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Bumble - Dating. Friends. Bizz App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Bumble - Dating. Friends. Bizz app received 201 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Bumble - Dating. Friends. Bizz? Can you share your negative thoughts about bumble - dating. friends. bizz?

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Bumble - Dating. Friends. Bizz for Negative User Reviews

False advertisingYou advertise it’s free but once you get I you need to pay in order to see your matches!!! Super disappointed!!!.Version: 5.239.0

A Penny Pinchers DevelopmentThis app USED to be great! As a woman, when this was introduced to me 4 years ago, I was impressed by its motto. We talk first. I found it was an easy and understandable outlet to meet people you never expect. But Bumble’s developers have taken something great and twisted it around for money. We used to be able to set two advanced preferences and now you’ve stripped that privilege. Unless we give you Penny pinchers money. It’s not even about “not giving someone a chance”. We are humans! There are things we like and don’t like, is that so wrong? It’s much easier to limit the insane pool of people in one area then tirelessly swipe through people you know you in reality you probably won’t even go out with. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse…there’s a SWIPE LIMIT??? What??? When did this get put in place? It is so ridiculously pointless and glitchy. And leaves you wasting so much time swiping through people you aren’t interested in. Every person is not going to be a match. So what are you trying to force here? You’re giving so many people false hope by making the pool so wide. We live in such a judgmental society that there will be tones of people swiping and nothing will happen. I am so disappointed in the developments on this app. It honestly makes hinge look like a gold star now. And I used to think quite the opposite..Version: 5.247.0

Could there be a messaging bug?I’m wondering whether there could be a bug in the messaging functionality? I’ve encountered a couple of situations where my match doesn’t respond to one of my messages and then, about a week later, they unmatch me. While the first reason one might think of that explains this is that I’ve said something that wasn’t appreciated, which I’m confident is not the case, or they’ve simply lost interest and moved on, which I hope isn’t the case. In either case, why would my match wait about a week before unmatching me, it’s almost as if they were waiting for something e.g. a reply from me? My most recent such experience was only two messages after the match, one message each within the first 24 hours of matching, and we were deciding on where to meet. I had suggested a location that I thought was convenient for my match as it was located in the same suburb that Bumble indicated she was located. I kept checking for messages in Bumble every couple of days for the week that followed in case the push notification related to her reply wasn’t received by my phone but she never replied and, about a week after I had replied, we were no longer matched. I wonder if she never received my reply or whether I never received her reply..Version: 3.27.1

AwfulDeliberately making the experience awful for free users so that they feel forced to pay to upgrade is a repulsive strategy. It should be a good experience when used freely, and a better experience when paying. I have been on the app for a while and I’m at the point in swiping where unfortunately, aside from new profiles and with all respect to these people, none of the profiles that I am now being shown are people I’m attracted to. However, I have just swiped left on 200 profiles (I counted) and did not get the “missed potential match” message despite there apparently being 50+ people who have liked me that I am yet to come across. They haven’t appeared at all in 200 profiles? They don’t exist or are purposefully withheld, all in a bid to make me pay extortionate amounts. I hope people continue to leave their genuine, negative reviews and maybe Bumble might change strategy. I would certainly appreciate having two free filters again..Version: 5.245.1

Great concept, terrible executionI love the idea of Bumble, putting woman in control helps to (slightly) reduce the amount of unwanted attention they can receive. However, the Bumble app is massively flawed and potentially broken. As the majority of users have mentioned, it’s hugely overpriced. You now no longer get any free filtering - you should be allowed to filter by smoking or religious preferences at least. You now only get a limited number of right swipes. But here’s the best part - the app keeps showing me women I have already swiped on, meaning I have to use up my limited free swipes just to see new people. I’ve swiped right on one woman 5 times now and I feel there’s a good chance I’m going to get her again…guess it wasn’t meant to be? More likely Bumble is trying to wring some money out of me. I really want to like Bumble, but with their greedy paywalls and removal of basic features, it’s becoming very difficult..Version: 5.245.1

Quality has gone WAY down.I started using bumble in 2018, and always liked that the profiles were detailed, and that women messaged first. What I recently noticed about the app is that it has completely transformed into a hookup app. Most of the people on there have their profile set to “not sure yet” when asked what they’re looking for, and most of the people that have “relationship” on their profile are totally weird. I also dislike that they got rid of the 3 free rewinds & the free rematching, because I looked at my past matches that have run out and was looking to connect with one of them - but I noticed that you can’t rematch for free anymore! It’s so obvious that none of the people using this app want a real relationship - like someone else said, your matches are too busy messaging the 100s of other girls that matched with them. Far too many of the men on here are just bored and need to relieve some boredom, but they should probably find a different hobby. I also recently noticed that I have no more possible people in my area to swipe on, which seems really odd because I don’t swipe right too often. How can I use the app if it says that there are no more bees in my area?!? Really considering deleting the app at this point, it’s just gotten poorer in quality..Version: 5.173.0

Ok- but with a fundamental flawWhile it is “empowering” for women to make the first move, this app makes it hard to establish a legitimate relationship. It requires location services to be continually on (this makes me believe Bumble wants to spy on users because it’s not required on other sites) and as a result, you get tons of likes from people who live nowhere near you. I have settings on to match with men within a 90 mile radius, but am inundated with people who are just visiting my city. This is a colossal waste of my time! I don’t want to scroll through hundreds of people who don’t even live in my state and are just looking for a hookup. When I travel, I have to remember to turn off my location so I’m not swarmed with likes from people across the country. This flaw makes Bumble substandard to other sites like Hinge, where a user sets the city he or she lives in and chooses a radius. At least on Hinge I can view matches and have conversations and dates with local people. If Bumble wants to be known as more than a hookup app, this needs to change. I’m not a fan of allowing an app constant access to my location, and the time wasted scrolling through visitors is making me want to delete it very soon. Fix this flaw, Bumble, and women will stick around longer. While some women may be fine with finding hookups, many are not. If this app really wants to empower women then give us the choice to opt out of such nonsense. We’re too busy!.Version: 5.150.0

Not user friendly and confusingNew design is hideous and not user friendly — I don’t see the full photo — because of new design sometimes the person is completely cropped out before you enlarge the photo. You to click through the photos to get to the personal info (I’m using BFF so don’t care what they look like). It now says I run out of potential matches, yet at the left loo corner it shows there are 27 ppl who swiped right...super odd and inconvenient to use.Version: 5.180.0

LikesThere is not much explanation about running out of likes wait you’re not a premium. Also it’s not very clear what you get when you pay. Are there different packages with different things in it or you have full access to everything in all of them? I run out of likes without knowing that there was a limit..Version: 5.254.0

Can be good, but it’s not for everyone.In my past experiences with this app, I’ve met a handful of people, and most of my dates. The key thing to getting a decent amount of matches is great pics and a great bio (traditionally known). Although, it may still be hard to get even one match because people commonly have busy lives, hence don’t check their Bumble. Others just won’t care and will ghost you. But, who am I to judge? I personally prefer to meet people in person, as it’s the old fashioned way. I believe Bumble is one of the best, if not the best app to meet new people. I’ve personally had numerous accounts with Bumble after deleting and reinstalling it SO many times. One thing that discourages me is that there can be so many attractive people in your area but not only is it possible to not have likes, but just to get noticed I feel like you have to buy spotlight. I definitely feel like it’s way easier for women to get matches compared to men, but I may also be wrong. Unless you are an EXPERT with patience, and you only have an interaction here and there, I think it’s best to meet people in person. I know we live in a digital world, but still don’t believe dating apps are for everyone. My advice, try the app. If it bears good fruit, God bless. If it doesn’t, stay away..Version: 5.219.0

24 hour ruleThe 24 hour rule needs to go, this wastes a lot of matches. People are busy and don’t always have time to respond right away. Why is this rule even a thing, so stupid..Version: 5.245.1

Kicked me outI had an account for 3 or 4 days, going perfectly until I woke up this morning and my accounts not there. It’s telling me to make a new one which I try do and when it gets to the end it says sorry you’re not 18- which I am and it worked on my first account. I can’t even contact support about it because they seem to have some rando email address for me.Version: 5.255.2

Very unethical business policyI deleted my account with Bumble and didn’t realize I have to unsubscribe to the app for payments as well. I thought deleting the account will do that. But they charged me very next day. I tried contacting the customer care which by the way is difficult to find on the app. They flatly said we cannot refund it as this is against our terms and conditions. So you can let the person delete the account but you still want to charge them and decline to refund. I am never going to use this app ever again. It’s not just about money, but you cannot run a business without ethics..Version: 5.254.0

There is an IssueThe intentions of the app to give power to women in terms of who gets to initiate conversation is a fine idea. But, it raises an issue in which women aren’t likely to initiate conversation on dating apps in the first place. I’ve had matches that went no where because nothing was said by girl (I chalk it up to them making errors in swiping right), but it does show a failure that occurs with this app. Giving women the sole power to initiate first work out for most people in the end because most matches up being for not. The BFF section of this app though is great..Version: 5.219.0

Fakes + Useless CS = Not Worth ItPrevious review seems to have gone … disappointing when you only get to read one side of the story. Bumble presents it’s fair share of fake profiles to the (male) user. Bg this I mean large numbers of Chinese girls that are ‘within 10k’ … they’re not. Plus people seeking insta likes and then direction to a card scam. Disappointing. Especially when reporting them leads to nothing. Bug I can of course ignore these things if I’m wise to them. What was most annoying was being locked out and trying to get back in over the following week … to no avail. Turns out id been blocked … no communication to this effect, found out by starting to register on a different phone. But in the week I’d contacted bumble on Twitter, Facebook and by email. None of which received a response. Bumble replied to the previous (missing) review asking me to contact customer services - all sounding apologetic, nice, helpful. Well I did this and not a word of response at all. My crime? I posted a pic of me clay shooting. Could have been football or fishing or dog walking … but in the absence of any abuse or anything dodgy … that’s all it was. No communication to say ‘we’ve done this…’ So no bumble, you’re not helpful or great … read recent reviews! *Edit* As requested by developer response - contacted on Twitter, Facebook and email. I’ve also requested my data. No response. Same as the past attempts! Fake users and fake customer service promises. Scam.Version: 5.228.0

A thoroughly miserable, exploitative experience for menI'd say half the profiles are zombie accoumts of women who have zero intention of dating you and just want to add followers to their Instagram accounts or promote their businesses. I know this because I came across three profiles of friends who I know for a fact are not available. And how do you know your profile is being shown to people? You have no way of knowing. There is zero transparency. So there you are, right-swiping hundreds of lovelies with hopes high and fingers crossed, and you'll never know if tney even saw you. What the app is exceptionally good at is extracting money from you in a series of scammy, unverifiable gimmicks that prey on your vulnerabilities. "Boost" your profile for $2-4 to be seen by more people for 30 whole minutes! What, are you saying you weren't showing my profile before?! "Super-swipe" at $1-3 a pop so she may or may not take notice of you! Their exploitation of human weaknesses at our moments of greatest vulnerability - e.g loneliness and rejection - is masterful and deeply sinister. Finally, gentlemen (and ladies), remember that all these dating apps only make money while you're still on them. So their incentive to make more money is fundamentally misaligned with yours, which is to find a decent match so you can leave the app. Go meet real people through real friends, and save yourself a crapton of money, headache and heartache. Bumble is not your friend..Version: 5.168.0

Deceptive with your matching preferences.Not a bad app. Haven’t gotten any targeted ads yet, and haven’t been smothered with obvious fakes either. I’m giving the lower rating because they have basically put the “Dealbreaker” buttons in your range settings as a placebo. I’ve been trying to go mile-by-mile outward, because there is an entire college just outside of 40 miles away, and my queue will be entirely dominated by people from that college if I don’t restrict my range. What I find happening anyway is I will still see people OUTSIDE that range after I’ve set my range to be a dealbreaker! Even sneakier, I will sometimes find that this setting has been turned off for me, as if they’re trying to pull a fast one on me. In addition, how is it that one day I can swipe through every profile in a specific range, but the next day there’s several less than 10 miles out? Not likely they made their profile day, since that little “new here” bubble appears on their profile. There is clearly some sneaky business going on to restrict your swiping to people who will never see your profile past a certain point, and hold some in reserve so you can swipe on for longer. In the end, however, these practices are less predatory than most of your other options for dating apps. If you’re dead set on picking on, this is probably your best bet..Version: 5.203.0

Functional but just doesn’t workThe problem with Bumble is the idea is great but it practice it doesn’t work. Women have to make the first move abs say hi. But here is the snag - women get a vast amount more likes than guys. They have to scroll through likes and your like is down the pile and probably doesn’t even get noticed. So that fact that you have liked someone means nothing and it is highly unlikely they will like you back. I have a good profile and I’m told a good looking guy but all the likes I have had from bumble have been girls who have been swiping. There is the next snag - unless you pay silly money per month you can see what those girls look like. Therefore you are trapped in a perpetual loop where essentially you pay for nothing. It is also really glitchy and apparently I have run out of potential profiles in a 80 mile radius - yeah right?! Stick with Tinder!.Version: 5.195.0

Too many notificationsBumble sends way too many notifications, mostly useless. I want a notification when I get a match and when I get a message-that is all. Sending me random notifications does not make me want to use bumble more than I usually would, it just annoys me and makes me want to delete it.Version: 5.202.0

Girls clearly miss the point of this appNot trying to sound like a mad man or anything like that but, ladies... y’all know the point of Bumble is that YOU make the first move? Why am I still seeing bios that have “msg me first cuz I’m ‘too shy’”? If you’re “too shy” to message first, why are you still using an app that clearly states at the beginning of your account creation and upon matching that you, the girl, have to make the first move? Deactivate your account and download Tinder, Hinge or something that doesn’t require the girls to make the first move 😂 also, this is specifically for the Bumble devs, quit sending me notifications talkin bout “In the matter of seconds...” blah blah “someone likes you, open the app to see who” or whatever and when I open the app, there’s literally nothing in the Beeline 😐 don’t give us that false info/hope. Don’t lie in your push notifications. Lastly, y’all shoulda kept the rollbacks free of charge. Not to mention the amount of money you have set for your subscriptions are outrageous. 20 dollars for a week?? Almost 40 dollars for ONE month? Seriously!? Take a page out of Tinder’s book and make one month worth 20 dollars or something 💀 You can do better than this, Bumble. You should also consider allowing men to have some free chats to upon matching to relieve these “shy” girls from having to message first..Version: 5.196.0

MehSo many woman just using this for Instagram followers.Version: 5.196.0

Absolute appalling money hungryTaking away features which were already free on bumble and still present on rival dating platforms and putting them behind a paywall is greedy . In addition to a swipe limit per day there are like limits per week, the worst thing is that you’re able to run out of likes within the first couple days meaning you have to wait a week to start liking again. This goes against the point of bumble where you are required to respond within 24 hrs, hence discouraging users from going on the platform daily. They claim it’s to reduce the number of unthoughtful likes, however, if that really was the case they wouldn’t allow an option for you to pay for more likes. This is specifically aimed toward men and disadvantaging them as women are more likely to receive more likes and due to a higher proportion of men vs women on dating apps this allows women to have their choice without affecting their matches whilst drastically reducing the number of potential matches for men as with each swipe they are less likely to receive a match. This is an extremely sexist tactic which either forces men to pay up the cash or become extremely handicapped with potential matches whilst women remain mostly unaffected..Version: 5.254.0

Poor App Terrible Support TeamThis app has gradually got worse since I first created my profile in April 2018. The administration are impotent when it comes to policing profiles on numerous occasions I have reported the same people on multiple occasions. Furthermore when I’ve made complaints & suggestions I am subjected to patronising responses. It is easy for scammers to set up profiles every other profile contains social media handles! Clearly after followers & not dates! Majority of women who match are incapable of making the first move. Don’t waste money or time with this app. 2 dates in two and a half years! Dear Developers, I do not have Facebook or twitter I did email through the app & I have been ignored. At least 1 in 3 profiles contain a social media handle & at least 80% of the user ask for direct contact. There are some users I have reported at least 20 times. Why is it so easy to keep recreating a profile? Your moderation team is simply not fit for purpose..Version: 5.182.0

