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Ringtones Maker - the ring app App User Positive Comments 2023

Ringtones Maker - the ring app app received 167 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about ringtones maker - the ring app?

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Ringtones Maker - the ring app for Positive User Reviews

Really functional, amazing app!I made my charge sound the ichigo scream 🤣.Version: 1.8.98

Works for me. 👍By far the best out there. Others wouldn’t unlock certain types of files but this one worked fine..Version: 1.8.94

Very simple to use! 10/10The app lets you take a video from your photo gallery and put it straight in garage band to turn into an audio file (also gives you step by step tutorial on how to do this) and then you can set your new ringtone in your iphone settings. took me only a minute to change mine for the first time. i recommend it..Version: 1.8.99

I can't read the song titles😢The app looked great so I downloaded it, but all the song titles were in either Japanese or Korean and I don't know how to read either of those. I kept trying to change the language but it wouldn't change. I even tried deleting it and re deleting it, nothing worked. Other than that the app looks great and I feel bad I can't use it because of this. Sorry if I may have came off rude in the beginning of my review I have no hate for this app..Version: 1.9.09

This is da bestThis is like the best app ever! I love it so much, but one problem there’s to many adds like ughhhhhhhhh I’m always waiting for the adds to end, but otherwise I love it and first I didn’t know how to put my ring tone then I found out how to do it. Great app love it get it if you see this review you are amazing 🤩 byeeeee! Ps. Get this app you will love it.Version: 1.8.93

AmazingThis app is literally awesome i love it so much. i thought it was gonna be hard to use but it actually turned out super easy and it only takes a few steps i love it so much and my new ringtone and text tones. this app is a slay..Version: 1.9.09

Pls AnswerHello I just got this and so far it seems ok but on the page where you can see others ringtones they are all a different language like no English. I understand that there are users with diff languages but is there a way so I only see the language I have selected or sum. I don’t want this to be rude or anything it’s just I would like to see what others ringtones are..Version: 1.9.01

FantasticSo easy to use. I used to use GarageBand to make my tones but this is so much quicker and easier to use. Great app!.Version: 1.9.04

MetallicaHow do I make one? It won’t let me.Version: 1.9.09

Works!!!You will probs want to watch the video how to do it but this is the only way I’ve managed to set a custom ringtone on an iPhone. Never leave reviews but this had to be done, up yours apple!! We shouldn’t need apps like this for such a simple task as setting a ringtone from your favourite song but thank the lord we do..Version: 1.8.99

The best!!!!!!I don’t have garage band (it only works on IOS 14) so I did it on my computer And guess what... I worked It is better than any app I had.Version: 1.8.69

Really cool!It is a really great app! I made a custom ringtone in 5 minutes without much trouble!! Recommend! 😏.Version: 1.8.94

JoJoSimple easier than garage band for making ringtone and the best !.Version: 1.8.99

Perfect.Did exactly as I needed it to. I selected the mp3 file, uploaded it, shared it to Garageband, and from there, it was as simple as pressing the "Use as ringtone" button in Garageband. It even has a little tutorial in case you don't know what to do when you press share. I only saw one ad while loading into the app. It's incredible, it's perfect..Version: 1.8.93

Brilliant AppSo easy to use - why Apple have to make it so hard to do just basic things like this is a mystery to me..Version: 1.8.99

BEST APPOne of the best apps ever. Straight up does everything for u and tells u how to do rest..Version: 1.9.10

ExcellentAs a professional world class Pop music artist I’ve been looking for a ringtone maker app that will make it easy to turn my songs into iPhone compatible ringtones for fans and meet Apple’s strict rules regarding ringtone compatibility so I can make sure my ringtones will work on iPhones across the board. With the ringtone maker I finally found the app. So simple and professional to use. The sound quality of produced ringtones are superb. I don’t make ringtones very often, but when I do I like an app that works and will leave people awe struck at the level of professional quality and functionality. I think my marriage with a ringtone maker app is complete. I think I’ll be using this app for a very long time. Thank you.Version: 1.8.69

This Works great, using it for iPhone 13Great app.Version: 1.9.01

Best app for ringtonesVery good app for ringtones.Version: 1.8.93

Ringtone MakerLove it.Version: 1.9.09

Amazing ringtonesThis app is amazing for ringtones you do need garage band but still you can have your favourite songs for your ringtone it is amazing definitely recommend to other people.Version: 1.8.99

