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Microsoft Excel for Positive User Reviews

Gracias por esta appGracias.Version: 2.59.1

BrilliantI love excel, I use it on Windows, MacOs and iOS. Nothing does it better and cross-platform compatibility makes this little gem much better value than any other comparable software!.Version: 2.52

Numbers v ExcelSo I’m an Apple man, my business relies on Apple products for everything, especially security and apps. Although I have used Numbers for the best part of 10 years, I was forced to use Excel on a project. It’s just so easy! Tidy, work flows quicker & integration with Apple apps & software works just as well. It may be an extra expense we could do without right now, but I can’t fault it. It’s worth the fee & future tables will be on Excel..Version: 2.47

Excel Mobile version with connectivity to laptopI have always liked excel. This version with cloud save is great. I can use on iPad and it looks and feels like laptop version. I have spreadsheets I need both places. I can create a bookmark on my windows explorer and then click a button to open on the laptop excel vs. using the web browser version which I don't like as much. Magic - genuine compatibility and cloud storage. Love that most functionality free since I paid for license on laptop. Well done by Microsoft to serve and retain customers. I had started to use numbers but have since stopped..Version: 2.5

Great appA Great app that works well when it's connected to a OneDrive account so you can edit the same document on different devices. I wish in a spreadsheet there was an option to automatically put in today's date (small but needed) like you can in numbers (iWork). I find it a little frustrating when I want to have numbers running concurrently from cell to cell but the option isn’t there on an iPad. All in all a great app that I have used daily for a long time..Version: 2.18

What more can i say?Best app and software of all times!!!.Version: 2.52

Good StuffDon’t make any changes. It always confuses the user unless you are absolutely certain it improves the app..Version: 2.56

So far, so goodI consider myself an advanced Excel user and was skeptical of the limitations that would be imposed by the iPad version, but I have been pleasantly surprised so far. I have just started using the iPad version but have not yet encountered any major limitations for the activities I use 90% of the time. The cell borders options are not as complete as in the PC version, but that’s a cosmetic thing I can live with. The program integrates fantastically with the cloud, and all updates are immediately available on other devices. Very convenient to use the iPad for quick additions to a sheet, without having to go to my desktop computer, boot it up, do my work, and copy it to a thumb drive or email it to myself. This is easy to get used to....Version: 2.34

Since Microsoft Office started November 19th 1990That is 32 years ago as I write this. I have used Excel in some form or other since then, I taught Microsoft office to many companies employees. Excel is a huge, powerful program that allows very complex spreadsheets to be used where data needs the hundred of functions that there in mathematics, also, it is great to produce a simple invoice or just use one of the templates. The spreadsheet is the backbone if you like of a database like Access. Microsoft Excel I use everyday for my customer base and sales, there are many tutorials and the internet has answers, generally to a problem or how to setup a function. No question about it, Excel is powerful, east to use and it helps you along the way, if not Microsoft support are there too..Version: 2.63.2

Excellent, butIt’s great, but when we write 9/10, it turns out to be “10-Sep”automatically. I wish the bug can be fixed..Version: 2.57

MinorIt is not as easy as desktop version. But still the best in the market..Version: 2.30.1

Update ruined appReally disappointed in this app it won’t open my documents it just sits there saying it’s trying to open it from one drive. Ever since I updated it I can’t open anything.Version: 2.29

ReviewVery useful.Version: 2.57

Excel for IPadExcel for IPad is awesome. Useful tool as part of my daily works..Version: 2.27

Great user friendly appReally happy with this app.Version: 2.17

J'adorePour les maths au primaire c'est A+.Version: 2.56

XL so versatileA great piece of software. So versatile..Version: 2.37

Trouble since the last iOS updateWhichever file was last used, tries to automatically open next time the program is opened, but it just jams it by trying to open and not achieving it..Version: 2.29.1

“Exploding” spreadsheetMore frequently than annoying, while I’m working on a spreadsheet when I move the mouse the spreadsheet zooms up to a very high magnification. Typically I view my sheets at 150%, but when the unintentional zoom happens it’s not unusual for the sheet to go above 225%. I acknowledge that my hand movement on the mouse might be the trigger but this zooming is not consistent with every time I move the mouse. What can do to eliminate this annoying and frustrating zooming?.Version: 2.5

It doesn’t sync to OneDriveI was very excited that I could continue my work from PC to my iPad Pro away from my desk. The functions were pretty much comparable and I don’t see any missing functions for what I need. Until...it doesn’t sync back to OneDrive. I spent a few hours trying to figure out, the PC version didn’t have my changes on iPad and my iPad still have the new changes but didn’t upload to Onedrive. I tried to save it several times and I should have Save a Copy but I didn’t. Finally, I tried to open the Onedrive version on my ipad and I lost all my work on IPad. This is very disappointing and I don’t think I will use this app again..Version: 2.37

