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The Seven Deadly Sins App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

The Seven Deadly Sins app received 115 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using The Seven Deadly Sins? Can you share your negative thoughts about the seven deadly sins?

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The Seven Deadly Sins for Negative User Reviews

2021 Gem grind end game is boringStill being pushed to grind gems for one multi summon that contains 7 silver coins and 3 gold coins and I am sick of it, now I just sign on to participate in my Daily quests and improve my CC where i can. 1/5 stars for the lack of content..Version: 1.2.1

Global team need changeBeen playing for a month now, and spent money on weekly/monthly bundle, but the new update is killing this game. They put a free unit with her 5 ssr coins into a summon banner in global. This level of greedy won’t get any money from me until they change it.Version: 1.0.9

7 deadly sins of mobile gacha7DSGC looks pretty but that’s all. 1. Hero pull rates are abysmal. On a particular character’s own banner the rate to pull that character is 0.5%. 2. No pity system for characters. There is no upper limit to how much you may need to spend to get the character you are chasing. 3. Costumes and cosmetics give real stats. PVP is completely pay to win. 4. Stamina system. Stamina cap is really low (most players would be around 60). A boss battle takes 20 stamina. 1 stamina recharges every 2 mins. You will feel burnt out from constantly having to log in to spend stamina, but not get enjoyment because it ends so quickly. 5. Slow progression. Related to above, because you can only do a few fights each time, it can take you 3-4 weeks of constant grinding just to fully awaken a character. And yes of course there is a bundle pack that bypasses this. 6. Bundle packs. When a game has 5 pages of bundles for sale you know it’s just a greedy cash grab. 7. Censorship. Some character models and art are censored compared to JP and anime..Version: 1.0.3

CrashhhhhI really want to play this game but the game keeps on crashing can u pls fix it, I just wanna play this game cause imma huge fan so pls fix it.Version: 1.1.7

SSRChances of getting an SSR hero getting slimmer and to the point that you wasted all your diamonds and funny thing you need to have the hero to do some events sadly.Version: 1.1.0

Absolutely no new contentWhere’s the tower? Where’s the final bosses? I love this game to death but it’s impossible to find stuff to do anymore.Version: 1.2.1

RegretRegret playing this game and spending days grinding. Netmarble keeps rushing all the good characters, meaning f2p players can’t get them unless they spend hundreds of dollars. They haven’t listened to the community feedback. For some context, the japanese version of this game is where they get their characters from, but they are skipping all the mediocre characters and pushing forward the more wanted characters. Free to players can’t grind to get these units, and people who spend their money dominate the pvp and leaderboards..Version: 1.1.17

DisappointedI am interested to play this game but it crashed every time in the tutorial.Version: 1.0.3

Not Free To Play friendly.Always been a massive fan of SDS. Love the game. Love watching the anime. However, this game is becoming harder and harder to play for a lot of people. Myself being one of them. I started playing when LV Meli came out. And back then it wasn’t so bad. Now you struggle to get gems to pull summons. Gear is hard to upgrade with lack of resources to farm. Also the biggest issue is banners. The fact they charge so much to do pulls is unreal. This game isn’t friendly if you are a FTP player. They rush content out so much that you can’t keep up with both gearing character and working on a team. If you wish to put money in sure. But you’ll still be forking out hundreds just to get around 300 gems. Also only getting 3 gems on a maintenance is nothing. Something needs to change about this game or it’ll slowly become less popular and people won’t want to play..Version: 1.1.17

True scammer identity shownNow you change your wordings to “maybe” for Green Ban to be added to the coin-shop? Go f yourselves..Version: 1.0.3

Devs just never learn.The amount of characters in this game is great. The amount of characters that are actually usable is terrible. These characters that been in the game since release are the so significantly better than all the other characters there’s absolutely no reason to use them. And theres so many characters u can acquire that are just so worthless. The end game activities are extremely end game an difficult, if u do not have a certain character, its literally impossible to beat. Ive plaid this for about 2 yrs. i dont even attempt to do the tower of trials. I finally am able to beat floor 1 of bird. Which is one of the most important end game activities. So many problems with this game that keeps it from progressing. Theres parts of this game that are really nice. But other parts that u just see as devs just being completely lazy. End game activities have to be changed. And the shadow of characters. All these people u put in the game that are unusable an some of their skills are just lazy. Im convinced u dont play ur own game cuz rewards from some activities make no sense. An u couldve just game me nothing. Fix ur games problems an people might just stop leaving. Ignoring your community will leave you just like bungie in destiny..Version: 2.4.0

#BoycottAssaultMeliI am truly disappointed in you guys this is such an amazing game I literally have hours and hours in this game and it is my favorite game but omg it feels like you guys don’t even play you’re own game and don’t even listen to you’re players why would you release assault meli so fast just why you even promised you would slowdown character releases in November!!!! Not only do you guys lie about you’re game but you don’t even listen to us!!! And we bearly have any events to get gems unlike JP version I literally logged in yesterday and got like 30 gems because of an update and on here we get like 3 like wth are you guys doing netmarble I ight just be another number to you guys but if you guys keep doing this I don’t know ima be able to keep playing this game and it won’t be fun anymore and that doesn’t just go for me but for many of the free to play player you and in you’re community and pls for the love god don’t apologize and just say sorry for this and give us like 10 gems!!!!! Truly disappointed in you guys even YouTubers on this game listen more to the community then you guys ever would I really hope you guys change this because it’s such an amazing game but you guys ruin it for us global players and am just sick of it at this point because of you’re greedy choices..Version: 1.1.17

Good Game! But...Unlike many other gatcha games, this one seems a little more pay to win. There’s a summon bar, and it doesn’t last forever so you either have to save up crystals for ages or just buy tons of them at once to get good units that you may or may not even like... The summon rates are atrocious and I have never gotten a single featured SSR ever since I started, apart from tickets and starting SSR luck, I don’t enjoy these rates at all and it doesn’t really feel like “Better luck next time!” Rather just, “Buy some crystals next time!”, and to progress in the main story you need very good units, and this game doesn’t help with that, as there are little F2P good units, I hope this gets changed in the future to come, but I doubt it will..Version: 1.0.3

FTP saltIt s a good game but worst patch ever this week and also comparing glob to jp...glob is not to match f2p friendly.while jp had so much content,and ways to get some gems....Version: 1.2.1

