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The Zeus Network App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

The Zeus Network app received 41 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using The Zeus Network? Can you share your negative thoughts about the zeus network?

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The Zeus Network for Negative User Reviews

YawnHonestly unsubscribed cause baddies east was just not giving what it use too.Version: 8.404.1

The worse appAbsolutely stupid app, I can never log in, miss 90% of episode because it’ll start again half way through and glitch out….always having technical issues. Honestly the only person I downloaded this app for was “Rock” now she’s not even on baddies it just seems like a pointless app with people on it who suffer with mental health and anger issues.Version: 8.404.1

Y’all play too muchHave us wait every Sunday for 1 episode and then wanna give a mid season trailer you guys don’t give what we pay for you play with people money way too much better drop 2 episodes this Sunday.Version: 8.404.1

I love Amanda and King Bach butI love the creators who founded the platform but honestly the app needs a lot of work. It’s really buggy, the design is sloppy and is really hard to click on anything, I haven’t been able to watch any video and I already payed.. I am disappointed because I really want to support your new entrepreneurial journey but if you guys are not gonna take the time and money to find a top notch coder then how are you going to compete with other platforms that have excellent quality and really well made apps ? With this app’s ugly design it just shows that you guys didn’t care and just launched the thing without even making sure it worked properly well. Trust me, if it’s not fixed soon I doubt people will continue their si subscriptions. This is similar to TanaCon . Everyone has faith on it but the creator just didn’t care enough and it turned out a real disaster. I bet the series are good but how the f* I am going to watch them if the app doesn’t even load anything? Besides I subscribed because of the for Lil Tay series and no episode is unlocked :/.Version: 1.2

I’m going to delete the app if someone don’t help meI have had this app and my subscription to Zeus net work for months now. And never once had any issues with the app. Until today when I go to open up my app so that I can watch episode three of Betty’s East. The app will not open all the way up and show me any of the shows. It just keeps loading over and over. I went to the help section and followed all the steps trying to troubleshoot the app. I checked my Wi-Fi. I turned it off and then turned it back on. I then logged out of the app, then log back in. I even deleted the app and then download it again. I did all of these things and nothing has worked still having the same issue. And it’s very annoying and frustrating that when you need help with the app you cannot send a message or email to anyone at a help center or something to help you get back into your App. So therefore, what is the point of me even having the subscription if the app is not gonna work for me any. I even turned my phone off and turned it back on. I followed all the instructions nothing is working..Version: 8.321.1

ZeusYou guys really need to just release all the baddies east episodes out. ur dragging the season for no reason. just give us what we want 👎🏽.Version: 8.404.1

Selection could be betterThe app tends to repeat the same episode instead of just playing the next..Version: 8.101.1

No restore purchase buttonI paid to resubscribe and there is no restore purchase button. Can’t reset password as the link never gets sent. Have requested a refund..Version: 8.200.1

Zeus networkI love Zeus so much it’s such a great app for abit if entertainment on Sundays never disappoints. Only reason I’m giving 3 star is because I really dislike seeing rollies rolls all the time plastered over the Zeus network . She makes them look ghetto and outdated and if you google her name there’s a video of her rolling around in Alfredo . If she weren’t there it would definitely be a 5 star rating.Version: 8.404.1

Good but…Wish I could give it 2.5 but I’ll give you the 3… It’s decent to watch what I want but it’s definitely one of the more annoying/ inconvenient apps. They don’t have a captions option or menu for select shows or spin off shows. Um HELLO?! Some people are hard of hearing. Add captions! It would be easier to navigate if there were a menu that showed all cabaret or all baddies. Basically going by the specifics. Especially for people that don’t know the order of release. I started baddies south then realized I had to go search for ATL first 😒 It’s inconvenient trying to scroll down an entire page to find one show. Also there should be a next episode button instead of having to exit big screen mode exit comments section THEN seeing the next episode to click. Just let us move on! I like… the content. It’s just the app is an annoying process all in itself..Version: 7.502.2

PatheticI won’t be renewing my subscription! Baddies east can eat a dick..Version: 8.404.1

No subtitlesIt’s a good app but it doesn’t have subtitles luckily I didn’t tell my deaf friend about it!.Version: 8.102.1

Less fightingI really wanted to give 5 stars, however I only gave 3. I loved shows like Real Chance of love, Tokyo show and even the Joseline’s Cabernet. Baddies is good to but the meaningless fights are getting out of hand. I hope going forward this network produces shows that are more than just hate for one another. I think Nat should be replaced with Sky as the lead. I have a few more ideas but I’ve seen in the past where those ideas were taken with no credit lol, so I’ll hold them in and hope for the best. I know that you all are capable of doing it because Joseline’s show really made a come up with less fighting, more dialogue and a great choreographer to help with dances. Any who I wish you the best and better to come!.Version: 8.404.1

Pay extraOnce you get the app not many shows to watch and once you get the app you have to pay for some shows to watch. Smh horrible.Version: 8.101.1

Never airs anything on timeThe app constantly fails to meet its own deadlines..Version: 7.502.2

