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What is Empower: Cash Advance $250? Description of Empower: Cash Advance $250

Need extra cash to make it to your next paycheck? Empower’s got your back. Get up to $250 instantly*. Say goodbye to overdraft fees and stressing about money. No credit score or security deposit to qualify.

(Empower is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services provided by nbkc bank, Member FDIC.)

Tight on cash and tired of asking friends to cover you? Empower will float you up to $250 when you need it most. Instant delivery available. No interest, no late fees, no credit checks. Just pay us back when you get your next paycheck.

— Automated repayment with your next paycheck, typically between 1 day and 3 weeks
— No interest (0% APR)
— Example: If you accept a $50 instant Cash Advance to your external account for a $3 instant delivery fee, then your total repayment amount will be $53.

Get the money you need. Build the credit you want.

Avoid spending the money you need for bills by putting it away with AutoSave. With AutoSave you decide how much to save and when. Once your bill is due, withdraw the money from your AutoSave account and pay your bill on time.

Wish your paycheck came sooner? Wish no more. With the Empower Card account, you can get paid up to 2 days earlier than with most banks.

Perks of a credit card but with a debit card. With the Empower Card, save money on the places where you shop already, like restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, and more.

Take control of your finances by monitoring your purchases against weekly or monthly limits by category. We’ll send you 24/7 alerts to coach you on how to do better.

We’ve got our A team on standby to handle your questions over the phone or live chat Monday-Friday from 6 AM – 6 PM PT. (We’ve got email too if that’s more your jam.)

Empower charges an auto-recurring monthly subscription fee of $8 (a) after the 14-day free trial concludes for first-time customers, and (b) immediately for customers returning for a second or subsequent subscription. Cancel anytime.

* Eligibility requirements apply. Free instant delivery is available for eligible customers with an activated Empower Card. Instant delivery fees otherwise apply.

^ Empower Thrive provided by FinWise Bank, Member FDIC. The Empower Thrive line of credit is subject to credit approval. Access requires Empower membership of $8 per month.

† Early access to paycheck deposit funds may vary by employer. Cashback deals on Empower Card purchases will vary and must be selected in the app.

Empower: Cash Advance $250 App User Reviews

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Empower: Cash Advance $250 Pros

Simple & Fast/ Pros & cons IMO!Took me 4 minutes to sign up and receive my first $25. I just did it to see if it works and apparently the more you use this app to borrow and how fast you pay each loan amount back depends on how quickly the next borrowed loan amount increases. I set it up to pay it back in three days because that’s technically when I get paid again. It’s suppose to go to $50 after that so we will see. (UPDATE/EDIT: didn’t go to $50 after the first time, stayed at 25 for second offer after I paid it back on time, on the scheduled date I picked. Once again it says will go to 50 so m gonna borrow one more time just to see. I was thinking maybe you need to use the app often to receive a higher offer.) I don’t care for the fee you have to pay for get the $25 it was $2. No big deal. So the $27 doesn’t have to be paid till you schedule to pay it back. Also, not a fan of the $8 monthly fee after the 14 day free trial. If I’m already borrowing money and paying a small fee I don’t see why I have to pay a monthly fee..BstittVersion: 5.43.0

Genius Banking for MillennialsInitially, I have been Using this Bank for a few Months Now, I admire when I use an ATM, this Bank give me back the Fees that, the ATM Charge me., so please keep up the great Work. Furthermore, when I need assistance, please respond within a timely manner, The previous Bank you guys were using the Deposited $9989 dollars within my Account, then I wrote you guys I never received a response for weeks. Moreover, this incident was an internal error on you guys part. Therefore, the bank should give me the Funds instead give me the funds. Moreover, I hope this does not ever happened again., Thanks for swishing Banks Partners. 👑👏🏾👏🏾💯, continue to provide us with 1.00 yield, a lot has happen with this my accounts now you guys are living another Bank, I’m confuse with the Switch. This New Bank is doing a good Job. Just continue allow us to receive or Funds, thank you for letting us know about the switch of Banks..Khem HeruVersion: 5.31.1

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Empower: Cash Advance $250 Cons

False advertising.I opened up an account through empower. There was a trial period, in which I agreed to sign up for. I knew the subscription fee would come through after the trial ended, but one day I get an email from my insurance company that my insurance was going to be canceled due to non payment due to not having enough money in my account. After looking at my bank statement I realized that empower charged me 8 dollars during the trial period which was not supposed to happen. That 8 dollars left me just short of being able to pay my car insurance. When I reached out to empower, they told me I was aware of their subscription agreement and that the fee would not refunded unless I closed the account. So I told them fine, close it. I got the 8 dollars back. I payed back my advance. Then looking back at the app, my account was marked as ‘permanently closed.’ No option to reopen, just permanent. I was never rude or pushy with them and they do this? If that’s how you want to treat your customers then I don’t want to come back anyway. Absolutely unethical. Do not recommend this app..Skatr5911Version: 5.72.0

1/2 star rating..dissatisfied and disappointedI made a cash app transfer of $94 to a friend. Cash app canceled because the ID I used was not valid. I reached out and got a valid ID to resend. This time it failed. This all took place on Friday May 24. I reached out to Empower and was told it takes a few days for the money to be returned. By mid week I’m reaching out again and was told there didn’t seem to be available funds for that transaction on Friday. Not true. When I pointed that out to CS I’m told they have to look into it to see what is going on. Tomorrow is May 31 and I still don’t have my money back into my account. How complicated is this? Checks and balances. Since you can’t overdraft and all transactions are listed on dashboard why is it difficult to determine what happened? By checks and balances I should have a balance and I don’t. In all of my years of banking I’ve never encountered this. CS is nonchalant, it may not be important to them however it is to me. I’ve been using Chime bank. I will be going back to Chime. I had misplaced my Chime debit card and had to wait for a replacement so I thought I’d try Empower. I should have just had my DD put on my Cash App card. I give 1/2 a star. I’m so disappointed. I would steer clear of such a bank that takes this long to resolve an issue as simple as this!.Grace in PAVersion: 2.18.0

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Is Empower: Cash Advance $250 legit?

Yes. Empower: Cash Advance $250 is 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 94,712 Empower: Cash Advance $250 user reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, AppSupports Legitimacy Score for Empower: Cash Advance $250 is 95.4/100.

Is Empower: Cash Advance $250 safe?

Yes. Empower: Cash Advance $250 is quiet safe to use. This is based on our NLP analysis of over 94,712 user reviews sourced from the IOS appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5. AppSupports Safety Score for Empower: Cash Advance $250 is 95.9/100.

Should I download Empower: Cash Advance $250?

There have been no security reports that makes Empower: Cash Advance $250 a dangerous app to use on your smartphone right now.

Empower: Cash Advance $250 Screenshots

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Product details of Empower: Cash Advance $250

App Name:
Empower: Cash Advance $250
Empower Finance
Legitimacy Score:
Safety Score:
Content Rating:
4+ Contains no objectionable material!
Finance, Productivity
App Size:
130.44 MB
Bundle Id:
Relase Date:
09 May 2017, Tuesday
Last Update:
16 March 2023, Thursday - 15:11
IOS 14.0 or later

Empower: Cash Advance $250 5.84.0 Update Note
✱ Version History

Just a reminder that your financial status isn’t forever. If you need our help we’re just one tap away. PS. We updated the app to fix some bugs and things. Have a great day!.

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