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Ombi App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Ombi app received 42 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Ombi? Can you share your negative thoughts about ombi?

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Ombi for Negative User Reviews

Could be betterThe UI is not great, text is not centred and buttons are not obvious. Just look at the nice UI in safari, it’s in a browser and works better than your app! Please fix the ui or just wrap the web app inside this app. I do appreciate the notifications though, thank you.Version: 1.7

This stopped working in 2 hours.This stopped working in 2 hours. Internal server error - cant pull from radarr. Biggest headache trying to fix this using sqlite3. Can’t figure this out. Wish i didnt purchase that 3.99 upgrade feature so quickly. Feels lame to contribute to something that just doesn’t work ya know. 3 stars as its possible this gets fixed in the future. Will change to 5 when/if fixed.Version: 1.7

IPhone XJust paid for this and it does not work with iPhone X.Version: 1.5

Good programWorks as designed with the back end service. I purchased the app, but am unable to approve movies from mobile version, asking me to buy other services. A little unclear. Other than that, would recommend this for any plex user..Version: 1.7

Music?I love having music request on the website but are you going to add it to the mobile app?.Version: 1.7

Additional cost for admin??When I purchased this I could do everything that I wanted but now I need to upgrade with an in app purchase to approve? What the hell man that unfair - what’s next, users pay to make a request?.Version: 1.7

Money GrabBeen following tidusjar (Jamie) for a while. His content has always been great. This app seems completely unlike him. A mediocre paid app WITH in-app purchases. Really? This app has potential but... come on Jamie..Version: 1.7

Has potential...Is this app still being developed? Although it has great potential, it feels like it hasn't been completed and the experience is incomplete. What are the upgrade features btw?.Version: 1.7

Login IssuesUnable to login if you use Plex to login with. This makes connecting to the server and the program unusable..Version: 1.7

This app is poorly designedWhy do you even charge for such a trashy looking app? It looks like my 4 year old son used a drag and drop wysiwyg editor to build this. Rebuild it in flutter. I’ll pay double. So hard to navigate and just an eye sore..Version: 1.7

Unusable on iPhone XAs another user has stated before me, the URL field is inaccessible on the iPhone X and is in the menu bar which isn’t selectable. After this issue is fixed I’ll be able to evaluate the app and rate it..Version: 1.5

On the fence about this appDoes not search or update suggestions. The web interface seems to work better for me. Does not include combined, popular or trending. Will increase/decrease review if/when it gets better/stays broke..Version: 1.7

Poorly designed cash grabThe app really costs $5. You pay $1 for the privilege to download the app, and then another $4 to actually do anything with it. You can’t even mark requests as available without spending more money on the in-app purchase. It’s utterly ridiculous. Thing is, if the app looked better I’d pay the extra $4. Right now, the GUI is a total mess and it looks like someone’s sophomore app dev project in college, not an app that should be for sale on the App Store. Stick with the Web UI until they either A) make this app truly only $1 or B) make the GUI look presentable.Version: 1.7

Can’t loginWanted to support dev but can’t even log in..Version: 1.7

Will no longer work.Use to work just fine with my iOS. No longer will login after WEEKS of trying..Version: 1.7

Works, but becoming a money grabAs I said, it does work but I'm getting tired of paying again and again for upgrades on an app I already purchased. I paid for the app and now I have to pay to get the upgrades to the app? If you're going to make me pay for "in-app purchases" then refund me the money I paid for the app..Version: 1.5

Unable to do anythingEvery single thing about this doesn’t work. Every time I try to request a movie, I get an error. Every time I try to approve a request, I get an error. Useless app. I do love Ombi though!!!.Version: 1.7

Login BrokenUsing the exact same url and logon details I verified as being correct on the web interface is not accepted for login with Ombi app... very disappointing! Do not recommend wasting money on this. iPhone XS Max iOS 13.3.1.Version: 1.7

No Plex OAuthDoesn’t work with Plex OAuth... Useless without that..Version: 1.7

Can't log inCan't even log in on my iPhone X. Top section to input URL is above notch so you cant even select it to put in URL to sign in..Version: 1.5

Flakey has all get outWon’t consistently connect, appears to have a dependency on opening Ombi via a webpage, text is cut off, touch highlights persist after touching items. Not worth 1.99 at all...Version: 1.2

In app featuresBought the app and it worked as expected at first. Shortly after, I couldn’t use any admin features because I had to buy in app features. I already paid!.Version: 1.7

App crashing after latest iOS updatePlease modernize this app up to the latest iOS version and I will amend my review..Version: 1.7

