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Discord - Chat, Talk & Hangout app received 126 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Discord - Chat, Talk & Hangout? Can you share your negative thoughts about discord - chat, talk & hangout?

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Misuse of Disabling AccountsNow don't get me wrong, I adore Discord. It's helped me form multiple online friendships and even contact my irl friends!! Overall, it's a pretty good app for communicating. However, I am very angry at Discord. They disabled my friend's account for "breaking TOS or community guidelines". The email was very short, they didn't even tell him how long it was going to be disabled for or what he did. Discord has ruined his sleep schedule and his mental health. Discord was his everything and they banned him for no valid reason. When my friend got the first email, he emailed them back, asking what he did wrong. However, they replied with the same bloody excuse. After waiting 10-14 hours for another response, you COPY AND PASTE YOUR EMAIL. Your customer service is poor, we need real people to reply for us, not some bot who will copy and paste unreasonable excuses. Unfortunately, he isn't the only person whose account was wrongfully disabled. Many others on Twitter have reported their story. Please remember that this could happen to ANYONE, including you, so we need your help. We need to get Discord's attention so a real human being will contact us. On Twitter, please retweet the victims' tweets about their disabling situation and use the hashtag #DiscordEXPLAIN Your help would be heavily appreciated, I don't want anyone else getting their Discord account wrongfully disabled. Sincerely, stephy, a Discord user <3.Version: 77.0

The new UI is badThe old UI was easy to navigate. You could actually leave the search menu easily and enter it again. The search menu actually worked. The search menu showed your previous search history and let you simply tap on one search in it to search that same thing again. The old UI had a similar feel to the desktop app. The new UI is difficult to navigate. I find myself having to leave the app and reenter it every time I enter the search menu because I cannot figure out how to leave it otherwise (if there even is a way). It doesn't show your search history anymore, and doesn't show the most recent messages. The desktop app doesn't feel the same as the mobile app anymore, especially since the search menu actually works on desktop. I frequently find myself needing to look back on messages in different channels at the same time by the same person on a server for multiple reasons, including but not limited to, checking an IRL friend of mine's messages to be sure he isn't suicidal because he had a depressive episode last year and stopped going to school for a bit. He's fine now, but I don't want to be forced to use a crappy system that doesn't work to check his discord messages and directly ask him how he's doing when his phone cannot receive my texts or calls if it ever happens again and I don't have access to my laptop..Version: 208.0

Becoming unusable on iPadI’ve been using Discord for years, and around two years on the iPad with a keyboard folio. However in the last week it has become nearly impossible to use and I am debating getting rid of the app. - Hitting enter no longer sends a message. I have to physically press the touch button on screen to send a message. By default, it should be enter to send, shift+enter to create a new line. If this is the new standard, why would I bother using the app on anything but my phone? - Actually viewing chat has become a nightmare. I’m not sure what the most recent updates did, but now it seems anything bluetooth connected to your iPad caused Discord to freak out. Entire chat screens fly up to the top and out of sight, leaving you unable to read or reply to messages, and swiping up to check another app and then returning to discord caused every single server and DM to go blank with no option to reply or even see anything that’s happening. In order to use Discord as should be intended, I have to swipe up, CLOSE THE ENTIRE APP, and reopen it. Every. Time. I swipe up to use another app. It’s impossible and is really, really making me consider ditching the iPad app entirely. I have raised a ticket in Bug Support, and am hoping this will be fixed..Version: 115.0

New UI UpdateI absolutely hate that the messages like group chats and DMs are in a different tab than servers now. there was absolutely nothing broken about the way that it was laid out and displayed before, so there's no reason to "fix" it!! I also am sorely missing the ability to swipe left to look at all members of a server, the having to click on the top feels clunky and visually unpleasant. I hate being taken to an entirely different screen just to see who's online! it's an entirely unnecessary extra step that helps no one. the idea of "prioritizing messaging" by putting private messages and group chats in a tab seperate from servers is completely asinine when discord as a whole is a messaging service in and of itself! also, it's a small aesthetic change but rounding the corners of the servers when swiping to look at the servers at the side is unnecessary and unwelcome and overall incredibly displeasing to look at. speaking of swiping, making it so swiping left creates a reply to a message is the most unnecessary, confusing, and almost MALICIOUS feeling change yet, especially when swiping left had an entirely different function before. please listen to your user base and stop making so many changes that absolutely NO ONE is actually asking for and actively make the user experience worse. you have a good app, it is not broken, stop trying to fix things that don't need to be changed because you've continually only made things worse..Version: 207

Absolutely awful new mobile layoutLook, I get that Discord is known to get criticized for every new feature they add before people eventually move on because they realize it wasn't that bad (think back to when when they made the logo symmetrical or when they changed the font). But this is the first time in my three years of using Discord that I've genuinely felt that an update made me want to uninstall the app. Yesterday I'd have rated the app 5 stars, and today I rate it a 2. The app went from great to clunky, messy, and less usable overnight, which makes me wonder: How? How is this even slightly necessary for improving user experience? I have many complaints, but my biggest issue is that the swiping doesn't make sense anymore. You can swipe right in DMs, but you can't swipe left to make it go back. The members list is now hidden in the oddest place, the message previews in DMs make the layout look incredibly busy, you can no longer open the list of your friends to see people's statuses and who's online, and you can only use the search function to find things in one channel at a time. It's objectively not a good update, and you'll just end up losing current users like myself. I don't see why this layout couldn't have remained an optional feature like it used to be. The only thing I maybe enjoy about the change is the color, athough that alone is certainly not enough to make this a good update..Version: 207

New UpdateI’ve had discord for almost a year now, this update is the worst update since I’ve gotten discord! It’s ugly, it’s sm harder to see users in servers I’m in, when I tried to look for pinned messages it’s glitched and they don’t show up, it’s really confusing and just excess buttons everywhere. Discord lost it’s uniqueness! It looks like every other chat app now and trust me that’s not a good thing! Plus I am someone who makes and has made many servers before and the way you took away the feature to add channels without going into server settings is confusing and terrible. And DON’T get me started on the new role icons they look lazy! Also as a server creator, you still haven’t added the feature on mobile how to view the server from different roles and I don’t have my computer around me at all times of the day and this has caused me many issues when I release my servers and stuff. Also my discord is automatically going to midnight theme which is too dark for me and it won’t change to dark. Lastly I don’t know if this is a glitch or not but, the way it now reorganizes my servers without me doing anything in them! I will chat in a server and it’ll automatically move to the top and some servers I really don’t talk in much and I don’t want them on the top! Listen I am a very active user, I basically am on discord 24/7, this is my main chat app to connect me, my friends, and my community and idk what to really do anymore as it’s now very difficult to use the app!.Version: 207

Fix this problemDiscord is great and ive loved using it but their customer service is horrible. ive had this app for over 2 years had nitro for so far 7 months was halfway though my yearly subscription which I’d spent over 100 dollars on when my account gets disabled. has 3 of my original friends out if the many many i had, all the servers, everything is gone. i emailed numerous time in eveysingle way possible and was never ONCE contacted back by anything other than a bot and now my account has been permanently deleted. this has happed to many people and discord seems to be exclusively ignoring this issue of their platform unfairly disabling accounts. discord does not care about their users..Version: 131.0

Overall a great app, but..Discord is a great app I can chat to my friends and everything haven’t encountered anything I haven’t wanted to, however there are some minor issues. 1 = calls- every time I’m on call with my friends it always seems to be lagging on both ends. I thought that it was just a problem with my device but it turns out it’s not. The voice seems to be cutting out a lot (rarely) the call abruptly ends and sharing my (and the person on the other end) screen is extremely difficult. The stream either ends randomly or it takes a long time to load and we have to keep re -trying. 2 = going into the app- whenever I click on the app to use it again it keeps loading and loading at first the problem wasn’t that big, however now it seems like it’s going on forever. However even with these issues I find discord an Amazing app to make new friends and keep in touch. (I hope this issue isn’t just with my device cause then this would sound a bit stupid, I do hope the discord team could solve this). Thanks for reading this..Version: 181.0

Almost impossible to use efficiently with MidJourneyI want to use MidJourney to create images, and believe I have pid for that privilege, yet using discord to view those images is an awful experience. The image is whipped away by the multiple other images that people are creating, meaning one has to constantly scroll up and down simply to find your own image, let alone interact with it. This is a terrible, terrible way to present imagery, and is so frustrating, I am considering hiring a human to create images for us instead. This UI unless improved, makes using MidJourney one of the most frustrating tasks of my day… AI should help, not hinder, else what’s the point?.Version: 164.0

New UI is awfulThere’s nothing coherent about the new UI, the colour are dull and everything is a million times more difficult to do. Please change it back for the love of god, if you truly care about your users you’d revert this awful update.Version: 207

Integrated Phone CallsDiscord is an amazing app that lets you do casual conversations without the loud notifications you would usually get from text messages. It does an amazing job at keeping notifications hidden when you want them to be. But I cannot say the same for calls. Recently, Discord started integrating their calls with actual phone calls. This means that every time I get called on Discord, it goes through to my ringtone. The whole reason I use Discord is to keep my online life separate from my personal life. Although there is a setting that allows you to disable this feature, I still get the ringtone. Whenever I get called on Discord, even though the app is closed, I still get a ringtone. I even have all notifications turned off in my settings. The ringtone only lasts about 2 seconds before it realizes that it should not be there, but it gets pretty annoying, since it forces me to stop whatever i’m doing on my phone. What annoys me the most is that this issue has been fixed before. The previous update had the setting that disabled the integrated phone calls, but it actually did its job, unlike this recent update. I had no calls going through no matter how much I was getting spammed with calls. I thought this problem would be gone forever, but it still managed to find its way back. I’ve resorted to having to delete the app just to avoid the ringtone...again. Please fix this issue..Version: 3.1.9

Awful service, terrible treatment of usersThis has been one of the worst social media apps I’ve ever used, been on the app for about 2 years and have had 3 different accounts, I’ve had them deleted over and over again for reasons that do not make sense as I followed every rule they had, too full of toxicity that needs to be fixed and full of weirdos and creeps, they are banning the wrong people, and DO NOT TRY to waste your time with them because they will ignore you for days on end or just give a copy and paste email, absolutely shocking service they need to get sorted out, good idea of a platform but they need to fix out priorities and ban the creeps and weirdos. Also when you ask for proof of the breaking of the rules they just send the same email again and ignore you after that, so in practice anyone could report anyone and get discord to ban them, or give lots of evidence to ban a certain person who has broken rules and they ignore and dismiss it, this app is shocking and discord i would advise to steer clear of.Version: 53.0

