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MealMe: All Of Food, One App Negative Reviews

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MealMe: All of Food, One App App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

MealMe: All of Food, One App app received 63 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using MealMe: All of Food, One App? Can you share your negative thoughts about mealme: all of food, one app?

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MealMe: All of Food, One App for Negative User Reviews

ScamDon’t use this app, i never got my food and waited hours, no refund either.Version: 23.16

Extremely inconvenient.Don’t bother ordering from here, they cancel orders due to “no drivers available” and they dont even notify you it’s been cancelled. if there are not enough drivers then this delivery service shouldn’t be up and running right now. they are not reliable. don’t waste your money. even worse it could take up to 5 business days for your refund to show back up in your account..Version: 18.48

GarbageTotal scam front to back.Version: 23.0

Nothing specialWhen I downloaded the app some restaurants said free delivery but when I click on them it changes to a delivery fee being charged. Costs just as much as other delivery apps just with less options..Version: 18.4

Know that you’re adding another layer of complexityIf you order through the app and then have a problem will you have to deal with Mealme customer service instead of the the actual delivery service or the driver. Mealme will accept your payment, but will not want to take responsibility for mistakes made by the restaurant or driver. If there was a straightforward way to contact the delivery service (DoorDash, Grubhub, etc.) or the driver, then this would be understandable. In my opinion this app is not worth the additional “middle man” and risk of mistakes for which you can’t quickly hold the proper entity responsible. I did receive a refund from Mealme for the majority (but not all) of a very sub par order, so I’ve upgraded my review to 3 stars..Version: 6.2

GarbageWhy is it 18 dollars more expensive then skip when i wanna order frok tim hortons, and on top OF that THEY RANDOMLY CANCEL MY ORDER.Version: 18.44

Fake advertising and bad customer supportThe ads are a blatant lie and the customer support was passive aggressive..Version: 23.0

App SucksLove the concept of the app but there are a few things wrong with it. One thing, is that my profile in the app never loads. Also, I go to the grocery tab and it never loads any results either. Will redownload the app if these things are fixed. Thanx.Version: 18.26

FakeDoesn’t work at all.Version: 23.16

Poor app performance, quite disappointed.I placed an order today, and the order did not show up under the orders tab for quite some time which left me very confused. I reordered, figuring the mistake must have been on my end. As soon as I reordered both orders showed up under the order tab, and my initial order was marked “completed.” I tried to open the help tab, which took several attempts and did not load initially. The customer service person I spoke to made an “exception” and refunded me both orders, but they were quite eager to blame the mistake on me. It seems “completed” doesn’t mean the order has been fulfilled, which is quite misleading. In addition, the app consistently displays the wrong delivery fees. Even if I refresh the home page, it will show me a cheaper delivery fee until I click on it, then the fee jumps up! It’s frustrating and inconvenient. I wish I hadn’t bought meal coins through them, because I am deeply unsatisfied..Version: 18.42

Claims cheaper but is roughly 6 dollars more expensiveThe app said “free delivery” when scrolling through the options but when clicked delivery fee and service fee were added. 1 pizza was 26$ from meal me. Tried it on Uber eats and it was 20$ same tip same thing same place. Their ads were false and their claims are misleading.Version: 18.44

This app shouldn’t be outI was impressed at first the user interface is good and it really does find you the best deal but the thing that makes this app unusable is the tracking and customer service. My order was supposed to take 20 min which I’m not impatient I can wait but the part that is horrible is the customer service and the tracking is so glitchy you will be in the dark the whole time. The customer service glitches out and you can’t access your chat log and then to go along with that the tracking will say 15 minutes and then 15 minutes later it’ll say 10 minutes then after 10 it’ll say 5 and so on. This app needs to get its customer service tracking and order placing together in harmony and then it would be good but until then I’m gonna I download and never use again. Great idea poor execution.Version: 13.1

Ad is FALSEOkay I downloaded app to not pay “the fees” as it says on their ads… one of the fees is a two dollar fee called a “meal me fee” so help “support the app”… BRUH WHAT just use skip haha.Version: 18.42

Don't use this appI've been using this app for awhile now and never had any big problems besides limited options for every restaurant that ARE available on doordash, ubereats, etc. made an order today and received the wrong thing. Help options were call driver/ call restaurant. Tried both and they both take you to the support for the drivers company (grubhub was mine) but the company has no receipt available because it goes thru mealme. So i finally find mealme support and they tried to give me the money back for just the food and disregarding all fees (refund: $12/ Total i paid: $23) after calling restaurant and realizing it was the apps fault and not the restaurant's. I kept fighting until i got my full refund back. Worst food delivery experience in my life..Version: 17.24