The game is just getting stale.I really hoped I could change my review from a 1 star to a 5 star. I love The Seven Deadly Sins. Upon launch, the game was really good for awhile, but then they just started rushing banner after banner after banner. The devs have been far more focused on releasing new units than making actual quality of life improvements to the game. On the Re:Zero banner for example, the only units worth getting were the collaboration exclusives. All of the other units were almost a year old and almost completely useless. The drop rates of new units are horrendous, but that’s at least to be expected. The PVP rewards haven’t changed since release. There’s hardly any new PVP or PVE content. Netmarble hasn’t released any new R or SR heroes in almost 6 months. It’s just SSR heroes, most of which aren’t even that good unless you can get 3 or 4 dupes in them. The devs SAY they listen to the players, but whenever we complain about something, like rushing the banners, the devs just throw gems at the players to appease them. They don’t actually improve the game. The game has become stale, and it’s just a blatant money grab at this point. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to play, but it’ll pretty much be to just check in and get gems until Netmarble can actually make the game enjoyable again, or until they release a full wings King, whichever comes first. I really don’t want to see this game die, but I honestly think that it will..Version: 1.2.3

Please fixI can’t even load in.Version: 1.0.0

Poor drop rates too many bannersThe drop rates in this game have gotten worse with each new update. Before the odds seemed fairly level, but recently they appear to be 99 to 1 stacked against you. I also find it a little odd that after I did purchase some gems, I incredibly got the banner character on my very next draw. Besides the drop rate, is the increase in banners at the same time. I think two is fair, but 4!? This leaves players wasting diamonds just to have another banner come up with no time for them to gain more diamonds…unless they buy more. That’s the gimmick, put out a new character and then drop a banner a week later. And give the new banner a suspense date just past the first one. If a player really wants that character, they will have to spend money to accumulate more diamonds for the draw. The developers tried this two years ago and the players went ballistic. The reviews and backlash were so intense that the company issued a statement and made the banners more spacious, and drops were oddly better. It now seems the devs have forgotten their history and are back to their greedy ways. The only way up get them to change is blast them with one star reviews and hopefully they will catch on again and adjust the game as necessary. But greedy people are blinded and usually can’t see their own demise in the making…which they cause themselves..Version: 2.5.0

Good game but the draws need to be fixed.I like the game overall, it’s fun and is good to help time pass by. But I have one big problem that I think a lot of other people have had as well and that is the draw banners, I don’t know what is going wrong but with the latest draw banner for strength demon meliodas I have spent over 200 diamonds and I have only gotten 1 ssr, that wasn’t even the meliodas. Please fix the draws by either making the percentages higher or making draws cheaper. Please just do something...maybe even a refund of diamonds if you don’t get the main hero by the end of the draw banner you can get some if not all of the diamonds you spent. That is my only problem with the game otherwise I really enjoy it..Version: 1.0.3

Greedy DevsIt’s a great game apart from the greedy and scummy developers. They took away hourglasses every week to every 2 weeks which hurts everyone because you can’t get anvils or super awakening coins for your characters. Not to mention they changed it with out telling anyone about it or why they’re changing it. This game has gone down hill a lot..Version: 1.2.10

The game is no longer funFor the first year the game was fun but now it’s in mass decline. Any new player has no ability to compete in anything as the entire PVP meta is geared towards units that aren’t readily available being entirely festival, collab and rare characters that come round occasionally once or twice a year and some maybe never again with later story lines you’d even struggle if you don’t have those units, the players complained about the drop rates being to low and the devs said they increased the drop rates, but ever since that apparent increase I’m finding myself having to go to guarantees on almost every banner just to pull my first SSR which spending 300 gems and not receiving even one SSR is a joke, after the story the only way to obtain gems is PVP or spending and again if your new there’s no point ever trying to start it. The recent 6-7GB update made global completely unplayable for many I was unable to get into the game for 3 days then when I finally did I wasn’t able to access it again for a further 2 days, the devs said sorry but haven’t said anything about compensation out of all the problems the game has had these last couple years I would say this one was most deserving of compensation but again it’s just been ignored..Version: 2.1.0

A message to 7DS and the players.The game goes way too fast. We will have Assault Melodious coming next week after just having the Archangel’s banner two weeks ago. This is bad on multiple fronts. For one people need time to save gems because before that we had the King banner not too long ago and a uniform sell. Second, people don’t really have time to have a stable meta because it changes so much. Third it’s stressful for those who want to take the game slow. Because of you don’t have Sariel or/and Lostvayne Melodious than your in trouble. The Netmarble global team needs to better. What’s happening now is similar to how the MFF Netmarble devs were acting last year. Assault Melodious isn’t only bad for free to play player, but whales also. Whales might have a lot of money, but the characters are their investment so when a unit that breaks the game comes out that spits on their investment. This also hurts intermediate players too. Netmarble, you guys need to better to accommodate for your players. I’m not saying do everything they say because that can kill the game, but make it balanced and fair and not try to nuke are wallets. At this pace the game will be gone as soon as it came. So do better because the community lives this game. Take care -sincerely The Phoenix King..Version: 1.1.17

TerribleIs this game even about the seven deadly sins you released the game and it was good but then you teamed up with that time I got reincarnated as a slime and it all went downhill from there you made way too many collaborations with other shows that half the characters aren’t even from this game anymore and you did a terrible job with the pacing on the character releases that you have nothing left to release but terrible characters and characters from other shows also it was bad enough when you were collaborating with other anime but now with stranger things. I preordered this game many months before it came out and when you collaborated with that time I got reincarnated as a slime I immediately deleted this game..Version: 1.2.2

Wont startEver since the latest update, it wont let me i to the game. Just stays at the title screen..Version: 1.1.0

Fun game but...The game is fun but they are so greedy unlike the jp version. They are releasing really good characters way to fast and trying to get you spend so much money. Everyone hates this about global version.Version: 1.1.17

Brain dead idiots ruined this game.By releasing Goddess Elizabeth the devs began to dig this game’s grave. In conjunction with Lostvayne Meliodas, she makes matches boring and repetitive. Then, when they released The One Escanor, the game had already died. This character was already ridiculous when he released. He had painfully crazy attack and can one tap virtually any character. Combined with the fact that this game is fuelled by people who pay to win, Escanor and Elizabeth progressively became more and more overpowered and have made it impossible for anyone who can think for themselves to have fun. As new characters are brought out into this game, Escanor and Elizabeth prove that they are the most popular and best combo in the game. If you would like the ability to use this team to its full potential you would need to sacrifice your brain, logic and any capacity to think. Do not waste your time or money..Version: 1.2.2

Global version is a cash grab... play jp insteadThroughout the entire game so far, almost every piece of content has been rushed in an attempt to catch up with jp. This leads to a divided player base where free players get shafted and even the whales get milked of all their cash. When global decided to make changes from the jp version they were all based on getting more income by making banners worse or selling units which were free, for cash on unneeded banners. Current state of global is not f2p in terms of keeping up with meta or for collecting characters. Currently the game has no content as pvp is stale and has not been changed since the games release and the pve content can be easily completed in a couple hours. Better off playing the jp version as characters are well split giving time for players breath and provide a lot more content and freebies to help support f2p and p2p players. #boycottassualtmeli.Version: 1.1.17