Quirky, slow, frustratingI’ve used Google Sheets for years until our organisation decided Office 365 was a better option. I have to say the features of Excel online are weak and frustrating compared to Google Sheets. You can’t do multiple conditional formatting of cells automatically. I run Zapier automations adding rows into Excel and now I can’t automate the colour based on the text value of the new row.. that’s frustrating. If I hand colour a cell, them copy it to Excel offline, colour formatting is lost - like what’s that issue? I hate the copy and paste option when copying formulas as values, there is not right click option to do so, meaning I have to go to the menu and choose the paste values option. Excel online is slower than Google Sheets, crashes a lot and does not function in the same way as Sheets. All in all, Billy Gates and his team have a lot of work to make Excel as good as Google Sheets.Version: 2.24

SubscriptionAfter happily using Excel on laptop computer and iPad for many years I replaced my iPad because the old one I had could not update to the latest version of Excel. I was shocked to discover that Microsoft now expect me to pay to use Excel on this new iPad. What’s this about? Money I expect. I feel very let down by Microsoft and let this be a warning to other loyal users. I am not a company just a retired person who uses Excel to keep track of personal spending. Very disappointed!.Version: 2.46

Works fineWorking fine.Version: 2.55

Lost £100’s of pounds of revenue due to app crashesI have been using the excel app successfully on my phone for a couple of years. So successfully that I have taken to filling out my work reports on my phone while on site. There was a time when, even when the app was closed accidentally, all my work was exactly as I left it when I reopened the file. But this was obviously intended to lure me into a false sense of security. The last two times I have used this app, I have tried to close the app after completing my work, just for the app to crash in a never ending spinning clock. Work lost. I dare not use the app anymore. Severely disappointed..Version: 2.54

Excel iPad & PC platforms - very goodFinally! All the things I care about in Excel (and whined about) have been addressed/fixed and it’s now a brilliant tool cross-platform. To be honest, I only do the simple stuff, but I love Excel for instant “try this and see” solutions for data and numbers in general. Great graphs. Useful functions. Even the file sizes are very reasonable, given the repetition and iterations in some of my older spreadsheets (>15 years, >20 tabs and still compatible). I use it on a PC for the most detailed work and spreadsheet creation and testing. On the iPad it’s good and so portable, and it’s even usable on the iPhone, although I use that more for viewing stuff rather than data entry or editing. I haven’t worked with satellite data links (speed < 1Mbs, high latency) for over a year and they used to give me problems with edit/save permissions on files and uncertainties with file saving to OneDrive cloud storage. However, on a normal land-based connection or cellular data link, everything is just fine. Microsoft 365 is lovely. Thank you..Version: 2.39

Excel for iPadLove Excel for iPad, but about once a week on average, opening files starts buffering, won’t open - grrrh! I have to delete the app, reload from the App Store. As my files are in the Cloud, it has always worked so far, but drives me bonkers. The other issue I have is being able to link excel spreadsheets. So say I want to add in a cell destination from another spreadsheet, like you would on a laptop, I can’t. If that originator cell is a moving number (eg on a weekly cashflow), I have to regularly copy & paste. Really happy that I can set up formulae within a file with a number of tabs, but need to be able to do same to other files. And when will we be able to open multiple files. Still 4 out of 5.Version: 2.43

Supports OpenDocument Formats!Having read in a third-party review that Microsoft Excel supports the OpenDocument Formats, such as OpenDocument Sheet (“.ods”), I decided to take Microsoft Excel for a spin... And much to my surprise, OpenDocument Format files do in fact open, perfectly! As someone that is not a big fan of Microsoft or their privacy policies, I don’t like the fact that OpenDocument Format files will only open if the “analyze content” setting is enabled in Microsoft Excel’s privacy settings... But given how few applications in Apple’s App Store support these common formats, it’s a small price to pay I guess. A star is removed because of the privacy concerns noted above, but otherwise, Microsoft Excel comes highly recommended - especially to users of the OpenDocument Formats..Version: 2.33

Consistently glitchy and frustratingFollowing Microsoft’s seemingly consistent approach to bugging its software for use on Apple products this app has finally frustrated me to the point of writing a review and I never write reviews, especially negative ones. But using it each day for my exercise plan is driving me nuts. Please with all your expertise can you make it work properly MS?.Version: 2.18

Excel is forever youngI can’t remember when I first learned how to use excel but it was at least 25 years ago. I still use it every day for the simple and the complex areas. 👍👌.Version: 2.52

Exel-lent!Exel est vite et exellent pour mes cours de maths!.Version: 2.57

The app won’t open since your last updateI’m very frustrated since I’ve not been able to open my onedrive excel files using your app. Seems like it’s been since your last update..Version: 2.50

