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ExceptionalIt’s good but it’s not great i like the idea of the game and everything I like how all of your games have to do with the same topic but what keeps happening for some bizarre reason when I’m on multiplayer online and someone is about to finish me (I’m not that much of a good player) like for example i played against someone called sp4rk and they were about to finish me when I was kicked out of the game I’m not really ok with this because I don’t get chests if this will keep continuing so can you please fix this bug and when it is fixed I will give it five stars.Version: 2.13.2

Best game I’ve playedThe ragdoll physics, the different weapons, and all the fatalities make this game a very exiting game to say the least. If you don’t get rid of the ads, then after every fight, which none are like the other, you can watch a single ad to get a free chest. These chests contain gems, coins, or even new characters! The rarity of the characters makes you want to keep trying to get them, and these fights and chests make this an incredible game to pass the time. If you’re bored and don’t know what to play, get this. The ads don’t even bother you at a certain point, you just skip them without thinking. The ads you so have to see are relevant and entertaining to the game you’re playing. This game also allows you to buy characters with money, or coins, which you get for winning the fights or from chests. This game is also very easy to 100% without even buying anything! A wonderful game, 5 stars, 10/10.Version: 2.11.1

Crash’s a lotThis is a really good and entertaining game but for me it crashes all the time especially certain characters would be my favourite game if they could fix this problem.Version: 2.14.7

Cool as butIt is awesome and I like the detail but there is three problems when you are on the finish him(or her) your weapon is more heavy then usual and when the game loads it takes me on home page sooo I did kinda like I will give it a seven out of ten.Version: 2.13

UhhAll in all it’s a great game but it crashes or some may like to say kicks me out a lot and I know it’s not I only because my friend was having the same issues so pls try fixing that thank for your time if you read this and have a good day.Version: 2.15.3

Awesome gameAll I have to say is that this game is AWESOME. I would recommend this game to people aged 4 and over. I have to be honest with you and say that this game is addicting! This game is about all different and exciting characters with different weapons, you have to try and aim for the oppositional character after they’ve tried to shoot you. The only negative thing I have to say about this game is that it tries to get you to pay up for some characters and log in to Facebook and other websites WAY to much but otherwise I love this game..Version: 2.13.3

LOVE THE GAME!!! 😁This game is really good. I enjoy playing this game! It’s really fun. I’m gonna share this game with my friends and see if they enjoy this game, which they should! I hope you guys will make more huge updates because I can’t wait to see what happens in the future. I’ll be playing this for a long time. The people who made this should be proud of what they have done! Everyone should play this game! 90% but can you put less ads in the game? Thanks! Love you guys peace! ✌🏻😁😎🤩😙😋.Version: 2.15.3

Awesome BUT.....😬😁😬🎮This game is great but there is one thing that bugs me. It's that u can buy characters very fast, which is good so u don't have the same player each time, but u can waste ur money easily because the characters are about 5,000 coins (coins from the game not actual money) and I bought a character and I had about 2,790 coins but, when I bought a character I had 785 coins, or something like that, left!!!😮😦😶 It's a very good game but to make it better I would make the character prices much lower like to about 1,000 coins NOT 5,000. If u haven't got this game and u are looking at this review, download this game now, it's free!!! 🤗🤗😎😎😜😜😋😋.Version: 2.10.1

Fake advertisingGreat but fake advertising isn’t good please add that please a 5 star nothing to less.Version: 2.14.4

Alright, I guessThe thing is, writing a review to open a chest is kind of much. You should get the reward because you won against a bot/person, so you basically have to rate the game to actually get the reward, I don’t necessarily think that will give you a good rating. And having an ad after every 2 rounds is a bit much, I know that all these other apps want to be advertised on other games but this is to far, and literally after those ads it’s begging me to buy premium. Other than that, it’s a pretty good game. To make it perfect, you could add a way to buy chests with money (gold chest, diamond chest, etc) You could also add a way to test premium without actually having to pay, so it will be different compared to all the other games like this. Another feature you can add is being able to switch weapons, so if you have a skin with a pretty good weapon (but you don’t really like the look of the skin) you could change the skin and keep the weapon, if possible reply ASAP. Thank you for reading..Version: 2.14.4

Alright?!This game is pretty good but one things is getting on my nerves ( this is not to hate, it just annoys me) the ads. They keep begging me to buy premium, like begging for mercy. I have some suggestions to make the game better or different compared to all the other games like this! No 1) custom characters- you would be amble to but this for about £1.50 in real money as custom characters are pretty rare in most cases (if necessary, custom names). No2) character changes- for example. If you liked their weapon but hate his/ her look then swap it with a different character or make a custom character! . Please reply ASAP if you liked these ideas for the game or add them into the actual game! And hopefully have good responses to the game! Thank you for reading this 😊.Version: 2.14.7

Great GameEverything is good about the game EXCEPT when I play PvP. I would get matched up with someone and then the game would just crash. Please fix cause other than that, the game is real fun :).Version: 2.10

Character Idea!💡💡Hi guys I was just playing your game (awesome by the way) I enjoy the gore in this, I love how smooth the game runs, but I have a character idea! I'm thinking maybe Zeus (or Jupiter, Roman) and I think he should have a lighting bolt and it should have a special ability so when you tap with the bolt in mid air it fires a jolt of electricity in the direction of where the bolt is pointing, maybe for the suit a white dress with a golden toga and maybe sky blue eyes and as he's feed clouds... Just a very long thought.👌🏻.Version: 2.9

No AdsI love this game but the ads are quite annoying.Version: 2.13.1

Nice but…The game is excellent! I saw it in an ad and I thought 'That game looks pretty cool' and I loved it after I got the game. I agree with the report i just read, the online pvp is Laggy, I went up against someone from my country, the U.K but my syringe went through the character and gave a small amount of damage to them, and they threw a snowball that completely missed me but killed me😑😞 plz fix this bug, it makes people aggravated. On a positive note, I highly recommend this game, as it improves accuracy and how much oomf. A 4 star because of the bug but otherwise im completely loving this game.♥️.Version: 2.10.1

So Fun, But Can ImproveBowmasters is so fun and absolutely addictive. Very fun to play with online players, or computers they also give you a choose so that you can choose people around you to play a game together. Although all the ‘pros’ there are a couple of ‘cons’, there are a couple of ads that you can remove if you pay. At first you get all of these chest after winning but after a while you have to watch a 30 second video or do a task that they assign, like: A Review, Like or Subscribe to a social media, even message 5 friends to play the game. Super fun and I do highly recommend it to all ages..Version: 2.11.1

Really good!The ads don’t bother me, the game has a great unlocking system AND has great online capabilities.Version: 2.12

