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The Zeus Network App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

The Zeus Network app received 34 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using The Zeus Network? Can you share your negative thoughts about the zeus network?

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The Zeus Network for Negative User Reviews

Add closed captions for the hearing impairedAdd closed captions for the hearing impaired.Version: 7.204.1

This app SUCKS ! It doesn’t work ! None of the shows play.It’s a scam to get people money for nothing ! I tried play 3 different episodes on app Not working ! I guess that’s how r jay getting rich ripping people off ! I hate zues ! It’s ghetto Werid shows anyway nothing interesting or educational 🙄..Version: 7.502.1

The app works wellThe app works well but the Zeus network is not that good you can watch everything you want in a day and the producers of the shows seem new because the programmes are just not executed professionally in my opinion, if baddies had a good production team it could of been a great show but most programmes seem like flops sadly, 40 mins programmes but no editing so it’s about 10 mins of actual watch time.Version: 7.001.1

I love Amanda and King Bach butI love the creators who founded the platform but honestly the app needs a lot of work. It’s really buggy, the design is sloppy and is really hard to click on anything, I haven’t been able to watch any video and I already payed.. I am disappointed because I really want to support your new entrepreneurial journey but if you guys are not gonna take the time and money to find a top notch coder then how are you going to compete with other platforms that have excellent quality and really well made apps ? With this app’s ugly design it just shows that you guys didn’t care and just launched the thing without even making sure it worked properly well. Trust me, if it’s not fixed soon I doubt people will continue their si subscriptions. This is similar to TanaCon . Everyone has faith on it but the creator just didn’t care enough and it turned out a real disaster. I bet the series are good but how the f* I am going to watch them if the app doesn’t even load anything? Besides I subscribed because of the for Lil Tay series and no episode is unlocked :/.Version: 1.2

Don’t waste your moneyOne of the worse apps. There is hardly any series to watch and the ones that are on this app are horribly done all flops and they make you wait weekly for a 20 minute episode or even post a 1 min video rather than an actual episode ? Also to say they take your money before the 1st when the payment is supposed to be due. To anyone who’s planning on subscribing don’t bother because you’ll end up watching “everything” from the app in a weeks time and half the shows are disgustingly made. Gave this app a chance for months but it’s just not worth it to be honest I don’t even the price is worth it to pay 🥱.Version: 7.204.1

ZUES IS A THIEF!!IF I COUKD SCORE THIS AT ZERO STARS I WOULD!!!! I purchased this app through the App Store and was never given any log in credentials. I tried logging in with my email address connected to my Apple Pay account as this account was used make the purchase, THAT DID NOT WORK. In fact, I used every email I have just to ensure it wasn’t any fault of my own. I tried several times to reach out to customer service and the responded to my initial email providing me with instructions on what they needed me to do, I gave them all the information they requested and they stop responding to my email(s). This is by far the worst experience I’ve ever had when subscribing to a any app. They never even refunded me my money!!! OVERALL A HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. THEY FRAUDED ME OUT MY MONEY. SHAME ON YOU!!!.Version: 5.803.1

Sign inI wish I could give this zero stars! I literally just subscribed and it will not let me sign in on my tv! It keeps saying my email is wrong! News flash: how can my email be wrong when a receipt for my subscription was sent to the very email that this service claims to be wrong! This is worse than BET+! Customer service is a joke and so is this streaming service! I can only sign in on my phone, but my email address is wrong though! These rinky dink streaming services are really starting to tick me off! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY LIKE I DID! On a positive note, at least I found out within minutes that this service is crap so I’m only out of about four bucks! That’s right canceled within 15 minutes!.Version: 5.803.1

Also what are we paying forYou see the same things there’s no new shows never any release dates. when they advertise a new show finally they never tell us when it drops and when they do it’s still months away from actually releasing. Once your show is over that you came from you just have this monthly charge coming out for nothing cause you’re not even using the app anymore. Two shows i waited for are finally dropping next month and in may and I’ve been waiting since last year. It’s ridiculous the app should be free honestly it’s not that great. However it’s raw and uncut so that’s the only cool thing about it..Version: 6.120.1

Needs workThe actual shows are amazing and worth the 5$ a month.... but the logistics and technology behind the actual app is trash, it's giving AliExpress.... It never remembers where you left off at on the show, glitches out if you leave it in the background too long, my shows never show up as resume I always have to find the last eps I was on and fast forward the video, y'all don't even have the feature where you just have to double tap and it fast forwards 10 seconds for you, y'all need to enhance that part... this is better than Netflix but needs Netflix's app developers.Version: 6.300.1