Changement d’IPad, ouvertureJe ne réussis plus à ouvrir mes applications Word et Excel sur mon nouveau IPad. J’ai un abonnement valide jusqu’en janvier 2023. Il m’apparaît le logo seulement..Version: 2.57

Overall very goodI use Excel on my IPad for a number of different appplications, from entering golf scores to tracking my weekly pay. Overall the application is easy to use, with my main problem being Keying on the IPad screen. Excel has the benefit of guaranteeing that spreadsheet data is not lost following IOS upgrades, which happened to me with a cheaper spreadsheet application some years ago..Version: 2.25

IPad Pro userI am a Arboricultural Surveyor who uses an iPad Pro (2017 model) out and about to build forms, make and edit spreadsheets and complete paper work. I do this out on site to save time on wasteful trips to far flung offices. I use excel in this quest. I have streamlined all my bits and bobs onto one work book so it will fill in cells on different sheets allowing me get to that holy grail of filling in one bit of information - JUST ONCE! This is great and has saved me so much repetitive, dull and inefficient data entry which gives me a sad face 🙁 A great addition to my quest bag to help me defeat the goblins and trolls of the Admin Empire would be to have VBA macros or some sort of equivalent available to me. Many forums and threads are screaming out for this. WHY IS IT NOT HERE. There is no excuse I am willing to validate. Apple and Microsoft just need to get over themselves and give the people what they want. With this mighty new power I would be able to create the obvious benefits like buttons etc which would make me untouchable, and would allow me to rule the Admin Empire with an iron fist..Version: 2.48

Conditional Formatting???Very similar to the desktop version although not as quick. Running on an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil @ generic keyboard. All common “short cuts”, eg. Cut, copy, paste, bold, italics, underline, cell boarders & formatting, fill down & fill right, no longer work as on the Windows desktop version. This slows things down tremendously!! There was also a glitch with subscription not being recognized 2 months after purchased full version. Other thing I’ve noticed is switching between sheets the pencil always seems to want to draw instead of scrolling! Like OOPS!! Then again when you WANT to draw you can only draw on certain sheets in the one excel workbook!! Not good enough!! 😡 Grrr I’ve also noticed an omitted (or I can’t find) “conditional formatting” option - where you can Flagg a cell value that is outside set parameters. Eg change cell color, text formatting. I could always do this on the desktop version. This is essential when looking at large data tables of ballistic information as a security measure for safety reasons. PLEASE ADD THE “CONDITIONAL FORMATTING” FEATURE!!! Thank you. Otherwise this a reasonable app, some work is still needed though to truly streamline it..Version: 2.9

Don’t want to constantly have to sign inNot sure why you changed it but previously one could open Excel on iPhone and iPad multiple times. Now you seem to want a sign in too often..Version: 2.5

Issues and response... Great work.This was my post a few days ago: "I really love this app, but since yesterday when I updated it is no longer working. As soon as I try to open any file, old or new it crashes... it is a pity. Hopefully in the future I would be able to use it again". However, I received an email from Microsoft asking me to try again, and it is fantastic, it does work again. Great Work from them..Version: 2.6.1

Using Execl on an iPhone is a technological breakthroughUsing Excel to help stop the senseless invasion of Ukraine, has been my effort to stop the Kremlin Gremlin’s invasion of Ukraine, I’ve been using data from the Kyiv Independent and various websites and input from other Twitter users to assess costs of Russian losses in military hardware and personnel costs and publish it in Twitter. I keep up a spreadsheet, often using my iPhone, or iPad, with a keyboard if at home, every few days. When I think back to the early versions of Micromodeller and Multiplan before Excel came along, using large PCs with floor disks, this achievement of being able to use the power of supercomputers of the 90s in my hand mustn’t be overlooked. That reminds me, update due - been lazy for a couple of weeks. No such luxury in Ukraine!.Version: 2.62

Word, Excel and PowerPointHave been using these since the 1990’s and love them. Easy to learn and use for multiple functions..Version: 2.56

Still learning on iOS but so far very goodI am learning but simple tasks such as saving a file, finding latest version of a file, opening a new file, tabs, hyperlinks are not easy to find. I was hoping to transfer some serious spreadsheets onto my iPad in the future. This is looking like a serious contender..Version: 2.46

Functional but one issueI am a professional mariner who uses this app to run spreadsheets that assist me in navigating and handling cargo. They essentially act as custom calculators with the convenience of my phone. Implementation of excel into the smartphone format is great. I build the spreadsheet on my computer and transfer it to my phone. I like the dedicated number keypad. I do not at all like how I am regularly unable to “edit” read, use, my spreadsheet without internet! It is saved to my phone, but the hokey subscription requirement of connecting to the internet or locking up my spreadsheets completely castrates this app’s usefulness. I cannot rely on it when I need it most, at sea out of the range of any internet services. You seriously need to fix this fault. Make me pay for it if you have to, but for goodness sake not everyone has reliable access to internet. You are killing those users’ loyalty to Microsoft. I go for months without internet access. If you have options for us and we just don’t know about it, please do better to advertise it. Great app. But useless because you regularly lock me out of it!.Version: 2.33

