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Yelp for Business App App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Yelp for Business App app received 95 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Yelp for Business App? Can you share your negative thoughts about yelp for business app?

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Yelp for Business App for Negative User Reviews

Reviews killing businessPeople who get bad experiences are more likely to give you a bad review,after helping more than 100 customers I got seven reviews and one of those 7 was a bad review and that’s the review that yelp decided to keep in my profile and my star rating went to 1 star immediately killing all traffic to my business,I tried to pay good advertisement almost 1000 dollars a mont and it was a waste, still not traffic on my business at all, After receiving 2 to 3 leads a day from nice customers I went to nothing in months. I ended up canceling advertising a while ago because there was no reason to keep using it, this got worse and worse and of course you get calls saying that you have to pay so they can fix everything for you,I got all proves calls,a chart decline,amount of customers that reached out in the past and how much I have paid during past year..Version: 19.49.0

What a joke!!I own a small business. I have 16 total genuine 5 star reviews but Yelps “algorithm” has flagged 15 of the 16 as not recommended. Of the 16, about 4 have made it past the algorithm but it seems like every time I log on, they’ve taken another one down. Now it says I just have 1 review. I’ve tried calling them multiple times to figure out why my clients genuine reviews are being flagged as not recommended, or why they keep removing the ones that did post but they just keep saying “there is nothing they can do”. The barber shop down the road pays for advertising on Yelp, has 17 total reviews with only 3 have been flagged as “not recommended” which, conveniently enough, are ALL of their bad reviews. Which tells me that you have to pay Yelp for their ridiculously overpriced services for your clients reviews to post. I wish Apple Maps used google ratings instead of Yelp. What a SCAM!.Version: 21.10.0

Scammed, worse advertising company ever!I am sharing my experience with the worst ad company I have had in my whole life. They take your credit card information to get started and the cost I was told was false and the charges were actually triple in cost DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE APP DO NOT GIVE CREDIT INFORMATION AND NO ONE WILL GIVE YOU ANY ANSWERS OR EXPLANATION. FOR THE CHARGES! THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND GIVE YOU NO BUSINESS AT ALL! The customers who did contact me were 100 miles away I did not receive one customer from them. That means they are a scam they do this to steal your money and say they “help” your business with customers. Build your business on your own and do not be stupid to deal with them at all no matter many times they call you and try to get your business. I had to share my experience with you guys so they do not scam any other business and take your money for nothing at all!.Version: 20.15.0

It’s unfortunate...This company has so much potential to help not only consumers, businesses as well. This platform discourages businesses with costly packages and negative reinforcements. It completely hurts small businesses and the people who own them when not utilized for everyone to win. The apps are full of bugs and freeze no matter how new the device. It’s a shame really. I would like to for once feel good about working with Yelp as a business owner and consumer. This approach Yelp is gloomy, harbors complainers, hide/reject good reviews, emphasize poor reviews, crushes people’s livelihoods and dreams. Instead of constructive feedback to build people, they seek to destroy everyone’s day by not checking the accountability of reviewers or their own practices It’s time to reinvent yourselves and offer something more empowering to the world. Thank you for considering my comments. I would be willing to improve my review if Yelp decides to make a difference to help all rather than some..Version: 20.16.0

Good App Bad ServiceThe app seems to do pretty much everything you might need or expect. However, I’ve been trying to fix an incorrect map pin location for my business for months, and yet it remains unchanged. You can’t contact anyone, and any update you try to push through the app don’t seem to do anything. I’ve raised bug reports and emailed every department I can get an email address for, and still nothing other than automated replies. If you’re a business directory and you can even get the map data right, you should probably give up! Bad service!!.Version: 21.20.0

Buyer bewareI use yelp as a photographer in hope of generating leads. Heres the most annoying thing. People ask for a quote: you pay 5$ a day just to respond. Okay fine. BUT they charge you on the first of the month for every day using this. And the way the billing is laid out is very sneaky. I had thought I had deleted the promotion since it said “owe zero dollars” and “no active promotions” but nope it was way at the bottom underneath everything and your card info is “active products”. So by the 1st of the month I got charged 96$. I had only gotten one lead and that cut it in half. They know what they are doing by the way they charge and the lack of integrity is why I will be focusing on google and other services. The only way i’d consider using yelp is if they refunded that b.s. number and started being more transparent. OH DID I MENTION THEY CALLED ME 50 TIMES SINCE I MADE THIS ACCOUNT?! When I said I didn’t want their promotions they would call again and switch numbers..Version: 20.50.1

UselessUseless app, can’t do much on it..Version: 4.17.0

Bad Business’ Practices 👎I have been in business almost 2 years now, as a small business I decided to expand my social media and figured that Yelp would help, since most of my business comes from Thumbtack. The next day after creating my business on Yelp there was an agent calling me to find out if I wanted to advertise, I decided to give it a try, well guess what, after 3-4 days I had already spent $153 for just 2 leads that actually end up hiring me worth $340... I decided to turn off the ads since it was not making to much sense for me. Today I called Yelp bc few days ago I had a customer writing a review, that now shows as a “not recommended review”, (it turns out this client reached out to me from Instagram... they wanted to show appreciation and I told them, if they wanted to, they could do it on Yelp) the agent explained to me about the video I had already seen on Yelp about how a software determines if a review is valid to be shown or not (which also based on what he mentioned, one factor was the client never reached out to me thru Yelp) after a couple more minutes speaking with the agent his words were these: “Excuse me I have to disconnect the call now” and simply hang up the phone on me. 👎 Very rude and unprofessional, I this people will never get my money again!.Version: 21.14.0

Peu satisfait pourle momentL’app ajoute des mots clés sans notre consentement... pour le moment je suis très mitigé.Version: 20.35.0

Nothing yetSo far 4 leads, but no responses. I was expecting to get working ASAP here but it’s taking longer as expected, hopefully we see changes soon!.Version: 19.41.0

Why do you have to upload a picture to reply to a reviewOk so being well over 50 and I may add hated pics when I was 20 why should I be forced to upload a image of my self to reply to my customer who have taken their time to be good enough to leave a review for me it’s wrong on all levels. I have not had a picture taken in 10 years of myself and am not starting now..Version: 4.2.0

