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ROMWE - Ultimate Cyber Mall App User Positive Comments 2024

ROMWE - Ultimate Cyber Mall app received 182 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about romwe - ultimate cyber mall?

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ROMWE - Ultimate Cyber Mall for Positive User Reviews

Its actually really goodRomwe is literally the BEST app ever on phones it may be hard to find what is what but i got used to it within the first 2-3 days if u are not the most technical person then i would use a computer instead cuz the layout is bigger and it- its just easier LOL similar to shein romwe has like anything u can think of AND they are on top of trends *usually* i feel like shein has more stuff but not the best trendy stuff- meaning like it only focuses on one main aesthetic while Romwe has grunge simple cottage-gore indie kid and the- the other stuff idk a lot about prices but i think it actually has AMAZING deals on clothing usually u can get a decent clothing item *accept jeans* for under 5$ but ya its really nice most of my cloths come from shein and romwe ya its not the best quality fabric wise (usually its really thin but if u like that... then get these clothes) and jeans u don't really get a good deal with again idk that much about money LOL.Version: 5.0.4

Love it!!!Just ordered and hope the clothes are nice. I tried so hard not to spend too much as the clothes are pretty cute!.Version: 3.2.3

RomweLove this app, it has all the trendy clothes and in all in your size it’s so cheap and easy to navigate around..Version: 4.7.6

LoveLove.Version: 5.5.2

LoveSuper cheap some things were amazing a few of the white things I ordered were a bit see through but can’t complain for what I paid for.Version: 5.2.3

ROMWEI like the app it has cute clothing.Version: 8.4.2

RomweRomwe is an amazing app that lets you shop on your own device where ever you are. It gives you great deals everyday and saves every clothing item for the next. People who have the app Romwe must agree that if is convenient, accessible and all round an amazing app..Version: 4.3.0

LOVE IT!!!This is a great app, especially if you are searching for affordable and cute clothes. I 100% recommended it to anyone who is a beginner at online shopping and is on a low budget. Although after a while I have to attempt it’s easy to get carried away so you’ll definitely end up over spending due to all the amazing stuff!.Version: 4.4.3

Don’t leave package at front door when we’re not home !!!!This app is amazing when I asked my mum if I could buy stuff from here she said sure just make sure it’s not a scam bc of how cheap the items are - so I ordered and they all came early amazing however they left the package at my front door anyone could’ve got it - I wasn’t home neither were my familly when we got back it was laying there just atrocious ,. But it’s amazing and I love how you can earn points to buy things for free.Version: 4.8.8

Very good!I have had ROMWE for a little under 2 years now and I love it! Some of the material is cheap, yes, but that is what you are getting with extremely low prices. Nonetheless, the clothing I have bought from them is great! Before you buy anything though, make sure to read the reviews about it, look at any pictures that have been posted in reviews from real people under the item, and—I can’t stress this enough—READ THE MEASUREMENTS. Sometimes a medium is NOT a medium so you have to make sure to know your measurements and compare them with the measurements for the item. The only thing I have to complain about, which is why I didn’t give it 5 star, is the return debacle. Like others have stated, it’s a mess. It’s difficult to even make a return or refund in the first place, so I’ve just given up and either regifted or donated to Goodwill. I have read that people don’t get their money back, and I believe it. Best way to avoid this, because the app is great for the price, just make sure you read reviews and measurements BEFORE YOU BUY..Version: 4.5.4

Awesome!I haven't bought anything from ROMWE yet, but I do plan to. All of the clothes are so stylish, and the is an outfit for any occasion. My sister bought a couple of shirts from ROMWE, and she said they were great quality and super comfy. Great prices too!! Don't change a thing ROMWE, because it's perfect..Version: 4.0.4

I LOVE THIS APP!!!The clothes are so soft and have a great texture, others say there see through but I don’t see it at all! 10/10 recommend.Version: 4.6.0

The clothesMost of their clothes are really good but sometimes every now and then sometimes i don’t like the fit or it just looks really cheap. I bought 2 bathing suits and was only really happy with one. the other one looked cheap and you can see the padding right through the bikini top. that bikini was good for tanning but didn’t trust the other to go swimming if even in the ocean. but the other bikini top fit perfectly well and trusted it completely. only buy clothes that you might actually wear because it might now last as long as a more expensive store but good for a season or two. Also but a skirt but the material was extremely different from what i thought but still look pretty. Also i suggest staying to your exact size with clothing unless you want something a little oversized or more. with bikini tops i very much suggest only buying the ones with reviews because some run small or big depending on your boob size. I am a small and sometimes smalls fit like xs and other times the fit likes mediums. but overall i love this store a lot and it has extremely amount of clothes to look at for hours! love it!.Version: 4.5.6

Perfect appI love this app because it’s right up my alley. The clothes are really cheap around £8 which might make people question the quality of the clothing . I however love the clothing and have introduced my cousin to it, now she’s downloaded the app. The clothes are really comfy and somewhat baggy - but I’m a girl who loves comfy so it doesn’t bother me that much. Overall I love this app, they’ve got everything. Totally would recommend it! X.Version: 4.5.8

Actually great for online shoppingAt first I was weary too - it's one of those scammy-looking online retailers like SheIn and Zaful etc etc. But like one of my other favorite places to online shop, Yesstyle, Romwe has a huge selection of things. And unlike Yesstyle, Romwe usually has a lot of these items reviewed - because of the larger customer base. People from all over in different countries buy from Romwe, and that's why you can rest assured in the reliability of the reviews. My favorite thing about the app is the rewards - you can check in every day and earn points. My suggestion for those who love to play the waiting game like I do - check in daily, consecutively, and rack up your points until just before the expiration date of the first points you earned. That way, you can keep all the points and save just a little more. Play all the other games they have too, like the Lucky Draw and all those. They're also great for getting more points. There might be a lapse in quality for some of the things Romwe sells, but the price is unbeatable..Version: 4.5.4

5 StarsRomwe is an amazing, trust worthy online shopping site. The clothing and items they have are great quality and fairly cheap. They have so many different styles of clothing and a wide variety of items such as bedding covers, to plant hangers. Delivery is fast and I always know what day I can expect my package to arrive. I defiantly recommend you give Romwe a try.Version: 5.3.2

LOVEOk fist things fist, I live for your clothes, I have bought myself a shirt, a phone case, a bikini and bottoms and some jeans and I am sooo happy with the condition they came in, the jeans don’t suit me but I don’t care because y are great quality. I will have you know, I am 12 years old and they clothes fit me perfectly. I am a size xxs but you can adjust all of their clothes. There clothes on he website are so trendy and everyone need to try them NOWWW!.Version: 3.5.6

Good appOkay i love so much this app<3!! i have been using the website version and so when i discovered the app. i have no other choice to download it and try to see how it works! And honestly, it well designed and love the color too🍧🩰.Version: 8.5.6

It’s greatIt’s a really good app! Good clothes! Really fast shipping! Affordable! High quality clothing! Overall I would really recommend this to anyone and everyone! If you want great clothes at affordable prices I would say that this is the app for you!.Version: 4.1.4

GoodV good.Version: 2.0.0

Pretty goodCute stuff.Version: 4.6.8

AwsomeGood app and easy to use!!.Version: 5.4.8

L🤍ViNG this App!!Rr.Version: 8.4.8

RomweLove romwe have been shopping for about a year now.Version: 9.2.2

Great appI love this app and I love how cheap it is. You get very good things for just a very cheap price which I love the most. I brought a lot of stuff but came it in a day late but I didn’t really worry about it. But I was a little disappointed of what came in. Even tho your guys stuff are awesome and very pretty. The things you guys uses like the cloth or the buttons for the pants are a little cheap or too easily to break. I’m not saying your guys stuff is bad, I’m just saying that you should use a different cloth or fabric for your shirts or making the buttons on the pants a little more stronger instead of letting it a little bit lose to the point where it can break. Another thing I was a little sad about was the accessories, it was kinda weak. What I mean is that when I wore the dragon necklace, I loved it. Until I realized that when i took it off it just broke. So I’m just saying you should tighten or use better quality things for your clothes and accessories. but after all, everything was great. 💙🦋 - 𝓙𝓪𝔃𝓶𝓲𝓷.Version: 4.5.2

Great clothes, great pricesThis was the first time that i'd ordered clothing on line. I had all the usual concerns at first - will it arrive late, will the sizes be accurate, will it look like the pics? My order arrived quicker than expected, sizings were perfect, and everything was exactly as shown in the pics!! I'm very impressed!! The prices are fantastic, too, of course. Will continue to buy from this site..Version: 3.4.0

Absolutely love!Originally like most people I was a bit suspicious about websites and apps like this but I am now obsessed. Easy to find what you are looking for at an amazing price, customer service team are really responsive and friendly and the app is really easy to use. As long as you pay attention to the size measurements in my experience everything will fit perfectly. Absolutely love ROMWE.Version: 4.4.3

Best shopping appI have bought over 40 dresses , bikinis, phone cases, jeeellery bags. from Romwe and have never been disappointed the quality matches the price, gets to my house in 3 days hence very efficient if you have a party coming up.Version: 4.5.0

PLEASE FIX reviewsROMWE I have been using your app for a little over a year now. I like to write reviews in order to help others in making decisions with their purchases. However, there’s always an issue when I want to write a review for my purchased items. I can NEVER upload photos that are from my camera roll onto a review because a message pops up saying “the size of the loaded image is too small”. This message pops up EVERY TIME I try to upload any photo I have already taken from my camera roll. Now if I choose the option to “take photo” for my review, only then do my photos attach to my review. There is also the issue of when I sometimes attach a photo to the review and when I go back to check the reviews for that item, I see my review and name BUT I don’t see the photo i posted along with my review! I don’t know if this is an issue with the system or if it’s your company not trying to allow others to see how certain items really look when they are received. I love the ROMWE app trust me I have purchased A LOT of things from here, but reviews for me (and I’m sure lots of others) is how I decide in buying items, so please make sure photos go up with the reviews that are left by your users..Version: 4.5.0

