Other than that, it is great!.Version: 4.10.6

Perfect for Revision!I never leave reviews for apps because I feel I have better things to do, but I cannot emphasise enough how worth it the £1.99 I paid for this app was! I’m currently going through my GCSEs, I take them next summer. This App was recommended to my whole school year by one of our teachers to help us with Pomodoro Studying, and I’ve never been so motivated! The app could just use a couple of tweaks, but other than that I have no complaints! I feel the need to study because otherwise the little sad face sign that’s on your daily refreshed garden if you haven’t done anything make me feel really guilty! I feel pressured to study in the good kind of way, and it’s really helping me! I managed to get a really high mark in Chemistry for an end of topic test that I wasn’t present for, for most of the teaching due to ill health - that made me feel amazing! I feel like I’m finally regaining those top marks I’d started to lose since my younger years, let’s hope that this sticks around!! Thank You!!!.Version: 3.28.9

The day has finally come!!!The day has finally come where I can actually focus on my work. This includes studying, homework and assessments. The great thing about Forest is that it makes you work for something as well as helping you complete everything you have to do. In the app you want to keep your tree/bush alive, and the way to do this is to focus on whatever you have to focus on without getting distracted (or in my case procrastinate). I think this app is a great way to stay focussed as well having a rewarding experience!.Version: 4.10.6

IdeaThis app is great. What would be really awesome too is if it could have a feature that allows users to track what they spend their time on —it would be a great thing for freelance billing and for getting an overview in general of how much time certain tasks are costing people. For instance, it would be so useful if I could set the timer for say, 25 minutes, and before hitting “Plant,” if I also had an option to name that 25-minute planting session “Storyboard illustration project 01,” or something. And then also to be able to save these task names on a list if such a storyboarding project is going to take me numerous planting sessions, so that I can just select it from a list instead of typing it ever time. With such a feature, I’d be able to look back and see how much time I tracked —good to know for my own productivity, and also to be able to track my work hours all in the same app. Either way, the app is amazing and I’ve already been able to have a real tree planted :).Version: 4.0.3

Actually works!The incentive to work is boosted hugely with this. If you’re the type of person who needs constant reward when doing a difficult task (like me), then this is the app for you. Nonetheless if you are someone who takes pride in their studies or work, then this is a perfect way to represent the hours spent on whatever projects you may have. The representation of the little pocket forest is really satisfying. Perhaps the developers could add creatures that move around and interact with your trees and shrubs? Small details to make the time spent more rewarding. The coolest thing about this is that after about 85ish hours of focus, you can plant a real tree; it really does give all kinds of goals to achieve when putting your head down and working away. Worth it!.Version: 3.29.4

Easy, motivating, effectiveI downloaded the app for work productivity, but it’s made me hyper-aware of how often I actually pick up my phone. For any task, just having the reminder that my phone is not currently available to me is extremely helpful. I’m realizing that I waste a ton of time that stems from, say, just looking at a text that could wait until later. Moral: don’t think this app isn’t useful because you’re not at a desk all day. It has countless uses. I agree with what other users have said about gamification being a good motivator, and the user interface is very appealing. Creating and naming tags produces helpful data. For instance, if you’re concerned about work-life balance, you can see a colorful pie chart with a few simple clicks. One thing: I’m fine with how the trees become more “expensive” as time passes. However, it can take a long, long time to gain sufficient coins after awhile. I’m not asking for instant and easy gratification, because that’s contrary to the spirit of the app. I think adding more achievement bonuses (that don’t depend on having friends that use the app or on leaderboard performance) would be great. Unlocking achievements is also rewarding and something to strive for, so I’d love to see more!.Version: 4.2.1

Where did my coins go???I was 1 coin away from having 900 coins, enough to buy a new tree and I was very excited. I planted a bush for 10 minutes and now I’m at 867?? You can only imagine my disappointment. Is it charging me to plant trees? If so, then it’s a dumb feature and just makes me want to stop using the app. If it was a bug on your part, then I want my coins back 😡 I worked hard for those. They’re not easy to accumulate. But overall, I’m giving this app 4 stars (5 if I get my coins back). When I was referred by a friend I thought it was silly but it’s literally the only thing that keeps from using my phone when studying. You’d think planting fake trees (you can also save up to plant a real tree) wouldn’t be motivation enough but it is!!! If you convince your friends to buy this app, you can create a room and study together and hold each other accountable! My friends and I compare the trees we have and are always eager to expand our forest. Great app! Just give me coins back 😫. A suggestion: bushes SHOULD NOT cost the same as trees. That’s ridiculous, especially when the price increases with every buy..Version: 4.7.4

Really helpful, still require self disciplineSo I’ve been using this app for quite a while now since it was recommended at a study skills talk at my school. I downloaded it immediately, and since then I’ve found it extremely helpful when I’m trying to knuckle down and get things done. It really gives you the incentive to work for the entire duration of the timer, and then you get a nice pay off afterwards. The only thing to note is that you need to have the discipline and drive to actually use it, and use it to its full potential. You may be tempted to just not set the timer and trust yourself, or you might want to have a quick look at something and so you let your tree die. Otherwise, wonderful app, perfect for students who struggle with procrastination and distractions (such as myself)..Version: 4.9.3

Love this appGenuinely one of the best apps to help me focus and is the sole reason why I did so well on my end of year exams. Also really good when you want to be social in large groups without the distraction of your phone with the friend link up feature. Wholeheartedly recommend to anyone.Version: 4.8.1

AmazingThis is probably the most useful app on my phone. I spend most of my time on this thing procrastinating (like how I’m writing this now instead of writing a paper...) and Forest is amazing at helping me control that. I like planting little trees in my forest and being able to plant real ones too! The only thing I would change, is being able to design your own forest. The way it’s laid out is good, but it would be nice if like in SleepTown, you could customize a little forest using your existing array of trees and maybe buy little decorations, because looking at over 800 little trees at once is kinda overwhelming, and you have to go into months or weeks to actually see them. Other than that it’s literally perfect, and that’s really just a recommendation on how to make it better, but it’s perfect the way it is already!.Version: 4.10.6

Awesome!This app honestly is the best thing I have downloaded! Not only does it help me to study or focus on something important, it is also is a good way to stop using my phone so much! Too often these days my head is in my phone and I realise I’m missing out on the little things. Not wanting to let my little trees die is a huge encourager to keep off my phone and get back to whatever it is I was supposed to be doing. I also love the fact that there is the option to plant really trees! I think this is a fantastic project and also encourages me to keep planting trees so that I can eventually plant a real tree! Thank you heaps!.Version: 3.28.7

This actually worksI am the worst procrastinator of all time. Trust me. If I have a few hours to do something that takes a day, I’ll still waste half my time doing unrelated stuff. That usually involves being on my phone and on social media or messaging people. This app really works. I set it for short times like 30 minutes and then set myself a short break of 5-10 minutes. I often find myself checking my phone before the 30 minutes is up but seeing the message telling me to put down my phone actually makes me stop because I can see there isn’t long to go and I know there will be a break coming soon. Just try it. As long as you set the timer it works. Also, no technical issues. Great little app..Version: 4.3

Absolutely ExcellentGrowing little plants on my phone is just such a great motivation. Pity about the cost, when I got it it was free, but excellent nonetheless. The adjustable timer really helps keep focussed, whether it’s for ten minutes of homework or two hours of study..Version: 4.11.3

It actually gets you to keep studyingFor me, the hardest part about studying is actually committing and doing it. Like everything is all set up for you to do it, but you just don’t start because you just don’t really want to. Well, I find that timing myself gets and keeps me in the mood to get my school work done as well as manage how much of each class I do. It keeps track you your progress and depending on what tags you use, it can also show you what you study the most. Also I really like nature and I’m so down to plant a tree to keep me focused. Though, if there is one improvement I would want in the app, it would be that you get more money the longer you study. Like a significant amount more. It’s kind of a let down to see that you got 35 coins for studying or committing your time to something for an hour and thirty minutes..Version: 4.8.1

Can’t work without it nowI work in a busy office and it’s hard to focus on those long winded nitty gritty task. I’m easily distracted and zone into conversations going on around me and I didn’t deliver as quickly as I could. Plus with my phone popping notifications all the time, it’s easy to just think, “oh I’ll just answer that one now” and you end up getting side tracked for longer than expected. I use this app everyday when I need to focus, whether that’s work at home or in the office or even reading! The ambient sound frowns out surrounding distractions and I’m hell bent on keeping my tree alive so I don’t answer messages for the sake of it. My productivity has increased a lot and I recommend it to everyone.Version: 4.0.3

WowI will be honest, I wasn’t sure how much I would like this app, but I got it during online schooling because I thought it might help me stay on track. It is so worth it, not only do you need to stay on track to grow trees, but the longer you focus, the more money you get to buy other trees, which I love. Just one small thing, on the chrome extension (which is also so cool) it would be nice if you could change the formatting, I cannot access a tree I bought on my phone on my Mac, but other than that, seriously a great app!!!.Version: 4.26.0

Such an Amazing app to focus!I honestly recommend this app so much to anyone who feels like they need to find a motivation to focus on something. Really helped me while writing my dissertation !.Version: 4.9

GénialPratique pour se motiver à étudier sans procrastiner!.Version: 4.32.1

Intriguingly calmingA very simplistically artistic application. It helps with distraction as it makes you almost feel bad that you don’t let your tree grow. I also love the idea that taking a break from your phone, regardless the intent, can be used to help regrow trees. The group function of this app is also very helpful as it increases the amount of trees grown and it also promotes distraction free group activities such as study. Study is in my opinion the best use for this app as I sit down knowing I am doing something good for myself, the environment and my phone battery :) I also love how much more control it’s given me when it comes to impulsively opening snaps or messages from colleagues, now I just let the notifications roll in and feel really good about it..Version: 4.9

Makes studying fun!Never thought i would say that, haha! i really do enjoy using the app, and i definitely notice a change in the way i study. i feel more concentrated with the manageable time intervals, helps me stay off my phone, and the growing the tree is a cute and effective incentive :) worth every penny! but i do wish that i could see all my trees that i've grown since the beginning. also, i would like to have a pause button for the longer interval times (35+ mins) for when i need to go to the washroom or grab a snack lol.Version: 3.28.3

Out of all the things that could get me to focus,,,This app has done more for my schoolwork and revision than anything else. The fear of losing a tree is a great motivator. The UI and design are both absolutely wonderful and easy-to-use. The statistics and customisable tags are great for tracking how you use your revision time and downtime. There are a range of different trees and shrubs and the relatively high prices (using ingame currency) motivate you to spend more time away from your phone with this app, and they offer nothing other than aesthetic- although you can purchase the ingame currency and do it that way. Honestly, this app is definitely worth the (very little) money, as many others have already said..Version: 4.10.5

Increases productivityForest has helped me stay present over dinner, at work and in my leisure time. I didn't realize how much I actually look at my phone until I started setting time frames to leave it alone and allow trees to grow. I've even scored one real tree planted so far, which is cool. My friends who are with me in body appreciate it. My friends and family in mind who text me do not. I'm okay with that. I've read four books this month and been more efficient at life. I would like to see some upgrades such as an option to save different tree types as labeled for different activities (cherry blossom for studying, birdhouse for cleaning...etc.) and seeing a large grid of all trees ever with a zoom function. Graphics could be better. However, it serves the purpose for which it was created. Recommended! Update: I’d also like the option to grow trees for up to 8 hours at a time. Why the limit to 2 hours?.Version: 4.8

I LOVE this app! A couple of requests...This app is the best for those who need a little visual stimulation and extra incentive to stay productive. I truly hate exiting the app during a work session (thus killing my little sapling), and I get a lot of satisfaction from seeing my daily forest grow. The app has kept me from getting distracted by calls, texts, and web-browsing on many occasions. A couple of requests: I would love more kinds of ambient sounds to be added to the "store." Also, please create a version for Mac desktop to keep us chronic procrastinators from using distracting apps and websites there! I know that a basic version of Forest exists as a Chrome extension, but it lacks a lot of my favorite features from the app, and doesn't currently block distracting desktop apps. I'm not such a fan of Chrome, anyway (I prefer Safari). In any case, keep up the fantastic work! Oh! And go check out the SleepTown app by the same developer. It uses the same concept to help people develop better sleep habits, and I can verify that it helps with getting a good night's sleep!.Version: 3.29