Order cancelationEven if they are cheap or whatever what is the point of ordering it from this app if at last point the order gets canceled. And when you ask why it was canceled, the answer is that there is no driver available. And at last you just get just dissappointment and anger..Version: 18.48

I will never use this app againThe first time I ordered from this app. I ended up spending 50 dollars for like 20 dollar worth of food. The second time I order from the app. I waited for my food for 2 hours. I try to get a refund befor they sent the food to my house and they didn’t give it to me. My final order was yesterday when I order food and it got to my place in a good amount of time and I didn’t put a dent in my pocket. But when I open my bag I was missing food. I’m going to blame that on the restaurant that I ordered from but this is still ridiculous to me. All around I had a bad experience with this app and was never satisfied with it. I would give it zero stars but there is not a option for that. I don’t even care about the money I wasted on this, I just won’t use this app again..Version: 25.1

The app Is a lieThere are more added fees then Uber eats.Version: 18.48

App has a long way to goSo many problems, customer service is terrible, app lies on ads about no extra fees when they’re almost more expensive then Uber/DoorDash, etc. Saved up mealcoins for a free order, ordered, it never arrived, got a refund and somehow they glitches my app and now I can’t use it at all. Terrible app just use Uber eats.Version: 18.36

Never received my foodI went ahead and put In an order around 12am and it told me that it would arrive in 30mins. After 3 hours of no response from the app nor driver it said that it had arrived. I went out to check and this was false. Through out the whole time of me waiting you can see that the driver never moved. When I texted and called the driver it said it was blocked because my number wasn’t on file for Uber eats. After waiting another hour with back to back texting conversations with support they said that the order was still in process and that the driver would be delivering my order within 13 mins. I asked if they can provide evidence and they said the driver will give me a call once they arrive. So I asked them to provide me with the number that the driver will be calling me from and they could not do this. So after 6 plus hours of waiting for my ice cream they gave me a full refund which will take 5-6 full business days to process. DO NOT USE THIS APP IT DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 17.37

Not cheapSkip the Dishes is cheaper I compared them.Version: 18.26

Used to Love itThis app claims in the description that there is no need to download the other apps like DoorDash or Grubhub and you’ll save tons by paying within their app. Until I had recently upgraded my iPhone 11 to iOS iOS 15, that was the case. Now the app redirects me straight to whatever delivery service app I choose within this app. This causes me to miss out on the $1 and whatever time I would save if I was staying in this app. I have actually saved a lot since I downloaded this, but considering this problem, my reasoning for downloading this app has become nonexistent. I’ve on multiple occasions also was supposed to get a full refund and they told me that their system tells them I’m getting a full refund. Unfortunately that was not the case and I was still charged $0.01 for an order that either I or the system cancelled. I’m considering deleting this app and never using it again. If they can’t get their system right, then they’re going to loose out on tons of customers..Version: 17.17

The ads are kind of a lieI downloaded it because the ads say it’s cheaper than other service apps. Also says it doesn’t recommend driver tips. But it’s not cheaper and it does recommend a tip. I don’t see the point of lying in the ad.Version: 18.42

A lot of potentialFirstly, i am surprised by the scale of this app. My first order in Walgreens came from a walgreens an hour away at 3am. There is literally no limit on the orders and I am surprised of how flexible the work time is. The customer service is also very nice and helpful, though it is quite slow. However, the delivery is extremely slow and You can never know if your order will come and when it will come. My first order took 3 hours ro come, and the next one didnt come for 12 hours and I had to reorder. Sometiems you get a message from a random number picking up your order, and sometimes you don't hear anything until something shows up at the door and youre lucky enough to find it. There are many issues, but the app has a great potential..Version: 18.42

It's a scamThis is the worst food app ever. We ordered food for really cheap and then they canceled our order. We tried to get them to send our order to a different restaurant but they kept saying we weren't responding to their messages so our refund would take 5 days. We called the restaurant and they had no orders or history of our order at all. When we tried to call mealme they number was for grubhub and then grubhub said they had no connection to mealme or even our order and would be placing a report about mealme using the grub hub number. It feels like a scam because we used two different phones to order to see the differences in prices and both phones had different prices and deals for all the same items. There's something very suspicious about this app and how they reply and work. Will not be using again. Had a friend also use the app and when they had the same issue they made a post about it to which mealme replied to their post saying to message them on instagram about the order and then the friend was blocked by mealme after messaging about it. Please don't get scammed and be careful when using this app.Version: 18.3