My favorite clothing appSo I am broke, and a child, I love clothes and might have a shopping addiction my parents always bought me Walmart clothing and I got made fun of for it, now I get on ROMWE or SHEIN (they’re owned by the same person) and get clothes on there and they’re CHEAPER than Walmart with a way better quality last time I ordered they said expect 3-4 weeks for it to ship and it was there like 4 days later, I ordered about $110 worth of stuff and got 28 pieces all of it for perfect and was good quality there was only one thing that fit funny but when I looked back at my order it was my own fault because I ordered it in the wrong size, and if you spend $25 or more you can get free shipping I absolutely love this app just before you purchase something, and I can not stress this enough, READ THE REVIEWS!!!!! Sometimes things run small or too big and sometimes they’re thin but if you read the reviews you know what to expect, anyways happy shopping babes<3.Version: 5.0.8

Favourite Online ShopHonestly it’s my favourite online shop, absolutely adore the lightning deals, so cheap but such good quality! Definitely read reviews for everything though😊.Version: 4.0.8

My new fav online shopI thought this would be cheap clothes from China but I was pleasantly surprised that the clothes are super cheap but everything I’ve ordered is of really good quality! I did one massive order and I like every single thing I’ve bought! I’m a size 14 and very tall so was worried that things might come up quite small but actually every thing is true to size and every item has loads of reviews on it so you can check those out before you buy!.Version: 4.9.2

TrendyThis website is super trendy and has really great clothes and sizes that fit all, you won’t have to worry about not fitting something. They have awesome sales all the time and are super cheap but there clothes aren’t cheap material but they sell for cheap so u recommend this to anyone because they have lots of styles and something for everyone..Version: 4.1.6

✨! READ IF SKEPTICAL!✨Affordable, good quality and cute and adorable items! This is my second purchase off of Romwe. I heard about them through google because I was looking to do my wardrobe a little makeover. At first I was skeptical because I had read some reviews and it was said that there were some sketchy things etc, but nonetheless I went for it. I was super happy with the outcome, although some items were a little bit large :/. The prices are reasonable and the quality of whatever you’re buying is as good as it can get for $$. I’d say go for it, although I recommend sizing up on some items. Also the shipping comes wayyy early, for example it said my order was supposed to be on August 8, but it’s actually on July 30, so make sure to check the tracking number!! So yeah, if you’re looking for trendy clothes or anything, I recommend buying them. =).Version: 4.7.0

BEST APP EVER!!!!!I don’t have to tell you if you’re a loyal customer already, but for those of you who might still be on the fence, thinking that there’s no possible way that items at this price are just too good to be true, I can tell you that this business is trustworthy and dedicated to bringing you the best products at prices that we, normal, hardworking can afford! This summer I purchased an entire wardrobe for myself and my 3 teenage BOYS(YES THEY SELL AWESOME BOY CLOTHES AS WELL) and for my 13 year old daughter! Speaking of my daughter, she’s a loyal shopper, herself. She has her own bank account and debit card that I fund for her doing her chores. She often spends her entire allowance here and has NEVER received anything she didn’t like, nor have I! That is INCREDIBLE! I have never seen a business who’s business plan has nailed it! Anyone looking to start an online business, could really use their example. This is not just my go to store for affordable, perfectly designed, quality items but it’s such a fun, uplifting, awesome, breath of fresh air !.Version: 4.7.9

AmazingAbsolutely amazing app !! Such good clothes!.Version: 4.3.0

On trendFor lovers of minute to minute fashion this app is fabulous. Always pretty true to size and reviews customers give that are visible to see are honest and reliable so if someone says material a little thin then believe it and order something else. I found delivery to be approx 1-2 weeks so don’t expect it in 24hrs. But who wants to spend a fortune when another trend hits in a month and you want all of the new stuff again. For that it’s perfect 👌🏽.Version: 4.2.0

Love it!!Can you make you hoodies a bit cheaper?? Over all I love the prices!! And please make xxs please!!.Version: 4.6.5

Great but improvements?I spend all my time on this app! But you need more stock because things I like go out of stock too quickly! You need more sizes too, at first I was very confused how you get points and get to the daily login but I understand now and tip!! Keep logging in it can really save you so much money!!! Overall though the delivery comes quicker than it says and I have an order on the way now 3 jumpers for only £14! Clothes can be thin but to me it’s ok!! Order if you need clothes for cheaper bc they r so cute!.Version: 4.8.2

ROMWE is litI’ve been ordering from them for over a year. I’m always shocked by how decent the quality is for such ridiculously low prices. I’ve found awesome clothes and a lot of fun little trinkets for the kitchen and stuff. I order like 70+ items at a time and they’ve never screwed up my order..Version: 8.2.6

Nice stuffI like there style of clothing very me I haven’t ordered anything yet but I hope that the clothes are good quality.Version: 4.2.2

Reviews are awkwardI love their products but when i try to review the items i bought each time it says the pictures loaded are too small. i’d already made a review on other items previously bought, so when it said that initially i thought my pictures were too small. so i got a photo resizer app and made them the biggest size, tried the review again; didn’t work and said they were still too small. so at this point i decided to make the reviews without uploading any pictures at all and i still got the same response, so it can’t be my pictures that are too small as i didn’t upload them that time and my previous reviews had my pictures. anyway yeah it’s just annoying and i’m trying to write a review before my points expire. overall i like their products but the review system is irritating, i’ll update if my review works..Version: 4.7.6

Brilliant ValueI am always amazed at this site. The choice is immense, the value astonishing and like many others, I wasn’t sure whether to take the risk. I’ve used this site 3 times in the last 5 years. The last bulk buy was last week and, although I’m UK based, 2 packages arrived within a few days and all items were further wrapped in individual ziplock bags. Will definitely be back again for a summer stock!.Version: 4.8.8

CHEAP AND CUTE🥰🥰🥰Amazing choices of all clothing for super cheap! A regular priced jumpsuit would be around$35 but there are ones that are half the price on here!!.Version: 4.3.0

Great!I think most people are wary of this app but honestly it’s one of the best clothing apps I’ve used. As long as you check the reviews and make sure you measurements match up to the size you’ve chosen the clothes are really good quality surprisingly. Obviously certain fabrics and styles will be more transparent but if you’re willing to do a bit of research before you buy you’ll have a great selection of well made items..Version: 4.6.8

Such a Good AppHonestly I love this app; it was recommended to me by a friend. So many affordable things and I thought that for such a cheap price that the things wouldn’t be made well. Oh man was I wrong, everything that I have bought there ( which is a lot 😅) have been great quality. Also I love the points and coupon idea that they do. It’s crazy that even with the cheap prices that they give you tons of coupons and points that you can use to get discounts and stuff. Also they have free shipping once you pass a certain amount of money. And it normally gives you two dates that your package will arrive like “June 7th-June 27th” or something like that and I have always gotten it the first day it said or earlier. It’s fantastic. I really never write reviews but this felt needed after having this for so long and it still being great quality, I HIGHLY suggest getting this app :).Version: 5.2.8

I adore it😍This app has been the greatest thing I’ve ever discovered I do believe 🙈 I love it so much!! You do have to be careful with size and quality but it’s as simple as reading the size charts and reviews:) all of the clothes I had gotten where amazing quality especially for the price and I’m a picky person when it come to how clothes fit and feel🙈 i ordered 6 shirts for my boyfriend and only 1 of them fit but that wasn’t ROMWE’s fault it was my own because I knew he needed at least two sizes up but he was convinced he didn’t so I got the size he wanted to prove him wrong lol but it was no trouble at all sending them back! It was so simple and easy and they refunded my money for the shirts in just a little over a week after I shipped them out❤️ I just ordered the correct sizes for him and they should be here soon😁😁 ROMWE is so easy to work with I highly recommended this app❤️😍.Version: 4.3.4

All good hereLol I spend to much money. That’s my only complaint. 🤣🖤 I love the alt goth styles..Version: 8.7.4

It’s a great app!The clothes are super cute and very cheap on this app. They also have shoes, accessories, stationary, backpacks, home decor, makeup, and lots of other things. The quality of the clothes is very good considering how cheap the clothes are priced. The clothes come on time, and sometimes even earlier. The products come neat and organized. All of the products are safely packaged so that you can’t get sick during COVID-19. It’s the perfect app for being able to buy cute clothes without having to go outside. I don’t like that most of their clothes are crop tops, that’s just a warning for those of you with strict parents. The clothing sizes are usually accurate and the clothes fit nicely. Sometimes they are built a bit weird so even if you get a medium it may have a waist for a small. If that happens I suggest just getting a large. They are very helpful if something goes wrong with you purchase or delivery..Version: 4.6.6

It’s pretty goodI like it, it’s very nice and most of the clothes on there are awesome- I have one problem but I don’t think that it’s the websites fault but the sizing is a bit tricky, I’ll get something that looks way to small but fits perfectly but then I’ll order something A few sizes up after measuring myself and it’s still too small? Overall I like but I’ve only order a few times off it.Version: 4.7.9

Impressive.This is my first time writing a review, but I just have to. I was very worried about this app starting out because of the ridiculously low prices and the reviews on some of the products. I took a chance and ordered 5 shirts. 2 for myself, 3 for my little sisters birthday. When they came (it was only one day late because of my post office, not the site) I was very nervous to open the packages. When I did, however, I was impressed with the material and how close the sizing actually was. One shirt was smaller in length, but I loved the fit, and my sister loved everything she had received as well. They have sizing charts, so just watch the sized before you order and you should get very close. Reviews on the products usually tell you how other people see the fit. Overall, I am very happy with this site and will continue to use it instead of spending $200-$300 for clothes that are just as good as this. I heavily suggest every girl do the same..Version: 3.4.6

