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I forgot to add this to my other reviewI did do another review around 30 mins ago. But I forgot to add this I was just reading some of the other reviews and this came into my mind. It would be cool if we could customise our own stickers. Like I read a review saying if there was like a ‘Comeback!’. But if there was a ‘Make your own sticker’ tab, u could make your own sticker so bitstrips wouldn’t have to make a sticker with every single catchphrase or other texts. It would be more fun for bitmoji users. Like if u want to make a personalised birthday message with a name on it, it would be very useful. Or if u just wanna make new stickers. U could have like sooo many positions for your bitmoji, other sticker in the stickers e.g. if u want to add a cat, hamburger or stuff like that. This would be great on like laptops, like I said in my other review- if they was a bitmoji laptops app. But u could make it on iPhone, but like me if u have a small iPhone, u could also have like a ‘Bitmoji Studio’ page on the bitmoji website. If there was a sign in tab, that would make the ‘Bitmoji Studio’ work. Yeah, please use this idea and my other suggestions on my other review. Thx.Version: 11.7.2

Fun appIt’s a great app to customise yourself with add avatars and such in messages they come to life a bit more when someone else has it and you can link the two together, what is a let down and hence why I have only given it 4 stars is there still seems to be a lack of customisation on the clothing front, many different types of hair style or colour and eyes and wrinkles but for instance only nurses uniforms not anything for many other skilled professional workers or such other clothing. Such a shame! When they update the clothing element then I will happy change my review and update to 5 stars..Version: 10.63

VscoI recommend you to make vsco outfits with a hydro flask and scrunches and that stuff.Version: 10.68.1

AYou guys should add a play short and just hoodies no zippers that would be great also toques with pom-poms you should also add more pants.Version: 10.72

Not 5 stars... yet.Really enjoy the app and the ability to use it via the keyboard option. There are a few things that would make it 5 stars: - the ability to add piercings other than earrings. If you have a nose ring or eyebrow piercing, for example, to miss them is quite a major oversight on something that is meant to represent you. - a wider variety of body sizes. There are several slim/medium and then one much larger. It would be much better to either have more variety or steadier transition so there’s not such a big jump between the two largest. - accessing via the keyboard, it’s easy to search for what you’re looking for. When you use that app this isn’t the case (or I’m completely missing something). It would be great to be able to do this more easily. - I don’t use Snapchat, but I’d still love to be able to “interact” with my friends’ and family’s Bitmojis to post in messages and on Facebook etc. That would be awesome! (I’m sure there used to be a way to do this, didn’t there?) Anyway, fun app. Would love to give it all 5 stars!.Version: 10.55

Really good but needs a few more optionsSuch a great app, you can make really cute avatars and everything, but just a few suggestions for more hairstyles and clothing options and stuff but I totally recommend it I think lots of people would like, y’know like fuzzy socks and you could do like santa ones too or jack o lanterns too cuz I know I wear fuzzy socks a lot Also it’s become a thing at a lot of schools near me to like wear pj pants like the checkered ones so like red and black or blue and white and different colors that would be cute I have curtain bangs and I feel like there’s only like one option for curtain bangs so if there could be more hairstyles with curtain bangs that would be cool because my hair doesn’t quite look like the one that they have There’s only one option for french braids and it looks kinda weird almost but not to be a hater or anything and maybe if there could be more french braid options because I french braid my hair a lot If there could be an option for more than three freckles on each cheek that could be cool Lots of people have the translucent glasses right now it’s kinda in style at least where I live so if that could be an option that would be nice My last suggestion is a shirt that you can custom like what it says and where it says it like in the corner or the middle The app is so great and avatars are so cute but those customization suggestions are not half bad so maybe listening to a few could be good 🙃.Version: 11.78

GREAT BUT MORE FITSLoveee my Bitmoji and I love looking at others however just a bit of feedback. I also only use it on snap. Please consider more skin tones.. I feel like with my moji’s skin colour is other light or pretty dark, no really in between. Relative to this, please consider more lip shades or eyeshadows that are nude or with the trend. Also a big one for me.. MORE FITS. Right now there okay, but please consider maybe looking at other clothing brands. Maybe Urban outfitters, H&M or something well known. Or even just create more outfits under the Bitmoji category but look at current trends. Thankqqqqq and great job!.Version: 10.19

More options for customisationLove bitmoji! But what sometimes gets on my nerves is the restricted freedom we have with customisation. Is it possible that each avatar style could have the same custom options rather than one avatar having more than the rest? Eg, deluxe having wider range of options than the other two, such as hair & accessories. I do favour the classic & im sure many others do too, but dislike how we dont have the same options. I would also like to recommend if outfits were separated into individual pieces, so we can be able to choose what shirt goes with what pants..Version: 10.37

Really good but a few suggestionsHey bitmoji developers! the app u have created is amazing and i love how it is compatible with snapchat bc it makes the app so much better and also snapchat better bc u can see everyone’s bitmojis. and i think the collabs with levi’s, jordan, adidas and all of the other clothing ones are excellent. speaking of collaborations, i think that it would definitely be a great collab with bitmoji x fortnite. u could design ur own bitmoji and use it as a skin in fortnite. so please think about this and contact epic games about it since i think it’s a really good idea. also, there’s a bit of an issue with the festive christmas outfits. personally, i would prefer my bitmoji to just have the elf hat but no outfit-just the outfit i already created. so i’m suggesting that u add the christmas hats to the hat section so people can wear it separately. also i think that the clothing options could be a little more so i think doing some more collabs with different brands to make clothing will be good. thanks a lot for creating bitmoji. i really enjoy it. 5 stars for the effort into the app please consider my suggestions.Version: 11.55.0

Bitmoji ClothingWould absolutely love if we got a sims type feel to the app. As in getting to choose individual clothing items instead of having a set style for our choice. More skin colour options, more makeup options for blush and lipstick, more styles of clothing like denim skirts and jeans etc. I also think adding in accessories such as handbags, jewellery, watches, bracelets is a good idea. Also more hairstyles for girls. Such as the half up half down curly ponytail, cute messy bun etc. just a few suggestions that I know would please myself and others!.Version: 11.1.1

GreatI got this app about a week ago but already love it! I love the way that there are so many ways to say something as a response to a text message or just as something to send to friends! One thing that I think would be amazing is if there could be musical-and-film-themed bitmojis. For example, Hamilton bitmojis would be awesome- there are already Star Wars stickers, so maybe there could be other things like that too (marvel bitmojis!!!!). Please take into account that I know nothing about app building or copyright and that sort of thing, but it would be AWESOME. Thanks for this great way to contact others!.Version: 10.81

Great idea, clothes could be improvedWould be really cool if you could customise an outfit, to change colours and pick a different top and bottoms.Version: 10.49

Pokémon outfitsPlease add Pokémon costumes to the app that would ba amazing and much appreciated cause everyone loves Pokémon And they are all so cute snapchat had a pikachu filter so let’s get a pikachu costume please.Version: 10.23

GoodIt’s is a good app when you want to apologise to a friend you send them a Bitmoji or you love your bestie so much you send them a bitmoji it’s worth getting the app !! <3.Version: 10.64

👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼Wish you could pick your outfit separately between shirts pants & shoes, but still good 👍🏼👍🏼.Version: 10.47

Mojis ClothesLove this app so much!! Just wondering with the selection of clothes they’re mostly for people that wear the trendy stuff that is common to see around the place. Could there may be some more alternative style clothing like stuff at Hot Topic and similar stores as I’m someone who wears more grunge style clothing and there’s not really much of that to choose from. Other than that the whole idea of Bitmoji and how you’re branching out to other developers like Snapchat it awesome, keep up the hard work!!.Version: 10.31

Amazing! <3Dear Bitmoji staff, I love Bitmoji very much, and it is the best way to send full sentences with just pictures. But, I was wandering, if you could make a suspicious Bitmoji, and maybe one that says “Come back!” on it? Also the Bitmoji app: you can search Bitmojis on Bitmoji Keyboard, but it would be really handy if we could search them in the app. For clothes, facial features and hair: maybe a really long straight hairstyle that goes down to their waist? That’s almost how long my hair is, and a nice long straight high ponytail that goes down just above the waist, and an outfit that is a slightly cropped baby blue sweater with a cartoon moon and stars on it, a black skirt, a nice black heart necklace, some socks and black converse boots. Also if you could make a recolour with a pale pink sweater, that would be pretty cool too. Also maybe some white shorts and pale cold-shoulder, slightly ruffled at the top long-sleeved shirts in the colours of the rainbow, including pink with some white and black runners. Maybe some more colour options with the cat ears. (Please include rose gold!) Also can we have freckles spread right across the nose, not just on the cheeks? Just a few ideas for an improvement that I would absolutely love!!!!!.Version: 10.35

Room for Improvement!Wow! Bitmoji is a terrific app to use and I absolutely love it. My family, friends, and I have competitions to see who can go the longest only talking in Bitmojis. Amazing app! A few things are limited though. I role play in Bitmoji (weird, I know) so I would love to see some updates in headgear and clothing. In some Bitmojis, it changes your outfit (bride, groom, puppy), so I would love to see those outfits available for use in the wardrobe. Any long dresses would be much appreciated! Also for wardrobe, it would be cool if you started by either looking at featured outfits or choosing a brand (Black Label, BitmojiSun, Brrrrmoji, etc) so you wouldn’t have to scroll all the way down. My biggest complaint; Snapchat. I would LOVE to use 2 player Bitmojis and Bitmoji Parties in Apple messages or texting! However, I’m sure there are lots of people like me who don’t have Snapchat or aren’t allowed to use it (kids)! So please try to let some other apps allow 2 Person Bitmojis and Bitmoji Parties! I am completely aware though that, being owned by Snapchat, Bitmoji is trying to advertise Snapchat. One more thing- multiple Bitmojis! I have lots of friends and they all say “Oh, do a Bitmoji of me!” And I have to say “I can’t, it would overwrite my data. And you’d look terrible in Bitmoji Classic LOL.” Please improve game! Still sad Bitstrips got canceled! Stay safe! 😷😷😷.Version: 10.84

GREATOk, this is a great app! It has endless hair, clothes, and makeup options! You can make it look like a mirror of you, or some wild dream character! The stickers express any emotion, of feeling there is! One problem: 12+. That’s my only issue. Overall:😍😍😍😍😍BEST APP EVER! Very highly recommended. If the staff are looking for ideas, I would like it if you could enter the app with your device horizontal. The app must be made for phones, because the device has to be vertical to be on bitmoji. I love how there are 3 different styles of bitmoji, and yes it is possible to make multiple ( go to settings, select change avatar style, don’t worry you can change back, it won’t delete your old one!) I would also like if you didn’t have to change the style to have multiple. And I wish you could have over 3. I love this app, it is my favourite sticker choice! One more thing, I wish you didn’t have to have a phone number to get friendmoji. I don’t have a number, and nor do my friends. But........... BITMOJI IS THE BEST! GET BITMOJI! Btw, I have read reviews from 3 years ago suggesting features,.... which the app now has!.Version: 11.69

Please read ❤️I love bitmoji! It's super fun to customize your own personal bitmoji, and I find that there's an accurate bitmoji for almost any occasion/situation. Plus, the mix-and-match feauture only adds to further customization. However, I do have a few ideas for how to improve this app. Firstly, I definently think that the designers of this app should add an option for braces! So many people these days find these mini metal machines fixated on their teeth for a while, and couldn't possibly imagine their appearance without them. And it's mostly teenagers who use this app, after all, and they are usually the people who have braces. That is why I think that it's important to add a choice for braces. In addition, the designers should include a low ponytail in the hairstyle section. It's one of the most common, easy hairstyle girls these days wear. The only ponytails available right now is this super high ponytail and an awkward side ponytail. We need low ponytails, please! As you can see, I only have two PRESSING requests. Please see them through as soon as you can. Otherwise this app is great!.Version: 10.73

4/5I love this app but i wish we had more “options” you know? such as hairstyles, eye colour, piercings, height, choosing your own outfit (or more variety of clothes), etc.Version: 10.17

Could be betterDon’t get me wrong I really do love this app and I love the new update with the new character style. Although it could be better. It would be so much better if there were more outfits and even better if we chose individual clothes like t-shirts and trousers etc. Or more hair styles like I have long wavy hair and the styles there don’t match it. Or if there was a slider to change the height and body width (I saw someone else write this is their review and I thought it was a really good idea). But anyway this is a really good app and I highly recommend it. What’s better than your own emoji? Keep up the good work!.Version: 10.25

This app= awesomeThis app is awesome! I'm never getting bothered by billions of adds or any bugs or viruses! 😄👍🏻 It's totally worth getting bc it's awesome fun designing your avatar and sending it to friends! The Age limit should definitely be changed to 8+! It's only so high bc they need to make sure that little kids don't make purchases without permission but otherwise you should totally get this for you, friends and family! Thanks for reading my review! 😁.Version: 10.89