Scam?I used Meal Me for the first time two nights ago. I placed an order that said estimated delivery was 55-65 minutes (this put delivery at 6:38 - 6:48 pm). At 6:30 I checked the status and it had updated the estimated delivery time to 7:10 - 7:30 pm. Not happy at this point but I realize estimates change. I checked back in on the status at around 7:00 to find my order no longer existed. No order history no order updates no estimated delivery time. So I called the restaurant to ask if my order was there and they told me that they do not work with any food delivery services, so no, they never received my order. I was scammed. So it’s now after 7:00 and over an hour and a half after I placed my order and I have to stray over (using a different app). We were out of town for a swimming meet for my daughter and she ended up eating later and going to bed later than we would have liked for her to be rested for her competition. This was an extremely frustrating and disappointing experience..Version: 12.2

Not good anymoreWhen I first downloaded this app, I loved it! I would apply promo codes that they would give out daily, stack them up and use them for a good meal, at no cost other than driver tip! Now they’ve gone severely downhill, and money hungry. They rarely give out promo codes, sometimes they don’t work, or are less than what they say, and now they expire in 24 hours. I thought it couldn’t get any worse, but it did. Now instead of regular promo codes, they use “meal coins.” Now I’m not able to use the discount I had previously, and the total of the “meal coins” HAS to be over the amount of the food you’re ordering if you want to use them. Which is honestly, just stupid. Now I can’t even use any discounts unless I want to PAY for them. There’s also less options for delivery now, and the “best option” doesn’t show the full menu. There’s random added fees now as well. I’m going back to grubhub as this is just not worth it anymore. I wish you guys just stayed how it used to be! 💔.Version: 18.32

If I could give it less stars I wouldTL;DR: horrible costumer support: through the app and email + the restaurant never received the order I placed through MealMe. I ordered a meal on my way home on Saturday afternoon, I was really short on time because I had to go back to work a few hours later. I was really excited to had found a restaurant I had never heard before on MealMe and it said that it was going to take between 30-45 minutes with was perfect. After 50 minutes had passed and got no tracking record of my order and the food wasn’t delivered yet I decided to contact costumer support through the app.. I believed I spoked with an Abby, they were very dismissive and just told me to wait for the order that they are sure that it will get to me within 10 minutes. But like I mentioned I was short on time so I decided to call the restaurant and after 30 minutes on the phone they told me that they had never heard of MealMe before and they never received my order. Today, May 26th, I contacted costumer support to see if they could send me the transcript of my previous conversation and they were even more dismissive, saying they couldn’t send me that, why do I need that for, and then just ended the chat, aka hang the phone in my face. Anyway, 0/5 would not recommend this app..Version: 23.26

FrustratingIve ordered like 7 times and every single one has been canceled this app is a joke.Version: 23.0

Stole my moneyI ordered food from papa johns at 12:50 and I’ve was waiting for hours, I talked to a woman named iris and she told me that a delivery driver would notify me when they are near, obviously they never showed up. I have photos of the conversation and I probably not going to be using this app again..Version: 18.48

Scammed.I bought a meal from Jack in the box and it’s cost me a total of 17 dollars (including fees and tip). I got a drink in a plastic bag. No burger, no fries, no food. I contacted support and the first offer they gave me was 3 dollars in my card or 4 dollars credit. Huh?! I paid 17 dollars and all I got was a drink and they offer me 3 dollars, a 14 dollars coke. Eventually after 45 minutes or so I managed to get 9 dollars MealMe credit. Even with that I still had to pay 8 dollars of my own money for a burger and fries. The only thing keeping this from a 1 star review is the fact that the order missing is not their fault, it was the Uber eats driver they got to deliver the food for me. But I still feel I should have had a full refund on the burger and fries and only been charged for the drink. I also feel the lady on support (Vicky) did do her best and the fact that she managed to convince the higher ups to go from 4 dollar credit to 9 dollar credit is pretty solid. I still feel that o should have gotten more money back and was essentially scammed for doing nothing..Version: 17.9

