Coinbase Wallet: NFTs & Crypto App Positive ReviewsCoinbase Wallet

Coinbase Wallet: NFTs & Crypto Positive Reviews

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Coinbase Wallet: NFTs & Crypto App User Positive Comments 2023

Coinbase Wallet: NFTs & Crypto app received 36 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about coinbase wallet: nfts & crypto?

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Coinbase Wallet: NFTs & Crypto for Positive User Reviews

Happy EnthusiastGreat wallet and happy it’s kept the decentralised model in place since it was called Toshi (before Coinbase bought it) Mainly 5 stars for me because they banned me from the main Coinbase app before I even used it, and won’t tell me why 😂 so it’s like I bypassed their ban (in a way) Hoping they allow the Coinbase card to function with this wallet, then it’s literally a perfect bundle. Note: If someone at Coinbase finally wants to resolve my ban after 5 years then reply to this comment with the email I should use 😅.Version: 19.11

Can’t buy on uniswapWont work with uniswap or shibaswap Fix it.. can’t sell profit and buy other cryptos.Version: 25.1

Updated ReviewI had previously left a negative review on this wallet and since then things have changed. The main issue was my fault, and not theirs, from my ignorance of not knowing the wallet inside and out. They contacted me today and finally helped me solve a couple of issues. I apologized to them and also explained i just regret the process took so many months to be solved, but i realize this could all be due to the covid situation that has affected many companies services overall. But all in all a great wallet and wish i did not transfer all of my funds out of the wallet due to this misunderstanding. I highly recommend them..Version: 22.13

Coinbase WalletGreat I find it very simple to use , just need a better interface with my other coinbase apps.Version: 23.0

TOP OF THE LIST FOR ME. LOVE THIS WALLETIts a great wallet app. Way better than any other ive ever used apart from metamask is on par, but for utility purposes its got more. My favourite is still THIS Coinbase WALLET tho. So simple. So great. So easy to link etc (depending on other platform links to connect) As an iPhone user. I can honestly say ive not once had a moment of stress with it’s uses. THIS IS THE BEST MOBILE WALLET IVE EVER HAD. (iPhone user) No issues with security or privacy or transactions/delays. NOTHING HAS EVER GONE WRONG FOR ME USING THIS APP. LOVE IT.Version: 28.7

Blockchain - The start of a new revolutionThis is the start of something new. Who would have known that in a short space of time we’ve come from paying with cash to paying with cryptocurrency.Version: 19.5

I am pleased with the systemWould like to learn more how to connect miners with coinbase cloud mining..Version: 25.6

Intro to the future fellas and fellowsThis is been a really neat transition. So far I’ve had a lot of fun abs made some money playing around while learning the platform. I encourage new users to take advantage of the little lessons they offer that is a good way to break the ice. Over time you will familiarize with it. It’s a lot to try and throw yourself in. So relax and take some money in which you do not care in the name of the game and go for it. Find your process and trust your intuition. Find coins or providers they you like what they are doing. They are all unique. Have fun. Tata.Version: 25.12

Great, secure appI really like the integration between my Coinbase account and Coinbase Wallet. It’s great that I can easily send currencies between the two, and buy currencies right from my wallet. All I can say is that it would be great to view individual coin/token price from the ‘Balance’ section, so I don’t need to have open Coinbase in the background to get this info without initiating a trade..Version: 24.3

SupportI would recommend live support phone or chat with someone to communicate with. Would also recommend a bit more information on the process of all the possible transactions. This isn’t the pro app so more info and easier to access. Robo support has hard time clarifying the issue. I would recommend the app , it really is good. I’m trying not to mix up the app review with the coinbase support. Coinbase should definitely have customer service for us with the amount of revenue they generate. It would be cost effective because they would not loose customers do to inadequate support for the volume that they have to handle, we all are new at some level with crypto trades and if I lost all my coin for lack of information I would be outraged. Public traded company and I have an investment with the company as well as a account. Market share is going to be critical on the months to come and I don’t want the company to loose traction with all crypto trade sites popping . Keep striving for more of the market share it be harder to get it later. So put the work in now guys and we will reap the dividends for years to come. Your success is my success!!!! Carpe Diem..Version: 24.9