AppI spent a lot of time checking apps and I have to say this is so far quiet impressive but it has let me down with the traveling option which is good but it’s expensive especially when your paying for a subscription it would be appreciated that this option should be free and have the ability to have spotlights moving forward if you have a standard premium it would make sense to pay seperate but if paying an amount then you pay for spot lights it works out far more expensive and it seems it’s just easier walking outside and getting to know people I’d give this app a 5 star has there been a easy cheaper option and there was changes firstly being able to message people would be an option like maybe send them a private message but only if your a member to bumble if your not then you can’t if your a member then you should have a private message option Travel mode Maybe the spot lights could be brought seperatly then if these things were to be added but at a reduced cost maybe do £10- for 6 spot lights it might make people think about spending more.Version: 5.185.0

SCAMMERS!I am absolutely fuming!! I have just been notified that I have been charged $73 for a subscription I never signed up for! When i messaged to confront them about it so the issue could be resolved it kept saying there was an error so I couldn’t message them. This is disgusting as people work hard for their money and that was all I had and they took it without my permission for something I never signed up to!!!.Version: 5.152.0

Remove the still interested/ archive push notification featureUsed to be a good app until they added this “still into this person” mid chat and if you hit continue you have to wait 24 hours for them to hit the still interested button even after you’ve both matched and have been talking. It ruins conversations and is just stupid 😂.Version: 5.140.0

Customer Service FailThis is my second account with Bumble. The first one I had to cancel because I simply tried to verify my account by taking a picture (which seems like the only way to do so) and could not do so. I literally took several photos in the same spots in my house and the app basically told me I’m not me. The app then locked me out and forced and when I contacted customer service for assistance they suddenly could not find an account for me. So stupidly I started another profile, with some of the same pictures and definitely the same information. So I decided to try and verify my account yet again….and yet again it will not allow me to verify. I have contacted customer service and have received a basic email with no information that is of use to me. I am now locked out of my account and will likely close my account. This app is really not that user friendly and it makes it impossible to receive any helpful customer service to solve a simple problem. I recognize that verified accounts add another layer of security (which is why I wanted to verify mine) but this is too much trouble! Oh and I’ve yet to find anyone who isn’t trying to sell something, have me follow them on another site or who isn’t really married to someone I may know!.Version: 5.249.0

Be good if I could get some matches!I’ve been on Bumble on about 3-4 weeks now and had 2 matches overall. I filled out my profile to make it engaging and hopefully not cheesy but just following suggestions on what to do to boost your chances. I spoke to Bumble’s online team and they said there wasn’t a problem with my profile and all my filters are best suited to get a match so they put 4 spotlights in my account (which supposedly boosts 16x your profile to people near for 30 minutes). I did some research what is the best time to use them and did it. Still no matches... Seriously! What a way to put my confidence at an all time low. So I guess if there isn’t anything wrong with my profile, then I guess it’s me 😐 I don’t really use online dating apps as I feel a bit of that chemistry is lost but being in lockdown I’d thought I would give it a try and boy that was a mistake. I’m just peppered with notifications telling me to keep swiping and just giving that false hope..Version: 5.207.0

Used to be BetterI’ve been using bumble on and off for about 2 1/2 years now, and when I first got it I really enjoyed using it: a reasonable number of matches, it had more serious people, the fact that women go first was novel and made it feel like a more balanced dating space, and useful prompt questions and info in the bios made it easier to gauge personality than on other apps. However, after moving to a new city I’ve started having some problems. I know that I can’t blame the app for people not swiping on me, but I’ve gone from one or two matches per week and several people in the like queue (the standard case for my entire previous history of my usage of the app) to literally no matches or likes in over a month. I’ve tried deleting the app, re-logging in and out and resetting distance settings in case it was a technical glitch here, but nothing has improved it. I’m now getting the impression that it’s not me, but rather that because Bumble has started to “hide” or throttle accounts that haven’t paid for premium. Because of this, the app is no longer fun and a good way of finding people, but rather just a zero sum game where I now feel like there’s no point. A shame..Version: 5.133.0

The worst dating app I’ve ever used.I find it very odd that every guy I’ve matched has either never talked or we start talking and I suddenly never hear back from them again. I’ve only exchanged numbers with two guys on this app and one suddenly disappears after we talked all night and he agreed to take me surfing and the other guy stops talking. All the guys I’ve matched with stop talking mid conversation this has happened 100 percent of the time. I’ve had at least 12+ matches and have been using this app for about a week, I’d say I’m a very attractive woman and have never had problems getting a date so I find it odd that this has happened every single time. The Bumble Bff does this as well but not as badly so I’ve stopped using the dating side of Bumble as it’s super suspect and I haven’t had any success with any of the guys I’ve matched with. I also think their are quite a few fake profiles as well but seeing all the bad reviews I’m starting to believe this app is just trying to get you to spend money as it takes so many swipes just to see whose liked you. Mine said I had 50+ likes and it stayed that way because Bumble won’t reveal even one of them for a very long time unless you pay for an upgrade. I find it odd that I can’t match with any rally handsome guys on the app but when I go out I attract good looking guys all the time. Anyways I just wanted everyone to know my experience. It’s not you, it’s this app..Version: 3.8.0

All Value LostUsed to be a great app but no longer is as they removed the feature that made it valuable to a lot of women, on top of making a number of features paid and on higher paid tiers over time. The change of paid features I was willing to accept, but removing the ‘Kids’ feature is a dealbreaker and now the app is no better than Tinder without it. The feature was optional so I’m at a loss why they would remove it for everyone when so many people valued the setting as the app’s key point of difference. No longer my app of choice without being able to browse by the demographic of men that was most important to me..Version: 5.185.0

Typical love for money appPayments for top tier services are way too expensive.Version: 5.256.0

Great if you want stalkers??I would have rated this app more highly if it wasn’t for one HUGE flaw, the location, why on earth does your profile need to show your exact location at all times? What purpose does this serve apart from making stalking much easier?! I live in a tiny village and it actually says my current location is in this village, that really freaked me out so I changed where I live to a nearby town and then realised it made no difference because it still public ally tells people my current location is in this tiny village, won’t take people long to twig this is where I’m living or staying which is a big safety concern in my opinion, I drove to a nearby town and turned off my location for the app which changed my ‘current location’ to that town however when I got home I realised you won’t allow people to use the app unless location is switched on, again I do not understand what purpose this serves other than allowing men to stalk you, for an app made predominantly for females it’s quite shocking?!? - Bumble, will you remove this unnecessary feature? Otherwise I will be deleting this app as it’s too unnerving..Version: 5.167.1

Bumble cares more about political correctness than it does a false abuse report.I think we are all aware of the tension in politics that has happened in the last few years. You go on dating apps and everyone has their political views listed. Some of it hateful and some of it empowering. At the end of the day we’re all protected under the first amendment to express our views. Well someone most likely read what my bio had to say and decided to report me for “abuse”. The fact that there are people on these apps that are actual victims of abuse is what makes this disgusting. It’s fine to disagree with someone but to falsely report their account to have it deleted is something else. I messaged bumble customer support directly about this and they were not willing to listen to my side of the story. This app goes in line with cancel culture and has double standards for the users of its app. What I had on my bio was nowhere near controversial as to the stuff I would read about killing cops, causing harm to people with more right wing political views, etc. This app needs to review it’s rules and what it considers to be abuse, violence and hate-speech. And it also needs to do more homework and better investigation on when someone falsely reports an account. The fact that my account was taken down but there are others with worse things on there is disgusting..Version: 5.208.0

FilterWe should be able to use a filter to narrow down results. For example if I don’t want anyone who drinks or smokes I’d like to see only those people. Id also like to filter by ethnicity..Version: 3.6.0

Some good ideas marred by restrictions.Fair play to Bumble for trying to do something different. But I can’t honestly say I had a good experience. Sure my own personality and profile were probably the things stopping me from getting more dates, but not being able to remove questions you’d answered if you wanted to change tack was a big minus, and Bumble heavily implies it’ll penalise you if you delete your profile and start over. All it means is I’ll probably just use another dating app in future if I want to try again. Even with a some of the ideas like women messaging first and a 24 hour limit on seeing profiles if you don’t send a message being good ones. You’re still limited by human nature on these apps, and these features don’t really change the experience that much compared to Tinder. Probably worth bearing in mind if you think Bumble will change your online dating experience..Version: 5.136.0

Problem getting matches and MessagesI have been using bumble for past 2 weeks. I got premium subscription to get my profile boosted to get more matches. So far i got 2 matches and couldn’t sending them a text because of Bumble policy. As i was buying subscription they mentioned that i will get 5 super like and 1 Boost each week. Didn’t get any of that this week. I would like to suggest that update some of your policies and make people to send text to their matches. Because i came across multiple accounts where females say text first. Maybe they don’t know that Bumble has policy where Males can’t send text. Probably there must be a misunderstanding going on in females..Version: 5.233.0

Too many notifications.Hey guys- consider either cutting the push notifications wayyyyy down, or letting us have a choice on which we want to receive! All these cheesy notifications are overkill. I’d rather just get notifications 1. When I have a match and 2. When I have a new msg. That’s it. Eliminate the rest! Otherwise fun app.Version: 2.17.0

InaccessibleI like the concept of this app and was interested in trying it out. Sadly I got as far as downloding and registering only to find out it is not user friendly to the blind. I use Apple IPhonevoice over and this app is not compatible with the feature. Now have to try deregistering and uninstalling in order to go find another app. Suggest a conversation with Apple to make it accessible. Thanks and no please do not suggest I go on a dating app for the disabled..Version: 2.24.0

High volume, low funI like the interface and the chat options. That's about it. I use the service because everyone else is here. What I dislike the most is how the chat history disappears when the connection is unmatched. If someone actually wanted to be an adult and end the convo maturely it'll all be for nothing because the other person will never see the last message. Bumble makes everyone ghosters. What if someone wanted to say, "hey I'm getting off here text me at ......" then unmatches everyone cause they don't know what happens on the other end... we'd never know! Second, also in the realm of ghosting, I dislike the 24 hour response window. I'm trying to match with quality men and I don't expect any to log in and respond everyday on a dating app. That means the most valuable matches are risked being lost; forever. These things make the experience very disappointing. Then there are other nuances like auto sending a gif. Or not being able to swipe back to the chat list (instead it initiated the reply function, so annoying). And alerting the other party of you playing the question game... Real smooth Bumble. Please get rid of the timer and deleting the full chat history. If anything change to a fun response if someone responds in the first 24 hours and only removing the chat typing box after an unmatch..Version: 5.247.0

Transgender women were bannedRidiculous app. Homophobic to transgender people. Respect LGBT community and we must have the same rights with all other straight people. Worst app ever. When i entered my phone it says please check the number again and when use a different number then it allows me to create an account. In less than 24 hours it logs me out and says please check your number eventhough there is no message saying “account was banned”. This is ridiculous. We are sending people complaints to tribunal to help us banned this app for discriminating transgender. Hope you will settle this conflict and a serious matter. Bye.Version: 5.121.0

Awful Customer Service Scam SubscriptionsI have been a Bumble user for quite sometime now. The site is decent aside from the forced pop-ups asking for contributions and “social causes.” I recently was looking into a subscription for the site and had the incorrect one applied to my account. My first inquiry for assistance was closed without any response and when I tried to follow up they said the matter was resolved and they wouldn’t response to my email. When I opened a second case, although I shouldn’t have had to in the first place, I received a general response with absolutely no details or personal reflection of my inquiry simply telling me I can purchase the additional subscription for the additional cost, which wasn’t even what I was inquiring about in the first place. You’d think for a site that prides itself on its users and highlights a CEO who makes billions of the site, the customer service would be somewhat adequate to answer the concerns of the users in a timely manner. However that is far from the reality of this app and it’s customer service. Would highly recommend staying away from this app and using one of the competitors, they are better sites anyway. I hope one of the employees reaches out to me in regards to this review, but all we know that will never actually happen. My subscription will be my last and I have already cancelled any further charges associated with this app. Would recommend anyone else who uses it to do the same..Version: 5.245.1

Frustration Simulator 2021One Star not low enough. Used apple id to sign in. Now does nothing. Literally a week after I’d try out a subscription. I’ve uninstalled, cleared cache, browser history, restarted. Cant make a new account because my email is connected. Some help, please? Or a refund. UPDATE: Account was deleted, and cannot use the same email to recover the account, nor can I be allowed to know WHY it was deleted. Trying to make a new account is as effective as ramming my head through a brick wall, as I cannot use my phone number because Bumble wont send a text to verify. Please tell me Im not the only male wasting my time with this..Version: 5.239.0

UnfairHave used this app near 3 years , got a match went on a date didn’t workout and then my acc got banned, email them back to back cause I like the app and just telling me we have received several complaints !! There is no live person or number to talk to and this just send you automated emails. Good app terrible and cruel customer service who banned you for no reason and would never listen and keep telling you that you did breach the guideline.Version: 5.203.0

GlitchyNew updates/layout is extremely glitchy. If I go to view a person who has liked me on the left side of the two columns of likes, it keeps showing me the profile of the person on the right. This is the same if I try to delete the person on the left, the person on the right is deleted. 24 hrs for someone to view and respond to your msg is not long enough. I often will message 5/6 guys who have liked me at the same time and am lucky if I even get one response most of the time. I don’t look at the app daily and I don’t get notifications because they are excessive and annoying. Have spoken to others I know who use this app and have said exactly the same. All dating apps are massively overpriced for what they offer. If you don’t pay you get a heap of ads and limited access and if you do pay, you don’t get the service you paid for either..Version: 5.259.0

Diversity & Interracial Dating NonexistentI think there should be a place that shows what ethnicity guys are interested in. I only say that because I am a black woman and there’s mostly white guys on here. And most white guys (especially in the South where I live) aren’t interested in talking to, let alone dating a black woman. It would be very helpful to have a “Who I’m looking for” feature on the guys’ profile. That way black women like myself are not having to guess on whether a guy would like me or not because of the color of my skin. (I found myself trying to see if a guy had black friends based upon his profile pictures or if he listened to black artists just to make a guess on whether he would even like me). My experience on Bumble made me feel undesirable & like I wasn’t even meant to be on here in the first place. And if that’s truly the case, I think it should be clarified in the App Store that this app is only for white people (I don’t mean to be cynical. I’m just being honest 🤷🏽‍♀️) I swiped right on a lot of white guys on here and none of them swiped right on me. The only person who did swipe right on me was the only black guy that I seen on here. Imagine that! I just think it would be easier to know beforehand if I had a chance of a guy outside my race liking me instead of just performing endless swipes on guys who wasn’t going to like me in the first place just because I am black..Version: 3.5.0

Wouldn’t bother to downloadThis app is trash..Version: 5.245.1

AccusedI downloaded the app and used it for several months only received one match (which is fine) and I only went on maybe once a week or so. Dated that match for a few months, so that was good, but about 5 months later I get a message that my profile is being moderated (under review because someone reported it). I messaged bumble and asked why and they said they couldn’t tell me and that decisions were final, I then asked for an apology for their allegations, I was told I wouldn’t recieve any. Here I am to tell my story in their review so future users can be aware of this nonsense..Version: 5.136.0

Avoid bumble boost it is questionableI first downloaded bumble earlier this year, within 2 weeks I matched with someone and eventually deleted the app when we started dated. Fast forward to now I downloaded bumble again as the previous dates did not materialise past dates. Hoping for good luck I matched with 2 guys sent them both messages but then they timed out. I was then offered a free trial of boost which I accepted. I was excited about the prospect because I knew who liked my profile & therefore I was able to send them messages. Out of the 15 (possibly more) guys that I sent messages to only one responded, everyone else timed out. Even the guy that message did not respond for a few days after 🤦🏾‍♀️ To add insult to injury because I didn’t unsubscribe 24 hours prior to my free trial ending I got billed £42 for a stupid subscription that I no longer wanted. I think boost is a waste of time and there are probably a bunch of fake profiles cat fishing u into believing that lots of people have liked your profile. I find it hard to believe that someone looking to date would like your profile but then time out when a message is sent to them! I’m not happy! Jamz.Version: 5.137.0

