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Elevate - Brain Training App User Positive Comments 2022

Elevate - Brain Training app received 178 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about elevate - brain training?

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Elevate - Brain Training for Positive User Reviews

Great app for brain development.I am currently 3 days into my 1 week free trial and I am impressed with this app. Having feeling mentally exhausted with a new baby and not getting the mental stimulation whilst on mat leave, this app has helped immensely in helping me to focus and to challenge myself. I note other users have stated it’s a money grabbing app etc but I can see a lot of thought and effort has gone into creating this content so I will probably purchase going forward. Although, I would suggest creating a pay monthly version rather than a year’s subscription to cater to different requirements..Version: 5.29.0

Must have itYou will not regret this amazing app, great to keep your mind sharper.Version: 5.56.1

Amazing and funProbably the most underrated game. It’s fun, and keeps you sharp, and it take no time, plus you can just pick quick games to kill time if that’s what you’re looking for..Version: 5.57.1

Excellent Brain TrainingI really like this app so much! I have the free version and I can certainly see how having the pro version would be great. However the free version is ad free, there are games you can play and earn games by consistent training. I have found my ability to do maths sums in my head has greatly improved and my enunciation too. The subject snips in the reading and listening games are educational within themselves. It is one of my favourite and well used apps. I highly recommend it. I have a disability which involves cognitive issues and I have found this helpful with that..Version: 4.8.1

I can see why it’s Apple’s app of the yearThis is the greatest brain thinking game i have ever come across in my entire life An easy 5 stars for this app 👏 People who own Elevate are sure to be advised to spread this app through to many others. Friends, family and all Well done Elevate and a great choice by Apple to make this their app of the year 😃😁.Version: 5.29.0

This is amazing!I have been using this lately and I love it so much! I definitely recommend it!.Version: 5.46.0

Great and freee!!!!!This is a great app for all students. It will dramatically improve your comprehension, maths, spelling, and writing skills. They made a fun and exciting way of learning new skills and polishing ones you have already mastered. You can view your progress and see which areas you are excelling at and areas that you need to work on. I recommend it..Version: 5.30.0

Lumosity vs ElevateI switched to Elevate as I find it more practical in my daily job in Financial services. Elevate offers more mathematical mental solving problems and literacy gradually increases over time. I’d say Lumosity is better at increasing neurocognition but Elevate is far more useful in your daily life. A good example is I no longer need to use a calculator during grocery shopping when I see a product discounted by 15%..Version: 5.16.1

Best everyday brain training app ever usedElevate is such a highly organised, well throughout and planned app, that I would get surprised by the amount of effort that has been put into each section of the contents. The topics are absolutely engaging and I have learned and grown a lot. It’s quite intriguing as well with it’s fun games. You don’t feel like you are training but you actually are training your brain, incrementally, everyday. Hats off to those who made this incredibly intelligent app. I LOVE IT!.Version: 5.18.0

Like the free trial but sub is too expensiveI really like the free trial of this app, but I don’t know if I’ll continue with a paid subscription when my 7 days are up as the cost is too prohibitive for me. Which is a shame as I love the word games and improving my vocabulary, my reading and writing skills and so on. If the sub was cheaper or if it could move to a pay monthly model (at the same price or less as the current sub, but split into 12 monthly fees instead) I would be all for it. Please consider changing the pricing so more people can use it! Thanks..Version: 5.27.1

Great unless you have visual or motor impairmentsFirstly, this app is preatty awesome. As a person who enjoys playing video games, this series of mini-games is fun and they really do train your brain and keep you thinking. I look forward to playing these every morning. All that being said, there are some issues. I am legally blind, and that makes it hard for me to play some of them because it takes me time to zoom in and read what is being shown on screen. Because of this, I often have to retry some games multiple times and the game misjudges my actual skill level due to my eye sight making it a bit harder to read what’s there. Likewise, I can see someone who has problems making certain gestures on the screen having some issues as some games require you to do quick motions in rapid succession. I would be more than happy to aid in accessibility features for this app as I think it is something that everyone can benefit from..Version: 5.54.1

Fun and ChallengingReal thought and science gone behind making this App, do try the free version as it will push you, frustrate you but make you better..Version: 5.13.0

Sharpens the Blade of KnowledgeI’ve completed 24 workouts once a day, and I’m already noticing some major changes in my life. I’m able to type clear and concise emails to my college instructors and my performance in class feels like it’s at its best. I also noticed that I can better visualize and solve mental math problems without thinking too hard. I even caught myself solving an addition problem instantly without really having to compute it and I’m not talking about problems from assignments, I’m talking about real world math problems that friends and family bring up during convos (mostly relating to the price of something). However, one thing I would like the app to have is a retry or replay button for games. Maybe with a limit of 3 replays if needed. I find that I sometimes complete a game but feel as though I didn’t focus/perform as good as I should’ve, so it’d be nice to be able to click retry instead of being sent to the next game and having to go back to the previous one..Version: 5.37.2

Exactly what I needed!Over the past couple of years, I found myself not being able to remember things very well for very long, even if I’d just read, heard it from a video or or even a conversation. I’ve always had a great memory so it was really bothering me. When trying to find a way to help myself, I was particularly interested in finding memory type comprehension activities. I searched the APP Store for “brain games” and found Elevate. I downloaded the free trial for 7 days as have been pleasantly surprised that I found exactly what I had wanted to find. It’s been helpful not just in reading, but keeping sharp in math (estimations, percentages, even tipping) as well as writing, diction, vocabulary and so many others. It’s all based on current skill level, the games are fun and in each ‘daily workout’ that it puts together for you, it gives great feedback. It keeps me challenged when it sees that my scores are increasing in each category. I’m hooked. I’m enjoying the daily exercises and look forward to seeing my progress. Membership for the year is well worth it and affordable. I can’t wait to see how much I’ve improved by this time next year..Version: 5.43.0

FantasticThis app is fantastic and really helps but the only downside is that you have to pay and it is a big amount to get the rest of the games and you don't even get to keep your previous games please at least do a longer session/more time each day or something.Version: 5.66.0

Great!This is a really good app, great for improving mental skills. A few ideas: Giving some information about the conversion - my country uses metric measurement, so it is difficult for conversion into imperial measures as I have no idea how much they are in relation to metric measures. Achievements - maybe there could be more of them, and they could be easier to get? A lot of the achievements seem like unrealistic goals that are unreachable. This would maybe encourage players to do some everyday. ‘Recent reviews’ - I don’t think these are very helpful - they actually discourage me from trying again as all they do is point out what you did wrong that day and give the correct answer. This is especially annoying when you click something by mistake! Other than these things I think it is a great app, definitely worth the money! 👍.Version: 5.33.0

HmmThe app is fear and has been for many years. However the recent change to memory exercise is extremely unhelpful. Making it only accessible to paying customers while they are aware that this function is the most needed by many people. I think it’s rude to ask customers that have used the service so long and gate keeps access from those who cannot pay. The app already has restricted use of certain games within each category so locking an entire function sends backwards..Version: 5.50.1

Comments from an oldie.I am enjoying this. I do get frustrated because my brain doesn’t function as quickly as it used to do. I’m 75 so I guess I can’t expect to be as it once was. I also notice I don’t always pay attention to what I am reading and then get the answer wrong. Had I not rushed it, I would have answered correctly. 👵🏻.Version: 5.34.0

A-O-K !Like the song in my title says, this app is definItely A-O-K!! So forget all the hate and do a shimmy shake, it’s time to Elevate! I see a lot of complaints from people claiming they were scammed into a yearly subscription, only to realize, or be told that they signed up for something other than the free trial. (Whoops) Mistakes happen and the developer is more than willing to resolve an issue if it presents itself. (Refund, etc.) As I continued to read some feedback I realized that I spend more money every year on things that do nothing to ‘elevate’ me in any way. I spend more money on a coffee in a month than I do on this application. And I have nothing to show for it. I would equate it to buying flowers. Sure, they’re pretty and fragrant, but they are also dead and gone in a week. I’d rather buy a plant and watch it grow like my knowledge and skill that I retain from an app like Elevate. On a final note, as I insert tongue-in-cheek, Elevate has helped me to remember to turn those subscriptions on or off, where I left my keys, that word with the definition that eluded me and any number of other things. I recommended it to my wife and my son. I would recommend it to anyone because I have used it and it has helped immensely. If you want to learn at a fast, fun pace, this app is the right place!!!!! A big thank you to the folks behind the App!!!!.Version: 5.60.0

Amazing!This is great for improving skills!! It improves your reading speed and understanding, it improves grammar and vocabulary, it improves spelling and it improves quick and mental math skills. I love the achievements I think those really help me progress, I also love the performance statistics, it shows you which subjects you are better in and which need improvement. I like the fact that there aren’t leaderboards to compare you to others or challenges that put pressure on you. The study materials are great they help in remembering useful materials. This app has particularly helped my math skills, it’s helped to improve my speed and accuracy and my understanding of the subject. I haven’t had a single problem with the app since I got it, and it’s had an impact on my marks at school and my critical thinking. A huge thanks to the people that made this and everyone else, you should definitely get this app. Btw it does have in app purchases but the app is still amazing without the upgrade, which I didn’t get..Version: 5.21.0

Better brain training than SudokuI use this app each morning. Elevate is helping me iron out the kinks in my otherwise decent use of English and making a much better writer of me. I've gained a greater awareness of grammar, improved my vocabulary and spelling and enhanced many aspects of my language use and communication in general. Plus maths. A truly valuable app that I’m happy to pay for..Version: 5.1

Challenging and fun to playIt's good to play a game that actually challenges me and is not repetitive. I like that it points out errors with explanations so I can do better next time. It's been especially good at improving my maths skills. Though I'm only using the free version I would recommend it to anyone who wants to challenge and engage their brain playing a mobile app game..Version: 5.36.0

Fun and friendly brain training gameAfter using the free version, I was really keen to see what the full version offered, and it’s very fun and so worth the money. I’ve never bought an app in this price tab before but I’m glad that I did because there’s so many games. I like that I can play them for 2 minutes when waiting for the kids after school, or for for longer when I just want to zone out of regular mum life for a bit. The reading and writing games help you to be more observant, in that they help you practice your focussing skills as well as practicing spelling and commas etc. But they also help teach you little anecdotes and stories. The maths ones are great fun too..Version: 5.46.0

Excellent!Elevate really helps me focus!.Version: 5.58.0

Really good!I thought this would be a dumb app with loads of adds and things to purchase. But just from the free trial it is not like that at all! Give it a good! It’s really good and your mind feels good doing it..Version: 5.55.0

