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What is Beem: Better than Cash Advance? Description of Beem: Better than Cash Advance

Beem (formerly Line) is better than any instant cash advance apps, payday loans, personal loans and credit products. Subscribe to withdraw verified bank deposits, early, get job loss protection, file taxes and more. Plans start as low as $2.47/month. Beem is not a payday loan or a cash advance app

Everdraft™, a challenger to the Cash advance apps allows you to withdraw $5-$1,000 of verified bank deposits, early. T&C apply and amount can vary for each user. You can choose how you want to access the funds. Depending on your choice, fees between $0-$4 may apply. You will be notified of the fee at the time of making the choice.

File Federal and State taxes seamlessly in any state to maximize your tax refund. Filing taxes with Beem is easy fast and secure, at the best price. Protect your identity online. Get tools and services to save, spend and plan better.

Drive safe & unlock savings up to 40% (T&C apply) on car insurance quotes.

Receive & Withdraw verified bank deposits early, either in the Beem app or with a gift or prepaid card, into your bank-issued debit card (express delivery fees apply to instant cash transfers to your bank issued debit card) or a bank account within 2-3 days.

Unlock more money with cash boosts. Send & use Gift Cards, Visa, and MasterCard Prepaid Cards -receive cash on a Gift Card or Visa or MasterCard Prepaid Card and use them at any retailer.

Beem app is available only in the US and is developed by Line Financial - A Public Benefit Corporation based in the US.

Benefits of Beem, Better than Cash Advance apps:

*Everdraft™ - The #1 challenger to Cash Advance
With Everdraft, subscribers can access $5-$1000 of verified bank deposits, similar to cash advance. No credit checks. No interest, No income restrictions. No due dates!

*Add & Send Money for Free
Add money without a fee. Send money instantly from the Beem app to anyone, even those without a bank account or Beem App, through SMS, email, and social media. No Subscription required.

*Your BFF - Better Financial Feed
Manage your money with a personalized budget & view all of your bank transactions in an interactive AI-powered Feed to avoid overdrafts and bank fees, track your spending, and savings, and get reminders on upcoming bills, subscriptions, low balance alerts & tax filing reminders.

*File Federal & State Tax
Maximize your refund with Beem's tax filing. W2 or 1099, single or joint, all tax filing situations are supported seamlessly. File your taxes easily for any filing status and type of tax form. File taxes with Beem to Maximize your tax refund vs. others like Turbo Tax, H&R Block, TaxAct, Credit Karma, Free Tax USA, TaxSlayer & MyBlock.

*Beem Drive
Unlock savings on car insurance based on your driving behavior! Drive safe and get up to 40% off on car insurance offers from trusted providers like Progressive and GEICO. T&C Apply.

*Earn up to 20% Cashback
Link credit or debit cards to Beem & win cash back on daily spends.

*Credit - Monitor & Grow
Examine your credit score, the factors that influence it, and how to improve it. Get notified when your credit score changes.

Security and Privacy
Beem is the #1 Safe & Trusted App with 24/7 Support across chat, call, & email & comes with bank-level security, data privacy, and 24/7 dedicated support on the app, via phone at +1 (323) 641-4224, via email at [email protected] & on our website.

Your personally identifiable data is never stored with us & fully encrypted while being sent for verification.

Qualify on Beem - Better than Cash Advance
If you’ve faced challenges with cash advance apps like MoneyLion, Dave, Brigit, Chime, Klover, Albert, Floatme, Empower. or are unable to secure an instant cash advance or a loan, Beem can support you in withdrawing verified bank deposits early and instantly.

Beem’s cash availability is subject to our terms and conditions, as well as qualification criteria that includes, but is not limited, to creditworthiness and income verification.

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Beem: Better than Cash Advance App User Reviews

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Beem: Better than Cash Advance Pros

ReviewI found Beem via Facebook and read a lot of comments from people making fun of the service, making it sound like people who need it don't manage their money very well. I was curious to see what it was about and why others feel the need to make fun of people who use it, so I downloaded the app (not expecting to use it, but to just see what it was). As circumstances presented themselves, being a single mom with zero help from the other parent, and trying to provide for my kids (I work 2 full time jobs so I can put myself in a better place, but until then things are pretty tight) - I found myself facing an overdrawn check fee that wasn't supposed to go through, which means I don’t have any money until I get paid again. I remembered I'd installed the Beem app a couple of weeks ago to apply for a loan. I currently don’t have the money to provide food for my kids and gas in my car to get to and from work. I need help as soon as possible please..Kia😘🥰Version: 4.0.77

