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VeVe Collectibles app received 104 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about veve collectibles?

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Very doubtful at best poor!!So firstly you join and add funds bearing in mind that you can’t withdraw your fund! The NFTs are good looking but can’t be taken off the platform. Then you try to mint and it is always instantly sold out (not even 1 second in) then the only way to purchased is in the aftermarket!! No way to make contact via app and website to the devs or customers service it only gives option to license your brand or discuss how to create Your NFT…Now I’m doubtful this real minting or people are using bots to purchase and nothing is being done to remedy the issue. So unless you enjoy paying over the odds for your NFT or waisting your time waiting in the queue for no reason then I’d avoid this app!!!.Version: 1.0.588

Cant cash outThis is a money grab. Bots win the bulk of drops. U can see in the market.. same person selling 10 comics/collectables. It used to be fun but now just frustrating. Very expensive BEWARE: u cant cash out EVER.. they keep saying eventually u will be able to but that tome never seems to come. If u sell off the site u will get screwed. I got robbed on the discourd. Dont trust anyone. U cannot report anyone.. thieves .. bots.. no way to contact anyone for immediate help with anything. Zero customer service..Version: 1.0.575

Awful customer serviceThey have disabled my account with no explanation as to why or any email notifying me of this. I opened a ticket on their website and received a generic response, but nothing since. It’s been nearly a month! They are happy to take your thousands of $$$ but will not help you if anything goes wrong. Currently I have thousands of dollars locked up with no access and no response from VEVE. They even have the cheek to ask you not to contact them multiple times or they will push you to the back of the queue. How on earth these guys are allowed to keep going is beyond me. Apple seriously need to look at this as it’s shocking. It won’t be long before VEVE have a lawsuit on their hands, it’s disgusting!.Version: 1.0.555

ScamThis app is a scam. It shows you what you can possible get from comic variants or nfts. Let me start off with I was amazing wifi connection. After clicking the buy option it said that the item has been sold and disrupted to other sellers. Things sell out in a Mila second. I have taken notes on how many times I have attempted to earn anything. After 25 attempts and nothing I strongly advice you don’t make the same mistake I did on using this app. Most importantly if you get gems which is the currency for the app you can’t convert it back into cash. It’s lost money at the moment until it’s able to be converted so there’s that. If you chose this app I wish you the best of luck and if you feel iffy about this DONT buy into this scam. I’m speaking from experience I hope this helps..Version: 1.0.541

Ratings are 1 star or 5 star😂 Easy to see the paid ratingsIf any of those 5 star reviews you see are real, they’re from very early on. Veve is unethical, uncaring, inept, and woefully tone deaf. 1: You can’t withdraw funds. Everyone agreed to this when signing up; with the assumption they would work to add it “soon”. What many others have done in a mere days (Big Time), Veve is still “working on” In reality, intentionally withholding peoples money. It’s not actually that big of an up-taking. It’s simple greed and fear (they know they’re hated). 2: When withdraws are available; you supposedly need 1,000 gems minimum. I hope that changes, but how that’s not borderline illegal is beyond me. There is no logic behind it and again shows the all too obvious intentions behind Veve. 3: The fees are astronomical for withdrawing. You do the math of % that’s taken and you’ll see you need to make around a 40% gain for you to be around even when withdrawing - no other investment is like that. Now imagine having to deposit more just to meet the withdraw limit. Lol 4: The app itself is garbage, riddled with bots so that you can never get any on drop unless incredibly lucky. This has already been verified and simply ignored by Veve. TDLR; Stay far away..Version: 1.0.575

Caution: NFT / Cryptocurrency AppAlthough this app is fun and easy to use it is also highly addictive and attempts to lure unsuspecting users into the world of crypto currency and NFT’s without their knowledge. At the time of writing this the user base is mainly made up of crypto currency investors and speculators, most of whom do not care about collecting and only about making as much money as possible, by any means possible. In the crypto world the price of assets are usually extremely volatile and can leave many individuals victim of orchestrated “pump and dump” scams. I highly recommend doing your research around these topics before using this app and especially before getting suckered into paying some of the extraordinarily high prices for many of the collectibles/NFT’s on this app. VeVe has also been promising users the ability to cash out from secondary market sales for many months now however has failed to deliver on this promise so far (ie they allow you to put lots of money in but don’t allow you to take it back out again yet). There are ways of selling your Gems (ie in-app currency) on the black market however theres usually a 30% or higher fee involved and there are many scams so BE CAREFUL if deciding to go that route. Anyway please do your research before using this app and don’t be foolish with your MONEY! If you do put money into it hopefully you will one day be able to take it back out again. I honestly don’t believe there’s any guarantees about that at the moment and I don’t believe one should have to do so through the black market with the high fees and risks involved. I don’t believe the app developers nor Apple do a good enough job warning people what this app really is all about so that is why I am writing this review and giving it a poor rating..Version: 1.0.441

Disappointing and full of botsI’ve purchased 60 gems two months ago and have not had any luck with the drops. On the second of purchase I immediately get a “sold out message” despite the fast internet. This app is full of bots unfortunately and once you purchase gems you cannot get your money back. Huge disappointment.Version: 1.0.555

I got screwed overThis app looks great, has an amazing concept behind it. It is unfortunately next to impossible to get a drop though. On the one a couple of minutes ago I bought one and it said that I had “listed this item for sale on the market” yet i did not get the item and it’s not for sale on the market. I’m just really disappointed as I was looking forward to this….Version: 1.0.552

Gems - —-> $$ ?What’s up with the “cannot be withdrawn as cash at this time”? Great app but I know a lot of people who aren’t interested because you can’t convert it back to cash; and they find it sketchy..Version: 1.0.564

