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Bad update choiceI’d give 5 stars however after this latest update equalising troops for marches has become an inefficient process. Previously it took one tap to equalise troops. Now it takes 3 taps and finding the equalise option is definitely not as clear as it used to be. Imo you shouldn’t ‘fix’ what isn’t broken and the previous method of equalising was not broken..Version: 1.9.2

This game is amazing! You will get addicted straight away it is a survival gameYour settlement can be built to the highest level! I’m so addicted I can’t stop playing! Play now..Version: 1.7.70

GoodIt’s really good.Version: 1.9.72

Epic and totally addictiveLove spending hours on this game!.Version: 1.9.72

This game is awesome.This game is so much fun, I love being able to build my own base and decorate it while collecting resources, upgrading my crew and taking down the infected. And the cherry on top is each has full voice acting which gives us more of a connection with the characters. Great character design btw and i enjoy the music that plays throughout, it really fits a zombie apocalyptic lifestyle, great work guys..Version: 1.9.43

A great game in general!I love the idea of this game- though people should really not be able to make any groups. They COULD send anything! Not saying that they will but they might. My other complaint (well not really- a fix or idea) is that you should be able to have more than three people in battle, seen as I have the new epic hero and I cant put her on the battle squad with ghost, rusty and the Sargent already on it. If you could please fix this. I am very new to this game so I am not really aware of anything yet, but I just want to say- you have made a hugely enjoyable, successful game here so well done! Thank you for reading this (if you have) and stay safe!.Version: 1.9.120

Good game overallI’ve just started playing this and it’s pretty good, I’ve had barely any adds as well which is great. I think that it’s really well made, however, I could imagine the game getting really annoying later on with the upgrades to buildings. They started off taking no time at all but that is slowly changing. I think already the longest upgrade I’ve had is about an hour. Ik that doesn’t seem like much but I’ve just started playing so imagine when I’m like a level 30. Everything will take like 24 hours to upgrade so I think you should think about how much patience you have before downloading this game..Version: 1.9.130

AddictiveGood game, easy to get started without having to spend money. Will see how that goes further along though.Version: 1.7.60

Great gameI like it a lot.Version: 1.6.0

GabrejdndkaA smsms.Version: 1.9.72

Distribution of alliance gas resourcesI love this game and would have given it a 5 if the alliance gas resources weren’t only available in the center of the map. My alliance is settled near one of the state borders and we can’t find any gas . We did not realize that in the beginning but now we do and there is no way we can do to fix this. The stronger alliances occupy the center of the map and it’s very crowded there as well. It’s so far into the game that our alliance is in the top half. However, we can’t move our HQ to where the gas is because we don’t have gas to build a new HQ (?!?!!) So we basically are STUCK!!! (T.T) I think it would enhance our gaming experience tremendously if the gas is also available near the border like all other resources. I love my current alliance and I don’t want to disband or merge with other alliances just to get gas. The alternative is to fight our way to the center but without gas to do research and grow our alliance, we are at a huge disadvantage in the game no matter how hard we play..Version: 1.9.2

Ok but needs some workFelt that the introduction to the game was lacking however the gameplay was decent at most. The base fact that this game concepts are so interesting makes the experience better. Overall this game is great and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys games in this genre..Version: 1.6.0

Fun gameFun game. Easy to get rewards..Version: 1.8.50

Suggestion for upgrade timesSo far I have truly enjoyed this game very much as it has been one of the few games where I decided not to delete because the resources and bonus items were too hard to acquire unless you were on the game almost every minute of the day. This game is very generous and I hope that does not stop as it is one of the main reasons why I love this game. I do feel that the upgrading times may get eventually too long and will not motivate people to upgrade their buildings to reach higher battle powers. I believe that the HQ building should have a maximum of a 2-3 day waiting period while it upgrades because waiting a week for only one upgrade feels a little ridiculous. I feel like other buildings should also have maximum time limits for upgrades that eventually reach over 2 days because it’ll become less fun to upgrade every time and get stronger to participate in the events..Version: 1.8.61

Good twist on a Terrible genreThis game is similar to all the other build food train troops and attack people games but with a twist. This game has an actual good story and playable missions that really make the game a new step in the right direction, and I hope the devs will continue work on this so that it can get even better. the best part is that the ads aren’t misleading.Version: 1.6.60

Best game/friend alliance!SOS is so worth the game play and if you want to spend real money it’s also worth it, why? Not only do you get to build with an alliance, you also make new friends that are willing to work together - “team work makes the dream work”, there’s also an awesome storyline where you get to kill zombies! Downside for me, however, is not being able to send “gifts” from my backpack that I would love to share with my alliance members (please add this feature KingsGroup Holdings) Thanks!.Version: 1.10.11

New update sucks !!!!!Change it back to the way it was. You’re going to lose a lot of players this way!.Version: 1.8.10

Better than Most!I’ve played this game fore only 3 days but I can tell that this is a different experience than what I’m used to. I’m this game there are so many different gameplay mechanics that you may forget. Not only can you attack other players bases, but there is a single player mode, and side quests. The single player missions are similar in terms of gameplay and the story may be not that fleshed out, but it’s still highly enjoyable. However this is a free to play game, so how are the micro transactions handled? Unfortunately every time you load up the game they will shove a micro transaction opportunity done your throat. They also put micro transaction logos over key buildings in the game in the hope that players will click on them. I have done this several times and it’s an annoyance in my opinion. I understand why they do this, but I still don’t agree with it. However the positive to all of this? You DO NOT need to buy these transactions to progress at an acceptable pace. There are plenty of ways to speed up building construction and scientific research. Overall I think if you like zombie games, base builder, and simply want something to pass the time download this game and try it out..Version: 1.5.52

Great game,but...The game is really good I love the play through and love how there is thousands of new states full of alliances and survivors battling to become head of the state I am a headquarters level 22 and I think the main currency (bio caps) is very easy to get and there is always rewards on offer the alliance battles are fun and the competitiveness for alliances are also fun the game is very balanced and is easy but takes some time to get enough resources to level up high level things and hero levels are easy but hard to get which doesn’t make the game easy and the community is very balanced..however the game regularly crashes when trying to research or go into a mission it is fine but it would help the game improve a lot but overall the game is fun and I hope they can fix the crashing problem.Version: 1.9.0