Woah Good game! But i would like to see this in the gameOk its a good game i love it! Its just i want to see something in the game...DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN!!!! Special Attacks! Like the game could have a feature where theres a bar of if you miss or hit your enemy and your bar reaches 100 you could do a special attack and maybe theres a special attack for each character? Now i have an idea of a special attack for the default skin Just a lot of arrows from a bow now lets talk about the % of how much you get for missing or hitting now if you miss you get a 25% of your bar filled up and if you hit you get a 40% of your bar filled up now you can tweak the numbers if you want i just think this would be a good feature in the game and this can make the game more fun and challenging Even in PVP this could be a Game changer like lets say you have 20% of your health left and your enemy has 50% health left and you have a full bar you could do a special attack and hope you hit him and you could win see how game changing that is!?!? So please add this in the game. Thank you.Version: 2.14.2

Love the game!, I have an ideaMake a jojos bizarre adventure character in the form of Yoshikage Kira, his projectile could be a hand and his alternate form (the one you have to buy) could throw bubbles What the projectile does: apon tapping the screen after the initial throw it will detonate doing lots of damage but will only work if very near the opponent (like the character form the series) and the bubble would shoot down and explode much like Thor’s ability Looks: the base character would look like normal yellow hair Kira and apon buying the other form he would take on his white suited Kosaku kawajiri form. If this idea would be added it would be Very epic, if it would be added I would love to have both forms as I don’t have a lot of money to buy ether of the Forms and it would be fair as it’s my idea as for the name obviously it can’t be Kira so I will leave that one too you! Love the game and hope my idea gets added!!!.Version: 2.15.1

IT’S A GREAT!BowMasters is an addicting game, creating mixed emotions all the way from stress to the absolute joy of having a head shot and annihilating the enemy. The design and 2D animation of the characters is a simple and modern approach, without the bad cgi and making the game look cheap or ‘fake’ ( fake meaning like a ‘knock off’ ) the colours are appealing. The WHOLE family can play because it’s so simple and you don’t have to press a billion buttons for one thing, making it easy for younger siblings and mum and/or dad The only things that annoys me is having to follow them on insta or Facebook, to achieve characters. Yes, I do understand they want profit but majority of the people playing are probably ‘kids’ ( from 6-14yrs old ) meaning they probably don’t have any social media making it impossible to achieve the characters. Other than that this game is amazing and is ADDICTIVE, I can’t get off of it! I hope you can enjoy the game like me and my family do, bye!.Version: 2.13.4

Little bit of a fibBecause in the ad you had them attacking the zombies Which in the game you can only like watch ads to attack the zombies where as in the ad you are just attacking The zombies and like In the ad your not versing other people and u were just attacking the zombies and when I downloaded this I was hoping that I could attack the zombies because that’s what I was here for that’s what I wanted to do but it was just a little bit of a fib because um yeah you said that was gonna be zombies to attack but you can only do that if you like Watch ads and spend your coins but not real money but like coins in game.Version: 2.14.2

DecentPretty good but almost every skin needs premium.Version: 2.14.7

Fun and addictive but a little to violentDon’t get me wrong Bowmasters is a fun game but I think it could be less violent like when you finish your opponent that thing squashes there guts open the other thing I have a problem with is the adds I think there are to many but I like all the different characters and weapons they use like Minecraft Steve is a character and he has a diamond pick which is awesome I also like how you can get characters in the chests going back to the things I’m not a fan of I think it’s stupid to have a diamond membership you can buy but then make you buy some characters to and if you play this game I recommend always throwing with 100% power because it does more damage and start of at a small angle like 10 degrees and then start to add like 2 degrees each throw and anyway that’s what I do all the time and I have never lost I hope you got some good ideas about why you should download this game and if you have it you got some useful tips to help you win! Thanks for reading.Version: 2.14.2

Can get a but repetitiveThis game is a great game for people like me who are always playing without internet connection and are getting a bit bored of Minecraft. I love how you can upgrade you characters and are constantly getting new and more interesting ones. Multiplayer is fun as I am always playing against someone who is better than me. The only thing that I would say is bad about this game is the fact that it is a bit repetitive. It is always “hit the opponent in the head twice and you win.” Therefore I am rating this game four out of five stars..Version: 2.14.2

It’s an alright game...Well the reason why I like this game is because it’s and good game for almost everyone but it’s only suitable for people aged 9+ because it’s a bit violent and blood and I know that’s it’s not like realistic but I would not like if I was an adult and I had a 3 years old playing games like this but I do enjoy playing this when I a, board.😂👌🏻 And I would say maybe you shouldn’t make it a game we’re you need WiFi to play because that means than not many people would play this game because not everyone has internet so I would suggest doing that and maybe you could add more characters to the game like real life people and not just about 8 characters Into this game..Version: 2.14.7

Good I guessEvery time I win a match my game freezes, it doesn’t matter that much because I don’t take any notice of that but, however I Think they should try and work on it cause I’m not getting any rewards or anything so I suggest people should get that done but, overall it is a great game! Every single skin is awesome! They have such a unique colour and it’s very creative. The weapons need a bit of working on, because I think the defaults and easy characters should at least be good to play with so you wouldn’t be disappointed with a certain character and start raging or shouting at your phone , also all developers do not have to listen to my review as it might annoy all of you but overall, awesome game everyone!.Version: 2.15.0

My hopesI hope that Bowmasters can choose their own weapons. For example, the you unlocked shark and robin, you want the shark to have robins weapon. Get it? Anyways, I love bowmasters.Version: 2.14.7

A bit brutal...So, this game is good, but a bit brutal. The aim of the game is to ready, aim, fire a weapon (depending on your character) at your opponent and try to, sadly, kill your opponent with your weapon. Written by a 10 year old kid.😀.Version: 2.13.1

Fun, Fun here I come!!Such a great game to play during small amount of time! Doesn’t take long to load up and never glitches!!! Such a plus to have different characters each game while VS the computer. You don’t need anyone else to play if you don’t have anyone close because you can play VS the computer. Only bad thing is that it takes a while to aim with angle of it and also the effort.... but overall such a great game! I highly recommended it to my friends and now they’re addicted!! Such a great game.Version: 2.13.4

LiedIt’s a good game but they said there was “draw mode” (there isn’t).Version: 2.14.4

It’s a good game!!!It’s a good game but..... I wish there was an easy way to get characters!!! Otherwise it is a simple, comical game that will entertain you for hours on end! That’s coming from someone who can’t look at there phone for long before getting nauseous mind you! This game definitely doesn’t help in that department. But if you love a funny game with good animations this game is the one you’re going to want to download. I know this may sound like an advertisement but it is truly my fav game to play. Though I remember deleting it after I got everything and I just had THAT much skill but.......(bragging not intended 😂) I had been playing for a year or two..... or three maybe four but..I decided to redownload for a big car trip and I wasn’t disappoint though I have one question..... how do you get to all the extra modes like portal and toxic mode like on the ad???? I was looking forward to that update but couldn’t find it! So if ya like good animation and a good laugh I would reccomend this!!.Version: 2.14.4