Beem's service and supportBeem, the trusted financial institution, played a pivotal role in helping me navigate a financial crisis with unwavering support and expertise. In the midst of a challenging financial situation, Beem's services proved indispensable. I was facing unexpected medical bills and was unsure of how to manage them. Beem's financial advisors provided me with invaluable guidance on budgeting, debt management, and creating a feasible repayment plan. Their commitment to customer satisfaction was evident through their prompt and personalized assistance. They took the time to understand my specific circumstances, offering tailored financial solutions to address my needs. Moreover, Beem's range of financial products and services, such as low-interest loans and flexible savings options, enabled me to regain control of my finances with confidence. What set Beem apart was their emphasis on financial security. Their robust fraud detection and identity protection measures ensured that my financial assets remained safeguarded during this challenging time. Beem not only helped me weather the financial storm but also empowered me to make informed financial decisions. Their dedicated team, comprehensive financial offerings, and commitment to security were instrumental in resolving my financial difficulties..DougiewapVersion: 4.0.117

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Beem: Better than Cash Advance Cons

Low initial amountThe app is good if you’re in a pinch and used responsibly. Starting line is $40 and takes forever to get it increased. It would be more helpful to cut down on the needed time because $40 really doesn’t get you much nowadays. This is especially true when you consider we have to actually pay 10% for the line to arrive instant $4. If line is raised it would make it better knowing that fact. I’ve personally encountered an issue I hope will get resolved, and that’s regarding the fact that when the subscription comes due while you have a line borrowed it gets added to your total borrowed amount, and you don’t have the option to pay the subscription separate and the line immediately becomes due along with the subscription. I was at a negative balance but wanted to pay the subscription and couldn’t, resulting in a $5 late fee added, and I suddenly had to pay like $12 extra with my line (sub-late fee-instant deposit fee), that’s a lot considering the line is only $40. Besides that, a $5 fee for being late to pay like $2.49 is kinda crazy. That’s over 200% of a penalty. Being late cost me my line increase opportunity so I got restarted. There’s a couple bugs regarding the whole line not being taken, and recieving deposits that the app somehow doesn’t recognize which is annoying..JoetdzVersion: 2.6.19

You guys need to learn transparency.I was eager to try Beem because things have been tight lately. So when I received an email saying that I had unlocked 10 dollars, I was super happy to try out Everdraft. All I had to do was subscribe…. And once I HAD subscribed to the plus plan, I then received multiple emails stating that I now had access on my Everdraft to $20-$1000! So that was even more exciting because I need all the help I can get atm…. But ofcourse, it wasn’t that simple, and to be honest it wasn’t ANY of the things I was told in the multiple emails I received…. It was all literal lies because I have only been able to withdraw 5 bucks. Meaning I literally paid MORE for my subscription then I have even been able to use from their service! And I have now spoke with 4 separate auto Ed service agents who continue to tell me the same thing and NO ONE has helped me with figuring out why I can’t get the entire $20 or even the $10 I was told I would have access to. Literally every single time I talk to someone, they just disappear after I send screenshots proving that what they are now telling me, is not what I was led to believe I was getting into before subscribing. They just stop replying and that’s it. Now I’m only leaving this review so that MAYBE someone who actually gives a crap, Will see it and just maybe do what they advertise they will!!!!!.ChynamichelebelleVersion: 4.0.154

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Is Beem: Better than Cash Advance legit?

Yes. Beem: Better than Cash Advance is 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 21,743 Beem: Better than Cash Advance user reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, AppSupports Legitimacy Score for Beem: Better than Cash Advance is 84.7/100.

Is Beem: Better than Cash Advance safe?

Yes. Beem: Better than Cash Advance is quiet safe to use. This is based on our NLP analysis of over 21,743 user reviews sourced from the IOS appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.2/5. AppSupports Safety Score for Beem: Better than Cash Advance is 85.2/100.

Should I download Beem: Better than Cash Advance?

There have been no security reports that makes Beem: Better than Cash Advance a dangerous app to use on your smartphone right now.

Beem: Better than Cash Advance Screenshots

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Product details of Beem: Better than Cash Advance

App Name:
Beem: Better than Cash Advance
App Version:
Line Financial, Pbc
Legitimacy Score:
Safety Score:
Content Rating:
4+ Contains no objectionable material!
Finance, Lifestyle
App Size:
109.45 MB
Bundle Id:
Relase Date:
24 August 2020, Monday
Last Update:
17 May 2024, Friday - 12:12
IOS 12.4 or later

Beem: Better than Cash Advance 4.3.35 Update Note
✱ Version History

Bug fixes and improvements.

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