Super Glitchy AppNot sure if the 5-star reviews are from friends and family, but this app is glitching so much that it won’t even allow me to sign up. I started the process with my email address and password. As soon as I entered it, I was not allowed to the next step. There was an email verification link sent to my email address, but the app didn’t prompt me to check my email and click the link to confirm. From there started a maze of toggling between resetting the password and attempting to sign up again. I’d receive the green check marks to indicate my “new” password met the app’s password requirements, but it would never update the password. Instead I’d be notified that it failed to do so. Prior to writing this review, I visited the company’s website, clicked “Support,” and completed the contact form to let them know the issue I’m experiencing. After typing in the requested information, I realized the “Submit” button didn’t actually submit the query (as far as I can tell). After wasting 45 minutes on the glitchy app and another five minutes on the glitchy website form, I’m convinced there are better platforms to use that aren’t a “glitch fest.” I rarely ever leave poor reviews on apps, but this one is warranted. Fix your glitches, write better copy, and then relaunch. You’re not ready..Version: 1.0.316

Bots, Bots, and more Bots!If you are looking to get your hopes up just to have them viciously smashed by the bots who plague this application then it is the right one for you!.Version: 1.0.564

Worst Company To Own Great LicensingVeve is quite possibly the most criminally disgusting company I have ever seen handle these high profile property licenses.. the entire app is buggy and overrun with people using bots that steal most drops. The company itself retains ~90 of every single drop guaranteeing potential for insider trading/ selloffs at some point. They EXPLICITLY STATE, “You do not need gems to participate in drops, gems can be obtained when purchasing a collectible” BUT THEY TAKE YOUR CASH FOR THE GEMS AND THE APP CRASHES BEFORE YOU CAN EVEN BUY THE DROPS. This has been a well known “error” for many many months but to fix it would mean less cash deposits sitting in their slush fund they STILL don’t allow withdrawals from… -Great IP licenses for classic ‘NFTs’ (although centralized and highly controlled, most likely not all removable from Veve platform) -Worst app performance and experience imaginable -Almost nonexistent customer support loops -Clear corruption at the highest levels within the mechanics of their entire ecosystem. Hopefully a more transparent and user friendly company can buy them out at some point because their current state is unfortunate to say the least. It’s a shame such timeless content is being destroyed by greed..Version: 1.0.581

BOTSDon’t even bother trying to get a drop. They sell out in a nano second due to bots. Doesn’t matter if 1000 available or 10000. Bots get them in a nano second. Plus you are unable to withdraw funds so they take your money but can’t get any back. Scam??.Version: 1.0.541

App is so bad it’s almost a scamSo I’m only giving one star because I can’t give zero stars this app is only for people who live on the west side of the United States the company is set in South Asia so if you live in the wrong time zone you will never be able to get any of the drops that the app offers because they will all be gone by the time your time zone gets the drop because they do not care what time zone your in they will send you an email telling you that the drop happens at 8 AM but yet you’re not allowed to do it until 11 AM because you’re in the wrong time zone so fair warning check your time zone and how close you are to South Asia before you download this app in conclusion me and 10 of my friends download this app and we all follow it and spent each $50 on it and not one of us out of the 10 of us has received any drops in over a month due to time zone restrictions 11 AM hits we click the button to buy it and within one second they are already sold out.Version: 1.0.575

Absolute con!I just purchased gems in the hope of at least getting 1 NFT and it’s near impossible to get one. When the countdown button is gone so is the ‘buy now’ button and then I met with a ‘sold out’ message in less than a second of it dropping. Unless you have a bot, no point wasting any of your money into this. So now I’m left with gems which I can’t even convert back into cash so that’s $100 wasted!.Version: 1.0.512

Fix the crashing bugHello I am a user of veve and have already spent a few hundred dollars in app in a little less than 2 months. I only buy the comics so far and I’ve noticed an incredibly annoying bug while searching the comics page in the market. When scrolling down to look for specific cover variants, the entire app will crash to my Home Screen after just 4 or 5 swipes down the page. I don’t know if this is a widespread problem, but it shouldn’t be happening to anyone. For a company that already rakes in millions of dollars from its users this bug is unacceptable. I have high hopes for this company and the app in the future, but please don’t overlook small issues and bugs as it will eventually turn people off. If the after drop market doesn’t work properly, then the whole goal of what veve is trying to do will be pointless. I know whoever reads this is probably just in marketing, but please pass this along to the developers so they can fix it in the next update. Thank you! -a loyal patron (for now).Version: 1.0.493

Always Sold OutI have tried to buy multiple NFTs but they are always sold out. I have had the link open for over 12 hours before the drop yet I still seem to miss it. I have tried buying on WiFi & 5G, & missed it both time. I have tried to refresh the drop & not touched it until the the time is up. Yet every time, when the item is finally for sale the buy button is already greyed out from the start with “sold out”. How can it be sold out at the exact moment the drop is finally available? If I am able to actually click the buy button it loads for a while then says all items are sold out, even though I clicked the buy button at the exact time it first became available. Other than the buy issue I do like the app. However it does has issues as well such as the market being closed for “30 minutes before & after a drop.” But in reality, sometimes it will be unavailable for a whole day or more. It’s just annoying that I have only be able to buy 1 out of the last 5 NFTs I have tried to buy..Version: 1.0.588

App really needs some work….Feels more like a beta than release version The drops are painful, app is usually unresponsive and on the latest being told have 3 pending collectibles but no gems taken. The marketplace is also poor - why can’t you auction stuff for longer than 3 days? Why can’t you delete old auction entries? Chat / comments also glitchy. Pretty poor given the amount of money veve must be making ...Version: 1.0.512

Good idea. Beware of bots.Very cool idea, and possibly the future of collectables. At its current state it seems bots have ruined any enjoyment one can have from this app. Leaving people empty handed every drop, off to the market to spend 3x, 5x what they should have. If developers could restrict bots from purchase and allow actual people to have access to these drops, the app may have a bright future. (Example: Every single drop is sold in out FRACTIONS of A second, good luck getting one!).Version: 1.0.555

Gems.How do I get my gems out? I’m done with this app. I got one common drop in the last 4 months. I try every single drop, however, it’s sold out in less than a second. Can someone help me get my gems out?.Version: 1.0.555