I love this app!!💖This app is amazing! I love how you can make your avatar look realistic with all the different choices of hairstyles, makeup, accessories and clothes. This app is very creative and I really appreciate that - I love how my avatar turned out like. One of the things you could add is maybe a section for people with braces because lots of people have braces and it would be complete if u add this. I don’t wear braces but my friends and family do and it would be cool if u had braces in this app. Idk if you’ve already had braces in this app and I just haven’t noticed it but if there isn’t, this is just a request.💕😅Also, for Indian people, you could add saris (a sari is a really traditional dress for woman from India, Pakistan etc..) Thankssss if u do this😘🤩😎.Version: 10.49

Create a pet!!!I really like this app it’s fun to play around with and create a character, but I was thinking that it would be pretty cool if you could create a pet as well. I have a pet cat called Needles and I think it would be so cool if I would create him as my pet on this app, and he could join me in some of the stickers. It would also bee amazing if other people like me could create a pet like a dog or a rabbit all the way to a pet bird or something. I’m not to sure how to get my idea across but if you see this and like my idea and you know how to make it work I would really appreciate it thanks. For Bethany brewer ❤️.Version: 10.36.1

Great app but it could be betterIt’s great and all but you should be able to choose your height you see I’m like tall but you should be able to choose small medium or tall it would be great you also should add tattoos and let the person making their Bitmoji choose their tattoo people should also be able to make their own clothes not saying that the clothes you pick out for us are bad but we should be able to make our own by ourselves I know some people might choose inappropriate clothes but you can prevent that from happening here’s how you can make it so people can show pictures of their clothes and if it’s inappropriate you can just not let them add it this would be a great update thank you very much for those who readed this all.Version: 10.72

My SuggestionsDear Bitmoji Staff, I love the bitmoji app I love to use it when messaging my friends. My suggestions are that maybe you could add a school uniform outfit. You must add this because majority of the outfits that are there for the users to choose are casual clothing. I know that you have added the work section to the outfits but I know that adding a school uniform section will help the users express themselves even further. Thank you for your consideration and I hope that you can get back to me soon. Thanks!.Version: 10.85

Clothing form around the worldHow about clothing from different countries around the world and different sports clothing not everybody is into baseball and basketball.. and maybe different Bitmoji pictured in different settings to say london, New York, Paris. Different locations so that if you are on holiday in the country you could send a bitmoji to a friend in he location of your holiday..Version: 10.18.1

Height, weight and PiercingsGreat app, love using it. Few suggestions though. I know it already features 5 or 6 weight options, but why no update that and have a slider system, so it’s not as rigid, for people in between options. Similarly, i think a height system should be added on sliders too, would make the avatars much more realistic if we could change heights. Maybe some basic piercings too? a few ear options, nose, septum perhaps. And then the basic: always after new hair styles and clothes, maybe some cool, ‘80s, thrift sort of clothes to match the style that’s in?? Great app though, love it..Version: 10.42

So cool, but...This is a truly amazing app. The fact that I don’t have Snapchat and can still use it on messages is great. But whenever I go into messages, it takes forever for my bitmoji to load. And I’m not kidding. My phone was on 80 percent and i was still waiting until I gave up hope and my phone was on 48 percent. I’m not sure if it’s my internet or data connection but if it’s to do with the app, I would love it fixed ASAP. Thank you so much for considering my letter.Version: 10.71

Love it but...It needs more customizations imo. Such as accessories and other clothing like scarfs and wristbands etc. just my 2cents lol.Version: 10.81

Amazing!Love this app, has no faults/bugs/glitches has a simple layout and easy for a child to use. Appropriate clothing and does not influence things like smoking/drugs on young users. (Unlike some other apps) The selection of characters is fabulous because youths can choose more cartoon style characters where as adolescents/adults can go for a more mature look. The clothing is especially great as it has a wide variety of hats with emojis on, or for older users; just plain colours. The app does not influence any ‘inappropriate’ clothing such as tiny bikini bras/pants, you have many choices of fun Halloween, Christmas costumes, animal costumes, tracksuits & season wear. Would hugely recommend to any ages..Version: 10.45

Amazing! But...I absolutely love bitmoji I think it is amazing! ❤️❤️ I have so much fun making my friends family and even new people, I also love the fact you can change the style of your bitmoji to make it perfect! 👌🏻 You can make your bitmoji a miniature you where ever you are and have so much fun sending stickers of a miniature self to everyone! But I have on thing... you can make it exactly you if in real life say you have piercings or tattoos, there is no option to do that and I think it would be even better if you had that option to add accessories that aren’t just head accessories. I gave this five star because I have no problem with the app so please defiantly get this app but if the creators do read this I would really appreciate the new option! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 10.64

New ClothingHi guys! I love Bitmoji and I have been using it for at least a year now as well as Snapchat but there is one problem... I would love to have more clothing options such as possibly denim jumpsuits, champion hoodies and shirts, flanelette shirts and jumpers. This would be greatly appreciated if this could happen! I would also like in the app to be able to have earrings on your Bitmoji. I heard you could do this on “bit strips” but I didn’t really like the look of bit strips so can we please have earrings on all the types of Bitmoji in the app. Other than that it is a great app that I would recommend for everyone to use 😁.Version: 11.7.2

Great but..The bitmoji app is very nice and easy to use. it is quick to setup and create a bitmoji and you can create many different types of characters. although you have quite a lot of choice in skin and eye color, facial features, clothing, hairstyles, accessories - there is a limitation. in my opinion there should be more clothes and hairstyles because as someone who has an unique style and long straight hair with bangs, i can’t really realistically create myself. i understand that it takes some time to add new things into an app but it is quite simple and not too hard to create and compute a couple hair styles and outfits (i have also realised there is a lack of curly hair and long hair.) in addition, i think it would be cool if there was an option to create your own outfits out of clothes that are already in the application. overall however the app is great and i would recommend to use it for snapchat, messaging, or if you just simply want to create some cartoon characters for fun. the only reason i gave it 4/5 stars is because of the restrictions when making your bitmoji. :).Version: 10.69

I’m in love with the bitmoji appI love the bitmoji app. I love how you can create your own virtual you. But I have one suggestion is that you need more street fashion in your clothing option. Me myself being a skateboarder, I like the baggy camo pants and hoodies and stuff like that. Anyway I love your guys app..Version: 10.27

I WANT TO ADD A NOSE RING!Please update so that we can add piercings to the right or left of our faces! And more hair styles please!!.Version: 10.18

Polynesian OutfitTo the creators, I love the bitmoji characters that we get to create but I have an idea for you guys. It would be an honour if you would at some point bring in something from my culture, the pacific island culture not just Hawaii or Fiji, but I was thinking of expanding it Samoa, Tonga and Cook Islands. There are so many Polynesians, Micronesians and Malenesians, who believe that the culture is being ignored. I would give you people the time to study the beloved cultures of the Pacific and get some ideas to create some of the outfits that we wore before civilisation and the tattoo we bore as they tell stories. Take as much time as you want, this a request for me to honour and pay respects the bloodline of chiefs, my bloodline..Version: 10.67

More Options PleaseeI love this app and it's a great concept! My Bitmoji is the Bitmoji style but there are limited choices you can have. For starters, the only face shape that looks in proportion is the big one but it doesn't look like me 😂 It would also be nice if you had more choices on the eyes to make it look more personal (and maybe to get rid of the eyeliner?). Finally, there isn't that much choice for hairstyles (which really is the thing that will make it look like you) and all the options are short so I can only use the pony tail. Other than this, I love the app and I always use the stickers in Snapchat,, great job!.Version: 10.19

Amazing but needs more outfitsI really love this app, it’s super fun to message friends and it’s also cool how you can use it on Snapchat. The only thing I want to point out is that there is no where near enough outfits that look good. The other day my friends and I were texting each other, showing each other our Bitmojis and I had the same outfit as two other people in the group! Anyway keep up the good work!.Version: 10.41

I’m in love with myselfI’m seriously in love with myself haha, I love my Bitmoji more than my real self lol... Now please add some more cause I can’t get enough.Version: 10.31

Love the game! Just a few suggestions.Hi Bitstrips, I REALLY love your game bitmoji! It’s awesome. More than half of the people in my contacts use it. I love it so much, I really want you to make other games, so I have a suggestion. In the other game, it could be like bitmoji (you create a character) but could you create more than one character and save them all? Your game is the only actual game I’ve found that allows you to create good cartoony characters and I LOVE games like that, but you can only create 1 character in bitmoji. Thanks for the awesome game and stickers! I have no other problems except that I’m really annoyed you’ve only created one game!.Version: 10.57

I like bitmoji but… PLS UPDATE AVATARI love bitmoji but there could be more adds in the avatar. I would really like for bitmoji to add these requests.i think you should be able to do other jewelry than just piercings. For example i think there should be necklaces,rings,bracelets,etc.I also think that there should be NEW HAIR. I love the hair that they have but there isn’t that much. I think there should be more with curtain bangs and all of that. There should be more newer styles. Maybe a french braid in the back. 2 braids that lead into a ponytail.I also think there should be softer curls.I just think we MUST have newer styles every once and a while. maybe every month. I always change my bitmoji and can’t seem to find hair that fits me. .I would give this a 5 but i gave it a 3 because bitmoji never updates hair. OTHER PEOPLE AGREE WITH BOTH OF THESE REQUESTS SO PLEASE DO WHAT WE ASK FOR.☺️[EDIT] sooo they added new hair. softer curls like i asked!! thank you! but i will update it to a four because they didn’t add jewelry. but it’s ok! i know a lot of people who wear the 2 dutch braids into a ponytail. i do. people ask for that so please do that hair. Also thank you for adding a couple of new hairs! They did a wolf cut with bangs. If you make it without bangs i would be extremely happy and be very happy if you added dutch braids into ponytail! thank you!!.Version: 11.69

Things I wish this app hadI wish this app had more ways to do highlights other than the ombré. I wish we had more clothes to choose from like: non Jean short shorts, crops tops, bikinis, one piece swimsuits, tight ripped jeans, customizable jerseys, and certain style categories like: skater, emo, preppy, rich, grunge, girly, tomboy. I also wish that the head wasn't so big because my avatar has a small body then this huge head. More hairstyles are needed like medium length (not just short and long), hair that’s wavy like the half up half down space buns, layered hair that starts at the jawline, a sing French braid, a braided ponytail, gentle wavy hair, beaded hair (with colorful beads), bandana biker hair, the claw clip hairstyles, wavy hair with random braids, bun with baby hairs/ without them, and a low bun with baby hairs ( these are just suggestions not all of these have to be added). Another thing that would be nice if there was the option to have long socks or short socks. Piercings and tattoos would be nice. Any accessories would be wonderful to have. These are all suggestions I’m not demanding or hope I come across demanding for these things it would just be nice to have..Version: 11.31

This app is so cool!I have had Bitmoji since 2018 and all I can start off with saying is first of all your character can be linked to Snapchat which is great Bitmoji is a cool free app which I love with no in app purchases on it and no ads either where as I had another app similar to this before and it contained in app purchases which was no good until I found this. It is amazing what you can do with your Bitmoji you can select clothes and dress up your character, put facial stuff on, choose hair style and many more. I like it that you can use your Bitmoji to use and play in the mini games on Snapchat and select what profile picture you want and the best part is you can save your clothes so you don’t lose your styles. I recommend getting this app. Thanks to the developer for creating this app..Version: 11.15

Don’t have a phone numberI love this app, but I’m using it on iPad and I really wanna use friendmoji, but I don’t have a phone number, is there any other way you guys can let other people use it without having to put down a phone number? Maybe like email or something? 🙏.Version: 11.15

AddNeed to make the split hair colours ombré instead also add multi coloured corset and pink Jordan’s. They also need to add jewellery like necklaces and bracelets.Version: 11.78

Awesome!!!Bitmoji is an awesome app! I have an older phone 📱 and it's not got Memoji. Bitmoji is actually a lot better than Memoji, because you can change your clothes and your hair treatment. Plus there are loads of cooler stickers! Everything is entirely free! Except for the merchandise.💸 But it's ok 👌because it's worth it. I mean who doesn't want a shirt👚 with a picture of themselves👱‍♀️👱 on it?! The one thing i'd change ↔️would be that you can't have more than one avatar. 😔I like to make several others 👱🏻‍♀️👩🏻👵🏾👨🏾👦🏼👶🏿👴🏽👱🏼👧🏿but it doesn't give you this option. Also, I mostly use WhatsApp and when I use Bitmoji on WhatsApp it comes as a photo 📸🎞with a border. It would be great 👍 if there was an option for it to be a sticker. 💟 I know this would be near impossible but it would be nice. 👌 Great app anyway! Get it, i urge you!.Version: 10.83

When is bitstrips come backWhen is bitstrips coming back I enjoy that app that app was the best. I really miss it please come back..Version: 10.85

FriendmojiI think this is a FANTATSIC app and i love it so much! I use it all the time and my friends love it too! Just one little thing... I love the idea of ‘Friendmoji’, but i don’t have Snapchat and maybe younger users may not be allowed it (although it is 12+ for bitmoji, i think it’s 13+ for snapchat so some may not be allowed until they are EXACTLY 13) Whatever it is (as i said previously, i don’t have Snapchat, so i don’t know), It seems like a great idea, but, if it is possible, maybe having it in iMessage as well as Snapchat could work too? Once again, a FANTASTIC app overal. From, Anonymous.Version: 10.23

