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A fun experience!The game is really fun and seems to be improving very often, they have ways to earn free coins but very little but pretty fair for free, I have been playing for about a month now and I’ve won a few prizes and yes they did actually ship to my house it took a few weeks though. They have a leveling system and it’s pretty hard to level up but they do have random times where you can earn more experience points if you are wanting to try your luck at higher tier levels I suggest playing during those bonus times. They have lots of bonus coins and codes they give away quite often for the coin packs, just remember if you do buy some it’s not guaranteed you will win anything so only spend what you are comfortable spending! :) I enjoy trying my luck and getting practice in every now and then I’ve gotten a lot better I feel, also the customer service is pretty great they are really sweet people. I’m looking forward to what they decide to do with this app, they already have a few fun things to do and I have lots of fun, I absolutely recommend if you find any interest in it..Version: 5.6.1

Fun claw game! :-)I was looking for a fun game to play, and this one caught my attention. An actual claw machine game that has cute prizes that you can actually win. I never want to put money on an app, especially if there is not a tangible gain to me, but this one states you can get winning items shipped to you if you win. I have paid for the VIP, and have paid for about $40 worth of coins to play the claw machines and have had a fun time playing these machines. I have had a win not register, a double win, and a few times where the gameplay was disrupted (like screen went grey, and the claw button didn’t let me get my second move in) and was able to e-mail customer service to rectify the issue. I can’t wait to get the prizes I have won through the mail, like the Mega Charizard Pikachu, so I will have something fun in the house to know I actually won a fun item through a fun app. I have definitely had a lot of fun playing the machines and watching others play and win. I have my eye set on that fluffy raccoon now, and am trying to win that for my next big win. Thank you for reading this review and I hope you have fun with this game too. :-).Version: 3.4

❤️Amazing customer service. Love this app so much.Version: 3.8

Not bad at allI have played the game a lot ever since I got it it’s not a bad app but there are some complications that could get fixed but for some reason it just isn’t happening but it’s fine. There is only one main problem that I’ve been focusing on is something with the employees they keep going on the screen when a player is playing a round. Otherwise, I find the app really fun to play and for my very first 2 games I won both times! The game knows how to keep you interested. But there is also something wrong with the difficulty of some of the games here was some game I forgot which but I think it’s a magnetic type of game and those are extremely difficult I would really like it if you changed the difficulty just a tad bit. Also there are a couple of games that you could get extra coins so if you want more coins just play that game. I really can’t lie but this game really is an amazing game and I have had such a fun time playing Clawee none of the problems have happened to me and I’m great full for that but I still don’t want hat to happen anyway good luck clawee on this game I expect the best from you guys this has been an amazing time playing the game. Thank You!.Version: 3.3

Really goodI love this game just got it today and I’m already addicted however it’s a bit scammy as I got my sister to download the app from a link I sent her to get 500 coins and I have still yet to get the coins and it’s been two hours or so. Another feature I love is that the vip is only £3.99 and is a 1 time payment although I feel like these games are going to be a bit of a scam because that what claw games are really meant to be but apart from that I really enjoy the game definitely recommend to pass time!!.Version: 5.7

Love it!!❤️❤️❤️Amazing!!.Version: 5.5

So far so goodI spent way too much time and money on toreba (the Japanese crane game) where every prize is rigged against you so you need to know all the tricks to making it work and it’s never a “first try win” sort of game, you have to meticulously edge the item towards winning it, each try only moves it a millimeter at best. In comparison- this app is just like the crane games I’ve played in the US- the claw actually grabs items and you have a chance of winning on the first go. The VIP is fairly priced and I think it’s worth it. I see lots of reviews talking about playing for free but that’s really not fair to the app producers. If they aren’t getting paid then they can’t maintain the game and I respect that. Even so, this one is the least expensive from my experience. And the price I feel is fair. Besides, no crane game in person is ever going to give you free coins, so to get them is just a little bonus. On my first try I won a snorlax plush keychain and my second win it took me 3 tries to get a large mewtwo plush. If you like crane games and you feel like you’re lucky/skilled with them, give it a go. I think the only downside is how long shipping will take. 7 weeks is almost two months, it will be spring by the time I get my prizes 😅.Version: 3.0

OkayIt’s amazing J am addicted but prizes are so expensive and for “free shipping” it why does it have to be 700 just be like the amount of the prize witch is always 200 or if you have VIP then you get everything for free the game wants money and only money it doesn’t care about the people playing it and if they are buying VIP that’s the point off the game they purposely made it hard to play if you don’t have VIP just so they get money but I would recommend but don’t get VIP but you can if you want but it makes no difference at all just free shipping and more prizes but that’s all and it’s and amazing app so download too bye x.Version: 4.5

Just amazing!I have been playing for some months now and have won some good stuff, and it is amazing how you can control a claw machine in like Japan or China from your phone! It’s amazing how far technology has come, gigantic LTD has don a good job on this! I have received almost all my prizes and I love how everything it licenced too! I just have one thing I would like you to add, that is pay pal or payment through apple. This is as it is quite sketchy putting you card in. And maybe you could try more expensive items like the Bluetooth speaker! Otherwise this app is great and I will continue you to play for along time! - Max.Version: 2.8

Fun Game for sure but needs workI absolutely love this game and it is addicting now with that said there is some downs to it. I honestly think they should redo the pricing of the prizes it’s a little crazy to pay 200 coins on a keychain plushie then have some bigger ones (non keychain) at 110. Also you do not get a coin bonus unless you buy coins with real money and like I said this game is addicting so I’ve spent way to much money so far on this game and when you do get the daily bonus coins you do not get even enough coins to play a single game because the cheapest coin machine game is 80coins I have to wait until day 5 to even get to play a 80 coin game, also in order to even play on the majority of the games you have to be a VIP which means you have to spend real money yet again just to play the game. I’d give it a 5star rating but with the price of coins and not even getting a free daily bonus plus the ridiculous amount of coins you have to spend to play on them it’s honestly not worth a 5 star I’m giving the 4 star because like I said I do love this game I just wish you’d make it better and make it so I don’t have to spend so many coins on 1 item..Version: 3.6.2