Can’t login with Google AccountAs the title says, i’d like to experience the convenience of the app but I can’t since it won’t allow me to login with my Google account. It keeps on saying “A user account using [insert email] already exists. Please enter your password to continue”.Version: 19.47.0

Scam company. No morality.They removed legitimate reviews from my business page because I refused to sign up for their ads subscription. These are 5 stars reviews from my customers which are all now under - ‘Not Recommended’ section. I hope this company goes bankrupt. I only trust Google reviews now....Version: 19.49.0

Don’t do it!!You guys are the worst company ever to work with. Please re-train your employees, subcontractor or who ever is your outside sales people, and your call center. They lie to get you going, tell you they are giving you a $900 credit then to only see that was all a lie and get a bill for $330, call customwr support to only be laughed at, tell mw I’m doing it wrong and that I can’t cancel the ad from my mobile device/app to prove him wrong, tgen again be laughed at is ridiculous. I got 1 phone service call from your advertisement and made $85 from it. The ROI is the worst!! That’s total BS and durning this pandemic charging small businesses like that should be illegal and should be reported to the news, BBB and other avenues possibly even legal. Your company is truly hurting small businesses not helping..Version: 20.18.0

Don’t trust Yelp reviews and Not recommended !Last year they was calling me calling me for sign up yelp ads ! And finally i try about over 3 months but I see my ads page everything is cost money ! And I get reviews I have over 18 five star Yelp reviews from my customers and Yelp showing only one review !! Other about 17 review they move not recommend it !! This is like a joke !! Plus everybody complaining about this review problem not showing is not only me ! And I cannot believe it they not even fixing !! Customer service is not good at all ! I called them and no one is helping ! And I stop my Yelp ads ! You cannot even choose your future picture everything cost money in Yelp ! Overall A-Z not happy at all Plus don’t trust yelp reviews! Because I have real custemer’s reviews they don’t show!!!.Version: 19.41.0

Bad practice.Don’t bother with Yelp. They haven’t a decent audience and have weak business ethics. I wouldn’t want my business linked to this company. Check or search Yelp complaints on google. Wouldn’t bother asking my customers to add a review on Yelp as they are then hounded. Many decent business review companies out there. Yelp isn’t one..Version: 4.18.1

Run Away!!! This rating is really negative infinity stars!Yelp as well as their “Biz” app is just as horrible as all of the reviews say. They steal reviews, claim to have some algorithm that can tell real reviews from fake ones, but customers who leave multiple reviews on Yelp are listed as “not recommended” and hidden as well as overall rating affected if you do not advertise with them. It’s so obvious they lie because my one and only negative review was from a customer out of state and has only ever left one review (who goes out of state for 3D4D ultrasound of their baby?) Nice try Yelp! But explain why that review is still up, yet 80% of the rest of our (all 5 star reviews) are from real customers who have left numerous reviews, but those are in the “not recommended” section. If you are even thinking about getting involved with Yelp, I would strongly encourage you watch the documentary “Billion Dollar Bully” first. It’s time for Small businesses to organize another class Action lawsuit now that we have more proof! I will be throwing a huge party when Yelp finally goes out of business! Wonder how they have 4 stars on this review of their app? I can’t find a review here that is more than one star..Version: 20.33.0

MehI have had Yelp Biz for a few years. I consider them a necessary evil in todays 'review culture'. The negatives are that they seem to give negative reviews higher priority over the positive ones. I had one case when someone actually did not use our services and just had a miscommunication about services provided through a phone call with a staff member. We cleared up the issue the same day with the caller but the review stayed up near the top for nearly 2 years. We have many positive reviews and comments that are in limbo/purgatory. IMO, the only positives I gather is their Yelp brand name which people trust for some reason, and perhaps the quality of the leads which tend to be better than other review sites. I have wanted to cancel Yelp Biz and ads so many times but we get just enough leads to justify the cost. As a relatively new small business trying to brand ourselves we need as many leads as we can get. Next BS negative review and I am out..Version: 20.29.0

Reject this Yelp for businessThis app will put your business down. The support team is really bad. They only upload bad reviews from your clients and hide all your good reviews but you can’t report it as there is no tool on app to report this problem. When you try to call the support team but there is the fake phone number. Don’t trust this app! Warning!!!!!.Version: 21.27.0

No NotificationsI don’t receive notifications when someone sends a message. No sound, no badge, nothing. The only reason I’m aware I have a message, is through email a day or so later. Why doesn’t your app have notifications??.Version: 20.1.0

Yelp is a theftTheire account executive, Andy Sandoval called me and sent me several emails to join to Yelp and get 3 months free membership and I figured out he was lying and the company lied and they charged $240 per month They are lier Do not create an account in Yelp You never find any customer I have a prove that all the reviews are fake People trade reviews here I have a Google account and the best way to advertise is google The Yelp is irresponsible company.Version: 20.18.1

Keep away.Not all reviews published. This is unfair. Do not download if you value your reputation..Version: 19.47.0

Wasting moneyWant share my experience after 2 years with yelp , paying thousands $$$$$ to get leads and customer beside feedback but of 55 reviews I have only 1 reviews recommended !!! Seriously why ? Because I stopped paying monthly? Is that way yelp wanna grow up ? Nah I rather spend my money on google or BBB than yelp . My advise for you never ever spend a cent on yelp ..Version: 21.9.0

Terrible company. Misleading. Beware!Watch out! You register for a free ad with them and then they send 10 sales people hounding you to advertise with them for exorbitant fees. One rep finally sweet talked me into trying one month for free. I did so but got no extra business, so I cancelled. YELP CHARGED ME ANYWAY! $473. Stay away. Go with a competitor..Version: 20.28.0

Typical modern garbage appI added a Yelp page, thinking I would have some control over it. Was I wrong. Yelp controls all changes to your page, randomly allows or removes reviews. If you are annoyed at modern apps arbitrarily doing things to YOUR property, then you will hate this app, AS YOU SHOULD!.Version: 21.15.0

Not that effectiveI had 10 reviews from long-term clients and it got taken down. Now I have no reviews. They help with sales. My calls are down because of their so-called algorithm system..Version: 20.5.0