What an addictionAt first, when I saw the ADS, I was like no way, I’m not going to get this. But as time went on, I started to get interested in it. So I tried it out...I LOVED it. I have lots of accounts( only three of them I actually log onto everyday). I don’t like how people can just attack you over and over again. While you are doing something else, they are just destroying your settlement and troops. There is no way to prevent that. Although you could relocate your settlement, then they can’t attack you any more. If you pop a peace flare, it still doesn’t matter, they are still coming. This game also requires patience. It will take a few days to upgrade your HQ and Precinct(I am not a patient person 😅). I am good at keeping my login streak and collecting my rewards and stuff. So far my login streak is 70 on my first account. I broke my streak on my other accounts 😭, but it is in to 15 now. To be continued....Version: 1.9.35

NiceThought it was going to be trash, so early from release and so far so good. Pls add an “auto exit” feature once you have clicked to train troops, only needed for convenience really. Cheers Edit: One month in and this game has turned out to be the best RTS I have ever come across. The quality is absolutely high and it every aspect that you would think is lacking, is consistently being improved. Great Events, great graphics, great everything. 6 Star from me ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 1.4.10

Sick game ya knahThe reasons I play games: They are like simulations of real life where you can govern your cities, character design, character traits, economics, strategy, tactics and many more things. You can treat it like “just a game” but that’s where the turning point in becoming a good gamer comes in. You realise that the game can only react in the way that you use it, learn from it, adapt etc. So it’s a great way to analyse / adjust patterns and habits in your own life such as spending, management etc. Obviously you can just DO this in real life and some people will argue that gaming is counter productive and instead of actually doing those things, you’re spending your time on a digital game, with no real currency or value that will physically change your life. Which is where balancing your time out is important. Being present in life is crucial. I agree with putting your phone away for a few hours or even a full day at times and just being present in the moment. I equally agree that at times we also need to get away from the present and just paint on a canvas. For me, one of those canvases is SoS. Easy to use, no money spending necessary, active players, alladat but ultimately its a good all rounder.Version: 1.6.0

Great game!I have reviewed very few games, only those that I really enjoy playing. It’s true what people say with pay to play games everywhere now. However, this game manages to have a nice balance between playability, variety, playing for free and when you do pay it’s reasonable for the gains. I like the odd treat here and there to move things along but feel I don’t have to to enjoy the game. It’s fantastic, lots of freebies to be collected along the way in a variety of different ways. I feel it’s well balanced overall, can play it as a solo or a team/alliance player, I mix the two. So overall for me I think you should keep doing what your doing! Don’t be tempted to go after peoples money you will lose in the long run like a lot of games, reward those that do and keep it enjoyable for the ‘light spenders’. Thanks and all the best 👍.Version: 1.9.50

Great game butI love the game but if the creators are reading the reviews please listen to this one I would like more customization in the construction area of decorations because I want to customize my HQ more like for example add something like cut down logs to sit on for like a camp fire set up like I can put a mini bonfire then put logs around it and have a little camp set up and other customization things around the game like customizing your own character you can unlock things like shirts shoes socks pants accessories like jewelry sunglasses or glasses and you don’t have to go that far into it but add things like eyecolor and facial hair and expressions. Please! Let us have a 360 view so we can move around our view so we can see more to the HQ and other things in the game and also let us rotate things that we were allowed to rotate before like our warehouse or farm or lumberyard in those rotate those all the stuff so we can customize it more to this will be a big update but please do it if other people are reading this please like it so they can do this you don’t have to but if you agree you can. 😀👍😍👌 great job on the game Kings group loving it so far just more customization please.Version: 1.9.120

Great gameGreat little features to keep you on your toes all the time. Even while waiting for construction to finish you have plenty of other activities to do..Version: 1.9.2

So far so goodNot had to spend to advance, time will tell if this game becomes a classic, very enjoyable lots of good features and things to do, the only real down side is those that just buy their way to the top and think that they are good players, I wish that there were such states that were only available to the f2p where good play got you to the top and not just deep pockets full of cash, I like the fact you can have two accounts in any state, time management then becomes confusing with so many different accounts to follow up, but it is fun, well worth a look, only the active grow, if you stop playing you fall behind, I run the QcQ in state 450 join us and the 100 dogs of war will help you grow.Version: 1.10.10

Not badIt’s kinda hard to write a review having only played for a bit so far I love the animation on the characters and the overall tone of it however being level 3 I’m starting to see a small issue with the growth speed of the settlement I’m blazing through upgrades now but I know that later I will have to scrape by and fight for every piece of wood and food to upgrade essentially everything.Version: 1.5.52

Best game everOk so I just live this game there is so many reasons why it was lying a bit in the add but it’s ok because the game is amazing so I can understand. Oh and can you please sponsor me on my channel once I start playing games on my channel because I love this game and I really wanna help out with it thanks. Oh and my channel name is gamerboy715..Version: 1.9.2

EngagingSo far so good will update after a few more weeks..Version: 1.9.72

CaptivatingYes captivating.Version: 1.9.72

Game playIt’s a lot of fun.Version: 1.9.72

Give It A Go + ConsoleOff the bat this game is free to download and play, if you like it and want to spend some money on it that’s your choice it doesn’t force you down that road. I’ve been playing it now for two days and am loving it, I’ll hold my hand up yes I’ve already bought into it I’ve spent about £12 in total, on character bundles and the VIP package. Note. Right now the bundles are on offer. if the developers want my opinion on where to go next I’d have to say do something like Fallout Shelter did and make it available on console.. I’d love to be able to play this on my PS4 instead of just my mobile device / tablet. Now I understand this idea would take money and therefore I’d imagine it wouldn’t be free to download off the PlayStation store for instance there would have to be a price for purchase in order for you to get back your investment. As I’m the one suggesting this, the answer is YES I would definitely buy it the moment it hits consoles. There are already a bunch of simulator games available from farming all the way up to world building I’m sure a Zombie simulator can find its place on that list..Version: 1.8.31

