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PREMIER Credit Card App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

PREMIER Credit Card app received 32 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using PREMIER Credit Card? Can you share your negative thoughts about premier credit card?

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PREMIER Credit Card for Negative User Reviews

Card - friend or foe?The card availability is a blessing and it’s features are nice- lets start there. The headache is when you’re attempting to use it and have to enter a PIN number as if it’s a debit card! I was told it was for added security. (Won’t go there- but ok) Now the app. You can’t see pending transactions. The lag time with posting the correct card balance is too long. Even if you know your balance owed is $100, you can only pay the balance it gives you even if it’s $20. You’ll see all of your transactions, but, your balance won’t reflect the same. I waited almost 2weeks to pay because I waited for a balance owed to update. That’s a headache! Finally, every time I log in to pay my bill, it says I’m entering the wrong password- despite my having it written down. So resetting every month is now a necessary thing. If First Premier can fix these issues might not be too bad....Version: 2.1

Premier Doesn’t Give Confirmation on payment changesI asked from the first day I received my credit card and several times after that for a payment date change. I don’t get paid on the 1st of the month. No notes were ever put in there system that I ever asked for a different payment date to avoid late charges. They say they record your calls but no one listens to them to verify what you said they just go by notes that aren’t always being taken. Then you get charged a $30 late fee for not paying on time and they then tell you that now they can’t change the date when your over your limit due to the late fee. That’s terrible!!.Version: 2.3.2

Bad !!!Paid my 95$ fee , ( all the money I had ) and I couldn’t use it online CVV and expiration date were “incorrect “ told they are having issues talked to 8 people , tried to take money out and was told 30$ is max , which I understand. Then they told me to use it in stores , so I went to the store & then when I went to pay it said “payment failed “ and I called & they said don’t type in the pin , run as credit …. Welll why do why have a pin and it automatically runs as debit lol !!!! I just went to the store again bought 2 drinks 6$ and now my balance says 191$ my balance was 225$ before I bought the drinks !!!! How did I spend $34?!?.Version: 3.1.2

WORST EXPERIENCE EVERI ABSOLUTELY HATE HATE HATE HATE HATEEEEEE THIS DARN CREDIT COMPANY!!!! ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE!!!! What am I supposed to do with $20 freakin’ dollars before the 90 days are up!?!? Is this credit line for a minors!? I spent $182 and I paid it right away… this is a joke! PROBLEM #1 then I couldn’t use my credit card for DAYYSSSS maybe even weeks and I just dealt with Hurricane Ian and he completely destroyed my town and my life!! “Oh your first payment is waived after you just had a Hurricane but we will only limit you to $20 freakin’ dollars to use, go buy a pack of gum, I hope that’s enough for you!!” Are you kidding me!? 😡😡😡 Why wasn’t my $182 waived then!? Why did I pay!? Why am I having ALLLLL THESE PROBLEMS!? PROBLEM #2 And now I can’t make ANY purchase online because they sent me a credit card with the INCORRECT CVV NUMBER…. And I am here absolutely frustrated and stressed because I’m here thanking the LORD for answering my prayers with this extra cash and I literally got ALLLL MY HOPES UP!! I am so upset I honestly cannot believe I am feeling this way. I thought I cried enough because of this darn hurricane but no, this credit card company just topped it off. I could kill my self with everything I am going through and this IGNORANT CREDIT CARD COMPANY GIVES ME HOPE AND THEN TAKES IT ALLLL RIGHT BACK!! 💔💔💔💔.Version: 3.1.2

Predatory CompanyAny sort of problem causing a missed payment, will result in fees and interest charges that will leave you unable to ever bring down your balance again, unless you can pay it in full. I had a $700 limit that I had to use for essentials and after not being able to make a payment, my account is $242 past due and almost a $1000 bill now. This card is designed for people with mid/poor credit, because you have to keep making the payment that goes almost all to interest, just to try and keep a good credit score. I refuse, until someone reaches out from premier and explains why my balances are so absurdly high when I haven’t used the cards in months and have strugggled with money during the pandemic. Dont recommend, use cash only..Version: 2.3.3