I love this app so muchI enjoy this app a lot. All my products are great besides one item of clothing being smaller than the rest even though it says they’re the same size. But that happens at even the most popular clothing stores too so it doesn’t bum me out. The only problem I’ve had occur was when I purchased at bad set of 2 and only received 1 bag. I emailed customer service and they responded within hours. I honestly really liked how they gave me different options on how I’d like to handle the missing item. They didn’t just assume I wanted a refund or wanted to return the item I did receive. They let me decide what I wanted and that made me feel good. Like I , the customer, mattered in the situation. All of my products are in great shape and all look amazing. The prices are so crazy affordable that all of my ordered are around 20 items each. They keep me updated with package tracking constantly and always update their store with new products while being sure to update when older products are out of stock. It’s so easy to navigate too. My wishlist is FULL to the bring lol.Version: 4.4.0

💞Everything is sooo cute on here 😭 i would spend all my money here if i could!! i love it all so much..Version: 9.0.4

Definitely recommendTo be honest I was very skeptical of romwe at first... how could clothes these cute be so cheap? But I took a shot and now it’s my favorite store. Not only do they have great prices but there clothes are really cute and trendy and it’s the only store that has a selection that I like. Romwe is trustable, I have done refunds after canceling an order and had no problems, and there live customer service is great also. This store may seem sketchy but it’s not. For the quality issue, what you pay for is what you get! If your buying a necklace that’s a dollar don’t expect it to function and look like a $30 dollar necklace! Also read the reviews and look at pictures it will help you determine if the item is how you would like it to be. The reviews on romwe are way better than ones i’ve seen from big commercial stores like forever 21 and h and m. And if you are ordering during the WORLD WIDE PANDEMIC don’t expect your package to come in a week!! 1. they are getting soo many sales, items are selling out fast and 2. EVERYTHING IS BACKED UP!! I keep seeing so many complaints about postal service but you have to keep in mind what’s going on around the world. To conclude you should definitely try Romwe out!.Version: 4.5.4

Love itFor the most part I love this app.. I started using it about 1 year ago and let me tell you the prices have JUMPED UP.. yes the prices are still good on most items however on a lot of them the change in price is huge. Even the flash sale items are more. Everything on flash sale used to be 1.99. When buying from romwe the biggest advice I can give is read the reviews because 99% of things on romwe are not true to size. It’s a hit or miss but the prices are usually so good it’s okay to get a couple misses when you can get 10-15 items for $100 shipped to your doorstep in less than two weeks. Especially coming from China or wherever it’s amazing it arrives as fast as it does.. just be careful when ordering to make sure they’re are reviews. Other than those minor things I’ve gotten a lot of complements on the clothes I’ve gotten and trust me when I say I’ve spent upwards to 1000 on this app. It’s perfect for fast fashion which in the day in age is what happens. Things are in and out of style so fast that this app makes it easy to afford to stay up to date..Version: 4.3.7

Wrong location?Because of corona Romwe wasn’t shipping to india. i am not from india but i went into the app straight after download (i had previously had it but got a new phone and got it again) and it tells me that they aren’t shipping to india. i couldn’t look at the shop or sign in. this app is very good when it works but not when it doesn’t. it thought i was from india and i can’t change it therefore unable to use romwe..Version: 4.8.2

Love it reallyIf the sizes and quality of items were consistent, I’d rate this 5 stars. For what you’re paying, you’re really getting a good deal regardless of what you purchase. It’s better if you’ve sound knowledge or skills in sewing though just to be able to fix the slight issues some items have. I live in Australia and have purchased hauls from this site numerous times, all of them arriving within 5-6 business days. It pays to really look at not only the measurements of each clothing (and individual colours of the same item) but also the comments/photos people have noted after buying them as you’ll find they’re quite informative. This site is in my top 5 go-to stores for purchasing clothing, albeit cheap and sometimes a miss, it’s nice to take chances on such cute clothing without breaking bank and this app definitely allows for that. I recommend trying it out. It’s a winner for me!!.Version: 4.1.6

Hands down amazing!Just like others have mentioned, I was skeptical about this site. I use to use wish app but then stopped because shipping took forever plus most things you buy you took a risk of it being worth it or you get what you pay for which is very cheap quality majority of the time. I found out about ROMWE from a Facebook ad and decided to check it out! I was blown away by everything they had for a great price, plus free shipping when you spend a certain amount and that said amount doesn’t even have to be mi h either to qualify! They have amazing coupons to use plus when you check in daily you get cents that quickly turn into dollar amounts taken off your purchases! I ordered all my family and friends birthday and Christmas gifts from this site and EVERYTHING was cheap for such amazing quality. I tell everyone it’s like wish but a way better version, I call it wish 2.0 😂 if you’re skeptical and came to read reviews to see if it’s worth it, then trust me when I say IT. IS. WORTH. IT! And shipping comes on time but in my experience it’s come way sooner than expected and it doesn’t take long as wish took a year lol.Version: 4.8.7

Love love love ❤️Usually when i buy clothes a fortune is spent but Romwe has stylish clothing for affordable prices. From what my mum, sister and I have brought the sizes are true to their word. Obviously the material isn’t the most expensive on the land but buying a top for £3 and it lasts for a while is definitely the right way to go. I find the reviews very helpful too as a lot of people put pictures up and you can always determine what size to buy. There is no fault in the app ❤️❤️❤️.Version: 3.5.6

Amazing!!!I bought a heap of casual wear, shorts and shirts, I live in remote Australia and all 16 items of clothing came in 10 days, it usually takes at least 2-3 weeks just for posts to get to me from inside Australia so I can’t believe how fast it got here!! I’m a medium in aus so I bought XL in there sizes and everything fit perfectly!! I’m so happy with my purchases. I know there are a lot of bad reviews online but they must have picked up there game!!.Version: 3.3.6

Okay, but…The app itself is quite good. i don’t believe that i’ve come across any technical issues. i’ve made many, many purchases on romwe and haven’t had any problems. everything came to my door in good condition, however you should not expect the quality of your purchase to be too great. overall, i’ve had a pretty good experience with romwe. i only give 4 stars as the customer support is AWFUL. i would NEVER rely on them as contacting them will only leave them to say “we’ll get back to you”, and they will have you waiting only to receive no response..Version: 8.4.2

Amazing App Great ClothesI am so amazed by the quality of the material from my most recent order . it came to about £66 for a huge basket containing items such as jeans a coat leggings and sweat pants . Every single item was true to size and a very decent quality . i would say that this shop is very good for low budget shopping and rather addictive as they have so many cute and affordable items . also in terms of the actuall app it runs really smoothly and is easy to navigate through. Overall a fantastic shop/app.Version: 4.5.8

Love it!!!I ordered a few things as a trial to see if the website was legit and it came in 4 days!!! So happy with the things will definitely order again!!!!.Version: 4.3.0

Commenting on the appsIt’s great to be able to shop on line and have so many options with easy entrance to various shopping items thanks for this opportunity..Version: 4.3.4

What I Think About ROMWE !!!I only ordered a few things to see if it good quality and every week I order something bc their clothes are cheap and go value but also amazing in my opinion I think they are better then Zara / Shein when I order from shein my outfit which I order came in the wrong size and colour and when I ordered from Zara it was expensive and not good quality xx !!!!.Version: 5.0.3

Love the clothesWould be great if it had NZD.Version: 4.7.9

Love this app, only issue is their designs.ROMWE, SHEIN and ZAFUL are all apps that have plenty of great clothing however I have noticed that recently more people have been speaking up about how these apps have been copying/stealing individual’s personal designs. The two I can most recall are a white T-shirt with the word “trip” written in different shapes and sizes of mushrooms as well as a black and white contrasting, oversized shirt with a butterfly printed on the front along with some text. Both of these designed had been ripped off by SHEIN - which I think we all know is in close association with ROMWE as they often share the same products but sell them a slightly varying prices - from small independent designers. This to me is very unfair and not great for the customers because in order to maintain one’s own moral responsibilities we are unable to gain full access to the products sold on this app. Despite this, I do feel that for the price all of the products on this app are very good quality and that the product range is very much adequate! Many of the clothing items I have bought from here have been exactly what I was looking for and I have rarely seen any issues with the quality of anything. I do highly recommend this app if you are looking for affordable clothing that is up-to-date with the trends, but be sure to look out for stolen designs!.Version: 4.8.7

Omg so goodThis app is really good it has a lot to choose from and it’s not like other apps with like nothing to choose from And it also has good prices less and more 👍😃.Version: 4.2.2

This is one of the most underrated clothing apps ever !I love the style , the clothes , everything ! I thought one day let me try see some new clothing apps because it’s always the originals like jd , boohoo etc but I wanted something different because I always want to dress apart from how everyone dresses so I thought let me go on this and boom I was already shopping ! The jumpers , top , etc are so sick ! I got my order yesterday and I wasn’t disappointed at all ! And not that expensive at all ! And quick shopping aswell only took a week to come ! Great app would recommend to everyone!.Version: 4.9.5

Great app! Just a few suggestionsROMWE is an amazing app with great clothing selections and astounding prices. I can find exactly what I want at dollar-store prices. I just have some ways that the developers could possibly make it even more appealing to customers. 1) More direct filtering. I was looking everywhere for rib-knit, beach colored tank tops and the only thing I could find to make it easier was to filter it “tank tops”. I think that if there’s a certain look or fabric someone is looking for, they should be able to find it just as easily as they can find “ripped jeans” or “tube tops”. 2) More ways for customers to get discounts on shipping. Since the shipping prices are a little high, the least you could do is give loyal customers “free shipping” every few purchases, or make discounts a lot more common around the app. It would make paying those types of prices seem a lot more worth it. Finally, I just want to thank the developers for whipping up such a whimsical app, which is very organized and practical for busy teens and adults. Thank you!.Version: 4.3.2

ROMWE ratingThis is such a good app all the clothes you buy come really fast and they have great deals and cheap items during the holidays shopping for clothes was the easiest thing and for Christmas it came fast just on time for opening them on Christmas Day I recommend using this app for any people that like clothes and don’t want to spent to much on clothes plus you can find better clothes then In the store sometimes.Version: 4.1.4