The other users are ageistIt’s a good place for Linkin Park updates etc. the chat room is like being back at school. If I mention I’m an older woman or state something from say the 1980 (hypothetically) I get ignored. One user told me to use commas, again who uses a lot of punctuation in a chat room. You dare post something that should be in other chats it’s like you’ve put something obscene or rude, these kids weren’t even born when Linkin Park first arrived on the scene, and they judge me as I feel they don’t want to converse with me. Sounds like I’m paranoid far from it, just thought it would be great to chat and share stuff with people who like the same music. Nope it’s ridiculously childish and really don’t want to stay on it. Apart from my experience, the app is well monitored and has great links to other Linkin Park news, tweets, so it’s a good place but not if you middle aged it seems..Version: 176.0

Okay, but mobile keeps glitchingI like Discord because the app allowed me to meet many people and get myself involved with different activities but during texting sometimes the “connecting” makes it glitch and then my messages can’t be sent at all. I could easily leave the app and refresh it but it’s a pain when it happens all the time. I’m afraid one day the app would kick me out and all of my text would disappear, my time wasted. Every update I hope this gets fixed but I heard Discord isn’t very efficient in fixing their app compare to their desktop version. I do update it, but it’s no use when the same issue arises over and over again. Please fix it. It used to not do this before and if I knew this was going to happen I wouldn’t have updated the app. But then that would prevent me from other perks like background gifs and each individual server pfp from Nitro. I’m usually on mobile because of how convenient it is to bring around the house and when I go out so I use it more than desktop. So if Discord could please keep up with the updates on the app as much as the desktop, that would be greatly appreciated. Especially this buffering of sending messages, since it’s an annoying hiccup that keeps coming up despite being small. Otherwise, it’s a great app that has me spending on it even though I told myself I would never spend on an app..Version: 106.0

Discord 17+?I love discord but it is not 17+, its the users choice to see what they want to see on discord. Like google.Version: 88.2

Apple ruined DiscordI lost contact with several close friends because of the iOS nsfw server ban, even when I’m opted in on the desktop version through safari.Version: 77.0

App ruined by Apple condescending guidelinesAs an 18+ Adult who works a 9-5, 5 days a week job like every adult, I myself like to go home and spend my evening chatting to my friend and support fellow NSFW artists, I paid to gain access to a server and I was told I couldn’t get access because it gone against Apple guidelines, Guidelines that had been reviewed by someone who doesn’t understand that the internet isn’t just a place for kids, but for grown adults like myself, I understand that the staff there want to protect the kids and that is fine I respect that, but it shouldn’t be us. The user are getting punished, it should be the parents who allow their kids to go into the web unsupervised. They allow adult oriented sites that aren’t suitable for children such as Tinder, questionable/fake/scam advertisements that use innuendos, the app market place is Riffed with garbage in the children section that the apple team should’ve cleaned up a long time ago. I paid access to the server and I should as a user have the right to access the server, a NSFW server that isn’t easy to gain access without a bank/credit card. If anyone is to be blamed for allowing minors to access private servers via credit card, it’s the parents for not teaching them basic decency. I never had any problem with discord but this just blows.Version: 177.1

Your files are too powerful!App is inherently more inconvenient to use on newer model iphone devices. The limit of a mere 8mb for uploads is beyond laughable, majority of screenshots done on an iphone 12 for example will easily go over this limit prompting the whole ‘files too powerful’ nonsense and asking you to pay to just send a screenshot. I have to dig up an older model phone that should be retired just to send the same screenshot because the screenshots on the older phone don’t go over this ancient 8mb limit. This needs to be expanded. The app settings and toggle prompts regarding this are terribly outdated as well: There was a toggle for ‘always compress images’ with the ‘files too powerful’ notice that would pop up also saying that you could find this setting under ‘text and images’. This setting for ‘always compress images’ is nowhere to be found in ‘text and images’. In my experience switching this setting on from the ‘files too powerful’ notice did absolutely nothing for sending images and the toggle no longer appears anywhere to switch it off. Please fix your app settings and increase the 8mb limit..Version: 163.0

If this was two weeks ago, i would’ve given 5 starsI WAS paying for nitro for over a year now, and i didn’t have any issues until my last payment. since then i’ve decided to no longer pay for nitro or give support towards the discord company. i got an email saying that my automatic payment was late and i needed to pay for nitro or else i would no longer be using nitro. i was confused and quickly paid for nitro while i was at work, i got a confirmation email and i was good to go. the discord app was no longer saying i needed to update my payment plan for three days, before getting pop ups saying, again, that i was going to run out of nitro on the day it was stating in the “late payment” email. i emailed discord support, didn’t hear anything back until i opened ANOTHER ticket and i finally got a response. they asked for where i paid (?), the email, and what day. although i had stated all of it. i told them and they told me i needed to get transferred to a higher level of management. i didn’t hear back for four days, two days AFTER the day i was told nitro would run out. which it did. i opened a new ticket and demanded a refund, and the NEXT DAY i got a response to the second ticket i opened and was informed they fixed the issue and gave the fakest apology i’ve ever seen from a company..Version: 139.0

Updated into Hot GarbageIf discord plans to take this worthless mobile redesign to PC- they will be committing economic suicide. We have lost features- and “gained” a confusing mess of a UI in turn. 👎.Version: 208.1

Great app!This app is a great way for people to communicate…. But it don’t understand why it’s 17+… I know there are predators but I think that’s excessive. ——————- Something I think they should add is feature where you can change your icon in different servers… A lot of people have been waiting for this, so I hope it can be accomplished. ——————— If you agree with any of these statements please say this comment was useful so the developers can see this!.Version: 80.0

VolumeThe volume for voice chats isn’t appearing on my screen? I’m literally going deaf with how loud it is plz help..Version: 3.1.4

Awful new updatesEvery new discord update has been awful. My breaking point is the new, garbage UI. It’s awful, glitchy, hard to navigate, and I think whoever designed it needs to be fired. It’s the opposite of innovative. If you’re gonna even have this UI, at least make it so that you can turn the damn thing off. Fix your app. Stop making unwanted and useless changes..Version: 207

UI changeThey changed the UI and now the mobile app is hot garbage, it was prefect the way it was, a 1-1 copy of the desktop version but works on mobile. I’ve lost all my muscle memory, you can even see server list, and it runs slower half the time. Don’t get discord for phone now..Version: 208.0

New UI is hot garbageAwful, clunky design that freezes up constantly even on a brand new IPhone. I’m always having to reset the app now, messages don’t send either… I hate not seeing my friendlist, and having a separate screen to view servers and chats. Please give us the option to go back to the old version to match the desktop. That was clean!.Version: 208.1

Discord doesn’t care about its usersThe vast majority of discord users are well aware of how terrible the new UI is, but you can look at any other review in the past week to see that. i, as well as many others, pay for the discord nitro premium service, and have for years. and yet despite that, they didn’t feel it was necessary to let anyone know ahead of time, or give people a grace period with this new ui, they just immediately changed it and on social media essentially just told people to get used to it. discord clearly has no intentions of responding to any of the feedback, despite how much there is, and for a service this big, their lack of response is disgusting. they released a beta of a similar ui several months ago and gave the option to return to the previous ui, to which almost every user went back to. i don’t know if they’re responding to shareholder demands or just hate everyone who uses their app, but this is a fast track to ending up as obsolete as skype. tl;dr discord has ignored responses from it’s user base, many of whom pay for the premium account, and have not acknowledged the outpour of negative feedback.Version: 208.0

Bad updateReverse the mobile ui.Version: 207

UI change has brought this app from 4 stars to 1The new UI is absolutely atrocious. Numerous users have been complaining about accessibility issues (such as the decision to alter the dark mode to make it *less* accessible to users with astigmatism), poor design, moving essential app features previously accessible through a single swipe or tap to behind multiple swipes, taps and button presses seemingly moved to completely obscure locations. Additionally, the new UI features a number of (potentially dangerous) bugs, ranging from infinite loading screens to crashing when certain inputs are made (amusingly, the ‘feedback’ button has caused numerous users’ apps to crash when pressed) to sending DMs to the wrong person, or even to a server. While the ‘new’ UI has been available for a number of months, discord has always included the option to instead use the old one for users who prefer it. Removing that option was an unfortunate sign in the decline in quality of the developers’ responses to user feedback, and is a major blight on what has otherwise been an amazing app up until this point..Version: 207

Good but needs workI use discord everyday and these problems are getting worse and worse, one I can’t set my Xbox live as a status I like to know how much time I’ve been playing a game. It logs me out for no reason, the app always needs to reload when it opened. The app will stop working and shut down every so often..Version: 3.1.9

Just please fix this even if it’s part of programmingI put my email so many times and it still says I have to put vertification to invite people even though I done it many times and it still won’t work and I tried my other emails but still wouldn’t work can you just please fix it because it’s getting a little annoying and all i am trying to do is try out discord and have fun with my friends but it keeps popping out and I am getting furious so please make my wish come true and one last thing I got logged off my account and and been trying to get in but it says “log on or password is invalid* even though my password is Fine it stills it’s invalid which has also happened when I tried making new accounts but it’s comes up with the same result so please fix this.Version: 190.0

Amazing appDespite his initial status as one of Spider-Man's horror-based rogues and also an adversary of the vampire hunter Blade, responsible for turning Blade into a dhampir, Morbius went on to become a brooding, gritty and tragically flawed protagonist in his own series and other titles starting in the 1990s.[4] An award-winning biochemist, Morbius was imbued with pseudo-vampiricsuperhuman abilities and physical traits after a failed biochemical experiment which was intended to cure his rare blood disease, rather than such traits originating from supernatural means. The rest of his appearances feature his struggles with his pseudo-vampiric persona, his insatiable lust for human blood and his subsequent efforts to cure his horrific condition, along with his eventual stint as a brutal and nightmarish vigilante, occasionally returning to villainy. The character has appeared in several media adaptations outside of comics including animated shows and video games. Jared Leto portrays Michael Morbius in the Sony's Spider-Man Universe film Morbius (2022). IGN ranked the character as Spider-Man's 19th-greatest villain of all time.[5].Version: 137.0