Avatar body sizeCan you please have another size between the largest and second largest? Cheers.Version: 10.47.1

PLZ READ WHOLE RVW Needs to work on a hairstyle to match mine.This app is so fun and cool! There are so many different stickers. Funny ones, casual ones, relatable ones, and there are so many different moods and you can even costimize a sticker! You can also use a sticker with both you and one of your friends who also have Bitmoji as a co-star! There are many different outfits, tops, bottoms, jackets, dresses, face wear, headwear and more. There is one problem that specifically bothers me. There are SOO many different hairstyles and hair types, but I can not find hair that matches my curls. The 56th hairstyle (exactly 14 rows down) is my hair type. Those curls match my hair perfectly, except the curls continue and my hair is much longer. If we could get a longer hair version of this, my Bitmoji would actually look like me. Another thing that I think would help people’s Bitmoji out a lot is if there was a slider or something to costomize your hair length instead of having to scroll far down to find your hairstyle, or to NOT even find one that matches. THIS WOULD BE VERY APPRECIATED AND IF THIS WAS A THING, I would give the app 5 STARS. Thank you so much for reading this whole thing if you did. grrrrr_sir agrees w/ me btw EDIT: 8/8 They added one that sorta matches except the hair is all the way to the Right.. we need some work and I’d be soooo happy.Version: 11.43

Best emoji app ever, but consider this . . .I am in love with this app... the features it adds are so diverse yet so enjoyable for everyone at any age!! Because of this app’s creativity, I’d like to make a few suggestions... and I ask that you at least read these just in case you ever change your mind or need a few ideas of inspiration. Because we all know the magic you’re capable of making!! 🦄 First off, some more realistic fashion items could be added: tie-dye shirts, different patterned shirts (polka-dots, stripes, etc.) sparkly/sequin clothing items, movie/TV show referenced merch, and so much more ideas. A lot of these suggestions I feel would be used frequently by teens, whether they like a cute tie-dye crop, or a shirt from a Disney movie. Secondly, and lastly, I was thinking some more hairstyles and accessories. With accessories, more realistic things such as scrunchies or braces could be added to the app. A lot of people have braces, and a lot would love little arm scrunchies or anklets to finish off their look. Hairstyles could be... - straight/blowout hairstyles - wavy/curled hairstyles -more updo styles (messy buns, ponytails, etc.) Thanks for reading!! 💙💙.Version: 11.59

Love it!Love it! I do think there should be A LOT more options when it comes to the clothing and makeup though..Version: 10.31

How about petI think that adding your own pet to your avatar would be amazing and also we could dress up matching it.Version: 10.78

Clothes, Jewelry, and AccessoriesThe bitmoji app is great and fun to use while texting friends or using Snapchat. However, I have noticed a few flaws that could be improved. For example, the clothes are difficult to find and the accessories are limited. First, searching for clothes is difficult. I use to be able to search up different categories for outfits, but now I have to scroll down and try to find different categories that way which takes long and is a pain! I also noticed that they get rid of clothes that aren’t in season. Now, if I wanted to put on a Christmas sweater the day after Halloween or I wanted to put on a Halloween outfit in August (early I know but I get excited) I can’t because the option won’t pop up until closer to that time. The option of necklaces and bracelets is nonexistent. I think it’d be something nice to add and would complete some of my outfits. I was very happy to see they added earring, but we could still use some more jewelry. Also, what about scarfs? I like to wear plaid scarfs with plain sweaters and jeans in the winter. I’d like my bitmoji to have the same cute outfits. It may not be necessary, but it’d certainly be a nice touch. In conclusion, this app is fun to use, but it could use some improvements. I highly suggest you listen to what I listed above and fix these flaws. Without the flaws I listed above, this app truly would be great..Version: 11.51

Needs more personalityThis would be wicked if u could add some tats and piercings!.Version: 10.18

Please add more clothing optionsDear bitmoji staff, i think that the bitmoji app could really use a feature that allows users to create there own clothing items and outfits and even also be able share them with other users that or user on yor snapchat friends list, i kinda like shadey mysterious outfits for my bitmoji and theres only one out of all the ones i can possibly pick to use that is of my liking, im sure that many other user would like to see a feature like this added, i reckon that users can make them on a bitmoji manikin to help design any piece of clothing that meets their appropriate desires, I understand that perhaps this may cause problems with some users bitmojis wearing inappropriate items of clothing but im sure you can find ways to prevent that from happening and still with a vast array of many creational options, the outfit I currently have is great and all but its kinda starting to get old and i think implementing a feature like that allows you to make items of clothing can make it more satisfying for users that strive for that perfect outfit or clothing item I really hope you guys listen to these because there are some really good words of advice, i hope you can try adding this feature and if you have read this far then thankyou and please do put this into consideration if possible.Version: 10.45

Really good but here are some ImprovementsI think bitmoji is an amazing app and I absolutely love it. But there are somethings it could improve on. For example, for the characters hair maybe they could do an option for people who have long thin curls as my best friend has long thin curls but she has to use the dreadlocks option. Also for the outfits the could do a belly jumper outfit, this would match my style and characteristics exactly! I also think there should be a new summer collection as last years is boring now lols! There are some other things you could improve on but they are not as important to me. But overall bitmoji is an awesome app that I think everyone should download!.Version: 10.59

Puppies please!!!I just redownloaded the app after a year without having it and I’m loving it so far! All the new options made it so my Bitmoji looks more than just kinda like me! Buuuutttt I really need more photo options with dogs! There seem to be a lot of cats and only a couple dogs. If it could be developed where you could build your dog (or cat) just like you build yourself, either in this same app or in a partner app, that would be the coolest. There are no good options out there for that and I would love to be able to use my actual dog as a Bitmoji!! Edit: After a few weeks of using Bitmoji there are a few thing that would make the customization of the avatar closer to real life. Some way to show tattoos would be great! Even if it was just basic drawings on different body parts it would get the point across. Also, being able to change clothing items individually rather than as a full outfit would be wonderful! And finally, better options for hazel eyes!! I had to go with green because nothing was quite right otherwise but my eyes are rarely just green..Version: 10.62

Where are the African hairstyles?!!This app should have African hairstyles for those who are African. For example, cornrows, afros, braids, twist, etc. We need to express our bitmoji especially with our hair if we come from Africa. Please make a change to the app.Version: 10.16

More clothing options PLEEEEASEGreat app, you guys have done a great job but like many other reviews, the clothes options really don’t represent my personal style and I’ve had the same outfit for ages and it’s getting ooold- there’s no long skirts or dresses at all! I would not wear absolutely anything else that’s currently on offer and I rarely see any clothing updates apart from more boring sports outfits. At one point, you guys had real designer labels available – what happened to that? I also really like the suggestion of being able to create our own outfits -I would pay for this as a premium in-app function..Version: 10.55

It’s great for school.My class used it it was awesome.Version: 10.61

HairI love this app! But there has been one issue that have been there for me and many other from the beginning. There are options for straight hair, kind of Wavy hair, and extremely curly/kinky hair. But there is not a single option for looser curls. Afro texture is almost all there is, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’m glad they have so many options for those with super curly locks! But as a curly haired woman myself, everyone (a lot of girls) I’ve met with the same hair texture as me have complained about this when it’s brought up. This includes every women in my family, we have been forced to use straight hair on our bitmojjis. And my god is it annoying that not one style of hair matches our incredibly common curly hair texture. There is (being generous) maybe one hair option in-between straight/sight wave, and 4C kinky curls. Even just adding three or four generic options at different lengths in the very middle of wavy and kinky would make SO many people happier with the app. If there were 4 groups of hair, moving from straightest to curliest, just to illustrate. Let’s say: Straight. Wavy. Curly. Kinky. There would be nothing for the curly category for women except maybe one hair style. Please make more hair!!!!!!!! I’ve been waiting for it for years now! And am leaving this comment after silently just hoping for an update..Version: 10.77.1

ButttttWe need more hair color options! Please you guys never have my hair color. I feel left out.Version: 10.16

PLEEASEE PLEEAAEEBitmoji staff please please add a ushanka hat it will complete my life. If my bitmoji were to wear a ushanka I will sit there shed a tear and say this is the peak of my life, it will never get so blissful. When I’m in my death bed I will gather my children and my grandchildren around and tell them of a time my bitmoji had a little ushanka upon his head and how when I would have days that were grey I would just look at my bitmoji and his little ushanka and think ain’t that bad. Please.Version: 11.49

Different clothingThere should be more variety tbh..not just the basic clothing.Version: 10.20

More outfits?Hello to whoever see’s this, if you are a creator for Bitmoji I would love to see a way to make custom outfits. It would make it so much better and would help people out a lot, especially people who identify as another gender. I know there is a big range of outfits but it really doesn’t allow all style preferences. If it’s possible, could you also add a feature to customise hair or hair colour on a colour wheel of some sort and if we could choose where on the hair we would like that colour. I think adding features like this would be more personal and would actually make everyone look different and unique. Hope you see this and don’t ignore it.Version: 10.66

I love this appI love this app and the way it always you to personalise your character to look exactly like you I however think there would be more customers downloading the app if they could add tattoos also premier league team jerseys aswell as facial piercings such as nose piercings Update: could I also suggest maybe putting some more Nickelodeon attire on and also bringing the Batman costume back and some puma t shirts and puma hoodies and the Manchester City kit please and thank you Update Update: also some north face outfits please and thank you I’m going to add more suggestions to this review every time I think of some i also think maybe some Disney outfits or t shirts.Version: 11.35

Background colourBackground colour is black since iOS13 has been introduced. Can this go back to white...Version: 10.67

Love it but it’ll be better if.If you could add more than one feature on your face and more hairstyles. Oh and if You could add piercings to your face. It’ll be much better.Version: 10.25

Fun app!I got this app just for fun to use when I chat with my friends. It’s been really good and I had a lot of options to make the bitmoji look like me. I especially appreciate the hair treatment option since I’ve always had natural blonde highlights in my hair. The only thing is that there are a lot of romantic bitmojis or bitmojis featuring things like alcohol that I would never use anytime soon since I’m 12. There’s really nothing wrong with that, I just won’t use them. I just felt like that’s something I should mention. Also, it would be nice to have some more bitmojis for things relevant to kids my age, or maybe some bitmojis for sports like dance, gymnastics, and cheer. Another thing is, I saw a bitmoji featuring smoking that said no big deal. What’s up with that??? I don’t know if maybe it’s supposed to be an anti-smoking bitmoji or something, but it’s spreading the wrong message. Also, it would be really nice to have options for jewelry, piercings, and braces. Other than that, this app is a really fun app to use when texting with my friends and I definitely recommend it. They have a lot of really good bitmojis with a lot of selection besides the ones I just mentioned..Version: 10.81

So many ideasI have so many ideas for you to add let my go through them in order Colour You should add a colour wheel so you can get the exact colour you want and if you like the colour you can save it so you don’t have to go searching for it if you wanted to do for example your hair and your eyes the same colour you could pick it! Hair You should add a new section for fringes so you can have several different opinions off bangs for any hairstyle you want! It would be great if you could add split hair (one side of the hair one colour and the other side another colour) and all the hairstyles becoming popular! And if you are able to I’d absolutely love if there was hairstyles that were from shows like for example an anime character or something like that! Eyes My friend has Heterochromia iridium and shes been wanting to be able to put her Bitmojis eyes like hers! Also I’d like longer eyelashes! Eyebrows You should add eyebrow slits! Nose I know this is stupid but my and my friends want a bandage over the nose bridge! Ears You should add elfin ears! (the pointy ones) Makeup Me and nearly all of my friends would love for eyeliner to be added!! Tops Absolutely love a top that says I hate trump! Bottoms Maybe more skirts but ones that are more flowing Shoes Definitely platforms!! Others Piercing,tattoos,jewellery and hair clips.Version: 11.1.1

AMAZING APPI have had a lot of avatar apps and customising apps, and none of them really worked. I love bitmoji especially because it’s completely free! You get all the outfits/hairstyles etc etc For FREE! The only thing that you do have to pay for is the merchandise but they do have to make some money. But I can’t believe the merch is so cool I mean you get like T shirts and phone cases etc etc with your bitmoji on them! There’s just one tiny thing, I like making lots of different avatars like ones of my friends but you can’t add different avatars you have to delete your one and make the new one and then mae the one of you again. I think that would make the game even better. Also another great thing about the app is that there are SO MANY amazing 😉 clothes you can literally have every possible one like there’s coats 🧥 trousers tops jumpers tops, and even like costumes like rabbits and stuff, they even have like work clothes like a doctor 🥼 outfit and fire outfit and a science 🧪 coat. And they also have like swimming costumes and leotards for gymnasts 🤸‍♀️ personally I think bitmoji is the best app that I use ALL THE TIME! and it’s sooooooooo fun. Seriously if I were you I would seriously get bitmoji..Version: 10.80

