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Camera+: Pro Camera & Editor App User Positive Comments 2022

Camera+: Pro Camera & Editor app received 182 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about camera+: pro camera & editor?

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Camera+: Pro Camera & Editor for Positive User Reviews

Happy SnapperYes works well better than standard app. Gap less than earlier but still very happy with app..Version: 4.6.1

A great photographic App👍😀.Recommended for anyone wishing to take their iPhone photography to another level👍. I have been using as my prime photographic App for 3+ years with total satisfaction😀. Looking forward to using with iPhone 13 pro when I purchase next year..Version: 6.0.5

Best iPhone camera I’ve discovered as of yet!This is by far the BEST iPhone camera app I’ve discovered (so far!) — and I’ve tried a LOT of the ones available on the App Store. Usually, I hate to say this but most of those apps tend to not even be worth using over the default iPhone camera app! 😬 This app, however, is way better than the default and all the other camera apps I’ve tried, too! It even produces photos comparable to what I get with my $4k Canon 5d Mark IV!!! I’m not sure what *exactly* is the magic that this app has that others don’t, but what I do know is that it sure does have some kind of magic because almost EVERY single photo I take with this camera app comes out excellent! 🥺🥺🥺 I’m sooo glad I finally found a really great camera app for my iPhone that actually has the capability to product top-quality photos every time! I love it and I have no complaints at all thus far after using it for about a month. Thank you so much, devs, for creating such a wonderful, quality, reliable camera app for iOS! I really appreciate it!♥︎.Version: 22.0.6

It’sGreat.Version: 4.6

ExcellentThis app is great for taking images and for editing. I use it all the time..Version: 4.5.1

Still best camera AppOne of the first Apps I got on my first iPhone 11 years ago, I begrudgingly got Camera+ 2 thinking do I have to buy an new app every time I want to upgrade? But this app keeps getting better!! Monument, ultrares, and now brackets. Thank you 🙏.Version: 22.2

Love this appI’ve been using Camera+ for years now and would never change..Version: 6.1.9

A great camera when you understand itI have been using this camera ever since it came out but I’m still getting to grips with it. A manual would really help.Version: 5.0.4

Excellent Digital Camera AppFor those of you who are thinking about getting a Digital Point & Shoot camera, I would say go for it but before you do, use this app for 6 months or more because what you learn through this app is absolutely amazing. The Camera +2 is where I learned and developed my editing skills and my familiarity of all of the settings and all of that will transfer over if and when you get your first digital Point & Shoot Camera.. it’s a great learning tool but also has powerful editing tools like no other and I still use the app on a daily basis.. and it still takes great pics as well…. The last thing I want to ask is to the LiteSoft/Camera + 2 people…Are you ever going to develop a slo-mo or Timelapse feauture within this app or the video version of this app? Otherwise Excellent job and please, keep making us Happy..😁😁😁👍👍👍.Version: 6.1.10

Best camera appI used the original Camera+ for many years and it evolved into a great camera app that gave lots of control over exposure and post-processing. Having recently acquired a new iPhone 11 with two cameras it was time to upgrade to the enhanced Camera+2 app. From what limited use I have had, it looks every bit as good as its predecessor with even more control options. A not unpleasant drawback is the time it takes to explore all these new tools!.Version: 3.6

Great Photo app.I wish I downloaded this app first. I tried others but none of them come close to how nice this app can take photos and has so many settings in it for a professional but it has great abilities for automatic stuff for the average person like myself point and shoot. But with their settings, they always come out perfectly. With the new added editing capabilities he will not need to buy a separate app for anything he does it all. Highly recommend..Version: 4.5.1

Fab app for people who want best photosIt makes it all so easy. Focus where you want, expose how you want and then edit so easily. Could not be better. Leave your SLR at home unless you want to print off A1 A2 size photos.Version: 2.1.2

Unlocks high quality from phone camsHave used both v1 & v2 of this excellent app. Ability to shoot raw format provides massive quality boost over standard phonecam capabilities. Hugely increased flexibility: exposure, aperture and shutter speed, iso adjustments and post processing flexibility open far more creative possibilities too. Results are far closer to photo taken using a proper decent compact or bridge camera, albeit not quite comparable to DSLR. Easy to use too, full marks!.Version: 3.0.3

THE ORIGINAL MISSING CAMERA APPWhen you need more control over your camera this is the one - The original one of the very first camera apps and still the best.Version: 4.0.3

The best camera app I’ve ever usedI thought that after nearly 10 years of using this app I should actually come here and show some appreciation for it. I have tried a lot of the paid apps over the years and this one stands head and shoulders above the rest. It is like a cut down version of Lightroom and allows for quite fine control over many aspects of editing and colouring your photos. There really isn’t that much else to say about it except it is an indispensable part of my mobile device photo arsenal and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. A note to the developers: I am really liking the changes you have made to the layout of the app. Editing feels much more immediate and the extra visual aspects of the controls are on point. Props to you for continually improving this app since its release..Version: 22.0.4

Awesome app one of the BestOnly thing is when take photos in app doesn’t label on the top of a HDR or Portrait.Version: 5.0.5

Solves many needsLove how easy it is, right where you need it, like the sliders for EV and lens/zoom. They totally speed up shooting. Then there’s Apple’s new proRaw with Deep Fusion to perfect your capture on the fly. There are so many other features, all for the cost of a burger and fries. It’s one of the few truly great bargains out there. I’m a pro who also teaches workshops and this app has just become our new standard for teaching. Also got their film app REC. Same story. You guys have greatly enhanced the value of my iPhone 12 Pro Max. Thank you!.Version: 4.6.5

Great!The new UI needs some getting used to, but I had to find my way through 😄 I recall my previous review that was 2 stars, and I would give it 5 stars now!.Version: 1.5.3

Superb controls and options for stillsJust love this app for specidd asl stills where we want control- like night pics or macro flowers etc. - great coordination with Apple photos. Just wish easier to edit iPhone taken photos on iPad before saving to Apple photos/Google photos..Version: 6.1.9

Enough Said…Excellent App… Simply Get It!.Version: 22.0.4

Get a lot of love.I’ve bought the camera plus app years ago. I paid a fair price. I think it could’ve been $2.99. Developers and the company have given me a ton of updates free. No we are all using Camera+ number two and I still never been charged anything else or all of their efforts. I think this team is done and outstanding job and I hope to see them flourish even more in the future. You get a lot of love! It’s Rad and they are on top of technology..Version: 5.0.6