Download you wont regret itExcellent game with a great community plenty to keep you busy theres always an element of pay to play in these games but you can enjoy this game without spending a penny with the attentive developers always introducing new content and genuinely listening to the gamers problems the only thing holding me back from the 5 stars is the game bugs out but in fairness updates have made this issue better and im sure the developers will continue working to sort that out. Also worth mentioning in the global and alliance chats ive not seen one instance of racism bullying or homophobia which normally is the thing that ruins these games.Version: 1.7.70

Great game !!This is a really fun game that keeps you entertained for hours, I don’t like the fact that you have to have so many tomatoes and wood to build because I got up level 5,6 and now have to wait to build up my fence because I don’t have enough and have no more trees or zombie attacks. Great game though really in fun :).Version: 1.9.35

Full of Trolls...Fun game, graphics are great. Lots of “free” daily gifts. Of course if you want extra non-essential items you pay, which is reasonable. But as usual, some gamers will ask & demand more for free & complain about it. When you can get far in the game without purchasing anything. Entitled Gamers keep complaining about in-game loot but keep on playing anyway asking for hand outs. Another Downside is that other players expect much from you once you join an Alliance. They would ask you to be on at least 4xday, join the “rallies” when they call for it or else IF you miss it 1 time, you are kicked out of it. I’ve seen players threaten other players regarding their participation & says they don’t care if they have a life or circumstances, when they call for it, you show up, that is anytime in the day. They also want you to change your Name accordingly or else again, they will kick you out. And the “alliances” will promise they’re there to help each member, but just siphon you resources then boot you out & say that you weren’t helpful enough. My suggestion is “Don’t” join an alliance despite the “promised” benefits. The demands of other players are a bit much. Almost made me delete the app & quit playing. Only wish is that the game has a better SinglePlayer mode. To Block / Report other gamers. Please FiX. Otherwise, i suggest Play solo, it’s chill and on your own terms..Version: 1.9.110

Very AddictiveI should Warn you All DON’T play this game, as you won’t be able to stop, you say to yourself, just one more chapter, and then, just one more. So STOP before you get addictive. For you lot out there that already know this, Come on over and join our Team. You will love it as you Can’t stop if you just started Regards, Gordon T.Version: 1.8.30

Change the old upgrading levels back pleaseWhen the game was released it was really easy to find hero shards and upgrade them up and level them up with the XP books, But this new version if difficult now due to everytime you want to level them up you have to use more hero shards than you used to had been using, please change the old upgrading verison back? ;(.Version: 1.5.51

Great New GameThis game may seem like many others like it. But some of the key differences I have found so far is that unlike those other games, Progressing and growing isn’t simply geared around how much money you spend. This game seems to reward hard work and speed up drops are frequent. I would recommend this game it’s in its early stages granted but I think the devs will of this game have made this game user friendly and the mini map battles are a great addition..Version: 1.5.1

GoodGood.Version: 1.9.72

AddictiveBest Survival Game.Version: 1.7.10

AddictiveEnjoyed a lot, allows non purchasers to also advance, however the odd purchase always helps..Version: 1.8.71

Wonderful progression in statesThis game is wonderful. The world is broken down into states. Each state is independent and the game promotes cooperation within that state. If you join a newly created state, the zombies that appear on the map are less powerful and the “high level” areas of the map are locked down. As the state grows over time, higher levels of zombies unlock and eventually your state unlocks the ability to have a player to be the governor of the state and grant state wide buffs using currency earned by everyone in that state and eventually battle against other states. I’m not sure if it is due to state specific player enforced rules, but players in my state do not zero out bases or pick on low level bases as I have experienced on other war style games. It is possible to be competitive by investing time into the game without paying but as in most games, I suspect the top 10 teams are made up mostly of people who spend money every week. There are a good number of events that rotate and some that appear as your state progresses..Version: 1.9.50

Fun and Addictive! LOTS to do!I have been playing a week or so; it is a fun addictive game with tons to do. Pokes to spend real money on the game are pretty reasonably not in your face but easily found if you want to go that route. I did spend about $15 on a top-up special and it gave me a big start as far as being able to speed up training and upgrading of my buildings. Worth it to me. Heck, I’d easily spend that on lunch and now that we’re in the COVID-19 era, I’m not going out to lunch as often as I used to so might as well still have some fun! I joined an alliance that is casual but active, which is nice! I love the events and the way that missions and other tasks are kinda staggered so you can play for pretty long periods of time. I wish that I could queue up research when individual research tasks are less than 10 minutes, maybe up to a limit of three tasks. Not a fan of shooty stuff where I have to control individual heroes so I’m really glad I can set the shooty challenges on auto and 3x is amusing to watch the zombies shamble into bullets and die in that mode. Nicely designed, visually attractive game. I will play for a long time, for sure. I wish there was more stuff to decorate my settlement with! Maybe I will discover there are as I progress..Version: 1.8.62

Awesome gameOnly been playing a week but is the best game of its type I have played. You need to find a strong alliance with active players which I was lucky enough to find on my second attempt. Easy to pick up and heaps to keep you active. AWESOME. Finally a developer that is giving value for money..Version: 1.5.21

Fun game!This is a pretty fun game to play and spend a little time on. I definitely prefer this game over to most others in the category. Games like Evony and Fire Age are not as good as State of Survival. The only game similar that I think still trumps it is Clash of Clans. However they are very different games so maybe not a fair comparison. This game is relaxing and simple. It’s pretty easy to progress through the game as well. However, the couple reasons that I gave this a 4 star instead of 5 are: 1. There seem to be a couple bugs for me. The one that stands out the most is the alliance donations. They don’t ever seem to work properly. It either says that I can’t donate or they will reset in 10:00 with a countdown timer that just restarts over and over again. 2. I believe the game could do a bit better at explaining some of the minor things or what specific buildings do. It does a good job of explaining the main parts of the game but there are some alliance features that I don’t understand as well as some of the buildings purposes..Version: 1.9.2

Good game/ need more buildingsIt’s a really good game and I love zombie games where you build your own settlement but tbh it’s kinda boring once you’ve unlocked all the buildings. Would be nice to have some more buildings (houses, power plants, office buildings,fire/ambulance station) just stuff to make it more of a city type settlement would be cool. Would love to have different skins for other buildings too like The hospital, to have a building rather then a tent. Would be cool too if you could have like emergency services or something as well. But overall great game love it. Just hope we get some new buildings and stuff soon..Version: 1.9.42

