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Talking Emoji Pro For Texting Negative Reviews

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Talking Emoji Pro for Texting App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Talking Emoji Pro for Texting app received 34 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Talking Emoji Pro for Texting? Can you share your negative thoughts about talking emoji pro for texting?

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Talking Emoji Pro for Texting for Negative User Reviews

This app is seriously lameGood app for kids And their very first phone. Im deleting it. Threw away $7..Version: 1.0

ScamI purchased the full version as instructed with no ads but it wasn’t no full version, ‘‘twas just the same as the free version. No additional emojis as stated!.Version: 1.0

Help! I was charged after I deleted the app?So I downloaded the app and decided to delete the app after like an hour or so because I realized that it is taking up space I needed for other apps. Like 3 days after I deleted the app I found out that I was charged 2.99. I didn’t know downloading equals subscribing? I thought I was gonna see what the app is all about and make up my mind as to whether I am gonna subscribe or not, I guess not! Also, there’s no unsub link or if there is, I couldn’t find it. Is the fee a one time fee or am I gonna get charged every month for an app I no longer use? I want out!.Version: 1.0

Pro versionI paid for the pro version and got ripped off because I didn’t get the pro version..Version: 1.0

StopPaid for the pro version with no ads. Keep getting a pop up asking me to rate it. Seems like it happens every minute. How annoying is this. If I would have known, I wouldn’t have paid. Emojis are ok but not organized at all..Version: 2.1

C’mon! You guys know better than that…So very cool app. But like almost every other review has said, the constant interruptions asking for a review… well it’s just disappointing. I here you are. You create this really cool app. I mean really cool. And then this review thing. It’s just not classy. I honestly believe you’d get many more and better reviews even if you just chilled out a little bit on the..”are you going to review me yet? Hey.. how about now? Okay cool. I’ll just wait, except while I’m waiting would you consider reviewing me? No problem. Everything in it’s own time… AND IT’S FREAKIN’ TIME TO REVIEW ME NOW!!@! But really, in all seriousness, consider throttling it back just a smidge and besides people liking your app, they’ll also start likening YOU!.Version: 1.0

Will not work after sending a messageWill not work after sending a message, got to close it down then open again to send another message..Version: 1.0

Ads! Ads! Ads!Still full of ads, no matter what you download from this guy. Not as good as I thought.Version: 1.0

CuteI would give a five star review because the emojis are so cute, and it’s a great app, however I’m giving three because I paid so I wouldn’t have the interruptions and it’s still interrupting. It’s constantly asking to rate the app now instead of of ads which is still annoying..Version: 1.0

Its okCan send one through WA easy enough but unable to save to favourites, instructions would be nice!.Version: 1.0

It’s okCan’t search so you have to scroll every time. Makes it hard to want to use but it’s still ok. And my god. Get rid of the review crap. I bought the app. Are these the reviews you want?.Version: 1.0

RatingI just paid you $2.99 and looking thru the emojis. Every second one asked me to rate the app again. Next time, I’m going to rate one less with same reasoning attached. I’ve seen same complaint from others after I purchased. I wonder if builders actually listen to their paying customers?.Version: 1.0

Good, could be Great!I usually don’t “buy” apps, but this one seems great. The issues are: - should make it easier to scroll through multiple emojis at once. Not each individual emoji. Takes too much time to where it gets annoying. -rating every 2 emoji use in the ad-free app?!?! Irritating. Why the continuous “pat-on-the -back” that this is a good could be great app.??? -is it possible this app could be included into the keyboard selection on the iphones??? This would make the use of this app more popular and get spread out to more users..... -after selection the emoji, and its sent out to another person, the symbol for listening to the emoji is in the middle of the emoji where it becomes a “ blind spot” for those who see it. The 1st couple of times that received these emojis I didn’t realize there was a “ON” button. Moving it from the center to the edge or make a small box at the edge to alert people to turn it ON will be extremely helpful/useful!!! Then this app be GREAT!!!.Version: 1.0

Could be betterGreat little app but keeps asking me to rate even though I’ve rated!! Could make it more easier to use with iPhone X.Version: 1.0

Grandma HI wish this could be in my keyboard. Also, the sound button is very difficult to see. I do like the pic and sayings but using this is a little more difficult than others. If you could fix these issues I would use mores..Version: 1.0