Great photosThis app is easy to use and offers lots of settings!.Version: 6.1.12

Awesome appAll the features in this app are amazing and the fact that it can shoot in raw mode is icing on the cake.Version: 5.0.3

No HDR modeIt’s a good app but there seems to be no way of shooting in HDR mode. Any advice? Thanks for the response from the developer- it answers the question. A feature request would be much appreciated. I’ve changed my rating to 5 star..Version: 3.8

IndispensableIt would be difficult to estimate how much I’ve used this app over my decade of iPhone ownership. Suffice it to say I cannot imagine mobile photography without it, and it would be a steal at several times the price. Do not hesitate to purchase!.Version: 4.5

CrashesHi love this app and use it a lot but just lately after editing a image I go to save it and the app crashes or just spins and will not save. So you have to start again and try to get it to save but I have given up now and will uninstall until they fix this bug..Version: 1.6.5

This app keeps getting betterLook, I am no camera officianardo but this by far is the best camera app out there. It’s ancestor Camera+ was great but this takes it to the next level..Version: 3.7.1

Patricia’s World.I’m excited to see how this will help me snap better photos , I appreciate being able to photo in Macro! Wonderful clear pics, I'm only to had to be telling my photo group about it 😁‼️.Version: 2.0.1

This is now my go to camera app.It has everything I need and more. I can thoroughly recommend this app.Version: 6.1.14

Great updateMakes my photos look professional and high res.Version: 22.0.7

My go to cameraJust loving this camera app. Especially the macro mode just keeps producing magnificence results. Even the editing suite with Magic Mike and clarity pro enhances the final image. Surprisingly great filters with “Dianne” being my goto favourite.Version: 22.0.4

HHExcellent picture quality, lots of options for control, regularly updated with improvement and new features. I am very satisfied with Camera+ 2..Version: 4.5.1

Great camera appHardcore old school manual photographer here, thrilled with the flexibility and quality I’m getting with this app and iPhone XS. Still learning new tricks and looking forward to playing with the new shortcut features..Version: 4.5.3

Camera+2Well done again guys! I love this App because of the versatile range of features, and which produces great end results. Keep up the good work! I just wish we didn't have to rewrite our reviews after each upgrade..Version: 4.0

This cam offers a CONSTANT FLASHLIGHTI had the old camera+ app for years and I loved it and took hundreds, probably thousands of meaningful photos with it. I decided to pay the version two fee because they aren’t the type of company that comes out with a new version every year or two. This app is great for taking detailed photos. Camera 2+ allows focusing on the right content, with the right zoom, with right white balance, with the right time of exposure. I want you to buy this app because this is a company that made a very useful camera app..Version: 1.6.4

Love it!I am really enjoying this app a lot! The pictures come out wonderful and I love being able to control my shutter speed for shot on my iPhone. I really wish there was a way to blur the backgrounds in some of my pictures, I just got the app four days ago so there could be a way and I haven’t found it yet but I don’t think there is. That is the only thing that I would change. Hopefully someone who works on this app will see this review and if there is way to blur backgrounds they will let me know. 😉.Version: 4.0.1

Nailed itTop marks for a fine app. Well done.Version: 4.6

Camera 2Super facile et efficace.Version: 4.6.5

Continuous improvements. User friendly.Love the way this app has evolved and improved. Very user friendly for both taking photos and subsequent editing. Highly recommended..Version: 2.1

Superb Photo App, best ever!I look this app. It has changed my last. I look taking pictures without my photos. I feel so well equipped to catch the best moments in London with this easy to use excellent app..Version: 4.5.4

Best camera appI’ve been using camera+ for 6 years and it continues to be an outstanding app. I’ve taken travel photos for a published book, documented my artwork for print and web use because I can control the image quality and resolution..Version: 4.6.5

Love this appThis app makes creating beautiful, creative individual photos possible for all users - really easy to use, the editing suite makes an ordinary photo into a beautiful expression of the photographers art ..Version: 4.0

Far and away the best in its $ rangeFor those that figure “I don’t need to buy another camera app since my phone/pad/watch already has a phone”, you have not used this app. Ostensibly both apps are using the same MP lens (front and rear) but that’s where the similarities end. You will get cleaner pics in low light, crisper colors and B&W indoor and outdoor shots and the real advantage with this app are the edit features (on Camera 2plus) that you’d be paying 10x the price otherwise. For those that healthy skeptics looking for the best for less- stop and go with this. Tellem Doogie sent ya..Version: 4.5.4

Aachen dgjjvfdThis.Version: 4.5.1

The best iPhone camera appI’ve tried about a dozen and by far this is the best. I used it on my iPhone 6S plus and now on my iPhone XS. It’s awesome. Totally worth it..Version: 4.5.1

FantasticSimple, easy ACCURATE good pictures full 5⭐️ ! Richard.Version: 22.0.8

Camera+ 2It’s an excellent photo app, a serious competitor to the Lightroom raw photo app. The addition of video capabilities would be wonderful! Well done!.Version: 4.5.4

#1 camera appThis is my #1 camera app. I have been using it for several years and the only gets better with time..Version: 4.6

Nice app,butMissing easy tutorial on app.Version: 6.1

48mp AI res boosting seems fakeI like the other features of this app but the 48mp res booster feels completely fake. When I open a photo and zoom all the way in on Apple photos and then open Camera+ and do the same, I notice that the app downscales my photo A LOT and then when I click the 48mp res boost it then restores the image to its original quality. Not sure if it does the same for other people but this is my experience. Not including the res boost thing I would give this app a good 4 1/2 stars comparing it to other free editing apps..Version: 22.0.4

Ease of useThis is my go to camera app as I can do more with it. Love it.Version: 6.1.9

The best of the best.I have used Camera+ since it came out a number of years ago now. The camera piece is second to none and the editor is unparalleled in the world of device photo apps. I would be lost without this app. They keep adding features regularly and improvements to the functionality as well. This app has no peer in the device sector and holds its own against many of the computer based editing applications. I love it plain and simple. In combination with iPhone X my DLSR sits in the bag more often than not..Version: 6.1.8