Awful after new update Aug 2020The new update is AWFUL. Please switch back to the old version. It was so much better to be able to swipe through the profile instead of have to click through each picture. And on top of that, now my photos don’t even fit well into the profile because they are so close up and they cut part of me off in some of them. And whyyyy would you make the photos fade out to black on the edges!? It make all photos look dark! You also got ride of saying which city they were in and now just use km, knowing where they were located right now was so helpful. I literally hate everything you’ve updated to the interface.Version: 5.176.0

There’s better dating apps.I’ve given it 2 stars because of how easy the app is to use, now the downfalls : - The quality when uploaded completely ruins the photo by giving it a poor grainy contrast. With the modern technology you would think such an app wouldn’t have issues adjusting the photo size so the quality is still there. - I’ve had more matches in a day on other dating sites than I’ve had 2 months on this app. The conversations normally just fall flat because of the convenience of easily swiping right. So men can rapid like multiple females without even taking a look at the profile. - they don’t allow you to hit back even if you accidentally said no. 90% of other dating apps give you at least 2-3 chances to go back until you’re no longer allowed. Very frustrating. - there’s no options for not knowing if you even want children, you either want them or you have them. It’s 2021 guys. - the pricing they’re asking people to pay isn’t even worth it. There is no benefit to you or the people you’re talking to. - you either get the option of looking out 160km away or the entire country. No in between, and without even using the data it has on your location is will recommend people that are thousands of km away. Would be nice to have the choice of provinces or expanding the search area..Version: 5.202.0

Not safeNo safe for women. They do not protect us the way they claim.Version: 5.246.0

Feel UnsafeThere’s an individual on here who does work in my neighborhood and has come onto me in a way that made me highly uncomfortable. He leers at me every time he’s around. I have blocked him on bumble only to see he has popped up since I blocked him about 7 more times!!!!!!! In addition to this, in June I sent a Twitter DM to inquire about the free boost trial. They told me they were having issues with boost and they would manually apply it to my account. I had about 1,000 profiles to scroll through and I had gotten through about 25 and without changing any preferences, while I was in the middle of looking at the bumble Match Queue, my ENTIRE queue disappeared! There were a few accounts I saved to look at better later and hundreds I hadn’t even seen that disappeared in a flash. I wrote them on Twitter and the bumble rep was less than helpful and it got to the point where they were just rude. Later I told them I wanted the boost removed from my account completely but was told they cannot do that. Since the time Boost was manually applied by them it rendered that whole match queue area useless. The trial has expired; it never worked anyway, but now even the blurred out profiles are gone. I’ll have guys who “super like” me that don’t show up in the queue as blurred out profiles. Bumble used to be a good app. The boost thing was just an annoyance but now that I feel unsafe with the block feature not working, I had to write a review and disable my account..Version: 2.30.0

Good idea but......99% of the women’s profiles are fake or there to collect likes and Instagram followers. I notice that across all dating platforms the women tend to have the following characteristics: - Yoga - Left wing, fat, identity politics obsessed SJWs and if you’re not you’re hateful - “Sarcastic” - ie an excuse to be vile - obsessed with alcohol - They love their fantasy wish lists and nothing else will do: you have to be left wing, 7” tall, pay for everything, speak ten languages, look like Tom Hardy, be a Michelin-star chef, be a millionaire and have the body of an athlete, have a beard, be able to dance like a pro, have blue eyes, the right accent, be “creative”, whatever that means in this context, have “banter” (awful word), be able to do DIY...and have a dog. Now I’m no oil painting to say the least and I have a list of character faults, failings and flaws that would reach the sky but even if I fulfilled all of their criteria I STILL wouldn’t get a match. No wonder they’re single..Version: 5.256.0

Not a place to find a relationshipThis app totally depends on what you’re looking for… like most dating apps. It’s definitely better than tinder but not miles ahead. If you want a relationship then I would say bumble is not appropriate. In my experience people are often dishonest on this app about what they really want… which granted people do anyway but it’s a waste of your time if they say they want a relationship when they don’t. I downloaded it about 2 years ago and I had better success then, than I did with it this time. Wether that’s because the app has changed or I’ve got different perspectives now I don’t know. If you want to build something worthwhile and meaningful with another person then the odds on this app are low. If you would like something more casual then this is probably your best bet. It’s very much based on looks alone because although you have a profile you can be pretty certain that they will swipe left or right straight away on the first picture, before looking at anything else! You have to be attracted to the person but intellect is equally as important in my opinion. It didn’t work for me but that’s just my preference..Version: 5.223.0

No better than tinder just more hard workHave been using on and off for 10 months. Quite liked the concept to start with but now the 24 hour timescales are irritating. Sometimes people are busy and have other things going on that means your not focused on dating for a few days. Approx 80% men don’t bother to reply to messages so left feeling like there is no point messaging in the first place. Keep being shown the same people. I think I have swiped left on 1 guy about 30 times so either he has multiple profiles of bumble is not getting it. Rarely match these days after lots of matches in the beginning so I suspect that unless I pay for spotlight then my profile isn’t being shown anymore 🤷🏻‍♀️ It doesn’t feel empowering sending the first message at all. Prefer the hinge app.Version: 5.168.0

Bumble BanSo Bumble definitely shadowbans or at least outright blocks you. I had Bumble for about 2 years straight. One of the women I met off there ended up stalking me and I deleted the account out of fear she would create fake profiles and try to monitor me. Needless to say I ended up moving for work and decided to make another account now that I felt safe. Within the first hour I had several likes, however, that stopped instantly after that. Nothing after that first hour (I live in a large metropolitan area so this is unusual). I’m also not an ugly guy by any means. It’s not difficult to see who likes your profile since bumble’s blurred image for your queue is easily distinguishable when swiping. I noticed that one particular like I had showed up in my stack and I didn’t swipe on it initially. I reopened the app later to see my likes disappear. HOWEVER, these profiles still showed up in the stack and they are unable to unlike your profile once they’ve swiped right. This happened with almost all of the likes I had and they weren’t bot profiles. I received no more likes since that first hour and I kept the app for a week and a half to make sure. Pretty pathetic I received whatever “ban” they clearly have in place simply because I deleted my account to protect myself. Not like I’m deleting and recreating the app every other week. Won’t be recommending or using (like I could anyway) this app again..Version: 5.233.0

Can't Match/Guys Are LazyI'm going to make this short and simple. I've been on this app like five times before, and although I've met some incredible people and had some great times, I say that online dating is risky. It's for people who are lonely for some specific reason and want company, but don't necessarily want to date. That's not the apps fault, but I just want anyone who's reading this to know that if things don't work out it's not you, it's just online dating. Now on to technical issues and the men on there. I've logged on with my Facebook, and I put ton of care into my bio, even putting attractive photos and I haven't matched with anyone. I know how this sounds lol but I honestly think my phone or the app is broken (at least for my profile). I tested this my liking a whole bunch of profiles, even guys I'm not interested in (or dtf guys) and still nothing. It's been three days! Not one like. It's kinda peculiar. When I was on here before, within 24 hours there would be tons of matches, but now it's not working. Also, I think bumble should allow both parties to message first because it's too much pressure on me to always message first and then sometimes get nothing, because the dude believes he has to be chased and sold. It's weird. In conclusion, I'm going to try tinder..Version: 3.2.2

😡I used to love this app. It was the only dating app that didn’t bs you with capital gain rubbish, it allowed you to backtrack 3 times for free no questions. It gave you a hint as to who had swiped on you (blurred out), but the pictures are now reduced in size and has been made harder to distinguish. It used to let you come across all those matches eventually in a short period of swiping but now it leaves one continuously so you won’t know it is until you get more than one.. The app forces you to update your ios after so long, which I for one don’t want to do. Honestly, you had such a good, honest app, and I feel like a load of greedy pricks in a board meeting are making decisions for money purposes, that are destroying the great app this used to be. Please bring back the old app that worked, it’s so sad to see....Version: 5.167.1

Good, but dark patterns are not coolPersonally, I’m enjoying the app and I really love that you’ve added video chat. Presumably you did that in response to COVID, but it should have always been a feature. Please always keep it. It’s a fantastic way to get a “first look” at someone before you commit to making the effort to dress up nicely and go out. The reason for my 3-star review is the dark patterns you employ to trick people into buying a subscription when they join. I told 3 friends how great, and free, Bumble is. All 3 of them ended up feeling disappointed and ripped off after stumbling into a subscription and then not being able to find more than ~6 matches. One friend had to expand her search to ALL OF AUSTRALIA to get any matches! She has written to you requesting a refund and I really hope you oblige..Version: 5.182.0

Waste of timeDoes this app work for ethnic guys cause holy I’ve been on this app for 3 weeks selectively swiping with pictures picked out by others and nothing, no matches at all. Very disappointing and shows the racial bias that exists on dating apps especially this..Version: 5.171.0

Pretty Horrendous Customer ServiceSo I accidentally purchased a Premium plan a while back, whatever, my fault. Happened to get off all dating app platforms shortly afterwards until just recently, and trying to get my purchase restored to my new account has been a nightmare. First off, I’m fairly certain Bumble is the sole app that lacks an in-app purchase restoration option, which feels pretty shady. As far as I can tell, they also lack a customer service chat AND phone number, leaving e-mail as the only available method. Initially, I was told they couldn’t find my purchase receipt. Then, after explaining that I was not the primary account holder in my Family Plan and perhaps it was tied to that email — though it shouldn’t be, as it was made my from previous Bumble account tied to my Apple ID — they stated they had in fact already found it, but they would instead need the payment confirmation from my email. Ended up providing it in a response, then tried following up and even sent a whole new inquiry, and still have yet to hear anything from them after several hours. I have to ask, is this an intentional run-around to withhold services despite payment? Perhaps even aiming at further purchases made out of exasperation?.Version: 5.242.0

"Contact us" more like get an automated responseIf you want to use an app where if you have an issue there's no way to get a human being to listen to what your problem is, go ahead and download this one. Filling the "contact us" form on the app for an issue I had with a photo being wrongly flagged as in appropriate (a very normal photo of me) led to an automated response email repeating the rules that uploaded pictures should follow. The email finished by saying this was (obviously) an automated response and if your issue hadn't been resolved yet you could reply to that email. Guess what, I did reply to that email mentioning how I knew the rules and I knew my picture didn't break any - only to receive an instant automated response saying that email address is only automated and wouldn't give me a reply. Suggesting me to fill the Contact Us form to speak with someone. Essentially there's no human being to address any queries ever, just dealing with dumb automated responses is what you'll get. Definitely not the best customer care I've ever seen..Version: 5.223.0

Avoid this app.It’s a pay wall app. Swiping is free, everything else must be paid for. Yeah, the “support team” auto response, right?.Version: 5.245.1

Feels unsafeI use a few dating apps (Tinder + Hinge as well), and at first I felt like Bumble was the best because I had the option to send a message first, which I liked! Kind of ironic that Bumble actually played out to be the app I feel the most unsafe on. I’ve matched with very sketch people on here. I’m not sure what it is about this app but most of my matches have all had stalker-like tendencies and when I actually met up with one of them in person (because the others were very obvious red flags concerning SAFETY that I wasn’t willing to try), I felt completely unsafe because they had continued to stalk me, create new profiles and try to catfish me, followed me under different instagram accounts etc until I finally decided to change my phone number. I did report one instance to Bumble and was not notified on how it was handled. Mind you, went out with this guy ONCE. I’m still afraid to this day that he is following me somehow. I’ve had A LOT better luck with Hinge specifically, their team is super responsive QUICK and take reports seriously, which makes me feel good! Hinge has been fun and I’ve met great people there! Not sure if it’s because Bumble requires the woman to make the first move…? I think the waiting game culminates into an obsessive kind of behavior, personally. Would not recommend to friends (I tell them stick with Hinge)..Version: 5.246.0

Regression in recent monthWhen I installed the app, I could see all details or put longer review of myself than 2 sentences. Now not only I can see only very limited details but often just selected at random. Today even height is not provided in cm but in inches. Navigation is not intuitive (for example now you tap on person pages, but when you view IG, you have to swipe left - once or twice instead of swiping left on IG photo app took it as tap and swipe left to pass on a person 😖). Chat part is very good, tried video call once or twice and it was fine but the rest keeps getting worse each day..Version: 5.186.0

New update not an improvementReally wish I hadn’t updated my app. It takes ages to load now. So long, in fact, that often times I don’t bother using it at all. I also am not a fan of the new ways to look through a persons profile. The photos sometimes stay blurry and it’s just awkward going from photo to blurb to photo to blurb, blurb, blurb. I felt the scrolling was a better function. Really hoping there is an update soon, will likely delete the app otherwise. Unrelated to the new functionality the app was a decent way to meet decent people (when I didn’t run out of people to match)..Version: 5.177.0

Misleading Notifications, Defective SwipingIn terms of people on the app, Bumble is pretty decent. You have the ability to filter to only verified profiles which is nice. However, Bumble notifications are what annoy me the most. Why send a notification if you don’t have a like or a match? Some notifications are so misleading and it’s just about getting people back on the platform and back on their phones. It’s about business as usual, trying to keep you on the app for as long as possible while not getting you a match. I get that this is the model that all dating apps function on but at least try to make it less obvious. People who are motivated to find someone don’t need a reminder to go on a dating app. They just need to know when they get a match or a like. That’s it. Concerning the swiping mechanism, I can’t tell you how often I’ve swiped right or left by accident while trying to scroll down on a profile. I would suggest changing the sensitivity of the swipes or using buttons instead like Hinge. Also something that goes for all dating apps, not just Bumble. Spotlight should be active for at least 6h, not 1h. I’m glad Bumble gives you 1 free Spotlight a week, but come on, one hour is not enough for the price you would pay if you bought one..Version: 5.195.0

Not worth premiumPaying for premium allows you to see 50max who have swiped on you. Beyond that is something bumble can’t handle. Pretty much useless when there’s no one who catches your attention or you have an app flooded with girls who want validation yet aren’t interested in interacting.Version: 5.217.0

Beware the sting of the bumble and scam offersI would prefer to give this no stars even -2 because I have been ripped off by this exorbitant app and then heard absolutely nothing in response to my numerous attempts to make contact with its people...essentially I was offered a “free two week subscription trial” only to discover that bumble had gone right ahead and billed me close to $70 for a 3 month sign up.. emailed, hit the support option and I only hope that apple will see fit to refund me.. Bottom line: swipe left and go back to tinder folks !!! Update: six months later I’m told that it’s because I’ve already used the trial up... oh my god why even bother insulting me with that?!? It was the first and only tome I ever accepted an offer bumble has made.. I’m on it less and less and this development team need a training bra....Version: 5.130.1

Hate this appDeceiving in their pricing. I initially signed up for what I thought was a week trial of $9.99 for the week. Turned out it was actually a 6 month subscription for $80 that was automatically paid through my ITunes. When I saw the charge in my checking account I was shocked & tried to cancel but was told it wasn’t possible because of the way I paid. I don’t recall having the option to choose the way I paid, it was like it just automatically pulled from there because that’s what was set up on my phone. I immediately went in to cancel the membership from my phone so it wouldn’t renew in 6 months. I guess it needs to be cancelled while signed into my account from a computer because it ended up automatically renewing at another $80 for 6 months. If I was getting decent matches, it would be ok, but seems like this app isn’t used much by a lot of decent men in my area. When I travel, I get swarmed by hits, but long distance relationships don’t work for me. I also don’t like that they only have 24 hours to respond. So unless you are married to your phone & have nothing else better to do than check this app constantly, those likes are gone to never being even again. Life gets busy & sometimes you just don’t have time or cell/wi-fi coverage to constantly see who wants to connect. I would give this app zero stars, but that wasn’t an option..Version: 5.154.0