Incompetency at it’s finestThis companies customer service department is a joke. They would better off just letting the computer voice run everything. I called to report identity/mail box theft and they canceled the card and sent a new one which also got stolen and used. I called them again and they canceled that card and I told them NOT to send another card due to Mail theft. They sent it anyway which was used but the mail thief to add more charges. I called them again and told them to close my account for that card completely. They said they had and it was gone. Now in the App I see another new account. I guess you can’t fix stupid. Next step is legal action!.Version: 3.2.2

Unhappy with loginI’ve gotten so tired of creating new passwords over and over and over again because apparently my face is not good enough anymore I’m gonna try and pay this card off and get rid of it because the whole thing is way too much hassle just to get a point or two in a positive direction for my credit score I’m sure I can find some other company that has a little bit more user-friendly and not a major hassle I’m trying to rebuild my life after voluntarily checking into a alcohol rehab program now I’m six years sober and I would like my life is good to continue on a positive note. And if I can’t get into the The app with supposedly easy to use application or the not so helpful website. Any response that might help with possibly maintaining the card so I can rebuild my credit would be appreciated. Thank you very much.Version: 3.1.1

You can do betterThe company always says due to high call volume this call will be longer than 5 minutes and I sit for 20 minutes without help. There is no option for auto pay. There are a lot of fees just to have the card. They gave me 2 cards and when my credit when down after a recent surgery they cut my cards off without telling me. My app just said balance 120 out of 700 available credit $0. No warning, no letter, nothing. I am ok with it because I have higher limit cards with out the fees but if you depend on your cards and like to talk to customer service avoid this one..Version: 3.2.2

Hate this companyAVOID this company!! I got this card to help boost my credit a while back, but it’s actually hurt my credit instead! They reported me to the credit agencies one week after for ONE missed monthly payment of $6.75!! They make it impossible to schedule a payment in advance and they don’t offer auto pay. I was going through a medical emergency and missed one months $6.75 payment and I wrote to them and asked them to please remove it, correct it with credit agencies, but they ignored me. Now it shows up as a late payment and actually lowered my credit and is making it really hard for me to apply for home loans in a competitive market. I totally regret getting this card!! It’s hurting me tremendously over a $6.75 unnecessary fee. AVOID!!!.Version: 3.1.0

Predatory LendingJust received a pre-approved credit card offer in the mail. I’d like to warn anyone who is considering using this lender to read the fine print. Their credit card has an annual interest rate of 36% (the highest I’ve ever seen) AND annual fees that add up to $225 a year. Needless to say, I will NOT be falling for this trap. If you’re building your credit, just snag a secured card from Discover. They’ll refund your deposit in six months, convert your card to an unsecured one and up your l credit limit. I am currently paying ZERO annual fees with them, have a 22% interest rate and a credit limit that is four times higher than what First Premier Bank is offering. Absolutely nobody with common sense should be going with this credit option..Version: 2.3.1

Wouldn’t wish on my worst enemyDO NOT GET THIS CREDIT CARD. There are no autopay options. I don’t get reminders to pay. I have paid more in fees to this company than my credit limit. This card is a joke. There’s a “monthly fee” you have to pay even though I specifically got this card to not pay fees month to month. They enjoy making you miss a payment to pay additional fees. The only reason that I have this card still is to not destroy my credit history as I’ve had this card for a few years. Absolute GARBAGE. Do not patronize this company. They are horrible, and they do not care about the customer. If they really wanted to help us, they wouldn’t destroy us with unnecessary fees and an inability to autopay (thereby paying MORE fees). They are horrible, I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. Do not utilize their services unless you want to make your life worse. App review - perfectly serviceable, not as good as Capital One or Discover. Both have WAY better customer experiences and don’t drown you in fees..Version: 2.3.2

