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The Zeus Network for Positive User Reviews

BaddiesMakeeee moreeee don’t stopppppp.Version: 8.402.1

Good tvLove it.Version: 8.500.1

BaddiesLove this network works so good and it has amazing reality shows on it! Love love love Zeus!!!.Version: 8.404.1

Absolutely Love It!!!Better than Netflix, better than Disney+, better than Prime v, better than Paramount+, better than Apple TV, better than whatever else you can watch movies/shows on! Zeus Never disappoints🤌🏽.Version: 8.200.1

Zeus ReviewWhere this network get it right is the casting. With all the shows the casting chemistry is perfect. You either love or hate each cast member but they invoke emotional feeling towards the individuals. That’s hard to do. The area of opportunity lies in the dragging out of the shows. Sometimes the episodes are filled with filler scenes to extend run time and some may perceive as obvious. Personally, I sometimes find myself skipping ahead to get to the parts that have some sort of meaning or impact to the plot. A second opportunity for this network is the amount of new shows running congruently. I understand the strategy of this new network to maintain subscribers however, I feel it’s at a point where more than one new show can be running at the same time. Instead of watching this network once a week I would love to watch a couple of times weekly. Keep it up. Love the shows! I would love to write synapsis or reviews for the network..Version: 8.102.1

ZeusLiterally the best site ever.Version: 8.500.1

Your perfect reality/scripted AppWhen I first downloaded the app I didn’t think much of it. First it’s 5 dollars for the monthly subscription which is awesome…you get a ton of shows featuring stars that aren’t as talked about as much, which is cool! Then it’s a Black led App!!!!!!!!! The production team is amazing! One thing about it is that they put out shows in a weird order to where you can watch all then cancel then two weeks later they’ll add a “reunion” to series but the spacing is so weird so I’ll have to pay 5 just to watch one episode and wait another two weeks for another, that would be the only thing I put under the con list. Other than that it’s a good app, it could use a few more better scripted shows, with people who don’t seem like they’ve been on tv before. But then again I love this app!.Version: 7.001.1

Big love, Zeus in AustraliaBest streaming site in Australia and the best shows Zeus going up.Version: 8.200.1

Good!I LOVE WATCHING BADDIE SOUTH!!!!😜💗.Version: 8.102.1

Love the DramaI really enjoy The Baddies and Joselins Cabaret , keep it coming..Version: 8.404.1

Baddies west🥳Banger app🤪🤪🤝🏽🤝🏽🤝🏽.Version: 8.402.1

WE ARE KEEPING THEIR LIGHTS ON. **UPDATEThis App is designed to help pay the ZEUS NETWORK bills.. trust me.. if you want to support them by doing just that, by all means GO RIGHT AHEAD.. as for the content being produced, COMPLETELY A WASTE. The wait time for a release, COMPLETELY A WASTE. You are practically paying 6.99 (CDN) for each new episode release. The thing you’re trying to subscribe to see is LIMITED. It’s set up in a way where if you’re subscribed you stay subscribed, for the FUTURE content which takes an ENTIRE MONTH to be released (3 weeks Minimum). The moment you subscribe you WILL want a refund Instantly. A lot of subscribers/ former subscribers share the same views. **Update: They’re learning..Version: 8.500.1

AmazingLove all the shows..Version: 8.404.1

Baddies westLove this streaming love all the shows.Version: 8.200.1

Must watch for Sundays!I am so grateful to be spending my money with a black own company! I enjoy them over regular cable shows because of the nudity sometimes!!! 😁. I think this is good money well spent, and I’m excited to see the continued growth like with Zeus original movies one day. Though for now their various reality tv series is great! From One more Chance, to Chyna and her Mom, to Joseline and and Now the baddies series I’m thrilled! Though I wish they would get some one like Khia to host the reunions shows. I keep putting my bid in, so hopefully one day it will happen. Until then I enjoy the First Lady and who she guest host for now. I like how they have been keeping the content coming now, which is very important! Been subscribe for like 2 years now. I love them!.Version: 7.502.2

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️Doesn’t make you wait /buffer ,no adverts I downloaded this app to watch joselines cabaret but noticed a few good shows this is an all round good app worth the money.Version: 6.300.1

Jocelyn, baddy’sLove love love.Version: 8.404.1

BaddiesFanThe only reason I downloaded was to watch baddies.. loving the show thanks for the entertainment ❤️ viewer from NZ.Version: 8.402.1

Thank youFor letting us be able to stream these shows in Australia 🙌.Version: 8.200.1

Love itBaddies is amazing main reason I pay xoxo.Version: 8.404.1

Air timeI feel like as a paying viewer I understand production takes time but once you have the finished product it should be released to those who are willing to pay additional versus everyone having to wait 2 to 3 weeks for something that you have already had in your possession for months… other than that I know there’s ways that things have to be done and rules that have to be followed I enjoy the shows that you have there provided to watch. I just think that production time could be a little bit more efficient and there should be more options to view more content if available..Version: 7.502.2

Only watching for baddiesLoving all the baddies series and its cheaper then netflix and disney! I love it.Version: 8.404.1

BaddiesI love being able to watch baddies from Australia.Version: 8.200.1

Subscription not working??Read this ReviewThis is my second review! The first time I gave 1 star and complained about what I thought was a glitch in the app .By reading other reviews I wasn’t the only one unable to use their subscription. Turns out after exiting the app , and going back to the log in screen, there’s a small link that clearly says “restore iTunes subscription “. (Common sense🤦🏽‍♀️) I was also impatient on the response time by the developers because I was really tryna see the real Blac Chyna🤣😂So after receiving a response, on how to correct my issue I gave the five stars this app clearly deserved! I am now able to access my subscription without being asked to subscribe when I was already subscribed!!.Version: 4.951

Best appLove this app, it is amazing and the app is definitely worth downloading and paying for 😍😌.Version: 6.300.1