AdsToo many ads but still works well (Tip turn of Wi-Fi).Version: 1.9.01

Chinese meme songI put the chinese meme song as my ringtone.Version: 1.9.01

If you need a free custom ringtone get this.This app is the best app for ringtone or text tune makers. You can do absolutely anything you’d like for your ringtone or text tone for free. It can be your favorite part of your song or it can even be you singing. It’s super easy once you see the instructions and you won’t find anything else better. If you’re thinking of an app get this..Version: 1.8.87

Amazing app!!I have soooo many great ringtones now, and i can use them as alarms so i can wake up properly!! I love this appppp ★★★★★.Version: 1.9.09

So so easySomething I’ve been trying to do easily since first getting an iPhone!! App has made an over complicated job a 5min task.Version: 1.8.93

This app is greatWorks perfectly, ads are short.Version: 1.9.04

Easy ring tone aplSince having an iPhone I have been unable to get a decent ring tone that doesn't sound like everyone else's. This ringtone maker is so easy to use. I now have some super sounds in combination with garage band app. I would rate it as 5 stars but I have deducted one for the adverts. But it's got to paid for some how. But you have to be patient and let them have their say and carry on. It's not everyday you will be using the app..Version: 1.9.08

Finally a ringtone app that is not a scam!We all want to have ringtones that are customizable, but apple makes that hard for us. It cost money to customize a ringtone! I think this app is amazing, but one problem. I have an iPad, and the format is uncomfortable to navigate. Other then that this app is incredible!.Version: 1.8.99


So easy!The tutorials on this app make it so easy to understand what your doing and i made a ringtone in under 5 minutes :D.Version: 1.8.94

THIS IS AMAZING!This app is amazing all you need it to screen record it then share it through the app on to garage band and share that to ring tones then you have you ringtone! You can put your ringtone to anything you want!!!!!.Version: 1.8.93

Best ringtone makerThe most majestic ringtone maker to exist...Version: 1.9.09

ConvenienceSo easy to share and export if u follow the instructions ..Version: 1.8.69

It works good!It works good and smoothly, my only issue is that sometimes the music doesn't play correctly or the ringtone glitches, so it's not a full 5 stars. Overall, it's pretty good, would recommend!.Version: 1.9.08

My savior has arrived!!Since the time when I was a wee lad, I’ve become a slave to the deceiving ringtone makers that have been allowed to Rome the earth. Bound by their tyranny, I always dreamed of one day finding a savior to free me from my prison. Twas a glorious night as I was scrolling through the App Store, and ringtone maker found itself upon my screen. My savior had arrived to take his place on the throne… He claimed his throne on my phone screen… never to be moved again..Version: 1.8.96

Wow didn’t expect it to work this wellI went on the app and I was a little confused at first because there was a big advertisement but then I saw the arrow from their (which took me a while to see🤦‍♀️) but once I got there it made everything so easy and I love how you can turn off and on the tutorials and even change the language on the audios you are using. Also I greatly appreciate how I am able to use this app for more than just ring tones, I mean when I go to put my ring tone in garage band I realized I don’t even have to make it a ring tone from their I can simply just use it if I wanted to make music or add to the old audio. So I would say I give this app a 9.4/10.Version: 1.9.08

AmazingSuper easy & no need for computer.Version: 1.9.09

RingtoneMaker - the ring app.Great app for making your own ringtones without relying on ITunes and so easy to use - highly recommend!.Version: 1.8.94

Amazing!I’m impressed by how well this app works it’s worth the adds..Version: 1.8.84

LoveittThis app is great!! I’ve been trying to find something that’s free and easy to use! This ringtone maker app is so underrated!! I love it so much it’s easy to make a ringtone and it gives clear instructions on how to make it!! If you’re looking for something simple to use then you should consider downloading it!!!.Version: 1.8.99

Good appSuper easy to use super funny for sounds.Version: 1.8.99

GoodVery good and had no problems with this app.Version: 1.9.08

5 starThis app is great and good to use for ringtones. I would recommend this to all as lots of other apps don’t work.Version: 1.8.99

WMade my ring tone Indian meme song and COEMS song.Version: 1.9.09

🔥اي.Version: 1.9.09

Amazing!It is a great app that makes it really easy to make your own ring tone. One thing i would like to add for anyone who gets this app, if you are looking for an app to customize your own text tone, this app probably isn’t what you are looking for. It’s a pretty straight forward app and even gives directions on how to set up the ring tone. It also doesn’t bombard you with adds so you can actually use the app. Great app 10/10 would recommend.Version: 1.8.78

5 starsThis app is so good and it’s so easy to do and if you want to make a specific sound all you have to do is make your own video on the camera and say whatever you want your ringtone to be and then go to the ringtone app(this app) And click on upload video click on the video you just did and then follow the steps and it’s really easy and simple and yes it actually works.Version: 1.9.01