Worth The Download & SubscriptionThe negative reviews have me convinced they’re from competing companies because I can’t find anything to write negatively on in regards to Elevate. Couldn’t ask for a better app to train and sharpen my brain through. Even if you only have a few minutes a day it’s enough to fit training in (recommendation is 12 mins. minimum I believe). The subscription costs hardly anything for everything you get out of this app all the way down to stats updating you on your progress and where you need work. My favorite is the notification center which includes updates on sessions you had trouble in, and they go back over them with you to explain in detail where you messed up and why the correct answer is the correct answer. Not to mention the fact that the games on this are far more professional than most popular “brain game” apps on the market. I’ve tried a handful of others and they all just seem too light and playful in approach whereas Elevate has what feels like a professional and serious approach. I feel like I’m getting proper lessons and training rather than “just playing some games”. So glad I found Elevate; it’s worth the download even if you opt out of subscribing..Version: 5.9.2

Lacks a support staffI started using this last year and used it for approximately 6 months and found it helpful and enjoyable. I paid for the a year in advance. After that initial 6-month period the app started to have some glitching issues. I tried reaching out for help but could find no way to communicate with the company, so I re-installed the app, but it reset all my previous scores and skill levels, therefore starting me over again which I was not pleased with. I couldn’t log in again. I tried sending requests in through something in the app but never got a response. Tried to contact through the website but when you click the Contact button you just a blank screen. I even tried to respond to the emails they would send me but never got a response. So I canceled the renewal through apple, but couldn’t find any way to get a refund on the 6 months I couldn’t use the app and couldn’t get any to help resolve the issue. Wouldn’t recommend to anyone because of the lack of service to resolve issues. When that happens you won’t get any help, but they they will try to keep hitting your account for money. Disappointing..Version: 5.43.0

Superb !Exceedingly close to scoring 99% across all metrics, after playing for almost 4.5 months. Excellent design, UI, content & algorithms constantly evolve to become more challenging. Keeps it enjoyable & entertaining. Has had tangible & definite impact upon improving impetus to learn, determination, concentration, broaden mind/perspectives & develop skills in unrelated areas. Can only speak anecdotally, but knowledge acquisition across diverse areas has been vastly enhanced. Would relish seeing an optional dark-mode design scheme for users to choose in settings. Apart from that, flawless & reasonably priced. Highly recommended & has helped me to overcome a difficult recovery from mTBI - Post Concussion Syndrome (PCS) which had deleteriously impacted some mental faculties. Being naturally ambidextrous has meant neuro-plasticity is already a proclivity, however my personal opinion is Elevate has aided in improving & optimising hemisphere synchronisation & overall mental versatility; whilst concomitantly stimulating noticeable progression in preciseness, decisiveness/reactiveness when required..Version: 5.36.0

Excellent way to start your dayI start my day using this app during breakfast, it puts me in a good mood to take any challenge. It’s hard to attest (even on a scientific level) whether it makes you more intelligent or not, but it definitely helps you understand and be more conscious, concise and articulated with language; it also helps you understand how your own mind memorizes or focuses best, and learn techniques for quick mathematical processing. After using this app (on and off I must admit) for the last two years, I’ve found I’m more assertive at choosing my words and learning new ones without having to look them up in a dictionary (thanks to etymologies,) be more present when listening to a process or people’s names, and have also became really good at quick math calculations which come really handy for business casual conversations. I’d define it as oil for your brain that keeps things sharp while setting you up for the day by successfully completing a few tasks in the morning 👌🏻..Version: 5.9.1

Better Use of Time Than Social MediaSince deleting social media, this app has been great for when you’re killing time but want to do it productively. I found after using the app for a couple months it has improved my reading and writing skills tremendously. I spot errors in grammar(which makes me very popular at parties), see ways in which a sentence could be made simpler, or more impactful and found the app has developed my critical thinking skills. Oh, and I have also learned a lot of interesting words and facts from the app! 10/10 :).Version: 5.17

AchievementsI want to see which achievement I’ve got. As I expected I will get one achievement for finishing 5 Study, but it automatically changed to the next level achievement, which can be taken with 25 Study. I’m not sure where has my achievement gone for 5 study. Apart of it, I’m satisfied with using this app which tease my brain regularly with various games..Version: 5.24.0

Elevate is Great! Best brain appElevate has consistently been the best brain training app I have returned to over the years, having tested many other apps. The free to play games are good and varied. Training becomes a fun part of my day, I notice feeling sharper during the day and more confident in my brain! The reporting is good, I enjoy reviewing performance and seeing feedback on my scoring compared to other Elevate app users, so please play this one. Sincerely just a happy elevate user. Other similar apps have left me disappointed with limited free gaming or variety whereas elevate is something ill subscribe to (when properly practicing brain training, which I believe in greatly to prevent Alzheimer’s and general forgetfulness etc)..Version: 5.46.0

Great little appWhen you get busy sometimes you forget to continue to grow your brain. This little app gives me five minutes to take out of the day just to focus on some tiny challenges. And when I haven’t been back for awhile, it kindly send me a little reminder that it might be time to come back :-) The extensive collection of games are varied & very helpful. Completely worth the purchase price in my opinion.Version: 5.56.1

Amazing!This games ticks all the boxes! It is easy to control and looks appealing, which helps your motivation to do your daily session. The games work well and progress emerges quickly, the study feature as well helps enormously. Each day it prepares you a personalised session (resulting from your feedback) and it tracks how many days a week you manage to complete this, helping it turn into a habit. The main thing I would change though, is options on whether to hide the timer on timed games, as although I am sure many find it useful I tend to be distracted by the wheel moving and my score goes down. Also on the processing game the way the blocks move below each word you read has a similar affect. Other than that I am very pleased with getting elevate, I recommend it greatly to people especially who struggle getting into a habit of small sessions of brain training, this helps a lot with that!.Version: 5.26.0

Beautiful app with real practical valueI have been using this app (a bit on and off) for the last 3 years or so. Definitely among the best brain training apps out there in terms of sleek design and quality contents. But what sets this apart for me (I also tried Lumosity and Peak) is that the games/exercises have a strong focus on practical maths and language use. English is not my first language and although these days I have a good command of it, Elevate helps remind me of the usual mistakes and improve on how to communicate even more effectively and concisely. The math component deals with basic arithmetic and percentages in practical settings such as comparing costs, discounts, calculating changes, etc. Again, the practicality of the exercises is useful to improve mental math skill, especially when sometimes it goes against normal intuition. Highly recommended..Version: 5.47.0

ConversionThis exercise is very difficult for people who live in countries who have no experience of the imperial system of measurement. The conversion tests of placing grams ounces kilograms and pounds is of little value and wastes time having to resit tests. Eg Regarding which is heaviest. 5000g 3000oz? Other games are brilliant to play..Version: 5.13.0

Why so hard to read? Too focused on graphics not use abilityGreat app - love it. But for an app that’s aimed for older people (I think) what’s with all the tiny writing; writing in white; tiny photos in visualisation (while unnecessary graphics take up most of the space), etc. At the very least it should be all in bold as it’s hard to read on an iPhone. Extraction paragraphs are particularly hard to read and the type does not need to be so small. Please fix; your graphics folks shouldn’t have so much power in your org, and you should be more concerned about your customers....Version: 5.31.0

Good serviceI had an issue with logging in so I sent them an email to try and sort it. The replied that same day and sorted it quickly. It was quick efficient service :).Version: 5.19.0

My favourite part of the dayI’ll be perfectly candid. I downloaded this app strong hesitations. I preconceived that it wouldn’t work it be worth the cost. Boy was I wrong. This app is so incredible and I’m endlessly thankful for it. I’ve worked the fee into my budget and intend of renewing for years to come. Not only is it genuinely fun, exciting and captivating, but you can see the positive impact the training has. I find myself speaking with an eloquence I’ve never had before. I can think more clearly and calculate sums quickly off the top of my head. I’m making less mistakes in my papers at university and work. Do yourself a favour and download this app. Work it into your everyday life and watch yourself bloom..Version: 5.20.0

Shaun.I think this app is amazing even though I cannot afford to get the full version I still log on everyday and have a really good time completing the free unlocked games. Thanks..Version: 5.57.1

Do daily and see the rewardsI didn’t do well in school and now I have returned in my older age, I can see that effect now. I come and go with this app, mainly when I need to save a little bit of money but it’s completely worth it and it’s the same cost as a good coffee per month! I find it really helps me develop the skills I already have and learn ones I never learnt well or at all..Version: 5.18.0

Impressed, after all!I edited my review because the developers immediately responded to my review, of which I was surprised about to be honest, and I can utilise the free app after all!! 😃 I really like using this App. I remember having it a while back and it really challenged me to improve my reading, writing, vocabulary, and maths skills. However, on returning to the App, after all this time, I was disappointed to find out it’s now a paid for app. If it wasn’t for the developers responding to my review; I would never have know, and would have missed the chance to use it. I did delete the app, but I have reinstalled it, and I look forward to utilising the app as often as I am able to in between work and stay at home. I am looking forward to using it more often, maybe in bit sizes this year as I want to improve my skills, read more, try to beat my cousin in scrabble..when we come out to lockdown, and try to add-up better. I’m very excited and I would recommend the app. I just feel that clearer guidelines should be there to show people all options on how to get the app and make people decide if they want to pay for it. I would have missed it if I wasn’t shown. 5 star for such a great app. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟.Version: 5.37.2

Beautiful app with very sophisticated learning algorithmsThis app is so beautiful!!! I love the animations, the gamification and all the metrics you can track. It’s so well thought out. It’s the best app I have ever used.... seriously. I’m actually learning and getting better at editing. It’s a great mental workout for my bus ride to work. It has only been a little over a week and I’m already seeing improvements in my reading and editing abilities. I’m still on the trial but definitely going to sign up for the membership. It helps me so much with my design work. It’s a great way to work on my listening skills and memory. I have tried other apps like this in the past but never before have I come across one that was so sophisticated and with skills I can instantly apply to my life. I’m an app designer myself and wanted to give a shout out to the design team that this a freakin work of art! Keep up the good work!!! The team behind this app is crushing it! Every day you inspire me!.Version: 4.8.1

ConcerningPlease read this through I had to give a high rating before it would be posted. This app does not tell you that there are in app costs. Maybe I should of expected it. So you go through a few hoops including parting with personal data and then it says that they want money. I do not wish to use such an app even if it is the best thing since sliced bread. I would suggest you change the app to say in app purchases, like many others.. I have just tried several times to post this comment and hopefully I will get it through. I don’t think the company likes bad reviews. I had to increase the rating before it could be released..Version: 5.28.0