Love the demographic statistics, Dislike how 5 star reviews sometimes don’t get postedA decent app for keeping track of demographics to improve target marketing. VERY dissatisfied with the fact that yelp decides (randomly) which reviews get posted. For example, some of my 5-star reviews are getting flagged as “not recommended reviews”. Especially when the customer has clicked on the “call to action” button to book an appointment. Not only do my good review(s) not get posted, I also take a loss of profit for discounting first time clients (since the customer(s) booked through the yelp ad, aka, “call to action” which I’m paying $20/day for!!! If a review is deemed “not recommended“ I certainly expect a reasonable explanation other than, “we have no control over which reviews get posted or not.” I was told by yelp support it’s a computer algorithm that decides which review(s)get approved/not approved.... That’s absurd..Version: 20.3.1

Unresponding leadsI got 1-2 said they got interested in my plumbing services for a few days but when I got back in just 10’. No one reply/contact. I wonder if they are random people.Version: 21.2.0

Genius algorithmF’n algorithm won’t show the reviews I worked so hard to achieve..Version: 20.16.2

Pointless AppThis app is pointless... You can log in and all you can see is reviews and messages. You can't view or edit your profile..Version: 1.0.1

Yelp Is A Scheme!!!Yelp for business owners is an absolute scheme that is set to pull money from the owner’s pocket. Your reviews will disappear and they will say algorithm to you all day, their representatives will call you nonstop from various area codes to try and sell you their ads, and you will have to respond to clients who message you at 1am so your response time is not effected. I cannot express my discontent with Yelp in a strong enough way. I warn any and all business owners about the negative way that Yelp attacks business owners and no matter how many times you refuse to spend your hard earned money on their ads, they will still call you. Do us a favor Yelp and stop being the middle man between hard working business owners and clients in need of professional services. Thank you..Version: 19.43.0

Where’s the real reviewsI’ve called, and I’ve submitted severe reports for support. What I’m told is your computer system does the ratings and recommend reviews . That’s a bunch of poo. You only have one one star review on our page with a phony name. All of the reviews that you wont recommend are from actual customers. Go to our FB page or Google page, from there you can see what real people are saying about my business. By allowing your system to do the rating without investigating my concern has actually hurt my business. I wonder how many other small businesses feel the same way? I had actually considered doing ads, but why would I want to drive people to a site that isn’t up to date with real reviews? Stop calling me for ads unless you can take the time to look at the reviews you are blocking..Version: 20.5.0

TerribleAn absolute waste of time. This business model is completely fraud/flawed. Anyone doing a 5 star review on your business is subject to being ”censored” by yelp. They say they have “logarithm” that accepts or rejects the review. BUT someone who has never been to your business can leave a 1 star review. It’s absolutely baffling. And that one star review says expletives that are rude and against your personal standards. I sent a message saying it wasn’t right and that the language was agains my morals and business ethics. Their reply was “we like to let people explain their experience in their own words.” Well YELP, that’s fine. Just remember, I am the one you will solicit for business, and advertising. Let me rephrase that...... I am the one you USE to call and solicit to. Never again. Waste of time. This company and their business model is terrible..Version: 20.23.0

Worst support!!!! Attention!When opening your page and building your business on this platform, be prepared in case of misunderstanding from the client to receive negative feedback and a call for group help to support false accusations. You will not protect your business from outsiders who can write anything about you, and this organization will trust them and not you. But God forbid, someone from your acquaintances will write positively about you, he will immediately be excluded from the reviews and hidden due to inaccurate information. Terrible support. I recommend creating your business using platforms (marketplaces) where a client can leave a review only after receiving a product or service from you! Take care of yourself and your business..Version: 21.16.0

A joke!The whole yelp website is an utter scam! They only show customers bad reviews, Any good reviews get filtered out and placed into the ‘not recommended’ pile which yelps sophisticated computer system decides are fake reviews, or put there by someone who is biased etc, absolute rubbish.Version: 4.3.0

Filtering reviews to show negative onlyI do not understand how Yelp is showing utterly scam negative reviews which is not even about our business. They need to fix this feature. My clients have told me they have left my business a review only to discover that yelp has filtered these reviews! So disgraceful. Good thing customers can see through their bs and we remain booked... #primalashes.Version: 4.8.0

If you don’t pay you are nobodyYelp is not a real guide, you got reviews and after you loose it. There are other players on the market which play fair . Not recommended at all as business !!.Version: 19.35.1

Don’t use. I repeat do not use!!I made a profile but didn’t pay for anything as soon as I made the profile I received several phonecalls and emails claiming my page wasn’t complete. I received a call while I was at work and picked up thinking it was my client when I said I was at work the Yelp representative insisted it would only take a minute. She ended up signing me up for Yelp adds and what not. I told her I had no idea how to use Yelp and she only walked me through how to search other buisness she signed me up for things without telling me the only thing she informed me of is a small start up charge and $300 in free adds as a bonus I checked my card that day and it showed the bonuses being charged and put back on my card I never thought to check anything else because I didn’t know how to or that there was different add packages on Yelp because she didn’t do her job of informing the customers what was being added to their account or how to check it I was charged $700 dollers for services I didn’t even know I had on my account I contacted Yelp and they said I am not being refunded because I could have canceled anytime but why would I cancel when I thought it was only $70 a month? How would I cancel something I didn’t even know I was paying for.Version: 20.49.0

The credit they off is a scamThey will offer you $300 in credit. Then ask for your credit card number. They will use none of your credit. Then charge your card and refuse to refund. BEWARE of this tactic.Version: 20.50.0

Called help, on hold for 45 minutes, then clickCalled help, on hold for 45 minutes, then click.Version: 20.13.0

ScammersAll business owners should come together and file a law suit against this company because they hurt you more than they help small business owners. I’ve had 4 five star reviews blocked but the one 1 star review from years ago was allowed to be posted. So now when anyone visits my Yelp page that one bad review is all they see. I’ve tried flagging the lying review several times and they won’t take it down. From the looks of things and reading other reviews on this company, I’m having the same problem many other business owners are having as well. Another customer just left a five star review, let’s see how long before they move it to the not recommended list. How are only bad reviews recommended but none of the good ones? Then to make things worse they won’t let you delete your business. SCAMMERS!.Version: 21.9.0