Boring gameplayI had great hopes that this would be fun. Be prepared for doubles of terrible characters from the show. Race draw, seasoned draw, special events etc…all lame characters. Even if you do draw a good character , good luck trying to upgrade your character without…(you guessed it) getting more rare cards. Spending money does nothing except empty your wallet for more characters you don’t want lol.Version: 1.2.5

Tutorial crashesHey guys, Was really looking forward to this but wouldn’t even make it through the tutorial without crashing. I had only gotten this game on my iPad Air, cleared my cache and have plenty of storage space but it still crashes. I have iOS 12.4.7 which is the latest update too..Version: 1.1.0

Ruined by GreedCompletely abhorrent decision making has turned this once great game into FOMO hell. Netmarble appears to be driven by greed and treats the community with contempt. I do not recommend sinking your time or money into this game, as neither will be respected. To give more context behind this: the global version of this game has been regularly releasing powerful and limited availability characters. This makes the game very difficult to enjoy for Free to Play players. Even for players that can afford to pay money, the Fear Of Missing Out is very real - as you need to budget for any meta characters that might be coming out at a single week’s notice. Netmarble have previously acknowledged the situation and said they would address the situation. Since then the situation has only gotten worse and it is now absolutely farcical. #BoycottAssaultMeli2021 highlights how awful things are, many players are willing to forego one of the best characters in the game because Netmarble’s behaviour is simply unacceptable. This is all a great shame as the people building the game are clearly very talented. The art, music, core gameplay and story telling is very well done. It’s a crying shame that, given the current state of the game, I cannot recommend it to anyone..Version: 1.1.17

Missing a part of a bonus bundleBought the 10.99 bundle for 10 diamonds plus 5 collab tickets for re zero event and I didn’t get the collab tickets like come on.Version: 1.2.3

Can’t play itI’ve tried so much but I just can’t get passed the first level without it crashing.Version: 1.0.9

#BringBackFestsThe game has been becoming progressively more pay to win and becoming more hostile to new players, and tighter with its resources with the recent change on the JP server for the Festival Banners, removing all of the other festival units other than the named one. This will make it so that the only chance players will have for Festival units if they miss the banner will be to summon on a banner that randomly rotates in 3 festival units for a few days at the start of the month, at a 0.3% rate with no pity. These units are powerful and often meta defining. Gems are already tight enough for players, and the reduction of the super awakening dungeon keys to half of the amount we used to receive, for a resource we need to boost up units, as well as the implementation of the grind for the end game relics, made almost impossible for anyone to complete all 3 stages, to sell packs, makes it hard for me to recommend this game to people just starting. It’s a shame because there is so much good about this game, but it’s pulled down by greed, and shortsightedness. Please change back the Festival Banners to how they used to be, but with the updated rates of 0.5%. That will at least be a good first step to improving the game and will show that Netmarble is listening to the community.Version: 1.3.0

Server crossoverWhen I first started I was really hyped and to this day I still love this game however I joined Asia server when I first started and now that knighthoods have come out I have seemed to realise that joining an active one is VERY hard in Asia server as there isn’t as many players as global, please add a feature so we can transfer to a different server(I don’t want to restart as beating chapter 6 took me many many hours).Version: 1.0.0

Poor developer decisionsI absolutely love this game and have played it since it was released on global. At first I used to summon on all banners early in the game to try get the characters but recently with the top character being released needing 900 gems each time is so hard to save up as a free to play player. I skipped on the Festival King banner to get the next festival character but with the arch angels banner (needing 600 gems might I add) I decided to go into this banner and resave back up. 2 WEEKS ago was festival king and another one has been released so soon, it is a joke to the community ESPECIALLY after the November notes saying you would SLOW DOWN. Thanks Netmarble for trying to take money but I’ll hard pass on that #BoycottAssaultMeli2021.Version: 1.1.17

Assault Meli#BoycottAssaultMeli2021 Love u Seatin xx.Version: 1.1.17

Good PvE Bad PvPIt’s honestly quiet simple: the PVE aspect of the game is quiet engaging and it’s challenging enough so that you don’t blow right through it and you need to actually put thought into team comp and spend grinding. However, PvP is honestly just “good luck trying to climb up in rank if you don’t have _____ on your team.” I honestly enjoyed PvP at first but as you get to the higher ranks you start to notice that every team you fight has the same comp and you just can’t keep up because you don’t have a specific hero. Like as much as people like to defend this game saying it’s f2p, it really isn’t. The meta is just have characters x,y,z fully leveled and awakened and assuming that card rng doesn’t screw you over you could expect to you 4/5 times. It’s tiring to face against the same team over and over again to fight a losing battle because you just had bad luck and couldn’t get the meta defining character in your team. I mean losing because your card rng is bad is one thing but losing because you didn’t get lucky enough or pay to roll a character on a banner just feels bad. I’m not saying that you can’t enjoy PvP as f2p, I’m just saying that there’s a limit to how much you can do as f2p..Version: 1.1.10

So disappointedThe global ruins the game.Version: 1.0.9

I don't know why I bother.I love these games and get super excited every time one comes out, especially when it's ripped straight out of something I like. I love the turn based combat and spent many years playing this genre way before the mobile platform was even viable. But I am thoroughly frustrated more and more as each one comes out. the tutorials get longer, they get more restrictive and eventually it doesnt matter how excited I am to watch the cut-scenes and fight monsters it quickly becomes a mindless tap fest. Skipping scenes because I want to play, not because I'm disinterested in story. 30 minutes into the game when I could finally taste freedom I found myself continuously progressing how I was told to and not how I wanted to. There is no room for exploration or discovery. At least not until you've been carried through the best parts. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the gameplay. I just can't do this anymore. one final note: I get it, apparently a lot of non-gamers play games now. For some reason this means they need to be spoon fed? Maybe they pay more of the $$ too? I don't know but yall need to look up "perverse instantiation" in the dictionary..Version: 1.0.0

Do not downloadNot a good game do not download. Game crashes constantly..Version: 1.0.0

Bug fix pleaseThe gameplay and cutscenes look amazing but unfortunately the game keeps crashing in the tutorial battle. Please fix this, I’ve been looking forward to playing this but I can’t even finish the tutorial without it crashing..Version: 1.1.0

Pay to winAre you kidding me I really just saw three people in a row get the one escanor and I get shafted your other games are just as bad like strike force this is why Bandai Namco and criware are in the lead because they actually know when to stop shafting unlike you who realizes how to exploit players for money and give people no hope your app is actually the worst and if I could go back and not summon on lostvayne I would because that coin system you have really doesn’t work please rate up escanor and don’t make him a limited edition character pretty much happens with the godesses aswell instead maybe you could make a choose what character you want out of the event characters and get it for 109.99 please learn not to steal money because I have spent money on this game and was shafted all of the old units are bad and I’m tired of them but this shaft you got holy moly no wonder you made that hero suit for just regular escanor aswell because no one except for people who poor thousands of dollars into this game can actually afford to put this stupid yellow suit on escanor.Version: 1.1.17