GAVE 5 FOR IT TO BE AT THE TOPThis app the the legit definition of trash. THEY DONT ACUALLY OFFER ANY RINGTONES! You have to upload it from another app or video. So here I go try to find the video of Hamiltons “Schuyler Sisters” I took, I upload it. BTW IT DOESNT EVEN LET YOU CUT THE CLIP. I name the file and click “set ringtone” I ask my friend to call me to see if it works… IT DIDNT 😭😢☹️😒This is really annoying. Anything by this company doesn’t even work!.Version: 1.9.09

LOVE ITI made my favourite song into a ringtone in minutes i love how simple to use this is.Version: 1.9.09

It’s greatWhen I downloaded this i had doubts but it’s actually works and gives you a guid on how to do it it’s amazing 5/5.Version: 1.9.09

The holy grailIt is really true that this app lives up to the hype! Because you can use videos to turn them into ringtones and everything is completely free! I love how it has the built-in GarageBand sharing option. It makes it so much easier I would definitely recommend this!.Version: 1.8.78

Excellent App!This app is so easy to use. I spent forever on my computer trying to figure out how to make a ringtone through iTunes and I gave up in frustration. This app takes me less than a minute to set up my ringtone all from the convenience of my device. I couldn’t recommend it enough..Version: 1.8.69

Works fine, only issue is on iOS end.You do need to install GarageBand.Version: 1.9.08

This One Works WellAfter almost a full day of trying different apps, itunes, and even google nothing would send the file to my phone. I have an 11 pro and a mac book and the two just would not act right. Such a simple song I wanted. I went from changing files between m4r and m4a to who knows what else. No matter what I did the song would not sync to my phone once plugged up to my mac. Then I tried this app and within minutes I was assigning the tone to my contacts. So thankful… I’m sticking with this app for all my tone assigning needs A+++++.Version: 1.9.01

LOVEHis.Version: 1.8.99

Easy has all the steps there for youQuick simple tells you what you need to do such as downloading garage band and what to do on it. Love this app!!❤️.Version: 1.9.09

KhmerGreat app easy to use.Version: 1.8.99

Sooooooooo. GreatHere’s 10000$.Version: 1.8.99

Aye Man, all I needed was the steps!Man, I thought this was gonna be a long process on my iP 13PM, but it wasn’t! All I needed was to download my garage band back! Then screen record! You should get the app to support, but also bc it converts the video to audio and follow their instructions & images. At least that’s all I needed! 🤷‍♀️They got a computer iTunes option for steps to follow, if you wanna use that. Disclaimer: I will say it’s weird- sketchy how the songs they offered were in japanese…i thought it was another app trying to hack iphones again(like tuektalk)…who knows…look out for that..Version: 1.9.09

Best App everNot a scam like all the others don’t need to pay!!.Version: 1.9.08

BEST APP EVER!!I would really recommend to download this app gives you free ringtones thank you so much if I didn’t download this app I would’ve paid all for these ringtones..Version: 1.8.96

Amazing appAmazing app finally got the ringtone I always wanted for free without having to pay for it. I highly recommend this app.Version: 1.8.99

Awesome!I has been trying to set a ringtone of my own for ages and in less than five minutes, this app did it for me!! it’s amazing, best one I’ve tried 10/10 recommend.Version: 1.8.64

At last!Been after something like this for ages. You need GarageBand as well but no problem. Took a minute to work out how to use as have early version of GarageBand but no issue really. Quick and easy to use, would be happy to pay for this. I now have my cat’s miaow as my ringtone! Excellent..Version: 1.8.96

RingtoneMakerI found this app by chance……and wow what a fab find for a freebie. So easy to use and does so much more…..luv, luv, luv it. Thank you 🎵🎶🎼❤️.Version: 1.8.96

It worksIt works, and the steps don’t lead you in every direction. Thank you..Version: 1.9.01

Meadow 2021I think this app would be better if I could figure out how to make it my ringtone. I recorded a piece of my favorite song on my Alexa using this app but then it said that I didn’t have a ringtone set. Of course, this is just me and my dumb brain, but I thought it would be really fun to have music as my ringtone instead of just the default ones that Apple offers. I’m not saying that this app is bad, I’m just saying or asking for a better navigation. When you first open the app, you see a plus button and a Settings icon and there is also a link to get Google Chrome. I think that this is annoying because it keeps popping up and asking me if it wants me to install google on my iPad but I don’t. Anyway, this is a good app and I think that you should buy it. Meanwhile, I am going to go get my mom to help me. I said by an accident. I meant get since this app is free..Version: 1.8.82

