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FloatMe: Instant Cash App User Positive Comments 2023

FloatMe: Instant Cash app received 18 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about floatme: instant cash?

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Frustration Free in a pinch!It’s a quick snd easy app when you are in a pinch. I’ve never been offered more than $20. I’ve been a customer forever, and never had a late payment. However, i have no complaints, sometimes that $20 can make or break something when times are really stressful. Never had a tech issue and unlike other apps of this nature, I’ve never once logged on to find out I suddenly don’t qualify for anything. Customer Service is also timely and frustration free! 5 stars!.Version: 6.0.3

THANK YOU!!!!!!!I am sorry but hands-down you guys are absolutely the best cash advance type of app that’s out there. You know I know $20 is not a lot of money to some people but when you are absolutely desperate and two days away from getting paid you way. I’ve been turned down by everybody else thank you guys so much you guys are the best! I never ever ever leave reviews for any apps that you guys absolutely blow me away thank you so much I am sorry but hands-down you guys are absolutely the best cash advance type of app that’s out there. You know I know $20 is not a lot of money to some people but when you are absolutely desperate and two days away from getting paid you need 20 bucks goes along way. I’ve been turned down by everybody else thank you guys so much you guys are the best! I never ever ever leave reviews for any apps that you guys absolutely blew me away thank you so much for the help thank you. I will be telling my friends and family..Version: 5.5.5

Very UsefulI had downloaded this app in hopes to Pay my phone bill and add minutes to my phone and it let me do that, only AFTER I got paid from my current employer. I tried to get a float when I first downloaded the app but the app said that I didn't have steady payments going to my bank account and to be honest I was ready to delete my account and try something else. But after I got paid it let me float $20 MAX with a $4 instant fee. If you want people to use your app and you want to make more money. Let people float money when they first sign up. Sincerely- Haze.Version: 5.5.0

Good appNever have any issues, app is easy to use, the $ usually comes to my account pretty quickly, & just all around a good app. I do wish they would let you borrow more $ instead of going by what’s in your account after you get paid... for example- every 2 weeks my husband gets paid & we end up taking all of our $ off of our card so it looks like we have little to no money & that’s what they go by as far as how much they let us “borrow”. The max we are allowed is $20, wish I would be more when we need it. But all in all, love this app, aside from the issue above.. which really isn’t an issue, more so just my opinion from my personal experience lol..Version: 2.6.0

"Float"=loanFloat based on what is deposited into your linked bank account each week. Which is fair as far as I am concerned. The app is a glitchy when applying for float. Example: I applied for my float then entered my debit card for float which is the same as the linked bank account and doesn't change (because you can only get floats to the same debit card EVERY float) they just want you to re-enter the card number. Because I had my debit card account locked it, I had to wait 48 hours before I could re-enter my card number to get my float. They have it set up so you can only enter your card once if for some reason you accidentally mess up while entering your up the creek for 2 days. So just be aware of the little glitches they have set up within there system. Other than that, I have had nothing but a positive experience. I have been using them for 2 weeks so I'll. Sure to update through review if I run into any other glitches. Good luck guys!.Version: 3.3.1

It’s good But help is always so LOWI never miss a beat with Float Me. I always payback whatever I get without delay. I never understand why my offer is never over $20. I come to you with a need and it does help but I really wish real consideration would be given to me when a need is applied for. Thanks though for for I do get. Update: sent Customer Service a request for an increase in my float and within 24 hours, I had a response that my next float would be increased. Thank you all so much!!!!.Version: 6.2.0

Thank you for existingSo this was a super easy set up. I moved from being able to get $20 to being able to get $50 so fast, so that was cool! I’ve recommended it to friends already. I use float me, and Earnin. And honestly y’all have SAVED MEEEEEE LOL Uhm the only complaints that I have is 1.) the expediting fee is awfully high($4) considering you have a monthly service fee of $1.99 already. I would suggest doing what Earnin does, and ask for tips instead. 2.) every now and then for some reason the app doesn’t recognize my password. But then I’ll wait a day and log back in with no problems I’m pretty sure this is some sort of a glitch.Version: 4.4.6

Steals your moneyDO NOT USE THIS APP, I requested to loan $40 once and they withdrawn it from my bank account as planned. After that, without requesting another loan the app continuously withdrawn $40 from my account every 3 days. Customer service (which is just a email) told me they can’t cancel my account because I owe an “outstanding balance”. There’s no option on the app to delete your bank account. It literally took my bank having to block the app from taking more money from me.Version: 4.4.6

Helpful, but be mindfulFloatMe is a great app for when you need some quick extra cash. So far I’ve done two instant floats of 20 dollars and though the fee is a bit high for money within minutes, the money arrives quick and is legitimate. I gave the app information about when I am paid and it seems to adjust when I need to repay a float based on when my paycheck arrives, which is really nice. Overall I would recommend if you need a small amount of money quickly, but repayment is automatically withdrawn from your bank/card so I would advise being careful about spending..Version: 5.3.3