Great app, more scope for multiple accounts?My partner and I have enjoyed using this the last few days. It’s really well done and we’re keen to continue but despite the really good offer they have on, there’s no benefit to having an apple family account. We’d both have to pay for a subscription whereas so many things on here will honour if it’s a family account. 50% deal is great but if it’s both of us paying then there’s not much of a deal. It would be great to be able to add someone to have that extra push of competition. Again the games are really good and well put together and it’s well though through though..Version: 5.55.0

Service turned me aroundI had previously written a poor review which is below. Completely separate to this I had an email chain going with [email protected] Since the events I described, I’ve received attentive and genuine customer service from the developer. They’ve surprised me to the point where I now believe I was in the wrong to denigrate them. So, yes, some poor customer experience followed by a surprising and genuine effort to make me happy with no hidden agenda. Thank you, Elevate. A very rare and welcome outcome to my complaints. Previous review Poor experience and expensive- don’t do it This app signs you to an expensive annual subscription by stealth. Be careful where you put your fingers after the trial membership- you might end up with an unwanted $70 App Store transaction like I did. Elevate claims they can’t do anything about that, it’s all the app store’s problem... Meanwhile I’ve paid for an annual subscription and I’ve deleted the app in protest because I don’t really want to be as brainy / intelligent / mentally agile as people who do business this way. Hope you have better luck than me, but if you’re reading this review for advice - mine is there are other apps out there, and no need to engage with a poor business model..Version: 5.6

An Educators DreamI dont write reviews. Im a practical person. My time is usually dedicated to myself. These things being said I’m also a teacher, and i cannot simply pass an opportunity to encourage education for all people at all levels. This has become the source of my education when i am not working through curriculum and units. Its good practice in any case, for anyone seeking to better themselves in all areas. This app doesn't just promote standard and bureaucratic education. It promotes intelligent human interaction..Version: 5.21.0

Loving it already! Pricing is high!I love the app. The presentation, aesthetic, appearance are very appealing. It’s challenging me already and I can feel it will help me get better at my skills. Pricing is a bit on the higher side, for me..Version: 5.62.0

Age Rating Says 4 and Up But App Says 13 and upI downloaded this app after seeing a couple of ads on it on my phone. But the age rating is wrong. I put in my real age because I am not the type of person who lies about their age to get access to apps and it said that no one under the age of 13 can sign up or play the app. Could you please make it so that as long as you are 4 and up like it says on the age rating on Apple App Store you can use the app? I just want to be able to learn and enjoy this app like all of these other people have. This app can really help kids like me with their education and if you take the time to make it available to kids younger than 13 the results will be amazing. If you guys are worried about it being too hard for kids it might be hard for some but many kids my age are super smart for their age. My reading level is 10th grader. And believe me I am NOWHERE near close to being a tenth grader! 😅 I’m not the best at math though and this app would be great to help me practice and improve my math. I hope you will take the time to make this app accessible for kids under the age of 13, or maybe create a kids version of the app like “Elevate Kids”?? Thank you for reading my review!.Version: 5.35.0

Nice gameI really like this game and it has helped me with my maths and English knowledge. Overall the game is free and I have not had to pay so far but when signing up it does try to make you pay for a membership, it is not until you press the cross that it suggests a free account. I would thoroughly appreciate it if the creator read this review and addressed the issue. I really like this game though despite the problem I expressed above, it is better than a lot of other educational games as it does not require you to pay at all to learn. If you are looking for a free educational app this definitely the app for you. Thank you..Version: 5.22.0

ElevateElevate is very accessible and a good plethora of games that include all levels of learning. I enjoy the fact that not all the games are time sensitive,,, so there is a good mixture of speed and contemplative games. Well done Elevate,,.Version: 5.67.1

Brilliant appI have purchased a pro subscription and use it every day. It really does train you in many areas of thinking to keep your brain healthy. This app is highly recommended for anyone not great at Maths or English and want to improve. Well done to the developers for creating this app. The visual content and training programs are nothing short of outstanding..Version: 5.9.2

Great Brain TrainingThe app is very user friendly. The games start out at a fairly basic level and increase in intensity as you proceed. Also, the games are quite short, which at first I found annoying but you can generally replay them 3 times or so with fresh questions each times. Additionally, there is quite a vast array of games and subjects to choose from. I haven’t used luminosity, which I think is the biggest competitor, so I’m not sure how it stacks up but for now I’m happy..Version: 5.11.1

Best “brain game”They don’t beg you to go “pro” unlike other games. It makes me feel more confident when doing the subjects I have practiced. I love looking at how I have improved. Seeing my scores tells me to either “try harder” or “keep going like this”. I was sooo happy when I got my first achievement (3 day streak) that I sent screenshots of it to my Mum and Gran. Overall I love it and I would definitely recommend it. I give it a 5/5 stars and 10/10 score. A lot of effort went into this game..Version: 5.11.1

Great!To me, any tool that helps me learn anything is worth it. Obviously the app isn’t perfect, and there are some games where I feel are more about speed than actually learning, but the math area in the app is very helpful! The lessons (those I have read) are also a great learning tool. I have learned easier and quicker ways to calculate everyday things which has helped me quite a lot. I feel that the speed aspect works better with the math area. However, I have always struggled with punctuation and vocabulary, but this app has somewhat helped me with those subjects. I think it is worth it. The games are fun as well, so there isn’t much harm in playing them anyways. The whole EPQ and performance area of the app is somewhat confusing... I don’t know if this is truly how it works, but it seems to almost always give you more EPQ every time you play. I went from “advanced” to “expert” within only a few days on writing games, though I don’t believe my actual skill with writing has improved as much as it says. However, leveling up, EPQ, and unlocking new games does make me want to play more often, so I suppose that is a plus..? Here are the benefits I have noticed from using this app so far: Improved mental math Slightly larger vocabulary (not enough to write home about) Slightly better at using commas Overall, if you struggle with certain things like mental math and basic grammar, this is the app for you..Version: 5.42.0

I’m improvingI’m really enjoying this game ! It teaching back to basics which is so good because it can help unscramble my head and make me feel as though I can improve in many areas it’s helping me so much in every way I feel more confident. It’s made me think faster as I go along the best thing this program keeps track of your progress.Version: 5.26.0

Great game.Great game for the morning, gets you thinking and wakes up the Brian. I’ve been on and off with this game for a couple years now, worth every penny though..Version: 5.45.0

It’s okIt’s a great app if you want to train your brain. But sometimes it glitches and the app comes off your phone, or sometimes it doesn’t count how many ticks you have got an you have to do it again. But other than that it’s fine. You have lots of different games to play and you study areas such as Reading Writing Maths and Spelling. It’s really fun. But sometimes if you get the questions wrong it gets you really frustrated (in my opinion). Really good to train your brain and helps you with school work. Especially if you have a big test coming up. It can help you to understand the questions better and if you don’t get what it means then you can just press the question mark button and you get it straight away. Like I said before the app does glitch not too much but it’s just gets annoying. Thanks for reading hope it works for u too babes..Version: 5.24.0

Old dogs can learn new tricks!When I first started Elevating, I struggled with dividing fractions and the explanation didn’t make sense to me. I have finally mastered the skill and have figured out what the instructions meant. I’ve learned something new in every category, which proves you can teach an old dog (nearly 70) new tricks!.Version: 5.60.0

Best brain training appI have used this for over a month found this an amazing app. Through the progress feature, I can tell I improved so much in only just over a month. The games are educational and fun to play and is a good example of gamification. I do not have the premium however, I am satisfied with the free version. It does not have any ads and gives you 3 games each day that you can repeat 3 times. I find it useful to compare my scores with other users but also how I can track my progress and see how far I have come using this app. I will highly recommend getting it and I have tried other brain training apps but this is definitely the best..Version: 5.30.0

Like!I don’t love this app, no...but I certainly like it. A favorite actress of mine (Madelaine Pestch) mentioned this in an interview that she did, and I got curious about it because it sounded interesting. It has helped improve my brain power in a fun way. I don’t feel like I’m a actually doing work, and at the same time I can get my daily dose of learning on weekends and breaks. The only thing I don’t like about it is the fact you need to pay money to get certain things. I understand that the creators need to make money somehow, but I really wish I could do those two pro levels. I’m going to try the free trial and let you know what I think of it. Anyways, I know the app couldn’t really change the money part, so...yeah. Thanks for creating the app, though! It’s highly recommended for anyone who feels like they need a little freshening up in the brain every once in awhile, especially if you have money to spare, because it’s really not that much money if you want to do the pro (40 bucks a year). Thanks again!.Version: 5.27.1

Innovative and fun way to learnMy sister left a review after accidentally using my account and obviously found the game very difficult which goes to show this game is great at targeting different age groups. I myself really enjoy this as it challenges in a variety of different and fun ways. Awesome app and would highly recommend. (Sorry for the previous review, my sister forgot that she was using my account).Version: 5.37.2

DenImpressed with this app. It covers many subjects and adjusts to your level to ensure there is always a challenge. The games are different enough in their presentation and when you go wrong there is an explanation and also the opportunity to review recent issues you may have. Once you have gone through the initial assessment, the app sets up daily sets of games to tackle but you can play any game available to you. There are games to unlock and additional study areas that can be accessed once you have unlocked them. I’ve been using the Pro trial version which is free to use for 14 days but I intend to purchase. You can use this for free but the number and types of games available is significantly reduced. For example Maths..Version: 4.6

Excellent one of the best games out thereI really enjoy this game so much so that I paid for a subscription and I don’t part with money easily and not for something so frivolous as a game. In fact it’s now the only game which I would happily part with money for. Sadly I had to end my subscription due to losing my job but as soon as I get paid from my new job I’ll pick up my subscription again. What makes me happy to depart with my money is that this isn’t one of those games that are nothing but a thinly veiled excuse to depart you from as much money as possible. Elevate offers a perfectly playable free version that isn’t plagued with annoying ads. Of course there is enough benefits to make a subscription enticing and worthwhile but I really respect a company that puts a genuinely playable game out there for free and offers you a choice of subscription, or not! It doesn’t excessively demand you subscribe or blackmail you by hiding every good game behind a pay wall. The free version is limited but not stifled, which is why I’m happy to support it when I can afford, so makers can continue to provide excellent content (and it is excellent) for those that can’t afford to pay..Version: 5.59.0

Is this an issue?This is possibly one of the best apps to ever hit the App Store. Everything about it works so smoothly, that I am almost addicted to gong back and training my bra in every day. I do think that the upgrade to PRO is a bit steep price wise, but I guess they need to make their money. Nevertheless great game/brain trainer even in the free version. Definitely would consider putting money into this is PRO was a little cheaper. To new people 100% download this..Version: 5.8.1