The Best and easiest free ringtone makerVery easy to make ringtones using this app (requires GarageBand app.).Version: 1.8.69

Great appSo I’ve been trying to make custom ringtones lately and on iOS you have to do it on GarageBand which is the easiest way in my opinion. Turns out you can’t just save the audio you want and turn that into an audio. Turns out you have to convert it to mp3 form first. Once you do that click make ringtone and then they are so nice they give you a tutorial on how to do it! That is 1 of the great things you can do with this app. I haven’t tried it yet but there are also live wallpapers in the app as well!.Version: 1.8.78

To ring tone makerDear. Ring tone maker I am very pleased at this app it works fine and yes I don’t pay for subscription put that not the point the point is you already have a lot of Pepper using this app therefore you should make a decent amount of money now imagine all of the those people who use ur app and they have to watch commercials yes it’s only like 10 to 5 second video but it takes a while for the stuff to download so I would say that I don’t really appreciate having commercials as a person who is this happens very pleased with it. I am pleased to say that this app has helped me in so many ways I just don’t think that it should have commercials.Version: 1.9.09

Amazing!!This app is amazing! It’s really easy to work, and there are videos explaining it to you! I love how you can literally make a ringtone out of anything!! 100% recommend!!.Version: 1.8.82

Finally, an ringtone app that works!I’ve downloaded tones and tones of so called “Ringtone-Making Apps” over the years, and all of them have basically been the same: Utter Garbage. Either they lacked what makes a ringtone app useful (actually choosing what song you want as a ringtone), told you to use songs you’ve bought before (which defeats the purpose of getting a “free” app) or just didn’t work. This app, however, actually lets you make ringtones from videos, a feature I’ve never seen before from past apps and have come to like a lot. What’s better, it lets you send the audio you edit straight to GarageBand, which has a Ringtone feature, so you’ll really be able to use the stuff you make! I already have five custom ringtones, and my dorky little heart is melting with the thought of all the possibilities! Definitely download this one! I’ve struck gold, and so will you!.Version: 1.8.64

ReviewAlright. ive never put a review on this app but i reckon it deserves a review so here u go mate. ive been looking through so many ringtone maker apps because my ringtone isnt on itunes. i downloaded so many and eventually i found this app and it worked perfectly. i didnt even need a computer or anything. i needed to download garageband but that wasnt hard. i cant believe it actually worked..Version: 1.8.89

😏😏😏I totally didn’t make a dream smp alarm for waking me up in the morning. This app is really fun to use even if you don’t end up using the alarms/ringtones just make sure you have garage band as well. This app makes ringtones which you can assign to certain people or you can just have it for everyone. There is also a way of making alarms witch I find really funny to use since you can use any video in you camera roll 😂 if there were to be any improvements I would make it simpler to make into a alarm or ringtone and not use garage band for it..Version: 1.8.97

AmazingRingtones are easy to make, deffo recommend this app over any other ringtone apps..Version: 1.8.94

SonnerieBeaucoup trop compliqué pour rien. Beaucoup plus simple de se servir de musique..Version: 1.8.99

Great for extracting sound from VideoFree version Works as advertised, with advertisements..Version: 1.8.69

GoodIt’s good.Version: 1.9.10

ThanksGood job.Version: 1.9.04

It is sooo goodI definitely recommend this app it works so well but you do need to download GarageBand. Once you have done the ringtone and everything you can just delete the apps and the ringtone stays. I did it with jump in the Cadillac and it works so well. Definitely recommend 😁.Version: 1.8.99

ThanksActually got me out of bed.Version: 1.9.09

Pretty SimpleIt’s a tad bit confusing at first. But once you get it figured out this app is pretty amazing and I love the way it let you detail exactly where you want your song to start and stop and how you wanted to do it from start to finish ringtone completely made it only takes about 8 to 10 minutes depending on how specific you are other than that this app is amazing so far..Version: 1.8.94

Great appLove it.Version: 1.9.08

Good appsUseful, like it.Version: 1.8.78

Fantastic appNo other app worked on my phone for some reason. This one doesn’t even need you to use your computer. Brilliant app, thank you!.Version: 1.8.96

Soooooo goodIt is so good for text tones and ring tones. You can record ringtones add export them for free!!!.Version: 1.8.99

Wonderful appI needed to customise my ringtones. Most apps are not free which was annoying. Your app helped to customise my need and I finally got a RingTune I really like for FREE!. Thank you.Version: 1.8.94