Credit increaseI’ve had my card for a while now and most recently paid it off along with about 75% of my revolving credit accounts. I requested an in crease in my credit to increase my credit availability % to usage. This will help my credit score increase therefore making me a more credit worthy consumer. I was denied based on not having this card long enough. I believe this to be an inaccurate method. I’ve haven’t missed a payment on this card or any other in over four years and have been a responsible credit user. In this day and age when so many have been effected negatively, the positive however small should be weighed heavier..Version: 2.3.2

Decent for a starter cardIt’s a decent card that will help build credit. The downsides are that the app is not user friendly, credit limits are too low for long time users and the fees are ridiculous (yearly, monthly, initial, limit increase, late payment) but fees are expected when you are utilizing a service to build credit. I’ve had 2 accounts with them for almost 4 years (had a 0 balance for over a year, still paying monthly fees) and will soon be closing both of them. If they would offer serious credit limits, I would consider keeping them..Version: 3.0.0

Delayed Transactions PostsWould give this a 4 star but waiting days for expenses to post to your account is just a pain. I just end up doing the math, guess-timating what I owe and post the payment. I was told by several reps my payment isn't due yet, but the app does not do a good enough job to reflect that. So what I do is pay way ahead of time even though the app says payment isn't due yet nor reflects accurate information compared to other major credit card companies. I'm just using this card to rebuild my credit and move on, because the sign up and annual fees alone are not in my best interest, to say the least. My advice to other users, keep track of your expenses elsewhere, pay up usage 2 weeks in advance and move on to another company before you loose your card or 1yr is up before you get hit with major fees!.Version: 2.2

Customer Service ExperienceI have been with the company for almost 2 months. In that time I have spoken to numerous associates about my issues in regards to my card, but the help that I have received has been lackluster. Each conversation ended in either a lie or half truth, and I still have not received my card. Not even a virtual card. Not to mention I prepay and have already received 2 statements for a card I haven’t even touched! The associates told me that there was no one that could help me. I had no other way to speak to anybody other calling. The only thing that has been consistent is the associates telling me to just wait or be patient. I was even yelled at!!! Let’s just say I’m not pleased or impressed..Version: 3.2.1

Delayed Transactions / Terrible Customer ServiceSimply using this card to continue building my credit, however, I had a recent issue with my balance owed, and wanted to cancel, and was hung up on by the SUPERVISOR. Very unprofessional. Despite my confusion, I still wanted to pay the balance but continue with the cancellation, and no one was patient enough to offer an explanation as to why I owed so much. Was given several different numbers by different agents, adding to my confusion, and was not able to reach a solution, so they hung up on me. I run a few businesses, and wish I could hang up on my customers as a resolution 🙄 If the app showed current transactions as they were made, instead of delaying, this could have been avoided..Version: 2.3.4

Good Re-start CardI got a 1st Premier card in 2020 after a bankruptcy discharge. It served me well in helping to rebuild my credit. I never had any problems with the card and made every payment on time. The limit was increased. One issue I had was that the card didn’t allow for automatic payments, so I had to remember to pay it manually each month unlike all my other cards. 2 years later, as I paid off card balances during my new home purchase, I realized that even with a zero balance, I was still paying a monthly fee of $12 ($144/year) plus a $79 annual fee, for a total of $223. I called to see if they’d at least remove the monthly fee in absence of a balance, to no avail. A retention rep offered a courtesy credit if $45, which would have brought the annual fees to $179;still too much, so I canceled the card. But I still say this is a good card to reboot credit after issues and was worth the extra fees for a couple years..Version: 3.1.1

Has problemsI used to be able to make custom payments on this app. As soon as they went to this new app I can only pay the minimum amount or the full balance. At least that is how it is on my iPhone. So no the new app is not working for me. So the developer sent me instructions on how to enter in custom amount. I already knew how to put the number in. They said to hit the confirm button. What confirm button? There is not one. I looked all over for a confirm button or a next button. There isn’t one. That’s the problem. I push up down trying to scroll but it does not scroll. Maybe it’s not able to be used with my iPhone..Version: 3.1.0