Terrible Rip off!!!Just got off the phone with Joana V. at yelp customer service and find myself shocked at very poor customer service! It turns out that Yelp has been charging us $ 398 PER MONTH for services we have not signed up for over the past 16 months. The total bill for these services is $ 6,400 ~ an incredible amount for marketing services that we never signed up for. But the lack of understanding and not even taking a moment to try to figure out how this mistake happened is beyond belief. It looks like we have been paying for extravagant slideshows and advanced marketing tools ~ without ever seeing any of it or even getting any results from this. Be very careful with the online platform that are «self served» ~ and be vigilant about Yelps billing practices!.Version: 19.47.0

FAKE AND USELESSFirst my apologies for my poor English. Second yelp now have a “new” program and they believe it’s better and more effective than the first one. I rarely give reviews unless I’m really happy or something is outrageous. I was wit yelp for a while and I tried both systems. Why? Because they tell you the program will need one to two months to actually start being effective. So that your first $800 for nothing ($400/each month) lol They will call you and they will not stop. They will show you how effective and great their ads using graphs and examples for other stores in the same business field that currently using Yelp ads. They will tell you that you can cancel anytime and if no one click on your ad will not get charged but of course people will click on your business and check it out. BUT DONT!! yelp took thousands of dollars from our small local business us and we got nothing out of it. They were charging us over $400 a month which is the standard program ($15 per day) and we will get 1 or 2 customers out of it. They say if you just have one customer then you just covered that $15 fee for the day and bla bla bla.. WASTE OF MONEY AND I STILL WANT MY REFUNDS!.Version: 19.35.1

They allow fake reviews to stay upYelp is crap. They just want to take your money and don’t care about anything else..Version: 20.14.0

Doesn't work 😒Keeps stating my login is for a customer help account, and not a business owner account. But I do have a yelp business page. Really haven't got time for this drunken nonsense 😣.Version: 1.5.0

Scam artistsBeware of signing up for Yelp ads. They will call you and offer you “free trials” and “free promotions” but then charge you several hundred dollars per month immediately. Look online to learn more about their scam..Version: 20.45.0

ABSOLUTELY DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEYTheir customer service is absolute crap! Once they’ve roped you into spending outrageous amounts of money just for scammers to call you they will not refund your money. THEY ARE JUST OUT TO SCAM SMALL BUSINESSES OF THEIR HARD EARNED MONEY!!! I got a call from a lady who acted all nice and befriended me and I had concerns and I told her I don’t have the money for this really because you charge to much and she assured me that I could cancel anytime and she will call back and help me if I have any questions or concerns. She NEVER talked to me after she scammed me into starting a campaign!!! They scam you into starting an extra add-on that will allow you to do some special thing like have a “call to action button” that will pop up for visitors to see and to click to call you. What they don’t tell you is that when you cancel your ad campaign it does not cancel that add-on they made you add! So you keep getting charged $60/month for this button that doesn’t do anything, but get you scam calls!! Then they claim it’s your fault because you didn’t cancel it! I am beyond infuriated and will never be using this platform to advertise again. Facebook ads are way way way more affordable than this will ever be and they actually work and give you real customers! I highly recommend advertising your business on Facebook if you want real results!.Version: 20.3.1

They are scammersThese team of suckers rejecting my request of removing bad review that my ex employ gave me and even the picture on the review she stole it from trip advisor i have all the prove and still they say they share the experience with costumers lol they share fake information with costumers and i’ll tell you why: because you don’t pay for their advertisement! when they called me i said i don’t need your advertisement i do it myself on different websites that’s when they put you on black list and anything you ask it’s gonna be declined! now it has been 2 weeks already i’m trying to remove my business profile from yelp and guess what :) they didn’t approve my request so i’m stuck with it they want to keep my business profile without my permission and they don’t let me delete the account :) i opened up case i spoke with my lawyer and the case is in process. they are scammers and frauds they keep breaking their own policy law lol bunch of losers i don’t know how they find so many unprofessionals to work for yelp! see you guys at court 😉.Version: 20.5.0

Yelp advertise agentsI’ve been using yelp for years as an consumer so I gave it a shot with my business. However they have dropped all of my clients REAL clients reviews. But it didn’t start until they started blowing up my phone trying to get me to pay for advertising which I don’t need and now my business isn’t on the radar anymore with is awful because of their rigged system do yourself a favor and avoid them phone calls and your business will be okay. I never received business from yelp but I always recommended for people to “hey check us out on yelp” now I don’t say anything. My foot traffic has been at 0 since the last rep I spoke with that didn’t end nice because they were trying to force me to buy advertisement (very high intense sales company) but that don’t bother me... I’m not buying anything if I’m not ready period..Version: 19.41.0

A touch of GlassThis person uses A card with a Business name called A touch of glass , he come across a being very nice just to get your money , will ask for cash there is no license number on his card (beware ,) he does very poor work will leave your windows dirty and will try to rescreen your window screens and leaves them saggy , he is a good con Artist , he says he does all his work in the inland area , i looked his company up under the better Business bureau to find that his brother has the same company name , ? But says his brother has his own company ? Who holds a license but in in Bakersfield area be ware ? Their is a website on the internet called A touch of Glass their services are not what they do , the services I recived was very poor windows tracks were left very dirty with mud in the corners screens were rescreen very poor work they are very saggy , they are very expensive for poor work , beware $$$$.Version: 20.1.0

Avoid this like your life depended on itThe absolute worst treatment of business owners. I got suckered into getting the “free” 300$ credit to use towards advertising space as a trial to see if it works for my business but instead they are charging my credit card. I’m currently still on hold to resolve this for 2 hours now. In 4 days they’ve racked up about 150$ which would be fine if I wanted to be part of the program but for a trial that I was told by the sales rep that 300$ would be covered is very greasy. Clearly someone just wanted their commission. Very bad customer service.Version: 20.26.0

Business doesn’t show upI put my business up about 3 months ago or even more, but it still doesn’t appear in the search results. I have emailed support several times, but no one is replying. There is no communication between business owners and yelp moderators ... very poor.Version: 20.35.0

DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEYAs a new realtor I have decided to run an ad on yelp business. In my gut, I felt this may be a bad move because it is solely based on how many “clicks and leads” your page gets. I had given the sales person a maximum of $250. After one week, I had watched barely any clicks come through and both messages I received as a “lead“ were scams. After nine days of being on yelp business I had canceled only to discover they had already billed me $200 for those days. They said that the clicks were what I had paid for. There is no way to track where these clicks are coming from and it’s a pure scam. I plan to tell everyone about this because it was a complete scam that drain $200 within nine days. Do not waste your money, SCAM!!!!! I had contacted yelp to have a manager call me and it’s been over a week, and I haven’t heard anything. That’s because they know this entire scenario is nothing but smoke and mirrors..Version: 21.7.0