New update is horrendousDiscord has updated their app with a new UI layout which has totally misrepresented its community’s needs and values. First of all, the new layout makes it so you cannot swipe to the left in order to view the participants or server members, and instead creating a reply feature which is not able to be turned off in settings. Secondly, which is the MAJOR change out of the two, the DM location has changed to be at the bottom, and now it has made it increasingly difficult to view whether there’s a new notification or not. Furthermore, simply accessing DMs has been made much more difficult as Discord users could slice to the right and click the DM on the side with the old update, rather than having to slide and open a whole new menu which doesn’t even emphasise new notifications like the old layout did. This update has not reflected anything the community has asked for, and it is evident through the countless 1 star reviews both on the App Store & Google Play Store. Instead of changing an entire UI layout which its users have become accustomed to, Discord should to create more meaningful features which doesn’t decrease the efficiency of the app..Version: 207

Change it backOld ui was better.Version: 208.1

UGLY GARBAGE UPDATEEvery change you have been making to this platform for the past little while have been objectively terrible decisions, unneeded, unwanted, and making it worse to use while not fixing actual issues. but now this new update that changes how everything looks ???? hate it hate it it’s so ugly hate the layout why is there a button for threads ?? I do not want threads in my server. I do not want the events button always in my server. I do not want any of these changes, I want to be able to use this god forsaken app without it crashing, which you have not done for me. also the colours are so much worse also all the profile customization stuff is also terrible.Version: 207

Discord what happened?Ok so Uhm, I know something was really really weird at first when changing your profile, let's say I have a cat picture, it's either my profile pointing at the background or at its ears, this is a great chatting channel but seriously I do not want my profile to be a profile or pointing at its ear, Here's the story, I found a really cute cat picture, I wanted it to be my profile, but I kinda messed up, my profile was the ears, and if I try to zoom in, it still points to the ears or it's background, before this was really really normal, now what happened, does it have to do to you, Discord, or something went wrong in the picture, also I am using an iOS aswell, so I think that's the problem, or something went wrong, if you are reading this thank you, if you are up to help with this problem, thank you very much, I wanted to give you 5 stars, but please fix this problem, would appreciate if you've fixed this..Version: 13.1

Poor UI updateTerrible new UI. You needed to keep role hierarchy something you could see from the right side of the screen if you wanted to. Putting in “list” view on a separate page ruins the whole hierarchal aspect of things, and it makes the role system seem less important. I like everything else about the update, but Discord is trying to hard to look like a social media platform on mobile. Discord will never be that. It’s not supposed to be that. What makes Discord better than other platforms is that it isn’t like a social media platform (ie. IG, FB, etc.) but it seems to be trying too hard to be. If you change the PC version, you guys will lose a lot of respect. I wish I could reverse this update..Version: 207

Mostly functionalI’ve been using discord for nearly 3 or 4 years on PC and it’s been by far the best communication app I’ve used. Better than Skype and Teamspeak by far. That being said, the phone app version has been starting to have many problems for me. There’s a chance it’s just my phone, but I’ve spoken to many other people who have said to have the same or similar problems. The app is extremely slow and unresponsive. It can often take ages for typed text and channels to load and when tapping multiple times it still doesn’t work. Another issue is when joining a voice call, almost every time now it crashes after at most 5 minutes, and often more and quicker when I’m using other background apps. Discord on phone is at times unusable for general use, and it currently almost completely unusable for voice chat. I have tried restarting my phone, reinstalling the app, and compared it to other social media on my phone, nothing has worked. If these problems were fixed, it would definitely be a 5 star app and the interface, if it were responsive, is extremely nice and intuitive relative to the PC version..Version: 41.0

New “blurple” too saturated, causes eye strainSo I love discord, and I have for ages, but this new update really severely strains my eyes. I struggle with retinal ghosts from really bright colours, and now discord causes the same when it never used to. The hyper-saturation is glaring, and stands out way too much compared to dark mode, or even light mode. I know others have accessibility issues with the new font for example, but the eye strain from the new colour within the app is really too much. The new message notification bar, the message send button, the DM button, they’re all now a new glaring saturation that hurts my eyes even looking at it for a few seconds. I would appreciate an option to revert back to the previous blue, even just within the app, and would change my rating if this happened..Version: 74.0

LayoutGive us the choice to use the new or old layout because in my opinion the new layout is terrible. It’s either DMs or servers now while before you could be in DMs and still see servers. That was much better. Seriously give us the choice don’t force your terrible layout change on us.Version: 207

Remove Clyde auto-ending callsDiscord has its glitchy moments with notifications, but on the whole is a solid app. However, I absolutely hate the new “feature” which means private calls on mobile are automatically ended after three minutes if one person leaves. I rely on discord to call my long distance partner and we love falling asleep with each other on the call and checking in with each other throughout the day/night as the other person sleeps to see if they’re okay. It was so disheartening the first time we discovered that Clyde had disconnected the call after three minutes, meaning we couldn’t check on each other without waking the other person up and making a new call. I understand that the idea behind it is the save data/bandwidth, but that’s for me to manage, not discord. I’m really disappointed that this has been added and think it should be at least a toggle button where you can disable Clyde from auto-ending private calls on both PC and mobile. It’s up to me to manage how I spend my time on the app, not discord to decide for me..Version: 177.1

Overwhelming and disorienting new layoutMy main issue is the new layout. Everything is spread out and hidden away in other tabs and buttons making it very overwhelming. Discord is trying to hard to be like other social platforms when it doesn't need to. The old layout worked wonderfully with this new one just being a ripoff of imessages. It might work for other sites but for discord it is completely unnecessary. The size everything takes up is far more for no additional amount of information. The new update makes finding members annoying. Before you could just swipe left and see all the members of a group chat or server. Now it's hidden away at the top which is unnecessary. Not only is it an useless change but the members list is way bigger. This makes it look overwhelming searching for people. The main feature that this update takes away from is the search button. Before it was clear and easy to search for whatever you needed. Now it is more disorganized and unnecessary. My main issue is that you can not search in the entire server anymore and is limited to one channel at a time. This is a major flaw that takes away from the fluidity of the search feature. For servers with many channels, which is most of them, it is a pain to find what you were looking for. It would be gladly appreciated if you would reconsider these flaws to optimize our user experience on discord to make it a better app..Version: 207

Why fix what ain’t broke?Discord continues to roll out awful, buggy, and frankly unnecessary updates. These updates add nothing new, go against community feedback, and are released without proper testing..Version: 181.0

Doesn't workDoesn't matter where I tap, it doesn't register. Congrats discord you failed the most basic function of an app.Version: 2.4.4

The new UI update ruins this appI’ve used discord since the start of 2018 and I’ve gone through all the ups and downs of this platform, but throughout the entire course of using it, this is the first time I’m considering completely abandoning it and getting all my friends to make the switch to something like Guilded. The UI has changed almost entirely, the backdrop color changed from a easy on the eyes grey to an extremely harsh dark blue. You can no longer swipe left to see the members list, now you must press on the search icon (for God knows why??) to see it and then it seems there’s no way to exit that screen other than jumping to a message someone sent or that was pinned. Instead, swiping left now replies to messages, which is very unnecessary as you can just hold tap on a message and press reply—very little of the time do I actually need to reply to a message to even need a quicker action for it, as most conversations flow naturally with very few uses of the reply feature. The friends list has been moved completely, which isn’t the worst thing, but it’s just more inconvenient and unnecessary. I haven’t tried streaming or voice calls yet since this change, but I imagine they’ve been messed with as well. Frankly, the app just makes me feel incredibly claustrophobic now and it’s so infuriating to use now. If they reverse the UI update, I will bump this up to 5 stars, as the app has been great until now..Version: 207

BruhI recently found a friend of mine through a server on discord so naturally, I added them. We were chatting in the server and then I was about to send them a message in our private dm’s. I decided “no I don’t want to wave, they know it’s me” so I sent a message without waving. I then had to verify my account and it kept denying my details I knew off by heart and even wrote down in a book in case something like this happened. I eventually fixed it but nooo discord wanted to be a little female dog swear word! It kept popping up with a screen where I had to verify..again. It would be much easier if it just deleted my friend in my contacts so I could add them back without all this complicated bull kaka. FIX THIS PROBLEM ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!- angry user.Version: 158.0

Please fix file sizes on mobileI love the app, but I’m just here to report that in a recent update, file sizes that were previously small enough to post on mobile (iOS) have now been inflated to a size above 8MB. I’m now unable to post the majority of my pictures from my camera that I would previously be able to post through my phone or iPad, however the exact same files remain postable from my computer. My overall experience of this app would be 5 stars, but I’m just posting this with one as a roundabout way of getting attention for this very annoying issue..Version: 103.0

Treats users like small childrenDiscord is a great platform in general. It’s allowed a huge variety of wide-ranging communities to grow and flourish, in an era where other social media platforms seem to be intent on driving them away. But the Discord iOS app is a gimped experience that treats its users like small children who can’t make their own decisions when it comes to viewing NSFW content. Even worse, Discord pretends to give its users a choice by including a setting on their desktop app to “show NSFW on iOS”, but this setting doesn’t actually work! NSFW servers are just as blocked whether the setting is on or off. Now, I’m sure Discord would protest: “it’s the App Store guidelines, it’s not our fault!” So why hasn’t it been a problem until now? And how do other apps with much bigger customer bases - like Twitter and Reddit - handle this issue? Far better than Discord’s developers, cowed into submission by the mighty App Store, at the expense of the communities it claims to support..Version: 77.0

The new discord update is grossI’ve been using discord for almost a year now and it was chill and fun to use which it still is. I just can’t get over the new font they are using and the way they highlight pings now it’s so gross, and the logo is fine and all but the color is kinda wonky like it just doesn’t fit the theme for discord as well as the other one did. And I get it though they’re trying to make it marketable to tons of other groups (which it already was) but really what’s so wrong with the app being known for gaming? Come on. I still use the app cause it’s my main way of communicating and gaming with my friends but it’s just really throwing me off now. Before the update I would’ve given it a 4-4.5 cause there are quite a bit bugs and I think it’s annoying I can’t send my friends videos and pictures just because it’s a small bit too big, and if I wanted to send them videos of my dogs being cute I’d have to pay 5-14 bucks (because of tax) to do so, but that isn’t too bad. Anyway now because of the annoying fonts and all the bad things I’ve been hearing coming from the new update, I’m giving it a 2 but it’s an in general great app if you wanna meet to new people online and communicate with your friends. I believe this app has a place for EVERYONE, disboard is a common and easy place to find a server for you..Version: 73.0