Amazing licensing terrible dev and nft executionCrypto veteran and comic book collector. So of course I jumped after hearing of Marvels first nft comic and all the other great licensing Veve has. But that’s where it ends. Veve is a closed system not a true blockchain based nft exchange. Once you put money in you can’t get it out, they only support in app purchases so the apps stores up charge you for buying “gems” example I bought 500 and was charged $529. There is no great static display system for displaying you nfts other than actively showing them off, no frame mode etc. So while they have the best licensing of any NFT platform the fact that you can’t cash out does make it feel like a scammy. However as a old school collector waiting for comic industry to embrace nfts for comics (not collectiables I think that is fluff and will flop) I sadly have to engage with Veve and gamble that the whole closed system won’t flop due to no way of exit for a collector..Version: 1.0.552

Don’t waste your timeIf you want to buy the nft in marketplace upto you at a higher price and higher edition number but If you are trying to buy on drop date don’t bother I am on 100mbit line refresh screen to exact time of drop instantly pressed buy instantly all sold out took less then a second for the bots scripts etc to press then allow the user to finish of with captcha now my money is stuck in this app until one day in future it allows you to trade on other platforms or to withdrawal in fiat …..Version: 1.0.512

Waste of timeEvery time there is a “drop” the app stops working and only a handful of people can purchase anything. Market place isnt there for me (and most others)so there is literally no point to this app for 99% of users. The fact this has so many good reviews makes me suspicious as my experience with this the opposite to what they say. People on twitter are saying the app is in beta but ive got a suspicion it will never leave the beta phase and they will make a run with all the money they make from their gems before any issues are resolved. Rule for the future If promotional material over uses emojis then its probably a load of crap etc.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🚀🚀🚀🚀.Version: 1.0.341

App is getting worse.As the app has progressed, we’ve gone from it being slow and unreliable to a time when the speed and reliability improved. In the last week, VeVe have managed to make the app almost unusable. Despite having drops this week that have had purchasing issues (as acknowledged on their Twitter feed) they have plowed ahead with the Disney drop. Not only did the app crash and not allow the majority of people to log in but, when it eventually worked for me, some 18 mins after the drop started, all the collectibles had been sold. Reading Twitter, the few lucky ones have managed to purchase multiple items. VeVe don’t appear to care about the issues taking place, if they did, they would have delayed these Disney drops until the promised fix was in place. Very disappointing and I would not invest any money (that you can’t yet get out of the app) until these issues are fixed and everyone has an even chance of buying collectibles..Version: 1.0.512

Don’t waste your time trying to mintThis app is only useful if you want to buy off of the secondary market. Most people don’t understand how VeVe’s business model is designed to push most users into the secondary market. It’s all liquidity that is locked into the app. Once you put money in, you can’t cash out to fiat. You will not get a drop, I’ve only been successful 1 out of 25 times while some are sporting 90% success. I can’t possibly get better connection or get my finger closer to the buy button. It makes sense that VeVe will not allow me to mint because I only have 7 gems in my account. They make people put more fiat into the app (that they are unable to cash out) so that they can buy these nuts on the secondary market. This is the biggest scheme in the world. I have no clue how a name like Marvel gets involved in this type of scheme. I’m uninstalling this app until I can Withdraw whenever I please, The drop system gets fixed to allow for a more fair launch. I will also advise my supporters not to buy on VeVe secondary market. We don’t need to keep feeding you fiat in exchange for gems that are not listed on any exchange and can only be used on your secondary marketplace because you do not allow us to partake in drops. I want my money withdrawn from the app. Give me floor value for my NFT, so I can move on. I don’t like being held hostage by crooks..Version: 1.0.552

Broken appThe drop countdown is always delayed even when I back out refresh and it’s just so slow in general. Also the app always crashes. It’s almost impossible to get a good deal on the market because it’s too slow. You pretty much need to have the best wifi ever. The drop system is rigged aswell. There’s probably almost the same amount of bots as there are normal users.Version: 1.0.575

COMPLEX SCAM?I have had this app for around a year. I am in Australia and have 1000USD stuck in this app for a long time though. I had around 900USD and after reading articles that payout is available FINALLY available I read that it is only open to users with 1000USD in gems so I paid for gems to think I can FINALLY withdraw my money. After waiting and waiting I was met with the joke of the payout button being there but grey and unavailable. SUCH A JOKE. I would agree to the criminal % cuts of My own money. IF I WAS EVEN ALLOWED TO GAIN CONTROL OF MY OWN MONEY AGAIN..Version: 1.0.596

DisappointedI’m trying very hard to enjoy this but considering you can’t even get to try for a drop is the most frustrating thing about this beside the lack of things to do. Says you don’t need gems to do anything (true) if you want to stare at an app then you need gems. No tutorial no advice so it’s pretty much luck. Drops are stupid no chance at all to get one. I logged in for the newest drop and just like the other times the screen is stuck on loading and once I got on 2 mins after the drop they are all sold out. Not to mention if you are able to get into the drop screen and you click to purchase it automatically says sorry try again, again, again you get to a hold on while purchase is being complete to then sorry try again Such a waste cuz it has potential..Version: 1.0.555

DO NOT TRUST THISSo I’ve put in a nice sum of money! 1. Extremely difficult to get anything these days as the app just crashes on drops 2. Notifications are all screwed up and I cannot control what I get and what I don’t want 3. Opened the app today only to find that my access to the feed and the market restricted, no email to say why… contacted support 3 days ago and still no reply. 4. So if I was to sell all my collectibles there is no way to convert to fiat and cash out 5. If your not paying in dollars the conversion rate is not accurate and 50 gems will cost you more than the dollar exchange rate. 6. The fees to sell are extortionate! It’s a shame really because the concept is great but the app and lack of support has a lot of issues that need to be sorted. Do I trust it? Well I’ve been restricted with no explanation as to why so we will see…..Version: 1.0.493

TERRIBLE APPThey need to fix the bot problems and freezing issues. Complete garbage. So easy to prevent bots and they refuse to do it.Version: 1.0.578

Bad 1st ImpressionJust heard about this app today and decided to jump on. Was super excited when I started looking around and decided to buy a small amount of gems. The amount immediately came off of my credit card but no gems were deposited into my account. It’s been a half hour and I’m still waiting for the gems to upload. That’s super unsettling for new people. No matter how reputable some people think this app is, it’s new to me and I would like it to work when I’m trying to make a deposit. Also, it makes me concerned that if I ever did use it going forward and I wanted to sell something that I would actually receive the funds. The glitches need to be fixed, but the concept is great..Version: 1.0.552