I love bowmasterI like it.Version: 2.8

Great gameThis is a very good game I would highly recommend the only thing that I would change is that the chest a very very luck based and you don’t really get characters.Version: 2.14.7

Character ideasI really like the game and I enjoy the new characters but can you add batman villains like killer croc and stuff. If you can't (copyright reasons) could you add a character that looks like a crocodile and throws crocodiles (maybe) and call it something different. Thanks I love this game..Version: 2.8

Amazing!This app is amazing you have tournaments which is great and I love the fatalities and everything but there are some issue maybe not issues but Something I would like to see in the game. • Sometimes when I play against a (real) person it seems to glitch like it freezes and your opponent can’t play their turn or you can’t play yours which is annoying and one of you has to leave and the other wins which is not a fair game it’s fun but that’s a big thing I’m dealing with. • Once again with multiplayer it’s great and awesome but it takes SO long for you to go against someone and by the time I’m going against someone I seem to not be in the mood to play again Bc waiting so long ruins some of the fun and the fact it glitches in game makes it worse and is annoying. •sometimes after u win a game it like gets me off the game it doesn’t happen a lot but it’s annoying it saves the prizes and chests I get but it’s still disturbing. •(those are my three major issues)^^^^ • It would be cool to have more characters and maybe a little easier to get gems and have more fun with the game other then that it isn’t a big deal. * sorry but all the problems could be my fault because I’m actually using unlimited data which it isn’t slow doesn’t lag much but maybe that’s why all those glitches are happening and maybe that’s my fault and you can’t fix it but I maybe write a review again when I ever get the internet thank you! It’s a great game so keep up the good work..Version: 2.14.7

Well the adsAwesome game 👏.When I play other game and this game pops up it says that there are different game modes- like other ones than the one in the game hmmmmmmmmm.Version: 2.15.1

AmazingHi guys just to let you know there are a lot of ads that don’t need to be it but the best game i have ever played in a long time.Version: 2.14.7

Awesome!Great game, good graphics runs smoothly but just wish there wasn’t as many ads and also the online multiplayer is very laggy and it always kicks me back to the home screen without me pressing anything..Version: 2.13.1

New character and map ideas.There must be a character that must be called something like ‘Bunker-Boy/Guy’, ‘Radiation Guy’, or ‘Bunker-Tech’ if you can’t tell I’m requesting for a version of the character from Fallout whom must use ‘Mini-Bombs’ or ‘Nukes’ as their weapon. There must also be a character based off of Doom’s protagonist, for example ‘Hell Killer’ or ‘Demon Shooter’ I’m not sure what their weapon should be. There must be a map that is in hell, with lava in the background and you’re standing on black rocks in the foreground, and an underwater map with coral, fish, squid, sharks and submarines in the background and in the foreground you’re standing on sand. There too must be a Sonic based character called ‘Blue Rodent’, ‘Fast Mouse’, or Knuckles whom’s name shall be either ‘Ankles’, ‘Red Echidna’, ‘Punching Rodent’ or ‘Fighting Hamster’ and their weapon’s must be for “Sonic” an echidna and for “Knuckles” a hedgehog. That is all for now. Sincerely Invisible-Games.Version: 2.10

I have two ideas for new game modesSo the first one is like an onslaught so different characters keep coming until you die and every time you kill an enemy they get harder to kill and you get a better reward and you have one health bar for the whole time The second one is a multiplayer team battle so there’s like teams of four or something and your team needs to kill every one on the other team kills your team So those are just some game mode ideas and hopefully you’ll make them into real modes.Version: 2.12

Character ideaI love this game. Could you please add an upgrade to man cat. Maybe when you upgrade him his dark blue colours turn black and his light blue colours turn grey. And his weapon changes to either an explosive ball of yarn or a bigger explosive batarang. And his BRUTALITY a giant cat falls from the sky and swallows the enemy and then coughs him out. I also have a character idea of Captain America. He throws his shield and when you tap, it goes the other way. And his BRUTALITY is either were a giant shield lands on the enemy or a lot of shields get thrown at him constantly..Version: 2.14.1

Good, but it liesThe game is good but it lies,Because in the add it shows many things you can do like zombies and portals, where as in the actual game, you can only play 3 or 4 modes. I also think that the game should give you more money and cash, and also a lot of the characters cant be bought with money but have to be bought by signing in to Facebook, instagram, etc. I also think that the spin only lets you win money and gems, never characters. But other than that, I LOVE THE GAME!!!!.Version: 2.14.4

OMgGggGI’m not kidding! A bit laggy and buggy but honestly! It’s addicting,violent,buts it’s funny too!! I mean violent in a funny random way, this is probably the best game I have ever played!!!!! It’s perfect already but it could be fun to have a few more updates in the future! I like all the fun characters,my favourite is I don’t know what he’s called but the skeleton with the space suit on,he’s really cool! This is the best game ever!! A bit laggy,you can fix that! Overall,it’s amazing! Have a good day! Your game is great xxx (personally you could fix how many ads but I don’t mind the ads).Version: 2.14.7

I enjoy this game But..Tbh I think that this games is so cool it is kinda kid friendly just a great game to play the advertisements, they are very annoying and just get in your way when playing this game the only way to not get advertisements is by not playing this game with Internet Or being connected to internet but overall the game is nice I like it .👍.Version: 2.14.2

Great game...The game is great in all areas just there’s some problems with the zombie mode u need to make the nurse zombies way slower becuase I can’t even make it past wave three without dieting from them nurse zombies. Second of all like after the first wave the zombies spawn to close to u so u have no time to kill them u need to make it better and a bit more easier because right now for me it’s impossible to even get threw to the fourth wave in one piece pls slower the zombies and make spawn further away from u so u actually have time to kill them.Version: 2.15.2

BowMaster is amazingBowMaster is a great game but I would like if they added a new map from Fortnite and a map Halloween theme. I would also like when someone gets shot then you’ll hear an ‘OOF’ sound and if they die then an person with a black suit would appear and turn them into dust. I would also recommend them adding a new Halloween character which is a zombie or a dragon call them Green Monster and Giant Widow! If you can, I would love if you put a new weapon. A gun! Which wouldn’t take that much damage. Sorry for the bad punctuation.Version: 2.14.2

One problemI really like this game but there is one problem to many advertisements. I really like it but I have experienced the pain of when I am about to shoot my weapon an add appears on my screen and I end up shooting with an add in front of my face I would really appreciate it if you could fix the adds in the middle of the game and I am sure a lot of other people would appreciate if there weren't adds in the middle of the game so please fix it.Version: 2.15.2