The latest UI is a step backwardsThe new user interface has a weird flow. It used to be that new direct messages would appear at the top of your server list, which means you were able to keep your attention on one section of the app. Now direct messages can only be accessed from a separate part of the app that’s accessed from the footer. Now you have to keep your attention not only on the server list to monitor for new activity, but also on the footer, and the footer doesn’t tell you who you’ve received messages from in the same way the old system did (where profile pictures would populate at the top of the server list). Now one must navigate into the direct messages directory in order to see who they’ve received messages from, which takes you out of the familiar Discord interface. You cannot access the server sidebar from here. Before you were able to easily return to the server listing by swiping your direct message to the right, just as you would a server channel. Now swiping away a message reveals the direct messages listing. Now one must take the additional step of tapping on the servers icon in the footer. This may not sound so bad, but it really breaks the seamless flow prior versions of the app had, not only because of the additional inputs, but because of the added spatial and relational complexity. Discord’s UI used to give me the sense that I was in one place, choosing to move things in and out of that place. Now it feels like two places..Version: 209.0

Love the app but…Why make it 17+? i cant use the app anymore bc of that..Version: 85.0

HmmmWhen the app works it’s great, you can customise your channel, add bots and do all sorts of things. Perfect for phones and tablets to be in voice communication with fellow gamers. It does have some serious bugs tho... if you log out and try logging in the next day you always get a message saying something along the lines of ‘this account was trying to be accessed from a new location” which to me doesn’t sound very good and would indicate that the program is constantly under attack by hackers. If you keep it logged in tho there doesn’t seem to have this issue. Another issue is that if there is a minor interruption in your WiFi it doesn’t reconnect but keeps you logged in, (people can hear you but you can’t hear anyone else)... also from time to time the server goes altogether allowing nobody online at all! This doesn’t seem to be very often but I feel that the issues regarding reconnecting after micro disconnects and the issues regarding having to stay logged in due to fear of your account being compromised is something to worry about. Who knows, by installing this app I could be being listened to even if I’m not even in a voice channel?... pls fix these issues soon. I’ve been using the app for months and have seen no attempt by the developers to correct what should be very simple errors and flaws..Version: 2.3.7

Billing issue.The app is good, i’m able to chat and play with my friends and meet new people. But when buying nitro i’ve had heaps of difficulties, and i’ve looked them up to see if anyone else had gone through the same thing and if i’m able to fix it. According to reddit, many others have experienced similar, if not the same thing I did. After buying nitro I didn’t receive it, I tried pressing the “restore nitro subscription” button over a hundred times and it did not work. I got the confirmation email for my purchase of it, and money was taken out of my account yet I wasn’t able to use or claim my nitro perks. I’m on iOS and used an apple gift card, someone else on reddit said they did the same thing and the same thing happened but i’ve used a gift card on the same device before and it did not do this until now. I refunded the nitro and bought it again to see if it’d work a second time, and nope. Still the same results. I’ve contacted apple support and hopefully they’re able to restore it..Version: 133.0

New UIThis new UI update is horrendous. At least give us the option to use the old one.Version: 207

New discord is terribleEverything is glitchy. Everytime I’m in a server and a message pops up it says “1 new message since…” but it doesn’t go away even after I’ve went to the server. Now everytime there’s a busy server, all I see is that blue notification that won’t go away. This is so annoying because now I have to constantly slide up and down. Same with server pings. The search part of discord is terrible. Why in the dms are all the profile pictures the same? I keep thinking all the messages are from the same people but no, it’s just the other persons pfp. If I accidentally click on a message it sends me to it and that’s super annoying. The filter tool is glitchy too and will only work before you type anything in. You can’t type the commands in anymore. In the dms, I’ll get messages from people but when I go to check it doesn’t appear so I have to leave it and click back on it to see it? The friends place is also super unnecessary. Why is it so uneven, why are some of them long rectangles, than squares, then back to long rectangles. It doesn’t separate the online to the offline so it’s annoying too. I also get a glitch where the server logos at the bottom don’t properly show, like I can only see one house and it’s black with white spots in it. Bring old discord back or at least fix the glitches..Version: 208.1

If it’s not broken don’t fix it.I really do not understand why discord even changed their ui but here we are. In all 5 years I have been on discord, over 1826 days, I have not once ever seen anyone complain about how the ui works. It was fine the way it was. In the beta for this you were able to switch back to the original but I don’t see why they removed the option to switch back. It over complicates so many things which were once able to be done in one swipe and a tap. Searching for stuff is absolutely horrific to do, it’s very glitchy sometimes and I had troubles looking up messages from certain people. It used to take about 8 seconds to search something up but now it feels like it takes forever. Checking dm lists is very overwhelming as well, it feels like it’s popping out of the screen and scooping my eyes out with a metal spoon. The color change is an odd choice as well, again, I’ve never once see someone complain about the color of dark mode. I feel like the new dark mode is too dark, especially since there’s a night mode which is basically pitch black. If you want to change the ui, at least give people a break or listen to people’s complaints. When this ui was in beta I did not see one good thing about said from other people. People looked at it for about a minute, complained to someone about how weird it looked, then left it to be forgotten. Save your developer’s time and don’t fix things that aren’t broken..Version: 207

Wish i could rate higherApps been great. Discord has always been so easy and fun until i got disabled 3 times all for no reason. 1st time was when i pinged an actual discord admin. I got told to ping him so i did and 2 mins later my account got deleted completely so great admin. Second time was because i was apparently wizzing/nuking discord servers when ive never even come close to nukers iml. Wrote a ticket and the response team couldnt be bothered to look at any logs or anythting. 3 rd time was AGAIN for the same reason. I just dont get it. The wizzing/nuking reports could be possible fake reports just to get my acct removed due to the fact i owned 2 servers which were toxic and people troll alot in these type of servers so its common to make enemies who want u gone. Lost ownership to both servers and this happend 1 to 2 weeks after getting nitro everytime. So sad the app was great but then it wasnt..Version: 109.0

UpdateThe new update sucks, the version before was better.Version: 207

Discord read this.So I really like discord, you can make friends, make servers, message friends and voice chat but something ruined that. I was just joining some servers since I needed to and it popped up with,”Hmm. Somethings up. Please Verify your Email.” And I couldn’t do that since I’ve already used my email for a different account that discord made me log out of for no reason as well, so I had to log out of that account too. This made me really upset and I’m still crying now. So I made a new account with my phone number, I was friending everyone I knew, then I joined some servers. Then it said that I need to verify my EMAIL and I only signed up with my phone number so what was I supposed to do? I could’ve asked for my dad’s email but my parents are overprotective so obviously I couldn’t ask for his email otherwise he’d ask questions about why I need his email. I’m really upset about this and I want my account back..Version: 109.0

Why did you change the UI?!?!It was fine the way it was! Put it back! Or at least give me the option to use the old one!.Version: 207

Worst Experience With Any Software To DateThe initial setup was tortuous and required help from my professional tech support buddies. There is very little if anything “intuitive“ about the interface. Cluttered is another word that comes to mind. And the number of times I’ve screamed, “How do I just go back to where I was?!” is innumerable. The voice connection fails more often than not. The “help” I have read appears to be out of date. I really do not understand why this app is apparently so popular but then those who invited me to join are complete gamers and nerds. I persisted with it for a couple of weeks but my brain is apparently wired differently to those who think is so great. Hate it with a passion..Version: 44.0

Disabled My Account Because I canceled my nitro subscription!I’ve used discord for a very long time, for 5 years and I really enjoyed using it until I my account had gotten disabled because I decided to cancel my 3 month free nitro subscription. I had canceled because I didn’t really have a need for the subscription. I was rarely on and never really used the perks of their nitro. I had canceled my subscription on September 22nd 2021 and didn’t think they were gonna charge me, but I had checked my bank account to find out they did. I waited a few days thinking maybe it was on an accident and they’ll refund me my money but I had seen they didn’t. On September 25th I had put the request for a refund and got approved. As soon as that happened my account was immediately disabled and I wasn’t able to access it anymore. I contacted discord support to see what the reason why and explained what had happened but they insisted that I had broke their terms of service because I didn’t let them charge me for a subscription I had canceled. I had some of my best friends on there and was in a lot of really cool communities and it’s an utter shame that I will never be able to communicate with them again because of their poor customer service and api. Don’t use discord, they’ll disable and ban your account because they have bad api and customer service won’t listen to what you have to say because they feel like it superior to you..Version: 93.0

Dangerous for childrenApp claims to be 13+ yes? but allows nsfw & nsfw servers that can be exposed to young children easily, ive had dm advertisers advertise nsfw egirl servers to me since i first started using discord (2019) , and while i know you can change who can dm you and you can scan dms before they are sent, i dont think any person new to discord would know how to do that. they need to protect the minors on this app more because there are far too many servers that allow 13-16 year olds be in the same nsfw setting as fully grown adults, im not saying remove the nsfw completely because that would remove a big part of the audience, but there needs to be more rules around nsfw servers, such as ID before joining an 18+ server (that ive seen some do) - there is too much free space for cp to be passed around easily. im 14 and have had 15+ invites to nsfw servers (some that will welcome 13 year olds?!) in the past WEEK. I have turned off my dms since but it is annoying since i cannot message other people who are not on my friends list. It is unsafe for minors and discord either needs to add a whole lot more rules in place or they just need to make it an 18+ app..Version: 117

New updateI love discord, it’s fun and a great place to make friends. But the new call update is very irritating and I cannot get used to it. I’ve tried everything to get rid of it and go back to the old call display but I cannot find anything. I hate change and when there’s something irreversible about something I like it brings me to a very bad mood..Version: 201.0

Verification system?..😕Hear me out, This app is amazing for socialising with friends! I recommend this for gamers across the globe because it allows you to: Make calls, Stream your screen and chat whilst playing! I’ve got one problem though…Verification block?..I know it’s important to verify your account but to cut off all use of the app because you haven’t verified? Me and my friend share an email in a way, (She having created it for me to use because I was having trouble making an account in the first place), And that’s basically our only way of contact besides meetups, Which happen very rarely. I’m currently sitting on my bed, Confused, Frightened even because I don’t have her as a contact (We seriously CANNOT figure it out how to add others) And I really do not know when we’ll next meet. I’ve messaged her on roblox, but that hasn’t been replied to, It’s been 7 days, I’m starting to think she thinks that I’m ignoring her. Please fix this, Please do. Sorry for the bunch of negatives, But I really dislike the verification system, So dearly sorry..Version: 156.0