Over priced and misleadingThe ads say that they are the cheapest food app but my usual order cost about 33% more here than on DoorDash. They also say they have no fees but they add a service fee on top of the delivery fee at the end of your order.Version: 18.32

Not CheaperDownloaded because I hate spending a billion dollars on service fees and inflated prices for $2 burgers but I did a test order between Uber eats McDonald’s and MealMe McDonald’s at the same location with the same items and after service fees and tips uber eats was still about $5 cheaper. The app is made well and easy to navigate but doesn’t provide the cheaper deals it claims too..Version: 18.42

Cheaper to use but at a costThis app is a little bit cheaper than DoorDash or Uber eats but the problem is that in general it is unreliable. The app itself does not always work, constantly freezes or crashes and sometimes pages don’t load. Customer service isn’t great, sometimes the page fails to load and also have had times where they simply do not respond. Also keep in mind that mealme can’t guarantee their delivery times and sometimes finding a driver is slow. Also pickups are annoying too. All in all you’re saving 2-3 dollars but you’re using a proxy service which means you may order through the mealme app but it will then use a bot to put your order into Grubhub or something else. So really a different company is delivering your food but the driver is unaware of it. As a business model that can lead to frustrations with customers. By paying more on a different platform you’re saving yourself stress in the long run.Version: 18.48

DONT USE THIS APP!!!This app has horrible customer service don’t listen to any other post telling you different. This has happened to me on two separate occasions. On the first occasion I was only given some half of my order and when I went to look for help on the customer service tab it was no help there was no way to contact the restaurant and when speaking with customers service I was basically told there was nothing they can do and they wouldn’t even be giving me a refund. On the second occasion my order arrival time kept increasing and I had no driver and when I used customer service they said the restaurant is doing all they can to get the order and to basically just wait so I called they restaurant and they told me the food had been done but no one is coming to get it. So I tried to request a refund and everytime I did I would just be timed out of the request so now I have no way of getting my money back other than calling the bank and filing a inquiry. Never use this app!!!.Version: 23.22

Terrible customer support & false timesThe first time i used this app it was fine! the second time, i ordered from fazolis. the wait time was 15-20 minutes (even though it’s a 15 drive from my house.) then the wait time got pushed out more. i tried to cancel my order and within 10 min and they said the order had been prepared already and they couldn’t cancel it. so i wasn’t that upset but they pushed the wait time out 2-3 more times until it was going to be an hour later, after they said the order had been ready. so i tried to contact support and ask them what was up and nobody responded i waited in the chat for almost 10 minutes while they “checked on the status” i tried to text my driver that was assigned to me and he said i don’t know which one of my orders you are. so i got no help. after that i was unable to talk to anybody through support and my order completely disappeared after it was completed. it only gave me the option to reorder. my food was cold, and there was crusted spaghetti sauce all over the containers and bag. i just like a partial refund at least. never using again. don’t get this app unless you wanna risk it for the biscuit, literally..Version: 11.9

Horrible customer service and bad pricesThis app claims so much about being cheaper than other apps and being more fordable than other apps but this is the only app that actually cost you more tea buy stuff on this app they were trying to sell me a McDonald’s cheeseburger for five dollars whenever on door dash it only cost 1.79 I asked customer service about the huge price increase and they said “ how else do you think I get paid not from your little tip “ and I was stunned. I don’t think I’m ever going to be using this app again because of this instance and from instances before where I didn’t receive all of my items but I was still charged the whole price or I really needed help because my food didn’t arrive sometimes but customer service took 3 to 5 days to reach me. This apogee huge inconvenient I would just go with the normal apps that you use instead of this one because it makes it way longer for things such as not receiving your food.Version: 17.37

Not Bad, Not AmazingWe’ve been using MealMe for quite a while now, and have actually enjoyed doing so. We save money, which is always great. They even give you $3 off every 3 orders. However, there are some cons. Sometimes it takes a WHILE for our food to arrive. This could be due to many factors like traffic, or the restaurant being busy, but I digress. We’ve also had moments where the app had issues. Either it put our order in wrong, or it wouldn’t give us tracking information. Just yesterday we had the biggest issue. We ordered and, after an hour, we still didn’t get notified of a driver nor got our food. We contacted customer service and they were great ! They offered a refund, or offered us credit for $5 more than what we spent on the order. We accepted the credit and tried ordering again. Unfortunately, same issue. We eventually were given a full refund. I think something was going on with their servers. Overall, MealMe is a GREAT app ! But it needs a lot of work in order to be successful. I believe with more time put into it’s development, it can become my main food delivery app, but right now I get nervous using it due to past issues. Keep up the work, developers. You have a great concept here, but the execution needs to match the genius of it..Version: 10.10