Pretty Good So FarEnjoying the game so far. Don’t feel like I have to spend all my money for extras to enjoy it which is a bonus..Version: 1.9.101

Different from the othersI began playing this game out of boredom with no expectations or desire to continue to play past the first day. This was not the case however. As soon as I went through the standard learning curve that all mobile RPG/Strategy base building games have, I knew it was a game I can see myself playing and investing time into. This game has a lot of the elements that other successful and popular games of the same genre has, but it is unique enough to keep you interested because it has added features and mechanics to the game that I personally haven’t seen in others. This game doesn’t feel like a “copy and paste” clone of other well known games that many many others on the app stores have become. The best part about this game in my opinion, is that I do not feel as if it a straight up cash grab game that pressures you into feeling like the only way you will succeed is if you spend a lot of money; if I spend any money, it will be because I want to not because I feel as if I have to. You can enjoy and actually compete within the game without ever spending any money. Overall, it’s a well made game that’s unique enough for veteran mobile game players to at least try out!.Version: 1.8.31

RR good.Version: 1.9.72

Great game, rip-off in app purchasesGameplay-wise, State of Survival is a lot of fun and I’ve been playing it for a few months now. If you like strategy, zombies, teamwork (in alliances), a great sense of progression and growth, an interesting story with charismatic characters, regular updates and new content, and a varied and ever-evolving selection of mini games and events, you’ll have a lot of fun with this game. You don’t need to buy anything in the store to progress, but levelling up rare heroes is painfully slow without purchases. Some of the in-app purchases are a complete and utter rip-off, however; if the developers think I’m going to spend £100 on a poxy, measly 50,000 bio caps (which isn’t even enough to go up one VIP level) then they’ve got another thing coming. Prices like that are greedy, unethical, and quite frankly insulting. Please show some respect and provide some real value in your in-app store. You’d probably make more money that way anyway, because more people would actually purchase something. Reward people generously if they’re prepared to give you their hard-earned money. And equally, if people don’t want to pay, please provide more ways to earn hero fragments for free. You don’t want to alienate lower level players, and/or those who don’t want to spent money, do you? EDIT - please also let us move to another state. I want to play in the same alliance as my dad, and I can’t because my level is too high. We should be able to play together!.Version: 1.8.61

👍👍.Version: 1.5.60

It’s better than I thoughtI kind of starting it to see what is actually like and got addicted as I don’t need to invest much as the game gives you enough stuffs to survive. You only need to purchase if you wanna be fancy and progress faster..Version: 1.9.110

Awesome!Great game.Version: 1.9.72

So far, so good.Been playing for 12 hours. Graphics are very good. I’m still quite unsure about what to do and when. I have spent a small amount, £4.99 for a faster upgrade ability, which seems very reasonable for a free start to a game. I’ve not committed to an alliance yet because I’ve been burned before by stronger players always stealing my stuff. Let’s see how it goes. 24 hour update. Here’s the thing. I had great hopes for first. After a further 24 hours, I’ve grown tired of losing fights because my characters need upgrading, and not being able to upgrade because I don’t have enough of something else. And the something else require another upgrade to something else. Then each upgrade requires anything up to an hour to accomplish, unless, of course you want to speed up the process using resources, which quickly run out. The battles....or skirmishes are all very similar, except the ‘Nastys’ become more nasty and stronger, which all means the cycle starts all over again. I should have known; it’s just like so many other cash hungry games. I realise developers put an immense amount of time and effort into these games, and they deserve to profit from it but I am afraid I have reached the end of my patience. I’ll write off the £5.98 I spent and put it down to experience; it’s not the first time and probably won’t be the last. I can well do with the 1.6gb of storage that this game used up, so it’s ‘delete time’, Sorry..Version: 1.9.125

ImpressiveI enjoy the game it really addicting. Some of the thing like having to wait for everything is annoying but the game is ok..Version: 1.9.10

New thingsYou should put in a new zombie or make a new place that you can get! And maybe....get the VIP a little cheaper?.Version: 1.8.20

SurvivalBien comme jeux.Version: 1.5.52

Loving it so farIt's early days but the game is already keeping my interest beyond most others. Looking forward to working my way through the missions and seeing what unfolds. Not too often that I can't wait to get home so I can play!.Version: 1.9.10

EnjoyableReally enjoying this game, 2nd day of playing and so far so good. I love the variety of things to do, it’s entertaining and has a good story line. The only thing I’d improve is the fact that I’m not controlling my players when they go into battle which is disappointing but other than that I love the game. Update: have been playing this game for months now and absolutely love it! Love the challenges the developers make for us, the events everything!.Version: 1.9.35

Way more fun than I expectedFrom the ad I saw, I just thought it was going to be a sort of tower defense style game. It is in some aspects, but there’s really a lot going on in this game. There’s plot and storyline, interesting characters, and a large variety of tasks. There’s also worldbuilding, alliances, and of course there’s the combat which is fun as well. While there are a lot of of elements the game makes it easy to figure out what’s going on by making innovative tasks and goals. There’s also an interesting function where townspeople ask you little trivia questions about gameplay which help make sure you understand what’s going on (if you get them right you get a reward!). I thought I would just download as a way to pass the time but it’s honestly very great. Also while I haven’t had the game long, I haven’t felt like the game is “pay to play” as many games like this are. Now as I continue maybe that will change, but for now I am greatly enjoying it..Version: 1.9.100

This game is greatI love this game because it’s great quality. It’s also not packed with ads. Another reason is, it isn’t just fight and kill it has a story. As you are playing and about to fight it tells you if it’s worth it or not.i love this game because it keeps me waiting for the next mutation or level up. I look forward to playing this game in the future, I haven’t got far into the game so I don’t know how great it is further into the game but so far it fantastic.Version: 1.9.31

So far so goodBeen playing for a few hours and do enjoy the game. I’m not a person that spends real money, but will just go with the game. Really enjoy the story line you can play, it’s not all multiplayer.Version: 1.7.43

