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Toca Life: Hospital for Positive User Reviews

Toca WORLDI think this game is amazing but you should make a toca world where they all go together! Like have an area for a police stations, stables, hospitals, schools, hairdressers, a few houses, an apartment block, grave yard, airport to go to a different place, a farm land, and a shop area, please do this it would be amazing and would get many downloads!.Version: 1.0.1

YESToga may I say more?.Version: 1.2

TOCA BOCA PRODUCERSToca Boca Please Take This Suggestion !! It Would Be So Awesome If You Could Make This !! Toca Boca Producers Get Your Pencils Ready To Create..... TOCA LIFE: MAKE IT YOURSELF !! Instead of only having one world to express your creativity on, you could have 5 worlds on Toca Life: Make It Yourself instead of only having one. It would also help by instead of having to reset your world you could still have 4 others to build and re create !! You can create your OWN characters (choose their skin colour, hair style, hair colour, face emotion, age, either baby, kid, adult, elder, etc). Make your own clothes (be able to choose the colour, whether it's a dress, t-shirt and pants, PJs). Be able to select the colours of the shoes or what type of shoe it'll be (sneakers, sandals). You could add up to 30 characters. Be able to make you're own houses or places... (you'd have 5 or more places to put buildings). Whether it's a movie theatre, home, toy store, mall, food court, coffee place... ANYTHING !!! You could choose where to put furniture (but when editing the house or area you are creating, be able to have an option for it to stay in place so when you accidentally touch it, it wouldn't be able to move and have an option for it to be able to move). For an example on all of the Toca Life apps there are some furniture that can't be moved like tables or couches but other things like food and clothes are able to be moved so when editing there could be an option on if you can move it or not... Make sense? I hope !! You can make as many clothes as you'd wish !! Make as many pets as you'd wish !! Be able to erase characters (Say if you didn't want the character anymore you could just delete it). & if you can, create more furniture and more foods so when making a house or something there would be more options of furniture and decorations !! Maybe add in a button to click on so you can see all of the recipes to make foods (for beginners or just people in general). Also, have options to be able to edit characters if you mess up or want to make a change to their look!! If you could be able to name the city or town you've made on Toca Life: Make It Yourself ?! It'll make a little sense after reading my next idea, if there could be a airplane button in the corner of the screen in every world where you could be able to click it and join you're other worlds that you created !! (having names for the places you have created would be easier to know which one to click on and it would help people It also be realistic if you were going on a "vacation" or something in Toca it'd be like you're actually flying in a plane... Also, to not make it difficult maybe when you're creating characters there could be an area you go to where you can see all the characters you've created in the past, so if you're making another world but want some of the same characters just be able to click on it and have it in your new world !? Toca Boca producers please if there is any possible way you could make this it would be the best app ever !! I hope the suggestions I provided gave you an idea for an app in the future !! I tried adding as much detail to this idea as possible !! Hope it helps and thank you if you take any suggestions from this very very long message bye (: (If you're thinking on a picture for the app maybe a person you created on the app holding a paint brush... by you I mean a Toca Boca producer....)..Version: 1.0.1

Some ideasThis game is great. Even as an 11 year old(almost) I still find it cool. But it would be even better if when you fed someone a germ, it made them sick. Then you gave them a pill, they’d get better again. Also, another good idea I have, there could be like an apartment building where they could like, go home from the hospital. You don’t have to use any of my ideas because, like I said, it is already an amazing game. -Your Friend, lol you think I’m gonna tell you my name? Hahaha.Version: 1.0.2

You need to add.....This is really fun app but it could really use a home.Version: 1.1.2

Ummm AMAZINGHi LIT app I hv a suggestion, what if there was a x-ray room!!! How cool would that be!.Version: 1.1.2

Toca Life: UltimateFor toca life: ultimate, it would be ALL toca life’s merged in one. This way you can open one app, and have ALL the characters together. You could have a world guide go to the different places, but all the characters go there. I would pay 25$ for this! Plus, it’d be nice since we have a lot of pets in toca pets, so we could bring them to houses in places like toca farm! Hope you read it and ty for reading!.Version: 1.0.2

I love toca bocaI love toca boca and all the apps but i have a question. I dowloaded the hospital toca boca and it didnt go into my toca boca life. And i had to update it. So how do i do the update because i looked at tutorials and it didnt work. But overall i love this game..Version: 1.3

OkayThis game is fun but there’s a glitch. I was playing well for 5 minutes or so but afterwards, it quoted unexpectedly. I tried to go back into it but the screen turned white and it did the same thing. I uninstalled it and now I have nothing. Hopefully installing it again will help it. If it doesn’t, please help me! Thank you! You make the bests games!.Version: 1.1.2

How To get the secret labI will give you a clue on how to get the secret lab Hidden Red buttons on ambulance floor look behind and under, move things until you find them all. press all of these buttons until there glowing, go to a machine at the far end there will be a lever press it and that's the stories end.Version: 1.0.1

Brilliant game, one problemToca hospital is great fun with all the different characters and items to move around and make stories with. The only thing I’m sad about is that whenever I feed someone a virus, they don’t get sick. I would like to know why this is happening and if you could fix it..Version: 1.1.2

Best game ever!!!😍😋😃All of the toca Boca apps are the best!!!!i just love to find secrets and hidden places and different foods. This one is amazing though!!!!if you are thinking of getting it trust me it WILL NOT be a rip off. This game is awesome!!!it is one of my favourites! I think most people love this game too! It’s so much fun and you can be really creative along with ALL the other apps. On my iPad i have a whole section just for Toca Boca apps. I ❤️ them. Definitely download any of them..Version: 1.1.2

AWESOMEOk first I want to say this is a great app and I have some ideas for a couple new ones. To start off toca bording school, there could be dorms and uniforms and horses. PLEASE DO THIS I’m begging you please. Sorry about that. Ok next is toca hogwarts I know this might not legally be possible but please try. I have one more toca prison because I know a lot of young boys who would love this and me of course. Thank you Ps please listen to that girl who suggested toca kingdom it is truly genius.Version: 1.1.2

I LOVE THESE GAMES. PLUS GAME IDEAThis game is so much fun I absolutely love it. Even though I am much older than the age recommendation but it's still super fun!😃Just I have a few things that I think I would make me love these games even more. I think that when a update is available that it should not reset the games data that kinda annoys me. Also I have had the problem where if I'm trying to move something I might accidentally drop it where I don't want it and then it gets stuck behind something to where I can't get it. 🎉GAME IDEA🎉: I would LOVE if you guys came out with a water park toca life app. With a store to buy bathing suits and a couple really nice hotel suites with possibly more than 2 bedrooms. The water park would have slides and a lazy river and a place for toddlers and locker rooms and places to get snacks. I love the babies on the hospital app so maybe you could incorporate babies into the water park too. I HOPE YOU READ. Thank you.Version: 1.0.1

Toca Boca ProducersPlease make: TOCA LIFE:Make it yourself!!!.Version: 1.1.2

EPIC!This is an epic game but to make it even better could you make the patients sick when they eat the germs. I've also got an idea for a new game: Toca Fairytale: Their could be a castle with a garden, a chefs quarters and servants with princesses, a king and queen, and a throne room. Treasure chests hidden around the castle with gems in them. Their could be knight outfits and princess ball gowns -lots of them in a big wardrobe in the princesses' bedrooms. Their could also be horses and a river. And their could be an ocean with mermaids and dolphins and a fairy kingdom with lots of different fairies with different powers. Their could also be a village with workers and houses. And also a meadow with flowers and birds. Please make this game !!! 😃.Version: 1.0.1

Really good game so fun but...I think it would be a good idea if we could make our own people but still have the one you make but just have so many people on your world and I would like it if we could create our own houses for our people to live in also shops. I would also like it if we could make our own clothes for our people design them and then take the piece of design paper and take it to a tailors and they make it Thank you for listening to my ideas hope you like them and maybe use them.Version: 1.0.1

I love it!!! But....This is an AMAZING APP!!!! This is a WONDERFUL toca boca life app! I recommend this one for sure! The little sloth creatures are so cute! (I’m not gonna spoil :) But there is one little bug... I can’t make them sick.. 😢 I really wanted to see them get sick... because I saw in the trailer that you could make them sick and I thought that was very cleaver to teach how the doctor only wants to help. (That is the message I got) and I’m not going to be one of those people who put down one or more star(s) because they had one little problem. But in the end this is an awesome app and I can say because I spend like 2 hours a day on it! Thank u toca boca! I love every single one of your apps!.Version: 1.0.1

Just a little bit more for five starCan you add a house outside the hospital the small apartment does not have enough space and I have a proposal toca life: super star.Version: 1.0.1

Could you atleast try?I think next you should add a castle with, have BIG Poofy dresses,a hidden dance floor and room,a dungeon with a dragon you could ride.Version: 1.1.2

TacnmgcrhOkay I am 7 now and I should probably stop loving Toca boca but I can’t get over it I no toca boca when I was 2 when I found it I love babies so this one’s perfect for me the nursery has about 4 babies in each crib I love sloths to there’s a baby sloth and in the surgery room there’s a nother sloth but one problem I want to move the desk the cumputer stuff like that I can’t so that’s dumb and the main toca boca girl Rita why do you need a main girl? and in some toca games she’s not there so yeah a nother one more thing I want you to fix why when you are going to download the app the preview has a thing that’s not in the game and then if you diecide if you want it and purchase it doesn’t have that mostly little kids would get mad not fair 😠 and cost money a lot of money if you didn’t get it yet 💵 so I hate that but I like this game and who ever made toca boca should fix this there job and why can you make them naked with a towel a little to inappropriate for little kids 👧🏻👧🏼👧🏽👧🏾👧🏿 so yeah need fixed.Version: 1.1.2

❤️Hey Toca Boca Team I love how you can play this game on planes because you can’t do that on most games! Amazing game by the way! Well done! I would like a big game called Toca Boca Life:World. Your characters would go to school (Toca school) and be able to buy clothes and go to the cinema (Toca city), go to the hospital (Toca hospital) and have a park (Toca town) don’t forget to add a farm and stables (Toca farm + Toca stable) thanks Toca Boca! ❤️ your games!.Version: 1.0.2

Ha I have all of the Toca life gamesYup I have all of them and I hope you guys keep coming out with more I love them so much and I just want there to be so much more of toca life THX FOR READING😀.Version: 1.0.2

Love the game!I love toca boca games and so does my brother! But I’ve just noticed that on the top floor of the hospital, there’s a picture in one of the curtained off rooms of a family, but one of the people in it has no head! I don’t know if you intended to do that but I just noticed it and didn’t know what to say 😂 but again, I LOVE your games and could play them for HOURS 😀.Version: 1.1.2