Best dating app out right now but...Bumble has really made a name for its self. Giving women control over the conversation is a game changer and the pre made conversation starters are to die for and I love how you can set height preferences and get two free filters, but the cons are pretty hefty for me. One major update they need is gender identity. To be the best app and stay up there it would be great if people knew you are open to everyone. Having a gender identity option would be great for existing users so there is no more confusion. Also a lot of people complain about not getting notifications from the app and I can agree to that. Unless I see a badge icon or check the app I will not know if a guy messaged me and that takes away from the 24 hr window making a lot of us miss out on opportunities because no notification for messages come in but matches do. Some refining on the “looking for “ option would be great. It’s very difficult talking to someone when you want a relationship and they just want a hookup because the profiles don’t give that good of clarification. All in all bumble is a good app with amazing features and a growing community but within that community does come transgender people, non binary ppl, etc. There should be an option for them..Version: 3.29.0

Not impressedDon’t pay for premium! A waste of money and less matches that on free. All those secret admirers blurred out where from a long way away and not one replied to my messages. Out of date profiles? I don’t know but no new likes since going premium. Seems pretty suss to me. Even worse my last review did not even get published. Hmmm 🤔.Version: 5.200.0

BEWARE OF FLAKES, INSECURITIES , & USERS!!!So this app is not what it used to be. I got this app when it first came out since I was hearing it was a platform more serious then Tinder at the time. I used it for awhile and I had some decent luck. I took some time off due to meeting someone in person and after 5 years I eventually made my way back. Since I’ve been back it’s been a horrible experience. I constantly get a lot of likes but they just sit in the Q until they expire with no way of engaging the person. I honestly think it’s for Insecure women to feel good about themselves without the commitment😂 I’ve had a couple conversations (With no indication of it going badly) leave off on a planned date for the night and by the next morning they are gone from the platform. The few dates that have gone thru had me running all over the place paying getting the tab just to tell me the next day their not looking for anything, they don’t want anything to do with me, or I’m not the one. So after much self-reflection and being a pretty self-aware human I can honestly say I was a gentleman and did nothing out of context. Which brings me to the conclusion that this app is filled with insecure, scammy, and users. I would personally recommend Hinge or even Tinder is better then the experience I had on this one..Version: 5.186.0

Update out with the old in with the newSeems that everyone that does not have iOS 13 will no longer be able to use this Long time user soon be gone as is forcing a update to a platform level I can’t get with out a new ph , not on!!.Version: 5.228.0

NOT SAFEBumble is not safe and doesn’t care for sa victims and domestic violence victims..Version: 5.246.0

Removed backtracksWas once the best but no longer. They removed the three backtracks which was the best feature. No better than tinder now. And the quality of profile has also gone down. Perhaps everyone moved to hinge. 🤷‍♂️ Developers response is to say it’s in boost. It always was possible to pay for more. Your customers are annoyed you removed the three free ones. You removed a feature everyone loved that was balanced well, without any communication. Pages and pages of one star reviews. Time to backtrack on the roadmap.....Version: 5.163.0

New Face No DifferenceNot sure whether this is going to be read or not but I personally feel there’s no difference in what toxic things used to happen on Tinder is happening here too. I’m a person of color with brown skin, and I genuinely feel the factor of racism is still there on people judging on based on color and race. Also I feel girls are pulling the same stunt they used on Tinder with putting their IG link on their bio which is only there to get them followers and likes (keeping guys on their hanging list) and here to just satisfy their ego. With happening 9/10 times, the factor of even using the app lowers down after seeing all this over half a year. Not sure if anything can be done on this but just wanted to share a real story of what’s happening. PS: Hard to believe that girls need over 24hrs to make a move but still fails to do it consistently..Version: 5.255.2

Men be warnedShame on you Bumble Team For genuine people who are trying to find “the one” bumble purposely make it impossible for decent gents to find a match through your money grabbing algorithms or shadow-banning matches when you subscribe. I read through the reviews after I suspected that my matches were not appearing on the app. As when my last subscription expired, the next day I suddenly had 11 matches. 11 matches in less than 8hours seems a little bit suspicious to me, so after reading MojillaDani’s review about being shadow-banned/not seeing his matches because his subscription was due to expire, I figured I’d put this to the test. Sure enough, I saw all the matches that had swiped on me in my weeks subscription clear as day, but only after I had renewed for another week. Another week has gone by, my subscription ended on March 5th and sure enough, the next day I had matches waiting for me that I had no idea existed. I don’t know how you sleep at night exploiting people this way, not even tinder was this bad. Spend your hard earned money elsewhere lads, we are being ripped off. (FYI don’t come back at me with lies about “how this shouldn’t happen on the app” (my filter settings were off, I deleted and reinstalled the app, so there’s no excuse) “well look in to it” because you won’t..Version: 5.253.0

New update of layout not user friendlyGreat app! But the latest update takes longer and is not user friendly with having to take longer to look through a profile. The previous version was great and you can just scroll to the bottom to see the full profile. The current one is off-putting and it’s sad coz I loved using bumble before this current version. Please dismiss this update if possible..Version: 5.182.0

Only Allowed to Make Friends w/same GenderI used to have this app to try and look for a date, but after getting a boyfriend (not through Bumble) I decided to look for friends to match with instead. To my disappointment, you can apparently only match with friends of the same gender. I am male, but I identify as agender (meaning I just don’t really feel a connection to the concept of gender). This meant that it just kept suggesting me regular men who were typically straight. Now I don’t hate straight men, but I have so much more in common with women, trans people, and non-binary folks, not to mention men are statistically significantly more violent towards people like me, especially in a conservative state like mine. I have emailed Bumble about it because I was confused as to why no women were showing up, and they basically said they had no intention of changing it. Assuming that males can only be friends with other males and females can only be friends with other females is incredible heteronormative and sexist. I liked everything else about the app, but couldn’t even use it because I had no friends to match with. It would really be as simple as just adding the option to choose which genders show up in the friends part. I mean, you can match with both men and women when looking for relationships, but not friends? That hardly makes sense..Version: 3.15.0

App not letting me loginSo this problem started 3 days ago right before i updated my app my app logs me out of my account on its own and doesn’t let me log back in even after updating the app. I had a few people i was talking to there and had more than 50 likes pending on my profile and suddenly i couldn’t log into my account. So i sent an email to your support, i got no response whatsoever again so i created a new account from scratch, and now i got logged out of my new account on its own!!!!!!! I can’t log in to my previous account which was linked to Facebook and now the new account to which is linked to my apple ID and phone number. Guys you need to help me get my account backkk!!.Version: 5.249.0

JUSTICE FOR LAURENA black woman died after being seen last with her bumble date. This app is obviously not safe for you ladies. It doesn’t care about your safety. Obviously they don’t control the people on there but at least acknowledge and support the investigation..Version: 5.245.1

Went from 5 stars to 2 quickApp use to be great, new update that limits swipes is stupid, use the app swipe a bunch, close it, reopen it 12 hours later to use it again just to get one swipe before you have to wait all day. Yikes.Version: 5.164.0

I won’t spend another dollar on this greedy projectYou can be a lifetime member and they still try to charge you extra, until they stop being so greedy and give their lifetime members the Benefits they deserve I cannot recommend this app and won’t be spending another dollar. You guys are already making a killing and if you’re greedy enough to make the app unenjoyable for its users You don’t deserve another penny. You deserve no stars..Version: 5.245.1

Delete it allI’ll give it 2 stars because there’s potential and the function is still there but overall this is a waste of time. Women messaging first makes matching a waste of time because you can’t stand out instantly by messaging them. Also all they do is send “Hi”, waiting for me to start a topic so what’s the point. Also they have 24 hours to message you and you have 24 hours back which is nonsense. For full access it costs about $22 a month and Tinder costs $8 a month. I can swipe until my phone dies on tinder but it might take 5 minutes on Bumble ie low amount of users. You can run out of likes on free Tinder but on free Bumble it’ll close you out on just swipes alone for 24 hours. The filter options are nice where you can pick height, exercise, drinking, smoking etc but the high quality selection on here will run out quick (standards vary). I see this as a break from the toxicity of tinder where 2/3 are sex scammers or game players but it feels the same after a couple days. I have had a fair amount of success on tinder (hookups, dates, and relationships) but do yourself a favor and don’t go on any dating apps. Do it the old fashion way and wait until you get lucky out there. You’ll save yourself stress, time, and whatever emotions you bring into it..Version: 5.189.0

Login problemsTried to login with my phone number but not receiving a text. The tried to go for the call option and didn’t receive the call either. Then when I restarted the app, it asks me to check my number. Very frustrating when I’ve been trying to login for a few days..Version: 5.202.0

Snooze modeThis mode should be used to slow the pace down while you are talking to a few people and not having to worry about new matches talking to you. After swiping and getting matches I went on snooze but still had new matches show up ? Annoying! Also it most definitely should not notify your matches when you come out of snooze !.Version: 5.243.0

Not safe for womenBumble actively fights against legislature that would keep women safe on dating apps. As such, I will no longer use bumble..Version: 5.245.1

The jumble of bumbleBumble you’ve taken away the ability to backtrack, filter, and the nationwide distance only seems to go several states out. Not nationwide. Perhaps mine is defective. It would be great to have the ability to match with someone in California if I’m in Ohio because some people are open to long distance. As far as the “free” features taken away, it doesn’t leave a lot of appeal to this site anymore. As a female it’s very hard to gauge what a man is looking for when profile narratives are becoming less and less of a thing. It’s difficult having to chat with someone just to find out they are not looking for the same things. Also the people who won’t write back, ghost, or can’t keep a convo flowing because they feel like your always there. Coffee meets bagel helped to solve this by making convos disappear after a time. This forced people to make a move or not. The amount of matching and ghosting or never answering on Bumble is terrible. This feature needs to take place. Also maybe only let so many matches happen a day. This prevents mindless swiping from people to people they never have any intention of contacting or carrying on a conversation with. Let’s face it- people will swipe right all day. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel..Version: 5.167.1

ScamIt’s only purpose is to extort money out of you and then you need to buy some thing else for the 1st pay plan to work. Bumble is garbage..Version: 5.245.1

Per day swipes are really lessThe notifications on this app sucks. Basically false hopes. To add to it seems the number of swipes per day is going down it seems. Well, typical I suppose. Start with something good and then gradually go down the gutter. Oh and don’t bother paying for anything on this app. Definitely not worth it..Version: 5.254.0

Love the concept, not the end resultI’ve been a fan of Whitney Wolfe for a number of years and love the concept of the App. However with millennials using dating apps less frequently and with far less effort, the Bumble model doesn’t appear to work and spark meaningful conversation with its time-limits. I wonder how it could be improved. Perhaps boys are able to message first too? And perhaps you can keep the conversation going, but it gets deleted if no interaction has occurred for 30 days? The current dating apps don’t seem to be working. I do like the brand of Bumble but I have stopped using it because it’s extremely difficult to get an understanding of what a guy is actually like in real life as the conversation is sporadic and largely small talk. People don’t invest enough time and energy in creating meaningful connections on these apps so I wonder whether this model really works anymore?.Version: 5.118.0

Ok but needs some changesSo I have been using Bumble for about 6 months. The thing I don’t like about Bumble is I have a preference to meet people within 60 kms . Yet people can like me from ALL OVER. I paid for a week so I could see my beeline. It was a waste of money because they were all from interstate. Why even like someone from such a distance?? I think that Bumble should not allow people to like me if they are not within my preferred distance. I won’t be paying again. Another thing is I get people showing up on my list who I KNOW I DID NOT swipe right on?? How does that happen???.Version: 5.191.0

Cash grabBeen on bumble for a year and got 3 machs and no conversation, and when I connected support it was a auto generation response.Version: 5.254.0

Genuine people - bad siteWhilst the people who register seem to be genuine which can be a rarity on some dating apps, the site is not to a standard you’d expect from a paying app. The first few days were good, plenty of genuine matches - I liked the fact you cut out any messages from weirdos by making the first move! That you can control this my messaging first. I’m in my late 40’s, a full job, a house to keep and two kids so I set my settings to those no more than 50 miles away as any further just isn’t doable and I’m tall so no one under 5’10, therefore I am aware that I’m limiting the matches, what’s annoying is not that the matches are more limited that down to me but the fact the people I’ve swiped left to (rejected) pop up again and again. I’ve rejected these Bumble, why send them again? Also annoying is that they send matches to people nearby, why? Just because they happen to be visiting nearby doesn’t make them a match of they actually live hundreds and in one case thousands of miles away. Don’t waste your money, brilliant concept but either they don’t have the numbers to match to you if you set a certain search criteria or they just don’t believe that the people you’ve said no to aren’t suitable! That said - I don’t think that anyone over 5’10 within 50 miles is that limited!.Version: 5.121.0

Be careful with “free trial”It’s a good app for expanding your options for dates / friends if used in conjunction with trying to meet people IRL. I found relying solely on bumble will leave you disappointed. Also, the 14 day free trial really isn’t free. You will be charged for 6 months of service. Thankfully I was able to get mine refunded by Apple..Version: 5.136.0

A Feminist dating site or one that evens the balance !I’ve been using Bumble date for a few days and found it a tad confusing for the first hour or so but soon got the hang of it. Faults or not is the question, photos can’t be cropped on the app ( of course you can do it before) so do you get more true likenesses ! Guys can’t message until they receive a message and you will only get one if you ‘like’ each other . You therefore either have to ‘swipe ‘ right on everyone or pay to see who likes you ! These likes are also time ltd 😱Profile messages are limited on space and pro-forma answers are somewhat limited , such as drinking I don’t drink often, once a month but that’s not social drinking in my book so I have to say I don’t drink ( could someone thus think I might be in AA😳). That said the quality of the members ( the females ) is very high, . Provided the profiles are real ( many sites use fake profiles ) I’ve been impressed by the standards of photos, profiles , education levels . Maybe it’s due to the ladies been more in control so I guess us guys can’t have it both ways . The key is patience chaps . A quality most don’t have so maybe you can win the heart of a lady and learn patience too 😳🤪.Version: 5.153.0

Paid but didn’t receive.Bumble is such a nice clean, easy to navigate app. And as such, it was easy to accept the 14 day free trial. After a break, I retuned to Bumble and, through the subscriptions tab in my Apple id, I purchased a 1 month membership on Jan 7. It’s now Jan 11 and I still have not had the membership benefits applied to my app (only seeing the free version). I sent a screenshot of my purchase history, showing the transaction, however Bumble have responded to my query, requesting an iTunes receipt - which I did not receive. Ive also got in touch with iTunes on Jan 7. I received a ‘we’re looking into it’ response on Jan 9. And I’ve heard nothing since. So for the sake of the price of a one month membership - I give up. It’s so disappointing that an ever increasing number of entities are getting away with not delivering what you’ve paid for. The hidden recurring charges, the fine print, the difficulty experienced when simply trying to talk to someone. And yet, the process to take your money seems incredibly seamless..Version: 5.146.1

Controlled behind your backYou can swipe all you want but bumble controls everything behind the scenes and either blocks you or you’ll never match. Even when a person swipes right on you back as they are a friend you somehow won’t match?! Fake app, just out there to rip people off..Version: 5.174.0

Not Safe for WomenDon’t use this app. Multiple women have had their accounts closed when trying to report assault from its male users for asking Bumble for help. Look up Lauren Smith Fields, Bumble is being investigated. Please be safe everyone..Version: 5.246.0

