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Drive Safe & Save™ App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Drive Safe & Save™ app received 34 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Drive Safe & Save™? Can you share your negative thoughts about drive safe & save™?

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Drive Safe & Save™ for Negative User Reviews

Inaccurate sensorsAs many have complained, the sensors are very inaccurate. Hard braking, accelerating and cornering are all too sensitive. Sometimes I stop relatively quick because the traffic light changed while I’m going 60mph. Today at 55, I saw the light change to yellow while 500 feet away. I didn’t drift to a stop, but nobody would call it hard braking, and yet I was dinged. Also, on the same trip, dinged for accelerating hard. Seriously, I drive a mazda3 with the smaller engine, and was not in a hurry. Yesterday I was dinged for speeding 3 times on a 3 mile stretch of road. Wrong! The app claimed the speed limit was 30, but was actually 40. I called the number in the app to report it, but was told they don’t handle those problems. I verified with her the number listed in the app to report speed limit problems was her number. Also, if I’m dinged 4 times on a trip, wouldn’t there be a difference if the trip were only 5 miles with 5 traffic lights, compared to 55 miles with 24 traffic lights? Either way its a “poor” rating. I drive 55 miles each way to work daily. The stress and frustration this caused me is DEFINITELY not worth the $5 savings..Version: 3.8.4

Scoring and per trip feedback still do not align with discountWhile per trip feedback and two week score are “nice” the metrics that are being measured need to match the metrics that are being used to calculate your discount. I’ve given this feedback several times through several channels and it’s falling on deaf ears. MANY bad reviews are from people upset that their discount is getting impacted by speeding or phone usage when these are not criteria for the Drive Safe & Save discount. Showing the the wrong criteria and using these as a benchmark for the per trip feedback and calculating the two week driving score causes more harm than good. Please move towards showing feedback and benchmark data that align with the criteria that’s being used to calculate the discount. It was a disservice to all participants of drive safe and save when you removed the scorecard. Also the 80 mph thing needs to be adjusted. In west Texas the speed limit is 80mph to safely pass you REALLY need to be going 80mph for a very short period of time to make the pass safety outside of lab conditions. You also need to better handle others doing the unexpected and your policy holder not plowing into them. Would you rather have someone hesitate hitting the brakes because the don’t want to mess up their discount or not swerving to avoid someone possibly hitting them for the same. You need context and raw data one or the is not enough and not based in reality….Version: 3.8.6

Why does the app need the location to be on ALL the time!?I do not drive 24/7, it should only be when using the app- it connects to bluetooth once in the car and it should start tracking as soon as the beacon is alerted of the trip. Also, as many say that phone usage doesn’t affect the discount? How could it NOT? It affects the score which does affect the discount! Also, I have kids- they USE MY PHONE IN THE CAR! It does not mean it is me playing a game or watching Netflix while driving. I have seen a lot of reviews asking about this- but no one seems to address it if one of the developers actually responds! Just the cookie cutter review to check the FAQs. Bottom line, you don’t need our location ALL THE TIME- IT DRAINS THE BATRERY and if the phone doesn’t affect our score, why is it part of our overall score?? Which DOES affect the discount. I also am a nurse and use WAZE- I drive around and need a map, which was made for this purpose to be used while driving! As others say, the 8$ discount over 6 mo is not worth the invasion of privacy or the complete inaccurate way it captures what is really happening in the car! We are another family that will be leaving State Farm..Version: 3.1.5

Very harsh criticThe app that is, on your driving skills and abilities. It’s like having the most nitpicky driving instructor with you at all times. If you are driving the car any less than how a grandma robot would drive it, then you will not be attaining a high score on their app. And while the information “can’t increase your rate”, you better believe they look at that first and foremost for any accident and will be looking at the miles driven on it year to year as well. It is very invasive and will alter your driving style to where you are practically an unsafe driver on the road. If it calls for you to merge onto a highway, forget about it. Your acceleration rating for that trip is shot. Do not take turns anything more than 7 mph or your cornering rating will be shot. Do not brake too early, or too late, or too hard, or too often, or you’ll be flagged for that too. Do not take any routes that cause you to travel downhill, as anything 10 or above will ding your speeding score. Would never recommend to anyone unless they like Jake from State Farm living in your glovebox watching and taking notes on every stop sign you encounter..Version: 3.9.4