Can’t watch after I’ve paidSubscribed and payment taken I for 2 months but when I logged in I still can’t access episodes.Version: 5.803.1

Bad Customer ServiceI contacted The Zeus Network June 7, 2019 via email to cancel subscription because they didn’t have the option to do so via website, app, iTunes and no contact number whatsoever. I reached out again on July 26 until present and have sent multiple emails and still no response. I even tried to contact them via Instagram and still no luck. I just want to cancel this yearly subscription as I don’t even use their app or watch the videos. I find it ridiculous that customers can’t even get a hold of one person or get a response. 2 months! This is my last resort to find other ways and file a complaint. I just want to cancel my subscription and get a refund on the transaction that occurred recently for this year’s subscription. Something I was trying to avoid from continuing by contacting them before my subscription expired. No response to date..Version: 4.951

Cannot Stream or Download any videosI loved the shows this app has offered. After paying 4.99 monthly and trying every troubleshooting technique listed, I still can not watch or download any video. My iPhone IOS is updated to the latest version, I uninstalled and re-installed the app, I logged out and attempted to restore purchase, and I checked my subscription status under profile settings. The app will give a, “Thanks. You’re ready to watch,” message only to still tell me I need to subscribe when I’m already subscribed. Please fix this Zeus Network! Wonderful content on your network, but I literally cannot access after subscribing..Version: 6.300.1

Fix upY’all videos don’t even play like ….fix up if you’re gonna be taking my money.Version: 7.502.1

What can I say...I WAS HOOKEDOriginal:I’ve been contemplating for months now whether or not to subscribe to ZEUS and now I have and I’m in love. The originality of the shows are phenomenal, the B. Simone dating show was the push I needed to subscribe, it’s hilarious. This network is definitely for the culture and can be viewed and useful to everyone. Thank you for creating this network, I love seeing my favorite social media stars all in one spot doing what they love. Creating Magic! Edit on 9/14: Promises of new shows are not fulfilled. I know it’s a new network, but please don’t promise something and not follow through and don’t even follow up with your subscribers letting them know of any issue or changes. Inconsistent and a bit unprofessional, I don’t want to lose faith in this network since it’s for the culture. I might be back once they get it together..Version: 5.100

Zeus sucksTheir could be more shows offered for this price I’m unsubscribed as of today.Version: 7.001.1

Love and HateI love Zeus and joseline show as far as the camera work and quality of the filming and the release of the shows thru out the season .i have a huge problem with how after watching the last show they asked me to pay ten dollars to watch the show or wait I guess months before it’s released . That seems abusive since all reality shows give this to use for free and doesn’t make us wait a long time for the reunion … I keep hearing reading everywhere they talk about the show how Zeus is trying to milk the subscription but why not just give us good service since we are your customers … anyways I’ve definitely thought about cancelling my subscription.Version: 7.303.1

WE ARE KEEPING THEIR LIGHTS ON.This App is designed to help pay the ZEUS NETWORK bills.. trust me.. if you want to support them by doing just that, by all means GO RIGHT AHEAD.. as for the content being produced, COMPLETELY A WASTE. The wait time for a release, COMPLETELY A WASTE. You are practically paying 6.99 (CDN) for each new episode release. The thing you’re trying to subscribe to see is LIMITED. It’s set up in a way where if you’re subscribed you stay subscribed, for the FUTURE content which takes an ENTIRE MONTH to be released (3 weeks Minimum). The moment you subscribe you WILL want a refund Instantly. A lot of subscribers/ former subscribers share the same views..Version: 7.204.1

So much better if ...I love Joseline Cabaret and Chance of Love but honestly those are the only two shows on the app. We have seen Blac Chyna’s show so we need new content . Also don’t tease new shows and never release them like the Draya show . If it isn’t coming . Just take down the trailer . I love the fact that I can comment on the videos and engage in conversations with other viewers but there is no way for me to go back to my comment . I have to stroll through hours of comments just to reply . No good . One last thing ... baddies ATL had no purpose . When will the plot begin? Remove Sydney Start because she represents her community in a terrible way..Version: 6.300.1

UnprofessionalBarely anything to watch on the app. When the episode says coming soon with a date, it’s never prompt always a week late or a few days. People are paying for subscription thinking they’ll be able to watch the episode being promoted but it’s not until the subscription ends the exact episode that was meant to be released before ga d would release so now you’re paying double for nothing.Version: 7.303.1