Don’t downloadDoesn’t work 👎.Version: 23.0

Worst Place to Order online foodTo start I always try to be nice and understanding, but this place just broke me. I have ordered through this stupid app 3 times and it only worked once. When you order it says that your order will come in 45 minutes, which is normal for most websites like this. But soon after it would move back and back until it says 2 hours it will take to get your food. Then you have to contact customer support where they say that you should give them 15-20 minutes and that the restaurant has got your order. After 20 minutes I contact and they say the same thing that I heard before that they run their driver through another service and say that they can't control when they come. And in response to that I would ask them to just cancel the order and then in response the customer service person say you can't. I would have to haggle until I would say I don't need a refund since I don't want my food coming in the middle of the night. They would give me credit I would delete the app. I lost $38 which is about 1 shift at my work so I lost $38 for nothing, but stress. Don't get this app..Version: 23.20

Don’t waste your time on this app .Don’t waste your time on this app . They will not inform you that your order is cancelled until you reach out to them after hour or so . They are a scam..Version: 23.0

Not worth itSure this app could save you lots of money if it didn’t have such a great risk of you just losing the money as well. After placing a order it wasn’t in my order history so I have no way to tell them I didn’t receive something from my order. Couldn’t contact my driver either because you’re purchasing through a third party. The support I did get while the order was still open was horrible. He tells me to send a picture of my receipt which they should already be able to see , but for me to do that I’d have to close out that chat to screenshot my receipt since I didn’t get a physical one. So once I do that I realize that closing out ends the whole support chat so you have to make a new one and I couldn’t do that. So overall I can’t get my money back or the food I wanted..Version: 10.10

The Worst Customer Service I’ve ever RecievedIt’s a shame to have to write this poor review. I’ve used MealMe for over a year and have had overwhelmingly good experiences with it & customer support until recently. A few weeks ago, however, I ordered food but never received it. I had specifically wrote in my driver directions to text me when arriving because I know my place can be hard to find, yet they did not. After the order was marked completed with no sign of my food I was told I’d need to wait for “confirmation” before receiving a refund. They would not or could not tell me what “confirmation” they were waiting for but 3 weeks later still no refund. I have reached out several times to support but they said “we are unable to look into the status of your request”. Why customer service would not be able to look into the status of a request I made is beyond me and I’ve reached the conclusion they’re intentionally withholding my refund and it’s not coming. This customer service experience has been so poor I will no longer be using the app because I now know if something goes wrong then I’m not going to be helped. I’m not sure if customer service has been out sourced because around 6 months ago I had a great experience with customer support on MealMe but words cannot describe how frustrating, rude, and unhelpful they have become now..Version: 25.1

Cancelled ordersEvery time I make an order using this app it’s always getting cancelled. What’s the point in making this if you’re just going to cancel the orders..Version: 18.44

Awful first experienceDON’T DOWNLOAD I ordered a meal for the first time form a restaurant less than 1 mile away while I was babysitting so I couldn’t leave to pick it up. The drop off time came and went and when I went to track it, it said the restaurant was still preparing it. Ten minutes after it was supposed to get to me, I called the restaurant to get an update on how long it would take to be sent out, and they told me a driver had already picked it up. I got on the chat line in the app and got a response pretty quickly saying they were so sorry and that they needed 2 minutes to call the restaurant and see what was going on. Another 15 minutes passed and I messaged again asking for an update and never got another response. I then opened another chat room to try to get someone new and no body every responded to that either. I had to send out an email to them requesting a refund on my $20 meal and have yet to hear back. Overall terrible first experience and I will not be using the app again..Version: 11.9

Currently….I have ordered through MealMe this past week and am still waiting for any updates on my issue with said order. As a little context, it has been a while since I’ve ordered with them and so I understand procedures must’ve changed with the duration of when I used them last. I my order was $40 and I received what the restaurant deemed as a $20 meal. I talked to customer service which told me that should have an update in five days. Today I spoke to Jascille to which ended me wanting to speak to a supervisor. Instead of transferring me, she had ended the chat and to what I can only assume now was blocking me to speak to someone else. I gave it a moment to then try again only to speak to her again. I strictly asked to speak to a supervisor and she immediately ended the chat and I was then blocked from speaking to someone. I have had problems to which they fixed with great customer service, but now I’m not getting neither. Update 9/9/22: Dissappointed that there’s still no word or reply to this review..Version: 25.13