Way better than other survival gamesNo ads, loads of game play and stories, no limits on time you can play. Great game!.Version: 1.9.72

AMAZING 😉I looked at this ad I was like it’s probably a rip off game went and played it and was like holly shoot this game is atchely good leveling up is good and I was like I’m keeping this game I also love the updates you guys make for us I found the game very fun to play so I’m keeping it 5 star guys keep the good work up 😎😎😎.Version: 1.6.40

Fun and addictiveI’m only new to the game, but so far it’s fun and very engaging game. Lots to do and different styles of play to keep you interested. Like any other free game, you get to a point where things slow down a little, unless you spend money, but that’s kind of expected these days..Version: 1.8.62

Decent, even with pay optionsSo this game is good, there is lots to do and tons of events etc. States appear to have rules to keep the states alive and not being completely whitewashed by those who wish to pay to be stronger. This is good, however there’s nothing mega to stop people from spending thousands if they wish to become far greater than the others. That being said however, it’s all about your alliance, get in a good alliance, commit to being active, and you’ll enjoy it a lot more. Alliances benefit as a whole for others spending also, so it’s not completely unfair. I’m in early stages of a new state and so far everything is good, I’m aware there are wars to come and this is where things tend to change dramatically, so….we will see how it goes!.Version: 1.11.24

Latest update killed game*** EDIT - Devs took on feedback and reversed impacts of previous update. As a woman of my word, I have updated my rating. Thank you Kings Group 👍 *** Update has added unnecessary delay sending troop formations - crucial when reinforcing teammates or timing rallied attacks. Until this is fixed, rating stays as is..Version: 1.9.10

So far so goodSo I already know what to expect. The higher you go, the more expensive it gets. You may need to spend abit if money or you can just stick it out & take your time. So be smart, no matter how tough it seems, or how irritated you feel, be patient. Save up your Bio caps for when you reach higher levels because your going to need them..Version: 1.8.30

The games is awesomeHey dudes this game is awesome btw you should add a couple more things into the game like allowing friends to play with you so they can modify your base and all that awesome stuff yeah that’s all I wanted to say also thank you you have made a fun game for me to play when I’m board and also I don’t know if you know I gave you game 5/5 stars yeah that’s all I wanted to say If you can reply please tell me if you liked my idea that I you for making this game.Version: 1.8.31

Actually really funDon’t like stuff like this so no idea why I downloaded it, have to say though it’s not like others of its type. I usually lose interest after a couple of days when things start taking three days to build etc but this one isn’t like that. It’s quite satisfying, there is always something to do even when your building upgrade takes a couple hours and there are opportunities to cut that time down without spending money. Give it a go it’s really quite fun. Definitely a good little time consumer if you are bored..Version: 1.9.2

It’s ightIt’s ight.Version: 1.7.51

Great interactive gameGreat game starts to slow down after first 24 hour and little bit of pay to play but pls time without been to demanding.Version: 1.9.110

Easy to follow, low priced packagesI’ve played a couple of games like this one. Upgrade, train, defeat, support your alliance by trading and lowering their time to upgrade, attack other alliances. One in particular I played was difficult to follow at first. They gave a quick tutorial and set you free then never helped you understand how certain upgrade points applied to other parts of the game in order to increase defense and overall strength and knights. You needed communication with your alliance to get help. If you also did not buy enough packages ($5-100), you were going to lose to other alliances who were constantly attacking. This one however encourages you to grow your food and defeat zombies to get better. The packages are $4.99 which makes it easier. Also, when you don’t have enough resources to build or defeat, the game shows you how to get them with a cursor showing you what to tap to help you out. It completely guides you even when you’ve been playing for a while. Still very helpful. There’s a lot of hidden areas to tap to grab the resources you’ve worked for. There’s events to work towards too. There’s also skins for your headquarters which gives you abilities and looks fun, theres options to change your hero, you can change your profile photo to your own or a character’s, you can also arrange your base and make it look however you want..Version: 1.8.62

I love it!This game is one of the best zombie survival game i have seen and i have seen alot of zombie survival games .i love that you can explore the areas and fight many diffrent types of zombie so you have to know if a zombie is fast or slow more health less health and even the diffrent characters in the place your staying at i would recommend this game to anyone thats like survival games5 stars!.Version: 1.5.52

Network problem in iosAlways after new update arrives..after updating i get network tells me to reconnect everytime..sometimes I can’t event login..while other applications work quite good..and i really find it annoying..btw im ios user..dont know if andriod user have the same problem or guys need to take a look at this problem...Version: 1.7.30

AddictingWhen I first started playing this game idk what I was doing. Lol I’m not a gamer at all but I seen this as a challenge and I’m glad I kept at it! I have meet so many people all over the world! I like you get to join alliances and fight together! This game is based off strategy. There are a lot going on all at once so it can me overwhelming at times. If you are a free to play person don’t expect to go far in this game as this game is meant for someone who is willing to spend the dough! Some of the packages are expensive and before you know it you’ve spent a few hundred dollars! That’s the Only down side! But when you are able to join a alliance they will help you and give you advice on what to upgrade and when to get the best out of your fragments, gear, badges and hero’s! I’ve been playing for almost 150 days now and when I tell you I look forward to getting on and playing with my teammates. Happy burning 😂.Version: 1.9.100

Best Game Ever...End of chat!!I have played numerous games on my phone but nothing has come close until now as to just how brilliant State of Survival is. I have been playing this game none stop now for the past 11 months and I never get bored of the variety of interactive games the designers continually introduce. You can spend a lot of money on this game to progress your team quicker but you don’t have to do that as the game keeps you involved, you just want to keep playing day after day. I would highly recommend this game to anyone, but be warned it’s highly addictive!.Version: 1.11.30

Great game, butLove this game but there are some issues. If you want to start your own alliance and are jumping in without doing any research you may end up in a pickle. Our alliance is stuck because we can’t access any gas refineries and don’t wish to join bigger alliance’s. There are no gas refineries around the edges of the map. Most of these refineries are taken by the big alliance’s and there’s no way to get them. There’s surly something that could be done here. As you progress through the game it slows right down, buildings take days to complete and the option to purchase bundle becomes more enticing which obviously is the plan. If the game was fairer I would have given it 5 stars easily but life’s not like that, the little guys always get crapped on..Version: 1.11.10