Too easy. What’s the point?Let me start by saying the game itself is great. The way combat works is pretty unique and all the stuff you do outside combat is pretty fun. However, the game is way too easy due to my drawing three characters in the first few days that came with maximum stars and levels. What’s the point of even playing when I can end every fight with a single attack? Seems to be a fear among mobile devs these days that people will only play if they think they’ll get really powerful really fast. It’s not true. The majority of players like to earn their progress..Version: 1.2.00

Excellent game!!!Can’t wait for other units like the commandments, merlin, and escanor to be released in global... one of the best game to ever come out hands down 👏.Version: 1.0.0

Figure it out NetmarbleStarted out good but the recent decisions by the developers show they don’t care for the global playerbase and just want to milk them for money..Version: 1.0.9

Uses Every dirty gacha trick in the book.The gameplay is good, nothing wrong there but Netmarble are royally exploiting knowledge about this game due to the fact it’s been out in Japan for a while. They’re using this knowledge of the meta to purposely and wilfully deny global players the top tier units to bait spending and it’s disgusting. All the good characters who were (in Japan) guaranteed purchases using in game currency are now, on global, attached to a gacha. They’re outright lying about these characters move over to the general gacha pool (Recent banner explicitly stated the character would enter the general pool in game but patch notes now say he won’t) and when asked if they will be available to purchase with coins like in Japan we were told “maybe”. Netmarble are milking this game hard and fast. They want in, and out, with your money and have no desire to maintain the game long term..Version: 1.0.3

Too much supportHello. This game is great and I used to play it. There is 1 major flaw though which is how much support you get in this game. It feels too easy because of being friends with people who have over powered characters and the events and stuff that happen in the game. It give you so much stuff and even when I first downloaded the game, I was overwhelmed with how much currency and other stuff it gave me. I didn’t know how the game worked or what to do with it all until a couple days later. It is a very easy game with little to no difficulty. I might just be the only one getting sent all this stuff from Elizabeth who gives out the daily rewards but I don’t know. Can you please make this game a bit more of a challenge?.Version: 1.2.2

DogshitDogshit game, worst rates out of any mobile game ive played, i really have to spend 900 gems to get the one when other players pull him on the first draw? Suck my nuts netmarble.Version: 1.1.17

Getting gems is hard if you can’t pay for themIt’s annoying how people who pay for gems have more of a chance at getting the new characters and then max there characters ultimate, they also have more power then people who can’t pay for gems and other items, I’ve been playing for a while and it’s still pretty hard to get a lot of gems, and then hosting 2 events at the same time is annoying because then the people who don’t have the luxury of buying gems have to be really decisive about how they send their gems. I wish I never downloaded this game, when I first saw this game I thought it would’ve been one where you can’t buy your power level..Version: 1.2.00

Game crashingIt keeps crashing after its lagging it wqsnt doint that before.Version: 1.2.1

Unfortunate decisions by devsJust started playing a few days ago and it seemed really fun but i see we global players are already getting completely shafted compared to jp? If you really want to make money, treat your players right first.Version: 1.0.9

PoorThere really isnt an incentive to play the game on global for f2p players because the rates on the banners are a mess which means you have to spend money to if u don’t get any good units they shift all there focus into the players which spend money on the game and leave out the players who still play but can’t spend money this game is honestly a money grab on global I don’t know about japans server but from the comments it’s probably much much more better on Japan if you do decide to play this game keep in mind be watchful of your materials and don’t spend money on the game I’ve spend like £50 on this game and the rates are terrible u can go a full rotation without even getting an ssr poor I will be deleting.Version: 1.4.2

Global playerSeems to be a disconnect from what the Global server players get vs what the Japanese server players. Unfair favouritism..Version: 1.0.9

Another great game mismanagedIn the JP version the unit they just released as a banner was not only free it was fully maxed. Now greedy Netmarble is asking global players to pay for it. Bad move. Retention over Monetization people. Simple as that..Version: 1.0.9

Garbage P2W game.The game is very impressive graphically, but it’s also very much a P2W. It seems like every time they release a new character, it’s incredibly powerful and makes the one you got last month utterly useless. For example, Purgatory Ban was a unit people wanted for months. When he came out, he dominated PVP (if you want the most F2P gems, you gotta do this). Now there’s a new character, one who is strong against his type, and has an insane buff that can raise all your teams stats, increase their damage by 50%, AND reduce damage you take by 40%. It’s only for three turns though…but good luck surviving that long, and hope they don’t recast it. My prediction, they’ll just make a character that beats that character into the ground in a month or two, because that’s how greedy these devs are. I understand how gacha games work, been playing them for years, but this constant power creep will kill the game. Don’t believe me? Look at more popular games (Naruto) that got completely shut down. TLDR: If you want to play, go for it, but I wouldn’t open your wallet to it or you’ll never shut it again trying to keep up with the meta. I’ll be amazed if this game lasts another year..Version: 1.3.0

#BoycottAssultMeli2021This game was great, it really was, have had good times with it but with all that has gone on from the transition from 2020 to 2021 it makes it hard for me to want to play this game anymore, I liked the game because of its design, story and the characters you could get but as a free to play player I can’t get all these things when they are being pumped out with no care in the world. I won’t be summoning on the banner and others who see this, don’t either, for reasoning search up Seatin - The Whale Sin of Spending.Version: 1.1.17

Global - Sin of Milking PlayersI’ve been playing this game since April, and I love everything about it! Well...loved. In the beginning, getting new characters was a blast! It was fast paced, but with only a handful of characters to start with, it wasn’t a bother at the time. Now, with over 140 characters, this pace is THE WORST. SLOW DOWN! I wanted to give CM Gold the benefit of the doubt and think that they are just trying to catch up to the JP version then match pace, but that definitely isn’t it. And, even if it was, there are better ways! Having banners of top tier characters back to back is downright maddening! Are you doing this for just a quick buck? You’d make even more money by taking it in stride! These banners that you expect to make major money off of are being forfeited because you’re angering your customers, your players! Not to mention the characters that you have in the banners alongside the new ones are the same boring ones every time! How about you start treating your players with respect instead of as glorified piggy banks! Take a lesson from the Japanese version of this game, or better yet, listen to the players. We know what we want. #BoycottAssaultMeli2021.Version: 1.1.17