Tried, Tested & Adored for 3 Years1.) It helps me filter out distractions. Like most of us if we are being honest, a mobile phone can be the enemy of concentration. This app prevents you from playing on your phone & incentivises you to focus & stay off it. You plant trees by achieving concentration for a set time & this builds up to a forest 🌳 ⁣ ⁣ 2.) It breaks my study time in to manageable chunks. A bit like the Pomodoro technique, with a countdown timer & the inability to use your phone, else your lovely little plant won’t grow 🌱 ⁣ ⁣ 3.) It reduces my screentime. I imagine I’m not the only person who has been horrified by their screen time reports, especially during the lockdown. The app makes me less dependent on my phone & helps me focus on work, rather than being a slave to notifications 📲 ⁣.Version: 4.17.2

Fantastic!This app is SO good. I bought it this afternoon with the hope that I can manufacture some focus in my adult ADHD brain. I’ve completed two plants so far and I can’t wait to start my day tomorrow to use it for a full day. I love that there is also an option of planting real trees with our earned coins too. I’ve set a revenue goal for my business as well, so that when I reach the goal, I will reward myself by buying one of the premium boosters. I would love to be able to move the different types of trees around, or maybe have a veggie or flower garden option with movable plants, but other than that I think this app is FANTASTIC and worth every penny. Thank you so much!.Version: 4.7.3

Great app :)Thanks for helping me get work done.Version: 4.32.1

Fun and works, but needs more featuresSo far I’m actively using it and having fun with it. I do feel more rewarded and accomplished when I finish a task which makes studying more fun and working from home less of a chore. It was definitely worth the $2! I think a reading feature would help though, especially for studying. It operates strictly on a timer, but say you need to read two chapters before tomorrow. It’s really hard to tell how long that will take. If you take to the material easily, it won’t take nearly as long as you expected to finish but if you stop the timer early you don’t get rewarded. So a checklist or task feature that maybe worked it conjunction with the timer would be better, something where you could mark a task as completed without being pinged because you got it done quicker than you thought. This could also work well if you’re trying to get chores done without getting distracted. Right now, this is better for work or sleep when you know you’re only going to be doing it for a set amount of time..Version: 4.20.0

Love it!I love using this app to help with helping me really focus on anything that I need to get done. My phone is such a major distraction for my focus time and to have an app that aims on getting rid of that need to constantly be on my phone as well as being visually pleasing - is just great!.Version: 4.8.1

Pretty good app. Would recommendThe app is actually really helpful. I’m a teenager that would much rather be gaming than doing my uni study but with this app it’s kind of rewarding you. And too think that once I grow enough trees and get enough coins I can grow a tree in the real world is kind of a way of giving back. I would recommend this to parents that have kids like me and maybe reward them with something physical like a meal or a drink or something. Like say you grow three trees, then they can have some drinks with you or go to that party they wanted to go..Version: 4.32.1

It’s counterintuitive, but it worksI was a bit sceptical about using an app to wean me off IT - but Forest’s main message (‘Stay focussed’) is what it really delivers on. Like having a personal trainer at the gym, it gently encourages you to stay with a sustained task (reading, writing, editing, whatever) without giving in too soon. ‘Just four more minutes ... just three more minutes.’ The app started me at 25 minutes and I’m now stretching that to longer periods of sustained focus (like adding more weights to a familiar routine at the gym). The tree-planting reward? A bit goofy, but at least it’s a fun way to show yourself how many sustained sessions you’ve achieved in a day. The other stats are helpful little rewards too..Version: 4.0.3

Truely amazingAs someone who struggles to focus on schoolwork and editing (a hobby) because of my phone, this app has become extremely useful for me to be more active and get things done more quickly rather than procrastinate it. Not only is it helpful, it is also environmentally supportive, if you collect enough coins with how much time you spend off your phone you can actually plant a real tree :) right now i am 1/4 away from the goal (around 2000 coins) and I’ve always been an advocate and asking people to be environmentally safe and this way will definitely help us as a society to help fix our world, definitely recommend - go download it right now what’re you doing!!.Version: 4.8.5

Life changingThis app is amazing! I’m one of the people who is basically addicted to their phone, so when I have to study/work/sleep etc, this app is a god send! You don’t want to kill any of the cute trees, and always feel bad when you do which keeps you from stopping early. This is my third year of using it and I’ve already passed how much I used it last year!.Version: 4.16.0

Download NOW!! to beat procrastination and enhance productivity.I rarely leave feedbacks for Apps, idk why but that's besides the point. After facing a lull in productivity and motivation with the lockdown and being back at home I decided to check this app out and silently wished for it to be worth it since I was paying to try it out but im very pleased to share with you all that it has indeed been worth it. It's great to use when tracking your production levels, and comparing it against previous moments really serves as a motivation and encouragement booster. I love the new stopwatch feature which actually suits me when I feel motivated to work but don’t want to risk a withered tree should I lose concentration but also the countdown feature is perfect for when I need a little push and tell myself “just do an hour” I kinda wish organisations like schools can purchase this and use it to facilitate motivation in times like this. Also it would great if there was a section where you could input a target for example if your target was to study for 5 hours on that day. But there app is constantly updating and improving and I can't wait to see what they come up with next, I only wish that I found this app earlier!! Would have planted so many real life trees!! ( yes you can do that!!).Version: 4.34.2

My Favorite App!Forest has made a hugely positive impact on my studies and productivity. The main focus of this app is to stop you from getting distracted, which is already amazing on its own. However, there are also other great things about it. It MOTIVATES me to study because the ability to view how many minutes of work I did in a day/week makes me feel so happy and proud of myself, and it encourages me to plant more and more trees. It also encourages me to continue studying even when the timer is done since you can get more coins. Being able to study with friends is really fun, too! The different trees/bushes you can buy with coins you earn from focusing are all super cute as well. Lastly, I LOVE the idea of being able to plant a REAL tree! (It takes a TON of coins, though, so it takes a while to save up for.) Overall, I love this app so much, and every penny was worth it!.Version: 4.1.4

Love itSeriously, this is one of the best apps in my life. I normally don’t write reviews but i had to write this one! Design is so beautiful, great interactions.. and just keeps me focused! (And thats important thing) while you have bit of fun too :) thanks so much ◡̈.Version: 4.0.3

Positive Inspiration is Working BetteringYou name it, I’ve tried it when it comes to productivity/focus aids. I was not expecting this...but somehow this tree-planting thing is strangely motivating me. I feel protective of the tree while it’s “growing”. I feel like it’s not too hard to resist my impulses until the tree is finished uling software “growing”. With the ability to tag trees gwith various categories, my mind is exploding with the possibility of where I could be after “100 trees of #websitedesign” or a forest of #meditation or how my relationship with my kids would improve after “50 trees of #qualitytimewithkids”. It is bite-sized so it isn’t daunting. I don’t have any guilt associated with not-planting-another-tree-right-then and it is SO fast to get started that I don’t dread it like I dread loading my scheduling software each morning. I’m pretty safe to be productive as long as I keep planting trees and GO! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!.Version: 4.13.0

Great app!!This app helped me focus a lot more when studying. I was a bit unsure of paying money for this app, but it is completely worth it!! I used to always pick up my phone during studying to socialise or play games, but now I have no need to because Forest encourages me to stay focused! I would recommend this app to all students who need help to focus, or even just to get off your devices for a certain amount of time! I would also like to suggest two new features. Firstly, it would be nice to be able to decrease but mainly increase the time when you are using it because sometimes I do homework for longer than expected. And secondly, it would be amazing to be able to use study apps such as google classroom or restricted google use (maybe like a category based list like Apple screen time). An easy way of doing this, would be to add a way to edit a list of apps or categories you are allowed to use during the time when you are studying. Thanks so much!.Version: 4.14.4

💯Nice app, very helpful!.Version: 4.32.1

So great! 10/10 recommendThis app is literally my saviour. I can’t even explain how much time I’ve saved because I wasn’t procrastinating. Definitely recommend this to students, whether you have to do homework or revise for exams, this has you covered... That being said, my only semi-criticism is that there aren’t enough ‘achievable’ achievements... it would be better if there were more of them but then again the app has to make money somehow (in the form of coin doublers). But even with that the developers have done a good job at making the app totally fine without buying anything. I haven’t spent a penny on in app-purchases and still have a few different trees!.Version: 4.1.0

Really incredibly useful!I find that this app really boosts my productivity. It makes me want to continue my study more (because I don’t want to kill my growing tree), and it really motivates me to just keep pushing forward! Love this app, I use it everyday!.Version: 4.0.10

J’aimeTrès bonne application.Version: 4.32.1

Fantastic for studyingStudying for medical exams. This app is excellent for helping discipline. It gamifies time spent studying also with a nice feeling building of a forest. It’s definitely led me to study more than I would have without it and helps with a sense of satisfaction. I find being able to ‘tag’ activities one of the best features, and have used that to keep track of what subjects I am studying most, and will keep an eye out to make sure I’m doing a bit of everything relatively evenly, by looking the pie chart that is automatically produced by this. Worth it..Version: 4.18.0

Great initiativeWas using a normal timer , however this gives more incentive to keep going as well as wanting to gain more plants, so work /study works in with Subtle rewards..Version: 4.34.2

AMAZING APPThis app has only improved the way I study. Working with this app and the google chrome extension has greatly reduced my distractions! Thank you! Adding some intervals whilst doing long focus times would be even better but besides that awesome job!.Version: 4.3

ReviewI love this app. It really encourage to focus the time intensively and properly..Version: 4.32.1

Amazing!If you’re a procrastinator like myself this app is a life saver!! Was skeptical at first but since using it I’ve never been so productive - I actually look forward to studying and collecting the little trees.Version: 4.16.0

The best pomodoro timerI have ADHD & the pomodoro technique is a god sent for me but it’s hard to find a timer or a system that will really help keep me focused. THIS is the app! I’ve used Forest in the past & then drifted and used a dozen other timers for the pomodoro technique but I always come back to forest. And now I’m here to stay! This app has everything you need to use the pomodoro technique in a way that works for you. You can set timers for 10 minutes, 20 minutes, to 60 minutes and everything in between! You can schedule your breaks and use labels and make notes on your tasks as you do them! It’s so flexible and perfect and I love the Google Chrome extension as well so I can use it on my Mac & my iPhone with no added cost! I love seeing my forest grow and the options to buy different trees and things as well! Work hard enough and Forest will plant a real tree for you! 10/10 everyone should use this app!.Version: 4.10.3

Love this app! Could be even better if...I’ve been using Forest for two years, and it’s been extremely effective for helping me stay focused when I can’t put my phone down. I love the different trees and the different goals. The only feature that I really wish they would develop further is its social features. I have several friends who use the app, and we’ve added each other, but all I can see from them is their history from just ONE day. I wish the friends leaderboard would be weekly instead of daily, and that there were more social features: maybe permanent groups you could create and see if everyone was focused together (imagine how school teachers could utilize that!) or who had the most minutes that week in a particular group. All in all, amazing app, I would just use it so much more if more social features were added..Version: 4.8.5

Great app and idea, but could you consider adding this feature?Hello, First off, I love this idea and the app is well designed and visually appealing, great job on that! If you could add the option to have an unlimited timer, and the ability to pause that timer, this app would be exceptional. I guess not so much a timer, and more of a stopwatch since it would be counting time forward. It would be really cool to have multiple trees grow in a day, maybe one tree every two hours or something. I like keeping track of how much time I spend studying, but I can't pause the app's timer if, for example, I want to grab a quick bite or use the bathroom. Maybe an option to not kill the tree if you exit the app would be nice, too. I understand that the point of the app is to get people to not use their phone and be productive, but some of us have note card apps on our phones (ex. Anki) that we use, and so I would want the time spent doing note cards on my phone to also count towards growing trees! So basically I'm asking for a stopwatch feature to the app, that would be amazing!.Version: 4.6.5