Found this due to ad from another game.. been addicted ever since!I’m someone who plays games, even puts money into the games for maybe a week or two then lose interest..... but this is not one of those games! I only downloaded it because it was an ad on another game that i got points from playing it to a certain level. I downloaded a bunch of games from my main game to help me get extra coins etc. like the other games.... I just Downloaded it then forgot about it. A few days later after downloading it, I ran out of energy on the original game I was playing so I decide to play this game to get me to the level I needed.... and I can honestly say I’ve been addicted ever since! That was about two months ago and I play for HOURS at a time! No doubt I’ve put at least $300 in it at this point, at most I’ve put $40-50 in other games. It normally $20 max... I LOVE THIS GAME! If you know the old game Left4Dead, it definitely has vibes like that game!.Version: 1.9.125

AddictiveI did not expect to enjoy this game so much but after being glued to my screen for the past 13hrs, I think I might be addicted already!.Version: 1.9.10

One of the best zombie games EVERIt’s wayyyy better than it looks. It’s SO fun and I’ve only been playing it for a hour! It’s not like the ads but it’s still AMAZING!! I gave it a 5 stars because it’s so fun already!!😁.Version: 1.9.30

Actually has those mini gamesA great build and attack game. You actually get to play some mini action games. Pleasantly surprised.Version: 1.9.2

Fantastic but lacking in customer supportThis is a great game. Been playing for a month and I love it. It’s not essential to purchase stuff in the game although it does help and you might be frequently attacked my higher levels who spend a lot of money on the game. The biggest downside is customer support. While there is an in app help and support function. I have yet to receive a response from 2 days ago. I have also sent an email to an address that was provided. I lost a lot in my mail reports which put me back quiet a bit. You don’t even receive a we got your message and will reply within a certain time frame like you do with many apps and general customer service. The best thing about the game is the alliances. Once you find one that suits you it really makes the game so much better and addictive..Version: 1.9.10

Procrastination at its best!A better game than I thought it would be! I hate having to always wait too many hours or buy things to progress, so this game is great at not needing to. It’s one of those games where you should be studying for exams but you’re too busy building up your army 😂👌.Version: 1.6.70

Great game, fun to playThis game is very fun to play. You don’t necessarily have to buy anything to progress on the game although a second construction slot is the only thing I highly recommend. I originally got it because of the zombie apocalypse theme which sounded interesting but what is more interesting is the alliance versus alliance and state versus state events. These two reasons are why I haven’t been able to drop this game unlike others that are similar to this one. A couple of improvements for the developers: please make the alliance chat so that older chats don’t disappear as new ones appear as planning is harder this way and it would be nice to change the colour of the allies you’ve got so newer members don’t accidentally attack them..Version: 1.9.1

I’m lovin it!Since I started playing this game, there was no adds at all. Although I’m not a good player yet, I’m still enjoying it. Anyone who is good at gaming should try this out! The graphics are outstanding and the characters are so highly detailed! They even give me power ups for writing a review! It’s free, it fun, and it amazing. Please download this game. ❤️💻❤️.Version: 1.7.20

FunGreat time pass or buffer for another wait time game. Mini missions killing zombies and alliances. What’s not to loveeeeeee. People you rescue will teach you things as well as your alliance. There’s an open world chat with a translator as well. For most part people are chill can be mean to noobs and you can get your occasional creep. But just don’t chat or report the player. Most part those like I said people are chill. Been playing for a few days still trying to figure out everything. They offer a lot and don’t have to pay to play. Graphics are cool and load times aren’t a major. Can be fun solo and with friends/family. I do recommend this game based on the missions and not pay to play. There is daily rewards and things to keep busy as you wait for your base and troops to upgrade or train. Fun fun fun thanks these are my personal opinions and I did get a reward for this review. It’s nothing crazy just a simple thanks in game play. You can play at your own pace and not rush through things..Version: 1.9.91

FunThought it was just a classic boring old game like clash of clans but it’s more fun than clash of clans, good story line, I would recommend to all my friends.Version: 1.9.100

Very addictiveBeen playing this game for a month now, lots of other players help if your not sure about the basics. Fun game, there are always new challenges/events, loads of prizes to win..Version: 1.9.40

Needs bugs fixedThe game is good and all, but it crashes multiple times in minutes. Evening changing it from 60fps to 30fps did nothing to stop it crashing. It happens anytime/all the time. As soon as it needs to think; babaaaaaam. Also, can you change the limit of stamina? Build a gym or something where troops can train but also increase your stamina limits. But please please please fix the crashing issue!!!!!! Sort that out and I’d be happy to give you 5 stars!.Version: 1.9.2

Best gameI love this game and I think it’s absolutely perfect though I am in a group with 2 others and it’s really hard to level up the alliance I would really appreciate it if we had unlimited upgrades that doesn’t cost caps but other than that I recommend this game it is great hopefully this happens because I’m still on level 1 alliance with 2 others. Thanks!.Version: 1.8.70

Better than expectedUnlike so many other advertised games at the moment, this is actually like the ads and is a good game..Version: 1.9.110

Bruh....I only downloaded this game bc the ads kept popping up and I thought “I’ll check it out”. Anyways it’s been over a month and I haven’t missed one sign in since starting it. I’ve actually met some cool as people and joined an active alliance that keeps the game interesting. Love that the developers listen to the suggestions made by players to improve little parts of the game..Version: 1.9.10

Addictive!I love a game that rewards you for doing the bare minimum. State or Decay is a lot of fun and it is quite easy to build & level up throughout the game. You receive many rewards when playing, sometimes it feels like you are being rewarded just for playing, which I don’t mind at all! I started the game very recently and was immediately sucked in and haven’t been able to stop playing! The alliances that you are able to join or create are great as having an alliance means you can build faster and receive help from others. 5* for now, very happy with the game 😃.Version: 1.7.70