Great concept but can’t buy anythingGood concept, However when a new drop comes no one can buy anything, the all crashes, some people get 5 NFTs whilst others are kicked out of the app and can’t get back in for over 15 mins, when you get in everything sold out! Drops should be limited to one per person, it is absolutely not fair! Can’t even refund your gems back to currency so you basically get robbed! This needs to be fixed !.Version: 1.0.512

Veve UncollectablesFigured this would be decent, great idea, items look sleek and well designed and the app seemed pretty easy to use. Has pretty good ratings too! Fantastic! Unfortunately, the initial good first impressions were slightly soured by my first deposits, which are basically £ > $ at a straight swap, so £50 became $50 basically reducing my initial deposit by ~30%….fine, that’s out of the way, lets wait for a drop and start collecting. First drop comes and the app, which seemed nice and easy to navigate suddenly becomes a monstrosity that’s just hung in no mans land and when I can eventually do something, anything decent has been snaffled. After a few drops like this it’s fairly clear there is no chance of anyone other than pro level crypto people getting anything decent out of this. Fine. So, I’m now at the point of surrender, I’m thinking I’ll just take the hit on this and escape with my remaining funds, those funds that have already shrunk by 30% from the initial deposit. Well, no, turns out there is no way to extract any funds as yet, so their stuck. Brilliant! Normally I’d just be thinking this was maybe me not understanding something or missing something, but I have a friend who initially found this who’s in exactly the same position. I’m at an absolute loss as to how this has so many 5* ratings to be honest, it’s probably one of the worst collectable experiences I’ve had. I’d give it zero if I could, it’s really that bad, but I can’t. Meh..Version: 1.0.384

TrashThis app is ridiculous. After 2 months of use I’ve decided to leave a review seeing how I wasted approx. $200 putting it on the app and not being able to purchase a drop. I purchased 2 drops when I first got it and nothing in my last 45 attempts. Place is littered with bots and Veve does nothing to combat it and does not listen to loyal paying consumers. 1 star.Version: 1.0.555

Please stay away - the company is a scamI’ve had money stuck in Veve for over 12 months now. They just released their beta stage for being able to take money out but they added so many claws. Like 10% to take out your money. Plus you need to have over $1000 to be able to even take money out… I only have $600 in there. How can you add these claws after everybody has joined? In other words I will never be able to take out money. They basically stole my money. I would have to add money ($400) to take my money out. Which they will probably add another claws and I will lose that as well….Version: 1.0.596

App crashes on iPhoneFor some reason any time the app tries to load up my collectable card the app crashes and closes. Is any one else having this problem. iOS 14.7.1 and the app is up to date so not sure why this is happening. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the app, restarting phone etc but nothing seems to work..Version: 1.0.446

Black screen failed logins Marketplace no accessCan’t login 12 hours since Marketplace access failed repeatedly at the time of a drop. Keep getting black screen. Unable to participate in drops. Numerous attempts. App is currently not opening up. Repeated attempts at all issues. Today it’s a totally white screen. Your path to technical support is a circle, doesn’t go anywhere. Where is your human technical support please..Version: 1.0.512

Market been closed for a weekYou won’t make any launches there are to many sniper bots, I’ve tried many and 30k are sold within .1 of a second I’m trying to sell all mine and get this app/time waister out of my life, but now I cannot sell the 5 I bought and have a hard time selling cheap anyway , and now the market won’t even let me in.Version: 1.0.555

WHY CANT I SIGN UPEverytime i go to sign up to veve once i pick the brands i like it says “fail to sign up please try again later” U have deleted the app and everything and still doesnt let me sign up. Why? Someone help me out !.Version: 1.0.541

Veve is a ScamDo not get this app or buy their so called digital collection. If you buy the gems to buy the “art”, and try to resell it on their market, they DONT convert the gems to USD! You’re stuck with their Monopoly money! That’s even if you can buy anything at all during their “drops”. They literally sellout in less than one second. It’s insane. Oh but wait, you can buy the same one they just sold for 6 “gems” or really $6 and buy in their convenient market place for astronomical prices i.e $3,0000! In my opinion this is how the scam goes 1. Make people buy gems to buy the digital art 2. Advertise the drops on twitter and give the art a low price tag 3. Have bots buy the “drops” for a few dollars before the general public giving nobody (YOU) a chance to buy anything 4. Resell the same digital art on their market place for hundreds or thousands more! 5. Laugh at you when you buy this veve artificially inflated art 6. Now that you bought it, you think you can make some money from it and resell if for a “profit” 7. You sell it to some other sucker 8. Congratulations Now you’re stuck with a bunch of gems that don’t convert into actual dollars. 9. They promise to one day allow you to convert your gems to cash and cash out you think? Hold it you think? 10. Veve will file for bankruptcy or mysteriously disappear. COMPLETE SCAM PEOPLE! DONT DOWNLOAD.Version: 1.0.541

Disabled Accounts, bots, etc.VeVe has been dealing with a lot of security flaws including gem exploits, bots running wild, etc. In an effort to combat this, they have unfairly disabled many accounts. Mine was disabled because of gems I had no idea were apparently “dirty”. My partner’s account was disabled because their third-party security team flagged her account as using a bot, which is ludicrous. She managed to get three drops over six months and never used any bots or auto-clickers. Another friend lost had her account disabled because of the wifi at her work. VeVe will claim they are investigating, but like everything else on VeVe, they say they will do something but nothing happens after weeks and months of waiting. Do NOT put money into this app unless you are willing to take on the risk of VeVe rug-pulling you! Be safe..Version: 1.0.588

This App is a SCAMI invested 30 dollars (the minimum) just so I could start collecting NFTs and trying to get some profits. After trying to participate in more than 30 drops, I wasn’t able to buy ANY NFTs. The reason for this is that they have bots that buy all collectibles before any real people have the chance to participate. After I realized it was a scam I tried to withdraw my money from the app only to realize it is not possible to do that. So BE CAREFUL. After you deposit your money they lock it for good and steal it from you. And you can’t even buy NFTs or invest so there is no reason to get into this crap..Version: 1.0.588