Excel(lent).I’ve used Excel from the Windows 3.1 days onwards. It’s grown from a fancy calculator to the legend that it’s now become. I couldn’t imagine a world without Excel or Word (yes, I’ll do a review for that too). Both have allowed me to plan my thoughts, finances (both business and personal) and even wrote a few business plans. The latest iteration of Excel is as brilliant as ever and constantly adding new facilities. As Fat Boy Slim would say, ‘You’ve come a long way, baby’. 😎.Version: 2.63.2

Excel using one driveI find excel to be a great program, used it sense 1984 or 5 . About one year ago stopped using drop box and used one drive instead. Over this last year I have had three critical errors and had to go back to old copy in drop box, to recover. In late July had another major problem, not sure how I caused it but it was un recoverable. Had to go back to dropbox again took over eight hour to recoup! I now only use Drop box work between iphone ipad lap top and desk top and have had know errors what so ever. Excel makes good spread sheet now works with all the above but there one drive is atrocious..Version: 2.30.1

Good when it worksI so badly wanted this app to work. I’m running it on an iPad Pro (2021) so thought I’d finally have plenty of power. But the app crashes, freezes, and permanently dumps data almost every time I use it. It’s a big spreadsheet but it runs fine on my PC and the iPad Pro has the same processor as a MacBook. I don’t understand why it won’t work. Trying to reach customer support just leads into a maze of automated messages or older conversations that fail to address the issue. If this app worked, it would make my life so much easier. I’m praying for help with this. Please improve this app..Version: 2.53.1

Was UsefulI used to use this app to update my online sheets on the go. Now this needs a O365 subscription to do any editing. MS prerogative, I guess, to place the editing features behind a paywall, similar to the desktop app. My prerogative to use another app. Good luck..Version: 2.12

Excel!!!!!!!Always my favourite. The most perfect, polished, intuitive and infinitely deep program I use on a regular basis..Version: 2.27

Pages open before I want themI have one particular page keeps opening when I don’t need it. I haven’t needed this particular page for months but need to keep for tax purposes. It’s frustrating.Version: 2.22

So easy to use on the moveGreat facility.Version: 2.23

Simply intuitive without loss of functionalityWhen excel was first released there was a last of comprehensive instruction, each command proving a dos CMD ascus direction on how to input the function. While lacking any description of the functions use(s) and the possible commands that could be coupled or integrated design a program or automate your projects to a higher degree of accuracy, providing ideas how to optimize and expedite your results. Excel has extremely extrapolated it’s capabilities, created an interface that’s user friendly, and with each iteration they’ve been gradually improving their product! Highly recommend!!!!.Version: 2.35

CouleCoule.Version: 2.57

Full Circle .....It’s Good To Be Back!Back in the days of 486 Sx33’s with huge 300mb hard drives, when cell phones didn’t even exist... I cut my teeth on Microsoft Excel. I loved it. Designed all my business’ data tools on it. Thought I’d arrived. Smartphones crashed into my life, and the idea of real time job costing and data capture excited the heck out of me. So, I dived into the ‘Sea of Apps’. ... and discovered one thing....It’s ALL about the reports they can produce and how portable your source data is across operating systems. They generally fail. Well.....then the modern Excel barges it’s way back into my life. No developers, no ads, no data loss, but instead.... RAW SIMPLE CUSTOMISABLE COMPUTING POWER ACROSS PLATFORMS, Cloud Storage and Digital tools. Excel on phones can’t run macros.. dang. Cant do quite a few things to be honest. But the one incredibly valuable thing it allows me to do is WRITE ONCE the data I need to capture, and then produce any report I can dream up and write. Here’s REAL computing knowledge that won’t be redundant ANY TIME SOON. Biggest laugh? .... it’s the ONE APP I know HEAPS more about that my millennial expert teenagers! YES! Dad’s Back...and cool again...hahaha. ;-).Version: 2.14

Je t’aime.Allo.Version: 2.57

Some of the iOS limitations are puzzlingOverall, I’m very happy to have the convenience of using Excel on my iPad. I’m not a very sophisticated user, so the stripped down version is mostly workable for me. That said, some functions don’t seem to be present at all, and it’s puzzling why they aren’t included in the iOS version. I keep getting a ‘circular reference’ error in one spreadsheet, for instance, and can find no way to locate it using the iOS app. I finally went to my PC to resolve the error. Since all of Microsoft’s dubious ‘help’ seems to refer to the PC version, looking up ‘how to’ information can be an exercise in frustration. If there’s a chart that tells you which functions aren’t included in the app., it should be prominently displayed so as to avoid the many wasted minutes looking for something that just isn’t there..Version: 2.20