GreatHonestly to be honest this is one of the best online stores I have shopped at, everything is great and prices and great for anyone that is not really trying to spend a lot of money on clothes. The only thing that made me give it a 4 is because you technically get ROMWE points to give you a discount in taking a couple of money away from your regular price although if you accidentally mis click something it takes away everything in your bag which is a little annoying and kind of a waste of everything but it’s fine. Some of the clothes are a too big for me even for a small (and I order small to kind of give me like an oversized look but it’s way too big). The clothes do come a lot earlier than is said though. No glitches, everything is good, no missing things. Overall this is a great app to order clothes online if you are ever just bored because everything is definitely way cheaper than what things normally cost and are great quality. Definitely recommend this app for beginners or people who are just bored and find cute affordable, objects, clothes, utensils. Trust me they have it and are great!.Version: 4.9.2

PLEASE READI love this app, at first I thought it would be like wish, super cheap and a scam , but it’s really not , I’ve ordered a few items of clothing + rings from here and they are all great quality , shipping does take a while but it’s worth it ! I got 13 beautiful rings for only £1! And I often get asked if they are from pandora as they are so nice! This is a genuine review, yes I’m a real person, no I don’t work for ROMWE or have any contact with them In any way! I recommend this app, it has great clothing for a reasonable price and also great accessories! The only thing that worries me is that they do have big brands of shoes such as balenciagos (I’m not sure how to spell it😬) and Fila shoes , they seem and look real but if they are the prices are amazing! But they are probably knock offs, I haven’t bought them but I wouldn’t recommend. Sorry for any typos or grammar errors! I hope this helped.❤️.Version: 4.1.6

I love this app!At first I was very hesitant to order from the shop as I thought it was going to be just cheap and icky like other online clothes stores. However, how wrong I was! The clothes arrived pretty quickly compared to the estimated delivery time and come properly packaged (sadly in a lot of plastic) but are very very rarely damaged. They were good quality and just so cute! This is definitely my favourite place to buy clothes and I make a large order monthly. They have such a good range of clothing to chose from and it fit my style perfectly..Version: 4.7.9

You get what you pay for and sometimes more!Read a lot of reviews about the cheap material but honestly what do you expect with the crazy low prices? If you want something with high quality there are a vast amount of stores available that offer your needs and wants. I personally love this site. It’s user friendly, they always have sales going on and around 80% of the clothes are usually of decent material. The cons about the company; if you’re thinking the express and standard shipping are different then sadly you’ll be waiting longer than what they say. Express is usually 3-5 days but I waited 2 weeks so keep that in mind! Also the sizing differs on the item of clothing so read customer reviews before purchasing as it’s super helpful and some people even provide pictures of how it looks on them. Customer service is pretty helpful and you always know where your parcel is because the tracking is very efficient. Will definitely keep using this and would definitely recommend it for everyone..Version: 3.4.6

Never bought anything but pretty great appThis is the site to find pretty much anything, mostly clothing, for very cheap prices. Only issue is that I can’t give a completely accurate review and tell you if it is legit, because I have never actually gotten the chance to order anything yet. From what I have seen on popular and trusted review websites, ROMWE seems reliable but a little “hit and miss.” One really bad thing that I don’t like is that there are no returns if you don’t like the item. This seems like a way to sell someone a bad quality item and not give them their money back, but once again, I have no clue if that assumption is true. I would love it if you could make different wishlists for different categories. Ex: shirts, pants, swimsuits. The app, Wish, has a wishlist-setup similar to that. Instead there is only one wishlist where I can put items, which makes it hard for me to find certain items. Another thing is that the app glitched a tiny bit when I first got it, but after a couple days it stopped and works perfectly now so thanks for fixing that:) Although I don’t think the app deserves.Version: 4.4.8

AwesomeThis apps great for shopping! Quite cheap and ships fast to NZ. Love the things I bought :).Version: 4.0.8

Honestly saving moneyI’ve been using the app for 2 years now. (Took me a while to get to this review lol) I’ve completed 11-15 orders collections of 100 different things. In all that time I’ve ordered I’ve only been disappointed twice with item quality and I’ve only had to return something once because the sizing was not accurate. I check in daily for points. The points system is why I come back I get “free money” each day and it’s not like 1 cent a day. It adds up quick and after a bout month I have 12-15 dollars off. I also review everything I purchase with a picture and get points for that. I use it so frequently that now my coworkers check it out and my sister and friends use it. At this point I feel like a brand ambassador because I wear like a least one of the items every day. I have purchased shoes belts pjs dresses tops hair accessories home goods organization stuff I underwear and bras. Everything lasts and it pretty good quality. The only thing I haven’t purchased are bathing suits so that’s next lol. Too: Just make sure to check reviews for items you are interested in. Sales daily so check them out for like 3-5 minutes in the morning after checking in on the app..Version: 4.8.7

Great appThis help is really easy to navigate through and had everything I was looking for! The only downside (personally) is that there’s no New Zealand currency but overall it’s a game changer.Version: 5.0.0

Why I love❤️❤️My opinion on this app/website has five stars from me. They have a great Variety of clothing for a woman of size 2s and for women of size 18s they have a very flexible size in almost every item. They are very affordable to buy when I go shopping on other websites I can put five items in my bag and it would add up to £200 where on this app it would only add up to £50 or less!! So in conclusion I give this app five stars because you have a great variety of clothing they have many sizes it’s very affordable and so is the shipping I have not had any problems with receiving close from this website five stars from me 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟❤️❤️.Version: 4.1.2

Easy, simple, cheap, good quality.Romwe often takes about two weeks to ship your items and sometimes there will be a weird little twist, such as an extremely shrunken swimsuit, lol but i have ordered MANY.. MAAANY times, half of the clothes i have are from ROMWE and there was only two inconveniences, the shrunken swimsuit top and my package was stolen, which wasn’t their fault at all, honestly, i couldn’t blame the people who stole it, they were awesome clothes lol. The cheapness at first seems very sketchy, but when they come its the complete opposite, clothes with brand name can be 50-75 bucks for a hoodie, these clothes have designs on them for very cheap, the colors don’t bleed and the printing can last YEARS unless you try to iron when wet, they do come wrinkled and often smell like the package but it takes ONE wash, ONE ironing session and it never happens again. So if your reading this review about a really sketchy sight like ROMWE.. ROMWE is the ONE place for online shopping that has beautiful quality and adorable cheap clothes.. ROMWE, if you see this, don’t worry about the stolen package the stuff was only $30 bucks for it all, it was not your fault and this is settled between me and my thought to reach out and tell you..Version: 5.0.4

Great Value !!Ordered a whole heap on clothes off here, got jackets, shorts, tops, socks , just about everything. For the price I paid, I was really happy ! Didn’t take too long to arrive and although some of the quality wasn’t amazing, I can’t complain as it was so cheap. I noticed a few loose threads and on the shorts, I had to cut the buttons open a little more but apart from that I’ve had stuff from there for about a year now and it’s still in tact :).Version: 4.0.6

Love it!I love how fairly quick each package comes, however there are small things I’d like to be fixed, one is the “remind me” option when logging in, doesn’t work for me at all, and second is when we write a review it’d be great if we could edit it even after submitting it just to put a bit more to our review. Otherwise this is a great app!.Version: 8.3.8

Super goodThe app is super good, though there could be more sizes, I’m a uk size 4 and have extreme trouble finding clothes that fit, and have even more trouble gaining weight to fit into clothes, I’ve even tried prescription drinks from the doctors to drink 3 times a day, they’re oil drinks too, so it isn’t a lifestyle I’ve chosen that effects me, finding more clothes that are xxs would be great, lie xxs lingeri/swimsuits, dresses and panties would be cool. Also adding egirl clothes would be a hit with girls my age! ☺️ but the app works well, and some xs things I have found fit and don’t go gross in the wash, which is good!!.Version: 4.8.7

AliyahAmazing app to get great clothes!.Version: 3.2.3

Lot of variety and lovely cheap clothesI purchased a whole bulk of clothes from this app recently and overall the actually clothes I was pleased with about 85% of them they are very cheaply made clothes but for basic items you can’t really go wrong as long as you’re not expecting them to be the most amazing clothes ever! I got lots of lovely work tops and some home items as well as other outfits and I love them and the price is amazing. I have lots delivered to the uk during covid pandemic and they had to be posted from Hong in 4 separate parcels and all has been sterilised twice and arrived in good time I am a very happy customer. I wouldn’t buy anything such as an occasion outfit for a party/ wedding etc but I would continue to purchase casual clothes from here. Thank you.Version: 4.5.6

Amazing for first online shoppingDecided to buy some online clothes and first came to here and I’m definitely not disappointed! The clothes were in perfect condition, amazing fabric, fitted perfectly. The deals are so good too and shipping is quick to come to Australia, I got my clothes in 4 days one I had to wait a week but that was ok normal shipping but anyways this is such an amazing app! Keep it up x.Version: 4.1.2

WOWI absolutely love ROMWE, they have the MOST fairly priced items and the quality is actually quite good. Items with zips, I’d stay away from as they are a little tricky to manoeuvre at times and shoes that say size 6 are actually size 5 but managed to sell them on fb anyway (always go a size bigger, especially in trainers, boots and heels)... other than that there are soooo many positives. I purchased a top two years ago and it’s lasted through to today so I’m happy! I shop ROMWE consistently now and will never stop!!!!! Love it! ❤️❤️.Version: 4.3.0

CONSIDER WHAT YOU ARE BUYINGThe app itself is pretty good and has a variety of clothes and colours. The app also offers lots of sales but the thing is that certain clothing sometimes are delivered in colours that are different from the picture, which as a customer can put you off. If you have an affordable budget, this app is good but be careful and consider what you are buying so please check the reviews. Other than that, it’s actually a pretty good app❤️..Version: 3.4.3

Love love love !!!I genuinely love this app, it’s a little cheaper than shein I have noticed as well. I can’t spend a vast majority of money on clothes as I am still a teenager, but the prices are good and the clothes and other things are (mostly) great quality ! I do recommend looking through reviews of things your buying especially if your buying a bigger amount of clothes as some people might not like the material or have a few complaints about the piece that would affect your liking for it and maybe even stop you from buying it. I’ve bought a few things from there and it didn’t cost much either. You get free coupons that allow you 20% off etc so if you are playing a big order it will be helpful😃.Version: 5.1.2