Solid deals, bad customer support and MealMe Coins are a scamThis app does accomplish its function of finding the cheapest deal of the available food delivery apps, however at least half the time I have had items missing. I am not fully sure whether that is the fault of the app or the restaurant, but the customer service chat feature gives you no response half the time you try to get a partial refund for your incomplete order. MealMe coins are entirely a scam, they pull you in with big rewards for your first few orders and then give you a few cents worth of MealMe coins for every order once you get remotely close to having enough to redeem a free meal, so that you’ll never quite get enough to get that free meal. Overall, there’s a reason they hide the name of the app that gives you the best deal: because you’d be much better off using that app than this one’s whack service..Version: 18.46

Overpriced and misleadingPrice are at least $2 higher when dine in.Version: 18.44

GarbageLied about being cheaper. takes longer then other apps and costs the same.Version: 18.42

Cool app, could use some minor fixesOne suggestion I would say would be to correct the address information because when you type in your address it gives the county information instead of the town information. So I’ve had delivery people think they are delivering to a different location because they see the county and not town and some towns are named after counties so it would send the person to the incorrect place The other suggestion I would say is to black out the stores that are no longer doing delivery after a certain time because I spent 15 minutes creating a Chinese food order at 9:20pm for a place that closed at 10:00pm and once I submitted the order they said that the store is not delivering at the time so maybe say “store doesn’t take online orders or delivery 30 minutes or an hour prior to closing”.Version: 15.9

Very rude customer support!!This was a very good app when I started using it, but it’s very annoying that you can’t actually chat with your driver and have to use customer support. When you hit help, it immediately links you to someone. I’ve mainly used this for questions about timing, no complaints. That is until today, when my taco bell order was completely wrong. I called the restaurant and found they needed a note from MealMe, so i asked customer support for one. They told me that because out of my 6 orders, I had clicked help 4 times, they were not going to refund or replace my order. I have accidentally clicked help before, and I don’t believe I asked questions about timing all 4 times. I don’t believe there should be a limit on how often you use customer support, either. When I went to respond, they expired my chat..Version: 25.1

Service does not workAfter buying meal coins and trying to order off of a variety of locations all my orders were canceled. Because of this I asked customer support and they told me regardless of how much money I spent and if the service is useable I will be unable to receive any compensation or refund..Version: 18.28

SCAMYour food will never come! They steal your money. DO NOT DOWNLOAD..Version: 18.48

Honestly….This app isn’t even that useful. If I were you I would just go with other food service apps. They market that they are cheaper but in a honestly their prices are around the same. Also, customer service is not that great. I had an order recently that was not completed and I was told I would get a full refund…the refund never appeared. When I asked about it they sent me the same message over and over again. In one instance, I opened the help chat and they immediately closed the chat before I could even type anything. The tracking system is glitchy and for an order I had recently, it wasn’t able to see my driver and so it was just so messed up! If I were I would just use another app instead of wasting time with this one. Also they use door dash for some orders. I would order from Popeyes on MealMe and get a confirmation text from them. Then I would get another text from doordash and tracking from them too. Also it takes an unbelievably long time to get your order. All I’m saying is if you don’t want to over complicate your food orders don’t use this app..Version: 24.14

Worst Food Delivery App So FarMealMe has tge most immature system and sometimes it just doesn't work at all. The tracking system exists only for decoration. You could never tell where the driver and the food is. Sometimes it shows the food is delivered but it's not or it's delivered but the system won't tell you so. Their customer service is the rudest customer service I've ever seen. They literally leave the chat when they don't want help and you just can't get any answer or resolution to you problem at all. If you contacted their support group through email, they won't take any actions to solve your problem. I even doubt whether it is a scam or not. In conclusion, I really don't recommend any of you to use it. I believe all the good comments are hired by them because if you has used it, you won't forget and forgive how horrible it is..Version: 18.34

