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ThievesApp has stolen my money essentially. Telling me conflicting information like I need to upgrade my iOS to continue using the app and then because I can’t do that it’s telling me that I can use an older version which is impossible?! How can I use an older version?! It also says on the app description in the App Store that it’s compatible with my iPhone which is simply not the case. And when I try and login through the website it keeps saying “token expired”. Shocking that there is no live support or customer service number too. They must be almost billionaires and are too greedy to provide some level of basic support. They can certainly afford a call centre or two..Version: 3.126.1

They sell your DataThe updated agreement now tells us they will be giving/selling our personal information to third parties to advertise to us - therefore I'm giving this 1 star till they remove this nonsense. Also they don’t tell you your total profit and loss so you have no idea how much money you’ve made or lost.Version: 3.111

Users bewareApp offer easy to operate and fast crypto trading. However, their margins/fees are extremely high, prices between buy and sell can be up to 10% difference. NZ based user are experiencing extreme difficulties in withdraw funds and the help services obviously doesn’t know NZ is not the same as AU..Version: 3.117

Great with some problemsThis app is great for what it’s meant for which is buying crypto it provides all the info you’d need however one big flaw I’ve found is it’s easy enough to put money into the app to buy crypto but if you want to withdraw it you then need to do a bank transfer to the app which with my bank is a long an exhausting process it also doesn’t help that I can’t do that when I’m deployed away if I have already put money into the app why can’t I just be paid straight back to that same account …. Other than this issue I found the app to be useful so I would recommend this as long as you don’t mind doing bank transfers otherwise you’re pretty stuck if you wanna ever take your money back out after selling.Version: 3.120

Don’t even bother you’ll get bent overWorst app for crypto in the world. You get it in the .... anytime you sell they take a massive cut and good luck transferring the crypto they rob you 3 times over. They’re platform is garbage better using binance..Version: 3.94

Crashes, ‘lost’ money and awful customer serviceThis app is inadequate to deal with the number of users. It runs slow, times out and has crashed with me 2 times now after authorising payments with my bank so have been charged but the purchases has not shown up in the apps wallet so the money has went missing. Cryptos Customer service has been awful trying to resolve the ‘lost’ money 4 days in and I still have no indication of when I’ll get a refund, never mind the fact the money that has been lost on the gains. I won’t be using this app going forward, I’d advise to check other apps before this one.Version: 3.94

BuggyThe most unfinished and buggy app I’ve ever used. 90% of the time the card details don’t show up - even after deleting and reinstalling the app. The support are incredibly unhelpful and it has taken me 24 hours of back and forth before finding any solution, and when it does it’s usually just as I give up and my solution is to stop talking to them. The support messaging screen is the most buggy part - it glitches up and down as you type and makes it near impossible to get help. The app layout is very confusing - I've never needed half of the tab bar at the bottom. Many parts of the app w and confusing. Who wants to pay 2.99% fees on all crypto transactions when almost every other app has 0% fees? Truly ridiculous.Version: 3.122

UI doesn’t workUnable to access setting and other links/features in the app, because the buttons are too far up the screen and behind the phones date/time/battery information. If you try to press “settings” or some other links, but causes the app to refresh because the buttons are so high up. Can’t change my payment details etc because I can access settings due to this design flaw. Using iOS 15, iPhone 12 plus..Version: 3.113

Avoid avoid avoid if in NZAs other reviews have stated, it’s super easy to buy crypto but is impossible to withdraw money to your bank account if in New Zealand. Customer service are no help at all and simply provide links to information that doesn’t actually help. Might be good in other countries but in New Zealand it’s nothing but a scam..Version: 3.142.2

Not secure…I got a legal name change and contacted support to update my account with my new name. I go through the process of uploading the court order document my drivers license as well as a picture of me holding a written out verification sign that they asked me to create I literally sent this stuff back to back about 5 times because either they have you speaking to a bot or they have you speaking to a foreigner that cannot understand English in its simplest form, this makes no sense at all the first set of pictures I sent should have been enough, seeing that it’s not and they keep asking me to send the stuff over and over I’m just going to close this account especially since seeing that the support is a problem amongst multiple accounts, this app is starting to sound like a scam to me, this has nothing to do with security so I don’t want to hear that bull, this is a problem because they don’t have any first language English speakers, all they have is a bot to answer support questions or a foreigner that do not speak fluent English so they can’t even understand a simple sentence in simple English. I’M NOT CONTACTING SUPPORT ABOUT A NAME CHANGE ANYMORE I JUST WANT THE ACCOUNT CLOSED & MY PERSONAL INFORMATION DELETED OUT OF Y’ALL SYSTEM!!! PERIOD..Version: 3.139

Don’t invest if you live in NZPutting money into this app is easy enough but once you are wanting to get back your money it seems to be step after step. No helpful links to show how to get your money, you can set up a fiat wallet but then it won’t allow you to withdraw to your account. Wouldn’t recommend investing on this platform unless you have a sure way to get your money back when needed 👎🏻.Version: 3.99

New investors bewareIf you’re new to the app because you’ve fallen for CDCs marketing, or maybe a friend recommend the app to you, be careful. CDC has been very very shady the past few months. They change huge polices over night, multiple times a month, and without notice. At least recently. You can’t trust them. Don’t fall into the trap too of getting one of their cards because they can slash those rates overnight (as they did) and then “upgrade it” slightly to make it seem like they’re doing you a favor lol look up some of their Reddit forums and you’ll see how much of the community, especially a lot of their older loyal investors, have been screwed over lately. You can’t trust these guys because they don’t communicate ANY changes they’re going to make. Or if they do by chance, they’ll enact it days before the announced date just to throw everyone for a loop and screw them up that way. The only people who will try to convince you that CDC is still good are the people who invested more than they can afford to lose in CRO (their crypto). They’re afraid if CDC goes down, CRO will go down and they’ll lose money. My advice is to use coinbase instead. Never had any problems with them. CDC also recently reversed transactions when people were trading and making profits!! Look it up and be careful with this app/company..Version: 3.136

Scam BEWARE, will arbitrarily Lock up your fundsThis app arbitrarily Locked up my funds for no reason whatsoever and applied an arbitrary “account review” to me. They have provided the ridiculous reason of wanting to verify my source of funds after having no issue soliciting me to deposit into the app. So they encourage a deposit and then lock up your funds. They then refuse to provide any customer service about the issue and want me to jump through a series of intrusive verification checks over my personal banking which is none of their business and a personal security risk for me to provide to them. It is decentralised, it is dangerous, they are a law unto themselves and this is not a place for your money, you have been warned..Version: 3.92

Gui could improved a lotOverall app is flawless but took time to load the coins and lags a lot on iphone x. Tried to uninstall and everything but doesn’t improve the user interface experience..Version: 3.117

Cannot withdraw fundsLiterally cannot find a single way to withdraw my money invested, depositing couldn’t be easier, however this company really seems to make it very difficult to get your money back.Version: 3.121

Poor customer service, easy to use appApp is easy to use and ideal for newbies. Customer service is incredibly bad, can’t resolve simple customer issues. Always have standard reply’s like “issue will be resolved as soon as possible”. Months could pass and when you enquire again after getting no update you have to start process again with new customer service person to hear same phrase again. Should spend more on customer service & less on advertising..Version: 3.131

Warning: Believe Every Horrible ReviewI ended up reporting this company to the FTC. Worst customer service that I have ever experienced in my life. FTC after hearing my scenario with the company stated this appeared to be a scam. They are not in the US. Malta. You have no recourse with this company. I spent more than one month messaging them half-a-dozen times to help me and repeatedly received generic robot-like answers: “We are very busy. Apologies. Will be with you in 24-hours. Contact us if you need further assistance. This thread will end if We do not hear from you again in 24 hours.” It was a nightmare. $15K in assets frozen - in a foreign country with ZERO accountability. I emailed the CEO. Reported to FTC and SEC, sent alarming messages to CEO via Twitter - both public and private. After more than one month they have unfrozen my account. I had signed up for the VISA card but no more. Can you imagine if you had a concern or a dispute with a company where you used your VISA card? Any problem ZERO customer service or accountability. Expect to use Herculean efforts to get any level of decency and accountability in a resolution..Version: 3.98.1

Good app but not stableI am using this app this almost 4months & invested a bit, the overall user experience is good and works well in transfer funds but the big issue is it’s not stable and at several occasions it takes huge time to upload (approx between 5mins-2hours). I have lost some trade opportunities and lost money several time because I couldn’t buy crypto on time due to this technical issue and price rocketed later..this is serious problem and I checked with other friends in different location or Cities and they were facing the same problem at same time..developer have to really work on their network stability & down time otherwise I am surely moving in a month or so to other crypto app to future trade and taking all my investment out from here ... and pretty sure many will soon if this continues...hope this bugs resolves at lighting speed by company and I don’t have to move as it’s pain on both ends....also customer service response via chat is too slow and the chatbot is worst to understand your’s quite frustrating...Version: 3.94