In loveSo easy tu use!! And completely free.Version: 1.9.01

It’s actually pretty usefulIt’s got plenty of options, more than ringtones. You can change the charging sound to Mario sounds whenever you plug-in or out of your phone. It doesn’t require any tabs to be open, or any of that, it just happens, and the way to upload the audio to your ringtone is accessible across lots of things! You could get it from, files, photos … more etc., it’s pretty good, and it’s got plenty other stuff that make it a quality app to keep! I recommend it. Thx for readin this Hav a 👍🏼 1!!!!.Version: 1.9.01

Loved it but need more help infoDefinitely get this app it is simple not to complex and works perfectly! But make sure to pay attention to directions because you will never get the directions ever again. I thought downloading the app again would help and the directions would pop up again but no you only get them once so keep close attention..Version: 1.8.93

Quick and simpleI was amazed at how quick and easy it is to use this, I finally have my ringtone that I have been trying to get for hours. It’s simple to use and has many different features to help with the ringtones, even though there are some ads while using the app it isn’t ‘overly used’. 10/10 would recommend to a friend. 🦧.Version: 1.8.96

Perfect Perfect Perfect!I finally found the actual ringtone maker that will let me take the sounds out of my phone that I want and the songs, movie clips, or any file for that matter that I want out of my phone without them being in Apple Music or something like that and actually make a ringtone out of it. Excellent job with this app guys, 'cause as far as I know this is the only app in the app store that lets you do that..Version: 1.8.94

Great but confusing 🤨I absolutely love this app, but to set the ringtone takes forever, I’ve done everything it’s said and still the ringtone didn’t work. But I have now found out why it never saves. Also what if u don’t have GarageBand?? Will u be able to still use it ? Anyways apart from that, it’s AMAZING !! 🤩 🥲.Version: 1.8.82

Simple Simple!!!Yes the interface is small, but boy is it simple! I created ringtones in about 5 minutes for iPhone 13 Pro Max running iOS 16.3.1. I’ve had several ringtone makers throughout the years and I’m not a review writer, but I just had to give this five stars. Ten is more appropriate just for simplicity and ease of use. Awesome job on this App!.Version: 1.9.09

It works!All you need is this and garageband, then you got ringtones to make for days.Version: 1.8.93

It’s not perfect but it worksDon’t expect this to solve the worlds problems but it works, and what more could you ask for.Version: 1.9.04

Pretty goodAlright so first of all I’m not a bot. Although you do have to download GarageBand as well which takes up storage and takes longer to download it is pretty great and really does work!.Version: 1.9.01

Best app ever!!This app is wonderful thank you to the people who made it I now have over 100 ringtones because of this app. I would definitely recommend it!!! I Go on it every day..Version: 1.8.69

Making it your ringtone or alarmThe app is a really good platform to make ringtones and alarms but overall the app would be better if you were able to make the audio your ringtone or alarm on the app as-well as making the audio..Version: 1.9.01

The perfect app for making ringtonesThis app is a life saver and it is now easier to create and export different ringtones it also comes with a step by step guide..Version: 1.8.98

FantasticI have been endeavoring to make ringtones for literally decades. With this app I was able to achieve an immediate ringtone. You must understand I have spent hours days years just struggling downloading ineffective and fruitless ringtone apps recruiting and pestering long distance my children my friends and local store computer services to help me. No one could ever help. This is tremendous. It’s so meaningful to have a little of my personality reflected in a particular ringtone song. I couldn’t be more pleased and grateful. I’m overwhelmed it’s incredible and much gratitude to you..Version: 1.8.2

HelpfulVery helpful.Version: 1.9.09

LOVE IT ❤️❤️When I first got this app I thought it was a scam but I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was and it’s so simple to use so by all means if you want meme ringtones or any other kind of ringtones use this app you’re welcome.Version: 1.8.82

Easy peasy!!Since my first iPhone4 back 2010, I’ve wanted to make my own ringtones. For over a decade the only way to make ringtones was painstaking, tedious process that took way too much time. Fast forward to 2023, FINALLY I CAN MAKE THEM RIGHT ON MY IPHONE13. It always baffled me why it was made to be so difficult only to personalize our smartphones. I thank everyone that made this happen. When I say it’s easy peasy, simple wham bam (follow the very simple instructions) your good to go..Version: 1.9.10

Super easy. Thanks so much!:).Version: 1.9.01

AmazingThis app is amazing I tried all different kinds of apps to change my ringtones this I did under 5 mins.Version: 1.8.78