ROMWEI think this is an amazing app because it's really cheap and it has awesome clothes. Some clothes on here you can't get in shops where I live and it had exactly what I'm looking for so it's really great !!! I give it a 5 star rating 🌟⭐️ -Tahlia.Version: 3.2.5

Amazing!!The cloths are VERY cheap and it comes in only 7-12 business days! Highly recommend..Version: 4.3.0

I love it it is fantastic ❤️I love this app so much. The clothes are fantastic and the variety of styles and colours is massive. I also love how much they care about you and how the app is set. It is very easy to use and it does not glitch at all. The quality of some of the clothes isn’t the best but for the price it is worth it. But mostly the fabric and the quality is super good and it is cheap and affordable. You can find all sorts of things on here, the items are supper cute and most importantly trendy and affordable. I 💯recommend this app you should really get it and explore it. It is also one of my favourite online shops/stores. 100% recommend. ❤️❤️👌👌👍🏼👍🏼.Version: 4.5.6

The bestIt’s the best app for aesthetically pleasing clothes. It’s great for bullet journals and hard core studying courses like Degrees PHD’s and A levels. Shipping is cheap and free usually and everything on the app is cheap. I’ve never had one problem w delivery or clothes; if you were to buy clothes and you have wider hips/ more curves buy 2 sizes up like myself, and usually buy a size up because of sizing issues in different countries! All over, it’s a great app..Version: 4.9.5

Please don’t be a scam!!I am really hoping the order my mum just ordered isn’t a scam. She was nervous to give her card details out because she thought they would get leaked or her something like that since we haven’t really heard much about this store. Another reason is because this is an American store and we live in the UK. I hope this isn’t a scam, by reading the other reviews it doesn’t seem to be a scam. I also hope it’s good-ish quality. I’ll give it a 4 star rating because the clothes look so nice and trendy! xx.Version: 4.7.9

Cheap, good quality, my new fave appI donated all my old clothes that I adored at the time and I had no good clothes anymore but I kinda had no choice bc the clothes were like a year old or sum and I came across some websites but they were very expensive so I literally quit looking for clothes. Then the next day I found out on an app called tiktok about a clothing site called romwe. The video said that romwe is an inexpensive website / app that sells adorable clothes that are way better than my old ones and I bought clothes and spent exactly $126 for a bunch of clothes, I’d say that’s amazing for the amount of clothing that I bought! It took a while to arrive (probably like 3 weeks or 2). But, when it arrived I was so excited but nervous at the same time because I didn’t know what I just spent $126 on. I opened the box and everything looked exactly like how I thought it would, the quality was so good! the jeans were so comfy and didn’t make my waist hurt, the shirts were so cute and they were oversized (even better), the belts were so cute, and the sweaters were so nice! I recommend shopping from romwe they have amazing quality, designs, and more! <3.Version: 4.9.9

I LOVE THIS APP!!ROMWE IS AMAZING!! i have bought quite a few products on here, most of them for myself, but quite a few of them as presents for friends who end up loving them! the clothes and accessories here are so cool and trendy. they are always up to date on the latest trends!! love this app, definitely recommend it!.Version: 4.1.8

Best clothing website ever!Okay so all my moms friends and mine were ordering from SHEIN so we tried that then we it came 3 weeks later. The clothes came WAY to small and the bathing suit was way to small and cheeky. I asked my mom to let me try it one more time and order bigger and she said no. So then i saw a app called ROMWE and it was basically the sister company of SHEIN and my mom didn’t know that so I begged her and she finally said yes and we ordered one shirt to test it out and it was my favorite shirt I owned. Then about a month later we ordered 3 shirts and a bucket hat they looked cute but they are still shipping and yes the shipping does take a while everyone but it’s worth it. My final thing is I went and bought a visa gift card to order different shirts my parents wouldn’t say yes to and they are so cute! I love them and I hope everyone orders from here cause the prices are so cheap and the quality is great. Hope the person reading this has a amazing day 😁😊!.Version: 5.0.8

Romwe is a MUST!!So I’ve already made & received 3 orders, actually in love. Orders all took a week exactly to arrive. One thing is a must is to check ALL sizing for item as everything is different in sizing and if you do so then you’ll have no problems at all I’m not busy making a 4th order everything is so well priced and worth it. !!! Do ittttt.Version: 3.5.2

Love😍It’s my friends birthday soon and I don’t know when we will be out of quarantine so I’m shopping on here so when we are out of quarantine I can order everything and give her an amazing gift, this site is amazing for small gifts🤤.Version: 4.5.2

Please read❤️I used to like it much more as it was nice and affordable and it was always my first choice because of the price but now the price has risen and it’s like any other stores clothing so it doesn’t appeal so much to me anymore ! Also I used to love it as some old clothes stayed up and some new items came in and items would only change once in a while so it gave time to purchase and save up but now I go there a few days later and it’s already gone! So apart from the price the clothing and shop itself is great x👍.Version: 4.3.6

Ima be straight up no biasROMWE is a pretty good app. It can definitely be a lil sketchy at times but I haven’t had any information stolen or anything like that. The only things to be cautious are the material of the clothes (always read reviews and look at the measurements and material because they are verrrrry helpful to make sure you’re getting something that won’t fall apart or look obviously cheap because there’s a few things like that but not most) and also the shipping. I’ve ordered about 10 times and out of those I’ve only had issues twice. I got the package and everything I noticed it had been taking longer than said to ship so I messaged them and they had forgotten about my package but I still got it so it wasn’t tooo bad. But they also have a lot of good stuff for really cheap, even home decor. They have a lot of cool random stuff and cause of the new update I like it even more. I buy all my own clothes and don’t have a job so this is really convenient for me because I can still dress the way I want on a budget. I’m also very cheap so there’s that too. But overall I do recommend. Why not?.Version: 4.8.4

The bestGreat app The moment I signed up I got 4 coupons everything is pretty cheap and it’s ships everywhere The tag is super cute and all the clothing is super comfortable 10 out of 10 recommend I use it all the time I don’t have to add things to my coat I can put up to my wish list and then when I’m ready to buy it I buy it and even if I’m just browsing it is one of the best apps I have on my phone.Version: 8.3.8

Awesome, so many options❤️This shop is unlike no other it has tones of stylish, fun, outgoing and affordable items. It was such an amazing experience shopping on there absolutely amazing website. One thing that I find so annoying on other shopping websites is that I can’t find the write size, this shop is so great with how it shows the measurements in such specific detail. I love how they have so many options for different people with different personalities. Such a great website, love it..Version: 4.7.0

Loved all the bagsI’m grateful shopping with ROMWE. All the bags were awesome and pretty and exactly as in picture. Few things like delivery was time taking a lot. Otherwise all the products are amazing and i will keep shopping with ROMWE. Thank you.❤️❤️❤️.Version: 4.8.9

2 orders inAs soon as I received my first order I placed another! Like other reviewers I was expecting ROMWE to be much like Wish so the odd pleasant surprise but most items nothing like you were expecting. I’ve been extremely pleased with everything I’ve received so far and delivery is much faster than I expected and the tracking works well. Initially I just bought bits and bobs - hair bands, socks etc but based on the quality I thought I’d try some clothing and was super pleased with both the quality of the garment I ordered and the sizing which was exactly right. I am already filling my basket for my next order!.Version: 4.8.8

Worth the wait for shippingBought 8 bikinis/swimsuits and was super impressed,quality and material were perfectly fine for the price paid! just make sure you check the measurements rather than assuming your regular size and keep in mind the material items are made from ie. bought a little slogan T-shirt and the material isn’t very breathable which I would have realised if I read through the details more.Version: 4.2.0

It’s great...ROMWE is a good app for browsing and looking through the variety to amazing clothes although sometimes the clothes will come a bit tacky but if you find something great then that makes the whole shopping experience better. This app has constantly got sales on with fab clothes. But it’s not just clothes there’s jewellery and makeup/makeup accessories, shoes and loads more to look forward to once u get the app. Overall I would say that it is a great app and is very much like SHEIN but can be cheaper or more expensive depending on what your looking at so if I were you I would get it..Version: 4.4.3

AmazingI love this app so much, it has such cute clothes and they’re really cheap, I am going to get some clothes soon. One thing that I don’t really like is the shipping is really expensive. But love it 💖.Version: 4.9.5

WonderfulROMWE is so cheap with great quality items! The items you buy come extremely quickly and in great packaging. This is the best online shopping app I’ve ever used!.Version: 4.5.2

Good 👍👍This is my first time to buy from Rowme and I hope that they will bring it in less time not long time 👍.Version: 3.3.2

ROMWEAwesome.Version: 2.3.1

Great appI always had used Shein but the only thing putting me off from buying there was the £4 shipping, I’d heard of Romwe but assumed the shipping would be the same. Romwe has the exact same supplier as Shein and the exact same products on their website, maybe a little bit less selection though but they add new bits often. The best part for me though is that flat rate shipping is only £2, and they offer free shipping vouchers often. Defo worth a download.Version: 4.9.1

Great Style!!I just had to recommend to a friend. I love all of the products on Romwe. Even though i have not ordered yet i can only imagine the beautiful products fitting into my wardrobe. Love it..Version: 4.6.5

First timeI downloaded this ROMWE thinking it was going to be "just another app," but ROMWE surprised me. Their fashion was up my alleyway and they had a variety of options to pick from and to my choosing. I had a friend who surprised me with matching sweater's. She had one for her and myself. (Also the reason I dowloaded the app btw) I cannot tell you how comfy and soft they were. I thought she got this from a store in the mall or some other website that would take a chunk out of her wallet or rip her off. Undeniably, the design was a comfortable chocolatey bliss, with a follow up of a calm creamy color and it happens to be one of my many favorites. Not only is ROMWE exceptional with their fashion taste, they're prices are pretty low considering the quality of their clothing and they give you plenty of good deal's. Sorry for this spurt, 😅 but you can see why I love this app so much. 🥰 Laterz 👋.Version: 5.4.0