It's really goodI mean, I love all the Toca boca games and stuff but since this was the newest one, I thought that when it said "have babies" the character could actually go in one of the beds and a baby would appear. But no, you have to pick up one of the babies that was already there and pretend that it has been born. Not all the babies match peoples skin colour either, so could you please please please make an update where the character could have a baby and it's the right skin colour? 💕.Version: 1.0.1

Toca Boca life hospital is greatThis app is great for not only children of all ages, but also for adults who want to explore their curiosity side. In this app, and in all the Toca life apps, your child can create fun stories, use applications, and take videos of their experience in the app. I highly recommend this particular app for kids who have a strong interest in science. Here, they can explore the many applications in the hospital, like X-rays or CAT scans, and play the role of both the doctor and the patient. They can become scientists and preform science experiments in the secret lab, or help deliver a baby in the 3rd floor of he hospital. This game lets kids explore the imaginative side of their personally and even at 15 years old, it stays an active app on my phone..Version: 1.0.1

GlitchI absolutely love this game. It’s so fun and calming. There is a glitch where you take videos and when you try to download it to your photo album, it shuts down and takes you to the home screen. It would be incredibly helpful for you to fix it.😄.Version: 1.0.2

Toca life: VillageHi toca! Ever since my friend showed me toca life I straight away fell in love❤️. I have been following toca life for a year now and I'm glad my friend showed me it! I have been wondering for a while now and I have made up my own toca life. Toca life: Village It's were your in a village. There are: .Market place .Houses .hiking mountains .a river Me and my friends all thought of this together so we were wondering if you can put us in the app! I'll give you a description of what we look like. I have long brown hair and I usually were some panda/cat ears with a turquoise t-shirt and shorts, pink to purple to blue. My friend Mia has short brown hair with a cat shirt and short blue pants. My friend Rebecca has curly short hair with a yellow shirt and a dark blue skirt. My friend Ria has long black hair, cat hair band with little gems on them And she wears a black dress. Please get my ideas and mix them in a delicious cake to make a great app! Ps.I love ❤️ what you have done with the series!!!!!.Version: 1.0.1

Make a new Toca lifeHey guys I want to let you know before I forget but I was wondering if you guys could make a toca game for free called Toca Life it is about what all you do in life it has those buildings and homes and it is from when you are born to die so you can get pregnant get married have a funeral and please add in this secret spots and can you make for free please that would be so wonderful because I love your Toca life games they make me happy and teach me what to do in life sometimes so please everyone has suggestions and I also wanted to ask if you could put in everyone from what they look like birth to death I hope that makes but please and thank you.Version: 1.1.2

Why!?THE GERMS NEED TO MAKE PPL SICK!!!! UGHHHH. Ok it is a great game tho.Version: 1.1.1

A few problems on my I PadSo, first I LOVE ALL UR TOCA BOCA!!!!! 🌹❤️💛💚💙💜💞💕but there's a problem on my I Pad, it won't let me get my patents sick, and have baby's. It's really getting on my nerve 💔🥀 I wish I had the new taco boca life pets! And maybe you could add Toca Life Wilderness! Ware you explore hudden caves, lost relics, meet pirets maybe even be one! And maybe... POOPING AND FARTING OUT REINBOWS!!!!! Well, for the unicorn 😅 but yeah, and maybe a Kamodo Dragon for a pet? That would be so Awsome I would have no words!!!! 😁😆😄😃😀!! And sorry if I'm spelling things wrong 😅. But maybe an update on Toca Life Hospital so that you can get sick and have baby's! Maybe even together! That would be top notch! And base one of ur Toca Life's on a video game? Huh huh? How whould that sound!? Amazing right!!!! Maybe mincraft or or knack? Maybe later on you could acouly make animations!!! Like who's with me???? I am!! Well, I'm in myself so... 😅 last things... I LIKE UNICORNS AND FLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.0.1

ADD A HOUSE 🏡You should add a house to make the game more fun..Version: 1.0.1

Make the germs work !,,,I love the game and all but the germs don’t work like on vids please fix . I will give the game five stars if the germs work thanks .⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️if this works 🤢..Version: 1.0.1

BEST EVER!!!Toca Hospital is great just like all the other Toca Life games. The only thing with Toca Life is can you PLEASE make all the different toca lifes connected so you can go to the hospital in city and go out to the farm from the stables. It would be good if you called it Toca Life! By the way, a Toca Life Hotel would be cool too! Thx.Version: 1.0.1

Birth is my favourite thingI like this app because you can open the secret lab by looking for five red buttons one in the office one where the robot carrying some trays is one in a cupboard and one behind a plant. But I think there should be a car park. I now know that there's a gnome on level 0. I love level two by the way and birth is my favourite thing but I think they should say ooooooow, when they're ready to give birth..Version: 1.1.2

It’s very good 😍😍I love toca games it’s just I can’t find out the code to get to the secret lab 🔬 you should hide the code somewhere can you pls do it it would my day really better! Also keep going with the games I love them 😍.Version: 1.0.2

I love love love this app!!! But.. (READ THIS!!💕🔥😁 )Ok so I just thought of this maybe if you had a update and there was a thing and you can change the little people's emotions like when you push the sign and the people show up maybe you can put another one next to it and it can do the emotions and things.. and then I also think that if you make the update you should for when the mom has the baby it should like pop out ( you know what I mean.!) but I just think this will be a great update and maybe you can make another toca boca app like a mall or restaurant or college life!! Or parent hood or child hood or just like anything that is awesome!!😊💕😍⭐️💜🔥❣️💛.Version: 1.0.1

Toca, please read!So I read a review for Toca pets and they suggested a carnival but they said they wouldn’t go into detail so I am! The carnival will have a moving Ferris wheel 🎡 and a caramel apple and cotton candy booth. There will also be a ticket booth. Oh I also have an update suggestion for Toca vacation... you click where you want to go in the app and you land there(in the plane)! OK back to what I was saying there will be a gift shop with small toys and a huge slide you can go down (you actually slide down not just stand there) there will be a phone booth and a giant swing. There will also be a picture booth. One suggestion for one of the characters: blonde hair, a ponytail, a cupcake shirt, brown eyes, and jeans. Also a boy with a red hoodie, blue hair, jeans, and headphones oh and the girl has cat ears! Also there’s a petting zoo with a food machine. The rest is up to you! Bye! Thanks for reading! Ps read the long review (in Toca pets) that says “Toca, please read” maybe with an exclamation point... Bye!.Version: 1.1.2

Love it!! I have some suggestions though...I love his game!! I have every toca life game you guys have made!!!! It is so addicting!! I know it won't probably happen... but could you PLEASE read this!!!???!!! Me and A LOT of other fans where hoping that you could somehow connect the games. Like the plane in toca vacation! You can add one to every other toca life game!!!!! A airport with a plane Ian each one!!! So you could go to the airport and go from the stables to the hospital! Maybe a rider fell off her horse and needs medical attention!!! She could go to the airport and fly to toca hospital!!!! You could have buttons or something for each app and then you hit it and the airplane takes you there!! You would have to have that app though! But please at least consider this idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.0.1

I love toca... just not the updatesHi toca! I love your games but there is a bit of a problem. In every toca life game, when you update it resets. In one of your other toca life games I found a secret and then u updated it and I never found it again. Please help. Another thing is the games don’t work on apple devices. If you can fix that WITHOUT it resetting that would be wonderful. Thank you.Version: 1.0.2

Add a homeYou should add a House.Version: 1.1.2

AN AMAZING APP but I have an idea.Hey so I love this app lots it’s just there’s not really that much to do after the hospital. You should really add something like a house to the map so that there’s somewhere to go after the hospital. Please add something like this to spice up the app!!!!!!.Version: 1.1.2

Good gameI like this game but I don’t like the fact that the characters can’t get sick on an IOS device😕.Version: 1.1.2

Great appsI think that the Toca boca apps(especially the "life" series) are amazing, These games are flawless, but I have one idea: I think you could make one big app with all of the life games crammed together so you can, for example take the hairdresser from city to the doctor in hospital?.Version: 1.0.1

Love this have some ideas for the nextSorry for not talking about the app but I have something to tell toca so I play all of your toca live apps and never miss buying the new ones but could you make a toca live mall.I know you have many shops in all of your games but a mall like there could be a least six shops in the store including a food court. There could be one place were you get your nails done of course it would have to be like just pour the nail polish over someone's hand then there could be an like a girls store with jelwlery and toys and things like that. There could be maybe 2 stores decaded to just clothes one for girls and one for boys. Then there could be a house care store with food and decor.. Maybe there could be one large house that could fit a few people. Anyway hope you take my idea. Love this app and all others keep it up.Version: 1.0.1

:)Heya! I hope you read this! Here goes... I really like this app and all of the others! But one thing I'd add is... I really like the idea of a Toca trains feature (in order to connect the apps together). Although this feature may glitch a lot (not really sure haha) it could connect each app together (the apps you happen to own on that device would connect)! This is great for the users because it would make the game better and great for you guys because it would increase sales of all the games. If someone doesn't own them all this feature would entice them to buy the other games! :) Overall amazing apps, keep up the great work!.Version: 1.0.1

A little goodToca boca games are amazing there is a morning and night but can you make a evening too 😭and can you make more baby clothes and can you make toca life ocean please.Version: 1.2

Great app but...Toca life: Hospital has been one of the best toca life apps created, along with toca life: city and vacation. But I was looking for more than just a hospital. Yes it says in it's title, "hospital", but couldn't you add houses for the patients could get unwell in the houses and then come to the hospital. It's still a great app overall, but it just wasn't the very best..Version: 1.0.1

I can't make them sickThis game is incredible but I can't make them sick I gave the people everything but nothing is working!.Version: 1.0.1

Amazing But...I love this game like all the others in the series but when the patients eat germs they do not get ill which is really sad because it would make it more fun if the patients got ill. Please change this when you can because it would make the game so much better ❤️.Version: 1.0.1

Really good but..I think there should be a block of apartments for patients that have got better, a school inside and an option for the people to look ill and be sick. Please take my review into consideration I think the first two would make the game so fun..Version: 1.0.1

Absolutely love it ❤❤I would like to say ,the game does glitch and the people don't get poorly when you give them germs but I don't mind because it's a brilliant game. I was wondering if you could maybe make an app called ''toca zoo'' you could have fun with animals and much more. Once again thanks for all the effort you put in your games. Yours sincerely a random gamer👍🏻.Version: 1.0.1