Unsafe and outclassed in VC by Teamspeak, useful for private chats.If you are going to be chatting for a majority of your time on Discord through voice calls, just rent a TS server. It’s simple, accessible and high quality compared to Discord’s practically authoritarian rules on bandwidth. Use this app for communities and group chats exclusively; there’s no other multi media private chat forum on the internet that’s recognised like Discord. The privacy on Discord is a burden and a pro, conversations never being tracked with data and a guarantee of safe person to person communication. On the other hand, Discord’s privacy makes it a lot easier for predators to take advantage of others; something not rare to the landscapes of Discord life..Version: 65.0

Keeps crashing and marking unread messages as read.I like Discord for what it offers, but the iOS app crashes randomly whenever I try to load a picture, gif, song, or other upload someone else posted, and crashes when I try to post pictures quite frequently. I know that a lot of people upload stuff, so the fact that it crashes as often as it does is a major concern for me. Another issue is that the app has decided to randomly mark all messages in random chat channels as read when I open them, even though I’ve still got dozens to read before I reach the end of the string. Or I’ll be reading the messages, and suddenly it marked all messages as read, to include ones that happen while I’m reading, and not even remotely caught up. It happens randomly, so I don’t even know what might be the issue. It might happen to a chat every time I open it, or just once in a while but it’s a bug I want to see gone. Being tagged in a message, and then having that indicator removed randomly is an issue. I don’t always have time to read everything in one sitting, so I want to be assured that I can read it later. It is a major issue when it starts you over at the end of the conversation, and doesn’t save from where you had to leave off. (This is mostly for my admin duties on servers.) I like that I have the ability to take Discord with me, but if I can’t use it half the time, then it’s like I don’t even have it at all..Version: 1.9.5

Terrible updateThe layout was perfect, a bit confusing at first, but then they change the entire thing and remove everything from discord that made it what it is. This app is no longer about what it was and instead about following what every other app is doing, I will not be using it anymore as other apps offer that and more. I have no idea what they were thinking..Version: 207

Servers buggedI’ve had discord for 4-5 years and only just recently began to have issues joining servers. Instead of server link invites sending me into the server it’ll send me to the App Store page for discord. Which makes it impossible for me to join any new servers unless someone I know is in the server and sends the a invite to it on discord instead of anything else. It’s made it annoying to try and join any servers due to how long it takes to finally join and half of the time the links still won’t work even in discord..Version: 102.0

Not impressedI love discord , it’s a really good app to connect with friends and everything- but i have a problem about the app that won’t go away and it’s starting to really annoy me . When Discord changed my screen and told me to verify by phone or email i clicked email first . I did everything right but when it loaded up the *verifying your email page* on google or safari - the next step didn’t load so I was very annoyed with that . So next I tried my phone number and everything worked once more but when I typed in my password and pressed *done.* nothing happened .. so I kept retrying until it told me I was rate limited? Like wth discord. How am i supposed to verify if none of the options work for me? They’re actually not working for lots of more people to . I own a popular server and my members are going to get worried if I’m not there but this stupid verification is stuck on my screen page - THANKS A LOT 😡.Version: 53.0

Closing dm another dm screen freezing on mePlease fix this glitch, whenever I close a dm it’s works but whenever i go to someone and close the dm, the screen froze on me so I had to close the app and open it again and when I open it again it’s works in that way and I don’t want to be angry all the time, i have been using discord a long time but I think this bug is just annoying me. I really appreciate if you fixed this bug thanks..Version: 164.0

You had a decent thing going, and you ruined it.I’d rate 0 stars if I could, but I can’t. Don’t use this service anymore. Discord no longer values the safety and privacy of its users, and they definitely don’t deserve your money anymore. This username change seriously has me considering canceling my Nitro and switching to a new application. There was nothing, nothing at all, wrong with the current discriminator system you guys had going. The pomelo system is a terrible system and doesn’t fit the needs of the online population on other sites, let alone on Discord, so why would you guys take a currently working system and switch to something that nobody wanted? You’re making it easier for people to get harassed over their usernames, making it easier for stalkers to track down their victims because now there’s only one username per person, accounts will be hacked or the owners will be harassed and threatened/blackmailed into selling their accounts for profit, or worse - swatted like that poor man on Twitter who died from after he was swatted IRL, orchestrated by people who wanted his username. A man is DEAD IRL, because someone valued a USERNAME over a human life. Congratulations, Discord, this is the possibility you’re now opening up your users to. This update takes away any security you guys had, over a made up issue that nobody was complaining about. You’re not helping anybody with this new system, and it’s going to cause WAY more problems in the near future than it’s going to solve. 300 million people on this platform and your solution to “there’s too many x” is to make it so there can only be ONE? Where is the logic?.Version: 178.0

It’s alright when it worksDiscord is an alright place to talk with friends. It’s more convenient than other platforms. When it works at least. Quite often discord (phone app) will not allow me to enter, as upon entering the app I am instantly booted off. Quite annoying since it is a place where I have many friends. I have moved on to using Instagram instead. While it’s less convenient, it is more reliable. If I find that I no longer have this issue then I’ll definitely go back to discord..Version: 155.0

User unfriendly / learning curveUnlike most apps discord has a learning curve that makes it’s hard to find things and unfortunately creates for a forced experience as a student having to use this platform for class to get help as a option because we have no lab. I would not chose this app if it weren’t for my school using it and saying I had to in order to get help. I think the hardest part is just navigating and understanding why it even exists. It’s a platform that lets you share but has limited file size, and is more like a Facebook group because it has limitations on how you can interact within the platform based on who created a page from what I understand. And I dont understand much. All my gaming friends use this for streaming. I really is great for that, im not so sure it’s my favorite thing in the world to have to use to many forms of communication just to get help. I would say make it more user friendly. That’s vague, but it could use some work on the interface, the side bar option is a strange approach. Possibly something that goes across the top of the page, alittle less hard to find things. Also the ability to tag and message more easily findable rather than a secret option you have to right click give it something pre intuitive like a button for messaging and tagging and the options to use @ when tagging teachers rather than finding them in the strand right clicking on their name and picking the option to tag..Version: 143.0

Nice and a little bit badThis is a nice app but I have not opened it for over 1 year all ready some ransom kid encouraged be to get it, but I feel like you should add some more detail or something if I’m wrong, I feel like you should make this thing like you can just have like a tab and all your friends can play like a certain thing and join to play. I feel like it would be better, like that then just clicking on share screen all the time which wouldn’t even budge or work sometimes. The Discord is just good it’s atleast better than better than messages which is way worst, I still try to get my friends interest in discord but he think it’s to impropriate people are just swearing and with racist scenes. I know it’s for over 10 years but how come people just download the app just to boast and tease, Everything you say has no tags it’s literally just a swear word or whatever people even name them own self into something weird I just have to say how are they not banned or blocked yet I suggest they should get time out for all those wrong things..Version: 118.0

Some irritating new issuesEver since the update in late February my phone has had issue after issue. My phone locking crashes the app. I change to another app and it disconnects me from the call until I swap back to discord. The call quality is amazing when it works but the fact that it’s a 50-50 chance of failing is... not promising..Version: 3.2.1

Great App - lots of bugs mobileLove this App. However, there’s constant bugs which means I’m having to restart discord often as it just stops loading properly, it’s not an internet fault as everything else loads normally, discord just likes to pretend like it doesn’t know how to load anything and will just stop working completely. It’s been buggy before and most bugs are doable but this one is by far the worst patch we have had..Version: 53.0

Go back!!!Go back. This new update makes no sense. Literally everyone in all the servers I’m in has gone on verbal rampages about how annoying this last update was. The midnight mode is nice, and that’s about it. Put the DM’s back where they were!.Version: 207

It’s okI like it it’s pretty cool but I’ve had better texting and FaceTimeing apps bye far I mainly don’t like it because there is a toxic boy on there that always bully me and I can’t do anything about it because my mum knows his mum and won’t let me I wish ther was someone Who monitors the app to make sure knowone gets bullied like other apps and he is only 12 so you need to make sure they are the right age.Version: 157.0

If this new feature comes through…Okay, so I’ve saw leaks about this new discord feature which’ll be enforcing restrictions and limitations upon members of the app that may violate the server/app’s rules. Thus, I’ve come to state a personal opinion before I even consider updating this app, especially knowing how the majority of the users of this app can be corrupted or unmotivated. If otherwise, they would send a variety of memes or say certain things that daily life on the internet can typically occur. As we know, many people can be toxic and can oppose this but my main concern is the fact that some of these rules can be vague and take out users for the most simple or petty reasons. Upon updating this feature to the app, I’m sure that the said majority of people will be affected and this will discord the app at a drastic rate. While this may be beneficial for eliminating predators, downsides will also come into play. As stated prior, it can potentially affect those who unintentionally violate said rules out of habit and this might even take advantage of the old messages prior to someone updating this app. To be honest, the only people safe from this feature are those who are consistently inactive and in addition to believe that this app could potentially die out in only from a few weeks to a couple of months. By then, there will be no turning back unless the executives remove this entire systematic process and god bless that people are attracted back into the community..Version: 201.0

New Update Borderline Useless.As a person who has used this app for 3 years, I’ve enjoyed the quality of life changes, with new features to make sure navigating servers felt smoother than a breeze and really just made using the app better. This was what I always thought discord was good with until the most recent update. I absolutely HATED the new light blue’ish colour and everything about it just felt like discord was handed over to a new owner. I wouldn’t say this is a downgrade but.. This is a downgrade. The colour is too vivid and the logo looks childish, almost like an app for children 10 and below. The age required to use the app has also been bumped up which is a lot more inconvenient and the fact that there is an age restriction for iOS is brainless. Why would you spend so much effort to not only restrict the app for 17 and below, but also add a nsfw server blocking option..? I appreciate the measures taken to ensure absolute safety but making the age required to use the app higher than it needs to be kinda just knocks the app from a communication app to a dating app. You’re only allowing old teens and up access to use the app on iOS..??? Please try your best to redo everything and change discord back to the former glory it once was, Thanks..Version: 73.0