I love it.Crazy addictive. Best way to play is to find an alliance you like and play along with them. I usually lose interest in a game after a while but I haven’t with this one! Another great feature is you can have more then one settlement at once as well. Every time there’s an update of the game, it’s just gets better..Version: 1.7.60

It’s better than I thoughtWith games that look like this I usually find it hard to stay connected with them because they usually start of with 2 hour timers on upgrades they have unfriendly communities and they make everything confusing when they shouldn’t be but this one is different.Version: 1.8.10

Highly addictiveThoroughly hooked within the first few minutes of playing Provides a wide diversity of options to play from, from the hero fights, to the general building of your base camp, along with the online aspect, this game has always has something to do !.Version: 1.7.51

Great gameSo far I’m loving every part of it. The only draw back I’ve come across so far is that you have to purchase the second building slot with real money, haven’t found any other way of unlocking it and I’ve been poking around pretty thoroughly. Other than that though it’s great..Version: 1.7.11

So far so goodNo bad, still working through the low levels, can’t locate settings yet..Version: 1.8.20

SuggestionThis isn’t a big problem, but all of the characters are white and it would be great to have some diversity..Version: 1.8.50

Cant stay off this gameAddicted - get bored easily of games but have been playing this since downloading it..Version: 1.9.101

MeGreat game.Version: 1.6.21

Awesome stuff!Have only been playing for a total of an hour and already loving the flow of the game. Really like the help options in allowing players to manage their playing initially, not like some games that leave you floundering not knowing where and what to do. The in house purchasing items also are affordable and won’t break the bank. All ups thoroughly recommended..Version: 1.5.35

Good start - let’s hope it continuesSeems like a good survivalist game with a reasonable strategy element contained. Level up your buildings, skills and players to engage with zombie enemies and also other players. Collaborate with your Alliance members to win bonus loot and also gain the usual boosts and timer reductions. Haven’t got to a level yet where I have had serious engagements so I’m looking forward to that. Alerts can be a bit frequent but these can obviously be disabled. Good luck.Version: 1.5.40

Still good after 3 monthsI have tried to get in to a lot of these types of games recently and this is the only one that I have stuck with. The events, community and tasks keep things fresh without overwhelming you with too much at one time. Support are quick to reimburse you for any downtime and give you supplies if any bugs crop up as an apology. I have read some reviews about this being expensive if you want to be the best but what you have to remember is that this game is completely free to play. In game purchases are available but you can still get involved with every event without spending a penny. I much prefer this model rather than paying for a subscription or watched ads every 5 seconds..Version: 1.9.20

GhiGa.Version: 1.5.40

Great game, poor losers get over itThis is a great game! Been playing it for about a week now and it’s fantastic. No ads, progressive, interactive, easy and fun. I don’t usually spend money on games but I’ve spent £4.99 so far and it’s helped massively. Not a lot of money out of my pocket but worth it for this time in quarantine to keep me going. The app does crash a couple times but so does every app you use for a long period of time at once. For everyone moaning about the money spenders taking over the game, get over it!!!! It’s a game and such is life, people willing to make a effort get further. Pay a little, live a lot hahah Awesome game!!.Version: 1.7.70

Easy to followThis game is makes it easy to be a new player your not tossed head first into the deep end. Which I often find with these type of game. Which often has me quitting in frustration..Version: 1.9.110

Good gameAmazing game, been hooked for awhile now with very minimal real cash spent. Only did one purchase to obtain second builder and get the extra character. Could use a HD overhaul or even just a option to increase textures for higher powered phones. Maybe be able to hit construction timers as they can get in the way if your trying to move trees and such around..Version: 1.9.101

Great gameI love the game, it’s not hard to understand and it has great tasks for you to do. The alliances are a great addition because you get to interact with other players regularly and help each other. The only things I don’t care about for this game are that 1. Building times sometimes feel excessive, like in order to upgrade your HQ, you have to wait several days so all your other construction is completed but you can’t do anything until your HQ is done. 2. It seems almost unmoderated? You can attack other players and attack other alliances, however there are NO limitations to this? The number one, strongest alliance can (and regularly do) attack the weaker alliances that can’t even defend again the attacks. I feel like there should be something in place were you can only attack other alliances within maybe 10 levels of your own, and same for other settlements in general. If I’m at level 22 there’s no real reason I should be attacking a level 12 or below because it just isn’t fair.Version: 1.9.35

Support for game play on mobilePlease do something about the game crashing constantly when playing on mobile, it becomes very frustrating when you are trying to lvl up or unlock and it can’t support you when you go to the world map. Please please do repair this problem as the game does not work well on mobile.Version: 1.9.70

New update killed the game!!With the limited alliance help, terrible map and what they have done in the workshop it is terribly disappointing after spending months of time and money in this game :(.Version: 1.8.10

Actually really goodI’ve tried a lot of other zombie games but they’re all coated in ads and ‘buy this’ pop ups and I love zombie survival games but it was annoying when this would happen. I downloaded this game a few years ago but never really gave it a try bc of the mentality I had towards these sorts of games bc of the re-occurring money grabs but a week ago I decided to download it again and I’m happy I did. It barely has any ‘spend your money in this’ ads in-game of course there are some like any game they gotta make money but it’s not constantly pushed in your face. I really like the storyline and dialogue as it’s actually funny at times but sweet as-well when showing developing relationships like with the captain and the young girl. Its not needed but It’s cute and a nice extra to follow along with the game that just makes it better..Version: 1.9.43

Suggestion?I have been playing this game for a few weeks now and it’s been lovely; getting along with my alliance and having fun conversations in the alliance chat. Recently, we have moved to another location to get defence benefits and other reasons. However, since some of the smaller members don’t have alliance relocators or advanced relocators, they are finding it harder to catch up to us larger members. So my alliance peers and I were thinking that it would be a great advantage for all alliances and alliance members to have a mode where you can gift objects to other members of your alliance. So if the developers could add something along those lines that would be a great help. Thank you very much..Version: 1.8.46

Addictive gameI regret downloading this when I have a lot of studying to do. What I really love about this game compared to others is that your alliance members can help you with your tasks whenever you need -there’s no limit I’m aware of atm. I also really like the short cinematics and voiceovers of the characters which sets it apart from other games similar to this.Version: 1.9.40