Good appGot an email saying my free trial had expired and they would start charging me. I never even downloaded this app, definitely didn’t sign up for a free trial. Got an apology the next day it was an error..Version: 5.64.0

Learning is FunEnjoy the challenges that are presented to me all the time..Version: 5.18.0

Chemo wrecked my brain, this is helpingAfter chemo I struggle to recall words and, well, basically everything was affected. I’ve bought elevate to help me start to feel normal again and it’s helping. The reinforcement and praise helps too. Thanks!.Version: 5.26.0

Definately worth itBrilliant. Prefer this over Luminosity really enjoy it. Will definately sign up for the year and it’s actually quite affordable.Version: 5.48.0

Phenomenal, and beautiful creationBeautiful animations, sounds effects. very helpful as well :).Version: 5.58.0

Helps a lot to strengthen memoryThis app is amazing. I’ve gained so much confidence after just a few days using it. My memory feels strengthened and I feel I’ working towards being able to communicate better and think more quickly when making mental calculations. Thank you Elevate for an awesome app!.Version: 5.39.0

Productive use of timeBesides being fun, stimulating, and challenging, use of this app has helped me refine my thinking about grammar, word usage and mental math, and helped me become better at balancing a quick response with error avoidance. In fact, playing this game helped me realize that in many other situations I have been “dumbing down” my thinking to accommodate the common errors that are usually not seen as errors. This app snapped me out of that thinking. The program writing is at a higher level than other games / mind stimulation exercises I’ve seen elsewhere, to the extent it brings out fine errors of usage that typically go unnoticed or uncorrected. Plus, the support team appears to truly appreciate user feedback so you have a chance to challenge any result you think is wrong and get a prompt reply. This probably helps keep the game at a more rigorous level. Overall, bravo for one of the very best apps I have encountered. p.s. agree with another rater that some of the photos used in the memory recall game are not great illustrations of the concept or are ambiguous and I, too, would like the app developers to enable users to flag those to continue making this App better and better..Version: 5.53.0

More value than the neuropsychologist thinksMy neuropsychologist counseled me not to spend much money on brain building apps. “They don’t work” according to the profession’s assessment. I’ve been a RN for >40years; was a certified “Technical Trainer” in the USAF. Following an adrenal crash, my verbal skills were pretty much wiped out: significant expressive aphasia, great difficulty word finding, difficulty following conversation. Doing simple math on paper was a challenge, like a 3rd grader, and doing cognitive equations just couldn’t happen. Not sure what criteria their testing and value of something like this is, but I know, that if nothing else, the skills on this app have exercised my skills from the lowest level to the point that my confidence in myself has improved, significantly. It was a slow and frustrating start, but I am much better in participating in conversations and improved in doing math in my head. Certainly, more work to go, but Elevate has been a significant benefit for me..Version: 5.31.0

Great toolThese aren’t games per say, but tools to sharpen the mind and speed its response time. They are of course put into a game like interface :D I’m loving it..Version: 5.42.0

A high-quality, fun, and beneficial appI was skeptical at first when I downloaded Elevate; I thought it would be full of cheesy games that don’t actually exercise your brain functions. I was wrong. I purchased the pro version within a week and am extremely happy with my decision. Not only are the games a blast, I have certainly noticed a difference in my daily life after using Elevate daily for about a year. My math skills are more pronounced, I recognize significantly more errors in writing, my reading speed has increased, and I’ve expanded my vocabulary. In addition to Elevate’s games, it also provides a metic for your progress, the efficiency quotient. This allows you to keep track of your strengths and weaknesses. My good friend and I are both daily users, and frequently compare stats as a friendly competition. A great way to think critically and stay sharp. I highly recommend Elevate!.Version: 5.9.1

Filthy strategyIt seems like a great app. Unfortunately it is a little too expensive. If there were a chance to have a free, basic version I would give it a go..Version: 5.64.0

Great app, point system flawedI really enjoy the app and the games. Some games can improve (memory, for example, as per previous reviews), but generally they are great. the only upsetting part is that app takes EPQ points away if you don’t score high enough (or lower than usual), - this literally discourages form practicing more if you managed to do good once. Would have bought the paid version if it wouldn’t have been for that..Version: 5.46.0

Shouldn’t be called a gameI absolutely love this app and the tools to train one’s brain however I would’ve liked to submit this under the “wellness program” at my company and it doesn’t fall under education because of the word “game” mentioned throughout. If this is meant to be research based training, then it should be advertised as something more than a game. Sad that I may not be able to subscribe to this for very long as it’s not affordable per se..Version: 5.56.0

Good little workouts for the brainNice little app with quick challenges to keep you thinking. I like the app but don’t want to be committed yearly subscription. Maybe if it was a month by month smaller charge I would’ve kept it going..Version: 5.17.1

Driving me mental, in a good way!Great exercise for the mind. Clean layout and great mental games and challenges that test my overall proficiencies in many areas. Love the recommended courses and the freedom to go off and do other exercises. It’s also helping me in areas of memory and mathematics by teaching me useful tricks I can use day to day. It would be great if the microphone could get utilised for activities that focused on articulation and pronunciation..Version: 5.1

Amazing AppHaving fun playing games to re learn things I have forgotten how to do as well as learn things I don’t know. Highly recommended to anyone wanting to challenge themselves..Version: 5.54.1

Exactly what I was looking forI have never wrote a review for an app before. I will even be posting a review and recommendation on my Instagram page so all my friends and family can give it a go. This app is excellent.Version: 5.1

Money well spentI’m using this to better my literacy and numeracy skills for a test I have to take in align with my application to becoming a police officer. This app is really helping - I only use it once a day for 10 minutes and already noticing a difference in my speed and accuracy. Making learning fun too!.Version: 5.19.0

Great appA wonderful app. Teaches various skills, while keeping the mind agile. Will be recommending it to everyone..Version: 5.26.0

FunVery engaging and lots to learn. A suggestion: Don't open the discounting game until a certain level is met on percentages. I'm terrible at percentages so you can imagine me trying to play the discount game - i get five seconds to pick the order but I can't even figure out the percentages..Version: 5.39.0

ExceptionalThis app is nothing short of exceptional. With a broad variety of engaging activities to choose from, this app is an excellent and efficient way to train your mind. You will receive 3-5 free exercises a day, with activities ranging from four different subjects: Maths, Reading, Writing and Speaking (a fifth subject, Listening, is a trial which only some users have). You can check your proficiency in each subject on your profile, and with a cheap $40 yearly subscription, you can have unlimited access to all of the activities. I highly recommend purchasing this app; it’s fun, enlightening and engaging..Version: 5.45.0

Super helpfulRecently I’ve started high school and this app has really settled me down. I absolutely love the different subjects and how it tells what you need to improve on. It gives you a taste of high school, if you’re not in middle school yet, this is a great app to start getting used to the changes you’ll have to go through! I’ll be using this app throughout middle school, and I hope you do too!.Version: 5.9.2

Very good gameVery good game only negative is the fonts are way too small for me to read.Version: 4.5.1

Not that bad but kinda of annoying :/I have been playing this game for nearly a year and I have some things to say. Elevate has made me better at reading, writing, speaking, and maths. But, I think the games and mini games are getting boring. The same concept, the same look, and even the same words! And you don’t earn nothing but points that mean literally nothing, and a streak. Also, the streaks are really annoying. You have one day off and you’ve lost your 230 day streak (yes, I played this education game a lot). But other than that it’s a very enjoyable game! You learn new things with a slightly fun twist, but it does get boring overtime..Version: 5.42.0

Very GoodI’ve learned a lot from these brain exercises. I’m less intimidated by math and have learned some new vocabulary words. However, some of the exercises are unnecessarily repetitive. For example, I’ve been tested on the exact same stories a few times. And some of the pictures for vocabulary building are too difficult to see on a smart phone or the pictures don’t adequately portray what they are supposed to picture. In other words, sometimes the pictures reflect a biased perspective that, I suspect, makes the game inadequate for gaging the performance of a large segment of its players. Other problems occur in games that test our ability to hear mistakes in grammar. These recordings sometimes don’t take into account that a listener might easily hear a correct version even if it’s not said correctly by the speaker. The voice and rhythm and flow of the recorded speakers tend to be culturally tinged in a way that this company has considered adequately generic enough but this might not be valid to account for some of the wide ranging nuances and speech patterns that flavor the language centers in the brains of lots of listeners..Version: 5.9.2

How interesting is learning with ELEVATEElevate is such a good tool to brush up your English proficiency when you already have an intermediate or advance level. My vocabulary has increased as never before not just through single words but also with phrases. Even when you know how every category works, it doesn’t mean it is not challenging because it was a variety of content. I don’t work daily with it as I should, but when I do, I learn something that is not evident.Version: 5.16.1

Best gameThis game really is the best for keeping my mind working on the things we need! So good:) get their meditation app Balance too!.Version: 5.58.0

Too little free contentWhile I thoroughly enjoy this app and the challenges, I am left feeling sad at the limit of content available to those whom cannot afford the monthly or annual fee to completely unlock the app. When I had use of the free trial unlocking I found myself diving in and wanting to do more and more activities of those where I seemed weakest. I felt as if I were actually making progress in strengthening those areas. However now the trial has run its course I am limited to only three daily training activities randomly chosen by the app. Unfortunately so far those activities have mostly been in my strongest subjects so I’ve found myself growing bored and utilizing the app less and less. Seeing as how this is an “educational” app as stated in the ads presented between each free activity I would think that you could reap enough revenue through such type ads as to offer more free content. I know I would be willing to watch ads to be able to access some more of what I was able to when I had the free trial. All in all it is definitely an enjoyable app, especially if you can afford the unlocking fee. If not, you’ll probably bore out easily and eventually remove the app due to lack of access to resources..Version: 5.44.1

Fantastic for Self DevelopmentThis app is fantastic for improving spelling and grammar, along with a number of other benefits. If you are wanting to fine tune certain skills to help you get ahead in life then this app is for you. Great to use in your free time..Version: 5.18.0