TauntaThe interest rates are over the top in addition to that I have a second card with them and why do I need 2 cards? Why can they not be combined because with the two cards every year I get charged a yearly fee so my goal is to pay the cards down and get rid of them and I would not advise anyone to take this card. When I initially got these cards my credit was low but I’ve never been late I’ve paid on time and I’ve asked repeatedly could you please combine the two cards and they say no we can’t do that. So what that says to me is that this is not a company that’s interested in the Consumer this is a company that is taking advantage of people who were trying to rebuild their credit..Version: 2.2.3

Nothing about this card is user friendly!! So horribleI got this credit card because It was the only one that would except my horrible credit score. There is no easy way to pay this credit card. you can’t use your debit card you can only use your checking account it takes 7-14 days for it to post on your account to be available. the only way to get it instantly available is to pay the 9$ fee at Walmart or Western Union. Customer service is a nightmare to deal with they never wanna answer the phone and the telemetered service and the props are also not user-friendly or give you options that you need to talk to a live representative. just the worst credit card we have. But it has help me build my credit and as soon as I get more established I’m going to cancel this credit card cause it’s by far not worth the hassle it creates when trying to pay it.Version: 3.1.0

THIS APP IS A SCAMI called the customer service I complained to them why my app isn’t letting me login they told me that happen because I’m owning some money that as soon I pay the debt I will able to login and also get a new credit card sent to me so I pay the debt online and I was debited still yet I couldn’t get in for over 4 months and they keep emailing me again to pay for debt which I already paid so I called the customer service again three days back to them to stop emailing that they are a thief and a big fat liar I told her everything they did to me and she guaranteed me if I pay for the current debt on it I will get my new card and also get in my account so I trusted her again I made the payment and still yet nothing they keep on doing the same I couldn’t get a new card or get into my account I lost over $600 still yet I can’t get into my account. Don’t trust the app they are liars and scammers!!!!.Version: 3.2.1

Credit limit raise is next to impossible with this card. There are better cards out thereI’ve had my card going on three months now and pay my balance every month. Last month I lost my card when my truck got broken into and it got stolen. I called in to replace my card next thing I know there’s a $15 service charge on my account with no explanation as to why. It’s only listed as a balance transfer fee. I don’t have a balance on my card so why am I being charged a fee? The app is extremely hard to navigate and takes forever to update when I make a payment. This is a lot of hassle for such a low limit card. On the plus side, the tech-support folks are extremely nice.Version: 2.3.4

Had to change to 3 from 4.I just read some older reviews about this card and they similar to mine. The app isn’t user friendly at all. The layout is weird and why does it take so long to update your balance, or show pending transactions? Oh and what’s with the pin request thing at the register? It’s a credit card. I’m very grateful for the company giving a chance to build my credit but why all the fees? People with bad or rebuilding credit should not be charged with so many fees. I had to pay you a $95 processing fee then you charge me the $79 yearly fee right after. I already you almost $100 and I haven’t even used it. Seeing how those almost 1 year old reviews are saying the same thing I’m saying now, it shows me how much the company cares..Version: 2.3.2

Too many fee!I find it very unfortunate because First Premier Bank primarily focuses on helping customers with bad or not so favorable credit issues, they select to charge them so many fees. For instance, there is a $12 monthly fee which adds up to $144 along with a $79 yearly fee that members of with this card are subjected to. Very unfair because of past credit negligence. Because our credit scores isn’t desirable don’t mean we should be treated so unscrupulously by credit lenders such as First Premier Bank. I’m also very thankful that First Premier Bank was willing to take a chance with me and others who didn’t or probably still don’t have a desirable credit scores. But because of the fees along with very high interest rates, despite concerted efforts by some of us to show our desperation to do better to improve our credit scores is my reason for giving First Premier Bank 1 Star on this review.Version: 2.2.3

Can’t pay through app since last updateApp looks better for sure, feels more fluid in use. My issue is that I’m trying to pay off a rather large balance before 5pm and the app won’t let me. I get the the point where it is asking me to press submit, and the button goes grey for a moment like it registered my touch, but then goes back to its normal color and the screen doesn’t change. I’ve either submitted 5 of the same payments or none at all, at this point I can’t tell and won’t know until it starts coming out of my account in a few days..Version: 3.0.0