AmazingIt’s just amazing, love it.Version: 1.9.01

Very easy to use.As above. I just followed the well explained instructions. The only thing that I am not sure of is how to get the ring tone on both my devices … iPhone and iPad. I now have the tone on the iPhone … can’t see how to transfer it to iPad. Still a five star app though..Version: 1.9.05

Great app to have.I like this app a lot because how I can make any ringtone I want from a sound that I want or music that in my opinion can be most of the time more effective than the original alarm sounds to wake me up faster and you can have fun with it and change a ringtone on your contacts to a voice or again music. And just in general it’s fun and useful to have and another great thing about it it’s that is not hard at all once you make your first project that is only a couple of steps you will get not so confused with how to do things in the app. So it’s easy and fun and for me I have not experienced any big ads just a couple second ones and they don’t pop up as often as other apps..Version: 1.8.98

Finally one that works! Love this appI spent hours researching google and video tutorials, then two other apps with 4+ stars and 70k+ reviews with no results. I was able to create a ringtone in less than a minute right on my phone. So easy so fast. It may have helped that I already had the saved files to upload ready to go. This was due to earlier failed attempts from other processes. Then I created a whole new tone with this app in just a few minutes so either way, this app worked great for me..Version: 1.8.69

Quick - Easy… what more could I ask for… ITS FREEIt’s quick and easy, they even give you tutorials, wow this app is the best app to make ringtones, and it’s free.Version: 1.9.01

Great for my objI was searching for a way to turn a video into my ringtone and the only way I could do it is if I plugged my phone into my computer and went onto iTunes and did a bunch of other crap, this app helped me with my objective without having to do all that extra stuff. The app is so easy to use and it’s easy to turn any video into a ringtone, very useful and helpful..Version: 1.8.69

AWESOME!!It was so easy to make a ringtone I highly recommend to use this app to make a ring tone at first I was a little bit confused but now I know how to make a ring tone and also when it’s time to go to the van I don’t remember the name but there’s a video where there’s two some photos and video yeah so I highly recommend this app is so easy to make one ringtone.Version: 1.9.01

Easy 5 StarsIt’s very useful and easy to use app. In case if your preview doesn't play audio, check your file format or test another file..Version: 1.9.09

BrilliantReally easy to make a ringtone. I had some songs made for my twitch channel (MONKeEeYboi) and have turned them into ringtones using this app. Really quick and simple to do. Defo worth 5 stars. These ringtones are available in my discord. Follow my channel to get them free..Version: 1.8.92

YesJust made the best ringtone ever. Now my parents and brother will suffer from the amazingness in the morning (would recommend).Version: 1.9.01

Amazing!This is amazing! You can get your ringtone within in a minute! I use to do the old fashion with the computer but this app makes it 10x easier!!.Version: 1.8.96

Feel like a special snowflakeCombined with Garage Band you can have the villain interference segment from JoJo part 5’s 2nd opening as a ringtone. The possibilities are endless, really. You could make a habit out of customising your ringtones and alarms..Version: 1.8.1

❤️I freaking love you!.Version: 1.9.01

No lie, this actually worksGranted you have to download garage band, but the rest is not that complicated. I figured out how to do it in a few minutes. The fact that it has tutorials on how to do stuff just goes to show that they care that they’re product is actually performing well and without complexity. I am so glad I stumbled upon this app since many other apps are just a waste of time. Great app!.Version: 1.8.78

Can’t understandEverything is in a foreign language with painted words. Language is set to English and everything is in another language. Cannot understand. Fix it please..Version: 1.8.64

Love this appThis has bin the best app it has made me laugh in the morning because it lets me choose my favourite songs and memes I love this app and any time I get a call I am laughing so much..Version: 1.8.94

Good appIt was easy to splice a song, I really like the controls offered and it gives you plenty of room to customize your ringtone. I also think it’s really cool that this app can extract audio from a video on your phone. That’s awesome. The app did not explain how to actually set the ringtone though, or maybe it did once and I missed it, but with that, there still doesn’t seem to be anywhere I can go for help. I haven’t done this since years ago, I’ll admit. Can’t find it in my ringtones so I’m assuming I need to do something. Years ago it was much much simpler to get these things done. I remember when I could simply use an app to make the ringtone from a song and you would instantly find what you made in your ringtones menu, where you could then select it as your default ringtone. Now it’s just been overly complicated, I’m sure not by the app developers. I assume it is Apple who made it harder. Usually is. It’s a good app though and I did like using it. I just can’t figure out what I need to do to actually set my ringtone lol.Version: 1.8.96

Excellent AppDoes exactly what you need it to by giving you the process steps of what’s necessary. I promised myself that I would give it 5 stars if it worked flawlessly on the first try and it did. Clearly, this is made by intelligent people. I promise I will pay you guys the next time I update my ring tone. I appreciate all the work you put into this! Thanks!.Version: 1.9.01