Please read thisFrom the very beginning, I have had numerous problems with this app. The only reason I am giving it two stars is because when it does work, it is phenomenal. When I first got the app, it wouldn’t let me join the server I wanted to and said I was banned (even though I’d never used the app before). I re-downloaded the app recently because I was joining a clan and they required discord. I got the app and I was still logged into my old account, which was glitched, so I created a new one. I actually had to create that account on my browser because the app didn’t even let me do that. I created my account and tried to login on the app, no success. I’ve re-downloaded the app numerous times since then and still, no success logging in. Luckily, my browser still works and I use that to chat with my clan. Unfortunately, even when I turn my phone sideways, I can’t see all of the writing because it shows all the members of the group on the right hand side and it takes up half of the screen. Then, I have to read downwards one letter at a time and I don’t have the patience for that, especially with all of the scrolling it requires. If I could get on the app and not have to worry about that, I would have no complaints, but this simple fix is ruining the entire app for me. If you want people to use your app, they have to be able to create an account, but so far I haven’t had any luck with that..Version: 3.0.0

New update is a hindrance to usersThe new update you have implemented has been a hindrance to more people than just me, people hate the way Discord looks now. I understand that you guys only want to improve the experience of your users on this app but this is definitely a step backwards. The app looks like almost every other social app and it isn’t as unique anymore, people can’t find member lists and others are having trouble navigating to other servers without accidentally swiping to reply to another person. I even turned off my auto updates with hopes my app wouldn’t update but it still did. If you guys really care about the users on your platform then please take the feedback you receive from this update seriously. I guarantee that majority of people dislike the new update and would prefer you revert it back to how it was. It’s causing far too many issues for users other than myself, please think about what they say and apply the feedback better. Thank you x.Version: 207

Follow up to my previous reviewsJust wanted to say I’m sorry for getting all worked up before. I should have done a bit more research and also could have worded my concerns better. While I may be sorry for how I expressed my concerns, I still stand by what I said overall! Although from what I’ve learned recently, it seems you are currently working on new features that help to keep discord as safe as possible, while also giving users the tools to keep themselves safe as well! While I’m still cautious of course, I’m glad you guys are actually trying to help keep the platform safe, and being more transparent about things and giving users the tools to be as safe as well! (That being said, please try to balance safety and privacy. I’m all for making Discord safer and all, but I don’t want either side to overpower the other!) One last thing: I noticed that the app was updated on my iPad, and while nothing seems any different from before the update, I do want to reiterate: please fix any bugs that your users are complaining about! For me personally, I haven’t experienced anything different yet. (Even the UI is pretty much the same on my iPad, and honestly, the whole UI thing isn’t too big of a deal. As long as it’s still ergonomic and easy.) so if you guys fixed everything, then thank you! But if the bugs are still a thing, and they’re something that affects the iPhone app and Desktop app, please fix them!.Version: 207

Bugs and GlitchesDiscord is great overall but ever since the recent last 3 updates, there has been some bugs and glitches on mobile that needs to be fixed. The first bug I found is getting out of control now. When I am creating my own server and trying to edit a channel, the channel would freeze on my phone and I can’t do anything. I tried refreshing the app numerous of times but nothing happened. I tried deleting the app and redownloading it and it worked, until I go back into my own server with the same channel and it freezes again. I even tried updating my phone and nothing happened. Please fix this bug. It’s so minor and can be so fixable. The other bug or glitch is that, it seems like it got changed. When I am trying to make a certain role not see a certain channel while having a specific role that allows you to see it. I moved the certain role above the specific role and apparently the certain role can still see the channel that only the specific role can. I liked it how it was where the certain role was above the specific role and the certain role can’t see the channel that the specific role could. I mean this is up to you to decide whether or not you want to change it back but I am not fully satisfied with this..Version: 151.0

The new mobile uiPlease change back to the old one, it’s overwhelming, eye straining, and laggy, nobody likes the new ui and it’ll just make everyone leave discord, also it’s a 13+ app, stop making it look like it’s for 6 year olds.Version: 207

Bad uiThis new ui is so bad and very glitchy, it wouldn’t automatically delete the message in the text box when sent so I had to if I wanted to send a new message.Version: 207

Account problemsThis app is great to talk to people on but there is a serious issue I’d like to address. When you log out of your account for a few days and try log back in it says “login detected reset your password new location logged in” makes you think there is hackers on your account and it gives you different locations every time you reset your password. I’ve even emailed discord about this issue. many times I have lost my accounts because of this problem and I’ve not been able to get my recent account back no matter how much I change my password it still don’t let me log back in I have lost so much memories on there that I want to keep. Discord please please fix this issue it’s been a problem for a while now and I just want my account back thank you..Version: 186.0

Broken again! Bothersome and unusable.As other users have reported in some less than favourable reviews for this app, it keeps on crashing! I have to delete and redownload it just to use it but every time I do this the amount of time I’m actually able to use it before it crashes again just gets shorter and shorter, until just now I think I had the app open for about 10 seconds before it crashed and kept me stuck on the loading screen when I tried to open again. Really!? This is so infuriating!! I still get notifications from the app but I can’t open them at all! I can’t believe how bad it is right now. Only a month ago I was able to use it like normal but suddenly this problem has cropped up and it doesn’t seem like I’m alone. Why is this happening? I even cleared all the space on my phone and did a system update just to try to rectify the issue but it still isn’t working so it can’t be my phone, but the app. I see a new version was released just a few days ago. I think this glitch must have come with it. Pretty bothersome. Let me know when you’ve fixed it so I can stop wasting my time..Version: 192.0

Ridiculously Poor1) very first time using this app, I had a very important group meeting - invite was sent with NO EXPIRATION & NO LIMITS. Several of us could no use the link stating “The invite link is invalid or has expired” 🙄 it was a brand new link and brand new invite. 2) I decided to start a new account, using it for only 1 particular server - And it seemed to go well for 12 about hours, I needed the app for some morning work. Then out of the blue I was removed from the server, i spoke directly to the admin and they said they haven’t removed or banned anyone. They send me a brand new link Lo and behold “The invite is invalid or has expired” so again I am unable to carry out any work!!! 3) I DM my friend from the same server on the App, yet again they send me a fresh invite, Lo and behold again “the user is banned from this guild”!! I am questioning the developers on how poorly can you make an app? No person to talk to about any issues just a so called “support page” I have sent an email for the support team, and still waiting on a response!! My head feels like it’s going to explode with frustration!!.Version: 115.0

Yikes..I've been using discord for around 2/3 years now and honestly back in the old days it used to be cool. Nothing was wrong with the app, call feature was fine and everything. After the recent update on phones, joining a call turns your originally 'on call' red bad near the top green, and initiates it like a phone call or FaceTime. It's annoying, I can't turn my phone off without hanging up or not being able to check my notifications. Not to mention, I have to restart the app and join again to rid of that feature AND to actually communicate with whoever I'm on a call with, because it glitches out and they can't hear me, vice versa. I wish it was reverted, everything seems to laggy and glitchy with discord nowadays. I love the app and I want to support it, but it's difficult when I can barely even use it..Version: 3.0.4

I love discord but please helpI have been having discord for two years and this thing that’s happening I’m starting to not like it so lately my profile has been becoming pixelated and every time I change it to my friends profile who don’t have a pixelated it becomes pixelated for me I don’t know what’s going on but I definitely want this problem to be fixed because I look so weird with the pixelated pfp idk what’s up with this but please fix it I do not like my profile being pixelated every time I change my profile to my friends it always comes out pixelated for me but not pixelated for though I even went on PC and I tried on my phone and it still makes it pixelated I don’t know what’s up but discord I think your update is making profiles pixelated because my friends profile is pixelated too and I don’t know what’s going on with the profiles but please fix it I don’t know if y’all are making a new update for Discord and it’s hacking peoples profiles I don’t know because everyone profile is pixelated to it’s not only me and my friends it’s a lot of people read it is talking about this too so I don’t really know what to do please know that I want this to not be some type of hack because this happened on other social media‘s and I hope this is not some type of hack and I hope it’s kind of like a update y’all are trying to do right now but please fix it I hope that this is that some type of hack please and thank you!!.Version: 82.0

Give an option to change the uiChange the UI back or give an option to do it, this is garbage and makes it just look like a carbon-copy of whatsapp. Bad.Version: 207

New UI borderline unusablePlease read the user feedback on you guys' website. I don't want to retype everything that's already been said. This sucks..Version: 207

New Mobile layoutI get your trying to make the new Discord layout more convenient for everyone, but some people find the old layout more convenient than this one. This update isn't like your other discord updates that have minor fixes and upgrades, this completely revamped how things work on discord. Layout is very important for any app company to have it efficient and convenient for users. I know this is what you tried to do but it really isnt doing well. The discord layout has been the same for a very ling time and a sudden change like this makes it seem very clunky and annoying. I hate how all the notifications and everything are so up front and big as well as the buttons. The new layout completely ruins the uniqueness that many people liked about the old Discord layout. The new layout looks a lot like other social media layouts and is incredibly off putting as the old discord layout was very iconic. If you were going to make such a sudden change like this at least give us the opportunity to switch layouts like you had in a previous version. Another thing worth noting would be when you slide to the side to see who in a server is online and what roles they have, that was before but now you have to slide up which is way less convenient. Overall all Im saying is that removing the option to switch between the layouts seems like an inconvenience to many people as this new layout is incredibly crowded and clunky..Version: 207