#boycottasaulmeli2021I’m gonna start by saying I really enjoy this game. It’s one of my favourite games to play about one of my favourite anime’s- however, I can not stress enough the absolute mess of a state this game is in. The amount of gems you gain compared to the amount of necessary banners you get is just pitiful. Since just before the new year we’ve had three extremely important banners, with characters practically required to merge the metas, yet little to no boost in gems. I’m platinum 5 currently in competitive and I get 34 gems per week. Unless you only want me to draw for each banner once and that’s it I think something really needs to be fixed. Not only this but compared to the Japanese version, these extremely necessary banners with really good one time characters have nothing else in them. For example the archangel banner currently has two characters that are absolutely insane- and the rest are never used in the game. However on the Japanese version- there were top tier characters in it instead of the characters no one uses. On top of all this netmarble made an announcement saying that they were going to slow down banners and help players gain gems back in November- since then the banners have gotten faster and the only thing that really effected gems was a daily 2 gems we got not so long since..Version: 1.1.17

Cash grab not f2p friendlyDO NOT PLAY THIS GAME. Not only do they force you to spend to get your characters week after week on banners but they now force you to pay for energy just to play. It’s unplayable if you can’t spend no way to be competitive. It was bad enough on the banners that come at break neck speed but then to get any rewards they want to force you get any energy just to do gb. Even for a whale to enjoy this game it’s ridiculously expensive.Version: 1.1.17

Stop being greedyI have supported this game from day 1 of global launch, expecting the same treatment jp gets, and instead we get shafted multiple times without reimbursement. green lilia was supposed to be a f2p unit, not such a big deal seing the bucks they can make with blue lilia, but they still went down the wrong route😢.Version: 1.0.9

Bad MaintenanceThe first time I ever heard about this game I was excited, and I got even more excited when I heard it was going to become Global, I love the franchise, the characters, the story, etc. The day when it finally became Global I was excited, I thought the gameplay was good, the animation(s), the music, everything. I thought that nothing could ever make this game horrible, but boy, I was so wrong. As most people know, this is a gacha game, you already know how they work, and might already know about their reputation, but the way they (Global) do it, it's just disgusting. Every single week there would be new characters left and right, giving little time for people to prepare for them. Now, that isn't much of a problem for people who spend money on the game, but for people who are F2P (Free 2 Play), which means they don't spend money. This completely ruins the experience for those players, it completely negates their chances of having fun in the game when they are being absolutely destroyed in unbeatable missions and by people who spend almost there entire life savings into this game. Do not get this game if you can't handle the incredible amount toxicity it holds. The Global maintenance of this game is god awful, they are practically pure definition of greed. Don't get me wrong, they do "apologize" , but they'll go right back to square one. Just please don't give them your money..Version: 1.1.17

Predominantly P2PStarted playing this last year and stopped for good reason. I just picked it up again and the game is very gacha based as in you pay a lot to get anything half decent and that’s if you’re lucky. Banners showing characters but not being in the pools are very misleading. So if you have money pouring out your ears and can afford to spend minimum $20 per week then this is your game. If looking for a F2P game to play casually keep looking. Also if you choose the wrong server, you’re permanently stuck there..Version: 1.2.7

Not for iPod6No longer usable on my iPod Touch gen 6, on 2021-10-23. Slow to load, then crashes..Version: 1.3.1

English dub?Hi, I love this game, but was a bit disappointed when the English option was just English writing, and not the proper English voices or anything like it. Still a good game, but still.Version: 1.0.3

Trash, play the Japanese/Korean versionThe pacing is so fast my parents had heart attacks just from the presence of the app.Version: 1.1.17

Pay 2 WinWas generous with lots of free stuff at first but now everything is just so expensive. Money grab..Version: 1.0.9

¡me cago en sus muertosYo me cago en sus muertos, que no me toca nada después de tirar 300 piedras.Version: 1.1.0

Publisher Netmarble starting to destroy gameThe 100 day event was planned and not a response to the problem they just created. Netmarble really took a free 6/6 highest rarity event unit and locked it behind a paywall where you only get 1 of it after 11 steps..Version: 1.0.9

English voice actorsI can only give it three stars at the moment simply because you can’t choose different voice actors. I have watched this series over and over and love both dub and sub but I’d love to understand the dialogue without the need to read subtitles in the game, other then that one thing it’s a well designed game and if you haven’t watched the series I recommend it before playing to understand the characters better.Version: 1.0.0

Are the rates even existent?I really love this game. Seriously. I know some you tubers that play the JO version and I was really exited when global came out. So I played the game for about 3 weeks to a month, and just when I thought I really like this game blue demon meliodas comes in. And I summoned 400 gems free to play. I summoned and I got nearly every other SSR that wasn’t blue demon meliodas. I thought he was meant to have a higher rate?! Please improve this. I love this game and I really don’t want to quit, but I might if this happens again, it is really frustrating and I know some others who would agree with me. Thanks,.Version: 1.1.0

#BoycottAssaultMeli2021For the most part this game has been amazing (acquiring resources and basic gameplay mechanics). However, the release of ‘content’ in the form of rushed banners, skipped characters and missing events is inexcusable. People can’t keep up period, all that is needed is to space out the schedule and follow or one up the JP/Korean counterparts with the BENEFIT OF HINDSIGHT. But again and again we get shafted on both fronts of banners and events. This needs to be addressed as the team has stated that they wish to work with us as the consumer. No half assed compensation of 15 diamonds but openly taking responsibility for this nonsense. Do better. Also, for anyone leaving honestly reviews please be as constructive as you can and not hateful or the whole holding netmarble accountable will be pointless x.Version: 1.1.17

Greedy publisherGreedy publisher, go play the japanese version instead.Version: 1.0.9

The developers screwed upIt’s been over a year since I started playing the game. The Dynamics and the mechanics of the game is good. But as the game progressed, it lost its shine. The banner rates are soo bad. They are releasing characters every fortnight. Free to play players don’t get a chance to gather the gems for summoning. You can only get 300 gems a month. A desired characters need around 600 to guarantee. With releasing character every 2 weeks, players don’t get a fair chance to acquire their desired character. It’s basically become a pay to play game now. I urge the developers to review where they are taking the game.Version: 1.2.3

Greedy developersUsed to be a good game but now they are just asking for too much money just to be able to play the game. Either they slow things down or give us more diamonds #Boycott7ds.Version: 1.2.00

Pay to win!Been playing for a while, it’s a good game but come on! I spent 700 gems and no Excanor! Plus the equipments! How can I increase my stats against other players if I’m not spending real money? Are you serious?.Version: 1.2.1

Cheated and disappointedThe overall game is good but it’s ha ha mechanics are disgusting just like the dev team. They false advertise unit banner descriptions and what makes it worse is that they have ignored all of the customer complaints and have ruined the game I liked. Not only are the odds 3% for an ssr unit out of a 11 character multi but apparently they don’t work either. Free to play players are reaping all the benefits that us pay to players aren’t getting. For example every single unit in the game that I have acquired has cost me me over 500 gems Each multi is 30 gems and then you get a guaranteed ssr after you spend 150 gems and not pull anything. I’ve done 14 multis so far so 720 gems and I never pulled even 1 ssr which are required to help progress and play the game. Free to play players do not keep the game going it’s the pay to play and the real the benefits that we give them. I have invested a lot of time and money into this game because it is good but if all it does is take do not waste your time playing it..Version: 1.1.0