Excellent training appWhen I started using this, it was often frustrating to work with. After taking some time to get familiar I find it is a tremendous resource. Look forward to doing the training sessions every day. Some are still very frustrating, but that’s part of the appeal of the program, specifically, acquiring new skills from working on new challenges. Bought the annual subscription a couple years back and have renewed it since then. It allows you to customize the training. For example, the standard is five games per day. I only do four. With the program, if I feel like doing another game, I can choose which one. Also, it’s a yearly subscription and not terribly expensive so it’s very worthwhile, especially compared to some of the other games billed monthly. One of the very best features is that most of the language-based games include explanations when you get a wrong answer. I have also tried Lumosity, and while some of the frustrations are comparable, they never include any kind of explanation for a wrong answer. As a result, the learning that comes from making mistakes is a very, very worthwhile part of the games. One suggestion, I play this on an iPad. Tried it on my phone and it did not work. Way too small. I know they have updated it many times since then, but never bothered to try again on my phone. It’s much, much easier to read on the larger screen..Version: 5.55.0

Phenomenal & ChallengingWide range of gaming challenges - which are brilliant, and easy to play! Highly recommend for those that want to keep literate, or competent in general. Knowledge is power, and our brain advances mentally when we store/process thoughts/memories, while we excel/learn/progress through it. Thanks heaps, will be addicted to this throughout my study period🥰🤗🤩.Version: 5.55.0

ElevateIt is a very handy tool to increase your language skills, wether this be writing, speaking, vocabulary or punctuation. The daily challenge is brilliant being able to pick it up for about 10 minutes everyday and do the challenges. Make sure to read the mistakes you have made and learn what you have done wrong, as it’s easy to rush though them and not take them in. Overall this app is brilliant for someone who wants to improve their English skills and taking 10 minutes a day to do this is quite mindful I find myself more relaxed after focusing on this task in the morning..Version: 5.23.0

Good but room for improvementI try to use the app every day, and I think it has helped me. My biggest criticism is that many games are timed, and speed is too important in some games, to the point where it undermines the game. For example, in Adjective Recall you are supposed to be practicing your fanciest words, however, you are better off typing whatever mundane word enters your head first, and move on quickly. If you do come up with a high scorer like ‘discombobulated’, you actually end up losing points because it takes so much longer to type. Another issue is that you are often timed while reading questions, meaning it is better to skim and guess, than to read carefully. While the app does encourage faster reading, there are exercises specifically for that. It would be nice if they tried to isolate reading speed more from the skill that is being tested. This is especially noticeable in games where you are looking for errors in a paragraph. If the paragraph is short or the error is at the start, then you will score higher than when the error is at the end of a long paragraph. This can make games feel quite luck based. Because time is so important and questions are generally quite easy, it can often feel more like a reaction speed test than a ‘skill’ challenge..Version: 5.19.0

Great appHi, I am 13 years old. Last year I was falling behind in class. I was looking for apps that would help boost me up to my classmates level of learning, but they were all for kids in under sixth grade. Then I found elevate. I took a look at it and didn’t like the look, so I kept looking and nothing else was superior to it, they were all for babies. So I downloaded elevate and the first thing it said to do was buy it, so I just clicked out, but then it showed me how to use elevate, and right away I could see my improvement in comprehension, spelling, grammar, memory, vocabulary, math, and writing. I started speaking more clearly and talking in a more advanced manner. This school year, since I downloaded it in summer, I could see that it had paid off. I was the top of the class! Well, now that you heard my story, what are you waiting for! Download the app!!!.Version: 5.29.0

Brilliant but ....I’m enjoying this app and play it daily. However, sometimes some of the games take too long to load. I broke my daily training session streak because of this..Version: 5.18.0

Interesting and challengingI accidentally came across this app while looking for toddler games and I’m hooked (in my 40s with no gaming background). Many opportunities to learn as well as draw attention to areas that can be improved upon, whether you are in the private or government sector. The instant results and performance report available on purchase of the pro package are worth it..Version: 4.6

Practically Amazing!I have not used many apps or programs similar to this that “train your brain”, and am fairly new to this application. But dang, (am not going to curse), this application so far is incredible! It is so practical and useful to daily life, honestly this type of format should be used in the public school systems. It is engaging, looks beautiful and clean, and has great motivating features such as the slot-machine sounds(which if you have been to vegas feel pretty rewarding lol). Overall this has to be one of the best applications i have used to date, which makes the yearly payment absolutely worth it if you find developing your mind in practical way useful. 9.9/10 so far. (Hope this application continues to grow and develop, and reaches a greater scale than where it is currently at.) Also for you guys that have read all the way till the end, wait for the “cheaper algorithm” to kick in. (Not sure what needs to be done, but diminishing use, sucking more, skipped lessons, non-finished days as time goes on, but continual use without upgrading may be the key) Get Learning! Yay..Version: 4.8.1

The best brain-training app out thereI’m the type of person who’s always looking for ways to get smarter by any means possible- and that includes brain-training apps. I’ve tried a few, and out of those I tried, Elevate is definitely the best one. As some other reviews have said, the games actually work. I’ve had this app for three months now, and I still play it every week. Normally I never stay addicted to an app for that long. During these three months, I’ve noticed changes: being able to calculate mental math more quickly, noticing more mistakes in my writing, etc. These games are like power workouts: short but effective. And let’s not ignore the fact that there’s NO ADS and actually quite a bit of free content (three games a day, but you can replay them as much as you want). An overall truly fantastic app. Thank you Elevate..Version: 5.26.0

EnjoyableI do enjoy the games and find some of them to be the right kind of challenging. I always take these with a grain of salt because variation does happen for a variety of things (eg I ‘declined’ in Processing because I misread the question, not because I didn’t know the correct answer. Something to think about when evaluating your scores and progress) I think some of the games can definitely be improved, such as the game Memory because I feel that some of the definitions provided don’t accurately or correctly define the word you’re looking for. And as always, because it’s an English game, some words you may provide for challenges may be rejected because, well, they’re not English..Version: 5.41.0

Brain training that actually helpsBrain training apps can be questionable at times. Some are simple collections of brain twister games to try and help you memorize patterns on a grid, or pick the red word that actually reads blue... But what I appreciate about Elevate is that it challenges you with real world problems. Practice your ability to calculate percentages. It’ll come in handy next time you’re calculating your dinner tip, or figuring out how much you’ll save during a clothing sale. Elevate helps your to improve your writing skills and comprehension. Get better at spotting typos in your emails and texts. Quickly skim messages while reliably gathering what’s being communicated. There are so many games provided by Elevate which challenge your real-world skills, and push you to improve in areas that affect your day to day. There are free features, but thank goodness I bought a lifetime membership early on in Elevate’s life. I couldn’t have guessed I’d still love the app so many years later. If you want to get better at day to day tasks, and push yourself to your highest intellectual abilities, Elevate is a great app for you. I personally feel the benefits of using this app, and find myself returning to this app when I’m feeling less on top of things. Give your brain that much needed mental stretch. You’ll be glad you did..Version: 5.16.1

ExcellentThis is my second review because this app is so good. I have stopped what I’m doing just to review it again. For approximately three years I’ve used this app. I am a writer (never been paid) but I write extensively on FB. When I share an article I wrote one year ago, errors jump out at me that didn’t then, that need to be corrected. I was too wordy; now I am not. I didn’t know how to use commas correctly; now I do. My punctuation was iffy; now it’s not. I can read faster, focus sharper, and estimate quicker. Even though I have a degree in English, teaching Senior High English in the late seventies, this app has improved my writing more than the classroom ever did. I cannot recommend this app enough, especially if you’re in your sixties like me, and need to sharpen your listening and remembering skills. I do it everyday. It’s the one thing I do with consistency. Try it. Eventually you will see improvement and become a better writer, listener, and learner, even as you age..Version: 5.51.0

An engaging and efficient way to learn.I like the interface and the games. I find the study section of this app, however, uninteresting and the same examples are used over and over again. I also don’t like how if you lose all your lives in a certain game, you have to keep doing it until you get it right. If you failed miserably the first few times, you’re not gonna miraculously improve at some point later on. The games should just mark your performance the first time as well, regardless of whether you perform very well. If we keep getting multiple attempts at the same thing - we’re not getting a fair and accurate analysis of our EPQ. And that IS what you’re aiming for, right..?.Version: 5.5

Pretty goodI really like elevate and think it’s made a big difference as well as many other brain trading apps. The reason I’ve put 4 stars is because without elevate pro (elevate) there are not many games you can do and you can only do 3 of the 5 games in the daily workout. It’s a bit annoying that there are barely any things you can do without it but, at the same time, I understand that the developers need to make money but still I think they could at least give us a bit more things we can do for free. Anyway overall I think this is a great app that trains ur brain 😁 Thank you for reading my review 🙏☺️.Version: 5.39.0

What I was looking forI have always been the type of person who wants to better myself, become smarter, be able to hold better conversations, etc. I like to be better than myself. This App is the perfect learning tool for using my own personal knowledge, at my own level I mean, and be able to learn more. What I mean is, this App will ask you questions whether you get them right or wrong it will create your own personal quizzes for you to challenge yourself and they make it fun and easy for you to pick up on your mistakes. If there is something way past what I am able to pick up on they will not keep giving me those sorts of questions. If I keep getting certain questions correct I will move up to the next level. The cost for this was very fair for how much I can and will invest time in this. I have a full time job and children so I cannot choose college and personally I do not want to so with this I can still expand my education and knowledge for everyday use..Version: 5.28.0

Excellent GameDetailed games, some games are very easy and other games will be challenging. Because one obtains more points for speed, and accuracy the easy games will quickly become increasingly difficult and the challenging games will be at your level, advancing slower to ensure you understand the lesson. Over a few years I can see how this game would drastically increase performance..Version: 4.7.2

HelpfulThis app is really helpful for anyone who wants to get their mind thinking in an abstract way. I have done the subject’s this app has to offer for a really long time. Very beneficial..Version: 5.26.0

Elevate is an exceptional app. One of my all-time favorites.Been quite a while since high school and college. My math and language skills had gotten out of shape. Been using Elevate Pro for about 3 years, and have noticed remarkable improvements in my writing and communication skills. Happy to say my writing skills have improved, even beyond the level they were at in college. That's mostly due to daily use of Elevate, though I keep looking for excuses to write, thanks to my greater enjoyment of such. My mental math skills have benefitted as well. The app is a pleasure to use, and the development behind it is exceptional. The training exercises are interesting, and enjoyable, and you can quickly sense your improvement. I've learned so much about words I knew from context, even though my understanding of their definition was off. I appreciate Elevate’s support, as well. Quick to respond, and helpful. Been meaning to leave a review. Thankful I've NEVER been nagged to do so. Elevate was named APP OF THE DAY, today, so here’s my review. Go ahead and start with the Free version. There's a LOT to it. You can subscribe to the Pro version, whenever you feel like it. You'll gain eve more helpful exercises. If your brain has been feeling rusty, or you just want to improve your skills, you've GOT to give it a try. Set a time to use it each day when your brain is most fresh, and make it a habit..Version: 5.9.2

