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XAir Monitor Mixer App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

XAir Monitor Mixer app received 39 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using XAir Monitor Mixer? Can you share your negative thoughts about xair monitor mixer?

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XAir Monitor Mixer for Negative User Reviews

BugBuss master volumes drop by a few db after you set them..Version: 1.03

NFGSo as long as you’re in your basement using the built in router it works. In the real world internal router is useless. Have to use external router for reliable connectivity to be able to control the board. So therefore this app is useless as it can’t find the XAir when using an external router. So that was a waste of $7...... furthermore why is the original App not available. I have it on my ipad but did not come up when searching for it in the app store..Version: 1.02

Refund plsWon’t connect to server, entered IP address over 10 times, did not work, pls refund my money.Version: 1.03

Latence et perte de connection sur la XAIR XR18À défaut d’avoir une application fait par le fabricant Behringer, cette application vient combler un besoin nécessaire pour faire notre propre mix. Ma première impression de l’application, elle est simple, efficace dans sa présentation et facile à utiliser. 2 petits défauts, lorsqu’on se connecte à un mix bien souvent une latence se fait sentir, le mix n’affiche pas toujours correctement le mix qui été créé à la base. Après quelques millisecondes le problème se règle et l’affichage du mix revient. C’est arrivé à 3 reprises qu’il a fallu que je sélectionne un autre mix et puis revenir au mien pour que le problème du mix soit résolu. L’autre défaut, c’est la perte de connexion avec la console. Même en ACCES POINT, nous perdons la console. Alors on doit fermer l’application et réouvrir pour régler cette irritant. Malgré les 2 petits problèmes qui arrivent occasionnellement, cette application demeure efficace pour les besoins et elle fonctionne assez bien. 3/5.Version: 1.02

Save your penniesReally, really doesn’t work . Despite mirroring WiFi and IP address . App needs work. Had thrown together , rushed feel . Disappointed and out of pocket ..Version: 1.02

Doesn’t work and can’t get support.We tried getting this up and running but it can’t connect to mixer. I set up an account to try and join the discussion about this known problem but not being allowed. The problem is that it only works on phones that don’t get O/S updates so iPhone 7 & newer (or new/updated iPads) can’t use this. The developers need to update their app or note this for those with newer devices. Older devices don’t get all the updates so they can still use but that’s NOT a fix..Version: 1.02

Doesn’t workThis doesn’t support or interface with XR 12 behringer …. Total Waste of money..Version: 1.03

Router problemsWill not connect to external router but will connect to the router on XR18 don’t no way.Version: 1.03

Won't connectIt won't accept the IP address and cannot connect. Waste of money. Use the free computer app instead,which does work..Version: 1.03

App won’t connect to XAir18I just purchased the app and have the same problem as others have reported i.e it just searches for the mixer but never finds it. I’m hoping the dev will fix this and I can then give the app a proper rating..Version: 1.02

Terrible misleading appThis app doesn’t have any working features! I need a refund.Version: 1.03

DOESNT WORK AT ALLThis app is a complete scam, doesn’t pick up my Behringer XR18 at all, even with adding the IP address manually. Can I get a refund on the money I gave you?.Version: 1.03

Don’t get this appDoesn’t work and I can’t get my money back!.Version: 1.03

Won’t connect to external router.Doesn’t work. Won’t connect to the XAir though external router..Version: 1.02

It won’t connectI should’ve read the review !!!.Version: 1.03

Update caused the white screen errorUpdated the app yesterday and now I have the white screen when I try to pull up a mix. Didn’t have any issues before update..Version: 1.02

It doesn’t workWaste of money, it won’t connect to the mixer. Using external airport router, other devices connect without issues. Update and fix it!!.Version: 1.02

Like it but....Works great. If I wished for anything it would be nice to have some indication which buss you are currently viewing..Version: 1.02

Doesn’t connect to mixerI would like a refund as this app did not work, even though the correct ip was listed.Version: 1.03