Affordable!I love how affordable this app is! I come from a rather poor upbringing, so price is always the most important factor to me when purchasing items. I also love how you’re able to earn in-app currency just by checking in daily! All those cents earned daily really do add up! If I could offer any advice towards the developers of this app, I would recommended extending the amount of days you are able to earn in-app currency before having to return to the amount earned on day one of your daily check in streak. Every day that you check in, as you build your daily check in streak, the amount you earn daily increases. However as of the time that I am writing this, you can only earn up to five days worth of increasing prices, before returning to the lower price of day one. So I suggest increasing the amount of days, maybe go up to earning at least anywhere from one to five dollars for a day’s check in reward. I really do recommend using this app! The sizes are fairly accurate, prices are affordable, and shipping is fairly quick as well!.Version: 4.5.4

👍There’s some really cute items for a affordable/cheaper price. This app keeps up with the trends! But there’s some things you need to keep in mind. Always read the reviews on the item you want! Because that item you want might be a different colour when arrived, or the material might feel unusual then most materials. The fluff might fall off, the material might rip easily. A lot of the times the clothes is a little see through so keep that in mind. That way if you do decide to purchase that item at least you’ll know what to expect and how to take care of that item. There are rumours that they expose/leak your personal information. Now I don’t know if those are true but if you want to download the app but your scared of your personal information getting leaked then I’d suggest to do research on that subject! Thanks for reading this review, I hope this helps!.Version: 4.7.5

This shop is a must haveROMWE is a great shop with a wide selection such as clothes,jewellery,accessories, phone accessories and many more which is why I love it. I also love the layout of the app. It’s very clear and not hard to understand. The things they sell are cute and trendy which makes it so nice. Over all this app is amazing except I have one problem. Every day I check when my package is arriving but everyday it changes the date to even later. I have been waiting for a month and a half and still nothing. Last time a bought things from this shop it took 2 months and 3 weeks which is quite a long time. The quality is good and the material is nice. In conclusion this app is fabulous and it is a must have! Sorry it was long but I hope you learnt a few things!.Version: 4.7.6

SO GLAD I FOUND THIS APP !!!Honestly was so scared for my first order because i couldn’t believe how cheap the prices are like it had to be a scam. I was definitely shocked to find out that it wasn’t . they literally have clothes for pretty much every style and delivery is always cheap or even free. Even though the size guide is a little wrong everything i have gotten so far is EXACTLY like the picture, this is my go to place to buy clothes for literally any occasion, love love love it and i would definitely recommend getting this app it makes it so much easier to shop than the website which is an added bonus..Version: 4.8.9

So enjoyableI find myself going through the whole store before i even know it. when i first found the store i was instantly in love and ordered stuff straight away. It arrived very quickly and was decent quality..Version: 4.0.8

Amazing but minor issues..I honestly love ROMWE, but I don’t know if my few complaints would be fair because I have used online instead of the app in previous purchases. Their jeans are amazing 🥰🤩!! And I love their shirts and bathing suits too! My issue is with the hoodies and writing reviews on purchased items. First off, the hoodie material is sup-par and the hoodies run slightly small, mostly the arm length. Other than that the drawstrings are usually a whole ‘nother mess. But other than that, the designs are cute and they look close to the picture shown for the order. Okay, now for writing reviews. I love writing reviews on purchased items, to help the customers on their decision and and to claim some points for the amazing ROMWE points system. But when I take pictures of my item from camera roll and attach it to my review, half of the time it says the picture is too small, and I have to take a picture through the ROMWE app and it doesn’t show when I check my review. You get less points without a picture, so it makes me sad. If you could fix this little bug I’m sure everyone would appreciate it! Also, an honorable mention, I love the notification system because they don’t spam you, and they notify you when an item in your cart is almost sold out. Thanks for reading my review and I’m hoping for minor changes soon enough! Thank youuu 🥰.Version: 5.1.2

👍 I love Romwe 👍Romwe is a great app. It was kinda hard to find but it has lots of really good clothes. I don’t like a lot of the stuff but I also like a lot of stuff. The more you look at the better your recommendations get. The prices are also really low. The shipping is quick and the clothes are cuteeeee. 💙❤️💜I would recommend this app..Version: 4.8.2

Impressive!I am truly enjoying this online store way more than I should! I’ve never had to wait more than 2-3 weeks for anything I’ve ordered. Out of many many items that I have ordered I only received one that’s been damaged and after I submitted a picture ROMWE offered to refund it without hassle. The quality of clothes is for the most part great! Some of the materials used for a few of the shirts I’ve ordered are this kind of slick, almost swim suit but not quite material but I’ve never minded and most everything is exactly what you expect to receive. I have yet to receive an item that doesn’t look like the picture but I also check reviews to be on the safe side most times. SO. MANY. SALES. If you’re like me and you like clothes but don’t like spending too much money on clothes this store is for you. Every day they have what they call a “flash sale” along with lots of other sales on already fairly priced items. They also have coupons and points AND free shipping if you spend a certain amount to top it all off. Most of my items have been somewhere in the $3-$5 range individually. Cheapskate’s Chinese clothing shopping paradise..Version: 8.3.4

Absolutely love it!!I love Romwe! It’s affordable and super cute, they have so many different styles to chose from. I would 100% recommend Romwe to anyone. All my past orders have arrived in 10 - 20 days. I had some concerns with the order such as sizing and whether it would look like the photos .. well I can definitely tell you that everything was perfect! Sizing was spot on and everything looked exactly how I expected it to look..Version: 4.8.8

Amazing 🤗🥰❤️This app is amazing, if you are a younger age, it’s still an amazing place to browse or shop! I am on the young side of this app and I do have a gmail and email but I prefer not to use it, but normally I’m forced to, but not this app! It lets me browse easily adding everything I think is stunning to my bag while still give me the option to choose what size it should be for me! There are wide selections from this app for everyone and if you are young like me as I mentioned earlier you will be in luck to know that you can put as much as you want in your bag and easily go show all the things you want from your bag to your parent/guardians! I hope everyone that is need for new clothes finds this app and I will be sure to show this app! Also every update is amazing! All of them are short updates you don’t even notice, but those small updates stop bugs and do other very helpful things for all shoppers and I just everyone sees this app!!!.Version: 4.6.7

It’s decentOverall romwe is a great app it’s easy to use and so much fun looking through the variety of things they have. however items on this app are either a hit or a miss which can be expected when you see the prices of products. personally i find that detailed clothes turn out wierd shapes and most things are somewhat see through but there are many hidden gems! the prices are great, i live in the uk and it came in 7 days however delivery is £5.00. before purchasing i greatly advise you to see the reviews as many customers post pictures as they gain them points which turns into money that can be used on the site. for more simple pieces i think romwe is great for the prices. put please compare prices of similar sites such as shein as some things they sell are the EXACT same product found on romwe but either or more expensive or cheaper. all in all defo worth a try, i recommend checking it out! x.Version: 4.4.3

AmazingGood prices and everything's really cute🤗.Version: 3.2.5

I love it!A friend suggested Romwe to me and at first I thought that the cheap prices were going to be a scam but everything u have ordered has been amazing! The only problem is that I logged out of my account in the app and forgot the password, and the wrong one is written down, and the resend password emails aren’t going through. I would still recommend to anyone, shopping takes its time but it’s worth the wait!.Version: 4.3.0

Love itAwesome app!.Version: 8.9.0

Amazing AppI cannot express how amazing this company is. I’ve purchased many things and loved everything that arrived. The quality is great and my stuff always comes a few weeks early. They provide all sizes and styles with a very large variety of clothes all at very affordable prices. They also include room decor, jewelry and other small things all high quality and low price. I would 100% recommend this to my friends and family! Their packaging is very useful as well. In the app itself they provide many chances to win things. They have small games and contests you can participate in like guessing the price of an item. You can also win points but submitting reviews and pictures which can get you even more free things. Even with the low prices, they still provide customers many coupons and daily/weekly discounts. Even for holidays they have new arrivals with super cute clothes. I’ve never had to worry about the price on this website. There are many things I’ve gotten under $5 which would usually be above $10 at other stores. If you are looking for a good app and a chance to win prizes and get cheap, high quality clothes, this is the app for you!.Version: 4.7.9

J’adore ROMWE 🥰💕💕💕💕💕My preference ❤️.Version: 4.5.8

I Love ROMWE 👁👄👁👍 👨‍🍳🤌💋My family’s pretty poor so I usually can’t afford nice cloths. Especially since I have to buy all of my clothes myself it’s nice to have ROMWE and SHEIN because I can get more clothes for my money. Not only are they cheap, but all of the clothes are great quality! The only thing I would say is, you should definitely measure yourself so that you know what size you are. European clothing sizes are different to US sizes so it’s a little confusing at first. The first time I ordered clothes from here my skirts were WAY too big and then I had to pay a big return fee, which is the other problem. You have to be sure you want the items that you purchase and that they are your size because the return fees are HORRIBLE. That’s where they get you! You could be extremely disappointed if you finally get all of your things and have to pay a huge return fee to get the correct things or just your money back. All in all though, ROMWE and SHEIN are both great stores. 😊 👍.Version: 5.0.8

Yass queensThis is such a grate app cheap and fit all.Version: 4.8.4

WowROMWE is soo good it is the best and great deals and cheep clothing. It sells everything you need.Version: 4.1.2

Love this appThis app is genuinely awesome, It is so hard to find stylish clothes in my sizes ( size 4/size 6) and this website gives me this option! Not only that, I’ve done 3 orders so far and every single time the delivery has been so fast and before delivery date which is always a good thing. The material of the clothes are spectacular I’ve not had anything see through ect , they are also true to size :) !! I have ordered a pair of heels aswell as a pair of sandals and again both of which came early and very comfy and true to size :) one very happy shopper. I’d love to recommend but at the same time it’s such a good website I just want to keep it to myself to save others stealing my style haha! I think with the points system it’s a very good idea, where you log in everyday and earn points ect but I think that they should let you build them up instead of taking points off after certain about of days.. that’s our bonus to logging in everyday! It’s a shame that twice I’ve gone to use them as a tiny gift for me but they have gone down loads /: other then that very happy shopper thank you :).Version: 4.9.8