Great, well thought out appI tried the Elevate app each day for a week to test it out, and was very impressed with the range of brain training games, and with how much thought they put into its design. In the end, I decided not to subscribe. They had told me after my first workout (series of training games), that I had a higher score than 90% of first time users. Having used it, I don’t see much scope for improvement for me personally. One thing they could consider for the next version, is to put people above a certain initial score into the next level. But it is an app that goes out of its way to explain where/why you made a mistake and how to improve. I think it’s well worth trying for free yourself to see how much it helps you personally..Version: 5.64.0

One of the best appsSince I started living in a non English speaking country, I decided to continue studying English daily, so I could keep my knowledge alive. Elevate helped me a lot with it. It's very smart and informative app. It helps not only to improve your English but also helps with math. It teaches history by making you to complete certain games and also understand the real meaning of words and how they are constructed. It also offers you so many additional info on grammar, writing, speaking, listening etc. Really highly recommended!.Version: 4.8.1

Awesome appI have been using Elevate for two month now and I update to Premium. The work behind this app it’s just unbelievable. I love the designs, the sounds. The games originality and creativity. As a French speaker it really help me improve my English skills. Certain games, especially “pronunciation” is really hard for me. But I would get there. Also there costumer service is absolutely fantastic. Had a issue with my subscription and the problem got solve in less than 12hours. Bravo Also I am using Balance which is their mediation app. And it is simply fantastic. Haven’t missed a mediation day since. Same with elevate. Haven’t missed a day..Version: 5.27.1

Your brain will thank you ✨I’m surprise on how smartly the games are developed, it’s beautifully made and you actually learn and see the progress. I’ve tried it for 4 days now and I’m definitely going to buy it, I can tell you it’s worth it..Version: 5.5

Love itThis app is great. There are a few inconsistencies though, in that some of the games will auto correct words snd actually change the entire word to something different so I feel a bit cheated. Other than that, very much enjoying..Version: 5.5

BEST Mental Learning AvailableI’m an avid learner, but a slow processor. Over my life I’ve tapped to play several learning-style games, everything from sudoku and crosswords to luminosity brain trainers and word games. Every one of them bored me, if I am being completely honest. Luminosity came close but it just wasn’t stimulating enough for me to make it a habit. Enter “Elevate”. I am finishing up my two week trial and this is the first time I’ve maintained a consistent practice for as long as I have. The games are challenging, but in a way that makes me more excited to keep playing, not less. It gives you games that practice seriously practical knowledge and processing skills, and even better, they use real world information in all of their written word games so you’re double learning. I feel like I’m finally tackling my biggest challenge (processing speed) while also leveling up skills I already felt pretty confident in. Ten of ten would recommend..Version: 5.11.1

J’aimeL’anglais n’est pas ma langue et je du plaisir tout en apprenant. Mais l’apps es pas gratuit lol rien gratuit dans vie ..Version: 5.58.0

Back to schoolGreat way to stimulate the brain and get back to basics! Have a lot of fun sharing results with friends and although I don’t know much on the algorithm and it’s formulas - I take the producers spend a lot of time tweaking to get the best performance based results..Version: 5.58.0

That’s it, I’m hooked after 3 days! LOVE THISI’m not much of a word game (oops, too much online golf!) player, beyond WWF, Wordscapes, etc - and I get a little bored with these (I blame my raging ADD, and no, not kidding 😳). I just discovered ELEVATE, and I’m in love. It challenges me, forces me to improve my understanding of areas I ALWAYS thought I was “weak” in, teaches me how to think, perceive, communicate, write with brevity (this review doesn’t count -lol), and gives me lots of encouragement. I seriously want to marry it! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - will definitely continue with Elevate beyond the free trial even if it means dumping a streaming service ...or five! TRY IT! BTW, I almost NEVER review apps/games - and I swear, I am not related to anybody at Elevate - that is, until “it” agrees to marry me! Give it a go - nothing to lose and so much to - WHILE HAVING FUN - gain! And if you or someone you know has ADD/ADHD, do them a favor and turn them on to ELEVATE! Cheers!.Version: 5.28.0

Fun LearningThis is a great way to keep learning and improving in basic competencies..Version: 5.57.1

GoodI’m enjoying the app and have paid for a subscription after a couple of months of trialling the app. However, it disappointed me today with an activity on converting between imperial and metric units. I live in Australia where metric units have been the standard for 46 years or so, so I have no idea about them and no need to convert with them. I find US centric apps annoying. Surely they can be set to a particular country to ensure only appropriate activities are supplied? I also have some problems with punctuation activities. I’m getting the feeling that we do punctuation and grammar a little differently in Aust/UK..Version: 5.34.0

Could be betterI think its an amazing app and I’ve definitely gotten smart r since starting it but I think thy should make some new games as I don’t think there’s enough variety. I also think they should make it more game-like as I recommend it to my sister but she finds it too boring so I think you should make it more fun. My last issue is about making some games about multi tasking or about concentration and stuff like that. I know I said a lot of issues but it is a great app and you can do a little workout a day as the number of games are customizable. You can also test yourself with a difficult workout or if you don’t have much time you can do a quick workout or if you want to get better at maths or English you can get a special workout for that subject so it’s a very helpful app. A must get for anyone and it’s worth the pice any day 👍👍👍👏.Version: 5.54.1

Excellent!This is my daily wake up go to App to get my brain in gear. I eventually subscribed because, in my opinion, the developers are so deserving of support. It has definitely enhanced number crunching in my head - we’ve all got a bit lazy relying on the tech we carry around. It’s also highlighted my adjective recall weakness, an area where my memory has a history of letting me down. However, it’s improving with that daily practice - enough I hope to stave off any age related loss of brain cells! Love the slightly competitive edge too. Proud to be in the top 5% of users in my age group in both writing and maths!.Version: 5.9.1

Could you please add the answer results for math?I’m really liking these quizzes so far, but I’m very rusty on math, and I would like to see a summary of what I got right and wrong on the math quizzes, and I’ve noticed barely any of them do that. I take screenshots of the end results sometimes so I can go over them more meticulously and replicate how I got them correct or how to get them correct next time. I know some of these quizzes are new and still developing, but it would be really awesome if that was made possible in the near future. If I didn’t have so little money, I’d definitely be keeping the subscription, but unfortunately I’ll have to just enjoy the trial while I can. Hopefully the free version isn’t too lacking, because this is really what I needed to help my brain get thinking again. (I had to re-learn long multiplication for one of those math quizzes, and re-figure decimals. Even I find this weird, but I’m actually excited about that. Finding the chance to reabsorb knowledge on my own terms and time has really made me remember that I actually love learning— I just hate the typical structure lol.) I hope sometime in the future I have more money to spare and can resubscribe, this is the sort of exercise that actually seems like exercise, it’s not just flashing colors and games, it’s not just dull work, it’s a nice mix, with colors and aesthetics to keep you focused and actual required focus and problem-solving required..Version: 5.42.0

Visually spectacular but not worth the upgradeI recently bought the full version of the app hoping for long brain consuming sessions. This app is good but not very good as I was disappointed to learn you get only 5 Training lessons per day while you get 3 training lessons on free app... So what’s the point in upgrading? You just don’t get the same thrill of progress by doing activities. Visually this app is second to none but I hope they do add more training lessons per day or this would be my only year using the full version of this app..Version: 5.16.1

Lacking support for new iPadsAbsolutely love this app on iPhone, its perfect, however it seriously lacks proper support for the new iPad Pros. Theres no landscape view mode and it has big black boarders around the app, would be great to see the developers take full advantage of the new iPad Pro all-screen displays. And lastly, there’s still no support for the Smart Keyboard. All the exercises that require typing would be 100x more enjoyable if this app supported keyboards..Version: 5.9.2

App ReviewI absolutely love this app. Everyday I look forward to my workouts!!.Version: 5.59.0

Great app, one suggestionUsing this app daily. It would be useful to have a dictionary within the app, some place where I can save words and expressions from the games so I can review them anytime..Version: 5.16

More fun than school, but...If you like being tested with a timer than this is for you. I did the 7 day free trial and it felt like homework for me. I will pass, however people who have time on their hands would enjoy this..Version: 5.28.0

This would have been a 5 star reviewI love this game. I play it every day and it really does challenge the mind. I love it so much that back in January I paid for an annual subscription. It’s been great. Until the last update.... and now when I open the app I get “unlock elevate” asking me to buy a subscription! I can’t play half the games on there because of this, and there’s no “restore purchases” button so there’s no way to make this update recognize that I already have a subscription. AND I’ve emailed the developer twice in the last 4-5 days and all I’ve gotten is a canned message saying “sorry we’re backed up with emails, we’ll reply soon” It’s ridiculous. I can’t be the only user having this problem, so it would be nice if you could even acknowledge that this problem is happening and you’re working on a fix. But nope - nothing, and this update has been out for over a week. So instead of 5 stars you get 1 - both for this extremely annoying glitch (an annual membership is not cheap!) AND for having zero customer service to address it. Not cool..Version: 5.40.0

Fun training, valuable skillsAs an engineering student, I can attest to many a long research paper, and timed physics and calculus exams. Often in the solving of complex thermodynamics, you would find that some of the most annoying, time consuming operations could be alleviated by a stronger, faster mental math skill set. I have spent entire nights (without sleeping) poring over long research papers, attempting to catch mistakes and condense and clarify my work. These games are very basic, fun, and effective. I feel that this app has the potential for further development, and could easily become part of the tool set of an aspiring engineer. They speed train the basics, so that you have more time and energy to focus on the tough stuff. I'm a bit intrigued by how the ratings are calculated, as I reached the 80% percentile in math within my 3rd day of using it. Do you guys think to account for the people who get the app, play for one day and then never use it again? Or maybe I'm just smart. Idk. Great app to try for the free trial, not sure if I'll pay for it though. I'll be keeping my eye on its development for sure though.Version: 5.7

FeedbackI enjoy the variety of games in the relegate ap. I particularly enjoy the listening and reading games where the content is also informative and interesting and covers a wide range of general knowledge topics from geography to history. In contrast I find myself feeling more motivated and engaged with the everyday life applicability aspect to certain of the maths games such as the one with spending each week and month and year. I appreciate the tips for completing sums in step form. I don’t really understand what the EPQ percentage means and it would be interesting to have this explained. I would like to improve my conversion skills as I find this the hardest game, but also don’t find I am progressing very quickly with the game in its current format. In my every day job I have to note peoples weight and height in kg and cm and I could imagine breaking down this game into several easier step games with pounds and ounces related to everyday items weights and measures or shopping for example might help..Version: 5.9.2