No words requiredThe update is fantastic, you have out done yourselves not just by the power of the app but how it’s pleasing to the eye. Take a bow guys and gals..Version: 22.0.4

Dedicted- motivated- always on topThe devs of this app are Very dedicated to making the best use of the iPhone platform. They are motivated to squeezing every bit from the processor, to allow you to be the very best you can. We know as photographers, the images are only as good as the person behind the camera at hand. I can say the ease of use in this app is on point. The quality images it churns out from a tech perspective is the best I’ve seen and used. I can say without any reservations Camera+ should be the default camera app in your iPhone camera bag. *disclaimer, this is not a paid review nor do I have any connection whatsoever to the devs. I just really appreciate the time and effort to keep this app always on top and my go to photo app!.Version: 22.0.8

First Impressions - excellent!I have just had a short experience with this app but for me 1st impressions are really great. I popped out to give it a try in macro mode and burst function and it was absolutely superb. I haven’t had enough experience with it to say more yet. I have now been using this app for several years and it is my favourite camera app. I use it every time I want a macro shot and I know I have so much more to discover. Thank you for your responsiveness, developers..Version: 22.0.4

Best camera and processing appI use it every day. I don’t even bother with the native app..Version: 4.6.3

Fantastic cameraI have used Camera + for several years now and it never lets me down..Version: 6.1.4

AmazingI’ve been using the app for around 2 months primarily for food photography and this is by far the best app I’ve come across. I don’t use any others anymore. The quality is absolutely superb, user friendly interface and does everything I need and more!.Version: 4.5.1

Thank goodness for this app and developerI “upgraded” to a new iPhone 11 max pro and despite the specifications on the camera being theoretically better than my previous XS Max, for the life of me I could not capture an aesthetically pleasing macro shot as I could with the XS Max. I take macro shots daily for my business all day long. This problem was having a huge impact on my work and workflow. I began searching for a camera app that might help and this one nailed it. Even without the myriad of controls you get with this app, simply going into macro mode, using the zoom slider, and visually focusing, you get a beautiful macro shot without the distortions and uneven detail and lighting I was getting with the native camera app. So even if you are not interested in detailed camera exposure controls for example, however useful they may be to you in the future, as a point and click replacement you get a winner with Camera+ 2..Version: 4.0.1

LoveGreat camera. Always use it.Version: 6.1.1

Excellent, Clever and Intuitive to use.Been using this as my go to camera app across each iphone upgrade - currently 11plus. Integrates seamlessly producing results which “compare” with my Cannon 700d..Version: 22.1

Camera + 2I really use my iPhone Xmax as a camera along with my DSLR and I began using this app a few years back on my iPhone 6 as my go to editor. On this device and this new version 2, everything feels much more solid and with the latest apple operating system its a great combination! I just started playing with the camera side of this app so I’ll do an update when I can. There are quite a number of photo editors for your mobile devices competing for attention but I would give this one a try!.Version: 1.5.2

The best 3rd party camera appSometimes I veer away (ProCamera mainly), but I always end up returning to Camera+ It’s got a dedicated team that updates frequently with humour and effectiveness and works across the iOS platform, though people who take pictures with their iPad on a regular basis should be taken out and shot - bullets, not photography..Version: 4.5

My FavouriteThis is and has been my go to app for taking photos as well as editing. It’s excellent!.Version: 22.0.8

Like it love it! 4.75 starsLike this more than Camera+ for several reasons, main one being not as many errors as I use to get... love that you can edit photos without having to import them - as I use to save in both photos and the camera+ app, now I have 17 GB of photos that I think are saved in my photos but afraid to delete them for fear I’ll delete some I don’t have. Not sure how to access the photos other than trying to export, which takes forever or I get an error and/or just keeping a backup of the photos!! So glad I don’t have to worry about it with this news one!!!.Version: 2.0.3

Grest appsBravo!.Version: 6.1.9

❤️macroI take a lot of photos of wild bees to identify and record them. The macro mode gets some great results, especially when combined with burst to improve the chances of getting a moving subject in focus at close range.Version: 6.0.4

Vaut le coûtTrès bonne application sauf qu'il n'y a pas de mode vidéo 😏.Version: 4.6

Camera +2Excellent color and quality photos with this app. I love all the editing tools as well. Getting some amazing shots with this app..Version: 6.1.7

Camera 2 more features, useful Hoo To’sNew IPhone 13 Pro Max! Even better options now for Canera 2! Very responsive help. Great Blogs with help. I had requested ability to “easily” print help and blogs so I can study at my pace. Nöel Rosenthal, who writes the blogs and heads design responded to request quickly and personally that they would look into it. Pretty darn good these days. No AI. As for Camera+2 your images will improve dramatically especially with the newer better camera lenses. I leave my FujiFilm X-2 home more often now as ease of sharing pics is so easy within app. And for print RAW is there so easily pop into your photo editor and you have a great image to print! Thanks Nöel for response and looking forward to print utility within app..Version: 6.1.14

Best photo app availableSo many manual adjustments if that’s your thing, but fully auto for easy ‘Point & Shoot’..Version: 3.8

Great on iPhone, not able to use on iPadNew user to Camera+2 and was glad to see it would allow me to use it both on iPhone and iPad. My main photo edits are on my iPhone but sometimes when my phone is charging, I do use my iPad. Please tell me why this app is not working on my iPad? Other than that, loving and learning to use this app on my iphone11PM. ❤️.Version: 3.9.1

I used to love this appUPDATE: due to the current update all issues were resolved and it’s back to being wonderful.Version: 6.0.5

It’s the best made betterOk let’s just start this off by saying the original Camera+ was my go to app because of dependability pic quality and numero uno the lightbox feature nobody had then or not always nowadays. However this new improved version ups the ante with the trash can feature to replace the awesome undo tab of the previous app which saved the day when possibly deleting something permanently. It’s not easy to find in light box look for deleted not labeled as a trash can cuz I had thought I deleted something seriously awesome I was enraged lol thank heavens I discovered the deleted area, Whew! Those who say this is just like the original aren’t paying close enough attention. It’s just as good yet better. Case closed..Version: 1.5