Wow....App crashing during first fight with Melinda’s and Elizabeth... try to reinstall 2 time nothing work screw this Even if it’s fix I’ve miss so much daily login....Version: 1.0.0

DisappointedI am really sad to be writing this review, because I absolutely love this game, it’s for sure my favorite gacha game ever: the visuals are amazing, the events and ideas are fun and the gameplay is not too simple and not too complicated. In theory, it’s the prefect game for me, but sadly the developers seem to be against the community and that turns it into a really horrible experience. Conflicts between the devs and the community had already happened a lot of times during the lifespan of the game, but i never thought it was too compromising. With the release of the Attack on Titan collaboration, however, things changed in my eyes. Unlike the previous collaboration, which was changed quite a bit from the JP version of the game to the global version, this one was kept the exact same, banner, rates, prices and all. The only thing they changed was exactly the one feature the community was looking forward to the most, which they took away. If that’s not the devs openly going against the community’s wishes then I don’t know what it is. It is with a heavy heart that I say that, even though this an amazing game, the developers’ attitudes are ruining my experience, so I can’t recommend it as much as I would like to....Version: 1.1.3

#boycottassaultmeliodasI used to enjoy playing this game building my teams up with the right gear playing through the story and saving up for my favourite characters from the series example the archangels who were just released and now netmarble has decided to drop assault meliodas 2/3 months earlier than he should be. Bearing in mind the archangels banner was changed so no ludociel wasnt in was already shaft but now after spending the 600 gems for the 1 sariel copy I have next to nothing left to spend on the banner which means if I want a ‘chance’ to pull meliodas I’ll have no choice but the buy gems and for me that shows what kind of developers netmarble have/are I want to have fun on the game not gamble all my money for characters that shouldn’t be out yet the one escanor should be out first or I maybe mistaken and he’ll drop a week after meliodas..... don’t summon on the banner guys this is a literal joke from netmarble and how they’ve treated the grandcross community.Version: 1.1.17

Money hungry TROLLSThis company is Top 5 money hungry company's. Not free to play friendly so if u plan on being a whale spending thousands then this game is for u but if your just a normal casual gamer THIS GAME AINT IT. I REPEAT THIS GAME AINT IT. They give dailys which can prolly give you 21 gems by the end of the week*it cost 30 per summon* u get gems from storyline and pvp at the end of the week depending your placement but its impossible to ever really save. They drop super broken characters maybe 2-3 weeks separate from each other completely bending over there free to play players. Not to mention they have sum of the WORST DROP RATES I HAVE EVER SEEN. Why is the main character on the banner has the same drop rate if not worse drop rate then the useless characters they put them with or how about getting all the gems you need just to still not get there character u want but 10s of doubles of a terrible characters. I hope people read this stay free to play strictly until they fix the drops or are more giving of gems. Stop supporting these whales on streams just so they can summon all they want giving the company fat pockets and they will eventually get that broken character while “you” the supporter is lucked out with trash and the company wont care..Version: 1.1.17

Game developers are money hungry clowns🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡.Version: 1.1.17

Honest reviewThe game in its current state is not the greatest, the reason to this is that they are pumping characters out one after the other so they can catch up with jp’s version but by doing they are are giving F2P no breathing room and even whales are having spend a lot of money so that they get them. They say they listen to the community but after a week they will go back to their old ways. Hope it gets better after a couple of months break and also realising assault mode meliodas is the dumbest thing I've seen. All in all if you like spending a lot of money for the character to be useless after a week then this is a game for you.Version: 1.1.17

Pay to enjoyGame is free to play but pay to enjoy. When I am spending, it is quite enjoyable since I get all characters I want 6/6 with full costumes, but new characters are coming out very frequently and much too dominating. 1/6 characters without costumes are basically useless which means you have to keep spending to really to enjoy the game..Version: 1.2.3

Greedy trash companyThey started out talking about loving their community, then at every chance they could they would sneak in things we hated on purpose. Most recently they released buffs on a LOT of characters, but locked. To unlock these buffs you need items you can get from beating a new boss. The new boss is almost impossible even for whales who spend money to stay ahead of the game. BUT THEN, WITHOUT PUTTING IT IN THE PATCH NOTES, STEALTH RELEASES A PACK SELLING THE ITEMS YOU GET FROM THE IMPOSSIBLE BOSS FOR 100$. This couples with the bait banners with a random limited character to make sure people pull for them, and the down grading of their festival banners…it sure shows you hate us. :).Version: 1.3.2

Unfair jp to globalTrash they treat jp like kings while global gets the worst things.Version: 1.0.9

Poor Customer ServiceI contacted account support a week ago. Still no response with an account recovery issue. Don’t waste your time or money on this game like I did..Version: 1.2.4

The State of This GameThis game has two versions, this global version and a Japanese version. The Japanese version is focused on making good content for the player-base and player happiness is clearly a high priority. On the other hand, global is horrible, the dev team is obviously very focused on getting your money and that is it. They have been providing less opportunities to get units for free, which Japan has done, but has instead put them into banners, which is a way that you gamble game currency that you have either earned over time or bought, i repeat it is technically gambling. This means that instead of the whole player-base being happy, only the people who are willing to unload on the game are happy. The global dev team are also very sly, and will often try to trick the player into spending resources on a falsely advertised product, only to then release the product everyone actual wanted to spend it on. Ic you do want to play this game, dont, play on the japan server. But if you cant help it, WATCH YOUTUBERS, they know what is best as they have been playing the game for maybe the longest on both servers. Please please please dont get this game and definitely dont spend money on it. Overall a good game with a car crash of a dev team..Version: 1.0.9

#BoycottBloodyElizabeth #PayToWinSigh, here we go again for the THIRD time... WARNING to all new players. This game has always been pay to win, but FTP players can compete if you grind hard enough and choose to spend your gems wheeled. However you have to get SIX copies of each new unit to be able to compete with the whales. This will cost you HUNDREDS of $$$. Now, they are making banners EVEN WORSE than before, meaning it’s becoming harder and harder to keep up to. Despite being a 3 year ‘celebration’, they insist on being shady and trying to pull the wool over our eyes by putting more common characters in special banners, with lower rates for the new ones, to dilute the chances of you getting what you want, and making you spend more money. They continually make mistakes, month after month - angering the community - then apologise, promising to make changes, but they NEVER do! This needs to stop... I will not be summoning on the new banner unless changes are made..Version: 2.2.0