GARBAGE APPMany of my clients post good reviews but yelp seems to filter and kick them out and only leave the low start rating THIS APP HURTS BUISSNESSES MORE THAN ANYTHING COMPLETE GARBAGE.Version: 20.23.0

Poor Use of Ad SpendExceptionally disappointed in Yelp to the point of moving all advertising spend to other providers. Their treatment of reviews is punitive and arbitrary with legitimate reviews being dropped regularly. Any attempt to have this decision reversed or challenge unfounded and vindictive reviews is met by arrogance and possibly the worst customer engagement I’ve experienced for quite some time. Control over ad spend is far more limited than on other platforms making it difficult to target effectively. Net an ineffective use of ad spend in my experience..Version: 4.9.0

Yelp is a dinosaurWhy is Apple maps using yelp ? Cause they are both horrible ! I urge Apple to STOP using yelp as a reference point, yelp is old disappointing & here is hoping it disappears sooner!.Version: 4.15.0

YahairasBessfan!!!!! We have been left so many 5 star reviews that never make it to our actual reviews page. There's about 8, 5 star reviews that are not shown on my yelp page and have 61 not recommended 5 star review how cheating is that And the 5 star reviews are from long time customers. Yelp has a terrible monopoly on business and if it seems if you don't pay to advertise or for a business pro account that all your highest rated reviews will disappear and will only show negative reviews. They force you to pay so that your competition doesn't show up on your yelp page. What a load of garbage yelp is. And of course I have no choice but to pay them so that they don't push my business that's been open 2 1/2 years off the map completely. I can't stand them. And it's funny you can't leave yelp a review on yelp lol wonder why!?!? for almost Search Arcade Apps.Version: 20.3.0

Yelp is a scam for individual/small businessesI have a local small business, and in my area, Yelp is a waste of time (I get one or two calls per week, compared to 50/60+ via Google/FB). Every time I get a new review from a customer that contacted me thru Yelp (yelp) keeps hiding my reviews by saying it’s ‘unrecommended.’ How does Yelp decide which reviews are unrecommended based on their crappy algorithms? From what I observed so far, Yelp does that on purpose to make me buy their expensive services, and in the end, there is no guarantee they will actually deliver their promises/services. Yelp spans my business listing by constantly offering me ‘free’ credit for ads, but the offer is a scam/spam. The average price per click/day is very high and doesn’t actually help me ($400/month for 50 calls is a joke), and their ‘average’ prices/day doesn’t justify the means. I don’t want to even consider the $300 ‘free’ ads because the prices are so ridiculous and there are so many hidden fees/conditions. Maybe Yelp need to give me the ability to try your ads for free with no tricks or conditions attached..Version: 21.18.0

Not very informative when signing upWhen I signed up for the business page they sold me on their “Advertising and promotions”. The quick version is, I was told I would be charged $1 for each actual phone call I received from a potential customer. The reality is they charge you $1 for every “Page click and website visit”. You can see how that spirals out of control in a month before you get billed. When I called to tell them that I didn’t receive one booking from them and not one phone call but was charged over $200 in “Fee’s” they said “Oh, those were people that visited your website”, and refused to refund any money. The gentleman that signed me up oroginally, Tyler Byrd, never called me back to speak to me about it despite saying at the time of sale “If you have any questions or concerns just give me a shout I’m always here for you”. I spoke with another guy who just fluffed off my concerns. Moral of the story, I’ve spent about $300 between Facebook and IG promotions and have received dozens of bookings through that. To date I have still not received one booking from Yelp..Version: 21.17.0

TAKES 5star REVIEWS OFF!!Yelp use to be good when they kept all the reviews up so people can actually see how your business is, but now they pick and choose which reviews stay on and which ones they put to the side! Usually 5star reviews we been getting been pushed to the side and they don’t count towards our business! We have around 75 Reviews total but around 30 of the reviews are pushed away and don’t count towards our business stars. All 30 reviews are all 5Stars!! We still have 4.5 stars on the business but those 30 reviews would of pumped it up to 5Stars. I talked to a agent and they said to reply to every person and it will stay on so I did and they still were coming down. So I called again and the agent said that they can’t do anything about it so it’s useless talking to them. FIX THIS YELP!!!.Version: 19.41.0

ScammersContacted by Russell Wimberly a sales shark from yelp. Promises to give me a 300 dollar credit to try yelp for 2 weeks no risk nothing out of pocket. I cancelled 12 days later as no business came in just lots of spam calls. Then i was charged 322.00. Yelp then changes their tune. Russell will not answer my emails. They claim that the 300 would only be available if i were to spend 450 dollars first. They refused to rectify. I said I could not remove my credit card from the site, they promised to do so. It never happened. Had to cancel the credit card and get a new number to protect myself against further charges..Version: 21.10.0

ScamAlmost everybody is saying the same thing I’m about to say about this company. Scammers they kept calling me to advertise on yelp they told me they will give me a $900 credit. A few days later I check my bank account they charge my credit card when I called them no straight answer they don’t know what they talking about and they refused to give a refund and I still see the $900 credit in the account. It’s not worth it I haven’t got a single customer from yelp. The salesman who is calling me and convince me to advertise I called him multiple times and left him voice mail you never got back with me that wasn’t the case before I start advertising with them as soon as I called them you’ll pick up the phone right away or call me back no more than an hour later. I’m not surprised about this company I already know they are scammers but I wanted to give it a shot if you haven’t watched the movie about yelp how they scam businesses please watch it before you do anything with yelp.Version: 21.5.0

Not bad or goodNothing special here, but there are bugs that create concern. I don’t accept cryptocurrency, have changed my business profile to match, but the change does not stick. Also, I did select to have my address not displayed because I do not have a storefront, and all of my business is done at customers addresses, and that too does not stick. Finally, my business name changed recently but is still listed on the www as both. So I claimed the second spelling and it has become the default account. I keep getting alerts to “add business hours, or add a picture.” I don’t need/want double the work to be on yelp and wish there was a simple way to “link” the “locations” so they showed the same thing, but I cannot find a chat, email, or phone number to use to communicate with anyone at Yelp. So...three stars seems fair..Version: 19.45.0