Terrible appThere is really no point in this app (Veve) you can’t cash out and there is so much bots. It’s basically an app that you can give money too with no returns and collect items that have no real value..Version: 1.0.575

Absolute GarbageWhat an absolute joke, I’m no noobie to NFT’s, I’m heavily involved from Top Shot to autograph to ETH, Solana and Cardano NFT’s. When I heard Disney was dropping NFT’s I had to get involved. I cannot believe Disney got involved with these clowns. There is no system, no virtual queue, no waiting room, nothing! The worst drop procedures I’ve ever seen in my life. Just keep hitting buy now for it to ‘try to snag a reservation’ and then 5 seconds later tell you it failed, and repeat that for 30 min until it then says sold out despite the fact you were there the whole time. Talk about alienating clientele. I can get over the fact you can’t get money out right now, I understand that integration takes time, but now you’ve loaded your wallet with gems you literally can’t spend because every drop is handled like crap. I could not implore Disney more to find a better partner, these people ain’t it..Version: 1.0.512

N’investissez pas sûr ces nftPas de retrait d’argent il promettait bientôt et c’est déjà trop long j’ai investit plusieurs millier de dollars en 3 mois et maintenant 80% de moins.Version: 1.0.588

No point using the appApp I plagued with bots: woke up at 2:50am for a drop at 3am, refreshed and press buy for $6.99 but everything was sold in less than one second and then delisted for $4k-$40k! Some account that listed had 5+ comics from the drop when people couldn’t even buy one. No kyc or protection against bots so pointless to even try to buy anything. Such a shame :(.Version: 1.0.541

FAKE & OVERRATEDI have been using this app for several months now hoping to purchase a digital collectable but every time I wait for every item to drop, not a second later all of the digital products that sell multiple items are sold out in an instant. Imagine waking up early 5x for different drops only to never get anything because apparently “bots” get them. If you don’t know anything about this app, DO NOT bother. This is a money grab from the start. I didn’t listen to the reviews from the start that’s my fault. Thankfully I didn’t spend over $100 but I hope everyone can learn from my mistake. I have a iPhone X and now the app says the security isn’t compatible with the app. BEWARE!!!.Version: 1.0.583

App won’t loadTried deleting and reinstalling, tried restarting phone, but app just won’t liad. The only time it did open and load it gave an error message when trying to create an account and now it is back to not loading. Ecomi and VeVe is a great project, but they really need to improve on improving their app. Nothing worse for a customer than not being able to easily access the products they want to buy. There are a lot of users on Reddit also complaining about having trouble with the app especially at NFT drop times. Very disappointing..Version: 1.0.350

All the positives and negatives are true!I have been a user since June and I have built my vault up to just over $150K with an MCP score of over 700. The last 4 or 5 months have been brutal thanks to bots and 1.5M users going for a max of 30K items. Once they implement a raffle system and rolling out the MCP points things will get a lot better. The worst part is how the bots snipe the marketplace after a drop. I have literally spent hours trying to grab a low mint common from the MP and it’s harder than winning a drop. If you understand crypto and the NFT space and have seen how unlicensed nonsense like bored-apes, cryptopunks and dozens of others sell for millions of dollars than you know that you can’t beat VeVe in terms of a solid long term investment. Look at the roadmap and understand what you’re getting into. This can truly be life changing!.Version: 1.0.555

Scam!This is a scam app! Once you purchase gems, and sell your NFT you can’t withdraw the funds at all. So your money is essentially stuck with them. Secondly this app is plagued with bots! You will never be able to purchase a drop. They all sell out within 1 second upon being released due to the bots being able to purchase as many as they want..Version: 1.0.564

Do not invest in Veve or spend more time with their excusesScammers, thieves, poor management, auto generated support responses, no communication for weeks at a time, currently disabled over 20 days and still no resolution, do not waste time or money on this app, possible rug pull, if you’re a flipper they don’t like that and will disable you, very ludicrous.Version: 1.0.596

VEVE - why are you hiding?First off I would like to say the app used to be good however a lot of new people have found a cash grab by utilizing BOTS that VEVE will not publicly talk about which is making the whole community very mad annoyed frustrated and threatening to leave the app because we see people posting pictures with 40 phones and when something drops less than one second end of the drop they’re sold out. VEVE needs to address this problem because it is increasingly getting worse and forcing some people that would normally not be doing it to decide to get their own bite so that they can at least get a comic to collect not to sell but to collect I also am this person however I won’t use bots I’m forced to buy in the market place with inflated prices that isn’t fair, please VEVE fix this problem..Version: 1.0.532

Good idea but to many botsNeed to figure out a way of removing bots from buying everything. A lot of us on the last drop were there the second the drop was released and no one could purchase any of them. Said they were already sold out. Plus once you deposit money you can not withdraw your money as well. So basically if you miss the drop they still take your money too.Version: 1.0.512

Seems Shady - NFT drops sell out within 30 secondsCheck the comments with each NFT drop - there are a lot of complaints that they sell out in less than a minute. I also experienced this. It also seems strange that some people can purchase 2-4 while most can’t purchase any. As mentioned in the comments, this seems rigged and/or plagued with bots and definitely shady. So they seem to try to force you to buy in the secondary market, which seems even more shady. In the secondary market they list the NFTs for very high prices but when you click into the individual listings, the prices are often 2X-5X lower. They also don’t let you view data on sold or closed items / auctions (like eBay does) so there’s no transparency or info on whether people are actually buying at the ridiculous prices. Last but not least, they only allow you to buy gems in increments of $5, which makes no sense when the items usually cost about $7. It’s clear they want you to overspend on gems for their benefit. I originally bought some gems to buy a few comics but got a refund from Apple after my initial experience..Version: 1.0.528

Scam?Bought an NFT and now the app crashes every time I try to view it..Version: 1.0.325

Bots get it allLiterally zero chance of getting anything as they have no bot protection. Anything under 30,000 pop just don’t bother. It’s really killing the experience. Super frustrating. I don’t think they care as they make money either way..Version: 1.0.541