LOVE THIS ❤️❤️Ok so usually I don’t write reviews but the box thing popped up and I thought, might as well! So this app is greattttt I downloaded It a few minutes ago after seeing it on tik tok and it works just as good! :) The ads are little annoying but that was only because I had closed and opened the app so many times trying to find a good audio I think + a small price to pay for not paying which I love!! It’s so quick and easy :).Version: 1.9.09

EasyVery simple and quick to use. Detailed explanation. As long as you have the file saved on Files and have GarageBand installed it’ll be easy as..Version: 1.8.69

Absolutely Recommend!10/10. This is by far the absolute best ringtone maker/editor I’ve come across. Sure, another app is needed (Garage Band,) but that’s just how it is. It is made simple, but definitely works. This app just saved me and my time from clicking into 50 other apps to make one ringtone. If you’re looking for an app to make a ringtone, this one’s for you..Version: 1.9.01

Exactly what I neededIt does exactly what you need unlike other ringtone apps which are way too complicated to get specific mp3 files as ringtones, this is simple.Version: 1.9.09

Simple and fastVery easy to use, had my ringtone in moments..Version: 1.8.99

OMG!!!!Overall, this app is amazing and efficient to use. You will also need garage band to help you through the process of your ringtone. Surprisingly, this took me less than 2 minutes, one of the reasons being how simple the instructions are !! The 3 steps also include pictures, demonstrating how to follow the steps. You will choose recordings from your photo gallery to set as your ringtone. So far, I have created ringtones including BTS songs (I’m an ARMY) and Felix’s wakey wakey alarm ( I am a STAY). I REALLY RECOMMEND THIS APP!!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻.Version: 1.8.93

FINALLY A COOL RINGTONE!!This apps great, it’s easy to follow and has a user friendly interface. Before I found this app I used apple shortcuts, which meant programming my own shortcut, then manually going into garage band and searching through files. This app cuts out all of that busywork, all you need is your recording and to find this app’s shortcut in the share button. Then BAM, it’s already set up for you. 10/10, Highly recommend..Version: 1.9.09

So cool works just fine thanksCool app.Version: 1.9.08

WOWAmazing literally amazing although there are advertisements sometimes this works and is super helpful.Version: 1.8.92

Free, quick, and easy to use!This app is great; I can finally have a custom ringtone without having to pay an extra fee or go through a tedious file upload process!.Version: 1.8.99

Nice app!I enjoy this app and I’m quite satisfied. Make sure you download garage band before getting this app if you want to add your song to your ringtone or alarm. I watched a tutorial on how to upload it to garage band then to my sounds from this app and I figured it out quickly. The only thing that bugs me is that there are quite a few ads. Other then that, I like this app. (I even added Chrissy Wake Up!).Version: 1.9.09

GoodGreat use it.Version: 1.9.01

FastReally efficient I’ve been trying to get a custom ringtone for ages now but u always ages now but u always have to pay or use a computer. This one works perfectly so do download it it’s great.Version: 1.8.82

Yay!Now when I call someone they’ll hear: I hate you, You hate me, lets team up and KILL BARNEY with an RPG and 4 x 4, NO MORE PURPLE DINOSAUR.Version: 1.9.09

FantabulousThis app is actually so amazing and useful. I downloaded it expecting it to be difficult and hard to use and I can’t explain to you how easy it is. It has amazing and clear instructions, the usefulness of your bed at night and amazing app in general! If there was a rating higher then five stars I’d give it 10x that. This app is actually so useful and amazing I suggest you download it Rn. It let me make my ring tone James Charles sing wamp wamp WAMP~~~~~ ~demon custard 👹👹👹🥺🥺✌️✌️🥵🥵🥵🥵.Version: 1.8.93

GoodIt works good and is simple.Version: 1.9.09

AnimeYes this app is awesome I can make any ringtone I desire especially ANIME FOR FREEEEE!!!!!!.Version: 1.9.01

This appThis app is so easy to use, you can do any songs just record a song and done That’s why I gave it 5 stars Good job to the app maker.Version: 1.9.09

Great but could do betterI LOVE this app, you can put whatever ringtone you want, but it could be better if you could use the ringtones for all apps.Version: 1.8.87