Ladies first, OK, the rest, not greatSo the core idea of forcing ladies to reach out first, I’m fine with that. However, post filtering, the mechanism used of like or dump really gets in the way of you looking over everyone, shortlisting a few and then opening yourself up to being contacted one (or a few) at a time allowing you to choose the order you open yourself up to contact. As things stand, the order you open yourself up to contact is dictated by the order the profiles turn up in the app. I don’t think I’m explaining this very well but it lead to me having two matches, one of which I had to tell I couldn’t chat with since I’d just started chatting to another. To be honest, a yes/no/maybe system would solve all of that for me and I’d be willing to pay for it. Also, why can’t I define the areas I’m looking for matches in better? For me, travel time is key (to theirs, to mine, to work...) not the meaningless as the crow flies distance from where I am right now to where they are right now (not really into using the app at work). Hope that’s of some use to you? Sorry, not going to use Twitter and I don’t have time for Facebook. In response to the developer reply, I don’t want to be chatting to more than one lady at a time. Is that the kind of guy Bumble is targeting? I just want to be able to find the most promising match, see where that goes, if it doesn’t work then move onto the next..Version: 5.172.0

Sexism at its finestProbably The most sexist dating or friend finding app available. If an app was open this way but in reverse for males having the all the power we would hear nothing but complaints and if not lawsuits. It is disgusting that in this modern day this sort of sexism is acceptable. No doubt a number of people will make the return comment of if you don’t like it then leave it well that goes the same in reverse for you but women that are complaining. Seems if you have it your way you’re happy Yes this is exactly what sexism is..Version: 3.29.0

Archive the conversation?This whole “archive or continue the conversation” thing is really dumb. What does it matter to you if we stopped talking for a few days?! Mind your own business and leave my conversations alone!.Version: 5.142.0

Dreadful customer serviceI subscribed to Boost because it was advertised as having unlimited backtracks on left swipes. Due to cognitive issues caused by chronic illness I frequently swipe the wrong way and want the option to undo them. Last week though I stopped being able to consistently backtrack, the backtrack arrow would just disappear at some point, whether after 1 backtrack, or 9. Clearly there was a fault. I contacted customer service and the first person to reply acknowledged this was a problem. The next people however are telling me that there isn’t an option to backtrack on left swipes! Except this is specifically sold as an option on both subscription options. The replies to my emails are so inconsistent, they seem to know nothing about their own app, or what they offer with their subscriptions, and the certainly aren’t reading the whole email thread. I’m getting absolutely nowhere and it reflects so badly on Bumble as a whole. It’s my favourite of the three dating apps I use, but I can’t see me wanting to keep it for much longer. This is the second time I’ve had to contact customer service and it was the same the first time, inconsistent replies that made me wonder if they even knew what Bumble was..Version: 5.235.0

You can’t zoom In on the pics anymore? WtfCan’t zoom in no more, change that back.Version: 5.174.0

Feeling Like A Waste Of TimeNothing but swiping for two months and all I get is one person who chats for maybe ten minutes then nothing for a week before the match disappears. At least set a feature so when you unmatch someone it sends a message and maybe a reason so people don't feel ghosted. There is also no way to know when the person was last on the app so you have no idea if you are swiping someone who uses the app or has already deleted it so more wasting time. Add something that says when the person last logged into the app or delete profiles that have been dormant for long periods of time. This is the second time I have used this app and it's getting beyond a joke. For people who are trying to find someone, it make it seem like ghosting, more than a dating app..Version: 3.39.0

Limited reachThere are limited number of profiles and according to Bumble there are no further matches available in my area. I signed up for 3 months on Boost but there are no profiles to swipe either way..Version: 3.37.0

Flawed AppWhen is this app going to ban women from starting a conversation with “Hi” “Hey” or “Hello”? I am so frustrated, I’ve had about 30 matches this month and about 95% started the conversation with “Hey”. WHY?! If their profile is boring (which it is most of the time from my personal experience i.e no prompts, no bio etc) and there is nothing to speak about, the conversation is difficult to get going! Why do they do this!? I have prompts on my profile, my pictures are somewhat intriguing & I have a bio, BUT THEY INSIST ON BEING BLAND AND BORING! They hate it when guys message them with a boring “Hi” on Tinder but they do the exact same to men?!! This app is so flawed because the whole idea is for women to start the conversations but if they’re just going to say “Hi” then that is not a convo starter and you might as well use Tinder as there is 0 difference as to who starts the convo if it starts with such a bland opening and they expect the guy to carry the beginning of the conversation. Most women are terrible when it comes to making the first move in the dating game, so why doesn’t the app support them by suggesting/forcing them to choose a good starting conversation prompt!? I’m so freaking frustrated OMG PLEASE BAN WOMEN FROM SAYING “Hey” 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️.Version: 5.245.1

Better than tinder but could still be improved in many waysBetter than tinder as it gets girls to message first...which makes tinder almost a waste of time. Although the huge lack of available swipes and having to wait forever until being able to swipe again is extremely annoying. What’s even more annoying is the amount of false notifications this app sends (“you have 3 messages waiting, find out who!” Even though nothing Etc), as well as how everything about it is “pay pay pay to unlock more”. Also why are girls constantly liking me but I have to pay to view them on the beeline, instead of any of them simply showing up on my feed to match with them. Prices for any premium features (which shouldn’t even exist) are also outrageous! Developers need to push their greediness aside and allow for a more user friendly app..Version: 5.248.0

This app targets men to make money off subscription feesAfter having the app for 1 day, speaking with 2 people, my account was blocked and I’m unable to re-sign or get a response from them. No guidelines need to be violated, you just need to have your profile reported. This could be from a disgruntled ex on the app, someone that doesn’t like the look of you, someone that you’ve spoken with in the past and chosen not to pursue. There’s no warning or opportunity for discourse. They have a standard response saying they review everything however they simply don’t, it’s just a cut and paste response used to take money. Once you begin the process they suggest, you’re simply ignored. This is why they can’t provide evidence or show an actual breach of any guidelines . I’m sure there’s some awful people on there but for genuine men, this app isn’t the one for you..Version: 5.250.0

Expensive… doesn’t seem worth itThe paid options for this app are a bit of a joke; premium is £40/month?!? You only get 5 superswipes/week with premium and you can’t just buy one after- you have to buy at least 2 at £3 each?? Superswipes aren’t even worth it; by my understanding, you appear first when they are scrolling through, but they aren’t notified that you’ve superswiped them?? The app may not be to blame (although it does just seem like a money making scheme) for people not swiping right, but as a guy, you will absolutely not get many likes, even swiping right for hundreds of women (I don’t believe women are vain and aren’t attracted to men based on looks, so the idea of dating apps, especially with minimalistic bios, doesn’t really make sense). My profile isn’t that bad either and I’ve had more success than a lot of my friends. Again, not the app’s fault per se, but I’ve read reviews about women complaining at guy’s not replying to their initial message- how do you think us guys feel?? I hate it when men message loads of girls and I don’t do it personally, but what are meant to do when we get hundreds of ghosted messages? Ladies don’t know how lucky they have it (I know a lot of messages can be unwelcomed but)- it’s ignorant if you don’t know how often a single guy will get rejected in his life..Version: 5.248.0

Okay app. Gotten more costly for less though.I rejoined this week and have to say, The new updates are terrible! The layout, what the even.. As for the paid features, they’re now a total rip off from the old days.. no 3 free shake ya phone and rewind your mistake of swiping right anymore.. you have to pay for it. It’s disappointing to see the app try to be more like tinder... Also it’s so annoying that some guys match and don’t reply, no matter what type of greeting they get. It’s no wonder women stop making effort with their messages and give a basic ‘hi’ when many of their matches don’t even bother replying in the first place... must just be an ego boost for many. This is coming from girlfriends who use the app too.. while I like that I don’t get harassed with disgusting messages, Unlike tinder, it’s off putting to always have to message first and put in effort to what I say and get nothing back lol DONT MATCH IF YOU'RE NOT INTERESTED..Version: 5.179.0

A political organization?Initially I liked the idea of Bumble. I think too often other dating apps allow users to match, but make no effort to actually connect. With Bumble’s “consequence feature” you lose a match if you do not reach out in time. This ensures serious inquiries and leaves those looking for hookups to the likes of Tinder. With all that being said, I found my Bumble account inaccessible one day due to a political blanket statement regarding certain current events this year (2020). I scoured the pop up looking for the elusive “X” in a corner to get out of it. However, my only option was to click “Accept.” I have no clue what I was accepting. It seems Bumble was forcing users to accept their platform’s political interpretation and narrative. I fundamentally disagree with this. Bumble is an app designed ultimately for dating, and not a political organization taking a stand. Which stifles diversity on the app. At this point, perhaps Bumble should even consider removing political orientation from the “about you” section. After being forced to click accept or never access my profile again. I hastily and happily deleted my profile. Prior to this I would have generally considered Bumble as one of the better dating apps available. However, unless you accept and agree to their political narrative, you’ll find yourself unable to use the app for what it was designed for, dating..Version: 5.176.0

Avoid scammersSo after a long time been off dating sites and paid for few of them i got back on bumble and didn’t pay at the beginning because i wanted to try the free version and sadly i had no lick although there is two girls like me which I cannot see until i pay for the app so I decided to give it a chance and pay for the app and honestly it was the worst decision. First there is nothing to swipe back if you swiped right or left by mistake. Second the spotlight which boost your profile so more girls will see that didn’t work as well nor spending more time to swipe right on girls you like working. Am not going to say i look 10 out of 10 but at least am 5-6 out of 10 which that make me wonder how there is no matches at all and the two girls i matched with them i extended the match and they unmatched me at the same time. Honestly don't waste your money on bumble and read reviews from genuine people because i work in computers field and i know how they do the reviews from robots its not actually people writing reviews also check the names some of them are weird names that they put to make the app reviews good anyone reading this trust me don’t pay for bumble its just scams and they make you like dairy cow take your money and you don’t get anything. And like usual automated comments going to comment here saying or contact our customers support which they will not respond nor do anything thats how we are making these people rich.Version: 5.253.0

Bot-FriendlySame old, same old. Standard dating app that uses bots to try and get you to subscribe responding to made up profiles..Version: 3.6.0

Not bad, but needs workThis app is good for meeting new people, however, it’s kinda unfair to use. What I mean by this is that if you end up liking someone or someone (or that person) likes you, in order for you to see who that is or for it to be an official match, you must pay $18 just to see who they are that liked you, which is really unnecessary and expensive if all you’re trying to do is meet someone, and god forbid it’s someone you don’t find interesting or doesn’t match your personality, then you’d end up just blowing $18 for no reason when the whole point was just to meet someone YOU thought was perfect for you. And on top of that, the women have to make the first move (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing), but some don’t make a move at all after matching (from what I experienced). So it then makes it unclear as to whether they even meant to do that in the first place or not, and since I (a male) can’t say anything first, I’m just left in the dark as to why I haven’t heard from anyone cause I can’t say anything to confirm if she’s willing to meet. Im not trying to complain or say it’s a bad app or anything cause it actually does what it’s supposed to do, but I’m just pointing out the flaws of paying an expensive price just to see who swiped you and whether it was worth the money or not and also pointing out the communication issues between people..Version: 5.200.0

Inconsistent response from matchesI’ve had this app for around a month and as a woman I initially really liked the idea of messaging guys I’m genuinely interested in rather than endless messages from guys I haven’t actually matched with on other apps.. it worked great and managed to get a couple of dates, however in the last 2 weeks I’ve visited the app pretty much daily and messaged a good number of guys with absolutely no response from a single one of them, they’ve all timed out despite matching me. It could well just be me, but this rarely happened before which leads me to think from such a big jump in interest and activity to absolutely nothing at all that my account has suffered technically or I’m being restricted or limited because I haven’t yet paid any money for a premium subscription or a boost etc.. too much of a coincidence? Also, I can never seem to load the app with WiFi turned on, I physically have to turn off WiFi and use my mobile data which can be frustrating. The location is also a little too accurate for my liking, for anyone that lives in a small town or village it can be a bit daunting considering there are some horrible people out there! Started out with a great impression and now I’ve ended up completely ignoring the app and will be trying another site🤷🏼‍♀️.Version: 5.183.0

They stole my money! Beware of this app!I used bumble for years, and had really enjoyed the app. I had a match that I’d been talking with ask for my Snapchat, and after I gave it to him, he started asking me how much it would cost for explicit photos. Naturally I was offended and didn’t accept his request or respond to the messages. About an hour later I went onto bumble and saw my account was blocked for trying to sell services. I reached out to bumble about the mistake and was told they wouldn’t give my account back. I made a new one and a week later was having technical issues. I send a report to bumble about it and received a message that everything was working fine. I downloaded the trial of boost to see if that would fix the issue, but it didn’t so I cancelled it one day into the fourteen day trial. When I went on to the app, I saw that once again my account was blocked for trying to buy or sell services. I reached out to support yet again, because I did NOTHING to cause this, and was told that they wouldn’t give my account back and made no mention of refunding the money I shouldn’t have been charged with in the first place. This app presents itself as a safe space for women, which is what I liked about it, but it really isn’t considering I’m out $50, which is a lot during a pandemic and blocked because some random man was angry I wouldn’t sell him nudes..Version: 5.181.1

Good in way yet...Based on today (12 Jan 2021), bumble’s gimmick / imagery like Hollywood in its many manifestations is selling the idea that the only mixed race dichotomy worth anyone’s time is white and black (usually a sophisticated black man and a white woman, sophistication being the man’s signifier which speaks of class interests etc, interesting how you never see a drab black man, and whiteness in itself, all that is needed some would say, being hers). This is problematic and fairly sinister as these supposed prominent successes (an advertiser’s wet dream really as they are able to sell their product with the implicit Tagline being that their product has managed to quell society’s great ill — racism!) mask structural everyday real inequalities as it bounds us to very limited social parameters ....Apart from that Bumble’s alright I guess!.Version: 5.197.0

Features broken. Not woman friendly.Their "block" feature is broken. I blocked my co-worker (so awkward) then a few swipes later he popped up again. This happened with different people mind you. This isn't a very 'woman friendly' app after all. Also if men can extend 24 hours why can't women if a guy doesn't respond? I used to love this app for dating but with the block feature broken it's terrible and false advertising. Blocking doesn’t work and women can’t extend a match once you say hi. Bumble has responded and it’s bologna. Their block feature is broken as this has happened repeatedly (no they didn’t make new profiles this happens all the time in the same week I block every guy I see that I know and lo and behold he pops back up) and I as a woman can’t extend once I say hi and they don’t check their phone within 24 hours. Maybe I want to extend and am powerless to do so. I get way more matches on tinder and okcupid something about bumbles algorithm isn’t set up for successful matching and I’m a paying member. Their super swipe is a complete waste too. The person never sees it! I was super swiped by a guy and because I paid I could see him up top in green with a heart. I waited for a week of swiping to see if he’d show up as a match and he never did. Now I feel foolish for wasting the $2 on guys who never even saw me. You’d think it would push the match to the front of the line..Version: 2.17.0

Fun but unstable and non specificThe app is good but highly unstable and lacks consistent performance. It crashes regularly when chatting and fails to display pictures completely; it starts to load a pic then stops leaving the user w a blurry image. Skipping this match doesn’t ensure the next one is working correctly. The profile section doesn’t require much content to begin posting so there’s some very thin profiles, time wasters. The lack of specific geographical locations in a big metropolis is a negative, I’m not keen on long distance. Matches only with a narrow age band are limiting as well. The fact that woman have to accept your interest is unique and should ensure only interested matches are contacting me (a male), a bit like fishing and hoping they take the bait. Not sure about that, can’t write to share my thoughts until they accept..Version: 5.132.0

Better distance optionHi! I really enjoy bumble, BUT, it needs better options for distance. There’s either up to 160km away, or the entire country. Somewhere in between would be nice. Thanks!.Version: 5.256.0