Review on more so newer shows.I’ve had my subscription for almost two years, although I did see Baddies ATL with OG cast with the exception of Sidney Starr, but it didn’t intrigue me enough to subscribe until I saw the viral moment of Chrisean mopping Persuasion up in that sink. From then, Chrisean was my favorite to watch because she takes it serious and then on the other hand she ain’t, which makes me loves her confessionals. Baddies South and West were pretty good. Baddies East was A LOT… a couple casting snafus, crappy editing, the episodes having the same set up middle and unsatisfying end because the trailer shows nexts weeks to be continued which is annoying 🍋🌶️! The reunion definitely made up for it. Bad Vs. Wild has been pretty entertaining. Excited for more Baddies. Started watching Ms Joseline Hernandez’s Cabaret and I’m enjoying it. It’s just the controversy and drama that comes around this network that makes it a little sus. If the editing can get next level, that’ll improve show quality..Version: 8.500.1

Amazing AppThis app is amazing. It has great visuals and the shows they offer are very educating and entertaining. Highly recommend.Version: 5.803.1

Great shows, just long teasings of themThey have some really good shoes that’s features people from VH1 and Oxygen as well as others. I’ve seen a lot of the dating shows they have and other stuff and can honestly say they’re making moves to becoming the biggest, plus the subscription is less that $5. My only complains are that they tease shows for a long time and while that’s happening your subscriptions is still going on and by the time u get to a reunion or another show your subscription is probably into its 2nd or 3rd week of the month. I feel they will definitely be really big just need time and help improving..Version: 7.204.1

All the way from England………Love supporting a blk own tv company I have for the last 4 years in fact since the network has been up and running. I appreciate the new levels of editing and the shows bigger budget But could we have a more relatable show that enpower blk women or men Still mixy but with a bit more substance And please stop rising the price as there is not enough weekly shows to watch some months I’m paying for nothing Xx.Version: 8.402.1

Baddie Baddie Shot O-Clock 🔥The Greatest Network of All Time! Love you Natalie & The Baddie Crew.Version: 8.404.1

All the drama & REALity I’ve been missing!This app has all the classics we used to watch on tv & used to be mad about how it was edited or what they didn’t show. Well this app is more REAL to me because they make sure u don’t miss a beat & they have so many shows I used to see go viral on fb but just never knew where to find these shows, well they’re ALL here!!! Definitely worth subscribing I’ve been binge watching for dayyyyssss there’s so many shows to catch up on! I feel like I’ve been under a rock. I hate all the fake, edited crap we have to deal with for reality tv now but THIS APP IS DEFINITELY IT!!!! Download it NOW & thank me in your head later.Version: 7.502.2

It’s amazingI love the show because I like Natalie Chrisean rock Tommy Lee and Steiner but overall this is an amazing show and Natalie I really do you know like look up to you. I know I’m a man and stuff like that I’m not gay or anything like that it’s just the fact that I really like how you know created the show from what you went off of and what you went through in the things that you’ve been doing in your life so now it’s like you’re showing the world what you did and what you went through and now you giving the world something to look up to look forward to to possibly being on the show I wish I can get on the show but man I don’t know what I’m really saying but I really freaking love you, so I don’t think y’all should go off air. I think y’all should add more shows you know put more Black people on and stuff like that so I’m 100% amazed by the show..Version: 8.102.1

Zeus is the bestI recommend Zeus bc it is high speed working and lets you watch your favourite shows for a cheap amount. 😊😊.Version: 8.500.1

LoveEverything is so clear and the sounds wrong perfectly keep it up zeus loving your work x.Version: 8.404.1

Excellent showsAbsolutely loving the variety of shows that this network has to offer for such a small price each month. I don’t know what I do without a Zeus it’s my go to watch every evening once the children go to bed 👍.Version: 8.500.1

Good for what it isZeus as a network is known for the type of content it makes, it’s messy at times but thoroughly entertaining- you know what you sign up for so people complaining are complaining just for the fun of it. Interface is brilliant, great UX/UI - only thing I would suggest to improve is to add a like button for episodes or comments, and collating programmes by way of playlists/auto playing seasons - there’s no reason why one mo chance season 1 and 2 should be in separate locations, keep all of the same together in one easy to reach place for ease of access. It’s a minor teething problem but other than that I really enjoy the app.Version: 7.502.1

LoveI literally bought this to watch baddies and I’m obsessed 😭.Version: 8.500.1

Love it!!I’m just going to be honest…I only purchased Zeus’s because of Baddies. I wasn’t sure how well i would have liked it but I have already finished all baddies season and can’t wait to explore more. I would say to maybe have it better organized to find the shows easier but other than that it’s user friendly. It’s just hard also not have a pause button on the tv but it has it on the phone. Also where you left off if you have to exit the app is sometimes hard to find too. But I have been enjoying it and can’t wait for more shows to come!.Version: 8.402.1

Surprised I actually like it.I was actually surprised that it’s how entertaining the content is. I originally just wanted to see one show and ended up binge watching almost all of them. I did notice often times some members that were on one show will appear as contestants on another but I think that’s just because of exclusivity contracts barring them from being in other reality shows for a specific time and I say that to say I’d like to see more fresh faces. In other notes, I’d like the network to be more transparent on the production of some of these shows because I honestly haven’t been able to find much on the bad boys Houston season. If more content is added, I’d love to keep being a subscriber. But I do understand it’s fairly new so I’m patient..Version: 7.620.1

BGC TO BADDIESAs someone who has watched bad girls club from Season 4 all the way to Season 17, I can honestly say Natalie is working very hard. Some people may not like her legacy and what she’s leaving behind, but she’s one of the hardest working entrepreneurs bringing back something a lot of people demanded. The Zeus network team has a lot of allegations against them, but people need to realize that they know what they’re signing up for. They watch these shows, they see the people, and they see the auditions and what people are willing to do to be apart of the show. Stop downplaying Zeus..Version: 8.404.1

Definitely worth the download!!Been with Zeus since the beginning and the app keeps getting better. The selections are growing, only thing I would say is start dropping more than one series at a time. Overall it’s entertaining and a solid start to a network that gives POC an opportunity to make an abundance of different types of dramas and comedies for the community to enjoy. Streaming is smooth, the air-play option so I can stream to my TVs are problemless aswell. And the ability to customize the captions is cute. Maybe Zeus movies could be the next thing to come to the app as there are tons of talented black screenwriters trying to get into a network like this. Buy the app, enjoy the drama, and support black business!! Cause bayybeeee if u ain’t watching Zeus then what is you watchiinnnnn’?!?.Version: 8.404.1