Questioning accuracyEdit: Our discount has gone down since the phone usage score was implemented. Even though it’s supposedly not effecting discounts. My driving score was an A consistently before and now I can’t keep it above a C because when my husband and I take a trip together it always picks up the usage of the passengers phone. Program is also draining my phone battery quickly since the latest Apple update. Not sure if this is worth the discount anymore. We have had good results discount wise for this program but now that the app updated I’m questioning the accuracy. Now it claims to be measuring “phone usage.” Two problems with that seem to be 1) my car uses Apple car play and I listen to audio books on my commute. Every trip I’ve taken since the update has been marked 1 star and the flags poor on phone usage. 2) when my husband and I travel together how is phone usage being measured? How does the system know who is the passenger? I’m going to be upset if our rates go up due to a flaw in this new design..Version: 3.2.2

Intrusive, inacccurateI’m convinced the purpose of this app is to give State Farm information to use to try to deny any claims made following an accident (it is; see edit below). What so many of the other reviews have said is true. This kills your battery, invades your privacy 24/7, and dings you for nonsense. It is very inaccurate in the grading, yet I fully expect that if an accident occurs SF will use this inaccurate info to try and blame me so as not to pay. Not worth it. Edit: Despite the developers’ repeated claims that the this app is used “solely to calculate the discount,” here is what the splash page when installing the app says: “State Farm will use this information for a variety of purposes including but not limited to insurance rating, claim handling, such as, accident reconstruction and research purposes, and may include the use of third-party service providers.” Claim handling and accident reconstruction. Sorry, but I am not going to allow a woefully inaccurate app to be part of my “claim handling.” This thing says you are speeding when you aren’t, braking hard when you aren’t, cornering when you aren’t, using your phone when you aren’t… and you want to use that info for “accident reconstruction?” No thanks!!.Version: 3.7.1

Technology sensitivityThe sensors in the cars are too sensitive as far as braking and accelerating are concerned. I have had only two relatively hard braking maneuvers since I started the app that I might consider an “alert” or a potential problem if someone were to be following me too closely. The technology in the sensors have suggested multiple events. Many are confused with braking to a STOP while descending a hill. None were an avoidance maneuver or a “tire screeching “ event. I have NEVER accelerated fast enough that would be construed as dangerous to my vehicle or anyone elses, or any pedestrian should there have been one. City and country driving are certainly different and a faster acceleration is necessary when entering roads where the traffic is moving at higher speeds or in poor visibility intersections. The sensor is just poorly calibrated. Also known road conditions could be incorporated into the data ie. stops at the bottom of hills, starts up a hill, roads with hairpin curves. The worse part is that for each event, I am basically “charged” money from what would be a discount on my invoice. Hopefully improvements in the current technology will lead to the point of an accurate picture of a driver’s/vehicle’s performance..Version: 3.10.0

App is slanted to lower your driving score.The other day I went to pick up a pizza I had ordered on the net. On arriving at the address I ordered it at I found it had moved. I drive off to a quiet side street and pulled over to the side of the street and stopped. I pulled put my phone and hit the phone number and the call we placed through my overhead Bluetooth speaker. I put my phone away and continued my call through my Bluetooth to find the New address. After they told me where they were I pulled away. On getting home I found I lost 7 points off my score. The app doesn't even check to see whether you're moving while making a call. On another occasion I pulled off the 60 mph interstate to an off ramp where there was a 25mph speed sign almost immediately on getting on ramp. I slowed down so when I got to sign I was at 25mph and they took off for braking. Also I've noticed if you're not careful on very sharp rounded turns you will get nailed for braking or acceleration. GPS isn't accurate enough on such a turn to measure total distance. On a straight line the distance might be 20 to 25 feet but with the turn is more like 80 to 90 feet so the GPS thinks you are braking to fast in a short distance or are accelerating too fast in a short distance..Version: 3.2.2