Good ... but 24 hr expiring matches?!This was the first dating app I tried, as I liked the idea of a woman messaging first. I’m quite happy starting a convo, but I felt this might be a good platform to find the kind of confident, smart woman I am attracted to. After a year, I’m not certain that this holds up: most of the women using Bumble seem to have a profile on one of the other platforms anyway and I have had fewer matches turning into a conversation (let alone a date!) via Bumble compared with other apps. Generally, Bumble is easy to use and it works extremely smoothly (more so than rivals) and this would be a four-star review, but the 24 hr limit for each new match before someone speaks is really silly. Surely we’re all grown up enough to send a polite decline message (or at worst just delete manually) and don’t need Bumble to do it for us? If anything, I think this feature encourages people to treat others as disposable, more so than Tinder et al, just because you don’t have to go to the trouble of deleting an ill-considered match yourself and feeling bad for doing it ... just wait out the clock and the app does the dirty work. Also, I’ve been on lovely dates with women who didn’t get round to messaging me on Tinder or Hinge within 24 hours. Please ditch this feature, Bumble..Version: 5.182.0

Bumble BFF is a hit and missSo I’ve been on Bumble BFF for a year and a bit, and I’ve met some wonderful girls and also made some friends for life. However, it’s annoying, not everyone on their is genuine, not everyone on their is on there for the right reasons, you don’t always get responses or you do and they never reply for a while, or you match with someone or quite a few but nothing comes off it! It’s like the time I met those bunch of girls was probably the perfect time because after that, it was really slow and barely any action or interaction from the app in general. I think bumble needs to be real about the experience and explain that it’s not 100% amazing. It is a bit like having that app on your phone that you click in from time to time, slightly useless existence. I would say if you have time on your hands and your not really focused on it or not bothered then it would probably suit your needs. I have deleted the app on a few occasions and the installed it again purely because I had met a few girls so thought it might not be bad and might be a better experience but it wasn’t like that at all..Version: 3.36.0

Do not purchase!!!This app is run by criminals. Who knew a simple mistake in making purchases could cost me $50 because of a terrible refund policy! You should all be ashamed of scamming people out of their hard earned money with your horribly designed app. I’m being PUNISHED because of their greed..Version: 3.2.0

Feels weirdI’ve been using this app for a week now and it feels weird and the people seem weird. I’ve matched with at least 7 women to which 3 of em never texted me. Idk y this app has the whole “women text first thing” but it somewhat seems like a missed opportunity for the guy. It’s unfair when a women matched with you, but never text simply because women don’t do that all the time. Idk if it’s for empowerment, but normally women don’t text first. Also the women I’ve matched with all seem exactly the same. Idk if it’s just coincidental but they are all are boring and answer like days later. It’s somewhat confusing, considering they matched me and liked my photos. Last but not least, I’ve encountered women who for some reason delete their accounts.... only to make another one with a different name and different pictures? I can tell it’s the same women because “Duh it’s obvious” but it’s creepy and makes me wonder who tf I’m talking to. This app is good because it’s more freedom unlike tinder, I actually feel like I can talk to ppl on here. But it suffers from the same thing tinder does. It’s just the gratification u can possibly talk to these women. It’s not guaranteed or anything. Again this app isn’t bad, surly better set up then tinder but, just awkward and boring at times. Maybe because I’m in Japan idk..Version: 5.136.0

TerribleI’ve been using this app for a month and still not a single hit! Yes I’m no George Clooney but I know how to write a decent profile and still nothing. When I used this app a few years ago atleast I got matches or women that showed interest .. now even after paying you still get nothing ! Way to ruin someone morale when it’s already at a low. Better off getting burnt in a bar by a girl then paying for this app. Unless your a guy with great looks that the algorithm will put your profile on top of your an average guy looking for a girl, unless your willing to spend a lot of money .. save your hard earned because I regret spending mine !!.Version: 5.246.0

Waste of time and cash grabbyI’ve been on Bumble for over 2 years now and in all that time only 3 have matched me, only to unmatch me immediately when I say “Hi/Hey” and nothing else while waiting for a response, or extend the 24 hour time limit in case they happen to be busy that day. And the app constantly gives me notifications that “someone likes you!/love is just a swipe away!” It’s really not. I’m tired of being teased with love and intimate affection. All the app does is pester you into using up your likes so you can get a Payed Subscription to get bloody Ghosted. I’m not paying to be ignored and overlooked online the same amount I am IRL. I’ve seen people saying how great this app is but after 2 years I can’t get a simple Hello back. This app is bust like every other dating app out there. Only interested in your money bc there most definitely isn’t anybody interested in you! At least that’s been my experience. Still tho at least it doesn’t have bot accounts that try to trick you into using the free 1 message nonsense those sites give you so you’re bound into paying for chances to talk to robots and further sink into loneliness. Bad app in my opinion..Version: 5.245.1

Don’t pay for subscriptionI’ve paid for the premium version, but it’s *definitely* not worth the money. Firstly, it doesn’t make any difference whatsoever to the number of matches that you get - if you’d like more matches, work on your profile. Secondly, you don’t get what you pay for - for example you’re supposed to get 1 spotlight and 5 SuperSwipes per week, but I don’t seem to get these and certainly they are not cumulative (this information is nowhere). I’ve contacted the support team to enquire, but so far (2 weeks later!) they don’t seem to care. If they see this review, I’m sure they will respond immediately. My advice to everyone out there: these people survive and can provide this dodgy service because of the subscriptions. If we stopped paying them money and use only the free version, they would certainly reconsider their practices and their app. And please don’t say “contact our support team” I’ve already done this - get your act together! Unless you are happy to refund the subscription (I certainly didn’t get what I paid for) there’s nothing to talk about. Poor service....Version: 5.226.0

Going downhillI really enjoyed this app more than other dating apps. Bumble was my absolute favorite. However, I see its starting to be like other apps. I noticed changes , back swiping you got 3 free chances . Now they want to charge with no chances at all. And paying to swipe through matches limits me to meeting someone, or to the very least slows the process down very much. Waiting a whole 24 hours before being able to search again because I “used my limit for the day” is very frustrating. Nor will I pay 10 dollars and up . 10 being just unlimited for a week. They’re trying to find their ways to make more money , I get it. But at this rate I think I outta just dress nice and go to the produce section to find someone. Rather than sit and wait a whole dang day to swipe again. Come on people. Oh . And my photo of shooting a legal pellet gun at a shooting range supervised was taken down. I included that photo because that is one of my favorite hobbies. I am not a gun owner and do no shooting outside of the range nor with anything more intense than a pellet gun. But I guess a legal sport wasn’t “politically correct “ and went against their standards. Photo was taken down near immediately..Version: 5.166.1

Change colour of background pleaseHello Bumble admin, Please please change the recent colour change of text messages coming in! I honestly can hardly read them when the text is white in a caramel background!! Also, suggest regular trial offers of a weekend/24 free trial period of what is in offer if I pay... so many sites offer not much difference and I’m not willing to pay to them all till I know what I get fir my money. Let us try and see please..Version: 5.132.0

Scammy ways to get you to payThis app is dodgy just like similar free alternatives, you see for girls they are bound to get x100 more matches thats not the argument here, here is the real issue, first week of use i got 3 matches, after that i used the app for 3 months daily swipping yes on almost everyone. 0 matches in all that time. So my conclusion is that they show newly signed up users more often to increase chances of a match at the beginning days of signup, than your pushed down to the bottom unless you pay for premium version.. also not to mention the double standards for girls who start with “hey” but if a guy does it its an automatic block or ignore..Version: 5.207.0

Don’t dare lose weight while using bumble!Hey everyone, I recently lost 125 pounds and now my Bumble pictures don’t look like my verification picture because, you guessed it, losing 125 pounds makes you look a very different. Apparently the moderators at Bumble can’t understand this very simple fact and their trash customer service is only capable of sending copy pasted generic email responses or flat out banning you. I WAS BANNED FOR LOSING WEIGHT LMAO Use at your own risk. Pierre.Version: 5.170.0

If you have nothing better to do with your time and moneyBeen on here for about a month, my filters are set appropriately 39-55 looking for female. I am a 7/10 conservatively my search is set for whole country because I believe my choices are limited where I live. I have swiped till I can not swipe any more. I’ve experienced 6 matches, 6 matches??!! Seriously??!!! of them two never sent a message two were given extra time also never sent a message. I was not allowed to post a picture of myself at gun range?! Is this illegal? Immoral? Or on bad taste? I don’t think so, lots of women hating conservatives and Trump to push a socially political agenda. The conservatives seem to be much more polite as they just say swipe left if you don’t like my political affiliation. I don’t understand why someone can not post a real picture of themselves doing a sport activity that millions of people enjoy and do, but allow people to post pictures that are so heavily filtered they look like cartoons! Always scroll to the last picture for the real persons looks, seems like false advertising to me. I am not bitter nor am I hating on your app you have every right to capitalize on lonely souls looking for love in all the wrong places, but as for me I’ll just go back to live events where I can actually meet someone with the same interests and actually speak to them..Version: 5.210.0

Doesn’t respect women’s preferencesI’m a queer woman looking for women and have my preferences set accordingly but men keep showing up. I’m not talking about trans women (who I would love to date) btw, these are masc presenting men. So either it’s the algorithm ignoring my preference which is icky or it’s straight men signing up as women to get access to more women. Either way bumble needs to address this because I am trying to actively avoid men in my dating experience. Also the settings are transphobic as hell..Version: 5.237.0

Not impressedFirstly, this is quite a good app and had been using it for a while however, not long after I’d stumped up the money for bumble boost I had some issues logging in. (Customer service is non existent). When I finally got a reply from their feedback email I was told that my account had been blocked and I could no longer log in. This email was quite obviously a templates reply, considering how long it took is quite a surprise. The reason for my blocking was because ‘after an investigation and much consideration’ they had found I had broken the guidelines. Having popped back to have a look at these guidelines which are rather vague I was still none the wiser. At this point I might add that I am always 100% respectful in the chats with whomever I match with. So this is not their reason why. The customer service email ended with ‘our decision about your profile cannot be changed and no exceptions will be made’. To top it off I can start another profile and drop another £80 on it if I like. Therefore leading me to the conclusion that the guidelines are in fact a way of them blocking profiles so they can then get you to spend more money. I have been robbed don’t do it.Version: 5.126.0

PatheticTechnical issues all the time. Taking money when for no reason a number of times and having me purchased boost and premium upgrades when these upgrades should already be active. Then spending and wasting my entire night three hours trying to sort this mess out. I try to contact the apps developers and after filling in all the relevant fields I try to submit the application technical issues I’m asked to fill and repeat the captcha when after at least 50 attempts with it kept asking me to fill in again and again as a new captcha continued and kept appearing each time. Talk about an infuriating unnecessary process that should not of happened in the beginning.Version: 5.246.0

Another scamming dating AppI’m not sure if bumble is struggling financially because of the current global situation but they have taken (like a few other dating apps) to misleading their customers in order to make a buck. I have had a profile set up for a while. I have set my parameters to find a match to being within a few kms of my City. This cuts out a lot of over seas and distant match’s, that imo, are generally a waste of time. Recently they added the ‘boost’ whereas if you pay a premium, you get to match with your secret admirers. Within a couple of days I had a dozen or so matches so I paid for the feature. I checked out my now uncovered list of secret admirers and was shocked to see that not one of them was in my City!! They were scattered across the country and I believe a couple of them were not even in my country! I immediately contacted support (within 5 mins) asking for a refund on the basis that they had been disingenuous and had tricked me into paying for the subscription which is against consumer law in my country. They declined to refund me because I had agreed to the terms and conditions. Luckily, Apple agree to abide by consumer laws of my Country and have refunded me. Bumble have been disingenuous and unscrupulous in their transaction with me and I would strongly recommend that people use one of the many dating apps that conduct business ethically. I gave them 1 star as I could not give them 0!.Version: 5.161.1

New Match Queue FeatureI guess they added a feature for the Bumble Boost Match Queue, that keeps people in the queue that swiped on you and then left town, or keeps people in your queue who swiped on you when you were out of town. Since they rolled out this new feature, over half of the guys in my match queue are super far away from me. I have my search radius set to 50 miles away. I’m getting guys in my queue who are 100+ miles away. I live in Oklahoma and I have guys still in my queue from FLORIDA that I assume are there from my vacation back in JUNE. I also have guys from Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, and have gotten several from Texas and Colorado. This feature is AWFUL. If other people want to set their search radius for super far away, fine. But if mine is set to 50 miles, I don’t want to see ANYONE outside that radius! Even if I was in the same town as they were for a short period of time, and even if they swiped on me. If I had wanted to see who was available while I was in Florida, I would have opened the app to look. But I wasn’t interested in guys halfway across the country then, and I’m not interested in them now. It’s been an absolute chore to try and weed through them, but it never seems to end and honestly, I’m exhausted! I hope they fine tune this feature or give us an option to turn it off..Version: 2.35.0

Idea great but constant technical issuesLove the idea and dating behind the the app, but I’m having constant issues when logging on. When I first joined I would have to delete the app of my phone and re download it. Now I just can’t log in at all. Very frustrating. I’m glad I cancelled my premium membership..Version: 5.187.0

Randomly blocked after limited use with no explanationUsed the app on and off and have found it easy to use and a good way to meet people. Restarted using the app after a few weeks dating a member that didn’t work out. Was using the app periodically and only having short “small talk” like conversation with a few people. Next minute I was randomly blocked. Asked for a review and received a suspiciously quick “bot” response that didn’t actually respond to the specifics of my email to Support. I am a professional female in my 30s with appropriate photos and profile information. I do not ask people to follow my social media. I don’t sell services or goods. And I certainly don’t talk about anything of a sexual nature. Any issue with my profile or behaviour is clearly vexatious and Bumble Support do not offer a proper review, just copy and paste responses..Version: 5.246.0

Something is bad with appThere is something wrong with this app. One I never get any likes whatsoever. I’ve had the app nearly 2-3 years. No matter how many people seem to be in my area of search. I never get a like. I even thought maybe I’m being to picky. So tried just swiping right on everyone and seeing just maybe I’m missing some likes. But nope. For two weeks I swiped right on every person. And not one like back. So it’s either I’m not doing a good profile maybe. But the only thing I could think it to be would be that my profile is not actually being put in to other people’s searches when they are looking in the area. I don’t have premium and won’t be forced to pay for something I shouldn’t require. But the algorithm on this app is clearly removing or not showing my profile to anyone at all. My friend who did have premium would get a few likes or matches each month. So it clearly shows something is a miss..Version: 5.202.0

Perte de temps solideJe ne suggère absolument pas l’application, je suis en mauricie et c’est beau dire qu’ils y a des femmes qui s’inscrivent. J’ai reçu plus de match possible avec des américaines!? Le niveau d’activités féminines semble quasi-inexistent. Mais semblerait-il à ce que j’ai remarqué, une tonnnnnneeeee de femmes mais solidement plantées!?.. du genre, vraiment trop beau pour être vrai. Elles ont tous une scolarités de haut niveau.. genre je m’excuse mais si je vais à l’université Mc gill.. je vois même pas l’intérêt de m’inscrire à une application de rencontres.. on s’entend que ta juste à regarder autour de toi!!?.. je me suis intéressé à l’application par manque d’occasion donc à cause que je ne vois pas bcp de gens dans mon quotidien.. vos profiles semblent complètement fake et non plausibles.. tant qu’à ça.. je crois que Tinder est clairement plus plausible et réaliste que Bumble… c’est n’importe quoi.Version: 5.253.0

Paid but still locked outI paid than it too me a couple of days to get In by contacting support than at the time of writing this I have a week before my paid subscription runs out and they are asking me to upgrade my account not good when you they only give you a certain time to respond to people if this issue isn’t fixed I will be getting rid of Bumble and telling everyone about this issue I will be getting off Bumble after this subscription runs out because when you the time I have sorted it out by slow back and forth by contacting support I am robbed of a couple of days they won’t extend And now I was charged after I canceled my subscription I will be canceling my bumble all together.Version: 3.26.0

Tinder liteTook a break from this, then came back and apparently there was an update limiting swipes and requiring subscriptions to backtrack. They have basically copied tinder but not as user friendly and far fewer users. There are good things about bumble, but overall really disappointing, hope it changes back if I ever use it again..Version: 5.167.1