TitleIt took a lot of time to watch unlimited story without skipping immediately . I cant stand with this . I try to play 20 mins , hence I just deleted it . This is a trash game.Version: 1.0.0

Performance, Devices and Servers ReviewThe AppStore suggests running iOS 9 or later however testing an iPhone 5S and iPad Air using iOS 10 and 11 they were met with the issue of countless crashes (especially the iPhone 5S which experienced them constantly), the game definitely doesn't seem friendly to older devices especially those running older iOS versions (for whatever reason you didn't update), this is very unfortunate as a lot of users cannot afford newer iDevices making this game rather unplayable on a 5S or very frustrating after awhile on an iPad Air An additional note: Neither device could even press the Start button for episode 2 quest of the tutorial despite pressing the screen countless times on the iPad Air and the iPhone 5S not even getting a chance due to crashing every time it tried to launch the episode 2 cutscene on the Global server as well however it worked for the Asia server, this may or may not be the devices but the servers themselves (Great game when it works but just overshadowed by the crashes which can cause frustration).Version: 1.0.0

GreedyDont download the global version. For the same free unit in japan, you have to spend gems to get on global..Version: 1.0.9

IPad playersI tried playing this on my iPad mini but I was met with lots of crashes you would get to the of the loading screen and would just crash and I preordered this game did not receive it at release. So if they fix the problem of the crashing on older devices I would be much happier and I’ll get to play it..Version: 1.0.0

Please don’t play this gameThese awful 5* reviews seem to be paid reviews or they are from players that only played for 2 days and are fanboying for the brand name. Global server devs don’t care for this game. It was evident when a certain Meliodas character came out on Japanese servers that completely made the pvp aspect unplayable unless you got this unit and then global decided to release the same character almost instantly, bypassing all the content that should have came out before it so the global devs can get people to quickly top-up to get this BROKEN character (Broken = Overpowered). When the Japanese server made mistakes with their updates/in-game skill descriptions they compensated the player base accordingly and made an effort to keep their community happy. Global server did no such thing, they had a certain character come out with an incorrect skill description and once fixed they gave close to nothing as compensation to the player base in comparison to the Japanese server. This game is not worth your time. Thank you for reading..Version: 1.2.00

Preforming below expectationsThey are not up holding the standard the jp version of the game created..Version: 1.0.9

Way too complicatedLike so many games of this type, this one starts out ridiculously complicated and only becomes more so with each successive update. There are about 30 different areas of the game in each of which you can do many different things, which is great for ensuring that you won’t get bored or run out of things to do, but it’s terrible if you’re trying to remember which objectives you were hoping to achieve or even where in the infinitely convoluted UI you found them. The story and the characters are as well thought-out as everyone says, and mostly charming (though I don’t appreciate the disrespect with which Meliodas views Hawk, and pigs in general, any more than Hawk does) and there are quite a few remarkably powerful (and sexy!) female characters in the game...but there’s just way too much going on here for me to keep playing. You know something’s wrong when you almost can’t see the screen where the action takes place because there are 20 buttons covering it, all touting sales and events and a million other tangents you can go off on without ever even engaging in the main storyline. I launch the app, dismiss the myriad pop-ups trying to get me to engage these sales and events and what not, and look at that main screen with all the buttons and crap all over it and my head just spins. I have no idea what to do – there are way, way too many options. The older I get, the more I appreciate simplicity, and that is one thing you will not find in this game..Version: 1.1.3


Good game poor gameplaySo there’s a lot to fix with this game delivery is good but the playing is choppy it constantly crashes without using any multiplayer function, the boss/final battles the enemy has wayyyy too many buffs, they hit very hard for attack that are only made to give out a effect, like how can I just start and it’s their turn and on their first turn I get wiped out and lose like how is that fun gameplay(and keep in mind I have all lvl 60 characters with them decked out and up to 3 stars so how is this still not fair) lot of health and for some odd reason they can gain way more health than the damage you dealt(not even including after he heals his attack gives a ton of health as well) like you have to pray on chance and luck to even get your enemies health down to half. And to top it all off whenever I go to use diamonds or gold it keeps on taking those diamonds and gold but not giving my items back not the money it’s just gone and all that grinding I just did to get the materials were for nothing, don’t get me wrong game looks good and plays well for a turn style based game(though it need to be a bit more organized because everything looks like It was crammed in there with all the events and quest)but the actual functionality of the games needs to be tweaked a lot AND I want the diamonds and gold I literally ran around for scrapping up.Version: 1.0.3

#BoycottAssaultMeli2021It’s such a fun and amazing game but the speed of top tier units is way too fast and totally inconsiderate to free-to-play players such as myself that have been playing since the global release. #BoycottAssaultMeli2021.Version: 1.1.17

Good game, toxic pvpI’ve never really been a fan of gatcha games, but I gave this one a try, thinking it would be fun as I do like the seven deadly sins anime. However, it’s gotten to the point where online pvp is filled with teams that are so ridiculously strong that it’s impossible to play (especially on elite mode), and the rates for getting ssr’s is still very rare, so only people who pay to play can get the actual good cards. That’s my next issue with the game, there have been so many times where I would put in a lot of in game currency to attempt to pull for the banner character/characters, only to be shafted over and over. They give you higher chances to get ssrs if you do multiple multi summons, but if you don’t pay for gems, it’s impossible to actually do any multis, other than maybe once or twice weekly. By the time a ftp user has enough for multiple multis, the banner is probably already over. Overall the game is visually pleasing, the pve is fun and is a good way to pass time, the only problem I have is with pvp, and pull rates. My answer is not to say this game is bad, I just think it could be improved in those aspects..Version: 1.0.9

Love the game but it needs some major work.I started to play when the Reincarnation as a Slime crossover was put out, I love playing this game after all this time but there are major things that need to be addressed and fixed ASAP. The pacing of the banners need to be fixed so we have time to gather gems for the next event, a lot of players are free to play and need time to gather up gems for their ideal character. Secondly you NEED to fix the pricing rate on you diamonds, $1.50 for a single diamond and for 120 you need to pay $124?! Your price rate is outrageous and I feel sorry for those paying for those diamonds at these prices. These two reasons are the very reason I don’t buy in the game, the game itself is amazing and you can get a lot of items by playing free but you need to see what causes people to lose interest and that is how fast you pace your banners and the ridiculous price of diamonds. I hope you start listening and make this game playable for everyone..Version: 1.2.4