Drains Battery and LiesThis app drains battery by constantly running in the background. Also, it give me a 1 star rating on phone usage while driving anywhere and says that I am using my phone constantly while only using GPS. Also, I’m not sure how it knows I’m “using” my phone and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t explicitly say anywhere that it collects that kind of information, however I didn’t read the super fine print in between the fine print. Sorry I don’t know directions State Farm. Overall, it only saves me $8 over 6 months, so it’s honestly not worth it. You’re better off finding a better rate with a different insurance company. The new version is better than old, I will say that. However, draining my battery, collecting false information, and not even saving me enough money to buy a single meal over 6 months is pretty useless and I’m going to be searching for better insurance being that I get high scores in every other area other than the “phone usage” category. Probably will check out Allstate since they actually reward you for being a good driver rather than collecting a lot of data about you and probably selling it to someone..Version: 3.0.2

Phone use shows incorrect, speeding is ridiculous.Since the app was updated to show phone use, I wasn’t able to sink both phones with any of our cars. Thus, when hubby is driving and I’m using phone as a passenger, it still shows as if I am driving and using a phone. Even phone GPS which is supposedly not counted, is still shown as phone use. And speeding is considered if you are driving 2-3 miles over speed limit, so I’m getting the same amount of points off as whoever drives 20 miles over. You know I have to look at road and surroundings, not have my eyes glued to speedometer being afraid to exceed speed limit by 2-3 miles. Also breaking limit is way too sensitive, even more sensitive than it was. Overall, being safe drivers we are giving it another 6 months try, but are considering to stop using this system. Last not the least - I used to be able to see total amount of miles for each trip and overall mileage for each car, not all this info is gone. Very inconvenient. Previous version was better in many ways..Version: 3.1.1

App helps State Farm scam its customers.Originally this app was just designed to work in conjunction with the drive safe & save app but State Farm made a few changes over the past few months and NOW the app tracks your speed, breaking, cornering etc. as it explains on their website. Not a big deal if you’re not a bad driver right? Wrong. I live in a huge city with bad traffic and worse drivers. I’m not going to be penalized when someone cuts me off and I have to break suddenly? Or I’m going to be penalized for those times when I have to speed up to avoid a dangerous driving situation? That doesn’t seem at all fair to otherwise good drivers. Thats not the biggest issue though because what it DOESNT tell you on the website is that it’s now also tracking phone usage. (If you look at your trips, it shows phone usage as the very last category it’s monitored.) So this means it’s tracking your phone use, which is extremely big brother-y and an invasion of privacy but it’s also setting people up for massive inaccuracies. This means when I drive our family car on the weekend with my husband as a passenger, if he uses his phone while he’s in that car as a passenger, it’s going to count as phone use! There are so many ways State Farm has changed this app to help them reduce your discounts that I’m surprised they have any customers left..Version: 3.1.2

Allstate’s Drivewise is MUCH betterYou really need to merge the Drive Safe & Save functionality into the main State Farm app and have it run solely off the phone’s location services/GPS. This is how Allstate’s Drivewise works, and it’s MUCH better. Drive Safe & Save is dependent upon an external Bluetooth device, which interferes with other Bluetooth activities a smartphone may be conducting at the same time, such as streaming music through a vehicle’s audio system or streaming driving directions via a GPS mapping app. Also, if someone is streaming music or utilizing a mapping app for driving directions, the Drive Safe & Save application senses these activities as cell phone usage while driving (i.e., it perceives these activities as distracted driving). Drivewise does not sense these as cell phone usage while driving and, therefore, does not register them as events. If I were the developers for this app, I would go back to the drawing board, tear this app apart & rebuild it from the ground up so it functions within the main State Farm app, functions like Drivewise does, and allows for more policy owner control over what trips should be considered true events. Drivewise is, by far, the better application in both design & functionality..Version: 3.8.6