Best app on my phoneI use this app almost every day to take photos and edit them. I get results that exceed what I can get with the Apple camera, and ones that consistently impress my friends. This week the app started crashing. I submitted a problem report (through Camera + 1) and got a response within half an hour. Within two days they had published a new version to fix my problem. That is the way I wish all companies executed!.Version: 6.1.11

C2 version does Macro - iPhone does notI am using this camera APP now rather than the standard iPhone built in software option. iPhone developers need to smell this APPs Coffee it’s fantastic 👍🏼.Version: 6.1.14

Architectural DocumentationOutside of all the silly and impractical art photography I do, Camera+2 has proven itself to be an indispensable tool in my work as an architectural designer … Be it taking brochure/catalog shots of finished buildings and spaces, documenting contractor success or malfeasance with certain design details or illustrating a myriad of architectural styles, details or embellishments that can be added into my work; Camera+2 has demonstrated again and again just how up to the challenge it truly is … Three cheers to Camera+ and here’s looking forward to another decade of being lauded in the office as the best “staff photographer” … Luís D’Avila Salem, MA.Version: 6.1.8

It’s well worth supporting this app…Using now for 3 or more years and it keeps getting better! WELL DONE😊Gr8 to support a company which prides itself on quality and delivering for its’ customers: THANK YOU!! Still making sure we Keep On Smiling 😊 👍🏼.Version: 22.0.2

Needs fixingLove this app, but there is a problem in recent version. It’s impossible to save the edited photo on the iPhone. The app just freezes, with the circle going round and round. The same problem doesn’t apply in the iPad. Please fix it so that I can give it a five star rating again..Version: 5.0.4

Brilliant for added creativityCamera 2+ gives me the opportunity to be creative..Version: 4.6.2

Superb: best capabilities and better interfaceHave used Camera+ almost since it’s beginning. It’s always included features extending Apple’s hardware and software well beyond the baseline—both in editing and initial shooting. So much Camera+ 2 can do to extend the technical, combined with comprehensive support and continuous development..Version: 6.0.2

Really is the best out thereOf all the Photography apps the original Camera+ and the new Camera+2 are simply the best. They have all the features empty want in an app..Version: 4.6

Outstanding AppAs a pro photographer, like anyone else I don’t carry my Canon always with me, to heavy. But for shooting on the go, it’s my favourite camera app. Simple, powerful and amazing photos! Conclusion... Go for it!.Version: 4.5.3

Great control for my phone cameraI love this app. I use it for pics where I need some control. Excellent for nice sharp macro shots. I also like the manual control, allowing me to design some photos much more. Highly recommended..Version: 4.5.1

Amazing camera appIf you want the power of full functionality of a manual camera or let the AI do the work - this is an incredible app to boost your photos into something special. Great interface and easy to use but powerful if you learn the ropes..Version: 3.9.1

Got the SHOT!This app is worth paying for. I’ve had for a number of years and although my current/somewhat latest phone has a great camera, C2 still out performs. I especially use for sunsets and beach landscape. The best feature is that it takes sequence pics. So if I miss the first shot, the very next gets it in the same pose. Using the lab and other editing features are great as well. The only small issue is some images seem have some graininess. The editing does not remove on this app but my phone app clears images a bit better. Thanks!.Version: 4.6.1

Love ItAfter fixing a bug on my phone, This is a big improvement on the original. Easy to use and get quick results, and the raw editor is fantastic! Still a favorite.Version: 1.1.3

Settling on my permanent photo appI am constantly required to take pics in my workplace. As an avid photographer used to using a DSLR (which I can’t carry around with me at work), I would spend hours in Affinity Photo touching my pics. However, since gaining confidence with Camera+2, I take excellent quality pics, and can adjust them if needs be in the same app. It works for me..Version: 4.0

Really easy transition from DSLR.I heard iPhone camera were great but....To be able to shoot raw & manual and be able to edit in same app is great. Since I got this app I haven’t picked up my Sony a6000..Version: 6.0.4

Awesome with one flawTook my breath away at the level of detail this mode can help capture and hands down a must have if you wish to take awesome pictures using your mobile however the only downside to it is the insane usage of the battery, can go from 100% on a new iPhone to 80% within a few minutes of usage in Portrait mode.Version: 1.1.4

Loving camera +2 so far.I’m no expert in iPhone photography but so far this app is great easy to use and most of all loads of features that native camera doesn’t have. So at mo deserves 5 stars.Version: 22.0.4

My favourite go-to camera app1. Lightbox - no cluttering of my backed up pics, easy 1-tap delete 2. Great performance accross all still modes I would love to have a video shooting mode, then it would almost completely replace the Apple app..Version: 2.1.1

Best camera/photography app on iPhone, hands down!I’ve been using Camera+ over its many versions for ages, and it is by far the best camera app for photographers who want control over the camera itself and direct in-app control of processing as well. The latest update hugely improved the interface in the processing part of the app, with sliders that make it much easier to precisely control color and exposure balancing as well as various effects. If you are a photographer who likes to control your camera and your photo-editing, this is the camera app for you!.Version: 22.0.7

Camera+2This is an awesome app and if your serious about your iPhone photography then you need camera+.Version: 1.1.1

Online Resellers Secret WeaponUsed this app for years. Tried it once for my online reselling business, sold my DSLR Camera setup and went full smart phone.Version: 22.1

Camera+2You just keep creating new standards. Been with you forever..Version: 1.1

FantasticThis is the best app I’ve come across. It would be better improved if there was a part to be able to take Better night photos..Version: 3.9.1

So easyThis is without doubt the best all round all purpose camera app for iPhone. Really fast easy to access settings with great editing options..Version: 4.5.1

The new interface is awesomeThanks for this update Camera+ 2 devs! Love the new design and everything is so much easier to understand via Presets. Wondering if there is a button to switch lens camera for dual iPhone?.Version: 2.0

From a 12 Pro MaxThis is an Excellent App. I spend hours taking & Editing Image. It keeps Me Focused on the Beauty that surrounds Me Everywhere. ThanK You..Version: 6.1.14

For me, it’s the easiest and best.Never use the built in camera any more. Camera+2 has got to be one of the best apps to use. None of your nasty subscription based money grabbing rubbish either. But and go!.Version: 4.0