CrashingThe app used to be quite good but for the past month, it keeps crashing every time one switch to another app. Please fix!.Version: 2.19

Microsoft ExcelUser friendly if you have basic knowledge using Excel spreadsheet. Very advanced and useful program for business, database management,personal, home accounting or anything very professional use. The best software Fiasz.Version: 2.50

The better spreadsheetI have been using Excel for years in my working environment and use it for my monthly budget. It is a great tool and I have learnt some many tricks over the years and when I train new staff, who have not used it before I tell them to ‘search’ what they need to do. If you don’t take a course this is the best way to learn ‘how to’ - search!.Version: 2.45

Good when it’s workingI love being able to use Excel on my iPad Pro as it’s super easy to make adjustments on the go. I’ve got Office 365 and my documents are stored on OneDrive so I’m usually able to make changes and it shows up on my other devices. However at least once a week the app seems to forget my password and all my documents stop syncing. I have to sign in again and then it overwrites any changes I’ve made on my iPad since it decided to stop syncing. OneDrive has been doing weird stuff like this on all my laptops, desktops and tablets over the past few years. In fact the last time OneDrive seemed to be problem free was back when it was called SkyDrive. Hopefully Microsoft gets things figured out eventually. If not I’ll probably just switch over to Google Docs when my 365 subscription ends..Version: 2.9

Good But tricky on formulasI love the program which is why I opted for the app so I could invoice on the go ketchup but I find the auto sum in the full program handy but within the app it’s got to be done manually which is awkward and can cause errors rather than prevent then, which is why after all why we use them. Other little niggles but overall if you are patient or need to work on the move it’s ok but much rather use mac or pc versions..Version: 2.9

Have always liked thisEasy to use and this setup is great. Would like a few more options in the free version but that is why it is free to leave you wanting more. Great that you can use it on apples. This version is more user friendly than the last and it works reasonably well on an iPad though it can become confused occasionally and freezes. I have to close it down, open something else then come back in and that usually does the trick. It was a little difficult to find a way to create a pdf format but managed wit eventually. Can take a while to copy between workbooks but forgiven as it has to access cloud data. Could be easier to save to iPad memory..Version: 2.37

Love me some ExcelOkay so, I’m an MS Office girl from way back. From websites to databases, you name it, I loved every little bit Office could offer. But then I got an iPhone, and I found myself straying to other apps compatible with my newfound iPhone love. I tried Office for iPhone, but at that time, the two designs just didn’t work well together. But recently I’ve needed to work with Office and I gave the iOS version another go. All I can say is Hallelujah, y’all!!! Microsoft has worked out all the kinks, and my two tech-loves can coexist at last! Oh , and not for nothing, I recently got an iPad Pro 10.5 with an Apple Pencil, and OMG, y’all!! I’m in database-formatting-outline-creating Heaven!!! Give Office for iOS another try- you’ll be happy you did..Version: 2.14

Finally reaching its GoalWith the introduction of the updated ribbon and command design in the latest update Excel and Word are finally a worthwhile contestant on the iOS platform… before the apps were more of a neglected poor cousin limping along here. It was always good enough for viewing, but now editing is made made simpler although it still has not reached its full potential. The commands are now clearly visible in the ribbon and options just a click away. Before you had to remember hard and sometimes guess where everything was hidden. It now follows the Apple principle that all essential commands should a maximum of 3 clicks away. I need to test it further but my initial thoughts are positive… finally!.Version: 2.57

Not Working in XS Max 12.3.1 versionExcel app not working at all in Iphone XS Max, When i tryed to open the app not opening the app and directly comes out on phone home screen, restored, reinstalled and restarted with phone many times but still facing the same problem. Please update the Excel version..Version: 2.25

Excel ReviewI love you Excel you are better than OneNote and Outlock you can do Gift Planners Black lists and more you are better than Word and PowerPoint presentations you are the app I think of every night and every morning I go on in nearly every morning so Oscar and Zak think of doing Excels everyday every night and every morning when we have breakfast and s supper at night you are the app we all love Excel you are amazing Excel You are just the best.Version: 2.18

Keeps crashingEvery time I try to open the app on my new iPad it crashes. All I see is the loading screen for 5 seconds then it shuts off. I’ve deleted the app then reinstalled, I’ve looked for updates for both the iOS & app. Nothing is working to fix it. I can’t view ANY spreadsheets. Please help?.Version: 2.25

Works like it is supposed to!Great App.Version: 2.57

Must haveBeen waiting for years for this, not sure how long it’s been available on iPhone, but only just got it and it’s perfect.Version: 2.51