Good luck against all the bots…Can’t get anything. You’ll spend a really long time attempting to buy things that sell out literally instantly. Fix the bots!.Version: 1.0.555

This is bsCan’t buy gems for some reason… every time I try it says “could process transaction contact iTunes” waste of my time bro.Version: 1.0.564

App ReviewI’m not going to talk about the ability to buy drops in the app. That just seems like a waste of time lately. I just started using it more lately and I find that it crashes all of the time. I was trying to buy some comics and it kept crashing browsing the marketplace. I was finally able to purchase and now when I try to read them, it’s really slow and crashed while reading them. Now I have these cool comics that I can’t read…...Version: 1.0.555

Just for botsThe app is great but it is just impossible to get any drop because of the bots. then the price can be 10x just 30mins after the drop. It seems that veve just don’t care who gets and how the assets are distributed. They need to fix it and van all the bot accounts..Version: 1.0.555

Search need a lot of improvementThe search is slow with 10 second waits between pages and sometimes 30 second periods between actions. I’ve re-installed the app a dozen times over as many days but it’s still painfully slow!.Version: 1.0.451

I can’t believe this is the company marvel choseUpdate: I got the app to work only to find out I can’t withdraw any money. I think it’s dishonest not to tell people that they are stuck with this useless currency. They made it seem like you just need the gems to trade on the site. But actually, once you buy the gems you can only use them to buy over priced items on their site. This app is horrible not only can’t you ever purchase any comics on the release date, but also the app crashes when you are browsing their secondary marketplace. It’s simply unusable. Not only that, I deposited 100 because I didn’t realize it was impossible to buy the comics on the release date, and when I went to withdraw my money they wouldn’t let me unless I jump through hoops. Companies that are quick to take you money and then make it hard to withdraw for no good reason at all are not good companies to work with. No thanks..Version: 1.0.564

App keeps crashingNot sure what’s going on but the app keeps crashing.Version: 1.0.545

Sold out boutonsThe sold out never dissapear even when its the time of rebound.Version: 1.0.564

Theranos of 2021Veve is a scam. The developers replied to my email telling me if I don’t like them scamming me I can delete the app. Their social media pages have numerous comments every single day they have a drop complaining about transaction time outs. The nft purchase times out but the non refundable gem purchase doesn’t. They do it on purpose to inject gems into their economy to get more funding and partner deals. Then tell their customers to delete the app once they steal your money. I tried reaching out to them on various occasions to be met with rude, condescending, low level scam artist customer service reps. I will be pursuing things further and leaving plenty of feedback in hopes it stops them from scamming others. A class action lawsuit is already being put together and their partners are being notified of their fraudulent actions and violations. It will only be a matter of time before they’re removed from the App Store for violating Apples TOS..Version: 1.0.541

Changing 5 stars to 1 starAt first this app is awesome! But after using it for 6 months I have learned that there are too many boy accounts that steal the drops forcing you to buy everything in the secondary market. This app is broken and this issue needs to be addressed ASAP ………...Version: 1.0.555

Comments sectionHave you ever noticed that when you are trying to read the last comment on any NFT the application sends you to the very top of the comment section? There are hundreds or thousands of comments so when you have to scroll to the bottom of the comments section, you are not able to read it before it sends you to the top again! That’s annoying. The comments section is also set up so that the newest comments are at the bottom, so you’re essentially reading from oldest to newest. I think the new comments should be on top and the old comments at the bottom. Another issue is the fact that It’s been 15 drops and I haven’t been able to get anything. The chances of getting a drop are getting lower and lower every day- keep in mind every day more people are joining the app and is getting impossible to get something. You should do something about that. 😤🤔.Version: 1.0.552

A huge thumbs downHave had the app for quite some time, have had lots of issues during drops, most users have despite the obvious fan boy reviews here. In the official communities there’s alot less happy with VeVe, complaints are a constant theme, not a few but thousands of complaints. But my personal biggest issue is once you have put money in the App you can not get it back out. Fine if you are one of the lucky to be able to get in on the drops but if you don’t which is alot more likely than not you can’t buy anything or get your money back..Version: 1.0.359

Lots of Bugs.I know someone is going to say “do the math, there’s a lot of users on the app!!!🤡🤡🤡” I’m well-aware that there are 1mil+ users but I’m sure most of them are bots with people with 40+ devices. If you have one device, you have no chance. I had 8 devices with various friends helping me with almost each drop the past week and I got nothing. Am I bitter about it? No, since I could always buy off second market however even the second market has bots buying off the low priced NFTs. For the last drop (Batman vs Killer Croc), I managed to get a purchase window only for Veve to tell me I had no gems for purchase when I reloaded the account. So I purchased more gems and the window closed on me then said It said sold out. I check my profile to see I have double the gems in my wallet. That’s 200+ gems ($200+) that I now cannot withdraw and who knows when I’ll be able to get anything in the future drops. You cannot convert gems to cash. You have to do it through third-party at a conversion rate hence losing a huge portion of your earnings. Veve needs to fix this and also implement some other type of drop system. If you don’t cheat, don’t even bother. This is coming from someone who has a relatively high amount of success in the past up until recently..Version: 1.0.552

ScamDon’t bother, seems like this app is run by scammers who buy their own drops before they’re released, making users think they have a chance of buying them at release price. Then try to sell the drops on their own market for more than 20x And once you put money into your account it can’t be moved..Version: 1.0.541

Don’t waste your time!!!Don’t waste your time downloading this app! Yes just like millions of other people I was excited about an app like this to be able to purchase collectibles, but it is completely unfair about how many bots and people cheating to get a collectible on drop day! Don’t get me wrong I understand there are a limited amount of collectibles and a very large number of users but I have watched literally 15 videos just this morning about ways to use bots or cheat the system using multiple phones and exploit the bugs and glitches in the app and I sure it will just get worse once the desktop version of the app comes out. Bottom line is it’s a nice app with very cool collectibles but the app is completely overrun with bots and people cheating & exploiting bugs or glitches in the app that there is no point to even try. And there is no way to get my money or gems out to even get my money back. I hope the app gets better so people like me have a chance to get items at the floor price instead of having to deal with the people price gauging the items after they cheating there way to get them. Don’t waste your time!.Version: 1.0.519