Perfect for ringtones and just making songs on GarageBand.Perfect for ringtones and just making songs on GarageBand. I love using sounds for songs in GarageBand with this. I can record sounds or take sounds from a video. If a want to make my ritone a song I can screen record a video of the song and than clip it. It also has other cool features like text to speech, shell screen, Telepromter, FS Clock which is like an old style flip clock, Date Calc, and Levitate Clock. I love this app and would highly recommend it, but iOS 16 kinda broke it a little bit so I hope this app is updated soon. Awesome app, Good job devs.👍.Version: 1.9.01

ReviewIt was amazing and easy to access will definitely use again.Version: 1.9.09

This solves all my problemsI bought a song of iTunes hoping i could use it as my ringtone BUT… it wasn’t available then I got this app I AM SO HAPPYYYY I’m going to give credit to garage band app too.Version: 1.9.01

Even works as an alarm sound!!!!This app is literally amazing, and I NEVER write reviews. I was hoping to make an alarm sound, and I had been researching on how to make an alarm sound for iOS and I saw this app and I screen recorded something on the regular camera app and I uploaded it to this app, I exported it to garage band and I shared it to this ringtone thing. It’s pretty cool..Version: 1.9.01

AMAZINGI love this app and I love my new cool ringtone!Only one app you need to get for this is GarageBand and everything’s good!Hope this helps people who aren’t sure wether to get the app or not! :).Version: 1.9.01

OmgThis app is the best it's the first app I've been able to find that is free there are very few ads and this an overall great app.Version: 1.9.08

Finally a ringtone app that does what i want!!I’ve been looking for an app that will convert videos from my camera roll into ringtone for MONTHS and this one is perfect!! it was super easy and fast to use too. you can also record your own and import songs from itunes. it’s perfect!! (and all of the features are free which just makes it even better).Version: 1.8.84

Very simple to use.!You need to have Garage Band installed, but this app makes importing from files and sending to GB very easy. Has some ads but they are not overly distracting..Version: 1.8.69

So goodIt’s so awesome and is completely free and simple plus you can make it whatever you want.Version: 1.8.99

Awesome!!Ive been trying to find a good ringtone app that I don’t have to subscribe to use, and this is the only one i could find. If anyone can’t figure out how to download a song from an app that cant share a song to RingtoneMaker, just screen record it while playing the song, and click the ‘video’ option when you make a ringtone. There’s not an excessive amount of adds, and all you have to do is send the ringtone to Garage Band and make it your ringtone from there. I don’t see any problems from it at all ^^ ❤️.Version: 1.9.01

This appThis app is amazing but you do need garage band to create a ringtone but it is really useful and hot me a ringtone that I created.Version: 1.8.84

Best AppThis app is so great! I had stayed up all night just for an app like this. I probably downloaded 8 different kinds of apps that were not like this one!😤But when I found this one I gave it a chance! It worked! All I have to do is screen record then put it on the Garage Band app and make it my ringtone! Now I can use so many different songs for my Ringtone!!!🤩🥳.Version: 1.8.1

Great appSuper easy to use. Love it!!.Version: 1.9.08

This was so easy to use and wasn’t trying to get your money or anythingIt was super easy to use so i could get my ringtone. The only thing was that GarageBand takes a while to download.Version: 1.8.88

Very useful appThis app is an easy to use app to create free ringtones. You need to have Garage Band, but the execution is easy..Version: 1.9.09

PerfectExactly what I was looking for. You can import audio files straight from your phone. Worked perfectly for me..Version: 1.8.69

Worth buyingBest thing I have bought in a long time.Version: 1.9.01

Awesome sauceThis app is actually so to use like what?? And there isn’t many ads and I don’t think you have to pay for it so yeehaw.Version: 1.9.09

RingtoneI love the app so much I can make any ringtone. I want it it’s just a vape thing. I recommend it to everybody that wants a new ringtone that’s not just basic you could have a pole band wake you up my favorite I’ve been making is sturniolo I cannot do anything without this app ringtones I love it, now I can wake up the sterneolo stuff. Thank you bye-bye.Version: 1.9.09

AmazingThis app is honestly beyond what i expected. It’s so easy to use and you can make as much ringtones however and as much as you want. 🫶.Version: 1.9.09

AMAZING!!!!OMG!! this app is FANTASTIC. it really made me happy, i’ve been trying to get a custom ringtone on another app and it never saved but this one is so simple and it saves, i literally made it in less than 5 minutes. 5/5. thank you.Version: 1.8.75

Amazing!!Super helpful and super easy to use app. You can make anything from your camera roll into a ringtone and it’s so awesome!!.Version: 1.9.01

It actually works! Woohoo!Was trying to isolate a SPECIFIC part of a song for my ringer forever. This make it so simple. Thankgoodness thats done 👍.Version: 1.9.04

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