OMGThank you for adding upgrades! I never thought this day would come! My idea being real! Thank you.Version: 2.13

This game is really nice and fun I ❤️ itI love this game it is super fun and awesome 😎👍👍 I play this game all the time the only thing is that is has got a lot of ads it gets a little bit boring sometimes but other then that it is the bestest game in the entire universe you people should all play 👌💕.Version: 2.14.4

BOWMASTERSI don’t really play Mobile games but I was searching for one to use whilst on public transport. and I came across this one it is a amazing game it just needs a few tweaks like the time it takes to get a weapon again on birds mode it takes so long. and you need to randomise the weapons a lot more as a lot of them you get several times in one match. In the normal mode it is so easy to win once you get a character with a explosive weapon like bad girl you can kill the enemies In two hits. The characters need more health..Version: 2.13

Dear creatorsThe overall game was authentic and the other games you guys have made so far I’m a really big fan of superhero’s so when you guys started adding superhero’s I was excited but there’s one superhero that you’ve didn’t add the flash I had a few ideas on his moves when he gets ready to attack make him run and punch the enemy and his finisher would be a slow down time while the flash would punch the opponent multiple times making the opponent fall to the ground and die..Version: 2.13.2

Love this game👍 Characters for the game.Hi. Again. I just have a little request in this review. Could you please add some SCP (Secure. Contain. Protect) characters? Some ideas I have are... 1.SCP-049 (The Plague Doctor). If you add him in, I had the idea that he would throw zombies at the enemy. The Finish Him/Her would be that the enemy would turn into a zombie. 2.SCP-999 (The Tickle Monster). I thought that he would be able to throw sticky orange goo at the enemy. The Finish Him/Her would be a giant orange jelly coming down on the enemy. Now for some non-SCP ideas. 3. The Rock. It would be Dwayne Johnson and he can throw rocks at the enemy. The Finish Him/Her would have the rock call upon a massive rock (not the Rock but a boulder) and it would squish the enemy. 4.Zombies. It would be pretty cool if you could play as a zombie. My idea is that the zombie would pull its arm off and throw it at the enemy. Every turn, the zombie grows a new arm. The Finish Him/Her would be tomb stones coming out of the ground and than zombies will pull the body down into the grave. Anyway these are my 4 character ideas. Thanks for reading. I hope implement it..Version: 2.14.5

My thought about BowmastersThis game is really awesome but sometimes it gets super annoying because there is so many adverts but I just completed z days and I got mike and a few gems but I when I saw his upgraded version I was shocked at how cool it looked but I looked down and the amount of gems it costs to upgrade mike to mad mike is insane 2500 gems is way to much and if you want to buy 2500 gems it will cost 25 pound with is insane for a character so please lower the gem cost to around 1000 or something close to that because 25 pound on one guy is insanely high.Version: 2.14.7

Add problemsEvery single time I win a game. There’s an add and I don’t like it. just seriously, I can understand why they put ads in the chest. But when you win now! it just takes all the fun away and that victory feeling I started playing this game in 2016 it wasn’t like that. Yes I did from my old ipad. I just reinstalled it. Back to review, I just realised that now in the middle of the game they put ads. With out a doubt just no. Why? I think it’s just me but some times in game the music just cuts off. idk if it’s just me or you guys too. Over all great game just cut off ads. I will recommend getting ad blocker for this game idk if it works pretty sure it works. idk..Version: 2.15.2

It’s a fun game but the ads are clickbaitIt’s a fun game but the ads are clickbait is a good way of being an app ueuwuwywywywohsh shbajs has to come out with the same name on it like that and it has to come out of my life I wanna was the day you get a good day and I oop is a fun day for me a lot more than you know and I’m just not sure if it’s going well or I wanna is a day I gotta is a fun game I gotta is a good day for you to be fun and fun to try to come home to the party or just want you and you want me and you can go to play and play it if y’all are like a fun night and you can come home with us I gotta was the night you want me and you eeeut was fun and I oop was fun and I gotta was the day I wanna is the way I can come home and I have fun at night and you can come home or I gotta I wanna is the time of my time I gotta I was like that I was so happy I gotta I love my mom and mom I love you mom I wanna was your time and I wanna was fun I love it and I oop wanna was a time for Christmas party at night party and I.Version: 2.14.7

Pretty good gameI think Bowmasters is a great game. I played it when it first came out and got all the characters (apart from the ones you buy 💷) then they updated the game with premium so I had a bunch of the premium guys for free 😁. But then my game just started crashing a lot so I had to delete it. A couple of months later I red-downloaded it and all my guys were gone, I spent so long trying to get them all and all the super ones as well. I was rlly disappointed. Anyways another thing I don't rly like is the amount of adverts after rounds I think there should be less. Apart from that Bowmasters is one of the best games on the App Store. I got loads of other people to download it and they told some other people about it, thx for all your hard work developers 👍🏻.Version: 2.14.7

Character ideaOk so the game is fun and all but I think you should ad spider man and he shoots webs and I think it should cost 2000 game coins.Version: 2.14.4

Done rate for today for any part time of the game is super slow but I cannot wasCool.Version: 2.15.0

Fun but..This game is a really fun and funny game to play but I get way too many ads and especially in tournaments where every time I kill someone an ad pops up and they’re always about 30 seconds long so maybe just lower the amount of ads, and maybe add some more characters or character elites, and challenges because sometimes it gets boring playing the same thing like quick play where I always go against the same character but overall a good game but needs adjusting..Version: 2.14.2

Good game but...Ok. I’ll admit it, I wanted to give this 5 stars and I love this game. However i feel like on the vs computer it seems either too easy or it seems like the ai just knows exactly what to do and where to aim. Again great game, I certainly recommend it just know that until you get other modes it gets pretty repetitive but I don’t hate this game I would give it 4.5 or 5 stars if I could and if there weren’t a few early game issues but they could be easily fixed. Add the ability to zoom out ( especially in vs ai as that seems to be what the ai is doing). Add a few weapons for each character to switch to mid-match. Again. Great game, a few issues..Version: 2.13.3

AwesomeBowmasters is a great game it’s super awesomeness It’s like my new fav route game there’s modes and there’s Zombies and you can get a free chest and a daily reward it’s so awesome thanks for making this it’s super fun like roblox and other games super cool then like all games in the App Store cooler then roblox I love this game and app it’s so awesomeness it’s super good it has like thor and movie characters even strong thor like mighty thor he’s super strong you can’ kill people with Thor’s hammer if your lucky in a chest Cuz I think you have to pay for thor or do the add for a chest for thor he’s my fav route alright now I’m Tired bye..Version: 2.15.0