Love itI love the app.Version: 4.32.1

Great, with Some Opportunities for ImprovementI love using Forest as a way to feel like I am doing something positive (planting imaginary, even actual trees) while focusing on various activities. My one suggestion would be to offer an option where a timer for focusing can be started and run for as long as focusing lasts, rather than requiring the user to specify a time period. Sometimes I’m not sure how long I’m going to be able to focus before I’m interrupted (e.g. my son running into the room needing something, a call coming in that I can’t dismiss), and it sometimes discourages me from planting if I’m worried I can’t determine how long I’ll be able to stay focused and don’t want a dead tree on my hands. Sometimes the break in focus is outside of your control, and I think this would be a good feature along with the timer option currently available to ensure that users can track how long they’re able to focus without interruptions..Version: 4.30.0

So cuteI like how it motivates me to do my work: task because when I go off the app it pops up as a notification and tells me to go back on quickly before I kill the tree. I don’t like however is that sometimes I need the photos app for assignments but I can’t get into it without having the app on at the same time or else I will have to kill it..Version: 4.8.5

Great appHelps you focus mainly because of the trees that u can buy, would recommend!.Version: 4.32.1

ImpressedI realllllly recommend this app, I was hesitant at first about getting it because I don’t like buying apps often. But it’s super useful, it helps me get back on track whenever I’m thinking of going to Instagram. It also gives you breaks which is very handy, and it has a button that allows you to listen to relaxing music. It tracks how long you focused that day, but the part I liked was that the app is laid out super clearly and not confusing. Overall if you’re a student who procrastinates and is always super stressed out the day before your homework or project’s due I really think this is the best app you can get..Version: 4.9

The best app on my phoneForest has LITERALLY changed my life. I use it so I can focus at work, while studying and when I just want to switch off, relax and not get distracted by the siren call of social media and the internet. I was really surprised at how effective it was to have the thought of killing my little tree, to make me put down my phone. I'm so much more productive now and don't waste as much time scrolling online. I can't recommend this app enough for everyone who struggles with getting distracted by their phone. 🌲.Version: 4.8.5

Love itIt helps me so much! I had difficulties staying focus but now im so focused on growing my forest that i never touch my phone.Version: 4.32.1

Really good! Some suggestions though:First thing out of the way, this a very good app if you struggle with motivation and distraction to help you stay focussed for short or long bursts of time. Is worth the 3 bucks. However, some features I believe would improve the experience are: - a way to pause the timer if you need to exit the app for something that doesn’t kill the tree. I guess you could see this as cheating but if you cheat then you’re only really cheating yourself so... This would be extremely helpful for that moment when you’re working on an assignment and suddenly realise that you need the photos you took on your phone which means you can’t continue working on it without killing the tree - cheaper trees or greater rewards. It takes a ridiculous amount of time to reach 500 coins and hence kind of takes away the incentive to work towards earning them. Thanks for reading! Hopefully this was helpful.Version: 4.8.7

Works wellI like it.Version: 4.32.1

Very useful little appThis app was recommended to me as a tool to help me focus on my work, as I get distracted easily. The gamification of focus tools seems to be a common thing, and in the case of Forest, I find it (personally) works really well. I’m incentivised to focus because doing so will earn me coins which I can then spend on unlocking different species of plant. The achievement system is/was my biggest motivator in actuality, and I would encourage the developers to include more of these - perhaps even weekly ones where you’re challenged to clock in X number of minutes for the week. Additionally, I think that the rewards for the achievements are slightly off balance as they currently stand; 30 days worth of time is a considerable amount but the payout for achieving it proportionally doesn’t seem correct in the context of the other time based achievements. I like that fact that unlocking the plants is solely on the effort of the user - you can pay for a multiplier in coins for a period of time, but there is nothing to give you coins directly, you have to earn them yourself. All in all I would definitely recommend this app..Version: 4.8

100% Worthy InvestmentI do not buy apps. Ever. It is against my religion. However, there was a quiz made by this app going around Twitter that told people what kind of plant they were. It was Pure™, so I looked into the app itself. When you need to get something done, you just set the timer and start planting a tree. I am an AWFUL procrastinator. I am procrastinating right now by writing this review. I can rarely be successfully guilted into not procrastinating. But when you leave this app, the tree you planted starts to die. Nothing has ever motivated me to stay off my phone more than a pixelated tree’s life in my hands. The app will even play soothing music while your tree grows. Everything about the aesthetic of this app is amazing and it actually works, if you find yourself saying “I’ll just text this person back really quick” then end up scrolling Twitter 30 minutes later. PLUS you can help plant real trees. 10/10 a great app, definitely worth the $1.99..Version: 4.17.3

GreatI love this app!! This is the first app I actually bought with money so that tells that I really did like this!!! But one thing I would change is instead of a notification there should be an alarm to tell you that time is up. Now I constantly have to look at the phone and keep it by me to see if the times up, and if it’s not by me then a lot of time passes by. For that reason I gave you guys 4/5. So please change the notification/alarm option. Maybe you can put in an option for people to have a notification or an alarm. Sorry this was so long!!.Version: 4.10.6

GoodJust started and looks cool.Version: 4.32.1

Love it!Great app.Version: 4.32.1

Efficient revision through planting?This app saw me through my A-level exams (and achieving pretty good grades!), and is now doing the same for me at university. Couldn’t imagine working without this app now - if you too enjoy tracking your work time (and being prevented from being distracted by your phone), then I would absolutely recommend this app!! The satisfaction of seeing your forest bloom after a hard days work is unbeatable. Working towards getting each new tree is an excellent goal for you to focus, and although you CAN find another activity elsewhere to distract you, I often find that my mind wanders far less when I know Forest is counting down in the background..Version: 4.0.7

Forest!!!Forest has helped with my productivity a lot by preventing me from going on my phone. You can add friends and compete and work together by being productive. I think it’s a great way to be productive while having fun and personally, growing a forest is so satisfying and this motivates me to be productive because I want more trees! I would definitely recommend it, especially if you’re a student and a procrastinator like me because it allows you to be productive in an enjoyable way..Version: 4.8.1

WOW!This app is truly amazing! It has really improved my concentration when studying and motivated me to be on my phone less. I love the rewards system when you can collect coins every time you set a timer and leave your phone. Then you can use those coins to purchase new trees and bushes to grow as well as new sounds to focus your mind! I also love that you can see your forest and how much time you’ve spent studying or off your phone. This app has also helped me to want to be on my phone less and to look at the world instead of a screen. I know it’s annoying that you have to buy it but trust me it is soooo worth it and you WONT regret it! I’m currently saving up my coins to plant a real tree and save the forests one tree at a time..Version: 4.10.6

I love it!Not gonna lie, I NEVER buy apps. I always go for the free version. I actually first discovered Forest through the free Chrome extension and fell in love with it! I had planted so many trees that it was to the point where I was like, okay, time to get the app. I haven't regretted it! I even just got the 21 day coin booster, which is also well worth the extra $2. Instead of getting 43 coins for my regular 2-hour sessions, I get triple that amount for a great price! I wouldn't even mind paying a few extra dollars to make the booster permanent, if that was an option. I also love that it syncs to my laptop. In the chrome version I can block off certain websites while my tree is growing so I can stay on task, which I definitely need. I'm a full-time homeschool student and it is SO easy to get distracted, but with this app I just can't risk letting my little tree die! Overall it's a great app and I HIGHLY recommend!.Version: 4.16.0

Cute tree planting appThis is such a cute tree planting app! It really helps when you’re trying to be productive while quitting social media and game apps like me. The animations are very cute and it really motivates me to stay more focused so I can unlock all achievements and buy all the trees and bushes!! I hope there are more achievements! It would be cool if we could connect with facebook!.Version: 4.10.6

Increases productivity!!I study so much better and I’m focused when studying knowing that for a specific period of time, I can’t use my phone. Great for people with no self control like me!.Version: 4.2

It’s a great app but it could use some more featuresI think this app is great for studying and just for self care in general too. It has a beautiful interface and it’s simple and modern. I also think the nature sounds are relaxing and are a must have for this app. The only thing I would like to see is more features. For example a checklist feature where you can check of your to do list while you used the app. Also an extra feature I would like is a simple calendar sticking with the theme of productivity to plan ahead to when you are going to use the app. Overall I think it’s a nice app which also helps you be charitable because you are helping the environment while you work.Version: 4.16.0

Very helpful for people who need help in focusingFor me I wanted to focus more on other things that enjoyed me and that needed to be done. It helps me knows what I need to do and stay focusing when working, but also help me find my old joy in the things that I used to love. I love reading and this ended up helping me focus in a way that is helpful and yet entertaining for the individual. Growing plants while focusing on the task at hand makes me feel achieve as I know I am getting things done but also allowing to be planting trees and bushes to grow my tiny forest. I would recommend this app for people who are trying to spend less time on their phone and for people who are looking to get help on focusing on other things that matter more than their phone..Version: 4.16.0

Interesting appThey gave me a free tree and when I am in my grateful moment they ask me to review. So Here it is, An app that make people want to focus feel good that they have focused by telling you that your concentration has been rewarded with a tree. They have many tree types with different colour and some of them are cuter than others. My favourite is banana tree. Also I don’t have any friends to grow tree with but I believe it will also be fun growing trees (aka concentrating) together with your friend while social isolating..Version: 4.18.0

Really good app!Really good app to not only make you stay off your phone but also encourages you to study so you can build your little forest. It’s super cute and you feel really proud when you’ve grown a tree. Also I really like the “break” feature and it’s super encouraging to go back to studying. Worth the $$$..Version: 4.10.4

Love it!! Please add forest animalsThis mom is completely addicted to this app, I’ve been using it since July, and so have my kids. I love the idea of this app and find it so helpful to just tell the kids to Go Grow a Tree if they need a break or need to finish homework. Here’s my problem - I’ve unlocked almost everything except for a couple trees I really don’t like. While I could just keep growing different combinations of trees and bushes, what I really wish I could do is to add forest animals. I’d like to be able to earn various forest animals to my existing forests, or maybe start with the animals some times and then add the trees, or add a couple trees and sprinkle animals in. For the shorter time frames smaller animals like birds, butterflies, bunnies, lizards, squirrels, bats, etc. and for the longer time animals like deer, elk, wild pigs, and other regular animals found in the forest. I think the animal options here are endless and also would really make the forests look cool. The animals would just “grow” exactly like the trees and bushes do. The animals should match the various kinds of trees that are available. Some regular, some tropical (for palm tree), etc. Any chance of animals coming soon? Also the smaller animals should cost less coins and the bigger ones more coins. I find it annoying that currently the bushes cost the same as the trees. They are smaller and therefore shouldn’t cost the same as the larger trees..Version: 4.7

Love itActually keeps me focused on my task and not touch my phone.Version: 4.32.1

Take you life back from your phoneI have found along with many other people that life is tending to be lived more through digital devices than in reality. With more and more people spending more and more time online we have forgotten how to be quiet and relax and be alone. I use this app on the car to keep me from touching my phone while driving and also while studying. Collecting coins with you can save up to pay for a tree to be planted is a great incentive for those of us environmentally focused..Version: 4.6.5

Great for studentsI know I’m not the only one who’s a pro at procrastinating which is why this app is a great motivator for those who genuinely want to get things done. It’s not just for study but for other things you’d like to focus on whether it be cleaning, reading, exercising etc Totally recommend!! You get to plant some cute little virtual trees! Or if you’re a real pro, you get to save your coins and plant REAL trees!!.Version: 4.25.3

Engaging, creative and fun time mgmt toolI usually use an online Pomodoro timer to help me focus and stay on task. However on my new IPad I was unable to get their notifications plus I was still playing on my phone. As a first year medical student my new lifestyle is mainly studying. I needed a time management and focus tool that would help make studying less painful. 😩 I heard about Forest and was skeptical at first. I did not want to pay for the app since I am cheap and thought I could do it on my own using alternative ways. However I was not successful and decided to buy this app. Since purchasing Forest I have no regrets! 😊 I enjoy the ability to track and visually see my progress. I am a visual learner and am positively reinforced by the forest I am growing and enjoy earning money to unlock more features of the app. What sold me was the social impact of the app where you can plant a tree. Love it! Highly recommend and so worth the money spent. Would definitely buy it again..Version: 4.6.5

Really greatI really like this app helps me concentrate even better the only annoying thing is that you have to get a lot of coins to get another tree !!.Version: 4.25.1