A GIANT THUMBS UP!The app is legitimate. You do EARN a few free tries here and there but it iS legitimately real claw machines and as with any arcade you do not play for free. You do actually win the prizes you claw for and as always the claws are set at a limit just like in the stores your item will drop out of the claw even if it’s on its way to prize opening hole. It’s fun and entertaining. it is a tad pricey so don’t expect too many plays from 10$ or less. It’s about double what you’d pay at a physical claw machine but rewards and free plays are there if you’re dedicated. A fun thing for the kiddos during the time we are in not being able to experience much. Definitely recommend as a treat or reward, I do not recommend if you’re on a budget. Their response time is also very quick! As I won a prize and it didn’t register they were very quick and sure to respond and correct the matter. Thank you for creating a reality experience! I really do love this app 😆.Version: 5.5

I love it should be easier so more people can win and be so happy and you’ll get five starsIris Soooooooo cool the app.Version: 3.5.1

Don’tOk I bought coins cause I won one thing well I had to try twice it wouldn’t take my card. I wrote them about my issue where I didn’t have to wait several days progress front and I think it’s bull that you have to pay $1.99 to become a VIP in order to have shipping and then I put all kinds of prizes and his machines on this game but they make it hard for you to win just like the ball game where you have to get the balls and you have to bring them over and drop them in the basket so you can get your little phone ring holder never want it that the connection is horrible in the coins are way too expensive I would not recommend this game to know what it is awful and several times during mist of me playing the game I could I could see your girl in the back I guess one of the workers restocking the machine and I missed my chance at winning because she was in my way thank but I’m deleting the game after I see if I can just get my coins refunded And the prices that I have one I’ve not seen in the mail yet.Version: 2.6

Was skeptical, but impressed!It’s RL claw machine game. Yes, you have to pay, no, you don’t “play until you win”, but it’s your arcade style claw machine game. You get two moves to grab a prize. Yes, I have won. Yes, I have received my prizes. I was actually impressed at the level of quality of the items. It’s definitely above Dollar Store or Wish (at least what I have received). People are supportive (can use emojis to cheer people on) and purchasing of coin is easy. Every day they have deals and sometimes fun things like guess the right number in the deal and receive bonus coin. I do wish that they rewarded long term players/high spenders. I also wish the pay out for the daily collection was slightly higher. The workers are on top of the machines and make sure they aren’t stuck in a corner or impossible to get. There are no tricks or snap springs. If your claw grabs the gear correctly, you’ll receive your Prize. If you don’t want the prize, you can exchange it for coin. I was pleasantly surprised that some prizes wield a high exchange rate. It’s like a little Easter egg in the game; finding the prize the wields the highest exchange. It would be fun if like one prize was worth 10,000 coins or something..Version: 3.7.1

Free shipping y’all!Thought I was going to have to pay some stupid amount when I finally won a toy but nope they hand out free packs daily and you can use that. Or if you have $7 just get that and you get free tokens and unlimited free shipping! Worth it!.Version: 3.5.1

ADDICTIVEAwesome game so very addictive.Version: 4.6

Become a vip so many prizesFun.Version: 3.7.1

Worth it!!So I’ve seen people talk about this app and thought I’d give it a go seems as they offer free coins to try it out, won 2 prizes out of that, then realised that in order for me to claim them I had to pay, so I looked into it as I didn’t want to hand over my card details, read loads of reviews, some were of ppl moaning that you had to pay for shipping, obviously!! they need to make some money out of it it’s a business after all, anyway as it’s an overseas company I didn’t want to be scammed by handing over bank details but saw that loads of ppl had paid and received their prizes, so I paid and won another prize not long after, I have received all 3 items and have won a further 2 items a few days ago just by collecting my daily bonus and all that it’s cost me is the vip cost of £1.49 so I’m very happy with this and they are not scamming at all like a few other ppl have said in these reviews..Version: 2.9

Loved the claw machines when I was a kid now I can play without even leaving the houseClawee is an original game where you actually get to play on claw machines in real time! It makes me think of being a kid & my favourite machines were the claw machines and I was never very good at them. With clawee I can now relive childhood dreams and play the claw machines without leaving the house and it seems my luck has improved as I have actually won three times already!! I paid for the VIP package which entitles me to free P&P I’ve already received one of my prizes already a totoro purse which now safely houses my glasses.Version: 2.8

It’s awesome !I really like the game because you can watch people attempt and watch them win , I just don’t like the fact that there is too much vip things that look very interesting so I think that you can add a little bit more prices for the people that don’t want to pay the vip ..Version: 3.9

GoodI think it’s a really cool game. I downloaded it yesterday and I am addicted to it but really the only bad thing is that you have to buy money or wait until you have the bonus money. Since I downloaded it yesterday night I have to wait today to have the money. And the bonus money is too less so I wish you can but like 300 coins per day. I already got two things which is the squishy panda and the rose necklace. I don’t know which day they will arrive and I don’t really know if they arrive..Version: 4.6

I’ve got a problemSo when I begun Clawee I got lots of tokens to spend on a claw but after running out my coins I didn’t get any more now you have to pay for coins wow how exciting please make a difference Sincerely player of this game.Version: 3.8