This app stole my money from my account!This app is the worst! I would stay clear of it and download Binance or Coinbase. They take forever to answer your queries. They closed my account without an explanation and they stole my money from my account before they even bothered to get back to me on how I could withdraw my funds. You can’t even withdraw any funds transferred to your bank account so once you deposit say goodbye to your money! ABSOLUTE SCAM!!! Stay clear once you transfer money into this app you won’t see it again! THEY SAY “PLEASE GET IN TOUCH VIA IN-APP CHAT.” I CANT BECAUSE THEY CLOSED MY ACCOUNT FOR NO REASON SO I CANNOT ACCESS THE IN APP CHAT! THEY ALSO HAVE SNEAKY WAYS OF ENCOURAGING YOU TO PURCHASE THERE “CRO” COIN. DO NOT! THEY TAKE YOUR MONEY AND MANIPULATE THE TRENDS! AVOID AT ALL COSTS!.Version: 3.94

DO NOT download or put money in this app!I’m an Admin in a trading group and we all share different ideas and alert each other of apps that steal your money. This APP is horrible!!!! On this app I had most of my money in ALGO (Algorand). It took a nice 20% increase and I went to go take the profits and move them to CRO. MAGICALLY my ability to trade was stopped! I contacted them, took screen shots, let them know what was going on and that I was losing my profits by the second…. They responded saying it would be fixed later. Not “let us trade it where you need it or anything of the sort”. They waited until it dropped all the way down to what I bought it at! Then had the audacity to say, and I quote ”. Thanks for the reply. I totally understand, however, the issue was resolved and you were able to withdraw the funds. If you have additional questions do not hesitate to get back to us.” They basically said screw you the same way Robin Hood app does. Scams. COINBASE and COINBASE PRO is the way to go. DO NOT GET SCAMMED WHEN YOU SHOULD BE MAKING MONEY! Again, do not use this app. Buy rates are always off compared to the actual market and always in their favor. They say on these reviews “contact us and we’ll look into it” but they just blow you off once they scam you. You buy for more than the market and sell for less and they don’t let you sell if your currency you’ve put money in pumps. I wish I could put negative stars instead of one..Version: 3.98.1

Take your money and like to hold on to itIt is very easy to deposit money and has minimum transactions for all way to take it off again. They call it crypto dust and you can use it to buy their coin. Yeah right, well done guys, you tricked me 👍.Version: 3.84

This app is crude version of what it could beFirst thing, the service is way too slow like verification took an awful lot of time which compared to other platform is actually ten times slower. Customer care and withdrawing money are also as slow as verification. And other thing I didn't like about this platform is that you cannot surf the app without verifying. I would’ve liked to at-least surf the app while my verification was pending. There is a lot of room for development. Only then it could compete with binance..Version: 3.84

Crashes too much to be useful on IOSApp is very buggy on IOS 15.0.2 in its current state. Often will start and the screen will go blank, will require several forced restarts before it runs properly also tends to just crash. I like the UI but if the fixes don’t come soon I’m going to have to use something else.Version: 3.119.1

AppThe app is cool and seems easy enough to navigate but the problem I have is that I’m wanting to cash out and it’s coming up with a lot of things I need to do before I can get my money that went in so easily.Version: 3.114.1

Revert the trade interface to the previous versionIn the last version you finally fixed the trading interface. Now it's back again to the buggy version that keep refreshing the position of the cursor everytime you try to delete a number from the amount. It's annoying and it can lead to errors when trading. You created a nice new interface to fix the problem. Please revert it back to the last version..Version: 3.137

Newer version won’t let me use app anymoreWhy was I not advised that with the new update it would be only accessible through iOs13 version and above? My current phone won’t update it and now I can’t access my account ... will I still be able to access it through a new phone ?.Version: 3.126.1

RUBY VISA disasterIf you’re in Australia and wanting to get the Visa card I DONT sign up now, they’re unable to provide the service as I have been waiting for over 2 months now. They will take your money and lock it up as apart of the process. I’m sure they will comment on this message to saying we are sorry for this kindly email us to fix the issue. Don’t bother I have already been doing that for the last 2 months to be told we are sorry and you have to be patient..Version: 3.114.1

JerksTo register I had to supply pics of my ID front and back and also selfies, etc. They took over a week to “verify” me when they said it could take 2-3 days. Reached out to customer service in their “chat” feature, but they didn’t respond until several hours later at like 2am and all they said is that it could take a couple days, and then a few minutes after that they closed the chat because I was unresponsive. Then, it turns out they “can’t verify” me... not sure why. No option to check pictures or answer questions or anything, so I reached out to customer service again. Same thing, no response until several hours later in the middle of the night, only to tell me THEY DONT HAVE TO TELL why they reject people, and then closed the chat because I wasn’t responsive. Super disrespectful to treat people like that who have trusted them with their sensitive info. At least have the courtesy to explain what’s going on or give an opportunity to work through whatever the mystery issue is. All my accounts are in good standing. I have no idea why they wouldn’t approve me except *maybe* that I am conservative and they have opinions about that..Version: 3.84

Rubbish updateI am told I have to update to Crypto’s new software in order to access my crypto account. I am running an apple with an older operating system than what crypto requires, but the message that comes thru is “no problem as I can download a previous version” - but again it says I can’t do that because I need to update my operating system first! So I am in a loop and cannot access my account!! Why doesn’t crypto test any updates fully before releasing them to make sure they work. Now I cannot access my account, and I’m not buying a new phone just because crypto’s update software (previous version) does not work. So what happens now?.Version: 3.126.1

Just not sure anymoreSo let me begin this review by stating I have only been into crypto for a year. With that being said I am still learning but I have also experienced a whole lot with some hard learned lessons in that year as well. Okay, so I looked up all these other exchanges binance, Coinbase, robinghood etc etc. i had tons of difficulties until I found cryptoapp. I found this app very simple to use and not confusing buy and sell transfer simple. And I also found that the customer service was always there to help and quick with responses and all of my issues were resolved. However in the las week I have noticed that I am not able to top up my card with the same debit card I have been using this whole time and cryptodotcom cannot help me out just tells me to use a different card so I did and yeah exactly, still unable reached back out and they don’t know and can’t help. So then I tried to make a purchase and yeah same issue and yeah they cannot help. And I am also seeing others on social media are having the same issue. I used to believe this app was going to take over the crypto space bc of their customer service but now I’m not so sure and I can only give 3 stars now. Bery disappointed with their customer service as of late so sad..Version: 3.124

Scam alertThis is a scam. You use interact etransfer and you do no receive your money. They will keep giving you excuses why your money is not in your account “its because their not giving you money “ they are just ripping you off. It says it will be processed in 1 hour and they dont process it. If you contact support they say their trying their best to work on the problem but they dont do anything. Risk your money but my advice is using a different site like coinbase or something where you wont be scammed at all..Version: 3.72.1

Be carefulIf you live in New Zealand and your thinking about downloading this app be careful as nz banks do not support NPP ( new payment platform ) or BPAY. These are the systems needed to make a $50 AUD to your fiat wallet to verify your bank account to be able to withdraw your money. I was unaware of this and there’s no way I can get my money back from this app now.Version: 3.114.1

MeI was recommended this app and most features are really good. The options with credit card and gift vouchers are great. The only down size, if u are trading is the fees. Even in the first month where it’s “free” to trade I would have to buy at about 5% less to break even. Now the month is up and it’s a crazy amount they charge when you buy and sell. I’ll be looking for a better platform because of this.Version: 3.92

Account hackedThis is a fast growing crypto exchange and you see their logo everywhere they are marketing heavy. However, my account got hacked and they emailed me, stating there were abnormalities and unusual activity in my account. They locked my account and made me jump through hoops to get it unlocked, (sending at least 10 different selfies, stating pics were too far, too close etc. and some other steps.) when I regained access the majority of my tokens/coins were gone. I made them aware of the missing coins/tokens and they said they would investigate it. Again, they made me jump through hoops to start the investigative process. (Again with the selfies and other steps etc.) After a few days they sent me an email and said, there are no abnormalities with your account, we concluded you are responsible for the missing coins/tokens. Very strange since they informed me there was unusual activity with my account and locked it. I wasn’t even aware of it. I guess they didn’t want to replace the tokens/coins or admit they were hacked, who knows. I filed complaints with the SEC and FTC. So be careful with this App. Not a very good experience for me..Version: 3.114.1

Great UI…But the fees are exaggerated, the limits to withdraw and deposit are insane especially for beginners and the worst - the amount of time they process withdrawals to another wallet takes forever. If a bitcoin can take awhile to process normally imagine with this platform, it’ll take maybe 10 times longer, its definitely not instant so if you pay someone using this platform expect to wait for confirmations or just pay whoever you are paying with cash - it might be easier or use other wallet like “ALL the other ones” so you don't have to wait for THEIR confirmations. I went to get a haircut expecting to get in and out and i ended up waiting another hour after my haircut because my payment wont transfer instantly. Time is Gold! And not to mention they use lingos that are so confusing in their App. I don’t know why i kept using this platform after close to 3 years of having this all the way back in the day when MCO was cool. Maybe because i try to give the benefit of a doubt for products i am loyal to regardless of the services, but sometimes loyalty becomes a chore and everything else falls apart..Version: 3.137