PaymentsFirst credit card by Premiere and first time using app. I set up bank information to make payments. Despite the payment posted to my checking the following day of payment. I called and was told the funds will not be available on the credit card up to 20 days. In my case she said the funds will available 8 days after payment was made (7 days after payment posted). I have another credit card and I use their app and once the money posts from my checking the funds are immediately available on the credit card. I prefer using apps to make payments instead of calling and going through the automated service. Only use the app if you make balance inquiry. Don’t bother making payments unless you’re okay with waiting up to 20 days to post..Version: 1.1

This card and app is sketchyThey will charge you a monthly on top of interest fees, every month. Before this app, there was another app like this for this card, but that old app doesn’t support the card anymore. I had to come here and figure out why nothing was working anymore and I guess this is the latest app. I was very suspicious creating a new account in this app. On top of some times not being able to login with either face recognition or password. Also the card expired July 2022, I couldn’t even use the card a couple of months before the expired month/yr. There is no AutoPay so good luck on our end..Version: 3.1.2

App doesn’t work, High Fees, not worth itGranted this card came to me in a moment of hard times but I would’ve gone without it if I knew all the crap I would’ve had to deal with because of it. The app does not work leads you to some site that does not even work and is not touch friendly. The fees I have received from this card are ridiculous including the interest every time I even use the card it charges me a purchase interest fee. One time I paid my bill and right away it took my annual fee so my payment nothing. Just really a disappointing waste of time. Not to mention the high fee it cost to just have your payment be immediate and not be held for 20 days. Do yourself a favor.. Choose something else..Version: 2.2.4

Stupid paymentFor one I wanna say the automated system is stupid. I wanted to make a payment using my debit card which you have to call in order to do that which is crazy, but long story short if you’re not trying to make the minimum payment then don’t call the automated system will not take your payment unless you’re making the minimum payment. Money is money no matter the amount the automated system should take whatever you’re trying to pay. Lastly I think it’s very dumb that you have to wait (in my head) years for a ACH payment to go through. Maybe if the automated system would have took whatever i wanted to pay then I wouldn’t have to wait almost two weeks for a payment to post to the account. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬.Version: 3.2.1

Too expensive to own!To whom it may concern, I understand that premier bank card is designed to help people, build or re-establish credit, however, those of us who pay regularly and on time, and cary low balances, should be able to stick with premier bank card, (because in most cases this is our oldest line of credit) and it would hurt our credit score, to leave your bank. But… there should be a way to change the terms, reduce the yearly fee, monthly service charge and possibly lower the interest rates… I appreciate your help in re-establishing my credit, However your card is too expensive to own..Version: 2.3.2

Bad ExperienceI got this card to build my credit. I had a credit union account that I was making payments from. For whatever reason the credit union did not allow the payment to go through. I did not know this at first, and paid another way as soon as I discovered the problem. Stupidly on my part, I used the same account to pay with the next month and the same thing happened. Again I immediately paid another way and did not use the CU account anymore to pay from. Because of the 2 payments not going through-even though I explained- they closed my account. I have paid it off and will not give this company my business again.Version: 2.3.3

Worst Financial InstitutionInterest rates are crazy and insane, they will keep charging you day by day if your late just to keep you more in debt. I am looking forward to paying back what I owe and then finally getting rid of this company out of my life for good. Customer service is 🗑, always pressuring you to make a full payment even if you can’t afford to make the full payment that day. Even if you explain how hard things are right now for you they do not care. Customer representative’s always have or catch an attitude. This bank makes it known that they do not care about your financial situation. Do not expect for this bank or the representatives to care about you at all, to help you, or even show some form of compassion. One of the worst mistakes of my life was banking with this financial institution. Do Not Do Any Form Of Business With This Financial Institution!!!!!!!!.Version: 3.2.0

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