Excel app reviewEasy to use. Handy.Version: 2.18

Great!Excellent import of the program to the iPad.Version: 2.59.1

Well done MSNice to see a fully functioning Office app on a non Microsoft device. Works as good as the native Windows Phone version, linking neatly into your existing OneDrive (SkyDrive) and DropBox accounts, as well as SharePoint and OD for Business accounts. 5 stars if it was faster: it seems to stall when opening recent items list and then stall again as it loads the spreadsheet onto the phone screen. (Edit Oct 2017: with my newer iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6s the slow speed issues appear to be gone.).Version: 2.5

Almost as powerful as the desktop versionI find Excel for iOS to be easy to use and nearly as capable as the desktop version for most of the things I tend to do in Excel. One thing I find annoying is the lack of an equivalent for ‘Paste Special’ - mostly I want to paste into cells as plain text, rather than HTML. Working around this is frustrating and adds extra time and effort. It would be great if a long press on a cell brought up a ‘Paste as text’ option, along with the other options..Version: 2.5

Monthly subscription requiredUpdate - after doing my homework to get excel to work for me via Microsoft account I now realise that it will never work for me on a subscription free basis as I have upgraded to an iPad Pro which is 10.5 and the free excel is only available for devices that are 10.1 or smaller. What a shame, it was very useful, I understand why they have this restriction but wonder if it isn’t time to expand the size limitation as it is highly unlikely that those using it for business would rely on a device as small as a 10.5 iPad. Previous post: Been using it for years and now stopped working, never required a subscription for basic functions before, it would appear one is required now. I have paid a lot of money for the office suite on my laptop and don’t see why I cannot extend that use to my iPad. In any event I would prefer a one off purchase than yet another monthly amount going out of my account..Version: 2.13

Works great but please change auto save!!!Works great, no issues with the app apart from auto save. Every time the app updates i have to click the manual save button, I don’t always know when it’s been updated and frequently change scenarios in the spreadsheet to see what outcome I might like. Unfortunately if I have had an update, I lose my place. Surely manual save as a default and auto save as the option is a better plan. Thanks.Version: 2.58

IOS and ExcelI’m no expert but use excel daily for some very basic financial spreadsheets. I find doing this on my iPad is a pain as the touch screen is so sensitive and the sheets tend to ‘slide around’. It is almost a waste of time trying unless I happen to have a rubber tipped stylus which fixes this problem. Of course i can never find the stylus when I need it. I much prefer using Excel on a PC but that might by my age. As I write this I realise much of my criticism is directed more at iOS than the programme, but there you have it..Version: 2.17

KenSince this update paste special does not work on either of my IPads..Version: 2.36.1

Problem with formattingI subscribe to Office 365 and have been using Word and Excel on my iPad for over three years. Both these have problem during all these years and Microsoft has failed to fix these: 1. The minute you click on the number/date/currency formatting button, the whole thing becomes 100 times slower. It is impossible to use Excel after that. This problem has been there for as long as I have been using Excel on iPad and that is a minuscule period of only three years. Perhaps Microsoft will surely fix this problem by end of the century. 2. Editing Word document in Word on iPad is impossible. This is worst then Excel. The whole thing is so slow that it is impossible to use it. This problem has been there for as long as I have been using Excel on iPad and that is a minuscule period of only three years. Perhaps Microsoft will surely fix this problem by end of the century..Version: 2.28

Sync IssuesNot sure if I am missing something. If I open a Microsoft Office file in the IOS File app and then make edits, the edits sync across the different Apple devices in say the Excel app but not in the File App. If I open the document on a different device through the File app on that other device, the edits made on the earlier device do not appear..Version: 2.48

Excel is GreatIt helps when you don't have a computer to have excel on your device..Version: 2.5

KeyboardGreat but when using iPad inbuilt keyboard the cells you can view are only two lines high. I’m going to have to buy an external keyboard.Version: 2.23

Excel is good but Dropbox and another problemI love having excel on my iPad. It has good features but misses some from the desktop version but that is understandable. However I use Dropbox to store my spreadsheets and sometimes get the messages , it can’t update or it is locked my an other user so I have to create a new version. This is annoying and frustrating as I need to sort the versions out on my desk top and often have updates missing. Another weird thing is sometimes selecting a filter on dates excel closes. This is the only field I have this problem with..Version: 2.29.1

ExcelReally easy to use. Loving it!.Version: 2.5

Stop asking me to review this app every time I use it!!!!So annoying!!!!.Version: 2.57

Wheres the ‘stay logged in’ buttonI like the app’s functionality, it is good for a small sized screen, but it keeps logging me out.Version: 2.13