AmazingThis app is great! It lets you pick the amount of time for your breaks and each session instead of being stuck on 5 and 25 minutes respectively like other similar apps. It’s so motivating to see other people on the global charts and I love that the coins earned in the game are able to be used to plant a real tree. I struggle with motivating myself to study and being able to help the environment even by a small amount has really helped to motivate me. It is better than other apps which are similar and well worth the money..Version: 4.10.4

A beautiful way to stay focusedI got this app after seeing a really cool quiz on Twitter that was about what kind of tree/flora you are/like/etc. I had downloaded it a while back, and didn’t pay much attention to it until now. I have made in-app purchases, (which I usually forbid myself from doing for apps,) because the variety of trees you can plant while focusing and the amount of different relaxing sounds has made me fall in love with Forest! I feel a pang of guilt when I pick up my phone and deviate from the forest telling me that my tree/s will die if I quit focusing LOL it’s actually been extremely helpful for me to keep track of my study time, I never realized how often I am distracted by notifications, text messages, etc, and Forest has helped me stay on track in the most interesting and beautiful way. I love the timer and Deep Focus Mode feature, I really owe the amount of work I’ve been able to complete to Forest..Version: 4.17.3

OKOne thing is bothering the hell out of me. The overtime timer only counts when the device is off. I thought it wasn’t working because i use my ipad to work (drawing) and it doesn’t count when i’m continuing to draw after the timer has gone off. gives me a very inaccurate time of how much i actually worked for..Version: 4.18.0

Keeps me coming back for more!!I’m a avid user of the Pomodoro Technique but this app makes me want to put aside the time to focus, study, train, meditate or even just drop my phone while I’m having lunch or socialising with friends and family just to keep my streak going and my forest growing. I even set some time to watch Netflix without getting distracted by my phone. If anyone is interested in the technique or want to give a go for time management this is definitely the app for you. Worth the few bucks for sure. 👍🏽.Version: 4.7.1

Honestly a game-changerDon’t get me wrong, my phone is a useful tool, and I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m addicted to it. However, it’s also a super easy way to waste time you don’t even realize you could be using on other things. I use Forest mostly in small increments, and it keeps me from picking up my phone whenever I have a few free minutes and get bored. Since I don’t actually need or want to be on my phone, the small motivation of growing little bushes and trees is enough for me to direct my attention elsewhere- and it turns out that those few free minutes throughout the day can translate into a lot of extra productivity! Otherwise: initial download price might seem a bit high, but considering that they plant real trees if you make enough coins to buy the option, the $2 is warranted. Coin prices in the app are average, but payment per tree during the week is okay and you can make enough yourself with a little effort (I personally think you should make a little more per tree than they offer, but it’s not a bad amount either). The interface is simple and intuitive, the art is charming and stylistically uniform, and my favorite part- the white noise options- are incredibly helpful for studying and neither overly expensive or so complicated that they become distracting. All in all, great app that I use frequently. $2 has never bought me so much extra productivity..Version: 4.7.2

Lovely AppHelps me focus to study; as someone with major ADHD, it’s useful to provide motivation for short periods of time! Love the aspect of unlocking trees, just worried about whenever I unlock them all; if the app creators can make some sort of consistent and ever-expanding progression system where you always have motivations to keep gathering the coins it’d be 5 starts for me! Given that they occasionally add trees, I think they’re getting there — could definitely improve the sounds/atmosphere music offered for purchase and maybe more purchases or aspects could be added later? This is all just nitpicking though, currently I’m quite happy and highly recommend the app! Edit: A simple addition would be a way to batch edit tags; it’s a simple fix, but would improve user interface as I create tags for classes and different aspects of projects; once a project or semester is done though, it’s tedious to individually delete — and I’m sure other people rotate through different tags as well :).Version: 4.11.6

AMAZING!!!This app is INCREDIBLE, and totally worth every penny!!! I often get distracted by my phone when I’m trying to study, but this app genuinely works. You wouldn’t think that planting virtual trees would help productivity but it really does! And I love the wide range of trees you can get. It’s also really great being able to plant trees in real life, but my one problem with that is that when you plant a tree, literally nothing happens. You press a button, and then that’s it. I think it would be nice to get at least a little notification to tell you your awesome and you planted a tree, but none of that happens. I planted my first real tree yesterday, and I actually got worried that it hadn’t gone through because so little happened. But apart from that, this app is flawless, and it really makes you feel good when you don’t go on your phone..Version: 4.36.2

Better than a cup of coffeeHonestly the best decision I’ve made in the lead up to my exams. I’ve had it on my computer for a while and bit the bullet and purchased the app. For the price of coffee it’s absolutely more valuable. Love love love it. Especially the timed study break function too, keeps me in check and I’ve found I’ve just naturally been more productive and less reliant on my phone whether the apps on or not, but a great safety net to get me started! Plus, I’ve put a few of my friends on it and we’re growing forests together which is fun and keeps us on track.Version: 4.1.2

Good apps for phone addict!Helps me stop looking at my phone so much while I work..Version: 4.32.1

Very useful, easy to use and cute!I’ve only been using this app a few days and it has helped me massively already. The app is super easy to use, with a very simple menu and everything is clearly labelled. I particularly love the feature that shows all the trees you’ve grown for the day, month or even year as a ‘forest’ with various stats and information about how productive you’ve been. I also really like the fact that there are lots of (very cute) different types of tree and that they can be obtained through regular use of the app rather than with in-app purchases like other apps do. You can also listen to music with the app open as long as you don’t switch apps to switch songs. The only thing that would make me love this app even more is if there were options for slightly longer and shorter growing times. Overall would highly recommend!.Version: 4.8

35 hours of studying?!Yes I managed to do 35 hours of study last week because this app stopped me from going on my phone too much, it really helps you switch off and focus on your work at hand. I always do 50 minutes work then a 10 minute break to make sure my brain is in gear the whole time. My studying has gone up 10-15 hours since using this app whereas before it was stuck at 20 hours a week so yes this definitely helpssss! Would recommend this if you want to focus your mind. It’s also a good way of rewarding yourself, as after you have done your work you get to on your phone/ device and check what you’ve missed and then get back into it..Version: 4.8.5

Good app with Bad UXI love the idea of the app. The look of the app is pretty, and functionality is great! However I found something that could be improved. If I invite my friends, they don’t get the notification unless they are on the app or until the page refreshes.. also, when I built a tree with my friend, I get two trees after... which is weird. I wanted to see how many trees that I planted today and check the hours of focus. But since sometimes it plants two trees, it is very hard to guess with the look of the trees.. I don’t want 2tress for 1 session of focus.. If the team can improve this, The experience with app will be more enjoyable:).Version: 4.32.1

Clever ideaLove how this apps brings a different take to keeping you away from your phone, by using the very same addictive traits that keep us stuck to it in the first place. Keeping the trees Alive and growing your own forest is a small but great motivator, bringing that game like experience and using it in a positive light.. Good work! 👏🏻🌿🪴.Version: 4.32.1

Great appGreat for students who have difficulty focusing.Version: 4.32.1

Great app!I love this app!.Version: 4.32.1

Best app to keep you off your phoneOnce you start growing a tree, it is weirdly hard to let it die! I don’t even know why but provided you muster the courage to start growing a tree, the app does a really good job of keeping you off your phone. And it’s even better when you connect with friends. Great for short bouts of concentration and avoiding procrastination when studying. My friends and I all swore by this app while working for GCSEs. The only time I ever properly revised was when I was growing my trees. Only complaint is that the trees are so expensive and get more expensive as you buy them so you have to spend so much time off your phone to afford the trees, but I guess it’s an even better incentive..Version: 4.8.1

AmazingHelped me out a lot with focusing.Version: 4.32.1

Adorably MotivationalThe cute little trees are just so adorable that I start wanting to put down my phone so I can unlock new ones! I am eagerly awaiting new trees to be added. The user interface is very simple and aesthetic. All in all it’s a great app; the only problem is that sometimes I run into situations where I plant a tree but then end up needing to use my phone for something (like if my mom calls or I have to look up something for homework) and can’t wait for the tree to finish. There is a feature where you can have the app continue counting time after the tree finshes growing, so you can work around the problem by planting a short-time tree and then just continuing to not disturb it. But it would be really great if there was some sort of pause feature, maybe with some limitation like not earning coins if you pause it so that people don’t take advantage of it to ‘cheat’ on their time. Or maybe something where you can erase or reset the time, so you don’t have to feel bad about killing a cute little tree when you actually legitimately needed to use your phone for a minute..Version: 4.6

Great app but:Please add a landscape option! Please also make a forest app for Mac! There’s a chrome extension but I would like an app to block certain apps! Update: please also make the leafy sounds when you tap on forest more gentle! They’re very sudden and sharp and I get scared sometimes haha. Other than that, this is so cute and so helpful! Thanks :).Version: 4.33.0

Definitely worth itThis app is definitely worth the money! I was a bit hesitant when I first saw it, and I thought it seemed counterintuitive, but it is so useful for studying- I don't know what I'd do without it. Once you set a timer, you can't leave the app or the tree will die, meaning that you're less likely to go on social media or games to procrastinate. Knowing that you have a timer also makes you want to stay focused rather than zoning out, and there is a sense of pride when you see how long you've managed to stay focused for. I managed to study for about three hours on one of the days and didn't feel emotionally or mentally drained because of the ability to set a rest-time timer. I really liked the rest timer because it doesn't let you add more time on once it's up so you can't be tempted to say "just five minutes more" and then not get back to work. When I wasn't using the app, I would procrastinate for hours and relax when I needed to study, but as soon as it was on I got heaps done. I really recommend the app..Version: 4.0.11

One of those apps you want to rateI have no doubt that this app is worth your loose change. It does one thing and it does it well: encourages you to focus. It’s a genuinely enjoyable experience to be commended for putting your phone away and focus, being met with pleasing animations, sounds, and aesthetic design every step of the way. A huge congratulations to the developer for putting together something which works so well!.Version: 3.28.4

Application très utileElle nous aide à rester concentré pendant un travail qui demande tout notre attention. Très pratique!.Version: 4.32.1

Scrolling is the new smokingThat this app exists says a lot about us. We invest and spend untold amounts on our tech then design apps to limit our use of it. This is a useful app though for those of us who pick up our phone, perhaps just to find the date/time, and then find that we have blacked out for an hour in a scrolling haze. Here you grow trees and bushes of varying height and richness depending on how long you set the timer to not pick up your phone. If you do, your tree dies. If you succeed you gave a lovely new tree and you will have earned in game currency. You can use this to buy more tree and bush types and also ambient sound effects, like rain, the sea and more. It works for me. Disappointments include that there do not seem to be enough achievements to earn extra cash, and the amount of currency you get for your successes is a little short. Otherwise, a useful and well designed app..Version: 4.10.6

Way better than a Pomodoro App ~ Really works!This is perfect for my needs. Leave your phone alone and get things done instead. It works, for some daft reason you become invested in keeping your trees alive and your goals on track. I’ve gone from being almost obsessional about my phone to using it for about 30 mins on average. Keeps me away from news and social media like no other app. I wish we could plant more real trees, maybe open it up if you spend so much. It would be nice to get achievements related to planting the 5 trees too. Thank you for the new oak tree, it’s lovely. Please don’t make it any more cute, no extra animals or stuff, I think this would defeat its purpose!.Version: 4.7.4

Please add scheduling!I love this app so much - I have a horrible phone addiction and have tried a ton of other apps but nothing is quite as motivating as knowing I’m going to kill my little tree if I don’t get off my phone. I’ve set up those Apple Screen time limits and every time the limit comes up, I just say “15 more minutes” with absolutely no shame. But I NEVER kill a Forest tree. The only thing that would make this better (and for which I’d love the developers forever) is if you guys made it possible to schedule trees in advance! I often wake up and start the day on my phone and half my work day will go by before I *realize* and actually plant a Forest tree. If I could preschedule a tree for the morning, that would allow me to start off the day on the right foot. Super hope you guys implement this - and thank you so much for the wonderful app!.Version: 4.30.1

M’aide beaucoup!Géniale.Version: 4.32.1

Great app!Has worked for my productivity so far; here's to hoping I stick to it..Version: 4.32.1