Goto CameraCamera+ 2 is definitely my goto camera on my phone. Manual if I need it, generally shoot RAW on auto and edit in app. Great range of editing options and filters though I only tend to use 1 of 5 of my favourite filters if ever. But. They’re there if I want them. Fully recommend this camera..Version: 4.0

Good, but...If this app can make my iPhone (for asian market) shutter sound go away, it could have been a 5 star. Microsoft Pix , Reica have an option to turn off the shutter sound, not this one....Version: 2.0.2

A great app❗️I have added this app on I think this is my 3rd device never had a problem never a duff picture❗️.Version: 6.1.14

Great appVery helpful when taking photos in difficult light and different scenarios..Version: 1.1

Useful appI use this app quite a bit for macro work. It’s pretty straight forward to use and the pictures are decent. Not too buggy..Version: 6.1.14

Taking control!The level of control over your camera makes it easier to get exactly the photo you want. Access to all camera settings, easy intuitive interface, and really quick. Love the app!.Version: 4.5.1

Improvement on my favourite shooting appI was nervous to see a new version of what has long been my favourite shooting app, but I’m pleasantly surprised. If anything it seems slightly slicker. I worried when long exposure shooting seemed to have gone but support were quick to point me to a new shooting mode under the + button. Very powerful app and excellent support..Version: 1.1

A Great 2nd CameraI use this app when I have to shoot something that the iPhone SE’s built-in Camera app can’t do. For example, Camera+ 2 is designed to handle extreme close-ups (macro) or shoot only when things are stable. I use these two features together for great close-ups of flowers, insects, etc. I also like the long-exposure feature, although I wish I could change the exposure time to a greater degree. I’m sometimes overwhelmed by all the options on screen at one time, such as focus, ISO, etc., but I can overlook these issues in the hope that the developers will eventually allow users to simplify the interface. (Hint, hint.).Version: 2.1.1

Amazing❗️Just stunning......Im always hesitant to download new apps as im abit old school and use only whats pre-loaded in the phone but boy oh boyyyy this camera app is insane! I thought id need to buy a macro attachment to get macro Shots but hellll noooo this app has an awesome macro preset already there ! So amazing i love it.Version: 3.0.3

A great Camera App... RAW includedI really enjoy using this App, well actually it’s a camera with a few ‘bells and whistles’ than the average camera App. I have had some good results with my experimenting with the ‘b & w’s. I have made a few mistakes too but, we don’t talk about those de we!! Anyways, I would definitely recommend this camera App to everybody and try out things you may not have had the courage to before. Don’t forget now Camera+2..Version: 2.0.3

FantasticSO worth it’s money FAR better than anything else available.Version: 22.0.8

Love this App..!!Camera+ Pro is My go to App for pix and editing! My standard that I compare all other apps to and it has yet to let me down! No matter what new app comes out, of course I’ll always try it out, but they never even come close to Camera+ Pro! This App is Intuitive, easy to use, a phenomenal photo editing app and puts the finishing touch on every single pic I take! Thank you Camera+ Pro for always being 100 steps ahead of everyone else!.Version: 22.0.7

LoveThe updates are amazing.Version: 4.5.4

Gets better and betterOne of my main go-to apps! Thank you ❤️.Version: 1.6.1

Camera +2L’application m’a l’air vraiment génial mais je viens de constater que je ne peux filmer avec cette application alors je suis vraiment déçu de l’avoir acheté.Version: 6.1.3

Love itJust love this camera+2 app. Use it all the time. Well done..Version: 6.1

Brilliant!Saved me loads of time shooting and editing for online sales - my only gripe would be it needs a background remover in the edits then it would be perfect and no need for 2 apps..Version: 3.9.1

Annoyed I had to pay BUTI put off purchasing Camera+2 for a while now even though I love the original app! I was annoyed I was being asked to buy it “again”. However, it’s $2.99. I had Camera+ for a little over 6 years. So I guess I can spare $0.04 cents a month considering I’ll go to Starbucks tomorrow morning and not bat an eye at a $4.99 latte. That aside. The newest iteration appears much faster. I’m currently running on an iPhone 8+. My current favorite feature is the EDIT function. In the previous app I had to load a photo I wanted to edit into Camera+. Edit it. Save it. Then save it back to my camera roll. Now I can edit directly from the roll with no importing/exporting required. I also like the long exposure ability in broad daylight because it gives a glossy smooth look to water which I have only been able to replicate with my dSLR using a Variable neutral density filter..Version: 1.1

FantasticGreat app, definitely worth its price. Lots of great options to pictures, manipulate them and have the best possible photos. You don’t have to be a deeply stacked expert to produce great results..Version: 4.6.5

ExcellentAwesome app you can show apple how it’s done. Makes use of the iPhone camera ...... better than apple’s useless attempt. I can actually take decent photos now in the aspect ratio I want . Well done and keep up the good work 👍.Version: 3.9.1

Mighty midget !!Camera plus is the best possible app for iOS devices. An improvement on the original suitable for all photographic skill levels. Outstanding..Version: 2.0

The Best Gets Better Still!Camera+ was a great improvement over the standard Mac Camera application. It’s ease of use, depth of features, etc., produced excellent photos and an array of tools for in-program editing. Camera+2 surprised me even more than Camera +! The developer must have used a battalion of experts and programmers to upgrade an already brilliant application. They have added the right kinds and types of program tools to allow the user to create far better photos. I can’t say enough about the upgrade!.Version: 3.8.1

Outstanding👍This is an amazing app for all out there who desire to get professional looking shots with or without professional photography skill. For beginners, besides giving the satisfaction of getting good looking pics, it helps increase your understanding of all the tricks of photography and its secretes. For the professionals, it make shooting easier. I always carried my DSLR to get great looking shots but with Camera+ 2, not anymore. My iPhone does literally everything that it was not doing before. Congrats for the team. Solon.Version: 4.5.3

Excellent macro images for cheapI have no prior photography experience and work as a veterinary ophthalmology resident. I take lots of clinical images of very small lesions and don’t have the salary to afford an expensive SLR with a macro lens. Most images are high enough quality to be included in research publications. The benefit of this app is being able to take high quality macro images, make manual adjustments of magnification/shutter speed/light intensity/light sensitivity/etc., and being able to immediately transfer images to my smartphone library for easy access. All this is accomplished for a dirt cheap price on a device I already use on a daily basis..Version: 4.6.4

