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Habit Tracker App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Habit Tracker app received 22 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Habit Tracker? Can you share your negative thoughts about habit tracker?

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Habit Tracker for Negative User Reviews

Mac app is not ready, very good iOS app.This is basicly an iOS app running on the Mac. It doesn't seem to be optimized for use with a mouse and keyboard, and unfortunately, the iCloud sync does not work. The iOS app is very nice...however, less useful to me, if it does not sync with the Mac application..Version: 2.5.21

Why can’t I organize order of habits?I love the interface of this app and I really want to use it- but I can’t choose the order in which my habits appear. I really want to find an app that holds me accountable to following a certain routine everyday while tracking my consistency, but if I can’t sort habits in the order in which they are performed I know I will lose track of which habits to perform when, and when to check off a completed habit. Please add a feature that enables us to visually organize the order of habits so I can use this app to hold myself accountable.Version: 2.4.23

Glitching constantlyI just downloaded this app because of the great user interface and Widget capability. However, it’s constantly glitching and adding more value towards all my goals. For example, I have a water goal and my bottles of water are 17oz each, so when I finish a bottle I put 17oz, right? If I close out of the app the Widget doesn’t update the information right away. No problem, I’LOL just wait for it to refresh and it should show the correct value I inputted. Nope wrong, it never updates and when I click on the widget to go into the app all of a sudden it says I hit my goal of 80oz and I’m at 85oz when I only put in one entry of 17oz. This is so frustrating why it cannot work properly. If I then click to reset the data for this goal for the day it puts it back down to 0 but if I close the app and re-click the Widget it magically has 85oz inputted again. This is a huge problem and I will be deleting unless this is fixed because it makes the app almost unusable when there’s so many problems with the Widget interface and the app recording accurate data in the first place. I tried to use it without using the Widget and it has the same problem when just using the app itself. This needs to be fixed..Version: 2.0.3

Bug fixes NEED to be worked out!This was my favourite habit tracker. I love the ability to personalize habits. I love the built in timer. I use this for all areas of my life, and it worked flawlessly... until it didn’t. Now no matter how often bug fixes supposedly come out, my habits always end up not tracking. Save yourself the frustration... find a different habit tracker. That’s what I’m off to find now - a habit tracker that actually works..Version: 2.1.3

Super slowApp was working fine until the last update. It is extremely slow now. Please fix it.Version: 2.0.7

Habit data not displaying properlyFound this app and paid lifetime premium. So far so good. Started adding habits and it looked really good. After a few days I would check my weekly stats and they were either blown up by adding 1000s of KMs to my walks or not showing day streaks properly. I deleted my habits and started again entering my data manually for the week. After refreshing the app the data was all wrong again. Either the app is broken or can't handle previous day data entered from earlier in the week. I've tried reinstalling and that didn't work. I've requested a refund..Version: 2.5.7

Great app butSo I purchased the premium version solely for the ability to see my habits within the widgets both on my phone and iPad. However, I have found that while the icloud does work within the app, it does not show my progress on the widget, which I have found to be frustrating. The purpose of the app is to promote habits, but I found that this small tick makes my habits less enjoyable.Version: 2.4.47

Amazing habit trackerI’ve been a long term user, I’d say since Jan 2021. I’ve even bought the premium version of the app. I don’t normally leave reviews but this app has really helped me with my life. I highly recommend this app to anyone wanting a habit tracking app! I have shared this with my family and friends because I installed a bunch of habit tracking apps and this was the best one! However from the recent update, there’s lot of bugs and glitches and very unstable. I’m getting random missing days within previous months and it shows blank that I did nothing that day even though I had according to the specific habit. I initially reviewed and rated it 5* but even after all the improvements to make the app better, they forgot about stability and glitches and bugs which ruin the whole experience. I fixed the missing day by filling it in again and after that 3 other random missing days appeared suggesting I have no data of habits on that day so this is very frustrating and annoying. Now my monthly rate is showing 0% even though I have been doing habits this month. I closed the app and reopened but the same thing is appearing. I even shut down my iPhone a few times and it’s not showing any monthly rate and this has happen a handful of times now and so this recent update has ruined the stability of the app and it was a POINTLESS update so 2* from me..Version: 2.6.6

Buggy & no way to contact developer to get fixedWas really excited to discover this app & keen to use it, but it’s already buggy just trying to select habits to focus on. Many selected habits show up as correctly populated, yet still won’t show up in tracking list. Very keen to use if this can be fixed. Tried contacting developer through the App Store & it redirects to a website for a different app & zero contact options. Tried googling contact info/troubleshooting options for this issue & zero luck. Developer: if you read this & reply & are able to fix, I’ll very happily follow up with a 5 star review..Version: 2.4.47