Amazing ideaThis has helped me make so much progress and keep on track with my media work, workouts and other targets I wanted to complete my forests write funny motivational stuff for me to see and stay focused and it helps the environment but one little thing that I didn’t want to take a star away from it, I know it suppose to be working hard and everything but either give more coins than currently or put the prices for stuff in the shop and for the trees down a bit as it is not exactly great there because you want your Forrest to be as beautiful and progressive as you are in your life just a thought and would love this app more if one of them were done. Amazing app creators 👍😊😊.Version: 4.0.7

You need to make commitment!The hardest part is the first step to set up a time for yourself! Once the target has been set, you will be motivated to achieve your goal as you don’t want to see yourself destroying your own garden..Version: 4.0.3

Love itI honestly really love this app. Definitely recommend! Also the fact that they plant ACTUAL trees, makes it so much better.Version: 4.33.0

TreesSuch an adorable app which motivates you to grow little trees in your garden. The longer you concentrate, the more money you get and the variety of trees you unlock! Beware, you can kill your own tree by going on Facebook. Don’t do it. Trees don’t deserve to die!!!.Version: 4.19.0

Title (Haha, review is more serious than my title)I absolutely love this app. I fee really motivated to work when I use it. Even if I’m not being productive, I’m still working on something when I use it. I love how you can cancel a tree without killing it for the first 10 seconds after planting one, but I really wish that time was longer for bigger trees. It would be pretty helpful. The biggest moment for me was when it came time for me to kill my first tree. I really didn’t want to kill it, but I hadn’t been working. If I hadn’t chopped it down, it would’ve opened the floodgates for me. The main difficulty for me is starting to grow my tree. If I don’t start it, I don’t have to be productive. I’ve had this app for under a month and I’ve already recommended it to a few people, who have all said it was really helpful. I definitely think this app is worth a try, and I love the little changes that come out every one in a while. Gotta go, my math homework is waiting!.Version: 4.13.1

Tree-Mendous at improving my productivityI find this app really helpful to motivate me into tackling big tasks. I tend to set the timer to 25 minutes (with a 5 minute break in between) as I find the concept of focusing for 25 minutes achievable (even if I know the task might ultimately take many days - a far more daunting prospect). Each 25 minutes results in a tree and I love growing as varied a forest as I can and comparing each day. I never want to use my phone when a tree is planted (the sight of dead trees in my virtual forest is surprisingly upsetting) and I like ending each day with a visual representation of how focused I’ve been. Plus I’m motivated to keep using the app to unlock as many species as possible..Version: 4.9

Got it for the cute interface, stayed for the productivity increaseI’ve only been using this app for around a week, but it’s already cut down on the amount of time I absent-mindedly use my phone. Initially I got it mostly for how cute the little forests look, I’ll admit, and for the fact that earning enough in-game currency lets you plant a REAL tree! Now, it even helps me keep my phone away when going to bed (a big hurdle for me), since I set it to the longest break setting (2 hr) as I’m laying down. Obviously, how people use their phone-free time will vary. For me, it’s allowed (forced?) me to eat my meals uninterrupted by scrolling, and I’ve begun creating art more frequently again (as I would always get stuck in the loop of “looking for inspiration” on my phone and then never actually getting to the art). Honestly this is the best app I’ve ever paid money for (and one of the very few I shelled out cash for period), and it’s been completely worth it. If you spend upwards of 4 hours a day on your phone (like I was doing), I highly recommend taking this app into consideration!.Version: 4.8.5

Really usefulIt’s a good reminder and it’s just something wonderful to use, seeing the money goes up and my forest slowly expanding, and it’s rlly useful during my exams prep considering I’m a very distracted person lol. And I rlly liked the business idea of planting trees, pls keep it up the gd work..Version: 4.26.0

Definitely worth the money!! amazing!I love love love this app! i, like many others, suffer from procrastinating when im supposed to be doing work. although it costs like $2, it is definitely worth the money. not only does it help u to stay off ur phone when working, it also helps u focus with relaxing sounds like rain. there is in-app money that u earn by growing trees. with the money u can buy new trees and new sounds. u can also track your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly progress as well! what i think is one of the best parts of this app is that once u get a certain amount of coins, u can plant a REAL tree!! not only is it great for focusing on work, its helping the environment. all around, amazing app!! well done! 👏👏💗💗.Version: 4.8.1

One of my go-to productivity appsIt’s funny; I’ve downloaded so very many productivity and timing apps which are, admittedly, more sophisticated. However, time and again, I turn to this app to stay focused. I really enjoy it, seeing my cool trees grow. My one complaint is how sparse the interface and “forest-view” are. . . This is the only reason I’ve taken off a star. It’s a free app; I get that. However, there are optional in-app purchases—-it seems to me that it would be worth it to the developers to put a “prettier” pic in background while growing my tree and a MUCH nicer view of my forest. I’d pay a little for this if they did it (for sure) and/or perhaps they could implement better/different in-app purchases to support such an overhaul. Anyway, would be truly my fav productivity app, and never would I stray, would they work on these aesthetics!! In the meantime, though, I’m sure I’ll continue to use this pleasing little app :).Version: 4.11.5

Great for studyingHonestly, I’m the type of person who just suddenly goes on my phone or laptop in the middle of doing homework, projects, etc. It’s especially been a problem since this new school year started. This app has helped me quite a lot, though sometimes I forget to plant a tree before I begin completing assignments. It’s helped with decreasing the amount of time I spend on schoolwork, and makes me feel like I’m doing so much more. Whenever I do reach over to my phone and am about to do something besides studying, like scrolling through Instagram, I’d open it and see the tree on my screen. Then, I’d ask myself, “Do I really want the tree to die?” I’d say no. In the beginning of using this app, I was always close to using my phone while the tree is growing. I began to develop a mentality after a few days that I should finish my homework before going on my phone and do other things. Of course, I sometimes still do it when I don’t use Forest, but I feel as if I’ve lessened the amount. This is the first productivity app I’ve used, and I’ve always seen people recommend it. It’s definitely an app worth the money. You can use it on your laptop or computer as well, as a Chrome extension (which is what I started out with). It’s simple to use, and has a minimalistic aesthetic that I really enjoy. Overall, it’s a great app..Version: 4.29.1

Love itThis app helps me to maintain focus on what I am currently working on. I often get distracted by notifications or simply going to check the time and then begin searching through social apps and before I know it half an hour to an hour has passed and I haven’t completed what I had set out to. The timer on this app helps me to avoid looking or using my phone for that set amount of time. I use it like a game and challenge myself so see how long I can go without disengaging. It’s also nice to see what a lovely little forest you can create after focusing for so much time. It’s really simple to use and there isn’t too much going on which I’ve found with over free apps there’s a lot more you can do and I just feel that adds to more distraction. Worth the small price of £1.99..Version: 4.31.2

Growing animated forests for my Masters studying forests :)Really love forest and totally recommend it! Make sure to check in ur achievements for more coin! :D I didn’t do this for ages and was pleasantly surprised. Only downside is the price will go up and up every tree/shrub etc that you buy.. really think it’s enough incentive just to try get more trees and doesn’t need to go up in price every time. Other than that it’s great..Also I love the funky lil mushrooms and things!.Version: 4.8.1

Enjoy!It helps me study while acheiving small goals to motivate myself..Version: 4.32.1

GreatI’ve struggled with studying and doing work for the longest time possible. Once I’ve cracked open a textbook I always seem to miraculously have a phone in my hand. With Forest, I’ve been able to focus on my work and be more productive overall. However, I still have problems with procrastination and finding something to motivate myself to start studying. I always push study time until the last minute. Perhaps Forest should start a system to encourage people to START and FINISH as well, like a login system with daily gifts? Or alarms? All in all, a great app. Save time and save the forests too!.Version: 4.0.10

Fantastic!This app has truly assisted me in staying focused on all my homework that i’m getting as i’ve got a lot going on between ap classes, music dedications & the track season coming up. i’ve always had a really bad habit of playing on my phone instead of completing the assignments i should. it’s caused me to loose a lot of sleep and this app has definitely helped with that. overall i totally recommend this app for anyone who has that annoying habit to procrastinate when you shouldn’t. on a side note though my friends and i typically converse about homework and check our answers with one another trough texting and after i’ve planted a tree i cannot respond back, which is the whole point, but id like to see a way i could pause the growth of my tree for say 5 minutes to allow myself to review the information that’s being passed on to me. it kinda goes against what this app is for but i feel it would be beneficial especially for students who regularly converse over their assignments.Version: 3.29.1

Surprisingly effectiveI didn’t think it was worth an actual app just to tell me to split up my study time into easy blocks, but I decided to give it a go after reading the reviews. It definitely reminds me to stay focused and not get distracted by a notification or a random thought leading to a loss of time accidentally scrolling through social media or messaging friends. The only thing I would change is to have a more clear notification for the end of each session. I can get too involved in lectures or videos which means I’m not using the music provided & I never notice when the time is up. I end up going too far over time and feel a bit like a zombie/consume too much content and it’s a bit of a wasted session. If it could flash on and vibrate to notify me of the end of the time, that would give it 5/5 from me..Version: 4.9.3

Incredible app!Amazing app. I use it when I am doing my homework and it sets a clear time limit of when I should be doing my work. You can play relaxing rainforest sounds in the background. It helps me stop playing on my phone while doing homework. The one thing I would change is when I am in deep focus mode and I get a text from someone, I cannot answer them even if important or my tree will die. I wish that I could choose certain apps that I would be alllowed to be on while working that wouldn’t kill my tree. Otherwise very good app and worth the money..Version: 4.14.4

Best preventer of procrastinationAs a student, I need to usually focus my time to doing assignments or studying for exams. However, I always was stuck to my phone and wasting time. It usually left me feeling really bad and unproductive. This app was the best thing ever, because I love that I have to leave my phone alone, and focus on my work.. and at the end I can see the fruits of my labour... both in the work I got done and my little growing forest. For me it is nice to visualise all the productive time I have spent. Love it, and can’t recommend it enough..Version: 4.10.1

BrilliantI’ve used Forest for over three years now and I’ve loved it! I bought it in my first year of uni and it’s really helped me structure my day and actually take the time to focus on my tasks almost every single day. It gives you so much data and is definitely great value for money. I love the “plant a tree in real life” feature but my only issue is that for people who use it a lot it’s very easy to max out how many trees you can plant in real life and also to buy all of the trees, bushes and sounds in the store with your coins. I’m at a point now where I’m just accumulating coins and not having anything to do with them and it diminishes the feeling of reward slightly. I think it would be great if there could be another way to spend coins to add to the feeling of reward. Overall though I love this app and I would definitely recommend it to students and also just people who want to focus their time and spend time away from their phones..Version: 4.8

AmazingThis is the best app to use when your studying or doing homework! It’s super effective! It refrains my urge to touch my phone because I don’t want my tree to die haha Amazing app (:.Version: 4.32.1

Awesome appThis app works well for me. Even though it is just a fictitious tree that i’d be killing if I use my phone it gives me an extra second to think about what my priorities are (I used to just grab my phone or open a facebook tab without thinking) and gets me into the habit of concentrating for a set amount of time. It’s not foolproof but is definitely a good tool to try and use when you’re a serial procrastinator!.Version: 4.0.3

Well-designedPrefer the look and less-cluttered feed of Forest to rival Flora, though both are good. Flora has so many disparate features rammed in that it gets a bit much for me, and for the look of it too I think. While Forest seems to be a bit more… focused? One quibble is that until recently I was unable to activate Deep Focus mode, or any of the other features under that menu. That recently changed and I’m not sure if it was a bug they have fixed or if it’s just that you can’t unlock those until you have clocked up a few focus sessions. If the latter, that REALLY needs to be explained next to the unusable features (eg a ‘why can’t i use these yet?’ link). But if it was a bug, thanks for fixing it..Version: 4.42.1

The best studying appThis app is great for studying and used by almost all of the business, med, law etc students around me. Of course it’s only as good as you make it, so you have to be diligent enough to plant a tree and not use your phone! or lose a tree :(.Version: 4.10.6