AWESOME GAME THIS IS LEGIT and addictive be warned :)So at first I was sceptical, thought it could be a scam but I downloaded it, won a few teddies and low and behold, they arrived!! Ok you have to pay £3.99 for VIP for free delivery, but it’s a one off fee for life and you get to exchange teddies you win, that you don’t want, for coins. The coins are SUPER expensive, but you do get free daily bonus coins and it’s fun. I don’t ever write reviews..never, but they deserve a good review, the teddies are super good quality (me and my son have won about 10 so far, they take a few weeks to arrive) and it is stupidly addictive. Give it a go..Version: 5.8

Fun!I hate this game....but I LOVE this game. This is just a review on the game itself as I have not yet experienced the need for customer service. I’ve always been obsessed with using the crane games in arcades and stores, but noticed that the claw power has dwindled, making it more difficult to win despite strategy. Although there is a difference between playing virtually and playing in real life, it is still nice to see a machine that actually does grab on to items. It is difficult, but yet satisfying. You will most likely spend money using Clawee, but if you enjoy crane/claw games, and have some money to spare, this app offers a lot of fun for its user. Depending on how you go about it, you can get some free coins (allowing the user to play the games), and you can find coupon codes if you look hard enough. Be careful though as it can get addicting for those who enjoy the thrill of the game. I definitely have enjoyed my time so far, but maybe a little too much lol. 💜 I like to compare what I would spend normally at arcades your what I spend on Clawee..Version: 4.9.1

Real Claw Grabbing GameIt’s so addictive and the prizes are amazing. I love this game! It is a real arcade claw grabbing machine, not only can you grab plushies but key rings, decor, accessories etc! You play live on your phone screen through cameras within the machine. With a button to hold you simply take your claw right, then forward and it drops down to grab your prize. Any issues and Clawee team respond very quickly! Perks are that it comes with free coins when you download it!!! It’s recommended to play Beginners games first to start off so you can get the hang of it. There is a choice one off payment of £3.99 for VIP which is WELL WORTY BUYING which gives you coins every 24 hours and free shipping. It says it can take up to “7 weeks” for your prizes to come but don’t let that put you off! Yes they are coming from abroad! No you DO NOT have to pay shipping fees, and prizes for myself here in England, UK usually come within a week or two! Give it a go! BEST CLAW GRABBING APP YOU CAN DOWNLOAD BY FAR (and I can say that with bad experiences from others!) Check out Clawee on other apps like Facebook also for discount codes for coins daily! Also games to play daily! Many perks to this game. I have won 20 times so far and I will keep on playing. Keep up the good work Clawee ❤️.Version: 3.5.1

Had a great timeHad a good time playing this game. Prizes showed up. They are obviously bootleg prizes. I knew that just by looking at the prizes in the claw machine as I was winning them. Honestly though, I live in the middle of nowhere and I know that any claw machine around here is also going to give me bootleg prizes. I still hope that Clawee changes their ways and uses the money that paying customers give them to bring in some legitimate prizes. It sounds like they are making more money after taking away the free coin feature from non-paying customers (which honestly is a fair change and I am not against it), so I hope they use that money to improve their app, improve prizes (not EXPAND their options of bootleg prizes) and better the Clawee name. Customer service is pretty good, though if you contact them too many times they subtly tell you that they think you are trying to steal from them. Funny how that is when they are actively stealing from brands by buying bootleg prizes. They say that they take a video of every play, but there have been at least two occasions out of 100 plays where the app/machine malfunctioned and the footage of the malfunction just happened to not be saved by the camera..Version: 3.2.1

Fun lil game!It’s early days but this game has already brought me joy! I paid for the VIP because it’s not much considering if you win, the prizes are obviously worth more! I won a lucky cat straight away! (Nice and symbolic!) Yes you have to wait for free coins per day but so what? If you want the items so bad, find them and buy them! The mini game is a fun little time waster and good for practice, that had me laughing at times, once because when a machine I was playing on was nearly empty, a hand came out of nowhere to throw a bunch of new items in, I also once grabbed 2 items and lost them both! A nice, fun lil game, not for those who get frustrated easily and not for those who have no patience. Something that’s fun that you might get something cute from is pretty cool! I only don’t the full 5 stars because once you’ve done all you can do, which isn’t much, you have to wait but it makes sense as you guys need to make money too! Nice game! ^_^.Version: 5.2

One of the best claw games around but has some definite flawsPositive: I love the VIP and I love the daily bonuses! They are so many stuff that you can win. I love how you can easily win coins in the new collection golden box. I have won three things already but..... Negative: Yes I know, I know the concept of claw game, I know you can lose. But this is quite ridiculous. The only thing that I can win anymore is the new collection golden gift box, but it’s only coins and tickets. This game is just another way to tempt you to waste money. I had over 700 coins and spent it all on a claw game that has necklace I have been wanting really bad. But I obviously did not win. The camera quality is quite poor to where some of the objects in the container look smudged together. It’s glitches constantly. And no, my internet is not bad. It’s a steady WiFi. And most of the time, they put very few of that said object in there to where it’s impossible to pick up. When the quantity is greater, it’s easier to win stuff. But they choose not to. So please developers, if you can, make it easier to win so we can enjoy the game more. Because in the end, when you don’t win the prize, it’s very much a let down and disappointing..Version: 5.0

Da best claw game ever!This is amazing but..please add cheaper items I get low on money 👍👍👍👍 but still AMAZING GAME!!!!!.Version: 4.7