GreatVery easy to use even for someone like me that isn’t that techo.Version: 25.17

I cannot open my walletI cannot open my wallet after the last update. Can anyone fix it. When i try to oooen this app it is always loading. Please fix it.Version: 23.3

NewerI’ve been using the wallet about a month now and I haven’t really had a problem. I haven’t found a way to “cash out” or send funds directly to my bank acct from the wallet but I don’t think that’s what it or the exchange was designed for. Remember this is a crypto wallet, so naturally the devs want your funds to remain crypto. I’ve seen a lot of reviews that mention problems with transferring funds, non existent recovery phrases, and disappeared coins. I haven’t lost any coins but I did get an insufficient balance message after I tried to move funds from the Coinbase exchange to my wallet once. I had enough to cover the fee and was a little worried after reading the error but I waited for the confirmation email you get when whatever coin you buy on the exchange is available, then I tried the transfer again and it worked no problem. I suggest familiarizing yourself with the wallet and the exchange before you add funds to either. Review your recovery phrase and save it to the cloud, write it down, or commit it to memory. Familiarize yourself with the associated fees because they can add up quickly when converting, buying, or selling if you aren’t careful. Lastly, transfers to and from your wallet are not always instantaneous, but they are much faster and cheaper than traditional methods of sending and receiving funds..Version: 22.2

Somewhere to store my Saitama tokensAfter Coinbase started listing Saitama on their charts I checked out who they were. Only the best looking long term token on the Coinbase charts that’s for sure. Signed up straight away for a Coinbase wallet and stocked it up with Saitama tokens. Only downside is I couldn’t buy them from yourselves Coinbase. I’m sure that will be rectified soon enough though eh… 😉😉.Version: 24.11

Coinbase WalletHaving tried a few crypto currency tools, I have found Coinbase the easiest to use, plus it has useful information when things are not right! Excellent product.Version: 24.3

Ignore reviews about feesThe fees you pay for moving crypto in and out of the wallet have NOTHING to do with the wallet itself, those fees are gas fees for the ETH network... It’s amazing how many people are buying crypto without knowing anything about how it works, ERC 20 tokens will have large fees regardless of where you move them. That’s why it’s not worth moving small amounts and why ERC 20 tokens won’t ever be used for everyday purchases. If you’re new to crypto please take the time to learn, it seems overly complicated at first but once you get the basics down it all starts coming together and makes sense..Version: 24.3

Cannot take my money outCannot take my money out that was my worst experience ever do not recommend it at all Coinbase are thief.Version: 23.4

Don’t use this wallet- lost fundsI withdrew $2,900 USDT Tether from my Binance exchange account and sent to Coinbase Wallet, and yes I selected the correct ERC20 network. I have now been waiting more than 14 hours and Still haven’t received any USDT Tether. Shocking. I tried looking for their customer service number, no support. Sent on line email ticket. Other wallets take maximum 10 minutes for transfers..Version: 24.10

Actually worksWay better than MetaMask. Zerion-MetaMask interface is buggy and appalling..Version: 23.5

Great customer serviceGot my money back in my account after depositing it without reference great help I recieved within 24 hours..Version: 22.14

Terrific WalletI have used the wallet & even tried some others to compare. Knowing what I am doing, this does everything I need which is just to store my crypto. I have more learning to do before I try to earn any interest. I’ve read many reviews of people who do not understand that coins that are powered on the Ethereum network, must pay fees of ETH to send, convert. So be careful. If you just want to store money, use: BTC, BCH, LTC, XLM, ETC, ETH, & AVAX as these will not need Ethereum to transfer out. If you put something like DAI, USDT, USDC, BAT, or any other Ethereum-based coin, you will need ETH to send. Please get more informed before. Understand it is self-custody so you are in charge. You are the support, don’t blame Coinbase for your lack of knowledge. Do not click links or connect your wallet if you do not have FULL understanding of what you are doing because if you get scammed out of your coins, Coinbase is not gonna give you money because you allowed yourself to get scammed. Lastly, write down your seed phrase on paper, back up up to cloud & connect your exchange to an authenticator app so no one could ever send coins without your authentication. Be responsible..Version: 25.13