Complete waste of timeIf you’re looking for a dating app that genuinely works, this isn’t it. After having it for almost a week, I was still left without any matches. Fair enough if that was my own fault and nobody had liked me, but the app told me that I had been liked by 6 people and I could pay to see who they were. Not wanting to waste money, I continued swiping in the hope that I’d match with them or swipe left and the number would go down. Now I’ve apparently ran out of people in my area, yet the app is still telling me that there are 6 people who have liked me. So either this includes the people who I’ve already swiped left to, or the app is deliberately holding these people back in the hope that I’ll spend all my free time obsessively swiping, or give in and pay the money. Either way it’s a complete waste of time, and it prioritises getting people to obsess over it rather than actually matching people. If you’re genuinely interested in meeting people then you’re better off looking elsewhere..Version: 3.26.0

Poor customer serviceI had an issue with my account because it was deleted by a coworker who had gotten access to my phone and then they proceeded to create a new one in complete opposite tastes to what I like (first was seen as a heterosexual account, male pursuing female, however the second was a homosexual account with male pursuit male). So I sent an email to the customer service team. Just asking if they could revert the account to before it was deleted. And no response had been given for a few days. Sent another email asking if their would be a response, and no. Their was no physical response. But they did decide to go in and block my account with the reasoning “Your account has been blocked due to multiple people reporting you”. At this point I send another email asking if it was because of real people reporting me, if so, what did I do? Or if it was me, could they just let me recreate the account and be done with it. Fast forward 2 weeks with no response and I send a last email saying I will tell my story. Oh and by the way, I’ve paid to use the app for a short period of time so you would think they would care at least to give any type of at least genetically automated response given how big of a company they are. But no. Just ignores everything and blocks people at slightest issues..Version: 5.177.0

Good and the bad!!Good dating app been using it for years, till I couldn’t log in when says continue with Facebook. I have messaged them on the support site that they said to message too which is like Facebook and even on there page as well but still haven’t had anyone get back to me which is annoying, frustrating and just poorly how they can’t get back to me at all this is way I’m putting a 1 star rating now for this!! all I wanna know is why I can’t log back into it?? This is what I said: Hi there, I can’t login in on your app when it says continue with Facebook when I do that it goes in to the page log in with Facebook then I go continue then it loads then goes back to the start again I have try this about 3 times now I even deleted the app and downloading it again still having the same problem. That’s what my do then goes back to the start again when I’m trying to log in with my Facebook!!.Version: 5.185.0

Fixing what’s not brokenI’ve used bumble for about 2 years now and have even managed to meet one of my ex girlfriends on there. Additionally, I think the fundamental aspect of having the woman strike up conversation first is a HUGE bonus, when you consider how unlikely it is for them to do so on other apps. HOWEVER, the company is going in a greedy direction, starting with two significant features: the amount of swipes and the reverse button (if you accidentally swiped left). In the last 6 months or so Bumble has significantly reduced your amount of swipes, which is of course a far more important issue for your average man than woman. Most of these other apps that I’ve used employ this feature of limited swipes, but Bumble used to give you so many more swipes (it might’ve been unlimited) nowadays I‘ll swipe on like 25 people before running out and having to wait a day? My matches have significantly dropped and it’s almost pointless to have this app because it’s just like all the other ones now. The aforementioned features are what made it different (and better!), but it seems like they want you to pay for them now, which is understandable (paying more for more services) but how does it differentiate from the myriad of other apps that have saturated the market? I don’t know. Personally, it’s not enough of an incentive to keep this spacious app on my phone..Version: 5.165.0

Needs better featuresI think all dating apps has its pros and cons but what Bumble lacks is putting it behind apps like Tinder (I hate to even compare it to Tinder) and Hinge. For example, Tinder at least has the feature where you can search numbers through your contact list and block them from seeing your profile in the app. I wish Bumble had a similar feature because you do see a lot of the same user profiles in most of the dating apps and I’d like to be able to block someone that I didn’t necessarily connect well with or from having a family member or coworker see my profile. Also the 24 hour match feature where the woman has to message the guy first and wait for him to respond during that time or else the match completely disappear is just not right. I sometimes go days without checking the app because I’m busy with work and life in general or choose to take mental breaks, before logging back on and then finding my “match” has disappeared. I’ve lost many potential matches this way or some that I’ve messaged and they don’t respond with the 24 hours. At least give the woman (who has to message the match” an option to extend that message time so that maybe when the guy logs back on, he has a chance to see the actual message..Version: 5.249.0

GPS location being displayed !?Gps location setup should NOT displayed for security reasons. We should have the ability to turn it off as standard feature.Version: 5.256.0

FeedbackJust some feedback from my experience.. I think having only 24 hours to message a match is too short. In my opinion, I think 3 or 4 days would be better. Life is busy and not everyone has the time to be on a dating site 24/7!! And if you want feedback, why do you need a nickname? I’ve tried 4 times and the ‘nickname’ is taken..Version: 3.23.1

No matches.I downloaded bumble again yesterday and have swiped like a load of people and I don’t have one match or any interest, when I had it before I had quiet a few. And I could actually have some good conversations with people. It’s like my matches aren’t going through or they are swiping back and it’s just not going onto the message page because the message page is just blank. Maybe it’s nothing but if you could try and look into it that would be great. As I would seriously hate to download tinder instead bumble is much better..Version: 3.33.0

Very, very slow appVery slow to load, difficult to edit photos, glitchy and quite painful at times. Concept is good but execution is left wanting. The amount of time spent waiting for it to start up, at times, is frustrating. Quite often you have to completely close the app and reopen it if you want to move between profiles that you’ve matched with otherwise they just fail to load..Version: 2.30.0

Was blocked for NO reasonI’ve had this app for years. At times I’ve even paid for premium subscriptions, and all in all, it’s my ‘favorite’ as far as ease of use, response from matches and overall connections that I’ve made. I have connections in other towns, going back years- that I reach out to when traveling, and we meet up for dinner & drinks, hikes, any adventure really. Well yesterday I was in the middle of a conversation with a man and out of no where, was signed out of the app. I had to go through a verification process to get back in, but was given a screen that told me I had been blocked. Something about ‘several complaints’ of me selling something!?!? That’s absolutely not true and if someone has (falsely) reported me for such things, it’s just some lowlife scammer upset that I’m not responsive to his sob story about being ‘stationed in Afghanistan on a peacekeeping mission while widowed and left with 2 young gorgeous children and a German Shepherd, just looking for a Mum to love them’. So just like that, I lose all of my connections and am locked out of my account with no recourse? Is there no way to appeal this? I’m not now or ever selling anything here, or anywhere else for that matter. There needs to be a better way, Bumble..Version: 5.202.0

Getting Worse With Every UpdateStarted as an ok app! But each update just seems to make the system run slower and more clunky. Constantly getting the same people popping up which is annoying, once you say no once they should disappear for at least a little while. Also getting a tonne of notifications but when I open the app, nothing loads and every page is blank. (I’m using 4G and have no internet connections with any other app). And now they’ve started emailing me like every half an hour to say I’m “generating a buzz” or something but there’s no opt out of emails option! If I’m really doing that well for business then contact me directly and we can work out a deal lol..Version: 3.2.0

Useless unless you payI’ve had this app for a few weeks and get no where. I’ll be lucky if I get 2 matches a week and then that’s as far as it ever goes. At first I thought “I guess I’m not that appealing” but then I noticed the boost button which allows you to see who has liked you to begin with and it turns out I have quite a few likes and of course there’s a catch. You have to pay for their extortionate weekly subscription to access it at all. I wasn’t doing that so I thought I’ll just grind the swipes until one shows. Literally like 200 swipes later and not a single match yet I’ve apparently got plenty banked up. So either they’ve locked me out until I splash my cash or it’s a lie and they’re trying to entice me to pay. Either way, all they want is your money and it seems there’s no point me using this app anymore. It just doesn’t work for me unless I pay. Good thing I’m not insecure, can only imagine how demoralising this would be for those that never get matched. Terrible dating service..Version: 3.23.1

Re the app my rantSo much texting .. gruelling vetting process. i understand it’s important for a woman to know as much as pos’ about someone before meeting for a coffee or even talking on the phone but, text really is so impersonal and rather clunky .. and i’m kinda witty, reasonably sharp... i think i engage, honest and keep it light, ask a lot of good questions.. i don’t know, think ill stick to old fashioned face to face .. seems to be a lot of middle aged women that just want a bit of a chat .. fair enough i guess ? anywho, i ain’t texting back and forth for an hour anymore .. rather go for a run .. I’m really fit, a professional, mid 50’s kids out on their own.. i’d like to actually meet some one .. in person and have an actual conversation .. i think i’ve missed something ? bye.Version: 2.31.0

Claims not fulfilledSays women get the first move but no, we get to see a few (very, VERY few in comparison to other sites) men over a week, but unless they show interest in the woman, there is no way to make contact. Must be designed by men as this IN NO WAY GIVES WOMEN THE FIRST MOVE. Certainly do not waste any money in attempt of a better experience with this app. It’s exactly the same. Waste of time. Totally. Wish I could give a minus rating. It would be minus 5.Version: 3.37.0

Anti women sexist rules of deleting accountsMy account has been deleted several times no doubt because I spoke my mind against sexist men. Bumble has many men on here who are from other countries and are tourists or on business in Dublin Ireland. I tell these men that I’m not a tour guide or here for hookups and that I’m here for a meaningful relationship. Yet I’ve no doubt these men take offence to that, report my account and I get deleted. Therefore bumble is totally sexist and not so different to Tinder in that you do not protect when women are standing up for themselves and you delete us from your platform because some man was not happy with us not rejecting him. There is no reason given when a person is deleted and there should be an exact reason or at least option to return if it was minor. Do you think it’s right to ban women for life from bumble? Why not give the option to regain my account ? Also I have made a formal complaint that you rely on Facebook to have an account and again a crazy ex boyfriend of mine got my Facebook account disabled. Should I be banned from online dating because I don’t have a Facebook. I cannot stress enough how anti women bumble is because you do not allow women to stand up for themselves against the Harvey Weinstein’s of the world - we are seen as rude if we do.Version: 5.133.0

Could use some improvementsI would prefer it if the men can send a request to message once we have matched. I do not like always being the first to message, but I also don’t want them to be able to freely message after matching. It would also be nice if we could save profiles for later to decide on. I do not like having to make a decision on the spot to message someone I matched with. It is also difficult to tell where people are from when it only discloses their location..Version: 5.250.0

What’s with the lack of notifications?It would easily get a 5 star if it wasn’t for the shoddy lack of notifications. You either receive none at all - even when you have messages spanning several hours back, or you’ll finally get a notification once you have several messages from different people and it’s STILL delayed. I have missed “matches” a bunch of times because I never got the notification for them. Many of the people I have matched with and talked to have the same complaints and we’re constantly apologising back and forth for the lack of knowledge of our messages being sent. Your Instagram link also takes ages to update the new content that you’ve posted, but that’s minor. I’ll be damned if you expect me to put money into an app that doesn’t effectively work..Version: 5.196.0

It’s good though maybe add ice breaker convo optionI like the fact that it creates a safe environment for women allowing them the choice to choose who they talk to though I feel that maybe with the whole 24hrs for them to reply maybe allow pre written conversation starters for guys to use to help try to start up the convo some women can find having to make the first convo very stressful so maybe add ice breaker convos to start up a convo rather then 24 hrs and bang some female friends I know have kicked themselves simply because they got anxious or nervous about what to say so it might help in some circumstances.Version: 5.184.0

Removing features to make you payEvery once in a while the developers remove a feature and ask for the user to upgrade to ”boost” or “premium” to have that feature that was free. The most recent is having a limit on how many people you can see and being asked to pay if you want to see more. Quite disappointed..Version: 5.246.0

BEWARE - CHEATS you out of your moneyAbsolutely livid. Downloaded because compared to tinder it seemed like apparently people were more genuine on this app. Honestly it was just the same crowd, in fact people are less likely to respond on here which is annoying because it wasted my time completely. Also, I was tricked into a subscription I never wanted by them asking me if I wanted a free month of premium - I thought why not if it’s free & the pop-up promised it was easy to cancel at the end of the trial period. DON’T BELIEVE THE LIES people I stg this app straight up stole my money & there’s nowhere I can complain. I was charged £42 for 3 MONTHS when I never signed up for that - maybe the next month I could accept as i should have kept an eye on it but NOT 3!! Absolutely outrageous. NOWHERE ON THE APP is there an option to cancel, I had to literally sift through my phone settings to find it but by then it was too late & I had already been charged. Ridiculous and utterly useless app. Don’t bother.Version: 3.12.0

UnrealYou took away the amount of likes 😂 Being a billionaire wasn’t enough Money hungry much lol.Version: 5.255.2

Blocked for no reason - 0 star for meI have used this app for only 1 week and was talking to few people and i even paid for a weekly boost then cancelled my subscription right after, 2 days later i was BLOCKED saying that i have a fake profile even though all my pictures were clear! Just because i didn’t want to meet a guy or 2 that didn’t catch my attention and they were pathetic about it and decided to report me, doesn’t mean i have a fake profile! I have contacted the support team who said they investigated this thoroughly (which i think they didn’t) and thought was issued correctly, they said i have breached the Bumble guidelines haha. I’m pretty confident i didn’t nor i had the time to breach any as i barely used it. Don’t use this app nor pay for any subscriptions as it is the worst app ever and they are only after the money!.Version: 5.248.0

Negative 10THIS IS JUST A WARNING FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO SUBSCRIBE.. don’t waste your hard earned money.. on these pathetic imbeciles.. Pathetic … sexism at its best. I have tried to create a app numerous time, and for unknown reason they keep banning me. Now I would understand, if I was Gable Tostee, who killed someone through these apps. I could understand.. I can’t even create a profile.. so how are they thinking that I’m going to be an issue … Its also pathetic how they can take your money, to pay for a subscription, but yet they ban you as soon as your $$$ is debited from your account. ***This is not a rant that I can’t get on, personally I think “Hinge” is way better.. This is just a warning for people who pay for subscription … I bet you would be too gutless to post this on app store too.Version: 5.230.0

Dosent work if you’re an average blokeBumble unfortunately does not work if you haven’t been blessed with good looks. I’ve been on this thing for ages and barely get any matches. I haven even tried the spotlight and super liking people but nothing helps. Changed my profile my picture a hundred times but to no avail. I’m just gonna die alone 😅.Version: 5.120.0

Pay up or you won’t get matchesThe App definitely has potential and a nice layout and concept. But asking for £17 A WEEK to get premium features that are, lets be real, essential to even make this app useful, is ridiculous. £3 for ONE Superswipe? Are you okay, lol? It’s all good showing me blurry pictures of people that have liked me but how about suggesting them to me in my swipes as well? Oh no bc that way people wouldn’t see the need to pay, let me repeat £17 FOR ONE WEEK of premium features. Honestly baffles me how they come up with their prices when tinder offers the same features, if not more, for £15 a month (which I still think is way too high anyway)… so yeah. If you’re not willing to adhere to this bizarre pricing scheme this app won’t be for you. If for whatever reason you’re willing to pay that though, I think you’ll have a good experience as I feel like the community on this app is much more real and authentic than tinder’s. Your choice..Version: 5.234.0

So disappointingThis is the second time I’ve had this app. I’ve had it for several weeks, and I’ve swiped over one hundred people, and not had a single match. It could be me, it could be my profile, but it could be the way the app actually works. I suspect the expiration on matches puts pressure on women that makes them even more reluctant to match with people. In principle, I don’t mind the concept of the app, but in practice it’s not working, at least not for me. As well as this, I have no access to analytics, so I don’t know how many times my profile has been seen: if I knew, for instance, that I’ve been passed over 100 times, then I could definitely say it’s me, and my profile. But if it’s only because I’m the 1000th guy in the queue, I’m probably not going to have any success at all. The first time I had this app last year I managed to get three matches (hallelujah), and would you believe... none of my matches initiated a conversation, and the matches expired. If you want a pointless, disappointing experience, then this could well be the app for you..Version: 5.182.0