Bad, can’t share anything and incorrect languagesDo not bother, it’s no good.Version: 2.4.0

AnnoyingIts a good app. But everyday it misses out a different task for example. If I have set walking drink and breath. It will forget breath. And the next day breath will be back. But now walking is gone. Please help.Version: 2.4.27

The app is okIt’s a really great concept but it’s not quite there yet. First of all some-one really needs to go through and correct all the grammar and spelling, and ensure that there is correct punctuation. There’s no capitalisation of letters, no full stops, and some of the little ‘lines’ or ‘quotes’ used are really cheesy and gimmicky, these things make the app appear less professional and overall just not that good. The concept is great and the use of graphs and how it’s so customisable is awesome but I really wish it was more professionally made by just making the app a little bit more smoother..Version: 2.4.26

Could be incredibleThis is easy to use, easy to setup and easy to amend to your needs. The main gripe is that the widget requires extra steps to log an entry, opening the app first before marking a habit. This small bit of friction adds up when tracking multiple habits and makes the experience markedly less smooth and more difficult. Since habit tracking needs to be as easy and quick as possible and the best way to make things quick is to use the widget, the extra step means I have just stopped using the app. Trying to log something from the Lock Screen means unlocking, opening and then logging. It's just a pain. A huge shame as apart from this small but incredible crucial interaction it's far better than my alternative..Version: 2.6

Fix the bug!!!I’ve been a long term user, since June 21, and also a lifetime premium user, but since the previous new update, it’s bugged. It’s been lagging, showing some habits as not completed even tho I completed it, and the widget is disappearing or unable to load. Since your newest update (4 Days ago) it’s been even worse and now for 2 days the app is stuck on “updating database, please stay and wait”. It’s been stuck on it for 2 days!!! As I don’t back it up with iCloud I worry that if I try to delete and reinstall I will lose 2 years of data..Version: 2.6.7

UI not optimized for MAcThe UI is not at all optimized for Mac, making the app unusable.Version: 2.4.34

Great features but slightly glitchyLove this app, it provides a great visual way to see and track how well you’re doing with habits in a variety of ways. I can tick off a daily habit, or see progress with ongoing habits such as how many minutes a week spent on a specific exercise. And it’s all really visual so I can get the satisfaction of seeing more color each week across my calendar the more I tick off each habit. Where it falls down is in the execution. Sometimes when I go back a day to tick off or add minutes to a exercise it gets confused and only updates today’s habits, even when I’m clearly selecting an earlier date to modify. And when I want to view a weeks worth of habits, it defaults to a week ending today and at other times to a week always ending on Sunday. These aren’t glitches that are so bad to make me look for another app but they are annoying..Version: 2.0.4

Needlessly complicatedHabit type? Chart type? Mmm no thanks.Version: 2.6.6

PLEASE FIX!!Was working good for awhile. Now it shows not completed days until I click it. Streaks I’ve had for weeks will show like I’ve missed days. NOT USEFUL IF IT WONT KEEP TRACK PROPERLY. Please fix this!!! (Great app when it was working).Version: 1.9.5

App stopped sending me reminder notificationsHas anyone else’s app stopped sending notifications since it updated or is it just mine? Kind of a piss off when I rely on this app for a lot of my daily routine stuff and I’m a very forgetful person. Makes it quite useless at that point..Version: 2.4.14

Always freezingThe app is always freezing - not worth it.Version: 1.7.11

Number of Habits?I used to use this app all the time and I loved it! I had so many habits, around 15, and it kept my life organized. I deleted it to free up storage on my phone and just recently downloaded it. However, I can only have up to six habits now, and it’s only possible to have the amount I used to with Habit Premium. It is one thing to have a premium feature for an app, but it is completely different to remove features from your free version to get people to pay more. Developers, you must understand that everyone does not have the money to pay for your premium, but most have more than six things going on in their lives. Please, if you must put a limit on the number of habits that we can have, make it somewhere between 15 and 20. I don’t believe there ever was a limit to this, and having this limit is only hurting your business more. Most of the recent reviews are complaining about the limit and refusing to buy your premium version. They are instead finding other apps. Just because you can make people pay for something doesn’t mean you always should. I used to always count on this app for everything, but I don’t think I can do that anymore. Who knows what you’ll change next?.Version: 2.5.33

Good but...This is a good app, but I'm having trouble getting it synced to my phone. I downloaded the app on my MacBook Air and then I downloaded it on my iPhone and I have to re-enter all the things I set up on the app on my computer. I do like the app, if there was a way to sync it, I would give this a better rating..Version: 2.5.31

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