Please add;I never usually leave reviews on apps but there’s a decent amount of missed opportunities I believe the bitmoji app should really take into consideration. Adding facial/ body piercings and other forms of accessories in general into the app like necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc, would be a great first step in regards to some smaller changes people have literally been asking about for years. I’d also love to see some more unique clothing options like stockings, belts, scarfs, gloves, and more importantly the option to LAYER clothes. I understand you can layer jackets and tops together, however having an external option to essentially customise how you layer your outfits would be so so so handy, like layering two different types of tops over one another as an example. Lastly, the major reason I mainly made this review was purely for the sake of literally BEGGING to have curtain bangs added in for a more medium/shorter hair length ratio. Majority of the shorter hairstyles are fairly decent, however some of the lesser exceptions being really out of pocket and in some ways downright ugly. I think there overall should be some more flattering styles for a much shorter to medium hair length, and as I said, especially a hairstyle that includes curtain bangs for said hair lengths..Version: 11.55.0

Love it just a few thingsHello, I got this game cause my teachers had it and it is really fun That’s why I gave it four stars why not five you may ask if this app is so good well the two things 1.I Really love to have lip piercings. 2.I really want braces fangs gold teeth etc etc… My reson I really want it really want because I am getting braces and it will make me feel so much better about it. Also maybe could you add pets and tattoos I would really love that and maybe day of the dead stuff idk Ik you may not see this but I just think you should add these things Adding on to the pets could we have like mix breeds like new breed stuff .not just cats and dogs like fish horses maybe a unicorn a dragon stuff like that we can make our own like have a pet maker like we can have clothes for them like ones that look like us even. Maybe have more gender things I know you try hard for inclusive stuff maybe try a bit harder For the tattoos we can Have make you own tattoos idk just fun things for it Before I go sorry how long this is but,I am very sorry about all the hate you get people don’t think before they type and it’s just rude. Thanks for reading have a nice day✨🏳️‍🌈✨.Version: 11.53.0

Please add an option for bracesHi, i know braces would make a great addition to the bitmoji. This really personalises the character and makes it look more like us as an individual. I also think that we should be able to change the colours of the outfits, for example what colour shirt or shorts or shoes or pants. It would also be nice if we could add additional piercings like how many ear piercings and any other body part piercings. Please add these into the app it would look so good trust me everyone would love it please add it in. These little details would make it really amazing especially the braves and piercings. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼.Version: 10.65

Very Nice App, However Some Tweaks NeededI really like the Bitmoji app and enjoy using it. However there are some minor tweaks that are necessary and some suggestions I want to make. Firstly, the app can be very slow to load, this is fine but is easy to improve and I can see no reason to not. Secondly, I would like to be able to create multiple characters, I am bigender so sometimes I would prefer to appear masculine and sometimes feminine, I would love to have characters that can match that. The main thing I want to add is different lengths of socks, I would like for there to be knee-high socks and tights available. I think that’s about it. Thanks for reading, I highly recommend the app..Version: 11.6

Love it but..Bitmoji is great but you need to have more clothing few more ways to express yourself would not hurt either. On bitmoji their could be a chat room to talk to friends, but other than that bitmoji is great I use it a lot when I’m texting and for my profile pics on social media. But you could make it a bit more kid friendly I have some siblings and their to young for some of bitmojis content. Also the girl body’s are weird I know you can do better, (of course I have not seen the boy body’s but their most likely weird to). As I was saying before about more ways to express yourself, sometimes I want to use bitmoji but I can’t because you don’t have the right bitmoji for it like ( I lost ). And with coughing you really need to step up your game bitmoji when I go to put on a new clouthing it takes me forever to find something I like. But in conclusion bitmoji is not prefect but if your looking to get the app I recommend it to you and I give bitmoji five stars to show l mean it!.Version: 10.47.1

IT'S GREATI LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH MY FRIENDS ALL THINK I'M CRAZY BECAUSE I HAVE SENT SOOOOO MANY OF THESE FUNNY EMOJI MEME THINGS! OML I'M WRITING IN CAPS BECAUSE I LOVE THIS GAME! It's COMPLETELY free to download and link with your Snapchat profile thing. You don't have to have Snapchat though it works for all messaging services! I didn't have to pay to unlock ANYTHING there is a variation of all sorts of hair styles and outfits!!! The only thing I have to say is that there isn't many t-shirts to choose from that I like but that's just my opinion. Other than that I absolutely love this app! So simple to use as well!!!! Ok I'mma go spam my friends some more! 🤣 I recommend this game to ANYONE because you can make your character however you want!! YOU MUST DOWNLOAD! Have fuuuuuuun!!!!!.Version: 10.84

More ideasSo I obviously love bitmoji since I use it almost every day and holiday, and make such fun and cute outfits but I do have some suggestions. One being that you can have favorites so you can easily go to your favorite cloth ring options instead of going all the way to the bottom and never finding it. This is on the Snapchat app and it is a lifesaver!! I would love it if you added it to the bitmoji app though so I can use it more often. Another suggestion I have it to make more clothing brands and clothes. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of brands and clothes but some of them and most of them aren’t my style. I’m saying that you should add other brands not just Levi’s or American Eagle, maybe a Lululemon or aviator nation. I know a few people who would love that. And my last suggestion I have is having an option for the 3-d profile, I like it but I miss the normal 2-d one. Some people like it but some people don’t so I think there should be an option. These are all my suggestions and I hope you will use some of them to make one of my favorite apps better! Luv y’all 💗!.Version: 11.79

Love this, love y’all but please add highlightsThe only thing in the way of me having a bitmoji that accurately depicts me is… highlights. I have artificial black hair with bleached brown highlights, which gives my hair the appearance that’s it’s brown (though it’s still black). Since there’s no highlights in the hair treatment segment of the avatar editor, my bitmoji can not look like me. I can’t be the only one affected by the hair treatment inaccuracies. Multi toned hair is not just ombré, there is all kinds of variations and I’d appreciate if those were applied to the app. Now that the unpleasant oversight has been addressed, I do like this app and the compatibility with Snapchat. The new accessories and growing amount of clothing options bring me joy.. rather than contempt. I’m look forward to the day where I look through the hair coloring options and feel the same way. Think of all the ways you’ve made clothing styles and colors so dynamic. The hair treatment options simply bring shame to these many feats. Make the change, be the difference bitmoji.Version: 11.69

Bitmoji rulesBitmoji is an amazing app which allows you to express many thing in way more detail than just an emoji. You can customise it to look like you. You have the choice between a natural hair color or something like pink. You can also dye just the tips of your hair. BTW the top of my hair is pink and the bottom is purple. My friends and I like to set matching themes and it is so fun! It doesn’t matter if you are using an iPhone or a Samsung, you all have the same selection of clothes, hair, makeup , headbands and more . There are new outfits that arrive ever month. It even comes with recommendations which is amazing cause I have a terrible sense in fashion. I have only had the app for about 3 months and I counted that I changed it 29 times! I believe it is reasonable to have an age limit because there are merchandise as you saw. In conclusion, bitmoji is an amazing game and it is totally worth getting!👍.Version: 10.85

Bitmoji is awesome but...I love bitmoji so much! But i do have a few suggestions to improve it! 1. More hair treatments. I dont mean as in colours, i mean as in the styles. At the moment there is only ombré, which is great but my hair is naturally blonde in some places but dark blonde in others and i cant figure out how to make my bitmoji look like me. 2. Braces. I have braces and alot of others do. I feel like if you add these it will definitely make your bitmoji more real in the sense of looking like you. But you have to add different colours! 3. More clothes. The clothes in bitmoji arent at all like what i would wear in real life. I would actually wear what the boys options are... so please consider more clothes, such as sporty clothes, or even just stylish clothes. Dont get me wrong, i still love bitmoji! But these additions i think will make it a whole lit better!.Version: 10.33

Good, but there are a couple of problems...It’s probably just a bug, but whenever I try to make a new personalised bitmoji it comes up with ‘text is too long’, even when I just search for ‘oop’. I tried a couple more times with single characters and full words, however it still came up with ‘text is too long’. Please fix this! And now for friendmoji- I know that many more of my friends have it activated, yet it’s only coming up with one of them. Is this meant to happen? Otherwise, it’s a great app because it allows you to personalise your own avatar to use in emojis on platforms like WhatsApp and Snapchat..Version: 11.11

Great app, also just a little suggestionBitmoji’s a good app and all but there’s not that much clothing I was thinking maybe people could take a photo of an outfit they like and it could some how transfer to the Bitmoji character. It would be great if you could add this! Thanks if you can! -Lexi.Version: 11.9

ClothingCan you please make each item clothing seperate choices 😁.Version: 10.45

Great game, only one small issue! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Hi, Please read the whole review, thanks. This game is amazing, you get to create your own emoji, there are thousands of different scenes with your emoji that you can send to people. The hair, is fantastic. It lets you have coloured hair at the bottom and there are a selection of hairstyles. This include cultural hairstyles, such as braids, braids with rings and also they have things to put on your hair, for example those pieces of cloth that cover your head, or a turban. There are many skin colours and also lots of eye shapes and colours. The problem is.. with the new mix and match fashion there are barley and shoes and practically no jumpers. I think this should be improved, I will be back. If my issue changes, I will rate you again with five stars. ⭐️.Version: 10.72

ClothingWould love if you guys could do separates for the clothes. So people can pick their own individual outfit 😇.Version: 10.22.1

Make traditional clothesIt’s better if u made traditional clothes cuz people r not the same without their culture..Version: 10.37

Bitmoji actions & Bitmoji clothingI reckon u need to create more naughty Bitmoji actions.. I also reckon that the Bitmoji clothing range is real yuck for girls.. not much feminine clothing choices; not all of us wear checkered shirts tucked into high wasted cuffed jean pants and sandals....... up your game Snapchat it is 2019 boiiiiii.Version: 10.54

Christmas and Hanukkah clothesI love the Bitmoji app its the best. Far from just your causal emojis or Animoji or Memoji, the Bitmoji is WAY better. As from coming from a kid who is writing this. I would like the people or person who created the clothes in Bitmoji, i would like them to please make an update for Christmas and Hanukkah decorated clothing. They can make the clothing through these times and maybe finish it a little early I don’t know but it would also be really nice if they would also make snow gear, snow boots you know that kind of stuff so that the people up north won’t feel left out if they have Bitmoji. Sooo yeah that would be nice so if you can do it then thank you so so much i really appreciate it. Sincerely: I don’t wanna say my name cuz I don’t want hackers or stuff like that sorry. P.S. this is a kid writing this !!!!!!! But I can write this right?? Hehe.Version: 11.0

Things to addI recommend you add varsity jackets, knee length/thigh high socks, and second colors for the clothes. I also suggest adding galaxy patterns and a variety of skirts (long, poofy, short,etc.) Also try to fix lag and if you use the app for an extended period of time it resets to whatever your bitmoji was when you started playing that time. I also recommend adding a feature so you can change your height. In real life I’m very short so it’s just a little weird when on bitmoji stories I’m the same height as my friends who in reality are like a foot taller than me. I also think you should add jewelry if you don’t already have it, basically my defining feature is that I always am wearing a choker. Another suggestion is that you add an option to have a non binary bitmoji. In my opinion it doesn’t make sense to have a non binary flag shirt but still have the actual genders limited to male and female. I also recommend being able to add dark circles under your eyes, and for sure add a T shirt into the jackets section because a lot of people, especially myself love layering shirts. I know it’s a lot of work but it’ll be worth it in the end ♥︎.Version: 11.19

Updates...I get updates for the app so I do them. Clearly they’re for bugs and things like that but a lot of my friends are getting new outfit updates quite regularly and I don’t? I would like to be able to change my outfits to something I actually like or would wear to make it more personal haha. I know it’s not a huge issue but I’m just wondering why some of my friends get the updates of new clothes so often and I don’t. Also some new hairstyles and makeup would make it more fun too! Overall I think it’s a cool app and it’s enjoyable to use..Version: 10.66

Some fun things that could be added to the app.This app is Amazing I love it and use it more than once a day. But, I do think there is room for some exciting and fun things. I think there should be a option where you can decorate your from Which is the background when your changing your avatars clothing. And, I think you should pay for the things to be able to decorate your room with coins. From a game you would add into the app to make the game more fun and even have it set up to where you can play with your friends and challenge each other to see who can get the most coins earned in one game. And, I also think there should be more clothing brand choices and accessories choices like earring I have my first second and helix pierced but there is not a option for that. And, I think there should be more clothing choices that are kept to trending clothing items in the world. Besides the things I have listed above I really do think this is a fun app to use and it would be even better if they added some of the things I have listed as well but besides that I truly and highly recommended this app..Version: 11.55.0