AwesomeLove it !.Version: 3.8

Easier than TorebaI just downloaded this app a few minutes ago, and was excited to play until I realized I had to be VIP to play most of the games. The price however, is only $3 and you get a daily bonus of coins whereas in toreba you have to pay a minimum of $10 and only get a daily play ticket or something. I tried toreba's free plays but the prizes are all wrapped in plastic making it really hard to get a grip on anything. I tried this one and won a rainbow alpaca after just a few tries. Really excited to recieve my prize! EDIT: After playing for quite awhile I still think it's easier and cheaper than Toreba, however you do have to be careful. A frustrating problem I come across is when I'm playing the camera showing the game suddenly lags but my counter is still running out of time, and I end up losing because I couldn't even see what I was doing. Luckily I have only been using coins from my daily bonus and I didn't waste actual money recently, but just know that it can lag sometimes and can cause issues. I have also seen one game (to win 100 coins) often paid out even when no one caught the prize. I think they removed that crane permanently because of that though..Version: 3.1

ShippingI love clawe as an app, the claw doesn’t lag ext, and at the moment there are daily gumball machine where you can get up to 1500 coins if u get a little plastic ball, which is actually quite easy the highest I’ve got is 100 and 40 is what I got the lowest + if u don’t catch it, it always gives you 40 coins which can lead onto some greeting wins and prizes, I do thing that if you buy coins it is very expensive, + shipping, but if you buy vip you get access to a lot of other machines also, I started on may 2nd and it’s currently may 16 and I’ve already won 6 prizes, the only thing I dislike is the time it takes for your items to arrive, I understand that it would be very expensive to do 1st class shipping, but 8 weeks is quite excessive, Am I’m starting to believe that this may be a scam, I’ll update my review if I do receive my items eventually..Version: 5.7

.It’s been 6 months and I got my prizes yet:( But still a good game.Version: 4.5

10/10 would recommendI got an advert for this game off of another app that I use and the ad intrigued me so I watched to the end, I did not believe that it was real at first and I expected there to be constant ads. Turns out that it’s one of the best apps I’ve ever used. There are no ads whatsoever and the claws are super sturdy and way better than the ones in real life, the VIP membership is a one time payment of £3.99!!! The VIP gives you free daily coins and free shipping on the toys you win along with other bonuses. I highly recommend this app it’s amazing..Version: 5.6.1

Clawees is the bestClawee is one of the best apps ever made I love Clawee I have won 13 things so far that have been shipping to me I have only been playing about a month now and wow it’s amazing don’t get me wrong some times it’s glichey but support email help with that and messanger they have been great to me some times you win sometimes you don’t if your lucky and consecrate that’s the most important thing u need to do consontrage I watch the videos every day even when I don’t have coins i watch them to pick up tips and also it’s fun to watch others play even if u can’t.Version: 2.8

Love this so muchSuper easy to get prizes and very cool too the only problem is: camera come times a little slow and /or delayed but overall I’m fine with it ❤️ Another issue was that in order to get money you had to play games and that’s fun and all but when I try to invite my friend to the game and collect 500 coins it never gave me 500 coins honestly I am fine with it but for all those people who really love this game and will actually get some items shipped I do suggest that this issue is fixed I tried it twice and I should’ve gotten 1000 coins but sadly I did not it’s OK though because I still love the game and I have 50 coins so far and I will try somehow to save up all those coins and try to actually buy another in conclusion, I do wish they could fix this problem because I would really love my 1000 coins if it did work. I don’t really care about this other issue but I also started out with 400 coins when some of my friends started out with more, or so I think I don’t really know I didn’t check my coins I or I forgot but overall love this game so much really enjoy it just hope those issues are fixed soon..Version: 5.6.1

Love It! I have to be good thoughI really Love Clawee. I am an avid crane machine lover from way back and was excited to find this real-life crane game. I have to be somewhat good though or else I will spend too much on coins. I do think that it does get a little bit expensive if you want to play a lot as the games do cost quite a bit to play but, they are very fun and seem to work well. Free coins and such will only get you so far if you’re a crane lover (some may say “junkie” like me). I just started playing so I can’t speak to the quality or shipment of the prizes. I enjoy the extras such as leveling up to have access to more games, the opportunity to earn free coins (and in turn, play (through liking the facebook and such), and the ability to change camera views. I really like that you can trade in your prize for more coins. That’s appealing to me because sometimes, I just want to play and don’t want a physical prize. Anyways. Great game and app... I just need to not drop too much money..Version: 4.7.1

I would rate 5 stars if the shipping date was earlierHello I am writing a review about your game do not be offended by my review because this is my opinion. Clawee is a great game the way you can get prizes 24/7 on live camera is just crazy but so far I have one two prizes the panda keychain and the whale plushie and when I get to the order screen the shipping date is just crazy! Anywhere between 2 weeks and 7 weeks!? I don’t have that time to get a plushie! Where are you situated then I might be able to understand how the order is so long..Version: 5.1.2

It’s not a scam I love this gameI have played this game for only a few months yes I spend money but only a couple bucks here and there when I have it to spare to all the people saying it’s all luck not skill I have already won 38 times and yes it does take a while but they do ship them directly to you and if you do pay 0.99 cents to get the vip you get to play a lot more games and you get free shipping on top of that there customer service team is great yes some times there are glitches that’s because it’s all on WiFi poor connections happen that’s why the game records every time you play I have had 2 times where I won something but the game said I lost there is a folder in the game that stores all your videos and you can copy and paste the link and email the support team with that video I did that both times and they made sure I got what I won do t take my word and don’t take anyone else’s word for the game try it your self and see how you like it just make sure when your playing once you stop holding the move button you can’t move that way again.Version: 2.9

Recommend this appThis app is good for being in quarantine. Love it, recommend it..Version: 4.6