One little thing the developers need to fix....Over all I absolutely love this amazing game. The ads aren’t bad at all. Once every round? There’s just one problem. I would like the developer to reply to this review. Whenever I’m looking through the characters for to long the game crashes! And even sometimes when I’m about to fight someone! Please try fix very soon. If I’m really unlucky when I finish a round I probably earns a lot of money but the game crashes before I earn it and it’s the same with chests!.Version: 2.15.3

Please fix thisHello I’m a good Bowmaster player but I have had this game for many years I land I have still be noticing bugs I know that you are busy making other games but please fix these bugs 1- Thor the thunder gods hammer was stuck in the ground and I had to kill one more player to complete the legendary tournament 2-i can’t get mu dream character which is mad mike I can’t get the crown upgraded version because it costs 2500GEMS so please give mad mike for free because I bought him for 2500GEMS before and the next day he was Mike NOT MAD MIKE my dream character it’s not that I’m lazy it’s just cause I gotta progress in hit masters so please.Version: 2.14.7

I it cool but I dont whant it to have no more addsI like playing this game but I hate the adds I whant then off forever.Version: 2.14.7

Bowmasters is the best!!!🥰😍😘😍🥰🥰😍🥰😘🥰😍Bowmasters is the best because every time I get shot I shoot them and keep shooting them and I always win I would never ever fail they always fail whoever I’m versing fail this game is the best I never want to stop playing it ever ever ever I love Bowmasters!!!!! I don’t know how I love Bowmasters so much I will never stop playing your game it’s the best ever ever ever ever never ever ever ever going to stop playing this game because I will keep winning and the others will keep failing.Version: 2.15.2

Awesome game (just one thing)I would just like to say this is one of the most accurate games I’ve ever played but it’s jam packed with the purchase offers I haven’t started the game yet and it comes up with the diamond membership I know that they have to get payed but yeah just lower that down and it would have been a five overall I really like this game I love the characters and all of that I love how there is different game modes too but just them offers why don’t they put it at the side of the screen or something but yeah I would definitely recommend this game.Version: 2.14.2

EntertainingVery easy to play with. Lots of characters to choose from..Version: 2.10.1

This game is TOTALLY GREAT!! But...Let’s get this straight!😃 I absolutely OBSESSED WITH this game when ever my mom says bed I say no Bc all I do is play this GREAT game but... there’s a problem is it okay 👌🏼 of you let this update I ask for and yes yes! I’ll tell you the update is 1. Draw the weapon 2. Add a Starbucks person with a Starbucks weapon 3. Can you also do a shoutout for me 4. ( MY FAV UPDATE SUGGESTION) Can you PLEASE!!! 😣😣😣 add a Ben drowned player for free if you rate ROBLOX or minecraft OR PopJam that will be A HUGE FAVOUR I beg you if you don’t know about Ben drowned he’s a creepypasta and he kill ppl so that will match the game if you add him I beg you and keep the good work up! I’m sure you’ll add something on my report stay safe from the corona virus 🦠 I wish you a TOTALLY AWESOME WONDERFUL KINDLY week!! 😋😝😜😊😊☺️☺️➖〰️➖ I hope you read the report!!!!.Version: 2.14.7

Character Idea!Hey guys, I have collected quite a lot of characters, but I think it is time for a new character to roam the Bowmasters battlefield! I am thinking about making Killer Croc from the Batman franchise! He would do poison damage like maestro, BUT he have a unique fatality, like summoning crocodiles to do his bidding! He would wear blue torn shorts with reptilian skin and a tail! Finally, maybe you could name him something like, Lizard Man or something funny like Snappy! I hope you consider my idea, but if you don’t, keep making those cool characters you are now! 😄.Version: 2.10

VERY FUNI like the zombie mode.Version: 2.15.3

Awesome game!This game is pretty awesome. It may glitch for you or it may not. You will love this game no matter what so anyone out there who is deciding on getting this game or not, GET IT NOW!!!.Version: 2.9

BowmastersGreat game and is really fun to play Could you make it so that once you have completed and unlocked all characters that you go to another level and you restart with different characters.Version: 2.14

Awesome, but confusing...I just 💖this game a lot, but there is one thing I don’t understand. When I click on main menu, I expect to see a choice for portal mode and stuff, but I can’t seem to find it. I’m probably clicking the wrong thing, but maybe I’m wrong. Maybe the ads are lying I don’t know. So now about the good stuff. The skins are epic, and it’s just amazing! My skin right now is really cool, I don’t remember what it’s called, but it’s arrow thing is a playing card, and when u shoot, you can click anywhere and it shoots 5 other cards!! Would definitely recommend.Version: 2.14.6

Ok I guess...It was amazing when the game first came out so I would not stop playing it but then it came. The diamond membership. Lumberjack was taken and he was brilliant so I stopped playing for a while. Then came the other thing. The fake adds. When they came out first I was like omg I need to play again so I loaded up bowmasters and to my disappointment, the modes weren’t there. You should just add these mods in ASAP because then, people might play your game. Oh yeah also stop lying to people and add the game modes please. I have literally got sooooo many adds on them and they’re super annoying because I know they don’t even exist so for the 3rd time ADD THEM ok bye Edit: Can u pls remove premium or make t-666 free for subscribing to ur instagram account because really, nobody will pay £8 for him so pls make him free for that and I give u free cookie 🍪.Version: 2.15.0

Can’t get diamond membershipFor some reason I can’t get diamond membership.Version: 2.14.2

One of the best games I've playedIt has decent graphics as well as some good gore..Version: 2.10.1

More fatalities and less ADSFirst of all, I love this game. I love the idea of characters like Arnold and Fernando. But there are some characters that have boring fatalities. For example, Julius doesn’t really do anything except for a minor explosion. Also, there are way to many ads. Seriously, I can’t go 20 seconds without getting hit with a zooba or wordscape ad. I’m not exaggerating. And these ads will sometimes appear in cases where you don’t need them. I’ll be playing the zombie mode (Really fun btw) and have an ad in the middle of the wave. I end up dying and have to restart the zombie mode because of it. I’m not saying to take out the ads completely, but to reduce the ads for after the round. And I know that a lot of people agree with me. Finally, you guys have ads for modes that aren’t in the game, like drawing and portals. Please fix and reduce your ads. I can’t stress enough how annoying it is to lose games because of the ads that come in the middle of a battle. There’s even a guy in the game sponsoring party masters!!! Please, please, please reduce your ads. Concept - 9/10 Ads - 1/10 Fatalities - 7/10 Brutalities - 10/10.Version: 2.15.2