Needs upgradingI first liked the app and tried the free version for some time. I liked the regular practice and decided to purchase when there was a big sale. However I feel once I have purchased that I don’t get any more benefits than I did with the free version. The games aren’t that much more diverse.. it tends to pick the same games for me continually and rarely do I get new ones. I feel there are some features that make the practice feel less like it’s trying to train you, teach you, help understand things better, and more focused on completing the game and passing. For instance there are some games that don’t tell me what the correct answer should have been if I got it wrong. Or if you run out of time, I would like to know the answer to what I was working on. Sometimes if I do not pass on the first try, the second try is much easier or doesn’t seem equivalent levels, just so that I pass instead of being challenged. Some games have such a time pressure that your mind can make shortcuts just to guess the right answer instead of knowing why it’s correct. The reviews only will go over 2 mistakes... Yea. I feel there could be more to make a paying contributor feel like they get more out of the training.Version: 5.23.0

Very educational mind games; some suggestionsI find there’s a good variety of brain games to choose from. I would not continue paying for the whole content, but I think some free to play mini games would be welcome. I would also suggest adding some more sound to other games..Version: 5.56.0

Excellent app despite the occasional mistakesGreat app, fun and quite useful. Almost flawless but there are the rare mistake here and there (understandable since the app has a lot of content). E.g., a prompt in the Diction (Speaking) game was “This book makes even less sense (than/then) the last one I read”; “than” was marked “incorrect” despite being the grammatically correct answer (which the game also confirmed in the explanation given after a wrong answer, i.e. that “than” is used to make a comparison while “then” refers to time or a chronological order). Nevertheless, it’s an excellent app, especially for vocabulary and speed reading training..Version: 5.55.0

Head injuryI was injured and had a category 1 head injury . My brain was affected in so many ways , unable to process information only very little at a time , memory issues , and slow response . My therapist told me to try some apps to help me recover I tried 4 to start with but this app was by far the best , what can I say all but praise , its fantastic , Its helped me without a doubt it has helped retrain my brain , its just enough push but without being complicated , its mot boring either , I am artistic by nature but actually really enjoy it everyday , it takes just the right amount of time to complete . Thank you so much for the help your app has done for me over the last year . I couldn't of written this 15 months ago for sure . Michelle smith ..Version: 5.54.0

A great appI have been really enjoying this app and the use of visual learning, it’s certainly worth the money. I would love to see a content report after every game, and on all answers, wrong, or right. I sometimes choose the correct answers in a multiple choice question, not because I know the answer but because I know it can’t be the others..Version: 5.31.0

Brain teaserI thoroughly enjoy doing elevate when and where I can. I also, notice there are different times of the day that you are more alert than others. It is also good to be able to chose to do extra mental exercises at any given time of the day or night🤔 A great mental challenge..Version: 4.5.1

A must for foggy brainsI Never write reviews but this app is incredibly intuitive, fun and practical for real life. Really enjoy the learnings and challenges each day. I will be buying it after my 7 day free trial..Version: 5.39.0

Amazing work out for the brainThank you for creating such a The best app to train your brain . I enhances your overall intelligence and power to adapt. It literally expands the neuronal network in the brain. Helps with depression, PTSD , memory and keeps your mind sharp. I feel lucky to have found out about it and I will never stop challenging my brain with it. Thank you for developing it. I surely improved my life and still does tool that helped me greatly in The best app to train your brain . I enhances your overall intelligence and power to adapt. It literally expands the neuronal network in the brain. Helps with depression, PTSD , memory and keeps your mind sharp. I feel lucky to have found out about it and I will never stop challenging my brain with it. Thank you for developing it. I surely improved my life and still does my English skills and Math..Version: 5.42.0

Wake up call ☀️I am starting my free trial. I am on my third day and I love this. I feel as though it is a fundamental asset when over 50 and you feel like your mind is slipping. It gives me a mental boost. Thank you 🙏.Version: 5.60.0

IncredibleAnother amazing app from these guys. So we’ll rounded and covers all the bases. You can tell there was so much work and attention to detail put in to create this app. Feel myself getting better in all my selected skills. Thanks so much.Version: 5.35.0

Quality Content, Reasonable PriceShort version: if you use this app consistently, you will help hone your mind to a razor's edge. I have a year of consistent training - doing the daily recommended program at least 5 times a week- to back this up. Long version: I have used Elevate for 2 years. For the first year, I didn't use the app to it's fullest. Ever since I realized that, I changed my attitude and have achieved massive intellectual growth. For example, my writing was very sloppy in high school - I was very wordy and my vocabulary was imprecise. By using Elevate frequently, I have achieved a level of writing that has impressed many peers and professors at college: and I'm not an English major! My professors all have at least 15 years of work experience and they say I write professional-grade material. Not only that, but it also improved my intellectual strength so much that I didn't realize how much I'd grown until recently! It's truly one of the best apps for those looking to strengthen their minds..Version: 5.55.0

Best game and user interface in this brain training realm.Truly enjoy this app and also find the new meditation app Balance equally enjoyable. Well designed from quality of subjects (brain training exercises), to presentation and application features. This is a great investment in the health of your brain and keeping those cognitive skills sharp and also synapses firing quickly. Keep the brain stimulated instead of slowing down which can happen. Use it of lose it, they say. Also a wonderful way to turn a mundane experience, such as when experiencing downtime while waiting for a drs appointment or waiting for a flight. Or even, for more serious Elevate brain trainers possibly taking a few minutes during the day to keep your mind thriving and growing with Elevates option of scheduling a series of brain training activities at a specific time as your day allows..Version: 5.27.1

Great for memory loss patientsI have hemorrhaging on my brain due to a medication given during an open heart surgery. Over the years my brain has regressed into memory loss. My brain function declined in many areas. Comprehension, articulate, process, and the list goes on. As a young mom I was told that I was at risk for early onset Alzheimer’s and dementia by the time I was in my 50’s. I’ve been on a journey to bring all pieces of the healing puzzle together which includes medical guidance, nutrition, exercise, spiritual aspects, and exercising my brain through reading, apps, etc. Elevate has been my top go-to app when it comes to exercising my brain and regaining basic skills one uses with the brain every day. This app is an important factor for mental health and keeping memory issues at a stand still. Anyone suffering from memory loss that affects the intellect will highly benefit from this app. Even if you consider your memory issues ‘mommy brain’, you need to exercise your brain and keep it sharp..Version: 5.17.1

Really has made a difference for meI would like to say a sincere thank you to the robots who make this game…app, whatever you’d like to call it. I’ve been using it for almost two years now and I have noticed quite an improvement in numerous skills. I don’t think it would be noticeable to anyone else but who cares? It’s made me feel better about myself. In Math especially, I can say I’m amazed at the new pathways my little brain has made through the clever teaching style of this app. I legit am the worst at math. My skills didn’t go much beyond the simple add, subtract, multiply and divide. That part of my brain just doesn’t seem to work well. It’s one of the biggest reasons I never finished college. I couldn’t do any college level math courses. Also, I am lazy. Now while I am hardly on track to get a PhD in theoretical physics, I feel much more confident in several skills. I look forward to using this app everyday..Version: 5.46.0

Charged over 200$ never refunded!I liked the app until I subscribed me to the lifetime subscription for 209$ + tax , and I requested a refund which kept getting denied for no reason. This ruined my experience and I am still running after Apple agents to get this issue resolved. Lots of time wasted! Update: I followed up with Apple again and again. They still could not refund not compensate . Apparently even if you purchase by mistake and send the request online if it is denied they cannot override it. So you are supposed to call them instead but it doesn't tell you anywhere on the support page that you should call..Version: 5.56.0

Very worthwhileI have had a subscription to this app for over a year now. I had always felt embarrassed about my writing, spelling and math skills but I have gained a lot of confidence after playing these games. I rarely recommend apps or games to people but I truly think this one is a must for those of us who struggle with the traditional way of learning. Play it instead of candy crush! It feels good knowing you’re learning while killing time on a game..Version: 5.27.0

Good game but EXPENSIVESubscription suggested a $5.50 monthly payment. Agreed to sign up and was charged over $65 for a year!! Looks like I’ll be playing this game everyday! 🙄 I’m going to be so smart... This game is really worth buying as it’s teaching you new ways to improve your skills everyday. However, I would consider a smaller monthly fee instead of a one off lump sum. You may find that people will be less hesitant when considering downloading the full game..Version: 5.29.0

A brilliant brain training toolI have been using it for a couple of weeks and I am really enjoying it. It has a beautiful interface and the exercises are a joy to play. One improvement I can think of would be the ability to “play a random exercise” from the activities page, as the vast list of activities can be a little overwhelming. This could be built upon by being able to choose the amount of random activities you want to play, giving users the ability to create their own training sessions outside of the daily training..Version: 5.5

MyElevate has been absolutely great. I had no idea I was so lacking in speaking and comprehending reading, albeit, I love to read so this has been a great asset. The games get tough as you excel in rank. My only issue is: estimation gives you only one mistake. It times out so quickly. I’m a fast adder, always know my change before the cashier can even look up at the screen. Visualization: do not like this game at all but have to play it to complete the reading portion. The pictures are so vague, it’s hard to tell how to match the word with the pic, especially on a small screen cell phone. Extraction: I love this game but the font is so small, I actually screen shot the story so I can read it fully and clearly. Other than these 3 quirks, I absolutely love this game. Just renewed my second year. The tidbits of information you get from various games is so interesting, I wish there were a way to download, “ the rest of the story!” Lol.Version: 5.38.0

My login has reverted back to free restrictionsI’ve been enjoying using Elevate every day after paying for a year's subscription less than a month ago, and then today I was only allowed to use 3 free activities and it kept prompting me to pay to open all 35+ games. Something's wrong here. Thanks support for fixing my issue so quickly; I’m back on track again now!.Version: 5.27.1

The perfect warm up for a day of study.I am currently a PhD student and the language based games are a great way to focus and develop reading, writing, and comprehension skills. I used to feel frustration when games would come up for other skills but that seems to have stopped, either by design or luck. The games are fun, the achievements are compelling, and the design is easy to use and pleasing to the eye. Finally, having a way to change to British-English is a great and thoughtful touch..Version: 5.41.0

Evolve you mind!With a few minutes of practice every day, you notice a clear advancement in mental capacity..Version: 5.57.1