Star RatingsPlease reflect my star ratings based on my reviews. Taking notice over the past couple of years that my star ratings do not change(increase) with A Ratings. I also notice that with new ”A”rating,high rated reviews are removed reviews are removed after being posted for months and guidelines are followed). There was a period where 4-5 we're removed at one time after being posted for a long period of time. When I try to rectify the problem I always get the run around that it's an automated internal program that places reviews in ”not recommended reviews”. That's B.S. because I've seen yelp put reviews in ”not recommended” then the very next day it's reposted!!??. Yelp can you please fix this problem? I will remove this review if problem is resolved. Thank you, Kaui’s Kleaners, Inc.Version: 20.15.0

Not worth itI tried Yelp as a new a Realtor and overall it wasn’t worth it for a couple reasons. You can’t get reviews unless they are Yelp customers and you can’t import any. After signing up I realized there was a lot unexplained and they left some of those very important details out of my on boarding. I was very unhappy with the services provided. I spoke to customer service to explain this in an attempt to get a partial refund and they truly didn’t care. I only wanted a partial refund not a full one. They wouldn’t hear me out and made me feel unreasonable. All in all customer service is poor and they are disconnected internally. I’ve actually never experienced anything like it. It seems like they are holding on with old systems and don’t care to keep a client. I would not recommend Yelp based on my experience and would recommend spending money elsewhere..Version: 20.31.0

Deleted - inciting racial violenceYelp will now allow any business to be marked as “racist”, especially if they disagree with the venom spewed by terrorist organizations such as BLM. Enjoy getting sued into bankruptcy. All yelp apps deleted..Version: 20.40.0

This company is complete trash!Avoid this company at all costs! If you are starting a business and think that being on yelp will get you and your business name out there and generate a ton of leads for you, it won’t. Unless you pay exorbitant amounts of money they advertise with them they will hide your listing deep in the search results if it comes up at all, they will also remove reviews that have once been deemed legitimate and then years later classify them as illegitimate. After confronting them on Twitter about this blatant small business bullying, they say it’s all our algorithm and our algorithm chooses which reviews are legitimate and which aren’t.Basically their default answer when you refuse to pay ridiculous amounts of money to advertise with them. I smell a class action lawsuit.Version: 21.8.0

Not RecommendedYelp filters good reviews and only shows negative ones. 12 positive reviews have been filtered, what a joke!!.Version: 4.1.0

Not the best for small businessesMy sister uses this for her new small business and tells me every single negative review in here is true. They constantly call you trying to make you pay for ads that you don’t need (they wanted her to pay for ads like 4 months before opening), and they are incredibly pushy and don’t understand when you say no. Also, all the reviews her customers are leaving are going to the “not recommended” bucket, which according to them is managed by an automated software. One day she’s got a review, the next day is gone because it was moved to not recommended again. And while asking others, as soon as they started paying for ads, all the positive reviews started popping up magically. What a scam, I used to use it for personal purposes but now I understand why when I go to a highly rated place most of the times is not really worth it, owners just pay for ads and they get good customer reviews posted. SCAM!.Version: 20.3.1

Yelp will rob your money. DO NOT give them your payment information.To make it short: Yelp is not the platform you want to use for your paid marketing. Once they have your payment information, they will literally steal money from you. Their customer service representatives are trained to not help the customer but only make sales for Yelp. They prompted me to get 2 FREE months of a campaign whenever I tried canceling my ads, I decided to select the 2 FREE months and I was charged a lot of money 5 weeks later. Customer service could not help me, could not transfer me to a manager and wasted 40 minutes of my time on the phone with them with no resolution. If you want to give money away, donate to a charity and not these thieves. YELP should be ashamed of themselves. I repeat, no matter how nice of a sales person rings your business phone... and they will call you, DO NOT give them your payment information, do not accept anything they are giving FREE because it will not be free & they WILL steal from you. Don’t believe me? Read all the other thousands of 1 star ratings..Version: 21.6.0

RidiculousIt’s absolutely crazy how yelp doesn’t show positive reviews. Because they’re flagged for potentially being fake. But I have numerous reviews for my business with pictures added mind you that are not even counted as a review from customers who have had accounts for years with several other reviews to other company’s but the second they post to mine it’s not counted. Because I’m guessing my business is new on yelp. On top of that not matter what if someone leaves a bad review even if someone just created the account with no other reviews at all they count. Like oh it’s a bad review we gotta show it. If it weren’t for the fact that so many people rely on yelp for the services they need I wouldn’t even use this platform. Yelp you need to really look into your review algorithm flagging software because your causing people business which is how a lot of us support our family..Version: 19.45.0

Absolutely terribleWe have been left so many 5 star reviews that never make it to our actual reviews page. There’s about 7, 5 star reviews that are not shown on my yelp page but the low 1 and 2 star reviews made it through no problem. And the 5 star reviews are from long time customers. Yelp has a terrible monopoly on business and if it seems if you don’t pay to advertise or for a business pro account that all your highest rated reviews will disappear and will only show negative reviews. They force you to pay so that your competition doesn’t show up on your yelp page. What a load of garbage yelp is. And of course I have no choice but to pay them so that they don’t push my business that’s been open for almost 40 years off the map completely. I can’t stand them. And it’s funny you can’t leave yelp a review on yelp lol wonder why!?!?.Version: 19.43.0

Hiding reviewsI’m VERY disappointed with Yep. Lately we asked to our costumers that Rated our business in Facebook to please rate us in Yep as well. Yelp are making sure to hide all the beautiful reviews that our costumers left us and start to send us dozens of emails offering $300 off coupon for their services. I read feedback from several people that the same happened to them. I’m ok for companies charge for their service if they are honest, but offering your platform for “free” for business to receive feedbacks then you hiding those feedback unless you buy their products it’s not a good way to conduct your business. I’m VERY disappointed. Feedbacks from good costumers it’s precious specially if you’re a small business as we’re. We’ll be using only Google reviews from now on..Version: 21.4.0