BOWMASTERS!!🥇🤩🥳So once I went on a trip with my cousin. And she showed me this game on her tablet. When I played my first ever round, I decided “ This is the absolute best game ever!” So I downloaded the game on my iPad. I was absolutely glad my cousin showed it to me. 1 problem though. I once saw an ad for it before I got it. It showed someone drawing there weapon. Is that what people get for vip? If they don’t, I think 💭 that you should NOT false advertise. I know a lot of games do that, but is is basically 💯wrong. If you don’t do that, and all you game developers just want people to download the game, please don’t get mad at me for saying that. I am just a kid, telling the honest truth. So anyway, Bowmasters is honestly the BEST game ever. And I recommend it 💯🥇😏🙂. If anyone sees this, and wanted to get the game for being able to draw your weapon, just get it anyway. It’s the best, and I think it’s still great even though you can only use one kind of weapon per character. BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!.Version: 2.14.7

From lillyI really like it game this is so good playing this game but the thing is, I feel like it’s not fare that you have to pay for Characters because every other game you have to pay for characters and I have never ever seen a game that you don’t have to pay for characters so please let us not have to do that and that’s all I need thanks I love the game bye!.Version: 2.14.2

PremiumThis is a great and funny game but there are those people who don’t want to spend money to get premium. It would be nice if premium characters could be purchased using gems or some other sort of currency maybe..Version: 2.15.0

It is a really good gameI really enjoy this game. I like the style you do it in and I think different having different modes is a good idea. The only things our that there are way to many adds, I get that you need to advertise things but having an add every two rounds is a bit excessive. Also diamond membership, I know that you can’t give all the characters away for free, but I find it really annoying that practically half the characters in the game you can’t get, unless you pay for them. There are several characters I am dying to get but can’t because I don’t want to pay (no offence). Please take my message into consideration to try make the game even better than it already is, Thank you.Version: 2.14.4

Less ads and more charactersHi, I think you should have less ads cuz it’s annoying and I also think you should make some marvel characters and Disney characters that would be cool Thanks.Version: 2.15.1

Playgendary,Please let us have Terrance or the jelly fish king without the diamond membership. Maybe sell them for like $50,000 (in game currency) I used to have them before this idea of of charging people $12 per week came about, then it just deleted them from my account. Like come on! Anyway, please just bring them back for an amount of in game currency not the $12 per week thing. Also add a Cthulhu character..Version: 2.14

I love this gameThis game is amazing but it can take to long to beat the other person who is playing we’ll I still love this game , but it has too much characters to choose I didn’t now who to choose but why I don’t now what to do in this game this game is still the best bow master game I’ve ever played in my life also I watched anime like something like that how come this game was a game that there were bows Stuff lol I don’t even now how to play this game before and I don’t know why I am doing this right now please find me here in the App Store this mite be a legend or what I love this game but I do not loose all the time this game is the Moses beloved game in the world I’ve seen innings my life but how come they always have to make the game hard for you guys I dunno if this is hard or something I played this game before this game should be amazing but I think this game is way more amazing in my life in the hole while world I dunno if this game isn’t like others.Version: 2.14.7

Very great game! + character ideaThis game is a great and fun game with impressive performance and addictive gameplay. The roster is amazing and very enjoyable to play with. I enjoy this game very Much. 5/5 stars! As an idea for a character I suggest a clown called nickelwary the dancing clown, a parody of Pennywise (nickel like penny and wary like wise) the dancing clown from it. His weapon is a balloon which slowly ascends until pressed in which the balloon explodes with blood which can hurt the opponent. I hope you like my suggestion. :).Version: 2.10

Awesome game and really fun with friends!Really fun game and so many characters to choose but I’ve got a suggestion of putting in a Rambo like character with an lmg and when the lmg hits the ground it shoots for about 2 seconds and his fatality would be a big tree trunk attached to a vine smashes into the enemy. Another character I think they could add could be like Predator he has a laser gun on his shoulder and his fatality would be a metal shuriken flys towards the enemy and chops his head off..Version: 2.13.1

Good game 1 thingI really enjoy the game you can change characters and different skin you can play againt people to test out your skill and how good you are its also good it isnt a online game because if you are a begginer and a really expirienced person is against you you wont have a chance at winning unless they are a begginer too. there is 1 problem with the game its the fact that we have to rate to earn chest and speeking about that the characters are good but are real money to earn i dont blame the people or the game because louds of games do it but the fact we can trial the characters is really good this game get a rating off....4/5 just because of the charecters being VIP or special so ovee all good game.Version: 2.14.6

Karna’s reviewThis app needs some realistic effects like maybe some people shooting guns at you.Version: 2.14.6

Bowmasters great gameGreat game but when I start playing a vs computer match it got back to the home menu. I don’t mind but it should be improved. You have to play against the same opponent over and over. More improvements. You should do a character called DanTDM. Why? Because he is a master YouTuber and he does a lot of epic videos. His weapon is a TeamTDM Suprise. I like him! His special move is DanTDM and friends finishing opponents off for good. Maybe the opponent will be gone for there! Hope you like it! ;) thanks Luca OUT! ;).Version: 2.13.3

Add these things please1: please add a place where you can select any kind of modes 2: please add a creative mode where you can choose any characters 3: please add a customise mode where you can change your characters body parts into different body parts and you can change the weapon 4: please add a create section where you can create your own characters and draw or customise your weapon 5: please add the levels for the computer/AI.Version: 2.15.0

New charactersI think this game is awesome, but I really think they(Bowmasters) should add a character that’s ability is that the person playing has a choice at the start of the round to use there freeze or the sword, and if they chose the freeze they throw a ice cube and then when it hits the enemy it freezes them for one throw so you get two throws in a row and then when your done with the two throws then you can not use the freeze thing eny more until the next round and when you you enter the round you have to chose if you want to use freeze or attack and if you use attack then your next turn will also say freeze or attack until the person chooses freeze. That’s a character I want to be in the game, and if you add this thing I would play this game way more. I say the characters should be named ice king or ice queen. Please add this I would love to see this in this awesome game.👍.Version: 2.14.2

Can’t claim rewardsEvery time I do a chest and get coins or gems it won’t let me claim and the only way to claim is to do x2. Otherwise I have to close the game and restart it. Can you please fix this..Version: 2.14.5

It’s a good game!!But... every time I try to unlock a chest after a game, after the screen lights up it always exits out of the app and it’s really annoying😡😡probably some sort of bug but I really enjoy the game!!!.Version: 2.15.0

Character idea/creationThis game is so great,I have a character idea his name is called trooper,it based on the iconic storm trooper,and his description is Bucket heads, So his weapon is laser gun, it power up is that it shoots laser out like T-666, his idle animation should be him getting shot and Then getting up, his fatality should be when you shoot or the gun hits them, They get shot by multiple laser gun and explode, his upgrade form is he now called death trooper and his blaster is called death gun (I know silly name but you can change it if you want)Hiw brutality is when he gets hit. Tie fighter come in and shoot him and then the Death Star fire a laser at him and then he explodes. I hope you get inspired by my character idea and he should be found in chest or bought with real money..Version: 2.14.2