Fantastic gameDear Toca Boca, I really like playing your games, and this game is fantastic!But I have a few idea’s for you to put in this game 1. I would love it if once you have been to the hospital and had an operation that there was maybe an apartment block or a house for them to go home to. 2.You could make a coffee shop with cakes and coffee for the workers to go to and the patients for when they have gotten back from the hospital. 3.Maybe it would be great if in floor -1 there could be a little door near the ambulance where you could go and drive to the coffee shop and the house/apartment and the ambulance can drive out too to bring the patients to the hospital. 4. Make more hospital beds Game idea’s. Toca Life zoo A zoo with lots of pens and things with animals and a house. Also pets from home can come from home and a gift shop will have a vet for them and there will be leads you can put on the pets I hope you consider these ideas and if you do I will be so happy 😱😃.Version: 1.0.1

Germs don’t work on iphone.Love, love, love this series of games. Have purchased all and will continue to do so as long as No you continue to make them. Therefore, even though there is an issue/ fault with this particular one, i feel it is still deserving of a 5star rating. The germs do work when playing on a device other than i phone. I don't know if its fixable, you're the geniuses, just letting you know there’s a problem, and that is does unfortunately affect gameplay quite considerably. Keep up the good work guys. Thanks..Version: 1.0.1

One of the best but...This was one of the best Toca Life games, The best are probably this game,the farm and the vacation. This game would be even better if you could add curtains in the kids ward, more beds in the maternity ward and more of the little things in the secret lab which Toca Life features in three of the games. I think the little things are called 'prumpets', this would be cool because it shows in the lab pictures of a girl prumpet,which is in the stable shop in Toca Life Stables,another boy in the store in Toca Life Farm and the prumpet in hospital, this would be great because you could have a family of prumpets instead of pretending to call them. Also the dresses which make the people look pregnant mabye you could make them grow like they Actually do in real life. This is a lot but please try to do some of it thanks.Version: 1.0.1

Really fun but some ideas for other stuffI find this game really fun and interesting but it is unlike the real world where people die and get diagnosed with stuff HERE ARE SOME IDEAS There should be a Toca universe where there is a world and you can click on different continents then country's and cities there will be lots of people and stuff to do but if you make it I'd pay for it first thank you for reading I hope you like this suggestion Developing on someone else's ideas in an undersea one you could click on different layers of the sea and find new creatures Written by : someone who doesn't want to tell you their name or age.Version: 1.0.1

AwesomeI love this game! You might have seen my review on toca life, city and toca dance, and this one is probably the best! But one thing, this is not a suggestion, but two things you should fix. 1. Did some people see the baby version of the main guy in toca life town? The yellow fluffy character? Well sometimes when I go to his section on the character line his eyes turn white and his mouth opens. It sometimes gets me. 2. If you restart the game, if you go to the baby floor, you'll see a woman character in the bed your supposed to lay in after you have a baby. She sort of looks like a boy, so please fix that. I love this game, though!👪👩‍👩‍👦👨‍👨‍👦👨‍👨‍👧👩‍👩‍👧💗💗💗💖.Version: 1.0.1

Perfect for creative peopleI’ve been playing this game since I was around 3, and now I am 14 and it’s still a fantastic game. The whole style of the game is so pretty and it makes you want your whole taste to be in that cute cluttered style, which I adore. I love the furniture style too! It’s so ikea, but video game at the same time. I’m jazzed about the character designs and clothing. So cute! It’s great for making stories/scenarios. I recommend this to everyone! I’m so glad that this merges into the original/basic world, because it leads to much more interesting stories. Totally recommend like I said. Super game! <3.Version: 1.2

Needs more things.It’s a great game but I wish you can like give birth to babies and I with the germs could make you sick I’ve been disappointed that you can’t give birth or let the germs make you sick and I with there was like a room for people who have allergies and you can make them allergic so yea.. but it is a good game I love it 🥰.Version: 1.1.2

Please readI love this game. Although I wish you could add a house for the people to live in that is in a different building, like in retirement homes outside of the building for people who are not as sick (handicap, blind, can't move themselves) or even the parents of the kids that are sick. The Toca Boca beach has a hotel and other places you can go other than then that one big building. I think the game would interest more people if you could add more places to go. Also I think it would be cool if you could press a button on the stomach of the pregnant people and the baby would come out. For example you could put the baby that they have for you in the room in the stomach and it could pop out. I wish you could make some of these suggestions happen. Thanks for your time,.Version: 1.0.1

You did again, Toca! But I have a suggestion...Wow.... Great job Toca! You really did it this time! I love this one just as much as Toca Vacation, maybe even more! It is truly amazing how you guys really took everyone's suggestions, and boy am I happy about how you try to really make it climactic for our stories with your lab and special surprises. I remember when I was there when the first Toca life app came out (well Toca town too). I was so happy, I'd never seen anything like it! And boy have you guys really wowed me. Maybe you could add a customizer somewhere so that it's a part of the scenery like maybe as a part of the hospital! overall, no matter what, I will always support you guys. Nice work (sorry this is so long).Version: 1.0.1

Definitely RecommendThis game is so fun. It teaches kids how hospitals work and just the basics of life, whether there be good or not so good things. I had, had this app before on my old phone for my granddaughter Elise and she just loved it, I decided to get it a again because she enjoyed it so. My only concern is she used to make people be pretend sick but now when she gives them the virus- looking things in the cabinets they stay the same and don’t become sick like they used to! I am sure you guys are working on this bug and for that I am thankful. I feel as though it could have a little more things to do in it too, like maybe a little house outside the hospital so that the patients can go home when they get better, just a suggestion though. All in all this app is great for children of all ages. Keep up the good work! 🙌.Version: 1.1.2

Do you think you could add....The toca games are great but sometimes I wish that all the toca games you have could be connected somehow. Do you think Toca, that you could make this happen. Apart from that it's fantastic..Version: 1.0.1

AMAZING.Guys, hop on get this right now!! I’m not a child and I play this!!! It’s so amazing you can do all sorts but, I thing you should be able to move the beds around and such so they face your way, like how you would like it, and I’d like more space in the wardrobes because I have a family of 6 and well.. I can’t fit all of my clothes in accept from that, amazing! If your interested in more of the city of Toca boca I’d recommed using the pack it’s £20 I brought it, amazing dosnt kick you off at all! Get it now! :D.Version: 1.2

SO GOOD!!!🤩🤩Ok so I love Toca 😍. There are so many things to discover and the graphics are sooo good! There are endless things to do and you can set up so many different role plays which I think is amazing. Also was the secret lab new?! Because I got this about a year or more ago and I don’t think it said anything about it. But it’s so cool I just discovered it today! (Btw for people who don’t know: on the bottom floor there are 5 red buttons you need to press to activate a machine also on the bottom floor. Some of them are hidden like one in the third locker. Once you press all of them the machine should have five red lights on and you’ll hear a ding. Pull the lever on the machine and you’re in the lab!!) 😍🤩.Version: 1.4.1

Plz read this toca Boca peopleI know all your games are great I was wondering if u could make a toca zoo it would be amazing and also a toca dog house it would be soo fun also every time u post a new app can u do it for free just for a week plz if u do all that I would be amazed thanks plz read.Version: 1.0.1

How do u make them sick?It’s a great app and I really love it but I do not know how to make the people no matter how many germs I put near the people they dont get sick please fix this thank u 😍😍😍.Version: 1.0.1

Love it but...I really like this and played it for whole hours! =) Casts and pills were a good update, as well as THE SECRET OF SLOTHS REVEALED! But after a while, it started losing its Toca Boca magic. Is this game getting old, or am I? Plus, I love your new games! They are cool, not to mention beautiful. To me, some colours seem so aesthetically pleasing, and in the newer games that’s how they look to me. (Newer games I mean toca neighbourhood and stuff. Can’t wait to play them too!) thanks, PaperBagAxolotl.Version: 1.1.2

Please read!!!Okay, first of all I LOVE toca boca! I've been using it since I was 4. I still remember the day toca town came out. I was SO EXITED!! And now there are even more! But my one problem that has been bugging A LOT of toca users is that we cant connect the toca life apps! Here's my solution.......... Toca life trains! So you can have a little world with a car wash, garage, car buying place, and....... a train station! You can take your characters and bring them to a train station, you can buy your ticket, and wait in the room, buy some snacks, and then the train comes and you can either pick an app (has to be downloaded and in the toca life series) and take the train to that location (with as many characters that can fit on the train) or just play on the train it can have different cars such as: sleeping car, dining car, conductors car, etc and different stops! And you can add a new place in each world that is a train stop/ mini station! It would be SO cool!!!! And one last thing, can you add more houses, characters, clothes, and have separate shoes? I hope this isn't asking for too much, but I hope you'll read this! ❤️, a faithful toca fan!.Version: 1.0.1

Ideaaaa!!You Should Do Something Like Mashup Everything And Make It Like A City And You Can Make A Person Yourself Like Choose There Age Skintone Face And Hair! Cause Lots Of Times I Wish A Person From Toca Life School Was In Toca Life City Or A Person From Toca Life Office Was In Toca Like School! And I Wish You Could Make Your Own Home Like Buy A House Build It Then Buy Furniture To Decorate!.Version: 1.0.1

It's good but y'all just needa adds real houseI love the game, I have all toca life's so far, it's just that y'all needa add a house and a store but mainly a house, but I love the lair! I agree with the app with the trains and all! I feel like you should call it "Toca Train" or "The Toca Train" with the T's I realize that you creators probably have a lot of reviews about making a train or plane or an app where you bring other people from other toca boca life's in to the other apps! I hope you all are working on it and that's why the app has not came out yet but as long as you purchase the app then the train would have no problem taking you there! So please hear me out and do so. Since you say that you read every review I'm sure you creators are probably working on it because it's such a great idea! Thanksss - Jesseley.Version: 1.0.1

LOVE ITBut I think the game would be much more amazing if you added houses... Not just one maybe a few you can choose from. It would add creativity to the game and much more buyers because this game is the hospital maybe make the story line somewhat bigger. Think where do the doctors and nurses go to sleep?.Version: 1.0.1

GlitchHello can you please fix a glitch me and my friend-have because the pills what make you sick, arent working they do nothing i would really appreciate it if you fix it thank you.Version: 1.0.1

Kidfriendly and funThis game is very addictive because you make up stories which you want to keep playing the game gives you better imagination I think that the hidden secrets are fun I wish there could be a Toca zoo.Version: 1.1.2