Won’t connect.Tried on 2 devices that had older IOS and will not connect. Disappointed 🙁.Version: 1.03

IssuesI open the app, shows the network I’m connected to but cannot find the mixer. Completely useless until I can connect!.Version: 1.02

Not for IPhoneDoes not work with iPhones. Only iPad..Version: 1.02

I can not conectI try everything it said i can not connect not even any of my band members can yiu help with that please thanks!.Version: 1.02

WorthlessLike another reviewer said this only works with the onboard wi-fi which is useless. I want my money back.Version: 1.03

AppI downloaded the app but couldn’t get it to work, it kept searching for the xr18 mixer. My drummer got his to work with no problem. He tried setting my iphone the way he connected his iPhone but mine would not connect. Frustrating..Version: 1.02

Does not work with routerWorked for 10 seconds then lost connection. Also tried changing IP address but still nothing sadly.Version: 1.02

Unable to control FXThis app only allows you to control channel 1-16 and Aux..Version: 1.03

Won’t connect to external routerI just other people mentioning that it won’t connect with an external router. I wish I would have seen that before I spent the money. Total waste. Like others have said, no one uses the onboard wifi because it’s unreliable. That makes this app useless..Version: 1.03

Terrible interfaceHaving used the android version of crazy interface for my church, I was very disappointed to find out that the apple version is supremely inferior to the android. You don’t have access to any of your aux sends, inserts or gains.. I’m upset I paid for this and will never use it..Version: 1.03

XAirMonitorMixDownloaded to my iPhone 6 but won’t connect to my xr18 how do i get my money back.Version: 1.03

Not optimised for iPhone 11 Pro large screenMixer screen takes up the whole of the iPhone 11 Pro screen (it actually goes beyond the visible screen) and so the master fader at the bottom touches the bottom of the screen and it’s hard to adjust without accidentally coming out of the app due to how iPhones work when you tap the bottom of the screen. Needs rescalable screen or app dimensions reducing to fit properly..Version: 1.03

Works great, two big problemsAs many have mentioned, if you use an external router, this won’t auto connect. Know the IP address of your mixer in advance and you’ll have better luck. Minus one star for that. Second, and more annoying: the app doesn’t account for the notch on the newer iPhones. It makes monitoring channel 1 impossible. Minus another start for that. Other than that, awesome app..Version: 1.03

DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY IF YOU HAVE A IPHONEWaste of 4 dollars. No eq, only mixer and no ability to unmute..Version: 1.02

Doesn’t workI cannot change colors or relabel channels. All you can do is raise and lower volumes on channels. Can not access FX or EQ. I would like a refund..Version: 1.03

Cant connect to x air when using external routerCant seem to connect to the x air - i am using an external router and i am on the same wifi but it still will not connect - not good as i made my hole band purchase the app to use.Version: 1.02

Used to work great now can’t connectUsed to work perfect and was amazing for gigging with iem. Then one day it decided to stop working and just stays on the “searching for mixer” screen even though it is connected. Works for the other guys in the band on iPad just not me on iphone. Tried deleting and reinstalling, changing the ip nothing works. Does anyone have any ideas?.Version: 1.02

No way to connect to my mixer that I can seeI paid the $3.99, downloaded the app, started the app, and it just says it’s searching for a mixer at My only choice is to go into demo mode, which I clearly don’t want to do. My phone is connected to my studio Wi-Fi, and so is my mixer. I’m connected to it with my iPad and my PC right now, no problem. My studio Wi-Fi network is not even on a 192.168.1/24 network, it’s on a 10.0.0/24 network. This app looks pretty half-baked to me so far..Version: 1.02

Can’t connect to IP other than app. In my case, the XAir has a different IP address. The app keeps trying to connect to .1. Would be nice to be able to point the app to another IP assigned to the XAir. The app is now useless to me..Version: 1.02

This app is so unstable...The app keeps freezing and then crashing. I have no use for my xair without this app so I now am going to take this back..Version: 1.02

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