IdeasThis is a great game. Everything is structured nicely, and it’s pretty fun. One thing U thought of is that, “Why do you have to pay diamonds to get upgraded characters?” J thought of special events that could give you shards for characters and once you get enough shards, you could upgrade your characters. It’s just an idea. Also, you should make an upgrade for Dr. Sick called Marty, who shoots portals (which basically does the same thing as tanithmetil’s special) and another upgrade called “Catness, Archer” who is the upgrade to the Hunger Girl. She can fire the arrow but instead of splitting into 3 it could split into 6. She has the same clothes, but cat ears and a cat nose. Also, maybe you could add event modes where players team up to take down a boss with lost of health. Like a raid boss in Pokémon. Those are just some ideas I came up with and I hope to see in the game. It’s a good game, I just would like to see those happen..Version: 2.13.1

Fun game but too many adsThe game is really fun I just think there’s a little much adds.Version: 2.15.3

Good Game!I think it is a great game because it has a variety of different characters with all different styles to kill and finish your opponents but the only thing I could dislike was the diamond membership. It is a bit annoying that you can’t have characters because you have to get them by paying like 15 bucks a week. Anyhow, Bowmasters is a good game and I’d love to see an update with new characters and weapons..Version: 2.14.4

WowI have been with this game since the beginning. I have always enjoyed it and it continues to grow. This game has truly broke the App Store. It is amazing and I can’t say anything to do it justice. However. I feel that it could be improved. Perhaps instead of earning or buying money to earn new characters, you could create your own or decide what weapon a character wields. I am a total fan and the new update has seriously improved the game. Overall I highly recommend this game to any one who enjoys player vs entity..Version: 2.14.2

New charactersPlease add more characters. This is awesome and addictive game. But we want to see all marvel characters and DC characters. We love this game so much. Thanks.Version: 2.14.4

Great game, but some issuesFirst of all, this game is amazing! I play it everyday and is probably the only game I play now. It’s actually fun and I’m not playing it just so I can get all the characters or become No. 1 at it. I’m playing it because it really IS fun. It’s great that you don’t have to buy blood and gore too. Which reminds me, I know you probably see this all the time in your reviews, but the premium cost is WAY to high. That is the most important issue which really should be fixed. 8 dollars a week!? That’s honestly a ridiculous price. Most games I’ve played which offers a premium pass is for 5 dollars! Lower the price so you only have to pay like 5 dollars for premium or something. One payment too, not having to pay every year or month. At least have it so you can unlock EVERY character without having to buy anything, just with coins or gems. That might attract lots more players. Also, if you don’t mind, please make the ads less frequent. They can get really annoying. But, this game definitely seems like something that can be really popular, so you might want to lower those prices. And overall, one of the best games I’ve ever played! It’s simple and fun!.Version: 2.14.7

Bow mastersI love this game but l wish you didn’t have to have the full pack to unlock people.Version: 2.15.2

GoodSo so so so so so so good.Version: 2.15.3

AMAZING but...just a one problemThis game is great. I wouldn't usely play many games on my phone but this. This is great. I love these sorts of games and I love it even more now that I know you can upgrade your characters but...the problem is (its not a very big problem) is that I only ever use the starter character because o feel like everyone else is to weak or to o p also I feel like it would be better if with some characters you dont have to pay actual money for them but instead they could just be the most expensive characters on there using in game currency..Version: 2.12

Most characters in accountI know this game is a lot of fun but my IPAD has most characters in the game,and i play on my phone,please add the switch accounts to any device from the game, I rate it 5 stars or I’ll lower my rating and delete this game.Version: 2.14.2

Nice gameI really like the game but there are two many adds plz fix this nobody wants two download a game about adds.Version: 2.10

IDEA!This game is lots of fun but could you get rid of the mechanic where the game auto selects a character that you can buy when choosing one. It gets annoying when you have to scroll through the entire list of them just to find the one you want to play as because the game auto selects one from the other side of the list. You can always add a favourites slot where you can choose your favourite three characters and all you have to do is tap on one that you want to play as. Thanks for reading!.Version: 2.10.1

Character ideasI have a idea of a guy named dino dan he throws a velocoraptor which when it lands on the ground it runs a metre forward his skin is he’s wherein a dinosaur skull hat and a leather vest also the ultimate would be a trex comes and eats the opponent Another character idea I have is weird wizard who looks like Harry Potter he throws a wand and when you tap on it shoots a orb his ultimate is he picks the opponent up on his broom stick then drops them My last character idea is killer koala it has grey fur and a black nose he throws a koala which when it lands on a opponents head it clings a and scratches it which does extra damage his ultimate is a army of koalas rip the opponent apart.Version: 2.11.1

Good concept, good game, bad add onsThe game has a very stable core and has enough game modes to keep you entertained for quite awhile. It’s based on aiming estimation and preset knowledge. However it seems the game could have benighted from a landscape view because the portrait one can often make you shots not as powerful as they need to be. Also it can get very stale fast because if you played before you can know exactly where to fire and how powerful to shoot it meaning you have a unfair advantage. This game is also riddled with adds and micro transactions with a ad after every game and the other to watch another for loot and micro transactions to earn new characters and loot to get said characters. Overall it’s a great game however I would prefer a simple price tag to get rid of the micro transactions and the ads to at least be a little less frequent..Version: 2.10.1

Good game but...This game is a good game, but there are a couple complaints that I have. First, is that every game whether you win or lose, you get a ad. I do understand that this is a free game and the developers need money, but after e v e r y game is just a bit much. Another complaint is that when I beat someone, some of them just disconnect before I can do my fatality. It would be good if you disconnect there would be a cool down of like 30 seconds/ 1 minute before you can play online again. Other than that, great game!.Version: 2.10.1

Great game! Not too many ads either!Bowmasters is a fun and addictive strategy game in which you have to launch/shoot/throw a random assortment of weapons with an amazing and funny roster of characters to choose from! You can play online or local multiplayer, so the game never gets old! Plus lots of other modes! Those were my pros! Now let's get to my cons! I do not thing there was need for that whole membership thing because this isn't a free to play game on Steam or some kind of free MMO! If a mobile game is popular enough it can get enough money for ads! Bowmasters is popular enough and gets lots of ad revenue! So I don't think there is a need for all of this! But that is not a huge issue because unlike Club Penguin Island you don't need membership to be successful in the game!! So it's not an issue because all it adds is some new characters and other random things! So I really enjoy this game and I give it a 4.5/5 Thank you for reading and make sure to download this game!!!.Version: 2.11.1