Wonderful!I’ve bought a few items from there and loved them all. I do not suggest buying anything Jean made as the jeans I purchased were EXTREMELY tight at the pelvis and I am not overweight. I wish their app had a notification when your order had changed status though..Version: 3.4.0

Absolutely AmazingI downloaded ROMWE about 3 months ago now. Amazing! I ordered Jeans, Jewellery, Swimsuit Bikini’s and more. The prices aren’t expensive and they are the bare minimum for the price costs I’ve been looking for. Something that did get me a bit sceptical was how some came in ROMWE zip up bags and then some came in SHIEN. I got a bit confused, but overall really awesome. The quality of the Clothes and Jewellery was absolutely outstanding, the button on the Jeans were a bit flimsy but nothing to shabby. I really recommend this app. It can help you find cheap but good quality clothing and more. Not only that but arrives in good condition and it doesn’t take forever to arrive. Thank you for the clothes and Jewellery that I ordered! Definitely will be buying from you guys again 💗.Version: 5.0.8

Very goodIt's a good app.Version: 1.1.2

So goodSo good ! my package arrived in new zealand after a week and product was in good condition , sizing is a bit smaller so go a size up.Version: 3.4.6

Great pricesSometimes not always the best quality, you get what you pay for. But there are some amazing finds! Especially if you’re on a budget. The reviews really help guide you on what’s quality items and which ones are cheaper material.Version: 5.5.4

Russian RouletteAlright so here's another real review haha. After some thorough review reading on numerous sites, I finally decided to buy some "tester" clothes just to see if they were good. I live in Melbourne and after reading reviews, knew it would be a while before I saw anything in the mail. I ordered 3 dresses and a shirt. Two of the dresses look, feel, wear pretty good and were of decent quality, one dress sizing bigger than site size. The shirt was the same, but sized smaller to site size. Both these size differences were workable, though. Third dress was of weird fabric, but nice. It was a 'overall' style dress and the straps were nowhere near quality enough and fell off as soon as I went to tighten it. Fixable though. Package was sent to me quite quickly, 2 days actually until it was in Melbourne. It spent 4 days at AusPost hub so they were the slow ones on that. Quite surprised it came quickly after reading how long people waited for theirs. Overall, I am not disappointed in what I recieved. I believe this site is quite the Russian Roullette, but an enjoyable one at that.Version: 3.4.0

I would recommendThe reason why I’m recommending this app is because I love the products that I got I got my shirts in a bigger size because I thought maybe I wouldn’t be able to fit them if I got them in like my original size but if I would’ve ordered my original size I would have fit them perfectly so this kind of gave me a reassurance of OK I can fit the shirts I love the shirts are so cute and then there’s also a cheap shows that she if you want to but if you don’t wanna be expensive or sometimes we just want to cheap cute clothing and then there’s multiple life brings a bathing suits and bracelets and other other stuff like that and it’s really cute and the nearest earrings and all that other stuff I really recommend you should like get this app and if you want to buy something off of you buy something and there’s more than like clothing and jewelry and all that other stuff they also have like home stuff book bags I really recommend.Version: 5.0.8

For people on a budget!Items are definitely a hit or miss so read reviews before buying (most things you can tell the quality from the photo) as most hoodies are thin and a lot of the cropped things aren’t sewn at the bottom.. Luckily it’s pretty cheap prices, so I definitely would recommend for teens/students for trendy clothes that won’t break the bank! Can’t 5 star as isn’t the easiest searching for what you want and the site is a bit all over the place...Version: 4.0.4

ⓛⓞⓥⓔ ⓘⓣⓨⓔⓔⓣ.Version: 4.3.3

Good appI love using this and I have been for the past 3 years or so. I’ve ordered about 6 times off of this website and the majority of the clothes are good quality for the price that you pay. I’d recommend you try to experiment with different clothes to see how you feel about the different materials and the quality of each item, it cant go wrong with how cheap you pay and for me it was worth a try and I love it!! I think I will continue to shop from here for a long time, I find it amazing..Version: 4.2.0

Good appIt is a very good app without great clothes and accessories and more. But the only thing is that it doesn’t have a NZ dollar currency..Version: 4.6.7

VERY GOOD APPI will admit just like any others app you shop online with you have to be careful with size and quality but this app is very trustworthy compared to most and I highly recommend using. Not only that he the customer service is amazing and really makes you feel good about your questions and encourages you to ask them:)) plus it has a lot of cool things you can use such as it give sin option where you can see where your purchase items are and how far along they are on the shipping process, which can be very helpful to those who are restless about waiting for there goodies to arrive!!! The close are also highly fashionable and stylish. They make everything so accessible and easy to find. Romwe also has extremely cheap prices for items that are beautiful put together and beautiful. They even have fun little things like the lucky draw. Where each day there’s a wheel sort of thing that you use. And you press a hottie and is randomly chosen one of the gift for you! One of them included points. These points alongside points from giving review and the daily check in can take money of your entire purchase (not including shipping). But I’m the long run this app is extremely useful and recommended !!.Version: 4.2.8

Love it!!I love this store! They always have sizes available and the prices are fair. The only reason it’s not a five star is because some things cost $50 when another style of it costs $20. But overall it has a variety of styles ect ect so I think everyone should take a look at Romwe xx.Version: 4.8.4

Great but quality was basicThis app has been my best friend since the start of COVID... The clothes are cheap to buy with many gorgeous styles, but the quality was basic. All of the clothes were thinner than I thought but that’s not much of a problem for me. overall I definitely recommend this app!.Version: 4.6.8

AHH I LOVE IT SO MUCH 😭😭This app is GREAT. It has clothes for all style (soft, baddie, indie, aesthetic e.t.c.) All the clothes are cheap, good quality, and come in great packaging. You couldn’t ask for a better app. I used to use shein, but ever since i found out about the fact they use child labour, i switched to ROMWE and i’m so glad i did! If you want great quality clothing, then ROMWE is the all for you. Delivery is fast and great, and the app is so easy to use. Everyday when i log on, i get free coupons! It logs me out everytime i leave the app, which is good and bad i suppose incase my account or Phone gets hacked! Absolutely perfect, I couldn’t fault it! ❤️.Version: 4.9.5

Logged outI was logged out of my account but when I logged back in it had gone back months I had an order worth around $90 and I can’t log back in and my father thinks I lost the money.Version: 4.5.4

Obsessed 💖👍When I first saw this app I thought it was going to be kind of like wish , where they sell about of cheap items that are fake but once I opened that app it was just like shein but Better , there clothing is AWESOME , in the beginning , once you open the app it asks you 1 question , that one question is “what style do you prefer?” I chose edgy because I’m that kind of girl , speaking of gender , they sell woman’s and men’s clothing. A week ago I bought a shirt and a hoodie and it came back 2 days later ! And another thing is that they sell lingerie and decor such as succulents and my personal favorite, beauty blender washing machine . I am obsessed with this machine because it perfectly fits a beauty blender and all you add is hot water and soap and you turn it on and it’s like a washing machine . Anyways I don’t want to get off track but , I totally recommend this app because it’s really nice and it was a great experience 👍.Version: 4.5.8

10/10 top range’perfect outfits.Best clothes out!! I love looking & spending my time’going thru all your catalogs,i could spend all day,checking all the fab designs,for all age groups..well done,guys..linda..Version: 4.3.3

RomweNever actually bought anything from here as i’m quite concerned that they might be bad quality. from the images and reviews all the clothes look good so might buy something when i have money.Version: 4.1.4

My experienceHi! I’ve had the Romwe app downloaded for over two years now, and for good reason. I’ve ordered over 10 times over the past two years, and have only had mild disappointment- only on my first order. The sizes of the items seem to be a little off, so advice for first time buyers is to read the reviews in order to match to a size that will best fit you. Some things can be made too small or too large- reading reviews will help you find out if an item will work for you. Other than that, the clothes I have bought over the years have been adorable and have held up nicely. Another thing! I am in love with the points system. Leaving reviews can rack you up 10-20$ easily that is eligible to use toward your next order. You don’t have to leave good reviews even, just honest ones, and the points won’t be deducted. It’s awesome and super helpful! Customer service has been decent for me, I’ve had no complaints, however I’m unsure about their return policy, as I’ve never had to return items..Version: 4.5.2

Friendly staff, prompt follow-ups, cute apparel/bagsROMWE really surprised me - at first I looked at their reviews on the internet and it’s been kind of half half, but in my personal experience, this company and the app have been super amazing! The staff is super quick and friendly when responding to enquires, the clothing and bags are super cute and the app gas never crashed in the years I’ve used it :) the only feedback I guess I’d say is - the fitting and sizes vary so definitely be mindful of that when ordering - otherwise super great x.Version: 4.4.0

App is brilliantThe newest update of the app also makes it like a type of social media, there are games and votes you can do to earn prizes and discounts. And a tab where you can watch videos for outfit inspiration! Easy to mindlessly scroll through which can be dangerous but it’s also just, fun? If you get me? I genuinely don’t know any other “clothing brand” that has an app like this. They’re truly ahead of their time on this one! (Remember this is a review about the APP, not the clothes, as these can vary and I’d give clothing quality a 3 or 4 stars out of 5).Version: 5.4.6

I love this app (and tips on how to use the app)This app is a life saver!! This app does not promise the best quality however the things you get with the little money you spend is incredible. All of my favourite clothes in my closet are from here and I can’t get enough of it It has such good prices and the postage time always arrives on time or early. You have to be careful as some things can be see through (although this is rare) my tips are... 1) check that the photos are from a model or looks like the brand hasn’t stolen photos from another website 2) make sure it is highly rated and has reviews. You can take a risk on a new product with no reviews however sometimes it is best to wait until it does have some reviews 3) in the reviews look at reviews with photos as I feel I can trust those more as you can actually see the product you receive, also they are more lightly to be real.Version: 4.3.4