ReviewHas the best shows ever and great production.Version: 8.404.1

Funny watchReally good now theyve changed it up a little the recap is alot shorter now ! So much funny great content love it just one thing wish baddies west had more videos more content because of how much i love watching the show waiting on Sunday the excitement!!.Version: 8.402.1

Zues,BaddiesThankgod for cues keeping me entertained during my holiday off work😭😂.Version: 8.500.1

Good but could be betterI don’t like how it doesn’t auto play to the next episode. It just repeating the same one but other than that I love Zeus.Version: 8.404.1

Just get itIf you love reality tv then I actually couldn’t recommend this anymore . It’s got all the shows Iv been after that I couldn’t get in the UK and it’s quick to update you when you’ve favourite shows have come out yet reasonably priced. I don’t regret signing up for it put it that way.Version: 8.101.1

More Release Days For Episodes!Love this app! Best shows come out on this network, but it would be great to get multiple episodes released at once. Cause a week is a long time to wait for 1 episode. Also if you release multiple new shows that are coming up and bout to drop all at once too would make the subscription worth continuing ..Version: 8.500.1

ShhhhI love Zeus network! I can watch all the shows without problem!.Version: 8.321.1

AmazingI’m Wellington, New Zealand! These shows are better then what we have to watch here. Easy to sign up & watch. Thank you from us here to yous!.Version: 8.102.1

ZeusTito do you love me is fire.Version: 4.4

BEST APP BEST SHOWSBest app and best showsssss love baddies east and it always notifies me ;).Version: 8.500.1

Looovee 👊🏻Should do an automatic next episode but otherwise great x.Version: 8.404.1

More episodes of baddies quicker.We need baddies more then once a week we need like 2 episodes or more a week 😭😭😭.Version: 8.321.1

Bad Boys TexasI love it.Version: 8.200.1

Natalie Nunn FakeI love this app but Natalie Nunn is too extra & always in drama if not finding a way to influence it by sorting out "sit down & talk" situations for fired up girls who already know they're not there to "talk". Natalie knows what she's doing too hence why she's not a good host. She puts me off Zeus Network all together💀but still love for it though🫶🏽.Version: 8.101.1

Zeus is where it’s at!Love Love Love the shows Zeus provides but just need a bit of updating on the app for example when I’m watching a season it doesn’t play the next show so I have to search for the show I’m watching and click on the next scene. Other than that I love zeus it’s where you find the drama at when your life is boring 😂.Version: 8.010.1

Underrated.Amazing shows. I do not feel like the characters are being controlled backstage. Everyone is really showing their true light. Very entertaining to watch ppl express themselves. I love thé comedy in everything. My ppl r soooo funny..Version: 8.500.1

BaIt has many different shows for you to watch and enjoy.Version: 8.404.1

ContestantsI’m loving how Natalie doing her thing, lots of respect for her. However not because you are a bad girl means you should act unprofessional on your own show, there are better ways off conducting yourself as a bad businesswoman like I think you’re choosing the wrong people for the next season they should not be fighting each other just to be apart of the show, been a bad boy not only means violence, it also means you’re an entrepreneur that can handle his own, knows how to sell yourself and your business and does not care what the common person thinks, be talented in ur own way, and let nothing stop you from reaching your goals.I think that’s the definition of being a bad boy and a bad girl..Version: 7.502.2

A+ tv showsAmazing and worth it specially in UK don’t get see much American tv shows and Netflix and other I have rinsed our since covid this is cheap for the whole year Netflix and other apps charge that a month Well worth it Jazz.Version: 5.610

Zeus ShowsI am enjoying watching all the shows as we don’t get these type of shows in the uk.Version: 8.500.1

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥THIS IS THE BEST APP EVER!!! SO WORTH IT.Version: 8.321.1

Best place to watch American Reality TV5 stars from Australia :).Version: 8.404.1

Awesome showsLove Zeus all the way from london England I’m obsessed with the shows just wish there was way more as I’m paying a subscription only to watch about 3/4 programs a month however I’m still paying for it coz I love it I WANT MORE.Version: 8.200.1

BaddiesssLove Zeus for the baddies series, all though I would love to see some subtitles! 🔤.Version: 8.404.1

Ratchet EntertainmentIf you love drama and black reality tv this is the network for you! I wish the app would auto play the next episode or give you an option to select next episode without exiting out of screen sharing. Otherwise the app works great! I wish some of the shows like baddies were shot a little better it gets annoying seeing the production crew ALL the time. It’s distracting and takes away from what’s going on with the show. I also wish there was more down time in between things instead of every scene feeling like a set up for something to happen versus things just happening naturally. Im still a fan regardless though and I support!.Version: 7.620.1

HiBye.Version: 8.102.1

BaddiesI mean besides having to wait every sundays to watch a new episode i love this app.Version: 8.102.1

The baddestThank you so much for creating this network, love all the baddies you help make a platform for, especially for the black community 🫶🏽.Version: 8.010.1

Excellent networkY'all. this network is so real and raw! i love the reality shows because they show everything without all the editing. and i do mean EVERYTHING! and if that's not the case, viewers definitely feel like it. i get so much entertainment out of the shows on this network, and i love the social element of it too! the only thing i will say is that when im about to watch something fairly new, the social feed under the show has so many spoilers about it that it kinda ruins it for me, especially if it's a competition show. but honestly, i can get over it! 😂love this app and love seeing my black people in real life 😍.Version: 7.502.2

I love this app!This app is amazing.Version: 8.500.1

NiceNice i like zeus network.Version: 8.500.1

BaddiesWhen you bringing a bad boy uk Been watching bad girls club for years and now everyone in in London is talking about Zeus We ready for you to take over London with tv shows now.Version: 8.102.1

Best showsLoveeeee baddies and loving the bad vs wild.Version: 8.500.1

I love Zeus.Zeus, please keep doing your big one. I unsubscribed to now that’s TV but haven’t unsubscribed to Zeus. Love the new episodes thank you for great TV. ❤️🔥.Version: 8.500.1