Baddies eastI’m just hoping in baddies Caribbean you guys get new baddies and have more rules, baddies east was super negative and Rollie became a bully, I don’t wanna see her no more, I don’t wanna see ET again, I don’t wanna see none of them but Suki, Natalie , Scotty , Skye and biggie. And Tee If tee wants to come back. Also if you need a new cast member from a diff country hmu..Version: 8.404.1

UselessSo unprofessional when something is supposed to drop a certain day it should be up that day. You wait till afternoon to upload an episode? All trashy trashy tv.Version: 7.702.1

Not to badIf it’s a 10 outta 10 imma leave a 4.Version: 7.620.1

Fix glitchesThere’s glitches and oversize. The biggest one is when you make a comment and someone replied to your comment, they email you but when you click on the link, the link doesn’t take you to your comment. The link takes you to everyone’s comment no matter when you made it. So you comment at six months ago, you’re supposed to scroll through every comment made since then to see what they said to you? That’s dumb. You also should put what day of the week episodes are posted I had no idea at first. also you need to have series instead of treating different seasons of The same show as a different show. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started to watch a series on the second or third season just to find out there was prior seasons because they mentioned it. It shouldn’t be that hard to find season one. Overall the app is good but these small improvements would make it a lot better..Version: 7.620.1

Glitchy AppThe auto stream feature isn't functioning properly because the series has been downloaded in reverse order, with the final episode being the first one. The "Up Next" feature is also affected by the same issue, as it's displaying content in the wrong order..Version: 8.200.1

Drags every episode!!I started to love baddies east, west and south until i realised a pattern in episode dragging, making us wait a whole week for a fight etc, then dragging it to the next episode, im bored. This has occurred multiple times especially in the recent episode, i would be delighted to see a single season where the episodes aren’t dragged. Appalling from a network with such potential..Version: 8.404.1

Run Me My MoneyIt’s something every single day with this app. Why did y’all take my money if you’re not going to let me view the content?! Saying my password is wrong and I can sign in on the device that I can hear off of but I’m still signed in. Says it takes up to 2 hours for a password reset to come to my email and I’ve been waiting now for 45 minutes lol I guess I gotta wait an hour and 15 minutes before I get the email. Y’all need to fix this app while ya run’n up and down streets with cameras how about take some of that time and fix this app or hire developers who can because this is ridiculous. Y’all didn’t have a problem taking that money but I can’t watch what you have on the app &&&&&&&&& this the second review. Guess the first one y’all didn’t like so y’all took it down? I don’t know or care, stop playing with me an run me my money or run this content that I paid MY MONEY I WORKED FOR TO WATCH!!!!!.Version: 7.702.1

AnnoyingThis app is trash every time I pay my subscription it tries to say I didn’t pay so it will make you pay a extra payment this is the last time I’m subscribing to Zeus cause it takes peoples money and that app don’t work and you can’t even get a refund back from the app. If I can rate this app with 0 I would. Netflix no other app does that when you pay for it just Zeus or it tries to tell u that you debit card is not right but you put the right numbers and stuff in. This is actually so disgusting to me how I keep paying for this app and it doesn’t work..Version: 8.404.1

WackHow are you not going to drop a new episode but don’t have other shows on at the time the only show you have right now is baddies. What am I paying a subscription for if I can’t watch the new episodes accordingly and you don’t even let us know till the day a new episode is supposed to come out y’all better drop TWO new episodes next Sunday y’all only give us for episodes a month anyways and they always cut off mid fight. I hope Stunna girl get her network so I can cancel with y’all already y’all keep playing with your fans! Lamel or whatever get your head out some p & actually focus on making Zeus better other networks coming up. And the fact y’all gave bluface a new show after posting his babies privates y’all sick just like him & agree with it sick individuals..Version: 8.404.1

It’s okThe Zeus Network is a entertainment platform where you can watch different types of shows as other people say, but to me, I feel like that everything is always the same. especially when there’s reunions because nobody can’t really sit down and talk because everybody’s always yelling at each other wanted to fight even though this is a black owned company I feel like it really paints a bad picture to the black community because of all the controversy and not being able to act, I wouldn’t say normal but professional. besides that Zeus is an OK net work I think it’s like five dollars or four dollars something like that but for me, even though The shows never come out as fast as I want them to, they eventually do, but I feel like it takes time, and even though they pre-recorded these shows, I feel like they should send them out faster..Version: 8.200.1

Bad Customer ServiceI contacted The Zeus Network June 7, 2019 via email to cancel subscription because they didn’t have the option to do so via website, app, iTunes and no contact number whatsoever. I reached out again on July 26 until present and have sent multiple emails and still no response. I even tried to contact them via Instagram and still no luck. I just want to cancel this yearly subscription as I don’t even use their app or watch the videos. I find it ridiculous that customers can’t even get a hold of one person or get a response. 2 months! This is my last resort to find other ways and file a complaint. I just want to cancel my subscription and get a refund on the transaction that occurred recently for this year’s subscription. Something I was trying to avoid from continuing by contacting them before my subscription expired. No response to date..Version: 4.951