Could improve but overall great appTo be honest I really love this app but some things do bug me sometimes, I did see that you guys have different styles of Bitmojis and one of them is bitstrips. I have nothing against that style but why do they have more hair and the ability to have earrings? I hope you guys actually update the deluxe type because that would be great. I would also love it if you guys had accessories like necklaces, earrings, things like that maybe some chains you know get creative with it. Also I LOVE that we can now create our own outfits, I hope the clothing choice becomes bigger in the future but for now it’s really nice! I would love to see oversized sweaters and hoodies, more shoes and socks, high waisted sweatpants, skirts with patters, shirts with design on them, and basically just items that will make us look more fashionable and also let us express ourselves. now hats, they are really good believe me but I would love to see some bandanas in the “babushka style” or the new trendy look, clips, a plant cause aEsThEtIc, and some butterflies but again anything creative and fun is ok with me. That’s all I have to say but for now it’s a pretty good app keep up the great work! :).Version: 10.80

Love this appI really really love this app, it enables me to say so much! Some of the bitmojis are really funny and some are more serious, and I love that! I definitely recommend this to anyone who loves a laugh! Some things that could be improved is maybe have a colour wheel for the hair and skin colours to have a bit more variety. Another thing is maybe to enable the different elements of the outfits on the top, bottom and shoe options and to add accessories such as bags or necklaces and bracelets etc. Lastly, I would live to have the friend bitmoji enables for people that don’t have snapchat, by creating usernames or something like that. Other than this, the app is amazing! Thank you so much!.Version: 11.0

Still tickles me...consistently AWESOMEI have 0 complaints. I never review apps, but this one is one everyone should have. There is now something for nearly every occasion. You don’t even need an occasion to use it. You can have a complete conversation using these personalized bits/emojis without ever typing a word. From expressing anger, sadness, boredom, sarcasm, anxiety, over-worked, tired, nonchalance, attraction/flirt, toilet break (haha), waiting, long distance, and new ones added ALLLL the time. What makes this app unique in my opinion, is the detail in the face expressions. It makes them not only stand out but also more relatable. The ONLY thing that I miss having access to is BitStrip... there was nothing more entertaining than being able to create a bit strip with one of your friends and having the ability to personalize it. A long while back I had seen that it was available in other country’s but not in the IS. I really wish we could access it here... because it was awesome..Version: 10.45

Love this app!Love this app, such a great way to communicate with people on snapchat especially! I love how you can be in any environment/talking about any topic and your bitmoj’s cater to your current topic. Love the new hairstyles as they’re so modern and look great on snapchat maps! Only downside is the choice for clothes, they’re a little dated & there isn’t much to choose from in terms of modern-day outfits. Also, i read another review regarding a game you can play with other bitmoji friends on snapchat! This would be AMAZING. Please make it happen x.Version: 10.24.1

Eye colorGreat app pls pls PLS add more eye colours.Version: 10.53

It's good but could have a bit moreI love this so much but I feel you could have a setting for piercings as it would make it more custom to that person and also being able to have choose multiple things on something like the cheeks so being able to choose something like freckles and also choose the one that makes it look like you have prominent cheek bones and different body types would be good too as you don't really get a choice, it would be better if u could combine some body types and choose sections that you would prefer. Other than those I think the app is amazing.Version: 10.36.1

Please add a search function!Brilliant idea! I love being able to use Bitmoji on different platforms. It would be amazing if there was a search function similar to that used for stickers and gifs on Snapchat and messenger. I love using Bitmojis but this would help find the perfect one!.Version: 10.32.1

Needs more than one characterI think that Bitmoji is amazing but I think it should have more than one character you can make, for fun 😂.Version: 10.71

Amazing but a few thingsI downloaded Bitmoji a while ago and I love it! The first thing I would like to suggest is adding a Lululemon section to the clothes tab don’t get me wrong, I personally like most of the clothing on the app, the problem is that Lululemon is one of the most popular brands and would be the most relatable for some people. The second thing is, more hairstyles: my go to hair style is a neat bun on the top of my head and it seems that all the bun hairstyles are messy and some people can’t relate to that ,like me. Another suggestion would be hair clipped to the back with a small clip like 2 front pieces clipped back by a small clip or something. The third thing having a separate section for creating the custom Bitmojis I know I would like to have more options or even create my own! It would be more convenient for me at least because I text my friends and get into “Bitmoji battles” where we fight about random things. The fourth thing more hair colors because I love to change my hair color in the app almost every day so it would help me not have the dilemma of having to find one that I like and haven’t used or even just having a wheel! These are just suggestions and things I would add personally I would be very grateful if someone would even care to look at this review! Honestly I love the app and use it more than I should I would 100% recommend.Version: 11.79

So close!!Update: all the people making suggestions.. this app has mostly been the same since 2016, only adding more character styles and then the “mix and match” outfit thing a few years ago. Y’all are asking for things that we Bitstrips/Bitmoji veterans have been asking for since day one… I don’t think much will change 🤣😅😭 I miss BitStrips and the fully customizable options on the website that used to exist… if you can put that into an app you’d be set. Then we can just scale, rotate and color things as we want them. And hats would finally fit because we could scale them larger and move them as needed… mmyes. [/update] Good job on keeping the 12 year olds out 🤣🤣🤣 go play roblox, children. You don’t belong on the internet at all! I’m serious. Not everything has to be for you. Come back in a few years. Get out. That said, y’all need to add more goth items and larger all-black eyes. I want to be a goth alien 👀 Also just give us universal full-range color pickers so we can come things however we want instead of always being off somehow. It’s not hard. Technology has advanced and I know y’all can do it. It’s been almost 10 years, guys….Version: 11.41

LOVE IT but..I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this app especially for Snapchat!! But I do have a few suggestions for the next update that would be absolutely amazing to help the bitmoji look just like you! 1. It would be awesome if you could choose the colour of your hair, like spray paint it or something because som people (like me) have dyed their hair so the bottom colour is different to the top if you know what I mean😂 yea that would be pre lit 2. It would be cool if you can put braces on your bitmoji so that when it smiles it looks just like you! but if you do make sure their is a range of colours so it’s the same colour as yours😂 that would be awesome! So yea those r just some suggestions but otherwise love it!.Version: 10.24.1

Search OptionI love using my Bitmoji but think in the app there needs to be a search option like how we can search while writing a message. Please forgive me if there already is however I haven't found it yet and I wouldn't mind having someone tell me where to find it. Would also love to have two person Bitmoji's like we did in Bitstrips, it was always fun including a friend. Keep up the great work..Version: 10.17

Download this app now!!!Bitmoji is the best app ever of 2019&2020 I think You can create your own emoji that looks like yourself!!! I love sending bitmojis to my friends and make them laugh the fun thing is you can connect it with Snapchat (You can only connect it with Snapchat if you have it and you have an account set up, do not to worry!) and your messages so you and your friends can have fun with it making funny characters or on that just look like you! Any problems with it? No nothing is wrong with it and it doesn’t crash or anything And I know your all asking who created this wonderful app Well thank bitstrips they are the amazing team that created this game, so go and thank them later! I’m not going to blab on any more about how good of an app bitmoji is but there os just one more thing to say... GO AHEAD AND DOWNLOAD BITMOJI NOW PLEASE I AM BEGGING YOU!!! (In a nice way!) Thank you xox.Version: 10.72

Bitmoji upgradeBitmoji’s are amazing! I love using them! I would love to make a suggestion. In Snapchat, when using bitmoji’s its great when the person your talking to has one because you can send such creative ones to each other featuring both of your avatars. I would love to see this feature brought into everyday messages or iMessage. I keep having to screenshot duo avatars of Snapchat then crop them to send them over messenger sometime so I think having duo avatars over message or iMessage would be brilliant!.Version: 10.19

WowWow Bitmoji is an amazing app but I think it could have more... HP like Harry Potter stuff e.g hufflepuff,ravenclaw,slytherin and gryffindor stuff bc I’m a huge fan and would use Bitmoji a LOT more my friend showed me this app and she is a slytherin and I’m a hufflepuff and I know she would love that and so would like 20 of my friends and if you had somthing to do with Harry Potter they would All download Bitmoji (which they should do anyway) thx for taking this into consideration hopeing for Harry Potter stuff in the future from -Navy (Also sorry for spelling mistakes).Version: 10.61

More creativity in outfits etc.So, I have been with Bitmoji for a while now, and have noticed that Bitmoji has actually been updating outfits, and other accessories pretty often. Something that I am just a little on the edge about, I really sometimes cannot find the correct hairstyle and have to keep changing it until I find the right one. I’m really hoping that you’ll be able to add more long hair style options, for example, like space buns, of like French braids, or a sleek bun. And maybe make the hairs look a little less glossier because whenever I choose the 2 black options, it doesn’t fit my hair color (very dark brown😂) And also, coming from someone who has quite bushy eyebrows, there isn’t really an option for people with big eyebrows. And one last thing :) try more natural nude matte shades for lipsticks colors, since most of them are glossy, they look different with different skin tones. I really hope that you can help me, and probably a lot of problems that others have as well. (Piercings would be great too) Thanks!.Version: 10.39

Lips, Hair & ClothesI just wanna state before I continue that i am talking about the options fir females & i have a few complaints. My First & biggest issue is that I strongly think you guys should add more variety to lips, the lips are awfully thin & theres people out there (like myself) who have very full lips, you should not only be able to pick the size but the shape as well (i.e cupids bow or a pout). My second complaint is that there are not many hair selections for girls with loser curls, especially on bitstrips. They go from very very loose waves to somewhat curly to kinky curls or theyre are very short cuts with no layers... There also should be an option for a part (left side, right side & center..) as well as an extension for bangs possibly. My last complaint is the mix & match, I really think you guys should add a lot more items to it (items from the pre-made outfits & such). As for clothing i think jewelry should 100% be added (hoops, pendants & crosses, bracelets, piercing & maybe even rings..). But overall i love this app a lot & new & amazing things cone out of it every time its updated ♥️.Version: 10.78

AMAZING APP! Few suggestions for next update:First of all, BITMOJI IS AMAZING🤩 get this app! 💯% recommended! They got like actually good clothes: BLM✊🏿✊🏽✊🏾 outfits, Pride outfits🏳️‍🌈, crops tops, vans, birks, slides, etc. plus a new update included new hairstyles! (Bitmoji, TYSM finally found my style✌🏾🌸) I used to have a problem with finding a good outfit but not anymore lol. There’s funny Bitmoji about online school that are hilarious, check those out too. Hey Bitmoji developers, could you add accessories like SCRUNCHIES and EARRINGS???!? I know other people have suggested these but just saying it again, that would be awesome. You could like wear the scrunchies on your wrist. Also I know this is a big revolutionary idea but what if you didn’t have to have Snapchat to use the Bitmoji friend option you could just type in someone’s email and make a Bitmoji friend thing with them where you duet a bitmoji pic? That would be so cool! Also, I think (other females will agree) there should be a more variety of chest sizes? Because some girls have smaller or larger breasts than the ones you are offering for the avatars. Ty for reading this and please consider these suggestions. -✌🏾🌸Felisha.Version: 11.0

Honestly.What do you guys want for Tim’s?.Version: 11.69

I love it but I have one suggestion.Bitmoji is such a great app. I love the new clothes, skin tones, accessories, etc. I love the new “hair treatment” thing because so many girls have ombré balayage or colored hair in general. Everything is more diverse and you have many options. I have used Bitmoji for a long time now and I am obsessed. I recommend this to absolutely anyone and everyone. This is such a great app to have. Even if you don’t have Snapchat. My one suggestion is that I wish there was a section where you could create your own Bitmoji. Of course you customize your little person, but I don’t mean that. I mean, like if you can send a Bitmoji with a personalized message/pose/background. For example, for all the limelights, a Bitmoji that says “I said boom boom boom now lemme hear you say wayhoo!” Or “Boom boom boom” and a separate one that says “wayhoo!” Or for non limelights, a personal message that says something specific like “I can’t wait to see you later at the game.” Or whatever. Do you see my point? It would be nice to have a variety of Bitmojis ready and to be able to form your own..Version: 10.35

Bitmoji need dressing gownsYou know some days I want to look hot AF with heels, tight pants, and bling, whilst other days - I. CAN’T. EVEN... and I need to stay in my dressing gown for a day... a week... a month. Since becoming a mother for the first time, this rings true even more. You’ve got the sweet maternity line, but where is the I’m-a-mum-now-and-I’m-lucky-if-I-get-to-brush-my-teeth-AND-my-hair-today outfit??? Dressing gowns are also handy for total ballers who lounge about in loafers, velvet, and sip champagne all day too. Please add this small, yet basic wardrobe requirement to the Bitmoji closet. ❤️ But also 5 STARS! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 10.36.1

More options to change appearanceI think everyone’s bitmoji is special to them because most of the time the people dressed their bitmoji to look like them , therefore I think there should be more hair styles for al hair lengths and styles even small differences will make a big effect , different colours because sometimes you can’t find your own hair colour or shade , clothing and makeup is also limited , I would like a dark nude lip shade and there are none really :( feel like you shops add more clothing too there’s a lot of sports wear etc which most people I know don’t think is top priority. Been waiting a long time for more styles and clothing and disappointing to see not much new things being added :(.Version: 10.54