Good wallet, close to being greatOne suggestion for the devs and an essential thing that prevents me from making this my default wallet is the lack of functionality to sign a message with my private key to prove ownership of my wallet. Add this!! This is a good wallet overall that gives the user actual ownership/possession of their coins. I like the integrated ability to convert ERC20 tokens through integration with DeFi. Another plus is having my wallet on the iOS ecosystem that is theoretically less open to threats like theft of private keys compared to more open operating systems..Version: 24.0

Good app, for some reason buttons don’t always workThe app is easy to use and user friendly. A little frustrating that certain buttons often don’t work on the app. Most commonly the bottom row of the key pad when entering amounts..Version: 24.5

TrustworthyI have invested some money, and my income is not bad. My friends and I are using it to make money..Version: 25.11

HamedHey you. I wish you to die before consuming my money. You have taken and blocked the money of all people and you are such a scammer. Wish you the same for all your family..Version: 25.6

Faulty appCoinbase didn’t use recovery phrases later, they used other methods of verification. For some reason this doesn’t work on the ipad model but asks simply for a password on iPhone..Version: 22.14

Coinbase WalletTerrible application just errors all the time with transactions. Gas or miners fee calculation having serious problems. Support none available to my knowledge..Version: 19.12

Top 3 consistentlyAlways easy to use platform with something for everyone.Version: 25.6

5 Stars when we can stake $SHIBPerfect otherwise.Version: 24.7

Investment!!I’m enjoying the app and how easy it is to transfer one asset through into the wallet. The one thing that can get annoying is the security delay but I hope all follows through perfectly fine! Happy investing !!.Version: 25.10

Boss WalletAll I can say is this wallet is the best!!.Version: 25.14

Quite simple when confidence growsAs a first time user of withdrawing assets, I was quite nervous of making a mistake. So I tried small amounts, around 20 or £50 to begin with, once I Got the hang of it and double double checked each transaction and my confidence grew it really is quite straightforward. Just practice with small amounts to start off with and you will be fine, have confidence in yourself..Version: 28.11

Clean, Easy to Use and Beautiful UII began my journey into crypto about a year ago. I needed a place to start. My spouse introduced me to their friend. I began talking and learning the basics. I was overwhelmed. Coinbase was the first application I was show . It was easy to navigate, trade, concert and buy crypto. I bought my first $20 of crypto currency. Not a big deal. It is easy to transfer with low gas fees and miner fees. The place to go to cash out your crypto into your bank. Signing up and going through identification and vetting process is easy and quick. Coinbase has rewards for watching videos and taking quizzes. I suggest you do them, you can acquire up to $50 in crypto currency alone. Not a bad deal. Clean design, easy on the eyes, pleasant to navigate and makes your first crypto experience calm..Version: 24.13

Great! Great!Working brilliantly’.Version: 23.6

Feature RequestsGreat app! I especially like that the seed phrase/private key stay on your mobile device, even when approving transactions using the Chrome extension. The next best thing to a hardware wallet. A few suggestions: 1. When selecting Settings > Recovery Phrase, please add a very scary (and informational) warning before showing the seed words. With SharePlay now built into FaceTime, I suspect scammers will attempt to ‘help’ new/unsuspecting users by asking them to open this Recovery Phrase while sharing their screen. 2. I can’t seem to find a way to clear browser history in the app. It would be nice if it was possible to purge history and disconnect my wallet from all websites at the same time (similar to ‘Clear Privacy Data’ in Metamask). If I wanted to interact with that site again in the future, I would need to reconnect. 3. New users are often worried when they see the developer name Toshi, thinking that this is a fraudulent application. If possible, switching the developer name to Coinbase would inspire more confidence in the app. Keep up the good work!.Version: 24.13

Don't listen to the grandadsThis app is straight forward, easy to use and has the most user friendly interface. The bad reviews are from grandads that don't want to take the time to learn or understand what they're doing..Version: 25.6

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