Worst app even after premiumTinder better then this Even you paid the money for It, you will not get any matches.. just worst app I am telling you!! I paid the premium on tinder and I am having so many matches. Bumble premium is expensive n still you ll not get any matches!! On tinder you’ll get supper likes to get your liked ones attention but there is nothing in here, just a money making app !! If there is option for 0 star I would give the 0 to this dumb bumble..Version: 5.189.0

Wont recommend for womenTLDR at the end. It is well know that guys swipe right on everyone and they only check the girl out when they get a match. Not only that, but you have to text them first and in a 24h window. I can imagine that half of the guys that matched me only did because they used the method of swiping right on everyone, and having to text every guy because if not the match will expire is definitely a real waste of time. My other guess is that because a girl has to text first guys suddenly feel too good and think they can do better ? Really don't know. I don't want to sound like I expect everyone to like me, not at all. I am just not sure why guys stop texting you after like 2 days of having a match. I also don't have any problems by texting someone first, but in other apps I give it a couple of days (because if we only matched because he swipes right on everyone he would have unmatched me already) and then say hi. I have used other dating apps and have had way better experience than on bumble. Even on tinder, where 90% of guys are just there for hookups, I had better results meeting really nice guys who can keep a conversation going for days and are actually really excited to grab a coffee with you. I also was curious to know if anyone had a similar experience on bumble like me, and found an interesting reddit post in which a lot of people had the exact same issues that I did. I guess the idea of the girl texting first and only having 24h to reply only works if you can make sure that the people who matched you are actually interested in you. Something that is really difficult to accomplish. I rather match people and text them when I am ready, and give time too see if they are going to un match me for any reason. Pros: - you can filter guys who actually want something serious Cons: - guys do not make an effort to keep the conversation -the 24h window to reply to someone is a lot of pressure and a waste of time, keeping in mind guys swipe right on everyone TLDR: I used this app for around 4 months and nothing came out of it. I downloaded tinder a month ago and have had way better results. Even keeping in mind that 90% of guys are there clearly for hookups. At the end of the day I guess tinder is still the most used dating app and you can definitely find people who are interested in something serious..Version: 5.135.0

Disappointing updateI like Bumble and have had success with it, however I am disappointed in the latest update that removed the two free filters. This was a major thing to help find the type of person I am looking for. I don’t want to use Bumble after this update. I don’t think we should need to pay for two filters. Please change it back..Version: 5.244.0

Disappointing app literally stole my moneyI have been on Bumble for a long time as a premium account holder often times not even checking it for months but happy to have the roughly 13 dollars deducted from my account monthly. Upon reviewing invoices I noticed that the subscription price has increased on multiple occasions with no notification other than a direct debit (which is not really notifying me on the apps part) nor have I gone for a more expensive package or consented to being charged more. It went up to $33 and for the last 3-4 months has very sneakily charged me nearly 50 dollars!?! This is absolutely wrong and for a app that does so little to put you in contact with people, even when you are on premium. Disappointed is a understatement I am very angry and feel robbed. I doubt the developers will do anything to set this right but I advise people, steer well clear of this app. They are only tax collectors and have no interest helping you make connections. Developers you SHOULD be refunding me a few hundred dollars. You HAVE at least in my opinion conducted business illegally. DO NOT DOWNLOAD BUMBLE 1/10 beyond disappointed..Version: 5.232.0

Unused or dead profiles.For 11,000 ratings I found a lot of girls profiles are dead or not being used. I found scammers, empty profiles and plain lazy girls who just let your match expire. If admin could fix that I would give bumble 4/5 as the expirery for a match is just silly. Guys should also have the opportunity to message first..Version: 5.197.0

Good concept but failsWe all loved it when it came out, but over time the guys on there seem to treat it as an ego boost to get messages and only reply to 10% of them. Lots of matches though, but a bit pointless as communication rarely ensues. Each party should be able to engage in conversation first. Once matched it’s clear both are keen to chat. There should at least be an option to invite them to start the chat. Every single female friend I have has stopped using Bumble because of the wasted energy in having to write the first msg EVERY time and it rarely being answered, not a fun experience. Shame as there’s a decent crowd on there and the interface is great..Version: 5.167.1

Bumble reviewI’m not liking how I match with someone, message, and hardly any matches message back. I miss notifications of new matches often. They don’t show up sometimes until they’ve disappeared, out of time. Maybe that’s part of the reason others miss messages. Sometimes I’ll get a notification I have a match and when in the app there is none there. Also 24 hours is not long enough to message or respond first. Most people goo on the app at a similar time each day. If I go on at 10pm one day. Have a match straight after. Don’t message because of the late hour. Forget the next day. And then by the time I go on the next day, if I’m later than 10pm, I’ve missed the match. Make it 48hrs please..Version: 5.249.0

What’s with the time restrictions??Been paying for premium and the only real difference is that I can see who’s swiped right on me first. You can extend the amount of time you have (as a female) to talk to someone you’ve matched with, but you’re still left waiting for a guy to respond within 24hrs. Bit of a laugh really, don’t see the point in the time restrictions at all. Stick with the free version, “additional features” not worth paying for. Pros: FAR less buggy than Tinder.Version: 3.21.0

New on bumbleA bit dissapointed with only having one new person daily. Other sites you can look though at least a couple of hundred prospective dates how on earth can we find the right person with no scope!’.Version: 3.17.0

Bad appWanted to just try it out to make new friends and connections. Wasn’t too happy putting my pic up there cuz I didn’t know who I’m meeting there but this sneaky app after I gave it authorisation to my photos itself selected a photo of me and put it up there cuz I hid my eyes in the first pic I uploaded. I didn’t select the pic it chose for the profile somehow it uploaded itself. Very dodgy app. Plus you can only match up with certain people for a day and then the match also expires within 24hours if they don’t reply to you so not worth it!! I deleted it after they selected to put a photo of me from my photos itself..Version: 5.171.0

This app ISN’T free?Im confused. This app is free to install and is free to use. This is a free dating app. However, you have to pay an absurdly large amount just to get with people? So to start talking with people, both of you need to swipe right on one another. If you swipe first, they’ll see and then have to swipe. Im assuming the other has to deal with this if you swipe first, but if your other swipes first, they’ll appear for you, but are blurred and you can’t swipe them. As a matter of fact, you can’t do anything, unless you pay an uncomfortable amount for a subscription. That’s what I don’t like about programs that are free. In the long run, they’re more expensive then a program you’d have to pay for. Please stop saying it’s free when it isn’t..Version: 5.244.0

Average.It seems like it’s a user-friendly and well presented app. Though, as soon as I signed up for the boost free-trial, it appears that nothing changed in what I was able to access. There was no ability to see who had swiped right in a section that seemed like it wasn’t even there, even after reading the FAQ section, it was describing something that isn’t in the app that I could find. You can also tell that the app withholds matches so you can’t access them all at the one time... making you come back the next day. This isn’t exactly trying to find you a match, just making you stick around and hoping you’ll open your wallets for extra features. I kinda figured online dating wasn’t going to be for me. Best of luck to the rest of you. 💕.Version: 5.176.0

Disappointed & Let downI’ve set my profile up verified & even put my best pics up there. Even went down to read advice on bumble reviews online on how to make your profile stand out. I swipe right & left equal amount of times and had only 2 matches in who have not responded and eventually went all the way til it said that’s everyone change your filters or comeback later. I changed my filters still the same and even came back later no change. I feel let down & that my profile is not shown across much even spotlight too if it was a success show us who viewed your profile. If I find love. I will eventually change my mind give it more stars..Version: 5.252.0

Barely functions usually and now won’t openLovely concept of empowering women to make the first move. If you live in Scotland this app is useless as there are very few members to match with. Slow to open and upload any profiles and then can only view about 1 or at most occasionally 2 profiles per day. Limits on profile configuration so rigid gives no real sense of the person. Frustrating time outs option means you have to check the app daily which is a nuisance when the app takes forever to upload. Now app doesn’t open at all beyond initial beehive symbol. Frustrating getting notifications saying people have matched or messaged you and no way to view or reply. This is with a so called premium membership. I suggest don’t waste your time unless you live in a big city in England. In the last 5 months (membership expires Sept) have only been able to chat with 2 people for about a min each. Hardly a platform for relationships..Version: 5.226.0

AgeThey say it’s for 17+ but they blocked my account and said it’s for people 18 and older.....Version: 5.135.0

Was good.Since the removal of so many features for free users, this app has gone downhill. First it was the removal of the ‘back’ feature where if you accidentally said no you could go back and change your selection. Now they’ve removed the advanced filters from free users. This was a key feature and was great for narrowing down results. So now you get even less than other well known crappy dating sites. Bumble used to be good and unique. Now it’s no better than any other dating app. I upgraded to a paid subscription for 1 month and it did not afford me any extra matches or anything useful that I could not get as a free user. Now they’re pushing the premium subscription to get basic search functions..Version: 5.244.0

Bumble scamI was given a swipe that offered a 14 day trial and decided to try it out. However, once I went through with the apple link and accepted, it said I purchased 3 month for over 60 dollars, lead to believe I was receiving a free trial and then signing up for a 3 month membership after trial upon testing of services and non cancellations. This just happened so I am hoping it’s a mistake and something that can be reversed, pleased respond as this is a ridiculous cost to unexpectedly pay..Version: 2.17.0

Updates deletes all matchesTwice I have been prompted to update the app and after doing so all matches and conversations were gone. They have the worst customer service team who do not read your emails properly and refuse to acknowledge there’s a glitch. They just keep sending the same standardised, patronising reply, saying ‘unfortunately you were unmatched. Don’t worry, there’s plenty more out there. Happy bumbling’. When you’re on the app in the middle of the night and see 9 matches, do a quick update and go straight back in and all 9 have disappeared..I highly doubt they were all awake at this time and unmatched me at the exact same second in time!! I was just in the middle of arranging a date and now the app is forcing another update...Version: 3.32.0

Run by ideologuesI got banned for stating in a polite way that I prefer women who are fit. I said this in this exact way, and apparently preferring women who are the size they are supposed to be is a ban-worthy offense. It is apparently not a problem whatsoever for women to post height requirements. Disgusting double standard. You can exercise, you can’t get taller. Sexist app with terrible admins. Update: Stated that their team investigates cases, which might be true, however, they also said they do not ban people arbitrarily. If you are not banning every woman who has a height requirement you should not be banning any man with a weight threshold. The response to this review is a joke, and upon contacting their support team they only refer you to their rules. When you realize you did nothing wrong, they say they will have someone look at your case and tell you what rule you violated or correct the mistake, but I have yet to receive word on either. Where is the support, bumble? I was a paying customer at one point and would be again if this ridiculous garbage didn’t happen. Look how many reviews are because of people being banned for: asking someone their gender, stating a weight preference, asking someone if they are trans, etc. They are all men. It is very clear that the bumble team is not at all being fair or impartial..Version: 5.220.0

Waste of time✋I’m on bumble every day! I swipe right on everyone.... I get zero matches 😂 and if I’m lucky to get one match every 6 months they don’t talk✋ you need a revamp make it more worth it for woman to join bumble.Version: 3.13.0

Swipe automaticallyHello! Is there a possibility to make the swiping less sensible? When scrolling down, even the slightest movement to the right or left, it registers as swiping and I keep accidentally like someone I don't even want to.Version: 5.245.1

Garbage InterfaceWhy can we not scroll through a profile anymore? How is tapping to changes pages any better? It’s not. If the app defaults to framing a photo around its geometric centre, at least let the user adjust the photo in the app to centre around the subject. Most people aren’t positioned in the exact centre of the frame. I guess Bumble is making changes just to stay relevant. Roll back to the previous design..Version: 5.174.0

App lies to your faceThe app literally gave me a notification saying someone liked me and of course i check and theres no like. Done that more than once.Version: 5.208.0

Waste of moneyI randomly get push notifications saying I have a match, but no match. Or the latest saying I won’t be shown to women looking through the app. Unsure why you’d ever want to notify me of this. I’ve paid for this app for about a year and had 0 success. Any like I give to a girl is wasted because they don’t see my profile. After months of receiving no likes or matches, I messaged them. There was no help, and instead I was told I’m stupid and wrong. Very off brand for Bumble, and very off putting in general. Then a few weeks later I had 100s of people who had liked me all in matter of hours. - I’m on other apps, I receive likes and matches so I knew something was wrong and then bam it was fixed. I still don’t receive any forward matches though - if someone likes me, I can match with them - but if I like them, I’ll never see them because they don’t see me. This app is a sham and unethical. Stop messing with algorithms and make it simple - you like someone, they see you automatically. I’m confident when my subscription runs out I’ll be treated normally by their software but once you pay them they want you to keep paying them - being in a relationship is a fast way to stop those payments. It’s in their biz interest to have paying customers receive no likes. Honestly Apple and google shouldn’t distribute this app if that’s true, they’re unethical and don’t practice what they preach..Version: 3.2.0

Change back to the way profiles looked beforeI don’t know why you guys would throw massive white borders around everyone’s pictures, it just looks so silly. Who in their right mind thought it would be a good idea to show users 40% of users pictures and fill profiles with a bunch of white empty space.Version: 5.255.2

So slowDecided to download the app and I l i t e r a l l y cannot get past the second loading screen. In fact, it’s a miracle if I get to the second loading screen a second time. I went as far as deleting, redownloading, restarting my phone, and it’s still so slow. I haven’t even gotten to the part where I get to set up my profile because that’s how slow it is..Version: 5.191.0

These features will massively improve the app- Add a counter to show how many right-swipes the user has left. - Add a timer to show how long the user has before they can start swiping again. - Allow left-swipes when their right-swipe counter has reached 0. - Stop automatically cropping photos. - Allow users to choose the crop for their profile circle..Version: 5.247.0

Bad Customer ServiceI was swiping on Bumble when a notification to be in the spotlight popped up on my phone. Not realizing it, I accidentally clicked on the package and tried to exit out. It was then that the payment screen came up and when I was trying to click the button to exit, it quickly accepted my fingerprint for payment. I quickly notified Bumble and got a generic response from “Mike” from the “Bumble Feedback Team” saying sorry it’s in the terms that we can’t refund your purchase. I emailed him back that I’m trying to pay for school and was recently laid off and I could really use the money. He quickly got back to me with the SAME EXACT generic email saying sorry it’s in the terms. It’s obvious that he doesn’t care and so I emailed him. I understand, but accidents happen. Please make the exception. He hasn’t emailed me back. Bumble is this how you train your employees? You pay them to send generic, careless emails to your users? You write in your email to please provide us with feedback as we’re always looking to improve. How about you go the extra mile with your customer service and show that you actually care about the service you are providing to the users and not just money grabbing. Keep employees like “Mike” from the “Bumble Feedback Team”! It’s clear he doesn’t have pride in the company he works for and the job that he does for you. Judging by the way you handle your customers, I can understand why..Version: 5.175.1

Gender settings are nice, but a bit weird.This app is overall okay. I like that they have a lot of options on things you can add to your profile, but their monthly price is really high. $40 for basically one month, and $20 for a week, just so you can see people who have swiped on you or even to just filter things such as height preference. But what really gets me here, is the way they handle gender identity and how they categorize it. I’m a trans male, who’s interested in women, and I’ve had no problems in my past with dating women. But if I change my gender identity to “trans man” on this app and set my preference as “women” my feed is changed to nothing but other women who are interested in women, or people looking for “poly” relationships. I don’t think I’m quite what lesbians are looking for bumble? But once I set my gender back to “male” I’m brought back to women who are interested in men. So I have no choice but to just put “male” and then that I’m “trans” in my bio. So maybe something needs to be changed about that? Why should I feel that I’m less of a man on this app? I get that you try and pair “lgbtq+” with others in that same category, but make it make sense. If I say I’m “straight” I should only be seeing what my preference is. If others choose to not like me because I’m trans, let them make that decision..Version: 5.256.0

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