Deceitful with terrible customer serviceI’ll start with the positive. And the ONLY positive is the variety of Cryptocurrencies they operate with. But that does no good because their price reporting is inaccurate. I figured it was a bug and reached out to support. They did nothing but copy and paste responses, and when I tried to get them to elaborate on what I’m asking I was told to “consider the subject exhausted.” Meaning they had no interest in telling me what I was trying to find out. They will show and record incorrect or higher than market prices, and those prices are shown when buying, but if you already own a coin, and go to sell at that same time, the selling price is magically way lower than any other price they’re showing. They’re graphs only load when they want, I couldn’t even try to tell you the refresh rate. I found out all of that AFTER trying to figure out how to move my money around in they’re system. You can buy with a card no problem for a fee, but when you go to sell or withdraw your funds you must make a separate wallet account, attach your bank account to it, and then start a withdrawal that takes a day. The entire App is made to take and keep your money. I applaud those who think positively of the app. I wish I could too..Version: 3.93

Access and customer serviceI cannot login to my account because there unable to process my verification, seems like a normal thing right no. There no at all any navigation for you to fix the issue or see what is going on the only option is customer survive which is run by a bad AI that’s only does basic and does basic only just sent you read some guideline and info which is not that helpful. Options are very limited and I am unable to access my account for almost a year now..Version: 3.149

Horrible Experience!!! Do Not Trust - READ FIRSTI would NEVER recommend this app to anyone looking to invest their hard-earned money into crypto! After NUMEROUS “messaging conversations,” I’ve been left feeling completely helpless after receiving computer generated responses and not once being offered addl help in resolving the issue - or the $25 I was promised for signing up. After trying multiple different types of payment methods from debit to credit cards and being unsuccessful at every turn, I don’t have so much as a customer service number to call and speak to anyone about this. I’ve spoken to my banks multiple times and after asking several times for a customer service number during these message conversations, I have yet to receive a number or response regarding my question. It’s been a 3-day process and I have yet to be able to invest a single dollar because of this flawed system. If you’re looking to invest in the “near-future” and don’t mind being left helplessly in the dark, this may be the place for you, if not, and you’re looking to hop the train sooner than later, I'd look elsewhere..Version: 3.126.1

Full of hidden feesI chose this app out of all of the rest because of the promises on no hidden fees…. It’s all hidden fees. The prices are always higher than the real market so they make more money on you buying it… I’ve been waiting for a crypto to dip a little bit and apparently the price has been the same since this morning…. Such lies. Then when you come to sell your £50 of crypto you click sell and get £46! Like sorry what! Where has £4 gone? They don’t even explain why? They just say “you have got £50 in this crypto” then you take it out and it’s not! I honestly don’t know how they haven’t been called out for it. You also have limits on the amount you can send to other wallets… oh and that’s not even going into there cards…. Or the hidden fees on staking crypto…. Just use Coinbase like everyone else.Version: 3.119.1

Withdraw issueCannot withdraw funds from fiat wallet. This sounds dodgy. Asked me to deposit $50 to be eligible for withdraw due to government regulations. But I had initially deposited $100 to make the account. Anyways I deposited $50 again but still getting same message. However, 6 months later it is still asking me to deposit $50 to withdraw due to government regulations. I have contacted customer support but they did not help me and it has been over 6 months. I initially invested small amount to test the app which proved terrible..Version: 3.133

Constant updates ruin the appUpdate: Still extremely disappointed with the amount of updates. I work at sea with poor WiFi and can’t perform these updates leaving me unable to check or trade my crypto. Really ridiculous that there are often multiple updates in a single week, wouldn’t be such an issue if you could still use the app and we’re not forced to update. Completely ruins the app and makes it useless for me. The app it’s self runs nicely however the constant updates is a joke, the app won’t open unless you take their newest update and for me travelling with limited data that causes a problem if I can’t update then I can’t view my crypto. Just not very well thought out on their part and I struggle to understand why the app would need so many updates.Version: 3.148

Useless Garbage Worst App everTakes 45 years to open an account where you’ll receive 92 login emails which don’t access because you’re too late to do so after their email comes in 45 minutes later. Then afterwards when creating a password, they will tell you that you’re passwords will not match. This app needs a new IT person on it by tomorrow or everything is plummeting..Version: 3.94

Don’t waste your timeThis has to be the stupidest app I’ve come across, I put in my email to join and the verification email link never opens! I thought it must have been poor connection but everything else that needs internet works except this - I even had the link resent 3 times. Don’t waste your time on this!.Version: 3.102.1

GoodI don’t mind the exchange but they need to add your total gain/loss and work on getting back the rewards they slashed on the cards.Version: 3.147

AVOID, Once you give them money, it’s almost impossible to get it back. AVOID!Terrible, misleading and manipulative customer service. It took me 5 days to change my number on the app, they string you on a wild goose chase for a long, long time. One of the questions was “can you confirm you accepted the terms and conditions during registration?”. Gee, what a question that was. You’re not allowed to continue without accepting it, so? Then, when you rate the conversation in the email conversation they send you (I wanted to rate them the worst), you get directed to a page saying, “you rated excellent - fast response, helpful and friendly”. What an absolute joke😂 I have never felt like I was getting taken for a ride so much before..Version: 3.126

Careful it’s a fraudI have this account. I think the company itself hacked my account. Sold all my coins. I couldn’t open my account for 1 week. Help team pretended like helping me for 1 week. After 1 week with easy process I was able to login but all my money was gone from my account. I have around 800$ now there is $3 left. Tried to contact support team no answer. It’s a scam. Don’t use this application. Finally contacted support team. They said they can’t do anything. THIS APPS IS A SCAM. THEY WILL TAKE YOUR ALL MONEY AFTER 5/6 MONTHS BY HACKING YOUR ACCOUNT AND THEY SAY THEY CANT REFUND..Version: 3.130

Scammers, they stole my $4000After using app for over month i’m investing over $4000 my access has been denied accused of bridging of terms and conditions by email. No explanation. No customer service, no phone number that you can talk to somebody. “We have recently performed a review of your account. After careful consideration, we regret to inform you that your account has been terminated due to a breach of our Terms and Conditions. This is effective immediately. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience that this will cause.” Two weeks before they charge me $412.34 for currency I didn’t receive. If using this app you are stupid as I am. They were not return your money doesn’t matter what happen. scammers scammers scammers..Version: 3.102.1

PLEASE LISTEN TO NEGATIVE REVIEWSThey restricted my account because I accessed form my iPad and they deemed it as suspicious activity so I can’t do anything in my account I can’t withdraw, sell trade or anything! I contacted them several times and I confirmed all the logins and I have sent a selfie with my name and date three times already and they still won’t help. The only time they answer is when I begin the support chat with “I want to close my account” they keep saying they need to confirm that my account is not under suspicious activity and that for me to close they have to enable my account I do all the steps they ask and nothing! Oh and they take forever to respond but if you take too much time to answer back they will close the chat and you’ll have to start the process again. The last thing I heard was “I’ll the revenant team to know that that have to enable your account” which was a week ago and they no longer answer. How many times do I have to confirm the logins? how more selfie’s do I have to send ? How many more chats do I have to start? This all started on the 16 of February it’s been over a month and still no help and no change. Please listen to negative review of at least this one and use any other app..Version: 3.88

Wont let me withdraw fundsThis app works well to trade cryptos however every time i want to withdraw anything into my account it wont let me, no options to add a separate bank and it won’t transfer into my account what so ever very upsetting.Version: 3.120

Stopped workingI’ve been using the app since March and it has made it possible to get into crypto currencies. However the later releases have been unstable. It wouldn’t refresh data and it stopped displaying any of my purchases. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app to see if that resolved the issue and now it won’t even let me sign in. It displays a message to contact support. I’ve sent an email yesterday and am yet to receive a response. When working with a financial app, especially crypto currencies, response should be quick. I am missing out on dips, or maybe selling at a good price so there are financial losses that can be had if the app isn’t available/responsive..Version: 3.97

They can suddenly close the systemThe system is very terrible; they can close it whenever they wish to as they did when DOGE jumped crazily high. Their only response is “sorry it was an unscheduled maintenance”. I believe an online high risk business dealing with cryptos should not have a maintenance of such without prior informing its client. Also, they are earning high commissions from every single trade& transaction (hidden commissions) while they promise to be a commission-free platform. What I personally experienced and learned from this app is that one must read trustpilot’s reviews first and then decided to invest money..Version: 3.92

WthThey asked for an id to log in which I did, so gave a copy of my driver licence ,since then I receive tones of spam email with my family and surname from a thousands different email adresses, trying to block each of them but it’s never stopping, can you please tell me why this happen since I gave all my information to your application? And if you can do something about it ?.Version: 3.128