Good app but the slow shutter mode is a bit flawedThis app is great but in the slow shutter mode at 30 seconds at the lowest brightness the shot is way over exposed on my iPhone 8..Version: 6.1.12

Great easy to use app that keeps getting better.This was one of the first apps I bought for my iPhone 4 ten years ago and it’s still my go to first editing app. The new Magic ML tool (ver 4.0) is a good first ML step. Changes it makes are mostly subtle unless the original is badly exposed, but in most cases were an improvement. Then use the other tools to further tweak to your liking. I suggest that the Magic ML tool be promoted from The Lab to the Scenes menu. Look forward to seeing what you guys come up with next..Version: 4.0

Excellent camera interface!This app single-handedly allowed to start using my iPhone 7 Plus’s camera for proper close-ups/macro work. Apple’e solution was risible. The macro feature is only the tip of a very large feature iceberg! The support from the developers is excellent, too: they responded immediately, allowing for time zone difference, and fixed a problem caused by an update to the app which was specific to the phone model. 6+ stars out of 5! 😃😃😃.Version: 3.0.3

It’s crashed on meThis is great little app for the money it includes macro, slow mo and editing. I recently experienced some problems with app crashing. However it was after an iOS update and eventually I thought to fix it by turning my device off and rebooting. My review has been updated to reflect this, thanks to the support team for checking..Version: 3.9.1

Almost PerfectCamera +2 is my all time favorite camera and photo editing app. With that having been said, I’ve taken away one star due to an editing issue. Here’s the skinny: My equipment: I’m using Camera +2, Version 1.6, with an iPhone 8, iOS 12.1.2. Editing issue: After editing photos taken with Camera +2, or any other camera app, the final edits frequently fail to save. The progress (wheel) indicator “spins” non-stop, but the photo does not save. Note: This never happened with the original Camera + app. I’ve reported this to the good folks who designed this otherwise beautiful app, and I’m awaiting a response. Once this issue is resolved, and I’m sure it will be, I will happily award this app the fifth star. Even with the aforementioned editing tool issue, I will continue to recommend this great all-in-one app..Version: 6.1.3

Fantastic AppWho needs a cumbersome SLR when you have Camera +2 on your mobile devices. Really good app and it just takes great pics every time. The app is regularly updated with amazing features to give you that pro look every time. Amazing, fantastic camera app👍.Version: 3.6.1

Camera+ 2Only one word “fantastic”..Version: 2.1.1

Best Photo App!!!This app gives you almost as much flexibility on your phone as with a DSLR. Gives you white balance, focus and shutter priority/manual controls. Editing functions are unbelievable too. Everything from curve editing ability to scenes “auto” presets….too many to count. I’ve owned and used Camera 2+ (and it’s predecessor) for almost 10 years. Really great when you’re left your DSLR back home, as well as when you get home and need to do a little tweaking before posting..Version: 6.0.4

Nice!!!Looks good so far!.Version: 4.6.5

One of the bestVery clean and detailed images with lots of room to work with!.Version: 22.0.7

Unlock the power of your phones cameraThis is got to be one of the best camera apps out on the market hands-down. I really don’t have anything bad to say about this app. I would really like to see more features dedicated to RawFile format being that I use Photoshop quite a bit and this would be a major advantage. I can hardly wait till the next version of Camera+ comes out, This is to the developers of this app please please please add a bracketing feature to the next version of this app for HDR photography,It would be really great if you could automatically control photos up and down in either half stats or whole steps of the f stop. I am so looking forward to the next version of this app it’s just so awesome..Version: 5.0.1

EmilieGreat camera app with developers keeping up with the new and enhanced features of the iPhone..Version: 3.5

GaenselWorks, easy to use, controls easily accessible. No subs! I’m happy. Upgrades have improved functionality even more. More than enough options and filters to keep me busy. Updates keep on coming..Version: 5.0.4

I’m no expert but...I was in the video production business for 20+ years and I would always shoot photos during our field shooting to help me remember important sequences for the editor. A fast shooting camera was important to me but quality gradually became the top requirement. I use to carry a cumbersome Canon 20D but I was afraid I would damage it when I was moving around the set. Then Apple started including a good, not excellent, quality camera with their iPhones. I started with an iPhone 2 or 3 but now use an iPhone 6s+. It is better than good but not near the quality of the newer iPhones. But the iPhone 6s+ meets my needs. But the Camera App that came with the phone leaves a lot to be desired. A few years ago I found the Camera+ App and with its editing tools provides me with what I need as a basic photographer. I now have upgraded to the newer Camera+ 2 and for me, it is the camera app to go to..Version: 4.0.1

It’s. CoolIt’s cool.Version: 4.6.1

One of the original camera apps and still one of the best.Camera+ has been leveraging the full potential of the iPhone camera since the very beginning of the App Store, and that’s still the case. They’re always quick to support new iOS features as well. This is one of the only third party camera apps I’ve used that supports Portrait Mode, and for years you’ve been able to adjust the depth effect before Apple officially supported it on new devices. If I have one complaint it’s that the photo editing tools really don’t cut it. Sure there are tons of options, but compare the results of adjusting highlights and shadows in this app to the results you get in something like Lightroom or Snapseed. For whatever reason the “Lab” editing tools just don’t produce as good results. That’s been my experience, anyway. I also find that the various presets are all a bit extreme. Nitpicks aside, quality is king and that’s what I count on Camera+ to deliver. Saving photos as RAW+TIFF takes a lot of space but the detail is worth it if you are serious about your photos..Version: 1.5.2

An excellent app—replaces my DSLR for many shotsIt’s gotten to the point where the iPhone 13 and a superior app like Camera+ are my “go to” combo for many travel images. Anything daylight outdoors or reasonably lit indoors, the app produces sharp images that can be easily tweaked with the main and Raw editors. And even at night with the Monuments mode (holding phone steady) produces sharp, low pixelated images. So, now I keep my phone handy in my pocket to take wide or ultra wide shots and use my DSLR for zoom (100mm or longer), flash, or special images..Version: 22.1

Picture perfectI absolutely enjoy using this app, it has all the lenses and filters needed to make great photos.Version: 6.1.5