State of survivalIt’s amazing I thought it would be those games with lots of adds and a scam but it’s actually really fun I got up to level 20 in 30 minutes this game is fun u can do endless things.Version: 1.9.10

So addictiveI absolutely love this game and would recommend to all my friends good job guys modd asf t mobiles are trash but I like this 👍🏻🙂🙃.Version: 1.9.72

Very very good gameThe game is just good, because other games just show click bait game like you do first person in add but when you download it, it’s fake. You can go out and take over places to make your base bigger by 🙂🙂🙂🙂.Version: 1.5.40

Good game, get in an alliance ASAP for best resultsThe single player experience is pretty good. You can progress well without spending any real money as there are plenty of chances to earn boosts through gameplay and events (paid event passes are available to get extra rewards but I haven’t bought any). You will be prompted to join an alliance at around lvl 7 and trust me you want to do this. You get faster progression thanks to Alliance Boosts and can invest to help it grow. Also necessary in order to enter PVP events; and for cover from higher level players raiding you. Server diplomacy is left up to the players; you can ally multiple clans together or not as you negotiate. All in all very good; although a small complaint: the adverts for this game seen elsewhere are not 100% accurate to gameplay..Version: 1.9.50

Good gameIt’s a great game and all runs well bar a few glitches. It all goes wrong however when bullies in state consistently zero players costs too much to rebuild troops so most quit. Yes it’s a war game but either limit amount of zeros on a person or limit amount they can destroy as if you can’t recover why play??.Version: 1.7.10

재미있긴해요근데 뭔가 좀 더 내가 직접 플레이 하는 느낌이 있으면 좋겠어요.Version: 1.7.43

Pretty good. Give it a tryNot a bad game. A bit of a learning curve they really just throw it all on you, and there’s heaps to figure out. After a while it ends up turning into more of a churn rather than playing, but i guess thats why they make so many in app purchases. Otherwise its pretty cool, lots of different ways to entertain..Version: 1.7.50

Not bad, surprisingly fun and addictiveI just downloaded this game yesterday. I have spent money on it, because I’m impatient and from prior experiences playing games like this. If you don’t pay for some of the “perks”(extra resources, speed up etc.); you will be a target for the really big spenders. They will zero you out and lose interest in the game. You can’t play on your own, you will need to join an alliance to make it easier to get resources and reduce the amount of time building and researching. It seems like the devs are listening to the players, on current event, they lowered the requirement to obtain prizes. The game is simple and isn’t too hard to figure out. One of the things I think that needs improvement is the requirements to get a peace shield. You have to use “bio-caps”, which are hard to get. If you get bio-caps, it’s takes a lot of them to get a 24 peace shield. Quick search on the internet, I found you can enter codes to get bio-caps and others things to get you going, that is a nice surprise. Overall it’s not that bad of a game. The packs are inexpensive, but they increase in price when you purchase one. So be careful and select wisely..Version: 1.9.120

LoadingAfter the new update it loads the main screen then after that it freezes and I can’t play the game I rebooted my iPad twice and still the same...can’t play.Version: 1.4.0

Awesome gameI am loving this game, I would love to see a bio added to the personal accounts so Alliance members can get to know each other better. I also think that a water supply feature would be beneficial as to add to the whole survival story as it is an essential requirement to survive. Overall a fantastic game and my fellow alliance members would love to see some of these features added.Version: 1.9.72

Loving it!!!Wow I don’t normally play these games but this one has me hooked and has done so since I first started playing. I can’t put it down it’s that good!!! I usually don’t do reviews either but felt this needed it hehe.Version: 1.7.21

Good but needs some featuresI have been play the game for a week pretty fun but I would recommend having shops to sell your items and buy others because I have a stock of stuff I don’t need and It would be great to be able to then buy from others you already have a good store system just need to make it so you can see and buy from others. Other wise good game still needs some touch ups tho..Version: 1.9.31

LOVING ITI love how the game is baste on zombies I love zombies games so much it’s something that is interesting to me and I also love how the game is based on zombies because when I was little about three or four are used to watch The Walking Dead all the time my mom just let me watch it constant I really like zombies and gory movies so for me to download this game is a real treat for me. That is why I downloaded the game state of survival and this is also why I rated this a four star review it is probably one of the best games I’ve ever downloaded in my downloading history I am very happy to have a state of survival game it is also like I said a very awesome treat for me so thank you for Creating this amazing zombies game so for whoever made this game you are the best person living yes of coarse a lot of people are the best at living I guess but this is just the best game I’ve had so thank you so much for putting this game in the game store I really appreciate this and I’m going to play it over and over again all my life this is why I picked a four star rating yet because it has its ups and downs but I really think that this game has some talent and I think that I’m going to play all my life so thank you and goodbye..Version: 1.7.12

State survival reviewI think it’s a really good game (addictive) however if you don’t like lord mobile or rise of kingdoms this is not the game for you as, it’s basically the same game with zombies and a little more chance of getting heroes. Overall, this game can be played without spending a gazillions dollars or any if fact, so I like it and my alliance is pretty good, they protect me from invaders in fact, sooooo if you’re playing the game and want a alliance simi-3372 is a good alliance. I rated it a 5 because of that but, you can get attacked by zombies which your barrier stops for a time, which makes you have to come every 12 hours to not lose loot (of course once you upgrade it it standees more time..Version: 1.7.60

Digging this gameGreat graphics with game play that fills in the slow Times of the day. Ticks away nicely when I not playing .. thanks and keep up the great work.Version: 1.8.60

AddictiveIf you’re into shoot em up and building your empire kind of games then this is right up your alley. Trains you up on how to play the game and it doesn’t get boring..Version: 1.6.0

Lost track of time!This game is great so far. Accidentally lost 2 hours of my life after work playing. Super addictive. Supper immersive! It’s a full blown game like I’d play on PC, but for my phone! Stoked!.Version: 1.5.21

Loving the gameSo far I am really enjoying the game. I have noticed only a few glitches here and there but nothing that can’t be solved with closing and opening the app again. The graphics are brilliant and gameplay is not difficult. So far the goals aren’t in achievable and you can play comfortably without having to buy any of the extras..Version: 1.8.31

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