They are really good, if you know how to use them?!Hello! Please could someone explain/tell me how to use this app?. I sent one emotion in iMessage but it was a still sticker. To post the single ‘emotion’ was a bit of a headache also. I had to download and save it In files ( as everywhere else wasn’t working,) before Having to work out, somehow, how to upload them again from my iCloud Drive. Surely there is a much more simple way of loading them up? The ad’s were very irritating I must admit, but I didn’t pay for the “PRO” upgrade version for that reason. I paid because I was expecting the app to become an in-app extension like gify. Only it plays as a video on a status post and nothing in the comments on FB. I must be doing something wrong right?! I would have rather save my money and wait 30s for an add to end. Please could you fix this, as I am a complete no-hope with technology..Version: 1.0

Not very goodPretty average, bad layout as it’s a list you have to flick through..Version: 1.0

Talking EmojisI tried to up grade to the pro app without any ads for £2.99 but it won’t up grade. Very disappointing..Version: 1.0

Don’t force me to write a review!I signed up & was just looking at each one I could use. And almost every time your freakin thing pops up asking me to write a review! Geez! I just signed up to use it! I don’t know yet how much I like it yet. Don’t force me to write a review before I’m even able to use it to decide!.Version: 1.0

Only because I’m being forced toFar too many ads in the free version and even with the paid version, you are constantly prompted to rate the app. Very unimpressive especially after I’ve already paid for it. Also, the selection of Talking Emojis really isn’t all that spectacular. But, for the money, not horrible either. Can’t say that I would wholeheartedly recommend though.Version: 1.0

DO NOT BUY!If you're considering buying this- DON'T! Save your money & stick to the free version. I had the free one & it stated that I would get more emojis if I bought the full version. There are no extra emojis in this app. So I paid all that money just to disable ads. But it does no benefit because the app freezes every time I pick an emoji. So if I have to constantly restart the app I might as well be watching ads. 😒.Version: 1.0

Quite goodWish I could see how to see more than this one list. I thought paying for it would open up more of a choice..Version: 2.1

Keeps freezingVery expensive ($7) and keeps freezing.... waste of money until they fix the freezes.Version: 1.0

Emojis are Fun BUTThere is no search option, app freezes when you try to send or save a favorite. Just cruising through to look at emojis and keep getting hit for a review. Need to back off on that. You might want to add something new now and then..Version: 1.0

I like it but...I tried it, I like it. I bought it. No more advertising to annoy me. HOWEVER, I now have this pesky little reminder to “rate the app” that keeps popping up after I bought it, and after I rated it with 5-star review. Don’t make me sorry that I spent $3 so you could jerk me around. Dump the ratings harassment of I will start filling out a negative review each time it pops up..Version: 1.0

A bit disappointedThe emojis are ok. But I was looking for simple things like please, thank you etc. When I came to the bottom it said want more emojis, get the paid version, I did but received no more emojis than I already had. I believe they miss lead me. I paid for nothing..Version: 1.0

Poor Quality!!!You try to send someone a emoji and it freezes up This app sucks!!!.Version: 1.0

Talking EmojisI would rate this app 5 stars in regards to the emojis themselves. They are really cute and cover a broad base of subjects. Why I marked this down is I subscribed to premium and now the line to get more emojis is not there. Same emojis are still showing from before. Also, Facebook ad keeps popping up. This was supposed to do away with the ads. I would suggest you not spend the $4.99 for this as it doesn’t work and does not give you anymore emojis to enjoy. Total waste of money!.Version: 1.0

Could be greatCould be great if you didn’t have an ad in the free version every time you click on an emoji just to listen to it and then in the paid version, you get ‘rate us’ every time you click on one! Sort it out please, I didn’t pay for an app to get constant reminders, shame, you would have had 5 stars otherwise.Version: 1.0

Stop it alreadyLike it, but really, do you have to have a pop-up come up constantly asking us to rate it? I am finally rating it in hopes it will stop. If it does, perhaps I will give a higher rating. If it doesn’t, I will Drop it to one star and tell everybody I know not to buy it..Version: 2.1

Would be fun BUT.... Locks up after sending an EmojiI paid for this pro version but it locks after sending only ONE emoji. To unlock it, I either have to restart my phone or go to the free app, launch it, send an emoji, and then this so called “pro” version will unlock..Version: 1.0

Bought the proI like the talking emoji’s but I upgraded to the pro version because it said they had more emoji’s but they didn’t. It just got rid of the ads which I could’ve put up with. I’d like to see more emojis.Version: 1.0

Not that great, but OK.Takes to long to scroll through. Should be able to have a page full full of emojis to select from and there is too much of the same thing over and over. Need a better assortment of emojis. Not the same one in different costumes..Version: 1.0

Def not worth $5 but still funI dont like how im sure there wont be more made so your limited to whats on the app already... also i dont know how to favorite some of them.. its hard to find the one i want to send bc i have to scroll through so many.Version: 2.1

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