The best out thereThis is the best app I've came across that even remotely comes close to having nearly any and every feature you can think of pertaining to a photo app. It literally had everything. I wish there were more how to videos with more detailed instructions and explanations as to what each feature is. If you're an experiences photographer of course you know what all these terms mean but if you're like me anda beginner, it can be intimating at times trying to learn what everything is and how it works. That's the reason I gave it 4 stars only due to the small lack of explanations on things. True you do have how to videos, I just only request more details of the videos but thanks you for coming up with an app that has it all. The best part,it's AFFORDABLE!! For the tiny tiny cost of the can't go eornv..Version: 2.0.1

Still Good[05-MAY-2021] Title: Still Good Rating: 5 Stars My Device: iPhone X This app just keeps getting better - I’ve been a loyal user of this developer’s apps for more than a decade. I’ve used this app for the past couple of years and had used the classic version for much longer. And, I’ve never experienced any problems with the app. At first, I was worried that it had upgraded so often that I wouldn’t be able to work out how to use the app BUT it wasn’t as hard as I thought it’d be. It still does everything I need when it comes to basic editing and cropping. And when I need really good photos taken, only then do I use this app - besides that, normally I use the built-in camera for photos that don’t need the best quality. —————— [2019] Title: Does What I Need Rating: 4 Stars Has always been my go to app for basic photo editing, such as cropping, etc. I had the classic version for all of my other iPhones but purchased this version when I purchased an iPhone X - I thought I’d start off with only the best!.Version: 5.0.1

Tout pour réussir ses photosUne application complète en soi pour de magnifiques photos..Version: 5.0.1

Redesigned the editor is greatAll the editing tools are there and easier to access with the streamlined UI. Having Magic ML Text and favorites at the top of every editing page is handy. Just for fun I had written a 13,000 word description of the Camera+2 Interface; when I updated it for the redesign I found it was easier to describe the functions and that they are a lot easier to use. I think people will see it’s pretty good once they use it for a bit..Version: 22.0.8

Excellent App But...Great app! Ratings that indicate it’s the best camera app are more than accurate. ...but not finding useful auxiliary functions such as archiving and playing well with other apps such as Lightroom. Also haven’t found a tech support function to ask about such things. Frustrated trying to clean up iPhone memory by being to transfer RAW and JPEG images to my PC where I edit. Cannot locate the folders and files when connected to PC. Have captured nearly two thousand frames using Camera+ 2 on my current phone during the pandemic. Transferred “keepers” one at a time to Lightroom, which has Cloud archiving and image access. Lightbox is a good app but limited by screen size and pervasiveness of Adobe in the photo editing market. As a camera app, Camera+2 has outstanding automatic and manual functions to the degree there’s little I can’t do with my iPhone that I could do with my DSLR. Main reason I switch to DSLR is to enable using other lenses and filters..Version: 4.5.1

Old Reliable gets better!I’ve been using Camera+ 2 for several years and it’s always been my favorite photos app C but for a time I had a problem that stopped me from using it in some photos. With this update, those issues are gone and the app overall is much improved. An essential part of my iPhone photography. I’m using Camera+ 2 on my iPhone 11 Pro Max with IOS 13 and it represents a considerable enhancement for this most recent iPhone combination. There’s a claim of being designed to enhance the new Night Mode - well it does. I got the iPhone 11 as soon as I could for a trip to Egypt and Jordan - paired with a Canon 5D IV and a Sony Mirrorless a6400. The iPhone does not replace those cameras but it’s as important to the travel kit and the Night Mode is a unique feature. I used the iPhone 11 for a long evening in a Cairo Bazaar and I V was astonished at the results, handling not only the low light levels but images with a very High Dynamic Range..Version: 4.6.5

Shaded part of the cameraI’ve upgraded to Camera 2. But in the camera view I find the shaded part hard to easily take spontaneous photos. I have an iPhone SE2. Tried the app on an iPad and did not have the same issue. Is this a problem on the SE2, and if so how is it resolved..Version: 4.5.4

Great appI purchased the app and am very satisfied with the excellent interface and editing tools.Version: 22.0.8

Nice app for camera but video ?You can’t record video with the app.Version: 1.6.3

Excellent camera app!Full of features that make it easy to compose shots..Version: 6.1.14

I love this camera!I’ll keep it short: this camera app is outstanding. It gives you all the control you’d get with a full size SLR camera, even within the various preset modes. The slow shutter mode in particular is fabulous — the pictures you can capture in low light environments are stunning. And it all works properly and intuitively, so no frustration or hassles to deal with. If you’re looking for an excellent camera app, you’ve found it!👍🏽.Version: 6.1.12

Camera+2I love Camera+2. I am a mature, enthusiastic photographer but find a lot of the expensive editing apps are far to complicated. Camera+2 is much easier to use and understand and gives excellent results from taking photos on my new IPhone 13 to editing and saving it is brilliant. Thank you..Version: 22.2.2

Love this app but.Hi guys love this app on my iPhone 11 Pro and Apple Watch Series 3 running iOS 14 and watch Os 7. But since update to latest os the watch app closes every time the screen sleeps or turns off. Only noticed this since the update. Please fix as I use the Apple Watch for remote shutter a lot of the time. Keep up the great work with an awesome camera app. Cheers.Version: 4.5

ExcellentEasy to use and has greatly improved my gardening photos with an old iphone 7 - especially macros!.Version: 4.6.1

AwesomeThis is my favorite app. I’m a professional photographer and I highly recommend Camera+.Version: 4.5.1

ProfessionalMakes even an average photographer look like a professional 😀.Version: 2.1.1

Oldie but goodieI’ve had this for years but it’s still got the ability to surprise me with some of the things on it. I’ve just discovered monument mode, excellent upgrade. How do they do it?.Version: 5.0.5

Favorite Camera AppI have a good deal of experience with digital photography but somewhat limited using my iPhone as a camera. Since I cannot carry a camera all the time but always have my phone, it was important to find an app that provided the customization and manual control I am accustomed to with my dedicated camera. With Camera+2, I feel I have the tools to produce images that I am proud of and can enjoy, and for me, that requires an app that takes full advantage of the capabilities my phones camera has to offer, but aren't always available when using more simplistic camera apps. Whether I want to carefully contemplate the details of each image I shoot, or just pull out my phone for a quick snapshot using a preset, this app covers both scenarios with excellent results. A great developer which has continued to provide numerous fixes, updates and new features. Highly recommended.....Version: 2.0