Big brother is watchingI am not an aggressive driver. The app does, however, not take into account that being in the flow of traffic sometimes means traveling at speeds in excess of posted limits triggering an “event”. My neighborhood is a left turn off a four lane highway and the deceleration lane is short. I scrub off some of my speed to enter that turning lane and apply brakes when my wheels are straight. Big brother sometimes declares that my slowing is too abrupt and posts another event. Operating my vehicle in an appropriate and courteous manner sometimes means that my scorecard will have a formula generated report which indicates that my driving is not perfect. I submit that my driving history of over fifty years would identify me as a driver deserving a reduction of premiums to be charged. When the discount comes I will either smile and continue, or invite big brother to kindly exit the vehicle after it comes to a complete stop. I appreciate the visual record of my trips the plan provides. I will reserve final opinion of having a monitor sitting on my shoulder at that time. TM.Version: 3.8.6

A lot of things wrong with this appMy wife and I have our own vehicles and we have a beacon for each vehicle. They are set up independent of each other. My trips are showing up on my wife’s phone as well as her independent travels in her car. I have Uconnect in my van and if my phone rings. It comes through the car speakers hands free. It come out as phone usage as though I’m using my phone illegally, which I never do. If my wife is traveling with me and she is using her phone, it comes up as phone usage on both of our beacons. We called State Farm who told us that we have to let me get into or near the vehicle first so it registers my phone first??? Umm, no matter who gets in the car first, it still shows up on both apps. It also shows hard breaking. You better believe I sometimes have to do some extreme hard breaking. We live in North CHICAGO! Anyone who’s ever driven near Chicago knows that there are a lot of times where you better hit the breaks or you’ll hit the inconsiderate driver that just cut you off without using turn signals, not looking or caring about having proper clearances and could care less adult anyone else on his/her road. Fix your app!!!.Version: 3.1.1

Good but may need improvementsI’d like to start by saying that I actually like the app for the most part. Pretty cool way to track your trips and see how you can improve your skills if necessary. I do have an issue as I keep getting Hard Breaking Events when I did not and not sure what or why it is thinking that I did. I’ve had a couple of times that were completely correct; one that was my mistake and another when I was cutoff by another vehicle. Not sure how the app can be improved to note when you have to break swerve to avoid an accident but concerned with all of the other times it is nothing an event that did not occur. It also does not do well with certain corners. I have a few right turns in my area that are at 45 degrees plus a highway off ramp that has a lane that directly merges at a comfortable degree onto the surface road but anytime I take those turns it is grading it as a fast cornering event. Other than those two issues most everything rose is extremely accurate. For now I’ll keep using it but if the two issues mentioned are not corrected I may have to stop using the app..Version: 3.6.3

Frustration on the riseThe longer I am using the app the more I am getting frustrated with it. This app is so incorrect you can’t put in words, at this moment. I am not a person who know all the ways in the US so with that I am using the google map and of course the scores in the drive and save app goes down so quick that it will damages the score. I was driving to a family emergency and it recorded the way up very poorly (driving around Chicago -no brainer more braking more acceleration and, and , and) , but the way back none of it was recorded . Had everything on Bluetooth and location and no recordings. But I am home . I got phone calls which my Husband answers and it shows phone use and more points down. I life in the country of course we are having deers , raccoon and other animals running around. What should I supposed to do, let them jump on the car ? Of course you use the brakes , and points down . It is getting really more frustrating with this app. I will give it back to State Farm because I have no accidents or tickets, I can say about my self and Family that we are good drivers. No control needed for twenty bucks savings..Version: 3.2.1

Dings you for no reasonI had a 1 star review here before however it seems they removed it. I can tell you 100% that this app and monitoring system is junk. Unless you accelerate from 0-45mph in 40 seconds, it will ding you for rapid acceleration. 40% of the speed limits are wrong, it dings you for speeding when the speed limit is posted 65mph, it’s things it should be 45/55 on sections of freeway. No amount of calling to report the changes works, they fail to update the app to fix it. I’ve given up trying to report the incorrect speed limits. This is either a poorly implemented system, or a scam. The only reason I still have it is because they happen to be the cheapest insurance in my area and a 5 dollar discount is better than nothing. Honestly when a cheaper option comes along, I’m dropping State Farm. And good luck letting your passengers or kids use your phone while you drive, that counts against you too. Including unanswered incoming calls, because it registers as screen input. Overall, 0/10. Worst discount system ever. To top it off, I’ve almost been rear ended 60% more overall since I’ve been using this app. Instead of safely going with the flow of traffic, I’m now a moving speed bump going slower than everyone else. And people road rage at me for accelerating so slowly to not get dinged This app causes more harm and more safety risks than anything..Version: 4.0.1