The odds thoI like this game and I have won a few things with my kiddos anxiously watching and it’s a superb and fulfilling feeling to get them so excited when I win their prize but I also feel like there are sometimes glitches and that if a person is playing than the machine should not be shaken or interrupted during a live turn. That has happened to me on a couple different occasions now, where I am literally in mid turn and I have someone hitting the machine all the sudden and shaking it around or putting more prizes in. I spent an hour almost and too many dollars to wanna admit and was let down when my elephant fell out of my claw in mid air because the machine was being pounded on... I have always rated and shared the good things and I’m reviewing this bad experience cause I feel it could’ve been prevented if only they would’ve waited until my turn was over... still plan to play as my boys love the occasional splurge but my hopes have been let down on wins..Version: 3.0

Great!!!... so far...I just got this game after a friend recommended it to me. Honestly I didn’t think it would be for real and thought this was a scam. I was so wrong 😁. I’ve already got stuck in and have won a prize, also saving up for a big one. I’m very happy V.I.P, excitedly waiting for my new prize and looking for more. There’s one problem though... could us V.I.Ps get a bit more money??? I’ve just spent most of my coins on one game, not getting anything. Maybe 1000 coins at the start of V.I.P? It’s ok if you can’t it would just make an already amazing game even better, and a 5min a day to 2hs. Thank you 😊..Version: 4.6

Reallll!!!!Amazing!.Version: 3.5.1

Clawee is definitely NOT a scam! But...Everyone is saying that clawee is a scam but what are they talking about? It’s the best app ever! I recommend this app to everyone. Pls get it you will love it! I have won 2 prizes a watermelon squishy🍉 and a avocado plush🥑 I am dying to win the striped cat! I thought they would be easy to catch but they are not very easy and I want the clawee plush but I couldn’t catch it and I wanna get those sunflower earrings 🌻 but I got them but they just slipped off the claw! And this is a little glitchy because sometimes I play it is a little glitchy and the sea shell necklace is VERY glitchy because it won't let u get one! But this is still a great game!!!🥰🥰🥰 Bye don’t forget to download this!.Version: 4.9

It’s great!This game is really fun and it’s really easy!.Version: 3.5.1

Great game, but PayPal neededAbsolutely love the app, the concept is fantastic 🙌🏻 I can see how this could be hugely popular and successful, my only concern is the early enforcement of VIP, which requires you to put in your payment details...I appreciate this venture needs funding, people need to pay for postage...but why the payment info is taken in such a way bothers me, and others I believe 😣 It says it’s secure, but anyone can stick a secure image on a page and claim that. PayPal or in-app purchases would be ideal. If it wasn’t for that I would 100% recommend this to everyone 😁.Version: 2.5

One of the best claw games*EDIT* I’ve removed a star from my original review because of some of the things I’ve seen them do lately. Firstly, they made the game with some of the most desirable prizes nearly impossible to win without spending WAY too much money. This would be the egg bucket game. They had a golden egg that would give you an instant win, and now they’ve taken it out, but the machine still advertises the egg as an instant win. Plus, I watched a player fill the bucket almost all the way, so the next player would have been able to win, but a worker came by before anyone else could play the machine and reset the bucket. Kind of shady, IMO. The workers will step in front of the cameras while a game is going on, which isn’t right. Haven’t had it happen to me, but I’ve seen it happen while others are playing. So far, this has been the best of these type games I’ve tried. I won a prize on my very first game. And I never win anything on these! So far I’ve won 2 prizes in about a week worth of playing and I’ve only spent $0.99 just to get the VIP status. You get free coins each day which you can use to play the games and win. The lag isn’t nearly as bad as other games like this, but it’s still there. It’s worth a shot and definitely worth the $0.99 VIP cost..Version: 2.2

Having funI have only signed up 20 minutes ago and have won 2 prizes using the free coins. I signed up for Vip shipping which cost £3 but have spent nothing else. The prizes appear to take a while to arrive but I’m sure they will get here eventually and i can’t wait to see what they are like. If they are good quality I can see me spending more money to win prizes that I can give as gifts. There’s children in my family who would love some of these prizes and well as one oversized man child who will be thrilled with my Yoshi prize when it arrives and I give him it!!.Version: 3.3.1

Great but still hardOut of the two crane games out there currently I have to say this one is my favourite, it’s more affordable and I had better winning chances. I’m keeping this app and it’s amazing won twice already :).Version: 3.8

It’s Alright gameI’ve won a couple prizes and I’ve received them bit lame you have to pay for everything and it does lag. But it’s still a fun time 🙌🏻.Version: 4.1

Awesome game!It’s an awesome game, the most accurate of all the real live claw machines as with prizes- a lot of the other games list awesome prizes, you click on it, and it shows a completely different prize- this one is ACTUALLY accurate prize wise though. And also when playing, the claw isn’t delayed according to your moves as it is in other games. In other games, you click a direction, and it takes a good 5 seconds to register your move and complete it- this game is AWESOME though, and is perfect in timing with your moves. You don’t have to pay to ship the wins to your house either, unlike other games that make you pay to ship. I’m comparing this app to other games because it is SO much better than them. The only problem I have is with the daily reward- I’m not sure I quite understand how it works. Today I came to get it, realized I still had some time before I could collect it, so I waited for another hour until I could collect it. When I came back to collect it then, it said my “daily bonus had expired”. Is there a certain limit of time it can not be collected? I am still unsure on this point, but if this continues to not be a working feature, it will be frustrating when I have to buy coins every time I want to try and win something. Developers, please make this clear, or fix it if it’s a messed up feature. Thank you! ☺️.Version: 3.3.1