Awesome!Awesome! I can finally review you guys! I’m a new business owner who invested all my savings into my business so let me tell you that this first month has been rough! I always thought Yelp was going to come through and help me grow my business. But I was wrong since nobody can even see what great work we do! All of our reviews are under not recommended! I understand yelp is also a business and they need to make money, but don’t take advantage and be shady. Offer your extra services in tiers or something so businesses can upgrade and buy extras as they grow. Don’t expect us newbies to shell out hundreds of dollars when we’re barely even getting 2-3 people to review us... and for what?! So nobody can see what they wrote?! Rude! “ If I could give 0 stars I would!!”.Version: 19.43.0

Very biased AppThis is a very biased app, not to mention as a business owner I was flooded with calls from Yelp Ad reps constantly trying to sell me ads I couldn’t afford. Yelp notifies your competitors when your business is contacted by a customer on their platform. They also provide your competition with direct contact information to your leads. I’m also very disappointed to say that Yelp erased my first ratings— that were five star. I can’t help but thinks it has something to do with my refusing to take the calls of their sales reps. I want to delete my account with Yelp, but have been informed that business pages won’t be deleted, but can go “unclaimed.” Yes, Yelp wants you to desert your brand on a platform that works against small businesses in the first place. The nerve. I wish I could give them zero stars..Version: 19.49.0

Yelp mostly helpful, some glitches thoughYelp has let our business get seen and we are thankful for that, but we have also had some unfixed issues. The platform still has problems with me attaching pictures of our menus to some messages from customers. This is a very necessary feature because we need to be able to easily show customers our services without writing them out in a lengthy message. We also do not see anywhere close to the projected revenue that yelp estimates from the ads we pay for. It’s hard to imagine a business now a days without yelp, but I wish we could fix the issues and have a more realistic look at revenue from “leads” they note..Version: 20.3.1

Not great!I only put my business here for presence, otherwise it has been nothing but a pain to use and have. I have lots of 5 star reviews but none are displayed because they aren’t “good for busines” according to the rocket scientists at Yelp. All of my reviews are directly related to my business and the customers express how they are pleased with my work. Sales people from Yelp are constantly calling me and emailing me to pay for Yelp ads. my business is seasonal which I’ve explained several times but they say “ohhh you can grow your business.” They leave very rude voicemails when they don’t reach me. I constantly recieve leads for things I don’t offer. And yes I have updated my services so this won’t happen but it still happens. I wouldn’t recommend using this app for your business, but like I said it gives your presence which is good..Version: 21.2.0

What a nightmareI listed my business on yelp and immediately started getting scammers CONSTANTLY calling me. I finally couldn’t take it anymore and changed my number. After a while I regretfully listed my new number thinking that since it had been a while maybe I wouldn’t have the same problem.. that was yesterday and I’m already getting the same scammers calling again and this time they tried to act like a customer and wanted to set up an appointment. I immediately knew what was going on and told them I wasn’t taking any appointment. After taking down a name, I asked if the number they were calling from was a good number and they said yes. After hanging up with them I tried calling the number.. and of course it’s not a working number. I call yelp and they refused to take my information down even though my listing was new and had no reviews, so they are not helping me with my very obvious safety concerns! I’ll be making a police report and also putting in how YELP evidently doesn’t care about the safety of their customers. Do not list with these people as they aren’t a safe company to advertise with..Version: 19.49.0

Bad businessThey call you constantly to pay for ads, and are really rude. My boss owns a small business, when I spoke to a rep and told him I can’t make business decision he still wasted my time on his spiff. Then I had customers to attend to, and told him I was busy. Did he care nope still kept in talking! My boss came back and customers were waiting why? Because I was busy talking to a yelp rep, that would not stop with telling me about yelp. Bad business for small business people. I decided to give yep a try.. Sales representatives promised me the world and when I asked how much he could not give me a answer. Said he will contact me before I get billed. I have a number to contact him with but always get a voice mail. Yelp don’t want to cancel my account. Careful when you place you credit card on file. Once you do that it’s over, you agree to pay what ever they bill you. I had to cancel my credit card to stop the payment. I got som much runaround just to cancel my account I decided to just go to my bank. That was way faster. Thank you Yelp for making my business harder. Never Yelp agin!! Google it!!.Version: 19.49.0

Yelp are Scammers!I registered my business on yelp few weeks ago, I got numerous calls from their teams about advertising my business, I declined! At the end of the month I got a bill of $300???? How? I called their support and he yelled and hung up on me? How on earth did I get an ad running without any for of confirmation nor emails stating my ads were running? Yelp are scammers!!!.Version: 20.31.0

Rip offThese guys are con artists.. paid over 700$ for ONE lead! Stay away....Version: 21.12.0

Horrible appBe aware that they are taking advantage of small business, when I put my business on this app the lady informed me that I did not have to pay for the month and I got $300 credit. Unfortunately my business had to be temporarily closed due to a death in my family and covid. The app told me I didn’t have to pay anything until I open but they took 214 dollars from me, I called and asked why then I was told my plan was set for 360 dollars with a whole bunch of foolishness. I’m very upset about this I can barely afford food in my house but your cheating people out of money. I would understand if the business was open and I was getting customers off the site. 214 dollars for only 10 days advertising and no business wow. Shameful.Version: 20.39.0

Scammers and robbersI am extremely disappointed with Yelps services for business owners. I got on the platform because as a consumer I often use it to find services I need. It’s a great user platform but you Yelp people are robbing business owners of everything. I can’t even choose my own profile picture without paying you at least $30 a month. I was not paying for services so all the reviews I was getting kept hiding. I added ad services and then my reviews started to magically show up. I decided yesterday to decrease my spending on Yelp as I am effectively paying for 9 other contractors to be showcased on my page unless I pay another $300 a month plus with the slowing season it just made the most sense. Today I see that all of my 7 reviews have magically gone away since I decreased my spending budget. Well Yelp, you won’t be getting any more money out of me. I appreciate the services, but you are charging for EVERY Little thing and currently I am not seeing my return on investment , I’m surprised you don’t charge to log in. This is terrible if you are a small business owner wanting to spend no more than $500 per month. Google charges less, gives me more bang for my buck, a free website, free posts, free picture arrangement and almost 3 times the clicks as Yelp and they don’t advertise for 9 other people on my page. 1 star only because I could not leave less..Version: 19.39.0