An Invasion of Privacy & Inaccurate RecordsThis app is a nightmare. Its data tracking ability is both invasive and (at the same time) cannot account for real world scenarios. Need to go a bit over the speed limit to keep up with traffic and not be “that person?” Too bad! You’re recorded for speeding. Need to use your phone for touch-less payment in the drive-thru? Too bad! You’re recorded and penalized for phone use “while driving.” People in front of you cut you off and cause you to brake? Too bad! Your braking score just went down. Want to have a log of every place you go and when? Me neither. Share a vehicle? Want to have your spouse or significant other’s driving habits affect your discount? Me neither. State Farm says it is about giving you a discount, even though they are really just giving you a graduated rebate on the price hikes they make regularly. In reality, it’s about their literally tracking your every move, finding petty reasons not to give you a full rebate on their hiked prices (even though you may be incident & accident free for 3+ years) and then selling the data to who knows whom..Version: 3.6.3

App Mis-Judging driving eventsJust dinged for using my phone…parked…at my house. I drive about 100 miles/month at most these days. I used to keep a score of 95% or higher, but it seems to be more sensitive these days. I got dinged for stopping (slowly) at a stop sign and then again for slowing to yield on a right turn. Unfortunately, I’m not sure how to drive without using the brakes. It also dings me for going the speed limit. On a road that is posted at 35, the app thinks it’s 25 and says I speed on it. If I drive 10 below the speed limit other drivers are going to get angry with me. I called and offered to send picture of the speed limit sign, but they said they couldn’t do anything to change it. I drive like as if I’m trying to keep bowl of soup from spilling, yet my score keeps going down. Re: to App Developer. Understood. However, the score is the only thing we, as customers/drivers, have visibility to. When you give us poor scores for safe driving simply because the app is over sensitive, it’s not fair. I shouldn’t receive dings on my score for going the exact speed limit when your app thinks it’s lower than what’s posted on the road. If I went 25mph on a 35mph road, I’d risk road rage from other drivers around me..Version: 3.7.1

Good potential with some serious flawsI do like the potential of saving money, and do drive safe. Also positive to push people to drive safely. There are some issues or errors in the system. It is wrongly recording incidents which do not actually influence safe driving. Some specific places will record incidents, and can only be avoided by not driving those places, so the discount for the insurance is canceled out by the increased gas usage for driving around those places. 1 wrongly record speeding on the highway, as app records it as driving on feeder road. This happen even if I drive slow on ramp, and do not get into highway speed before exiting on next ramp. 2 leave you the choice of driving on red light or getting marks for breaking. I have a road with 50 mph speed limit with multiple signals. The yellow light is too short on all the signals. So either have to drive 25/30mph in a 50 road(which is extremely dangerous), or drive on red light(which is even more dangerously). So on average, the only safe way to drive without getting marks is to avoid that road...Version: 3.5.6

A Big MessFirst off- design wise, it’s a major issue to drain a battery at the rate this app does. It checks your location approximately every 10 minutes or less instead of only when you’re driving. Therefore, even with the best battery available, get ready to have it drained constantly, affecting your lifestyle and daily use drastically. Then, and most importantly, the parameters for safe driving are absolutely unreasonable and essentially unfair. This teeters on the ethical promotion of a limited AI system of driving only without the understanding that there needs to be margins of error (even in the safest conditions) for human drivers. Sharing the road with people who make mistakes leads inevitably to the need to drive defensively, and thus necessitating intense braking and maneuvering. The app doesn’t care. Instead of applauding you for making safe decisions and protecting yourself, it penalizes your scoring. This is therefore ethically incorrect and also very poorly designed. I’m sure it is all a necessity for the sake of “legal” issues or insurance rule sets. However, as an imperfect human being, I have a duty to note the issues at play and why I oppose. Thank you for reading..Version: 3.8.7