TerribleThis app is so terrible, I purchased the 27.99$ package, I won 2 times. One of the wins was the elephant pug, it picked up the prize and brought it to the prize shoot assuming it would say you win and so it took my 180 coins and did not give me the prize. Clawee IS A SCAM. Don’t buy if your looking to actually win the prizes. Clawee if u were any good you would have a contact number for people to call, just an idea. BUT AGAIN DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS APP BECAUSE ITS A SCAM.Version: 4.5

Clawee is not a lie!!!Look, I need to say THIS GAME IS FINALLY NOT A SCAM!!!!!!! I have seen games that say they will do something, like let’s say, give you a free toy, and then after 10 years nothing happens. But this, this is real! I got my squishy I, wait I almost wrote ordered, EARNED from your claw machine. It did take two months, it also came from China, and I respect that. At least I got it😂 Anyway, the only downside is the BONUS COINS ( dun dun dunnn ) When I went to bonus coins, it was a few days before I checked in so it said access expired. I checked tomorrow after that day, and access expired 😭 So I never got my bonus coins. Can you maybe fix that so it can at least reset it to day 1 if you miss a day or two or 5,000 instead of not able to do it at all? Thank you. Sincerely, Maddie 👍🏼 Psst! Also, when I got my squishy, it added a little bow. It’s super cute and that put in one of your stars since I would have subtracted one from the bonus coins. Ok you can go back to your Clawee updates now..Version: 5.0

Awesome game and support teamWon 2 prizes for FREE and ended up getting VIP for the $2.. I’ll admit some prizes are definitely harder to win than others but for the money I’ve spent and if you use their PROMO codes you can actually get some decent deals on coins. Only ONE time did I have the glitch lag out and I lost my coins ... I could of contacted support but I didn’t. Anyway I bought $5 worth of coins last night and won 2 prizes and I let my girlfriend try the game but she didn’t know how to play and ended up wasting 160 of my coins ... I contacted support explaining the situation and they gave me a credit to my account for 160 coins which I used myself and won yet a 3rd price in ONE night! I’ve received a total of 3 prizes so far. And 3 more are on the way... I definitely think it’s cool and the daily bonuses and other bonuses like play 20 games get 100 coins, connect facebook account, refer friends ... you have PLENTY of opportunities to earn free coins. I would have left 4 stars but because of the acceptional customer support I am doing 5. Only thing that could be fixed is very slow shipping time, otherwise it’s great!!!! Can’t wait to upload pictures on Facebook of my prizes to earn additional coins. One feature you should add is watch videos, surveys, or download apps to earn coins! COOL GAME OTHERWISE!.Version: 3.1

Best Claw Game Around!After seeing an Instagram post about a virtual claw game, I was intrigued and wanted to try some out. I always loved playing claw games at restaurants/stores when I was younger. After downloading and trying about 5 different games, Clawee became my favorite! You can make purchases to get coins for playing, but you can also get rewarded coins for logging in every day. The prizes are awesome! Including plushies, jewelry, accessories, home decor, gadgets, and more! There are tons of prizes for people of all ages to enjoy. Shipping does take a while, but it’s worth it when it was something you were able to win. I have had some issues with machines malfunctioning, but customer serves is great! You just email explaining what happened and can link the video of your game to get a resolution. It’s super fun to be able to play claw games, but do it remotely so I don’t have to go out to one of those restaurants or stores. You know that it’s real because while watching claws, you can see the actual human employees replenishing machines. You also don’t have to go in to a machine blind. You can watch as other people play, learning from their mistakes or figuring out how to copy their moves to get your own win. If you follow Clawee on Facebook too then you can see updates on discount codes and share your wins and prizes with others! Join me in this app addiction :).Version: 2.8

ClaweeSuch an awesome app, so much fun.Version: 5.7

Weird story that happenedSo, my daughter downloaded this app and won a bulbasaur plush from the beginners section. She entered the info so the plush could be delivered right to our door step. But the weird thing is, it never came to our door. But we had totally forgotten about Clawee and forgot the bulbasaur plush would be at the door 2 weeks after she won it. But still, back to our main subject: the plush never came to our door. So my daughter was casually playing in her room, when she saw the bulbasaur plush in her room! She came to me and showed me the plush and I was surprised. I didn’t hear the door bell ring for the plush, and I didn’t put it in the room as a surprise. I thought that the person who delivered it came through the bedroom window and placed it on the dresser. But then I realized that the room was too messy for break ins. Even if it did happen, the A.N.T alarm would go off and wake us up from slumber at night, or Disturb the peace of the quiet, Pokémon go playing house during day. Yet still, I’ll never figure out how that plush ended up in the room..Version: 5.7

Needs a little workA D pad would be nice to control the claws movement. Also the lag needs to be addressed. I have supreme internet speed and my phone was lagging. I didn’t really have much control of anything after I pushed the play button. Switching cameras was tuff. Maybe pausing the timer until the camera switch would help the user out a little. Other than that grate work it’s a well thought out app and can see my self playing it from time to time. Some optional game prize would be nice. Maybe iPhone air pods or I pod. Some type of tablets nothing to extravagant but some thing that would be appealing to the user. Maybe market these more expensive prizes and a VIP players only or sell separate tokens for this type of game play. Another option could be exchanging smaller prizes for game tokens towards a bigger price. This app has lots of potential for future revenue. Thank you for the app and have a great day Sincerely, Michael Staniforth.Version: 3.5.1

What happens if I get VIP?If I purchase VIP do I get bonuses every week or just for seven days? Thanks.Version: 3.7