Purchase failedApp is awesome UI design. Only reason for two star is today I attempted to purchase today’s drop. Delays in loading app were expected based on other user feedback for previous drops. I was able to get all the way to loading confirmation of purchase for one of the items and the app crashed, the confirmation never fully loaded. When I finally got back in all items were sold out. My understanding is the app/platform is still in beta so while disappointed I was not able to purchase today’s drop, I’m submitting my feedback for the benefit of the developers and not actually a complaint here. Looking forward to trying again for the next drop and all the future drops to follow!.Version: 1.0.341

Bots….Version: 1.0.545

Great Concept - Bot ProblemVeVe is a really cool concept and platform yet there is a major problem with bots throughout the app where I believe VeVe should take action to help atleast lower the rate of the bots and to be focused on the community rather than a profit as a community comes hand in hand with a profit.Version: 1.0.575

App won’t open on iPhone 12proWhat a joke. When going to open the app all I get is a message that “my device does not meeting the security requirements “ There is no info on how to fix this. So, I’m locked out of the app..Version: 1.0.583

Drops are unbuyableI sat waiting for a drop to countdown, tapped the purchase button as soon as it came up but the bots had already bought every single one. Terrible.Version: 1.0.512

I don’t know how anyone has given more than. 1 starI really am lost for words on how much of a scam this feels like…for about 5 months now you have to purchase gems on the app to buy the nft then if your randomly lucky enough to be the .1% of real humans to win one (yes bots win everything here) Veve does not care to stop it at all…it’s been pointed out 100s of times by numerous users…yet to find out our gems we’ve purchased to buy nfts now are stuck as gems cause you can’t convert yet the gems into anything else more can you even ask for a refund….so they take your cash invest it else where and tell you soon we’ll have something to allow you to convert the gems that was the message middle of October it’s now a new year and still nothing…not to mention they’re only form of contact us is right down name and email and we’ll try to get back to you two weeks and no reply.Version: 1.0.541

Can’t even open appCan’t open the app because my device doesn’t meet security requirements. And this app is full of bots.Version: 1.0.588

Suspect beyond words.The platform has promise which certainly is able to capture the attention of passionate fans and collectors alike. However this is fundamentally weighed down by bugs and suspect business practice within it’s platform. I was able to screen record during their recent drop where their most sought after item instantly “sold out” despite the edition count continuing to slowly descend. There is no chance of hopefully collectors to acquire these items at fair price thus directing you to their secondary market where those same items will instantly be on sale for ~100x the price. Either they have no bot protection, are running dummy accounts or simply funneling supply to spike demand. Sad to see in such an exciting space. On a fully updated IPhone SE loading any collectible causes the app to instantly crash. Snake oil tulip hawking for our new age. Hopefully someone comes along with a more honest form of this service..Version: 1.0.384

Bots bots and more botsI love the idea of this app and wish I could say I enjoy it. But every drop, I attempt to buy literally ONE second after the drop is live but can’t reserve a purchase because it’s been bought out. Bots setup to automatic buy leaving all of us with no chance. Veve you need to look into this. Because all of us on your platform hate it. We just want a chance to buy.Version: 1.0.555

Could be a good App but is not (currently)Basically this app can be exciting, but majority of the time it is not. There are days where NFT drops happen and everyone patiently waits fingers close to the buy it now button, watching a timer click down. BUT, these days the timer goes off you furiously click buy it now, and one of eight known bugs will happen, you’ll even be on the buy it now screen… so close and then a bug happens and now what you potentially could have won is gone. Now this is excusable if things were being fixed. Or even if there was a VeVe support to speak of, but there is not. If something happens where a injustice happens where you could have won something on drop day but the app messed up. You aren’t compensated, you are pretty much told “sorry we know it’s a issue, we are working on it.” (If they are working on it… it sure hasn’t been fixed in well over a month, but you can be assured those drops go off without any trouble.) Truth is, and long story short… any bugs you have will always just be dismissed because for some those bugs don’t exist and they can buy from VeVe just fine. And as long as VeVe can line their pockets, they have no qualms against someone who is having bugs with their app. This app could be great, but it’s just not there. I hope one day it could be, but speaking to the large community of VeVe members… majority are bailing because nothing is ever fixed, among a laundry list of other reasons..Version: 1.0.532

DisappointingI was hyped about this app but since it’s impossible to put your hand on products it kills the vibe. Too many bots buying in a fraction of second. Can’t wait to get my investment back once it’ll be possible. Veve change your sale method asap.Version: 1.0.564

Rated 1 Star - Can’t buy a thingEvery drop is sold out in less than a second. I put my money in and glad I only put $100 worth as I haven’t been able to buy into any drops. Feels like bots buy most of the collectibles and prices go up 3-10x right away. Would be 5 star if they implemented ques and it was random luck rather than who gets there first. Collectibles are cool but can’t participate in any drops :(.Version: 1.0.541

Please tighten up your security against botsThe creators need to get on top of their security against bots. Drops sell out in milliseconds due to these bots making it absolutely unfair and making the platform look completely unprofessional. Thank you for reading this -Zashie.Version: 1.0.583

Unable to log inForget getting to see or purchase collectibles, since my first time using the app I have been unable to log in. It accepts my password, sends an OTP to my email then promptly says I have entered something incorrectly, without specifying. Can’t reset password either as it stays on the same screen after choosing to “Reset Password” essentially doing nothing. Deleting and redownloading did nothing as well. All this on an iPhone 12 Pro running iOS 15.0.2. I went to their website and it suggested I try on a family members phone? And then what? The fact I haven’t been able to log in in two months has turned me off to the idea of even spending money in something so untrustworthy. If you can use it successfully, kudos to you. I will be deleting the app as it is useless to me.Version: 1.0.512

WowFirst of all how in the hell do I count from 5seconds with the timer all the way to zero I didn’t even get to press buy it sold out in 0.00000 seconds there’s no way that’s possible nd the fact that we using real money for bots nd all that to be able to work in the app that’s scary one day they will hack this app nd we lose everything nd I have proof of this bot thing going on.Version: 1.0.596