Ideas.Gotta say, your apps are educational and fun for me and my brothers. We are both in primary school, and I’m in grade 5 but I STILL love these games, no matter what others say. Though, I have some ideas. -Toca life kingdom. This game has a huge castle, with 5-6 levels. There is top floor, with an interactive dragon, a princess and a guard. The bottom is the throne room with the king and queen along with a maid. The second floor is the kitchen/bathroom level. The third and forth are the royal bedrooms. Then you can add a basement (optional, also optional to be a secret or not.). There are 3 prisoners, 1 criminal, 2 poor maidens and 2 guards. This is just one idea. If anyone likes, I’ll edit this review..Version: 1.1.2

FAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!👍🏻The game is super it’s like a real hospital! I bet you’ll love it. It’s so cool I play it a load of times! I have some ideas. 1. You could have a kids outdoor play! 2. You can have a bigger baby born bit because more people can have baby’s at the same time! 3. There could be a super big swimming pool! 4. You can have a bit where teenagers and adults chat like a jacuzzi and fun bit in swimming pool for kids! Hopefully you liked them ideas especially 3 and 4! The characters are really cool especially Rita! Download now!.Version: 1.1.2

I love the game! But I also have ideas for your next one.As always you guys have amazing games and i love them the way they are, but I've been thinking about this since your last game came out. What if they made a game where the kids can design their own house! So that's when it hit me, Toca Life House Builder. The kids can pick a house or make one up, they can do different colors on the walls and floors, how many floors, put the furniture where they want. I don't know about you guys but having a game like this would make people feel more, in control of their surroundings. Anyway I hope you guys look into it and if you don't like it I'm cool with that I'm not forcing you to do anything. And one more thing, maybe add a house to the hospital..Version: 1.0.1

My ideasHi I was just wondering some Ideas I've seen on apps and some I've thought of Stars- it would be a movie star themed with a set and a mansion with high end stores and a management agency and a cinema Space- it would have a space station and different planets which you can access from the map or the space ship that would be like the car in stables Street- it would be kind of like city but with 5 houses or 4 with a little shop in the middle.Version: 1.0.1

Fantastic app, but I would change this...It's a good app I think you should get it if you haven't already. The only thing I would change is adding in some houses? Maybe just two? You probably don't have the room and it's just a suggestion, because my brother and I have no where to live and we like to have houses to live in. Maybe somewhere to get injured? Keep up the good work and keep making Toca Life apps! My Brother and I adore them!.Version: 1.0.2

Same for all tocaMy little cousin lives very far from me so she likes me to face time. “I like toca!” She said so I bought all the apps before toca world. I really only play it when she face times and when she is round. When you are face timing someone at the same time as playing it can bug very bad. I thought the game just couldn’t take a face time or a call at the same time so I tried it with no face time and it crashed as well. I do not like the crashing and I’m not sure if it’s just me or lots of people but all my toca games crash but it crashes more on toca hospital and toca world. I have very important advice if it does not crash for you. DO NOT MAKE CALLS OR FACE TIME AT THE SAME TIME AS PLAYING! It can be very bad. But I rated it four stars for a reason . Amazing sprites and no ads . Perfect for kids under 8 . Board only children . Cool puzzle for secret sewer lab . Buyable price . Cool puzzles for the sloth on every floor. . No in app purchases . Cute characters.Version: 1.1.2

Love this gameI love this game but there is a problem with the pills on the app because if I feed one to a person, it doesn't do anything and that’s what I was MEGA excited for😢. Otherwise LOVE the game🤩 and keep up the good work👍😎.Version: 1.1.2

I LOVE TOCA BOCA!!Toca boca games are very fun and amazing!I love TOCA world that just came out,I have a few ideas for you though, Can you add a destination in Toca Boca World?It would be a nursing home and the characters could have birthdays and get older and have kids,and die,:( but once they die the characters will respawn as them as a child or teen or wtv,I really love these games,Don’t tell Mojang but y’all beat Minecraft really good!Minecraft might be the number one game currently but Toca Boca games are fun and interesting!I would also love for Toca Characters to have a wedding ceremony one!So there would be dinner at a restaurant and the people propose and stuff!And the secret place could maybe be a honeymoon destination?Idk!!ilysm I hope you read my review!😂💞 Bye 👋.Version: 1.1.2

Awesome!Hi! I absolutely love your Toca Life series and have bought every single one. Although these games are targeted towards younger children, even as a teenager I enjoy them. I’ve always liked expressing myself through stories ( particularly dramatic ones) and the Toca life series has really given me the freedom to do so 🙂 If anyone reading this is questioning purchasing Toca Boca games because they they are made for younger children and you feel your “to old” or you think you’ll get teased for having a children’s game, trust me and just get one. If your friends tease you about it, encourage them to try it too. Toca life series is an amazing outlet for people of all ages to let their imagination flow..Version: 1.0.1

The Germs Don’t Work!!!I have had this game for a long time and it is definitely one of my favourites, though recently one of my favourite things has stopped working. The germs! I thought that the fact you could make people sick then cure them was soo cool and fun, but now they aren’t working and I’m soo sad! Please try and fix this as it would mean a lot to me. P.S. I play on I have always played on an iPad and it worked on this same device before so it’s not the device..Version: 1.1.2

Why does it need wifi!Please toca I love your apps so I beg you apps that toca cost money need wifi all I ask for is please this app doesn’t need wifi so I beg you toca please this app needs to not have wifi so please fix it please I beg you Your sincerely rainbowheart.Version: 1.1.2

I love it but can you actually make the people sick?And most trailers that I’ve seen of this app the people are sick and when they take medicine they get better when I give them the germs they don’t get sick I’m so confused nothing happens when I give them the germ it sounds just like when I give them the pill when I give them the pill it’s just a swallow and they smile and when they take the germ they don’t get a crazy face like normally in the trailers if this is the wrong iPad or wrong update that I’m using please let me know I’ve been here like for them to get sickI accidentally had gym instead of germ so I’m sending this one.Version: 1.2

Love it but ...This is a great game and I have an other idea. You could make a TOCA WORLD we're all the worlds are joined so you could visit all the Toca life apps in one! And I really like the other ideas about other life apps such as Toca zoo, Toca mermaids and my idea which is Toca neighbourhood. It's basically a clash of Toca life town and Toca life city but with more stuff! Anyways I hope you like my ideas have a nice day.Version: 1.0.1

IdeasHey guys! Great game, I just wanted to say some ideas for new toca life games: Toca space Toca village (My personal favourite) Toca kingdom/castle!.Version: 1.0

Toca Kingdom (:Dear Toca Boca creators I would like if you added a game called toca life:Kingdom, where you could live in a 5 story castle with an elevator to get too each level. Also there would be a village, a stable for horses and dragons that you could fly on, and also Pegasus you could fly on too. It would also be great if there where carriages you could ride that would take you too the different places like in toca stable how there is a van in this it would be a carriage. The game would be from $1 - $6 Your sincerley Sid_The_Sloth01.Version: 1.0.1

This game is awesome 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 but...So I love this game!!!❤️💛💚💙💜💗💗💗 like I am addicted to it! It's awesome! Although somethings you could add are: The room where they have babies you could actually make them have babies. Like you press a button and I guess a baby pops out? 🤗idk but you know what I mean. Also I think you should add a house like for the non-sick people and doctors👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👩🏼‍⚕️👨🏻‍⚕️. And I think there should be more animals and maybe instead of just a little space for the animals you could make a whole floor. I love the secret lab though! It took me a little while to find out how to get into it but that's what made it fun!!! This is something that I think would make all the games better: you should do this. You can make another app that could be like Toca life airplane or train. idk something like that. And in that app you could like have a lobby or waiting place and you can buy snacks and in the app it gives you a choice of all the Toca life games and you can choose one of them (you have to own it of course) and you can go to it. Of course I won't be hurt if you don't do this but I think it would be a great app and this would make a great update! ❤️ a faithful fan.Version: 1.0.1

Ideas for your next game!Me and my sister are in love with toca life! We thought of some ideas for your next game and we would like to share them with you! First of all, We think you should make Toca Life Waterpark! You can make big hotels. You can also make a spa. Just for the fun of it, you should make a restaurant in the waterpark so they won't get hungry after swimming. You can make a scuba diving area too! You can make a Daycare center for the little ones! And desks\registers to pay for everything! You can make changing rooms and showers/bathrooms just in case! And for the main part of this game you gotta make a waterpark! You can make water slides, a whirl pool, lazy river, and all the things you would find at a waterpark. Also in the waterpark there can be a baby area/pool so the little ones can have fun too! Of course, there has to be a way to get to the hotel, and just like in toca vacation with the airplane, you can make a bus too! Me and my sister bought all of your games and we hope you will use our idea!❤️.Version: 1.0.1

I love it but just one problemHey! I love this game and the toca life series but theres only ONE problem that I have and its annoying. I cant get my character sick! I tried feeding him germs but it didnt work. I rlly need help! Please could you fix this problem (cos thats the main bit off the game rlly...?) Other than that I love this game!!! Its rlly fun! So plz try fix it Byeee.Version: 1.0

Why can’t I have the lab?Tell meh where the lab is and how yo enter?.Version: 1.1.2

New gameThere should be a game called toca life mall the things is in it is a mall playground and some idea that you’ll think so can you make toca life mall.Version: 1.2

Little bugs and otherHey Toca Boca! I would just like to say some little bugs before world comes out: 1. Ok so when my person eats one of those colourful things it doesn’t make them sick, and that was something I was really looking forward to. 2. I would really like if wheel chairs could go in the sidewalk because people who you want in wheel chairs have to find the wheel chair over in another part of the next building. This is to other people, if you are one of those people saying after school was a bit of a let down, just wait until toca life: world! It will be better because they will have a school to come from! Your number one fan, IcecreamUnicorn2400.Version: 1.1.2

So I have actually...Ok I have played toca life I love it sooo much I actually don't remember how much it cost but if it cost more then 99p I think you should just get toca world cos it is free and stuff come with it and to get the hospital you have to pay 99p like I said. I really recommend toca life so yeah that is my review so I hope this helps you out :) and if it does. OT you are probably a pro just like me or you have played toca life before :/ ok byeee 😜👩🏼‍💻👩🏼🤙🏻🤙.Version: 1.2

FanCriticReportHey Hey Hey Peeps wassup,.??! Hello and I am the fancritic reporting once again to my absolute fav game on planet although there is some competition!! Just the other day i was looking for games for my youger brother Timothy to Play when i found "MIGA Hospital" there were some pros and cons about it and my older sis bekka told me sne hates this game and im like waaaaa.Version: 1.1.2