It’s amazing but...I love Bitmoji, I’ve seen some people get pretty creative with their avatar and it’s a great way to create it to match you! However, as much customization there is currently I’d still love to see a few more features implemented; such as disability features (wheel chairs, amputee’s, cochlear implant, etc.) to shirts with an awareness (Autism, Down syndrome, different cancers and more!). I’d also love to see more skin details such as full body freckles, stretch marks and conditions such as coloboma. Updated clothing (ESPECIALLY RIPPED JEANS 🥺🥺) updated makeup with more depth (Smokey eyes, wings and realistic looking lashes ALL customizable and separate, better contour and blush); MORE UPDATED HAIRS, INCLUDING Afro texture’s!!! Updated skin tones to match darker tones with the variety of undertones (pinks, blues, rose, golds) and lastly PIERCINGS!!! So many people today have piercings and tattoos and I’d love to be able to make it look just like me!! I’d love for you guys to please consider these updates in making Bitmoji more diverse and inclusive!.Version: 11.5

I love it! Just need this addedThis app is Amazing! I love creating a little Character and using it text all my friends and family they new Version of the bitmoji the deluxe IS SO AMAZING. . . . But one thing I would love to be added is being able to customize your clothing. . . I mean I really like all the choices I get of clothes but some of them just look weird . . . And the limited choices kinda get boring and I somethings check in to see if the app has new clothes but nope it just the same boring stuff. . . . Adding this for a update would be great! 1) people can either choose to keep the original outfit or they can take like the top the bottoms or the shoes 2) people can show themselves in the different ways they can in the clothes their bitmoji wears. . . 3) Some think this is a cool add on to the app and others don’t (but majority people think it’s a cool add on that you bitmoji should do) I hope that if this add on is a update I hope you can switch all the clothes to make your own. That would make us (or some) happy just like me..Version: 10.26

ADD EARNINGS/JEWELLERY AND CUSTOM OUTFITSI absolutely love Bitmoji and it’s a really good app and can get different outfits, but exactly what you want. So my suggestion is that’s you add jewellery such a rings, necklaces, earrings, ect. And could you please add something were you can customise your own outfits so then it matches what your style is and plus no one will have the exact same outfit as you. Also add different shoes so you can pick them out instead of having the perfect outfit but ugly shoes and add like converse shoes and vans that would be really good. Thank u.Version: 10.65

Love it but a few changesI really love bitmoji, all my friends have it and we always send each other them. I know it isn’t just me that thinks this, but wouldn’t it be cool if you added a make your own video with bitmoji or make your own bitmoji sticker to send to your friends and family! I think adding a make your own bitmoji sticker and video would be great because it would allow people to be creative about it and move people would want to download this game! Reason 1 Everyone LOVESSSSSSSSSS this game and would love it even more! Reason 2 It would be way more fun allowing you to be creative and have loads of fun sharing videos and stickers with your friends! Reason 3 Ok, I know I’m running out of reasons BUTTTTTTTTTT PLEEEAAAASSEEEEE consider this to the next update, PLEASEEEE it’ll make it way more fun Reason 4, I was looking through emoji apps like boo mojo and stuff, and they have it to! Please can we get it to😫. If you read all the way up to here, your amazing I would give you a high five🙌👏 Goodbye amazing people and please consider this, I really love this app, and would loveee to love it more!💘.Version: 10.45

Great app.So. I don’t normally do reviews but I am gonna do one today, there is literally no problems everything is simple to do on Bitmoji and is easy to connect to you snapchat account and more. My friend told me I should get it to make a Snapchat avatar but wasn’t sure what to expect as I didn’t think there would be much to do or much to put on, but GURL this app is outstanding amazing! There is LOADS of things to do AND wear. Nothing is better to make a avatar on than bitmoji. If you have read to this bit I recommend to get this app, I wonder what the next update will be? That concludes my review thank you for reading this far and really express your self on this REMARKEBLY AWESOME GAME!!.Version: 10.61

Hmmm...This app is absolutely amazing! It’s what everyone’s been looking for! It’s all free, with no in-app purchases and is scam-free too! With so many designs and stickers to choose from, there’s a sticker for every occasion! I really recommend this to anyone and is even better when you add as a keyboard and use Snapchat! One improvement could be if we could design our own set of clothes so basically we have already created designs (the same ones we have now) and an option to change and match different clothes up if we wanted to. But I would definitely want the outfits we have now to stay on the app but if we could be able to customize/personalize our own clothes, it would be even better!.Version: 10.28.1

Please!?This isn’t a review but... You know teens and pre - teens these days... All about those memes! Can you please add clout goggles to the glasses section!? If you don’t know what it is, Google it. Please?.Version: 10.48

More options pleaseGreat app, but maybe more clothes and colour options? Maybe even a feature to design your own clothes rather than picking from the list would be great 👍 Also the hair. There aren’t very many hair designs and the hair treatment options are just dyed tips. A foils option would be nice..Version: 11.0

Pretty good.Bitmoji is an excellent idea! I have purchased a few avatar-making apps and Bitmoji is by far the best one, I will certainly not be searching for a different one. I love the fact you can create YOURSELF as an emoji-it’s great! There are so many stickers available. I also think that it is really good because… everything is free! Absolutely all of it! Which means even if you don’t have much money you can still access all of it. My experience with Bitmoji is good, I do realise that some people have had problems with it-but I HAVEN’T and I doubt YOU (the person who is reading this review) will either. Here are some more good things about Bitmoji: . It’s free . The character you make looks quite similar to you . There are tons of different hair styles (even if you are a girl with short hair-like me!) . Lots of tops . Lots of trousers . Lots of dresses/skirts . Tons of hats/head accessories . Piercings are available . You can choose your body shape . You can choose your eye /lip size . And wear makeup (if you want.) And the only reason the age rating is 12+ is because you text it to people. Many thanks for reading, Issa.Version: 11.59

Good App....But I wish there were more diverse options for skin tones, weights, heights and genders (non-binary and transgender)..Version: 10.17

Great app!!♥️🥰Bitmoji is an amazing app! Weather you use it for SnapChat,Texting, whatever! I enjoy how you can customize your own little you. But there is so many ways that you could make bitmoji an even more amazing app! First off more fashion! There is already lots of clothes to choose from, but try to put even more in the app more frequently and that would be fantastic! Second, you should be able to customize even more, like your height, the length of your hairstyle, and have more options for breast sizes. Thirdly, you should be able to change the color of clothing. When I go to pick a different clothing item I want and it’s bright pink or some color that I don’t want I no longer want to wear that item, there should be an option to change the color of the clothing item. Finally, please consider being able to mix and match items, like have and an option to ‘mix clothing’ and select the items you want to mix. Please take this into consideration it and I would give it 5 stars, it would also make the app so much more amazing! But overall I totally recommend this app over any other, it is amazing!♥️♥️♥️.Version: 10.45

Bitmoji!!I love this app! bitmoji is a really great app which allows you to: • create your own emoji! • easily send to friends! • have some bitmoji merchandise! and many more! however, there are a few things the app could improve could be: • a variety of different types of clothes and hair styles the app already has many clothing elements and hairstyles but i seriously can’t make a bitmoji that looks like me!! even with the selfie mode! the hairstyles and clothes are so limited! i think with the outfits you should be able to pick a certain shirt with a certain choice of bottom too instead of just having the same thing!also i’m not the sort of person who wears the style of outfits that the bitmoji wardrobe has!! and with the hair, some of the short hairstyles are really nice but you should have a choice if you want them longer! you should also have a colour wheel because the hair colours/skin colours are also kinda limited :/ • crashes when i’m using my keyboard bitmoji sometimes crashes and sends me off the keyboard and sometimes even the app i’m using!! it’s super annoying!! • friends as much as i love using snapchat and my friends from snapchat, some of my friends don’t have snapchat!! but i want to have bitmoji friend pictures on different platforms such as instagram and even whatsapp!! please make this possible!! thank you so much for reading my review!! this app is so worth downloading!!.Version: 10.51

Love it!But.....I love this app not just for the pics you can have with ur friends and how you choose your avatar but I sometimes just go on it just to choose a different piece of clothing! Just looking at them thinking does this go? Does it match? Its an amazing experience! But... the only thing on this app which I wish to change is to bring in more clothing every day maybe once in a while but I would like it more often otherwise great app. And I always try to connect a certain friend via iMessage but she just doesn’t come up and we both try but it doesn’t work... Hope the developers read this and try to improve! Xx 😘.Version: 11.69

Great but needs some improvementsI downloaded Bitmoji because all my friends had it... At first I was satisfied by the clothes and the hairstyles that you could use... But now I’m a bit unsure. I mean it’s great for designing yourself but, I think it needs a good update! First, it is very glitchy... And it takes about five minutes to load one thing! Second... add some modern clothes (maybe designer brands) and hairstyles like French braids, better looking buns and other more modern hairstyles. Otherwise I really do love the app... Would recommend to anyone that wants to create their own selves 🤣.Version: 10.85

More outfits and hair stylesI absolutely LOVE this app except I always find myself in a hard situation where I can’t find any5ing I like that I want to wear or a hairstyal that suits me. Could you maybe have some more up-do hairstyles (a dream come true) and or some more maybe magical, everyday, comfortable clothing. e.g some cute denim shorts with a turtle neck. Thanks so much!!!! Otherwise I love this app and if you have Snapchat then I highly recommend this app for you. 🤗🤩😁👍🏻.Version: 10.48

A few improvements could be madeLove having a cartoon personal to me. However, I feel as though the options you provide are rather limited. I think we should be able to design our own outfits to really give each of us a unique persona. I still don’t have my skin tone (we need a prawny-white one). There should be a slider for height and body width. More hair options are also necessary. Maybe add spots to the facial details. I know you have recently brought to us some earrings, however I do not wear gold earrings. A range of colours in this sense would benefit me. Furthermore, a way to make your fabulous app even more fun, you could bring in some games which Bitmojis can play against each other. Maybe we could win “Bitmoney” to spend on clothes, cool hairstyles, etc. I hope you like my suggestions, please email me if you have any queries. Kinds regards, Louise Marsden.Version: 10.20

This is cool!Hello so I want to start off by saying this app is amazing! I love this app because it allows me to have my own personal emojis. Some people say it is not necessary because you can have the Memoji on ur phone, but my phone does not have that and it is a bit sad. I was messaging my friends and they sent their Bitmoji and I was like “wait gurl where did u find how to make that” my friends told me and I downloaded the app straight away!! But when I was making my Bitmoji it had nothing that was my style and had no styles I put my hair in?! So my Bitmoji is quite off to what I look like. I would just say to make more styles and u don’t need to do this but it’s just a bit of feed back! Thx for reading if u did? keep up the good work! 😅☺️ Also if u could pls try and take this bit of feed back and put it on the app pls! No need but just a preference :).Version: 11.4

AmazingIt’s amazing because if you have a Snapchat account then it’s perfect for you I swear you will love it you can send funny pictures like really cute pictures you have your own merchandise it is so cool but you have to pay if you want any of the merchandise but I have to say this app is so cool you can customise your character as well and do a link to your Snapchat accountSo it will change it with your Snapchat account and I just have to say this app is amazing if you have a Snapchat you should if you have a Snapchat account download this app right now you won’t regret it first of all it does not need any money and that’s a really good bingo for me but I have to say this app is the best app ever thank you so much oh and you can also add a friend if you have a Snapchat account and you have friends you can text don’t like actually mean add add a friend but like if you have some friends you have like talk to you on Snapchat you can so put them in your cool stickers that’s a lot of writing I’ve been writing all my gosh.Version: 10.86

BitmojiPlease don’t listen to the people going on about glitches, bugs or bad experiences, I have had this app for years, it has never once glitched and it uses hardly any of your battery life. No idea why it’s 12+ but that’s stupid, I’d let a 5 year old download it. No ridiculous bodies or perfection, it’s just hilarious, I love it. 100% free, and please keep it this way Amazing variety in clothing and hair styles (please ad more plaits though, there are only 2). Love the Ralph Lauren collection and the other new items, but I hav a few things I’d like you to change/address: 1. Changing heights, foot size and hight of facial features 2. Bring back the hollister collection 3. Bring back the beautiful textures in the make up 4. Branded bitmoji fashion customization items such as Nike or adidas 5. Branded shoes 6. The face avatar creation automatic thingy where it makes a bitmoji from your selfie didn’t work then I was on Snapchat and my bitmoji had changed to something that looks nothing like me. I changed it back but please make this feature better working and more obvious and East to access Seriously though, app is amazing and free, love it and hope you continue w the amazing updates !!!.Version: 10.88

Hair featuresI think there could be a lot more added to the hairstyles on the app. I love the ones that are already there, but it would be cool if you could have different options or a seperate section for the front of the hairstyles, like me for example, my hair is straight at the back and around, but I have small pieces at the front that shape my face and they’re shorter than the rest of my hair and also curly. Please consider this, I think it would be a really cool thing to add and it would make people’s bitmojis a lot more accurate :).Version: 11.13