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5WWW: So I recently just got this game; my friend sent it to a group chat of over 200 people. It seems quite fun already and I’m really liking it and how interesting it is Want: I don’t know if this is one here already as I’m quite new but 1) I would like some “how to train you dragon” dragon toys 2) a search bar to search for something (eg: starfish, keyring, dolphin, you get the point) EBI: literally the majority of it is VIP. Christmas is coming up so I’m kinda broke; I have no money to spend on a game. Though I might use it for Christmas present. But that idea is crumbling as I realise that 11/12 things are VIP! I know the company needs the money to make the players happy but I really wanted that dragon ring but it’s VIP. Also I’m kinda scared about giving away my address. Could you make some sort of reviewing station on the app that includes their review, out of 5 stars ⭐️, the date they got it (DD/MM/YYYY) and stuff like “Verified Purchase” Since I’ve been on it for less than 5 minutes, I’ll update as I go along. So far 5 stars ⭐️. If it gets badder//needs more feedback I drop it by a star but if it’s good then you get the point. But so far so good..Version: 3.8

Super good!I stopped playing this game because of the VIP and it being impossible for free coins, but now they have made VIP free with any purchase FOREVER (cheapest coin pack is 1.99) And you get free coins every day with vip too! I’ve won about 90 prizes and it’s really fun. All of them have arrived within a few months too! Also shipping is free forever if you get vip for 1.99. It is SO much better than Toreba, which is probably the worst claw machine game I’ve ever seen - I’ve played toreba for 2 years and won nothing, while Ive played Clawee for 1 year and won 90 things. Most reviews are outdated, as this app has listened to the negative feedback and improved massively, Overall, 11/10, would DEFINITELY reccommend!.Version: 5.6.1

5 STARS! (defo get this)First thing i love This Game connects you to (REAL) Claw machines and you can win prizes i have won a Few and i cant wait for them to arive Second thing i love That you dont have to pay for a subscription for VIP its a one time purchase (Must BuY) Third thing i love is Every purchase you make on this app/game gives You a Weeks worth of daily rewards so every day you get coins Fourth thing i love is this app/game is GORGEOUSLY SET OUT AND the things that you can win are ALWAYS updated! ❤️ THIS game/app (Clawee) ITS AMAZING! DOWNLOAD IT NOWW.Version: 3.6.2

The best game everHello this game is really fun because it has all kind of games like toys I meant it has monkey toys doggy toys big toys unicorn toys and plushy‘s baby Yoda socks I will eat a bowl of those and I just love your games I hope I can get more stuff from you guys because it is really fun to play this game because I will need to put just like it I love it and it’s the best game ever maybe and I have a lot of games maybe like this and it’s like a unicorn game in this I have like slime games and make up games and dress up games and this game is the best out of all of them because the princess game isn’t fun the make up game is it fun the unicorn game is it fun the make up and stuff like that isn’t fun I do not like that but I love your game it’s really fun so I hope you make more games like this please can you answer me but so this game is just the best I’m just saying it because it is the best it has all kind of toy plushy‘s and I love the baby Yoda socks my brother loves them till he plays on my tablet every day to just play this game and I hope you have a great day he actually loves baby Yoda to say hope you add moist up of baby Yoda I love baby Yoda also my brother and we love unicorns they’re really fun and I spent lots of time writing this I took two days riding this it’s really fun the game is really fun too it’s just doggy plushy‘s I really do love it I hope you add more baby Yoda stuff..Version: 5.6

Good but....This app is very good and I love it but it gets very annoying having to buy more coins I wish there was an easier way to get coins without buying them like if you could watch an ad and get some coins also if the bonus was better because I looked and it said that i could not collect it yet but later I looked and it had expired and I already bought the vip pass so I could play and I also sent the link to two of my friends and one of them downloaded the game but I did not get the coins that the game said I would I love this game and downloaded it because I love claw machines but I just want an easier way to get coins because at this point I could probably go and play a real claw machine and it would cost less because I have no way of getting coins without buying them which I think is dumb because I feel like when I bought the vip that it did not change the game much because I did not get any other way of getting coins. Like I said I love this game but i just need another way to get coins. It is just dumb that I have no other way to get coins besides buying them I get that you have to make profit with the game but maybe you could get a spinster and use The adds to get money and also make the people who play the machines mire happy because I just can’t get anymore coins..Version: 4.1

Simple QualityClawee is an amazing game, for winning small prizes of different categories. You’re welcomed with a daily bonus and when you first get the game you automatically get given 600 coins! The price to buy additional coins to have more frequent attempts, is not costly but more so cheap and cheerful. My only request would be to be also given coin bonuses for completing tasks. E.G: You’ve collected 10 days in a row, here’s a bonus 150 coins. You’ve won 5 prizes, here’s an extra 100 coins on us. But overall I would suggest to anyone, it’s just simply quality..Version: 2.8

Awesome!!I love this game! I’ve won so many prizes! And they’ve all been shipped to me! The customer service is very fast and so friendly! They will sort out any questions, like double wins! They send both prizes to you! The quality of the prizes is really great and the games are so fun! Yes, it is expensive, but it’s worth it at least once to have some fun! You even get some free coins to start with! I won three prizes with those alone!! It reminds me of holidays by the seaside, and arcades! Such a great way to bring nostalgia and technology together! Highly recommended game! And just good fun!.Version: 3.5.1

Great!!!I absolutely LOVE this app!!! All the studies are MEGA adorable! And if you know how the machines work, and you time it right. You can win many lovely prizes 😍 It’s my first day and I’ve won 3!!! The only thing I would change is the cost of the coins 😕 I definitely think of they cost even just a third less I’d be happy to spend more. Because of the amount of tries you have to take to get a toy, the coins have such little value for money 😪 I hope I will be able to carry on playing I’m the future.. I will just have to save up lol! Finally for some reason despite being VIP. I can’t see the lower tiers once I have levelled up 😐 which is sad because there were many stuffie a I wanted to try and get! Please fix this if you can! Over all 8/10! Thank you for such a fun app!.Version: 5.0