FAULTLESS!!!Forest is literally the best app I’ve come across for revision or just to keep me motivated. For a while now I’ve struggled with becoming distracted or discouraged From completing tasks or work. This app has pretty much turned this around making studying fun! So far I haven’t killed any of my trees because, although it sounds silly, the sheer guilt I feel of I stop. It allows you to do small manageable chunks but at the same time pushes you to do more by offering you the option to get a fully grown tree. Also, once you have built up your virtual coins you can spend them on: new bushes; new trees; new sounds and even plant a real tree somewhere around the world. This forces you, in a good way, to keep going as you want to unlock all the cool, new things and build your forest. You can even create a forest with friends and build it together which can be extremely motivating because you almost don’t want to let the team down. Overall the best app I’ve ever had and definitely worth the money!.Version: 4.8.6

Really useful little appThis app does what no other can! Because I paid the money for it I kinda feel obliged to obey it when it threatens the safety of my trees. It’s brilliant, keeps me focused; if I’m being incompetent and procrastinating, I can give myself a bit of strength by just putting on the pomodoro timer and I know I don’t want to go on any apps because I don’t want my tree to die... I feel like this app is only good for you if you care about the ingame trees; if you don’t really care then it’s unlikely to help you stop procrastinating lol but it helps me;; The multiplayer function is sick, aswell! Then I feel like if I leave, I’ll let down my friend, so I want to keep them happy and study. Fantastic app! ;-).Version: 4.8.5

Best app for actual productivity!I’ve tried so many productivity apps. Most focus on lists, but this one focuses on focus itself and complements the others perfectly. If you struggle with time management, like me, this app is highly effective. I have achieved so much in a short space of time - jobs I have procrastinated on for weeks that I never thought I could achieve in a matter of hours or a couple of days. If you really struggle to focus, start by setting the timer for 10-15 minutes and build up to longer periods, depending on the activity. You may find, as I do, that short bursts work better for most things but it’s also invaluable if you struggle not to check your phone during your daily fitness workout! I love that I can custom tag and label my activities, so that I can monitor where I am spending the most time and adjust if necessary. Plus, the coins you earn by being focused can be redeemed for the planting of real trees in a real forest! Be warned: challenging yourself to beat the clock becomes quite addictive! Righto - time to get back to my Forest!.Version: 4.16.0

YayYay.Version: 4.32.1

Great app!I have ADHD and this app has been incredibly helpful! It’s greatly improved my ability to stay on task and off my phone. My biggest problem when working is I don’t realize I’ve gotten distracted. Before it was easy to just pick up my phone and spend hours not doing anything. Now when I pick up my phone I see the forest app I realize I’m distracted. It’s an amazing mental stop and is usually enough to get me to go back on task. If not the little trees are cute and I know it sounds silly but I don’t want to kill a tree to check reddit. If you do kill a tree it also will put a dead tree in your forest. You can also unlock new trees with coins. You get coins by putting more trees in your forest so it’s kinda a motivational thing to focus more to unlock more trees. (You can also unlock sounds to listen to while you focus.) The app is a great tool for anyone who gets mindlessly distracted and doesn’t realize. It’ll keep your phone from being a distraction point at a minimum. (It’s not magic unfortunately and won’t stop other distractions). If you’re the kinda person who deliberately procrastinates or realizes that you are distracted it may or may not help. It depends how much you can bring yourself to care about the app. It’s helped me an incredible amount and I am thankful for the app..Version: 4.7.4

Highly recommendI love this app because I’m a procrastinator and I normally go off task when I try to change my music but when I do anything now I don’t want to kill my trees and have a bad “rep” so now I don’t touch my phone when I use the app!!! Love it!!.Version: 4.16.0

Very effective tool for focusSo, as an 'executive' (whatever that means), I'm quite organised/have good systems. That said, continually working with/against maladaptive emotional states (also have a therapist, lol) - worked with lots of pomodoro apps in the past - this is first one which actually works over the long term in respect of genuine lever against procrastination or distraction. And that's said as someone who has no particular love for trees. Clincher for me is that I don't want any dead trees on my plot. Reward mechanics work well too, re: gaining credits, buying new tree varieties - cute and pleasant. Secondily, other people who come in to interrupt for some reason recognise that I'm growing a tree and find it entirely reasonable that I can't stop - namely my wife. Unexpected effect, lol. I only use it for deep focus/long term projects (re: masters assignments; blog posts; reports) and not in day to day - this works for me as it allows me to really be unrelenting in not accepting interruptions and part of that is only using it when I know I can schedule some deep work (being the only type of work that I personally need help with focus and procrastination.) Well worth £1.99..Version: 4.6.3

Deserving of its high ratingsForest deserves it’s high ratings and praise. It has a minimal, clean layout and can be used to effectively focus on a given task without the distractions that arises from a phone. the wide variety of trees and/or background noise that you can unlock are well designed and it shows that a lot of thought have been put into designing them which adds to the experience of using the app. overall, would recommend purchasing this app..Version: 4.8.1

Incredible, just incredibleThis app works, I bought this app a while ago and its made me a lot more productive. The idea is great for having a reason to stay off your phone being getting trees and real life trees. Other things like the payment in the app itself is smart not giving you coins but tripling your coin output is really smart to get people motivated to put on a timer. I highly recommend this app and think the price is certainly worth it..Version: 4.19.0

Great app but there are some issuesI personally enjoy this application quite a lot. There are of course a few issues with it. One I would like to focus on being, I personally prefer the “deep focus” setting which will kill your tree if you exit the app, but the problem is if there is something you need to check on your phone or if you need to look something up you cannot so simply do it. now, I am sure there is a way to prevent this but it is not immediately clear. My second point relates to my last. While the app is simple looking, looks can be deceiving and takes a bit to get used to. It is by far the most helpful tool in time management that I have and for that I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking for a better way to focus without the distraction of technology.Version: 4.11.3

Great App !Forest is a brilliant app that really helps your revision especially, and all things that you do including concentration, as it helps you to stop going on your phone. Also Forest helps the environment as if you get a specific amount of coins or forests or you get enough coins to purchase a new tree to grow in your forest, then the app will give money to a tree-planting charity and a real tree will be planted into our precious planet. It is actually scientifically proven that if you time the amount of time you revise then your concentration levels will pretty much stay up. However, if you don't your concentration levels will just go down so it helps with this as well. Forest, the app to help our concentration and the environment!.Version: 4.1.0

Better than expected!I bought forest because simply because I was at my wits end - with myself and my inability to stay OFF my phone while studying at uni. I wasn’t expecting much but thought it was worth a try. If you want to make a change then this will be the app for you! It’s honestly helped me so much. Whenever I decide I need to do focus I start using it. I also find it useful as you can label your times so I know how many hours I’ve spent studying on a subject during the week. Thank you guys! It’s awesome..Version: 4.16.0

Oddly satisfying and usefulI have found this to be quite useful. For some reason, I feel the need to actually be very productive when using this app. Even though I use my laptop for internet study, I close all social media apps as I feel guilty using them while growing a tree on my phone. Using a timer lets me focus for a period of time and then I give myself a ten minute break and start again. This is the only study app that I have found that helps me to be productive and it’s strangely satisfying to watch my forest grow. Love it..Version: 3.28.7

The updates and tree variety keep me hookedI have a newborn son, and we have a routine. He wakes me up about an hour to two hours before I’d normally be up for work. I plant a two-hour tree with Forest and I play with my boy. It was hard at first, because babies don’t appear terribly interesting at times, and I’ve had such a long-time habit of checking the morning news on my phone. But when I plant a tree in the morning, I am so focused on my boy and no longer tempted to read or check my phone. He has my complete attention. My wife and I also plant trees right before we sit down to dinner with our kids or watch a movie with them. Forest really helps us to be and stay present with our family. I’ve tried other apps that had similar concepts of growing plants and trees, and when they stopped updating I got bored. Forest has a wonderful variety and updates that have kept me hooked and interested..Version: 3.29

Fantastic!I LOVE this app, it’s the best app I’ve used for focusing. Different trees helps me review how much time I’ve spent on different projects and it’s motivating to buy cute new trees! Only thing I wish you could set break times as well, a bit like a pomodoro timer but with the option to pause during breaks.Version: 4.8.1

EricI usually don’t write reviews, but I knew I had to write one for this app. At first, I had doubt. I’m they guy who constantly checks his phone for no reason and gets distracted. I planted the first tree, and magically, it just worked. I did longer trees and it helped me get off my phone for the whole night! The app makes you plant a tree, and you can’t exit the app for however long you set it. If you finish planting the tree, it goes in your forest. However, if you leave the app, the tree withers and shows up on your forest as well. You can use this with friends, coop, and gain coins for ever tree planted and achievement completed. Not only that, it is a relaxing app that has a selection of calming music(beach sounds, forest, etc). I believe the reason that this work is psychology. It makes you want to finish the tree and get coins, any brag you your friends about how many trees you planted. It puts pressure on you to not give up which I think is genius. Overall, this is probably one of my best purchases ever..Version: 4.18.0

This is the only app I’ve ever truly lovedI’ve never reviewed an app before, but I love this app so much. I downloaded it after my previous pomodoro timer app, tide, stopped timing correctly, which was literally all it had to do. The timer on this app works, with reliable notifications, and the “gamification” of being focused may seem silly, but it adds a cute and fun element to using a pomodoro timer. Also, the ability to tag how I spend my time (ex: work vs all other things) is an easy way to stay balanced. For instance, I can see if I’m falling behind on daily meditating even if it’s something I’m not conscious of. I can also see someone using this app not necessarily to boost concentration but as a way to literally bar yourself from using your phone for periods of time when you need to be present (ex: during a meeting or with a friend). One more thing I love: I just finished a project that took two months, and I went back and looked at my little forests for that time. Each lil tree helped me get that project done. It’s such a beautiful reminder that everything big happens with many tiny steps!.Version: 4.1.0

Awesome!This app is amazing! It has helped me to stop procrastinating and begin studying or cleaning or whatever the task is. Deep focus mode is also super helpful when you don’t want to use your phone while studying! Highly recommend!.Version: 4.11.4

Great!That’s so is amazing for motivation and i especially like the feature that allows you to study with friends 10/10.Version: 4.32.1

RecommendationHow about add a feture that we can plant random tree? Possible to plan some trees that you might not own or maybe some trees that are not exist in the shop..Version: 4.32.1

Maximising Focus, Growing TreesThis is a great focus tool if you respond to digital incentives. Procrastination is a curse. Writing this review is definitely me procrastinating right now. However, knowing that using my phone spells disaster for my tree has guilt tripped me into not touching my phone for the sake of my pixel plant. I’ve always been a ‘due today, do today’ kind of studier. So this app has been great in trying to break the habit. Looking forward to expand my forest, and working towards unlocking new trees is a great way to keep on using it!.Version: 4.23.0

Keep motivated, consistently get stuff doneIt’s amazing how hard it is to get even two sets of 25 mins of focused work done each day, this app will help you track how well you’re doing. Works best if you can get your colleagues and friends to using it too!.Version: 4.7

Amazing App, I Highly Recommend ItI have been slacking off and pushing off a lot of responsibilities lately and recently I heard a student in one of my classes mention this app and how you can grow little trees and a forest and I thought that was amazing, the second I got home I checked out the app and decided to buy it, one of the best $2 I have ever spent, I’m staying way more productive lately and I love seeing the little trees get planted, it has great graphics and design and is really simple to use. When I saw there was also an option in the app to plant real trees to help the environment I thought that was absolutely amazing and made me feel really happy for getting the app and supporting the developers. I have also just recently purchased the other app by the same developers called SleepTown and it is also amazing, it has been helping me have better sleeping habits and I have been way more productive and active during the day and just feel over all happier and healthier and feel like I’m getting my life back on track. I would recommend both of these apps to everyone, I have been telling my family and friends about it a lot and how it’s helped me and they love it too. Over all 10/10 great apps, I hope to see more from the developers in the future and love what they have done to help others 😎👍 🌲🌳🌴🌵🌱🎋🎄🍀 😴👍🌖🏠🏡🏘🏰🏕🏛🏫🏤.Version: 4.8