Banned for “Spamming”. Abroken Appeal systemI’ve been a long timetime Discord user since 2017 and HypeSquad Member. I’ve done a lot to help grow their userbase as best I could. Now I shall provide my feedback on this experience here. Discord’a autoflagging/disabling + Trust and Safety team is absolute whack. This autodetect system is broken and only serves to raise a number for statistics to look good. The Trust & Safety team won’t actually care for their community. Auto detection will just flag anyone using their services they provide to you as spam if used in anyway not suitable to the system. Immediately disabling the account without warning or a second chance. Due to my heavy use and longtime standing account I’ve gained a ton of friends throughout the years. Being in multiple servers and having multiple friends. Well into the hundreds. Cause of this I had a ton of Friend suggestions, near 200 and wanted to use their Friend Suggestions feature they provided me on their platform. After sending friend request via their own features my account got flagged as spamming/botting. I had only used their Friend Suggestion feature and added friends and messaged only to have my account flagged as spam. Immediately disabled without warning for using their own features and nothing can be done on my end. I’ve sent an appeal but they refused as the terms were broken due to bottong/spamming. This system and team is broken. I’m willing too wager the vast majority of the millions banned for spam were wrongly banned. Flagging accounts for claims of “spamming”/“botting” when in reality it’s just using your platform and services If discord Trust & Safety Team actually looked into my account they’d see the 5 years being a longtime heavy member and a HypeSquad Member to help build their community and userbase. The system is broken & this trust & safety team doesn’t seem to look into anything with nuance and a critical eye. Immediately going for an auto disable and ignoring the users afterwards. This system needs fixing, an overhaul and more heavy moderation. Support tickets should serve to support, not just hold accounts hostage for a single mundane mistake after years of good use. Sometimes a real person’s account can get flagged by mistake, and in those cases you should work with the person to make sure the account is unsuspended. Instead of immediately disabling and deleting for spamming. A temporary disable and warning of what was violated with the behaviour would be more ideal for users and the community. For example, you may be prevented from logging into your account for a certain period of time needing to verify info before proceeding. Everyone deserves a second chance. Discord users should be able to access and work towards getting their accounts back. With a warning in tow and strike on their account for the temporary disable. Immediately disabling an account for a spam flag detection as that account’s first mistake is completely unreasonable. With all this feedback and info being said. I’d really enjoy to give positive feedback for a platform I’ve enjoyed for years and helped a ton of others get into. I can’t when I’ve first hand experienced this situation and how it’s handled though. This flagging system and support is trash. Discord will never be able to compete with the likes of Microsoft if they don’t take their users appeals more critically and nuanced. The reach to a more broad and professional user base won’t go over well with this system. They need to really reconsider their actions and system. I really wanna enjoy this platform, I’ve had nothing but good things to say up until this point. This experience has soured my perspective on the behind the scenes and the inner workings of Discord. I’d love support on this. I wouldn’t wanna give up without trying my best to get my account back. I don’t want to have to dislike the Discord platform and lose the friends I made and helped get into Discord over the past 5 years..Version: 65.0

Big problems for motion sensitivity.I use discord on mobile because it's often inconvenient to get to a PC, and while it is adequate for sending a message in a pinch; there are some meaningful shortcomings. I am someone who is sensitive to things moving on my phone screen outside my control. I needs gifs to not autoplay, and if the screen jumps around at random, it is stressful, almost painful. On gifs, fortunately discord delivers. Unfortunately, it does so by disabling gifs entirely. Even when I tap on a gif to look at it, it still doesn't play 90% of the time, so in exchange for having a useable client, I can't see the contents of a gif, even when I want to. That's problem number one. The big issue comes up when I want to read a message in a channel in which users are actively posting. Every time a message comes in, my scroll position in the channel moves wildly, up or down, seemingly at random. It makes it literally impossible to read anything in a channel, unless the channel has no current activity. This to me is unacceptable. At no point should I be interrupted from reading something by the text suddenly moving, let alone moving entire page-lengths off of the screen in an unpredictable direction. This has been an issue for years, and somehow it has never been addressed. Gives the impression that the mobile client, and accessibility, are not priorities..Version: 169.0

I’m angry and sadOkay, so I’ve been using discord for quite a long time and I’ve been happy using it. UNTIL ONE DAY, I woke up and checked discord like every other day and when I went in I noticed that discord won’t let me in, it also said that I have to be 13 and up to use discord. I was so angry and sad because I have mostly all my friends in there that I could talk to and important group chats.. I’m so frustrated;/ I hope discord could fix this problem.. And now I tried to make a new account but it said that I can’t use the same email as I did with my old account. And that’s the only email I have;/ Please fix this annoying issue as soon as possible, thanks;/..Version: 34.0

Bad UI, but VoiceOver works now.Edit again: I have to maually switch to speaker on calls, but the button's tiny & I'm near-sighted, so trying to press it & read the menu blacks out my screen. I'm not getting as many notifs since the update. If I do, they're rarely in my notif center. Also the notif icon being blue makes it less visible, which is only ok for the servers tab bc it shows for muted channels so it's usueless. * End edit * App Store yeeted my review when I came to edit it, so summary: My 3 stars are only encouragement for adding VoiceOver support, if anyone even reads the reviews anymore. The layout now makes everything take longer to find/navigate to, when it used to all be in one place. The friends bar above Messages is disorienting (like much of this new design). The lack of contrast in the new color scheme, and consequently the perceived increased contrast between white elements and everything else that is barely visible, are designed to give people migraines. Where swipe controls are available or not isn't made obvious. The fact you changed them at all is beyond me. U tellin me people were so confused about how to long press a message you have to replace the side bar with the reply function? Pictures or it didn't happen. This looks like a bootleg Skype or any other app now. They all look nicer than this. It used to be so efficient and...people friendly. Except for blind people, but you win some you lose some..Version: 209.0

Roll back to the normal ui, bring back normal gesturesDon’t fix what isn’t broken. and now it’s broken..Version: 208.1

Please, please bring back the private call optionSure, Discord is much better in terms of quality, but by far my biggest complaint is the removal of the private mode option while calling people. I deserve a right to privacy, as does everyone else, and it’s too loud for that to be an option. Other people can hear my conversations and it’s very bothersome. I miss having the option between the two. Don’t fix something that isn’t broken please! Otherwise, there’s this constant bug with webcams/ turning on your camera. sometimes it never loads and you have to turn it off and on to get it to work properly. I’ve had to do this up to 3 times maximum to get it to work finally, which is nothing at first, but becomes annoying. Finally, (most likely not 100% discord’s fault, you can ignore this if you want) the connection seems to be getting worse. I used to love discord for the quality of the calls, but several times a week the quality becomes so bad that I have to restart the call several times to understand a sentence the recipient. The most common connection issue is definitely the that audio seems to skip out entirely for a few seconds sometimes. I understand that this could also be due to my own connection and the recipient’s connection, so take this with a grain of salt. Considering that, many times before there has been nothing wrong with our internet and this still happens..Version: 3.0.0

Discord experienceDiscord work’s perfectly fine, but during video calls it starts to lag and even lags the phone along with occasional freezes at times on my iPhone 7+, really need to improve discord’s call stability/general optimisations on older devices that would help some people out when trying to use there older apple iOS devices in peace..Version: 147.0

New UI updateI can’t revert my update and i’m actually abt to off myself until i get the OG discord back. pls i can’t do this whyd u make the new update SO BAD..Version: 207

Love it but always crashesI genuinely love Discord and I use it pretty much all the time. I love the emotes and Nitro (though it is a little expensive). When I’m on PC, there aren’t any problems and it works just great but when I’m on mobile it always crashes and takes forever to load. And there are also times where it completely crashes, logs me out and resets all my frequently used emotes. And it’s been doing that a lot. It gets really annoying sometimes. I have no idea why it’s doing that. It was working fine until a couple of months ago (I’ve been using Discord for almost 2 years I think). Maybe it’s because I’m in like 100 servers (was only in 20 servers until a few months ago) and my phone’s memory just can’t handle it. It might get fixed if I buy a new phone but this iPhone 8 of mine still has a few years left before it becomes unusable. Until then I guess I’ll just have to stick with Discord crashing all the time..Version: 63.0

The new UI is quite possibly the worst update everThe fact that the discord app leadership have seemingly decided to make their app less intuitive, far more clunky to navigate this strongly when they already had something good going is somehow astonishing..Version: 207

It was good until the newest updateDiscord is a really good app to talk in small or big groups amongst your friends but this new update has messed it up on my phone. Every time I start texting a message and go down to the next line, the screen starts jumping up and down. Sometimes it’s just a little bit and other times it is massive and uncontrollable. On top of this, occasionally when it’s jumping around it will send my messages earlier. Sometimes when I press on the app to go into it, it will just stay on a blank screen and not go into the app, so I clear the tab and try again. I’m not sure if these problems are just on my device but ever since this update it has been messing up. It’s really annoying because I talk to all of my friends on discord and it’s a pain to have the screen mess up on me. Hopefully the developers see this and can try and fix it. I have tried reinstalling and logging out of my account but it doesn’t fix it. Otherwise, it was a really good app..Version: 84.0

Severely disappointed with Discord SupportMy account was hacked and during the two days it was hacked, three Nitro gifted subs were purchased by the hacker. Discord Support helped me get my account back, but even though I mentioned the false purchases when I explained in detail the whole situation, they didn’t pay any mind to that part at all or offer any solution to my financial dilemma. I didn’t know what to do, so I went to my bank provider and decided to get my money back that way. This was apparently against the Terms and Conditions, so they disabled my account. I tried to appeal by explaining the situation again, but all I got was a cookie cutter response that denied my appeal. I tried one more time; this time I offered to undo the chargebacks because the Discord email that informed me of my account being disabled said I could. I just wanted my account back even if it meant giving back money that was wrongfully taken from me in the first place. All I got was the exact same cookie cutter response denying my appeal. Are bots running Discord Support? There seems to be zero empathy and zero reading of anything I said. From my POV, I’m getting punished by Discord for trying to get my money back that was stolen from me while using Discord. Although, I didn’t go about getting my money back the “right” way, this still doesn’t sit right with me at all. Now I lose my account of 5+ years. What a joke..Version: 101.0

New update sucksI don’t like the theme pls go back to the 2018 theme.Version: 207

Voice chat issues.If you want to use discord I’d highly recommend the pc version. The mobile app has many faults that can make the experience frustrating. For example it never rings/notifies you whenever someone is calling or sends you a message even with notifications turned on. This can lead to people thinking you’re ignoring them but in reality the call just didn’t come up. On a few other occasions it has this strange glitch where it’ll ring like someone is calling you and when you answer it you find out that the call was a missed call from an hour ago and it’s only decided to tell you about it now. Talking of which calls randomly drop/cut off for no reason at all even with perfect internet connection so I find myself having to use other apps just to be able to voice chat for more than 3 minutes. I’m using a iPhone 11 with good internet so I don’t really understand these issues. Discord is a great app to communicate with and it offers some unique features, however I believe that they need to focus a little more on the mobile version because it can be frustrating to say the least..Version: 22.0

Updated ruined appThe app is so hard to use now and honestly annoying! discord used to be easy swipe, now its tap swipe tap tap whoops tap again swipe. horrible update whoever designed should be fired.Version: 207

Age ratingDiscord is good and all but i think it doesnt need to be 17+ it should stay at 12+ so please change it back..Version: 89.0