One of the bestThis game is one of the best games of the series and it contains so much more than u could ask for and there is not only one or two or three there r SIX of the Toca life games and it is a BIG WoW from me! Especially if u r new to the Toca Boca production apps u should totally get one cause I use to have all 6 of them but Toca town is most likely the smallest and the less fun of them all but that is not the point it is not about what I like it's what u like so get on the App Store or google play now and get all the Toca life games or maybe one BUT that is not the point SO JUST DO IT!!! So u can support Toca Boca and help them create more thank you and goodnight or good afternoon or good morning u have now been reading my comment and I do hope u enjoyed and make sure to get the game.Version: 1.0.1

I love itPlease make a Toca Life: Dance with like a theatre, a studio, and a loft apartment or something cool like that:) I think it'd be so cute and fun.Version: 1.0.1

Just plain ol’ Amazing!!!To start, I’ve been playing Toca Life games for ages! I’m 11 turning 12 next month and I play them everyday. Whenever a new Toca Life game comes out, I beg my parents to go to the store and buy me an Apple Card so I can buy the new game. But I do have one question and a little something you should add that many many reviews have in them. So...Where at what floor is the Farewell room? I am so confused with this! On floor 3, I see a girl and an elderly man. Is that the Farewell room? Next! I really really really want you guys to either make and app or add this into the games. A plane or boat that we can ride on with our favorite characters from each game to transfer to another game. Like for example, what if someone in Toca Life: Vacation got bit by a shark or had an accident? Then I would like to bring him/her to the hospital! Or what if I am trying to sell a horse out of Toca Life: Stable to a farmer that needs one? Then I could transfer the horse, and the person who owns the horse to Toca Life: Farm by boat! Wouldn’t all of this be so cool? I think so! So please, add in a boat or plane into every game or make an app that lets you go to the apps you have downloaded with the character of those apps and switch to different apps! Thank you for reading so much!.Version: 1.0.1

TocaLife24/7Hi guys! Let me just say, I am in love with ur apps! Specifically the toca life apps. They have so much variety! I have been reading through the comments, and there is this idea that a lot of people, along with me, have been thinking. TOCA ZOO! TRAIN STATIONS! And it doesn't even need to be one individual app. The train stations need to be in every app for easier access. And, also, my lil brother thinks there should be a museum with dinosaurs. Or anything dinosaurs! WAIT- NEW IDEA! How about aaaaaaaa..... HOLLYWOOD SET! There could be a shooting place, the red carpet, a mansion, and a theatre so everyone can watch the mini movie you could make. Maybe their could also be somewhere where ppl can pick little backgrounds, characters and stuff? Idk, it's up to you! I am 12 and I don't believe in being too old for these awesome apps! I have been playing before the life apps were up. Thank you!.Version: 1.0.1

Love the game series but...🤔🤔🤔I wish that you could transport different characters through your game series, like for instance say that in your roleplay story one of the characters has packed up and moved away(in the toca school game)but oops you can't move them to another game and play with them. But what if you could, maybe you could find a way to connect all the games together so like I'm thinking there would be a button on the side of the screen for each game you made and like you could drag a character on the button and whatever the picture on the button was would be where they got sent off to. So like each button had their own location..Version: 1.0.1

Toca Boca can you please read thisI LOVE TOCA HOSPITAL!!!!! It is actually amazing, just a few things first can you allow us to visit then parking lot so we can make it look like people are actually in the cars and coming to the hospital?! Second can you add more people and babies in the next update I need more patients!😁 Thank you🙂.Version: 1.0.2

I love this.🤩. sweet reviews 🤗🙏🏻I love this game and it’s so fun. I can’t wait to checkout the SECRET LAB.I’ll’ check it out soon.😁. OK. Um... WHERE is the secret lab!?😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😱 oops... sorry about that.🤭🤫👨🏼‍💻🤦🏼‍♀️this is a pretty good game.👍👍👍🙂🙃keep it up!😁. Next message. This is what I think about your games. 1.The games don’t include MONEY 💵. 2.It is so cool that it can take videos!!!👍😵. 3.It can go to other floors and places!!😀😍✅⁉️.Version: 1.1.1

Connecting GamesHi Toca Boca, I love your life ga,es so much I have all of them! I play them all the time but I thought it would be a great idea if you could connect the games so you can move your characters between each game so if your playing for example Toca farm you could take your characters to Toca city to get a haircut or watch something in The theatre and then take a character to have babies in the hospital and maybe then go to Toca vacation. I would really appreciate if you could do this it would make the game so much more fun. Please Please Please do this!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.0.1

So goodThis game is so good! There’s a bunch of secrets I’ve found and I really like the maternity ward. Could you add a pet shop, more secrets and maybe you could add floople friends from Toca life world because I only have three favorite characters in this game and I want to make my own. You should definitely get this app, Toca apps are so good!.Version: 1.1.2

Awesome GameYou are Amazing I think we should be able to combine all the games and characters so patients can come home when they recover. I think we also need a Toca Life: Mall with a baby shop, doctor office, dentist, pet shop, toy shop and much more. I love all your games and I can't wait for the next game😀😀😀.Version: 1.0.1

I love your toca games.Dear toca i love your games so so much. But i would love it if the games wouldnt reset by them selfs beacuse its is really Annoying. example if sombody calls you and you turn of your Device it all restarts . I want it to go back to its own self please do this. Thanks so much i love your games ❤️❤️❤️❤️.Version: 1.1.2

I'm loving the games!Out of every Toca boca game not one has disappointed me but there's one thing that i really would like..please can we visit the other games we have and make it like a 2-5 player?! That would be awesome!😁 Also here are some ideas-Toca Jobs, Toca Camp,Toca Christmas,Toca Theme park, Toca Shopping centre, Toca Train, Toca Birthday party,Toca Sleepover.Version: 1.0.1

LOVE IT & NEW IDEA!I absolutely LOVE Toca Life! I bought every single one of them! :D Toca Carnival should be next! 🎈🎉🎈You know, something theme park-esk! Or something to do with snow!🌨❄️🌨 Snow and rain would be AMAZIIIIING!!!🌧☔️🌧 The updates are always worth it and I'm always SUPER HAPPY and SUPER EXCITED whenever a new game of yours comes out! Keep up the fantastic work and thank you SO MUCH!!! Love you guys!!!.Version: 1.0.2

THIS IS THE TENORSHARE KID AGAINDear Toca Boca AB, I love the game but I don’t like that my characters don’t get sick I would also like more newborn babyz and a way to get a tummy bug from eating too much I play on iOS or iPadOS I have an Apple iPad 6th generation running iPadOS 16.4 I need the bug fixed Love Toca Peyton.Version: 1.4.1

Bug fixesHi could you please fix the bugs in toca life city and pets both the same issue in the hair salon and the cafe oh and there is more in toca city thank you please come out with a mermaid toca life.Version: 1.0.2

I love this and all Toca Life appsThis and all of the apps in the toca life series are so amazing. They are SOOOO WORTH THE MONEY!!! Buy them if you haven’t. Now developers, here’s some feedback. I am in love with Toca Life World. But ever since I downloaded it, it won’t let me back in to any of the other toca apps except Neighborhood. This is a weird glitch and please fix. The other feedback I have for World is that one day I was playing the game and then all of a sudden it crashed and took me to the home screen of my device. When I went back into the app all of my progress was gone (I had totally customized EVERYTHING and this was devastating). Please fix! My final word on Toca Life World is PLEASE put all of the hairstyles in the barber shop in City. It would save me so much time. Other than that, you guys are doing GREAT! Keep it up! Side note: My friend sent you guys a letter about her idea for a toca mansion. I think that would be so cool!! please do that!!!.Version: 1.1.2

I LOVE YOUR GAMES sooo I have ideas to help you with new gamesI LOVE YOUR GAMES AND THEY DESERVE A FIVE STAR! I was thinking of your games when I had an idea for a new game it’s called Toca life hike were you can hike mountains and go to the store to buy equipment for hiking I hope you guys enjoy this idea AND I LOVE YOUR GAMES! I love love love love love love YOUR GAMES! And plz bring back when you can feed patients germs then they will get sick and when you feed them medicine they will get better I love you guys and (Noah knows) and I thank you guys for making these games cause you guys have the BEST! GAMES! IN! THE WORLD!😂👏🎊😺😝😗😛😘😋😍😚🤪😙😜😉😌😊☺️🙃😁😄😃😺😸😹😻😽👍👏👋🤳🍀.Version: 1.0.2

Weather?I absolutely adore Toca Boca games; especially Toca Life. They are super cute, rich with diversity, and not limiting their apps to just young kids. I’m in my teens, and I really do feel entranced with the apps. But I have a few suggestions. I have been a little bored, after discovering most of the secrets hidden in the apps, and I was wondering if you could add weather? There could be special events, like snowboarding, if you were to set the weather to snow. The water bodies like lakes and ponds could freeze over, and you could go ice skating. During the summer, surfing could be an option, and there could be things like summer crafts at festivals. In the fall, there could be hidden creatures you would have to find in the piles of leaves and the darkening trees. But you could keep all those creatures once you’ve discovered them. Sorry this is a little messily thought out; I’ve been studying for three hours! But if you developers could voice your opinions on my suggestions, I’d be really flattered, and glad! Thanks!.Version: 1.0.1

Sephia animal jamI 🌜💙love 💙🌛 toca boca. So, I have a few suggestions, like for new toca life: games (just two) -pause for affect- one of these games, is... Drum roll please, in the future! I thought of this one because most of your games are modern, ooh I just thought of one, 70's! Sorry I got off track there, umm... Oh yeah my idea for the future is where like there is a spaceship, and like is has guns for fighting like in Star Trek and Star Wars and it was like toca city but it was all more advanced, (not in like how hard it was to use) than I was thinking... -pause for affect again- Middle Ages! So like there'd be a castle the town and all of its homes and cows and stuff, there might even be a princess in a castle in the on the hills in the background where there was a dragon! Than the dresses on girls would go to their feet! ooh and poofy dresses! Oh wait... Poofy dresses are in the Victorian age... Oh well, sorry it's so long!.Version: 1.0.1

Hey guysHey guys it says u can make people sick and it won’t let me I kinda want to but do as you want it’s a great game otherwise and you guys really hit the jackpot on this it’s a great achievement but I want to make people sick and cure them and I have an idea for a game you combine all the characters from all the games and have more clothes and also include every single piece of clothing from every game and add a few more then it’s like a city but call it fun city or something like that but you can play with all the characters and there will be a bigger map and you can press a button and expand it and it has a neighborhood with houses and they can get under covers and there will be like five houses then a school with recess cafeteria and a little thing where you can play if this game doesn’t happen maybe you can use that idea for toca school and it will also have a huge clothes store with baby clothes and shoes to separately so you pick ur shoes and add more is this happens tell me ur thoughts in this idea I know it will be a huge investment and hard to make but I think give it a shot millions will buy it and then the good reviews will get billions and trillions and quintillion’s playing and buying this will be the game of the year I think this will be a great business choice so I say get toca fun city going.Version: 1.0.2