Forest ReviewForest is a great app and I recommend it for everyone who wants to reduce screen time or focus for work or hobbies. It’s unique feature of planting trees really does motivate you to not pick up your phone. Personally I have got so much more work done thanks to this app. It also gives a visual representation in a pie chart and also most productive times of the day and week this helps focus down in those areas Improvements to make Although forest is a great app, it does need some improvements in my opinion - to be able to change the tag of what you are doing DURING when the timer is on (it’s annoying when you set the wrong tag for something and you can’t change it during the timer because otherwise it kills the tree) - when a timer/tree is started, to get a notification saying when the tree will be planted eg if at 3 o clock there was a 2 hour tree planted a notification would pop up saying “tree will be planted at 5 o clock - to be able to set the time in hours and minutes rather than in minutes (this just makes it easier because usually people work in hours and minutes rather than just minutes) - when checking the timeline of events, to be able to update the note/tag All in all forest is a great app and I highly recommend everyone to try it!.Version: 4.29.2

Brilliant for reducing screen time!I use this app for two purposes, primarily it reduces distractions while i'm studying - i have a clear time goal, a way of monitoring that time goal and the reward of a cute little tree at the end of that study session. It breaks my study time into manageable chunks and i know that if i do get a text or notification, i only have X minutes before i can check it. The second reason i use this app is to reduce my screen time - restrictions on apps do little to stop me hitting "ignore time limit for today" and mindlessly scrolling for sometimes hours at a time. This app is a really effective way of getting me off my phone and into the real world and at the end of the day i can see just how much time i have spent away from my phone. Overall a brilliant app for people who struggle to focus and also great for those with a little bit of a phone addiction like me! The trees and plants are a really good idea and i'm waiting for the day this app lets me plant a real tree - i'm not far off now!.Version: 4.8.5

Love itIt helps keep me motivated and is good to remind me to take breaks for my back:).Version: 4.32.1

Great for concentration but just a few bugsI love Forest and I’ve used it for a few years now, but a few months ago I noticed some bugs that had appeared. One of the things (which I’m assuming is Forest and not my phone itself, considering I’ve got a new phone and it’s still happening) is that if I start growing a tree then lock my phone, when I unlock my phone it isn’t on the Forest app anymore, just the home screen - so it kind of defeats the point of planting the tree, since I forget that I’m supposed to be concentrating. The other thing is if I use the newer mode rather than the original timer then even if I stop it after half an hour and close the app, I get a notification an hour and a half later telling me I’ve reached the maximum time. It would be great if these could be fixed! :).Version: 4.47.1

Love it and usefulVery useful for person who cannot control themselves about using phone whilst studying. It’s hard to give up while I’m studying with this App. Cuz I don’t want my tree died.Version: 4.8.7

Great app!This app basically holds a virtual tree hostage and if you get distracted it kills the tree which is brutal 10/10 great app Also I have ADHD and this app along with the chrome extension have really helped me stay on task while studying for exams, I only wish I’d heard of this app earlier so I could’ve used it throughout the rest of the semester instead of in the last week of exams.Version: 4.1.3

AMAZING APP (I have a suggestion)This app is amazing! It really gets me studying and prevents me from procrastinating (I’m the ceo of it!). I use the app everyday after school and on weekends. Despite loving the app, I do have a fewww suggestions! For the global leaderboard you should have two sections. One for uni students and the other for people still in school. Atm the people on the leaderboard do like 12 hours of study a day. This is legit impossible for a high school student considering we are at school 6 hours everyday. So by having two different leaderboards it will give high school students the opportunity to compete with each other and actually make the leaderboard!!.Version: 4.20.0

HelpfulHelps me stay focused. The different trees take a little too long to get though for an already paid app..Version: 4.32.1

Forest appGreat app I use it almost every day. Helps me focus for uni work. The only down side is I had to pay again when moving from Samsung to iPhone since in Samsung the app is free but you just pay for an upgraded account meanwhile in iPhones the app is paid..Version: 4.8

Les arbresJe trouve que l’application est très pratique.Version: 4.32.1

Great app for focusingGreat app for focusing, my only issue is that it doesn’t let me change the settings to make my plants wither, I can go on other apps and it doesn’t effect my tree which kind of defeats the purpose of the app. Not sure, but I really do love it and have got a friend using it too..Version: 4.17.2

Level up productivenessI’ve tried a few “productiveness” apps and this one is the best by far! Worth the $ definitely! I love it! I’ve had it for a week or two and I’m actually getting on top of my study! Amazing, love it!.Version: 4.17.2

Makes me want to be productive!I really enjoy using this app! I recently got it and I used it on the first day I got it. I think the features it has is cool, too. There are different settings for the background noise and they start you out with rainfall outside a window. (You have to “earn” the others with the coins you make). Another feature I thought is helpful is the ‘deep focus’ setting that you can put the app on and if you leave the app, then your tree or bush withers and dies. It kind of forces you to put down your phone or else the thing that shows that you’ve done your work is gone. I like being able to label the trees or bushes with the task I completed as well. My forest is growing! The only thing I don’t like as much is how you have to wait for a long time to unlock a different type of bush or tree. It’ll probably take a week to two weeks of like, an hour in order to unlock a new tree. :/ Overall, I really enjoy this app! (Please let me have a new tree)..Version: 4.11.5

Worry about less, use ForestIn a day and age where people are too often emersed in the internet and social media platforms, we are often left feeling overwhelmed and distracted from completing those simple yet necessary tasks in our schedules. Forest encourages concentration in a very simple way; by giving us a chance to reduce our screen-time while simultaneously encouraging the promotion of Forestation activists and projects in Africa, you feel a sense of community and productiveness when using Forest. In turn, we become aware that motivation and productivity are in fact two very 'do-able' concepts, and it is thanks to Forest that I now feel more in tune with myself, my productivity and my environmental footprint. Thanks Forest!.Version: 4.8

The Best App I HaveComing from someone who looks at their phone first thing in the morning and last thing at night, Forest motivated me so much to put my phone away and get on with my work. I felt a sense of purpose because not only was my phone being untouched, but it was growing a whOLE AS TREE whilst I was on that grind. A tree which will die if you disrupt your phone, a horror that is forever planted in your forest. Sure it costs money and we all turn our heads away when we see such an app. But trust me, it is worth it..Version: 4.8.1

Amazing!Like most people I most definitely have problems focusing on a task at hand when my phone is beside me, but I also often need it beside me if I’m not home/ if i put it in another room I’ll still go and grab it. The beauty of this app is that not only do I have a lot of incentive to not be distracted, but I can also log the amount of hours I’ve studied every day, and write a description of everything I got done. This is great to have a reference of exactly how much study/work I get done, and what I’ve finished instead of writing it all down on a different piece of paper. This has most definitely been my most valuable purchase on the App Store! Would highly recommend!! Thanks Forest team..Version: 3.29.2

Love this app!I'm totally in love with it! It gets me going. And it's fun. : ).Version: 4.32.1

Awesome!Best app!.Version: 4.32.1

Forest helped me write an essay in one day!I’m so glad I downloaded this app, forest is literally pulling me through the final weeks of my last year of university. By using the app and employing the pomodoro technique, I was able to complete a 2000 word essay in one day (though I wouldn’t recommend this!). Aesthetically, the app is beautifully minimalistic. The goal to get to 2500 coins to be able to plant a real tree is extremely motivating, too. Looking at my growing forest at the end of the day is also extremely gratifying and I so wish I found this app sooner as I’m almost about to graduate. Even so, I’ll be sure to continue using forest for uses other than studying, such as to take breaks from social media. The £1.99 price tag is so worth it!.Version: 4.8.1

I would like to make a few commentsI think this software is awesome, but I hop it can be set up and associated with the software, for example, for English learners to use the software also can use a dictionary..Version: 4.10.5

Amazing for productivityI love this app so much to help me study and stay focussed on my work! The only thing that I would prefer is if we can set goals for the amount of focus time each day, will help me more..Version: 4.33.1

Awesome Fun and Plants trees!?If you want to build up your focus, get stuff done and save the planet as an added bonus. I would highly recommend. I’ve been using Forest for about 3-4 years. And used to gift the app to new staff members as a bit of fun. My mind is like a magpie, always flying off to look at shinny stuff so the app is a great help and I’ve noticed my focus improved and like the stats you can use to breakdown time spent on tasks. Great if need to charge your time to a project..Version: 4.13.0

Beautiful, motivating appThis app is excellent in inspiring me to take time away from my phone, for school or personal betterment. It’s nice to see the (sometimes literal) fruit of my efforts when I’m finished with whatever task I needed to focus for. The variety of trees, especially over the last fee updates, is amazing and so creative. I only with they were a little less expensive. I understand the point is to work to unlock them, but wowee that’s a lot of work. I have, and would continue to, recommend to other people who need to take time away from their screen or eliminate a distraction..Version: 4.23.0

Awesome app, great for revisionThis is one of my go-to apps for studying and revision. I know you have to pay for the app, but it is well worth it, considering many « free » revision apps claim they’re free and then bug you into a costly subscription. I love the system, it’s beautiful and simple and there’s something really satisfying about growing your forest; it feels like a reward for studying. The app also comes with study music and ambiance which you can turn on or off. Another thing I love is collecting trees and new sounds with the coins you get after a study session. One thing i might say though is that currently im using on an ipad and a landscape mode hasn’t been developed yet, which is has caused me some annoyance. Hopefully this gets resolved in future updates, but apart from that, great app, and definitely worth buying..Version: 4.33.2

Brilliant for productivity, just a few suggestions!Firstly, I think forest is a wonderful app, and such a brilliant idea. It allows you to stay focused and productive, and plant real life trees to help the world. Amazing! The fact that you can plant a real tree is so unique and one of the many reasons I love this app. I also like how there is such variety in the digital plants you can buy and plant, it really adds to you wanting to use the app. However, I do work on my iPad using apps and I can only use forest on my phone because I need my iPad for work. I wish there were a way to use forest and be able to grow a plant whilst using productivity apps, as it is my iPad that is both my biggest productivity source and hinderer. If there were a way to only allow productivity apps not kill your plant so that you could still use your device without procrastination whilst using forest, this would be the perfect app. Anyway, really fantastic app, good job!.Version: 4.8.1

Changed the Revision Game!Although I’m typically pretty motivated, sometimes I’d only half put effort into my revision and use Instagram and snapchat whilst “revising”..... this was not revision!!! After downloading forest, I’m revising more efficiently and spending longer revising because I love seeing my little forest grow! I compete with my friends and I like collecting the different tree types, even at a level it makes my revision a little bit more fun. There’s just something so rewarding about growing a tree, I guess it lets you see your efforts straight away! I know it costs money but it has totally transformed my revision and mindset about social media - now when I’m relaxing and chilling out I actually feel relaxed because I know I’ve accomplished something worthwhile. It also makes me feel guilty about not revising which encourages me to to revisse so it a win win!!! Couldn’t recommend any more!! Absolutely love it :).Version: 4.8.1

Love itYes.Version: 4.32.1

Best app for not touching your phoneGreat app for studying.Version: 4.32.1

Forest reviewSuper recommend, helps me get my work down and actually being focused. I love that you can do it with your friends motivates you to not kill your trees..Version: 4.17.0

Amazing app and so helpful!This app is so simple but amazing. It helps me all the time to stay off my phone for a certain task and stay focused in the moment, and I’m motivated by the fact that if I succeed I’ll have a beautiful tree to add to a lovely forest and I don’t want to kill a tree. It’s a great visual for the time I’ve focussed. Also this app is amazing because after a certain amount of time focussed and coins made (I think it’s 5000?), trees are planted in real life! The people behind this app seem so lovely and like they care about both the individual using the app, and the greater picture for human well-being and the environment..Version: 4.8.1

Love It!Super great for all your studying needs! Really helps me stay off my phone when I need to buckle down to write an essay, the timer allows me to stick to a study plan without having to check the time every 5 minutes ! Totally recommend..Version: 4.8.5

Helpful!Keeps me from getting distracted by my phone which seems to be the #1 distraction all the time.Version: 4.32.1