Zues Gots The Juice!!When I first decided to download Zeus I didn’t know what to really expect. When I first watched Zeus as they began their journey it was dry the little shows for me they were very comical but very low budget. I stuck with them over the years with every bit of hope it would get juicier!! But now hunti I’m hooked the great shows like Jocelyns Cabaret, Chance finds love the Baddies West has reached the peak of my expectations. I love zues and don’t mind the cheap subscription, now-if y’all go up like Netflix then we will have to part ways but for now to this none watching cable tv person Is in love and definitely recommend.Version: 8.010.1

Zeus networkHas all the best shows, and it’s preety cheap for a subscription each month, definitely recommend.Version: 8.101.1

Amazing NetworkThis Season is Good i love Sky Mariahlynn coming on everyone continue to have much Success I myself live in DC mother of girls 23,19,17,11 come from Domestic violence from there dad the trauma of seeing us fight messed them up they suffer from PTSD and believe drama and fighting resolve things or is a sign of love please get help or atleast have therapist on call because Seeing families fight or have issues breaks my kids or bring up wounds be mindful of the viewers i love the show i with fighting our killing all day stay safe everyone look amazing .. i hope y’all can mend her family or having a therapy for her and her family.Version: 8.321.1

Love itI only bought it to watch the American stuff in Canada but the app is slay. There’s not that much selection but I’m very satisfied with how regularly they add new episodes and the shows available. Will def buy the subscription again.Version: 8.500.1

Baddies CaribbeanI love it.Version: 8.500.1

Love baddies 🫶🏽Love baddies 🫶🏽.Version: 8.404.1

Zeus Down UnderI love this network. I watch most of the shows but have some all time favourites… Keep releasing raw content for the viewers like myself that appreciate it….Version: 8.010.1

Let’s Kumbaya 🫣🥰❤️😘💨🌲☮️To be honest, this show is good entertainment …. But I’m just trying to see where is the bag 💰and I don’t see nothing but you guys are going to the club and promoting and doing a lot of fighting and keeping up gossip ….where is the sisterhood that’s not the only thing of being a baddie we would like to see you guys do something more productive, like projects, and giving back to the community…. and coming together as a group. on how to make each other level up on different ways far as business.. and also standing on business when it comes to women empowerment … that’s all I’m saying, but don’t give me wrong. I love watching the show, but I would like to see more of women empowerment … ps ...Version: 8.404.1

FivestarsLive for the drama and fights so it’s a 5/5 fme.Version: 8.102.1

Baddies southAmazing screen quality.Version: 8.404.1

BaddiesLoveeeeeee it can’t wait for more seasons.Version: 8.200.1

4/5Super good love the shows I just wish I could download episodes so I don’t have use my wifi.Version: 8.404.1

Satisfied.I actually enjoy this app and the shows they have it gives you real and raw episodes of what really goes on without any filter or nothing..Version: 8.200.1

Awesome 👏I love this network and the baddies but I don’t like that I can watch it for free on Facebook..Version: 8.500.1

10/10Uk watcher…. I don’t mind the price for the month easy , all the best programs we can’t watch on normal day time tv here in the uk !!! Straight 10/10..Version: 8.200.1

Best app I could Ever downloadSuch amazing app up to date with everything just need to advertise auditions:) also stop making us wait for the shows to come on :::):):).Version: 8.404.1

ZuesWebsite choreography is a little confusing but the shows are great, maybe release extra episodes for special occasions to keep the fans keen otherwise great platform.Version: 8.404.1

The hottest of messesEvery single show on this network leaves you wanting more. I’ve never been addicted to a network before, but I’ve watched every show on here from beginning to the end. Every show is messy too. So full of drama and I am here for it. Worth every penny of the $6.99 imo. I use to hate that I have to wait til sundays to watch my favorite shows, but they’re smart for that! Because I’d binge watch it and not use the network again til the next show came out. And they make sure your payment is due RIGHT before the biggest episode of whatever show your watching… making sure to get that money, cause ain’t NO WAY I’m missing out!! Can’t knock the hustle tho..Version: 8.102.1

So funHonestly so entertaining Came for baddies but stayed for joseline.Version: 6.300.1

All about the moneyNow Zeus is a very, very entertaining reality channel. However, I don’t like the way that a situation is drawn out over a period of three + episodes (to give example, watch Baddies West, Razzor/Scotty drama, which could have been wrapped up in one episode, if better editing was applied or Zeus aired a longer episode, you know for the love of the fans and all) I also don’t like how much camera time security get and randoms (whom I’m sure do have an important job to do, but as viewers don’t know what that title is, so it just looks off, unprofessional, random and very unnecessary) I also think that the subscription fee should allow me onto more than three devices at anyone time..Version: 8.402.1

Best app!I loooove this. Best shows and also live fights! Never lags and has always streamed in HD quality 😍.Version: 8.101.1

This is a great download ❗️❗️❗️I love Zeus, because even though you have to pay for it, it shows you all the premieres all the trailers. All the shows you wanna watch and there’s even shows that I forgot about so long ago like “ baddies Atlanta” I kind of forgot about that long time ago because I used to watch it and now I can rewatch every show I want and it’s gonna take about a week or two to watch everything like all the episodes all the reunions and all the auditions I love this app so much I am TELLING you y’all need to download this app five dollars it was worth my money. Usually I say it was a waste of my time waste of my money, but this was the smartest. money I’ve spent ever I have never been so happy every Sunday I am excited to watch a new episode of whatever comes out goodbye..Version: 8.404.1

Just another one of those days by your girl, linda Lujuan CastleberryI enjoy watching baddies. My daughter introduced me and download the app. I’ve been binge watching. baddies and I love love love it would love to see some more new shows but if you’re ever interested, I would love to see some baddies women like my age that look good for their age so keep up the good work I love what you’re doing, but if you ever think about it hit your girl up linda L Castleberry Facebook, linda castleberry , private edition meets elegantly Express, linda’s world am Instagram, Lujan Latona linda castleberry, tick-tock, linda castleberry I can’t wait for season four to come out with the baddies love it keep up the good work I still got so much to watch keep being zuses.Version: 8.101.1