It’s nice, but could use some upgrades!Bitmoji is a nice app. I think that it should let you customize your skin color, hair color, hair treatment color, and some other color stuff. I want to be able to customize my hairstyle. I also wish that you could customize the color of your makeup, clothing, and shoes. I think that chest size is another thing. They don’t have mine.... and I think that they just need more customizable things. There should be more sweatshirt and coat options as well. They don’t have any options that I like. They should ask if you wanna customize your pants, and if you do, then they’ll let you do it that. Shirt options is another thing. I don’t really like any of them. They’re way too simple, I want some more color options, and I want to be able to customize the length. I don’t want a full half top, but not a really long shirt. Or I want a VSCO shirt, a oversized top. I also want better looking shorts. I’m being picky, but it’s better then giving nothing at all. I also want more body type options. I’m going to be giving more of a review. But this is all for now. Maybe vans, the checkered, and shirts and stuff 😉.Version: 10.74

Amazing app! 😁I think this app is good, but there still could be some improvements. First off hair. I think there should more options for people who have curly hair like me. I also think there should be more options for eye color. Some people have hazel eyes, not just one color. Another improvement could be with clothes. I think there could be something where u could customize clothes or make new clothes more often. And maybe u could have an option for people who have ear piercings. Also there could a setting where u could add jewelry or something like that. And maybe have more options for clothes. This app is really amazing, but just because something works well doesn’t mean we can’t make it better!! Other than this the app is really amazing!!! I have fun reading the funny things my Bitmoji says. If u r interested in getting this app u TOTALY should. I use this app everyday. It is so entertaining and u will find that ur bitmoji is quite the character!😉 It is a fun app where u can customize ur character. I hope the creator of Bitmoji will consider my suggestion!!! Love this app tho!!! 😊.Version: 10.50

New pregnancy outfits?Hello, I love using my Bitmoji! I use it a bunch in chats with my friends on Snapchat, but I would love to see cuter outfits for the maternity wear. The dress with booties is cute and so is the winter wear option, however maybe something with skinny jeans or leggings and a top with cardigan or something or the sorts. I feel like they seem like older women’s clothing that is all :).Version: 10.55

This app changed my life.My name is Yoshikage Kira. I’m 33 years old. My house is in the northeast section of Morioh, where all the villas are, and I am not married. I work as an employee for the Kame Yu department stores, and I get home every day by 8 PM at the latest. I don’t smoke, but I occasionally drink. I’m in bed by 11 PM, and make sure I get eight hours of sleep, no matter what. After having a glass of warm milk and doing about twenty minutes of stretches before going to bed, I usually have no problems sleeping until morning. Just like a baby, I wake up without any fatigue or stress in the morning. I was told there were no issues at my last check-up. I’m trying to explain that I’m a person who wishes to live a very quiet life. I take care not to trouble myself with any enemies, like winning and losing, that would cause me to lose sleep at night. That is how I deal with society, and I know that is what brings me happiness. Although, if I were to fight I wouldn’t lose to anyone..Version: 11.69

Love itI love this app I think it is so creative and cool, maybe could do with a upgrade like adding braces for people like me. Or different sport clothing..Version: 10.25

Hello.Hello Bitmoji staff, I just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful additions, changes and updates that you have made to the Bitmoji app. The app is running great, there are lots of amazing costume and facial features and lots of funny stickers. I would like to suggest an idea for a possible additional feature to your app. I think it would be nice if there was a way to have both a female and a male Bitmoji character at the time. A few of my friends, myself included are not currently “out” as Trans* or other parts of the LGBTQ+, and although I have made a male character I sometimes remake my character and change it back to female so the people I haven’t come out to won’t know. This may sound silly as I know I could always just not send the stickers, but this would also be great for people who identify as genderfluid and the like, as they would be able to switch to and fro from the different characters depending on the day and how they are feeling. Please note that this is not a piece of judgement or anything like that, but a simple suggestion. We know that you put a lot of time and effort into this app and wanted to thank you for all you hard work. “You’re doing great sweetie!”.Version: 10.20

Love it...Such fun...I would use these more often if there was a search option from my iPhone. When I used it from my Samsung I could search appropriate words but can't find that option from the iPhone. Is it there? Thnx..Version: 10.57

About the customizationsI a person who likes using Bitmoji like a lot and I have to use the bit strips because when I go to use bitmoji deluxe it doesn’t have some of my features like bitstrips do and same with bitstrips it doesn’t have features that I have and there are probably many more people with the same problem and I don’t think we should be limited in what we can do to our bitmojis because we all come in at different shapes and sizes so I think you should put all features in every different a avatar you can choose.Version: 10.74

HAIR!! MORE HAIR!!Hi Bitmoji. This is a loyal user of yours. I love the idea of those emojis. But please, we need more hair options. I would love it if you could add normal ponytails. But Bitmoji is a great app. No lie. Just make it so we can customise our own hair like hair treatment they only have 1 option depending on what you choose. Also, you should add more brands such as H&M. You should be able to make custom makeup looks. Because the blush options are ONLY on the cheeks. Also being able to customise your own colours for everything from hair tone / skin tone to clothing and makeup. So I hope you have some ideas for the future..Version: 11.69

RequestThis app is very good. I think that you should change it so that you can choose an individual bottom and an individual top so that people's outfits are more unique..Version: 10.42

Please add back curtain haircutI changed my bitmoji’s haircut and then changed my mind but my original 90’s curtain backstreet boy style haircut is gone. Please add it back.Version: 10.26

JewelryI love Bitmoji but I think there should be an option for jewelry. & multiple options for each category too like an ear piercing someone may want a cartilage piercing & someone else may want just a lobe piercing or multiple piercings etc. I would like to see other options for piercings as well such as nose piercings - studs, rings, septum, etc. (I have mine pierced & would like my Bitmoji too as well), eyebrow piercings, lip piercings, tongue piercings, belly button piercings, etc. I think by giving us the option of most common jewelry (in every category of piercings) would suffice if we could change the color of the jewelry. Like an example would be to have a few different jewelry options for nose studs & allow us to change the colors and then to also have different jewelry options for nose rings and allow us to change the colors of those too. I think piercings are an important part of expressing someone and should be used in bitmoji. I think another thing that would be cool is if we could use the camera to take a picture of a tattoo and choose where on our bitmoji we want to place it because tattoos are another important way of expressing ourselves. I hope you guys take these ideas into consideration because these are important to me and would make me so happy to have them available..Version: 11.3

FunThank you for this app it has help me a lot.Version: 10.18

Absolutely Love this App!! But...I absolutely love using this app for texting my friends. It adds a touch of fun in group chats. There are something’s that I wish were different, however. I agree with PuppyLover147 on things that would make the app better. Mix-and-match-able wardrobe would be ideal. Some of the outfits don’t match my personal style, or one part of the outfit does, while the other does not. Accessories such has earrings on brace are not available (at least I’m pretty sure). Also, the app IS rated for 12+, however, the language used makes me cringe every time I come across one. Once again agreeing with PuppyLover147, I suggest a parental filter, or something of the sort. One last thing. I personally don’t have Snapchat. My friends do, and I want to play Bitmoji games, too. The app Game Pigeon is an app that allows you to play numerous games with your friends over text. I was thinking that you could implement some kind of Bitmoji game like that. But, besides these few things, Bitmoji is a great app that I enjoy having so greatly!.Version: 10.63

Mostly goodI really like this app as it allows you to make a character that somewhat resembles you and you can connect it to other social media’s like Snapchat However I wish there were an option where you can chose each item of your outfit as although they offer a wide range of styles I don’t feel like many resemble my personal style but if there was an option where I could chose my shirt my shoes and bottoms it would be a lot easier to create and outfit that I believe resembles me Other than this I really like this app and look forward to future updates.Version: 10.69

Awesome but one problem…I love Bitmoji. I use it all the time and it is awesome. With the friendmoji thing, I have loved it even more. I have loads of fun with all the pictures, and with other people I know on them. The only problem is that when you get a friend on your friendmoji, you cannot then remove them. This is because I sent a link but I accidentally pressed it so that person is now just my Bitmoji, and I can’t change that, neither can I get their Bitmoji anymore. I think developers you should change that so you can remove friends. Other then that, Bitmoji is awesome and I advise everyone to get this. 👍.Version: 11.6

MORE CLOTHING PLEASE!!!!So I downloaded bitmoji when I saw it on Snapchat a couple of months ago and absolutely loved it. I managed to make my bitmoji look exactly like me and when the update came out w/ the camera feature my bitmoji looks even more like me and that’s what got me hooked into using this app a lot especially in text messages. The only thing I have to complain about this app is the clothing options! I wish there was more constant updates w/ the clothing. It’s boring not having many options and we all know that clothing is the way we express ourselves and of course in many other ways but for me clothing is how I express myself. There’s too much sports related clothing and not enough of day to day clothing. I check in every week to see if there has been an update to the clothing options and every time I check I get less and less enthusiastic about bitmoji. I find myself using it less too. Eventually I’m going to stop using it all together if we don’t have enough clothing options 😩 PLEASE MORE CLOTHING DON’T LET US DOWN!!!.Version: 10.27

Bitmoji!Yeah umm last years reviews say a lot about clothing and stuff, but now I think that this app is great! I also think though that you should do a kids version e.g for littler kids? That would be great! My little sis really wants to get it but she’s way too young so yeah! Pls do that! But anyway Bitmoji is great!.Version: 11.67

Bitmoji is the best xxIf anyone has social media but doesn’t really get involved with it, this is the app for you. Make an emoji you!! All of the pictures/animations just make me snort until I just wanna barf. Also, they are always adding new clothes and hairstyles so you can make a completely random person or recreate yourself!! You can open up the app and copy the animations there or, if you go on settings, you can give the keyboard full access so you can get it from yr keyboard in Messenger, WhatsApp and Facebook!! One of my favourite apps, my whole family has got it!! It doesn’t matter what age you are, this will come in handy. Even if you don’t have Messenger or any social media, you will still have great fun customising and creating your character!!! Go out there and get Bitmoji. Now!!! P.S. I was just scrolling through the reviews and lots of people have put TWO OR THREE STARS!!! Do not listen to them, because Bitmoji is amazing..Version: 10.86

LOVE ITI absolutely love love love the new update with the Bitmojis the fact that you can make yourself look as close to you as possible is absolutely fab. And they cater to black girl hairstyles as well and the new colour palettes for the makeup is absolutely phenomenal everything just looks so much better One thing I would say should be improved are the clothing choices, since everything else was changed, I expected that to be changed too but was slightly disappointed when I found the same options we’d been working with for a long time. Overall fantastic app and I would recommend to anyone.Version: 10.24.1

Good but needs improvementThe app is great!! I love that you can customise an emoji to look like yourself.. however you need more hairstyles, outfits, accessories etc. I would like to suggest more outfits and more customisable so we can mix and match jeans with a different T-shirt and shoes instead of 1 outfit you have to have them all. More accessories like earphones, headphones etc and possibly create a pet as an accessory would be cute. Maybe when on snapmaps you can change the colour of your car or boat etc. Just some suggestions. Please take them on board I know a lot of people would be please with this! Please update!! 😊😊.Version: 10.45

LOVE ITI love this app 💕 but i wish they had a wider range of shoes like i really want the af1s. and also maybe put bitmoji on whatsapp like a sticker because whenever i post a bitmoji it comes up like a picture. i would prefer it as a sticker with no background like messages apart from that i give this app 5 stars it’s absolutely amazing and i love how you can design your own unique character that looks really stylish 😎 i TOTALLY recommend!!!!!!!!.Version: 11.49

AMAZING, but could do with a few updates.This is an AMAZING app and I luv it! Me and my friends all have it and it great for Snapchat as well! Although it could do with a few updates. 1st: Can you put braces on the options so that our Bitmoji could be EXACTLY like us? 2nd: Could you add some more clothing options cause I spend AGES scrolling through the outfit options trying to find on that I like. Thank you that’s it! Well done on making a great app!.Version: 10.69

More than a reviewI have enjoyed the Bitmoji app for years but mostly use it with Snapchat. It’s a fun app but I have additional app suggestion. I am a teacher and during the virtual school change I have become introduced to a group that has been integrating Bitmojis into a wide range of educational uses. The Facebook group grows daily and so do the new ideas and ways to create fun and engaging activities for our students with this technology. Many have been trying to create virtual class pictures and making a bitmoji for every student. I feel there is a definite need for a bitmoji classroom addition with unlimited potential and opportunities. The ability to create and store a range of bitmojis for a class. The ability to connect with parents and families if desired. More classroom and educational themes/sayings for bitmojis. Options for bitmojis to interact with each other. (Similar to Snapchat) I even think that teachers might be willing to pay a small (2-3 dollars), one time fee for an app with all these options an educational opportunities. The world of education is changing more and more to a digital world to keep up with society. I think it would be amazing if Bitmoji joined in to give teachers access to customized resources!.Version: 10.84

Brilliant but needs more!I’m an avid user of bitmoji, i adore the idea of being able to create a mini you. However i feel as if it’s very limited, mainly with the hair, outfits and accessories. I personally have a lot of facial piercings but there’s no options to chose septum, lip or even nose piercings. The hair is very limited, not many medium length styles, and not many hair up styles. Also the outfits aren’t broad enough, there’s more in style than jeans and a crop top. To really hit the nail on the head with this app it really requires a wider variety of personalisation. However, despite the fact it may lack in certain areas it’s a brilliant app..Version: 10.55