Great little boost when needed - has 50$ been a reality for anyone though?I’ve been using float for a while now and I keep seeing ads saying you can get up to 50$ but I’ve literally never been able to take more than 20 and I’ve never heard of anyone else being able to take more than 20 as well. Not sure why they advertise 50$? 50$ would certainly be more helpful at times but if your only going up to 20$ then you should be advertising that properly. Other than that the app comes in handy like all the other pay/float type apps just limited. But never had an issue with them and they are consistent. So the 5 stars I’m giving is definitely earned. That needs to be said. But I’m Just confused/ not really liking the whole over promising underdelivering aspect of downloading this app..Version: 4.0.3

It’s legit it’s not a scam or no hidden nothingMost of these other apps aren’t legit nor do they actually follow through with their loans or have a reward system. I am not a five star guy but I’ll give credit we’re credit is due ,this app is amazing for the most part you get a little security cash in case you need gas or a quick bite until the next day of payday. Only corrals I have are that they start you off real small where other apps will start you you at $200 plus and no need to do direct deposit through the app checking account which this app doesn’t request I believe. Other than that I like it and how you work towards earning more to get a higher advance if needed. Just wish it didn’t start so low. So with all that being said I give this app four stars..Version: 2.6.0

AccountI had closed my account because I couldn’t get a hold of anyone because I had switched to a new bank account. I was receiving money into my new account from Float Me but about a week ago I was told there were no deposits from my payroll found in my account. By this time I was already on two deposits into the new account and the Friday in the same week would have been my third deposit. I didn’t understand why I could receive floats in my new account but when I tried to take another out they couldn’t find new deposits from my payroll there was already two deposits from them. That same week would have been three reoccurring deposits. For the record, $1.99 was taken out of my bank account for Float Me Services’s can my account be unblocked? I paid already and cannot use the service..Version: 2.3.5

Dang.That’s really cool. I had a few random, unexpected transactions hit my account all at once that needed to be disputed. I could have literally asked any of my friends or family for a quick loan, or “float.” .. I just don’t want to burden anybody. I was skeptical of this, but tried it and that’s pretty cool! I requested $20 until tomorrow and they advanced me until my pay date, (Friday) I didn’t need anything crazy for the rest of the night. But it actually worked out, lol. Definitely would have waited until things were disputed, with my bank.. But it randomly worked out. I’d recommend if you’re looking for an amount to get you through a day or so..Version: 5.1.1

5 starI have paid my $1.99/month fees, I have been allowed to borrow $10 on 3 separate months now, & while it is greatly appreciated when needed I honestly feel that after paying back all my floats on time or early & my direct deposit info shows that I can easily cover a larger loan. I would like to know how you decide who’s available for how much. I have like 5years direct deposit history & im ex military. So I’m not only questioning this for myself as much as I am for anyone & everyone who has been or could be in this same-similar situation..Version: 6.2.1

Great Borrowing App Low Borrow AmountsI have been using float me for about 2 years. I only ever had an issue once where it kept saying that I owed after I already paid back but customer support is very easy to submit a ticket and they helped me super quick. It’s pretty much like other apps that offer loans if you connect your bank account and show proof of income that steady every month. The only con for me is that the borrowing limit is so low. I’ve been using them for 2 years kind you and still the most I’m aloud to borrow is only $50 ? Lol which I have never had a late payment or anything. So I wish they would let you increase this limit with shown responsibility. I mean with Dave I can get $200 and even with MoneyLion I get $225! But none the less this app comes in handy when I do need to use it! You also set up when you get paid so they only schedule re payment for your payday so you don’t have to stress about it. Overall good app!.Version: 5.0.5

Super easyUpdate: I have emailed them about my issues and each time they get back to me right away or within the day and resolve my issue. It’s super easy to sign up, only was able to get $20 bucks but it’s something that will help to get me thru till pay day. After having the app for a couple weeks Iv noticed how long it takes to process my payment once I pay back what I borrowed. It says up takes up to 1 to 3 days but mine take up to 5 business days. And I always pay back on time. I wish it took a lot quicker to process the payment.Version: 6.2.1

Tater saladThis $20 allowed me to get to work and make another $200 during the day. Without the $20 I would have been stuck without gas but I would have had a good excuse to skip the job I hate so idk how to feel about FloatMe. It makes it easier to fulfill my responsibilities as a lower middle class American laborer but it also makes it easier to get to a job that makes me unhappy. It’s the classic example of Henry Fords 49 hour work week being taken advantage of by current employers. Time is money and it used to be compensated fairly before inflation and gold standard being thrown aside. Now it is a fraction of what is needed to buy a home and satisfy a woman without an 8 inch penis and a Lebido that would make frank Thomas say “she’ll like it too.” Doug Flutie went from competing hail Mary’s to having low T…what hope do I have? Anyways thanks for floating me some cash in my time of need..Version: 6.2.1

My New Best Friend!Float me is easy to use & always available to me! I use it when im in a bind like today! My local bank atm was not working & it's the weekend so no one will be here to fix it until Monday at least. I needed to get some cash deposited into my account like right now & I was able to do that through Float Me! Im not sure what I would of done without this app. And it only cost me $4 ! Better than a $30+ overdraft fee. I'd recommend this app to everyone. It's a great app to have because unexpected things happen in life. Thanks float me!.Version: 5.3.2

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