Sensitivity parameters have changedUPDATE: thank you for the non automated reply but could you address my specific concerns about the app? First, I loved the app. I know I’m a good driver and it showed that. Then the app was revamped. Suddenly I’m getting dinged for speeding in a 45 zone when I barely made it up to 20 between an exit ramp light and the already red light across the overpass. Then it started being more sensitive on the other factors. Decided to stop for a yellow rather than take a chance on running a red. Got dinged for hard braking. And yes I was doing the limit. Someone decided to use my lane and theirs so I get dinged for acceleration because I avoided a collision. I travel less now than I ever have but lost $20 off my discount. My score was always around 98% with a discount of $254 every 6 months. I actually dropped to 89% a couple weeks ago. The app needs to be readjusted for real life driving. We shouldn’t be penalized for correct reactionary driving. And stop replying with a copy and paste phone use/time of day disclaimer. It just shows you don’t bother reading your feedback and you do not value your customers..Version: 3.3.1

Does not accurately record my drivingI had an average of 95 and above for the first few months I had the app. This is my last month before my renewal and it has consistently rated me very low by giving me low scores for speeding and acceleration. I have been doing “test runs” by deliberately driving in the same areas and recording my mph. It said I was speeding in a 60 mph zone when I had my cruise control on 60. When I hit the area in the highway where the speed limit increases to 65 it immediately shows where I am speeding when I increase my speed to 65. I work off of this highway and travel in the 65 mph area frequently. I drive a 6 speed and it also gives me low ratings when I turn onto busy roads where you have to turn onto them and get moving or get ran over. It is not a high rate of acceleration but just moving with the traffic to keep it moving. I was told by my agent that your discount does not depend on these scores and it is mostly determined by the number of miles you drive. I drive less than 7k per year. I live 2.4 miles from work. The commercials give a completely different story. I believe it is a device that is not accurate (as i can prove by it saying I sped when I was going the speed limit) and I will leave State Farm if I do not get a good discount..Version: 3.1.1

Your update needs updatingI called technical support and it was a joke. I spoke to a computer impersonating a human. The customer service person didn’t understand customer service and kept asking me to repeat the reason for my call 2-3 times. Seriously was she hard of hearing!!!! After being on the phone with this person, I was informed the issue was due to my mileage was out of date! Seriously!!!! That would cause an app not to allow someone to log in or to not recognize an eligible vehicle!!! I have never heard something so ridiculous in my life. I have been able to update my mileage previously in the app before why all of a sudden has this changed! In addition, my insurance doesn’t renew for another two months. You need to fix your app in regards to “easy” right or left turns. There are some intersections where you don’t have to stop, but have a turn arrow that allows you to turn. This goes against your driving. Sometimes I think this benefit is not worth the hassle.Version: 3.6.4

This app is crapThis whole thing is so absurd and ridiculous. This thing penalizes you when using your maps, forget letting your kid use your phone when driving you’ll get penalized for phone use whenever you’re not using your phone. I can do 35 every where I go and it will have random spots that I know the posted speed limit is 45 and I’m supposedly speeding. If you let someone else drive you get penalized because of their driving errors. Seriously left my phone in my pocket and got a 1 star for phone use. Good idea terrible technology. All to save 15 to twenty bucks. No real incentive to invite this technology that clearly has no idea about human interaction. Oh yeah don’t avoid an accident by slowing down to quick because some doofus pulls out in front of you, you’ll get deducted points for braking too hard...it’s like they’d rather you cream the imbecile instead of driving defensively. The only positive reviews are from people that work for State Farm which in itself should be illegal. I have near perfect driving record and still have a good score in the app but the benefits do not outweigh the cost of downloading this app. Wouldnt be so bad if the phone penalty actually was from negligent use of a phone while driving. But it’s not. It’s anytime the phone moves around in your pocket or falls in the floor guess what phone usage, that’s a penalty! Now your score suffers..Version: 3.1.1