Stay clear!These people are crooks! The customer service is atrocious! They are ripping people off and making it seem like they are giving you a good deal (look into Pay Rewards and the exchange rates). They are making the layout more devious e.g. not showing the CRO cashback in the relevant purchase, now I’ve just checked that there are dozens of cashbacks rewards missing and instead of looking into each one, a rep. is asking me to take screenshots of each which would be so tedious going back and forth between Card transactions and my CRO wallet. Wish I never used this platform. Will be bailing out when my staking period is over.. Oh, and they changed the name of CRO to Cronos (the god of time; that’s not suspicious at all!🙄).Version: 3.138

Impossible to withdraw, absolute scam!!!I was shocked to have this experience considering the high ratings. The difference between the buy and sell price are ridiculous which means that you need make at least over 20% to get any profit. After understanding this I tried to withdraw my money and this is where I realized that I have been scammed. It is impossible to withdraw any money from here. They ask you to deposit more in order to verify your account then you can withdraw, but then they also steal that deposit. No matter what you do not use this app. After you request a withdrawal they start asking you for ridiculous amounts of paperwork which they never review and there is absolutely no customer support regarding this issue because once you ask to withdraw they turn into a completely different animal. Please do not use this app!!!!!.Version: 3.80

Could not create accountRefused over and over to accept my application saying my passport photo was wrong (it was clear) or the selfie was unclear (it wasn’t) there was no way to contact staff, and also no way to delete my half created account. Waste if time..Version: 3.94

Can’t link bank cardHave tried a couple times to link my debit visa card (with BNZ), but am unable to link it properly and purchase any crypto. Have called the bank and they said that I need to talk to someone on this end to figure out what kind of card will be accepted..Version: 3.65.1

Beware of this siteI downloaded this app on May 19th, it’s been 18 days now of emailing back-and-forth and also using the chat on the app which does not work very well and is no help. Do not invest any money through this app unless you are 100% approved. This is a nightmare and I’m starting to wonder if this is a scam. I have sent in my drivers license, proof of my physical address, a selfie of me holding up a piece of paper with the date on it and everything that they have asked for to prove that it’s me and I have a physical address.. I live in a town where my mail is delivered to a PO Box. I’ve given them both my PO Box and my address. I’ve been told they can’t except a PO Box. I don’t need to receive any mail from them and have given them my home address like I said. They had no problem with me taking my money through my ATM credit card but now I can’t sell anything if I want to because they can’t approve my information and I certainly won’t buy anything else through this app. Trying to find the email for the CEO @ Kris Marszalek, is impossible. I am outraged, to say the least. I need this resolved as soon as possible. You already have my money, my info and everything that you’ve asked for. Buyer beware. 🤬.Version: 3.98.1

Slow, glitchy, and mild scammingFirst off im in the US, which means this app offers a lot that many here don't. The issue is that the app is almost unusable. If anyone says this app is easy, they were lucky or lying. Banks consider it a scam, so just getting past that is a pain, but even if you do the app has an extreme chance of just glitching. Then if you do manage to begin trading there can be serious delays of over a week making it difficult to make time sensitive decisions. Lastly is what i consider to be mild scamming regarding transfers. Transferring into the app was very easy... Transferring out after being disappointed was obviously set up to be difficult. Setting up transfers is extremely glitchy and made me have to write down addresses manually because the app would glitch every time i went to copy one. Also with minimum limits far higher than the ones set for transferring in, i literally couldn't take out what i put in. Lastly the app is just simply slower and clunkier than any other crypto app ive found. I would consider this a work in progress except they have spent so much time and resources over the past year on marketing instead of development, so my hopes were completely gone..Version: 3.94

Scam app! Allow login but block access to assets!Thus company made an app that can lock you out of your wallet when they want to. This means they can block users from buying or selling at a time you can make or protect from loosing money. No app like that should have been allowed on Apple store. This is criminal fraud! Intent to commit fraud is a crime and using it to do so a crime. Who is responsible to bring justice? Yeah no one! So whatever money you put in here be prepared to login and see it disappear but not actually transact as a built in option they control. The bug users reported they say was fixed. Well they now allow access and show totals that are accurate but individually block use for transactions. That’s fraud at its best. If you now closed my account then give me my wallet I’d? You had no problem taking my money. It takes weeks of them telling me it’s my phone now they say senior management close my account? Hello - Um where my money? How many weeks till I can transfer my assets or cash out? What a joke! I knew using app where they control the wallet was disaster glad I didn’t go in enough to get massively screwed but what about the guys who did!!!.Version: 3.110

Good app but failure to update customersThis is a good app, however it has come to my attention with the recent LUNA 2.0 release Crypto,com fails to keep its customers updated on the release or anything to so with LUNA 2.0 while all other exchanges could easily do this, any post that was made on the crypto,com twitter was flooded with questions about information on LUNA 2.0 yet crypto,com failed to communicate properly with its customers, even just a “we are working on it” tweet, therefore i would not trust this app to be apart of new token launches, the rest of the app is fabulous though.Version: 3.137

Stole my moneyI tried to buy over $300 in crypto. Would have made amazing profits because the particular crypto is doing amazing. Went to purchase 3 separate times, all of which processed and during which the app crashed and the funds never showed up on my crypto account. But I was charged on my bank statement via CRO. Customer service is a complete joke good luck getting a hold of a real person. Apple seriously needs to look into this app it's ridiculous. I can't believe I'm scammed hundreds of dollars and no answers for it. I'm out so much profit even beyond this because I haven't yet been able to access my invested funds in my account and transfer and sell as I see fit. DO NOT USE CRYPTO.COM..Version: 3.94

Where is the trigger order function?I can’t find where to place an order to trigger a buy/sell based on price, it is such a basic functionality that I don’t believe a modern app wouldn’t have this. Programs i used 20 years ago have this as a basic function, but I’ve been struggling with the app and app help for days and can’t figure out where it is. Are the developers expecting us to be on the app 24/7 tracking price movements???.Version: 3.124

Stay awayUse Exodus if you want a reliable app, these guys love to take your money. I tried to transfer SOL to my phantom wallet, used the correct address and everything and never received it, meanwhile I use exodus and have no problem. Don’t worry, my lawyers will be in touch with you real soon, before you ask to contact you. Check your emails more than once a year, I’ve sent you 3..Version: 3.123

Don’t use this exchangeFrom someone who’s been using them for years. They have unreal slippage costs meaning when you buy a coin/token you’ll get less coins/tokens for said cash. Not only that when you go to sell you’ll get way less value for your crypto. For example and this happened to me, I went to sell $384 in a crypto only for them to value you it at only $284. Now you might think oh it must of fluctuated in price. Well when you go to the buy section they still charge you the full price for that token. My advice is to just not get involved and stay away. Also customer service is sub par.Version: 3.141

Buyer Beware!If you live in Canada DO NOT use this app! They are happy to take your money to buy cryptos on their exchange, but don’t tell you that you cannot convert your money back to CAD after purchasing cryptocurrency through their app! :-(.Version: 3.92

Simple to use but detrimentally so.As the title states it’s extremely easy to use for people who have never entered the crypto world before. Unfortunately the biggest downside is no control over actually sell or buy prices. Seeing what volumes are currently on offer etc. would love to see some more in-depth control for those that want to use it.Version: 3.130

Usable but unhelpfulI have used it for 4 months now. If you are tech savvy this exchange/app works ok but there are better. It’s slow on the verification side - still waiting. If you have a problem however you will disappear down the rabbit hole of chat bots and scripted replies, then may get simply cutoff or suspended with no explanation. Worst support I have encountered in many years in the tech business..Version: 3.107

Cancelling accountBeen trying to cancel my account for over a month now. Response time is terrible and all they do is keep passing you over the next rep and never solving your issue. Please stay away from this app. There are so many better ones to use, hence why my friends and I are all cancelling and using a different platform. Biggest regret is signing up for this, been trying to close my account since November. 👎👎👎👎.Version: 3.123

Impossible to complainDoes not appear to be a complaint procedure in place. I have tried to complain in app - was redirected to email. Via email they then instruct me to log into the app. I only have been a member a few days and it's been a nightmare, I made a mistake on my first day signing up to the wrong product quickly trying to rectify my problem I was initially told it was ok and I would be not be charged this time but it was not rectified and no one will rectify it unless I pay £50, and neither can I get my money back for 180 days. I think it's disgusting they would treat a new customer this way. It seems none of the customer agent want to deal with my complain so they reply in a way that they don't have to deal with it, so you end up opening a new ticket until you are back to square one. It could so easily be resolved but nobody wants to and I'm finding it Impossible to resolve and I am left with no choice and I will have to make a complaint to the FCA and financial ombudsmen..Version: 3.103

Arnaque / ScamJ’ai acheté $shib 3000$ cad à 0,000075, puis quand il a atteint 0,0000085 (+9%) je voulais vendre pour gagner +275$ normalement. Le problème c’est qu’il ne te vendront jamais au prix du marché, j’ai vendu à 0,000085$ j’ai reçu 2960$ et oui j’ai perdu de l’argent, sur d’autres application le prix du Shib était le même. C’est une vraie arnaque cette application..Version: 3.99