Slimey companyI downloaded yelp for business for free and it automatically turned on payable features. I had originally downloaded the app because it promised a free $300 ad credit. It turns out nothing was free and I was overcharged for everything. I ended up paying $80 to run an ad that I was unaware of for two weeks and it produced absolutely no leads, no emails, no phone calls no nothing. Yelp is a company that takes money from you and then boost your business on their page higher, if you don’t pay them enough then they rank you lower. Don’t waste your time using yelp for your small business, use Google ads as it is way more powerful..Version: 21.4.0

Not Too ImpressedWatch Billion Dollar Billy documentary about Yelp and then you decide how you feel about Yelp and how they treat small business owners. I had 5.0 Stars for 6 years and promoted Yelp harder than anyone, at least 10,000+ people and clients I have referred to Yelp and have well over 600-1,000 pictures of work I have done for customers on yelp too. Yelp Calls me daily to try to get me to buy advertising, lies and says its $0.11 then tells me it comes out to thousands of dollars per month and doesn’t offer any advantage at all. Each time I say I’m not interested I get a mysterious bad review from someone who is not a customer, so I can’t even say I’m not interested or they make up stories and put them on your business listings. Then when I complained to Yelp about it, they started filtering out my last sixty 5 Star reviews and continue to filter out 99% of all customer reviews for the last 2 years too. The App also constantly says you have mail, sometime 1-10 messages but when you click on the app there is no messages, even resetting app or resetting I phone doesn’t fix the ongoing problems with Yelp. Yelp feels to me and countless other businesses like a big “Billion Dollar Bully” just like the filmed documentaries about Yelp and how they treat small businesses..Version: 20.25.0

Very disappointedListed my business over a month ago and it still doesn’t appear in search results in the page!.Version: 20.31.0

Run away from this company!This company chargers you per click , anyone can click your ad and you will be charged each time it is clicked. They claim they have a fraud protection to avoid competitors from clicking your ad but they have no way of proving or showing their “protection”. Be prepared to have your “client success manager” pressure you to raise your ad budget every so often... These client success managers make more commission when you spend more on ads. The leads aren’t even that good you get a lot of people who don’t respond , seems like yelp has people going to your ads page and filling out the contact form with false info so your account gets charged and their client success managers get paid... On top of all this they nickel and dime you for everything. If you want to hide your competitors ads you pay, if you want to showcase your license and certifications on your page you pay, if you want to add a slideshow to your page you pay, if you want to highlight certain things about your business you pay... all they want is your money they don’t care about your results that’s why they charge you for clicks not for results or qualified leads...Version: 20.31.0

ScamYelp for business is another business marketing scam. All it does is drain your money and expose your number to 1000s of spam phone calls..Version: 19.45.0

Do not useSCAM SCAM SCAM.Version: 19.11.0

Be very careful and don’t provide your CC information.As business owner I was receiving calls from the sales agents every day, pushing for me to buy some paid marketing options - they said I would get 300$ in credits and would pay just little money for the offered products. I ended up paying almost 2000$ in less than three months during the COVID-19 lock down- they never sent an invoice and the sales agent never answered my calls or emails. Even after I cancelled all the subscriptions they kept charging my CC. I had to file a claim with my CC to stop yelp business from charging me for services they never provided. I wasn’t able to generate one single client through this app. So my recommendation - don’t use it and if you do, don’t use auto payment - that way you will have control of time hay you pay for..Version: 20.33.0

Feeling frustratedAt first yelp looked amazing. But from 4 reviews 3’have disappeared into the not recommended section for absolutely no reason. Yelp has great potential but this is letting them down big time. If you get a moment take a look at what I mean type my business name in k interiors ltd. if you fix this then it will be superb but right now not worth doing at all..Version: 3.24.1

BogusUnfair and bias, they stalked me for two weeks took$375.00 from my credit card promise me leads for catering and nothing happened, I cancelled after two weeks and they still charged me $375.00. On top of that they hide my good reviews and leave the bad ones. Just an awful company..Version: 20.37.0

STAY THE F AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLERUN AWAY. Yelp is officially the worst platform I have ever worked with. They are nothing but liars and scam artists. I am a small business owner in the spa & beauty space. They promised me $300 credit for each of my businesses if I signed up for their advertising program at $15/day and ticked off the box for all their upgrades. I figured that was incentive enough to try it. But now it’s been 12 days since I activated it and they are charging over $1100 in advertising fees, not including the monthly costs for the upgrades and I haven’t gotten a single client from them. Traffic on my website hasn’t increased..Version: 20.21.0

Absolute garbageI started a business that I dreamed about for years. Took a lot of planning and precious hours to get off the ground. I was so happy to help my customers and to offer them my experience and expertise. Yelp seemed like a logical next step. I’ve heard horror stories but like everyone I thought it would be different with me because I was doing everything by the book. The first problems started when I signed up for local jobs for $150 a month. As soon as you get notification that there’s a job it expires immediately. Finally I just got fed up and disconnected it. Guess what - as soon as the money was turned off I started getting notifications from local jobs that were over a day old and to see them I had to resume my subscription. Scam! No way! After helping countless customers I managed to get a few reviews and was very proud of them. Then a few days later one of the reviews disappeared. Then another, then all the rest followed. The only crappy review that remained is the one that Yelp decided to keep on my profile which totally killed my traffic. Thanks Yelp. I hope you go out of business. This business model is total disgrace and a scam and should be illegal. I looked other successful businesses that wanted nothing to do with Yelp and I applaud them. Bravo. I turned off their services and switched to Google AdWords and am very happy!.Version: 21.14.0

Biased ReviewingYelp claims they have “algorithms” in place to choose which reviews are recommended and if they aren’t, it won’t factor into your rating! My company has six 5 star reviews, one 4 star, and one 1 star. Our rating on Yelp is a 3.5. But of course if you advertise with them all of your reviews will factor into your rating and automatically become “recommended”. Do you smell how fishy this is? If not, I can clarify. A 5 star review was posted 4 days after the 1 star. a week later we got a 4 star rating and in that instant the 5 star went from recommended to not and was replaced by the 4 star. When I call they give some made up answer how it may have taken a while but somehow magically finished processing exactly when the 4 star was posted. Here’s a review for you Yelp..Version: 20.28.0

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