Excellent appThis app is really good. I’m a student who uses my phone way too much and this app has both made me aware of that and helped me spend less time on my phone. It takes a while to get new trees but I don’t even care because you start out with 2 or 3 anyway. I like to use different types of trees for different activities. As someone who enjoys nature but doesn’t have much opportunity to be in it, I’m very drawn to the forest aspect. I also like how you can see your forest for the day, week, month, or year. My ONE suggestion so far would be to have a feature that counts up instead of down; either that or a way to continue the same tree immediately after the timer goes off assuming you’re still focusing. If I’m focusing on reading I don’t always know how long it will take so if I set it for 25min and read for 45, I’d rather just extend the tree than have multiple smaller ones. Other than that this app is fantastic and I highly recommend. I’ll keep using it for sure..Version: 4.29.2

UPDATE: THE APP DEVELOPER HAS HELPED, thanksI was in love with the app until I found that the planted tree doesn’t die if I actually leave the app. I am using an iPhone and I just keep the app open on my sections and I can go onto Instagram and mess about and I can go back into the app and the tree is still growing. So it doesn’t actually die, it continues growing even if your messing about. I was expecting it to even put it as a tab and continue looking at something else, but no. So that’s why I found it’s not too useful in all honesty EDIT: THE app support has been great and they have helped me with my problem. Thank you. Just an advice, I will like it if the app can have a alarm sound and tell you to get back on the app otherwise your plant is about to die, when you leave it. But other than that great app!!.Version: 4.30.0

Love itLove it.Version: 4.32.1

Enjoying so far. Some suggestion.Great app. Would be even better to see a sum of all the plants grown. Seeing accumulated trees becoming a ‘forest’ would be motivating. Daily and weekly is good. But, I hate to see my progress refreshed in a sense. +Why not add zooming function for forest view instead of forcing the user to use landscape view only?..Version: 3.29.4

I love this appThis app is great if you have trouble staying focused! Like me, I always procrastinate and I don’t get my work done. But this app has helped me get all my work done! 😀 I recommend this AMAZING app to those who procrastinate a lot. Because it motivates you to do work. For example when you leave the app your tree dies! 😩 that’s what I like about it. It gives you a goal to set. This app is also helpful for you to be social and to not be on you phone all the time. Which is good for me because I am that person! Haha 😂 I really recommend this app to lots of people who like to procrastinate!.Version: 4.9.3

MotivationThis app has been great for keeping me on track with my studies. Getting a tree to put in your forest gives me just a little extra nudge to do my work uninterrupted. Where I used to easily get sidetracked, there is just something about having that tree growing that stops me if I want to google some random fact or click on a news article. Even though the app is on my phone (so my computer is still available), I have no desire to “cheat”. What is the point in a forest full of trees you didn’t earn? One overall suggestion I will make is that the sky is the limit with an app like this. How about a building? A town? A farm? An amusement park? There is definitely a lot of potential here if a talented group of programers want to expand on this whole idea. For immediate improvements I would like more it the shop. I have a feeling that will keep coming though..Version: 4.7.1

Amazing appThis app is actually amazing and has helped me prioritise certain tasks that need to be finished. Other than that, it has helped me to minimise my time with studying different task each day. Instead of not balancing my study time on different task, this app helps me identify how much time I should spend on a task. It motivates me to actually study more since I get a tree at the end. What I love about it the most is how when you start studying, there is a rain noise in the back ground that you can either listen to. And it is optional, but I always listen to it because it is very relaxing and you can focus properly. This app is extremely helpful. I mostly recommend it, it’s worth the money..Version: 4.23.0

Très bonne applicationPas cher et très utile pour planifier des temps d’étude . En plus , ça fait pousser des arbres !!.Version: 4.32.1

GoodGood.Version: 4.32.1

PerfectI was ecstatic to get this app for the longest time. What is there to critique? It does everything it promises, and even surpasses these at times! Anyone hesitant about “splurging” for it should put their minds at ease - it’ll definitely be a purchase you won’t regret. Request for next update: I’ve fallen in love with the app’s ability to track phone usage and I would really love to see other features added to this idea. For me, personally, I would love to be able to customise a “time limit” where I receive a notification if I use my phone for more than I intended to. Thank you for your wonderful app, be proud of yourselves for making such a sleek, functioning execution of a brilliant app idea. Cheers!.Version: 4.3

Wonderful appThis is a wonderful app. I have been planting cherry trees all spring and now have a whole forest of them. Initially just used to keep focused but have started using so I don’t use phone before bed etc. The threat of a dead tree in your forest if you use your phone once you have started your tree growing is quite powerful. You earn points for trees grown and can use these to increase your tree varieties available or to plant real trees (you need quite a lot for that) Messages and calls still come through, and you can play music. You can link with friends. My daughter and I compete. Highly recommend this simple app to anyone wanting to spend less time online. Now back to planting trees and work....Version: 4.8.5

Thanks for stopwatch feature!Loving this app! Helps me to motivate me to study ‘just a little more... and a little more after that’. And it’s got to know whether I am on track with the weekly workload by keeping an eye on the hours studied for each individual course! But the best is the new stopwatch feature! It gives more freedom to pause when attention is slipping away or to carry on when ‘In the zone’ without being disrupted by a timer telling you apparently that you should have a study break. This increases productivity!!!.Version: 4.33.0

Definitely worth trying out for basic mindfulness meditationDefinitely worth trying out for basic mindfulness meditation and practicing meditation. Gentle sounds can be turned on and off and you can self reflect on the past meditation experience. You can also share your experiences into your digital holistic daily journey (apps like Day One, etc). Give yourself time and you’ll start viewing your world space differently. Just give yourself the time and space to practice mindfulness moments including this helpful app. Stay kind and compassionate towards you. You need it..Version: 4.8.7

Amazing Pomodoro Timer!I’m a student currently studying for my GCSE’s and this app really helps me out as it is a good motivation to study because you want to build your forest up and unlock new trees. I also love the way you can add friends or join rooms as it makes it a bit competitive which is also a great motivation because it makes you want to beat all your friends and have the best looking, full forest. The deep focus mode on the app which makes it so you kill the tree if you close the app to go on something is also a great feature as it stops you from being tempted to go on your phone whilst studying. I highly recommend this app to any student of any age!.Version: 4.11.2

Fantastic App!Helps me to stay off my phone so that I can stay focused on more important things in front of me - work, study, family, a good book! Knowing that I can help with the environment and create a positive change in the world by not using my phone and then using the coins to plant a real tree keeps me using this app as regularly as possible..Version: 4.1.3

A pleasurable experienceI have picked up forest a few times through the years as a means to re-train myself to be focused. The premise is simple: you are betting against yourself. Accessing your phone costs you a beautiful little tree in your forest. It is also kind of fun like a game, "how can I shape my forest?" So, you have many motivations to not access your phone. At the end of the day, you see your forest with few (or preferably no) dead trees and you can say, "I did a good job today." The only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is the inherent limitations of such an app: it cannot differentiate between uses of the phone. For example, if I need to access my photos because I took a photo of a whiteboard in a meeting, I can't until the focus period ends. There is a mode that let's you cheat, but that defeats the purpose of the app. There is no solution to this, as that would defeat privacy measures in the phone. But, maybe that is a good result: changing your habits to discourage productive dependence on the computer in your pocket..Version: 4.14.1

Absolutely love itIt really helps me to stay focus and get of my phone. I think it’s so valuable nowadays, especially with the immense prevalence of handheld devices and the fact that they conquer our attention for vast periods of our everyday lives..Version: 4.8.1

Pomodoro but betterI've been a fan of the pomodoro technique since I discovered it, but I've never quite managed to get it to stick. This simple little app changed all of that for me. It's essentially a simple gamifying of the pomodoro technique (in which you work on a task for a focussed burst, then have a short break, then repeat). This app plants a virtual tree in a virtual glade if you manage to leave your phone untouched for the amount of time you set. At the end of the day you can see how much time you've spent focussing based on how many trees you have in your glade. I don't know why visualising the time in this way has such a profound effect, but it does. I know I can't touch my phone, so I know I may as well get on with the task at hand. Even if you don't want to use it for work, but for down time, it's effective. Set it, and forget about your phone for an hour. Read a book, go for a walk. You'll have a lovely virtual tree to admire when you get back..Version: 3.28.7

This app is a GODSENDI have just the absolute worst habit of procrastination, and I have no idea what else to do to help me stop being such a sleaze-bag and stop sleazing around and shirking my homework and studying. I needed something to take my Sleaze level way down from Super Saiyan Sleaze God to, like, just a regular Super Saiyan Sleaze. One day, during my procrastination addiction, I was looking though some apps and I saw it: Forest-Stay Focused. I immediately felt drawn. “I’ll just keep procrastinating and sleazing it up while I check out this app,” I thought. Unbeknownst to my Sleazy Habits, this app would soon become the death them. I use it all the time and have gone from not studying or doing homework at all, to working on homework and studying for over 3 solid hours a day (and growing! As is my forest!). This app is awesome, and I can actually feel my Super Saiyan Sleaze Power leave me. Best $2 I ever spent. If you think about it, I’m only giving up like, a snickers bar and like, one or two 4-packs of Wrigley’s gum. Also, I can’t wait to unlock mushrooms and start sleazing it up with them..Version: 4.7.2

A really cute app for productivityTo be honest, I only just recently started using the app since my testing week is coming up and I’m having trouble staying away from my phone but it is definitely a great app to help with work or study. The graphics are really cute too. 🌱happy studying! ✨.Version: 4.38.2

I was sceptical about this but actuallyYou know what it’s really useful. Whack on airplane mode and set the tree growing for a study session and you don’t want to take airplane mode off and kill the tree and waste time faffing. Actually works even without airplane mode - usually my phone pings and I go to the app that’s calling me and suddenly I’m in the hole and god knows how long I’ll be there before I realise. Now even when I get a WhatsApp or a Instagram notification but I have a tree growing I think no that can wait I’ll work until my tree is done. The fact that if you grow enough trees they plant a real one for you is pretty cool too. Wish there was a way to plant multiple different trees coordinated with subjects (ie cedars for chemistry, oaks for physics etc) automatically and without having to pay!.Version: 4.40.0

Perfect for students who just can’t focus!I’m a high school student, and I use this app when I have to study or take notes. For those of you who aren’t interested in reading a really long review, here’s my summary: This app wards off distractions and is a perfect way to keep yourself focused! The in-app purchases are not at all necessary (I haven’t felt even the slightest bit tempted to spend money), so you should definitely give this app a try! Here’s the longer explanation: I originally heard about Forest from a friend after I told her how I was struggling to avoid getting distracted. It seemed like every time I tried to sit down and start working, a new notification popped up on my screen- whether it was a text message, an email, or a game alert- and I couldn’t stay focused. I love this app because it helps me stay on track and get work done. With the adorable game design aside, using this app is just super gratifying! Of course, the tiny trees are cute and it’s fun to grow your own forest, but this app isn’t just aesthetically pleasing: it’s extremely functional. It allows me to focus, avoid distractions, and succeed in school. There’s nothing you need to buy in order to use the app, so just download it and give it a try! If it doesn’t work for you, then you can just delete it, but it might end up being super useful for you, just as it was for me!.Version: 4.10.5

This app helps me live my lifeI’m constantly on my phone for no reason and so having this app motivates me to stay off my phone and go do other things. And the more you’re not on your phone the more trees you get!.Version: 4.8.1

Love It...but...Love the app. Extremely helpful especially during the exam periods to prevent myself from procrastinating. Also love the friends feature. Only issue is that I wish the app could sync across multiple devices, rather than me having to start a timer on each individual device. As currently even if I have the Forest app activated on my phone, I get around it by procrastinating on my laptop or on my iPad. If there was a feature that could let me choose to activate Forest on the one device or select the devices I want to stop using. Overall it is a very good app that has helped a lot..Version: 4.8.7

So helpful!This app has provided me all the incentive I need to stay focused. In this world of nearly constant connectivity, having the app encourage me to ignore my phone has also helped me put aside emails, other side tasks, and in-office distractions in favor of writing. I first used this app during a writing workshop and got so much done that I decided to incorporate it into my daily writing practice, and I have not been disappointed with the results! Thank you! I do wish that the app played a sound when a tree has grown. I also wish that there was a way to allow the app to turn off notifications, because if I leave my phone screen up so I can see when the tree is done, I also see my text messages, emails, etc. come in. I don’t open them, but I still wish I could have screen silence while working on a tree. I’ll investigate playing around with my settings. Maybe there’s already a way to accomplish this!.Version: 4.8.5

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