The app works wellThe app works well but the Zeus network is not that good you can watch everything you want in a day and the producers of the shows seem new because the programmes are just not executed professionally in my opinion, if baddies had a good production team it could of been a great show but most programmes seem like flops sadly, 40 mins programmes but no editing so it’s about 10 mins of actual watch time.Version: 7.001.1

Don’t waste your moneyOne of the worse apps. There is hardly any series to watch and the ones that are on this app are horribly done all flops and they make you wait weekly for a 20 minute episode or even post a 1 min video rather than an actual episode ? Also to say they take your money before the 1st when the payment is supposed to be due. To anyone who’s planning on subscribing don’t bother because you’ll end up watching “everything” from the app in a weeks time and half the shows are disgustingly made. Gave this app a chance for months but it’s just not worth it to be honest I don’t even the price is worth it to pay 🥱.Version: 7.204.1

FrustratedI’m getting really aggravated with the Zeus app because it closes most times when I’m trying to use it if there is a bug or needs to be sorted because I’ve paid for a subscription and the app doesn’t like to work on my phone.Version: 8.321.1

Stop stealing money! content regularlyOne episode every week and you sometimes don’t even put an episode out just a preview of a trailer then the next week the trailer then the actual episode the week after!!??? so you basically paid for one episode that month !!!!Need to have a option where I can find my comments, once you comment you never see it again even if people reply you just get an email but it doesn’t take you to your comment so you have to forget about or be willing to scroll through thousands of messages just to find yours.Version: 7.702.1

Fix your appWhy cant I put anything on full screen without the whole screen going black.Version: 8.404.1

ZeusIt’s a great channel that can give a lot of people a stepping stone to fame. I just feel that they let too much violence go on and it will come to a point that they have to cancel the channel because someone got seriously hurt or worse..Version: 8.102.1

False AdvertisementDon’t get me wrong the shows on here are good but they’re overrated and the episodes are stretched out so bad that one event can last up to three episodes if that makes sense , they get to the plot I guess you can say , too slow and input boring conversations that last up to 30 minutes that’s half the show !! Honestly you’re better off just watching the TikToks that come from it the TikTok’s will show you everything that happened there ! And they put out unnecessary shows like the bad boys and bad girls auctions those are uncalled for and unnecessary all they do is judge judge judge the worse way ever and the “baddies” become the bullies. The women are too old to be acting the way they do they need to get rid of Natalie and let some new younger fresh faces come in , the original people are good but it’s time for something new. The old women are irritating for acting the way they do , nobody wants to see y’all anymore & everybody knows chrisean is the real baddie ! We need more of her , she needs her own BGC.Version: 7.702.1

BaddiesTakes so long to see the show once it’s all over social j my edit it’s annoying af otherwise I’d give 5 stars.Version: 8.404.1

Needs more workNeed more shows added Better lay out of app More Natalie Nunn and more joslyn cabaret 😊.Version: 8.102.1

ReviewI love the shows but they really need to work on the app as it constantly crashes for hours and sometimes days on end I can get onto the app but when you go to watch a video the screen goes black with audio still playing and then it all just cuts out and takes you back to your phone Home Screen, I have followed their advice on shutting down the app, iv also logged out and iv even deleted the app but nothing seems to work I mean I know it will come back at some point but I wanna watch my shows when I wanna watch them so I’m hoping this gets seen so that they can work on getting the issue fixed and as soon as it is I’ll come back and give you 5 stars I would have given 4 this time but it’s so frustrating.Version: 8.500.1

ReviewI’m enjoying it thanks for the entertainment!! However the wait for baddies east is taking to long can we get the show asap please?.Version: 8.200.1

ZeusI like the site, however, being a skilled editor, there are several little things you can do to strengthen your site. It’s all over the place. When watching a show, the way you have the episodes set up is backwards. The “next” will show the previous episodes, instead of the next one. Also, not all of your shows are listed at the menu. I’ve only learned if some shows as I listen to the cast mention what show they came from. I feel like your sound has improved from the beginning to the last few shows I’ve watched. I reached out to the owner via messenger but w no success. I only found this site about 3 months ago and I’ve watched watch I can find in its entirety. My guess is that Zeus was created first and a disgruntled employee branched off and started your competitive site bc they are mirrored almost exactly as this channel. Overall, the shows are very interesting for a different reason than most would have. It would be nice to have a discount coupon available for a month free or something else. Please stop allowing the cast to show so much of what’s to come. I get it that it’s a teaser, but you show too much!.Version: 8.200.1

:pNeed episodes faster and more series!!!!!.Version: 8.404.1

SubtitlesWould be nice if they worked.Version: 8.404.1

UnprofessionalBarely anything to watch on the app. When the episode says coming soon with a date, it’s never prompt always a week late or a few days. People are paying for subscription thinking they’ll be able to watch the episode being promoted but it’s not until the subscription ends the exact episode that was meant to be released before ga d would release so now you’re paying double for nothing.Version: 7.303.1

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