Baddies EastWe need Tesehki to stay in baddies :) she’s the only reason why i watch :)).Version: 8.404.1

Love itIt has all the record shows that I can’t find anywhere else and it’s really afford one cheaper of it.Version: 7.204.1

My reviewI love Zeus network so much bro I swr anytime I need drama come to this app straight because it’s literally the best thank you Zeus app u actually make my day when I need some drama.Version: 8.102.1

ZeusPhenomenal series on Zeus keep it up. These videos be keeping me locked in.Version: 8.404.1

Love Zeus ❤️🇬🇧Love that I could down load a app subscribe at a reasonable price and catch up on great shows but feel there’s not enough content shows need to be longer or more frequent.Version: 8.102.1

Zeus please make the episodes abut longer xoPlease Zeus’s make the episodes longer and at least 3 times a week.Version: 8.101.1

Dope networkVery entertaining!.Version: 8.404.1

No filtersContinue to broading the horizons of the company and give opportunities. Set more boundaries and regulations and limitations for all cast because no one is perfect but everyone deserves fairness and equality and for the views don’t show the best part’s all the time give us one good seen then just a little tea and when they do the reunion I think it’s best to kind of give a run down on all the new tea and animosity within one another from they’re social media need to the behind the scenes and once you kind of give viewers a clear understanding and view on what transpired threw out the season it’ll make a lot more clarity of everything overall.. My name is Tia and if your hiring or if your not I’m interested in learning more about the works and eager to offer more of my coordination skills. I am willing to show you ways to create a different outlook for the viewers and your content. What makes me different is that I am brutally honest and trustworthy passionately creative and open to learning constructive feedback from others. I can be reached for a job opportunity or given chance to embrace the arts and creative mindfulness coordinations. God Bless you I look forward to becoming a apart of the team. I’m inspired i wish you the best continue to support us as a unity and culture much love..Version: 8.101.1

ZeusMeilleur chaîne 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽.Version: 8.500.1

Love ZeusAbsolutely LOVE Zeus all the shows but most importantly, and my most favourite baddies baddies shot o’clock!!!!.Version: 8.500.1

Love itI don’t have nothing else to say then love this. It’s full of drama and reality..Version: 8.404.1

It’s alrightPrice is reasonable for a month not expensive like Disney plus and al those other stream sites.Version: 8.500.1

Zeus reviewZeus is an amazing platform with many shows that are very interesting and they all have very good quality and I can’t wait for more shows to come up keep doing your thing Zeus!!.Version: 8.500.1

Zeus producers are geniusThis network is one of the best networks next to ID plus or Discovery network that has ever come out in my lifetime history of watching reality tv. These producers know how to catch the audience and know exactly what we need, GENIUS! I came across this network by accident because I googled “where to watch baddies” on google and Zeus was only way besides Facebook clips. I was hoping I didn’t waste my $ on a network I never heard of but I don’t think they charge enough for this kind of entertainment!!!! If you are reality tv type personality this is where it’s at. Doesn’t get any better then this. Whoop whoop!.Version: 7.702.1

ZeusLove my ratchet shows🤣🤣.Version: 8.500.1

It’s pretty ok but could be betterZeus is a good platform I like the shows but the way that it’s set up whether it’s website or app is a little funky. It doesn’t really synch my recently watched so when I leave the app or website and go back on like maybe an hour or so later it doesn’t have what I was just recently watching. It also doesn’t really organize any of its shows unless you go to the search and type in a show title and click collections even then it doesn’t seem to have any type of order. I think it would be much better if they categorized their content more on the main page. Other than that it’s still pretty nice and price isn’t too bad.Version: 8.404.1

Easy to access, worth the subscriptionLove it!.Version: 8.500.1

Tina ConwayI’m enjoying your shows that because I’m in the UK 🇬🇧I set my clock for 3am so I can watch them. In my opinion Zeus is by far more entertaining than my other subscription. Too funny 🤣I love it all 💙. All except the hands on women 🤬.Version: 7.502.1

EntertainingCome to Toronto Canada - BADDIES NORTH - THE 6IX literally 🇨🇦🍁 WE THE NORTH.Version: 8.500.1

Baddies eastBest show on there but need to get rid of rollie pollie.Version: 8.404.1

BaddiesCan we bring them episodes out faster pleeeease 🥰.Version: 8.402.1

Zeus is poppinIdk but every time i watch a new ep its always there. I just wish ‘Now That’s T.V’ shares the same series as Zeus.Version: 8.500.1

I LOOOOVE ZEUSBaddies is where its at when it comes to Zeus, i love the amount of reality tv shows there are! CHRISEAN IS MY FAV FROM BADDIES! also started watching the bad boys of la and i highly reccomend using zeus. maybe have the 10 second arrows to go forward and backwards and using the side arrows to skip episodes instead. but other than that. good for people who love reality tv..Version: 8.010.1

ReviewAs an Australian who didn’t get the option of watching bgc growing up I’ve loved watching baddies and this network in general it is different to everyday basic shows aired on our tv it’s fresh, it’s fun and it’s different..Version: 8.200.1

ReviewLove this app.Version: 8.404.1

Great for British peopleFor some reason, British television stations have as of yet allow black television be shown in our tv stations and on our tv channels and screens. They even got rid of BET here last year so…😕If your tired of not seeing enough diversity on your screen, download this app and pay the £5.99/m. Absolutely worth it, haven’t stopped watching since I purchased..Version: 8.200.1

Zeus contentSome episodes of various series feel like they are dragged out a little. Episodes can also be late. Overall good content.Version: 8.404.1

Zeus is the best !Love all the shows !!!!! Very addicting !.Version: 8.500.1

Great appThe content is great, and the app works super well. No glitches. Whoever constructed the software did. Good job on this app.Version: 8.500.1

I love Zeus!So...I been seeing ads and everything for Zeus Network and I wasn’t gonna subscribe tbh...but I love it. Joseline’s Cabaret was so entertaining. I loved watching that...which is the main reason I suscribed. I also enjoy watching The Conversation and I’m excited to see the new shows that will be coming on. Reminds me of a lot of shows I watched back in the day like I Love New York and Flavor of Love etc. I like Draya so I’m excited to see her show when it airs and I also have to catch up on Blac Chyna’s show. Zeus is something I look forward to watching after a long day of work or even when I’m just chillin in the house like today. Absolutely love it..Version: 5.803.1