Still needs tweakingI like the feature where you can mark that you are a passenger, however I don’t know if it actually helps your discount or not. For whatever reason it when I am a passenger in my husbands truck that I never drive, it ALWAYS records the trip on my app and dings me for being on my phone. Originally before the update I was told by State Farm that the phone portion did not effect your discount, but after my husband added the feature, the next time my ins renewed my discount went down. So I don’t think that was true. I just don’t understand why it doesn’t pick up on his app, even if he is the first in the vehicle. I have to try & remember to turn my Bluetooth off every time I ride with him & it’s quite annoying. We aren’t even on each other’s insurance, just connected for a multi line discount. Billed separately. So why am I even connected to his beacon to begin with. Of course some of how it dings you is still insane but I guess any discount is better than nothing. Just ridiculous how sensitive it seems to be with things like braking..Version: 3.8.7

Not a very safe appWhen getting onto the bypass, where I live, you have to accelerate so slow that you enter the bypass at a unsafe speed almost getting hit at the same time. Also with sharp turns if you at not going 5-10 miles an hour you will get dinged on the app for taking a turn to fast. Also the app says to keep a safe distance from other drivers so that you won’t have to break hard well I do and it still dings you if you compensate for the other driver breaking hard. Also if you are keeping a safe distance from the driver then you are not going the speed limit and where I am at that can get you a ticket or get you stopped by police. The app also said that I was using my phone when I was stopped and it had fallen into the crack of the seat. Didn’t give a option for me to say I wasn’t driving. I also had my rate increase and never decrease with this app and company. This app is one of the worst apps I have used for driving safe and saving. It definitely promotes risky driving as it is wanting people to drive slower than the speed limit to get the best discount which will cause accidents and road rage..Version: 3.9.3

Disappointing and inaccurateReally disappointing that this whole program doesn’t work very accurately. It doesn’t record all our trips even though it has access to location and Bluetooth 24/7 (which is dumb but whatever). I hate that it has to use my phone at all. I had a Tiwi box in a work vehicle once and it did everything itself. My wife is one of the most cautious drivers I know and she still frequently gets flagged for events while driving. She drives like a grandma but the app claims she brakes hard, turns hard, etc. Same for my driving as well. If someone suddenly stops to turn in front of me or a light turns yellow, I think to myself “oh great I’m gonna get flagged.” It also reports speeding at rates I’ve never driven. One time I noticed I was going a little fast and when I looked down I was going maybe 7 or 8 over. I backed off immediately but the app claimed I was going 12 over in that spot. My wife was in the car and also noticed my speed, which was not 12 over. Using a phone to track speed is NOT accurate as location will sometimes jump or “catch up” on itself. I’m grateful for the discount (assuming we get to keep it) but I really don’t like the program..Version: 3.6.3

NOT REALITY$144 BILLION company and this is the shït app they give us? Don’t listen to music via Bluetooth through your vehicle though they build vehicles with components to listen to music, don’t use your maps via phones to know where you’re going, don’t drive over bridges because the gravity will make it look like you’re speeding…though you’re slowly breaking, they WANT you to slam on your breaks. BUT they don’t want you to slam on your breaks because that’s reckless…so hit grandma! And if your spouse uses the same app with the same account and they are in the car with you using THEIR phone it looks like you are just driving around googling the movie times for next Saturday. Get your shït together State Farm! You take more money from hard working Americans than you give out…trust me. It’s so hard to get you to cover a claim. What you do CLAIM is to give us savings with a drive safe app but you’ll nickel and dime every move or none-move we make to not pay out! Scam! So unrealistic. AllState has a better app and from what I’m hearing better rates. I’m looking into it today. I have my home owners insurance with SF too. Not anymore. I see you. Scam artists..Version: 3.8.6

Meh.I’ve only been using this app for 2 months, and I’m already over it. The two main roads I live off of basically require me to make u-turns; in order to make these turns, I have to come to a stop before proceeding and each time I get marked with cornering. When my husband and I are both in the car, we cannot choose who is driving in order for the app to know who to track. When I drive and he’s on his phone, we get marked down, and vice versa. Yes, we can mark it after the fact but it doesn’t change the score. I agree with what most are saying about the hard breaking. The tracking is just inaccurate. But my biggest complaint is that your phone has to be set at always tracking you. This app is meant for travel, not meant to know where I’m at when in my home. And if I turn off my Bluetooth or change the tracking to only on when using the app, you hold my phone hostage by putting up your warning which I cannot clear out of until I change to let you always track me. Seems kind of creepy and inappropriate. Here’s hoping I get a discount at renewal..Version: 3.9.5