FIX THIS NOW !I am a Canadian with a large stake in crypto, but little did I know that Canada is not supported on this app yet. I have no way of width drawing my money. My money cannot be moved out of Fix this..Version: 3.64.2

Can't withdrawalI can't withdraw anything because every time I try it glitches out on the part where you enter the amount. It used to do this sometimes but now Everytime regardless. Restarting the app or my phone doesn't help anymore. How did you make this app worse each time? Now I go to my wallet and it crashes out completely. Restart. Try again. Same thing. Thanks. Kinda wanted my money!!!!!!! Not in a week or two!!!!!! Now!!!!!! I swear you're doing this intentionally. Don't know why I bothered with the card. Never used it. Can't get it gone and my cro unstaked. Guess I get to wait until it drops to nothing. Again, thanks!!!!! Really appreciate not having access to my crypto!!!!!! Didn't need it right now to have any money or anything!!!!!! Money isn't important!!!!! Useless pricks................. You better not be scamming us.................Version: 3.135

Serious issue for CanadiansCan withdraw from BUT NOT DEPOSIT TO Canadian Bank.Version: 3.93

“Login” takes me to “Sign Up”, so I cannot log into my existing accountEven though I tap “Login”, I am taken to the “Sign Up” flow. So how am I supposed to log in?.Version: 3.94

Dont invest if you’re in NZYou can’t withdraw to fiat if you’re in NZ. They don’t tell you this before you invest but they happily take your money. I emailed customer support and they literally said they can’t help me and that they’re sorry but they don’t know if I will ever be able to withdraw in NZ..Version: 3.116

WithdrawalI can’t withdraw money. Withdrawal process is very hard in this app. Before you invest lot of money in it, make sure you put a little amount in it and then try to withdrawal the money. If you find a way let me know snap: The karma.Version: 3.92

Scanner won’t workI’m trying to pay something online and my scanner is only saying “Rescan QR code” I’m like I put some money on it for nothing?.Version: 3.17

Fraud and scamThey do scam while withdra or transfer coins with the name of memo . Even other apps doent have option for memo.Version: 3.141

Harass customers and poor EnglishA staff member named Viggo harassed me and sent spam despite repeated requests to stop. I asked a simple question about whether I could use my card at an ATM. Over the course of almost an hour he evaded my question, responded to questions I didn’t ask, and despite my attempts to make things clear (perhaps his English wasn’t sufficient?) he persisted to make the experience as unprofessional and uncomfortable as possible. The last 3 communications I made it clear he had failed to resolve the problem and the conversation was over. Instead, Viggo persisted, and continued to send me emails that amounted to Spam and Harassment..Version: 3.128

Well it worksThe required fortnightly updates gets onerous, it is difficult to get address approved, the crypto card takes a very long time > 6 months, soon the app will require iOS 13 or above that will alienate customers with older iPhones..Version: 3.122

Can’t take my money back.My money is trapped in app.It’s already been 1 week for the complaint, no body gives reply. Can’t take my money back coz they are taking months to verify address. So it’s just one side game. You can only put money in. You can not take it out..Version: 3.94

Con artistsThey take your GBP but when it comes to cashing out there is no option to withdraw in GBP, only to their crappy cryptocoin or to other crypto currencies. The only way to withdraw to actual currency is convert to euros and then use revolut to convert. This is also an exacerbated process as you then have to deposit money IN to then be able to withdraw, and it takes them two to three days allocate the payment (they say- I’m still waiting so juries out) so not sure if this process will even work. Try and contact their customer support through chat to find solutions and you won’t get an answer (I’ve been waiting two days and no response so far). An absolute joke from start to finish- avoid if you don’t want to waste time and money..Version: 3.83

ScamThis company is scam They won’t let u do anything really unless u meet high limit Some ppl can’t afford Then when u want take out ur money or coins they won’t let u again I lost 50 usd oh well I will not add any more money unless I can take out my coins to my wallet scam scam.Version: 3.57

FIAT Wallet withdrawalsI’ve contacted user support on three seperate occasions using the in-app chatting service concerning a FIAT wallet withdrawal that hasn’t appeared in my bank account even though it was marked as “processed” in the app 21 days ago. I have also contacted my bank to ensure the problem isn’t on that end. I’ve found the most common response is “referred to a specialist team” “waiting for a response”. The assistance at the minimal should include a timeline for likely resolution and any possible problem solving that the user can go through. Or for people who prefer to talk through an issue perhaps a phone helpline..Version: 3.122

Low quality and expensiveThis up is very expensive for the transaction…. The feeds are not very clear, today I had an investment when I should sell my assets I couldn’t cos the app crash and I lose at least £1000 cos took so long to sell and the price drops very fast … the app was blocked for about 1h or so! That’s was the reason left this app, plus the CRO the token from the platform is unstable goes up down a lot but the price never goes up! So when u sell and crypto on this platform the percentage is very high for the transaction. Plus if u send a coin from the app to another app like I did, and I didn’t pay attention to what they have charged, was more than half of the coins I sent like: I had 10k of the coin I sent it and I received 4K of the coins, could be my fault for no check how much was charging for it! Very disappointed.Version: 3.92

If I could leave a 0 review I wouldThis company is a fraud and doesn’t care about customers!!! Maybe if your a whale they would but this is a service that doesn’t care about your everyday small trader. And treats us like scum doesn’t return emails of release funds owed. They hold your investment from you as they please and there is nothing you can do about it. Very dodgy and unjust company and will never use them again. Hopefully they will give me back my investments soon but still have no access to my money they have locked them away and will not contact me to let me know what they are doing..Version: 3.119.1

Slow and continually needs updatesSlow And continually requires slow updates.Version: 3.121

Can’t log back into my accountTried to sign up for a credit card wouldn’t let me change country from Singapore to anything else. Thought I’d delete app and reboot but now it won’t let me sign into my account! Feeling very frustrated that I can’t access my crypto!! 🤬.Version: 3.120

Doesn’t allow you to buy crypto after a while using the app.I’ve been using the app for about 6 months now and was actually enjoying it. But for the past week I have been trying to buy different crypto and everytime I try, it never goes through. There is always a blank white page after trying to buy anything. Sometimes in will say there is an error that occurred. So I contacted the app through the chat and they could not help me at all. The help chat is completely useless in this issue. I asked if there was a number to call but the chat doesn’t help you with that either. Then I figured maybe it’s my bank that is not letting the transaction happen but I called my bank and they said they haven’t stopped anything or seen any attempts to buy crypto from the app. Today I tried to delete my card information from the app and then re enter my card information to buy some crypto to see if that would make it work. To my surprise the error occurred did not pop up this time but instead the app says that my card issuer declined the transaction and to call my bank to fix the issue. Well I did call them again to see if now they where declining it and they told me again there was no attempt to buy any crypto from the app. My bank didn’t decline anything. So the app is just falsely accusing that my bank declined it. This app has to many bugs and when you need help for anything there isn’t anyone to actually talk to. It’s trash..Version: 3.122

False advertising, ScamIf you are here for the MCO card. Do not bother, they wont issue it anymore because they dont have a vendor right now. And if you have made a CRO stake (6months) for the card then it’s too bad, no benefits for you. You cant cancel your stake either. All i can do now is wait for 6 months for my money to get my money back with no MCO Metal card or cashback benefit as promised. Tried hard to talk to the support. No solution given. They dont care. Becareful when you are trading here, fee is quite high. Lots of promises and false advertisement which sounds good but you might ended up stuck like me. Use at your own risk. For me, i would not recommend it to anyone. Regret it so much..Version: 3.67

DEFLECTS ISSUES TO T&C’s NO ACCOUNTABILITYI had been investing on the app for a few months now and a few days ago I had trouble accessing my account from the app. I reached out to the company and explained my situation. Whomever I was communicating with locked my account and on multiple occasions and asked me to prove I was the account holder. When they finally unlocked my account I was missing hundreds of dollars from it. I again reached out to the company and explained the situation to be locked out again. They do not have a number you can reach to speak to someone and every time I asked for one the question was ignored. After emailing back and fourth they finally sent me over to their claims department to have the theft reviewed and within a day I got a response that the T&C (terms and conditions) would not hold them accountable for any theft or unauthorized account access and was unable to get my money back. That I should have secured that account better even though I used every security feature it offered (authenticator, secure email account, wallet credentials). I would highly recommend against getting this app and investing in crypto with it. Save yourself the losses because they will do nothing about it..Version: 3.124

TrashThis app is a joke. They charged me for crypto I bought but I never received it in the app. Now there not replying to the issue. No wonder why they’re not in the top charts. Their trash lol.Version: 3.94