Not working after last Update UPDATE!!“Not working anymore in iOS 12.2 after last Excel for iPad update! Can’t load just crashes.” MS never seems to bother reviewing / replying to these reviews - so for anyone / everyone who had the insta crash / not working after last update issue - delete and reinstall (aka Windows ^^). Working fine now though had to create duplicates of some corrupted files. Still find Excel easier / more intuitive to use..Version: 2.25

SimoneHello I am loving this Microsoft software. The only thing is making insert items easier. I wish it was similar to the old google excel. But I am overall happy with how easy it is to use and love that I can do it on my IPad and transfer to my computer too..Version: 2.38

Macros urgently needed…Previously: [Great app. Not perfect but surely the class leader. 5 stars is more accurate than 4. Thanks, Microsoft]. Second update: downrated to 4 stars for the following reason… Still leader in its class but there is an ongoing problem. And it is becoming ever-more significant, especially as others are catching up fast: there is no method to create or run macros!! And of course the manual labour required for lengthy, repetitive tasks is time-consuming, tedious and potentially error prone. As the class leader, surely provision for macros is now overdue in Microsoft's flagship app?.Version: 2.33

OK but easier to use on a computerGood app but Excel is easier to use on a desktop or maybe a tablet computer. One good thing is that I can use Excel on my computer and then use the cloud to view the file on my iPhone. That way at least I can view or print the file without carrying around a larger tablet computer. Unfortunately, however, the Excel screen on my iPhone is scrunched up and the help feature is not as accessible on my iPhone. I suppose this app would be useful for people who are extremely familiar with Excel and it’s formulas but for average users like myself using Excel on a larger computer is the way to go..Version: 2.45

Now seems to be fixed. !Xlsm files now won’t loadAlways been a great fan of Excel but since this latest version it fails to load a macro-enabled file which previously loaded with no problems- I know the macros can’t be run under iOS but this is a file I use both under Windows and iOS. Hope it gets fixed soon!!!.Version: 2.63.1

Great/needs workHello, hope someone reads this and respond. Outstanding program that has fulfilled my greatest expectations when working as designed. For that, please don’t change a thing. Unfortunately there have been situations where a file refuses to open or close. It simply spin for as long as I allow resulting in my uninstalling and reinstalling the program. I know of no other to way to shut it down. Unfortunately in doing so I lost a very important file that I’ve been unsuccessful in recovering. I’ve been unsuccessful in getting help from anyone to recover the lost data 365 or anyone. HELP!!!!.Version: 2.29.1

Love this programBrilliant and I can do all my budgeting on my phone, especially since my computer just died..Version: 2.9

MicrosoftI have been using this app for nearly a year with out a problem but the lates up date has stopped it working? I have signed in and changed my password but it still keeps telling me to sign in. This is most annoying as I was supposed to print my work sheet out but I am no longer able to so I will not be able to submit my work. Thanks for nothing..Version: 2.16

Latest update causing app to crashIt updated earlier this week and now when I try to open an spreadsheet it says it's thinking about it and then screen goes black and then back to home screen..... very annoying as I can't access anything.Version: 2.6

ToolThis is a straight forward tool.Version: 2.57

Excel appIt'd be good to be able to size rows and columns in this app from an iPhone, but being able to use it even to just edit a file is great! The first iPhone 8 I bought never quite did Microsoft Office apps the way it should have. That phone didn’t keep Excel open long enough to enter data tracking medications over an hour. Repeated log outs and sign ins were required. This iPhone 8 handles Excel much better. It stays logged in. Whether it’s due to MO improvements or iPhone 8’s changes isn’t clear, but they work together much better now. The first iPhone 8 had issues in other areas as well..Version: 2.23

Perfect for on the FlyDon’t get me wrong there are definitely limitations with it being on mobile, some limitations even that I don’t think would be too hard to implement over time. That said though for what excel on mobile does offer it is very worth it. Whether I’m making moderate changes to an existing workbook or creating a new one before finalizing it on windows 10 (usually because of the limitations on mobile), it is very user friendly and allows everything needed to create a basic workbook. It still has room for improvement which is my reason for only giving 4 stars but in the end it’s a very good mobile adaptation..Version: 2.19

It is so good for codeing but it’s sad that you can’t copy a code on a ipad.It’ is so good for codeing but it’s sad that you can’t copy a code on a ipad..Version: 2.58

Need to fixI’ve been using this app for about a year now it’s been really great however in the past few days I am unable to load any of my invoices it still stays working on it even after an hour this app will get a five star what’s this bug is fixed.Version: 2.28

Thoughts about the softwareWould be much better if this is a stand slone software, meaning, I don’t have to renew the permission to use it..Pay fo the software ONCE, and have the right to use it without renewal of the right to use it!!!!.Version: 2.22