I love Bitmoji 💕🥺xxxI love the app and the idea of having your own character for Snapchat and different apps. It’s cute and I love the outfits, hats and accessories. You can make the bitmoji any aesthetic you want and can make it look like you. One thing I really miss though is the ability to have hollister outfits. I saw them before but I don’t think they are there anymore sadly :( . I would love for them to come back, they were soooo cute, I think one of them was an off the shoulder top in both black and pink and it was just so aesthetic. So yeah, I would die for them to come back to the app, and all in all I love this app and would recommended it to every one of my friends/family. Xx Thank you for reading my review 💕😭✨xx.Version: 10.77.1

HairstylesYou know how with each outfit you can choose what colour you want by clicking on the side, why don’t you add the same feature to each hairstyle, but made it hair lengths. I have long hair that i curl with coloured parts framing my face (the E-girl look), but theres only a straight, short version available. I don’t mind the straight hair, but come on now, not all of us have short hair 😩 THANKYOU SO MUCH FOR ADDING THE EGIRL HAIR THOUGH!! I was freaking out when i saw it, so inclusive. I saw someone on tiktok saying you should add it, and a few days later, it was there! Just goes to show how much you care and listen to the audience as a company 💜.Version: 11.27

Amazing app! BUT...You guys have done an amazing job on this app! There are so many options for basically everything and it’s super fun and therapeutic to create or redesign your Bitmoji or change the outfit every now and then. I especially love when you added the option to choose tops and bottoms of clothing individually! The app also runs very smoothly and I have no issues on that topic. However, when it comes to facial features of the Bitmoji, it would be amazing if there were even more options in terms of size/shape for different features. For myself in particular, whenever I try to edit the eyes, eyebrows and nose, I find it hard to get it to look just right (if you know what I mean!) A suggestion would be to allow eyebrow and eye size to be adjusted independently (I can never get both of them right together!) Another suggestion would be to have options such as width or length (as well as shape and size, which are both already implemented) when choosing a nose or mouth, for example. In saying that, these are very small and possibly pedantic requests when your app is clearly doing super well. I have zero complaints, just some suggestions of things to add. Thank you so much for all the work you have obviously put into the development of this app!.Version: 10.74

Love it 💓I love Bitmoji, I think the new update is really good and varied. I love all of the new hairstyles and accessories there are to choose from as well as the fact that you can use your bitmoji on snapchat, which is an amazing idea! The only way I would suggest you could improve the app is to perhaps provide new outfits and accessories other than headwear. I just feel like something like that would really allow people to customise their Bitmojis. However, overall, I think the app is a really good and creative idea that I would 100% recommend to others. I love the fact that there are so many different ways you can say things like “hi” or “I’m sleepy” (pretty vague examples but yaknow 😂) through a Bitmoji and as a whole I think the concept of Bitmoji is amazing. I’ve loved seeing how Bitmoji has progressed and I can’t wait for future improvements! Love it 💓💓💓.Version: 10.26

What I love & suggestions :)I love the Bitmoji app but I think the outfits opinion needs a bit of an update where u can label outfits and assign hair/makeup to each look because it takes forever to get a good look for the moment and i feel like this option would make it easier and quicker to compare outfits-I also think within the Snapchat app you should be able to have the option to match outfits to events/locations to help be able to express yourself more 😊.id love to see custom options in the way of clothing but that feels a bit unrealistic to get around the problem of inappropriate designs but I would like to suggest colour changeable dresses,more shoe options (vans pls🤤🤤),definitely more jackets/jumpers, more baggy jeans/fittings,more beanie options, and more tank top options :).i also think the app needs the full outfit options they have to also be mixable and interchangeable so they’re is more time to find the most expressive fit! Love the app and hope it can improve to be more enjoyable :)) and I definitely Recommend this app to everyone.Version: 10.82.1

Bring back searchDear Bitmoji staff, I hope you read this on the behalf of all of us using Bitmoji, I love this app I must say, but there is one issue I have that annoys me a lot, there used to be a thingy where u could search a clothing item and I found that helpful since I didn’t want to keep scrolling just to find an outfit to my liking. And some clothing brands, like Hollister for example is gone when I really liked there items, another thing is please add more items like ripped jeans and strapless tops and dresses so there’s more of a variety of items. Other than that I really enjoy this app, please make this possible in the future..Version: 10.79

Needs ImprovingThis app is really amazing and I love to use it whenever I text, on snapchat, or just to customize it just for fun. One really big thing that bothers me is for the hair, there is no option to put highlights. I feel like most people either have dyed or natural highlights which is why you should add it to the hair section. Another thing is that you should add custom eye colors instead of just putting a certain amount of eye colors. My friend for instance, she has hazel eyes and sometimes they change from light green to light brown to light blue. My eyes are light green but sometimes they change to blue. Also again for the hair, there should be more hairstyles for the girls that have a side part and is wavy and curly. Whenever I’m choosing a hairstyle for myself, it just doesn’t look like my style. Also whenever the bitmoji moves their head, the hair doesn’t move with it so it would be cool if it was like real life when you move your head the hair moves with it. Other than that, this app is really awesome and I love and appreciate what you guys are doing to make it better. Thank you.Version: 11.9

Camo shirts, jackets, pants, jewellery and personalised clothingLike I said in the title, we just need camo shirts, jackets and pants. I have irl camo pants that would look real good in my Bitmoji. Also imagine if you could insert an image and the app could process the image and create the desired outfit. Just ideas. EDIT: I also found I would like jewellery options, bangles, hair ties, watches, rings, necklaces, chains, for both men and women. Shirt with a create your own text would also be a great idea.Version: 11.5

The best app ever!As a boringly grey, fusty, older man, I normally wouldn’t touch something like this with an infinitely-long bargepole. But – having managed to create my perfect doppelgänger; and opened up a much more fashionable wardrobe than I normally am seen in… – I am now utterly addicted to spicing up my emails and messages with my (much more glamorous and better-looking) ‘other half’. Thankfully, it seems there are multiple ‘me-mojis’ for every occasion: and it will therefore be a very long time before the novelty wears off! It’s therefore a good job that my real “other half” is as easily amused as I am! A big thank you to the developers for their keen eyes and humour… – keep up the good work!.Version: 10.20

Love it!! But....I love this app!! It's so fun!!! Even got my co workers hooked on it!! Love that you have scrubs now!!!!!! I haven't checked recently, but could we make it easier to use for commenting on Facebook? Like that we can use it as a status update, but being able to comment without having to like screen shot or something, and then finding the post we want to comment on would be soooo much easier. Also could we get a selection of pjs and a bigger selection for maternity, I'm not that big yet, and none of those outfits are ummm my type, and I am sure other users feel the same way. Otherwise doin an awesome job guys!! Keep up the great work!!!! Update: with every update, I love this app even more!!! I’ve gotten so many friends hooked on it!! I have used this app since bitstrips came out. More ways to customize our clothes more specifically would be great!! Also maybe some mini games within the app to play with our mini games, or maybe an extension of the app for a game?? Just suggestions, still doin a phenomenal job guys, keep it up!!!.Version: 10.29

Mixed gender clothingDear Bitmoji staff. I would really like it if there was the option for the male clothes and hair styles to also be for the female bitmoji body type. I find it very hard to find clothes that look like what I would wear in real life since I tend to wear more boyish clothes. I know that I am certainly not the only girl to wish there were more tomboy clothes options. I’m also sure it wouldn’t be too hard to simply put in different clothing options. Especially since they have already been designed and made for the app..Version: 10.51

Bitmoji you’re so close ! 💓My dreams are fulfilled - the recent Bitmoji update is a life & saviour for an array of reasons. I am so excited to the introduction of longer hair for male bitmojis, and also the re-vamped selection of hair, skin, ear-type etc. (I wanna keep that short, but thank you so much!) I really do want to suggest that you now re-vamp the clothing… It’s all too stereotypical and locked for one gender male/female. I think you should actually just make a single wardrobe of all clothes for boys & girls to select from, because I know there’s a harsh difference in the clothing depending on which you choose. And not to mention, the level of detail is unnecessary, people like me just want a PLAIN coloured hoodie; if you can add an array of coloured hats & beanies, I am sure you can do the same for hoodies… I don’t wanna reach a point where it becomes literally like Sims, but I do think you shouldn’t lock clothes for either gender and allow us to choose what we want. Please. Thank you for this update, and more to come?!.Version: 10.24.1

Room to improve...Love the app. Wish I had more hair - curly and highlighted/ombré colours without changing your avatar type; and clothing options - where you can change top and bottom individually if you choose to..Version: 10.51

Perfect for Snapchat but Needs more optionsI’ve had Bitmoji for years now on Snapchat and I love it it serves its purpose perfectly fine and the ways to customise it to fit your appearance has gotten better and better. That said I think it needs to improve much more on the customisation side by adding in tattoos customisable piercings stretched ears etc and to be able to place individual piercings by hand to be able to make it more personal and look like yourself. Something along the lines of saints row level of customisation would be incredible :) including more features for the disabled would be a good improvement also wheelchairs, feeding tubes, hospital equipment, hearing aids etc.Version: 11.47

It’s cool thoBut I reckon we need more options! Like more hairstyles, clothing, accessories etc also maybe tattoos? That’d be cool!!.Version: 10.23

Clothing ideasYou should do different themes, such as a baby moon theme I noticed that someone else had the sorta same ideas as me maybe something to do with stars, the moon or zodiacs that’s would be very nice, I also beg for you to add individual chokers to bitmoji, I always find an outfit and then think “this would be great with a choker” I also have a few choker ideas I would really like a choker that has a black heart , and a broken black heart, I and my friend would also like a moon choker and well as a star choker thank you for your co operation , from Lara, melisa, Lilly, Candice , Jackson , Brian.Version: 10.39

Agreed by most...So I absolutely love this app!!! I think it’s really cool to have all these different hairstyle options to choose from. I specifically love how you can mix and match clothes, it’s honestly a terrific app!!! Although the app is great now, I feel that it would be a lot better if users had the option to delete specific outfits from the “closet” category. I, as many of my friends, think that it would be an amazing way to improve the app if that was an option. It would be amazing for choosing our favorites outfits we have created quickly, rather than scrolling through the whole closet attempting to find an outfit we loved and have previously worn. This would make a significant difference in the app. I hope you can take this into consideration to improve the app and make it a better experience for all users. I also think that it would be really nice if the Hollister clothes section came back, that was pretty cool and we really liked it. If the creators happen to be fixing the app I also suggest adding in jewelry. Having a section with jewelry options would be pretty cool. Some jewelry that would be nice to have include bracelets, necklaces, anklets and I bet if the creators/editors added scrunchies it would be a big hit. It would be highly appreciated by the current users of the app..Version: 10.87

Hair StylesI would love to see some more shorter hair options and make a fringe something that you can add to a style rather that just a few styles..Version: 10.82.1

A few tipsI love Bitmoji especially because you can make your character so unique and look just like yourself but I have a few suggestions to improve the app - Inclube braces. I personally don’t have them but a lot of people do and it would be a great addition - Maybe have a feature where you can design your own clothes - The one thing that really bothers me about the app is that you can only make one avatar. In the next update please allow you to make different avatars. You could have a limit of characters so it stays manageable..Version: 10.41

Great appI love Bitmoji! It may seem like not a big deal, just being a sticker app, but it does make it much easier and more fun for me to express myself while texting. You can customize your Bitmoji with lots of hairstyles, hair colors, and clothing options. The best part? It is FREE. While you can buy cool Bitmoji merch which obviously isn't free, (and I wouldn't expect it to be free, the developers need to make money!) I love how these developers are very generous and make the app completely free. I kept expecting to try to put a clothing item on my avatar and having a sign pop up that said: Buy the premium version! or VIP outfit set: $3.99! It was great not to have to deal with those pesky things. I only have one suggestion, add braces. A lot of people who use this app are probably high schoolers or middle schoolers, which is a common age to have braces. Even some adults have braces. I know they don't seem like a big deal, but you do see the avatar's teeth a lot in the stickers. Other than that, nice app!.Version: 10.84

New outfitsWe should get to choose the pants separately from the shirts and shoes, also some new clothing would be nice.Version: 10.29

Good... wish it was betterI appreciate all the updates they’ve made and they’ve all been improvements I just wish they would put all the updates together. For example, they have some great outfits and good separates but you can’t edit the given outfits. You also can no longer search for things. I also wish they would add pattern availability. If they would catalog all the items in the separates that are in the outfits and added a search availability that would totally improve the app. If there was a pattern section maybe they could let you design your own patterns to apply to clothing items. Another thing they could have is a color slider/creater instead of the list. For the hair section you should be able to apply various bang styles to any cut or style (bangs on a ponytail instead of just straight). Ik parts of this seem excessive but some of these things they already had and were good but replaced with something else good but not the same (taking away the search feature and adding separates). Rant over ;).Version: 10.76.1

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