SLOW and crazy incorrect notificationsApp looks great. I wanted to invest in CRO just bcos of how app is designed that gives confidence on it. But there is so much pain buying it. Eventually I staked CRO. First none of Credit cards in US works atleast what I hold. And then so much delay in transferring money to Fiat balance (4 or 5 days) by the time you end up investing thro other exchanges. Even if u transfer most of time it’s slow and especially when big market movements and u wanted to use ur debit card to make faster purchase. Now it’s not even showing debit card option. I wanted to highlight the notifications issue that's annoying so much. For the cryptos you track when you receive notifications abt price changes it's totally incorrect for the time. Price u see in notification and what you see after you tap to open are totally different. Not just by a fraction but by so many percentages. For example I see notification for $1.82 up by 10% but upon opening it shows $1.55 down %. I end up disabling the notifications for now.Version: 3.97

Be very careful read before purchasingI transferred money to the app to trade. I done this well and made a gain from it. So I ended the trade. Had £1118. So transferred it to flat wallet. There was £1080? You have to also pay 3% to buy the crypto. Then it so they had me for £38. Then I tried to withdraw it. Can’t withdraw it to uk banks? But can deposit to it? This app is one big scam. I called customer services. They were very unhelpful. They transferred me to an online operator. She was unhelpful too. Still can’t get my money back. Also the money now in the flat wallet keeps going up and down. How is that when you have withdrawn it from trading? I would say don’t purchase this app if you are in the uk whatsoever. I’m now out of pocket massively.Version: 3.84

Good and badI really like using this app to trade cryptos because it is fast and has great coverage of many coins out there. I think it is shady that there’s a magic “premium” added to coins when BTC is rising, and this is a money grab in my opinion because that premium is not applied when you sell. For example, CRO was .1210 when I tried to buy, and after doing the math (which is not provided because they know it’s shady) my average cost was somewhere around .125. Not a huge difference but that is hard earned profit by this point. I have been trying to get my CRO card for weeks now and I have been told that the only way I can continue with my application is to provide a picture of my SSN card. This was due to me moving addresses multiple times in the past few years because I am a college student. It is very frustrating and the support, albeit responds in a timely manner, does not seem like they really want to get you to your end goal. With all that said, I still trade here and love checking in on my cryptos. Unfortunately, after my staking period WHICH IS DUMB BECAUSE I DID NOT EVEN RECEIVE A CARD is over I will be transferring my balance to coin base or some other more reliable system..Version: 3.112

Scam alertsCanadians do not submit your bank info to this app. Pure scams !.Version: 3.142

RUBBISH!!The whole process on account opening and verification is hopeless!! Keep asking to resubmit the documents for verification while i have submitted more than three times and communicating thru chat which each of their support explaining different excuses or reasons and ways how to fix it but to no avail! Only reason that i intend to use them is because few friends have used it but all mentioned with big warning! Easy money in but extremely difficult to get money out (not impossible to get money out, just very troublesome and difficult process)!! Beware!!.Version: 3.114.1

Stole my moneyI had a crypto account that was suddenly unverified due to “being under 18.” I am 20. Dealing with customer service is a horrible experience, Bethany was rude and seemed to have an incompetence to her job. I am now locked out and have been refused a refund of my account balance. Absolutely shocking.Version: 3.125

Shady business practicesBE AWARE AND LOOK AT THE REVIEWS, LISTEN TO THE CORRUPTION WE HAVE TO FACE. It takes months to fighting back n fourth to get an account deletion. They sold my personal information to the EU, IRISH PROTECTION AGENCY AND OTHER UNKNOWN ENTITIES WHICH THEY REFUSE TO TELL ME WHO. They said just file a complaint with a protection agency? Im in California so they pulled some shady stuff using other countries laws to protect them. The USA cannot and has no jurisdiction to who these idiots spontaneously say file complaints with. They illegally say they are holding my personal information for 5 years as to throw a tantrum for me closing my account. They do not have to hold it this long. They legally can but they do not have too n because i want my account closed due to some corruption this is how they fold there arms and cry. Their response is so bad im just glad im done doing business with idiots. Who use laws from other countries which we as Americans do not have to abide by at all!! Just to prove how they can corruptly watch your financial transactions. They are watching my banking activity even after i closed my account!! Be very very careful when you open an account here. They have added illegal activity to there terms and conditions which no other entities do this and call it legal. Only these idiots.Version: 3.102.1

Investors bewareThis app started great, it has many good features like the airtime pay for cellphone service that you can use with the Crypto that your holding. The downfall happened to me recently after securing the account with 2fa. In the beginning of the account security it was great, transfer went smooth, but then there was a attack on CRYPTO last month that caused some disturbances resulting in a 2fa reset forcing certain users to apply this change. Since this was done for me already it didn’t bother me until I went to transfer funds to discover the 2fa was not accurate. This is where the problem started. I contacted customer service and the bot spat out a inaccurate solution resulting in me texting a random agent that request that I submit a video for “security” reasons. After providing said video, it was not good enough, so I have to change email address to “secure” the account. I thought it was over until I get another email saying “he he hee” we need another video of glycine hiding a ransom sign. Now the crypto card I have is frozen and this is still a ongoing issue. Update: In order to Get back into the account I had to literally submit 8 MORE VIDEOS!!! Keep in mind that it’s in a UNSECURE EMAIL, which means your identity will be compromised by another party to be used without your knowledge. This is a Major concern of mine and with the current trend I’m not sure if I will be victimized by this FORCED “security” policy. Again beware…...Version: 3.127

Not too happyAt the beginning, I was happy with this app it is a nice app in the sense that you can earn additional income from owning the different crypto assets. The only issue and the biggest issue that I have is that when I try to make purchases with my debit card, it’s a hit and miss and more often than not It is a miss. When I try to make a purchase some of the times it will go through most of the times it doesn’t go through and the issue is not my bank it is the application. I tried to go through their customer service, but their best advice was to transfer money to the application. What if I don’t want to transfer money, I want to use my debit card so I can purchased the crypto as I go along. Also,If you have a customer that is telling you there’s an issue with a certain part of the application why not try to resolve the issue instead of telling them to not use that part of the application and do their purchases a different way. Overall, yes I do like the application, but I get frustrated very often with it because of the fact that I cannot make my purchases that easily. When I started using the application, all my purchases were going through nice and easy but now I do not know what it is that they did and it is just not that easy. Hope you improve this app and make it work the proper way..Version: 3.126

Terrible company and very sneaky with operatingChanged all benefits for cards in short period of time making the card pointless now and the platform is very slow. Don’t trust them.Version: 3.140

Don’t get this appEasy to set up a Crypto wallet and invest into crypto currency, but if you want to get your money out it’s ridiculously challenging. Especially if you live in New Zealand. Expect to lose lots of your money in fees and charges getting money into the account, then out with ‘minimum transfer limit’ being 500USD.Version: 3.133

Waiting forever for the cardFirst impression is definitely negative. They say the card will be issued and will arrive within a couple of weeks. I’ve been waiting for about 2 months and it still says “pending” even for the virtual card which should be instantaneous given I’ve done all the KYC and my account is fully verified. Having read other comments I know they are trying to push people into higher tier cards by staking ridiculous amounts of their tokens but they’re going about it the wrong way!! If you want business from people you first have to prove your worth and earn people’s trust and deliver on your promises. Had I received the card and used it and found the app useful there would have been every chance I would have upgraded to higher tier cards but as it’s happened Im totally disappointed with their failure to deliver. Will delete..Version: 3.89

App crash on loading screenIm now cant get access to the app since its just keep crashing telling me to contact support but their support is not replying. Great app. Terrible experience.Version: 3.117

WithdrawalApp is terrible I have been trying to find out for weeks how I can withdraw if u are from nz they always make it easy to deposit money but when it comes to withdrawing they give u little to none information on how to do it if someone could get back to me it would be great.Version: 3.97

Good but…can be very embarrassing!Generally a good app however it regularly insists you update it at the very worst moments, i.e. at a grocery till or a busy bar where there is zero Wifi or poor phone signal leaving you high, dry and very, very embarrassed. It doesn’t allow you to use the app if you don’t update it and if you have forgotten to top up your card then you are publicly shamed by the app as it makes you look like you are a broke loser. Very embarrassing! Avoid using the card and app in public places for this reason alone!!!.Version: 3.151

Suspicion lag don’t even bother they spend too much on advertisingI bought crypto and sold at a loss, but many times I tried to sell at a gain, the app lagged or didn’t allow me to sell at the high point above buying price. I’m gona try else where. Once I get all my cas out..Version: 3.124

Suspicious Activity HereCanadian here. I deposited several hundred dollars through etransfer about 5 days ago to test this out(Thankfully not the full 10k I had set aside for cryptocurrency). Nothing in my account. They keep telling me that maybe I didn’t fill out the etransfer correctly. I showed proof of a 100% correct process to their website agent. The agent then told me that she would forward to upper management rather than simply credit my wallet. I suspect that this is a diversion tactic that will drag for a long time with no end. I’m getting my lawyer and having someone open an investigation. Crypto, you’re on notice. I have media connections who owe me big. They’ll be digging soon. Do not use this app. Do NOT transfer money. Find something more trustworthy..Version: 3.94