Bad customer servicesI ordered food from my local food store down the street on this app and it took 2 and a half hours for the food to come. I called the initial delivery service phone number and they said they would give me a full refund and $10 off my next purchase but since i ordered it off of MealMe they said I would have to call u guys instead. Since I didn’t see a phone number I DM u guys on instagram and twitter asking u what could be done about this but no response was taken. And this isn’t the first time I had a problem with this service. Another time was when I my order took over 3 hours to come and I only received fries and a drink. I tried to call the initial store but they said I would have to get in contact with you guys since I ordered from your app. That was weeks ago and every time I get in contact with you guys it’s no response..Version: 17.23

ScamOrder was canceled. What I bet was credited back as MealMe coins and they don’t answer..Version: 23.0

SCAM! DO NOT DOWNLOADThis app is a very cool search engine that can help you find the best delivery deals, however it comes with a cost. This app has the worst order accuracy and customer service issues I’ve ever seen in a meal service app. Every restaurant I usually order from recommended not to use this app as well. I had multiple issues with my order not being fulfilled at all or even correctly the majority of the time. I asked the customer service reps for help various times and they were unable to provide a good solution. They refuse refunds, speaking to a manager, and intentionally disconnected communications multiple times when I tried contacting them. If you do get through to customer service about order issues they will try to refund you a maximum of approximately $6 in their in-app currency, Mealcoins, instead of refunding your original payment method. If your order is canceled or there is no driver available they will take whatever you paid and convert it into Mealcoin without notification and they make it very hard and a long process to get it converted back to your original payment method. If customer service was not rude and actually had a purpose and came up with solutions in the app or on the phone then this app could be great. I’ve lost so much money using this app that I can not recommend anyone use it, but they should be very cautious and read the reviews when considering it..Version: 23.20

My food didn’t comeThis stoppid.Version: 18.46

LIESBro this app lies more than i do. it’s literally so more expensive than door dash or skip the dishes. i knew it was a scam cuz there’s no way the workers can profit off $0 delivery fees. like when i add to cart the total went from 10 to 20.Version: 18.44

Do Not use- dishonest.Had $12 in mealme coins. Went to place an order, payed an extra 5, order gets cancelled. Tried another restaurant, same thing. Support tells me there are “no available drivers” across all of the delivery services they leverage. I placed the same order on skip the dishes 2 minutes later and no issues…so clearly there are drivers, they are just withholding money. Also if you are in Canada, prices are in USD and they don’t tell you that upfront. This app is NOT cheaper than competition and not honest with their customers..Version: 23.0

GarbageFirst time ever using the app I place an order and it never comes. One customer service rep told me to just “wait longer” … 30mins pass still nothing. Attempt to contact customer service again it takes another 45minutes to get a response as 2 agents just immediately closed the chat on me..Version: 23.16

Please don’t download, fake reviews!!There was a mistake with my food as it was delivered to my neighbor instead of me. I contacted costumer support and it was as if I was talking to a bot, just told me they’ll investigate and ended the chat before I even told them my issue. I then reached out directly through email and they told me the restaurant confirmed my food was sent. I already knew the restaurant 100% sent my food and included that in my initial email but the driver messed up, I was sent a picture by the driver and it was the wrong house. They clearly didn’t read my email which was a like 4 sentences. Because they could only get the money back from the restaurant if they messed up and not driver, then no money back no matter what the driver does. They can essentially keep your food if they want. Also, prices are higher than Uber Eats, Doordash, and Grubhub. I used this app for the first time and encountered so many issues, never got my refund. Please do not use this app. I once had the wrong drink sent by Uber Eats and the customer support was so sweet. Keep in mind I contacted costumer support 3 different times on this app and received the same exact bot messages, they all ended the chat. Read the real reviews. My mistake was just looking at the rating and not actually reading. It’s boys giving it 5 stars..Version: 25.1

Pretty good but too many notificationsThey just don’t stop with the notifications. I use the app one time to shop different services, and it was very useful. I really do like the app. I did not place an order in the app. I only browsed and looked around. (I did not place an order with any food service delivery that night.) Since then, MealMe keep reminding me via notifications of certain restaurants that I was checking out and sending me different types of other notifications. I don’t want to get any of those. However, if I ever do use the app to place an order, obviously I would want notifications for any deliveries that were sent to me. To my knowledge, there is no way to opt in to only receive delivery notifications and no other types of notifications. Please add this and I will update my star rating. Note: I see that you want people to contact you via your support email. Unfortunately, because most devs have no concept of privacy and use services like Zendesk and other farmed out support services, I will not be contacting you via your support email..Version: 5.6

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