Love this appThis app is so good, as are the other Toca Life apps, but I have three thing they could add like: 1. A seniors home/apartment for when patients come out of the hospital 2. (This is an app idea) maybe Toca mermaids/pirates and there's a mermaid cove and a pirate ship and hidden crystal cave if you touched like four tiny/big mermaid figure heads and statues kind of like the hospital 3.sorry I forgot to add something I would love it if you could put the organs in the patients kind of like when you put clothes on a person I would really like that but I understand if you don't because you are always busy trying to keep up with us Bye!.Version: 1.0.1

Love this game and it gave me an idea!Dear TOCABOCA, I love every single TOCA Life game and my favourite is TOCA Life:Hospital. When I was playing TOCA Life, this idea came to me, I called it TOCA Life:Prom! I thought I would tell you the idea now I will start. So there is a house and a shop full of fancy clothes, for prom. Then there is a school stadium cut off from the main school ,which you can see the top of. In the stadium there is a stage and a microphone also a band stand. There is a big table full of food! I hope if you make this an App there will be a secret room like in TOCA Life:Hospital. I hope you think about this idea and it is fine if you think not. Have a really nice day good bye..Version: 1.0.1

Please read and make pleasePlease make a toca zoo or toca mall and toca train so u can take people on the train to a different game. I love toca so much, please make and maybe make an amusement park and it can have 2 or 3 roller coasters and a pirate ship and Ferris wheel and a snack place where they can sit and there will be a window so u can watch people on rides and duh a place to get tickets and maybe a place when u walk in to rent strollers for the little ones there can also be a clown giving balloons and snack places around the park and make lots of people and a gift shop and hotel like Disney please read and make it would make me soooooo happy please come out with it soon love a toca lover please read and make pleaaasseee.Version: 1.0.1

MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE!!!I am 13 years old and have been playing your games since I was 9. I have/love all of your games, but this one is a bit confusing. I have watched a lot of videos on this particular game, and nothing seems to work. I can’t make any of the characters sick, there are no buttons to go in the secret lair in the basement, they can’t eat anything, and they always disappear if I don’t put them in the character bar if I want to go to a different floor. Please fix! Also, some of your players are total GENIUSES!! They have thought up of the wonderful idea of a world with a train station, houses, attractions, a gift shop and a train that connects to the other toca life apps! This is a wonderful idea, and you should be proud that you have such bright players! Please, please, PLEASE consider this new app on behalf of all of you amazing players! Thank you so much!.Version: 1.0.1

OMG CANNOT PUT IT DOWN!!🥰🥰🥰❤️💜❣️💖🧡🖤💚I just got this game today and I love it. I love Toca Boca games plz make more. One thing. I can’t figure out how to make people have babies and the hospital should be bigger. I’m not saying I don’t like it, but it would be cool to add more rooms and stuff. Also what if you could add an update where you could clean dirty rooms and decorate and wash the ambulance 🚑 in a car wash? Also I love your Toca boo 👻 game and there was a picture of Bonnie and that was cute 😂😂😂what if you could add characters from your other games into this one? It’s amazing I won’t be hurt if you don’t add these updates but it would be amazing if you did. Just Remember that u are never too old for Toca boca no matter what age you are💖😊🥰🤗😈 Thank you for taking the time to read this and sorry if it was too long I just love love love love love love love love love love this game Toca fan❤️💜💞💖.Version: 1.2

Dear Toca MakersThe game is great but a new game called Toca Boca: Academy. The game can go to a boarding school with dorms. As well as uniforms. Please take my advice and game and if you do thank you so much..Version: 1.0.2

Great gameI love this game. It is perfect for all ages but in the trailer if a character eats the medicine or pill they get sick and better. This does not happen in my game. I was a little bit disappointed but overall is a great game..Version: 1.0.1

I 💓 this game but ......l..Hey it’s Clemmie is a unicorn 🦄,your game lover and I love Toca hospital because you can explore different types of things that might happen in a hospital or something that you can do in a hospital but the doctor can get pregnant which is a bit silly 😜 but I still love the game so much! but why i gave it 4 stars was because i can not find the secret lab i did find it ..........i think but when i pulled the lever it wouldn't work which i am very upset by i really wanted to find it very much indeed.Version: 1.1.2

A bug I hope you can fixToca Boca’s best app so far in my opinion. The hospital has five floors with so many secrets to discover. I’ve had it a few days now and I can’t stop playing. I was hoping that Toca Boca can fix this world wide glitch. When you feed the patients germs it doesn’t make the sick at all. I hope you can fix it because I was really looking forward to it. My brother and sister both have the app and for some reason my brother can feed the patients germs in his game and they get sick while my sister and I can’t. I don’t know if it’s something to do with that he has a tablet and my sister and I have iPads. I just really hope you can fix it. If you are thinking of getting the game it’s so good. I don’t normally pay for games but it’s worth it. Thanks! :).Version: 1.1.2

Please read love appHello my name is Ella and I love this app but just a few problems wen I go into the baby room and put someone in their baby dress I cannot get a baby to come out of the patients belly please fix that problem for me. My second problem is that the hospital is to small can you make it bigger if you can please make the hospital bigger. Last but not least the app said that you can make people sick but how and is their a way to help that little girl to get her hair back and can you make it so that you can watch the baby’s grow up? Please at least fix my first problem for me I play this game on a apple device and it is a iPad I love all of your apps and I recommend this app to all kids but if you get Disey real easy I do not recommend this game thank you for reading. Oh I just got the idea for a Toca life summer camp which has an art studio and what about a gim that has lots of weights that only the strong men can hold and a huge playground a cafeteria for all the messy kids i hop I am not asking to much and toca ocean with cars that can tow bouts and trailers a launching deck than a shop that you can get tubs and skis thank you for reading..Version: 1.1.2

Great!Okay, this is a really great game! But one thing I can’t The the people sick, now, sorry for complaining, but I really want to get them sick but anything but that, AWESOME! :D.Version: 1.0.1

IDEA!I thought of a sweet new Toca game.Toca Boca:Cop Fighter.Your in a cop station and you can go outside and catch robbers.Lock people up.and do cool costumes.But I only want this game to be 6.12,otherwise people won’t buy it.See’Ya!.Version: 1.2

Awesome!So, I've been playing these games for a long time now, and I agree with the many reviews about connecting the games! Train, bus, plane, you could either make a specific game with all these kinds of transportation, or have a small area in each game that connects with the others. Something I really wanna see is Toca Space. A launching station, a space station, a spacewalk spot, and of course, a colony for the people living in it. Another thing could be Toca Arctic, with eskimos and wilderness, and lots of animals. Or Toca Jungle, Savanah, and maybe Prehistoric. You could even do a Zoo, or water park, or some kind of public attraction. Thanks for making all the current ones, and maybe some of mine and others' suggested ones..Version: 1.0.1

AWESOME GAMEOk so me and my friend made up ideas for a Toca life:hospital without asking you guys and OUR DREAMS CAME TRUE! but I want to tell you something you could add first like when someone’s in the bed in the baby room maybe a button on top that only works when someone’s in the bed and you can create a baby and choose its gender decorate it give its swaddle blanket a color make a skin tone and make it so it can grow up into different ages and choose what the older versions will look like to and its birthday yeahhhh and then when you click the character in the bed the baby will come out and choose the name and under the character it will show its name also in the secret room can you make the secret room bigger and um so when a charecter goes in the tank in the secret room when you take her out she has circling eyes and she looks like a bloody scientist and you can decorate her lab coat,goggles,hair and then when you click on her she’ll turn back to normal or scientist! 💋Toca life fan By the way my name is Sophie.Version: 1.0.1

IdeasToca life: space, so there would be an space ship, control centre and different stuff like that, Toca life: ocean, so there would be ships, mermaids, little islands and stuff, toca life: wildlife, you would be in Africa or the jungle and have natives and wild animals, Toca life: university, dorms, a library, classrooms, cafeteria and that's all of my ideas.Version: 1.0.1

Best game but ideas for youHi I love 💗 this game so much I like the babies 👶 the most. I have a brilliant idea ok so how about you ad a house 🏠 so inside there would be a a baby 🍼 room with bottles and a toddler room with a bigger bed to the baby’s and older brother or sister room and a mummy and daddy’s room thank you 🙏 for this game bye P.S can you and newborn baby’s in every game you know the ones in Blankets and no hair P.P.S thx😘 P.P.P.S to the people who think the people can’t die there Is a room at top level(red)with a bed when u pt them on da bed They sorta are dead because their are not breathing (cos the are no 💤 coming out I hope dis turns out gr8 la8er.Version: 1.1.2

Best One I HaveI’ve been playing this game for a while and it’s simply amazing. There’s so many things to discover. Even better, it’s like a dollhouse so you get to choose what you do with each character. The only bad thing about is that it burns down my battery but still, it’s a great game..Version: 1.1.2

Quality AppI downloaded this game because it look awesome, and it is, don’t get me wrong. I already found the secret lab and made up a bunch of stories for the characters, and that was very fun. The reason why I rated it 4 stars instead of 5 is because after I made all the stories, I didn’t know what to do.i ran out of ideas, so I started exploring I found a few secrets, but still not very amused. Also, another reason I rated it 4 stars instead of 5 is because if you don’t go on to the app for quite some time, you lose your “progress” and all the characters are mixed up again!! Despite all the faults this game has, it’s really good, I suggest you buy it if you are full of ideas, and need something to do from time to time. P.S. Toca Boca creators, you should add beds, not hospital beds, but regular beds, so people visiting have a place to sleep!.Version: 1.1.2

Great but one problem…🧐So I downloaded some maps and they won’t load in it said it needs a update but when I checked no update but overall I think it’s a great game ☺️☺️☺️.Version: 1.3

IdeasHi can you plz like join the games? So like when we're in one game we can go to the other without leaving the app and we still have our some characters. e.g. ur in Toca hospital and ur feeling all better and you want to go home. You click this button, you chose which Toca life you want to go to and it takes U there also keeping the same characters you had in n Toca hospital and in Toca city.Version: 1.0.1

It's okayI rate it 5 starts but when I play it for like 10 minutes it crashes but I still love the game please fix the problem that it crashes.Version: 1.0.1