WackyI doesn’t even have updates or new shows like that and Imagine we paying monthly.Version: 7.204.1

Never airs anything on timeThe app constantly fails to meet its own deadlines..Version: 7.502.2

Entertaining content, poor moralsThe content on this app is entertaining, they have been improving the quality since they first started up which is when I first signed up. And I love that it’s black owned. But morally it’s the fact that they allowed a grown man to hit a woman, allowed another one to be attacked by Joseline Hernandez and 2 cast mates at the same time and nothing but a statement is done about it. S2 of the Cabaret show we see that same man involve himself in womens business and get aggressive the moment the cast treated Joseline the same way she treats them. Unless they cancel the Cabaret show, and show the reunion unedited I will be unsubscribing..Version: 7.204.1

TfLiterally what a joke.Version: 7.303.1

CAPTIONS PLEASEAs someone who is hearing impaired I was pretty disappointed that you guys don’t offer captions! You would have way more ppl on Zeus if you just had captions.Version: 7.502.2

ZeusGreat Rachet tv but sucks for quality and it’s not working.Version: 7.204.1

Just a little idea on the websiteI think as a person that watch your shows all the time you keep your previews on too long it’s taking too long for the show actually to hit to watch the TV do you have more previews and actually shows and you have a re-run several times those should only be on for a short period of time not constantly please update the old shows with the new shows we’ve been waiting for a long time like the real Dreya all types of different shows that you keep advertising Jasmt‘s cabaret you have so many seasons we’re waiting for the actual shows now thank you take off all the reruns l.Version: 5.803.1

?Can we get some new shows orrr.Version: 7.303.1

Barriejohn!The shows are good , just think there should be a way to watch all the parts at once with out having to click on the next episode every-time Also worth £3.49 with love from the uk 🇬🇧💯.Version: 4.4

ProgrammingI don’t know who the program director is. But y’all have duped me with all these coming soon. It’s mis leading and frustrating. As a network that’s quick to say”We’re black owned.” You put the responsibility on your back of being upstanding. But since I’ve subscribed all I see is angry comments about programming. For a minute it was good for exp…The B2k series and the Chance show when consistent it’s great but that has been far and in between. My advice is fire whomever is the current programmer and hire someone with a good track record of feeling the pulse of the subscribers and put out content that will bring new subscribers..Version: 7.303.1

It’s every ghetto show on hereThis platform shows every rachet, ghetto and negative stereotypes of African Americans. For people who are marginalised to produce shows that represent themselves as a bunch of brainless, always violent and fighting and just no respect for themselves is disgusting. It makes for great TV cos it’s nice to look at the people who were considered once low enough to put in zoos acting like damn animals who belong there. Complete embarrassment!.Version: 6.300.1

Joseline Cabaret?!?!Waited weeks and weeks for the Reunion of Joselines Cabaret.. and nothing. How much longer?!?!?! About to unsubscribe 👎🏼.Version: 7.303.1

Good but…Wish I could give it 2.5 but I’ll give you the 3… It’s decent to watch what I want but it’s definitely one of the more annoying/ inconvenient apps. They don’t have a captions option or menu for select shows or spin off shows. Um HELLO?! Some people are hard of hearing. Add captions! It would be easier to navigate if there were a menu that showed all cabaret or all baddies. Basically going by the specifics. Especially for people that don’t know the order of release. I started baddies south then realized I had to go search for ATL first 😒 It’s inconvenient trying to scroll down an entire page to find one show. Also there should be a next episode button instead of having to exit big screen mode exit comments section THEN seeing the next episode to click. Just let us move on! I like… the content. It’s just the app is an annoying process all in itself..Version: 7.502.2

I want my refundSo I pay every month for the same trailers , no realease dates or nothing. When your airing a new show you should start filming the next one so when the one you’re airing is done we can get the next show because this what we pay for ! I feel like I’ve been scammed and a lot of other customers do as well . This isn’t right! I’m paying for shows to watch but y’all aren’t holding up y’all end .... that’s like me paying for my cable services but all they do is air commercials and trailers. It’s not right and I feel like I should be reimbursed for what I paid for . It’s like paying for shoes and they keep saying coming soon. I would definitely like a refund! Your not offering the services that your customer’s pay for !!.Version: 6.120.1

Not greatUsually paying for one show at a time and they are released so late it might as well drop the day after.Version: 7.502.2

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