Overall very fun, but some major issues...This game is amazing and it’s the one I play most on my phone. However, I just installed the latest iOS update on my phone and now whenever I try to enter a town, start a battle, or initiate a cutscene, the game can’t make it past the loading screen and crashes. I’m not sure if it’s the game or my phone, but I can’t seem to do anything of importance within the game anymore. I’m used to it crashing every once in a while; the game is so fun that I hardly care. But if I can only do things like buy weapons, level up heroes using the “Rest day” rewards and things like that, the game is barely playable. Another complaint I have concerns the online pvp. For those unaware, if you are disconnected aka your game crashes during an online battle, the battle is counted as a defeat. I frankly don’t believe that it’s fair to have a battle counted as a loss because of something beyond the player’s control. Why doesn’t the battle just not count at all? But my major issue is the first one: the game crashes every time I try to do something that has to do with a cut or loading screen..Version: 1.0.9

Money hungryIf I could give this game a -5 I would. It’s the same issue with this developers. Banners are still dropping one after another with no time in between for the free to play, player base to gather enough gems. The drop rates are toooo low, you have to atleast do a full rotation to get the main banner unit, if it’s multiple units well just add a rotation for each unit pretty much. The filler units aren’t meta or even close to meta units, and more often then not you’ll mostly likely be getting a filler unit even though the main unit has “a rate up”. Getting gems, the only way really to get gems constantly is through pvp, and for that you need atleast a 4/6 unit, a meta unit with most custom set maxed. If you don’t have a good meta unit with all said requirements, and I say requirements because that’s what they are. You can’t win enough battles to be at the top where you get the most amount of gems. PVE doesn’t reward you with gems unless it’s a tower of trails with JP has had multiple of, but global for some reason can’t even get half of that. But wait they can catch up so that banners drop at the same time. I’m probably going to quit, because I have dropped money on the game and the rewards haven’t been worth even a 10% of what I’ve spent. Most likely nothing will be done to fix any of said issues, so my tip for new players save your gems spend them on banners that are worth the grind.Version: 1.2.2

NETMARBLESince the new update the game is literally unplayable as in I can’t even get past the first loading screen it’s been 3 days of posts on the forums for nothing, there has to be compensation for this, JP didn’t experience bugs this bad i haven’t been able to play the game for days and the socials just keep posting about playing these amazing events in game that many can’t even access. Every game Netmarble are involved with don’t work one has taken over a year to build a new system that is still complete trash and this game doesn’t let you past the loading screen, please either get people that know what they’re doing or stop making games and getting involved in others because it’s actually laughable how much of a joke this company is at the moment..Version: 2.0.2

Really?L spended 180 gems and only goted normal ssr while the festival units has more chances, is this some kind of cruel joke.Version: 1.3.5

CrashesUsed to like this game now the updates always require more mbs and a long wait period while it downloads the game crashes all the time now I’ve had this since it was realised I just got off crashed 4 times in 10 mins what a waste of time.Version: 1.0.3

Deer demonic beast battleYou can spend hours to just lose at the deer because you don't get perfect luck. There's also no reason to give it a passive on the second floor to revive at 10% hp and then on floor 3 phase 4 have it regain all its health and extra stats if below 20%. The pure fact you need a character that gives you up to 60% of all stats and yet you still lose goes to show it's a failure of game design and should be changed asap..Version: 2.0.2

This Green Lilia nonsense is unacceptableNetmarble has ruined the game.Version: 1.0.9

UnplayableKeeps crashing after the laggy intro while the game was downloading. What a waste of time..Version: 1.0.9

Whale CityHow can I put this... oh I know bust out your wallets or you're not winning. Simple enough don’t ya think. There’s no variety anymore with teams. You have to buy variety, what I mean by that is if you want to try different characters that are off-meta, and wanna win with those teams you better believe that your gonna have to grab your credit card and grab each costume and max out their ultimate moves. Even then you have to be lucky with RNG and the “combat class” because if you don’t go first you’re at a severe disadvantage. You got a team out there that If you attack any unit your buffing up assault Meliodas. And then you got the “one” Escanor who’s just gonna one-shot your unit along with goddess Elizabeth who is by far the most annoying unit ever. She stuns you, revives a dead ally, and shields up. The game is at its darkest hour right now. With no variety, no fun, sweatfest players who spend every dollar peso yen or whatever on each banner and costume. Free to play is just get lucky that you’ll pull multiple copies of the one unit that just dominates in every category. Netmarble please separate the free-to-play players and the whales away from each other. A complete disaster. I’ll keep playing for some ungodly reason, maybe I secretly love the pain of getting smashed in PVP..Version: 1.2.1

Bug fixMy phone is definitely compatible yet it won’t let me play the game and keeps crashing.Version: 1.0.0

DisgustingGreedy company, screws over global fan base when the JP game was far more generous..Version: 1.0.9

Fix the gamePlease fix this game. I got stuck at the very first tutorial mission with Elizabeth and Hawk. Try reinstall and stuffs but still stuck???.Version: 1.0.9

The crashesI know the game is supposed to crash a few times but I can’t even play the game I can finish the tutorial either! Please fix this but overall the game is amazing great for people who already finished the show!.Version: 1.0.9

Love 7DS! But...First off I love Seven Deadly Sins! Read the manga and watched the anime, even made a JP iTunes account so I could play it before it came to global. Now I understand it is trying to follow the anime story for the most part and I appreciate it to some extent but that’s also the reason for 3 stars. I am not big on pvp in mobile games if I want to pvp I get on one of my consoles, I play mobile games for the campaign and gacha content. Which brings me to 7DS I am tired of being stuck in the story until I level up certain characters to progress, it’s fine if you need one specific character for something you borrow it from a friend and keep playing. However, when you need 2 and both are not characters you use it puts a real damper on the game! I level up and play with characters I like and want to play with that’s a big part of why I play mobile games based on anime or manga, but in 7DS there is too much emphasis on playing parts of the story with specific units and because of that and the fun it takes away from my experience I have to give it just 3 stars. If I was able to use who I want or at least only have one required character at most then 5 stars easy! But for someone who doesn’t pvp and plus casually the amount of time it’s going to take to level up 2 separate characters to advance the Ban event to advance the chapter is extremely demotivating, and only makes me play less..Version: 1.0.9

Global Unfairness / #TreatGlobalFairlyThis is a fun game, but its going downhill fast. The community is outrage with how the global team is handling the game. the developers have done many mistakes, from false advertising in the second banner, the false advertisements in the 7ds all banner, inputing the information on the merlin banner, silently nerfing the daily log in reward without any notice to players, the hawk pass side that was for free to play players are capped at level 16 out of 20 unless players use gems to unlock it, and more. The community is in an outrage right now, and it seems as if the team is not listening to the community outcry. The JP side of the game gave free units while global players needs to spend gems to hopefully get the units. Its as if the global side of the game is primarily only for cash grab, rather than to build a good will with the player base. #TreatGlobalFairly.Version: 1.0.9

Treating Global Players as cash grabGreat game but netmarble is treating global players as cash grab. Character and costume free in JP are not free in Global. Mind you we are paying more for same item. Will you accept if Apple did this to you?.Version: 1.0.9

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