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Ringtones Maker - The Ring App Negative Reviews

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Ringtones Maker - the ring app App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Ringtones Maker - the ring app app received 38 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Ringtones Maker - the ring app? Can you share your negative thoughts about ringtones maker - the ring app?

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Ringtones Maker - the ring app for Negative User Reviews

Reqires other sourcesAs someone who cannot get a computer, or the garageband app,(requires ios 14 or later) I was dissapointed by this app. If anyone knows how to do custom ringtones on an iPhone without using itunes, garageband, or a computer, I’d really appreciate if you told me. This internet isn’t giving any useful answers either..Version: 1.8.78

Make it so that you don’t need to use garage bandDo you need another app to make it I just want this app.Version: 1.9.01

BadCan’t access my Apple Music library from this app and it just tells me to buy more music from the iTunes Store. I bought all my music from the store already. What a terrible app!.Version: 1.8.99

Absolute GarbageI installed this app to make custom ringtones and I cannot record anything but the start of the song for 10 seconds maximum. 0/10 wish I never saw this because it just gave me cancer..Version: 1.9.01

Finally i use garage band to get this done. Nothing usefulFinally i use garage band to get this done. Nothing useful.Version: 1.9.01

Hard to navigateApp opens to the make the ringtone page. Figured out how to create the ringtone, easy once you figure it out. Eventually discovered there is a tutorial but it won’t play because it says I know how to create a ringtone. Can’t figure out how to assign the ringtone to a person or my selection of ringtones. Sent a request through feedback. Response, watch the tutorial and select the ringtone and then press make. Did that person I want to assign it to does not appear, nor does contacts or texts or phone???.Version: 1.8.94

Do not getSo confused the tutorials didn't help what so ever.Version: 1.9.08

EwwGarbage app.Version: 1.9.01

It’s alrightWell number 1 I can’t save it to the app I want to but it’s easy to import what you want.I would recommend if you are a bit of a internet person and can figure things out easily.Version: 1.8.99

Awful & in Chinese languageI downloaded this app recently, hoping to find a “ringtone maker” so I can have a ringtone. I read the first few reviews and they seemed great, out of curiosity… I went to look at the one star reviews, and you might be doing that and looking at my review. It requires you to pay for music from iTunes and all the “music” is in Chinese. If that is what your looking for then I’m sure this will be a great app for you, but I don’t suggest it. After a long time, garage band worked the best for me. Good luck :).Version: 1.8.99

Worst app ever!All the other reviews are fake this doesn’t even work!.Version: 1.9.05

Problems!The instructions seems simple at first. However, once the ringtone is created the instructions to “ long press” your project goes south from there because I couldn’t long press sit all day long, but an option never came up to share it anywhere. No matter how many times I’ve get it over and over. It didn’t work on my end. Now maybe it is something I’m doing wrong, but I am doing exactly what it’s telling me to do and I’m never given an option to share it in the sense that the directions say to do. On the other hand, I found a way to get to a “ share” option, but once I selected, share an icon for “ ringtone” never came up, which is number 3 on the list under instructions. In my experience this as an extremely difficult and confusing way to create a ringtone..Version: 1.9.09

Too many adsThere are too many ads.Version: 1.9.01

Impostor appThis app doesn’t actually do anything, it just talks you through how to use GarageBand to make your own ringtones.Version: 1.8.94

So close yet a million miles awayOk. I am doing ok with making my first ringtone but then it told me I need garage band to upload my ringtone. At first I realized it would be a snap since all I had to do was re download. But for a iPhone model 6 S user it takes FoReVeR to download. So unless you have the fancy google pixel or galaxy X or something. It takes like 100,000,000 hours to download so only download if you have a newer model..Version: 1.9.01

Failed at the first screenWhy don’t this pick your file from the music. I looked At download file and nothing there. It’s never easy with these crap apps and have to use garage band why don’t they include something similar in the app. Deleted I’ll stick to creating them on iTunes..Version: 1.8.94

:(This used to work really well but now it always says “core audio is missing” and it won’t export. please fix this, it’s literally the only ringtone app of this quality.Version: 1.8.4

Not recommended for downloadWas not helpful at all Wouldn’t let me make anything without needing to download a new app.Version: 1.9.05

MusicIt is okay but if you could access prime music it would be a lot better and when I say a lot I mean a lot thank you ever so much if you do my request..Version: 1.8.99

Won’t work.I keep clicking on the link to save the ringtone, watching the ad, all that. It doesn’t save, it just boots me back to the link again..Version: 1.9.09

You can just go to photosYes this is true but there’s a way.Version: 1.9.04

Is this some virus thing?As soon as I opened the app a pop up came up saying “click to see term and data we are using” or something along those lines. I clicked on it. I got redirected to a safari page saying that I should allow them to see my credit history”. It was like this: Why you should allow us credit history Credit history why You should (Something in another Language that I think might be Chinese, Japanese or Korean) (Something in Russian) This might of not have formatted correctly. If so, I am sorry..Version: 1.8.94

AwesomeI have the funniest ringtone now thanks.Version: 1.9.10

UghThis would not let me use the tone I would of liked to it wouldn’t make the noise.Version: 1.8.99

AnnoyingI hate that you have to download another app my ios cant get it and it’s really sad I would have really liked to get a new ringtone so plz mabye fix it???.Version: 1.9.09

StupidMakes turning the sound into mp4 easy getting it to be a ringtone - impossible. No instructions and have no idea how garage band is linked.Version: 1.8.94

ConfusingThis app is very confusing to use and I am very unhappy.Version: 1.8.2

Seriously!!!All content provided is in Chinese language. Aside from that pretty good..Version: 1.9.09

Does not work with Apple Music Subscription MusicI have a family subscription to Apple. None of the music I download via my subscription is visible to use! Only the music I previously imported in the old days via CD are viewable! Not fit for intended use, will be going back to an old app that does see this music, but requires me to sync it to my PC to export the tone then add it into my ring tone library!.Version: 1.9.08

Good app but way too many adsThis app is overall the best ringtone app I’ve used but what makes this bad is having too many ads it’s just uncalled for.Version: 1.9.10

Not worth it!!!I downloaded this app thinking it will be songs in English but it turns out the only sounds on there are Chinese and to be honest I don’t want a Chinese sone on my phone whenever anyone calls me. If you like more popular 2021 songs that you will definitely know this isn’t the app for you.Version: 1.8.94

It cannot install ringtonesThe Make button tells to install Garage Band which is not available for my version of iOS, or use iTunes. So the app itself cannot install ringtones into system. And if one has Garage Band installed, then both creation and installation can be done there, making this app totally useless..Version: 1.9.01

Needs another app to workFrom what I’ve read, GarageBand can make ringtones so why do I I need to maintain 2 apps when GarageBand is what would do the work?.Version: 1.9.09

ChallengingHad to swim through the ads. Almost drowned..Version: 1.8.84

Unknown issueThis never happened before. Cause now I can’t even clip a music or song.Version: 1.8.94

OkOverall a very good app but it kept giving me this clash of clans ad that i couldnt close out of and everytime i would close and re open the app to get rid of it it would just come back.Version: 1.9.01

It makes you start a trial before you can get inJust like any other app it makes you pay for completely free when you go in you have to go through three stages and the last one makes you pay even though it is completely free this is why I hate all these types of apps I wish you would just be an app that could actually be completely free you don’t have to pay for anything and you get everything that’s really good.Version: 1.9.01

LanguageIt is a language I do t know.Version: 1.8.99

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