ScammedBe careful as this app can easily scam you, they advertise you can buy gems when you purchase a collectible, then make you purchase the gems and don’t give you the collectible leaving you with gems you can’t withdraw. Sounds crazy but literally one of the most blatant scams you can think of.Version: 1.0.555

Cant login to accountCant login to account so i cant access anything no one will reply to me, can’t remember my username to fill out a form completely but my biggest issue is the reset password link never works. Honestly probably better service else where. Unfortunately for me my moneys tied up in this app with zero help from the company..Version: 1.0.581

Constant crashesUnusable to look at interactive collectibles..Version: 1.0.384

Locked out of accountIdk why I was signed out but I tried to log in and now I can’t it will send a email to my email to reset the password but when I click reset the page gives a error I tried copying to link and nothing still so idk if this app is worth it, I pretty much just lost my money..Version: 1.0.564

Fix your bot problemWhat’s the point of releasing drops when bots are picking them up. No one will use this app anymore..Version: 1.0.541

Rubbish. Full of bots and no way to get your money backPointless unless you want to lose money. Firstly, drops sell out in less than a second because the site is full of bots which means you have to pay way above the asking if you want anything in the marketplace after. Generally from the people that have paid 1000usdt to get a bot. Secondly, when you put money in to buy there is no facility to withdraw your money. Lastly, you can’t transfer nfts so they are stuck on the app. What’s the point in that?.Version: 1.0.541

Don’t bother horrible appDrops never work, sold out within a millisecond. Don’t waste your money, time or sanity on this app..Version: 1.0.564

Bots run this appVeve could be a great app, but the apathy of Veve doing nothing to stop it's massive bot problem makes the whole app junk. As of this review I have been present for 25 of their Blind Box purchases in a row. Each one has 10,000 to 50,000 items available. Yet it's impossible for a person like me who uses fingers instead of bots to click on Buy Now when the items are available. I have the app open early, I'm connected to strong WiFi, I watch the clock countdown, I tap at the moment that Buy Now as appears. Yet each time, after I tap within 0.1sec of Buy Now appearing, the app informs me that all items have been secured by other users. This would be okay with me, if it happened a times in past 25 times an item became available..... BUT IT HAPPENS EVERY TIME! Bots control the release of items in this app. Until Veve fixes it's bot issues, this app is a piece of junk and a waste of everyone's time..Version: 1.0.555

False advertising/ fraudI love the app and how easy it is to use, but beware if you’re outside the US, as it will take an extra 30% off your purchase total when 1 gem is supposed to equal $1. This is not true as 1 gem ALSO equal £1. The app keeps crashing when trying to view the latest comic and there’s also issues with everyone receiving notifications for items they’re not even interested in. The devs also advertise OMI conversation, which only works one way. Any money put into the app has been stuck there for an entire year. Either the devs are just really lazy, or they lack the technical capabilities to actually make the transactions possible. The only reason this isn’t a 1 star review is the fact the app does sometimes work and actually has some great features. It’s a shame they’ve let the app go down the tubes a bit..Version: 1.0.473

So incredibly slow!!!!The concept is cool, but the app itself is so slow that it’s often unusable. Wouldn’t want to rely on it when a drop is taking place - which seeing that this is one of the prime purposes of the app it’s not saying much..Version: 1.0.463

It is unusable on an iPad mini.Impossible to create an account, the keyboard hides the field for password making it impossible to paste in a password. I am somewhat surprised that so many companies are allowing the sale of their products on an incomplete system. You can put money in, but you can’t take money out. Seriously, this is totally unacceptable and due to the high levels of commission (30%) pay out to Apple, this whole platform has a very questionable purpose..Version: 1.0.552

Don’t waste your time or money!This is by far the worst collectible app I’ve ever encountered. First time users beware of the difficulty to acquire a piece for regular price. I downloaded the app three weeks ago and have attempted to purchase at each drop, waiting in app counting down. As soon as it says “buy now” I click the button and it says that it is sold out. It hasn’t even been available for ONE MINUTE and everything has been sold out. Do better with your app and fixing users being able to use a bot. Also beware of you exchange your cash into gems you cannot switch your gems back into cash. Not only have I wasted money in this app, I can’t it back and the resell prices are just too high. Veve is a scam do not waste your time.Version: 1.0.564

DisappointingThe use of bots really take all the fun out of this app. I purchased 60 coins and every time same error. I would reconsider depositing your hard earned funds into this unless you want to buy a net for 10-20x on the market drops are impossible to get.Version: 1.0.555

Great collections but the bots OMGJesus yeezus, did the bots take over this app? It s like 0.00001 secs into the drop and everything already sold out.Version: 1.0.564

Items Sold out at 0.001sI watched and waiting on a count down for the release of an item and clicked on buy as soon as the the count down timer changed from 0.01 to Buy. It then updated to all sold out. When looking at the inventory, there were still multiple available. I have screen shot evidence of this with the time and my app is up to date. Based on this I presume the company forces you to use the market place of c2c selling (like eBay buy it now), I’m not sure how it works - maybe they get a cut. Hard to withdraw money too, you have to exchange several times..Version: 1.0.552

“Failed to sign up. Please try again.”This app has had a rather annoying issue with creating an account. It will let me get pass most of the steps but once I try and select brands I like no matter how many I pick whether it be 1 or 10 it always says “Failed to sign up. Please try again later”. I have been trying at different times throughout the day, have uninstalled and reinstalled it 3 times and have even found other people online complaining of this issue. Must fix ASAP!! I also went to your support page and could not find anything of use there either..Version: 1.0.545

A platform unable to handle a load!After purchasing gems and wasting significant time waiting for a drop and trying to buy a mystery box (not even knowing what your getting) the platform was just a series of error messages. Don’t waste your time or money..Version: 1.0.512

Needs fixingDon’t get veve yet at least, you can never get drops because everyone just bots it.Version: 1.0.512

Why should I report an issue with VeVe Collectibles?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of VeVe Collectibles to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a VeVe Collectibles customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using VeVe Collectibles.

Is VeVe Collectibles not working?

VeVe Collectibles works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact VeVe Collectibles.

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