I hate the streaksI had been loving this game. Playing it everyday and building up my streak to 37 days. Then yesterday I didn’t even pick up my phone once. I came in today for my daily play and went to check my streak. It was 0. I really liked this game and was considering getting the premium but now I really want to delete the app because my streak is 0 and it makes me sad that all my hard work was lost. That’s my biggest complaint. I wish there was at least a way to turn off streaks because the day before yesterday I became an expert in writing. Otherwise it’s fine I guess.Version: 5.29.0

Great gameI am really enjoying the exercises so far, but I’m pretty bummed that I accidentally clicked that an excercise that I enjoyed was not useful now I can’t change that feed back so the game might stop assigning it to me :(.Version: 5.60.0

Excellent quality of the training and customer serviceI have been using elevate for over two years, and the training has definitely improved my mind. Exercising the mind is as important as exercising the body. Their superb customer service takes the elevate training to another high level. They are prompt in responding. I had caused a problem with logging in to my elevate training. James, the customer service representative, made sure that I was able to finally log into my elevate account. He was totally committed to making sure I could get back in, and was both knowledgeable and very supportive. Since I was the one who had made the mistake in my account, I really appreciated his positive support. I have found that the elevate training is the best of all that I have tried, which is now why I am beginning my third year, and will continue from there. As an educator of 40 years I appreciate all that elevate offers, and I recommend the training..Version: 5.8.1

Fun and Seems to WorkFun exercises. I think I’ve noticed an improvement in my mental math and vocabulary after dong these..Version: 5.59.0

Good in partsSome weird choices of pictures for words; an example of this is the word “widespread” is illustrated with a close up picture of about a metre square of dry stone wall. I suspect that “widespread” is referring to the patches of lichen or moss growing on it, but since it is a small picture “isolated” and “confined” might be just as appropriate. :-) The choice of words is occasionally wrong too (I checked several against Oxford dictionaries); an example is the use of the words “farther” and “further”. Despite this most of the usage seems to be right. The speed reading is also a bit strange. People who read quickly tend to read whole phrases or sentences at a time. It might be worthwhile for the developers to add a section with a paragraph or two shown for a short time and then ask questions on that. Even so the speed reading section isn’t bad. I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt with apostrophes for plural lower case letters, after all a’s and u’s might be less confusing than as and us. I still think it looks very wrong and would avoid the problem. Some authorities almost agree with Elevate, suggesting that it is advisable to use them. The Maths (or Math) games seem good. The study section seems very good. Overall not bad, still worth the five stars at a pinch, but could do better..Version: 5.34.0

It’s great but...The game is an absolute winner teaching me things I never knew and showing me which subject I am weakest in, helping me a lot. But there is one problem! The mathematics games do not work! For example, the topic was division and the question was: 808 divided by 4= ? And so we all know the answer is 202 but when I went to select the numbers to add to create an answer, the total of all the answers was only 116 and that meant I could not haveIn any way made 202. That is why I love the app but am quite annoyed by this. On the other hand all the others work (I think) so this app is worthy to get AND IT IS KIND OF A FREE GAME all you have to do is not pay for the pro games and you are learning for free on the app so do not be discouraged by the “payment issue” because the first three training games are free daily..Version: 5.28.0

Definitely addictiveI’m not gonna lie, this app is addictive and it has helped. I find I’m not forgetting what I went upstairs for as much, haha. I would think, however, after 8 yrs they would have come up with more than 5 memory games. The scoring seems a bit arbitrary and inconsistent…Some games are super generous (Division, Averages, Measuring) and some impossibly strict (Adjective Recall, Comprehension) AND they just revised the scoring so you get no points for a good game. I’m not sure what their intention was, but I can’t imagine it makes users more motivated to play. I’m a hundred days in and about a week from topping out in difficulty all categories. Not clear on how they increase difficulty since it’s just the same games over and over, so you can’t help but eventually memorize them. They dink around with the esoteric EPQ points so you can never top out on those. But it’s been fun. Not sure what I’ll do with the rest of my years’ subscription..Version: 5.58.0

Perfect for meUsing the free trial initially, however, I see no reason why I will not be signing up annually. This offers the choice of both quick and longer brain workouts in all the areas that can get forgotten or may not have been trained well to start with. Currently at University, finding the change in reading style, memory retention and maths requires a different way to what I have done previously. This app has already tailored my daily workouts to include skim reading and more. Honestly, this is just perfect for me. Plenty of content and an achievement record allows you to keep track of how you are progressing also. Sharpen any existing skills and learn new ones all at tour own pace..Version: 5.56.0

Does what it says on the tin, elevates, & enjoyable!Have tried other similar games but this is great, eases you in to start with, shows you where you have gone wrong and allows you to then practice on anything you get stuck on, with me it was subtraction and I have improved, also averages, had no idea and now very speedy. Enjoy each days challenges, well worth the price as there is so much to this game. Purchased to keep my brain active I am 62, but it has given me so much more and is very encouraging when you get it right. Do not hesitate to purchase, I had a 7 day trial but knew after a couple of days I would be keeping. Well done Elevate, good title as that’s exactly what it does..Version: 5.22.0

Good but point system needs improvementI’ve used this app for a long time and maxed out almost every category until they raised the max to over 300. Something that has always bothered me is the points accrued. I don’t see much rhyme or reason to it sometimes. For example, at times I see it shoot up four points on an Excellent score, but other times it is raised by only three. The app in the past would give five points but that seems to have gone by the wayside some time ago. My main issue is when you get a high score. I have only seen it move up by three measly points for high scores for a long time now. A high score should net more points than anything else. It doesn’t happen often and if you can beat your previous high score, isn’t that the pinnacle? It’s better than excellent, obviously. It should garner five points. It should be the only time you can earn that much. Right now it is only three! That is ridiculous, please update the point system and give more points for a high score, and maybe amend the point system in general to make it more obvious about why you are getting what you get. Thank you..Version: 5.9.2

Love love love this gameI am in love with this game. English being my second language, I’m able to perfect my vocabulary and have my brain work the way it did when I was in school. I highly recommend it to everyone!!!.Version: 5.18.0

Amazing App!This app is fantastic in conjunction with an app called Brilliant. The two work fabulously with one another. I use Elevate as a good warm up exercise to stretch every region of my brain to prepare it for my main workout (which I do with Brilliant). Give them both a shot! This app is amazing because it’s flexible with every individuals learning style and methods to problem solve, learn tips and tricks to perform certain tasks efficiently and more! Brilliant is more of an advanced app and, depending on the individual, may take them more time to solve and figure out certain tasks from specific courses that Brilliant offers. My first course that I decided to challenge myself in was the Logic/problem solving in the mathematics section. I actually did really well! Anyways, download either of the app, whether it be Brilliant or Elevate. If you want to get the best of both world, download both! You have the option to use either of the two for free, or pay monthly/yearly for additional bonus content and access! Hope this review helps! Happy hunting! :D.Version: 5.59.0

ImpressedI’ve been using Elevate on and off for a year and a half (with a long period of absence). My thoughts: I like: - Overall, the number and quality of the games is excellent. The listening, writing and mathematics games are particularly strong. - The app looks good and the interface is intuitive. - The difficulty adjusts to your level for each game. Even after hours of training, I’m not yet bored of the sessions. Areas the app could improve: - The consistency of the quality of the games is patchy. For example, Connotation and Error Avoidance are much less stimulating than games like Refinement and Association. - The study materials section could be developed further. It doesn’t feel joined up with the training sessions well enough. - The ranking and progression features I find unconvincing. Ranking should compare you with players with the same amount of time put into the game as you. As it is, my 96th percentile rating on writing is inflated because my score (as far as I can tell) is the result of a comparison with people who have only used the app once or twice. The million dollar question is whether the training sessions have application outside the app. Does the app improve overall cognitive performance or does it just train very narrow skill areas that have little crossover? This is difficult to assess as an individual..Version: 5.0

Addictive!This is top class. Your brain wakes up with this app. 140 day streak so far. I just can’t put it down. Well worth the price of a subscription. Edit. Now with the added memory games, this app just keeps getting better. 175 day training streak now. 234 day streak now. I gave up paying the monthly subscription and just did the yearly one. Hard to put this one down. Go get it!.Version: 5.50.1

Great for brain training and learning better EnglishFor a non-native speaker learning punctuations, reading and writing is such a boring thing to do but elevate made the learning process fun and enjoyable which made this the first and the only brain training app I purchased out of 4 other similar apps that I use. Money well spent ✌️.Version: 5.18.0

Great but....A yearly subscription only......If this was a monthly subscription I would subscribe..Version: 5.24.0

Elevate is amazingDownloaded the app about a week ago and absolutely love it. The speed at which it retrains your brain is amazing. Would highly recommend this app to others..Version: 5.8.1

Interesting insightThis application is like a decathlon for the brain, only been using it for five days, but I find myself looking forward to the progress of the next 300. Worth the price.Version: 5.13.0

My preferred brain training appI’ve used Elevate, Lumosity and Peak consistently, and Elevate is my preferred brain training app for learning and improvement. I love it’s clean interface, non-cartoon-like graphics, sounds, and that there’s no messing around with it. You go straight into the exercises at the level you’re at. You don’t have to select levels or options before every timed exercise. I still use Lumosity as well because some of their exercises seem to be more challenging at the higher levels. But I’ve reached the end of the top level in a few of their tasks and there’s nowhere left to go whereas Elevate doesn’t have levels. Separate from the timed performance exercises to improve skill, having the option of differently-timed sessions purely for practice and enjoyment would be good. A whole app consisting only of Elevate writing/reading skills exercises would be my ideal!.Version: 5.35.0

(Used to love this)… revised reviewI’ve been away for some time but now enjoying this app again. Unfortunately many of the games won’t load even though the internet is fine. Yes I’ve deleted and downloaded again and turned computer off and on. Please fix. Cheers Revised review: The support team reached out and the problem solved. You can’t run a vpn whilst playing the game and ,probably more importantly, don’t download the app whilst the vpn is on. The app won’t work at all. This is an app you’ll come back to over and over. I got the lifetime subscription years ago… not disappointed . I don’t know if the still offer that though. Thankyou.Version: 5.52.0

Love it!I struggle so much with maths and English and problem solving, within one week I have seen such a change! And grown so confident within my self!.Version: 5.26.0

Best in brain trainingHave been addicted to this app for years. Best in the market. Have never had any issues with quality of the app, in fact it’s faultless in design. The performance summaries, the daily training options, the study mode and practice section are all immaculate. Great that the sessions get harder as you go. Only areas for improvement, though only minor, there could be more games added more regularly and performance summaries could be more personalised. That aside, it’s perfect..Version: 5.15.0

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