Perfect pro photography appI love this app..Version: 6.0.4

Truly brilliant!A fantastic addition to the iPhone, pictures are beautiful and the ability to manually adjust before taking a photo is wonderful. I particularly like the macro setting..Version: 3.5.1

Great camera appI’m using the iphone xs and this app just brings out the best in my limited photography skills, really great app, fantastic editing suite..Version: 1.5.2

Still my 'go-to' iPhone camera app and image editor after many yearsIt's inexpensive and it's been continually improved. It may not have every trick - but it has way more than the basics and it does everything smoothly and dependable. The interface is easily grasped and you can switch between quick and simple and more traditional manual camera / photo editor modes. A miracle for what it does..Version: 5.0.5

FantasticYou bring wonderful new ideas into my every day photography. I now find myself photographing things I would never have done in the past, knowing I could make them into a “Picture” ! Thank you..Version: 4.5.1

Simply BrilliantI’m very impressed with this app. So easy to use and accuracy plus. I’d love to see a version that includes video..Version: 1.5.2

Love the app...but!I have been using this app since it was first released, and re-released as this new version. I love the app, I love the features in it, however when you get to adjust a panorama and you go to save it and the image Hass to be downsized, it does not look good. You cannot export a full-size panorama without it turning completely black, that is highly disappointing. I hope there’s someway you guys will fix that in a future version, especially since these phones, That take really amazing pictures have the storage space to hold them. Either that or develop a Mac app that allows us to use filters and the lab, on images that we import into the computer. Other than that this app rocks! Michael Murdock.Version: 2.0

By Far the Best iOS Camera App!This app is intuitive, and yet gives you full control over every aspect of the iPhone/iPad camera that you want. I used the previous version of this app and the second is even better. I couldn’t recommend it more highly to anyone, whether they have knowledge of WB, shutter speeds etc or whether they don’t - this app can do more than any other iOS camera app. It provides comprehensive editing facilities, filters and a whole range of other tools to optimise your photos. I don’t go in for Instagram etc but for those who do, the editing facilities on this app are second to none and you will not be disappointed!.Version: 3.9.1

Great app through the years!I've been using Camera+2 since it was just Camera +. I shoot with an iPhone almost exclusively, first using Camera+ and now Camera+2. It always provides great control over my shots with its features, which no other app has. I have an iPhone 8+ now, and I shoot nearly all my significant photos with Camera +2 (since retiring my studio). When I upgrade my phone (soon), I'm looking forward to taking my photos to the next level using Camera+2!.Version: 4.6.1

Great cameraEnhances your photos and brings them to life. Gives you more flexibility. Takes practice to understand all of the features but definately worth the install..Version: 4.0.1

Great app but……how in the world do you disable the time stamp feature in the app? I submit my photos to micro stock agencies who don’t want the time stamp in the photos. As far as I can see, there is no way to disable this in the app. Please advise!!.Version: 4.6.5

Awesom 💪🏻Best camera app I have found at a good price!!.Version: 3.0.3

Best Photo EditorI’ve been using this app since the original version and it’s brilliant. The “Clarity” button is worth everything to just make things look better. Buy this and you will not regret it, lots and lots of different filters and brilliant editing tools too..Version: 4.0.3

Good camGood cam.Version: 4.6.3

Some improvements in saving photos from gallery would be usefulIn the old version you were able to number multiple photos in order in which you would like them to be saved from Camera + gallery into your phone’s album from 1 to whatever number, which sadly you no longer able to do in the current version. I miss that feature and wonder if it can be retuned, as currently if you select multiple photos to be saved into your phone’s album, they are saved in random order, which makes things more difficult and not as streamline as it used to be..Version: 22.2

Excellent with only slightBuy the app then set it up to open edits in The Lab mode. Clarity Pro tool is excellent and as subtle as you need it to be. Other tools are good too. The Highlight and Shadow Details tool could be more accurate but a minor quibble for phone editing. Lots of filters including some classy black and white. Easily linked to the native Photos app in IOS so you can edit quickly. Have gifted this app to several friends it’s that good.Version: 2.0.3

David BrunyeeUsing this app I took a photo of Tim Peak’s spacecraft which is currently inside Peterborough Cathedral by zooming in whilst behind a barrier (on a iPhone 6s Plus) as I couldn’t get close enough and still got good clear shots of control panels inside through the window/porthole. Clearer than the iPhone camera on zoom! Great app in many ways! 😬.Version: 1.1.2

Fast, fun, exceptional qualityThere’s nothing wrong with the built-in camera app, but Camera+2 is the one I use most often. Since you can set it up to swipe from the left to open the app in 4 different modes, it’s nearly as convenient and much more satisfying to use. Although it’s more complex, the software is so well designed that everything is fast and easy. Take the time to learn how it works before you start using it. I love the way it can outline all the edges that are in focus (if checked) and the macro mode is outstanding on my iPhone 8. I really only bought this to give money to the developers because I used the previous version so much I felt grateful, but this is better in so many ways..Version: 3.9.1

Great App! One of the Best!As a recent retiree of a 45+ year career as a commercial photographer, who still loves photography, but hates to lug a ton of equipment around, I began a long, frustrating and fruitless search for an app that satisfied my requirements. I had just about given up, when I found this app. And along with with Pro Camera, this is one the best apps I’ve used! It’s a great addition to the camera app, already on my iPhone! So, kudos for creating something useful for an “old guy” like me!.Version: 5.0.2

Best manual control for stillsThis is by far the best iPhone camera app for stills. The control layout is fantastic, the yellow highlight display is really clear, and easy to follow. Full manual is better than some other apps, having both sliders available onscreen. Better still the shutter priority auto option is great, where you change the shutter speed, and the ISO adjusts for auto exposure, making for easy quick shutter speed modifications. Focus peaking is a real asset too. A watch app with timer, and touch to focus, like apple’s has would be fantastic. Leave out apple’s 10shot burst, 3 or 4 spaced out shots is better..Version: 2.0.2

PhotosLogiciel très complet.Version: 4.6.3

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