Hdud1 episode a week is notttt good enough.Version: 8.321.1

Love this appDue to living in the UK I don’t get channels or programs that are on Zeus, the app is great I can watch everything and the latest stuff out, specially the real blac chyna, I definitely recommend this app, it’s so cheap you can pay monthly £3 something, or the year for like 30 quid x.Version: 5.200

Love itDefinitely worth my money!!.Version: 8.500.1

Love itI love this network/app !!! Best Raw tv show network!.Version: 8.500.1

It’s givingIt’s giving everything.Version: 8.321.1

No glitches or adsPay a monthly subscription and watch heaps of drama ad free 😃😃😃😃.Version: 8.404.1

ImpressedLove the show would come back.Version: 5.200

👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾Where do I event start! Bach, Destorm, Amanda, this concept is absolutely amazing and essential to the entertainment industry! The acting ability of so many talented social media influencers often goes unseen due to the lack of recognition from the mainstream media. The Zeus Network is the first platform to say to social media influencers, “I see something greater in you then a one minute clip.” This is not just another streaming platform, this is an investment in the careers of so many influencers who have worked tirelessly to bring smiles to your faces on every single social media platform for years. As someone dedicated to the development of artists and entertainers , I strongly believe stars are going to be discovered from Zeus and get the recognition that they deserve. $3.99 a month is not too much to give to support people who have been entertaining you for free for years. Zeus literally bridges the gap between social media and main stream television. - TheHollywoodWingWoman, Talent Development and PR Consultant.Version: 1.2

Good❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ love watching all the shows especially baddies ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.Version: 8.404.1

PurIts giving MTV.Version: 8.010.1

Best platform goingLove watching all the shows on zues I’ve finished majority of the shows on there just started one mo chance thought it was gonna be boring but it’s so good love from Australia.Version: 8.102.1

Needs to be more contentI feel that zues needs to work on more content but also content with substance and more structure and to have a mixture of all. For example, drama, dragging and to also focus on the title on what the show is actually about such as joseline cabaret. It was good however, I feel that all the episodes consisted of watching girls continuously arguing and not enough cabaret.....with that aside though with myself being a white individual I can actually say I’m really, really happy to be supporting my black brothers and sisters and all black network. It is a very good network and I can see it going further but there’s just a few things that needs to be worked on and I’m sure they will at some point, as everything starts off slow at first and then it picks up. Good work guys, keep it up 👍🏻.Version: 6.120.1

Love!Love this app! Although their content is controversial, it’s real and raw. This is the side of society that doesn’t get much attention in the media and that’s exactly why Zeus Network gets so much love and hate!.Version: 8.200.1

Love this networkHonestly I can’t get enough!.Version: 8.404.1

Please please keep goingPlease keep going representing the ethnic minority. As long as I have finances. I will continue to pay my subscription. Thank you again your big fan.Version: 8.404.1

SupLove this show.Version: 8.500.1

The besttttttReally good, no ads, straight forward app, love it!.Version: 8.500.1

ShannyI don’t no what I would watch if I didn’t have Zeus I’m from the UK and there are not many black shows to watch that ain’t independently run like the ones that are on Zeus. All the shows from Baddies to Bobby we love you alway has me in stitches. Thank you 😊.Version: 7.620.1

Pretty goooddHonestly, wish they had more shows that I see but other than that it’s pretty good and I can watch what I want especially baddies 😂♥️.Version: 8.500.1

IdkThe shows take to long to get on the platform but besides that they’re good shows i enjoy watching and i look forward every sunday. i just wish they’d put it earlier then 8-9 pm.Version: 8.500.1

Zeus reviewGreat app! easy to use and pretty aesthetic. Only problem is they only upload an episode once a week..Version: 7.502.2

BaddiesGreat entertainment.Version: 8.500.1

Subscribe now!!Zeus needs more tv shows to enjoy! Waiting for baddies is long we need some more to watch while we wait for other shows.Version: 8.500.1

Zeus Zeus Zeus!!I love Zeus. Been a subscriber since the beginning. I think it would be greater if #1 they finish what they start. Don’t give me a piece of a reunion(Joselines Cabaret) but never come back to finish it. At least come back and say something vs letting us figure things out on IG. #2 Maybe throw in some contests every now and then. #3 Give “creators”, “influencers” shows as well like “Dearra Taylor” her following alone would shoot Zeus to new highs. #4 Create a show that’s never been done before..a show with maybe single struggling moms, DV survivors, ex cons, trafficking survivors, drug addicts, etc. #5 Do something for the community that pays for you guys regularly. Do something like possibly a contest type and have subscribers maybe tell you about their life and you guys pick 1, if not a few, to change their lives for the better. Whether it be with a home they can call their own, money, car, etc…just something to take them from wherever they may be in life. Give back. Overall I love Zeus and it’s currently the only network I subscribe too. It’s Bad Boys, Baddies, Joseline, and Bobby for me🤷🏽‍♀️.Version: 8.200.1

We need less securitySecurity always getting in the way of fights like go away.Version: 8.102.1

Why I’m really hereNot gonna lie I’m only subbed cause of my #1 Baddie girl pick #NatalieNunn let’s be real 💅.Version: 8.500.1

5starsI love Reality TV, best app for it.. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 8.102.1

!!Love that it has chrome cast!.Version: 7.001.1

Zeus networkWhomever is filming is doing a good job, I wish the producers would allow us to see what causes the fights from the beginnings rather then we assume. Sometimes we don't know why this person be acting up. and then like their are moments off camera that i wish the producers would record so that way we know what's going on instead of for show. Natalie is mean and messy... I watch all the old shows and the way she present herself as being a real one is not right...maybe i would believe her intentions but her mouth and actions get her in trouble... Chill out and save her wild side for her husband. but overall good show.Version: 8.402.1

Best appI love it.Version: 8.500.1

BaddiesAbsolutely love the show but you need to be more up to date with the sessions of the show instead of having us wait for the show to be dropped..Version: 8.102.1