LOVE (and some suggestions)I am in love with toca life, but the hospital is my favorite. I really do wish that the patients could be sick, but it's still great. Just like everyone else, I love the idea of a toca train station, connecting all the apps. I would love to be able to do that and also move characters around the apps. I think that a cool idea would be a design-a-person shop could be a cool idea, so you can put yourself in the amazing toca world. I also suggest another floor on the hospital or another small building that is just a doctors office. You could make some more people in that idea. Maybe a playground or place for kids just visiting could be cool. Once again, I love toca hospital, and I highly recommend it. ❤️, Big Time Toca Fan.Version: 1.0.1

Pretty goodToca hospital is pretty good but I just have one suggestion: you should make it so you can customise your own character not on just the hospital one but on all the games.Version: 1.0.1

LOVE ITI love this game! But please make it so pregnant people can actually have babies. This really annoys me because you say on the advert above ‘ have babies’ when you can’t. I do have one idea for a game, if you can, could possibly make a Toca life zoo. Could you also add a another crumpet to this brilliant game maybe a surgeon. One more thing please add more beds to all of the wards including the children’s ward and also add some more cots. Please add buggies but let people carry them and PLEASE add a babie character selector. Thank you if you have bothered to read this and sorry for any spelling mistakes. I would give you a four and a half stars. LOVE THIS AMAZING GAME!!!!!!!.Version: 1.1.2

Love this game but needs more life!I know this game is based on hospital but I hope in the future you could add maybe a block off flats and soon create a whole town unlike your old town game maybe a updated one with Toca city toca life toca airport which takes you to toca vacation toca farm toca stables toca school and toca hospital. Love you toca!!.Version: 1.0.1

Bacteria!I played this game when it first came out and when you gave someone bacteria it made them sick. I really loved this feature but now for some reason it doesn’t happen anymore? I’m not sure whether it’s a bug or if it was removed for some reason, but it was a great asset to the game!!.Version: 1.1.2

This is the best game everThis was the best game I ever found online because you can use ur own imagination I used mine for a girl how is pregnant with a baby and then she gets married and gives brith on the same day.Version: 1.4

Thank you developers, this game is a gift!I LOVE ❤️ this game!!!! I am so glad I got this app and my friend told me that your other games are great too. I am never bored because there is so much to do. My only request (plz read) Is that you can make some of the characters have different hair, skin, etc. and that babies grow a little, though you can make them small again. But other than that, I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ it. I do hope you make other Toca life games. One suggestion I have is a summer camp. I know it doesn't sound exciting and it might sound too much like toca school, but you could have a swimming pool, arts and crafts section, lunch room, woods, hiking trail, and what ever else. Seriously, I only have a few of your games but all of them look AMAZING and I am heartbroken 😔 (😜) that they cost money because other wise I would buy EVERY SINGLE ONE!!! Anyway, never think that your apps need to change because THEY ARE GREAT THE WAY THEY ARE. Also, I agree with the idea of a Toca Zoo and waterpark..Version: 1.1.2

Really good game!❤️Such a good game for kids. It would be a great idea if you could clean up the mess on the floor, with the sweeping brush, mop and other cleaning appliances? so cool that you can dress up characters in many outfits!😁really worth the money, such a cheap price too!:)😉.Version: 1.0.2

Awesome game 👏🏾It’s a great game but there needs to be a working IV, a thing so you ACTUALLY give birth to the babies, and the germs need to make you sick. I’ve been playing toca since I was 2, and I’m 11 now, so that says a lot. I would write more, abut I need to pee. Bye!.Version: 1.1.2

Really goodHi Toca hospital is really good but I was looking at my friends iPad and he can make his patients sick by feeding them those strange blue green and yellow tablets but on my mini iPad I can’t because when I feed them to the patients nothing happens I have also used the tablets from the secret lab but they don’t work either please could you try and help thank you 😊 By little helper.Version: 1.1.2

So creativeI love Toca Boca so much! This game is awesome and I absolutely love the character design. The basement secret is so cool, and I love how you put sloths in a bunch of your Toca Life games. WHAT DOES THE PICKLE DO? This question drives me crazy. Anyway, I love love love this app. The basement itself is just really cool to rearrange and play around with, and all of the floors are beautifully designed. Floor zero is very cool, and I love the restaurant outdoor setting with the cut little dwarf. I have one app suggestion this time: Toca Life: You. Toca Life: You would be all about you. There would be twenty blank charachters, including babies, kids, alien mascot people, old people, and pets. You would get to choose their skin tone, hair color and style, facial features, and outfit. The locations would be the feature station, where you get the characters’ eyes, mouth, nose, skin, freckles, etc. Then there would be the hair salon, where you got the hair color and style. These would include every color and style in all of the Toca Life games. Then there would be the super mall, which would have two floors with loads and loads of clothes and accessories. The last location would be a huge apartment building with fifteen homes where you could role play your newly created characters..Version: 1.1.2

Fun, but...I love Toca Boca games. I bought all of them except for Toca Life stable. This game has to be my favorite though. But I do think it should need some fixing. First of all, in the game you can make males pregnant. That is very inappropriate and gross. You can even make children pregnant. Still, inappropriate for little kids. Second of all, some organs are alive! That’s just plain gross. Besides, you shouldn’t even be adding alive organs in this game! Third of all, if you look in floor 0 in the far left, there’s a poster there. It shows a person with a nose that’s drooling out boogers. Really!? That’s how you steal someone’s appetite! Besides all this stuff, it’s actually pretty fun..Version: 1.1.2

IDEA!!HEY GUYS! I love 💜💜 your toca games soooo much and can you guys plz plz plz make TOCA LIFE STARS when you can * Be Famous (MOVIE START, SINGER ECT) * have a huge mansions with lots of money * fabulous cloths * LOTS OF FANS * Reporter that Lovs to hear your story * could you plz add a huge theatre that's bigger then the 1 in toca CITY * LIMOS cause we need to ride in style * a set to make movies and I way to record them if u can * huge stage where you can sing in front of hundreds of fans * and a huge shopping MALL I been the happiest person in the world if this could be a game cause come on don't we all wanna b famous in a game. I live all your toca life games (got them all) and I need to see more so plz make this game come..Version: 1.0.1

Great app!This game is very good, I thoroughly enjoy using it! Although, I have a couple of suggestions. There is only so many stories you can make up in the one location, I really think adding some other locations would be great. Especially a house or two, or some apartments, I really thought this game would have this anyway? How are the patients supposed to get better if they can never leave? If it goes the other way, I think maybe a graveyard might be nice as it well help children cope with death a little better! But if not a graveyard or anything else, please, at least some houses! Also, just little things. Perhaps curtains in the children’s ward? Or all beds to have covers that go over them with the sit/sleep feature which I love. And I seem to run out of characters to use, so maybe add a couple more? And some more average looking characters would be nice. Overall though, I must admit, this is a great game, so thank you for creating it!.Version: 1.0.1

SuggestionsI love all the toca life games and I also have some suggestions. Maybe u guys could add a toca life: royalty. Where u can be any rank in royalty like princess, king,queen,made,cook, etc. and there can be a castle ( a big castle) and a little town. With mermaids and fairys. Also it would be cool if u could add a toca life: mall. Where it's this big mall with a lot of shops where u could get food, clothes, toys , etc. and u could have a food court like in real malls. One last thing. It would be AWESOMELY AMAZING if u could make....... wait for it. A toca life: world. Where u take every toca life ( please no toca town) and add them all together in one app. And please keep the cost for toca world at 2.99 I beg. And every update would be a new section of the world. Now that would be a dream come true. I love toca and these r just ideas so I'll be fine if u don't make these. And if u can please reply back if u can. 😀😃😄😁😆 have a nice day.♥️.Version: 1.0.1

New stuff to addI really like this game. I think you should add a working operation room where you cut people open and do the surgery you should Also add a ICU and working IV polls where you can see the tube and be connected to it. Last but not least you should add oxygen masks in every room. Being a girl who has in a hospital for treatment and loves this game I just think this game would be more interacting with every object, Best regards Zoey.Version: 1.1.2

Epic! And child friendly!Hi TOCA BOCA this is an amazing game and great for kids that want to be a doctor when they are older. And also the people that are saying to add a graveyard PLEASE DONT because this game is for 5 year olds! If you’re gonna add a grave yard might as well make this game for 10 year olds instead of 5, with that aside my favourite part is the baby’s I LOVE LOVE LOVE baby’s I have a baby he is cute! But I have some complaints... 1. Why do all of the TOCA life games cost money?! My kids want tons of the games and it’s making me poor! 2. In TOCA life city when my kids try put ketchup on the food instead, it colours the people’s hair! Witch puts my kids into a full-blown tantrum!.Version: 1.1.2

So much fuuuunnnn!Some may not like this type of game but I find it great! I must say it’s brilliant that there are no ads! Toca life games let you create a variety of different story from crime fighting to farming. It’s peaceful to sit down and play with the little, sticker like characters and put them in little hospital beds and make them better. Also you can press a button that videos your stories which you can save into your photos!!!! This app is for all ages!.Version: 1.0.2

Next toca life game.Can you pretty please make a toca life fnaf(five nights at Freddy's) pretty please me and my cousin would love that.because most people I know know what fnaf is and if you make that can you make all the animictronics please mangle Chica foxy Bonnie Freddy springtrap golden Freddy and marionett.pretty please also make it so you can customize your own characters and with a mall with more STUFF! And with Harry Potter books.and with a apartment with more then one floor and Freddy frazbears pizza make that one more detailed please(BTW sorry I know the fnaf games are for older kids but you can make it work right? Anywhoooo you can make the animictronics cuter if you want).Version: 1.0.1

Love the game!Okay. I love Toca hospital. I know that I may be a bit too old to play it now but I love it! I was thinking though, and it would be great if you made a toca life movie stars. Like there could be a film lot and a green-screen and you could add or even draw you own backgrounds. It would be so cool to have lots of different trailers and a costume trailer, food trailer. Please listen to my ideas. I think it would be so cool to have a little movie setup. Thanks. Mia..Version: 1.0.1

Why haven’t you done this?!Dear Toca Boca, I play almost all your Toca life apps, I love them but I wish they were all combined and maybe it could be called Toca World of course it would cost a little more money but it would be awesome, Please make an app like this and it would make me and a lot of people happy. Sincerely, A lover of Toca Boca.Version: 1.0.2

Add this please!I would love it if u added something where u could get 2 adults and put them in something and then out of something a baby could pop out with the same genetics as the parents that would be awesome if u could do that!.Version: 1.1.2