Not greatThis app has not been updated in over 2 years. Ombi works perfect from my phone browser but doesn’t update from the app. Erased it and put a web shortcut on my phone..Version: 1.7

MisleadingThe $.99 price tag is not all you will need to pay. Once you purchase and launch app, you will be required to pay an additional $3.99 in order to be able to process requests (approve/deny). Either charge $5 for the app or indicate that in the description..Version: 1.7

Totally brokenJust bought the app and the login screen is broken on iPhone X. The Omni URL input is distorted on the top and I cannot even click on it..Version: 1.5

Plex OAuth Support?I’m using Plex OAuth support in my ombi install and I can’t seem to login to this app. Happy to change my review, but as of right now I can’t login at all. I’ve tried manually setting a password for the admin account, but it appears that with OAuth enabled, it overrides the manual password..Version: 1.7

Unable to login on iPhoneXGiving one star for now because I am unable to login on the iPhoneX. The camera/speaker cutout at the top of the iPhoneX screen overlaps the server address field and is not selectable. Also, I don’t see any text populate when typing in the username and password fields. I love that there is now an app to manage ombi and am looking forward to when these bugs are resolved so I can login and continue to test..Version: 1.5

Poor quality money grabThis app is worse than the web interface and requires an in app purchase to gain admin features. I want my money back..Version: 1.7

Not worth the moneyCrappy first need to buy this app. Then need to purchase special upgrades for approving requests?! Come on.. that’s ridiculous. You’re not taking another penny from me..Version: 1.7

Horrendous - using a mobile browser for the website is bad, but this is worseOmbi asked me for a review, so here it is... The Ombi mobile app has a nearly unusable UI. Please please please do some basic user testing like giving it to your kid and asking them to perform a core function of the app e.g. request a movie. Follow some basic iOS design guidelines. Was this made with Xamarin?? Take a look at Tautulli’s app. That’s how it should be designed. I would LOVE for Siri Shortcuts to be implemented where I can approve a request. Or a widget showing a backlog of issues. And a new request notification on my watch having the option to approve or deny. But those are way down in the backlog after some basic usability improvements. Most of the main functionality you’d expect as the admin is missing; even with the extra purchase. I considered asking for a refund but felt that the ASP.NET app deserved some money so I relented. I’m still slightly annoyed at that purchase. I only use this for the push notifications to my Apple Watch. I literally have a bookmarked Ombi site on my home screen which works as a more usable and functional app that this actual app does. I’m currently using an iPhone X..Version: 1.7

Looks coolLooks like it has potential but I don’t see anywhere to actually request a movie or tv show. Only information about them..Version: 1.0

Doesn’t WorkI try to put in my url and creds but it just spins. Then says internal error. Buyer beware, buy at your own risk. Can’t believe I paid for this thing..Version: 1.7

AvoidVery buggy and unreliable. Interface is essentially the same as browser access, which for the most part works well. I don’t mind paying a developer for their work, particularly since Ombi server is open source, but this app is as unpolished as they get. Save your .99 and stick with the web..Version: 1.7

App does not work add allI have my ombi setup perfectly I can connect and when I request for some reason it does not process my request even tho they show up on the browser side they never pull..Version: 1.7

Not worth itDownloaded the app, almost upgraded but after testing for few hrs it's hit and miss, logging in using web interface is pointless. Why not just use web interface since already there. I don't mind paying but the app is not worth anything.Version: 1.7

Good selection - but very glitchy!The selection of things to watch is great on this app. But the number of times it sits on the “loading” notification is infuriating. It’s a complete lotto as to whether you can get as far as submitting a request..Version: 1.7

Does not workI am able to login via safari, but when I put the same IP/port and user info in the app it returns an error message..Version: 1.7

Great Idea but.....It’s been a year and no update to improve the performance or usability issues. The mobile app costs $ but the web is free..Version: 1.7

Not worth itI had to pay to download and then you want me to pay to use the app? The app is so terribly designed it’s so close to seeming like a parody. Don’t pay for this app. Just handle everything through the browser..Version: 1.7

Not bad, but behind the web version.This isn’t a bad app, could use a bit of Polish especially when compared to the web. There is a $5 upgrade option within the app it’s self, but I can’t find what features or functionality comes with the upgrade... maybe the dev can comment?.Version: 1.7

If you want a review so bad, make the app amazingIf I have to press ‘not now’ every time I request something it’s going to annoy me. I’m ok with being asked to review but not from the second I BUY the app! But this is a good app it’s easy to set up and works well with minimal techy knowledge needing to be know when attaching this to your OMBI server.Version: 2.10.1

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