No customer serviceI will start this review by saying that I haven’t actually been able to use discord. I downloaded the app for a school class but when prompted to verify my number, it wouldn’t accept it because it was linked with another account. So, I went through the process of trying to find an account I had created years prior. In the meantime I contacted support and got a very quick robot response telling me to do exactly what I had just done. I found the old accounts and deleted them. However, that wasn’t enough. Apparently when you press delete on an account it takes an additional 14 days before discord actually deletes it. A day later, support for back to me and told me that I needed to send a copy of the error message I was receiving (even though I had already stated it in the last email). So I did. And a day later I still have received no response. I had to sort this issue out myself and eventually found that simply deleting the account wouldn’t remove the phone number associated with it. Finally to remove a phone number from an account I had to add ANOTHER email in the process - further convoluting the account issue. And finally, after 20 to 30 “account verifications”, 4 password resets, zero help from discord- I had access to a discord account. A whole 3 days later. All of this could’ve been resolved if I had access to someone at discord who knew a lick about user accounts and how to immediately delete them..Version: 113.0

ProblemsThough it mostly works in regards to calling, servers etc, I can't open direct messages, nor the side bar (listing members in servers) without the app shutting on me. when I go to reopen it, it’ll shut me out again, and then I have to wait a day before it allows me to go back onto my servers. I’ve uninstalled and re-downloaded it multiple times, but this bug is still prevalent - I don't know what else to do. I'm on an iPhone 6, but other than that I can't see what the problem is..Version: 40.2

Definitely fake reviewsLook, discord is a fine idea. it's a functional (partially) app and does it's job. but it's possibly the worst at what it does. it's free! but if you want to have a solid 80% of the features, it's a subscription service. it's convenient! but they keep changing the layout, and removing options in the settings for the sake of "aesthetics", and they have not bug tested this app since 2019, i'm absolutely certain. it's where all your friends are! and the moment someone with slightly more competence realises that the site famed for pedophiles, paywalls and moderation that ranges from "entire severs made to groom children" to "we might restrict what you can say in private messages with your friends" and somehow no overlap between the two, they'll make a better site and discord will be to them what skype is to discord. tl:dr just use 3 different apps instead of this 4-in-1 deal, nothing works and it will do all in it's power to make things worse for you.Version: 207

Functional but frustratingDiscord works well. The app does everything I need and want, group voice calls work flawlessly with almost no issues, and the design is fairly user-friendly. As other reviews stated, the notifications leave a lot to be desired. It's a bit annoying that I miss some notifications that I need, and that I get bugged about servers I have muted, but my biggest gripe is the notification grouping. You'd assume when opening a notification, it would dismiss, at a minimum, the notifications of all other messages from that chat. No. Instead I have to manually clear all notifications out of the notification centre everytime. It's handy that it doesn't assume that I have read every single message on all my servers (looking at you, FB messenger), but it seriously bugs me having hundreds of messages sitting on my lock screen, despite having read them all..Version: 31.0

Let me use this stupid app!Let me just say this app id excellent for calling mobile and other! It has a variety of amazing features and qualities. But, as good as this app is it does have its flaws... Firstly it keeps on logging me out of my account saying 'somethings going on here'. Although this is to rid bots and other things its annoying because it keeps on doing it to me just whenever i have three people im not friends with in my dm's, but i just have people in my dms because there my friends that im waiting for them to accept my friend request. This makes me have to create an entirely new account and try to contact my friends with them. Ive made about 6 accounts so far and all of them have logged me out if. This was so annoying because i wasn't doing anything wrong so i just quit discord. This wasn't the only flaw. Whenever i tried changing my profile picture it made the profile the corner of the picture i chose. This too made discord very annoying! Overall i would not recommend this app to anyone who cant verify their account, though if they are able too then i would recommend it..Version: 52.0

What did you doThe single worst move was to change of your app functioned as a whole the move doesn’t make sense in any capacity because not only is the update Not needed it was forced upon us with no regard for what the community wanted and not only did you give us a mandatory update that nobody wanted you made it terrible the app is now unorganised and has a bunch of glitches to name a few images not sending, messages not sending, messages sending multiple times, unable to go back to a channel you have selected the pings not showing up as yellow in app notifs the notifications being faded for no reason. And not only is it buggy you made it claustrophobic you increase the size of everything just by a smidge and it’s very hard to see what’s going on the screen even harder than it already was, I will say there are some good things in the update but do they really matter if the cons far outweigh the pros, I know nobody will probably ever see this but please either revert the update or at the very least give the people the option to chooses how their discord should look like back when this update was in beta an im only writing this because we care about discord pls don’t hurt it Thank you.Version: 207


CrashesI used to happily use discord daily, but on iOS it keeps crashing randomly and I have tried everything from freeing space, clearing data, deleting and reinstalling, and nothing seems to work. I’m not the only one with this issue too, I have seen the reviews saying the same thing and many people on twitter complain about this issue. Also because of this, I can’t talk to my friends or anything so they are getting really worried about me. If you could please hurry with fixing the iOS issue then that would be very much appreciated. Discord is a great app, but this just breaks everything and makes discord straight up unusable for a huge chunk of its users..Version: 156.0

The new UI 💀💀💀I’m someone who loved using the old easter egg ui, instead of being a “scaled down desktop app” the app was finally designed for mobile use, and what do discord do? They remove the choice, they merge the easter egg ui with the old ui. Luckily they kept the features i loved from the easter egg ui such as swiping left to reply or accessing media and server members by pressing the channel name at the top (although for those that never used to easter egg ui, discord doesn't make it clear where to find these). However discord decided to keep the old ui for the server and channel side menus, remember when I called the old ui a “scaled down desktop app”? Kynthia in a recent Help Center Article used these exact words to describe the old ui too, yet the new ui released tonight has the exact same issues, its a scaled down desktop app with small changes. It’s not just me as someone who used the easter egg ui that’s mad, it’s also those who liked the old ui, instead of being given the choice to choose between the old ui and the easter egg ui, they've been mixed together and we lack a choice to change it. This could have been done very differently, we could have a separate option for the old server menu and the new (easter egg) server menu and then one for everything else, but instead we’ve lost the ability to choose how we would like to use the app as that is Discord’s choice now, not ours..Version: 207

Im confusedI have been using discord for at least 3 years now and i have had 0 problems and like half an hour ago it was still working but i got off discord and when i went to go back on it showed me the chat for a second and then just shut down, i saw it had an update and thought “maybe this is why its crashing” it still crashes and i have reset my phone but its doing the same thing.Version: 154.0

HELLLLPI lost my account.Version: 13.0

Good app but fix these bugsSo I wanted to call my friend so I went on discord but it took forever to actually load the app I spent 10/20 minutes trying to get in the app when I actually got in I couldn’t press anything so I restarted the app and waited another 5 minutes for it to open then when it opened I was able to to call my friend but she could not hear me nor I could hear her there was just a green circle around my profile and it was dead silent in my house nothing was making a noise it would not allow me to press anything else I could not even leave the call so I deleted the app and tried downloading it again here’s the mega problem it won’t download it just keeps going in a circle I have enough storage for it so I don’t know I try to press it but nothing happens it’s like it’s broken I tried to charge turn on and turn off I even tried waiting till the next day and nothing works it’s still like that and won’t let me download it fix this please it’s been a whole day and it still won’t let me download discord.Version: 178.0

Recent problemsI’ve been using discord for about 2 years now and recently I’ve been having multiple problems, be it screen share not working as intended and closing my application, over heating problems or discord closing while I’m in other apps. Usually I fixed these problems by just redownloading the app, but just yesterday it wouldn’t even let me open discord after redownloading it and so I thought “maybe it’ll work after I shut down my phone and it that doesn’t work I’ll wait until tomorrow.” Now today the app doesn’t open so I try redownloading it and it still does not open, (by the way when I mean the app doesn’t open, I mean that it gets stuck in a loading type animation and no matter how long I wait it seems to be infinite) so now I’m sitting here writing about the recent problems discord has been having and asking if the developers are even caring about mobile discord or is it really just a case where I should just get a mic and use discord on my pc. Despite my 3 star score I’ve still used discord for 2 - 3 years and it’s always been working as intended and it’s worked well up until like 8 months ago. Maybe this is just a problem with my phone despite me having an iPhone XS Max, maybe it’s just an iOS side problem, but discord team keep up the work maybe you’ll find a fix. Thank You.Version: 80.0

New layout so badThere is no way to change back to old layout.Version: 207

Bug Fix? More like break the app moreUpdated the app yesterday for bug fixes, but ended up with the app being completely unusable. Once you go into the app, the logo page loads up then the app force closes within 10 seconds, rendering the app not functional. This new ‘update’ is not a great early Christmas present. But the app continued to function well before this disappointing update. It worked great as a place to socialise with various people of similar interests. I do recommend people to join and interact with others because it’s one way to socialise online. However I don’t really recommend this to those below 15 - 17 years old or people who like to spew nonsense like a gibberish toddler or like to create drama out of nowhere; doesn’t make a great social interaction for anyone. Only advice for those still wanting to use this is: be street smart and a responsible individual (which should apply to anywhere offline and online spaces as well). Back to the issue: now that the app is like this, there’s not gonna be any sort of socialising that can happen with this technical problem. On the App Store, it states the app still supports my iOS (iOS 12.5.6), so not sure if that’s something. Installed and reinstalled to no avail either. Would greatly appreciate this to be resolved soon..Version: 155.0

DowngradedI love Discord, I’ve used it for years with the same layout, automatic 5 stars with that, without fail I would be on Discord 24/7 chatting and calling friends, having fun, chilling by myself, making servers for fun and. I had a organized system and everything worked perfectly, then these new updates came out changing the layout, and whole idea of Discord. My whole organization system became ruined. I try to swipe to get to the right side where everyone’s profiles and tabs for pinned messages are supposed to be but instead I start replying to a message. My friend tried calling me and I didn’t get any notification and now no matter how much/many times i go in and out of their chat the dumb red notification won’t go away. I’m also not a big fan of how the calls now look, I think the only two things I like about Discord now is the logo and how the only thing that didn’t completely change was the now known as the “server” tab with how all the servers are lined up on the side. The anonymity likability of it is gone. The calming swiping side to side ability, gone. The organization with the pinning ability, gone. I love Discord and have been using it as my main communication/organization platform but this layout has made me revolted by how it works and honestly I don’t think I will be using it as often as I had in the past..Version: 208.1

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