Love this so much!!!!This app gives you coupons and discounts not like the website it is not a scam at first I thought it was edit has surprisingly good clips has a variety of styles in clothes and even men’s clothes it has not only clothes it has electronics stickers etc. this app has kind of a long shipping process but for me it usually only takes 13 days. Sometimes the shirts are see-through but I got A pair of jeans and they were amazing I wear them practically every day I’m so bummed that I run out of money from shopping on here it is amazing so many different styles and just a variety of things there’s another app sheen it’s also another website did the same exact thing so sheen in Rome we are the same exact thing. Sometimes when I order things from wrong way I will get sheen items so sheen in Rome we are the exact same thing the clothes are the exact same but you can find different stuff on either websites. Totally recommend five star and I love this place I spent so much money on here and they never fail and I’m so happy that I figured out that this was a scam five star recommend totally should get this!.Version: 4.8.4

Wonderful, trustworthy app ❤️This app is the best clothes app for me. There is a wide range of clothes all different sizes and styles at extremely low prices. Once I was sent an item with a hole in it and was offered either a refund or another one, I asked for a refund and they refunded my money with no problems. Something to take in mind is that, what could be a large for you could be a small on this website/app so before adding item to your basket look at the size of it by clicking s,m,l (small, medium, large). This will tell you the length of the item and many more things which will help you purchase your item. Hope this helps whoever’s reading 👍.Version: 4.1.4

Such a great appAt first I thought this app will be a bit like wish cheap bad quality and scam but it’s nothing like that at all . I can get cute clothing for a really small amount of money the shipping does take slightly longer but it’s all very worth it considering I bought so many clothes for such a small price . I really recommend trying this app out and I am sure that you will find so much stuff ❤️❤️.Version: 4.2.6

SUPER recommend if wanting cheap but good qualityThe styles are bomb like so good although the quality isn’t always high key its still amazing to shop from. Shipping is fine and is packed nice. Its amazingly cheap and affordable with a huge variety of designs, patters, styles and clothing including accessories, bags, shoes, hats and swimwear..Version: 4.6.0

Really good! But..Romwe is really really good and o love the style of clothes they sell! They're so awesome :) something you have to keep in mind though is size. Asian sizes are about a size smaller than most other people. For example. If your usually a small, get a medium. And shipping takes a reallllyyyy long time. Like over a month, long time. But apart from that I love the cheap prices and incredible style :) thanks so much.Version: 3.2.1

ROMWE reviewI think this app is very good. Especially if you’re looking not to spend a lot of money, but still get cute things. Although the clothes take a very long time to come in, they still come in very well put together, made well, etc. The material is kind of cheap, but it’s made well. You do have to be careful with sizes, like any online shopping app. If anything, I typically get something a little bigger if I’m skeptical about how it will fit.(most of their clothes for smaller) I have never had to return my clothes, however, others tell me they have gotten their refunds if anything goes wrong. They do say it can be troublesome to receive their refund sometimes. Also if you don’t know if you want to buy from this app, if you have found something you really like, you should go ahead and order it because things sell out very quickly. I have never had any problems with this app or my clothes, and I think ROMWE is a good site!.Version: 4.5.2

It’s goodBut there is not a Nz dollars option.Version: 4.6.5

PointsSo there are points hit every time that i check in it doesn't check my points i still always have the same amount of points no matter how many times i check in..Version: 8.2.0

AmazingThis site is so amazing the clothes are great quality and so is the household stuff I have shred this site with many friends and family they also love it! The clothes actually feel like real clothes and not flag material like another popular site. I deleted there App and only use this one now.Version: 8.4.2

Love this appCute stuff but too many one-size.Version: 3.2.5

Amazing quality and business to buy clothes from.I live by Romwe now, it’s my holy grail. Instead of going into the store and buying over priced items I come to this app. I have order quite a few things now, and I don’t have one bad thing to say about the clothes or the quality. I totally recommend Romwe if you wanting to find a good quality outfit, that looks hella cute..Version: 3.4.4

Love it heaps :)You pay cheap prices for decent quality clothes. I usually stick to the reviews on the items to see if it’s good or bad so I know for sure. I can’t wait to buy more from there. I love how you can get points from orders, reviewing and people finding your reviews helpful. There’s also heaps of coupons so it really helps! :D.Version: 8.3.0

TO BE HONESTI’m not lying when I say I LOVE and LIVE for this app. Generally, I’m a bit scared of buying clothes offline, and I still haven’t, even from ROMWE, so I’m reviewing the beauty/shoes/phone cases kinda things when I say they are fabulous value, with quick delivery, and well worth their prices. I adore this site so much I might even take the plunge and order some clothes :000.Version: 4.0.4

AppAmazing app.Version: 3.2.5

Minor IssueI love the app. Pretty much everything about Romwe’s app is perfection. HOWEVER a newer feature is the ability to create boards, which work similarly to Pinterest, for example. But you have maximum amount you can make, which makes it almost useless. You can only make 10 boards. That’s it. JUST 10. I like to be organized so have boards such as: earrings, necklaces, tie dye, etc. I think there is also a max of 100 items... I love the feature but please fix this and allow me to make more boards with more things included. The wishlist is easier to maneuver now with all the ways to sort/filter but it’s irritating to do EVERY single time I’m looking for something. I like boards because it helps me find what I want to buy. If I want a specific pair of earrings in a board I created and can’t find it in my overall wishlist... it’s kinda nice. I’ll update the review if this gets fixed, replied to, or there is an increase in boards..Version: 4.7.9

RomweRomwe, shein. I have never ordered from shien as I think romwe is a bit better in quality. I love romwe I have made 1 order so far and it came before then deliviery date the delivery was 27th-5th of October, it came on the 23rd! Which I was happy about. I am going to make another order today. Instead of buying from H&M, ZARA, brandy Melville, buy from romwe its the same quality just a lot cheeper...Version: 5.2.3

I love it ❤️❤️I think that the app is great. It has a variety of different styles and colours. There is just so much to choose from. There are a few down sides though such as once you have added an item to the basket it has to be brought within that week because many times I have added items to the basket and they disappear the next day. This can be annoying as I have to search and look for the same item again which can take time. Also when you do search for an item on the app you cannot refine your searcher further by filtering it or putting it to most popular/ new arrivals..Version: 4.0.8

Beau et pas chèreTrès beau et pas trop chère la qualité pas la meilleure mais pour le pris c’est ok :) Bon choix si vous voulez beaucoup de vêtements pour un petit montant. J’ai acheter 4 paires de pantalon pour seulement 50$. Mais faire attention toujours pendre une taille de plus :).Version: 4.5.2

Overall pretty goodHonestly I love this shop. Everything I have bought has arrived on time and was good quality. I definitely recommend. The prices are cheap (generally) and the quality is (generally) good. Of course this was my experience but so far so good. Definitely buying products from here again!.Version: 4.0.8

ObsessedIm obsessed with this app! So good.Version: 8.3.8

RomweOmg I think I'm in love😍 so cheap yet great quality 😋💕.Version: 3.4.3

𝘼𝙚𝙨𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙩𝙞𝙘𝙖𝙡𝙡𝙮 𝙥𝙡𝙚𝙖𝙨𝙞𝙣𝙜!🧸🍯𝘛𝘩𝘪𝘴 𝘢𝘱𝘱 𝘪𝘴 𝘚𝘖 𝘨𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘵! 𝘈𝘭𝘭𝘮𝘰𝘴𝘵 𝘢𝘭𝘭 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘤𝘭𝘰𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘴 𝘢𝘳𝘦 𝘤𝘩𝘦𝘢𝘱!𝘐 𝘰𝘯𝘭𝘺 𝘩𝘢𝘷𝘦 𝘰𝘯𝘦 𝘤𝘰𝘮𝘱𝘭𝘢𝘪𝘯𝘵. 𝘍𝘰𝘳 𝘧𝘦𝘦𝘥𝘣𝘢𝘤𝘬, 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘴𝘩𝘰𝘶𝘭𝘥 𝘮𝘢𝘬𝘦 𝘴𝘰𝘮𝘦 𝘤𝘭𝘰𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘴 𝘭𝘦𝘴𝘴 𝘴𝘦𝘦-𝘵𝘩𝘳𝘰𝘶𝘨𝘩(𝘢𝘴 𝘪𝘯 𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘪𝘳 𝘮𝘢𝘵𝘦𝘳𝘪𝘢𝘭). 𝘖𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘳 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘯 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘵, 𝘐 𝘳𝘦𝘤𝘰𝘮𝘦𝘯𝘥 𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘴 𝘤𝘭𝘰𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘨,𝘢𝘤𝘤𝘦𝘴𝘴𝘰𝘳𝘪𝘦𝘴 𝘦𝘤𝘵, 𝘪𝘵𝘦𝘮𝘴 𝘵𝘰 𝘦𝘷𝘦𝘳𝘺𝘰𝘯𝘦 𝙎𝙞𝙣𝙘𝙚𝙧𝙚𝙡𝙮, 𝒜 𝓅𝓁𝑒𝒶𝓈𝑒𝒹 𝒸𝓊𝓈𝓉𝑜𝓂𝑒𝓇..Version: 4.3.0

AmazingI overall love this app I can shop for things that I wouldn’t see in regular stores and in the section where I saw others peoples outfits and you could click on the picture and it would show you the clothes that were from the app. That was amazing I found a few items in there that I thought would look really nice on me. There is one thing that I would say would help improve this website overall. That thing is that maybe when you go looking for something and you click on the image say it’s a top you should be able to click on the image again once you go inside to see what people would recommend wearing with that. Like if it’s a shirt what type of pants or shorts and vis versa. But other than that this app is really helpful and there are loads of amazing things on here. This app is the best for online clothes shopping I hope one day everyone is using it..Version: 4.3.0

My reviewAre u joking me!? Best app ever!!!.Version: 4.5.6

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