Falls really shortI was really excited about this app based on what it was supposed to do. It does not do what it should. The UI is extremely difficult to understand since they use odd terminology that would normally mean other things like “transfer” might mean to another wallet and not from one coin to another or you might need to select the word “sell” when you just want to convert one coin to another. It gets really confusing and is not user friendly at all. Support is very, very poor. I ordered the debit card and got an email saying it had been sent but it didn’t come. After a couple weeks I wrote to support but they never answered. I finally got the card two weeks later and activated it. I tried to top it off with the balance the app said I had but my balance was in their coin and it doesn’t have an option to use that for the card. I tried to sell their coin but it said it was locked. It turns out, the balance was from their “gift” which can’t be unlocked unless I buy more coins and stake them. It was complete deceit. I would not recommend this app at all and would give it zero stars if I could..Version: 3.84

Not recommendingI started to use this app and really liked it from the beginning until I noticed a few sneaky things happening. When I purchase a crypto it gives me a rate that’s higher than the real rate, when I try to sell it the rate is a lot smaller than the really rate. When I reached out to support to try to figure this out, was told this is fine, that rates fluctuate every few seconds, how ever at the exact same moment I was looking on other exchanges using other phones and everytime time the other ones had a closer rate to the real rate. For the purpose of this review I did another test. Hnt if try to sell right now shows $13.77 cad at the same time if I try to buy $14.57 cad when the actual price at that exact moment was $14.19 cad. Support says it’s normal. Also be aware if you transfer in money in Canada dollars, when you take it out will be in usd having your bank account charging extra exchange fees on top of the withdrawal fee. All that might eat into profits a lot..Version: 3.138

Don’t get it. Don’t know if it’s working no moreI went to go add more money to my account and the app keeps glitching out saying I need to I date it. Annoyed cause I’ve deleted the whole app and redownloaded but same thing still the app shuts down after a few seconds. One thing im glad I did before it crashing was moving majority of my money to the exodus wallet.Version: 3.110

New users be awareI am fan of crypto, in fact I have invited more than 10 of my friends and families to open account with them, however I had a very bad experience recently with crypto, I have upgraded my card from the blue one to the ruby one I have accepted the charge of £50 in order to get the new card, I have been advised that my blue card will keep working until I receive the new card, fact is they didn’t really do that!!they have cancelled my card more than 10 days ago now and I’m still waiting for my ruby card arrive. I understood from crypto representative that they have high demand and that it will be a delays, also they have advised me it can take up to 2 weeks until I receive a new card. I had a balance of £45 in my blue card, after they have change the viewing of my blue card to the ruby on the app the balance went to zero and I’m still waiting for them to explain why the balance went to zero. Please be aware if you want to upgrade your account you’re going to be charged a lot of money to do so. New users make sure to pick the most suitable card for you when you open the account. I hope from crypto to fix this bad communication, The only way we can communicate with your staff is through the chat platform, it’ll be great if we can give us the right information so we know exactly where we standing..Version: 3.76

Top up in AUD and apple wallet in Australia not allowed.I love the app and the visa debit card, but what’s so annoying is that When you try to top up the card, it’s will only top it up SGD, then you can convert it’s back to your native currency, which is a headache also if you live in a different country than the US, which I do. I live in Australia; I cannot add my card to apple wallet or google wallet. It’s frustrating. I wish they could improve or use this feedback to support their Australian followers and not focus on only American & Singapore people as it is more extensive marketing..Version: 3.114

Upgrading card huge delivery issues.Upgraded my card over a week ago. New card hasn't even been shipped yet. Might take few more weeks if not months. Going to competitors..Version: 3.73

Fees!There are so many fees when you sell I sold some Binance coin and half of value is what I received! Guessing it was the fees… can’t find anything transparent about the fees! Apart from that the app is great.Version: 3.108

Absolute scam - no funds returnedI have transferred funds from a Revolut account. After 4 days checked why the funds still haven’t being shown on the app. After many attempts with customer supports, one of the guys have told me that the funds will return back into Revolut account, as this is not accepted by them. I’m on the 3rd week of waiting and still nothing. Every time I have contacted customer support for evidence that the return transfer have been processed, I’m receiving back a generally mail “as they are very busy and they will come back to me...”. Unfortunately, I start to read more about them after I’ve been burnt. On trustpilot you can see thousands on the same situation like mine. They just took the money. It is a complete scam ..Version: 3.92

Need updateI have been using crypto for more than an year now and is also having a crypto card. I love the app and its interface. But there is a major issue which need to be fixed. I would use the app to buy coins, and so i put the notification on target price or percentage change so that i can withdraw or invest accordingly. But the notification always arrives late. Very late. And sometimes it doesn’t pop at all. And thus forcing me to move on to other app..Version: 3.105

IPhone ApAlways have issues with getting in the ap, signed up in June still waiting on card… customer service is always friendly but don’t think the company was prepared in the sudden uptake, hopefully will improve.Version: 3.118

Easy set up but very slow!Very easy to set up and start crypto trading, but I’ve found the app to be very very slow even on an iPhone 13. Every scroll takes time, and I’ve found the prices for coins different on different pages within the app (only by a few cents) which is frustrating. It would have been great if we had an option to see our own portfolio gain per coin on screen together with the daily gain/loss on them in general..Version: 3.120

Extremely slow to replyThe site seems ok, lots that can be improved. My biggest issue is the time it takes for you guys to get back when I have an issue. It’s all good saying time and time again due to unforeseen issues we are struggling to get back to everyone, hire some more people for crying out loud, you want to be a leader in this, well you need to perform. Been waiting for days now for something I deem very important..Version: 3.65

ScamDont buy anything if you re in canada . i bought some tokens of SHIB but never recieved after they cut my money from bank account .. they are big scammer . Trust me its garbage.Version: 3.94

Good UI but scamI’m very over the difference in prices. It’s been an absolute struggle to make any profit on this app because of bs price differences. Home Screen might say I have say $500 holdings, but after reviewing the accounts tab, I might have $450, and if trying to sell that amount, it’s only worth $420. Better yet after talking with support they put it down to the sell screen being the most updated, however if you try to buy the exact same amount, it will be worth $510?!? Sick of this bs. Scam.Version: 3.133

Not really pleasedI decided to use this platform as coin base is costly in terms of their transaction fees. I’m Not impressed even by the slightest. They let you deposit money effortlessly but when it comes to withdrawal it’s an absolute nightmare. It appears they have temporarily disabled the fiat wallet for UK traders because of the UK leaving the EU of that was the case they should have disabled deposits also!. I have followed their procedures in terms of depositing money to my crypto account via an international transfer I have sent proof of my bank account ownership and yet I’m still unable to withdraw my money from their platform I wouldn’t recommend this platform to anyone. I will stick with Coinbase in future at least I know I will have no issues albeit expensive transfer fees. Sort it out crypto I need my money back!.Version: 3.83

Brutal support, won’t be long until bankruptcyNot sure where to start. Ordered card, had to reorder because it never came meanwhile I staked the cro. Cro dumps, they take away rewards, but I’m still locked in. Just don’t do it guys. After the rewards were scrapped your bank gives you more incentives without the risk..Version: 3.141

GBP! Big problemYou cannot withdraw GBP from the app! It is happy to take your GBP and doesn’t notify you anywhere that it’s an issue before you download the app/make a GBP payment (so they are happy to take your money - good luck getting it out). So, when you go to sell it’s impossible! You can withdraw to a EUR balance, but a) you then carry an FX risk, b) have to make a EUR deposit before you can withdraw (and then get hit with the EUR spread!). In short, DO NOT Touch if you are based in the UK (which is frustrating due to their sponsored ads targeting you). Oh, and i have raised multiple chats on their support but no one ever gets back up you - so good luck trying to speak to anyone. It’s probably not down to dishonest behaviour, just too many user to support..Version: 3.84

Don’t getGood but only thing is it seems to devalues tokens on the app when you should be getting more money from it but it misses a couple dollars when comparing prices on different wallets in guessing it takes small amounts of your money by marking you sell at less of a profit than what you would teally get.Version: 3.93

False advertisingIt’s a real pity with this app as the concept/ vision is great. But the ad claiming that you can trade crypto “at true cost” is false advertising. It is just not true. The difference between buy and sell prices is just enormous. I’ve not experienced anything like it on any other crypto trading service. These guys could have a great business if they just played straight. Which they don’t. Their customer service is also a charade. It doesn’t exist. However moving money or crypto out of the app has not been a problem for me as it seems to have been for others (except that certain tokens are not yet depositable or withdrawable).Version: 3.86

Your money is not safe. (Poor security)The security is very poor. All my bitcoin cash was taken. Fortunately my banking apps are much more secure. I am actually very lucky that I was just about to invest a lot more in bitcoin cash. I definitely will now not do that and I would not recommend anyone else do so. To make matters more frustrating, the so called “support” has been very slow and unhelpful in any way at all. Invest in this app at your own risk but don’t be surprised to find your balance zero and don’t expect assistance..Version: 3.75