Saving doesn’t work properlyI have noticed since there does not seem to be a way to actually save and exit a file, it doesn’t always save correctly in Microsoft cloud. Or sometimes if i try to save a document I’m working on as a different file, it seems to be that i can ONLY access it from my iPad. It does not show on other devices that the folder is shared with. If i go look for the file in Microsoft cloud, it shows like it’s more in a pending status. I can’t rename it, move it or delete it. It also says that it is zero kilobytes, so nothing is in the file, just a name but i can access the file WITH data in the document if i go through recent files in Excel only..Version: 2.21

Great sharing appObviously not too fast to use on a phone as it is on a computer as difficult to type but awesome tool to share information..Version: 2.5

Usable but LimitedThis app is great for looking at existing spreadsheets on your phone. However, trying to edit a spreadsheet on your phone soon becomes frustrating. It is far more limited than the desktop version (eg try doing a custom date-and-time). Another frustration is: what do we call this thing? Since it is just called “Excel”, it makes it difficult to search for solutions - invariably you get unhelpful desktop results. There seems to be very little support online anyway, which indicates to me that not many people are using it (to edit at least)..Version: 2.25

Enjoying this AppThis App has been a consistently great experience for me to use. I haven’t yet come across the problems others have, however, I use it for basic things like inventories and logs, so I may not be using it to the extent others are. I also really appreciate reading the reviews that have complaints and see the developers’ responses to these important reviews. The developers are quick to make the fixes, almost every week it seems, and I think that makes not only for a great App but for wanting to stick with an App (and their company) because you’re getting awesome service. Thanks, again!!!.Version: 2.7

ExcelHave had excel on my iPad for a couple of years and had no problems, using it to track a number of private things. However I have upgraded my iPad to a larger screen model and now apparently this is classed as a professional iPad and I cannot edit my work sheets without purchasing a yearly contract. This was done without any notification and I could not work out what the problem was, only discovered what had happened with research on Google.Version: 2.44

Limited functionalityMicrosoft offers limited functionality for this product in iPadOS, iOS and macOS. K think that is by design, as they try to muscle users to their inferior operating systems. I won’t give in and support an inferior, buggy, OS just so I can use excel. I’d rather switch spreadsheet programs..Version: 2.31

ExcelFantastic app, and for free cannot complain at all.Version: 2.51

You killed my spreadsheet!The new comment feature RUINED my previous notes. I used to be able to edit them at will. Now because they have all been converted to these “threaded comments”, for one they take forever to open up when you tap on them and I cant edit them. Ive had this particularly useful spreadsheet that Ive used for years and now its almost no good to me. I was on online with tech support for 2 hours trying to see if there was a way to reconvert them back to simple notes. It turns out I have to use the my laptop and redo the entire spreadsheet to re-add all my notes. I cant even find the “add note feature” on my iPad version. I am not happy at all with this comment thread feature!!.Version: 2.21

MrGgg.Version: 2.58

ExcelI’ve been struggling with sheets. I finally took the plunge and I’m very happy with the entire Office Suite. I am an Apple lover but in this case Microsoft takes the prize.Version: 2.59.1

Great appOne of the best apps for organising easily. I like being able to list data and work out a solution quickly..Version: 2.62

Great Excel program for IPadGood and quick options to use on device with good updates.Version: 2.5

Good but!This app is very handy but it still doesn’t work seamlessly with a server. You can import with a file browsing app and then export but if someone else is working on the same file then when you upload it it erases there editing. Good if only you use the server but for a company it’s got a way to go..Version: 2.24

Why ExcelI have been using Apple NUMBERS for some time now, and although very good I found it to be difficult and more demanding (less intuitive) than Excel. Excels ability to transfer totals from one table from 1spreadsheet to another via copy and paste is so easy and a critical function for my needs. Numbers, although do-able, is more complex and time consuming. As a Spreadsheet Excel for IOS is head and shoulders above all other spreadsheets I have encountered..Version: 2.16

Email address changeCan someone update my email address so I can continue to use Microsoft office and not lose work done under old email address. I generally use excel and word for personal use because that is what I used before retiring 20 years ago. I do not need to learn new tricks. I thought my Microsoft payment was set up and working but this was not the case when I lost my old email address. Can someone please help.Version: 2.64

Good Version but add the tool packsAdd the analysis toolpak option to the iPad Pro version!.Version: 2.31

It WAS a great appHaving brought the software for years for my desktop Macs ( the earliest version was on 3.5 disks ) Probably in excess of $1.5k over the years- I spent the required $ (around $40 each from memory) on the apps for both my phone and IPad - these apps are both useless because they now won’t let you save your work without paying $3 per week for a subscription. Sorry Excel it’s been nice knowing you but this relationship is over :-(.Version: 2.14

Poor offline capabilityOne of the great advantages of portable devices is being able to work offline. Not being able to open documents when not on line (even when they have been saved to the device as an offline file) unless they have been “pre opened” destroys that capability..Version: 2.12

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