MoreMake more things.Version: 1.0.2

Very GoodThis game is really fun and it makes me imagine (don't judge) what it's like to die. Because I like to also pretend someone has been ghostified and is roaming the halls at night 😟. You should totally do a toca life: space With a space station and a rocket ship and planets and aliens and astronauts it would be epic!! Five stars for youuuuuu!!! Edited- TOCA LIFE THEME PARK WOULD BE AMAZING 😱😱.Version: 1.0.1

Great app 😉 and another ideaThis is a really great app as soon as I saw the add for it I emediatly wanted it and as soon as I got it I emidiatly fell in love with it. But just like any other toca life game after a few days have gone by and you haven't been playing it, it erases all of your game progress 😔. Has any body else had that same problem? Ps once you fix this I really hope you come up with toca hotel where you have the lobby a big one too an elevator that takes you up 6 levels at the top of the hotel there should be a pool a diving board and a slide that go into the pool on the second floor will be a media room with a huge tv. On third thru fifth floor should be very very very fancy hotel rooms. Thank you soooooooooooo much for listening and I really hope you make toca hotel I would definitely buy it so please please please please please please please please please please make it oh and also can you please have some way to connect the apps like put a train in all of the apps and an airplane so if somebody's horse was sick they could go to toca hospital also can you please make a part in the toca hospital where there's a vet thanks (sorry this is so long.).Version: 1.0.1

The best of them all!! :DToca Boca's latest game is simply the best out of all the series! This app contains WAY MORE stuff than the others, with floors to move about on, lots of bits and bobs to fiddle with, interesting characters and are great for story telling 📚 For those of you who are new to these types of games, Toca Boca are creators of 'virtual doll houses'. These games consist of different types such as: Vacation, Farm, City, School, etc. You NEED imagination to play/enjoy the apps. There isn't a game here my fellow review readers, it's a doll house, you make up the fun. There isn't any instructions on how to play, use your imagination, it's a doll house. 🙂 In some of the reviews, many people have complained that feeding the patients 'germs' doesn't make them sick (as shown in the trailer of this game. This is true, but it is quite a minor issue. (As in 'so what') Also the price is quite expensive, but it's well worth it. The amount of detail this app has is extremely amazing! Also this app is best played while charged!! The moment you open it up, it cuts your battery like mad!? Your device will die within a few minutes... Great game all in all, well worth the money and the enjoyment of a digital dollhouse ❤️ ~ Honesty🍰.Version: 1.0.1

GoodIt’s a great game but I thought it was going to connect to Toca world do I have to buy it again in toca world?.Version: 1.2

Loves itI enjoy this app!.Version: 1.1.2

AwesomeI love this app but it crashes every single time I have no Internet.Version: 1.1.2

PLEASE READHi Toca I love this game and so does my brother .There is only one thing I would change about this game. I don’t know if it’s supposed to happen but when people eat bacteria they should be sick or something thanks. Other than that all your games are great and I would recommend it to anyone!!!.Version: 1.1.2

A bugI need the hospital bug to get fixed cause I cannot get it in my world it says I need to update but I cannot update it so please fix it!.Version: 1.3

Great but one thingOk so everything is great but PLEASE fix to make them get sick when they eat the bug thing it’s in the add but on apple devices it doesn’t work thanks.Version: 1.0.2

Amazing!! Idea for new game tho❤️Toca Boca hospital is really fun to play in and I love everything about it although the germs don’t work but no matter. I was thinking that you could do a Toca Pool. With a big pool with slides and then a baby pool. Also there could be change rooms, a gym and a cafe!!😍😍Keep doing what your doing!!!!.Version: 1.0.1

Best app but a few problemThis game is amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😃😊👌!I really like it I play it so much.I really like it but I have a problem,I sometimes want to be in two different toca life places but with the same character and same thing or animal ect. I also want more houses like at lest two. And as almost everyone else I want a zoo with a bunch of different animals and exhibits .and last but most of all I really want a toca life that is linked with other toca lifes and you can make your own character and bring other characters from other toca life’s. I really would appreciate if you did this and can it if you make it. Can it be free or 2.99 like the others? Thanks for reading this!.Version: 1.0.1

Pizza party/ fnafPls make a fnaf/ five night at Freddy Toca boca game plz love ur games.Version: 1.1.2

For all of the TOCA life gamesI had an amazing idea that if you have portals from one building to another why don't you have portals from one game to another game. This would be a five star game if you could do that. Cool game idea (swimming pool, cloud land with unicorns and made up thing, a sushi train (I will definitely buy that).if you could make any of these happen I will make all of my friends buy it..Version: 1.0.1

I used to be able to play this game when off InternetFirstly, I really love this game and think it’s so cool but maybe actually tap a person who is pregnant and make them have a baby because I am always running out of babies. Otherwise, this game is great! Secondly, with all the toca life apps (except toca world for some reason) I can’t use them without internet like I used to which is really sad because I only have internet in like two rooms in my house and am a big toca life fan!! Please fix this!!! Like I said before, this game is great and I really love it!!!😻😍😉.Version: 1.1.2

Help make it happenI love the game so much but can you guys make more clothes for the baby and characters, make some sound affects for the ultra sound or other operations and let us make them sick. Thanks Toca Boca, sorry for the hassle but GREAT work on the game. P.s I got all the toca life apps.Version: 1.0

Great gameI think this game is awesome and Im a teenager. I understand that you can't have the germs make people sick, but still kinda dissapointing😢. I think that there should be a storage unit added, and/or a library where the people could hangout together. That would be AWESOMER. Anyways, great game😁.Version: 1.0.1

ImaginationThis is perfect for any age also if your a child it’s great for them to pretend to be a worker and see what some things would be like (not including the secret area pretty sure real hospitals don’t have that but it’s great for imagination of what kind of secrets there could be) they could also be a patient or have a story play out of some characters great fun 👍🏻 -from a toca life fan who has all the apps😅.Version: 1.1.2

Game idea for Christmas!Hi it's me again toca gamer you all probably read my review on toca life office but I think it would be cool to make a toca life game for Christmas! I know you all would not have a lot of time to make it but maybe you could do one next year. Anyway what I was thinking is that there would be four places to go to. 1.A Christmas tree farm where you can pick out a tree that you like or something like that. 2. A skating rink where you can ice skate and choose a pair of skates that you like and skate in the rink. 3. A house where you can decorate a tree go outside and play in the snow and also have a dinner. 4. The North Pole! Where you can see santa,elves,and his reindeer and sleigh and wrap presents! I think I would be great idea so you should definitely make it at some point so please think about it! Your friend, Toca gamer..Version: 1.0.1

AmazingPleeeeeaaassse make a toca world with all the toca Boca games in one world so you can get a boy from toca school into the toca farm grab something from toca farm then go back to school!!! I would totally buy that!!.Version: 1.1.2

Toca Life: ZooAttention toca life app makers, if my name looks familiar that's because I actually suggested the hospital idea or If don't look familiar then it was someone else who had the same idea but I hope you see this anyway, I'm 13 and I believe there's no such thing as being too old, I LOVE toca life because it's SO fun and I love finding the secrets, how about a toca life zoo? A safari section, a jungle section, a polar section, a gift shop, and a cafe. You can get maps and there will be penguins, polar bears, parrots, giraffes, lions, hippos, excedera. I'm always trying to think of a idea for a new toca life app so I can comment it and you guys can see it and possibly make it so there will be more toca life games, for the secret since all toca life apps need a secret I don't care since I want to be surprised, feel free to use this idea and I don't care if you don't use this idea, hope to see a new toca life app soon, if you don't like this idea how about a toca life water park? Another fan came up with it and I love it, it's a couple comments down, don't forget the secret, looking forward to the new app, sorry this is so long ❤️ a fan of toca life.Version: 1.0.1

Love Your Games❤️😎❤️Toca Boca I really love your games but I reckon you should make a new Toca life every two months. These games are addictive and considering I am almost 12 they must be pretty good. I have a few ideas you could use Toca Life Space 🚀-You could go to the ISS (international space station) , different planets which would have aliens 👽 on them and to get to the planets you have to take a mini space craft. Toca Life Tocawood- Instead of Hollywood it could be Tocawood and there could be really cool shops with the latest fashion trends and 5 star ⭐️ hotels it could also have a movie directing area where you can get hair and makeup done ✅ Toca Life Castle- There can be a stabel with dragons a small village with a market and some houses then there would be a huge castle which would have four floors and a eating area and garden at the top and in the village you should have a clothes shop with old fashion clothes. I hope you consider my ideas and possibly bring them to life. Sincerely Lexie908😎.Version: 1.0.1

AMAZINGI love it and I have all the toca life’s and I have one idea for toca I love Red pandas, Zebras and lions so I would do a toca life Zoo with a 2 story house and a car like the one truck thing in toca stable to move between the places and then there is a a cafatiria for the kids eat and then a gift shop and then there is a lion,tiger,zebra,otter,polar bear etc. also since you read all the suggestions you know everyone has been dying for Toca Life: World I love the red panda in pets but I want to have it in office and city also in city I think we should be able to explore all the other floors in the apartment with an elevator. I also love the idea of Toca Life: Summer. With a hotel pool game room daycare pet care (with exotic animals like lion cubs and red panda cubs etc.) gift shop and get a drivers license. Hike mountains go to the movies or just sit in your house. To get drivers license go to a drivers ed place and get in a car you can sit your person in the car and get in there will be challenges like road work, traffic deer crossing snow (opt.) and being able to actually steer if you do good you put your person in a booth close a curtain and press a button then open the curtain and there is your person and a barely visable but you can tell that it is a picture. On a card.Version: 1.1.2

So good! Just one thingSo I think I have all of these toca life apps, and all of them are awesome. One of my favorites is the hospital. But one thing really bugs me about it. I think it’s something that’s easily fixed. You know how there are boxes of those little germs 🦠 that make people sick if they eat them? Well, I keep feeding them to people to make them sick so it’s realistic, but they just eat them like a regular snack. They smile and chew without getting sick. I tried it on another device, and it still didn’t work. I was with my friend, and she did it, but it worked fine. I can’t tell if it’s my type of phone or it’s an update that I missed. I really hope you can fix it, because it would be nice for them to actually get sick instead of just pretend. I’m also suggesting other apps for you to make. Maybe you could do some sort of Toca Life Mansion. It could have a huge mansion, a big yard, even a little decorations shop like Hus. Ooooo! Maybe a Toca Life fantasy. It could be in the sky, and it could include unicorns, rainbows, and dragons. I really hope you fix these. If it’s not something you can make or fix, that’s totally ok. I would still be happy that you tried!.Version: 1.1.2

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