Tips & tricksIt seemed a bit sketchy at first but after a couple of try’s I won a small panda but in order to ship it you needed 700 coins. I had 30 after trying to win the panda and so I bought the VIP pass. You get free shipping on all the items that you win an extra bonuses. When you get VIP your are able toUnlock more prizes and get more things. I recommend getting it it’s only four dollars. Although you start off with some prizes you need to unlock the others in order to be able to play the game. You need to level up and get more wins. What do you level up to level two you can play more games and win more prizes. I suggest that before you play a game do you study how others play it,It’s ability. Some machines maybe more weak then others. You can also earn more coins which gives you more chances to play in order to play for more coins do you need to get to level two on the VIP. Do this by winning games. You don’t get a lot of coins when you start off and when you get your bonus so I suggest if you can play for more coins. I like the game but you need a lot of patience and time in order to win things and if you intend on not spending any money it’s gonna take even longer to cover the shipping cost although it does use in game currency to ship. But other than that it’s a pretty cool game..Version: 4.7.1

What’s a postal codeLike it says postal code and I do not understand please tell me.Version: 5.3

Throws you out of game in mid operation of the clawThe concept of this game is great and sort of unreal to think that this type of game exists. But although this was the first type to be made it’s not the best. others give you more control and selection of prizes with better prices. Sometimes mid game it will throw you out taking you to the main menu. Blaming your internet connection, yet every other game is not affected Update: the fact you replied the same to everyone saying about your vip access and free shipping... but it isn’t free shipping if you have to pay for vip to access it.....Version: 5.7

Are you any good at claw machines? THEN GET THE APPI’m going to give a comprehensive review here because this is the first game app I’ve ever encountered in which you control a real machine from the comfort and safety of your phone. I’ve won three stuffed animals so far. If you want free shipping and access to the ‘VIP’ machines you have to pay 4 bucks but I shelled it out simply because this app is SUPER FUN! The machines aren’t rigged like so many actual machines I’ve encountered in ‘real life.’ I’ve played claws my whole life since I used to watch my grandfather wipe them out and give the toys to the local Shriner donation house when I was young. Now, since the pandemic started I have been super reluctant to go to the arcades and haven’t been able to scratch the itch, per se. If ever there was a reason to give an app a few bucks to play a game, it’s this one, and even if you don’t or can’t, they give out free coins every day so essentially you can play for free; it just takes about a week for a free go at a claw. They keep the games well stocked, not much funny business about stuffing them in either. They even show a playback of the last win, so you can see how other people have won the prize and give you a good idea of how to win yourself. Love it, keep it up you guys, I’m very happy..Version: 5.2

Ok gameI have mixed feelings on this. I enjoy playing it and with my 600 free coins I won two items on the same day. I paid the one of payment for VIP so that my items could get shipped to me. However I only ever received one of my items. The support page is a joke, there is no support. However I decided to buy a few coins instead of waiting every day for the free ones. Out of £20 I won nothing. This is good to play if you don’t spend any money on buying the coins. Each day you get coins free, let them build up then have a go. If you win you win and if you don’t then you haven’t lost anything. Could do with more support for when things don’t turn up or do go wrong. It has its faults but I still enjoy playing it for free..Version: 2.8

I love Clawee.Personally, I love Clawee and I have won more times than I’d care to mention. It is just the best, and for a mobile app, the idea is just mind blowing. The enjoyment of just playing it is enough to put a smile on my face, even if I lose a few times. This is why I am giving this app a well deserved 5 star review. The customer support is helpful, the prizes are high quality, what more would I want from an amazing game like this? I’d say for all you people at Clawee, you have done yourself proud. Well done..Version: 5.0

SHOCKED so happyyyy!!Omg this is the best app ever....!!! I can finally use this app agian as when I tried to win with my 60 coins left.. 😭 I lost BUT I LEVELLED UP AND GOT 40 COINS!!! I HAVE NEVER SAW THIS FEATURE BEFORE!!! I was like OMG hopefully there is stuff for 40 coins!! And I got 2 tickets yay!! 😁 and the stuff u get is really good quality!! I recommend! I loveeee the Panda squishy i won!! It’s basically free prizes!! The new level up feature is really good for broke ppl like me lol I also won a blue giraffe but my phone broke stilll got the prize though! On vip I don’t know why I don’t get weekly coins anymore but that’s okkk!!! 💓💓💓💓.Version: 4.5

Ok game just to much moneyIt’s a very fun and enjoyable game I just got this like 5 mins ago and I can’t stop playing it. I have won a prize already. The problem is that you have to pay coins or you have to play £3.99 to become a VIP. When you are a VIP you get you prizes shipped for free. I think it’s to much money. You have to pay for coins if you run out of them and you still want a go. I think the Prices are ridiculously priced like for 160 coins it’s £2.99. Yes there are some good things within the game like you get free coins everyday and sometimes you give you some free coins like when I played they gave me 410 coins for free. And the thing that I also like is that it saying it’s completely free even the shipping. So it’s a bit like a scam. All I have to say is that you don’t buy your coins and you just save your coins that you give you until your at 2500 because most of the things are 200+ coins Also so of the best prizes are for VIPs only.Version: 3.5

Absolutely great!So I just started playing an hour ago and they gave 600 coins to start off with. I won 2 prizes with that and the cost of VIP for free delivery I think is great value. I went ahead with the purchase and it took £1.49 from my bank account. I then received emails saying thank you for order with an order number and they said tracking will soon be available although it will take a few weeks to arrive. Hopefully they will arrive, if it does, I will continue playing this for life :).Version: 2.6

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