ZeusLove Zeus and all the shows, But can we get a 10 second skip and reverse buttons, but other than that keep it up!!.Version: 4.4

StreamingI love Zeus !.Version: 5.610


EATERVery entertaining has great shows out here fights on this app. Amazing. Definitely recommend. If you like fights..Version: 8.500.1

Natalie Nunn and Rollie fanListen the Zeus network gives me the drama that I lack in my personal life. Babyyyyyy when I tell you waiting on Sunday to come around each week makes my weeks fly by. I just love the women empowerment and the fact that Natalie is able to share her platform and lift other women up, although some may say it’s a embarrassment to woman kind because of the drama and fighting that Baddies bring, but personally it’s entertaining and I love to see my people make names for themselves. I could go on and on but Zeus has been the drama and it started for me when Rollie started on. Real Chance of Love. I will continue to pay for this subscription!!!!!!! Ya Ya 🫶🏽💕.Version: 8.500.1

LOVEEE ITTTT🩷I try find new stuff on netflix to watch…and i always end up back here sometimes on my laptop it buffers on the auto quality settings so i just change it to 720p and it’s perfecttt.Version: 8.200.1

Update: Subscription Issue SolvedMy issue with the app was solved by customer service. For anyone else that may be having a similar issue with receiving a message that you are not subscribed to watch shows when you have paid the subscription fee: 1) uninstall the app 2) Re download the app from iTunes 3) When you open the app scroll to the bottom (do not sign in) and click “Restore ITunes Subscription” and from there enter your Apple ID when prompted and you should be able to watch your shows again 😊 The only critique I would give is the customer service responses need to be quicker as I have reached out about this issue over 2-3 weeks ago and I am just now getting a response/solution after my second attempt to get assistance. Other than that, great, thorough customer service..Version: 5.200

Love baddiesBaddies my fav!!!.Version: 8.404.1

I love Zeus it’s my favourite streaming service.The absolute best.Version: 8.404.1

BaddiesI live for baddies I love the drama and who don’t love a good fight 😄.Version: 8.500.1

Obsessed👌I’m absolutely obsessed with all these shows, Keep them coming!!😅🤣.Version: 8.404.1

ZeusTop Tier Quality.Version: 8.500.1

Review from New ZealandLove Zeus. Would love to see a Love & Hip Hop style show involving all the Zeus network names (characters) w their own shows. 😍😍.Version: 8.102.1

Its a Vibe all the Time.Great app to watch drama shows and watch your fav celebrities. Easy episode lay outs but wish substitutes were available to all the programs only a few don't have them. I am partly deaf and I love subtitles to keep up with what they are saying. I love the app though ❤️.Version: 8.102.1

Entertaining for sure !The drama kills me honestly. Super funny and entertaining.Version: 8.500.1

OrganizationI gave a 4 stars only for the fact that the app is kind of messy I wished they would put time into organizing the app so it’s easier to navigate to each show and also help some of us with OCD lol. I see they have it set up a certain way but if you guys had a better lay out it’d be easier to browse other shows are even see total names on the side ya know? I watch Zeus on my sling tv and on my iPhone so it’s kind of likeee weird I know there’s more shows on Zeus but it’s kind of hard to see the variety of shows when there’s not a good navigation. Maybe put on the side instead of just explore and other things out Show categories of all your shows them you can click on one and navigate seasons of that Specific show ya know ? Like if I click on baddies tab it will open up to all seasons affiliated with baddies or I open one mo chance then there’s both seasons of that like I get baddies has different meanings like south and stuff but let me push “baddies” tan then it will navigate me to different types or all seasons the baddies series has produced ya know ? Let me know y’all I’ll come help my mind always going ☺️.Version: 7.620.1

ReviewFav app for my shows!.Version: 8.500.1

Fresh, talented, forward thinkingI’ve followed many of the creators from Vine to Instagram and just wanted to support young men and women forging out on their own and being entrepreneurial. As for the app, it works as expected. Auto shifts videos to landscape without having to tap another button, and plays videos crisply and clearly. My only rub is that when I search in the search bar, by expectation is that it will return ALL results of that creator - for example, if I type “Bach” I get a handful of results and “King Bach” I get different results. A creator search should return everything that creator is in or contributed to, and organize accordingly. Keep doing your thing!!.Version: 1.1

Love This App! But This Would Make It Better!I love this app so much many of the shows on here are so interesting, one of my favorite features about this app is that we are able to comment under each video that is made, a lot of these streaming platforms. Don’t have that as an option. Considering the price of this platform, it’s very much worth it. If I can change anything about this app to make it better it would be to have more shows like , the baddies series. Let’s be honest, the baddies series is carrying this whole platform, having more well-known social media influencers on a show like the bad girls club, possibly even with a different name other than baddies in a location would definitely keep subscriptions constantly active as the baddies series end.🤷🏾‍♀️ just saying❤️. Keep doing your thing Zeus network!!!!.Version: 8.200.1

Natasha!!!Make sure you watch this app the best drama I’ve ever watched.Version: 8.200.1

Love the contentI used to watch bgc so the baddies series is one of the reasons I got this app/subscription and it does not disappoint! Love it! From a tech design perspective Zeus (app + website) isn’t the best layout, there’s no categories/subcategories to search through or “trending”, or “Recently released” so if you don’t know what your looking for you might be a bit lost. There’s no easy way to browse..Version: 8.102.1

Cause baddies 🤌🏽10/10 🤍.Version: 8.402.1

Baddies, Joseline’s Cabaret, Bad boys!CRAAAAAZYYYYY. I love y’all best streaming network ever!! Can’t go wrong with the reality tv 😍😮‍💨.Version: 8.321.1

ReviewLove this just wish that it would keep where I last played from something that I’m watching as I sometimes can’t remember where I am up to.Version: 8.404.1

Great customer service!Had an issue through iTunes regarding my subscription but I’ve had great customer service the entire way ! Highly recommended!x.Version: 5.200