It's fun but the ads.I like the game and it's really fun, truly, but every time I finish a round I get ads and ads and more ads! Apart from that I like the game. Please make there be less ads in the future..Version: 2.14.2

Nice gameI have had this game once or twice before and i wasn't sure i was liking it. The gore the wacky weapons just weren't catching my eye. I got it again a few days ago and i gotta say im loving it. The graphics are soooo wacky that it makes the game stand out from other games like this. The whole point is creative and certainly special in a way that its not just about killing but its about having a good laugh and competing against other people. This game is one of my favourites for special reasons. I would recommend getting this game but under the age of ten or maybe nine shouldn’t play this. Five star for this game! Well done- Sabers review.Version: 2.14.7

Good gameIt is a really good game it is based on aiming on your opponent it has a lot of good characters good ideas concepts it is really underrated I have been playing for a year and it take 7 months I would say to get bored of it then after that it is really fun the better and cooler characters you get the funner it gets even if you just start playing and you Are not really that good at it it will still get really good when you continue playing the game the only times it makes you get to wait for adds is when you make it to just don’t click watch adds and you should be fine it is really good good concepts fun really addicting and I would say the age restrictions for the game is the only stupid thing about it I would say 6 and above the guts and gory is cartoon it is not violent or disrespectful to anything it will be disturbing if you turn it up to max and finish your opponent it does have some bad types of iPads and iPhones to play with what will make it really laggy other than that it is really fun and addicting.Version: 2.14.6

Some you can’t getOkay this game is awesome and all and I know it’s a free game though, (this is not about the ads just to let you know, it’s the characters, okay? So let’s talk Jeremy, he is way better than every character in the game, has amazing accuracy and the power is insane, the problem is that he’s for money, like probably put it at like 50,000, 100,000, or 200,000 coins, some these are kids in the game, and like the diamond member ship is too much money, like honestly I had to finish the game cause I got every character that isn’t for money, and some bots are too op, not to mention, like when you finish the last tournament, you can’t open ur chest or super grift or daily gift cause of the vip packs, or something, it’s taking the spot, so can you like move the vip pack so it doesn’t take the chest, or the super gift or the daily reward, and cyber star, when u at least 100 power it like feels like 60 power, it’s like a close combat thing but this game is like a far combat game, I hope you can fix these things, but besides that it’s really good.Version: 2.13.2

Cool Game!This game is really fun to play in the lockdown when I’m bored. But can you please decrease the number of ads. Thanks, I love this game. I don’t think I’ll ever delete it..Version: 2.14.7

Really good just one thingI think this game is amazing with lots of characters to play and almost all of them are available to get with in-currency. It is fun and addictive and really great in general. The one thing is that In the multiplayer mode there are a few bugs. Sometimes multiplayer can be very laggy and I caught a bug when I was playing. My opponent threw a projectile and it skimmed my head. The timer that shows how long you and your opponent have to take your turn froze and the game froze on their turn. We could send emotes but it wouldn’t let anyone have their turn and shortly after my opponent disconnected. Really great game overall and great job! Hope to see more updates on multiplayer in the future!.Version: 2.10.1

It gameI think game is awesome just less ads they always pop up to much..Version: 2.15.2

Good butWe can’t have that many skins and I love it and my boy friend Sade that it’s crap and it is so I don’t love it it’s crap and for my children they are going Too grow up as killing people so I am going too hake you and sue you. By have a good day I hope the people that made this game that they die.Version: 2.15.3

HeyoI think it would be the best for the game if you had a version for instead of staying still and shooting, a mode where you run at them and shoot and for the lumberjack, a combo like a kick kick headbutt impale move. That is my feedback. Please put in consideration. I have one character design though. For Mr. Gorskiy, he could launch himself in to the air, you could move him, and then you would have to press a button that popped up randomly on the screen, and the skin would be a small disc on the left arm, and a purple jumpsuit. When the chance comes, the disc would glow, and you would have to touch it with in 10 seconds and you would be able to use the move I stated earlier in this paragraph. It would be the same amount of damage that you have had in Fatalities. It could only be unlocked in the mode I stated earlier in the paragraph. That is all for this review. Thank you!.Version: 2.14.2

Amazing game!Need tips though?Amazing game!I love it,not to many adds,not any bad things,hate the adds?play offline!But you may find it annoying because of the benefits!You can have so much fun on a game you though you wouldn’t enjoy!Maybe to attract a younger crowd you could add a gore filter and the twist it down to 9+. This is a video-games lovers dream!The character’s are amazing !you could give trump a super power to turn his grenade into a wall!and you could make him a counterpart which is Hilary! Maybe you could make a Pokemon that can teleport if you tap with 2 fingers instead of one!Thats all I should say!Thank you!.Version: 2.14

The best thing everI love this game! It is the best game I own. But I think I know how to make it better! First, I think it should have more upgrades. I was thinking about having an upgrade for Tanthimentil and Lol Vein, and you could decide the rest of them. That would make the game much better because once you upgrade everyone, there’s nothing else to use your be as for. That is not all. I think there should be special powers for every character and it will have a bar just like the health bar. I also think it should fill up more depending on how you hit the opponent. Like 15% for toes and 25% for body, and lastly, 50% for headshots. I also think their should be a lot more characters. I have almost every single character in the game except for the premium characters. And once you have all of them, there is not really anything to do in the game. That is all I have to say. It is my highest hopes for you to do it..Version: 2.14.6

Love this game but absolutely HORRIBLE on phoneThis game is totally worth the space and is very fun but I think there is little to many ads. If you are reading this and thinking about getting it, GET IT. It is sooo fun. There is fake blood but not very violent. I had this game for a while and my friends love it. My brother even tried it on my iPad and then after about 2 rounds and then he went outside and asked for it. This game is AMAZING!!! The only thing is when you play on a small screen or phone, it always glitches and won’t let you throw the way you want to and then the other people kill you. It’s really dumb. The reason I gave four stars is because of this. Also, if the makers of this game read this, STOP MAKING ADS POP UP WHEN YOUR IN THE MIDDLE OF A MATCH! It’s Annoying! I would’ve won and gotten a lot of coins but then I had to let go to tap the done button to make the ad disappear and it shot myself because of that. 😡 But, this game is still awesome!.Version: 2.14.7

THIS GAME IS THE BESTThis game is the best because... Well if u are under about 8 dont read thus part. As i was saying this game is really good because of the huge variety of weapons and getting to chop peoples heads off and basically just annihilate them. My favourite part about this game is when u win and u get to finish them. Each character has their own special fatality, which is really cool. I especially Luke it when u do brutality to the enemy. This game is the best and I hope everyone downloads it! Good job Playgendary Btw everyone out there annoyed with ads u just turn of Wifi. No need to buy the no ads product is there?.Version: 2.14.2

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