No process or system whatsoeverSo I downloaded this 4 days ago and my account is still pending! My friends downloaded this app after me and within the hour their account was approved! We provided the exact same information to them. My pictures I submitted were just as clear as theirs! Absolutely ridiculous! Your guys system is terrible! You should verify the people IN ORDER! That’s what good customer service is! There is no reason I should still be waiting for approval if my friends were approved that fast! So now I have yet another friend who downloaded the app and was approved in 15 minutes!!! You guys need to get organized because this is just terrible!!! Not to mention the fact I have now contacted y’all through the app 3 times and have emailed y’all numerous times now! No response! No help! No anything! Email me back and verify my account please! Now After a few days I finally got a response to my email. You know what it said!? To reply to their response if I needed help and they would email me back within 24 hours as a priority. They never emailed me back when I replied!? What kind of customer service is this?????? Is this what you guys do? Take all peoples information and photos and then keep it for yourself and not even verify them or help resolve their issues!?!?.Version: 3.94

A worst tech support I ever seenA worst tech support team I even seen. Extremely awful service. I cant get into my account a few weeks, because each time I reached out to their help desk, they left our conversation in the middle and I had to go all over again and again. I wish I never used 3.140

Difficult to navigate and comprehendSigned up, jumped through the excessive hoops and finally managed to sign in. Hit a brick wall immediately. No idea how to add funds and is a complete nightmare to navigate. Been pressing every single option and no where is it showing how you can add funds from a bank account or credit card. Maybe it should focus on doing the basic things easily first before focusing on anything else! I finally managed to add funds by Googling. I deposited a small amount into the account. The amount showed up……… 6 hours later, the account is empty! I will be making a report to the financial ombudsman as I’m sure something is not right with this organisation.Version: 3.123

Pretty Good But Could Do With Some ImprovementI’m new to crypto and tried out a few different apps and this is my favourite by far, lots of tradeable coins and low/no fees. Pretty easy to use and easy on the eyes. However I would really like to be able to make stop loss and take profit orders. It would also be great to have the option of customising the charts, even a candle chart option would be nice. Also it’s really annoying how long it takes to transfer fiat currency in and out of the app from your bank account and that your wallet isn’t shared between the app and the desktop exchange..Version: 3.91

High withdraw Minimum, bad 2fa for some, high withdraw feesAll of these problems are only issues for the user who is moving under $1000 dollars per transaction. Their withdraw min is currently .003btc which at the time of this review is around $150. Small time funds will always be locked unlike many other exchanges with much lower, usually 0.001, or with Gemini, 0. If you’re using this to invest small time money of DCA I highly recommend turning away. This app has a $20 withdraw fee at .0004btc to move it to any more secure wallets. Their 2fa bugged out and I had to reset it. I had to spend over 4 days sending and buying funds to get enough btc to finally withdraw just to discover there’s a $20 withdraw fee. Every other exchange I can think of has fees so small they’re still under $10 when moving thousands. Half of this bad experience is due to my negligence of not researching withdraw mins and fees. So it goes to show to do your research. Either way it would not have ch aged my opinion, My mistake doesn’t negate that this app still has high withdrawal mins, high fees, and high withdraw fees. Steer clear really, their cards aren’t really too worth it if your a small fish. You need $1000s of dollars to get the food benefits..Version: 3.123

Be carefulI love this app but the whole staking thing is a scam, if you want a Ruby card and you have already received a basic card. They try to charge you £50 for the upgrade to a ruby card even though you have staked the £300 as required. You also won’t get your sign up bonus if you just stake the £300 until you have paid £50 for the metal card which makes the sign up bonus a big scam. I spoke to customer services and point blank refused to issue the ruby card until I paid £50. Complete scam and now my £300 is stuck for 6 months in the staking pool and I haven’t received my sign up bonus or metal card. Be very careful this is completely misleading and not clear anywhere in the terms..Version: 3.111

Stay away!This app is terrible! Extremely laggy, significantly difficult to move your money or coins in/out and the customer support is regurgitating ! STAY AWAY AND USE TRUSTED EXCHANGES LIKE BINANCE.Version: 3.94

Stay Away From This Company!!!!Stay away from this company and don’t invest!!! If you read the other reviews there’s a pattern that shows that this company is a SCAM!! They make it super easy to buy Crypto but Impossible to withdraw it back into ‘Fiat Currency’ (normal day to day currency) especially if you live in NZ. Plus like many others they double charged me, charged me card fees and now as I couldn’t get my money out my investment has fallen to almost 20% of what it was. I’ve lost thousands!.Version: 3.138

Bank Transfer to NZD currencyI like this app but I wish you can withdraw your crypto to more than just USD and EURO cause I’m from New Zealand so that means I have to use a different app now but this app was okay for the time being.Version: 3.88

Don’t bother to answerIt’s been more than 15 days since I made support request for withdraw my money these stupid support staff doesn’t even bother to get back they just sent you auto generated email saying come closed chat and than they vanished . Real worst site.Version: 3.84

Withdrawal issues in NZ (zero out of five stars)The withdrawal process is such a pain that you have to go to the ends of the earth to get it done. I have been trying to withdraw for over a month now but could not find a way around it. This app is no less than a scam, you can deposit money via your debit/ credit card but when it comes to withdrawal, it is just impossible. Wont recommend this if you are in New Zealand..Version: 3.119.1

Scam Alert! DO NOT INSTALL CRYPTO APPUPDATE: I have been in contact with the Crypto support team. It is the absolute worst! Now, every time I send an email asking them the status of my money, this is the response I get:”We are awaiting an update from our dedicated team. As soon as we have an update, we will let you know.” BTW, this has been going for over one week!! When I used to transfer money from my account to Crypto, it took a couple of seconds. There were no issues at all. Now getting my money from Crypto has become the biggest headache! I REGRET downloading this app! I have been trying to withdraw my money from Crypto into my bank account. They use Plaid to connect to your financial institution. For some reason, Plaid throws an error message stating ‘Something went wrong. Please try again later’. This has been going on for a few days. Crypto support says the issue is with Plaid, and they can’t give me Plaid support contacts. When I got with Plaid, they say to contact Crypto. I have done all the troubleshooting steps Crypto told me to do, and still doesn’t work. But surprisingly, there’s absolutely no issues using Plaid to withdraw money from my bank account and sending it to Crypto. No error messages there. But trying to get my money from Crypto to my bank account somehow, miraculously doesn’t work. Crypto is basically now telling me there’s nothing they can do about it!!!.Version: 3.138

Error by AppGreat app but display on first 30 days is wrong, with an arrow it says free trades for 30 days and after I moved £5000 around a few times I realised that if you look into it more it says free trades on buys. But on the home page it says NO fees under the button encouraging people to buy but the design team should’ve added on buys on the home page, because of this I lost around £1000 in fees that I don’t have. Can you review my account and refund me or put me in contact with design because the display of this is ridiculous. Other than that it’s a good app apart from withdrawals which can be complicated..Version: 3.131

Easy but very very slowThis app is very easy to use but it is extremely slow. And 4 % fee on card transactions that’s a lot. I want to give 2.5 *..Version: 3.123

Do no use if you want to withdraw your moneyI was very disappointed and still not happy with the way the withdrawal system works fiat wallet withdrawal was not hard to find and do but you have to deposit money into the fiat wallet separate of the crypto part in order to be able to withdraw, there is a $100 limit for withdrawing and it is very sketchy as I had to bank transfer the money to a bank in Lithuania and it took two weeks to go through after having to wait for the email now it has processed a month later my bank account is non withdraw-able according to the app so my money was stuck in the fiat wallet for many months but i figured I could rebuy Bitcoin then send that to my wallet on my Binance account which this worked perfectly although you have to have at least 0.003 Bitcoin to transfer and lastly it’s a really bad system compared to it’s competitors as I can instant deposit money straight from a card but have to wait long and mess around with bank transfers.Version: 3.88

Truly Terrible Lost / Stolen Card PolicyPlease be very careful if using this company and card, particularly if it is your main card. Their customer care is atrocious when it comes to handling lost & stole cards, to such a degree they can leave you stranded without funds due to taking 6-10 weeks to replace a STOLEN card. This is when on a high tier which they insist gets better treatment including quicker card replacement. I’m actually shocked how bad their policies & handling is when it comes to emergency situations. I had better service than this back in the 90’s with any bank or credit card company. Never again CAN I chance / relying trusting this company. Hope this helps others, particularly those who use this as their main or only card. As for perpetual travellers, nomads etc you simply can’t risk having this card to serve you on your travels..Version: 3.114.1

Avoid if you are British!Why make it super easy to deposit GBP without warning that you cannot withdraw GBP. So basically whatever cash you deposit, say goodbye to it! Unless you are going to transfer the Crypto to another platform and withdraw there. Also the RIDICULOUS amount they deduct from your sales of Crypto just leaves you feeling robbed every-time. I read someone say earlier that if they just operated fairly they could have been the best platform because they have a large selection of avail crypto’s unlike Coinbase. But they just can’t help themselves smh. Also once you sign up you’re on your own, they will not want to hear from you so do not expect any response to emails or “chat” assistance. You’ll be chatting to yourself :-(.Version: 3.87

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