Very Entertaining ContentThis app is awesome. It’s filled with all the grit & grind that every reality show needs to keep one’s attention. There’s 1 or 2 kinks that I don’t like. It’s confusing to find where/how to start a show from the 1st episode especially if you stop watching and have to come back later. There should be a way to easily get to the last program you were watching without having to save it on your watch list. Other than that it’s now my favorite app to watch & I’ve only been subscribed for less than a month! The price is very reasonable as well please keep the price nice and affordable..Version: 7.502.2

ZEUS!Has me binging for more. Love you chrisean! Only reason why I’m here 🫶🏻.Version: 8.200.1

ZuesYour shows are really good but you need to just post more bit just once a week bc I want to be watching you everyday and I can’t. Also when you posting episodes don’t try stretch out the beef/fights it’s annoying and gets boring being in the same topic 3 episodes in.Version: 8.404.1

Zeus review// adminI wish you’d release baddies quicker instead of waiting a week to see what happened cause I forget the previous episodes and then I loose track of the storyline and drama. Apart from that I enjoy the app and then content. Always quality..Version: 8.404.1

Entertainment! At its finestGreat shows, great Quality, best entertainment iv seen in a long time.Version: 8.200.1

AppWish they had Zeus for Chromecast!!.Version: 8.200.1

Bad baddies xI really do enjoy the Zeus network and what you’ve transformed it into over the past couple of years! I feel many of the target audiences are beyond reached and ultimately satisfied with their watch. However, I think it’s a little extreme to wait a whole week for 40 minutes of fun, which in a lot of episodes nothing really happens. Perhaps try and release an episode a day or every other day and I assure you many more people with leave good reviews and comments. Over all I like my experience..Version: 8.200.1

Best shows ever!Zeus is a new tv network, that is rising in popularity, managed by amazing people! I love this platform, despite being ‘a white’ person and fully support any efforts to show the realism of how black people in America truly live their lives. Keep it up Zeus, we love you!.Version: 8.402.1

I Like It!Can’t complain, does what it says it does no probs with the App, someone suggested a 15 sec forward and backward option you can do that if you press the arrows on either side of the pause option it doesn’t skip the episode it just moves it forward or back 10sec 😁.Version: 7.001.1

Zues u done it againCheap subscription. iv never had a problem with this app and the quality it provides. Thank you for everything u provide for myself to veg out and watch the shows I enjoy like baddies. Would recommend highly..Version: 8.404.1

Love itI’m glad I can now keep up with the baddies instead of seeing clips of Facebook 🤷‍♀️.Version: 8.500.1

I love the shows but the app needs work.The app is not the best. There are some minor tweaks u could make to have a more streamlined experience. The episodes need to run in order ex: if I’m on ep. 4 and it’s finished playing why is it going back to ep. 3. The layout of shows, there’s a more organized way to have the show laid out. All of baddies together in 1 section newest season at the top oldest at the bottom, all of bad boys together, Joseline’s Cabaret & so on… Remove the stuff ppl aren’t streaming! In the comment section of each show there needs to be a way to like, dislike, laugh at comments. More content, I’m sure between baddies, Joseline, crazy in love they are carrying but there definitely needs to be some shows that aren’t so wild so u can reach a larger audience. I think the foundation is there to have a great streaming app but now it’s time to take it to the next level..Version: 8.500.1

Do it like it’s your bday! Best reality TV streaming for real real!!!Ohhh - maaa-gawwwd! I LIVE for the shows on ZUES! Gahhh if you love reality and don’t have a subscription- who are you EVEN!!??.Version: 8.102.1

ZEUS SAVED MY LIFE!Before I watched Zeus, my tv show interest was at an all time low. It was like COVID and the strike took away all the good, deep and mindful shows that used to make me laugh, think and be overall interested. But since I found Zeus, my life has never been the same. I felt such a renaissance of a new way to produce content. It’s so inspiring and empowering. Watching women stand their ground, expressing their self-confidence and not allowing other women to dim their light has made me want to do the same. Keep making content that is not only entertaining and engaging, but empowering and inspirational to people like me. BADDIE BADDIE SHOT-A-CLOCK!.Version: 8.500.1

LoveNatalie nun is entertaining and suki and Scott and Christean and tesehki love love the show baddies ❤️.Version: 8.404.1

Great app!Great app for streaming, no problems and usually works in poor connection areas. Would be nice if it came up with notifications about when your next show is on, so you don’t miss anything but other than that, very impressed! ( cheap and cheerful also ).Version: 8.200.1

Review !🙏🏽.Version: 8.102.1

I’m gonna give a 5 but ready my review!Zeus is awesome ! I love supporting the shows and have watched almost every show on there so far. My beef is with 2 things. 1) it seems like the app volume is so low. It doesn’t happen with any other streaming app but I can not hear the shows fully without headphones. Tried on other phone in my house and tablet and same issue idk why. Secondly, please create an easier way for us to pin save and find our favorite shows. Im sure the organization and ability to save shows/ episodes will improve once you guys have even more show options. I do want to say THANK YOU for adding subtitles options to some of the more recent shows it helped so much and I’m sure our hearing impaired baddies appreciated it too! Can’t wait to see what’s next ! #teamzeus.Version: 8.102.1

ZeusZeus is amazing.Version: 8.404.1

Perfect!Cheap, fast and no issues at all!.Version: 8.402.1

ReviewAbsolutely loving zuse since my friend showed me baddies!.Version: 8.404.1

ReviewWould give 5 stars if shows were put up on the day that you say they are going to be on there. Other than that brilliant entertainment..Version: 8.500.1

Baddie baddie shot o’clockDownloaded Zeus to watch Baddies absolutely loving this app, who needs housewives when you have all these in one place to watch definitely my favourite app right now!,.Version: 8.500.1

Good showGood.Version: 8.404.1

Favourite streaming serviceOne of the best American streaming apps ever, amazing streaming service, no ads, good quality video, good value for money, i love zeus!! i enjoy everything on the app.Version: 8.500.1

DailyEntertaining to say the least!!! Keeps me up all night in the uk waiting for episodes to drop!!.Version: 8.404.1

This is so goodI’m enjoying this app fr the videos be running so smoothly and it ain’t glitched one bit. Plus it has really good quality 10/10 fr..Version: 8.404.1

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