Overall good, butI will say what everyone else is saying. I understand that an app like this won’t be perfect, and it doesn’t take external factors into account. The main issue is the hard braking assessment. I understand that it’s trying to discourage following too closely, but getting dinged for braking when a light turns yellow or when someone cuts me off is quite annoying. If I ran the red light, I wouldn’t get points taken off since there would be no hard braking, but I would rather not do that. The other one I find an issue with is the cornering. My area has a lot of multiple lane roads to turn onto, so wider turns at slightly faster speeds are acceptable and manageable. The app doesn’t think so. I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect me to slow down to 5mph when I’m making a wider turn. It just gets people angry and can be more dangerous, especially in heavy traffic. Overall, the app is fine and there’s a discount no matter what. It’s just annoying that you could be the best driver in the world and not have a perfect score because of external factors..Version: 3.10.0

Good app but accuracy isn’t as good as it should beFor me I know myself as a good driver, and I always found my ability to deal with others reckless driving to be phenomenal compared to others. Which is why when I see the app take and take and take percentages for one, reasons it doesn’t say. Then two for a reason that realistically isn’t feasible. Like for example the latest deduction to my score was from a too slow acceleration at a stop light intersection next to a hill. It’s, “dangerous,” to accelerate too slowly into traffic at an intersection in which I wouldn’t be accelerating into traffic at. I’m not personally surprised with it being this way seeing as the accuracy of it can’t be perfect to any degree. I’m just not happy to see a score go down where it shouldn’t, especially the amount hit takes off as well. With that too I will say I’m currently still applicable for the extra discount but, if the accuracy of the app takes away the discount and charges me more for a policy when it’s not deserved then I’d side against the app more than with. I’m okay with it currently, but the taking away percentage without any reason, or stating any, “events,” part should be corrected..Version: 3.9.3

Too sensitive on cornering and not accommodatingI have used this program for several years with multiple vehicles. In general, it works well. I do have issue with its sensitivity and inability to take into account certain types of vehicles. As an example, I own a stock 1947 Jeep with an engine producing only 60 horsepower but with very low gearing. I repeatedly got dinged for acceleration but this is how the Jeep was designed. Top speed is only 55 MPH. I also get dinged for cornering. This program must think I’m a F1 driver. Unlike many drivers, I keep to my lane when cornering and don’t cut into the second lane if one exist. I’m not even going fast. Yet I get dinged. Also, there is no account for turns that are sharp by design. I have a couple of these on my daily drive and get dinged every time. Finally, roundabouts are almost a guarantee of a ding. You will feel as though nanny is looking over your shoulder. The program now feels the need to track your movements 24/7. Not a fan of this and do not see why they need to know where I am when I am not in my car..Version: 3.7.1

Like the discount; hate the appJust having this app and beacon gives me a discount, which I appreciate. There is no driving bad enough to not qualify for at least some kind of discount, according to the FAQs. However, seeing that discounts could go into an upper range of 30% to 50%, I feel like I’m getting robbed when the app keeps flagging me for “events” beyond my control. On the first day of having the beacon, I was flagged for speeding when I KNOW I wasn’t. This has only happened once, but still it aggravated me. More frustrating is the “phone use” event. When my wife and I are in a car together, it’s usually me driving. But her phone connects to the beacon before mine can, for some reason. So she either has to remember to toggle her Bluetooth on and off, or not use her phone while being a passenger. We’ve been dinged on this issue a bunch. But it’s not the worst…. The “hard braking”……. Really, State Farm??? “Drive Safe and…..” get flagged for an “event”!!!!! This event, from my understanding, exists in order to encourage the driver to not follow to closely. I’m constantly keeping a 3-4 second space between me and the vehicle ahead of me. But I get flagged for hard braking when I AM driving safe—changing stop lights, people pulling out in front of me, etc. And it’s infuriating! I know I’m already getting a discount, but this kind of stuff keeps me from getting an even better discount, even though I do “Drive Safe” like the program states..Version: 3.6.7

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